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Free Grace Baptist Church

PO Box 423
Silverdale, WA 98383

To Mr. Brandon Smith, Chairman of the Administrative Council of ARBCA,

On Sunday, January 6, 2019, the congregation at Free Grace Baptist Church voted to withdraw
its membership from ARBCA effective immediately. This decision comes in the wake of the
controversy surrounding the recommendation and admission of Christ Reformed Baptist
Church in Hale’s Corner, Wisconsin for membership into ARBCA while Tom Chantry was pastor.

Similar to the many letters you received, the reason for our resignation does not concern Mr.
Chantry’s guilt or innocence, but the way the situation was handled by ARBCA leadership for
what appears to have shown a lack of wisdom and propriety, and ownership for decisions

Through all of this, we believe that the testimony of ARBCA for the Gospel of Christ has been
sullied and has caused far too much time and energy to be redirected from the work of the
Gospel toward these matters.

We write this letter with a heavy heart knowing that we are imperfect men ourselves, that we
cannot fully know the motives behind every decision, and that we leave behind many brothers
and sisters for whom we have deep affection. Nevertheless, we add our voice to those
churches calling for the ARBCA leadership to humbly examine themselves.

We pray that God would continue to bless the churches in ARBCA as well as our friendships
with those churches we are close to. We are thankful for the many prayers we have received
from our sister churches over the years as well as the opportunity to pray for you. May He
continue to cause us all to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus

On behalf of the saints at Free Grace Baptist Church,

Roy Lindberry & Guy Smith