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MRI scan is harmless. justify?

Zoology by it and what is its function?
A. The yellow mass of cells accumulated in 17. Explain the term hypophysation?
IMP. Very short Answer Questions the empty follicles after ovulation is A. making the fishes to breed artificially to
called Corpus luteum (Yellow body). It meet the demand of carpseed as called
1. Differentiate between Perforins and secretes a hormone called Progesterone hypophysation.
granzymes? which has three major functions. 18. Differentiate aquaculture and
A. Perforins: Perforins are the enzymes a. for regular menstrual cycle. Pisciculture?
Produced during the Process of cell b. for the formation of thick aquaculture: Culturing of fishes and other
mediated immunity from cytotoxic T - endometrium in uterus. aquatic organisms under regulated
lymphocytes. Perforins form Pores in the c. Maintenance of Pregnancy after fourth conditions to achieve better Production
cell membrane of the infected cells. month. Pisciculture: Culturing of exclusively Fin
Granzymes: Granzymes are the enzymes 10. Define gestation Period. what is the Fishes under regulated conditions to
Produced during the Process of cell duration of gestation Period in the achieve better Production
mediated immunity from cytotoxic T-
Lymphocytes. Granzymes enter the
human beings?
A. The Period during which embryo
19. List out any two Indian carps and two
exotic carps?
  
infected cells through the Perforations development takes place in uterus is Indian carps: a. catla catla (catla)  
and active certain proteins which help in
distruction of the infected cell i.e., called
called gestation Period. In humans the b. cirrhinus mrigala (mrigal) , , 
gestation Period is 266 days (38 weeks) Exotic carps: a. Grass carp
apoptosis. from the fertilization of egg or 40 weeks b. Silver carp 9989535675
2. More and more People in metro cities from the start of last menstrual cycle. 20. Mention any four fish by Products?
of India are Prone to allergies. Justify? A. a. Shark and cod liver oils
A. The People in metro cities of India suffer b. Fish guano c. Shagreen A. Iso agglutinogen - A (antigen - A) and
from allergies leading to asthmatic INTERMEDIATE d. Isinglass Isoagglutinogen- B (antigen - B) are the
attacks due to environmental Pollutions. s p e c i a l 21. Define the term vaccine? antigen responsible for ABO blood
3. What are auto- immune disorders? S E N I O R A. vaccine is biological Preparation that grouping. These antigens are Present on
Give any two examples? improves immunity to a Particular the surface of red blood cells.
A. Generally our immune system can 11. What is your view are the reasons disease. a vaccine typically contains live 31. What are the antibodies of ABO blood
recognize our own Proteins (self for Population explosion, especially attenuated an inactivated disease causing grouping? where are they Present?
antigens) and doesn't attack our own in India? organism. the toxins or one of the surface A. Isoagglutinin - A (anti - A ) and
tissues. Unfortunately, in some cases our A. The reasons for Population explosion Proteins of Pathogens are also used in the Isoagglutinin - B (nti -B) are the
immune system fails to recognise some in India are Preparation of vaccines. antibodies of ABO blood grouping. these
of our own body Proteins and treats them i. Illiteracy among People 22. How many eggs do you think were antibodies are Present In the blood
as foreign antigens, that results in attacks ii. Decline in death rate released by the ovary of a female dog Plasma.
on our own tissues. this leads to some iii. Increased health care facilities which gave birth to six Puppies? 32. Compare the importance of Y -
very serious diseases collectively known 12. It is true MTP is not meant for A. The dog might have Produced single Chromosome in human being and
as autoimmune disease. Population control. then why did ovary but it might be fertilised by six Drosophila?
Eg: 1. Graves disease the Government of India legalize different Sperms. After fertilization the A. In human beings Y - Chromosomes are
Eg: 2. Rheumatoid arthritis MTP? synkaryon or zygotic nucleus undergoes responsible for the development of
4. How can the graft rejections be A. Medical Termination Pregnancy divisions and forms six equal or unequal maleness. In Drosophila Y -
avoided in Patients? (MTP) of induced abortion is the zygote, those giving birth to six Puppies. Chromosomes, lacks male determining
A. After organ transplantation our body Procedure to terminate Pregnancy 24. What is Popularly called Guardian factors, but contains only genetic
recognises them as foeign and initiate the with the help of medications. angel of cell Genome? information essential to male fertility.
graft rejection to avoid this tissue and Government of India legalized MTP A. The Protein P53 is a tumor suppressor 33. What are barr bodies?
maching and blood group matching are in 1970 to avoid its misuse, this is Protein which plays an important role A. Barr bodies are condensed hetero
essential before undertaking graft even necessary to keep a check on with reference to the G1 check point. In chromatin in one of the X - Chromosome
after this the Patient has to take immuno indiscriminate and illegal Female the regulation of cell division cycle. It found in the somatic cells of diploid
suppressant drugs through out the lifer. foeticides. guards the integrity of the DNA. so it is females. These were observed by
5. What are the functions of sertoli cells 13. What is amniocentesis? Name any also called guardian angel of cells Murray.L.Barr in Female cats and moore
of the seminiferous tubules and the two disorders that can be detected genome. and barr in female human beings.
leyding cells in man? by amniocentesis? 25. MRI scan is harmless. justify? 34. What is Klinefelters syndrome?
A. Sertoli cells: also known as nourishing A. Amniocentesis is a diagnostic A. MRI does not use ionizing radiation, as A. Klinefelters syndrome is caused by
cells helps in the nourishment of Procedure to detect genetic defects in involved in X-rays, and is generally safe trisome in 23rd pair. A klinefelter male
spermatozoa and Produce a hormone the unborn baby in which amniotic and harmless Procedure. Possess an additional X - Chromosomes
‘inhibin’, which inhibits the secretion of fluid is collected from foetus and 26. List out any four Features of cancer along with the normal XY (i.e., 47
FSN. diagnosed for abnormalities. Down’s cells? Chromosomes)
Leydig cells: Produce testosterone that syndrome, turner’s syndrome and A. a. Loss of contact inhibition Symptoms: Hypogonadism, Sterility,
controls the secondary sexual characters Edward‘s syndrome can be detected b. Reduced intra cellular adhesion enlargement of breast, high pitched voice
and spermatogensis. by amniocentesis. c. Immortalization etc., somatic cells of klinefelter male
6. Define spermiogenesis and 14. Mention the advantages of d. Loss of anchorage dependence exhibits barr bodies in their nuclei
spermiation ? lactational amenorrhea method? 27. Which substances in a sample are 35. What is Turners syndrome?
A. Spermiogenesis: The process in which A. Lactational amenorrhea is the absence detected by direct and indirect ELISA A. It is autosomal disorder. the karyotype is
haploid spermatids are transformed into of menstruation as long as mother respectively? 45, it is due to monosomy is 23rd Pair.
spermatozoa or sperms. breast feeds her baby. The advantages A. a. Direct ELISA - used to detect antigens these females have 42 auto somes and
Spermiation: The process in which sperm of lactational amenorrhea are Present in the sample. one X - Chromosome.
head becomes embedded in the sertoli a. as long as the mother fully breast b. In direct ELISA - used to detect Symptoms: Short structure, gonadal
cells and finally released from the feeds her child, chances of antibodies Present in the sample. dysgenesis, webbed neck, broad shield
seminiferous tubules. conception are almost zero. 28. Define atavism with an example? like chest and widely spaced nipple etc.
7. What does ADA strand far? Deficiency b. Breast feeding babies will have A. Sudden appearance of some vestigial Turners female doesn't show barr bodies.
of ADA causes which disease? enhanced immunity, Protection organs in a better developed condition is 36. What is Down Syndrome?
