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Which country has introduced GAFA tax?
1. Match the following Persons and depositors is known as Bancassurance ranks, respectively?
appointments? 4. Selling insurance product through 1. Maharashtra 2. Delhi
1.V.K.Yadav banks is known as Bancassurance 3. Gujarat 4. Andhra Pradesh
a. Acting Chairman of LIC Which of the above is true A) 3,1,4 B) 4,3,1
2. Bhaskaran A) 2,3 B) 1,4 C) 1,3 D) 2,4 C) 4,1,2 D) 3,1,2
b. First Chief Justice of Telangana 8. Assertion: RBI has appointed a 13. Observe the following?
High court committee under the leadership of 1. Change-4, is a lunar mission launched
3. Praveen Kumar former SEBI Chairman U.K.Sinha? by Russia
c. Acting Chief Justice of Andhrra Reason: RBI wants to 2. Change-4, is a lunar mission launched
Pradesh High court comprehensively review and propose by China
4. Hemanth Bhargav long term solutions for revival of 3. Change-4 is the first spacecraft that
d. New Chairman of Railway MSME sector has landed on the far side of the moon
A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d
B) 1-a, 2-c, 3-b, 4-d
President gives nod to Govt’s 10 percent quota for general category
C) 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a � Indian President Ram Nath notification issued by the Ministry of V. Rajendra Sharma
D) 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a Kovind signed the bill Law and Justice that the Faculty
2. Who among the following has written providing 10% quota to Constitution Act, 2019 has
‘The story of our Ancestors and where the economically received the assent of the 9849212411
we came from’? weaker section president. The Act amends
A) Romila Thapar in general category. Articles 15 and 16 of the
B) Sathish Chandra The bill cleared both Constitution, by adding a
C) Antony Robinson the Houses of the clause which allows states to correct explanation of A
D) Tony Joseph Parliament earlier and make “special provision for the C) A is true but R is false
3. Match the following persons and after President advancement of any D) A is false but R is true
reason for being in reasons? Kovind’s assent, it economically weaker sections of 19. Who among the following are the
1. Saurabh Kumar became law. A citizens” members of Nandan Nilekani
a. Balkan Athlete of the year Committee, set up by RBI?
2. Jair Bolsonaro 1. H.R.Khan 2. Kishore Sansi
b. Brazil New President A) Both A and R are true and R is the 4. Change-4 is the first lunar mission of 3. Pranay roy 4. Aruna Sharma
3. Luka Modric correct explanation of A European countries 5. Madhukar Sahani 6. Sanjay Jain
c. Secretary of Competition B) Both A and R are true but R is not the Which of the above are true A) 1,2,3,4 B) 3,4,5,6
Commission of India correct explanation of A A) 1,3 B) 3,4 C) 3 D) 2,3 C) 2,3,4,5 D) 1,2,4,5
4. Pramod Kumar Singh C) A is true but R is false 14. Match the following? 20. Which of the following two countries
d. Director General of Ordnance D) A is false but R is true 1. Maternal Mortality rate (2010-12) have left UNESCO recently?
Factories 9. According to Union Urban Affairs a. 55 1. Russia 2. USA
A) 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a Ministry, union government allocated 2. Infant Mortality rate (2011) 3. Iran 4. Israel
B) 1-d, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c Rs 1.32 lakh crore for 8 urban b.178 A) 1,3 B) 2,4 C) 2,3, D) 1,2
C) 1-d, 2-b, 3-a, 4-c development programmes, out of this 3. Under five Mortality rate (2011) 21. Which of the following countries had
D) 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b states used maximum funds for which c. 44 introduced GAFA tax on January 1st,
4. Assertion: MSME Ministry has of the following? A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c B) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a 2019?
established an export promotion cell? A) Smart cities C) 1-c, 2-b, 3-a D) 1-a, 2-c, 3-b A) USA B) France C) China D) Spain
Reason: MSME Ministry wants to B) Swaccha Bharat
For All
15. Match the following? 22. Name the country that had left OPEC
create a sustainable ecosystem for C) Metro Rail Projects exams 1. Maternal Mortality rate (2014-16) on 1st January 2019?
MSME D) HRIDAY a. 39 A) Cuba B) Indonesia C) Iraq D) Qatar
A) Both A and R are true and R is the 10. Which of the following state has 2. Infant Mortality rate (2016) 23) As per new bill introduced in Aadhar,
correct explanation of A launched Atal Solar Krishi Pump b. 34 introduced in LokSabha which of the
B) Both A and R are true but R is not the Yojana to provide farmers a subsidy 3. Under five Mortality rate (2016) following is true?
correct explanation of A of 95% on solar pump sets? c. 130 1. Providing Aadhar is mandatory to
C) A is true but R is false A) Maharashtra B) Uttar Pradesh A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c B) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a open bank account
D) A is false but R is true C) Haryana D) Assam C) 1-c, 2-b, 3-a D) 1-a, 2-c, 3-b 2. Providing Aadhar for opening a bank
5. Assertion: Union Government 11. During first six months of this 16. Assertion: Railway Ministry account and mobile connection is on
restructured National Health AGency financial year (April-September 20 announced a plan to avoid the death voluntary basis
as National Health Authority 18-19), which of the following is the of animals particularly elephants on 3. Any one not offering Aadhar as an
Reason: Government wants a better India’s largest component of external railway tracks identification card cannot be denied
implementation of Pradhan Mantri debt? Reason: Railway Ministry successfully any service
Jan Arogya Yojana A) NRI Deposits implemented ‘Honey bee” plan in Which of the above ar true
A) Both A and R are true and R is the B) External Commercial Borrowings Assam A)1,3 B) 2 C) 3 D) 2,3
correct explanation of A C) Short term trade credits D) None A) Both A and R are true and R is the 24. Recently Archeological Survey of
B) Both A and R are true but R is not the 12. In the East of doing business index- correct explanation of A India declared six monuments as
correct explanation of A 2018, released by Asia competitiveness B) Both A and R are true but R is not the national importance, match these
C) A is true but R is false institute, select the states stood in 1,2,3 correct explanation of A monuments and located states?
D) A is false but R is true C) A is true but R is false 1. 125 year old High court Building
6. According to Union Government, D) A is false but R is true a. Uttar Pradesh
Govt doubles GST exemption limit for 2. A group of temples
100% electrification of house holds 17. According to the latest report of
MSMEs; 2 million businesses to benefit b. Uttarakhand
has been achieved in 25 states, under Central Statistical office latest report,
Saubhagya Scheme, name the four � Two million additional micro, small released in second week of January, 3. Haveli of Agakhan and Haithi Khan
states where 100% electricity is not and medium enterprises (MSMEs) which of the following has nearly c. Rajasthan
yet achieved? in India will become eligible to opt doubled, i.e. in 2011-12 that was Rs 4. Neemrana Baori
A) Meghalaya, Mizoram Assam, out of the goods and services tax 63,642 and it in 2018-19 it is Rs 1.25 d.Maharashtra
Nagaland (GST) system from the beginning of lakh 5.Vishnu Temple
B) Rajasthan, Mizoram, Chhatisgarh, the next financial year, the GST A) Per Capita Income e.Odisha
Assam Council decided on 10th January. B) Personal income A) 1-d, 2-e, 3-b, 4-c, 5-a
C) Assam, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, The Council took a slew of C) Personal disposable income B) 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-e, 5-b
Chhatisgarh measures for MSMEs by increasing D) Private Income C) 1-d, 2-a, 3-e, 4-c, 5-b
D) Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, the annual turnover threshold for 18. Assertion: RBI formed a committee D) 1-d, 2-e, 3-a, 4-c, 5-b
Mizoram exemption from GST registration to under the leadership of Nandan
7. Observe the following Rs 40 lakh from the current Rs 20 Nilekani ANSWERS
1. Allahabad Bank, SBI life join hand lakh, introducing a composition Reason: RBI wants to boost Digital
scheme for services, easing return 1-c 2-d 3-c 4-a 5-a 6-c
for Bancassurance partnership Payments
filing procedures, and raising the 7-b 8-a 9-c 10-a 11-b 12-c
2. SBI life and Indian Bank join hand for A) Both A and R are true and R is the
Bancassurance partnership composition threshold for 13-d 14-b 15-c 16-a 17-a 18-a
correct explanation of A
traders and manufacturers. 19-d 20-b 21-c 22-d 23-d 24-d
3. Providing assurance mechanism for B) Both A and R are true but R is not the
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Navodaya Entrance Model Paper

P kavitha Sree
Navodaya &Sainik
Coaching Centre

1.3 2.4 3.2 4.1 5.1 6. 2

7.3 8.4 9.2 10.2 11.3 12.1
13.3 14.3 15.2 16.1 17.1 18.3

19.3 20.3 21.3 22.2 23.3 24.4

25.4 26.3 27.4 28.4 29.3 30.3
31.2 32.4 33.3 34.1 35.4 36.1
37.2 38.2
16 Á‹tyÓ˛ ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍßä˛ ∑ Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$–ÈΔÊˇÖ 17 fØ˲–ö˛« 2019 www.andhrajyothy com .

"{Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ Ø˛OÁ≥#◊˝≈ Á‹ßÊ˛Á‹$fi'∞ GMʸPyÊ˛ ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝Ö-^È-ΔÊˇ$?

