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Assalamu’alaikum wr wb

Ladies and gentleman ; good morning everybody , how are you today ?


Alhamdulillahirabil ‘alamiin, nahmaduhu wanastainuhu ……

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, most merciful)

Let’s Praise be to Allah, the cherisher and sustainer of the words

Solawat and salam we say to our prophet Muhammad SAW, his Family, his
Sahabah, and his follower till the last day always be presented from us.

1. The honorable the chairman of Yayasan Umat Sejahterah ; Mr. Ferry

2. The honorable the principle of NIBIIS Preschool ; Bunda Icha
3. The honorable all parents of NIBIIS Preschool
4. All Teachers of NIBIIS and all children’s of NIBIIS Preschool

I’m Mr. Harjito and I’m Ms. Ika Fahria

We say welcome in “Griya Wulansari Building” to attend our NIBIIS

graduation 2013

Before we start, for the blessing let’s say Basmallah together .

Oke … Ms. Ika could you tell us, what are the our agendas today ?

Oke … Mr. Har


Before we start, I will read the schedules for today

Oke please …

1. Read QS. Al Lukman 12 – 13 by Kiki, Bintang and Shaffa

2. Speech from Mr. Ferry Chairul and Bundha Icha the Principle of NIBIIS
3. Graduation of Kindy B and performance from them
4. Speech from Kiki’s Father ; Bpk. dr. Slamet Effendy
5. Speech from SPC Galen’s Mother ; Ibu Puspita Purnamasari
6. Performances from NIBIIS Preschool students
7. The last closing

Ladies and gentleman

( Mr. Har ) For begin this event let’s we listen reading QS. Al Lukman ayat 12 –
13 by Kiki, Bintang and Shaffa.

( Ms. Ika ) For them ( Kiki, Bintang and Shaffa ), please come to stag !

 Comment : Subhanallah,, in this early childhood, they can read surah clearly
and loudly. Hopefully someday, they can be Ahlul Qur’an. And for the
audience who listen get Allah bless.. Aamiin

Ok the Next agenda,

( Mr. Har ) We invite Mr. Ferry Chairul the chairman of Yayasan Umat Sejahtera,
to give speech in front of,

( Ms. Ika ) Appreciate to Mr. Ferry Chairul, time is your …!

( Mr. Ferry Speech )

 . Comment : Thank you Mr. Ferry for your speech today.


( Ms. Ika ) Next Speech let’s we invite Bunda Icha the principle of NIBIIS

( Mr. Har ) Appreciate to Bunda Icha time is your …!

 Comment : Thank you Bunda Icha for your speech today.

Ladies and gentleman

Please attention for the moment all we are waiting for… the graduation of
Kindergarten B 2013.

 Please for ; Bunda Icha, Ms. Yetti and Ms. Diah come to stage
 To audients, Please don’t take any our pictures and videos , coz we have
already recorded and saved all of this. Thank you very much …

Ac( Penyematan Call Children’s 1 by 1 )

 Ladies and gentleman, They are graduates NIBIIS Preschool, specially

NIBIIS Kindergarten B 2013

Kindy B performance ( Singing a song )

 They will tasmi QS. Ad Duha

 Sing song ( I am Promise and Beautiful Day )

Please for all father Kindy B, start from carrisa’s father come to stage, join with
your child !

 Comment : Thank you all fathers for your participation can join.
 Congratulation for KB students . Hope you can find good way in your
 May Allah improve your understanding, Aamiin ya rabbal ‘alamiin.

( Mr. Har ) Ok … Ms. Ika … hallo … Ms. Ika what happen with you ?

( Ms. Ika ) No …!!

( Mr. Har ) But you look so sad. Who’s picture is it ?


( Ms. Ika ) I just remember my father, I miss him so much

( Mr. Har ) I understand, but don’t be sad anymore. Because we want to have fun

( Ms. Ika ) Ups sorry.. I carried away. Ok,thank you mr for remind me..

( Mr. Har ) Now lets listen a speech from parents of kindy B ( Ms. Ika ) that will
represented by Kiki’s father ( Bpk. dr. Selamet Effendi )

Please, Bpk. dr. Selamet Effendi time is your…!

 Comment : thank you for your speech.

( Ms. Ika ) for NIBIIS, specialty for Preschool, parents are partners together we
develop our children to have a better future.

So let’s we invite representation from SPC, Galen’s Mother ( Ibu Puspita Purnama
Sari ) for speech on the stage. Please, Ibu Puspita Sari, time is your.!

 Comment : thank to Galen’s Mother for your speech.

 May Allah always give bless to us.

( Ms. Ika ) Ok Mr. Har NIBIIS have a motto, do you know NIBIIS motto.

( Mr. Har ) Yaa of course, I know and I always remember. The NIBIIS motto is
“educate and serve with heartily“ every children are special.

( Ms. Ika )“Ok … ladies and gentleman “

Up to the next perform by our cute and the youngest students,

( Mr. Har ) lets, we invite PG … students, give applause …!

Comment : It was interesting perform from PG and they are just like an angel they
are gifted …

( Mr. Har ) Next performance will be much fun,

( Ms. Ika ) Really …?


( Mr. Har ) Yaaa… OK lets see the performances by KINDY A students, give
applause …!

Kindy A Peformances

( Ms. Ika ) wow … Subhanallah, Kindy A has give us entertains us with the dance,

And maybe Mr. Harjito, can give us the recipe, how can they do that …?

( Mr. Har ) Pleasure … coz they are school at NIBIIS Preschool, and don’t forget
NIBIIS Preschool always encourage every students talent, and do you know, Who
is teach them ?

( Ms Ika ) Who MR…?

( Mr. Har) He is Ka Arya, give applause for Ka Arya. Ok Ms. Ika, I have a
question for you.…

( Ms. Ika ) question? Waw..What’s that Mr. Har ?

( Mr. har ) Do you know one of surah in Al Qur’an? I mean surah Al Luqman??

( ms Ika ) yes, I know that.

( Mr Har ) The question is, what is Lukman advise to his son?

( Ms Ika ) as I know, Lukman ask his son to not associate anything with Allah. Is it

( mr har ) yes, you right. Then, do you want to know the story about that?

( Ms Ika ) of course.

( mr har ) ok, let see the reading story about Luqmanul Hakim by Galen, Fira and

give applause …!

Reading Story by galen, fira and vita


( Ms Ika ) wahhh,,very nice and amazing advise.

( Mr Har ) thank you ms ika. Oya Ms I still have performences that will make us

( Ms Ika ) what else mr har?

( Mr har ) they are performance by Graduates NIBIIS Preschool . Check it out

Performance KB

( Ms. Ika ) : Alhamdulillah perform by perform has we enjoyed together …

( Mr. Har ) : ladies and gentleman, we have seen the last performance from kindy
B children.

We have seen all performances from our lovely children’s.

( Ms. Ika ) last but not least is our KB performance, and this shall bring our show
near to end.

We saying … Thank you for all sponsors ship : ( SPC NIBIIS Preschool

( Mr. Har ) Ok … Ladies and gentleman

( Ms Ika ) That’s all our agendas today.

I am Mr. Har, I am Ms. Ika as a big family of NIBIIS very appreciate to all
audiences could follow and participate well, thank you very much,
( Mr. Har ) give us apologize if we have mistake as a human.
( Ms Ika ) Hopefully, Allah guide us in the right way.
( Ms. Har ) We close our agenda today by saying “Subhanakallah huma
wabihamdika Asyhaduala illahaila anta Astaghfiruka Wa atubuilaik” …
See you on the next year Graduation, insya allah…
“wassalamualaikum wr. wb.