A. ADA stands for adeno sine deaminase. against allergies. called atavism. A. Down syndrome is a genetic condition
Deficiency of adenosine deaminase 15. What is apiculture? Eg: Tailed human baby that causes delay in Physical and
(ADA) cause severe combined immuno A. Apiculture is the maintenance of 29. What is meant by genetic load. Give an intellectual development. The cause of
dificiency (SCID) hives of honeybees for the Production example? this genetic disorder is the Presence of an
8. Define the term transgenic animal? of honey and wax. apiculture is an A. The existence of deleterious genes with additional copy of the Chromosomes
A. Animals that have their own genome and age old cottage industry. in the Populations is called genetic load. numbered-21.
had their DNA manipulated to possess 16. Define the term fishery? Eg: Genes for sickle cell anaemia - The Symptoms: The affected individual is
and express an extra or foreign gene is A. Fishery is an industry devoted to the individuals homozygous for sickle cell short, with small round head, Furrowed
known as transgenic animals. catching, Processing for storage in gene usually die early due to anaemia. tongue and Partially open mouth.
9. Name the yellow mass of cells freezers and selling of fish, shel fish 30. What are the antigens causing ABO Physical and mental development is
accumulate in the empty follicle after or any other aquatic animals for blood grouping? where are they retarded.
ovulation. Name the hormone secreted human consumption. Present?
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When non volatile solute is...

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30. Were many books contained in the bag?
Passive Voice ENGLISH COMPREHENSION a) Was the bag contained many books?
b) Were many books contained the bag?
(1-20) Change the following into FOR ALL COMPETITIVE EXAMS c) Does the bag contain many books?
passive voice d) Did the bag contain many books ?
31. The matter will be looked in to by them
1. He doesn't sing songs a) They won't look in to the matter
a) songs don't sing by him b) They will look the matter
b) songs aren't sung by him c) They will look in to the matter
c) songs weren't sung by him d) None of the above
d) songs aren't sing by him 32. He was accused of various offences by
2. Have they solved the problem? his colleagues
a) Has the problem solved by them ? a) His colleagues accused him various
b) The problem has been solved by them ? offences
c) Have the problem been solved by them ? b) His colleagues accused him of various
d) Has the problem been solved by them ? offences
3. He is not watering plants c) His colleagues have accused him of
a) Plants are not watered by him various offences d) None of the above
b) Plants are not being watered by him 33. Fields are overgrown with grass
c) Plants aren't watering by him a) Grass will grow over fields
d) None is correct b) Grass grew over fields
4. Will they repay the loan? c) Grass grows over fields
a) Will the loan repaid by them ? d) None of the above
b) Will the loan repay by them ? 34. Uniform need not be worn by you
c) The loan will be repaid by them ? a) You wear uniform
d) Will the loan be repaid by them ? 13.People speak English all over the world d) None of the above b) You don't wear uniform
5. She always tells lies a) All over the world is spoken English c) You needn't wear uniform
a) Lies are always tell by her b) English is spoken all over the world (21-40) Change the following in d) You can wear uniform
b) Lies are told by her c) English has been spoken all to Active voice 35. It's time the roll to be called
c) Les always told by her over the world a) Call the roll b) Don't call the roll
d) None is correct d) English was spoken all over the world 21. Let not spicy food be eaten and let c) It's time the roll call
6. She doesn't know the value of those 14. The pot contains cool water extra milk be taken d) It's time to call the roll
books. a) Cool water is contained by the jug a) Don't eat spicy food and don't take 36. Why are pigeons fed by you every
a) Those books are not known to her b) Cool water is contained in the jug extra milk morning?
b) The value of those books is not known c) Both A & B d) Neither A nor B b) Eat spicy food and take extra milk a) Why do you feed pigeons
by her 15. Don't trouble the trouble until the trou- c) Both A & B every morning?
c) The value of those books is not known ble troubles you d) Don't eat spicy food and take extra milk b) Why did you feed pigeons
to her d) None is correct a) You shouldn't trouble the trouble until 22. The field is not being ploughed by the every morning?
7. He often lends them money you are troubled by the trouble farmer c) Why are you feeding pigeons every
a) They are often lent money by him b) Let not the trouble be troubled until the a) The farmer doesn't plough the field morning? d) None of the above
b) Money is often lent by him trouble troubles you b) The farmer hasn't ploughed the field 37. Are apples not liked by him?
c) They are often lent by him c) Let not the trouble be troubled until c) The farmer is not ploughing the field a) Don't he like apples?
d) All are correct you are troubled by the trouble d) None of the above b) Does he like apples?
8. Did they accompany you to the air- d) None of the above 23. May you be blessed with a child c) Did he like apples?
port? 16. Why do you depend on him for every- a) May God bless you with a child d) Does he not like apples?
a) Was airport accompanied by them ? thing? b) You may be blessed with a child 38. You are offered this job because of your
b) Was you accompanied by them to the a) Why does he depend on for everything ? c) A child may be blessed by God talent
airport? b) Why is he depend on for everything ? d) May a child be blessed with God a) You offer this job because your are
c) Were you accompanied to the airport c) Why ws he depended by you ? 24. Sugar is sweet when it is tasted talented
by them ? d) Why is he depended by you? a) Taste sugar b) They offer this job because you are
d) Were you been accompanied to the air- 17. She is narrating us a story b) When it is tasted sugar is sweet talented
port by them? a) A story is being narrated to us by her c) Don't taste sugar d) Sugar is sweet c) They offer this job to you because of
9. Don't make unnecessary comments b) We are being narrated a story by her 25. The leader was given a warm welcome your talent d) None of the above
a) Unnecessary comments are not made c) Both A &B d) Neither A nor B a) A warm welcome gave the leader 39. Has the movie not been seen yet by you?
b) You shouldn't make unnecessary 18. What have you done to solve the prob- b) People gave the leader a warm welcome a) Have you not seen the movie yet?
comments lem? c) They gave the leader a warm welcome b) Has the movie seen yet?
c) Let unnecessary comments a) What have you done to be solved the d) None of the above c) Did you not see the movie yet?
not to be made d) None of the above problem 26. It is considered that she is intellilgent d) Don't you see the movie yet?
