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What is the code for 'studies for' in

the given code language?
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Who is the author of Changing India?
1. Match the following, countries, and Narendra Modi launched Cyber awards?
reasons for being in news? coordination centre? 1. Skoch Chief Minister of the year
1. Thailand Reason: Government wants to focus a. Biren Singh
a. Monthly limit on the amount of Indian on cyber security in the country 2. Skoch Sprinter of the year
currency imposed A) Both A and R are true and R is the b.Mamata Banerjee
2. Burundi correct explanation of A 3. Champions of Change award
b. Mount Etna, volcano erupted B) Both A and R are true but R is not the c.Chandra Babu Naidu
3. Italy correct explanation of A A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c B) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a
c. Countries New Capital, Gitega C) A is true but R is false C) 1-c, 2-b, 3-a D) 1-a, 2-c, 3-b
4. Nepal D) A is false but R is true 15. Who among the following is the
d. First Asian country to legalise 9. Which of the following bills was author of Changing India?
Marijuana passed by LokSabha in the fourth A) Chidambaram
A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d week of December 2018? B) Arvind Subramaniyam
B) 1-a, 2-c, 3-b, 4-d 1. Surrogacy bill C) Manmohan Singh
C) 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a 2. New High court to Andhra Pradesh D) Pranab Mukherjee
D) 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a V. Rajendra Sharma
2. NITI Aayog has recently released Faculty
Sustainable Development Goals, First Plastic-Free Passenger Flight Takes Off 9849212411
Indian index, as per this report, which � Portuguese airline Hi Fly decided to usage onboard. Many of the items on-
of the following are top performing bring about a change by introducing board that are typically plastic were
countries? single-use plastic free flight. The substituted with a more eco-friendly
A) Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, flight took off from Lisbon to Natale, alternative; plastic cutlery was A) 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b
Tamilnadu Brazil, without a single piece of single- replaced with bamboo flatware, and B)1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a
B) Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh use plastic on board. Other airlines the food was served on compostable, C) 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a
C) Tamilnadu, Kerala, West Bengal such as Air New Zealand and Alaska paper trays. Even the bags for the D) 1-d, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c
D) West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra Airlines are also following similar passengers that may experience motion 20. Assertion: Union Government has
3. Assertion: In its sustainable approaches to reduce their plastic sickness were “greener” than usual. approved laying a new broad gauge
development Index, NITI Aayog has
railway line connecting
considered only 13 goals, out of 17,
Rameshwaram with Dhanushkodi
that were assigned by United Nations 3. Triple Talaq Bill 16. Match the following persons and
Reason: Dhanushkodi railway station
Organization? A)3 B) 2,3 C) 1,3 D) 1,2,3 awards?
10. Match the following, events and was destroyed after the 1964
Reason: India has not accepted the 1. Asma Jehangir
places? Rameshwaram cyclone
four goals, assigned by United Nations a. UN Himan Rights Award
A) Both A and R are true and R is the
Organizations 1. First India-ASEAN innotech summit 2. Usha Timothy
a. Katowice correct explanation of A
A) Both A and R are true and R is the b. Mohammed Rafi Award
2. Hand in Hand (Indo-China joint B) Both A and R are true but R is not the
correct explanation of A 3. Manju Mehta
exercise) correct explanation of A
B) Both A and R are true but R is not the c. Tansen Samman Award
b. Odisha C) A is true but R is false
correct explanation of A 4. Mithali Raj
3. 26th National Childrens' Science D) A is false but R is true
C) A is true but R is false d. Swarna Samman Award
Congress 21. Observe the following?
D) A is false but R is true For All A) 1-a, 2-c, 3-b, 4-d
Competitive 1. Sudhir Bhavnagar is the new Election
4. NITI Aayog has recently released c. China B) 1-a, 2-c, 3-d, 4-b
exams Commissioner
Sustainable Development Goals, 4. Climate Change conference 2018 C) 1-a, 2-b, 3-d, 4-c
2. Sudhir Bhavnagar is the new Chief
Indian index, as per this report, which d. New Delhi D) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d
Information Commissioner
of the following are worst performing A)1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a 17. Indian Prime Minister Narendra
3. Election Commission is a
countries? B) 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b Modi, recently renamed three
constitutional body
A) Bihar, Assam, Punjab C) 1-d, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c Andaman and Nicobar islands, match
4. Election Commissioners are
B) Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh D) 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a the old islands, with the new names?
11. Global Aviation Summit-2019 is appointed by President of India
C) Delhi, Bihar, Assam 1. Ross a. Swaraj Dweep
D) Bihar, Delhi, Punjab scheduled in January 2019 in 2. Neil 5. Information Commissioners are
5. Assertion: Union Ministry of A) Ahmedabad B) Mumbai b. Netaji Subhash Chandrabose Dweep appointed by President of India
Environment forest, and climate C) Hyderabad D) New Delhi 3. Havelock c. Shaheed Dweep Which of the above are true
change launched the Asiatic Lion 12. Name the state that has launched a A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c B) 1-c, 2-b, 3-a A) 1,3,4,5 B) 2,3,4
Conservation Project scheme KALIA (Krushak Assiatance C) 1-a, 2-c, 3-b D) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a C) 2,3,4.5 D) 1,3,4
Reason: Government wants to for livelihood and Income 18. Match the following events and 22. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh
conserve and recovery of Asiatic Lion venues, conducted recent times hasina belongs to which of the
following political party
A) Both A and R are true and R is the
correct explanation of A
Three islands were renamed 1. 26th National Children's Science
Congress A) Bangladesh Awami League
B) Both A and R are true but R is not the a. Maharashtra B) Bangladesh Democratic Front
� Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
correct explanation of A 2. South Asian regional of International C) Bangladesh Democratic League
renamed three islands of Andaman
C) A is true but R is false Rice Research Institute D) Bangladesh Progressive Awami
and Nicobar, they are
D) A is false but R is true b. Karnataka League
1. Ross renamed as Netaji Subhas
6. Match the following states and reason 3. Centenary celebrations of World's 23) Which of the following film, directed
Chandra Bose Dweep
for being in news? oldest Yoga institute by Mrinal Sen considered as the land
2. Neil renamed as Shaheed Dweep
1. Haryana c.Uttar Pradesh mark in Modern Indian Cinema?
3. Havelock renamed as Swaraj
a. India's first Music Museum will be set up 4. 3rd edition of Women's National A) Chorus B) Bhuvan Shome
2. Manipur Boxing Championship C) Akaler Sandhane D) Akash Kusum
b. Anti- mob violence bill passed d. Odisha 24) National Systems Gold Medal by the
3. Tamilnadu Augumentation)? A) 1-c, 2-d, 3-b, 4-a Systems Society of India, has been
c. Vajpayee International schools were A) Maharashtra B) Uttar Pradesh B) 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b declared to?
launched for rural students C) Odisha D) Punjab C) 1-d, 2-c-d, 3-a, 4-b A) Shekhar Mande B) Vivek Debroy
4. Maharashtra 13. Assertion: RBI launched a survey on D) 1-c, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b C) K.Sivan D) Ashok Rao
d. India Navy's information fusion retail payment habits of individuals in 19. Match the following persons and 25. Recently in which of the following
centre launched 6 cities? reason for being in news in recent country first plastic free passenger
A) 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a Reason: RBI wants to have an idea times? flight takes off?
B) 1-d, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c about usage habits of digital payment 1. Divya Patidar A) Spain B) Sweden
C) 1-d, 2-b, 3-a, 4-c products a. Fastest Asian to cycle the globe C) Iceland D) Portuguese
D) 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b A) Both A and R are true and R is the 2. Smrithi Mandhana ANSWERS
7. Recently Kuno was announced to be correct explanation of A b. First person to complete a solo trek 1-d 2-a 3-c 4-b 5-a 6-c
notified as National Park, it is in B) Both A and R are true but R is not the across antarctica 7-a 8-a 9-c 10-a 11-b 12-c
which state correct explanation of A 3. Colin O' Brady
A) Madhya Pradesh B)Gujarat C) A is true but R is false c. Women's cricketer of the year 13-a 14-b 15-c 16-d 17-d 18-c
C) Uttar Pradesh D) Manipur D) A is false but R is true 4. Vedangi Kulkarni 19-b 20-b 21-c 22-a 23-b 24-c
8. Assertion: Indian Prime Minister 14. Match the following, persons and d. Mrs India 2018 25-d
12 >∑Ts¡Tyês¡+ 3.1.2019

C…+&ÉsY >±´|t ]b˛s¡Tº-2018 >√¢ã˝Ÿ sê´+øÏ+>¥‡˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 108 kÕúq+

C≤_‘ê\T �Á|ü|ü+#·yê´|üÔ+>± n‘·´+‘· dü+|üqï q>∑sê˝À¢, <˚X¯ Ä]úø£
J$‘· uÛ≤>∑kÕ«eTT\ qT+∫ ˝…’+–ø£, XÊØs¡ø£ Væ≤+düqT sê»<Ûëì eTT+ãsTT #√≥T kÕ~Û+∫+~.

Á|ü|ü+#·yê´|üÔ+>± 15 <Ûäìø£ q>∑sê˝À¢ eTT+ãsTTøÏ Jπø,ø£¬s+{Ÿ nô|ò’sY‡ ì|ü⁄DT\T
m<äTs=ÿH˚ eTVæ≤fi¯\ dü+K´ ô|s¡T>∑T‘√+~. H˚bÕ˝Ÿ‘√ ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é
b˛*ùdÔ... uÛ≤s¡‘Y, ã+>±¢<˚XŸ\˝À á |ü]dæú‹ m≈£îÿe>± 12e kÕúq+ <äøÏÿ+~.
� <˚X¯+˝À Äs√>∑´ s¡+>∑+˝À πøs¡fi¯ eTs√kÕ] nÁ>∑kÕúHêìï
bò˛Hé : 9848286270
ø£ì|æk˛Ô+~. 13 Ädæj·÷, eT<Ûä´ÁbÕ#·´ <˚XÊ˝À¢ uÛ≤s¡‘Y
¬s+&√ kÕúq+˝À ñ+~. ì\u…≥Tºø=+~. Ä ‘·sê«‘· kÕúHê\qT |ü+C≤uŸ, ãjÓ÷f…ø±ï\J ~>∑Z»+ øÏs¡DY eTE+<ësY cÕ, Á|ükÕs¡
‘·$Tfi¯Hê&ÉT, >∑T»sê‘Y <äøÏÿ+#·T≈£îHêïsTT. ‘·≈£îÿe e÷<Ûä´e÷\ qT+∫ XÀuÛÑHê uÛÑ]Ôj·÷, u≤©e⁄&é q{°eTDÏ
ãs¡Te⁄qï qeC≤‘· •X¯óe⁄\ dü+K´qT ‘·–Z+#˚ Á|æj·÷+ø± #√ÁbÕ á C≤_‘ê˝À #√≥T
$wüj·T+˝À ‘Ó\+>±D≈£î yÓTT<ä{Ï kÕúq+, <äøÏÿ+#·T≈£îHêïs¡T.
Ä+Á<ÛäÁ|ü<˚XŸ≈£î 3e kÕúq+ <äøÏÿ+~. es¡˝µ¶Ÿ C≤_‘ê˝À ]\j·THé‡ õjÓ÷ nÁ>k∑ Õúq+˝À ì*∫+~.
� Á|ü|ü+#·yê´|üÔ+>± Ád”Ô, |ü⁄s¡Twü n+‘·sê\≈£î n<ä›+|üfÒº
� Á|ü|ü+#·yê´|üÔ+>± n‘·´+‘· ìyêdüjÓ÷>∑´yÓTÆq q>∑sê˝À¢
� n≥M $d”Ôs¡í+ e�~Δ˝À ‘Ó\T>∑T sêÁcÕº\T <˚X¯+˝À ‘=* 5 ª>√¢ã˝Ÿ sê´+øÏ+>¥µ˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 108e sê´+≈£î
kÕúHê˝À¢ ì*#êsTT. πø+Á<ä |üsê´es¡D, n≥MXÊK ÄÁdæºj·÷ sê»<Ûëì $j·THêï nÁ>∑kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~.
� n‘·´~Ûø£+>± ô|≥Tºã&ÉT\qT Äø£]¸+#·>∑\ sêÁcÕº\T/
\_Û+∫+~. es¡˝Ÿ¶ mø£q$Tø˘ bò˛s¡yéT (&Éã÷¢´ám|òt)
eT+Á‹ Vü≤s¡¸es¡ΔHé $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæq 2017 ìy˚~ø£ 149 <˚XÊ\ô|’ C…+&ÉsY >±´|t ]b˛s¡Tº, 2018qT
Á|üø±s¡+ n‘·´~Ûø£ n≥M ÁbÕ+‘·+ e�~Δ #Ó+~q sêÁwüº+>± πø+Á<ä bÕ*‘· ÁbÕ+‘ê\ C≤_‘ê˝À &Ûç©¢ ‘=* kÕúq+˝À
ì*∫+~. mHéd”@áÄsY (H˚wüq˝Ÿ øöì‡˝Ÿ |òüsY nô|’¢&é yÓ\¢&ç+∫+~. >∑‘· dü+e‘·‡s¡+˝À ≈£L&Ü uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î
Ä+Á<ÛäÁ|ü<˚XŸ ÄÁ>∑kÕúq+˝À, ‘Ó\+>±D 5e kÕúq+˝À 108e sê´+≈£î \_Û+∫+~.
ì*#êsTT. mø£Hê$Tø˘ ØôdsYÃ) 2016 qT+∫ á C≤_‘êqT
� »s¡ï*düTº\≈£î Á|üe÷<äø£s¡ <˚XÊ˝À¢ nbòÕZìkÕúHé nÁ>∑kÕú
� Ä]úø£ ùd«#êä dü÷N˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y 130e kÕúq+˝À
s¡÷bı+~düTÔ+&É>± 2016, 17\˝À >∑T»sê‘Y ‘=*
� Á|ü|ü+#·+˝Àì n‘·´+‘· X¯øÏÔeT+‘·T\‘√ ≈£L&çq bò˛sY“‡ kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. q+˝À ì\e>±, uÛ≤s¡‘Y 5e kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~.
C≤_‘ê˝À #Ó’Hê n<Ûä´≈£åî&ÉT Á|ü<∏äeT kÕúq+˝À ì*#ês¡T. ì*∫+~. >∑‘˚&Ü~ kÕ~Û+∫q sê´+≈£î ø£+fÒ 13 Á|ü|ü+#·yê´|üÔ+>± 2018˝À 80 eT+~ bÕÁ‹πøj·TT\T
� <˚X¯+˝Àì 111 q>∑sê˝À¢ ‘=* 10 kÂø£s¡´e+‘·yÓTÆq
� Á|ü|ü+#· dü+|üqï <˚XÊ\ C≤_‘ê˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y 6e kÕúq+˝À
kÕúHê\T eTT+<äTø=∫Ã+~. Vü≤‘·´≈£î >∑T¬s’q≥T¢ ª]b˛s¡ºsY‡ $‘Í{Ÿ uÀs¡¶sY‡
� ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é ôd+Á≥˝Ÿ j·T÷ìe]‡{°øÏ #Ó+~q
ìyêdüjÓ÷>∑´ q>∑sê˝À¢ Ä+Á<ÛäÁ|ü<˚XŸ˝Àì ‹s¡T|ü‹,
ì*∫+~. Á|ü|ü+#·+˝ÀH˚ n‘·´+‘· <Ûäìø£ $»j·Tyê&É #√≥T <äøÏÿ+#·T≈£îHêïsTT. πø+Á<ä (ÄsYmdtm|òt)µ dü+düú ìy˚~ø£ ‘˚*Ã+~.
<˚X¯+>± nyÓT]ø± ì*∫+~. |ü]XÀ<Ûäø£ $<ë´]ú sêVüQ˝Ÿ >±j·TyéT≈£î bò˛sY“‡ � Væ≤e÷#·˝ŸÁ|ü<˚XŸ≈£î #Ó+~q ne÷àsTT Ä+#·˝Ÿ sƒê≈£LsY
|ü≥ºD≤_Ûe�~ΔXÊK 2018 Ä>∑düTº 13q $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæq
� Á|ü|ü+#· Äs√>∑´ dü+düú(WHO)
‘=*kÕ]>± ªÄeX¯´ø£ yê´~Û ìsêΔs¡D
|üØø£å\ C≤_‘êµqT $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæ+~.
2018 C≤_‘ê˝À 30e kÕúq+ <äøÏÿ+~.
� Á|ü|ü+#· >=|üŒ H˚‘·\ C≤_‘ê˝À eTTπøXŸ n+u≤˙
#√≥T <äøÏÿ+#·T≈£îHêïs¡T. bòÕs¡÷ôHé e÷´>∑C…’Hé 50
ªáCŸ Ä|òt *$+>¥ Ç+&Óø˘‡µ˝À ‹s¡T|ü‹øÏ 4,
$»j·Tyê&É≈£î 9e sê´+≈£î \_Û+∫+~.
d”ÿsTT+>¥˝À <˚XÊìøÏ ‘=* n+‘·sê®rj·T |ü‘·ø£+ n+~+
∫+~. ≥Øÿ˝À n+‘·sê®rj·T d”ÿ düe÷K´ Ä<Ûä«s¡´+˝À
ìs¡«Væ≤+∫q Ä˝…’Œ¤Hé m»¶sY 3200 ø£|t˝À kÕ¢˝ÀyéT πsdt
� <˚X¯+˝À n‘·T´‘·ÔeT 10 eT+~ dü+|üqï eTVæ≤fi¯˝À¢ dæà‘ê
‘·s¡#·T>± ø£ì|æ+#˚ Äs√>∑´ düeTdü´\T,
ø=ìï eTTK´yÓTÆq yê´<ÛäT\qT ‘·«s¡>±
>∑T]Ô+#˚ $<Ûä+>± á C≤_‘êqT
sö+ eT+~‘√ á C≤_‘êqT s¡÷bı+~+#·>± n+<äT˝À
eTTπøXŸ≈£î 24e kÕúq+ \_Û+∫+~.
� <˚X¯+˝Àì C≤rj·T bÕغ\ Ä<ëj·T Á|ü>∑‹˝À
ø£�wüí (>√Á<˚CŸ Á>∑÷|t), s√wæï Hê&ÜsY (ôV≤#Yd”m˝Ÿ f…ø˘),
Ç+<äT C…’Hé (u…HÓ{Ÿ ø√˝ŸeTHé)\≈£î kÕΔq+ \_Û+∫+~.
100 eT+~ eTVæ≤fi≤ ≈£îuÒs¡T\‘√ ø√≥ø˘ yÓ˝ŸÔ,
$uÛ≤>∑+˝À Ä+#·˝Ÿ ø±+dü´ |ü‘·ø£+ ¬>*∫ dü‘êÔ #ê{Ï+~.

