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Mariehamn - Åland

Photo: Igor Grochev/

6 500 islands in the middle of the Baltic Sea. A unique destination, an island
string of pearls stretching between the big cities, an archipelago between
Stockholm and Turku, within easy reach from Helsinki and Tallinn. On the Åland
Islands, the sea is never far away. They boast 17,000 km of shoreline, a pleasant
maritime climate and the highest number of sunshine hours in Scandinavia.
Experience the charm of this island country, the red granite cliffs, nature and


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Boat trips
The best way to enjoy Åland is
by boat. You can either take a
ride on a ferr...
The Åland archipelago offers an
infinite number of kayaking
opportunities. R...
Krzysztof Olpinski/ The Paddle Shack is an activity
centre in Mariehamn. They have
offered a var...
Wreck Diving
Åland offers world class wreck
diving. More than 500 ships are
known to have...
Kite Surfing
Åland has a shoreline numbering
an incredible 17,000 km.
Beaches lie in all ...

Igor Grochev/

Updated 05 December 2018