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Sigma Tax Pro Reminds Taxpayers That the IRS Will Continue to Issue Refund

Payments During Government Shutdown

Certain services will be offline, but returns will be accepted and refunds will be paid.

Delray Beach, FL, January 22, 2019 --( The IRS has recently confirmed that they will be
issuing refund payments during this government shutdown. This is a change from the original plan laid
out before the shutdown began, which stated that returns would be accepted, but refund payments would
be on hold until the government reopens.

Recently, more than 46,000 workers have been recalled while on furlough in order to ensure critical
processes remain in place and functioning, which brings them up to roughly 60% of their total workforce.
This comes at the same time as the implementation of the new tax code, which further complicates
matters. Due to the furlough, trainings for IRS employees on the new tax code have been postponed, and
many support centers for taxpayers and tax professionals are either closed or understaffed. Last tax season
only 4 in every 10 callers were able to reach a live operator to answer their questions, and this season that
is expected to get worse.

One area of respite being offered to taxpayers this year is recently reintroduced refund advance being
offered by all major refund transfer programs. These are advances borrowed against the refund and can be
offered at no cost to the taxpayer. Ian Gardner, of Sigma Tax Pro reminds tax preparers that, “The
advances are not always the best choice for every taxpayer, but for those that need it, it can really help get
them through a tough time.” The desire for taxpayer advances has increased since the IRS announced two
years ago that all returns with EITC and certain other credits would be held until at least February 15th,
thus further delaying the refund payment.

Sigma Tax Pro provides a full range of essential services for tax pros. This includes industry leading
software solutions as well as technical support, tax preparation support and client retention strategies.
Sigma Tax Pro specializes in helping tax preparation firms expand their businesses, open new offices and
increase their client base.

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