1. ßÛ˛‘Ë˝ÖÃZ Δ>ªZƒÙ˝$ AΔˇ$$ßÛ˛-‚Ê˝œÃZ –ö˛*ßÊ˛-Mʸ {ßÊ˛–È≈À ÀØ˲$ {¥˘ô˲fi-Ìfl˝Ö-^Û˛Ö-ßÊ˛$Mʸ$ fØ˲-–ö˛« 12 Ø˲$Ö_ yÏ˛) y˛ØÈ√ΔäˇP, ØÈΔÛˇ”, Iã‹ÃÍÖ-yä˛ G) Δ>–ö˛$^˲Ö{ßÊ˛-Vʸ$Áfl˝
∞ΔÊˇ*√-À-Ø˲Mʸ$ {Á≥ôÛ˛≈Mʸ M>Δ>≈^˲ΔÊˇ◊˝˝ ^Û˛Á≥-sÏ˝tØ˲ –ö˛$Ö{Ü- {Á≥ôÛ˛≈Mʸ Eô˲fi-–È∞≤ H Ø˲Vʸ-ΔÊˇÖÃZ ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝Ö-^È-ΔÊˇ$? 27. –˛∞-kÃÍ A´ßÊ˛≈Ñʸ$-yÊ˛$V> CsÓ˝–ö˛À –ö˛ΔÊˇ$-Á‹V> ΔˇÖy¯- º) ‘Ë˝’-£Ê˛-ΔÊˇ*Δäˇ
ô˲”-‘È-Q? G) –ö˛$$ÖªÒ˝O º) ØÈVʸ-Á≥NΔäˇ Ì‹) –˛$OÁ‹*Δäˇ yÏ˛) ^˲ÖyÓ˛Vʸ-…ä˛ ›Î« G–ö˛ΔÊˇ$ G∞≤Mʸ-ƒÊ˝*≈-ΔÊˇ$? Ì‹) A—$ô˲–í˛ Úú*ãŸ
G) MÛ¸Ö{ßÊ˛ ÁflZÖ–ö˛$Ö-{Üô˲” ‘ÈQ 17. E_ô˲ GÃå˝CyÏ˛ ∫À$æ-ÀØ˲$ AÖ®Ö^˲-yë-∞Mϸ "B–ö˛$ G) Ú‹ªÍ-Ì‹t-ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ Ì≥Ø˛{Δ> º) gÒ˝OΔäˇ ªüÃüfi-ØÈΔ¯ yÏ˛) –ö˛$ÃÍÀ ƒÊ˝$*Á‹ãú g̓å˝$
º) MÛ¸Ö{ßÊ˛ –ö˛*Ø˲–ö˛ –ö˛Ø˲-ΔÊˇ$À A¿–ö˛ñ®Æ ‘ÈQ Áú$Δˇ GÃå˝CyÏ˛ ÃÒ˝Oså˝' Á≥£Ê˛-M>∞≤ {Á≥–Û˛-‘Ë˝-Ú≥-sÏ˝tØ˲ Ì‹) ∞M¯-Àã‹ –ö˛$ßÊ˛$Δ¯ yÏ˛) –ö˛ò«-Ì‹-ƒÒ˝$$ –ö˛*{Mϸ 38. gÍ°ƒÊ˝$ Ìfl˝Ö© ®Ø¯-
Ì‹) ›Î–ö˛*-hMʸ ØÈ≈ƒÊ˝$Ö, ›Î´®-M>-«-ô˲ ‘ÈQ Δ>{ÁŸtÖ? 28. Ì‹yÓ˛≤ {MϸM¸så˝ {V˙Öyä˛ÃZ V˙ΔÊˇ–ö˛ Á‹øÊ˝≈ô˲”Ö CsÓ˝–ö˛À H ô˲fi–ö˛Ö Ú‹Ú≥tÖ-∫ΔÊˇ$ 14.
yÏ˛) ƒÊ˝$$–ö˛-f-Ø˲ –ö˛≈–ö˛-‡-Δ>À –ö˛$Ö{Üô˲” ‘ÈQ G) –ö˛$◊Ï˝-Á≥NΔäˇ º) Vʸ$f-Δ>ôå˛ Ì‹) JyÏ˛⁄Î yÏ˛) MʸΔ>~-r-Mʸ øÍΔÊˇô˲ {MϸM¸-r-ΔäˇMʸ$ À¿Ö-_Ö-®? AΔˇ$$ôÛ˛ {Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ Ìfl˝Ö©
2. MÛ¸Ö{ßÊ˛Ö CsÓ˝–ö˛À {Á≥-–Û˛-‘Ë˝-Ú≥-sÏ˝tØ˲ 'Womaniya on 18. CsÓ˝–ö˛À Δ>i-ØÈ–ö˛* ^Û˛Ì‹Ø˲ ØÛ˛ÁŸ-Ø˲Ãå˝ ›ÎtMä¸ GMÛ¸fiaÖgå˝ G) ^˲sÙ˝-‘Ë˝”Δäˇ Á≥#gÍΔ> º) M¸.GÃå˝.-Δ>--Áfl˝ìÃå˝ ®Ø¯-ô˲fi–ö˛Ö GÁ≥#µyÊ˛$?
Gem' {Á≥´ßëØ˲ EßÛ˛™‘Ë˝Ö? (G-Øå˛Gã‹C) ^˛OΔÊˇ√-Øå˛? Ì‹) —Δ>så˝ M¯Ìfl˝œ yÏ˛) –ö˛$ıfl˝Ö{ßÊ˛ Ì‹ÖVä¸ ´ß¯∞ G) fØ˲-–ö˛« 9 Gã‹.–ö˛$Ìfl˝¥ÎÃå˝ΔˇyÏ˛z
G) –ö˛$-Ìfl˝-‚Ê˝À Eô˲µô˲$¢À A–ö˛$√M>-∞Mϸ EßÛ˛™’Ö-_Ø˲ GÀ G) A‘ZMä¸- ^È–Èœ º) Gã‹.^˲Ö-{ßÊ˛-‘Û˝-Q-ΔÊˇØå˛ 29. "Á‹$sÒ˝fiÖVä¸ ^ÈÖVä¸' CsÓ˝–ö˛À H ßÛ˛‘È-∞Mϸ {Á≥´ßë-∞V> º) fØ˲-–ö˛« 10 Ô‹∞ƒÊ˝$Δäˇ ∏Î≈MʸŒt
{M>t-∞Mä¸ –ö˛*ΔˇPså˝ ı≥œã‹ Ì‹) ßÊ˛ªå˝-gÍ∞ Úú*㟠yÏ˛) Ø˲ÖßÊ˛Øå˛ ±ÃÙ˝-Mʸ-∞ ∞ƒÊ˝$-—$-ô˲$--À-ƒÊ˝*≈-ΔÊˇ$? Ì‹) fØ˲-–ö˛« 15
º) –ö˛$Ìfl˝-‚Ê˝ÀØ˲$ —ßë≈-–ö˛Ö-ô˲$-À$V> ^Û˛ƒÊ˝$-yë-∞Mϸ EßÛ˛™’Ö- 19. G∞—$-ßÛ˛‚Ê˝œ MÛ¸r-W-«ÃZ {Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ ^ÈÖÌ≥-ƒÊ˝$-Øå˛-ÌŸã≥ G) f¥ÎØå˛ º) ô˛O–ÈØå˛ yÏ˛) fØ˲-–ö˛« 16
_Ø˲ M>ΔÊˇ≈-{Mʸ-–ö˛$Ö ›Î´®Ö-_Ø˲ øÍΔÊˇ-°ƒÊ˝$ V¯Àπ-Δäˇ? Ì‹) ßÊ˛Ñϸ-◊˝-Mˆ-«ƒÊ˝* yÏ˛) Eô˲¢ΔÊˇ Mˆ«ƒÊ˝* 39. CÖyÏ˛ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ ∏ÎΔˇã‹t Á‹»”ã‹ ı≥ΔÊˇ$Ø˲$ H —´ßÊ˛ÖV>
Ì‹) –ö˛$Ìfl˝‚Ê˝À –Û˛´®Ö-Á≥#-ÀÚ≥O ÌúΔ>≈-ßÊ˛$À M¯-Á‹Ö G) M>«¢Mä¸ º) Áfl˝«j-ôå˛-Ì‹ÖVä¸ ßÊ˛Δ䡙 30. CsÓ˝–ö˛À «sÒ˝O-Δˇ√Öså˝ {Á≥Mʸ-sÏ˝Ö-_Ø˲ AÕæ –˛*ΔˇPÃå˝ –ö˛*ΔÊˇ$-Á‹$¢-Ø˲≤r$œ MÛ¸Ö{ßÊ˛Ö {Á≥Mʸ-sÏ˝Ö-_Ö-®?
yÏ˛) –ö˛$Ìfl˝-‚Í, ’‘Ë˝ì Á‹ÖÑÛ¸–ö˛$Ö M¯Á‹Ö Ì‹) A—$ôå˛ ¥ÎÖyÛ˛ -yÏ˛) A¿-hôå˛ Ì‹ÖVä¸ H ßÛ˛‘Ë˝ {MϸM¸-r-Δäˇ? G) CÖyÏ˛ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ G∞”Δ>-Øå˛-–˛$Öså˝ Á‹»”--ã‹-
3. B«¶MʸÖV> –˛Ø˲$-Mʸ-∫-yÏ˛Ø˲ –ö˛Δ>Y-À(D-ΩÔ‹) M¯Á‹Ö 20. B{ı‹tÕ-ƒÊ˝*ÃZ AΔˇ$$ßÊ˛$ –ö˛ØÛ˛z Ú‹Ö^˲-»À$ ›Î´®Ö- G) CÖVʸœÖyä˛ º) Ø˲*≈h-ÃÍÖyä˛ º) CÖyÏ˛ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ ∏ÎΔˇã‹t AÖyä˛ G∞”Δ>-Øå˛-–˛$Öså˝ Á‹»”ã‹
EßÛ˛™’Ö-_Ø˲ 10% M¯sÍØ˲$ A–ö˛$À$-^Û˛-Á‹$¢Ø˲≤ ôˆÕ _Ø˲ ôˆÕ øÍΔÊˇô˲ {MϸM¸-r-Δäˇ? Ì‹) ßÊ˛Ñϸ-◊Í-{ÌúM> yÏ˛) –˛Ì‹tÖ-yÏ˛-ã‹ Ì‹) CÖyÏ˛ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ ∏ÎΔˇã‹t AÖyä˛ [sÒ˝O∫Ãå˝ Á‹»”ã‹
Δ>{ÁŸtÖ? yÏ˛) CÖyÏ˛ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ G∞”Δ>-Øå˛-–˛$Öså˝ [sÒ˝O∫Ãå˝ Á‹»”-ã‹
G) BÖ{´ßÊ˛{Á≥-ßÛ˛‘å˝ º) AΔÊˇ$◊Í-^˲-Ãå˝-{Á≥-ßÛ˛‘å˝
Ì‹) Áfl˝Δ>≈Ø˲ yÏ˛) Vʸ$f-Δ>-ôå˛
h.M¸. -& MʸΔˇÖså˝ AÚúOΔäˇfi 40. UDAN(Ey˛ ßÛ˛‘å˝ M> B–í˛$ ØÈVʸ-«Mä¸) Á≥£Ê˛-MʸÖÃZ
øÍVʸÖV> Seaplanes {Á≥–Û˛-‘Ë˝-Ú≥-sÏ˝tØ˲ ôˆÕ MÛ¸Ö{ßÊ˛-¥Î-
4. 1.8 ÀÑʸÀ ^˲ßÊ˛-ΔÊˇÁ≥# AyÊ˛$VʸÀ –˛O‘È-À≈Öô¯ ßÛ˛‘Ë˝Ö- Õô˲ {¥ÎÖô˲Ö?
ÃZØÛ˛ AÜ Ú≥ßÊ˛™ AÖMʸ$ΔÊˇ –Û˛®-Mʸ(-›Ît-ΔÊˇtã≥ GM¯Ì‹-Á‹tÖ) G) yÊ˛ƒÊ˝$*≈ á yë–ö˛$Øå˛ º) AÖyÊ˛–ö˛*Øå˛ ∞M¯-ªÍΔäˇ
Ø˲$ HΔ>µr$ ^Û˛Ì‹ Ø˲ Δ>-{ÁŸtÖ? Ì‹) ÀÑʸ-©”ã≥ yÏ˛) Á≥#ßÊ˛$-^Û˛a-«
G) MʸΔ>~-rMʸ º) MÛ¸ΔÊˇ‚Ê˝ Ì‹) –ö˛$´ßÊ˛≈-{Á≥-ßÛ˛‘å˝ yÏ˛) JyÏ˛⁄Î 41. CsÓ˝–ö˛À —yÊ˛$-ßÊ˛-ÃÒ˝OØ˲ {Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ ªÍ≈ÖMä¸ ∞–Û˛-®Mʸ
5. 2019 –ö˛*«a 1 Ø˲$Ö_ JMÛ¸›Î« —∞-ƒÒ˝*-WÖ-^Û˛ {Á≥M>ΔÊˇÖ 2018&19 B«¶Mʸ Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-ΔÊˇÖÃZ øÍΔÊˇô˲
(-Ì‹Ö-WÃå˝ ƒÊ˝$*gå˝) ¥ÎœÌ‹t-Mä¸Ø˲$ ∞ıŸ-´®-Á‹$¢-Ø˲≤r$œ {Á≥Mʸ- –ö˛ñ®Æ ΔÛˇr$ AÖ^˲ØÈ ‘Èô˲Ö?
sÏ˝Ö-_Ø˲ MÛ¸Ö{ßÊ˛ ¥ÎÕô˲ {¥ÎÖô˲Ö? G) 7.3% º) 7.5% Ì‹) 6.7% yÏ˛) 6.9%
G) Á≥#ßÊ˛$-^Û˛a« º) yÊ˛ƒÊ˝$*≈ AÖyä˛ yë–ö˛$Øå˛ 42. "B{ÌúM> ßÛ˛-‘ÈÀ Áú#så˝-ªÍÃå˝ sZ»≤&2019'Mϸ BÜ£Ê˛≈-
Ì‹) AÖyÊ˛–ö˛*Øå˛ ∞M¯-ªÍΔäˇ yÏ˛) ÀÑʸ-©”-ã≥ —$-Á‹$¢Ø˲≤ ßÛ˛-‘Ë˝Ö?
6. –ö˛*Ì‹-y¯-∞ƒÊ˝$ ßÛ˛‘Ë˝Ö ı≥ΔÊˇ$Ø˲$ GÃÍ –ö˛*Δ>a-ΔÊˇ$? G) ßÊ˛Ñϸ-◊Í-{ÌúM> º) M¸ØÈ≈ Ì‹) DhÁ≥#t yÏ˛) Ú‹Ø˛-Vʸ-Ãå˝
G) «Á≥-ºœMä¸ Bãú –ö˛*Ì‹-y¯-∞ƒÊ˝$ 43. {sÍÌúMä¸ ΔÊˇ*Ãå˝fi AÜ{Mʸ-–ö˛$◊˝Ø˲$ ∞ƒÊ˝$Ö{ÜÖ-^Û˛Ö-ßÊ˛$-
º) «Á≥-ºœMä¸ Bãú Ú‹Ö{rÃå˝ –ö˛*Ì‹-y¯-∞ƒÊ˝$ Mʸ$'Police E-Eye' –˛$$ªÒ˝OÃå˝ ƒÊ˝*ã≥Ø˲$ {Á≥–Û˛-‘Ë˝-Ú≥-
Ì‹) «Á≥-ºœMä¸ Bãú ØÈΔÊˇ¢Δäˇ≤ –ö˛*Ì‹-y¯-∞ƒÊ˝$ sÏ˝tØ˲ Ø˲Vʸ-ΔÊˇÖ?
yÏ˛) «Á≥-ºœMä¸ Bãú –˛Á‹t-Δäˇ≤ –ö˛*Ì‹-y¯-∞-ƒÊ˝$ G) Mʸ»Ö-Ø˲-Vʸ-Δäˇ(-ô˛-ÀÖ-V>◊˝) º) ØÈVä¸Á≥N-Δäˇ(-–ö˛$-‡-Δ>{ÁŸt)
7. "Δ¯yÏ˛-ƒÒ˝*' AØÛ˛ {sÍÌúMä¸ ¥˘Œã‹ Δ¯ªZØ˲$ CsÓ˝–ö˛À Ì‹) M¯ƒÊ˝$Ö-∫-ô˲*¢-Δäˇ(-ô˲-—$-‚Ê˝-ØÈyÊ˛$)
ôˆÕ-›Î-«V> H Ø˲Vʸ-ΔÊˇÖÃZ {Á≥–Û˛-‘Ë˝-Ú≥-sÍt-ΔÊˇ$? yÏ˛) ÀM¯≤(E-ô˲¢-ΔÊˇ-{Á≥-ßÛ˛-‘å˝)
G) M¯Ãå˝-MʸôÈ º) –ö˛$$ÖªÒ˝O Ì‹) Á≥#◊Ò˝ yÏ˛) ^˛Ø˛O≤
8. {Ì≥—$-ƒÊ˝$Δäˇ ªÍ≈yÏ˛√Ö-rØå˛ ŒVä¸(2018&19) —gÙ˝-ô˲? Á‹–ö˛*´ßëØÈÀ$ 29) º 37) yÏ˛
G) …Ï˛Œœ yëÁŸΔäˇfi º) ªÒ˝ÖVʸ-‚Ê˝îΔäˇ Δ>Á≥t-Δäˇfi G) ^˲sÙ˝-‘Ë˝”Δäˇ Á≥#gÍΔ> º) —Δ>så˝ M¯Ìfl˝œ 31. 2020 sZM¯≈ JÕÖÌ≥-Mä¸fiÃZ øÍΔÊˇô¨˛ ô˲ΔÊˇ-Á≥#Ø˲ ^˛ãú yÏ˛ 1) Ì‹ 8) º 15) º 22) yÏ˛ 30) Ì‹ 38) º
Ì‹) ^˛Ø˛O≤ ›Î√ÁŸΔäˇfi yÏ˛) ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍßä˛ Áfl˝Ör-Δäˇfi Ì‹) Δ¯Ìfl˝-ôå˛-‘Ë˝ΔÊˇ√ yÏ˛) –ö˛$ıfl˝-Ö-{ßÊ˛-Ì‹ÖVä¸ ´ß¯∞ —$ÁŸ-Øå˛V> G–ö˛ΔÊˇ$ GÖÌ≥Mʸ-ƒÊ˝*≈-ΔÊˇ$? 2) G 9) yÏ˛ 16) yÏ˛ 23) º 31) G 39) Ì‹
9. –ö˛$*yÊ˛$ Δ¯kÀ Á≥ΔÊˇ≈-rØ˲ ∞—$ô˲¢Ö CsÓ˝–ö˛À øÍΔÊˇ- 21. –ö˛ØÛ˛zÃZœ 10,000 Á≥ΔÊˇ$-Vʸ$À$ ^Û˛Ì‹-Ø˲ AΔˇ$$߯ øÍΔÊˇ-°- G) ºΔÛˇÖ{ßÊ˛ {Á≥›Îßä˛ ªÒ˝O⁄Î≈ 3)˛yÏ˛ 10) yÏ˛ 17) Ì‹ 24) yÏ˛ 32) yÏ˛ 40) º
ôå˛Mʸ$ –ö˛_aØ˲ GΔ>≤ ›˘Ãå˝-∫ΔäˇY H ßÛ˛-‘Ë˝ {Á≥´ßë-∞? ƒÊ˝$$yÊ˛$ ´ß¯∞. AΔˇ$$ôÛ˛ D Áú$Ø˲ô˲ ›Î´®Ö-_Ø˲ ôˆÕ º) {ºgå˝ øÊ˝*ÁŸ◊ä˝ ‘Ë˝ΔÊˇ◊ä˝ Ì‹ÖVä¸ 4) º 11) G 18) G 25) Ì‹ 33) º 41) G
G) Ô‹”yÊ˛Øå˛ º) Ø˲*≈h-ÃÍÖ-yä˛ Ì‹) M>ÖV¯ yÏ˛) ØÈΔÛˇ” øÍΔÊˇô˲ {MϸM¸-r-Δäˇ? Ì‹) —{MÊ¸Ö Ì‹›˘-yÏ˛ƒÊ˝$ yÏ˛) A¿Ø˲–í˛ ºÖ{ßë 34) º 42) Ì‹
10. "JMʸ Mʸ$r$Ö∫Ö & JMʸ {Á≥øÊ˝$ô˲” E߯≈VʸÖ' Á≥£Ê˛- G) Á‹$±Ãå˝ Vʸ–È-Á‹PΔäˇ º) Á‹_Øå˛ sÒ˝ÖyÊ˛*-ÀPΔäˇ 32. ßÛ˛‘Ë˝Ö-ÃZØÛ˛ AÜ¥˜-yÊ˛-–˛OØ˲(330 “$r-ΔÊˇ$œ) Ô‹tÃå˝ 5) G 12) º 19) G 26) Ì‹
6) Ì‹ 13) G 20) Ì‹ 27) Ì‹ 35) Ì‹ 43) Ì‹
M>∞≤ CsÓ˝–ö˛À H Δ>{ÁŸt {Á≥øÊ˝$ô˲”Ö {Á≥Mʸ-sÏ˝Ö-_Ö-®? Ì‹) Δ>Áfl˝ìÃå˝ {ßÊ˛—yä˛ yÏ˛) ›˚ΔÊˇøå˝ VʸÖVʸ*-Õ MÛ¸∫$Ãå˝ Ì‹ÖWÃå˝ ÃÒ˝OØå˛ Á‹Ú‹µ-Ø˲-¤Øå˛ {ºyÏ˛j∞ CsÓ˝–ö˛À H 36) yÏ˛
G) Ìfl˝–ö˛*-^˲-Ãå˝-{Á≥-ßÛ˛‘å˝ º) —$gZΔÊˇÖ 22. ›Î”—$ —–Û˛-M>-Ø˲ÖßÊ˛ fƒÊ˝$ÖÜ fØ˲-–ö˛« 12∞ Δ>{ÁŸtÖÃZ {¥ÎΔÊˇÖ-¿Ö-^È-ΔÊˇ$? 7) yÏ˛ 14) Ì‹ 21) º 28) Ì‹
Ì‹) ô˲—$-‚Ê˝-ØÈ-yÊ˛$ yÏ˛) Ì‹MϸPÖ gÍ°ƒÊ˝$ ƒÊ˝$$–ö˛-fØ˲ ®Ø¯-ô˲fi-–ö˛ÖV> GÁ≥µsÏ˝ Ø˲$Ö_ G) f–ö˛$*√-Mʸ-÷√Δäˇ º) –Û˛$Áú*-ÀƒÊ˝$
11. fØ˲-–ö˛« 13 Ø˲$Ö_ IyÏ˛GãúÌ‹ ªÍ≈ÖMä¸ ı≥ΔÊˇ$ GÃÍ ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝-Á‹$¢-ØÈ≤-ΔÊˇ$? Ì‹) Ω‡-Δäˇ yÏ˛) AΔÊˇ$◊Í-^˲-Ãå˝-{Á≥-ßÛ˛-‘å˝
–ö˛*«Ö®? G) 2002 º) 1948 Ì‹) 2012 yÏ˛) 1985 33. Δ>–ö˛$ fØ˲√--øÊ˝*—$ —–È-ßÊ˛ÖÚ≥O Á‹${Ô≥Ö-M¯ΔÊˇ$t ∞ƒÊ˝$-
G) IyÏ˛GãúÌ‹ Áúã‹t ªÍ≈ÖMä¸ º) IyÏ˛GãúÌ‹ CÖyÏ˛ƒÊ˝* 23. 'Skilling youth, enabling youth' •–í˛$ô¯ —$Ö-_Ø˲ AΔˇ$$ßÊ˛$-Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$ fyÓ˛jÀ ªÒ˝Ö^å˛ Ø˲$Ö_
Ì‹) IyÏ˛GãúÌ‹ CÖrΔÛˇ≤-ÁŸ-Ø˲Ãå˝ yÏ˛) IyÏ˛GãúÌ‹ BƒÒ˝*Vä¸ "{Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ Ø˛OÁ≥#◊˝≈ Á‹ßÊ˛Á‹$fi&2019'∞ GMʸPyÊ˛ ∞ΔÊˇ”- CsÓ˝–ö˛À –˛O߈-À-WØ˲ ØÈ≈ƒÊ˝$-–ö˛$*-«¢? AyÏ˛√ÁŸ-Øå˛fi
12. H Á≥#Á‹¢Mʸ ΔÊˇ^˲-Ø˲Mʸ$ Ø˲—$ô˲ V¯QÃÙ˝ CsÓ˝–ö˛À "Á‹$÷-À- Ìfl˝Ö-^È-ΔÊˇ$? G) Gã‹.G.ªÍªÙ˝z º) EßÊ˛ƒå˝$ E–Û˛$㟠ÀÕôå˛
ßÛ˛— ›ÎÌfl˝ô˲≈ Á≥#ΔÊˇ-›ÎP-ΔÊˇÖ'Mϸ GÖÌ≥Mʸ-ƒÊ˝*≈-ΔÊˇ$? G) ØÈVʸ-Á≥N-Δäˇ(-–ö˛$-‡-Δ>{ÁŸt) º) Δ>Ö_(-gÍ-ΔÊˇUÖyä˛) Ì‹) ΔÊˇÖfØå˛ VˆVˆ-ƒå˝$ yÏ˛) yÏ˛.–˛O.-^˲Ö-{ßÊ˛-^˲*-yä˛
G) g̓å˝$ Bãú À–í˛ º) §ÖVä¸fi r$ Œ–í˛ ºÚflO˝Ö-yä˛ Ì‹) Ø˲*≈…Ï˛Œœ yÏ˛) Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$-{V>-–í˛$(-Áfl˝-Δ>≈-Ø˲) 34. Úfl˝±œ Á‹ÖÁ‹¶ ΔÊˇ*¥˜Ö-®Ö-_Ø˲ "{Á≥Á≥Ö-^˲ÖÃZ ‘Ë˝Mϸ¢- ›ÎÖÌú$Mʸ Á‹ÖÑÛ¸–ö˛$ Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$-Mʸ$À —ßë≈-À-ƒÊ˝*À$
Ì‹) ı‹ Bãú Á≥Ô≥fiã‹ yÏ˛) G V>œã‹ ¥Î≈ÃÒ˝ã‹ 24. 2019 fØ˲-–ö˛« 10Ø˲ "BƒÊ˝$$⁄Î√-Øå˛ -øÍ-ΔÊˇ-ôå˛/-{Á≥-´ßë-Ø˲- –ö˛$Öô˲-–˛$OØ˲ ¥Îã‹-¥˘Δäˇt&2019' gͺ-ôÈÃZ øÍΔÊˇô˲ ô˛ÀÖ-V>◊˝ ›ÎÖÌú$Mʸ Á‹ÖÑÛ¸–ö˛$ Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$-Mʸ$À —ßë≈-À-ƒÊ˝*À
13. hGã‹sÏ˝ A–ö˛$À$ô¯ ô˲Vʸ$Y-ô˲$Ø˲≤ Δ>{⁄ÎtÀ Bßë –ö˛$Ö{Ü fØ˲ BΔ¯Vʸ≈ ƒÒ˝*fØ˲' Á≥£Ê˛MÊ¸Ö Ø˲$Ö_ –˛O߈- Δ>≈ÖMä¸? Á‹ÖÁ‹¶ Á≥«-´®-ÃZ∞ ——´ßÊ˛ l∞-ƒÊ˝$Δäˇ Mʸ‚Í-‘È-ÀÃZœ
ƒÊ˝$ÖÚ≥O ô˲WØ˲ Á‹*^˲-Ø˲À M¯Á‹Ö MÛ¸Ö{ßÊ˛Ö ∞ƒÊ˝$-—$Ö- À$-Vʸ$ô˲$Ø˲≤r$œ {Á≥Mʸ-sÏ˝Ö-_Ø˲ Δ>{ÁŸtÖ? G) 36 º) 79 Ì‹) 84 yÏ˛) 109 2019&20 Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-Δ>-∞Mϸ CÖrΔäˇ {Á≥£Ê˛–ö˛$ Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fiΔÊˇÖ
_Ø˲ HyÊ˛$Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$ Á‹øÊ˝$≈À Mʸ—$-sÓ˝Mϸ ØÛ˛ô˲ñô˲”Ö –ö˛Ìfl˝Ö- G) –ö˛$´ßÊ˛≈-{Á≥-ßÛ˛‘å˝ º) Δ>f-›Î¶Øå˛ 35. "{Á≥Á≥Ö-^˲ÖÃZ ‘Ë˝Mϸ¢-–ö˛$Öô˲-–˛$OØ˲ ¥Îã‹-¥˘Δäˇt&2019' {Á≥–Û˛‘Ë˝ {Á≥Mʸ-rØ˲ —yÊ˛$-ßÊ˛-ÃÒ˝OÖ®.
_Ö-®? Ì‹) ^˲°¢-ã‹-Vʸ…ä˛ yÏ˛) Á≥’a–ö˛$ ªÒ˝ÖV>-Ãå˝ gͺ-ôÈÃZ ôˆÕ-›Î¶ØË˛Ö ¥˜Ö®Ø˲ ßÛ˛-‘Ë˝Ö? {Á≥–Û˛-‘ÈÀ$ Mʸյ-Á‹$¢Ø˲≤ Mʸ‚Í-‘È-ÀÀ$: ô˛ÀÖ-V>◊˝
G) Á‹$÷Ãå˝ –˛*© º) –ö˛$$Mʸ$Ãå˝ –ö˛$$ßÊ˛YÃå˝ 25. 167 ßÛ˛‘È-Àô¯ GMʸØ˲-—$Mä¸ CÖsÒ˝Õ-fØå˛fi ƒÊ˝$*∞så˝ G) ƒÊ˝$$Ø˛O-sÒ˝yä˛ MϸÖVä¸-yÊ˛Ö º) ØÈΔÛˇ” ›ÎÖÌú$Mʸ Á‹ÖÑÛ¸–ö˛$ Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$-Mʸ$À Ú‹O∞Mä¸ l∞-ƒÊ˝$Δäˇ M>ÃÙ˝i,
Ì‹) sÏ˝.Gã‹.-—-f-ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ yÏ˛) º–ö˛$Ãå˝ fÃÍ-Øå˛ ΔÊˇ*¥˜Ö-®Ö-_Ø˲ {Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ {Á≥gÍ-›Î”–ö˛$≈ Á‹*`& Ì‹) f¥ÎØå˛ yÏ˛) B{Ì‹tƒÊ˝$ ØÈØå˛ Ú‹µÁŸ-ÃÒ˝Ogå˝z, JMÛ¸-ÁŸ-Ø˲Ãå˝ l∞-ƒÊ˝$Δäˇ Mʸ‚Í-‘È-ÀÀ$.
14. "ÌúÕã≥ M¯rœ-Δäˇ' Á≥#ΔÊˇ-›ÎP-Δ>-∞Mϸ G–ö˛ΔÊˇ$ GÖÌ≥Mʸ-ƒÊ˝*≈-ΔÊˇ$? 2018'ÃZ øÍΔÊˇôå˛ Δ>≈ÖMä¸? 36. AÖô˲Δ>j-°ƒÊ˝$ ªÍMϸfiÖVä¸ A›˘Ì‹-ƒÙ˝$-ÁŸ-Øå˛ 48 MϸÃZÀ AΔÊˇ·ô˲: –ö˛*«a 2019ÃZ Gã‹-Gã-‹-Ì‹/-Ì‹-º-Gã-‹-C/-I-Ì‹-Gã-‹C
G) A—$ôÈ-∫-^˲aØå˛ º) ºÖßÛ˛-‘Ë˝”-Δäˇ -¥Î-uÊˇMä¸ G) 118 º) 136 Ì‹) 41 yÏ˛) 86 —øÍ-VʸÖÃZ {Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ Ø˲–ö˛Ö-∫Δäˇ –ö˛Øå˛V> ∞Õ-_Ø˲ Á≥»-Ñʸ-ÀMʸ$ ‡f-ΔÊˇƒÙ˝$≈ —ßë≈-ΔÊˇ$¶À$ ßÊ˛ΔÊˇ-RÍ-Á‹$¢Mʸ$ AΔÊˇ$·À$.
Ì‹) Ø˲ΔÛˇÖ-{ßÊ˛-–˛*© yÏ˛) Á‹$⁄Î√- Á‹”-Δ>-gå˝ 26. "{Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ {Á≥gÍ-›Î”–ö˛$≈ Á‹*`&2018'ÃZ ôˆÕ øÍΔÊˇô˲ ªÍMʸfi-Δäˇ? GÖÌ≥Mʸ: {Á≥–Û˛‘Ë˝ Á≥»Ñʸ ßë”Δ>
15. "CÖyÏ˛ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ Ú≥Δˇ$$Ö-så˝(-_-{ô˲-ÃÙ˝-QØ˲) Á‹ßÊ˛- –ö˛$*yÊ˛$ ›Î¶ØÈÀ$ ¥˜Ö®Ø˲ ßÛ˛‘È-ÀØ˲$ –ö˛ΔÊˇ$-Á‹V> G) Á‹«-ôÈ-ßÛ˛— {Á≥–Û˛‘Ë˝ Á≥»Ñʸ ôÛ˛©: Ìú{∫-–ö˛« 17
Á‹$fi&2019'∞ CsÓ˝–ö˛À ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝Ö-_Ø˲ –Û˛®-Mʸ? Vʸ$«¢Ö- ^˲Ö-yÏ˛. º) ∞Qôå˛ f»Øå˛ ßÊ˛ΔÊˇ-RÍÁ‹$¢ —´ßëØ˲Ö: BØå˛-ÃÒ˝OØå˛
G) ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍ-ßä˛(-ô˛-ÀÖ-V>◊˝) º) B{V>(Eô˲¢-ΔÊˇ-{Á≥-ßÛ˛‘å˝) G) Iã‹ÃÍÖyä˛, Ô‹”yÊ˛Øå˛, Ø˲*≈h-ÃÍÖyä˛ Ì‹) ∫ÖªZ-ÃÍ-ßÛ˛— _–ö˛« ôÛ˛©: fØ˲-–ö˛« 23
Ì‹) Qk-ΔÊˇ-Áflü(-–ö˛$-´ßÊ˛≈-{Á≥-ßÛ˛‘å˝) yÏ˛) MˆyÊ˛$-Vʸ$(-Mʸ-Δ>~-r-Mʸ) º) y˛ØÈ√ΔäˇP, Ø˲*≈h-ÃÍÖyä˛, Ô‹”yÊ˛-Øå˛ yÏ˛) –Û˛$»-M¯Ö —–ö˛-Δ>-ÀMʸ$ Á‹ÖÁ‹¶ A´®-M>-«Mʸ –˛ªå˝-Ú‹Oså˝ ^˲*yÊ˛-–ö˛^˲$a.
16. ı‹Ö{©ƒÊ˝$ –ö˛≈–ö˛-›ÎƒÊ˝$Ö ^Û˛Á‹$¢Ø˲≤ –ö˛$Ìfl˝‚Í ΔˇOô˲$- Ì‹) ØÈΔÛˇ”, Iã‹ÃÍÖyä˛, Ô‹”yÊ˛-Øå˛ 37. 'We Are Displaced' Á≥#Á‹¢Mʸ ΔÊˇ^˲-Δˇ$$-ô˲? –˛ªå˝-Ú‹Oså˝:
www.andhrajyothy com ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍßä˛, Vʸ$ΔÊˇ$–ÈΔÊˇÖ 17 fØ˲–ö˛« 2019 Á‹tyÓ˛ 17

Find the sqare root of.. S.S.SHAJAHAN

Senior Faculty

Complex Numbers
Very Short Answer Questions Sr. Inter - Maths (IIA)
12 >∑Ts¡Tyês¡+ 17.1.2019

bòÕ<äsY Ä|òt Á_{°wt Ç+&çj·÷ ÄØà>± me]ï |æ\TkÕÔs¡T?