s¡÷bı+~+∫+~. ;CÒ|” nÁ>∑kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. ¬s+&˚fi¯¢ (2015-
VüQs¡THé\T á C≤_‘êqT $&ÉT<ä\ #˚XÊsTT.
� Á|ü|ü+#· yê´|üÔ+>± _õHÓdt dü÷ÿfi¯ó¢
n+~düTÔqï n‘·T´‘·ÔeT m+;@ (|òüsY
ô|ò’HêHé‡) $<ä´˝À ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é≈£î
#Ó+~q Ç+&çj·THé dü÷ÿ˝Ÿ Ä|òt _õHÓdt
&É 16 qT+∫ 2016-17)˝À Ä bÕغ Ä<ëj·T+
81% ô|]–+~.
� Á|ü|ü+#·yê´|üÔ+>± ôd’ãsY u…~]+|ü⁄\T
m<äTs=ÿ+≥Tqï <˚XÊ˝À¢ uÛ≤s¡‘Y 3e kÕúq+˝À,
� ◊ø£´sê»´dü$T‹ e÷qyê_Ûe�~Δ dü÷∫ø£(HDI)˝À
uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 130e kÕúq+ <äøÏÿ+~. 189 <˚XÊ\‘√ á
dü÷∫ø£qT s¡÷bı+~+#ês¡T. ã+>±¢<˚XŸ 136e,
2017˝À n‘·´~Ûø£ ôd’ãsY <ë&ÉT\T m<äTs=ÿì 2e bÕøÏkÕúHé 150e kÕúHê˝À¢ ì*#êsTT.

(ISB) 44e kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. � msTTsYb˛sYº øöì‡˝Ÿ Ç+≥πsïwüq˝Ÿ yê]¸ø£ es¡˝Ÿ¶
� Á|ü|ü+#·+˝ÀH˚ n‘·´+‘· ø±\Twü´
kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+<äì ôd≈£L´]{° kÕ|òtºy˚sY dü+düú
dæe÷+f…ø˘ yÓ\¢&ç+∫+~. msTTsYb˛sYº Á{≤|òæø˘ ]b˛sYº 2018 Á|üø±s¡+
q>∑s¡+>± &Ûç©¢ 3e kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. Á|ü|ü+#·+˝Àì 16e s¡B›>± ñ+&˚ $e÷HêÁX¯j·T+>±
� eTT+u…’˝Àì $ø√º]j·THé >√~∏ø˘(19e X¯‘êã›+),
Á|ü|ü+#· Äs√>∑´ dü+düú (&Éã÷¢´ôV≤#Yz) Ç+~sê>±+BÛ n+‘·sê®rj·T $e÷ HêÁX¯j·T+ ì*∫+~.
‘êC≤ ìy˚~ø£ Á|üø±s¡+ >±*˝À Á|ür 10 ÄsYº &Óø√(20e X¯‘êã›+) ìsêàD XË’\T˝À¢ ì]à+∫q
ø£≥º&Ü\≈£î j·TTHÓk˛ÿ Á|ü|ü+#· #ê]Á‘·ø£ ø£≥º&Ü\ 2017˝À 22e kÕúq+˝À e⁄qï ì*∫q Ç+~sê>±+BÛ
yÓTÆÁø√ MT≥s¡¢≈£î yê]¸ø£ dü>∑≥Tq 292 n+‘·sê®rj·T $e÷HêÁX¯j·T+ Ç|ü&ÉT 16e kÕúq+˝À � 2018 ÄÁùdº*j·THé zô|Hé˝À eTVæ≤fi¯\ dæ+–˝Ÿ‡
yÓTÆÁø√Á>±eTT\ <Ûä÷[ nDTe⁄\‘√ ì+&ç ñqï≥Tº C≤_‘ê˝À kÕúq+ <äøÏÿ+~. f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT &Üìwt f…ìïdt ù|¢j·TsY ø±s√*Hé y√õïj·÷ø˘
ìy˚~ø£˝À ù|s=ÿ+~. � 2019øÏ dü+e‘·‡sêìøÏ >±qT ª~ f…ÆyéT‡ Vü≤j·T´sY
¬>\T#·T≈£îHêïs¡T. B+‘√ Á>±+&ékÕ¢yéT dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ f…Æ{Ï˝Ÿ
� JeHêìøÏ #·e¬ø’q <˚XÊ˝À¢ uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 2e kÕúq+ <äøÏÿ+~. m&ÉT´πøwüHéµ es¡˝Ÿ¶ j·T÷ìe]‡{° sê´øÏ+>¥‡˝À Á|ü|ü+#· bı+~q yÓTT<ä{Ï &Üìwt ù|¢j·TsY>± ø±s√*Hé y√õïj·÷ø˘
112 <˚XÊ\‘√ >√u≤´+ øÏ+>¥ πs{Ÿ‡ s¡÷bı+~+∫q n‘·T´‘·ÔeT j·T÷ìe؇{°>± Äø˘‡|òüsY¶ ì*∫+~. |òüTq‘· kÕ~Û+#ês¡T.
düπs«˝À <äøÏåD≤Á|òæø± Á|ü<∏äeT kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. � 2018 Ç+&√H˚wæj·÷ e÷düºsY‡ u≤´&çà+≥Hé {Às¡ïyÓT+{Ÿ
� mø£q$Tø˘ Á|ò”&ÉyéT Ç+&Óø˘‡ 2018˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 96e
� Çìdæº≥÷´{Ÿ Ä|òt mø£Hê$Tø˘‡ n+&é |”dt $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæq sê´+ø˘ <äøÏÿ+~. 162 <˚XÊ\‘√ ôd+≥sY |òüsY dæ$˝Ÿ eTVæ≤fi¯\ dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT ‘Ó’yêHé≈£î #Ó+~q ‘êjYT
bÕõ{Ïyé |”dt Ç+&Óø˘‡`2017˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 90e kıôd’{° s¡÷bı+~+∫q á C≤_‘ê˝À Vü‰+ø±+>¥ ‘·T®-sTT+>¥ ¬>\T#·T≈£îHêïs¡T. »ø±sêÔ˝À »]–q
sê´+≈£î <äøÏÿ+~. Á|ü<∏äeT, dæ+>∑|üPsY ~«rj·T kÕúHê˝À¢ ì*#êsTT. ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À |æ.$.dæ+<ÛäTô|’ ‘êjYT ‘·T®-sTT+>¥ $»j·T+
� Á|üC≤kÕ«eT´ dü÷N˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y 42e kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. � Ädæj·÷˝À ô|≥Tºã&ÉT\ $wüj·T+˝À n~Ûø£ #Ó’‘·q´+
2016˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 32e kÕúq+ <äø£ÿ>± 2017˝À 42e � H˚bÕ˝Ÿ ÁøϬø≥sY dü+B|t ˝≤$T#êH˚ ◊|”m˝Ÿ ø±+Á{≤≈£îº
ø£*–q <˚XÊ˝À¢ uÛ≤s¡‘Y nÁ>∑kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~.
kÕúHêìøÏ ~>∑C≤] ª<√wü|üP]‘· Á|üC≤kÕ«eT´µ <˚XÊ\ ªmeT]®+>¥ n|òüP¢j·T+{Ÿ dü¶&û 2018µì kÕº+&ÉsY¶ #ês¡ºsY¶ bı+~q ‘=* H˚bÕ˝Ÿ ÁøϬø≥sY>± |òüTq‘· kÕ~Û+#ês¡T.
C≤_‘ê˝ÀH˚ ø=qkÕ>∑T‘√+~. � bı>∑‘êπ> yê] dü+K´˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y 2e kÕúq+˝À ñqï≥T¢ � »s¡àì f…ìïdt kÕºsY p*j·÷ C≤¬s®Hé 2018 &Éã÷¢´{°@
Á|ü|ü+#· Äs√>∑´ dü+düú yÓ\¢&ç+∫+~. Á|ü|ü+#· bı>±≈£î dü+düú 2018 nø√ºãsY 29q $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæ+~.
� <˚X¯+˝À yêsêÔ |üÁ‹ø£\T #·~y˚ bÕsƒ¡≈£î\ dü+K´ 40.7 � $sêfi≤\ s¡÷ù|D≤ Äs¡®q |üs¡+>± ;CÒ|” nÁ>∑kÕúq+˝À
Äø±¢+&é zô|Hé f…ìïdt f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~.
ø√≥¢≈£î #˚s¡T≈£î+<äì ªÇ+&çj·THé Ø&ÉsYwæ|t düπs«-2017µ ìyês¡D ~H√‘·‡e+ dü+<äs¡“¤+>± Á|ü|ü+#· Äs√>∑´ dü+düú � ñÁ¬øsTTHé f…ìïdt ù|¢j·TsY m*q dæ«{À*q 2018
2018 y˚T 31q ªÁf…+&é‡ ÇHé Á|æyÓ˝…Hé‡ Ä|òt ˝§u≤ø√ ì*∫+~. 2017-18 Ä]úø£ dü+e‘·‡s¡+˝À ;CÒ|”øÏ
yÓ\¢&ç+∫+~. s¡÷.yÓsTT´ ø√≥T¢ ô|’ã&çq $sêfi≤\T e#êÃsTT. Á_ùd“Hé Ç+≥πsïwüq˝Ÿ {Às¡ïyÓT+{Ÿ eTVæ≤fi¯\ dæ+–˝Ÿ‡
� es¡˝Ÿ¶ mø£q$Tø˘ bò˛s¡yéT Ç{°e\ >√¢ã˝Ÿ e÷´qT
k˛àøÏ+>¥ 2000`2025 ù|]≥ ìy˚~ø£qT $&ÉT<ä\ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~.
� »bÕHé bÕdtb˛sYº Á|ü|ü+#·+˝À n‘·´+‘· X¯øÏÔeT+‘·yÓTÆq
bòÕ´ø£Ã]+>¥ Ç+&Óø˘‡ ù|]≥ $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæq C≤_‘ê˝À #˚dæ+~. � 2018 |òæbòÕ sê´+øÏ+>¥‡˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y 102e kÕúq+˝À
� Á|ü|ü+#· XÊ+‹ dü÷N-2018˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 136e
bÕdtb˛sYº>± ì*∫+~. »bÕHé bÕdtb˛sYº‘√ Á|ü|ü+#·+
uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 30e sê´+≈£î \_Û+∫+~. á C≤_‘ê˝À ˝Àì 190 <˚XÊ\≈£î MkÕ nedüs¡+ ˝Ò≈£î+&ÜH˚ yÓfi§¢#·TÃ. ì*∫+~. yÓTT<ä{Ï kÕúq+˝À »s¡à˙ ì*∫+~.
»bÕHé Á|ü<∏äeT kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. kÕúq+ \_Û+∫+~. ÇHédæº≥÷´{Ÿ |òüsY mø£Hê$Tø˘‡ n+&é � 13e C≤rj·T n+<ÛäT\ muíH #ê+|æj·THé wæ|t˝À
� nyÓT]ø± bÂs¡dü‘·«+ rdüTø√e&ÜìøÏ Çwüº|ü&ÉT‘·Tqï
|”dt (◊á|”) Ç∫Ãq á sê´+≈£î˝À¢ ◊dt˝≤+&é, ø£sêí≥ø£≈£î #Ó+~q øÏwüHé >∑+>∑÷© $CÒ‘·>± ì*#ê&ÉT.
ns¡TΩ˝…’q e\dü<ës¡T˝À¢ uÛ≤s¡‘Y, á¬ø«&ÜsY≈£î q÷´õ˝≤+&é, ÄÁùdº*j·÷\≈£î ‘=* eT÷&ÉT kÕúHê\T � ô||æ‡ø√ #Ó’s¡àHé, d”áy√ Ç+Á<ë q÷sT÷ n+‘·sê®rj·T
#Ó+~qyês¡T n‘·´~Ûø£ dü+K´˝À ñHêïs¡ì ‘êC≤ \_Û+#êsTT. ÁøϬø{Ÿ eT+&É* (◊d”d”) ‘=* eTVæ≤fi≤ dü«‘·+Á‘· &Ó¬s’ø£ºsY>±
� Á|ü|ü+#·+˝ÀH˚ 6e n‹ô|<ä› Ä]úø£ e´edüú>± uÛ≤s¡‘Y ìj·T$T‘·T\ j·÷´s¡T.
n<Ûä´j·Tq+˝À ‘˚*+~.
� dü$Tà[‘· n_Ûe�~Δ dü÷N˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y≈£î 62e kÕúq+
ne‘·]+∫+~. 2017 J&û|” Ä<Ûës¡+>± Äj·÷ <˚XÊ\ � Ç+&çj·÷ zô|Hé f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT #Ó’Hê dü+‘·‹øÏ #Ó+~q
\_Û+∫+~. yÓTT‘·Ô+ 72 y˚>∑+>± n_Ûe�~Δ #Ó+<äT‘·Tqï C≤_‘êqT Á|ü|ü+#·u≤´+ø˘ s¡÷bı+~+∫+~. 2.59 nyÓT]ø± Áø°&Üø±]DÏ JyÓHé C≤+>¥ kı+‘·+ #˚düT≈£î+~.
<˚XÊ\ dæú‹>∑‘·T\qT n<Ûä´j·Tq+ #˚dæq Á|ü|ü+#· Ä]úø£ \ø£å\ ø√≥¢ &Ü\s¡¢ (düTe÷s¡T s¡÷.176.12 \ø£å\ q÷´&Ûç©¢˝À 2018 |òæÁãe] 4q »]–q eTVæ≤fi¯\
y˚~ø£ sê´+≈£î\T Á|üø£{Ï+∫+~. ø√≥¢)‘√ uÛ≤s¡‘Y 6e kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ ô|ò’q˝À¢ uÛ≤s¡‘· u≤´&çà+≥Hé kÕºsY ù|¢j·TsY, {≤|t
� uÛ≤s¡‘Y˝À ñ<√´>±ìøÏ ñ‘·ÔeTyÓTÆq ø£+ô|˙\ C≤_‘ê˝À d”&é dæ+<ÛäTì z&ç+∫ C≤+>¥ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~.
� ~ q÷´j·÷sYÿ b˛dtº Ç{°e\ $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dæq ìy˚~ø£ 100 eT+~ n‘·´+‘· X¯øÏÔeT+‘· eTVæ≤fi¯\‘√ bò˛sY“‡
NTPC eTs√kÕ] kÕúq+ <äøÏÿ+#·T≈£î+~. á

