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Marlene Zahran

415 Lawrence St. Apt. 9 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 (414) 628-4542

University of Michigan School of Public Health Expected April 2020
Master of Public Health Behavior and Health Education
Ann Arbor, MI
➢ Certificate in Global Health

University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee May 2017

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
Milwaukee, WI

Work Experience
Community Health Worker/Refugee Health: AmeriCorps Public Allies: Public Ally September 2017- 2018
Location: Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic, Milwaukee, WI
➢ Designed and implemented a health care literacy public health curriculum for the Milwaukee Refugee population
including triaging patients in clinic setting.
➢ Work with mental health providers to develop and implement mental health programming on and off site.
➢ Organized a mental health refugee program for women and children.
➢ Advocate for asylum/refugee population in Milwaukee through community organizing in collaboration with
community non-profits/NGOs.

Research Assistant: Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program June-August 2016

Location: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
➢ Project researched was to identify the key mechanism(s) by which in-utero exposure to dioxins and related
compounds modulate hematopoiesis; under the guidance of Dr. Michael Laiosa.
➢ Support in data management, literature review, and drafting of publications.

Volunteer Coordinator Jan-June 2016

Location: School for Early Development-SEDA, Milwaukee, WI
➢ Worked one on one with human resources department of SEDA
➢ Managed volunteer duties and operations lead a team to organize a curriculum and proper schedule for Autistic
children's exercise program.

Outreach and Recruitment Director Sept 2016- May 2017

Location: Student Association, University of Wisconsin
➢ Chair and coordinated the Outreach work group, arranging regular events and listening sessions designed to collect
input and opinion from the student body.
➢ Managed Student Elections
➢ Recruitment of students to the Student Senate Government
➢ Proposed and wrote grants.

Research Assistant Jan 2014- May 2015

Location: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Microbiology Department
➢ Identified mechanisms S. Oneidensis used to reduce soluble electron acceptors. Lab techniques such as inoculating
agar plates, isolating an organism from the environment, enumerating bacteria, gram's staining, and biochemical
➢ Analytical skills, including:

Marlene Zahran | 415 Lawrence St. Apt. 9 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 | | (414) 628-4542 1
a. Collecting and organizing data in a systematic fashion.
b. Isolating colonies and/or plaques
c. Maintaining pure cultures
Leadership Experience
Riverside High School Mentorship Program Coordinator May 2016- January 2018
Location: Riverside High School Milwaukee, WI
➢ Constructed urban youth program.
➢ Organized curriculum for mentees.
➢ Recruitment of student mentees and high school students.

Economic Sustainability Committee Senator January 2015- January 2017

Location: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Student Government
➢ Implemented projects to improve campus safety.
➢ Organized campus wide events to advocate for economic sustainability.
➢ To allocate the funds of the Green Fund to projects proposed by students.

American Medical Student Association Volunteer Coordinator/Secretary May 2015-May 2016

1. Research Presentations
➢ Research Presentation at the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate National Research Symp. August 2016
-Presented research in front of audience of 200.
➢ UW-Milwaukee Statewide Research Symposium May 2017

2. Projects completed during Senate/Outreach & Recruitment Director May 2016 - May 2017
➢ Proposed work Green Fund at UW-Milwaukee
➢ Proposed/Passed Banning Guns legislation UW-Milwaukee
➢ Initiated work for Food Security issues on UW-campus as Senator
a. Construction of Campus Wide Survey
b. Evaluation/Analysis of Data
c. Advocate/organize Grant proposal

3. Public Health Projects

➢ Leader of Refugee Clothing/Toiletries Drive May 2017
a. Collection/Organization of 1600 articles of clothing.
b. Collaboration with Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and Religious Community Centers
c. Volunteer Recruitment
d. Delegation of team tasks

➢ Certified Motivational Interviewer
➢ Certified Mental Health First Aid
➢ First Aid Suicide Prevention Certified
➢ Languages: Fluent in Arabic

➢ Recipient of American Association of University Women Scholarship
➢ Academic Excellence Scholarship
➢ Recipient of the Wisconsin Covenant Scholar Grant
➢ Recipient of MPS Florsheim Scholarship

Marlene Zahran | 415 Lawrence St. Apt. 9 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 | | (414) 628-4542 2