Q1: Is there a real opportunity here?

Does it make sense for Bernstein and Uslue l to forgo more secure employment? Ans: There is a opportunity for the both because this is a entrepreneurial busin ess and there are no competitor in the market that have the same product like th e ILinc they are differentiating them by providing the virtual training and also providing the video conferencing that is very helpful in learning. There is a g reat opportunity of employment as well as new business for the mark Bernstein an d degerhan usluel.both of them were educated and have job experiences in the fie ld of technology so it’s very easy for them to get a job but they want something e lse. They don’t want to be a small part of any large organization. As marked was d oing some work with jack Wilson so he figured out this opportunity from there wh en something made him wonder that there might be something in our project that c ould be turned into business. so it completely make since for both of them to st art their new venture instead of doing job. Q2: Evaluate the Business Plan – Strength Vs Weaknesses Ans: The business plan is that mark bernstein and degerhan usluel want to start a business with name of Interactive Learning International that is company for d eveloping the interactive distance learning software tools for business training and development. they introduce a product with the name of GlobaLinc the concep t of the product is to provide the Distributed Virtual Classroom, Interactive Mu ltimedia and Multi-point Individual Video Conferencing. There are the following benefits of the GlobaLinc. Reduces the time of deliver training. Provides the ability to train more frequently. Reduces the transportation cost. Reduces the unproductive travel time. Reaches a wider geographic audience. There are the following weaknesses of this product. More persons learn when they see, hear and do that thing. Many persons learn from the environment. Only define the top management hierarchy. There is no operational plan. Q3: Have they created the right organizational structure? Ans: Yes, they are crated the right organizational structure. Because they are d irecting the right jobs to the right persons like President to the Dr. Jack M. W ilson because he is the expert in this field and Vice president to the Mark I. B ernstein because he has the expertise in sales and Vice president of Development is to Mr. Degerhan Usluel because they have the expertise in the development. Q4: Assuming that each partner has $ 10,000 to invest in the start up, but each brings a different skill set and contacts, how should they divide the equity of the firm? Ans: It is assumed that the all the partners are investing the $10,000 to invest in the startup and each the partner has the different expertise so from our poi nt of view the equity should be 5:2.5:2.5 to Dr. Jack M. Wilson, Mr. Mark I. Ber nstein and Mr. Degerhan Usluel respectively due to their expertise because the W ilson has the high expertise the contacts in this field and both the two partner s have the same level of expertise. Q5: What options do they have for financing their start up? Ans: ILinc needs $250,000 to fund the development of GlobaLinc. Currently ILinc is searching for three development sites, each of will make a $98,500 investment in exchange for a one year industry exclusive, unlimited usage license of Globa Linc 1.0, and a prototype training course to demonstrate GlobaLinc’s power and fle

xibility. They are searching the companies to which they can buy these softwares and can get the startup financing. Q6: Have they figured out their market? Ans: Of the 9.3 million businesses in the U.S., 27,000 employ over 500 people an d 29,000 have sales in excess of $50 million. ILinc’s first target market for Glob aLinc is the Fortune 1000 companies. Our secondary markets will be other large U .S. companies, and our tertiary target is international markets. As a business w e recognize that our fastest way to make a return on our investment is to sell t o Corporate America, which is more adept at utilizing and implementing new techn ology for a competitive advantage than the academic market.

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