Á|üø±s¡+ 849.2 _*j·THé &Ü\s¡¢‘√ j·÷|æ˝Ÿ n‘·´+‘· � yÓTT≥ºyÓTT<ä{Ï UÒ˝À Ç+&çj·÷ dü÷ÿ˝Ÿ π>yéT‡`2018˝À
C≤_‘ê˝À 25e kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~. s¡÷bı+~+∫q C≤_‘ê˝À eTq <˚X¯+ qT+∫ q\T>∑T]øÏ
$\TyÓ’q ø£+ô|˙>± ì*∫+~. #√≥T \_Û+∫+~. ôV≤#Yd”m˝Ÿ f…ø˘ d”áz s√wæï Hê&ÜsY, Vü≤sê´Hê≈£î n~Ûø£ |ü‘·ø±\T <äø±ÿsTT. 102 |ü‘·ø±\‘√
� bòÕs¡÷ÃHé 2018 Ä>∑dTü º 20q $&ÉT<ä\ #˚dq æ ª#+˚ CŸ ~ Vü≤sê´Hê Á|ü<∏äeT kÕúq+˝À ì*∫+~.
>∑Ts¡Tyês¡+ 3.1.2019 13
� ÄHé˝…’Hé ù|yÓT+{Ÿ düØ«dt ÁbıyÓ’&ÉsY ù|{Ïm+ Ç+&çj·THé ìs¡«Væ≤+∫+~. »]–q ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À uÛ≤s¡‘· »≥Tºô|’ e÷©›e⁄\ »≥Tº
Á|”$Tj·TsY ©>¥(IPL)≈£î 5 dü+ˆˆ\ es¡≈£î n+ô|’sY � ◊|”m˝Ÿ-11 $CÒ‘·>± #ÓHÓ’ï dü÷|üsYøÏ+>¥‡ ì*∫+~. $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+∫+~.
bÕsYºqsY>± e÷]+~. eTT+u…’˝À 2018 y˚T 27q »]–q ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À 8 $¬ø≥¢ � 5e Ädæj·÷ bÕsê π>yéT‡ 2026qT »bÕHé˝Àì q>√j·T
� <˚e<ÛäsY Á{À|ò”ì ÁX‚j·Tdt nj·T´sY kÕs¡<∏ä´+˝Àì uÛ≤s¡‘Y- ‘˚&Ü‘√ düHé¬s’»sY‡ ôV’≤<äsêu≤<éqT z&ç+∫ Á{À|ò”ì ˝À ìs¡«Væ≤+#·qTHêïs¡T. XÊØs¡ø£ yÓ’ø£\´+ >∑\
_ »≥Tº ¬ø’edü+ #˚düT≈£î+~. <Ûäs¡àXÊ\˝À »]–q ¬ø’edü+ #˚düT≈£î+~. Áø°&Üø±s¡T\ ø=s¡≈£î Á|ü‹ 4 dü+ˆˆ\≈£î ˇø£kÕ] Ädæj·÷
e÷´#Y˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y`_ »≥Tº ø£sêí≥ø£ »≥TºqT z&ç+∫ � n+‘·sê®rj·T ÁøϬø{À¢ n‘·T´‘·ÔeT Á|ü<äs¡Ùq uÛ≤s¡‘· bÕsê π>yéT‡qT ìs¡«Væ≤kÕÔs¡T.
f…Æ{Ï˝Ÿ ¬ø’edü+ #˚düT≈£î+~. Ä≥>±&çøÏ ;d”d”◊ Ç#˚à bÕ* ñÁ$T>∑sY nyês¡T¶qT � Ädæj·÷ ø£|tqT &çô|ò+&ç+>¥ #Ûê+|æj·THé uÛ≤s¡‘Y
� uÛ≤s¡‘· kÕºsY wü≥¢sY düMTsYes¡à dæ«dt zô|Hé˝À 2016-17, 2017-2018 d”»Hé\≈£î {°yéT Ç+&çj·÷ @&√kÕ] ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~. 2018 ôdô|º+ãsY 28q
#ê+|æj·THé>± ì*#ê&ÉT. 2018 |òæÁãe] 25q ¬øô|ºHé $sê{Ÿ ø√Væ≤¢ ¬>\T#·T≈£îHêï&ÉT. <äTu≤jYT˝À »]–q ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y ã+>±¢<˚XŸô|’
� 12e ◊dædæ n+&ÉsY-19 ÁøϬø{Ÿ Á|ü|ü+#· ø£|tqT uÛ≤s¡‘· dæ«≥®sê¢+&é˝Àì u≤ôd˝Ÿ˝À »]–q dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ ô|ò’q˝À¢ � |òæbòÕ |òü⁄{Ÿu≤˝Ÿ Á|ü|ü+#·ø£|t 2018 $CÒ‘·>± ÁbòÕHé‡ $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+∫+~.
»≥Tº ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~. 2018 |òæÁãe] 3q q÷´õ˝≤+&é düMTsY C≤Hé z C§¬sZHédüHé (&ÓHêàsYÿ)ô|’ ¬>*∫ Á{À|ò” ì*∫+~. 2018 E˝…’ 15q e÷k˛ÿ˝À »]–q � 2018 j·TTmdt zô|Hé |ü⁄s¡Twüß\ dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT
˝À »]–q ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À ÄÁùdº*j·÷ô|’ $»j·T+ n+<äT≈£îHêï&ÉT. ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À ÁbòÕHé‡ »≥Tº Áø=j˚Twæj·÷ô|’ $»j·T+ H=yêø˘ »ø√$#Y ¬>\T#·T≈£îHêï&ÉT. q÷´j·÷sYÿ˝À
kÕ~Û+∫+~. � Ç+&çj·THé yÓ˝Ÿ‡ e÷düºsY‡ f…ìïdt {Às¡ïyÓT+{Ÿ 2018˝À kÕ~Û+∫+~. »]–q ô|ò’q˝À¢ H=yêø˘ »ø√$#Y (ôd]“j·÷) EyêHé
� 5e ø±eTHÓ«˝ŸÔ Á_&é® #Ûê+|æj·THéwæ|t 2018qT øÏs¡DY n¬s®+{°Hê ù|¢j·TsY EyêHé e÷]ºHé &Ó˝Ÿ b˛Á{À $CÒ‘·>± � uÛ≤s¡‘· |òü⁄{Ÿu≤˝Ÿ »≥Tº ¬øô|ºHé düT˙˝Ÿ #ÛÓÁ‹øÏ ns¡T<Ó’q e÷]ºHé &Ó˝Ÿ bıÁ{À(n¬s®+{°Hê)ô|’ $»j·T+
Hê&ÜsY H˚‘·è‘·«+˝Àì uÛ≤s¡‘· »≥Tº ¬ø’edü+ #˚düT≈£î+~. ì*#ê&ÉT. 2018 e÷]à 18q ø±*bò˛]ïj·÷˝À »]–q >ös¡e+ <äøÏÿ+~. Ädæj·÷ |òü⁄{Ÿu≤˝Ÿ düe÷K´ (@m|òtdæ) kÕ~Û+#ê&ÉT.
2018 |òæÁãe] 14 qT+∫ 18 es¡≈£î ÄÁùdº*j·÷˝Àì ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À EyêHé e÷]ºHé &Ó˝Ÿ b˛Á{À s√»sY ô|ò<äs¡sYô|’ Ädæj·÷ ◊ø±Hé>± n‘·ì ù|s¡TqT Á|üø£{Ï+∫+~ � 2018 j·TTmdt zô|Hé eTVæ≤fi¯\ &ÉãT˝Ÿ‡ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT Äw”¢
>√˝Ÿ¶ø√dtº˝À »]–q ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À uÛ≤s¡‘· »≥Tº $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+#ê&ÉT. u≤غ(ÄÁùdº*j·÷), ø=ø√ yê+&ÓyÓ(nyÓT]ø±) »+≥
ÄÁùdº*j·÷ô|’ $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+∫+~. � @e÷Á‘·+ ÁbÕ<Ûëq´+ ˝Ò≈£î+&Ü b˛sTTq #Ûê+|æj·THé‡ ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~. ô|ò’q˝À¢ á <ä«j·T+ {Ï$Tj·÷ u≤uÀdt
� #Óø˘ ]|ü_¢ø˘ f…ìïdt kÕºsY ô|Á{≤ øÏ«{Àyê ø£‘êsY zô|Hé Á{À|ò”ì ◊d”d” s¡<äT› #˚dæ+~. 2021˝À uÛ≤s¡‘Y˝À (Vü≤+π>]), ÁøÏdæºHê eT¢<äH√$#Y (ÁbòÕHé‡) CÀ&ûô|’ $»j·T+
#ê+|æj·THé>± ì*∫+~. ô|ò’q˝À¢ øÏ«{Àyê ôdŒsTTHé »s¡>±*‡ ñqï á {ÀØï kÕúq+˝À Á|ü|ü+#· {°20ì kÕ~Û+∫+~.
HÓ+ãsYeHé Áø°&Üø±]DÏ >±]“HÓ eTT>∑Ts¡TC≤qT z&ç+∫ ìs¡«Væ≤+#ê\ì ìs¡ísTT+∫+~. � 2018 j·TTmdt zô|Hé eTVæ≤fi¯\ dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT
Á{À|ò” n+<äT≈£î+~. � dü+‘√wt Á{À|ò” |òü⁄{Ÿu≤˝Ÿ {ÀØï˝À πøs¡fi¯ $CÒ‘·>± »bÕHé≈£î #Ó+~q qy√$T ˇkÕø± ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~. z
� dæ«dt f…ìïdt ù|¢j·TsY s√»sY ô|ò<äs¡sY 2018 s√≥sY&ÜyéT ì*∫+~. 2018 @Á|æ˝Ÿ 1q ø√˝Ÿø£‘ê˝À »]–q Á>±+&ékÕ¢yéT f…Æ{Ï˝Ÿ ¬>*∫q ‘=* »bÕHé ù|¢j·TsY>±
zô|Hé |ü⁄s¡Twüß\ dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ f…ìïdt f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT ¬>\T#·T≈£î ô|ò’q˝À¢ πøs¡fi¯ »≥Tº u…+>±˝Ÿ »≥TºqT z&ç+∫+~. πøs¡fi¯ ˇkÕø± #·]Á‘· dü�wæº+∫+~.
Hêï&ÉT. HÓ<äsê¢+&釽Àì s√≥sY&ÜyéT˝À »]–q ô|ò’q˝Ÿ á {ÀØïì 13 @fi¯¢ ‘·sê«‘· ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~. � yÓTÆø˘ Áãj·÷Hé-C≤ø˘ kÕø˘ (nyÓT]ø±) CÀ&û j·TTmdt
˝À s√»sY ô|ò<äs¡sY Á–>∑sY ~$TÁ‘√yéô|’ $»j·T+ � >±j·T+ ø±s¡D+>± >∑‘· ø=~›ø±\+>± Ä≥≈£î <ä÷s¡+>± ˇô|Hé |ü⁄s¡Twüß\ &ÉãT˝Ÿ‡ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~.
kÕ~Û+#ê&ÉT. ñ+≥Tqï f…ìïdt kÕºsY kÕìj·÷ MTsê®qT πø+Á<ä Áø°&Ü � k˛ŒsYº‡ n<∏ë]{° Ä|òt Ç+&çj·÷ (kÕjYT) ù|s¡T e÷]+~. ô|ò’q˝À¢ \Tø±dt ≈£îuÀ{Ÿ (b˛˝…+&é), e÷¬s‡˝À yÓT˝À
� ôV’≤<äsêu≤B kÕºsY wü≥¢sY bÕs¡T|ü*¢ ø£X¯´|t ÄÁdæºj·÷ eT+Á‹‘·« XÊK {≤¬sZ{Ÿ ˇ*+|æø˘ b˛&çj·T+(TOP) Çø£ qT+∫ ªkÕjYTµqT ªk˛ŒsYº‡ Ç+&çj·÷µ>± |æ\eqTHêïs¡T. (Áu…õ˝Ÿ) <ä«j·T+ô|’ $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+∫+~.
zô|Hé u≤´&çà+≥Hé f…Æ{Ï˝Ÿ kı+‘·+ #˚düT≈£îHêï&ÉT. |ü<∏äø£+ qT+∫ ‘·|æŒ+∫+~. � 2018 eT˝Òdæj·÷ zô|Hé u≤´&çà+≥Hé {Às¡ïyÓT+{Ÿ � n+‘·sê®rj·T ˇ*+|æø˘ dü+|òüT+ (◊y√d”) m˝…’{Ÿ
� 2018 dü÷ïø£sY {°yéT es¡˝Ÿ¶ ø£|tqT uÛ≤s¡‘· CÀ&ç |ü+ø£CŸ � s√yéT zô|HéqT s¡ô|ò˝Ÿ Hê<ä˝Ÿ mì$T<√kÕ] ¬ø’edü+ |ü⁄s¡Twüß\ dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT © #ê+>¥ M(eT˝Òdæj·÷)
n<ë«˙`eTqHé #·+Á<ä ¬>\T#·T ≈£î+~. K‘êsY˝Àì <√Vü≤ #˚düT≈£îHêï&ÉT. 2018 y˚T 20q »]–q ô|ò’q˝À¢ ¬>\T#·T≈£îHêï&ÉT. 2018 E˝…’ 1q øö˝≤\+|üPsY˝À
˝À »]–q ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À M]<ä›s¡T bÕøÏkÕúHéô|’ $»j·T+ n˝…>±®+&ÉsY C…«¬syé (»s¡à˙)ô|’ $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+#ê&ÉT. »]–q b˛{°˝À ¬ø+{À yÓTTyÓTT{≤(»bÕHé)ô|’ © #ê+>¥
kÕ~Û+#ês¡T. � C≤rj·T sê´|æ&é #Ódt #Ûê+|æj·THéwæ|t˝À Á>±+&ée÷düºsY M $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+#ê&ÉT.
� uÛ≤s¡‘· #Ódt ~>∑Z»+ $X¯«Hê<∏äHé Äq+<é ‘ê˝Ÿ yÓTyÓT] eTTdüTq÷] s√Væ≤‘Y \*‘Y u≤ãT (Ä+Á<ÛäÁ|ü<˚XŸ) $CÒ‘·>± � $+ãT\¶Hé |ü⁄s¡Twüß\ dæ+–˝Ÿ‡ f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT H=yêø˘
j·T˝Ÿ sê´|æ&é #Ódt {Às¡ïyÓT+{À¢ $CÒ‘·>± ì*#ê&ÉT. ì*#ê&ÉT. »ø√$#Y(ôd]“j·÷) ¬>\Tbı+<ë&ÉT. 2018 E˝…’ 15q
� H˚wüq˝Ÿ Vü‰ø° #ê+|æj·THéwæ|t f…Æ{Ï˝ŸqT |ü+C≤uŸ \+&ÉHé˝À »]–q ô|ò’q˝Ÿ˝À H=yêø˘ »ø√$#Y ¬ø$Hé
¬>\T#·T≈£î+~. \ø√ï˝À 2018 e÷]à 25q »]–q n+&És¡‡Hé(<äøÏåD≤Á|òæø±) ô|’ $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+#ê&ÉT.
ô|ò’q˝À¢ ô|Á{À*j·T+ k˛ŒsYº‡ Á|üyÓ÷wüHé uÀsY¶(|”mdt|”;) � <˚X¯yê© |òüdtº ø±¢dt ÁøϬø{Ÿ {Às¡ïyÓT+{Ÿ 57e <äT©|t Á{À|ò”
»≥TºqT |ü+C≤uŸ z&ç+∫+~. 2018-19 $CÒ‘·>± Ç+&çj·÷ ã÷¢ ì*∫+~.
� ◊|”m˝Ÿ-2009 dü+<äs¡“¤+>± ô|òe÷ ìã+<Ûäq\T ‘·$Tfi¯Hê&ÉT˝Àì ~+&ç>∑˝Ÿ˝À »]–q e÷´#Y˝À
ñ\¢+|òæT+∫q+<äT≈£î BCCI, uÀs¡T¶ e÷J n<Ûä´≈£åî&ÉT &çô|ò+&ç+>¥ #ê+|æj·THé Ç+&çj·÷ ¬s&éô|’ Ç+&çj·÷ ã÷¢
ÁoìyêdüHé, ◊|”m˝Ÿ e÷J ø£$TwüqsY \*‘Y yÓ÷&ç, $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+∫+~.
Ç‘·s¡T\≈£î á&û s¡÷.121 ø√≥¢ »]e÷Hê $~Û+∫+~. � <äøÏåD Ädæj·÷ |òü⁄{Ÿu≤˝Ÿ düe÷K´ (XÊ|òt) ø£|tqT n<∏Ó¢{Ïø˘‡ ø£$TwüHé düuÛÑT´&ç>± uÛ≤s¡‘· wü÷{Ï+>¥ kÕºsY
;d”d”◊ 2009˝À <äøÏåD≤Á|òæø±˝À ◊|”m˝ŸqT e÷©›e⁄\ »≥Tº ¬>\T#·T≈£î+~. ã+>±¢<˚XŸ˝Àì &ÛÜø±˝À n_Ûqyé _+Á<ë ìj·T$T‘·T&Éj·÷´&ÉT.