1. •düTÔ edü÷\T n~Ûø±s¡T\ J‘·uÛÑ‘ê´\ ø√dü+ ¬s’‘·T\ 1) eT+Á‹ eT+&É*ì nwüºÁ|ü<ÛëHé n+{≤s¡T dæ) Ws¡+>∑u≤<é &ç) |üPHê Ä+»H˚j·TT\T bÕ{Ï$Tì
qT+∫ edü÷\T #˚dæq |ü+≥ XÊ‘·+? 2) •yêJ C≤^sê›Ø |ü<äΔ‹ì s¡<äT› #˚XÊ&ÉT 39. |”cÕ«\˝À ∫e] yê&ÉT? m+.m. Væ≤düºØ
m) 5 _) 2 .5 dæ) 4 &ç) 8 3) Ç‘·qT $~Û+∫q uÛÑ÷$T•düTÔ - 2/5 e e+‘·T m) Hêsêj·TDsêyé _) e÷<Ûäesêyé
2. ùwsê¸ ôd’ìø£ dü+düÿs¡D\≈£î e÷s¡Z<ä]Ù? 4) X¯Á‘·TsêC≤´\T •yêJì #Ó*¢+#˚ |üqTï - #Í‘Y dæ) dü<ë•esêyé &ç) u≤Jsêyé-2 eq|ü]Ô bò˛Hé: 9701623874
m) eTVü≤à<é _Hé ‘·T>∑¢ø˘ _) ‘Ó’eT÷sY m) 1, 2,3 _) 3, 4 40. eTsêsƒê bÕ\q˝À ∫e] bÕ\Hê $uÛ≤>∑+?
dæ) n˝≤¢e⁄B›Hé œ©® &ç) u≤ãsY dæ) 1, 3, 4 &ç) 1, 4 m) eTVü≤˝Ÿ _) düsêÿsY n+X¯+ kÕú|æ+∫q dü+ˆˆ
3. ùwsê¸ #·]Á‘·≈£î eTTK´ Ä<Ûës¡yÓTÆq ‘ê]UŸ-Ç- 22. #Í‘Y nq>± mqïe e+‘·T |üqTï? dæ) düyêsY &ç) düπs›XŸ 1. u…Hês¡dt dü+düÿè‘· bÕsƒ¡XÊ\ m.1784
ùwsê¸Væ≤ì s¡∫+∫+~? m) 1/3 _) 1/5 dæ) 1/4 &ç) 1/8 41. øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü¬s’q~? 2. u…+>±˝Ÿ @dæj·÷{Ïø˘ dü+düú _. 1781
m) C…mHé düsêÿsY _) ø±|ò”U≤Hé m) yÓTT<ä{Ï ø£sêí≥ø£ j·TT<äΔ |òü*‘·+ - mø˘‡-˝≤- 3. ø£\ø£‘êÔ eT<äsê‡ dæ. 1791
dæ) MTsê® ôV’≤<äsY &ç) nu≤“dt ùwsê«DÏ #êô|˝Ÿ dü+~Û (1748) 4. $X¯«$<ë´\j·T #·≥º+ &ç. 1904
4. øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À ùwsê¸ _s¡T<äT?
môd’‡, ø±ìùdºãT˝Ÿ Á|ü‘˚´ø£+ _) ¬s+&Ée ø£sêí≥ø£ j·TT<äΔ |òü*‘·+ - bÕ+&ç#˚Ã] dü+~Û m) 1-dæ, 2-m, 3-_, 4-&ç
m) düT˝≤ÔHé-Ç-n~˝Ÿ _) Hê´j·Tdæ+Vü≤ ‘Ó\+>±D #·]Á‘· (1754) _) 1-_, 2-m, 3-&ç, 4-dæ
dæ) Vü≤Ádü˝Ÿ-Ç-n˝≤ &ç) ô|’e˙ï dæ) eT÷&Ée ø£sêí≥ø£ j·TT<äΔ |òü*‘·+ - bÕ]dt dü+~Û dæ) 1-&ç, 2-_, 3-m, 4-dæ
5. ùwsYU≤Hé J˝≤ ˇ&ÉT¶q ì]à+∫q <äTs¡Z+? 23. •yêJ ø±\+˝À eTTK´ πse⁄ |ü≥ºD+? (1763) &ç) ô|’e˙ï &ç) 1-&ç, 2-dæ, 3-_, 4-m
m) ø£*+»sY _) s=Vü≤{≤dt m) eT\yêHé _) ø=\+u≤ 42. øÏ+~ yê]˝À Äs√ÿ{Ÿ Ms¡T&ç>± ù|s=+~q yê&ÉT? 52. qs¡ã* •X¯óVü≤‘·´\T bÕ{Ï+#˚ uÛÀ+&é ‘Ó>∑˝À
dæ) »\+<äsY &ç) u…\÷#Y dæ) dü÷s¡‘Y &ç) <˚u≤˝Ÿ m) &É÷ù|¢ _) øö+{Ÿ-&û-˝≤© e÷qdæø£ |ü]es¡Ôq ø√dü+ ø£èwæ #˚dæ+~?
6. ùwsê¸ ø±˝≤ìøÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫ dü¬s’q~? 24. •yêJ j·TT<äΔ HÍø£ ù|s¡T? dæ) sêãsYº¬ø’¢yé &ç) #·+<ëkÕyÓT˝Ÿ m) y˚T»sY Væ≤ø˘‡ _) y˚T»sY e÷ø˘|òüsYdüHé
m) Á>±e÷~Ûø±] - eTTK<ä›+ m) kÕÁe÷{Ÿ _) $sê{Ÿ 43. eT÷&Ée Ä+>√¢ ø£sêí≥ø£ j·TT<äΔ+ Hê{Ï Áô|ò+#Y dæ) $*j·T+ d”¢yÓTHé &ç) <∏ëeTdt Væ≤kÕ¢|t
_) sê»´+˝Àì düsêÿsY\T - 47 dæ) eT+#·Tø√ &ç) $Áø±+‘Y >∑es¡ïsY? 53. øÏ+~ yê{Ïì »‘·|üs¡#·+&ç
dæ) ùwsê¸ düe÷~Û - dükÕsê+ &ç) ô|’e˙ï 25. •yêJ n•«ø£ <äfi≤ìøÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫ dü¬s’q~? m) &É÷ù|¢ _) ãT˙‡ –]»q ‘Ó>∑ >∑es¡ïsY »qs¡˝Ÿ
7. ùwsê¸ ø±\+˝À yê&çq uÛÑ÷$T ø=\‘· |ü]ø£s¡+? m) ˇø£ Vü≤e˝≤›sY - 25 n•«≈£î\T dæ) ◊sY≈£L{Ÿ &ç) øö+{Ÿ-&ç-˝≤© 1. ø√* m. yês¡Hé ùV≤dæº+>¥‡
m) _Û>± _) >∑CŸ _) ˇø£ »y˚T<ësY - 125 n•«≈£î\T 2. _˝Ÿ _. e÷s√ÿdt ùV≤dæº+>¥‡
dæ) ≈£+≈£î{Ÿ &ç) ÄÁwü|ò” dæ) ˇø£ Vü≤C≤Ø - 1250 n•«≈£î\T
8. ùwsê¸ ì]à+∫q $ÁXÊ+‹ eT+~sê\T? &ç) ô|’e˙ï
m) eT+&ç _) düsêj·TT 26. •yêJ nwüºÁ|ü<ÛëHé˝˝À düTeT+‘Y nq>±?
dæ) |üÁVü≤ &ç) Äsê+|òüTsY m) ôd’ìø£ eT+Á‹ _) Ä]úø£ eT+Á‹
9. ùwsê¸ bÕ\Hê ø±\+ @~? dæ) $<ë´ eT+Á‹ &ç) $<˚XÊ+>∑ eT+Á‹
m) 1535-40 _) 1540-45 27. •yêJ uÛÑ÷$T•düTÔ $<ÛëHêìøÏ e÷s¡Z<ä]Ù?
dæ) 1545-50 &ç) 1550-55 m) nø£“sY _) ùwsê¸
10. ùwsê¸ eT]ø=+‘· ø±\+ J$+∫ ñ+fÒ yÓTT|òüT˝≤ dæ) e÷*ø˘ n+ãsY &ç) n˝≤¢e⁄B›Hé
sTT\ #·]Á‘· s¡+>∑+ MT<ä≈£î e#˚Ã~ ø±<äì 28. X¯+uÛ≤JøÏ ÄÁX¯j·T$T∫Ãq yÓTT|òüT˝Ÿ j·TTesêE?
n_ÛÁbÕj·T |ü&ç+~? m) nø£“sY-2 _) cÕ Ä\+ - 2
m) e⁄©‡ùV≤>¥ _) C…mHé düsêÿsY dæ) Ä\+^sY - 2 &ç) eTVü≤à<écÕ
dæ) ÄsY|” Á‹bÕ]ƒ &ç) $.m.dæà‘Y 29. dü‘êsêqT sê»<Ûëì>± #˚düT≈£îì eTsêsƒê
11. eTsêsƒê\T yÓTT<ä≥ me] e<ä› n~Ûø±s¡T\T>± |üì#˚XÊs¡T? kÕÁe÷C≤´ìï bÕ*+∫+~?
m) $»j·Tq>∑s¡ sêE\T _) ãVü≤eT˙\T m) X¯+uÛ≤J _) kÕVüQ
dæ) yÓTT|òüT\T\T &ç) ≈£î‘·TuŸcÕV”≤\T dæ) sêC≤sê+ &ç) cÕVæ≤uÛ≤sTT
12. eTsêsƒê kÕÁe÷»´ ìsêàD+˝À eTTK´ bÕÁ‘·? 30. ¬>]˝≤¢ j·TT<äΔ |ü<äΔ‘·T*ï ne\+_Û+∫q eTsêsƒê
m) <˚XŸeTTUŸ e+X¯+ _) ¬>’ø±«&é e+X¯+ bÕ\≈£î\T?
dæ) uÛÀHé‡˝Ò e+X¯+ &ç) sƒêÁø° e+X¯+ m) •yêJ _) ‘êsêuÛ≤jYT
13. •yêJøÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫ øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü¬s’q~? dæ) sêC≤sê+ &ç) m, _
m) sê»<Ûëì - sêj·T>∑&Ûé 31. &É˝ÖΩd” sê»´ dü+Áø£eTD+ $<Ûëq+˝À ø£*dæ 44. e+<äyêdæ j·TT<äΔ+ »]–q dü+e‘·‡s¡+? 3. UÀ+&é\T dæ. ôV≤Á˙ Vü≤]¶+CŸ
_) ‘=* <ë&ç - ‘=s¡DÏ <äTs¡Z+ b˛sTTq ‘=* sê»´+? m) 1758 _) 1760 dæ) 1762 &ç) 1765 4. dü+<∏ë˝Ÿ &ç. &É˝ÖΩd”
dæ) dü+s¡ø£å≈£î&ÉT - <ë<ëJ ø=+&É<˚yé m) dü‘êsê _) dü+ã˝Ÿ|üPsY 45. ;C≤|üPsY, ø±*ø£{Ÿ, nVü≤à<ékÕ>∑sY bÕ\≈£î\T m) 1-m, 2-_, 3-dæ, 4-&ç
&ç) ô|’e˙ï dæ) s¡a≤˙‡ &ç) ne<Ûé b˛s¡TÃ^düT\≈£î e´‹πsø£+>± @ dü+e‘·‡s¡+˝À _) 1-&ç, 2-_, 3-m, 4-dæ
14. •yêJ sê»´+ ù|s¡T? 32. eTsêsƒê kÕÁe÷»´ |ü⁄q:kÕú|ü≈£î&ç>± ù|s=ÿqï~? ≈£L≥$Tì @sêŒ≥T #˚XÊs¡T? dæ) 1-dæ, 2-_, 3-m, 4-&ç
m) Væ≤+<ä÷sê»´+ _) dü«sê»´ m) u≤Jsêe⁄ - 1 _) u≤˝≤J $X¯«Hê<∏é m) 1561 _) 1571 dæ) 1581 &ç)1566 &ç) 1-_, 2-&ç, 3-dæ, 4-m
dæ) uÛÀHé‡˝Ò sê»´+ &ç) @Bø±<äT dæ) u≤Jsêyé - 2 &ç) Hêsêj·TDsêyé 46. Ä+Á<Ûä˝À es¡Ôø£ yê´bÕs¡+ ø√dü+ ∫e]>± e∫Ãq 54. øÏ+~ yê{Ïì »‘·|üs¡#·+&ç
15. •yêJ _s¡T<äT ø±ì~ @~? 33. yÓTT<ä{Ï u≤Jsêyé ìC≤+qT z&ç+∫q ∫e] j·TT<äΔ+? yês¡T? –]»q ‘Ó>∑ ‹s¡T>∑Tu≤≥T dü+ˆˆ
m) ôV’≤+<äe <Ûäs√à<ëΔs¡ø£ _) #Û·Á‘·|ü‹ m) dü÷s¡‘Y _) bÕ˝Òú&é m) &É#Y _) Á_{°wt 1. dü+<∏ë˝Ÿ m. 1846-48
dæ) dæ+Vü≤düHêBÛX¯«s¡ &ç) eTsêsƒê Ms¡ dæ) eTTwæ>±yé &ç) uÛÀbÕ˝Ÿ j·TT<äΔ+ dæ) &˚Hé\T &ç) b˛s¡TÃ^düT 2. UÀ+&é _. 1855-56
16. •yêJ dü÷s¡‘Y eTT≥º&ç »]|æq dü+e‘·‡s¡+? 34. eTsêsƒê e÷øÏj·÷yÓ*¢ nì me]ï ù|s=ÿ+{≤s¡T? 47. Ä+Á<Ûë˝À es¡Ôø£ kÕúesêìøÏ b˛s¡TÃ^düTyê]øÏ 3. ø√* dæ. 1817-19
m) 1663 _) 1664 m) e÷<Ûäesêyé _) HêHê |òü&ÉïMdt nqTeT‹ C≤Ø #˚dæq >√˝§ÿ+&É qyêãT? 4. _˝Ÿ\T &ç. 1784-85
dæ) 1665 &ç) 1666 dæ) dü<ë•esêyé &ç) HêHêkÕôV≤uŸ m) ÇÁãV”≤+ ≈£î‘·TuŸcÕ _) eTVü≤à<é ≈£î‘·TuŸcÕ m) 1-m, 2-_, 3-dæ, 4-&ç
17. •yêJ |ü{≤º_Ûùwø£+ »]|æq dü+e‘·‡s¡+? 35. ¬s+&Ée •yêJ>± ù|s¡T>±+∫+~? dæ) ≈£î© ≈£î‘·TuŸcÕ &ç) nãT›˝≤¢ ≈£î‘·TuŸcÕ _) 1-dæ, 2-&ç, 3-m, 4-_
m) 1654 _) 1664 m) u≤˝≤J u≤Jsêyé _) dü<ë•esêyé 48. @ ôd’ìø£ #·s¡´ <ë«sê b˛s¡TÃ^düT nBÛq+˝Àì dæ) 1-dæ, 2-m, 3-&ç, 4-_
dæ) 1674 &ç) 1680 dæ) yÓTT<ä{Ï u≤Jsêyé &ç) u≤˝≤J $X¯«Hê<∏é &Éj·T÷´&ÜeTHé, >√yê\qT uÛ≤s¡‘Y˝À $©q+ &ç) 1-_, 2-m, 3-&ç, 4-dæ
18. •yêJ ì]à+∫q <äTs¡Z+ @~? 36. ªyÓTT|òüT\T*ï ã\V”≤q+ #˚j·÷\+fÒ ô|s¡T>∑T‘·Tqï #˚XÊs¡T? düe÷<ÛëHê\T
m) Á|ü‘ê|t|òüT&é _) sêj·T>∑&é yÓTT|òüT\T\ eèøå±ìï ≈£Lø£{Ïy˚fi¯¢ <ä>∑Zs¡ HêX¯q+ m) Ä|üπswüHé $»jYT _) Ä|üπswüHé |üsêÁø£yéT
dæ) ‘√s¡D &ç) dæ e÷Á‘·y˚T #˚ùdÔ $T–*q XÊK\˙ï yê≥+‘·≥ ny˚ q•kÕÔsTTµ dæ) Ä|üπswüHé Äø√º|üdt &ç) Ä|üπswüHé ø±≥sY|æ\¢sY 1._ 2.dæ 3&ç. 4.&ç 5._
19. •yêJ b˛s¡TÃ^düT yê] kÕj·T+‘√ ì]à+∫q nì |ü*øÏ+~? 49. <˚X¯+˝Àì eTTì‡bÕ*{°\≈£î #·≥ºã<äΔ‘· ø£*Œ+∫q 6.&ç 7.m 8._ 9._ 10.&ç
z&Éπse⁄? m) u≤Jsêyé-1 _) HêHê|òü&ÉïMdt dü+e‘·‡s¡+? 11._ 12.dæ 13.&ç 14._ 15.&ç
m) eT\yêHé _) ø=˝≤u≤ dæ) HêHêkÕôV≤uŸ &ç) e÷<Ûäesêyé m) 1773 _) 1793 dæ) 1813 &ç) 1833 16._ 17.dæ 18.&ç 19.m 20.&ç
dæ) dü÷s¡‘Y &ç) ø±*ø£{Ÿ 37. ø£åj·T yê´~Û‘√ eTs¡DÏ+∫q eTsêsƒê |”cÕ«? 50.bòÕ<äsY Ä|òt Á_{°wt Ç+&çj·÷ ÄØà>± me]ï 21.m 26.&ç
20. •yêJ ∫e] <ä+&Éj÷· Á‘· @ ÁbÕ+‘·+ô|’ »]bÕ&ÉT? m) HêHêkÕôV≤uŸ _) dü<ë•esêyé |æ\TkÕÔs¡T? 31.m 32._ 33.&ç 34._ 35.dæ
m) ø£HÍCŸ _) ø£sêí≥ø£ dæ) e÷<Ûäesêyé &ç) u≤Jsêyé-1 m) yÓ\¢d”¢ _) &É˝ÖΩd” 36.m 37.dæ 38.&ç 39.&ç 40.m
dæ) nJàsY &ç) Hê+<˚&é 38. |”cÕ«\ n~Ûø±sêìøÏ eTTK´ πø+Á<ä+? dæ) ø±s¡Hé yê©dt &ç) y˚T»sY Ádæº+>∑sY ˝≤¬sHé‡ 41.&ç 42.dæ 43._ 44._ 45._
21. •yêJøÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫ øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü¬s’q<˚~? m) dü‘êsê _) Hê>∑|üPsY 51. øÏ+~ yê{Ïì »‘·|üs¡#·+&ç 46.&ç 47.&ç 48.m 49._ 50.&ç
51.m 52._ 53.m 54.&ç
>∑Ts¡Tyês¡+ 17.1.2019 13

If 2
x +px+q and 2
x +qx+p have a common factor, then
4x2 - 1 then ‘a’ and ‘b’ are Prepared by
1) Equal to 0
2) Any rational numbers
Mr. K. Kumar
3) Any rational numbers such that Senior Faculty
a+1=4b 4) None Hyderabad
3 2
14) The factors of x +2x -x-2 is ph:9492956214
1) (x-1), (x+1),(x-2)
2) (x-1),(x+2),(x+3) 4) None
3)(x-1),(x+2),x 4) x-1,x+1,x+2 24) xn+yn is divisible by x+y, when ‘n’ is
15) If the expression ax2+bx+c is equal 1) A positive integer
to -2 when x=0, leaves a remainder 2) An even positive integer
3 when divided by x-1, and a 3) An odd positive integer
remainder is -3 when divided by 4) A real number
x+1, then a=?, b=?, c=? 25) The remainder when x5+x4+x3+x2
1) 2,3,-2 2) 2,-2,3 +x+1 is divided by x+1 is
3)2,2,3 4)2,3,2 1) 0 2) 1 3) -1 4) 2
16) The factor of x 3+3x2+5x+6 is 26) If x+1 and x-1 are factors of
10) If α, β, γ are the roots of 3x3-10x2+ 1) p+q=72 2) p+q=-72 x3+2x2+ax+b then the ordered pair
1) x+1 2) 2x-2 3) x+2 4)2x+2
7x +10=0 then αβ + βγ + γα = 3) 3p+q=-72 4)3p+q=72 (a,b) =
17) One of the factors of x2–2x2+3x–2
9) If (x+1) and (x+2) are factors of x3+ 1) (1,-2) 2) (-1,2)
(−1) coefficient of
x3 is
sol : ∑ α= =0 6x2+11x+6, the third factor is 3) (1,2) 4) (-1,-2)
coefficient of x 4 1) x+1 2) x-1 3) x+2 4)x-2
1) x-3 2) x+3 3) x+1 4) 3-x 27) If (x-1) is a factor of f(x) then
2 18) The factors of x3-4x2+5x-2 are
11) If α, β, γ, δ are the roots of x4+7x + 10) If x+1 is a factor of ax4+bx3+cx2 which of the following is a factor of
1) (x-1)2(x-2) 2) (x-1)(x-2)2
5x-4=0 then α + ß + γ +δ = +dx+e then f(x2-3)?
3) (x-1)2(x-2) 4) (x+1)2(x-2)
1) 7 2) -7 3) 5 4) 0 1) a+c+c=b+d 2) a+b=c-d 1) x-1 2) x-2 3) x-3 4) x-4
19) One of the factors of 4x3+8x2-6x-2
12) If α, β, γ, δ are the roots of 6x4+ 3) a+b+c+d+e=0 4) a+c+b=d+e 28) If (x-2) is a factor of the polynomi-
15x2 + 7x-10=0 then α β γ δ = al f(x2+4) then which of the follow-
5 7 5 10th Class special 1) x+1 2) x+2 3) x-3 4) x-2
20) A factor of x3–3x2+x+1 is ing is a factor of f(x) ?
1) 0 2) 3) 4) − 1) x + 1 2) x-1 3) 2x+1 4)x+2 1) x – 6 2) x-7 3) x-8 4) x-10
3 6 3
MATHS 21) The factors of x4+2x3-7x2-2x+6 are 29) If f(a) = a3(b-c)+b3(c-a)+c3(a-b)
(−1) constant term
1) (x-1)(x+3)(x2+2x-6) then the remainder when f(a) is
sol : α β γ δ = 4 11) If x4-2x3+3x2-mx+5 exactly divisi- divided by a+b+c is
coefficient of x 2) (x+1)(x-1)(x2+2x-6)
ble by x-3 then m= 1) a – b 2) b – c 3) -1 4) 0
−10 −5 3) (x+1)(x-3)(x2-2x-6) 4)None
1) 3 2) -3 3) 3/59 4) 59/3
= = 22) If x2+px+q and x2+qx+p have a
+ 3 12) If f(-3/2)=0 then a factor of f(x) =
common factor, then Answers
 3  2 1) p–q+1=0 2) p+q+1=0 1)3 2)4 3)2 4)1 5)4
Exercise 1)  x-  2) x+ 
3) p+q–1=0 4) p–q–1=0
 2  3 6)3 7)2 8)3 9)2 10)1
1) The remainder of x3–3x24x–5 when
 2  3 23) The factors of x +3x -7x2-27x-18 are
4 3
11)4 12)4 13)3 14)4 15)1
divided by x+2 3)  x- 
 3
4)  x+ 
 2
1)(x+1)(x+2)(x+3)2 16)3 17)2 18)1 19)2 20)2
1) -2 2) 23 3) -33 4) -37
2)(x+1)(x+2)(x+3)(x-3) 21)2 22)2 23)3 24)3 25)1
2) When a rational integral function f(x) 13) If 4x4–12x3+ax2+3x–b is divided by
3) (x+1)(x+2)(x+3)(x-3) 26) 4 27) 4 28) 3 29) 4
is divided by 2x +1, the remainder

 −2 
1) f  
2) f  
The Skoll Scholarship 2019
Category: Means Based kÕÿ\sYwæ|t‡ Application: Applications can be made
offline only.
Scholarship: The Skoll Scholarship 2019 Short Source URL:
3  −1  Description: MBA aspirants who aim Stipendium Hungaricum
3) f   4) f  
3 2 to take their social impact to the next Scholarship KTH India Scholarship 2019
n n level and gain professional leadership Category: Merit Based Category: Means cum Talent Based
3) x -y is divisible by x+y, when ‘n’ is and business skills can apply for exclu- Scholarship: Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship: KTH India Scholarship
1) A positive integer sive opportunity to meet world- Scholarship Programme 2019, Hungary 2019
2) An even positive integer renowned entrepreneurs, thought lead- Description: The University Grants Description: Students who have com-
3) An odd positive integer ers and investors at University of Commission as a partner with Hungary, pleted their under-graduation pro-
4) None Oxford, Britain.
2 is helping the bright Indian students to gramme and wish to pursue Master,s at
4) The remainder of 3x2-2x +x+2 Eligibility: The applicant must be an pursue their higher studies with KTH, Sweden are invited to apply for
when divided by 3x + 1 is MBA aspirant and should have a strong Bachelor's, this scholarship.
4 3 3 4 track record in social entrepreneurship. Master's and Doctoral degree in
1) 2) 3) − 4) − Eligibility: The applicant must have
3 4 4 3 The candidate should have spent at Hungary. completed their under-graduation pro-
least 3 years in growing a social venture Eligibility: The applicant should have gramme in India and has academic
5) If x-1 is a factor of 2x3–3x2+2x+k, or playing a major part in leading a ven- cleared class 12. The candidate must excellence.
the value of k = ture in an organization or have brought have been enrolled in a recognized Indi Prizes &Rewards: The candidate will
1) 2 2) 1 3) 3 4) -1 positive changes as an entrepreneur.
3 2 an educational Institute during the be given full tuition fee waiver and
6) If f(x) = x +2x –x–2, then one of its Prizes & Rewards: The scholarship course of the qualifying examination. monthly allowance for 10-months.
factors is will cover the entire fee for the MBA Also, must have applied to the Tempus Last Date to apply: January 15, 2019
1) (x-2) 2) (x+1) programme. Living expenses of at least Public Foundation. Application: Submissions can be made
3)(x-1) 4) (x+2) GBP 14777 will be covered under the Prizes & Rewards: Exemption from the online only.
7) If the remainder of x3+ax2+4x–10, scholarship. payment of tuition fee including Short Source URL:
when divided by x-3 is 2, then a = Last Date to apply: January 11, 2019 monthly stipends for varying levels and
1) 2 2) -3 3) -2 4) 3 Application: Online applications only
3 2 medical insurance up to HUF 65,000 a
8) If (x-3) is a factor of 3x -x +px+q Short Source URL: year per person. Courtesy: /
then Last Date to apply: January 15, 2019 Call: 08448709545, 08527484563
>∑ßs¡ßyês¡+ 17
4 Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z™èþ$, _…M>Æ> ò³Ææÿ…º*ÆŠÿ
»qe], 2019