10. You ought to observe traffic regula- b) What has been done to be solved the a) She is considered to be intelligent 40. My pocket has been picked
tions problem b) Intelligent is considered by her a) He picked my pocket
a) Traffic regulations are ought to be c) What have you been done to solve the c) People are considered her intelligent b) He has picked my pocket
observed by you problem d) People consider her intelligent c) He had picked my pocket
b) Traffic regulations ought to be d) What has been done by you to solve the 27. We are made their slaves by our habits d) Someone has picked my pocket
observed by you problem a) our habits make us their slaves
c) Both A & B d) Neither A nor B 19. People hope that government will bring b) our habits made us their slaves
11. It's time to start a new business. down prices c) our habits have made us their slaves T Sathaiah, Vikas Academy
a) It's time a new business to be started a) People are hoped that government will d) our habits are making us their slaves
be brought down prices 28. What can't be cured must be endured Answers
b) It's time you start a new business
c) You should start a new business and it b) It is hoped that government will bring a) we can cure what we can't endure 1) B 9) C 17) C 25) B 33) C
is time down prices b) what must endured can be cured 2) D 10) B 18) D 26) D 34) C
d) If you want to start a new business, c) It is hoped that government will be c) we must cure what we can't endure 3) B 11) A 19) B 27) A 35) D
it's time brought down prices d) we must endure what we can't cure 4) D 12) D 20) D 28) D 36) A
12. One should keep one's promises d) None of the above 29. How is this proposal being objected to 5) B 13) B 21) D 29) B 37) D
a) Everyone should be kept his promises 20. You can't pump the ocean dry by him ? 6) B 14) B 22) C 30) D 38) C
b) One should be kept his promises a) You can't be pumped ocean dry a) How is he objecting this proposal 7) A 15) C 23) A 31) C 39) A
c) His promises should be kept by him b) Ocean can be pumped bry b) How is he objecting to this proposal 8) C 16) B 24) D 32) B 40) D
d) One's promises should be kept c) Dry can't be pumped by ocean c) Both A & B d) Neither A nor B
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GÃÍ HΔÊˇµ-yÏ˛Ö߯ AΔÊˇ¶Ö ^Û˛Á‹$-M¯-–ö˛-yë-∞Mϸ CÃÍÖsÏ˝ Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛-Ø˲À$ øÊ˝*—$ÃÍÖsÏ˝ {Vʸ‡À$ CÖM¸∞≤
QÁ‹Ö∫Ö´V¯‚Ê®˝‘È{Áô˲ ‹M>ΔÊ¢ ˇA¿–ö≈-Mʸ-ÃÍ-˛ñ-¥®ÎÀÆ, AÖôËM¯Á‹˛Ö-«Ñʸ{Á≥Á≥Á≥«-Ö^Ë‘Z-˛´ßÊ˛ßÛØ˲˛‘È-, À{Á≥±≤ƒÒ˝*-—ÁV>À$,‹¢ñô˲ A–ö˛-Á‹ΔÊˇÖ. —‘Ë˝”Ö {Á≥Á‹$¢ô˲ –ö˛ƒÊ˝$-Á‹$ÃZ ΔˇÖyÊ˛$ ‘ÈôË˛Ö EØ˲≤-Á≥#µyÛ˛
–˛$$rt –˛$$ßÊ˛sÏ˝ ôÈΔÊˇ HΔÊˇµ-yÏ˛-Ö-ßÊ˛∞ ∫À–˛$OØ˲ ›ÎÑ>≈-´ßë-Δ>-ÀØ˲$
{Á≥Ü Hyë® AM¯t-∫ΔÊˇ$ 4 Ø˲$Ö_ 10 –ö˛ΔÊˇMʸ$ "–ö˛ΔÊˇÃå˝z
ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸'V> 1999ÃZ IMʸ≈-Δ>f≈ Á‹—$Ü °Δ>√-∞Ö-_Ö®. EØÈ≤Δˇ$$, –ÈsÏ˝ Á≥«-–ö˛*◊˝Ö, ∞–È-
Á‹-ƒÒ˝*Vʸ≈Ö, G∞≤ M>ÖÜ Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-
›Î¶Δˇ$$ÃZ ô˲–ö˛$ –ö˛Öô˲$ MʸñÌŸ ^Û˛Á‹*¢ØÛ˛ EØÈ≤Δˇ$$. AÖô˲-«Ñʸ Á≥«- AÖ®›˘¢Ö®. Ø˲Ñʸ-{ôÈÀ –˛$$ßÊ˛sÏ˝ Á‹*Á≥-Δ¯≤–Èô¯ –ö˛$ΔˇØ¯≤ Ø˲Ñʸ- –ö˛ΔÊˇÃå˝z ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸ AÖô˲-Δ>j-°ƒÊ˝$ M¯B-«z-ØÛ˛-rΔäˇV> Á≥∞-^Û˛-ƒÊ˝$- Δ>À ßÊ˛*ΔÊˇÖÃZ EØÈ≤Δˇ$$ –ö˛ÖsÏ˝
‘Z-´ßÊ˛Ø˲ M>ΔÊˇ≈-Mʸ-ÃÍ-¥ÎÀMʸ$ Á‹Ö∫Ö´®Ö_ ——´ßÊ˛ ßÛ˛‘ÈÀ$ {ôÈÀ ∞Δ>√-◊Í-∞Mϸ ßë«-°-Ì‹-Ø˲r$t Á‹–ö˛*^ÈΔÊˇÖ. yë-∞Mϸ IMʸ≈-Δ>f≈ Á‹—$-ÜMϸ ô¯yëµ-r$V> –ö˛ΔÊˇÃå˝z ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸ —–ö˛-Δ>À B^˲*MÓ¸∞ D —$ÁŸØå˛
Á‹–ö˛$Ø˲”ƒÊ˝$ Á‹Áfl˝M>Δ>À$ AÖ®Ö^˲$Mʸ$Ör*ØÛ˛ EØÈ≤Δˇ$$. A›˘-Ì‹-ƒÙ˝$-ÁŸØå˛ –ö˛≈–ö˛-Áfl˝-«-›˘¢Ö®. –˛$$ßÊ˛sÏ˝›Î« 2000ÃZ ßë”Δ> ØțΠMʸØ˲$-VˆÖ-r$Ö®.
ƒÊ˝$$Gã‹ ı‹µã‹ ∏˘Δäˇfi IMʸ≈-Δ>f≈ Á‹—$Ü –ö˛ΔÊˇÃå˝z ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸Ø˲$ ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝Ö-_Ö®.
–ö˛*Δäˇfi EÁ≥-«-ô˲ÀÖ MϸÖßÊ˛ EÁ≥#µ ±sÏ˝ Á‹ΔÊˇÁ‹$fi –ö˛ΔÊˇÃå˝z ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸ AM¯t-∫ΔÊˇ$ GÖÌ≥MʸMʸ$ ΔˇÖyÊ˛$ M>ΔÊˇ-◊ÍÀ$
EØÈ≤Δˇ$$. –˛$$ßÊ˛sÏ˝ –ö˛*Ø˲-–ö˛&-∞-«√ô˲ GΔäˇ¢ ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝Oså˝ "Á‹$µÜ≤Mä¸
M¸Ú≥œΔäˇ sÒ˝Õ-›˘Pã≥
{Ü—´ßÊ˛ ßÊ˛‚ÍÀ$, Á‹«-Áfl˝ßÊ˛$™ øÊ˝{ßÊ˛ôÈ ßÊ˛‚ÍÀ$ –ö˛*®-«V> Á‹$±Ãå˝ ´ßÊ˛–ö˛‚Ê˝
CsÍ-Õ-ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ ‘È{Á‹¢-–Û˛-ô˲¢À$ –ö˛*Δäˇfi EÁ≥-«-ô˲ÀÖ MϸÖßÊ˛ A–˛$-«M> Á‹ÖƒÊ˝$$Mʸ¢ Δ>{⁄Ît-ÀMʸ$ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ ßÊ˛‚Í∞≤ HΔ>µr$ 1' {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ-_Ø˲ ôÛ˛© 1957 AM¯t-∫ΔÊˇ$ 4. C® AÖô˲-«Ñʸ 2009 Ø˲$Ö_ AÖô˲-«-ÑʸÖÃZ Ì‹CJ, ßÊ˛ £Ê˛Δäˇz
EÁ≥#µ ±sÏ˝ Á‹ΔÊˇÁ‹$fiØ˲$ MʸØ˲$-Vˆ-ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$. –ö˛*Δäˇfi EÁ≥-«-ô˲-ÃÍ∞Mϸ ^Û˛ı‹Ö-ßÊ˛$Mʸ$ BVʸÁ‹$tÃZ {rÖã≥ ¥ÎÀØ˲ ƒÊ˝$Ö{ôÈÖVÊ¸Ö JMʸ {Á≥◊Í- AØÛ˛”-ÁŸ-◊˝Mʸ$ –ö˛*ΔÊˇYÖ ô˛«_Ö®. 1967 AM¯t-∫ΔÊˇ$ 10Ø˲ Gد≤ Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛-Ø˲À$ f«Ì≥ Ø˲Ñʸ-{ôÈ- AÖÚ≥OΔäˇ “$yÏ˛ƒÊ˝*,
Á‹$–ö˛*ΔÊˇ$ 1.5 MϸÃZ-“$-rΔÊˇœ MϸÖßÊ˛ ΔÊˇ–ö˛*ΔÊˇ—$ 12.4 –˛$O‚Ê˝Â „MʸØ˲$ {Á≥–Û˛-‘Ë˝-Ú≥-sÏ˝tÖ®. C® A–ö˛$- "LrΔäˇ ı‹µã‹ {sÓ˝sÓ˝' JÁ≥µÖßÊ˛Ö A–ö˛$-À$-ÃZMϸ –ö˛_aÖ®. D À B^˲*MÓ¸ MʸØ˲$-Vˆ∞ –ÈsÏ˝ —–ö˛- ∏ÎΔÊˇ√Δäˇ –˛Oã‹
–˛yÊ˛À$µ, –ö˛$*yÊ˛$ AyÊ˛$-Vʸ$À ÃZô˲$Ø˲≤ JMʸ øÊ˝*VʸΔÊˇ¬ Á‹ΔÊˇ-Á‹$fiØ˲$ À$- à ZMÏ ¸ Δ>À$, ∏˜sZÀ$ Á≥ÖÌ≥Ø˲ M¸Ú≥œΔäˇ {Ú≥Ì‹y˛Öså˝ ØÛ˛ÁŸØ˲Ãå˝
2018 lÃÒ˝OÃZ Cr-ŒMϸ ^˛Ö®Ø˲ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛-
Mʸ$À$ MʸØ˲$-Vˆ-ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$. AßÛ˛
–ö˛ΔÊˇÃå˝z ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ sÒ˝Õ-›˘Pã≥Ø˲$ AM¯t- hƒÒ˝*{V>ÌúMä¸ bÈØ˲Ãå˝
∫ΔÊˇ$ÃZ ØțΠ—ΔÊˇ-—$Ö^˲$Mʸ$Ö®.