Single Girl Child 28,000 per month. The candidates will and Empowerment, Government of
Scholarship also receive a contingency amount of
INR 10,000 per annum for the initial
kÕÿ\sYwæ|t‡ India, is inviting applications from stu-
dents belonging to SC category and are
Category: Merit Based two years. For the remaining period, pursuing full time degree course from
with at least 75% to 79% score from a
Scholarship: Swami Vivekananda they will get a yearly amount of INR recognized institute.
recognized board. For Post Graduate
Single Girl Child Scholarship for 20,500. Eligibility: Applicants, whose annual
course: Applicant must have minimum
Research in Social Sciences 2018-19 Last Date to apply: January 06, 2019 family income is not more than INR 6
first class degree. IELTS score of 6.0
Description: University Grants Application: Online applications only. Lacs, will be considered eligible for this
(no section lower than 5.5) and a score
Commission, a statutory body of Short Source URL: scholarship.
of 80 in TOEFL is mandated.
Government of India is offering this Prizes & Rewards: Candidate will be
Application: Online submissions are
scholarship to support higher education awarded with full tuition fee and non-
of single girl child in Social Sciences. Cork Institute of Technology refundable charges of INR 2L p.a. for
Prizes & Rewards: Selected students
Eligibility: Girl applicants who are the International Scholarship will be privileged with tuition fee waiv- studying in private sector institution,
single child of their parents and are pur- INR 3.72L p.a. for the private sector fly-
Category: Merit Based er of 25%, practical or laboratory orien-
suing Ph.D. in Social Science of age no ing clubs for commercial pilot training,
Scholarship: Cork Institute of tation, better student to teacher ratio
more than 40 years in case of general INR 2220 p.m. for lodging, INR 3000
Technology International Scholarship along with excellent facilities for stu-
category and 45 years of age in case of p.a. for stationery expenses and INR
2019, Ireland dents.
reserved categories 45,000 for computer and accessories.
Description: High-achieving students, Last Date to Apply: January 10, 2019
(SC/ST/OBC/PWD), can apply. Last Date to apply: January 15, 2019
who are willing to undertake graduation Short Source URL:
Transgender candidates are also eligible Application: Interested students can
and post-graduation, are invited by
to apply. apply online.
Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland, to
Prizes & Rewards: The selected candi-
apply for this scholarship and get the Top Class Education Scheme Short Source URL:
dates will receive a fellowship amount
opportunity to improve their personal, Category: Means and Merit Based
of INR 25,000 per month for the initial
intellectual and professional skills. Scholarship: Top Class Education
two years. For the remaining period, the Courtesy: /
Eligibility: For Undergraduate course: Scheme for SC Students 2018
candidates will get an amount of INR Call: 08448709545, 08527484563
Applicant must have cleared class 12 Description: Ministry of Social Justice
16 Á‹tyÓ˛ ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍßä˛ ∑ Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$–ÈΔÊˇÖ 3 fØ˲–ö˛« 2019 www.andhrajyothy com .


Senior Faculty

(—$VʸôÈ Á≥MʸPı≥iÃZ)
www.andhrajyothy com . ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍßä˛ ∑ Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$–ÈΔÊˇÖ 3 fØ˲–ö˛« 2019 Á‹tyÓ˛ 17


(Á≥MʸPı≥i ô˲ΔÊˇ$–ÈΔˇ$$)


Senior Faculty

Physics Key 19) 2 26) 1

1) 1 7) 2 13) 1 20) 3 27) 4
2) 2 8) 2 14) 3 21) 2 28) 4
3) 2 9) 4 15) 3 22) 3 29) 3
4) 1 10) 2 16) 3 23) 1 30) 2
5) 1 11) 4 17) 4 24) 3
6) 2 12) 1 18) 3 25) 2

Chemistry Key 40) 1 44) 3

31) 1 34) 1 37) 2 41) 3
32) 1 35) 3 38) 1 42) 1
33) 1 36) 4 39) 3 43) 3

(—$VʸôÈ {Á≥‘Ë˝≤À$, Á‹–ö˛*´ßëØÈÀ$ ΔÛˇÁ≥sÏ˝ ı≥iÃZ)

