Patriotic, misty-eyed and corny about our Election Day

By Kevin Dayhoff Posted 11/09/08 EAGLE ARCHIVE

Last Tuesday, after two years, 45 debates and $2.4 billion spent, American voters finally had their day. Is it just me, or does $2.5 billion seem an obscene amount of money for a country to spend on politics? Nonetheless, I recently read an article in the London Sunday Times which stated: "This may seem a lot, but Americans annually spend $8 billion on hair care products, $64 billion on soft drinks ... so $2.4 billion isn't too much to pick the leader of the free world." In Carroll County, it was good to see that we maintained our proper priorities with the idea of having an Election Day food drive to support Carroll County Food Sunday. By late afternoon, when I checked with Marty Radinsky and Frank Baylor, Carroll Countians had generously donated five huge 150 cubic foot containers of food for the needy. Radinsky said he hopes "to build (the food collection effort) into a Carroll County habit for elections in the future." I've always been unrepentantly, patriotically, misty-eyed and corny about Election Day. It's a wonderful day to celebrate being an American.

Of course, whether you agree with his politics or not, we can all be proud that black, president-elect Barack Obama, transcended race and earned the vote of a majority of Americans to take over the reins of the Oval Office. For those of us who are old enough to remember when a black man could not buy breakfast in a Westminster restaurant, the idea of a President Obama makes us proud to be an American. Elections -- and change -- in our country have not always been so orderly. Last Monday, when I was on the Marc Steiner Show with Lea Gilmore on WEAA, Morgan State University radio, we had as one of our guests Hans A. von Spakovsky. He recently wrote an essay in the Wall Street Journal regarding voter fraud. The opening paragraph began: "In 1742, riots broke out in Philadelphia on Election Day over claims that German immigrants were being used to illegally increase vote totals. ... George Washington won a race for the Virginia House of Burgesses after buying gallons of liquor for voters. ..." Now that's what we call a "spike" in the polls.
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