ÆðÿOÌôýÓË$ � yîþhÌŒý ÌZMøÐðþ*sìýÐŒþ ÐèþÆŠÿPüÞ({»êyŠþVóügŒý, Ò$rÆŠÿ VóügŒý,

� ÆðÿOÌôýÓË$ þ§óþÔèý…ÌZ A†ò³§æþª {糿æý$™èþÓÆæÿ…Væü çÜ…çܦ. yîþhÌŒý C…f¯èþ$Ï)& ÐéÆæÿ×êíÜ
� D çÜ…çܦÌZ çÜ$Ðèþ*Ææÿ$ 16 Ë„æüË Ðèþ$…¨ E§øÅVæü$Ë$ � ÒÌŒý A…yŠþ HMìüÞÌŒý ´ëÏ…sŒý (^èþ{M>Ë$, CÆæÿ$çÜ$Ë$) &
ç³° ^óþçÜ$¢¯é²Ææÿ$. GËçßý…Mæü
� §óþÔèý…ÌZ Ððþ$$§æþsìý ÆðÿOÌôýÓÐèþ*Æ>Y°² ÌêÆŠÿz yæþÌoáïÜ � ÆðÿOË$ Mø^Œþ ¸ëÅMæütÈ (òÜMæü…yŠþ M>Ï‹Ü »ZXË$, ÆðÿOË$
M>Ë…ÌZ1853ÌZ Ðèþ$$…»ñýO ¯èþ$…_ £é¯óþ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ °ÇÃ… ò³sñýtË$) & Mæüç³#Ææÿ¢Ìê (ç³…g껌ý)
^éÆæÿ$. � yîþhÌŒý M>…´÷¯ðþ…sŒý ÐèþÆŠÿPüÞ (yîþhÌŒý C…h¯Œþ Äæý$…{™èþ
� Ðèþ$¯èþ§óþÔèý…ÌZ 1992&93 ¯ésìýMìü 62, 462 Mìü.Ò$. ¿êV>Ë$) & ´ësìýÄæý*Ìê
ý ç³ÆæÿÓ-™éË$, ¯èþ§æþ$Ë$ (½-à-ÆŠÿ-)& _Ææÿ$™èþ ç³#Í, ArÒ Ðèþ$Væü-ç³…¨ý, ™øyóþË$, ´÷yæþÐèþ#¯é ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ*Æ>YË$¯é²Æÿ$$. � ÆðÿOÌôýÓ Ýët‹œ M>Ìôýh &Ðèþyø§æþÆæÿ
Ñ…«§éÅ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$ ±sìý 糄æü$Ë$ � ÒsìýÌZ 36,824 Mìü.Ò$. {»êyŠþVóügŒý, 20, 653 Mìü.Ò$.
Äæý$$¯ðþÝùP ÐéÆ>çÜ™èþÓ gê¼™éÌZ ^ør$ §æþMìüP…^èþ$Mæü$¯èþ²
©Óç³Mæü˵…ÌZ Ðèþ$¯èþ§óþÔèý Ðèþ$«§æþÅ ¿æý*¿êVæü…ÌZ Ñ…«§éÅ 3. ^èþ…{§æþ-{糿æý Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, ÐéÆæÿ-×êíÜ Ò$rÆŠÿVóügŒý, 3,985 Mìü.Ò$. ¯óþÆøVóügŒý ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ*Æ>YË$ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ ÌñýO¯èþ$Ï
ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$ ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ¯èþ$…_ ç³ÕaÐèþ*°Mìü ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. (E-™èþ¢-Ææÿ-{ç³-§óþ-ÔŒý-)& Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z-™èþ$, ç³#Í, Ýë…»êÆŠÿ h…Mæü, ¯é²Æÿ$$. � yéÇjÍ…VŠü&íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý$¯Œþ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ, bèþ{™èþ糆 ÕÐéi sñýÇïèþÌŒý
CÑ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ{糧óþÔŒý, ^èþ¡¢‹Üçœ$ÆŠÿ, gêÆæÿƒ…yŠþ ™èþ¨™èþÆæÿ Æ>[ÚëtÌZÏ GË$-Væü$-º…sìý. � ±ËWÇ Ðèþ˜…sñý¯Œþ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ, MæüÌêP & íÜÐèþ*Ï ÆðÿOÌôýÓ AÝù…
� 16 Ë„æüË Ðèþ$…¨ E§øÅVæü$Ë$ VæüË ¿êÆæÿ¡Äæý$ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ
ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. ÒsìýMìü ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ¯èþ VæüË ç³ÆæÿÓ™é˯èþ$ 4. M>Æðÿ¾sŒý gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆŠÿP, VæüÆ>ÓÌŒý (E-™èþ¢-Æ>-Q…yŠþ-)& çÜ…çܦ §óþÔèý…ÌZ° A†ò³§æþª {糿æý$™èþÓ Ææÿ…VæüçÜ…çܦ.
ÌZ° Ðèþ$kÎ ©Óç³…,Ðèþ*™èþÆæÿ׊ý ÆðÿOÌôýÓ &ç³ÕaÐèþ$…
Æ>gŒýÐèþ$çßýÌŒý Mö…yæþË° A…sêÆæÿ$. ¯éË$Væü$ fyæþË h…Mæ, H¯èþ$Væü$, ç³#Í C™èþÆæÿ §óþÔéË™ø ÆðÿOË$Ðèþ*Æ>YË$
� §óþÔèý…ÌZ ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ*Æ>YË$ Ðèþ$$QÅ…V> Ðèþ$*yæþ$ VóügŒýÌZÏ
5. ü §æþ…´ë Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, IgêÓÌŒý (Ñ$-gZ- � çÜ…go™é GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü & AÐèþ$–™ŒþçÜÆŠÿ ¯èþ$…yìþ ÌêçßZÆŠÿ
Ýë™èþ$µÆ> ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$ E¯é²Æÿ$$. AÑ:
Æ>-ÐŒþ$-) & Ýë…»êÆŠÿ h…Mæü, Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z-™èþ$, Ððþ$$ÇVóü h…Mæü, � £éÆŠÿ GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü & Æ>fÝ릯ŒþÌZ° Ðèþ$$¯èþ»êÐø ¯èþ$…yìþ
CÑ Ñ…«§éÅç³ÆæÿÓ™éËMæü$ ¨Væü$Ðèþ#¯èþ Ðèþ$àÆ>{çÙt, Ðèþ$«§æþÅ G.{»êyŠþVóügŒý (ç³sêtË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ ÐðþyæþË$µ 1.69Ò$)
{糧óþÔŒý ™èþ¨™èþÆæÿ Æ>[ÚëtÌZ ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. VæüÑÌŒýçœ$ÆŠÿ, íßýÐèþ*-ËÄæý$ G¯èþ$-Væü$-º…sìý, H¯èþ$Væü$, ¯éVæü$-´ëÐèþ$$, íÜ…«§ŠþÆ>çÙ‰…ÌZ° M>{Mæü´ëÆæÿ
Mö…yæþ-_-Ë$Ðèþ. ¼.Ò$rÆŠÿVóügŒý (1.00 Ò$. ÐðþyæþË$µ) � Ððþ$O{¡ GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü & MøÌŒýMæü™é ¯èþ$…yìþ º…V>ϧóþÔŒý
Ðèþ$çßý§óþÐŒþ, Ððþ$OM>Ë ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$V> Òsìý° Ñ¿æý-h…^éÆæÿ$. íÜ.¯óþÆøVóügŒý (0.77 Ò$. ÐðþyæþË$µ) {ç³çÜ$¢™èþ… ÆðÿOÌôýÓ ÐèþÅÐèþçܦ¯èþ$ 17 gZ¯èþÏV> Ñ¿æýh…^éÆæÿ$. AÑ
ç³ÕaÐèþ$ Mö…yæþË$ 6. §æþ$§éÓ gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆŠÿP, ËMìüP-ÐŒþ$-ç³NÆŠÿ RôýÇ(E-™èþ¢-Ææÿ-{ç³-§óþ-ÔŒý)
� ±ËWÇ, yéÇjÍ…VŠü Ìê…sìý Mö…yæþ{´ë…™éÌZÏ ¯éÅÆø 1. Ðèþ$«§æþÅÆðÿOÌôýÓ & Ðèþ$$…»ñýO (Ñ.sìý)
CÑ ç³ÕaÐèþ$ ¡Ææÿ…ÌZ Ðèþ$àÆ>{çÙt ¯èþ$…_ MóüÆæÿâæý ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ & Ððþ$$ÇVóü h…Mæü, ç³#Í, G¯èþ$-Væü$-º…r$, Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z™èþ$
VóügŒý Ðèþ*Æ>YË$¯é²Æÿ$$. 2. ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ& MøÌŒýMæü™èþ
MæüÆ>~rMæü, VøÐé Ò$§æþ$V> ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. Òr¯óþ çÜàÅ{¨ 7. V>…«©-Ýë-VæüÆŠÿ Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, Ðèþ$…yæþ-
� E™èþ¢Ææÿ{糧óþÔŒý,Ðèþ$«§æþÅ{糧óþÔŒý, Æ>fÝ릯ŒþÌZÏ ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ*Æ>YË 3. E™èþ¢ÆæÿÆðÿOÌôýÓ& ¯èþ*ÅÉìþÎÏ
ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$V> AÀÐèþÇ~Ýë¢Ææÿ$. §æþ„ìü×ê¯èþ D ç³ÆæÿÓ™é˯èþ$ ÝëÆŠÿ (Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-{ç³-§óþ-ÔŒý-)& Ððþ$$ÇVóü h…Mæü, _…M>Æ>, ç³#Í,
Ýë…»êÆŠÿ, 糄æü$Ë$. ´÷yæþÐèþ# A«¨Mæü…. 4. DÔé¯èþÅÆðÿOÌôýÓ& VøÆæÿMŠü³æNÆŠÿ
A¯é²Ðèþ$ÌñýO ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$V> Ý린Mæü…V> í³Ë$Ýë¢Ææÿ$. ç³ÕaÐèþ$ � 1830 ÌZ Ðèþ*…^ðþçÜtÆŠÿ ¯èþ$…yìþ ÍÐèþÆŠÿç³NÌŒý (C…V>Ï…yŠþ) 5. DÔé¯èþÅ çÜÇ-çßý§æþ$ª ÆðÿOÌôýÓ& Ðèþ*ÍV>ÐŒþ (Vúçßý†)
Mö…yæþË$ ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ¨ÔèýV> Ðèþ$àÆ>{çÙt, B…{«§æþ{糧óþÔŒýÌZÏ 8. çœ$¯èþ 糄æü$Ë çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, ¿æýÆæÿ-™Œþ-ç³NÆŠÿ (Æ>-f-
Ýë¦-¯Œþ) & ¯èþËÏ »ê™èþ$, Ýë…»êÆŠÿ, ArÒ ç³…¨ý, ç³#Í, ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ ™öÍ ÆðÿOË$Ðèþ*ÆæÿYÐèþ$$ ÐóþÄæý$ ºyìþ…¨. 6. §æþ„ìü×ý ÆðÿOÌôýÓ& ^ðþ¯ðþ•²
Mæü*yé ÐéÅí³…^éÆÿ$$. Ðèþ$àÆ>{çÙtÌZ Òsìý° çÜ™ŒþÐèþ$Ìê, � ¿êÆæÿ™èþ §óþÔèý…ÌZ1853 H{í³ÌŒý 16¯èþ ™öÍ ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ*ÆæÿY… 7. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ BVóü²Äæý$ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ & ¼Ìê‹Ü ç³NÆŠÿ
Af…™é {Ôóý×ý$Ë$V> HÆæÿµ yézÆÿ$$. Ðèþ$¯èþÆ>çÙ‰…ÌZ Òsìý° çÜ*µ¯Œþ ¼ÌŒý 糄ìü
yæþÌoáïÜ »Ÿ…»êÆÿ$$ ¯èþ$…yìþ u>¯éMæü$ ÐóþÆÿ$$…^éyæþ$. 8. MøÌŒýMæü™èþ Ððþ${sZ& MøÌŒýMæü™èþ
»êÌêçœ*sŒý, çÜàÅ{¨ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$V> í³Ë$Ýë¢Ææÿ$. ÑÑ«§æþ 9. WÆŠÿ gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆŠÿP, k¯é-çœ$ÉŠþ (Væü$-f-Æ>-™Œþ-)& 9. §æþ„ìü×ý Ðèþ$«§æþÅÆðÿOÌôýÓ& íÜMìü…{§é»ê§Šþ
� B…{«§æþ{糧óþÔŒýÌZ ™öÍ ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ*ÆæÿY… ç³#™èþ*¢Ææÿ$ ¯èþ$…yìþ
hÌêÏÌZÏ Òsìý° Æ>T, Mæü…¨MæüÌŒý, °ÆæÿÃÌŒý Væü$rtË$V> BíÜÄæý* íÜ…çßý…, ç³#Í, Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z™èþ$, ¯éË$Væü fyæþË 10. BVóü²Äæý$ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ&MøÌŒýMæü™èþ
h…Mæü, ArÒ Ðèþ$Væü-ç³…¨ý, Ýë…»êÆŠÿ. Æóÿ×ìýVæü$…r ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ ÐóþÔéÆæÿ$.(1862)
í³Ë$Ýë¢Ææÿ$. 11. ç³ÕaÐèþ$ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ& Ðèþ$$…»ñýO (^èþÇaVóüsŒý)
™èþ*Ææÿ$µ Mæü¯èþ$Ðèþ$Ë$ ¯èþ*™èþ¯èþ gZ¯èþ$Ï
CÑ JÇÝëÞ, B…{«§æþ{糧óþÔŒý, ™èþÑ$âæý¯éyæþ$ Æ>[ÚëtÌZÏ 12. E™èþ¢Ææ ÿÐèþ$«§æþÅÆðÿOÌôýÓ&AËà»ê§Šþ
ÐéÅí³… ^éÆÿ$$. ÒsìýMìü ç³Ë$ Ý린Mæü õ³Ææÿ$ÏË$¯é²Æÿ$$.
1. ÑÔéQç³r²…&Äæý*Æ>yæþ Mö…yæþË$ GENERAL AWARENESS 13. ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ Ðèþ$«§æþÅÆðÿOÌôýÓ& ài³æNÆŠÿ
14. ÐéÄæý$$ÐèþÅ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ& gñýO³æNÆŠÿ
15. ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ MøÝë¢ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ& ¿æý$Ðèþ¯óþÔèýÓÆŠÿ
2. E¿æýÄæý$Vø§éÐèþÇ hÌêÏË$, QÐèþ$Ã…& ´ëí³ Mö…yæþË$
3 Mæüyæþç³, ¯ðþË*ÏÆæÿ$ çÜÇçßý§æþ$ª {´ë…™èþ…&ÐðþÍ Mö…yæþË$ 16. ¯ðþOÆæÿ$† ÆðÿOÌôýÓ& »ñýñ…Væüâæý*Ææÿ$ (çßý$¼Ï)
10. çßýf-È-»êVŠü Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, çßýf-È- � {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ ™öÍ Ððþ${sZÆðÿOË$ Ë…yæþ¯ŒþÌZ °ÇÃ… ^éÆæÿ$. 17. ç³ÕaÐèþ$ Ðèþ$«§æþÅÆðÿOÌôýÓ& fºÌŒý³æNÆŠÿ
4. _™èþ*¢Ææÿ$&ÔóýÚë^èþË… Mö…yæþË$ »êVŠü (½-à-ÆŠÿ-)& ç³#Í, Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z™èþ$, Ýë…»êÆŠÿ, ArÒ � ¿êÆæÿ™èþ §óþÔèý…ÌZ ™öÍ Ððþ${sZ ÆðÿOË$ MøÌŒýMæü™éÌZ
5. Mæüyæþç³&´ëËMö…yæþË$ � gZ¯èþÏÌZ A† ò³§æþª¨ E™èþ¢Ææ ÿÆðÿOÌôýÓ. ©° {糫§é¯èþ M>Æ>ÅË
G¯èþ$-Væü$-º…sìý, ArÒ í³ÍÏ 1984ÌZ °ÇÃü…^éÆæÿ$. (yæþÐŒþ$yæþÐŒþ$ & £éÍ Væü…gŒý)
6. A¯èþ…™èþ³æNÆŠÿ& G{ÆæÿÐèþ$Ë Mö…yæþË$ Äæý$… ¯èþ*ÅÉìþÎÏÌZ E…¨.
11. Mæü¯éá gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆŠÿP, Ðèþ$…yæþÏ Ðèþ$ÇÄæý$$ »êÌê-çœ*sŒý � ¿êÆæÿ™èþ §óþÔèý…ÌZ ™öÍ {ò³•Ðóþr$ ÆðÿOË$ Mö…Mæü×ý ÆðÿOÌôýÓ¯èþ$ � B…{«§æþ{糧óþÔŒýÌZ° A™èþÅ«¨Mæü {´ë…™éË$ §æþ„ìü×ý
7. MæüÆæÿ*²Ë$&¯èþËÏÐèþ$Ë Mö…yæþË$ (Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-{ç³-§óþ-ÔŒý-)& ç³#Í, Ððþ$$ÇVóü h…Mæü, Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z™èþ$, Ðèþ$àÆ>çÙ‰ÌZ° ÆøçßZ ¯èþ$…yìþ MæüÆ>~rMæüÌZ°
™èþ*Ææÿ$µMæü¯èþ$Ðèþ$ÌZÏ VæüË ç³#×ýÅ-{„óü-{™éË$ Ðèþ$«§æþÅÆðÿOÌôýÓ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ E¯é²Æÿ$$.
Ýë…»êÆŠÿ. Ðèþ$…Væüâæý*Ææÿ$ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ °ÇÃ…^éÆæÿ$. VøÐé, Ðèþ$àÆ>çÙ‰,
1. Äæý*Ææÿyæþ Mö…yæþË$& íÜ…à^èþË… „óü{™èþ… � ´ëÅÌñý‹Ü B¯ŒþÒÌŒýÞ ÆðÿOË$ {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ¯óþ A™èþÅ…™èþ
12. M>h-Ææÿ…Væü gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆŠÿP, gZÆ>ᙌþ (A-Ýù-ÐŒþ$-)& MæüÆ>~rMæü, MóüÆæÿâæý Æ>Úë‰ÌZÏ C¨ ÑçܢDž_…¨.
2. ÔóýÚë^èþË… Mö…yæþË$&†Ææÿ$Ðèþ$Ë {Ö Ðóþ…Mæü-sôý-ÔèýÓÆæÿ ÝëÓÑ$ AÆæÿ$§ðþO¯èþ ËVæüjÈ ÆðÿOâæýÏÌZ JMæüsìýV> õ³Ææÿ$ ´÷…¨…¨.
QyæþY-Ðèþ$–-VæüÐèþ$$, H¯èþ$Væü$, ArÒ Vóü§ðþË$, ArÒ Ðèþ$Væü- � ™öÍ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ Ðèþ$…{† & gꯌþ Ðèþ$£éÄŒý$ ÑÐèþ*¯èþÐèþ*Æ>YË$
BË-Äæý$… ç³…¨, ç³#Í � A† ÐóþVæü…V> Ððþâôýå ÆðÿOË$ Ôèý™é¼ª GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü
3. ¯èþËÏÐèþ$Ë Mö…yæþË$&{ÖÔðýOË {¿æýÐèþ$Æ>…¼M> Ðèþ$ÍÏM>Ææÿ$j¯èþ 13. Mìü¯ðþ²-Ææÿ-Ýë° Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, QÐèþ$Ã… � §óþÔèý…ÌZ Æðÿ…yæþ$ {糫§é¯èþ {糿æý$™èþÓÆæÿ…Væü ÑÐèþ*¯èþÄæý*¯èþ
ÝëÓÑ$ BËÄæý$… çÜ…çܦË$ MæüÍíÜ "C…yìþÄæý$¯Œþ' ÑÐèþ*¯èþÄæý*¯èþ çÜ…çܦV>
(B…{«§æþ-{ç³-§óþ-ÔŒý-)& ç³#Í, ™øyóþË$, Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z™èþ$, h…Mæü � ™èþMæü$PÐèþ §æþ*Ææÿ… {ç³Äæý*×ìý…^óþ ÆðÿOË$&çÜ…Ææÿn˜™é
4. ÐðþÍ-Mö…yæþ-Ë$&{Ö ò³¯èþ$ÕË B¨ËMîü‡ ¯èþÆ æÿíÜ…àÝëÓÑ$ 14. Ðèþ*¯èþ‹Ü Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, »êÆðÿµsŒý (A-Ýù- GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü (´ëMìüÝ뢯ŒÌZ° ÌêçßZÆŠÿ ¯èþ$…yìþ C…yìþÄæý*
BËÄæý$… � §óþÔèý…ÌZ° {糫§é¯èþ A…™èþÆ>j¡Äæý$ ÑÐèþ*¯é{ÔèýÄæý*Ë$
ÐŒþ$-)& HMæü QyæþYÐèþ$–-Væü…, H¯èþ$Væü$, ç³#Í, ArÒ Vóü§ðþË$, ÌZ° AsêÇ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$)
1. ÉìþÎÏ : C…¨Æ>V>…«© A…™èþÆ>j¡Äæý$ ÑÐèþ*¯é{Ôèý Äæý$…
ÑÔéQç³r²…ÌZ° Mö…yæþÌZÏ AÆæÿMæü$ A…§éË ÌZÄæý$ h…Mæü, ArÒ Ðèþ$Væü-ç³…¨ � GMæü$PÐèþ §æþ*Ææÿ… {ç³Äæý*×ìý…^óþ ÆðÿOË$ ÑÐóþóMŠü GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü
HÆæÿµyìþ…¨. C¨ ÐóþçÜÑ Ñyìþ¨ Móü…{§æþ…. CMæüPyìþ WÇf¯èþ$Ë$ 15. ¯éÐŒþ$-§æþ¸ë Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, †Ææÿ‹³ (A- 2.Ðèþ$$…»ñýO: ^èþ{™èþ糆 ÕÐéi A…™èþÆ>j¡Äæý$ ÑÐèþ*¯é
(yìþ{º*VæüÆŠÿ &Mæü¯éÅMæü$Ðèþ*Ç)
Byóþ ¤…Ýë ¯érÅ… ^éÌê {ç³íܨ®^ðþ…¨…¨. »Ÿ{Æ> {ÔèýÄæý$…
Ææÿ$-×ê-^èþÌŒý {糧óþ-ÔŒý-)& H¯èþ$Væü$, ç³#Í, Ðèþ$…_ ç³#Í, � A™èþÅ…™èþ ç³#Æ>™èþ¯èþ ÆðÿOÍ…f¯Œþ & òœÆÿ$$È MîüÓ¯Œþ 3. MøÌŒýMæü™èþ : çÜ$¿ê‹Ù ^èþ…{§æþ»Z‹Ü A…™èþÆ>j¡Äæý$ ÑÐèþ*
Væü$çßýË$ çÜ$¯èþ²³æ# Æ>Æÿ$$ °„óü´ëË$ MæüÆæÿVæüyæþ… ÐèþËÏ {ç³Mæü–† ArÒ Vóü§ðþË$, h…MæüË$, ¯éV>-´ë-Ðèþ$$, Mö…yæþ-_-Ë$Ðèþ � {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ A™èþÅ…™èþ ´÷yæþÐðþO¯èþ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ ´ëÏsŒý¸ëÐŒþ$&
íܧæþ®…V> HÆæÿµyézÆÿ$$. CÑ A¯óþMæü Ðèþ…§æþË HâæýÏ ¯èþ$…_ 16. ç³…^Œþ-Ðèþ$Çá Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, çßZçÙ…V>- ¯é{ÔèýÄæý$…
QÆæÿVŠüç³NÆŠÿ &933 Ò$
ç³Æ>ÅrMæü$˯èþ$ ÑÔóýçÙ…V> BMæüÇÛçÜ$¢¯é²Æÿ$$. ™èþÑ$âæý 4. ^ðþ¯ðþ•² : A¯é² A…™èþÆ>j¡Äæý$ ÑÐèþ*¯é{ÔèýÄæý$…
»ê§Šþ (Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-{ç³-§óþ-ÔŒý-)& Ððþ$$ÇVóü h…Mæü, ArÒ G§æþ$ª (»ñýO- � Ððþ$$rtÐðþ$$§æþsìý çÜ*ç³ÆŠÿ¸ë‹Üt GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü&Æ>f«§é°
¯éyæþ$ÌZ ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ç³ÆæÿÓ™é˯èþ$ ç³âæý°, kÐéÓ{¨, òÙÐèþÆ>ÄŒý$ çÜ-¯Œþ), ç³#Í, Ðèþ$^èþaË h…Mæü. 5.òßýO§æþÆ>»ê§Šþ: Æ>iÐŒþV>…«© A…™èþÆ>j¡Äæý$ ÑÐèþ*¯é
A° A… sêÆæÿ$. {ÔèýÄæý$…
17. ´ëËÐèþ˜ Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, yéËt-¯Œþ-Væü…gŒý � §óþÔèý…ÌZ¯óþ A†ò³§æþª ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ…™ðþ¯èþ MóüÆæÿâæýÌZ Cyæþç³ÍÏ
¯èþ§æþ$Ë$&ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ f¯èþÃÝ릯éË$ (½-à-ÆŠÿ-)& Ððþ$$ÇVóü h…Mæü, ç³#Í, H¯èþ$Væü$, h…Mæü, 6.AÐèþ$–™ŒþçÜÆŠÿ: Æ>gêÝë°Þ ÑÐèþ*¯é{ÔèýÄæý$…
¯èþ$…yìþ ÐèþËÏÆŠÿ糧æþÐŒþ$ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ °ÇÃ…^èþºyìþ…¨.
1. íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$&Væü…V>, {ºçßýÃç³#{™èþ, íÜ…«§æþ$, Æ>Ñ, ArÒ Ðèþ$Væü-ç³…¨ � ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ*Æ>YË °yìþÑ GMæü$PÐèþV> VæüË Æ>çÙ‰…&
{ç³ÝëÆæÿ Ý뫧æþ¯éË$
¼Äæý*‹Ü,çÜsñýÏgŒý, iË…, `¯é»Œý, {ºçßýóæ#{™èþ, M>ã, 18. ò³Ç-Äæý*ÆŠÿ Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, Cyæþ$MìüP (Móü- E™èþ¢Ææÿ{糧óþÔŒý ™èþ´ëÌê, sñýÍ{V>‹œ, sñý͸ù¯Œþ, ÐðþOÆŠÿÌñý‹Ü, ¸ëÅMŠüÞ, GË
¡Ýë¢, MøíÜ, Æ>…Væü…Væü, çÜÆæÿÄæý$$, VøÐèþ$†, çœ*{çœ$ Ææÿ-âæý-)& H¯èþ$Væü$, ç³#Í, Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z™èþ$, Ýë…»êÆŠÿ, GË$-Væü$- � ÆðÿOË$ Ðèþ*Æ>YË$ Ìô° Æ>Úë‰Ë$ & Ðóþ$çœ*ËÄæý$, íÜMìüP… [M>t°MŠü Ððþ$Æÿ$$ÌŒý Ððþ$$§æþÌñýO¯èþÑ §óþÔèý…ÌZ A† çÜÐèþ$Ææÿ¦
2. Ñ…«§éÅ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$&Äæý$Ðèþ$$¯èþ, ^èþ…ºÌŒý, »ñýsêÓ, Ýù¯óþ, º…sìý, ArÒ Ðèþ$Væü-ç³…¨, Ððþ$$ÇVóü h…Mæü � GÆÿ$$yŠþÞ ÆøVæü$Ë _Mìü™èþÞ AÐèþV>çßý¯èþ {ç³^éÆæÿ… MøçÜ… Ðèþ…™èþÐðþ$O¯èþ {ç³ÝëÆæÿÝ뫧æþ ¯éË$V> Eç³Äñý*Væüç³yæþ$™èþ$
§éÐðþ*§æþÆŠÿ, ¯èþÆæÿçæþ 19. ÆøàÏ gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆŠÿP, Mæü$Ë$ (íßý-Ðèþ*-^èþÌŒý {糧óþ-ÔŒý) ÆðÿyŠþ Ǻ¾¯Œþ GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü ¯èþ$ 2007ÌZ {´ëÆæÿ…À…^éÆæÿ$. ¯é²Æÿ$$. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü ™èþ´ëÌê M>Æ>ÅËÄæý*Ë$
3. ç³ÕaÐèþ$ Mæü¯èþ$Ðèþ$Ë$& Vø§éÐèþÇ, Mæü–Úë~, ò³¯é², M>ÐóþÇ, &{»o¯Œþ GË$-Væü$-º…sìý, MöÐèþ$$Ã-Ë$-VæüË h…Mæü, Ðèþ$…^èþ$ � MæüÆ>~rMæü ç³Æ>ÅrMæü {´ë…™éË çÜ…§æþÆæÿدèþMæü$ VøÌñýz¯Œþ VæüË ÐèþÅÐèþçܦ Ðèþ$¯èþ§óþÔèý…ÌZ E…¨. Ñ°Äñý*Væü§éÆæÿ$ËMæü$
ç³…º, ò³Ç Äæý*ÆŠÿ, ¯óþ{™é Ðèþ†, ÔèýÆ>Ðèþ† ç³#Í, Ðèþ$…^èþ$ ´ëÐèþ#Ææÿ…, Ðèþ$…^èþ$ Møyìþ-ç³#…k ^éÇÄæý$sŒý {´ëÆæÿ…À…^éÆæÿ$. ÑË$ÐðþO¯èþ õÜÐèþ˯èþ$ A…¨…^é˯óþ Ë„æüÅ…™ø BÆæÿ$
4. ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ Mæü¯èþ$ Ðèþ$Ë$& ¯éV>Ðèþã, Ðèþ…Ôèý«§éÆæÿ 20. íÜÑ$Ï´ëÌŒý Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…& H¯èþ$Væü$, � {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ ÆðÿOË$ ^èþ{M>Ëò³O HÆ>µr$ ^óþíܯèþ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ Ððþ${sZ´ëÍr¯Œþ ¯èþVæüÆ>˯èþ$ MæüË$³æ#™èþ* "Ððþ${sZbé¯èþÌŒý
gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆæÿ$PË$,Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìýçÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§éË$ ç³#Í, GWÆóÿ Eyæþ$™èþ. BçÜ$ç³{† & ÌñýO‹œÌñýO¯Œþ GMŠüÞ{ò³‹Ü çÜÈÓçÜ$', ¯èþ*ÅÉìþÎÏ° A°² Æ>f«§é¯èþ$Ë™ø MæüË$³æ#™èþ*
"Æ>f««§é° bé¯èþÌŒý', í³¯ŒþMøyŠþ Ðóþíܯèþ ÐéÅ´ëÆæÿ çÜ…º…«§æþÐðþ$O¯èþ
1. º…©-ç³NÆŠÿ gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆŠÿP, Ððþ$OçÜ*Ææÿ$(Mæü-Æ>²-r-Mæü-)& 21. ™èþyø»ê gê¡Äæý$ ´ëÆŠÿP, ^èþ…{§æþ-ç³NÆŠÿ (Ðèþ$-çßý-Æ>-çÙ‰-) {糫§é¯èþ ÆðÿOÌôýÓ MæüÆ>ÃV>Æ>Ë ÑÐèþÆ>Ë$
&ç³#Í, _…M>-Æ>, GË$-Væü$-º…sìý, Ðèþ$¯èþ$-»Z™èþ$, Ýë…»êÆŠÿ � _™èþ¢Ææÿ…f¯Œþ ÌZMøÐðþ*sìýÐŒþ ÐèþÆŠÿPüÞ&GË[MìütMŠü C…f¯èþ$Ï & E™èþ¢Æ>Ë MöÆæÿMæü$ {ç³™óþÅMæü "¼h¯ðþ‹Ü bé¯èþÌŒý'˯èþ$ {ç³ÐóþÔè
_Ææÿ$-™èþ-ç³#-Í, H¯èþ$Væü$, Ððþ$$ÇVóü h…Mæü, ¯éË$Væü$ fyæþË
22. ArÒ V>yìþ-§æþË Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, _¯èþ² ýò³sìýt…¨. Ý린Mæü E™èþ¢Æ>Ë ºsêÓyéMæü$ çÜ…º…«¨…_ JMæü
h…Mæüÿ, Ýë…»êÆŠÿ h…Mæü _™èþ¢Ææÿ…f¯Œþ
Æ>׊ý B‹³ Mæü^Œþ (Væü$-f-Æ>-™Œþ-)& ArÒ V>yìþ§æþ, ™øyóþË$, � C…sìý{VæüÌŒý Mø^Œþ ¸ëÅMæütÈ (»ZXË$, G.íÜ.Mø^ŒþË$)& {X¯Œþ bé¯èþÌŒý¯èþ$ Mæü*yé {ç³ÐóþÔèýò³sìýt…¨.
2. ÁÐŒþ$-º…§Šþ Ðèþ¯èþÅ-{´ë×ìý çÜ…Ææÿ-„æü×ý Móü…{§æþ…, Ðèþ*…íœ$ÆŠÿ
ªî¦ô¢Ù Ù17 ÎÞœ
áì÷J 2018- - „„ email:
ú£ªd 12,2019