>∑ßs¡ßyês¡+ 3
4 1. B{íœ-M> Q…yæþ…ÌZ° EçÙ~ Gyé-Ææÿ$Ë$:
»qe], 2019
29. Dh-ç³#tÌZ ¯ðþOË$ ¯èþ-¨ò³O AÔéÓ¯Œþ yéÅÐŒþ$ °ÇÃ…^èþyæþ…
1. çÜàÆ>, 2. MæüË-çßýÇ, 3. ¯èþ*żÄæý* §éÓÆ> HÆæÿµ-yìþ¯èþ Mæü–{†Ðèþ$ çÜÆæÿ-çÜ$Þ õ³Ææÿ$: "¯é-fÆŠÿ'
2. E™èþ¢Ææÿ AÐðþ$-Ç-M> Q…yæþ…ÌZ° EçÙ~ GyéÆæÿ$Ë$: 30. AÆóÿ-¼Äæý* GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ËÀ…^óþ {糫§é¯èþ
1. Ýù¯óþ-Æ>¯Œþ, 2. Ððþ$MìüÞ-Mæü¯Œþ GyéÇ, 3. MöË…¼Äæý* Q°f…: ò³{sZ-Í-Äæý$…
3. BíÜÄæý* Q…yæþ…ÌZ° EçÙ~ Gyé-Ææÿ$Ë$: 31. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*-ÌZ° º…V>Ææÿ… E™èþµ-†¢Mìü {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…¨¯èþ
1. AÆóÿ-¼Äæý*, 2. £éÆŠÿ ç³rt-×ê-Ë$:
4. §æþ„ìü×ý AÐðþ$-Ç-M> Q…yæþ…ÌZ° EçÙ~ Gyé-Ææÿ$Ë$: MæüÌŒý-Væü*ÈÏ, Mæü*ÌŒý-V>Èz
Ar-M>Ðèþ* 32. Ar-M>-Ðèþ* GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ËÀ…^óþ {糫§é¯èþ
5. §æþ„ìü-×ê-Ææÿ¦-Vø-âæý…ÌZ A†-ò³§æþª HyéÇ: B{õÜt-ÍÄæý* Q°f…:
¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþË… 16. Ðèþ$Ìôý-íÜ-Äæý*ÌZ §óþ-Ôèý…ÌZ ò³ÇVóü Vú×ý Ayæþ-Ðèþ#-ËMæü$ Ðèþ$Æø- 6. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*- Gyé-Ç-ÌZ° Ý린Mæü Gyé-Ææÿ$Ë$: ¯ðþO{sôýsŒý
1. EÚù~-{Væü™èþ, A„>…ÔéË B«§é-Ææÿ…V> HÆæÿµ-yìþ¯èþ Ðèþ$…yæþ-ÌêË$: õ³-Ææÿ$: »ñýË*M>ÆŠÿ 1. Ôé…yìþ GyéÇ, 2. WºÞ¯Œþ GyéÇ, 3. íÜ…ç³Þ¯Œþ 33. ¯ðþO{sôýsŒý R°f… E™èþµ-†¢Mìü {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…¨¯èþ §óþÔèý-…:
1. EçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË… 17. {Mæü*ÆæÿÐèþ$–V>Ë ¿æýÄæý$…™ø ^ðþrÏò³O Mæü{Ææÿ-Ë™ø AÆæÿ¦-^èþ… GyéÇ, 4. ÑMøt-ÇÄæý* GyéÇ, 5. çÜtÆŠÿz Gyé-Ç. _Î
2. MæüÐøçÙ~ çÜÐèþ$ Ö™èþË Ðèþ$…yæþË… {§é-M>-Ææÿç³# Væü–à-˯èþ$ °ÇÃ…^èþ$-Mæü$¯óþ B¨-Ðèþ$-gê† {ç³f- 6. ™èþ¯éÑ$ Gyé-Ç 34. Ððþ$MìüÞMø GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ËÀ…^óþ {糫§é¯èþ Q°f…:
3. Ö™èþË çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË… Ë$: í³XÃË$ ({ç³-ç³…^èþ…ÌZ-MðüÌêÏ ´÷sìýt gê†). 7. C™èþÆæÿ GyéÇ {´ë…™é-Ë$: Ððþ…yìþ
4. Ö™èþË «§æþ–Ðèþ Ðèþ$…yæþË… 18. M>º$Ë$ B¨-Ðèþ$-gê† {ç³fË$ °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ ©-Ñ: 1. Ððþ*gZÑ Gyé-Ç&AÐðþ$-Ç-M> 35. EçÙ~ GyéÇ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ A†-ò³§æþª ¯èþVæüÆæÿ…: MðüOÆø
2. ¿æý*Ðèþ$«§æþÅÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_¯èþ gê™èþ$Ë$: çÜ$Ðèþ${™é ©Ñ 2. MöË-Æðÿyø Gyé-Ç&AÐðþ$-Ç-M> 36. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý* GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ËÀ…^óþ {糫§é¯èþ
1. òÜÐèþ*…VŠü-Ë$&Ðèþ$Ìôý-íÜ-Äæý*, 2. òßýyŠþ-çßý…r-ÆŠÿÞ & 19. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ AÐèþ$ÌZÏ E¯èþ²þ ÐèþÅÐèþ- 3. ¯èþÑ$»Œý Gyé-Ç&A…VøÌê Q°f…: º…V>-Ææÿ…
¯èþ*ÅW-°-Äæý*, 3. í³XÃ-Ë$&M>…Vø ç³Ç-Ðé-çßý-{´ë…™èþ…, ÝëÄæý$…: ´ùyæþ$ ÐèþÅÐèþ-ÝëÄæý$… 4. Mìüh-ÌŒý-Mæü$ÐŒþ$ Gyé-Ç&Ðèþ$«§éÅ-íÜÄæý* 37. EçÙ~ GyéÇ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ çÜVæür$ ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë™èþ…:
4. Ððþyéz-Ë$&íÜÌZ¯Œþ, 5. ÆðÿyŠþ C…yìþ-Äæý$-¯èþ$Ï&AÐóþ$-gꯌþ 20. §æþÄæý*-MŠüË$ A¯óþ B¨-Ðèþ$-gê† {ç³fË$ °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ ©Ñ: 5. M>Ææÿ-Mæü$ÐŒþ$ Gyé-Ç&Ðèþ$«§éÅ-íÜÄæý* 25 òÜ….Ò$. Mæü…sôý ™èþMæü$PÐèþ
{´ë…™èþ… ({»ñý-hÌŒý) »ZDzÄñý* ©Ñ 6. CÆ>-°-Äæý$¯Œþ Gyé-Ç&ç³.B-íÜÄæý* 38. ¯ðþOË$-¯èþ-©-ÌZÄæý$ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ç³…yóþ {ç³ç³…^è þ-{ç³-íܨ®
3. EçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË… ÐéÅí³¢: MæüÆæÿP-r-Æóÿ-Q, Ðèþ$Mæü-Ææÿ-Æóÿ-QË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ 21. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ° {糫§é¯èþ Ðé×ìýfÅ ç³…rË$: 7. Mìüh-ÌŒý-Mæü$ÐŒþ$ Gyé-Ç&Ðèþ$«§éÅ-íÜÄæý* ç³…r: ´÷yæþ$Væü$ W…f {糆¢
ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_…¨. 1. çÜçßýf Ææÿº¾Ææÿ$, 2. MøMø, 3. M>ïœ, 4. ^ðþÆæÿMæü$ 9. GyéÇ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ iÑ…^óþ Ðèþ–„æügê™èþ$Ë$: 39. GyéÆæÿ$Ë Væü$…yé {ç³Ðèþ-íßý…^óþ ¯èþ§æþ$-˯èþ$ GVøj-sìýMŠü
4. MæüÆæÿP-r-ÆóÿQ A¯èþV>þ: 231/20 E™èþ¢Ææÿ A„>…Ôèý… 22. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ 90 Ôé™èþ…ò³OV> Ææÿº¾Ææÿ$ E™èþµ†¢ AÄôý$Å 1. Ðèþ$$âæýÏ-´÷-§æþË$, 2. {ºçßýÃ-gñý-Ðèþ$$yæþ$, 3. ¯éVæü-gñý-Ðèþ$$yæþ$ ¯èþ§æþ$-Ë…sêÆæÿ$. GVøj-sìýMŠü ¯èþ¨ A¯èþ-V>: iÐèþ-¯èþ¨
5. çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™ø-çÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË…: AÄæý$-¯èþ-Æóÿ-QË$, BÇP-sìýMŠü, §óþÔé-Ë$: ¬ 4. QÆæÿ*j-Ææÿç³# ^ðþr$Ï 40. Gyé-Ææÿ$-ËÌZ °rt-°-Ë$-Ðèþ#V>, ÌZ™èþ$V> E…yóþ ÌZÄæý$-
A…sê-ÇP-sìýM> ÐèþË-Äæý*Ë Ðèþ$«§æþÅ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_…¨. Ðèþ$Ìôý-íÜÄæ*ý , C…yø-¯óþ-íÙÄæý* 10."GyéÇ Kyæþ' õ³Ææÿ$ VæüË f…™èþ$-Ðèþ#: J…sñý ËMæü$ VæüË õ³Ææÿ$: Ðéyîþ
6. ÑÑ«§æþ A„>…Ôé-Ë$, ÆóÿRê…Ôé-Ë-Mæü$ õ³Ææÿ$Ï: 23. MøMø E™èþµ-†¢ÌZ {ç³£æþÐèþ$ Ý릯èþ…ÌZ E¯èþ² §óþÔèý-…: 11. GyéÇ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ AMæüP-yæþ-MæüPyæþ Mæü°-í³…^óþ çÜçßýf 41. DMìü…¨-Ðé-°ÌZ GVøj-sìýMŠü ¯èþ¨: AÆðÿ…gŒý ¯èþ¨
1. 00 A„>…Ôèý…&¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-Æóÿ-Q çœ$¯é ±sìý º$VæüY-ËMæü$ õ³Ææÿ$: JÄæý*-íÜ-‹ÜË$ 42. MæüË-çßý-Ç GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ËÀ…^óþ {糫§é¯èþ
2. 231/20 E™èþ¢Ææÿ A„>…Ôèý…&MæüÆæÿP-r-Æóÿ-Q 24. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ° {糫§é¯è þ¯èþVæü-Æ>Ë$: 12. GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ Mæü°-í³…^óþ Mæüv¯èþ Æ>†{´ë…™é- Q°gêË$: Æ>W, Ðèþ{gêË$
3. 231/20 §æþ„ìü×ýÿ A„>…Ôèý…&Ðèþ$MæüÆæÿ ÆóÿQ 1. íÜ…Væü-ç³NÆŠÿ, 2. fM>Æ>¢, 3. A{M>, 4. Ðèþ*¯èþ‹Ü ËMæü$ Ðèþ$Æø õ³Ææÿ$: çßýÐèþ$yé 43. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ A™èþÅ…™èþ Ôèý$çÙP-Ððþ$O¯èþ GyéÇ: Ar-M>Ðèþ*
4. 00 ÆóÿRê…Ôèý…&{X°-^Œþ-ÆóÿQ 25. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþ…ËÌZ A† ò³§æþª ¯èþVæüÆæÿ…: 13. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ¯óþ Cç³µ-sìý-Ðèþ-ÆæÿMæü$ A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü…V> 58 44. _Î ¡Ææÿ… çÜÒ$-ç³… ¯èþ$…_ ç³íÜ-íœMŠü Ðèþ$à-çÜ-Ðèþ$$-
5. 1800 ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ, ç³ÕaÐèþ$ ÆóÿRê…Ôèý…&A…™èþ-Æ>j-¡Äæý$ íÜ…Væü-ç³N-ÆŠÿ yìþ{XË EÚù~-{Væü™èþ ¯èþÐðþ*-§ðþO¯èþ {´ë…™èþ… BÌŒý Ai- {§æþ…ÌZ {ç³Ðèþ-íßý…^óþ ò³Ææÿ*-Ñ-Äæý$¯Œþ Ö™èþË {ç³Ðéçßý… ÐèþËÏ
¨¯èþ-ÆóÿQ 26. yøÌŒý-{yæþÐŒþ$Þ A¯èþ-V>: ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ° hÄæý*VæüË §óþÔèý…: ͼÄæý* HÆæÿµ-yìþ¯èþ {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ¯óþ A™èþÅ…™èþ Ôèý$çÙP-Ððþ$O¯èþ Gyé-Ç:
6. 66 1/20 E™èþ¢Ææÿ A„>…Ôèý…&BÇP-sìýMŠü ÐèþËÄæý$… Ar-M>Ðèþ*
7. 66 1/20 §æþ„ìü-×ý A„>…Ôèý…&A…sê-ÇP-sìýM> ÐèþËÄæý$… 45. ò³Ææÿ* §óþ-Ôèýç³# ¡Ææÿ…ÌZ° çÜÒ$ç³ ©Ðèþ#-ËÌZ °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ
8. 900 E™èþ¢Ææÿ A„>…Ôèý…& BÇP-sìýMŠü «§æþ–Ðèþ…
9. 900 §æþ„ìü×ý A„>…Ôèý…& A…sê-ÇP-sìýM> «§æþ–Ðèþ… GENERAL AWARENESS 糄æü$Ë Æðÿrt-˯èþ$ GÆæÿ$-Ðèþ#V> Eç³-Äñý*-W-Ýë¢-Ææÿ$. D
GÆæÿ$Ðèþ# õ³Ææÿ$: Væü$Äæý*¯ø
7. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_¯èþ çÜçßýf Ðèþ$…yæþ-ÌêË$: 46. B…yîþ-‹ÜMæü$ ç³Õa-Ðèþ*¯èþ ÐéÅí³…_¯èþ GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…:
1. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþË… Ar-M>Ðèþ*
2. BÄæý$-¯èþ-ÆóÿRê Gyé-Ææÿ$-Ë$ °ÔèýaË {´ë…™èþ… 14. ¯èþ*żÄæý* GyéÇ VæüË §óþ-Ôèý…: Dhç³#t 47. çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™ø-çÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ 20&50 A„>…ÔéË
3. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë Væüyìþz-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$-Ë$ 27. f´ùsôý ^ðþrÏ ¯èþ$…yìþ ^èþ*Æÿ$$…VŠü VæüÐŒþ$ ™èþÄæý*-ÈÌZ 15. Gyé-Ææÿ$Ë$, Ðésìý Væü$…yé {ç³Ðèþ-íßý…^óþ iÐèþ ¯èþ§æþ$-Ë$: Ðèþ$«§æþÅ çÜÐèþ$${§æþ {糿ê-Ðé-°Mìü §æþ*Ææÿ…V> Ôèý$çÙP Ðé™é-Ðèþ-
4. º$$™èþ$-ç³-Ðèþ¯èþ Ðèþ$…yæþË… Ðéyóþ _Mìü-ÌŒý¯èþ$ f´ùsôý ^ðþrϯèþ$ {Væüíßý-Ýë¢-Ææÿ$. D ^ðþr$Ï 1. çÜà-Æ>&¯ðþOË$ ¯èþ¨ Ææÿ×ý… MæüÍW E…yóþ {´ë…™é-ËMæü$ Ðèþ$Æø-õ³-Ææÿ$
5. çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË Væüyìþz-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$-Ë$ ò³ÇVóü {´ë…™èþ…: ÐðþíÜt…yîþ‹Ü 2. £éÆŠÿ&íÜ…«§æþ* ¯èþ¨ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ A„>…Ôèý GyéÆæÿ$Ë$
6. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> Ö™øçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË… 28. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ A™èþÅ-«¨Mæü f¯é¿êVæüË ©Ñ: 3. AÆóÿ-¼-Äæý*&Äæ$ý *{çœ-sìý-‹Ü&sñýO{W-‹Ü 48. ï³uæÿ-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$-Ëò³O HÆæÿµ-yìþ¯èþ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ A„>…Ôèý GyéÆæÿ$Ë$:
7. sñýOV> Ðèþ$…yæþË… gêÐé (C…yø-¯óþ-íÙ-Äæý*) 4. MæüË-çßý-Ç&BÆðÿ…gŒý sìý»ñýsŒ,ý »ŸÍ-ÑÄæ*ý
8. r…{yé Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë… 29. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ° Ðé×ìýfÅ ÐèþÅÐèþ-ÝëÄæý$… 16. AÆóÿ-¼-Äæý* GyéÇ ÑçܢDž_¯èþ §óþÔé-Ë$: 49. Q…yé…™èþ-ÆæÿY™èþ {´ë…™éÌZÏ HÆæÿµ-yìþ¯èþ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ A„>…Ôèý
8. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿQMæü$ CÆæÿ$-ÐðþO-ç³#Ë 5&10 yìþ{XË A„>…ÔéË VæüË §óþÔé-Ë$: 1. Ýû© -A-Æóÿ-¼Äæ*ý , 2. Mæü$ÐðþOsŒ,ý 3. Äæý$$G-C 4. Gyé-Ææÿ$Ë$
ÐèþÆæÿ-Mæü$ ÐéÅí³…_¯èþ {´ë…™èþ…: ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþË… Ðèþ$Ìôý-íÜÄæ*ý , C…yø-¯óþ-íÙÄæý* Äñý$Ððþ$¯Œþ, 5. KÐèþ$¯Œþ, 6. Mæüu>ÆŠÿ 1. Vø¼, 2. ÚëÐðþ*, 3. CÆ>¯Œþ Gyé-Ç, 4. {VóüsŒý
9. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ìê-°Mìü Ðèþ*Ææÿ$ õ³Ææÿ$Ï: 30. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ §ðþO°Mæü çÜVæür$ EÚù~-{Væü™èþ 17. MæüË-çßý-Ç Gyé-Ç ÐéÅí³…_¯èþ §óþÔé-Ë$: »ôýíܯŒþ GyéÇ (E.-A-Ððþ$-Ç-M>-)
1. BÄæý$-¯é-ÆóÿRê ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë™èþ Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…, 2. òÜÌêÓ-Ë$, ÐèþÅ™éÅçÜ…: 1. §æ„ìü×ý B{íœM>, 2. ¯èþÒ$-¼Äæý*, 3. »ZsŒý-Ðé¯é 50. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ A„>…Ôèý GyéÇ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ
3. çÜ™èþ™èþ çßýÇ™èþ EçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË… 8 yìþ{XË òÜ…sìý-{VóüyŠþ 18. Úëyæþ$‹œ A¯èþV> f…™èþ$Ðèþ#Ë$
10. §æþ„ìü×ý AÐðþ$-Ç-M>-ÌZ° ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþÌê°Mìü 31. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ A™èþÅ…™èþ _™èþ¢yìþ {´ë… Gyé-Ç {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ±sìý-´ë-Ææÿ$-§æþË Äæý$…{™éË$ 1. Vö{ÆðÿË$, 2. Ðóþ$MæüË$, 3. Væü${Æ>Ë$, 4. Mæü…^èþÆæÿ V>yìþ-
çÜ…º…«¨…_¯èþ {´ë…™éË$: ™èþ…: M>Ððþ$-Ææÿ*¯Œþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ {´ë…™èþ… 19. Ar-M>-Ðèþ* Gyé-Ç ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_¯èþ §óþÔé-Ë$: §æþË$
1. AÐðþ$-gꯌþ ÌZÄæý$ {´ë…™èþ…, 2. VæüÄæý*¯é E¯èþ²™èþ 32. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ ™èþVæü-Æ>°² A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü…V> E™èþµ†¢ ^óþõÜ §óþÔèý…: 1. ò³Ææÿ*, 2. _Î 51. sìý»ñý-sŒý ï³-uæÿ-¿æý*Ñ$ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ-° Ö™èþË Gyé-Ææÿ$-ËÌZ
¿æý*Ðèþ$$-Ë$, 3. »ŸÍ-ÑÄæý*, ò³Ææÿ*, DMæüÓ-yéÆŠÿ, ç³ÕaÐèþ$ Ðèþ$Ìôý-íÜÄæ*ý 20. GyéÇ {´ë…™é-Ë-ÌZ° çÜ…^éÆæÿ gê™èþ$Ë Ðèþ–™èþ$¢Ë$: Mæü°-í³…^óþ {ç³™óþÅ-Mæü-Ððþ$O¯èþ f…™èþ$Ðèþ#: Äæý*MŠü
MöË…¼Äæý*, Ððþ°-kÌê, ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ {»ñýh-ÌŒý-ÌZ° Mö…™èþ 33. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ¯é×ýÅ-Ððþ$O¯èþ C¯èþ$Ðèþ$$ Ë¿æýÅ- 1. Ðóþr, 2. ç³Ôèý$-´ù-çÙ×ý, 3. ÐèþÅÐèþ-ÝëÄæý$…
¿êVæü… Ðèþ$Äôý$Å §óþÔèý…: 21. GyéÇ gê™èþ$-ËÌZ A™èþÅ…™èþ A¯é-Væü-Ç-Mæü$Ë$, Ððþ¯èþ$-Mæü-º- ÑÑ«§æþ Ðèþ$™èþ-çÜ$¦Ë$ ({ç³-ç³…^èþ…)&ÐéÅí³¢
11. B{íœM> Q…yæþ…ÌZ° ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþÌê°Mìü çÜ… {»ñýhÌŒý yìþ¯èþ ÐéÆæÿ$: 1. {MìüíÜt-Äæý$-¯èþÏÌZ ÐèþÆ>Y-Ë$: ÆøÐèþ$¯Œþ M>£æþ-Í-Mæü$P-Ë$, {´÷sñýòÜt…
º…«¨…_¯èþ {´ë…™éË$: 34. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü…V> M> E™èþµ†¢ ^óþõÜ §óþÔèý…: 1.¼…¨þ-º$Ë$ (B-{õÜt-Í-Äæý*-), 2. º$‹Ù-Ððþ$-¯ŒþË$ (§æþ.-B- r$-Ë$, AÆø¦-yé-MŠüË$, A…WÏ-Mæü-¯èþ$Ï: ÒÆæÿ$ {ç³ç³…^èþ
1. M>…Vø ¯èþ© ç³Ç-Ðé-çßýMæü {´ë…™èþ… {»ñýhÌŒý {íœM>), 3. òÜÐðþ$Or$Ï (B-{íœ-M>-) ÐéÅç³¢…V> E¯é²Ææÿ$.
2. W°Äæý* ¡Ææÿ-{´ë…™èþ… 35. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ Ý뫧é-Ææÿ-×ý…V> °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ 22. GyéÇ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ AMæüP-yæþ-MæüPyæþ Mæü°-í³…^óþ ™é™éP-ÍMæü 2. Ðèþ$$-íÜÏ-Ðèþ$$-Ë$: {ç³ç³…^èþ ÐéÅç³¢…V> E¯é²Ææÿ$. Ðèþ$$QÅ…V>
3. Ðèþ$yæþ-V>-çÜP-ÆŠÿÌZ Mö…™èþ ¿êVæü… f…™èþ$-Ðèþ#Ë$: E糚-±sìý çÜÆæÿ-çÜ$Þ-ËMæü$ õ³Ææÿ$: ´ëÏÄæý*-Ë$ ç³Õa-Ðèþ*-íÜÄæý*, E™èþ¢-Æ>-{íœ-M>ÌZÏ ÒÇ çÜ…QÅ A«¨Mæü….
12. BíÜ-Äæý* Q…yæþ…ÌZ° ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþÌê°Mìü 1. Mø™èþ$-Ë$, 2. _…´ë…iË$, 3. 糄æü$-Ë$, 4. ±sìý-
Væü$-{Æ>Ë$, 5. ™é»ôýâæý$Ï, 6. Ððþ$$çÜâæý$Ï 23. ¯ðþOË$-¯èþ¨ ÐèþÆæÿ-{ç³-Ýë-¨° A¯óþ ¼Ææÿ$-§æþ$-VæüË §óþÔèý…: 3. íßý…§æþ$-Ðèþ#-Ë$: Ðèþ$$QÅ…V> C…yìþÄæý*, §æþ.B-íÜÄæý*,
çÜ…º…«¨…_¯èþ {´ë…™éË$: Dhç³#t BVóü²-Äæý*-íÜÄæý* §óþÔéÌZÏ °Ðèþ-Õ-çÜ$¢-¯é²Ææÿ$.
1. Ðèþ$Ìôý-íÜÄæý* ©Óç³-Mæü-˵… 36. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ´÷yæþ-ÐðþO¯èþ ¯èþ¨: AÐóþ$-gꯌþ
37. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-Æóÿ-Q¯èþ$ Æðÿ…yæþ$- ÝëÆæÿ$Ï §ésôý¯èþ-¨: M>…Vø ¯èþ¨ 24. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ° A†-ò³§æþª ^èþÐèþ$$Ææÿ$ Ôèý$¨®MæüÆ>Ã-V>Ææÿ… 4. ^ðþO±-Äæý$$Ë çÜ…{ç³-§éÄæý$ Ðèþ$™èþ-çÜ$¦-Ë$: ^ðþO¯é, à…VŠü-
2. íœÍ-òœOµ¯ŒþÞ ©Ó´ë-Ë$
3. C…yø-¯óþ-íÙÄæý* ©Ó´ëË$ 38. çÜ™èþ™èþ çßýÇ™èþ EçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ° M>…Vø {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ VæüË §óþ-Ôèý…: CÆ>¯Œþ M>…VŠü, C™èþÆæÿ ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ, BVóü²-Äæý*-íÜÄæý* {´ë…™éË$.
13. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþË AÆæÿ-×êÅ-ËÌZ ò³ÇVóü Ðèþ–„>Ë$: iÑ-…^óþ ÑçÙç³# DVæü-Ë$: sîýÞ&sîÞý 25. ¯ðþOË$-¯èþ© {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ÐèþÅÐèþ-ÝëÄæý$… Ðèþ–†¢ ^óþõÜ ÐéÇMìü 5. »o§æþ$®-Ë$: ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ, BVóü²-Äæý*-íÜÄæý* {´ë…™éË$.
1. Ææÿº¾Ææÿ$, 2. Ðèþ$à-Væü-°, 3. G»Z°, 4. ÆøgŒý-Ðèþ#yŠþ, 39. BÄæý$-¯èþ-ÆóÿRê ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë™èþ Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ° B¨Ðèþ$ gê† VæüË õ³Ææÿ$: 6. íÜMæü$P-Ë$: C…yìþ-Äæý*-ÌZ° ç³…g껌ý {´ë…™èþ….
5. ÌêVŠü-Ðèþ#yŠþ, 6. íÜ…Mø¯é, 7. Ððþ§æþ$-Ææÿ$ {ç³fË Ðèþ$$QÅ-Ðèþ–†¢: 1. f…™èþ$-Ðèþ#Ë Ðóþr, 2. ^óþç³Ë$ òœÌêÏ-íßý¯ŒþÞ
ç³rtyæþ… 7. Äæý$*§æþ$-Ë$: C{gê-Äæý$ÌŒý
14. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ Mæü$Ç-õÜ ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë™èþ…: 26. GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ Mæü°-í³…^óþ CçÜ$Mæü {´ë…™é-Ë$ VæüË
40. BVóü²-Äæý*-íÜ-Äæý*-ÌZ° çÜ…Ðèþ-™èþÞ-Ææÿ…ÌZ A™èþÅ-«¨Mæü ÆøkË$ õ³Ææÿ$: GÆŠÿYË$ 8. Mæü¯Œþ-çœNÅ-íÙÄæý$-¯èþ$Ï: ^ðþO¯é
çÜ…Ðèþ-çßý¯èþ ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë™èþ…
15. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ A™èþÅ-«¨Mæü f¯é¿ê VæüË EÆæÿ$-Ðèþ$$Ë$, Ððþ$Ææÿ$-ç³#Ë$ çÜ…¿æýÑ…^óþ {´ë…™èþ…: 27. çßýÐèþ$-yéMæü$ Ðèþ$Æø-õ³-Ææÿ$: ÆðÿVŠü 9. gñýO¯èþ$-Ë$: C…yìþÄæý*
§óþÔèý-…: »ZVøÆŠÿ 28. B¨Ðèþ$ gê† {ç³f-ÌñýO¯èþ ¼yø-°-Äæý$¯èþ$Ï °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ 10. íÙ…sZ-Æÿ$$-çÜ$t-Ë$: f´ë¯Œþ
C…yø-¯óþ-íÙÄæý* GyéÇ {´ë…™é-Ë$ GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ…: AÆóÿ-¼Äæý* 11. gZÆ>-íÙ‰-Äæý$-¯èþ$Ï: C…yìþÄæý*, CÆ>¯Œþ.
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ÍÙ-êŸ-ô¦b-BóŸª #ô¢ª-ëů-û¦uõ- ú£Ù÷-êŸqô¢Ù?
ví£î¶-øŒ-ší-æ¨dì Bô¦t-û¦Eo Îîμ«-CÙ-àŸè[Ù ë¯yô¦
2019 ìªÙ# Ôæ° áì-÷-J 24 ìª cÍÙêŸ-ô¦b-BóŸª 1) ôÁîª 2) ì«uCMx
Në¯u CûÁ-êŸq÷Ùe-Þ¥ áô¢ª-í£±-ÚÁ-î¦-õE ví£ÚÛ-æ¨Ù-#ÙC? 3) ì«uóŸ«ôÂ\ 4) Þ¥ÙÞÂ-åÚÂ
1) ë]¤¨-é°-víƇڥ 2) Ð>íÃd 3) ·Úû¦u 4) ûμj@-JóŸ« 23.- ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA Në¯u ø‹úˆYóŸª, þ§Ùú£\”-AÚÛ
2.- òÅ°ô¢êŸ ê•L -c÷ªï‡°ü° ví£ëůEe-Þ¥ ÏÙC-ô¦-Þ¥ÙDÅ ú£Ùú£– sUNESCO - óŸ³ûμj-çËμè û¶ù£ûÂq Óè[ªu-¸Ú-ù£-
ví£÷«é úˆyÚ¥ô¢Ù à¶ú‡ì Ô ôÁVìª òÅ°ô¢êŸ ìöËÀ šújÙæ¨-íƇÚ ÍÙè ÚÛõa-ô¢öËÀ Îô¢_-ûμj-â˶-ù£ûÂ) ví£ëůì
ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ Ôæ° â°BóŸª ò°LÚ¥ CûÁ-êŸq-÷ÙÞ¥ Ú¥ô¦u-õóŸªÙ Ô ìÞœ-ô¢Ùö˺ ÑÙC?
Eô¢yþ¼hÙC? 1) ð§Júà 2) ì«uóŸ«ôÂ\ 3) âËμFî¦ 4) õÙè[ûÂ
1) áì-÷J 22 2) áì-÷J 21 24.- ÷«uû ÍÙè ñóμ«-ú‡p-óŸªô ڥô¢u-vÚÛ÷ªÙ Ú¨Ùë]
3) áì-÷J 24 4) áì-÷J 23 2018 VöËμjö˺ óŸ³ûμþ¼\ Nè[ª-ë]õ à¶ú‡ì -c÷ô¢öËÀ“
3.- òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒÙ à¶ú‡ì ví£A-ð§-ë]ì ô¢ÚÛª Ú¨ÙC Ô ú£Ù÷- ûμæÀ-÷ôÂ\ ÎíÆà ñóμ«-ú‡p-óŸªô Já-ôÂy¬q â°Gê¦ö˺
êŸq-ô¦Eo ÍÙêŸ-ô¦b-BóŸª #ô¢ª-ëů-û¦uõ- sNªöËμxæÀq) ú£Ù÷- àÁåª ð»ÙCì òÅ°ô¢êŸ 11÷ ñóμ«ú‡póŸªô ÔC?
êŸq-ô¢ÙÞ¥ Eô¢yÙà¶Ùë]ªÚÛª ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA Íìª- 1) ú‡Nªx-ð§öËÀ 2) Ú¥ÙàŸ-ì-áÙÞœ
òÙëÅ] ú£Ùú£– ÓíÆÃ-Ô× Îîμ«ë]Ù êμL-í‡ÙC? 3) ÍÞœ-ú£h¬u-÷ªõ 4) û¦v·ÚÚÂ
1) 2022 2) 2025 3) 2023 4) 2020 25.- 2018 VöËμjö˺ óŸ³ûμþ¼\ Nè[ª-ë]õ à¶ú‡ì -cví£í£ÙàŸ
4. - Þ•í£p Øù£ëÅ] Þœªé°-õ-êÁ-ð§åª ÍêŸu-CÅÚÛ ð¼ù£ÚÛ Nõª- î¦ô¢-ú£êŸy ú£Ùí£ë] â°Gê¦e-ö˺ àÁåª ë]Ú¨\Ù-àŸª-ÚÛªìo
÷-õªìo ô¦Þœªõª, ú£ábõª, â˹ìoõª, Ú•vô¢õª, þ§÷ªõª, 37÷ òÅ°ô¢êŸ î¦ô¢-ú£êŸy ví£ë¶-øŒ-îμªiì -cNÚÁd-J-óŸªûÂ
ÍJ-ÚÛõª, ÷J-Þœõª ö°Ùæ¨ #ô¢ª-ëů-û¦u-õšíj Í÷-Þ¥-ì ÞÁCÇÚ ÍÙè ÎôÂd èËμÚÁ ú£÷³-ë¯óŸªÙe- Ô ìÞœ-ô¢Ùö˺
ÚÛLpÙ-à¶Ù-ë]ªÚÛª òÅ°ô¢êŸ ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ Ô ú£Ù÷-êŸq-ô¦Eo ÑÙC?
â°BóŸª -#ô¢ª-ëů-û¦uõ- ú£Ù÷-êŸq-ô¢ÙÞ¥ ví£ÚÛ-æ¨Ù-#ÙC? 1) àμûμj¬o 2) ÚÁöËÀ-ÚÛê¦
1) 2019 2) 2018 3) 2017 4) 2020 3) ô¦á-þ§–û 4) ÷ªëÅ]u-ví£-ë¶øË 3) ÷³Ùñô³ 4) Ít-ë¯-ò°ëÂ
13.- Ô ë¶øŒÙ-ö˺E óŸ´E-÷-Jqæ© vð§ÙÞœ-éÙö˺ Ôô¦påª Óšúj¬q, Ú¥E›údñªöËÀq 26.- 2020 ú£Ù÷-êŸq-ô¦-EÚ¨ óŸ³ûμþ¼\ n- ví£í£ÙàŸ í£±ú£hÚÛ
ô¢àŸô³êŸ à¶ú‡ì Þ¥ÙDÅ@ NvÞœ-Eo 2018 è…šúÙ-ñ-ô¢ªö˺ ô¦á-ëů-EÞ¥ ÓÙ퇷Újì ìÞœô¢Ù ÔC? [2018 n-
ê•õ-TÙ-à¦ô¢ª? sDEo 2016 WûÂö˺ òÅ°ô¢êŸ ví£ê¶uÚÛÙ ÔëÇμûÂq svUúÃz, 2019 n- ÿ§ô¦b sóŸ´ÔÐz]
àŸö°x ìJqÙ·ôè…“ ÷«@ ô¦ù£Zí£A ví£éòËÀ ÷³ÜKb ÎN-ù£\-JÙ-à¦ô¢ª. 1) áÚ¥ô¦h 2) ú‡ÙÞœ-í£²ôÂ
3) ò°uÙÚ¥Ú 4) Ú˽ö°-õÙ-í£²ôÂ
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª Íô³ê¶ Î óŸ´E÷Jqæ© Në¯uô¢ª–õª òÅ°ô¢êŸ â°A- áìô¢öËÀ û¦öËμèÂb
í‡êŸ Þ¥ÙDÅ@ ÖÚÛ â°êŸu-Ù-Ú¥J- ÍÙå« Bv÷ 27.- ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA ò°õõ ECÅ sUNICEF - óŸ³ûμj-
5. 2019 28
- -c n- e- ë]ø‹-ò°ÌEo Ïæ©-÷õ ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA Ô þ§–ô³ö˺ Eô¢-ú£ì ÷uÚÛhÙ à¶óŸªè[ÙêÁ Ð Eô¢góŸªÙ
Bú£ªÚÛªû¦oô¢ª.z 3) êμõÙ-Þ¥é 4) í£Ùâ°òËÀ çËμè û¶ù£ûÂq ÏÙå-¸ôo-ù£-ìöËÀ #wõ“ûÂq Ó÷ª-·ôbFq íÆ£ÙèÂz
ë]ø‹-ñÌÙÞ¥ ví£ÚÛ-æ¨Ù-#ÙC?
1) ë]¤¨-é°-víƇڥ 2) íÆ£ªû¦ 18. ú£Ùú£– ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¦u-õóŸªÙ Ô ìÞœ-ô¢Ùö˺ ÑÙC?
1) ûμõqû ÷ªÙè˶ö° ø‹ÙA ë]ø‹ñÌÙ
- -cC ÏÙå-¸ôo-ù£-ìöËÀ ú‡Ùð¼->óŸªÙ Îû ÍvT-ÚÛ-õa-ô¢öËÀ
1) âËμFî¦ 2) ð§Júà 3) õÙè[û 4) ì«uóŸ«ôÂ\
3) >Ùò°ò˶y 4) ÷«J-ù£úÃ
2) ÑvèÁ -N-õqû ø‹ÙA ë]ø‹ñÌÙ
ÏûÁo-î¶-ù£û íÆ£ô ðƧuNªM ðƧô¢tôÂqe- ›íô¢ªêÁ ÓíÆÃ.-
28.- ñÙÞ¥x-ë¶-øËÂ-ö˺E Ú¥ÚÂq-ñ-â°ô vð§ÙêŸÙö˺ Ñìo
14.- ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA Ôô¦p-åª- à¶ú‡ 70 ú£Ù÷-êŸq-ô¦õª
Ó.-Ö. -Ú¨ÙC Ô ìÞœ-ô¢Ùö˺ Eô¢y-Ù-#ì ú£ë]-ú£ªqö˺
3) Þ¥ÙDÅ@ ø‹ÙA ë]ø‹ñÌÙ ôÁÙÞ¥u ÷³ú‡xÙ øŒô¢-é°-ô¢ª–õ PG-ô¦Eo ú£Ùë]-J)Ù-
4) ÚÁíƈ Íìoû ø‹ÙA ë]ø‹ñÌÙ í£²ô¢h-ô³ì ú£Ùë]-ô¢(ÄÙÞ¥ 2015 šúšídÙ-ñ-ô¢ªö˺ êμõÙ-Þ¥é ô¦ù£Z ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ ÍêŸuÙêŸ ví£A-ÿ§’êŸt-ÚÛÙÞ¥
#ì óŸ³E-šúíÆà ޜªèÂ-NöËÀ ÍÙò°-ú‡-è[-ô Ó÷ô¢ª?
6.- Íîμª-J-Ú¥-ö˺E ì«uóŸ«-ôÂ\ö˺ Ñìo ÕÚÛu ô¦áu
Õô¦ú£ þ§ëů-ô¢é ú£òÅ¡ 70÷ ú£÷«-î¶-øŒÙ ì«uóŸ«- Í÷ª-õª-à¶-ú£ªhìo ·ôj꟪-ñÙëÅ]ª s·ôj꟪ šíåªd-ñè…
÷ªë]Ì꟪ í£ëÇ]ÚÛÙz, ·ôj꟪ H÷« í£ëÇ]-Ú¥-õšíj ô¦ù£Z 1) ÷«ëÅ]ªK D¤¨ê 2) ìCóŸ« ÷³ô¢ëÂ
ôÂ\ö˺ áJ-TÙC. Ð ú£Ùë]ô¢(ÄÙÞ¥ ›íë]-JÚÛ Eô¢«t- ÷u÷-þ§óŸª Ú¥ô¢u-ë]J) ú‡.-ð§ô¢–-þ§-ô¢CÇ 2018 ì÷Ù-
ú£NªA ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¦u-õ-óŸªÙö˺ Î ú£Ùú£– ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¢u- 3) ví‡óŸ«ÙÚ¥ àÁvð§ 4) ÷ªö°ö° óŸ´ú£íÆà â°óÀª
ë]J) 2018 šúšídÙ-ñô¢ª 24ì Ó÷J NvÞœ-Eo ÎN- õì n ú£÷«-ìêŸyÙ õ¤ÛuÙÞ¥ ví£í£ÙàŸ ë¶ø‹-õFo ñô¢ª 22ì ví£ë]-ô¢)ì Ïà¦aô¢ª? 29.- óŸ³E-šúíÆà 2018 ì÷Ù-ñ-ô¢ªö˺ òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒ îμ³åd-
ú£ªú‡–-ô¦-GÅ-÷”CÌÄ õ¤¥uõ Bô¦t-û¦Eo Îîμ«-CÙ-à¦ô³.-
ù£\-JÙ-à¦ô¢ª? 1) ð§Júà 2) ì«uóŸ«ôÂ\ 3) âËμFî¦ 4) ôÁîª
1) ûμõqû ÷ªÙè˶ö° 2) ÑvèÁ- N-õqûÂ
Ð Bô¦tìÙ ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù, E¸ôÌ-PÙ-àŸª-ÚÛªìo 17 ú£ªú‡–-ô¦- îμ³-ë]æ¨ cóŸ´ê ÍÙò°-ú‡-è[ôÂe-Þ¥ Ó÷JE
GÅ-÷”CÌÄ õ¤¥u-õìª ví£í£ÙàŸ ë¶ø‹õª Ô ú£Ù÷-êŸq-ô¢Ù- 19.- í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é í£J-ô¢¤Ûé ÚÁú£Ù 1972ö˺ ÕÚÛu ô¦áu EóŸªNªÙ#ÙC?
3) Þ¥ÙDÅ@ 4) ÚÁíƈ Íìoû ú£NªA -cóŸ³ûμíÃe-ìª (UNEP- óŸ³ûμj-çËμè û¶ù£ûÂq 1) ë]ªuB-àŸÙë 2) ÷ª-ë¯úÃ
ö˺ޥ þ§CÅÙ-à¦L?
7.- ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA þ§ëů-ô¢é ú£òÅ¡ ê•L ú£÷«-î¶-ø‹Eo ÓEy-ô¦-ûÂ-îμªÙæÀ vð¼vÞ¥îª) Ôô¦p-åª- à¶-ú‡ÙC. Ð 3) í‡.N. ú‡ÙëÅ]ª 4) ú£yí£o ñô¢tûÂ
1) 2025 2) 2030 3) 2022 4) 2020
1946 áì-÷-Jö˺ Ô ìÞœ-ô¢Ùö˺ Eô¢y-Ù-à¦ô¢ª?
15. 30.- ò°õõ ÚÛª\-õšíj ð¼ô¦å٠ඛúÙ-ë]ªÚÛª òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒ
- ú£ªú‡–-ô¦-GÅ-÷”CÌÄ õ¤¥u-õìª à¶ô¢ª-ÚÛªû¶ ví£óŸª-êŸoÙö˺ ú£Ùú£– ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¦u-õóŸªÙ ÓÚÛ\è[ ÑÙC?
1) õÙè[û 2) ð§Júà 3) ì«uóŸ«ôÂ\ 4) âËμFî¦ 1) NóŸªû¦o 2) âËμFî¦
òÅ°ÞœÙÞ¥ -cví£í£ÙàŸ ú£ªú‡–ô¢ ìÞœ-ô¦õª n -2025 ÏF- Ðø‹ìu vð§ÙêŸ îμ³ë]æ¨ -cóŸ´ê Íè[y-¸ÚæÀe-Þ¥
8.- -cNøŒy ÷«ì÷ ÚÛª\õ ví£ÚÛ-åìe- Bô¦t-û¦Eo Õô¦ú£ ù‡-ó¶ª-æ¨îËÂe- ›íô¢ªêÁ ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA ví£í£Ù-àŸ-î¦u- 3) ÷«Ùvæ¨-óŸªöËÀ 4) ûμjôÁH 2018, è…šúÙ-ñ-ô¢ªö˺ óŸ³EšúíÆà EóŸªNªÙ#ì
þ§ëů-ô¢é ú£òÅ¡ Óí£±pè[ª Îîμ«-CÙ-#ÙC? í£hÙÞ¥ ÓÙí‡ÚÛ à¶ú‡ì 25 Îë]ô¢) ú£ªú‡–ô¢ ìÞœ-ô¦ö˺x 20.- J-óŸ«-é°-ö˺E ÞœªèÂ-Þ¥îË ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¦u-õ-óŸªÙÞ¥ û¶í£ëÇ]u Þ¥óŸªE Ó÷ô¢ª?
1) 1946 è…šúÙ-ñô¢ª 10 2) 1948 è…šúÙ-ñô¢ª 10 àÁåª ë]Ú¨\Ù-àŸª-ÚÛªìo ·ôÙè[ª òÅ°ô¢-BóŸª ìÞœ-ô¦-õª? cÍÙêŸ-ô¦b-BóŸª þ¿ô¢ ÚÛ«åNªe- Íû¶ ú£Ùú£– Ôô¦p-åª- 1) ìë ÎvíƇû 2) Íì-û¦u-ìÙë]
3) 1947 è…šúÙ-ñô¢ª 10 4) 1949 è…šúÙ-ñô¢ª 10 1) ûÁô³è¯, v¸Þåô Nø‹-Ü-í£åoÙ ÚÁú£Ù ÚÛ”ù‡ à¶ú‡-ìÙ-ë]ªÚÛª òÅ°ô¢êŸ ví£ëůE ì¸ôÙvë] 3) EêŸuX 4) ví‡óŸ« øËÂ
9.- ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA þ§ëů-ô¢é ú£òÅ¡ ú£÷«-î¶-ø‹-EÚ¨ ÍëÅ]u- 2) ûÁô³è¯, v¸Þåô šïj°ë]-ô¦-ò°ëÂ
îμ«D, vðƧûÂq ÍëÅ]u-Éè[ª Ó÷«t-ìªuóŸªöËÀ îμªvÚ¥-ûÂ- 31.- ÏÙå-ôÂ-ð¼öËÀ sÏÙå-¸ôo-ù£ìöËÀ vÚ¨Nª-ì-öËÀ ð¼Múà Îô¢_-
3) ûÁô³è¯, v¸Þåô ûÁô³è¯
¤ÛêŸ ÷Ù-#ì ê•L ÷ªï‡°üŒ NáóŸªõ¤©t í£Ùè…æÀ õÚÛª ú£ÙóŸ³-ÚÛhÙÞ¥ -càŦÙí‡-óŸªûÂq ÎíÆà C ÓôÂhn- ûμj-â˶-ù£ûÂz ú£Ùú£– ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¦u-õóŸªÙ ÓÚÛ\è[ ÑÙC?
s1953 n -òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒÙz. Íô³ê¶, Ïö° ÍëÅ]u-¤ÛêŸ 2018e- Íî¦ô¢ª“ ë]Ú¨\ÙC.- ÏC Õô¦ú£ Í꟪u-ìoêŸ
4) v¸Þåô ûÁô³è¯, òÅ¡ª÷-û¶-øŒyô sÍÙêŸ-ô¦b-BóŸª û¶ô¢-ú£ª–-õìª Í·ôú£ªd à¶óŸª-è[Ùö˺
÷Ù-#ì 4÷ ÷ªï‡°-üŒÞ¥ 2018 šúšídÙ-ñ-ô¢ªö˺ í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é í£±ô¢-þ§\-ô¢-Ù. Íô³ê¶ 2018, ÍÚÁd-ñ-
16.- -cú£ªú‡–ô¢ ›úë¯u-EÚ¨ ÎJ–ÚÛ à¶óŸ´êŸ:- ví£í£ÙàŸ ú£î¦üŒ‰x, ô¢ªö˺ Ô ìÞœ-ô¢Ùö˺ áJ-Tì ÖÚÛ ví£ê¶uÚÛ Ú¥ô¢u-vÚÛ-
ví£í£ÙàŸ ë¶ø‹-õÚÛª ú£ï£°-ÚÛ-JÙ-à¶Ù-ë]ªÚÛª DEo Ôô¦p-åª
àŸJvêŸ ú£”ù‡dÙ-#ì ÷ªJóŸ« šíÆô¦oÙè¯ Óú‡p-ûÁþ§ Ô Í÷-Ú¥-ø‹õªe- Íû¶ ÍÙøŒÙšíj ì«uóŸ«-ôÂ\ö˺ Ñìo -à¶-ø‹ô¢ªz.
ë¶øŒ ÷«@ Në¶-ø‹ÙÞœ ÷ªÙvA? ÷ªÙö˺ ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¢u-ë]J) Ð 1) Lóμ«û 2) ÎÚ¥xÙèÂ
1) vòËμ>öËÀ 2) šíô¢« 3) зÚy-è¯ô 4) Í·ôbÙ-æ©û¦
ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£NªA ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¦u-õóŸªÙö˺ 2018, Íî¦-ô¢ª“ìª òÅ°ô¢êŸ ví£ëů-EÚ¨ ví£ë¯ìÙ à¶ø‹ô¢ª?
šúšídÙ-ñô¢ª 24ì ví£í£ÙàŸ ÎJ–ÚÛ î¶CÚÛ, ñ«xîª-ñôÂ_ 3) òËμôÂo 4) ñ«uìúà Óô³ôÂq
10.- ¸ÚÙvë] Në¶-ø‹ÙÞœ ÷ªÙvA ï£°Ë ºë¯ö˺ ÕÚÛu ô¦áu 1) ì«uóŸ«ôÂ\ 2) ûμjôÁH
ÞÁxñöËÀ G>-ûμúà ðƼô¢îª Íû¶ ú£Ùú£–õª ú£ÙóŸ³-ÚÛhÙÞ¥ 32.- ÏÙå-ôÂ-ð¼öËÀ ì«êŸì ÍëÅ]u-É-è…Þ¥ 2018, ì÷Ù-ñ-
ú£NªA þ§ëů-ô¢é ú£òÅ¡ ú£÷«-î¶-øŒÙö˺ ÙDö˺ 3) ì«uCMx 4) âËμFî¦
ú£÷«î¶øŒÙ Eô¢yÙà¦ô³. ÏÙë]ªö˺ ÎÙvëÅ]-ví£-ë¶øË ô¢ªö˺ í£ë]O ò°ëÅ]u-êŸõª úˆyÚÛ-JÙ-#ì 򬔻 â˺ÙÞÂ
ví£ú£Ù-TÙ-#ì ê•L ÷uÚ¨hÞ¥ ÍåöËÀ GK î¦âËÀ- 21.- Ïå-M-ö˺E ôÁîª ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¦u-õ-óŸªÙÞ¥ Îô¢,
÷³Üu-÷ªÙvA àŸÙvë]-ò°ñª û¦óŸ³è[ª ví£ê¶u-Ú¨Ù# óŸ«ÙÞÂ Ô ë¶ø‹EÚ¨ àμÙCì ÷uÚ¨h?
›íô´ Ô ú£Ù÷-êŸq-ô¢Ùö˺ JÚ¥ô¢ª“ ú£”ù‡dÙ-à¦ô¢ª? Ú¨ÙC Ô ÍÙøŒÙšíj ví£ú£Ù-TÙ-à¦ô¢ª? ÷u÷-þ§óŸª ú£Ùú£–ìª (FAO - Food and 1) áð§û 2) ë]¤¨é Ú•JóŸ«
1) 1979 2) 1975 3) 1976 4) 1977 Agriculture Organization) Ôô¦p-åª -à¶ú‡ì
1) ÷ªï‡°ü° þ§CÅ-Ú¥-ô¢êŸ 3) ÑêŸhô¢ Ú•JóŸ« 4) àμjû¦
11.- Õô¦ú£ ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¢u-ë]-J)Þ¥ í£E-à¶-ú‡ì ê•L ìõx-â°A 2) Í÷ª-ô¦-÷A n- ú£ÙêÁù£ ìÞœ-ô¦õª
ú£Ùë]ô¦(ÄEo í£±ô¢ú£\JÙàŸªÚÛªE Ú¨ÙC Ô ôÁVìª
cví£í£ÙàŸ Îô¢ CûÁ-êŸq÷Ùe-Þ¥ áô¢ª-í£±-ÚÛªÙ-åª-û¦oô¢ª?
3) ví£ÚÛ”A ÷u÷-þ§óŸªÙ 4) Õ.-æ¨.- Ní£x÷Ù
÷uÚ¨hÞ¥ àŸJvêŸ ú£”ù‡dÙ-#ì ÚÁíƈ ÍìoûÂ Ô ë¶ø‹EÚ¨
àμÙCìî¦ô¢ª? s2001ö˺ ûÁòËμöËÀ ø‹ÙA ñ-÷ªAE 1) ÍÚÁd-ñô¢ª 20 2) ÍÚÁd-ñô¢ª 16 áî¦ñªõª
17.- ÷u÷-þ§óŸª ô¢ÙÞœ ÍGÅ-÷”CÌÄ, ·ôj꟪õ ú£Ù¸¤÷ªÙ ÚÁú£Ù
ÕÚÛu ô¦áu ú£Nª-AÚ¨, ë¯E ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¢u-ë]J)Þ¥ Ñìo 3) ÍÚÁd-ñô¢ª 15 4) ÍÚÁd-ñô¢ª 19 1) 4 8) 2 15) 3 22) 1 29) 2
2) 3 9) 3 16) 3 23) 1 30) 1
ÚÁíƈ ÍìoûÂÚÛª ú£ÙóŸ³-ÚÛhÙÞ¥ ví£ÚÛæ¨Ùà¦ô¢ª. ÐóŸªì Nì«-êŸo-îμªiì Nëů-û¦-õìª Íìª-ú£-Jú£«h ví£í£Ù-à¦-EÚ¨ 22.- ví£í£ÙàŸ îμ³ë]æ¨ í£²Jh-þ§–ô³ s100%-) ›úÙvCóŸª
2018 ÎÞœ-ú£ªdö˺ ÷ªô¢-é¨Ù-à¦ô¢ªz.-
ú£«pÄJhÞ¥ EL-#ì 20 í£ëÇ]-Ú¥õª, Nëů-û¦-õìª ÕÚÛu ÷u÷-þ§óŸª ô¦ù£Z-îμªiì ú‡Ú¨\Ù ô¦ÿZ§EÚ¨ -cÎþ§\ô íÆ£ô 3) 3 10) 4 17) 3 24) 2 31) 1
1) ÑÞ¥Ùè¯ 2) ·Úû¦u 3) Ú¥ÙÞÁ 4) íÆ£ªû¦
ô¦áu ú£NªA Íìª-ñÙëÅ] ú£Ùú£– ÓíÆÃ.-Ó.-Ö.- ÓÙí‡ÚÛ
à¶ú‡ÙC.- ÍÙë]ªö˺ òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒÙ ìªÙ# Ú¨ÙC Ô òËμúÃd ð§õúˆe-Þ¥ ›íô¢ª-Þ¥Ù-#ì -cíÆ£²uàŸô ð§õúˆ ÞÁöËÀ“e- 4) 2 11) 4 18) 4 25) 3 32) 2
12.- í£É-õÚÛª ví£ú‡-CÌÄ-Þ¥Ù-#ì íÆ£ªû¦ â°BóŸª ð§ô¢ª\ Ô ô¦ù£Z ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ Í÷ªõª à¶ú£ªhìo í£ëÇ]-Ú¥-õÚÛª àÁåª Íî¦ô¢ª“ ë]Ú¨\ÙC.- 2018 ÍÚÁd-ñ-ô¢ªö˺ Ú¨ÙC Ô ìÞœ- 5) 1 12) 3 19) 4 26) 4
ô¦ù£ZÙö˺ ÑÙC? ë]Ú¨\ÙC? ô¢Ùö˺ áJ-Tì ÖÚÛ ví£ê¶uÚÛ Ú¥ô¢u-vÚÛ-÷ªÙö˺ Î ô¦ù£Z 6) 1 13) 2 20) 3 27) 4
1) Öè…ø‹ 2) êŸNª-üŒ-û¦è[ª 1) ÎÙvëÅ]-ví£-ë¶øË 2) Öè…ø‹
÷³Üu-÷ªÙ-vAÚ¨ Ð Íî¦-ô¢ª“ìª ví£ë¯ìÙ à¶ø‹ô¢ª? 7) 1 14) 2 21) 2 28) 3
Þœªô¢ªî¦ô¢Ù 3 áì÷J 2019 - „ email:

