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English Language Focus : Writing
Year 6 Graphic
Theme : World of self , family and friends
6 Graphic
Friday/ Topic: Reading: A Window To The World Attendance:
a. ____ out of ____ pupils were
Content Standard : 3.2 able to write a book report (in

6 Cyber groups) with guidance.

Friday/ Learning Standard: Lesson is postponed
12.01.2018 3.2.1
09.10am-10.10am due to _______________________
Objectives: ______________________________
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

Cross-curricular Elements 1. write a book report with guidance

Year 6 Cyber
CCE/EE: Constructivism, thinking skills.
(EMK) Attendance:
Language a. ____ out of ____ pupils were
able to write a book report (in
1. Teacher tells the pupils that there are sample of
Teaching Aids groups) with guidance.
book reports.
Mahjong paper, Lesson is postponed
2. Teacher explains to pupils what a book report is.
text book, magic pen due to _______________________
3. Teacher introduces the important elements in a
book report.
Moral Values ______________________________
Eg: title, author, genre, characters, synopsis,
Discipline, politeness
opinion about the book and moral
values/knowledge gained
4. Teacher gets the pupils to work in groups.
5. Teacher gives the task.
title, author, genre,
characters, synopsis 6. Teacher guides the pupils to write a book report
7. Pupils complete the book report in group.
8. Teacher asks the groups to present their own
book report in front of the class.
9. Teacher encourages pupils to share their
10. Teacher checks the book report.