AΔˇ$$ôÛ˛ M¸Ú≥œΔäˇ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ sÒ˝Õ-
ΔˇÖyÊ˛$ Áú$sÍtÀ ôÛ˛©ÀØ˲$ Á≥#ΔÊˇ-Á‹P-«Ö-^˲$-Mˆ∞ AM¯t-∫ΔÊˇ$ 4 ›˘Pã≥ MÛ¸–ö˛ÀÖ ØÈÀ$Vʸ$ Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-Δ>À$ AÖô˲-«-ÑʸÖ-ÃZ -EÖ-yÛ˛-ÃÍ
¥˘sÓ˝ Á≥»ÑʸÀ {Á≥ôÛ˛≈MÊ¸Ö Ø˲$Ö_ 10 –ö˛ΔÊˇMʸ$ "–ö˛ΔÊˇÃå˝z ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸'V> ∞ΔÊˇ~-Δˇ$$Ö^ÈΔÊˇ$.
ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸ Á‹–ö˛*-–Û˛‘Ë˝Ö GgÒ˝ÖyëØ˲$ {Á≥Ü Á‹–ö˛*-–Û˛-‘Ë˝ÖÃZ
∞«√Ö^ÈΔÊˇ$. AΔˇ$$ôÛ˛, ôˆ—$√ßÛ˛‚Ê˝ì ∞«”-Δ>-–ö˛$ÖV> ›˚ΔÊˇ –ö˛≈–ö˛Á‹¶
–˛À$-Á≥À {Vʸ‡À, ¥ÎÀ-Á≥#Öô˲ÃZ∞ –Û˛ÃÍ® Ø˲Ñʸ-{ôÈÀ$ Á‹–ö˛*-^È-
IMʸ≈-Δ>f≈ Á‹—$Ü Á‹“$-ÑϸÁ‹$¢Ö®. D –ö˛ΔÊˇÃå˝z ı‹µã‹ “Mä¸ Δ>∞≤ ı‹Mʸ-«Ö-_Ö®.
—ßë≈-ΔÊˇ$¶-ÀMʸ$ Á‹*µ«¢-∞-Á‹$¢Ö®, AÖô˲-«Ñʸ M>ΔÊˇ≈-Mʸ-ÃÍ-
¥ÎÀÚ≥O {Á≥f-ÀMʸ$ A–ö˛-V>-Áfl˝Ø˲ MʸյÖ_ –È«∞ —ßë≈- yëØå˛ ı‹µã‹ {M>ãút
–ö˛Ö-ô˲$-ÀØ˲$ ^Û˛Á‹$¢Ö®. ı‹µã‹ L{sÓ˝^å˛ M>ΔÊˇ≈-{Mʸ-–ö˛*À

AÖô˲«ÑÊ¸Ö ßë”Δ> AÖô˲-Δ>j-°ƒÊ˝$ Á‹Áfl˝-M>-Δ>∞≤ {¥˘ô˲fi-Ìfl˝- 2007 Ú‹Ú≥tÖ-∫ΔÊˇ$ÃZ y˛ÃÍt -II Δ>M¸så˝ ßë”Δ> {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-
Á‹$¢Ö®. AÖô˲-«Ñʸ M>ΔÊˇ≈-Mʸ-ÃÍ-¥ÎÀÚ≥O {Á≥f-ÀØ˲$ WÖ_Ø˲ "yëØå˛ –¯≈–ö˛$Ø˙Mʸ' 11 Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-Δ>À ¥Îr$ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ
^˛Oô˲-Ø˲≈-–ö˛Ö-ô˲$ÀØ˲$ ^Û˛Á‹$¢Ö®. MʸÑʸ≈ÃZ MʸÕ-ƒÊ˝$ Ü«WÖ®. CÖ´ßÊ˛ØË˛Ö ∞ÖyÊ˛$-M¯-–ö˛yÊ˛Öô¯ Á‹¢∫$™V>
EÖyÏ˛-¥˘Δˇ$$Ö®. ßëÖô¯ Ø˲–ö˛Ö-∫Δäˇ 1Ø˲ ØțΠB Ø˙MʸØ˲$ E∞-
MϸÃZ Ø˲$Ö_ ôˆÀWÖ_Ö®. D –¯≈–ö˛$-Ø˙Mʸ ΔˇÖyÊ˛$ {Vʸ‡Ö-ô˲ΔÊˇ
©∞-∞ ΔÊˇ*¥˜Ö-®Ö-^È-ΔÊˇ$. V¯œ∫Ãå˝ ¥˜h-ÁŸ- {Á≥ßÛ˛-‘ÈÀ MʸÑʸ≈ÃZ Ü«WÖ®. ôˆÕV> –˛›Ît EÀP ô˲ΔÊˇ–Èô˲ –ö˛$ΔÊˇ-
∞ÖVä¸ Ì‹Á‹tÖ, ΔÛˇyÏ˛ƒÒ˝* {ÔúM¸”±fi Á‹–ö˛*- Vʸ$kj {VʸÁfl˝Ö Ú‹«ã‹ MʸØ˲$-Vˆ-Ö®. –˛›Ît, Ú‹«ã‹ ΔˇÖyÊ˛* ∫ñÁfl˝-
^È-Δ>-ÀMʸ$ ›˚ΔÊˇ V>À$À$ ô˲ΔÊˇ-^˲$V> Á‹µÜ, AÖV>-ΔÊˇMʸ –ö˛$´ßÊ˛≈ E∞-Mϸ∞ MʸÕ-W-Ø˲-Á≥µ-sÏ˝MÓ¸ D ΔˇÖsÏ˝
AÖô˲-Δ>ƒÊ˝$Ö MʸÕ-WÁ‹$¢Ö-sÍΔˇ$$. {Á≥Á≥Ö^Ë˛Ö –Û˛ΔÊˇ∞ yëØå˛ –¯≈–ö˛$Ø˙Mʸ AÖ®Ö-_Ø˲ Á‹–ö˛*-^ÈΔÊˇÖô¯
øÊ˝*—$Mϸ ßÊ˛VʸY-ΔÊˇ-ÃZ EØ˲≤ –¯≈–ö˛$-Ø˙Mʸ Ø˲$Ö_ ›˚ΔÊˇ V>À$ÀÚ≥O –˛Àœ-yÊ˛-Δˇ$$≈Ö®.