ví£ÚÛ”Aö˺ áJ¸Þ ú£ï£°á ë]”Tyù£óŸ«öËμjì Ú¥ÙA, ÚÛí£±p-ö˺ Ú¥íƈ Óö° ÎJð¼êŸªÙC?

ëÅ]yE, Ñù£gÙ ÷ªì ëμjìÙCì @NêŸÙö˺ ÓÙêÁ
÷³Üuîμªiì ð§vêŸìª ð¼ù‡þ§hô³. Oæ¨ ÞœªJÙ#
ð¼æ© í£K¤ÛõÚÛª ú‡ë]ÌÄ÷ªó¶ªu ÍòÅ¡uô¢ª–õª
êŸí£pEú£JÞ¥ êμõªú£ªÚÁî¦L. ÏÙë]ªö˺ òÅ°ÞœÙÞ¥ šíjÚÛ-í£±pÚÛª Ú•CÌÞ¥ Ú¨Ùë]ÚÛª Í÷ª-ô¢ª-þ§hô¢ª.-
Ñù£gÙ, Ñÿ¼gvÞœêŸõ ÷ªëÅ]u ê¶è¯, Ñù£g ví£ú£ô¢é
í£ë]ÌÄ꟪õª, JêŸÞœ” ví£òÅ°÷Ù, ÞÁxñöËÀ î¦JtÙÞ Ñù£g NÚ¨-ô¢éÙ:- óŸ«-ìÚÛÙ Í÷-ú£ô¢Ù ö˶ÚÛªÙè¯ ÖÚÛ
ví£ë¶øŒÙ ìªÙ# ÷ªôÁ ví£ë¶-ø‹-EÚ¨ Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù áô¢-Þœ-è¯û¶o
êŸCêŸô¢ ÍÙø‹õìª ÍëÅ]uóŸªìÙ à¶óŸ«L. -cÑù£g NÚ¨-ô¢éÙe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- Ð ví£vÚ¨-óŸªö˺ Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù
à¦ö° î¶ÞœÙÞ¥ áô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙC.- DEÚ¨ óŸ«ìÚÛÙ Í÷-ú£ô¢Ù
Ñù£gÙ ö˶ë]ª.- ÖÚÛ-î¶üŒ óŸ«ìÚÛÙ ÑÙë]-ìª-ÚÛªÙç˶ ë¯E Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ
Ñù£gÙ:- î¶è… ÷ú£ªh÷± ìªÙ# àŸõxE ÷ú£ªh-÷±ÚÛª ví£÷-Ùචú‡–ô¢ÙÞ¥ ÑÙåªÙC.-
ÖÚÛ øŒÚ¨h ú£yô¢«í£Ù.- D ú£«ô¢ªuè… ìªÙ# Ñù£gÙ òÅ¡«NªÚ¨ à¶ô¢è[Ù ÖÚÛ Ñù£g
ví£÷«-é°õª:- â®öËÀ, ·Úö˺J NÚ¨-ô¢é ví£vÚ¨óŸª.- ú£«ô¢u- Ú¨-ô¢-é°õª øŒŠìuÙö˺ ÚÛ«è¯
1 ·Úö˺J = 4.186 â®öËÀ ví£óŸ«-é¨-þ§hô³.-
D ÖÚÛ ÷ú£ªh÷± óμ³ÚÛ\ Ñÿ§gEo ÍëÅ]u-óŸªì٠ඛú D ÷ªÙè[ª-꟪ìo â°yõÚÛª ë]Þœ_-ô¢Þ¥ Eõ-ñ-è…ì ÷uÚ¨hÚ¨ Ñù£g-
ø‹vþ§hEo -c·Úö˺-J-îμªvæ©e- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- Ñÿ§gEo -c·Úö˺J øŒÚ¨h NÚ¨-ô¢é í£ë]ÌÄ-Aö˺ ê¦ÚÛª-꟪ÙC.-
OªåôÂe- ë¯yô¦ Ú•õª-þ§hô¢ª.-
Ñ-ù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù -J-êŸ-Þœ” svUû ˽úÃz- ví£òÅ°÷Ù
D ·ôÙè[ª ÷ú£ªh-÷±õª ÖÚÛ-ë¯-E-Ú•-ÚÛæ¨ ê¦Ú۪꟫ Ñìo-
í£±pè[ª, î¶è… ÷ú£ªh÷± ìªÙ# àŸõxE ÷ú£ªh-÷±ÚÛª Ñù£g-
øŒÚ¨h ñCM Í÷±-꟪ÙC.- ·ôÙè[ª ÷ú£ªh-÷±õª Ö¸Ú îμàŸa-
ë]ìÙ öË¶ë¯ àŸõx-ë]ìÙ þ§–ô³Ú¨ ÷à¶a ÷ô¢ÚÛª Ñù£g-øŒÚ¨h
ñCM áJT Ñù£g ú£÷ª-ê¦-ú‡–-AE ð»Ùë]ª-ê¦ô³.-
Ñë¯:- ÖÚÛ ÞœCö˺ Ñìo ÷ú£ªh-÷±õª, Î ÞœCö˺ Ñìo
Þ¥LêÁ Ñù£g ú£÷ª-ê¦-ú‡–-Aö˺ ÑÙæ°ô³.- Ñë¯:- ñÙÞ¥ô¢Ù, îμÙè…, ô¦T, Íõ«u-Nª-EóŸªÙ,
Ïìª÷³, ð§ë]-ô¢ú£Ù ö°Ùæ¨ ö˺õª; vÞ¥šíÆjæÀ, Óšúj¬q, Ú¥E›údñªöËÀq
ô¢àŸô³êŸ Ú¥ÙvÚ©æÀ îμ³ë]-öËμj-ìN.-
D ö˺ö˺x Í꟪u-êŸh÷ª Ñù£g-î¦-ÚÛÙ îμÙè….-
Ñ-ù£g-ñÙ-ëÅ]-Ú¥õª:- Ñÿ§gEo êŸ÷ª ë¯yô¦ ví£÷-Ù-í£-F-óŸªE
í‡. òÅ°ìª ví£Ú¥ùà í£K¤Ûõ ví£ê¶uÚÛÙ
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª í£ë¯-ô¦–-õìª Ñù£g-ñÙ-ëÅ]-Ú¥õª ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.-
Ñë¯:- ÷váÙ, ð§xú‡dÚÂ, Þ¥V, í‡ÙÞ¥é©, Ú¥TêŸÙ, ë]«C, íƇ>ÚÛöËÀ šújûÂq
D Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù öË¶ë¯ Ñù£g NE-÷ªóŸªÙ ÷´è[ª Nëů- Ú•óŸªu, Òõª, ëÇ]ô¦t-ÚÁöËÀ.- ú£«ô¢u Ú¨ô¢-é°õª òÅ¡«Nªšíj ví£ú£-JÙ-#-ì-í£±pè[ª
D Þ¥L, ú£yàŸaÄ-îμªiì Fô¢ª ÍëÅ]÷ª Ñù£g-î¦--Ú¥õª.-
õªÞ¥ áô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙC.- ÍN:- àŸõìÙ ÷õx Ñù£gÙ ÖÚÛ ví£ë¶øŒÙ ìªÙ# ÷ªôÁ ví£ë¶-ø‹-EÚ¨
1) Ñù£g-÷-ìÙ 2) Ñù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ìÙ 3) Ñù£g-N-Ú¨-ô¢éÙ
òÅ¡«ÞÁüŒ Ñí£-J-êŸõÙ Ú•ÙêŸ Ñù£g-øŒ-Ú¨hE øËËÁù£éÙ à¶ú£ª-
D Òõª ë]ªú£ªhõª ÍëÅ]÷ª Ñù£g-î¦--Ú¥õª Ú¥÷è[Ù ÷õx
Ñ-ù£g-÷-ìÙ:- ÖÚÛ ÷ú£ªh-÷±-ö˺E Íéª-÷±õª öË¶ë¯ ÚÛé°õ
ví£þ§-ô¢-÷ª-÷-è¯Eo -cÑù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ìÙe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÍEo vë]÷ ÚÛªE, NªT-Lì Ñù£g-øŒ-Ú¨hE í£ô¦-ô¢ªé NÚ¨-ô¢é ô¢«í£Ùö˺
ÍN ÷ªì øŒK-ô¢Ù-ö˺E Ñÿ§gEo ñóŸª-åÚÛª ð¼E-÷y÷±.- sð§ë]-ô¢ú£Ù êŸí£pz, î¦óŸ³ í£ë¯-ô¦–ö˺x Ð í£ë]ÌÄA ë¯yô¦û¶ AJT î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢-éÙ-ö˺ڨ í£ô¦-÷-ô¢hìÙ àμÙC-ú£ªhÙC.-
D ô¢Ùí£í£± ð»åªd ÍëÅ]÷ª Ñù£g-î¦-ÚÛÙ Ú¥÷è[Ù ÷õx
þ§–û¦Ù-êŸô¢ àŸõìÙ ö˶ÚÛªÙè¯ áJ¸Þ Ñù£g-ví£-þ§-ô¦Eo -cÑù£g- Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù áô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙC.- Ð ví£vÚ¨-óŸªö˺ ÚÛ«è¯ Ñù£g- î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢-éÙ-ö˺E Ú¥ô¢(û èËμj ηÚj¬qèÂ, OªëǶûÂ,
÷-ìÙe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÍEo íÆ£ªìí£ë¯-ô¦–õª, vë]÷-ú‡–-Aö˺ ÷ªÙàŸª-÷³-ÚÛ\-õìª ô¢Ùí£í£± ð»åªdêÁ ÚÛí£±p-ê¦ô¢ª.- ví£-þ§ô¢Ù Îõ-ú£uÙÞ¥ áô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙC.- Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù áJ-T-ì- Fæ¨-Î-NJ, ×â˺ûÂ, ÚÁxôÁ-ðƼx-ôÁ-Ú¥-ô¢(ûÂõª #ìo-êμ-ô¢ö°
D àŸL-Ú¥-õÙö˺ ·ôÙè[ª ô¢Þœª_õª ÚÛí£±p-ÚÁ-÷è[Ù ë¯yô¦
Ñìo ð§ë]-ô¢-ú£Ùö˺ Ð ví£vÚ¨óŸª ë¯yô¦ Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù áô¢ª- í£±pè[ª óŸ«ìÚÛÙ óμ³ÚÛ\ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ šíô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙC.-
D Fæ¨E î¶è…-à¶-ú‡-ì-í£±pè[ª Ñù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ìÙ ë¯yô¦ Ñù£gÙ
Þœª-꟪ÙC.- Ð í£ë]ÌÄ-Aö˺ Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù ûμ÷ªt-CÞ¥ áô¢ª- í£ô¦-ô¢ªé NÚ¨-ô¢-é°-õìª Íè[ª“-Ú•E òÅ¡«Nª îμjí£±- í£Ùí‡-
Þœª-꟪ÙC.- Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù á-ô¢ªÞœªêŸªìo-í£±pè[ª óŸ«ìÚÛÙ î¦æ¨ ÷ªëÅ]uö˺ Ñìo Þ¥L sÍëÅ]÷ª Ñù£g-î¦-ÚÛÙz þ§hô³.- êŸë¯yô¦ òÅ¡«Ñ-í£-J-êŸõÙ î¶èËμ-ÚÛª\-꟪ÙC.-
Ñÿ§gEo ñóŸª-åÚÛª ð¼E-÷y-ÚÛªÙè¯ Ú¥ð§-è[ª-꟪ÙC.- ví£ú£-J-ú£ªhÙC.-
D ÚÛí£±p-ö˺E Ú¥íƈ Ñÿ§gEo ÚÁö˺pó¶ª ví£vÚ¨óŸª Ñù£g-ú£Ù-÷-
Dû¶o -cJ-êŸ-Þœ” ví£òÅ°÷Ùe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.-
D Óú‡\-îμ«õª ÍA QêŸõ Ú¥õÙö˺ ÷ªÙàŸªêÁ ÚÛæ¨dì -
óμ³ÚÛ\ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ šíô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙC.-
D ÷Ùå-ð§-vêŸõª î¶èËμ-ÚÛ\-è¯-EÚ¨ Ú¥ô¢éÙ Ñù£g-÷-ìÙ.- ìÙ.- ú£ï£°-á-ú‡ë]ÌÄ vUûÂ-˽úà íÆ£LêŸÙ Ú¥ô¢-éÙÞ¥ òÅ¡«Ñ-í£-
D Ïìªí£ ÚÛ膓E ÖÚÛ #÷ô¢ î¶è…-ඛúh ·ôÙèÁ #÷ô¢ ÚÛ«è¯
cÏÞœ«xõªe- Íû¶ ÏüŒxö˺x E÷-ú‡-þ§hô¢ª.- ÷ªÙàŸªö˺ #ÚÛª\- J-êŸõÙ î¶è…Þ¥ ÑÙè…, òÅ¡«ÞÁüŒÙ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœ-êŸìª ÔüŒx êŸô¢-
ÚÛªìo Þ¥L Ñù£g-ñÙ-ëÅ]-ÚÛÙÞ¥ í£E-à¶ú£«h, ÏÞœ«x ö˺í£L ñè… ú‡–ô¢ÙÞ¥ ÑÙàŸ-Þœ-õª-Þªœ -꟪ÙC.- vUûÂ-˽úà î¦óŸ³-÷±-
D òÅ¡«í£-÷-û¦õª, ú£÷³vë] í£÷-û¦õª Ôô¢p-è[-æ°-EÚ¨ öËμjì Ú¥ô¢(û èËμj ηÚj¬qè í£J-÷«éÙ 0.03 ø‹êŸÙ
î¶èËμ-ÚÛ\è[Ù, Íô¢-à¶-Aö˺ Ñìo ÷ªÙàŸª ÷³ÚÛ\ ÚÛJ-T-ð¼- Ñÿ¼g-vÞœ-êŸìª ñóŸª-æ¨-ÚÛÙç˶ ÓÚÛª\÷ ÑÙè˶ö° à¶ú£ªhÙC.-
÷è[Ù, î¶è… vë]÷Ùö˺ úˆdõª àμÙঠÑÙ#-ì-í£±pè[ª ÍC
î¶èËμ-ÚÛ\-è¯-EÚ¨ Ú¥ô¢éÙ Ñù£g-÷-ìÙ.- ëÇ]-ô¦túà ðƧxúÃ\:- ëÇ]-ô¦túà ðƧxúÃ\ö˺ ñóŸªæ¨, ö˺í£L ÞÁè[õ Ú¥ô¢éÙ Ñù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ìÙ.- ÚÛÙç˶ ÓÚÛª\-÷Þ¥ Ñìo-åx-ô³ê¶ ú£ï£°á vUûÂ-˽úÃ
D î¶è… Ïwúˆh šíçËμd ìªÙ# ë]ªú£ªh-õÚÛª Ñù£g-ví£-þ§ô¢Ù Ñù£g-
÷ªëÅ]u Þœõ øŒŠìuêŸ ÷õx Ñù£g-÷-ìÙ, Ñù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ìÙ D ð»Þœ Þ•æ°dõª, #Oªoõª, îμÙæ¨-ö˶-åô¢ªx ö°Ùæ¨N Ñù£g- ú£÷ª-ê½-õuêŸ ú£Ù¤Á-òÅ°-EÚ¨ Þœªô¢-÷±-꟪ÙC.- DE íÆ£L-
ë¯yô¦ áJ¸Þ Ñù£g ví£þ§-ô¦Eo Þœé-F-óŸªÙÞ¥ êŸT_ú£«h ú£Ù-÷-ì ëÅ]ô¢tÙ Îëů-ô¢Ù-Þ¥û¶ í£E-à¶-þ§hô³.- ÞœCö˺ êŸÙÞ¥ òÅ¡«Nª ú£Þœåª Ñÿ¼g-vÞœ-êŸõª šíô¢ªÞœªêŸ«
÷-ìÙ ë¯yô¦ áô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙC.-
Ñù£g-î¦--Ú¥õª:- Ñÿ§gEo êŸ÷ª ë¯yô¦ ví£þ§ô¢Ù ඛú
ö˺í£L vë]î¦Eo ÓÚÛª\÷ ú£÷ªóŸªÙ î¶è…Þ¥ ÑÙàŸª-꟪ÙC.- ÑÙæ°ô³.- Dû¶o -cÞÁxñöËÀ î¦JtÙÞÂe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.-
Ñ-ù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ìÙ:- ÖÚÛ ÷ú£ªh-÷±-ö˺E ÚÛé°õ þ§–û¦Ù-êŸô¢
Ñìo î¶è…-Þ¥L Ñù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ìÙ ë¯yô¦ ñóŸª-åÚÛª
ví£÷-Ù-à¶Ù-ë]ªÚÛª OõªÞ¥ îμÙæ¨-ö˶-å-ô¢xìª ÞœC-ö˺E Ñù£g QêŸõ ví£ë¶-ø‹ö˺x ð§ô¢-ë]-ô¢)-ÚÛ-îμªiì Þ¥VêÁ
í£ë¯-ô¦–-õìª Ñù£g-î¦--Ú¥õª ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÷´ú‡ì vUûÂ-˽-úÃ-õû¶ ví£ë¶-ø‹ö˺x í£±÷±yõª, ÚÛ«ô¢-Þ¥-
óŸªõª, í£Ùè[x îμ³ÚÛ\-õìª šíÙàŸª-ê¦ô¢ª.- vUûÂ-˽úÃ
Ñ-ÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ þ§hô¢ª.- Òô¢–¬y, ÍëÇÁ ú‡–ô¢ Nõª-÷õ ÷ªëÅ]u ê¶è¯ìª 180 5 5
C =  (F  32) =  (103  32)
Eô¦t-éÙö˺ Ñí£-óμ«-TÙ-#ì Þ¥V ú£«ô¢u-ô¢-PtE
ú£÷ª-òÅ°-Þ¥-õªÞ¥ NòÅ¡->Ù-à¦ô¢ª.- ví£A ú£÷ª-òŰޜ٠1qF 9 9 ˽úÃö˺ ELí‡ ÑÙ# ÷ªæ¨dÚ¨, îμ³ÚÛ\-õÚÛª î¶è…E
=  (71)
Í÷±-꟪ÙC.- ÍÙCÙàŸÞœõªÞœªêŸªÙC.-
D ÖÚÛ ÷ú£ªh÷± óμ³ÚÛ\ àŸõx-ë]ìÙ öË¶ë¯ îμàŸa-ë]ìÙ ·Ú-Lyû Ñÿ¼g-vÞœ-ê¦-÷«ìÙ:- DEo ·ÚLyû ví£A-ð§-CÙ- 9 D òÅ¡«ÞÁüŒÙ î¶èËμ-ÚÛ\è[Ù Íû¶C Ñù£g-÷-ìÙ,
ÍÙç˶ Ñù£g-B-v÷-êŸìª Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- à¦ô¢ª.- ·ÚLy-ûÂ-÷«-ìÙö˺ ÍëÇÁ ú‡–ô¢-þ§–-û¦Eo (273.15 = 39.44qC
Ñù£gú£Ù-÷-ìÙ, Ñù£g-N-Ú¨-ô¢é í£ë]ÌÄ-꟪ö˺x
K) êÁ, Òô¢–¬y ú‡–ô¢-þ§–-û¦Eo (373.15 K) êÁ ú£«#- D šúLq-óŸªúÃ, ðƧô¢-ûÂ-æÀ ví£÷«-é°õª -40q Kè…ÙÞ áô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ÙC.-
šúLq-óŸªúà öË¶ë¯ šúÙæ¨-v¸Þè (qC), ðƧô¢-ûÂ-æÀ (qF), þ§hô¢ª.- Òô¢–¬y, ÍëÇÁ ú‡–ô¢ Nõª-÷õ ÷ªëÅ]u ê¶è¯ìª ÷ë]Ì ú£÷«-ìÙÞ¥ ÑÙæ°ô³.- D ô¦T ð§vêŸ sÑù£g-î¦-ÚÛÙzö˺ î¶è… vë]î¦Eo EÙí‡
·ÚLyû (K).- 100 ú£÷ ª-òÅ°-Þ¥-õªÞ¥ NòÅ¡->Ù-à¦ô¢ª.- ví£A ú£÷ ª-òŰޜ٠40qC = 40qF
šú-Lq-óŸªúà Ñÿ¼g-vÞœ-ê¦-÷«ìÙ:- DEo šúLq-óŸªúà ví£î¶-øŒ- šú-Lq-óŸªúÃ, ·ÚLyû ví£÷«-é°õ ÷ªëÅ]u ú£ÙñÙëÅ]Ù:-
àμÚÛ\ ñõx sÑù£g-ñÙ-ëÅ]ÚÛÙzšíj ÑÙ#-ì-í£±pè[ª, Î
1 K Í÷±-꟪ÙC.-
šúLq-óŸªúÃ, ðƧô¢-ûÂ-æÀ, ·ÚLyû ví£÷«-é°õ ÷ªëÅ]u
vë]÷Ù í£J-ú£-ô¦-ö˺xE Þ¥L ÷õx Ñù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ì
ší-æ°dô¢ª.- šúLq-óŸªúà ÷«ìÙö˺ ÍëÇÁ-ú‡–ô¢ þ§–û¦Eo K = (qC + 273.15)
í£ë]ÌÄA ë¯yô¦ î¶è…E ÚÁö˺pô³ àŸõx-ñ-è[ª-꟪ÙC.-
÷ªÙàŸª vë]O-òÅ¡-÷ì þ§–ìÙ (0qC) êÁ, Òô¢–¬y ú‡–ô¢ Ñë¯:- ÷ªÙàŸª vë]O-òÅ¡-÷ì þ§–ìÙ = 0qC D î¶è… vë]÷Ù ÚÛL-Tì ô¦T ð§vêŸìª Ïìªí£ ñõx
þ§–û¦Eo Fô¢ª ÷ªJ-¸Þ-þ§–ìÙ (100qC)êÁ ú£«#-þ§hô¢ª.- C  0 F  32 K  273.15 = 0 + 273.15 = 273.15 K
 =  = 
sÑù£g-î¦-ÚÛÙzšíj ÑÙ#-ì-í£±pè[ª Ñù£g-÷-ìÙ,
Òô¢–¬y, ÍëÇÁ ú‡–ô¢ Nõª-÷õ ÷ªëÅ]u ÑÙè˶ ê¶è¯ìª 100 100 180 100 Fô¢ª ÷ªJ¸Þ þ§–ìÙ = 100qC Ñù£g-ú£Ù-÷-ìÙ ví£vÚ¨-óŸªõ ë¯yô¦ Ñÿ§gEo
ú£÷ª-òÅ°-Þ¥-õªÞ¥ NòÅ¡->Ù-à¦ô¢ª.- ví£A ú£÷ª-òŰޜ٠1qC šú-Lq-óŸªúÃ, ðƧô¢-ûÂ-æÀ ví£÷«-é°õ ÷ªëÅ]u = 100 + 273.15 = 373.15 K
ÚÁö˺pô³ àŸõx-ñ-è[ª-꟪ÙC.-
Í÷±-꟪ÙC.- ú£ÙñÙëÅ]Ù:- D ìõxE í£²êŸ ÷ªÙ# Ñù£g-øË Á-ù£ÚÛÙ Ú¥ñæ¨d ÷Ùå
ðƧ-ô¢-ûÂ-æÀ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœ-ê¦-÷«ìÙ:- DEo è….->.- ðƧô¢-ûÂ-æÀ 5
í£-ô¢÷ª øŒŠìu Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ (Absolute Zero tempera-
C =  (F  32) ture) = 273qC = 0 K
ð§vêŸ-õÚÛª ìõxæ¨ ô¢ÙÞœª í£²þ§hô¢ª.- ô¦T àŸ÷·Újì,
ví£î¶-øŒ-ší-æ°dô¢ª.- ðƧô¢-ûÂ-æÀ ÷«ìÙö˺ ÍëÇÁ ú‡–ô¢-þ§–- 9
Ñë¯:- ÖÚÛ ôÁT øŒKô¢ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ 103qF Íô³ê¶ šúLq- 36.9q
ÑêŸh÷ª Ñù£g-î¦-ÚÛÙ Ú¥ñæ¨d ÷Ùå-ð§-vêŸõ
û¦Eo ÷ªÙàŸª vë]O-òÅ¡-÷ì þ§–ìÙ (32qF) êÁ, Òô¢–¬y ÎôÁ-Þœu-÷Ù-꟪-èËμjì ÷«ì-÷±è… øŒKô¢ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ
C öË¶ë¯ 98.4qF öË¶ë¯ ú£ª÷«ô¢ª 310 K.
Íè[ªÞœª òÅ°Þ¥Eo ô¦TêÁ êŸóŸ«-ô¢ª- à¶óŸªè[Ù ÷õx
ú‡–ô¢ þ§–û¦Eo Fô¢ª ÷ªJ¸Þ þ§–ìÙ (212qF) êÁ ú£«#- óŸªúà ví£÷«-éÙö˺ ÍêŸè… øŒKô¢ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ ÓÙêŸ? Ñù£gÙ ÔÚÛ-K-AÞ¥ ÍÙë]ª-꟪ÙC.
Þœªô¢ªî¦ô¢Ù 17 áì÷J 2019 - „ email:

-î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢é æÀ þ§pæÀ ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨? á:- ú£Þœåª Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ, ÷ô¢{-ð§êŸÙ ú£yô¢«-ð§ö˺x ûμ÷ªt-CÞ¥
àÁåª-à¶-ú£ª-ÚÛªû¶ ÷«ô¢ªpõª òÅ¡N-ù£u-꟪hö˺ ví£áõ @÷ì
ví£÷«-é°-õšíj Óö°Ùæ¨ ví£A-ÚÛ«õ ví£òÅ°-î¦Eo àŸ«í£±-
ê¦óμ« êμL-›íë¶ -c-cî¦ê¦-÷-ô¢é æÀ þ§pæÀe-e-. àŸªåªd-
ÚÛÙç˶, ë]Þœ_-ô¢Þ¥ Ñìo ͤ¥Ù-ø‹õ ÷ë]Ì î¶è…-B-v÷êŸ ÓÚÛª\-÷Þ¥ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- í£-ÚÛ\õ vð§Ùê¦õ ÚÛÙç˶ ÏÚÛ\è[ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ ÍCÅ-ÚÛÙÞ¥
ÑÙåªÙC.- òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒÙ ú£ª÷«-ô¢ªÞ¥ 8q n -37q ÑêŸhô¢ ÷«ì-÷±è˶ Ú¥ô¢éÙ ÍE àμ›íp ÍÙø‹õª:-
òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒ QêÁù£g-ú‡–A
ÑÙåªÙC.- 2050 û¦æ¨Ú¨ ÷ªëÅ]u òÅ°ô¢êŸÙ ÍÙêŸæ°
H ð§J-vø‹-Nª-Ú©-ÚÛ-ô¢-é-Ù ÷õx ÎJ–ÚÛ ÷u÷ú£– ñö˺-›íêŸÙ
Nù£-óŸ«-÷-Þ¥-ì- ͤ¥Ù-ø‹õ ÷ªëÅ]u ÑÙC.- òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶-ø‹Eo ÚÛô¢\-å-¸ôÜ ÏÙàŸª- î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢é æÀ-þ§p-æÀõª êŸóŸ«-ô¢-÷±-ê¦-óŸªE Eí£±-
ví£:- ÎÙvëÅ]-ví£-ë¶øËÂ, êμõÙ-Þ¥-é-ö˺ þ§–E-ÚÛÙÞ¥ í‡Lච-c-÷«Nªè…
NªÙàŸª ·ôÙè[ª ú£÷ª-òÅ°-Þ¥-õªÞ¥ à¶ú£ªhÙC.- ÚÛô¢\-å-¸ôÜ éªõª àμñª-꟪-û¦oô¢ª.-
ví£:- òÅ¡«ÞÁüŒÙ î¶èËμ-ÚÛ\-è¯Eo êŸT_Ù-àŸ-è¯-EÚ¨ Ú•Eo àŸô¢u-õìª
ë]¤¨évð§ÙêŸÙ Ñù£g-÷ªÙ-è[-õÙ-ö˺, ÑêŸh-ô¢-vð§ÙêŸÙ ú£÷ª-Q-êÁù£g Í÷-è[ Ú¥ÚÛªÙè¯ ÷«ì-÷±è[ª Nö°-ú£-÷Ù-êŸ-îμªiì
áõªxõª-e- ë¶EÚ¨ Ñí£-óμ«-Þœ-í£-è[-ê¦ô³? s1 ÷«.z
á:- òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒ Dyí£-ÚÛõp vð§ÙêŸÙö˺ ÷«Nªè…, ÏêŸô¢ í£Ùè[ªx
÷ªÙè[-õÙ-ö˺ Ñû¦oô³.- Ïö° ͤ¥Ù-ø‹õª òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒ QêÁ- ú£«#Ù-àŸÙè….- s2 ÷«.-z
ù£g-ú‡–-AE ví£òÅ°-NêŸÙ à¶ú£ªh-û¦oô³.- á:- îμ³ÚÛ\õª û¦æ¨ î¦æ¨E ú£Ùô¢¤¨Ù-à¦L.-
êŸyô¢Þ¥ í£Ùè[-æ°-EÚ¨ Ð î¦ìõª ëÁ-ë]-í£-è[-ê¦ô³.- òÅ¡«NªÚ¨ Fæ¨Ú¨ Þœõ ú£ÙñÙëÅ]Ù:- òÅ¡«NªêÁ ð¼L›úh H Íè[-÷±õ ìJ-Ú¨-î¶êŸìª Eô¢«tLÙà¦L. ÚÛõí£ ñë]ªõª
ví£:- QêÁ-ù£g-ú‡–-AÚ¨, î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢-é°-EÚ¨ ÷ªëÅ]u òÅ˶ë]Ù ÔNªæ¨? ú£÷³vë]Ù à¦ö° Eë¯-ìÙÞ¥ î¶èËμ-ÚÛª\-꟪ÙC, àŸõx-ñ-è[ª- ví£ê¦u-÷«oóŸª Ôô¦påªx àŸ«ú£ª-ÚÁ-î¦L.-
H Pö°á ÏÙëÅ]ì î¦ï£°-û¦õ NE-óμ«ÞœÙ êŸT_Ù-à¦L.-
s1 ÷«.z ꟪ÙC.- ë]¤¨é òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒÙ ÷´è[ª-îμj-í£±ö° Fæ¨êÁ Î÷-JÙ-
á:- H ÖÚÛ vð§ÙêŸÙö˺ ÖÚÛ EJÌù£d Ú¥ö°-EÚ¨ àμÙCì # ÑÙåªÙC.- ÍÙë]ª÷õx Ð ÍÙøŒÙ QêÁ-ù£g-ú‡–-AE ví£òÅ°- þ§ÙíƇªÚÛø‹ú£YÙ
H ÷uÚ¨hÞœêŸ î¦ï£°û¦õ î¦è[ÚÛÙ êŸT_Ùà¦L.
NêŸ÷ªó¶ªuö° à¶ú£ªhÙC.-
òÅ®ÞÁ-RÚÛ ú£yô¢«í£Ù:- ÖÚÛ ví£ë¶-øŒ- QêÁ-ù£g-ú‡–-AE Î ví£ë¶øŒ H êŸÚÛª\÷ ë]«ô¦-õÚÛª šújÚ¨-üŒxìª NE-óμ«-TÙ-à¦L.-
ú£«ô¢u-ô¢Pt, Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ, î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢é íˆè[ìÙ, í£÷- @÷ì Nëů-û¦-EÚ¨ Íõ-î¦-åª- í£-诓è[ª.- Íë¶ ú£÷ª-
û¦õª, Îwô¢ÌêŸ, íÆ£«õª, Í÷-ð§êŸÙ ö°Ùæ¨
H JvíƇ->-¸ô-åôÂq, Ôúˆõ î¦è[ÚÛÙ êŸT_Ù#, ÏêŸô¢ ÷«ô¦_-
óŸªÙö˺ ÚÛÙæ¨Ú¨ ÚÛE-í‡Ù-àŸE øŒv꟪-÷±ö° î¦óŸ³-Ú¥-
ÍÙø‹õ ú‡–AE î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢éÙ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- Ó꟪h- ÚÛ«è¯ ví£òÅ°-NêŸÙ à¶ú£ªhÙC.- ú£÷³vë] ÷ªådÙ ìªÙ#
õªù£uÙ Íû¶ÚÛ ë¶ø‹ö˺x î¦uí‡Ù-#ÙC.- íÆ£L-êŸÙÞ¥
H þ§ëů-ô¢-éÙÞ¥ ÖÚÛ Nø‹-õ-îμªiì vð§ÙêŸÙö˺ ÷³šíj¬p Ó꟪hÚÛª îμü™x Ú•DÌ Ñÿ¼g-vÞœêŸ êŸÞœª_-꟪ÙC.- òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶-øŒÙ-ö˺E
òÅ¡«ê¦í£Ù šíJ-TÙC.-
õìª ÓÙàŸª-ÚÁ-î¦L.-
H Pö°á ÏÙëÅ]-û¦õìª sšívæ˺ ÑêŸp-꟪hõªz ÍCÅ-ÚÛÙÞ¥
öË¶ë¯ ÍÙêŸ-ÚÛÙç˶ ÓÚÛª\÷ ú£Ù÷-êŸq-ô¦õ ð§åª Ö¸Ú NNëÅ] ô¢Ú¥õ òÅ®ÞÁ-RÚÛ ú£yô¢«-ð§õ Ú¥ô¢-éÙÞ¥ QêÁ-ù£g-ú‡–- ví£øŒÙú£/- ÍGÅ-ìÙ-ë]ìn- ú£ªEo-êŸêŸyÙ
ví£:- òÅ¡«ÞÁ-üŒÙšíj î¶è…E êŸT_Ù-àŸ-è¯-EÚ¨ ví£á-õìª àμjêŸ-ìu-
ô¢ÚÛÙÞ¥ ÚÛE-í‡Ù-චî¦ê¦-÷-ô¢é í£J-ú‡–-꟪-õìª QêÁ-ù£g- Aö˺ ÷«ô¢ªpõª ÚÛEí‡-ú£ªh-û¦oô³.- ÷«-õ-óŸ«ö˺x ÷ªÙàŸª,
NE-óμ«-TÙ-àŸè[Ù ÷õx -ÚÛô¢(ì Ñë¯_-ô¦õª ÍêŸu-CÅ-
ú‡–A ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- î¶ú£N Nè[ªë]ªõª; ë]ÚÛ\û íˆôÈ¢-òÅ¡«-Nªö˺ ÷ô¢{-à¦aÄóŸª ví£ë¶-
ÚÛÙÞ¥ Nè[ª-ë]öËμj òÅ¡«ÞÁüŒÙ î¶èËμ-ÚÛª\-꟪ÙC.- í£ô¢ªú£«h ·ôÙè[ª Eû¦-ë¯õª ô¦óŸªÙè….- s1 ÷«.-z
H ÷uÚ¨h-ÞœêŸ î¦ï£°-û¦õª ò°Þ¥ šíJ-Þ¥ô³.-
á:- -à¶ô³ à¶ô³ ÚÛõª-í£±ë¯Ù n- òÅ¡«Nª òÅ¡Þœ-òÅ¡-Þœõª Îí£±ë¯Ù
ø‹õª Ôô¢p-è[-æ°-EÚ¨ Ð òÅ®ÞÁ-RÚÛ ú£yô¢«-ð§ö˶ Ú¥ô¢éÙ.-
î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢-éÙö˺ Ñí£-J-êŸõ Þ¥L ví£ú£-ô¢é:-- òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒ
H ú£ï£°á ÷ì-ô¢ª-õìª Ïÿ§d-ìª-þ§ô¢ÙÞ¥ NEóμ«Tú£ªh-
ô¢àŸô³êŸ QêÁ-ù£gú‡–-AE Ñí£-J-êŸõ î¦óŸ³ ví£î¦-õª sâËμæÀ ví£î¦- H Pö°á ÏÙëÅ]û¦õ î¦è[ÚÛÙ êŸT_ÙàŸª n- ÷«ì-î¦RE
õªz ÚÛ«è¯ ví£òÅ°-NêŸÙ à¶þ§hô³.- 25q ÑêŸhô¢ ͤ¥ÙøŒÙ
û¦oô¢ª.- ô¢¤¨ÙàŸª
H Ú¥T-êŸÙ -ìªÙ# ÚÛü™-ñô¢Ù ÷ô¢ÚÛª ñ-ô¢ÙÞœ ví£ë¶-ø‹ö˺x
ò˹Nªtè… û¦ô¦óŸªéô¦÷±
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª ÷ë]Ì êŸ«ô¢ªp âËμæÀ -ví£-î¦ï£°Ù Ôô¢p-è[ª-꟪ÙC.- Ð àŸõx-ñè˶
ví£vÚ¨óŸª Ú¥ô¢-éÙÞ¥ ÍÚÛ\-è[ªìo íÆ£«õª ÷J{-þ§hô³.-
ví£:- -QêÁù£gú‡–A Ú¥ô¢-Ú¥õª ÍE î¶æ¨E ÍÙæ°ô¢ª? N÷-JÙ- H àμêŸhìª ÓÚÛ\-è[-í£-è…ê¶ ÍÚÛ\è[ Ú¥ö˶a-ú£ªh-û¦oô¢ª.-
÷³Üu-îμªiì ví£øŒoõª
H NàŸ¤Û-é° -ô¢--êŸÙÞ¥ Íè[-÷±-õìª ìJ¸Úú£ªh-û¦oô¢ª.-
ð§ôȦuÙ-ø‹Eo àŸCN Íô¢–Ù à¶ú£ª-ÚÛªE î¦uÝ°u-EÙ-àŸè[Ù H ·Újx-÷«-æ˺-vÞ¥íÆÃõ ë¯yô¦ ÔÙ àŸ«í‡Ù-àŸ-÷àŸªa.-
ví£:- -còÅ¡«Nª ÍTo-ÞÁ-üŒÙÞ¥ ÷«ô¢è¯-EÚ¨ ÷«ì-÷±è˶ Ú¥ô¢-
àŸÙè…. s4 ÷«.z
á:- QêÁ-ù£g-ú‡–-AE ví£òÅ°-NêŸÙ ඛú ÍÙø‹-õìª -QêÁ-ù£g-ú‡–A ú£÷ª-Ú¥-Mì ÍÙø‹-õšíj ví£A-ú£pÙ-ë]ìn- ví£PoÙ-àŸè[Ù s1 ÷«.-z
ví£:- Ð ÷ªëÅ]u-Ú¥-õÙö˺ ÎÙvëÅ]-ví£-ë¶-øËšíj ÚÛûμovô¢ à¶ú‡ì H
ÚÛªè[ªe--. î¦uÝ°u-EÙ-àŸÙè….- s4 ÷«.-z
á:- ð§J-vø‹-NªÚÛ Ní£x÷Ù êŸô¢ª-î¦êŸ òÅ¡«Nª î¶èËμ-ÚÛ\-è¯-EÚ¨
Ú¥ô¢-Ú¥õª- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÍN:- ͤ¥Ù-ø‹õª, òÅ¡«NªÚ¨, Fæ¨Ú¨ õ« í£-÷û¦õª ÍE î¶æ¨E ÍÙæ°ô¢ª? s1 ÷«.-z
Þœõ ú£ÙñÙëÅ]Ù, òÅ®ÞÁ-RÚÛ ú£yô¢«í£Ù, î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢-éÙ-ö˺E ô¢ªêŸª í£÷-û¦-ô¢ÙòÅ¡Ù ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨? s1 ÷«.-z
Ñí£-J-êŸõ Þ¥L ví£ú£-ô¢é.- ·ôÙè[ª ꟪ð§-ìx ›íô¢xìª ô¦óŸªÙè….- s1 ÷«.-z
Ú¥ô¢éÙ ÷«ì÷ àŸô¢uö˶.- ví£ú£ªhêŸÙ òÅ¡«Nª î¶èËμ-ÚÛ\-
ͤ¥Ù-ø‹õª:- òÅ¡«÷ª-ëÅ]u-¸ô-ÜÚÛª ë]«ô¢ÙÞ¥ Ñìo ͤ¥Ù-ø‹õ
òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶-øŒÙ-ö˺E ô¢ªêŸª-í£-÷ì ÷u÷ú£– ÞœªJÙ#
âË:- šíëǯóÀª, ABx ꟪ð§-ìªx.-
ví£:- -cî¦ê¦-÷-ô¢é æÀ þ§pæÀe- ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨? s1 ÷«.-z
æ°Eo -c÷«ì÷ Ú¥ô¢-éÙÞ¥ òÅ¡«Nª- î¶-èËμ-ÚÛ\è[Ùe ô¦óŸªÙè….- s2 ÷«.-z
(AGW - Anthropagenic Global Warming)
l l
Ú¨ô¢é ë]”ø‹- ø‹ú£YÙ
þ§-ëů-ô¢-éÙÞ¥ ë]ô¢p-é°õª, ÚÛå-Ú¥õ ÷õx Ôô¢pè˶ ví£AGÙ- ë]ô¢pé ú£OªÚÛô¢é°Eo Ñê¦pC›úh..!
ò°-õìª EêŸu-@-N-êŸÙö˺ ÷ªìÙ Þœ÷ª-E-ú£«hû¶ ÑÙæ°Ù.-
Ú•Eo ë]ô¢p-é°õª ÷ú£ªh÷± í£J-÷«-é°-EÚ¨ ú£÷«-ì-îμªiì
꟪ÙC.- õÙñÙêÁ í£êŸ-ì-Ú¨-ô¢é٠ඛú-ÚÁéÙ T Íô³ê¶ H- ÷ú£ªh÷± óμ³ÚÛ\ Ú•ì B ìªÙ# ví£ëů-û¦¤¥-E-Ú¨ ú£÷«Ù- PM AB
ví£A-GÙ-ò°Eo Ôô¢p-J›úh, ÷ªJ-Ú•Eo #ìo-Þ¥ öË¶ë¯ šíë]Ì-Þ¥ 'PFM ìªÙ# tan D=  =  (PM = AB)
Ôô¢p-ô¢ª-þ§hô³.- çËμL-þ¼\í£± ö°Ùæ¨ í£J-ÚÛ-ô¦-ö˺x ë]«ô¢ÙÞ¥ í£ô¦-÷-ô¢hì Ú¨ô¢éÙ ÚÛ«è¯ ÍÙê¶ ÚÁéÙ à¶ú£ªhÙC.- Íí£±pè[ª êŸ-ô¢ÙÞ¥ îμRx ë]ô¢p-éÙšíj M ÷ë]Ì í£êŸ-ì-îμªiì Ú¨ô¢éÙ FP FP
‘MCN = T Í-÷±-꟪ÙC.- ÏÚÛ\è[ T ú£yõp-ÚÁ-é°-õÚÛª û¦GÅ F ë¯yô¦ í£ô¦-÷-ô¢hìÙ àμÙë]ª-꟪ÙC.- A'B' A'B'
'A'FB' tan D=  = 
ÑÙè˶ ÷ú£ªh-÷±-õìª ë]Þœ_-ô¢-Þ¥, îμªivÚÁ-þ¼\í£± ö°Ùæ¨ î¦æ¨ö˺x ìªÙ#
ú£«¤Ût-îμªiì ÚÛé°-õìª ÚÛEí‡Ù-àŸ-ë]Tì í£J-÷«-éÙö˺ àŸ«í£- CP | CN = R, FP | FN = f. 'CMFö˺ ÍÙêŸô¢ H- ë]ô¢pé ëÅ]”÷Ù P ÷ë]Ì Ú•ÙêŸ ÚÁéÙêÁ í£êŸ-ì-îμªiì A'F (A'P  FP)
æ°-EÚ¨ ÚÛå-Ú¥-õìª Ñí£-óμ«-T-þ§hô¢ª.- Ð NëÅ]-îμªiì Ú¥ÙA ÚÁé°õ îμ³êŸhÙ ò°ï£°u- ÚÁ-é°-EÚ¨ ú£÷«ìÙ. Ú¨ô¢éÙ ÍÙê¶ ÚÁéÙêÁ í£ô¦-÷-ô¢hìÙ àμÙë]ª-꟪ÙC.- AB A'B'
D= T+ T = 2T  =  .......... (2)
H- û¦GÅ GÙë]ª÷± F ë¯yô¦ îμRxì Ú¨ô¢éÙ ví£ëů-û¦¤¥-EÚ¨
FP (A'P  FP)
ÍëÅ]u-óŸªì ø‹þY§û¶o -c-cÚ¨ô¢é ë]”ø‹- ø‹ú£YÙe-e- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.-
tan D=  -öË¶ë¯ D=  ú£÷«Ù-êŸ-ô¢ÙÞ¥ í£ô¦-÷-ô¢hìÙ àμÙë]ª-꟪ÙC.- s1z, s2z ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢-é°õ ìªÙ#
ô¢àŸô³êŸ FN FN
tan T=  -öË¶ë¯ T=   = 
ÓÙ. šíë]ÌóŸªu CN CN AB/FP A B1/ (A1P-FP)