IIT - JEE MAINS MOCK TEST air-column has a length of 20 cm and the
second resonance is observed when the
air column has a length of 62.5 cm. Then
No. of Questions: 90 Max. Marks: 360 Time: 3 Hrs.
the end correction of the organ pipe is

PHYSICS moved by the screw on the linear scale is at point B. Then the ratio of heat energy
2 mm. Its circular scale contains 50 divisions. dissipated per unit volume at points A and
1. A coil placed in a magnetic field decreasing Find the least count of the screw gauge. B is
at a rate of 10 T/s as shown in figure. There 1) 0.05 mm 2) 0.01 mm 1 2 1 4
is also a source of emf 30 V in the coil. 1)  2)  3)  4) 
3) 0.1 mm 4) 0.02 mm 2 1 4 1
Resistance of the coil is 5: and area of the
coil is 2m2 . Then the magnitude of the cur- 9. A 4 kg particle is moving along the x - axis 15. If the difference of two energy states in an
rent in the coil is under the action of the force which varies h
with distance 'x' given by atom is 4 eV and  = 4 u1015,
e 1) 1.25 cm 2) 2.25 cm
( )
F =   x newton. At t = 2 sec, the
then the wavelength of photon emitted as a
result of the above transition will be
3) 3.2 cm 4) 4.25 cm
23. A vessel contains 1 mole of O2 gas (molar
particle passes through the origin and at t = 1) 1000 Aq 2) 6000 Aq mass 32) at a temperature T. The pres-
10 sec, its speed is 4— 2 m/s. The ampli- sure of the gas is P. An identical vessel
3) 3000 Aq 4) 9000 Aq
tude of the motion is 27 containing one mole of He gas (Molar
16. If radius of the 13 Al nucleus is estimated
 mass 4) at a temperature 2T, has a pres-
32 — 2 16 to be 3.6 fermi, then the radius of 125 Te
1) 1A 2) 2A 3) 3A 4) 4A 1)  m 2)  m 52 sure of
33 nucleus will be nearly
2. In the series LCR circuit as shown in figure, P
 1) 5 fermi 2) 4 fermi 1)  2) P 3) 2P 4) 8P
the voltmeter and ammeter readings are : 4 16 — 2 3) 8 fermi 4) 6 fermi 8
3)  m 4)  m
33 17. In Young’s double slit experiment, the two 24. A gas mixture consists of 2 moles of oxy-
10. The electric field strength in an electro- slits act as coherent sources of equal gen and 4 moles of argon at temperature
magnetic wave is 104V/m. Then the corre- amplitude D and of wavelength O. In other T. Neglecting all vibrational mode, the total
sponding magnitude of magnetic field experiment with the same set up, the two internal energy of the system is
strength (in tesla) in the wave will be: slits are sources of equal amplitude D and 1) 4RT 2) 15RT 3) 9RT 4) 11RT
1) 104 2) 3 u1012 wavelength 'O' but are incoherent. The 25. A monoatomic ideal gas initially at temper-
3) 3.3 u10 4 4) 3.3 u105 ratio of intensity of light at the midpoint of ature T1 is enclosed in a cylinder fitted with
1) V = 100 volt, I = 2 amp
2) V = 100 volt, I = 5 amp 11. A capacitor of capacity C1 is charged to the screen in the first case to that in the a frictionless piston. The gas is allowed to
3) V = 1000 volt, I = 2 amp the potential of V0. On disconnecting with second case is expand adiabatically to a temperature T2
the battery, it is connected with a capacitor 1) 2 : 1 2) 1 : 2 3) 3 : 4 4) 4 : 3 by releasing the piston suddenly. If L1 and
4) V = 300 volt, I = 1 amp
of capacity C2 as shown in the adjoining 18. If in a p n junction diode, a square input L2 are the lengths of gas column before
3. The work done in moving a magnetic dipole
figure. The ratio of energies of system of signal of 8 V is applied, then the value of T1
from its most stable position to most unsta- and after expansion respectively, then is
capacitors before and after the connection output signal across RL will be
ble position in an uniform magnetic field of T2
of switch ‘S’ will be
induction 0.09 T is (Dipole moment of this L1 2/3 L2 2/3
dipole = 0.5 Am2)
1) 0.07 J 2) 0.08 J 3) 0.09 J 4) 0.1 J
1)  ( )
2)  3) 
L1 ( )
26. The potential energy of a particle in a force
4. The magnetic induction field at the centre C
of the wire which is in the shape as shown field is U =  , where A and B are
in figure carrying current ‘i’ is r2 r
P0 i positive constants and r is the distance of
(C1 + C2) C1 1) 2)
1)  (1 + 3) 1)  2)  particle from the centre of the field. For sta-
43r C1 (C1 + C2) ble equilibrium, the distance of the particle
P0 i C1
2)  (1 + 3) 3) C1 C2 4)  is
23r C2 B 2A A
P0 i 12. The figure shows a colour-coded resistor, 1)  2) A  B 3)  4) 
3)  (1 + 3) 3) 4) A B B
3r the resistance of this resistor is 27. Two blocks, each of mass m moving with
P0 i speed v, collide with the spring of force
4)  (1 + 3)
r constant k as shown in figure. The maxi-
5. A thin symmetrical double convex 19. A ball rolls off the top of a stairway with mum compression of the spring is:
lens of power P is cut into three A
horizontal velocity v0 ms1. If the steps are
parts, as shown in the figure, B h metre high and w metre wide, the ball
power of the part ‘A’ is will hit the edge of nth step if
1) 2P 2) 3) 4) P 1) (52 u103 r 20%): 2hv0 2hv20
2 3 1) n =  2) n = 
2) (47 u101 r 5%): gw 2 gw 
6. The force required just to move a body up mv2 2mv2
an inclined plane is double the force
required just to prevent the body sliding
3) (53 u106 r 5%):
4) (42:r10%):
3) n = 
4) n = 
k —
13. A potentiometer with 2.0 V cell in primary 
down. If the coefficient of friction is 0.25, the 20. A 20 N metal block is suspended by a mv2
angle of inclination of the plane is
1) 37q 2) 45q 3) 30q 4) 53q
circuit is used to determine the internal
resistance of the cell of emf 1.5 V in sec-
spring balance. A beaker containing some
water is placed on a weighing machine
4) zero

28. A particle is thrown vertically upwards from

ondary circuit. The balancing length when which reads 40 N. The spring balance is
7. Two weights W1 and W2 are in equilibrium the surface of earth and it reaches to a
the cell of 1.5 V alone is in secondary cir- now lowered so that the block gets
when suspended as shown in figure. Then maximum height equal to the radius of
cuit is 75cm. When a resistor of resistance immersed in the water. The spring balance
W1 earth. The ratio of the velocity of projection
the ratio  is: 10 : is connected across the same cell in now reads 16 N. The reading of the weigh-
W2 the secondary circuit, the balance point to the escape velocity on the surface of
ing machine will be
shifts to 60 cm. Then the internal resis- earth is
1) 36 N 2) 60 N 3) 44 N 4) 56 N
tance of the cell is 1 1 1 1
1 1)  2)  3)  4) 