Á‹–ö˛*^ÈΔ>∞≤ ‘ÈÁ‹à–Û˛ô˲¢À$ ı‹Mʸ-«Ö-^ÈΔÊˇ$. AΔˇ$$ôÛ˛ D ›˚ΔÊˇ
ı‹µã‹ GMä¸fi & » ƒÊ˝$*f-∫$Ãå˝ Δ>M¸så˝
Ì≥Gã-‹K gÒ˝352.4034&15.3373
(Δ˙ÖyÊ˛ã≥ 2018) V>À$À$ GÃÍ EßÊ˛¬-—Ö-^ÈΔˇ$$, Ú≥OV> JMʸ VʸÖrMʸ$ 1.8 —$Õ-
ƒÊ˝$Ø˲œ –˛$O‚Ê˝ìœ –Û˛VÊ¸Ö GÃÍ AÖßÊ˛$-M¯-Vʸ-À$Vʸ$ô˲$-ØÈ≤Δˇ$$ –ö˛ÖsÏ˝
—ÁŸ-ƒÊ˝*-ÀØ˲$ A´ßÊ˛≈-ƒÊ˝$ØË˛Ö ^Û˛ƒÊ˝$-yë-∞Mϸ A–ö˛Á‹ΔÊˇ–˛$OØ˲ –ö˛$$Q≈-
–˛$OØ˲ —ÁŸ-ƒÊ˝*ÀØ˲$ D ¥ÎΔÊˇPΔäˇ ›˘ÃÍΔäˇ {¥˘ªå˝ AÖ®-Á‹$¢Ö®.
A–˛$-«M>Mʸ$ ^˛Ö®Ø˲ "ı‹µã‹ GMä¸fi' Á‹ÖÁ‹¶ Á≥#Ø˲-«”-∞-ƒÒ˝*VʸÖ
^Û˛ƒÊ˝$-VʸÀ Δ>M¸r$œ ΔÊˇ*¥˜Ö-®Ö-^˲yÊ˛Ö –˛$$ßÊ˛-À$Ú≥sÏ˝t AÖô˲-«Ñʸ
AØÛ˛ Mʸ”Δˇ$$-gÍΔäˇ MʸØ˲$-Vˆ-ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$, C® –ö˛$Ø˲ —‘Ë˝”ÖÃZ Aô˲≈Öô˲ ¥ÎΔÊˇPΔäˇ ›˘ÃÍΔäˇ {¥˘ªå˝ ØÛ˛ΔÊˇ$V> Á‹*ΔÊˇ$≈∞ AƒÊ˝$-›ÎPÖô˲ Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛-Ø˲ÃZ ^˲«{ô˲ Á‹ñÌŸtÖ-_Ö®. 2018ÃZ 20 Δ>M¸r$œ {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-
{Á≥M>-‘Ë˝-–ö˛Ö-ô˲-–˛$OØ˲ –ö˛Á‹$¢–ö˛#. øÊ˝*—$ Ø˲$Ö_ 13 ºÕ-ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ –ö˛ı‹¢, A–˛$-«M> Á‹ÖƒÊ˝$$Mʸ¢ Δ>{⁄ÎtÀ BΔ¯ Ú‹O∞Mʸ øÊ˝{ßÊ˛ôÈ ÑÛ¸{ôÈ-ÀØ˲$ MˆÕ_, AMʸPyÏ˛ Mʸ◊ÍÀ Ø˲–ö˛$*ØÈ °Á‹$-MˆÖ-r$Ö®, WÖ-_ 64 EÁ≥-{Vʸ-‡-ÀØ˲$ MʸÑʸ≈-ÃZMϸ Á≥ÖÌ≥Ö®. A–˛$-«M>
M>ÖÜ Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-Δ>À ßÊ˛*ΔÊˇÖÃZ EÖ®. –ö˛$Ø˲ —‘Ë˝”Ö {Á≥Á‹$¢ô˲ ßÊ˛‚Ê˝ÖV> ^˲«-{ô˲-M¸-Mʸ$P-ô˲$Ö®. AÖô˲-«-ÑʸÖÃZ A–˛$-«M> B´®-Á≥- AMʸPyÊ˛ E⁄˘~-{Vʸ-ô˲Ø˲$ GÁ≥µ-sÏ˝-Mʸ-Á≥#µyÊ˛$ Ø˲–˛*ßÊ˛$ ^Û˛Ì‹ Á≥ÖÌ≥- Á‹ÖƒÊ˝$$Mʸ¢ Δ>{⁄ÎtÀ ^˲«-{ô˲ÃZ C߈Mʸ –˛$OÀ$-Δ>Δˇ$$. 2017 Ìú{∫-
–ö˛ƒÊ˝$-Á‹$ÃZ HyÊ˛$ ‘ÈôË˛Ö MʸÖsÙ˝ ô˲Mʸ$P-–ö˛V> EØ˲≤-Á≥#µyÊ˛$ EßÊ˛¬- ôÈ≈∞≤ ∞ÀªÒ˝rtyë∞Mϸ ô¯yÊ˛$, ßÛ˛‘Ë˝ AÖô˲«Ñʸ BÁ‹Mʸ$¢ÀØ˲$ Á‹$¢Ö®. Á‹*ΔÊˇ$≈∞ EÁ≥-«-ô˲À E⁄˘~-{Vʸô˲ MÛ¸–ö˛ÀÖ 6,000 yÏ˛{XÀ –ö˛-«ÃZ 104 EÁ≥-{Vʸ-‡-ÀØ˲$ AÖô˲-«-ÑʸÖÃZMϸ Á≥ÖÌ≥ C{›˘
—Ö-_Ö-ßÊ˛∞ AÖ^˲ØÈ. V¸ÀMÓ¸fi ÃÍÖsÏ˝ßÛ˛ JMʸ Mʸ”Δˇ$$-gÍΔäˇ. Ø˛ΔÊˇ–Û˛ΔÊˇayÊ˛Ö ©∞ ÀÑʸ≈Ö. EÁ≥-{VʸÁfl˝ –ö˛≈Ü-ΔÛˇMʸ BƒÊ˝$$-´ßëÀ A¿- Ú‹Õfi-ƒÊ˝$ã‹ EÖyÊ˛V> Á≥® ÀÑʸÀ yÏ˛{XÀ E⁄˘~-{Vʸ-ô˲ Á‹*ΔÊˇ$≈yÏ˛ {Á≥Á≥Ö^˲ «M>ΔÊˇ$zØ˲$ ›˜ÖôË˛Ö ^Û˛Á‹$-MˆÖ®. ∏ÎÀPØå˛&9 AØÛ˛ Á≥#Ø˲-
Á‹*ΔÊˇ$≈∞ MʸÖsÙ˝ –ö˛ÖßÊ˛ M¯rœ Δˇr$œ –ö˛ΔÊˇMʸ$ Ú≥ßÊ˛™-—V> –ö˛ñ®Æ, Ú‹O∞Mʸ Á‹–ö˛*-^ÈΔÊˇ ›ÎÖMÛ¸-ÜMʸ Á≥«-gÍqØ˲Ö& ›ÎÖMÛ¸-Ü-Mʸô˲ Ø˲$Ö_ GÃÍ Eô˲µÜ¢ A–ö˛#-ô¯Ö-ßÊ˛Ø˲≤ –ö˛$*ÃÍ-´ßëΔÊˇ {Á≥‘Ë˝≤-ÀMʸ$ «”-∞-ƒÒ˝*Vʸ Δ>M¸så˝ –˛$$ßÊ˛sÏ˝ —yÊ˛ô˲ ∫*Á‹tΔäˇ ßë”Δ> M¸Ø˛≤yÓ˛ ı‹µã‹
EÖsÍΔˇ$$. A¿-–ö˛ñ®Æ, –˛$ΔÊˇ$-V¸OØ˲ Δ>yëΔäˇ –ö˛≈–ö˛Á‹¶, iÔ≥-Gã‹ ›Î–ö˛$-Δ>¶≈À A¿- Á‹–ö˛*-´ßëØË˛Ö Mʸ*yë ¥ÎΔÊˇPΔäˇ ßë”Δ> Δ>∫-sÍt-À∞ ØțΠ‘È{Á‹¢- Ú‹ÖrΔäˇ, –ÈÖy˛-Øå˛∫ΔäˇY GΔˇ$$Δäˇ ∏˘Δäˇfi ªÙ˝ã‹, MÛ¸ã≥ M¸ØÈ-–ö˛-ΔÊˇÃå˝
