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Architectural Precast Concrete Pile Foundation Engineering main circular body cross section of precast

concrete pipe and precast square or rectangular cross-section of the concrete pile. Since the 90s of last
century, with the standardization of precast concrete pipe and production and construction Technology
Continuous development, infrastructure projects on the pipe products have been widely recognized, in
practical engineering pipe product has significant advantages, but the lack of performance in the following
areas: pipe for the outer circular structure, transport difficult to help bundle, fixed; Pile pile because there are
some ellipticity, hold pressure with construction accident prone shaft lock broken; pipe construction in soft
ground after the excavation, the vulnerable pile tilt; pipe pile foundation pile than a large square, the basis of
high cost.

Except precast concrete pile foundation work in Hong Kong using pre-tensioned prestressed concrete
process of hollow square piles (mainly pre-rubber inflatable cavity mode, a square or rectangular cross-
section of two forms), the largest most infrastructure projects mainly in manual work of non-prestressed,
vibration molding process the majority of concrete with natural conservation, the structure mostly solid
square cross-section. The main piles of prefabricated side of the following shortcomings: the production
efficiency is low, the production cycle is long; unstable product quality, hardened concrete structure with a
cavity in the larger cross-section; low concrete strength, not of pile bearing capacity of full play; Concrete
The Nature Conservancy for a long time a large production area.

Since 2003, Wuhan stone Engineering Co., Ltd., Yunnan, China Technical Pile Co., Ltd., Shanghai China
Technology Co., Ltd. piles of technical personnel and other units will be pre-tensioned prestressed concrete
pipe production technology application precast concrete piles in the production side, namely the use of
centrifugal molding process, research and development of the first centrifugal square prestressed concrete
pile (hereinafter referred to as centrifugal side post), copy of the production process, product type and
technical requirements to do a an explanation.

Production Centrifugal square pile pipe production process and the existing production process is basically
the same, the main differences: the square pile with the centrifugal mold steel to match the approximate
square steel frame; forming section with the mold a square structure. Specific production process is as

1. Concrete raw materials, measuring, mixing. According to design a good mix, sand, stone, cement, water,
additives and admixtures such as by accurate measurement, use is made of concrete mixer mandatory 3cm
~ 5cm of the low slump of fresh concrete, design of concrete strength rating of not less than C60 or C80.

2. Centrifugation square pile end plate production. And the pile end plate produced consistent, but the side
pile end plate shape is square, and prestressed reinforcement, Shen holes along the side plate edges, angle
evenly distributed. End plate prior to installation, around the need to weld thickness of 1.5mm ~ 2mm of thin
steel sheet pile into a square hoop.

3. Skeleton production. Prestressed reinforcement, low relaxation prestressed concrete steel bar type,
need to determine the precise length, cut off, upset head; spiral reinforcement with vertebral 4mm ~ 6mm of
low carbon cold drawn steel wire; under the centrifugal side pile reinforcement design requirements, square
steel frame with special automatic welding machine frame side post processing.

4. Install steel skeleton. Will make a good steel frame, square side plate (have welding confinement)
placed on the pile of steel centrifugal mold side, and prestressed steel anchor plate with the tensioning plate,
bar, such as Zhang connection.

5. Concrete fabric. Pile per square root of the amount of centrifugal request, along the fresh concrete to fill
even half of die mold, one end of the tensioned fabric as much as possible a number of concrete.

6. Mold. The centrifugal side hanging steel pile to the next half of the top half of steel and use steel bolts to
the upper and lower halves fixed to ensure that the mold in high-speed centrifuge process does not work do
not run loose and the concrete slurry.

7. Prestressed tension. Tension with Jack-style post-machine centrifuge mold steel skeleton for the whole
pile in tension, tension to the steel strength of 70%, with a large nut to Zhang bar fixed to the steel mold.

8. Centrifugation process. Will anchor the post-tension mode with a crane to the centrifugal side pile
Centrifuges Above, according to initial velocity, the speed, high-speed, high-speed centrifugation speed
sequential acceleration, centrifugal time normally 10min ~ 18min. By centrifugal compacting molding
process, so that fresh concrete piles along the side of the mold centrifugal dense uniform around the same
time, the pipe to form a circular cavity. After centrifugation, the tension side elevation, the dumping of waste
generated during centrifugation Whey.

9. Primary steam curing. After the centrifugal casting mold centrifugal side with hanging to pile pressure
steam curing tank (pit), the static stopped 1h ~ 2h, slowly heated to 90 ~ 100 , atmospheric pressure
maintenance 4h ~ 8h, to make concrete strength of 40MPa above.