( ) FP
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª
D= 2T  =2   = 
Ú¥-ñæ¨d AP
ví£: ë]ô¢pé û¦òÅ¡uÙ-êŸô¢Ù, ÷vÚÛê¦ î¦uþ§-ô¦ÌÄõìª Eô¢y-#Ù- FN CN
CN = 2(FN) ÏÙ-ë]ªö˺ AP = ÷ú£ªh-÷± ë]«ô¢Ù =u
àŸÙè….- û¦òÅ¡uÙ-êŸ-ô¦-EÚ¨ ÷vÚÛê¦ î¦uþ§ô¢ÌÄÙ ·ôæ¨dÙí£±
R = 2f A'P = ví£A-GÙñ ë]«ô¢Ù = v
ví£: ë]-ô¢péÙ ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢-é°Eo Ñê¦p-CÙ-àŸÙè….-
ÑÙåªÙ-ë]E àŸ«í£Ùè….- òÅ®AÚÛø‹ú£YÙ
á.- ÖÚÛ ë]ô¢péÙ óμ³ÚÛ\ ëÅ]”÷Ù P GÙ-ë]ª÷± ìªÙ# FP = ë]ô¢pé û¦òÅ¡uÙ-êŸô¢Ù =- f
û¦GÅ GÙë]ª÷± F ÷-ô¢-ÚÛª- Ñìo ë]«ô¦Eo û¦òÅ¡uÙ-êŸô¢Ù á:- í£åÙö˺ f û¦òÅ¡uÙ-êŸô¢Ù, R ÷vÚÛê¦ î¦uþ§ô¢ÌÄÙ ÚÛL-Tì šíjì àμí‡pì ÷´è[ª í£ô¦-÷-ô¢hì Ú¨ô¢-é°õª ÚÛL›ú f vf
(f) ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ëÅ]”÷Ù P ìªÙ# ë]ô¢pé ¸ÚÙvë]Ù C ÖÚÛ í£±æ°-Ú¥ô¢ ë]ô¢péÙ ÷³Ùë]ª AB Ó꟪h Ñìo ÖÚÛ u v
GÙë]ª÷± B'. ÏC B óμ³ÚÛ\ ví£A-GÙñÙ Í÷±-꟪ÙC.-
÷ô¢ÚÛª Ñìo ë]«ô¦Eo ÷vÚÛê¦ î¦uþ§ô¢ÌÄÙ (R) ÷ú£ªh÷± ÑÙC.- Ïí£±pè[ª DE ví£A-GÙñÙ Ôô¢pè˶ fv = uv  uf
Ïë¶-N-ëÅ]ÙÞ¥ ÷ú£ªh÷± NªT-Lì òÅ°Þ¥-õÚÛª ÚÛ«è¯ ví£A-GÙ-
ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- Nëů-û¦Eo í£J-Q-Lë¯ÌÙ.- ò°õª Ôô¢p-è[-ê¦-óŸªE ÷ªìÙ Íô¢–Ù à¶ú£ª-ÚÁ-÷àŸªa.- #÷- Ï-ô¢ª-îμj-í£±ö° êÁ òÅ°TÙ-àŸÞ¥
ô¢ÚÛª ÷ú£ªh÷± AB óμ³ÚÛ\ ví£A-GÙñÙ A'B' Í÷±-꟪ÙC.- 1 1 1
M  =  
B 1 M í£åÙö˺ 'BPA, 'B'PA'õª ú£yô¢«í£ vAòÅ¡ª-â°õª.- u f v
T D 2 AB 1 1 1
F N P 'BPA ìªÙ# tan T=  ? + =
3 AP u v f
C A' F D T 'B'
x D x T P
'B'PA' ìªÙ# tan T= A Dû¶o ë]ô¢péÙ ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢éÙ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.-
3 AB A'B'
í£åÙö˺ ví£ëů-û¦¤¥-EÚ¨ ú£÷«Ù-êŸ-ô¢ÙÞ¥ îμRxì Ú¨ô¢éÙ
ÚÛå-ÚÛÙšíj M Íû¶ GÙë]ª÷± ÷ë]Ì í£êŸ-ìîμªi û¦GÅ GÙë]ª÷±
2 B' šíj ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢-é°õ ìªÙ#  =  ....... (1)
çËμûÂh, ÏÙåôÂÚÛª ú£ÙñÙCÅÙ#ì ÷ªJEo
÷³Üuîμªiì ví£øŒoõªnáî¦ñªõ ÚÁú£Ù
F ë¯yô¦ í£ô¦-÷-ô¢hìÙ àμÙCÙC.- ÷vÚÛê¦ ¸ÚÙvë]Ù C ìªÙ# Í-ö°¸Þ 'PFM, 'A'FB'õª ÚÛ«è¯ ú£yô¢«í£ vAòÅ¡ª-â°õª.-
M ÚÛª ÖÚÛ ¸ôÜìª U›úh ÍC ÚÛåÚÛ êŸö°-EÚ¨ õÙñÙ Í÷±- àŸ«è[÷àŸªa.
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A¿¶æÅçܯ]l…ÌZ ™èlç³µ°çÜÇV> E…yéÍÞ¯]l A…Ô¶æ…? íÜ) VýSÐ]l*Å°² ÑfĶæ$Ð]l…™èl…V> ^ólÆý‡r… 1) Ýë…íœ$MýS ç³ÇçÜÆý‡… 1) AĶæ$™èl²íܧýl® ÝëÓçܦŅ
h. ¯]lÒ¯ŒæMýS$Ð]l*ÆŠæ yìl) AÐ]lçÜÆý‡… HÆý‡µyýlr… Ìôæ§é {õ³Æý‡×æ MýSËVýS- 2) ¿o†MýS ç³ÇçÜÆý‡… 2) E¯]l²™èl {MýSÐ]l$ °º…«§ýl¯]l…
çÜ»ñæjMýS$t °ç³#×æ$Ë$ yýl…
1) G, ¼, Üí , yìl Hï³ yîlGïÜÞ 3) VýS–çßæ ç³ÇçÜÆý‡…
4) ´ëuý‡Ô>Ë ç³ÇçÜÆý‡…
3) ÑÆý‡Ð]l$×æ
4) Ñ^èl„ýS×æ
2) yìl, G, ¼, Üí TET
TET cum cum TRT TRT -- 2018 2018 13. 10Ð]l ™èlÆý‡VýS† iÐ]lÔ>ç܈…ÌZ° ç³sêË$ XĶæ$- 17. ™èlÆý‡VýS† VýS¨ÌZ AËÏÇ ^ólçÜ$¢¯]l² ѧéÅÆý‡$¦Ë$
3) ¼, Üí , yìl, G 4) yìl, ¼, G, Üí yýl… ç³rÏ ¿¶æĶæ$… HÆý‡µÆý‡$aMýS$¯]l² ѧéÅǦ {糫§é¯ø´ë«§éÅĶæ¬yìl çÜÓÆý‡… ѯ]lV>¯ól °Ô¶æØ-

5. 8 Hâ¶æÏ çßæíÜÓ™ólgŒæ çÜÐ]l$Æý‡¦Ð]l…™èl…V> OòÜMìSÌŒæ
™öMýSPyé°MìS çÜàĶæ$ç³yìl…¨? OòÜM>Ëi C…rÈÃyìlĶæ$sŒæÌZ O»ñæï³ïÜ {VýS*‹³ ¡çÜ$MøÐ]l-
yé°MìS ¿¶æĶæ$ç³yýlr…. °º…«¨™èl A¿¶æÅçܯ]l…
ºª… M>Ð]lyýl…. °º…«¨™èl A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… {ç³M>Æý‡…
{糫§é¯ø´ë«§éÅĶæ¬yìl çÜÓÆ>°MìS í³ËÏË °Ô¶æØ-

1) A¿¶æÅçܯ]l…, çÜ…íܧýl®™èl {ç³M>Æý‡…? ºª…?
1. A¿¶æÅçܯ]l…ÌZ ™èlç³µ°çÜÇV> E…yéÍÞ¯]l A…- 2) çÜ…íܧýl®™èl, ç³Çç³MýSÓ™èl, A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 1) ÝëÐ]l*±ÅMýSÆý‡×æ 2) Ñ^èl„ýS×æ 1) çÜçßæf E©ªç³¯]l, çÜçßæf {糆çܵ…§ýl¯]l
Ô¶æ…? 3) A¿¶æÅçܯ]l…, ç³Çç³MýSÓ™èl 3) E¯]l²™èl {MýSÐ]l$ °º…«§ýl¯]l 2) AçÜçßæf E©ªç³¯]l, AçÜçßæf {糆çܵ…§ýl¯]l
1) A¯]l$¿¶æÐ]l… 2) Ë„ýSÅ… 4) ç³Çç³MýSÓ™èl, çÜ…íܧýl®™èl 4) ÑÆý‡Ð]l$×æ 3) çÜçßæf E©ªç³¯]l, AçÜçßæf {糆çܵ…§ýl¯]l
3) Ð]l*Æý‡Y§ýlÆý‡ØMýS™èlÓ… 4) »Z«§ýl¯]l 6. 7Ð]l ™èlÆý‡VýS† ^èl§ýl$Ð]l#™èl$¯]l² ¯]l…¨° {ç³Äñæ*VýS- 14. ºyìl ™ørÌZ° Ððl¬MýSPËMýS$ {糆Æøk ±â¶æ$Ï 4) AçÜçßæf E©ªç³¯]l, çÜçßæf {糆çܵ…§ýl¯]l
2. A¿¶æÅçܯé°MìS çÜ…º…«¨…_ MìS…¨ ÐésìæÌZ Ô>ËÌZ BMìSÞf¯Œæ ™èlĶæ*Æý‡$ ^ólĶæ$yýl… H Æý‡$? ç³sôæt í³ËÏÐéyýl$ JMýS Æøk Ððl¬MýSP Ð]l§ýlªMýS$ 18. ´ëÐŒæÌZÐŒæ õ³ÆöP¯]l² ÝëÐ]l*±ÅMýSÆý‡×æ °Ä¶æ$-
çÜÇM>°¨ H¨? Æý‡MýSOÐðl$¯]l A¿¶æÅçܯ鰲 çÜ*_çÜ$¢…¨? 1) ÑË$Ð]lË A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… ´ëÐ]l¬Æ>Ð]lyé°² ^èl*íÜ Ððl¬MýSPËMýS$ ±â¶æ$Ï Ð]l*°MìS çÜ…º…«¨…_ MìS…¨ ÐésìæÌZ çÜÇ-
1) ç³Çç³MýSÓ™èl Ð]lËÏ {ç³Ð]lÆý‡¢¯]lÌZ MýSÍVóS §é§éç³# 1) {MýSÐ]l$Ķ欙èl A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 2) {MýSÐ]l$Ķ欙èl A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… ç³rtyé°MìS ¿¶æĶæ*°² HÆý‡µÆý‡$aMýS$¯é²yýl$. M>°¨ H¨?
Ô>Ô¶æÓ™èl Ð]l*Æý‡$µ 2) ¿êÐ]l¯é™èlÃMýS A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 3) Ý뫧éÆý‡×îæMýSÆý‡×æ A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… AƇ¬™ól °º…«¨™èl A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… {ç³M>Æý‡… 1) Ð]l–„ýSÔ>ç܈…ÌZ° ç³sêË ç³rÏ ¿¶æĶæ*°²
2) Õ„ýS×æ Ð]lËÏ {ç³Ð]lÆý‡¢¯]lÌZ MýSÍVóS §é§éç³# 3) ÐéçÜ¢ÑMýS A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 4) °Ä¶æ$Ð]l*Ë A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… çÜ…çÜÆý‡Y… Ðólsìæ Ð]l$«§ýlÅ fÇW…¨? HÆý‡µÆý‡$aMýS$¯]l² ѧéÅǦ f…™èl$Ô>ç܈…ÌZ
Ô>Ô¶æÓ™èl Ð]l*Æý‡$µ 4) Ý뫧éÆý‡×îæMýSÆý‡×æ A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 10. Í…VýS…ÌZ ™èlç³µ A°² Ñ«§éË$V> çÜÐ]l*¯]l…- 1) Ððl¬MýSP, ±â¶æ$Ï ç³rtyýl… ç³sêË ç³rÏ ¿¶æĶæ$… HÆý‡µÆý‡$aMøÐ]lyýl…
3) A¯]l$¿¶æÐ]l… Ð]lËÏ {ç³Ð]lÆý‡¢¯]lÌZ MýSÍVóS §é§é- 7. yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ 22 & }°Ðé‹Ü Æ>Ð]l*¯]l$f¯Œæ V> E¯]l² »êË»êÍMýSÌZÏ »êÍMýSË A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 2) ´ëÐ]l¬, ´ëÐ]l¬MýS$ ¿¶æĶæ$… 2) JMýS E´ë«§éÅĶæ¬yìl™ø Õ„ìS…糺yìl¯]l ѧéÅǦ
ç³# Ô>Ô¶æÓ™èl Ð]l*Æý‡$µ fĶæ$…†, GÆý‡$ç³#Æý‡…VýS$ & {ç³Ð]l*§ýl… A° »êË$Æý‡ MýS…sôæ A«¨MýS…V> E…¨. CMýSPyýl A¿¶æÅ- 3) Ððl¬MýSP, ´ëÐ]l¬ E´ë«§éÅĶæ¬Ë…§ýlÇMìS ¿¶æĶæ$ç³yýlr…
4) A¯]l$MýSÆý‡×æ Ð]lËÏ {ç³Ð]lÆý‡¢¯]lÌZ MýSÍVóS §é§é- JMýS§é°™ø JMýSsìæ f™èl^ólíÜ çÜ…º…«§é°² çܯ鰲 {糿êÑ™èl… ^ólõÜ M>Æý‡MýS…? 4) Ððl¬MýSP, Ððl¬MýSPMìS ¿¶æĶæ$… 3) yéMýStÆŠæç³rÏ ¿¶æĶæ*°² HÆý‡µÆý‡$^èl$MýS$¯]l² í³ËÏ-
ç³# Ô>Ô¶æÓ™èl Ð]l*Æý‡$µ HÆý‡µÆý‡$aMö¯ól A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… Æý‡MýS…? 1) Ð]lÅMìS¢VýS™èl 2) ÝëÐ]l*hMýS 15. (3+5)2 A¯ól çÜÐ]l$çÜů]l$ Ý뫨…_¯]l ѧéÅǦ Ðéyýl$ ™ðlËÏ §ýl$çÜ$¢Ë™ø E¯]l² Æ>fMîSĶæ$
3. A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… Ë„ýS×æ… M>°¨ H¨? 1) çÜ…çÜÆý‡Y A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 3) ç³ÇçÜÆý‡ 4) AÀÆý‡$_ (4+5)2 A¯ól çÜÐ]l$çÜů]l$ Ý뫨…^èlVýSË- ¯éĶæ$MýS$yìl° ^èl*íÜ ¿¶æĶæ$ç³yýlr…
G) A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… JMýS çœÍ™èl…, {ç³{MìSĶæ$ M>§ýl$ 2) {MýSÐ]l$Ķ欙èl A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 11. {糿êÐ]l…™èlOÐðl$¯]l »Z«§ýl¯]l, Õ„ýS×æ, C™èlÆý‡ çܧýl$- VýSyýl…ÌZ ™øyýlµyól ´ëÐŒæÌZÐŒæ °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$…? 4) E´ë«§éÅĶæ¬yìl ç³rÏ ¿¶æĶæ*°² HÆý‡µÆý‡$-
¼) A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… çÜ…_™èlOÐðl$…¨ 3) ÐéçÜ¢ÑMýS A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… ´ëĶæ*Ë$ MýS͵…_¯]lç³µsìæMîS Æý‡Ñ A¯ól ѧéÅ- 1) Ñ^èl„ýS×æ ^èl$MýS$¯]l² ѧéÅǦ ´ëuý‡Ô>˯]l$ ^èl*íÜ
íÜ) A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… çÜ…MýS$_™èlOÐðl$…¨ 4) Ý뫧éÆý‡×îæMýSÆý‡×æ A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… ǦÌZ ç³Çç³MýSÓ™èl Ìôæ° M>Æý‡×æ…V> A¿¶æÅçܯ]l 2) ÑÆý‡Ð]l$×æ ¿¶æĶæ$ç³yýlr…
yìl) A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… MúÐ]l*Æý‡§ýlÔ¶æ Ð]lÆý‡MýS$ fÇW 8. 10Ð]l ™èlÆý‡VýS† ^èl§ýl$Ð]l#™èl$¯]l² ¯]l…¨° §ólÔ>Ë$ fÆý‡VýSÌôæ§ýl$. ©°° {糿êÑ™èl… ^ólíܯ]l A¿¶æÅçÜ- 3) E¯]l²™èl {MýSÐ]l$ °º…«§ýl¯]l
BW´ù™èl$…¨ Ðésìæ MýSÆð‡±Þ õ³Æý‡$Ï ¯ólÆý‡$aMøÐ]lyýl… A¯ól¨? ¯]l M>Æý‡MýS…? 4) ÝëÐ]l*±ÅMýSÆý‡×æ çÜÐ]l*«§é¯éË$
1) ¼, yìl 2) G, ¼, yìl 1) ¿êÐ]l¯é™éÃMýS A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 1) Ð]lÅMìS¢VýS™èl 2) ç³ÇçÜÆý‡ 16. B…{«§ýl{糧ólÔŒæ Ñ¿¶æf¯]l fÇW ™ðlË…V>×æ 1) 1 2) 1 3) 3 4) 2
3) G, Üí , yìl 4) ¼, Üí , yìl 2) {MýSÐ]l$Ķ欙èl A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 3) ÝëÐ]l*hMýS 4) ´ëuý‡Ô>Ë BÑÆý‡ÂÑ…^éMýS Hï³ÌZ° hÌêÏË çÜ…QÅ 5) 2 6) 1 7) 1 8) 3
4. A¿¶æÅçܯ]l {ç³{MìSĶæ$ÌZ° Ýù´ë¯éË Ð]lÆý‡$çÜ 3) ÐéçÜ¢ÑMýS A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… 12. B…{«§ýl{糧ólÔŒæ {糿¶æ$™èlÓ… G…yýlË ¡{Ð]l™èl 13V> VýS$Ç¢…_¯]l íÜÇ ™èlÆý‡VýS† VýS¨ÌZ 9) 4 10) 1 11) 1 12) 2
{MýSÐ]l$…? 4) Ý뫧éÆý‡×îæMýSÆý‡×æ A¿¶æÅçܯ]l… §ýl–ÚëtÅ òÜËÐ]l#˯]l$ ´÷yìlW…_…¨. CMýSPyýl E´ë«§éÅĶæ¬yýl$ Hï³ÌZ {ç³çÜ$¢™èl hÌêÏË 13) 3 14) 3 15) 4 16) 1
G) Ë„>Å°², VýSÐ]l*Å°² íܦÆý‡ç³Æý‡$^èl$MøÐ]lyýl… 9. H Æý‡MýSOÐðl$¯]l A¿¶æÅçܯ鰲 A™èlÅ…™èl E¯]l²™èl- ѧéÅǦ A¿¶æÅçܯ鰲 {糿êÑ™èl… ^ólõÜ çÜ…QÅ A…sôæ 23 A° çÜÐ]l*«§é¯]l… CÐ]lÓyýl… 17) 2 18) 4
¼) AÐ]lÆø«§é˯]l$ A«¨VýSÑ$…^èlyýl… Ýë¦Æ‡¬ çÜ…gêq¯é™èlÃMýS {ç³{MìSĶæ$V> õ³ÆöP…sê- M>Æý‡MýS…V> ç³ÇVýS×æÌZMìS ¡çÜ$MýS$¯]l² A…Ô¶æ…? ´ëÐŒæÌZÐŒæ H °Ä¶æ$Ð]l*°² çÜ*_çÜ$¢…¨?