–ö˛ñ-®Æ, CÁ≥µ-sÏ˝MÛ¸ EØ˲≤ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ M>ΔÊˇ≈-{Mʸ-–ö˛*-ÀØ˲$ Á≥#Ø˲-ΔÊˇ”≈-–ö˛-Ô‹¶-Mʸ- –Û˛-ô˲¢À$ øÍ—-Á‹$¢-ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$. GΔˇ$$Δäˇ ∏˘Δäˇfi ÃÍÖ^å˛ı‹tÁŸØå˛ÀÃZ –ö˛$*yÊ˛$ –Û˛ΔÛˇ”ΔÊˇ$ Ø˙Mʸ-ÀØ˲$
Á≥#Δ>-ô˲Ø˲ BMϸfifØå˛ –ÈƒÊ˝$$-–ö˛# «Ö-^˲yÊ˛Ö –ö˛ÖsÏ˝–ö˛±≤ D AÖô˲-«Ñʸ ßÊ˛‚Ê˝Ö Á≥«-´®-ÃZMϸ –ö˛-›Î¢Δˇ$$. {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ_ {Á≥Á≥Ö-^È∞≤ B‘Ë˝a-ΔÊˇ≈-^˲-Mϸ-ô˲$-ÀØ˲$ ^Û˛Ì‹Ö®. ı‹µã‹
–Û˛$ Ø˛ÀÃZ QV¯‚Ê˝ ‘È{Á‹¢-–Û˛-ô˲¢À$ 13 –ö˛ÖßÊ˛À M¯rœ H‚Ê˝œ JMʸ Mˆô˲¢ Ú‹O∞Mʸ ‘ÈQØ˲$ A–˛$«M>ÃZ HΔ>µr$ ^Û˛ı‹ÖßÊ˛$Mʸ$ {sÍ∞j-sÏ˝ÖVä¸ GM¯fi-¥Îœ-Ø˛så˝ Á‹ΔÛˇ” ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝Oså˝ GMä¸fi¥˜œ-ΔÛˇ-ÁŸØå˛ sÒ˝M>≤-À-iã‹ M>Δˆµ-ΔÛˇ-ÁŸØå˛ A–˛$-«-M>ÃZ M>Õ-∏˘-
{MϸôË˛Ö ØÈsÏ˝ BMϸfi-fØå˛ –ÈƒÊ˝$$-–ö˛#∞ Vʸ$«¢Ö-^ÈΔÊˇ$. ºVä¸ ªÍ≈ÖVä¸ f«- AMʸPyÏ˛ M>Ö{V¸ã‹ B–˛*ßÊ˛Ö A–ö˛-Á‹-ΔÊˇÖ. AÖßÊ˛$–ö˛Àœ ©∞ «≤ƒÊ˝*Mʸ$ ^˛Ö®Ø˲ JMʸ {Ú≥O–Û˛så˝ A–˛$-«-MʸØå˛ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ ô˲ƒÊ˝*»,
HΔ>µr$Mʸ$ –ö˛$Δ¯ Hyë® Á≥süt^˲$a. 2020 ∫y˛jsZœ D ‘ÈQ {sÍ∞j-sÏ˝ÖVä¸ GM¯fi-¥Îœ-Ø˛så˝ Á‹ΔÛˇ” ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝Oså˝∞ H{Ì≥Ãå˝ÃZ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ ΔÊˇ–È◊Í Á‹ÖÁ‹¶. AÖô˲-«Ñʸ ΔÊˇ–È◊Í –ö˛≈ƒÊ˝*-ÀØ˲$ ô˲WYÖ-
WØ˲ 25 M¯rœ Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-Δ>À ô˲ΔÊˇ-–Èô˲ –˛$$rt –˛$$ßÊ˛sÏ˝ Ø˲Ñʸ-{ôÈÀ$ HΔ>µ-r$Mʸ$ A–ö˛Á‹ΔÊˇ–˛$OØ˲ ∞´ßÊ˛$À M¯Á‹Ö A–˛$-«M> M>Ö{V¸ã‹Mʸ$ ØțΠ{Á≥ƒÒ˝*WÖ-_Ö®. ¥ÎÀ-Á≥#Ö-ô˲ Á‹“$-Á≥Ö-ÃZ EØ˲≤ {Á≥M>-‘Ë˝- ^˲yÊ˛Ö, AÖV>-ΔÊˇMʸ {VʸÁfl˝Ö –ö˛*Ø˲–ö˛ ∞–È-Á‹-ƒÒ˝*V>≈∞Mϸ “À$
B—ÁŸPñô˲–ö˛$ƒÊ˝*≈ƒÊ˝$Ø˲yë∞Mϸ ôÈΔ>P◊˝Ö D BMϸfi-fØå˛ Á≥ÖÁ≥-yë-∞Mϸ {Á≥◊Í-„-MʸÀ$ Ì‹ßÊ˛¶-–ö˛$-–ö˛#-ô˲$-ØÈ≤Δˇ$$. –ö˛Ö-ô˲-–˛$OØ˲ Ø˲Ñʸ-{ôÈÀØ˲$ C® Á≥«-‘Z-´®Á‹$¢Ö®. A— {Vʸ‡À MʸյÖ-^˲yÊ˛–Û˛$ ´ßÛ˛≈ƒÊ˝$ÖV> 2002ÃZ GÃÒ˝Øå˛ –ö˛*ã‹P ©∞∞ ›Î¶Ì≥Ö-
–ÈƒÊ˝$$–ö˛# A∞ Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛-Mʸ$À$ A¿-{¥Î-ƒÊ˝$-Á≥-yÊ˛$-ô˲$-ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$, Á≥À$ ^˲$r*t MʸÑʸ≈À$ MʸyÊ˛$-ô˲$-ØÈ≤ƒÊ˝* AØÛ˛® {sÍ∞j-sÏ˝ÖVä¸ GM¯fi-¥Îœ- ^ÈyÊ˛$. ∏ÎÀPØå˛ Δ>M¸så˝, {yëVʸØå˛ Δ>M¸så˝ ı≥«r {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-Vʸ
M¯◊Í-ÃZœ ô˲ßÊ˛$Á≥« Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛-Ø˲À$ fΔÊˇ$-Á≥#-ô˲$-ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$. Br-Mʸ–ö˛*
ÃÍΔäˇj —$Œœ-“$-rΔäˇ A{ΔÛˇ(AÃÍ√) CÖr-Δˇπ-Δ¯-“$-rΔäˇ Á‹‡-ƒÊ˝$Öô¯,
¥ÎΔÊˇPΔäˇ ›˘ÃÍΔäˇ {¥˘ªå˝ Ø˛så˝ Á‹ΔÛˇ” ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝Oså˝ AØÛ˛”-ÌŸ-›˘¢Ö®. AΔˇ$$ôÛ˛ M¸Á≥œΔäˇ sÒ˝Õ-›˘Pã≥ –ÈÁfl˝Mʸ Δ>M¸-rœØ˲$ A¿-–ö˛ñ®Æ ^Û˛Ì‹Ö®.