1) 1.5 : 2) 2.0 : 3) 2.5 : 4) 3.5 : 21. The dimension of H0 E2 (H0: permittivity —2 2 4 2—2
14. Consider a wire of non-uniform cross-sec- 29. The potential difference VAB between
of free space and E: Intensity of electric
tion. If the A(2m,1m, 0) and B(0, 2m, 4m) in an elec-
field) is
area of o / / /
cross-section 1) [MLT 1] 2) [ML2T 1] tric field, E = (xi  2y j + zk) V/m is
1 2
at point A is 3) [ML T ] 4) [ML2T 2] 1) 3V 2) 2V 3) 4V 4) 6V
5 4 8 7 double of the 22. In a resonance air column experiment a
1)  2)  3)  4) 
4 5 5 2 area of tuning fork of frequency 400 Hz is used.
8. In four complete rotations, the distance cross-section The first resonance is observed when the sNªÞœê¦ ví£øŒoõª ¸ôí£æ¨ ›í@ö˺xz
10 VýS$Æý‡$ÐéÆý‡… l
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JEE (Main)-2019 Grand Test
No. of Questions : 90

Max. Marks : 360

3 Hrs

� Negative Marks : 1

°¯]l²sìæ "ѧýlÅ' ™èlÆý‡$ÐéƇ¬.. of water and carbon dioxide at 200 parabola y2 = 4x is:
∑ (1 + x)i is :
298k are −1367, −285.9 and 1) O 2) O expansion of 1) 8 2) 10
47. The major product of the reaction 393.4 kJ/mole respectively. Cal- i =1 3) 18 4) 4
between isopropyl bromide and
sodium ethoxide at about 55°C:
culate the heat of formation of
ethanol at 298K.
OH 1) ( )
100 2) ( ) 200
74. The area (in sq: units) of the
equilateral triangle formed by the
1) −423.4 kj/mole
3) ( ) 4) ( )
3) 4) O 201 200 tangent at (√3,0) to the hyperbola
1) 2)
102 100
2) −277.5 kj/mole x2−3y2=3 with the pair of asymp-

3) Both 1 & 2 4) Propane 3) −159.0 kj/mole 59. NaCN is sometimes added in the totes of the hyperbola is:
67. If a = ˆi + ˆj + k,b
ˆ = iˆ − ˆj + k,
ˆ c = iˆ + 2jˆ −k,
48. The correct IUPAC name of the 4) −51.0 kj/mole froth floatation process as a 1) √2 2) √3
following compound is: 54. KCl crystallises in the same type depressant when ZnS and PbS a.a a.b a.c 1 2
3) 4)
of lattice as does NaCl. Given mineral are expected because: 3 3
then value of b.a b.b b.c =?
that rNa+ / rCl− = 0.55 and rNa+ / 1) Pb(CN)2 is precipitated while 75. For two data sets, each of size 5,
c.a c.b c.c
rk+ = 0.74. Calculate the ratio of no effect of Zns the variances are given to be 4
1) 2,2,6,6,7-pentamethyl octane the side of the unit cell for KCl to 2) ZnS forms soluble complex 1) 16 2) 24 and 5 and the corresponding
2) 2,3,3,7,7-pentamethyl octane that of NaCl. Na2[Zn(CN)4] while PbS 3) 256 4) 144 means are given to be 2 and 4
3) 2,2,6,6,7 tetra methyl heptane 1) 1.122 2) 2.224 comes out with froth 68. The number of points inside or respectively the variance of
4) 2,3,3,7,7-tetramethyl octane 3) 1.414 4) 0.732 3) Pbs forms soluble complex on the circle x2 + y2 = 4 satisfying combined data set is:
49. One stereoisomer of 1,1,3,5- 55. Histidine can exist following Na2[Pb(CN)4] while ZnS tan4x + cot4x + 1 = 3sin2y is: 13
1) 6 2)
tetramethyl cyclohexane is 15KJ four structures depending on pH comes out with froth 1) 1 2) 2 3) 3 4) 4 2
/mole less stable than the other. of the medium. 4) NaCN is never added in froth 69. If the integers 'm' and 'n' are 5 11
3) 4)
More stable stereoisomer is: O O floatation process chosen at random from 1 to 100 2 2
O− OH 60. In the photo electric effect, the then the probability that a 76. One vertex of an equilateral tria-
number of photo electrons number of the from 7m+7n is ngle is at the origin and the other
+ +
(I) (II)
emitted per unit time depends divisible by 5 is: two vertices are, roots of 2z2 +
cis - CH3 CH3 upon the: 1 1 2z + k = 0, then k is:
1) 2)
CH3 O− O− 1) Energy of incident radiations 5 7 1
CH3 1) 1 2)
2) Frequency of incident 1 1 3
2) NH NH2 NH NH3
3) 4)
radiations 4 49 2 1
3) 4)
trans- CH3 3) Intensity of incident 70. Let r be a variable vector and 3 2
(III) (IV)

3) Both are equally stable Which of the following option is radiations 77. The number of ordered pairs of
a = ˆi + ˆj + kˆ such that the scalars
CH 3
correct description? 4) Both frequency and intensity integers (x, y) satisfying the
equation x2+6x+y2 = 4 is:
4) cis
pH=0 pH=4 pH=8 pH=12
of incident radiations
(r.iˆ )(
, r.jˆ )(
, r.kˆ )are positive integ-
1) 2 2) 8 3) 6 4) 10
CH 3 CH 3 2) II I IV III MATHEMATICS ers. If r.a is not greater than 10, 78. If n(A) = m then n((x, y, z); x, y z
50. Which one of the following is 3) II IV I III sin10 x − cos8 x sin 2 x +
then total number of possible ∈ A; x ≠ y, y ≠ z, z ≠ x) where
more reactive towards hydration 4) II III IV I vectors r , is given by: A ⊆ R, m takes the values in the
of alkene? 56. Sugars that would yield the same sin 8 x cos 2 x − cos10 x 1) 80 2) 100 form of:
61. ∫ dx
CH = CH − CH 3 phenylosazone are: 1 − 2sin 2 x cos 2 x 3) 240 4) 120 1) m3 2) m(m−1)2
CH 3
CH2OH is equal to: 71. If the lines ax + by + p = 0, 3) m2(m−2) 4) m3 − 3m2 + 2m
xcosα + ysinα − p = 0 (p ≠ 0) and 79. The statement p → (q → p) is
1 1
sin 2 x + c 2) − sin 2 x + c
2) CH = CH 2 HO H HO H HO H
2 2 xsinα − ycosα = 0 are concur- equivalent to:
1 2 rent, the first two lines 1) p → (q → p') 2) p → (q ∨ p')
3) − sin x + c 4) − sin x + c
2 π 3) p → (q ∧ p) 4) p → (q ↔ p)
I II III include an angle , then a2+b2 is
CH 2 − CH = CH 2 π cos 2 x 4 80. If 'f' is a function such that
62. Let u = ∫ 4 dx,
4) CHO CHO 0 1 + sin 2 x equal to: f(0) = 2, f(1) = 3 and f (x + 2) =
NO2 OH π 1
HO H H OH v=∫ 8 dx then the 1) 1 2) 2 2f(x) − f(x + 1) for every real 'x',
0 (1 + tan 2 x) 2
51. The major product formed in the 3) 4 4) p2 then f(5) is:
following reaction is 'P'. The CH2OH CH2OH u 72. The point ([p + 1], [p]) (where [.] 1) 7 2) 13 3) 1 4) 5
value of equals:
Product P is: IV V v denotes the greatest integer
CH 2 = CH − CH 2 + HCl → ' P ' 1) I, II and V 1) 1 2) ½ function) lying inside the region KEY
2) I, II and III 3) 2 4) 4 bounded by the circle x2 + y2 −
Br 3) II and III 63. The area bounded by the 2x − 15 = 0 and x2 + y2 − 2x − 7 47) 2 48) 1 49) 1 50) 2 51) 4
1) 1-Chloro -3-Bromo propane 4) III and IV parabola y = 6 + 4x − x2 and the = 0, then 52) 3 53) 2 54) 1 55) 2 56) 2
2) 1- Bromo-3-chloro propane 57. Which of the following statement chord joining the points (−2, −6) 1) p ∈ [−1, 0) ∪ [0, 1) ∪[1, 2) 57) 3 58) 3 59) 2 60) 3 61) 2
3) 1- Bromo-2- chloro propene is incorrect? and (4, −6) is: 62) 3 63) 3 64) 1 65) 1 66) 4
4) 1- Bromo -2-chloro propane 1) Drugs that bind the receptor 1) 12 2) 24 2) p ∈ [−1, 2) − {0, 1} 67) 1 68) 4 69) 3 70) 4 71) 2
52. Acetophenone reacts with mor- site and inhibit its natural 3) 36 4) 48 3) p ∈ (−1, 2) 4) None of these 72) 4 73) 1 74) 2 75) 4 76) 3
pholine in presence of P- Toluen- function are called antagonists. 73. The number of points with inte- 77) 2 78) 4 79) 2 80) 2
xdy  y 
esulfonic acid in benzene to give 2) Equanil is a tranquilizer, used 64. If =  2 − 1  d x, gral coordinates that lie in the
2 2 2
a major product 'P'. The product in controlling depression and x +y x +y  interior of the region common to
'P' is: hypertension. y the circle x2 + y2 = 16 and the
Ñ$VýS™é Æó‡ç³sìæ "ѧýlÅ'ÌZ..
O Then tan −1 = ____
3) Morphine, Heroin and Codeine x
NH H 3C S OH are non narcotic analgesics. 1) c − x 2) c − y
C − CH3 + P 4) Boric acid in dilute aqueous −1 1
C6H 6 , Δ 3) xy + c 4) x 2 + y2 + c Vidya Weekly Test
solution is weak antiseptic for

eyes. 65. If a, b, c ∈ R+ form a A.P., then

JEE(Main)-2019 Online Grand Test
1) 2) C6H5 − C − CH3 58. What is the expected product 1 1 1
a+ ,b + ,c + will be in:
from the double reaction drawn bc ca ab
� Students can write exam any time & at any place
below? (a, b, c are distinct)
C6H5 − C = CH2
1) A.P. 2) G.P. � Section wise Results & Ranks will be announced
3) 4) N
3) H.P. 4) None of these Exciting Prizes for Top Rankers
N O 1. CH MgBr (excess)
C6H5 − C = CH3 3 �
O OH O 2. H3O
+ 66. The coefficient of x100 in the
53. The heat of combustion of 3. PCC in CH2Cl2 For registration visit (or) Scan above QR Code
ethanol and the heat of formation
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f¯]lÐ]lÇ l 3 l 2019 11

Show that heat is evolved in respiration?

A. i) Pharynx is the common passage for 6. What type of questions will you ask a
P. Neelakantaiah digestive as well as respiratory system. botanist about mangrove plants? (AS2)
ii) Swallowing is a voluntary action. A.
School Assistant. iii) Saliva facilitates the smooth movement
of food in the digestive tract.
iv) Epiglotits, a flap like muscular valve
controls movement of food and air
Respiration towards their respective passages.
The food provides energy for all bodily v) This valve is partly closed when we
activities only after break down through the swallow the food.
process known as RESPIRATION. Thus vi) As a result respiration process tempor-
respiration leads to final utilization of food. Biology(EM) arily slows down.
When Oxygen is plentiful respiration normally 4. How does gaseous exchange take place at
takes over. Cells of the living body use food blood level?(AS1)
constantly to help our body to function Air passes from nostrils to nasal cavity to A. i) Where do mangrove plants grow?
properly. The term respiration derived from pharynx, larynx, trachea, and bronchi, ii) What is the nature of soil where the
Latin word 'respire' meaning to breath refers to bronchioles to alveoli and blood and back Mangrove plants grow?
the whole chain of process form the inhalation through the same route. Gas exchange in the iii)What are aerial roots? How do they
of air to the use of Oxygen in the cells. lungs takes place in the tiny air sacs called function?
alveoli in the lungs. The lungs have millions of iv) Tell me some names of plants which
Events / Steps in Respiration
alveoli and each lies in contact with capillaries. grow in mangrove forests.
Respiration is a very complex process of Oxygen and carbon dioxide diffuse readily v) Why are mangrove forests famous?
several biochemical and physical process. across a combination of the alveolar wall, the 7. Write the experimental procedure and dr-
Gaseous Gas capillary wall and a thin layer that lies between i) Gaseous exchange takes place within the aw the arrangement of apparatus to show
Breathing→ exchange at→ transport them. Respiration includes inhalation, lungs by diffusion from the alveoli to blood that heat is evolved in respiration.(AS3)
lungs level by blood expiration processes. During inspiration the capillaries. A. Aim: To Prove that heat is liberated during
Air volume of the chest cavity is increased as the ii) Lungs in the vertebrates are made of respiration
Exchange Transport of
movemen of gases diaphragm contracts and dome flattens out, its several thousands of small chambers Apparatus:Thermos flasks, two thermome-
oxygen from
t into and between internal pressure decreases and the air from the called ALVEOLI. (Alveolus - singular) ters, rubber corks, dry germinating seeds.
blood capillarie-
out of the alveoli and s of alveoli to outside rushes into the lungs. iii) Alveolus is the structural and functio- Procedure:
lungs Respiration is not essentially a process of nal unit of the lung. i) Let us take a handful of moong or bajra
blood body cells and
combustion differ due to so many reasons. And iv) Each alveolus is supplied with a branch seeds.
return of CO2
photosynthesis and respiration appear to be of the bronchiole and with capillaries, ii) The seeds are soaked in water a day
opposing reactions but both have very different which bring the deoxygenated blood. before experiment
Cellular biochemical pathways and are essential for a v) Blood, dark red in colour flows from iii) Let us keep the these soaked seeds in a
→ exchange at
Respiration plant's metabolism. the heart through capillaries and cloth pouch and tie it with a string tighty.

tissue level
Plants can aerate their roots by taking in the collects Oxygen from the alveoli. iv) The cloth pouch is kept in a corner of
Using oxygen in exchange of Oxygen through the lenticels or through the vi) At the same time, carbon dioxide passes class room.
cell prpcess to O2 from blood surface of their root hairs. They obtain Oxygen out of the capillaries and into the alveoli v) The sprouts/germinated seeds are
produce CO2 and into the cells from the air spaces existing between the soil and when we breathe out, we get rid of collected from the pouch into a thermos
H2O releasing and CO2 from particles. The plants in marshey land and man- this carbon dioxide. flask. Dry seeds are taken into another
energy to be used cells into the groves have adaptation have aerated roots. vii) The bright red Oxygen rich blood is thermos flask.
for life process blood returned to the heart and pumped out to vi) Mouths of the both the flasks are closed
Important Experiments the body. with one-holed corks. Thermometers
Testing for production of heat and CO2 viii) As a result of gaseous exchange, the are fixed in each flask throught the hole
Cellular Respiration

under anaerobic respiration composition of inhaled and exhaled of the cork.
The pathway by which cells release energy � Observing changes during combustion of air is different. vii) It is important to see that both te bulbs
from the chemical bonds of food molecules sugar 5. Distinguish between the following. of thermometers should dip in the seeds
that enter them. It provides that energy for the � To show the heat evolved during a) Inspiration and Expiration (AS1) in each flask.
essential processes of life. So living cells must respiration A. Inspiration viii) Initial temperature is recorded in both
carry out cellular respiration. It can be in the � To show the CO2 is released during i) It is also called inhalation and is the first the flasks in every two hours.
presence of Oxygen that is 'aerobic respiration' respiration stage of external respiration. ix) Temperature is recorded in both the
or in its absence that is 'anaerobic respiration. ii) Volume of the chest cavity increases by flasks.
Prokaryotic cells like bacteria occur within the the relaxation of diaphragm. Observation: Constant increase in the
cytoplasm. In eukaryotic cells cytoplasm and
Important Questions iii)Volume of the lungs increases. temperature is observed in the thermometer
mitochondria are the sites of the reactions. The 1. Why does the air become more wet in the iv) Pressure inside the lungs becomes less, placed in the germinated seeds.
produced energy is stored in mitochondria in nasal cavity? (AS1) compared to outside of the body. Result: It is proved that germinated seeds
the form of ATP. That is why mitochondria are A. As the inhaled air passes through the nasal v) Air is rushed into lungs. respire and liberate heat.
called "Power houses of cell". cavity, its temperature is brought close to Expiration
that of the body, and it takes up water i) It is also called
vapour so that it becomes more moist than exhalation and is the
before. second stage of external
2. What will happen if the respiratory tract respiration.
is not moist? (AS2) ii) Volume of the chest cav-
A. If respiratory tract is not moist, the ity decreases by the co-
following consequences occur. ntraction of diaphragm.
i) Breathing air temperature may be iii)Volume of the lungs
regulated. decreases.
ii) Dust that enters with breathing air may iv) Pressure inside the lungs
enter lungs and cause infection. becomes high, compared
3. 'When we swallow the food, there is some to outside of the body.
difference in breathing'. Give reason.(AS1) v) Air is rushed out of lungs.