How many people were seated between..

Y. Arunveera Kumar U. V was to the immediate right Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G a) 31 b) 19 c) 22
of S. T was seated second from and H went to a conclave. It was seen d) 39 e) Cannot be determined
Subject Expert
the right end of the row. The
number of people to the left of Q IBPS that each person was of a different age.
The partial sequence of their ages is as
7. What was the difference between
the age of A and C?
was more than twice the number follows: a) 1 year b) 2 years
of people to the right of Q. Only
Clerks Main ___>___> F >___ >___>___> __ c) 3 years d) 4 years
Model Questions one person was seated between R Reasoning (39) (27) (23) e) 9 years
and S. There were not more than Special D > ___ 8. Who among the following was
Directions (Q.No.1-5): Study the 5 people sitting between R and Also useful for They were seated in a straight seated to the immediate left of D?
following information carefully and Q. R was not seated adjacent to Other Competitive Exams row facing the North. The partial a) A b) E c) F
answer the questions given below. U. No three people mentioned arrangement is shown below: d) B e) H
Certain number of people was seated were sitting together. ___ B ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ G 9. Who among the following was
in a linear row facing north. One 1. How many people were seated in (25) (36) the 3rd youngest person?
of them was seated at the end. the row? d) No body e) Data insufficient The numbers shown in the a) D b) B c) C
Information about some of them a) 8 b) 12 c) 10 d) 11 3. How many people were seated brackets denote age. d) A e) F
is known. There were not more e) Cannot be determined between Q and S? » The person aged 31 was seated 10. If all the digits at odd positions in
than 13 people. At least six 2. Who was seated second to the a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 d) 8 3rd to the left of the one who was the number "324846237" are
people were seated between P left of R? e) Cannot be determined aged 27. changed to previous digit in the
and U where P was to the right of a) P b) Q c) U 4. What is the position of T with » B was aged more than G. number series and all the digits at
respect to U? » The person who was 39 years old even positions are changed to
a) Second to the right was seated 2nd to the left of F next digit in the number series,
Vidya Weekly Test- 3 b) Tenth to the right » E was the 2nd eldest person and was then which digit appears more
c) Fourth to the left seated to the immediate right of C. than twice in the number thus
IBPS Clerks Main Grand Test d) Immediate right
e) Immediate left
» The person aged 23 was to the
immediate right of the one who
a) More than one such digit is there
� Students can write exam at any time& at any place.
5. How many people were seated to was aged 22 b) 7 c) 2 d) 3
� Statewide Ranks will be announced the left of S? » A was seated 3rd to the left of the e) No such digit is there
� Exciting Prizes for Top Rankers a) 6 b) 4 c) 9 one who was 19 years old
d) 3 e) 7 » D was not the eldest. KEY
� Only first time attempted score will be considered for Ranking
Directions (Q.No.6-10): Study the 6. What was the age of the person 1) b 2) c 3) a 4) b 5) b
For registration visit following information carefully and who was at the extreme left end 6) d 7) d 8) c 9) d 10) d
answer the questions given below. of the row?
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¿¶æ*Ñ$ ¯]l$…_ G…™èl G™èl$¢ÌZ Q…yýl¯]l ¼…§ýl$Ð]l# E…¨?

Ķæ*Æý‡ÏVýSyýlz Ð]l¯]l…Æ>k ⇒
BD  2+3
= z  ⇒1=
 5
z  (BP)2 = (BC)2 + (CP)2
BD  12   12  ⇒ (AQ)2 + (BP)2 = [(AC)2+(QC)2]
çÜ*PÌŒæ AíÜòÜt…sŒæ, 12
⇒ z = × 1 = 2.4 Ò$.
+ [(BC)2+ (CP)2] =
{糿¶æ$™èlÓ E¯]l²™èl ´ëuý‡Ô>Ë, 5 [(AC)2+(BC)2] + [(QC)2+(CP)2]
¼.M>Å…‹³, MýSÆý‡*²Ë$. ■ VýSÐ]l$°MýS: D çÜÐ]l$çÜů]l$ ´ùÍ E¯]l² çÜÐ]l$çÜÅ.. AB, = AB2 + PQ2
CD, PQË$ BDMìS Xíܯ]l Ë…»êË$ AB=x, CD= (∵ Ë…ºMø×æ {†¿¶æ$f… ABC, PQC
1 1 1
çÜÆý‡*ç³ {†¿¶æ$gêË$ y, PQ=z AƇ¬™ól x + y = z A° ^èl*ç³…yìl A¯ól Ë ¯]l$…_ AB2= AC2+BC2,
PQ2= PC2+ QC2)
çÜÆý‡*ç³ {†¿¶æ$gêË$ A¯ól A«§éÅĶæ$…ÌZ Ð]l¬QÅ…V> çÜÐ]l$çÜÅ™ø ´ùÍ E…r$…¨. 3.
¯éË$VýS$ ¿êÐ]l¯]lË$ ¯ólÆý‡$aMøÐéÍ.
1. {´ë£ýlÑ$MýS A¯]l$´ë™èl íܧ鮅™èl… (£ólÌŒæÞ íܧ鮅™èl…). C
2. {†¿¶æ$gêË çÜÆý‡*ç³™èl. Ð]l*Å£ýlÐðl$sìæMŠæÞ x P
3. çÜÆý‡*ç³ {†¿¶æ$gêË OÐðlÔ>ÌêÅË °çÙµ†¢, Ðésìæ A¯]l$Æý‡*ç³ y
¿¶æ$gêË Ð]lÆ>YË °çÙµ†¢MìS çÜÐ]l*¯]l…. z
4. Oò³£éVýSÆý‡‹Ü íܧ鮅™èl… (»o«§éĶæ$¯]l íܧ鮅™èl…).
{†¿¶æ$gêË çÜÆý‡*ç³™èl °Ä¶æ$Ð]l*Ë$ A B
C_a¯]l {†¿¶æ$gê°MìS çÜÆý‡*ç³…V> E…yól {†¿¶æ$gê°² °ÇÃ…^ól 1) Mø.Mø.Mø. °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$… 2) ¿¶æ$.¿¶æ$.¿¶æ$. °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$… Oò³£éVýSÆý‡‹Ü íܧ鮅™èl… (»o«§éĶæ$¯]l íܧ鮅™èl…) òO ³ Æ>…º‹ÜÌZ° Æð‡…yýl$ MýSÆ>~Ë$ Ð]lÆý‡$çÜV> 24
çÜÐ]l$çÜÅ D A«§éÅĶæ$…ÌZ Ð]l$Æø Ð]l¬QÅ °Æ>Ã×æ çÜÐ]l$çÜÅ. 3) ¿¶æ$.Mø.¿¶æ$. °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$… òÜ….Ò$., 10 òÜ….Ò$. AƇ¬™ól §é° ¿¶æ$f… ´÷yýlÐ]l#
1. MìS…¨ ³
ç r… ¯]l$…_ ∠F¯]l$ MýS¯]l$Vö¯]l…yìl. "Ë…ºMø×æ {†¿¶æ$f…ÌZ MýSÆý‡~… Ò$¨ Ð]lÆý‡Y… Ñ$Wͯ]l MýS¯]l$MøP…yìl.
{´ë£ýlÑ$MýS A¯]l$´ë™èl íܧ鮅™èl… (£ólÌŒæÞ íܧ鮅™èl…) A Æð‡…yýl$ ¿¶æ$gêË Ð]lÆ>YË Ððl¬™é¢°MìS çÜÐ]l*¯]l….' f. Æ>…º‹ÜÌZ MýSÆ>~Ë Ð]lÆ>YË Ððl¬™èl¢….. ¿¶æ$gêË Ð]lÆ>YË
JMýS {†¿¶æ$f…ÌZ JMýS ¿¶æ$gê°MìS çÜÐ]l*…™èlÆý‡…V> Xíܯ]l Æó‡Q 80°
Ñç³Æý‡ÅĶæ$…V> "JMýS {†¿¶æ$f…ÌZ JMýS ¿¶æ$f… Ò$¨ Ððl¬™é¢°MìS çÜÐ]l*¯]l…. A…sôæ..
Ñ$Wͯ]l Æð‡…yýl$ ¿¶æ$gê˯]l$ ÐólÆó‡ÓÆý‡$ ¼…§ýl$Ð]l#ÌZÏ Q…yìlõÜ¢ B 3.8òÜ….Ò$. 3√3òÜ….Ò$. Ð]lÆý‡Y… Ñ$Wͯ]l Æð‡…yýl$ ¿¶æ$gêË Ð]lÆ>YË Ððl¬™é¢°MìS (AC)2+(BD)2 = (AB)2+(BC)2+ (CD)2 +(DA)2
Ñ$Wͯ]l Æð‡…yýl$ ¿¶æ$gêË$ JMóS °çÙµ†¢ÌZ Ñ¿¶æh™èlÐ]l$Ð]l#™éƇ¬. çÜÐ]l*¯]lOÐðl$™ól A¨ Ë…ºMø×æ {†¿¶æ$f….' Æ>…º‹ÜÌZ AB= BC= CD=DA M>ºsìæt
A 60° (AC)2+(BD)2=
B 6òÜ….Ò$. C A
(AB)2+(AB)2+(AB)2+(AB)2 = 4AB2
D E 12òÜ….Ò$.
⇒ (24)2+(10)2= 4(AB)2
⇒ 576+100 = 4(AB)2
B C B C ⇒ 676 = 4(AB)2 ⇒ 169 = (AB)2
ΔABCÌZ DE||BC, DE Æó‡Q AB, AC˯]l$ D, EË Ð]l§ýlª 6√3òÜ….Ò$. 7.6òÜ….Ò$. ∴AB = 13 òÜ….Ò$.
Q…yìlõÜ¢ AD = AE Ð]l$Æø Ñ«§ýl…V> AD = AE Ë…ºMø×æ {†¿¶æ$f… ΔABCÌZ 4. 5 òÜ….Ò$., 12 òÜ….Ò$., 13 òÜ….Ò$. ¿¶æ$gêË
DB EC AB AC ∠B =900 AƇ¬™ól.. ´÷yýlÐ]l#Ë$V> E¯]l² {†¿¶æ$f… ABCÌZ 13 òÜ….Ò$.
Ñç³Æý‡ÅĶæ$…V> JMýS {†¿¶æ$f…ÌZ HOÐðl¯é Æð‡…yýl$ f. Δ ABC, Δ DEFË ¯]l$…_l (AC)2 = (AB)2+(BC)2 ´÷yýlÐ]l# E¯]l² ¿¶æ$gê°MìS §é° G§ýl$sìæ ÖÆý‡Û… ¯]l$…_
¿¶æ$gê˯]l$ JMóS °çÙµ†¢ÌZ Ñ¿¶æh…^ól çÜÆý‡â¶æÆó‡Q Ð]lÊyø AB 3.8 1 BC 6 1 1. 5 Ò$rÆý‡$Ï, 12 Ò$rÆý‡Ï G™èl$¢¯]l² Æð‡…yýl$ çÜ¢…¿êË$ X_¯]l Ë…º… ´÷yýlÐ]l# MýS¯]l$MøP…yìl.
= = ; = = ;
¿¶æ$gê°MìS çÜÐ]l*…™èlÆý‡…V> E…r$…¨. DF 7.6 2 EF 12 2 °sêÆý‡$V> JMýS ^èl§ýl$O¯ðl¯]l ¯ólËOò³ E¯é²Æ‡¬. ¿¶æ*Ñ$Oò³ f. 5, 12, 13 òÜ….Ò$. ¿¶æ$gêË ´÷yýlÐ]l#Ë$V> VýSË
AD AE B Æð‡…yýl$ çÜ¢…¿êË Ayýl$VýS$ ¿êV>Ë Ð]l$«§ýlÅ §ýl*Æý‡… {†¿¶æ$f… Ë…ºMø×æ {†¿¶æ$f… AÐ]l#™èl$…¨.
ΔABCÌZ DB = EC AÄôæ$ÅÌê Xíܯ]l çÜÆý‡â¶æÆó‡Q DE AC 3 3 1 AB BC AC
= = A…sôæ = = 12 Ò$rÆý‡$Ï AƇ¬™ól B Æð‡…yýl$ çÜ… ¢ ¿êË Oò³ ¿êV>Ë (∵132 = 52 +122)
ED 6 3 2 DF EF ED
AƇ¬™ól DE||BC Ð]l$«§ýlÅ §ýl*Æý‡… G…™èl? A
KP 4 M>Ð]l#¯]l ¿¶æ$.¿¶æ$.¿¶æ$. çÜÆý‡*ç³™èl °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$… {ç³M>Æý‡… Δ f. C
1. ΔKMNÌZ PQ||MN, = , KN = 20.4
PM 13 ABC, Δ DEFË$ çÜÆý‡*ç³ {†¿¶æ$gêË$. Δ ABC, Δ 13
x Ò$.
òÜ….Ò$. AƇ¬™ól KQ¯]l$ MýS¯]l$Vö¯]l…yìl. DEFË$ çÜÆý‡*´ëË$ M>Ð]l#¯]l Ðésìæ A¯]l$Æý‡*ç³ Mø×êË$ 7Ò$. p 12
K çÜÐ]l*¯]l… A…sôæ A = D, B = F , C = E 24 Ò$. E 12Ò$.
∴ F = B = 60� , D = A = 80 , 5Ò$.

B 5 C

P Q AB =13 òÜ….Ò$., BC = 5 òÜ….Ò$.,

E = C = 180 − (80 + 60) = 40� B 24 Ò$. D AC=12 òÜ….Ò$. AƇ¬¯]lr$Ï ABC JMýS Ë…ºMø×æ
2. 4 Ò$rÆý‡$Ï, 6 Ò$rÆý‡Ï G™èl$¢¯]l² Æð‡…yýl$ çÜ¢…¿êË$ 25 {†¿¶æ$f… A¯]l$Mø…yìl.
M N Ò$rÆý‡Ï §ýl*Æý‡…ÌZ °sêÆý‡$V> E¯é²Æ‡¬. Ððl¬§ýlsìæ çÜ¢…- AB, CD Æð‡…yýl$ çÜ¢…¿êË$ A¯]l$MýS$…sôæ.. 13 òÜ….Ò$. ´÷yýlÐ]l#¯]l² ¿¶æ$gê°MìS Xíܯ]l Ë…º… CD
f. ΔKMNÌZ PQ||MN. A…§ýl$Ð]lËÏ {´ë£ýlÑ$MýS A¯]l$´ë™èl ¿¶æ… Mö¯]l¯]l$ Æð‡…yø çÜ¢…¿¶æ… ´ë§ýl…™ø, Æð‡…yø çÜ¢…¿¶æ… §ýl™é¢…Ô¶æ… {ç³M>Æý‡… AB = 5 Ò$., CD = 12 Ò$. = p òÜ….Ò$. A¯]l$Mø…yìl.
íܧ鮅™èl… ¯]l$…_l Mö¯]l¯]l$ Ððl¬§ýlsìæ çÜ¢…¿¶æ… ´ë§ýl…™ø MýSÍõ³ Æó‡QË Q…yýl- ¯ólËOò³ çÜ¢…¿êË Ð]l$«§ýlÅ §ýl*Æý‡… CD = 24 Ò$. 1
KP KQ ⇒ KP = KQ ¯]l ¼…§ýl$Ð]l#.. ¿¶æ*Ñ$ ¯]l$…_ G…™èl G™èl$¢ÌZ E…¨? Oò³¿êVýS…ÌZ Æð‡…yýl$ çÜ¢…¿êË Ð]l$«§ýlÅ §ýl*Æý‡… ΔABC OÐðlÔ>ËÅ… = 2 ¿¶æ*Ñ$ × G™èl$¢
PM QN PM KN − KQ C AC = x Ò$. A¯]l$MýS$…sôæ..
³ç r… ¯]l$…_ AE = 24 Ò$., 1 1
= × BC × AC = × 5 × 12 = 30cm

4 KQ CE = CD−DE =12 − 5 = 7 Ò$. 2 2

⇒ = A P
13 20.4 − KQ 6m Ë…ºMø×æ {†¿¶æ$f… ΔAECÌZ Oò³£éVýSÆý‡‹Ü 1
( ∵ çÜÐ]l$çÜÅ ¯]l$…_) Ý뫨õÜ¢ KQ = 81.6 = 4.8cm 4m
íܧ鮅™èl… {ç³M>Æý‡… ΔABC OÐðlÔ>ËÅ… = 2 ¿¶æ*Ñ$×G™èl$¢
17 x2 = 242 + 72 ⇒ x2 = 242 + 72 1 1
B Q D = × AB × CD = ×13 × p
2. MìS…¨ ³ç r…ÌZ AB||DC AƇ¬™ól x ÑË$Ð]l MýS¯]l$Vö¯]l…yìl. ⇒ x2 = 625 ⇒ x = 25 2 2
f. Æð‡…yýl$ çÜ¢…¿êË G™èl$¢Ë$ AB = 4 Ò$, CD = 6 ∴ Oò³¿êVýS…ÌZ Æð‡…yýl$ çÜ¢…¿êË Ð]l$«§ýlÅ §ýl*Æý‡… = 25 Ò$. 1
f. MìS…¨ ³ç r…ÌZ AB||DC A…sôæ ABCD JMýS ⇒ × 13 × p = 30 ⇒ p = 60
{sñæï³hĶæ$…. MýSÆ>~Ë$ AC, BDË$ E Ð]l§ýlª Ò$. A¯]l$Mø…yìl. ¿¶æ*Ñ$ ¯]l$…_ Q…yýl¯]l ¼…§ýl$Ð]l# 2. Ë…ºMø×æ {†¿¶æ$f… ABCÌZ Ë…ºMø×æ ÖÆý‡… Û C 2 13
Q…yìl…^èl$MýS$¯é²Ä¶æ$°, EF||ΑΒ A¯]l$MýS$…§é…. G™èl$¢ PQ= z Ò$. A¯]l$MýS$…sôæ Ð]l§ýlª E…¨. P, QË$ Ð]lÆý‡$çÜV> AC, BCËOò³ = 4.6 òÜ….Ò$. (çÜ$Ð]l*Æý‡$V>)
D C ΔPQB, ΔCDBÌZÏ B = B (EÐ]l$Ãyìl Mø×æ…) E¯é²Ä¶æ$¯]l$Mø…yìl. AƇ¬™ól
x-5 BQP = BDC = 90 AQ2+BP2= AB2+PQ2 A°


F x-
9 E 3 Mø.Mø. °Ä¶æ$Ð]l$… {ç³M>Æý‡… ^èl*ç³…yìl. A
ΔPQB ∼ ΔCDB AÐ]l#™èl$…¨. Aç³#µyýl$
A = = –––– (1) C§ólÑ«§ýl…V>
Δ ABDÌZ EF||AB, M>Ð]l#¯]l {´ë£ýlÑ$MýS A¯]l$´ë™èl BD CD 6
íܧ鮅™èl… {ç³M>Æý‡… DE = DF ––––– 1) ΔPQD∼ΔABD A° ^èl*´÷^èl$a. Aç³#µyýl$
= = –––– (2)
Δ ACD ÌZ EF||CD, M>Ð]l#¯]l {´ë£ýlÑ$MýS A¯]l$´ë™èl BD AB 4
íܧ鮅™èl… {ç³M>Æý‡… = ––––– 2) 1, 2 ˯]l$ MýSÍí³™ól + = +
DE CE 3 x −5 BQ + QD 1 1 f. Ë…ºMø×æ {†¿¶æ$gêË$ ΔACQ,
1, 2Ë ¯]l$…_ EB EA = ⇒ = ⇒ = z + 
x − 3 3x − 19 BD 6 4 ΔPCB Ë ¯]l$…_
Ý뫨õÜ¢ x = 8 Ìôæ§é 9 (AQ)2=(AC)2 + (QC)2,