AØÛ˛”-ÌŸÖ-_Ø˲ ßë∞ MʸØÈ≤ ©∞ Á≥«´® 400 Δˇr$œ GMʸ$P–ö˛. D
QV¯‚Ê˝ ‘È{Á‹¢-–Û˛-ô˲¢À$ V¸ÃÍ-MÓ¸fiÃZ ôˆÕ-›Î« Á≥ÖÌ≥◊Ó˝ AΔˇ$$Ø˲ A–˛$«M> AÖô˲«Ñʸ Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛Ø˲ Á‹ÖÁ‹¶ ØțΠ"¥ÎΔÊˇPΔäˇ Á‹ΔÛˇ” ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝Oså˝ ΔˇÖyÊ˛$ Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-Δ>À –ö˛≈–ö˛-´®ÃZ Á‹$–ö˛*-ΔÊˇ$V>
BMϸfi-fØå˛ Á‹ÖMÛ¸-ôÈ-ÀØ˲$ Vʸ$«¢Ö-^ÈΔÊˇ$. —‘Ë˝”Ö - ›˘ÃÍΔäˇ {¥˘ªå˝'Ø˲$ BVʸÁ‹$tÃZ {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ-_Ö®. Á‹*ΔÊˇ$≈∞ IßÊ˛$ ÀÑʸÀ Ø˲Ñʸ-{ôÈÀ$ Áfl˝ƒÊ˝*-
–˛$$-ßÊ˛r AÖ^˲$ –ö˛ΔÊˇMʸ$ –˛„œ ›˚ΔÊˇ V>À$-ÀØ˲$ A´ßÊ˛≈-ƒÊ˝$ØË˛Ö ^Û˛ƒÊ˝$-yë-∞Mϸ A´ßÊ˛≈-ƒÊ˝$ØË˛Ö ^Û˛Á‹$¢Ö®. ∫*›Î&2 —$ÁŸØå˛Ø˲$
CØå˛Ú‹Oså˝ {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ-_Ø˲
ØțΠf¥ÎØå˛ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛Ø˲ Á‹ÖÁ‹¶
f¥ÎØå˛ ı‹µã‹ GMä¸fi¥˜œ-ΔÛˇ-ÁŸØå˛ HgÒ˝±fi ∞ΔÊˇ”-
ÃÍÖyÊ˛Δäˇ –ö˛*ΔäCØåˇfi˛Ú‹EÁOs≥å˝ -«ÃÍÖyÊ ˛Δäˇ Ø˲–ö˛Ö-∫Δäˇ 26Ø˲ CÖyÏ˛-ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ ı‹µã‹ »Ú‹Δäˇa BΔÊˇY-Ø˛O-gÙ˝-ÁŸØå˛ (C{›˘) Ìfl˝›˘¢Ö®. EÀPÀ —–ö˛-Δ>À$ Ø˲–ö˛$*ØÈ ∫*›Î&2
-ô˲-ÀÖÚ≥O –ÈÕÖ®. –ö˛*Δäˇfi ı‹Mʸ-«Ö_ Á‹ÖMÛ¸ôÈÀØ˲$ øÊ˝*—$ “$®Mϸ
{VʸÁfl˝Ö –ÈôÈ-–ö˛-ΔÊˇ-◊˝ÖÃZ ÚflO˝Á≥-Δ䡛˘∞Mä¸ 2018 Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fiΔÊˇÖ ¥˜yÊ˛-–ö˛#ØÈ –ö˛$Ø˲ AÖô˲-«Ñʸ Á≥«-‘Z- "h‘È-så˝&7-G'Ø˲$ {Á≥ƒÒ˝*- Ü«W Á≥Öı≥ —$ÁŸØå˛ M¯Á‹Ö {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ-
–Û˛VʸÖô¯ {Á≥–Û˛-’Ö_ Á≥«-Á≥NΔÊˇ~ ÃÍ≈ÖyÏ˛ÖVä¸Mʸ$ HyÊ˛$ ∞—$-⁄ÎÀ$ ´ßÊ˛Ø˲ Á‹ÖÁ‹¶(-C-{›˘)-ßë-ßëÁ≥# 17 AÖô˲-«Ñʸ Ø˙Mʸ-ÀØ˲$ —f-ƒÊ˝$- WÖ-_Ö®. ^ÈΔÊˇ$. ƒÊ˝$$Gã‹ Œ∞-ƒÊ˝$Δäˇ {¥ÎgÒ˝Mä¸tÃZ øÍVʸÖV> 1999ÃZ MʸØ˲$-
Á≥sÏ˝tÖ®. ÃÍ≈Öyä˛ AΔˇ$$-Ø˲ -–˛Ö-rØÛ˛ {VʸÁfl˝Ö EÁ≥-«-ô˲ÀÖ –ö˛Ö-ô˲ÖV> {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ-_Ö®. CÁ≥µ-sÏ˝-–ö˛-ΔÊˇMʸ$ C{›˘ 269 —ßÛ˛÷ yÏ˛Ú‹Ö-∫-ΔÊˇ$ÃZ VˆØ˲≤ EÀP "gÒ˝ƒÊ˝$$&3'Mϸ ΔÊˇ*≈Vʸ$ A∞ ı≥ΔÊˇ$ Ú≥sÍtΔÊˇ$. Ì‹&sÒ˝Oã≥
∏˜sZÀ$ ØÈ›ÎMʸ$ Á≥ÖÌ≥Ö®. AMʸPyÏ˛ Δ>Ü ¥˜ΔÊˇÀ —‘Û˝œ-ÁŸ◊˝, EÁ≥-{Vʸ-‡-ÀØ˲$ MʸÑʸ≈-ÃZMϸ {Á≥–Û˛-‘Ë˝-Ú≥-sÏ˝tÖ®. "h‘Èså˝&11' AØÛ˛ BÁ‹t-Δ>-Δˇ$$yä˛ ΔÊˇ*≈Vʸ$ EÀP —–ö˛-Δ>À$, ∏˜sZÀ$ ı‹Mʸ-«Ö_
E⁄˘~-{Vʸ-ô˲-ÀØ˲$ MˆÀ-–ö˛yÊ˛Ö, {VʸÁfl˝Ö AÑÊ¸Ö —–ö˛-Δ>ÀØ˲$ fØ˲-–ö˛-«ÃZ Ì≥Gã-‹-G-Ãå˝-—&Ì‹40 Δ>M¸sZœ GΔäˇ¢ A∫j-ΔÛˇ”-ÁŸØå˛ ∫Áfl˝ì‚Ê˝ ¡–í˛$ Mʸ–ö˛$*≈- —‘Û˝œ-ÁŸ◊˝, Á≥«-‘Z-´ßÊ˛Ø˲ M¯Á‹Ö ›˚ΔÊˇ Mʸ$r$Ö∫Ö, ›˚ΔÊˇ –ö˛≈–ö˛Á‹¶
AÖ®Á‹$¢Ö®. –ö˛*ΔäˇfiÚ≥O ‘È{Á‹¢-–Û˛-ô˲¢ÀMʸ$ A–ö˛-V>-Áfl˝Ø˲ HΔÊˇµyÛ˛Ö- ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝Oså˝ «–˛*så˝ Ú‹∞fiÖVä¸ EÁ≥-{VʸÁfl˝Ö "M>Δ¯t-‘Èså˝&2', ∞-MÛ¸-ÁŸØå˛ EÁ≥-{Vʸ-Á‡∞≤ –ö˛$*ÀÖ, Á≥«-◊Í–ö˛$Ö Vʸ$«Ö_ –ö˛$«Öô˲V> ô˛À$-Á‹$-M¯-–ö˛-yë-∞Mϸ
ßÊ˛$Mʸ$ CØå˛Ú‹Oså˝ ı‹Mʸ-«Ö-_Ø˲ Á‹–ö˛*-^ÈΔÊˇÖ EÁ≥-ƒÒ˝*-Vʸ-Á≥-yÊ˛$- –ö˛*«aÃZ hGã-‹-G-Ãå˝-—&-Gãú08 Δ>M¸sZœ Mʸ–ö˛$*≈-∞-MÛ¸-ÁŸØå˛ EÁ≥- {ÚúÖ^å˛ VʸƒÊ˝*ØÈ "Áfl˝ƒÊ˝*-∫*›Î&2'Ø˲$ {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ-^ÈΔÊˇ$. D AÖô˲-«Ñʸ Ø˙MʸÃZ
ô˲$Ö®. CØå˛Ú‹Oså˝ Á≥Öı≥ Á‹–ö˛*-^ÈΔÊˇÖ, ∏˜sZ-ÀØ˲$ B´ßë-ΔÊˇÖV> {VʸÁfl˝Ö "h‘È-så˝&6G', H{Ì≥ÃZœ Ì≥Gã-‹-G-Ãå˝-—&Ì‹41 Δ>M¸sZœ Ø˲$Ö_ {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ- f¥ÎØå˛Mϸ ^˛Ö®Ø˲ —$Ø˲Δ>”11-1G, —$Ø˲Δ>”11-1º AØÛ˛ ∫$Õœ
^Û˛Á‹$-Mˆ∞ øÊ˝*—$Mϸ, –ö˛*ΔäˇfiMϸ –ö˛$´ßÊ˛≈ HƒÙ˝$ —ÁŸ-ƒÊ˝*-ÃZœ ØÈ—-VÛ¸-ÁŸØå˛ EÁ≥-{VʸÁfl˝Ö "IB-Δäˇ-GÖ-Gã-‹-Gã-‹&1I', Ú‹Ú≥tÖ-∫- ^ÈΔÊˇ$. Δ¯–ö˛ΔÊˇ$œ D —$ÁŸØå˛ÃZ øÍVʸÖ. ΔÊˇ*≈Vʸ$ EÀP EÁŸ~-–ö˛*-Á≥-M>-
–ö˛≈ôÈ≈-›ÎÀ$ EØÈ≤Δˇ$$, –ö˛*Δäˇfi {VʸÁfl˝Ö GÖßÊ˛$Mʸ$ ∞–È-Á‹-ƒÒ˝*- ΔÊˇ$ÃZ Ì≥Gã-‹-G-Ãå˝-—&Ì‹42 Δ>M¸sZœ "د–ö˛-›ÎΔäˇ, Gã‹1&4' AØÛ˛ 2018ÃZ ^˲Ö{ßÊ˛- ÀØ˲$ A´ßÊ˛≈-ƒÊ˝$ØË˛Ö ^Û˛ƒÊ˝$-yë-∞Mϸ Ú‹Ú≥tÖ-∫ΔÊˇ$ 21Ø˲ D Δ¯–ö˛ΔÊˇ$œ
Vʸ≈ÖV> ÃÙ˝ßÊ˛$ ΔˇÖyÊ˛$ GΔäˇ¢ A∫j-ΔÛˇ”-ÁŸØå˛ ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝Or$œ, Ø˲–ö˛Ö-∫-ΔÊˇ$ÃZ hGã-‹-G-Ãå˝- ƒÊ˝*Øå˛&2 {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-V>∞≤ fΔÊˇ$-Á≥-ÃÙ˝ßÊ˛$. 2019ÃZ —f-ƒÊ˝$-–ö˛Ö- EÀP EÁ≥-«-ô˲-ÀÖ-Ú≥OMϸ ^Û˛ΔÊˇ$-Mˆ-ØÈ≤Δˇ$$. AΔˇ$$ôÛ˛ –˛$$ªÒ˝OÃå˝
–ö˛ÖsÏ˝ —ÁŸ- —&-GÖMÛ¸ III-D2 ßë”Δ> Mʸ–ö˛$*≈-∞-MÛ¸-ÁŸØå˛ EÁ≥-{VʸÁfl˝Ö ô˲ÖV> {Á≥ƒÒ˝*-WÖ-^Û˛Ö-ßÊ˛$Mʸ$ C{›˘ ΔÊˇÖVÊ¸Ö Ì‹ßÊ˛ÆÖ ^Û˛›˘¢Ö®. A{›Ît-Δˇ$$yä˛ Á‹ΔÛˇπã‹ ›˚Pså˝(-–ö˛*-›ÎPså˝) Á‹$–ö˛*ΔÊˇ$ 16
ƒÊ˝*ÀÚ≥O Á≥«- "h‘Èså˝&29' Á≥Ö¥ÎΔÊˇ$. _–ö˛-«® {V>“$◊˝ {¥ÎÖôÈ-ÃZœ∞ fØ˲-–ö˛-«ÃZ {Á≥RÍ≈ô˲ ‘È{Á‹¢-–Û˛ô˲¢ yëMʸtΔäˇ M¸. ’–ö˛Øå˛ CÖyÏ˛- VʸÖrÀ$ –ö˛*{ô˲–Û˛$ E∞-MϸÃZ EÖyÛ˛-—-´ßÊ˛ÖV> –ÈsÏ˝∞
‘Z-´ßÊ˛Ø˲ ^Û˛ı‹Ö- —ÃÙ˝gå˝ «›˘Δäˇfi MÛ¸Ö{ßë-ÀMʸ$ Mʸ–ö˛$*≈-∞-MÛ¸-ÁŸØå˛ –˛$ΔÊˇ$-Vʸ$-Á≥-ΔÊˇ-^˲-yë- ƒÊ˝$Øå˛ ı‹µã‹ »Ú‹Δäˇa BΔÊˇY-Ø˛O-gÙ˝-ÁŸ-Øå˛(-C{›˘) ^˛OΔÊˇ√-Øå˛V> ∞ƒÊ˝$-—$- ΔÊˇ*¥˜Ö-®Ö-_Ö®. B Á‹–ö˛$-ƒÊ˝$ÖÃZ EÀPÃZ AƒÊ˝$-›ÎPÖô˲
ßÊ˛$Mʸ$ QV¯‚Ê˝ ∞Mϸ ߯Áfl˝-ßÊ˛-Á≥-yÊ˛$-ô˲$Ö®. ô˲$-À-ƒÊ˝*≈ΔÊˇ$. Δ>M¸-så˝-–ö˛$-Øå˛V> ’–ö˛-Øå˛Mʸ$ ı≥ΔÊˇ$. ¥˘ÃÍΔäˇ ‘ÈsÏ˝- ÑÛ¸{ôË˛Ö ÃÙ˝ßÊ˛∞, {VʸÁfl˝- ‘Ë˝-MʸÀÖ ÃZÁ≥-ÕMϸ AÖô˲Δäˇ ßÊ˛ñÌŸt∞ ‘È{Á‹¢-
‘È{Á‹¢–Û˛ô˲¢ÀMʸ$ Ø˲–ö˛Ö-∫-ΔÊˇ$ÃZ Úfl˝^å˛-–˛O-Ì‹ã‹ GΔäˇ¢ A∫j-ΔÛˇ”-ÁŸØå˛ ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝O- ÃÒ˝Oså˝ ÃÍÖ^å˛ –˛Ìfl˝-MʸÃå˝, hƒÒ˝*-Ì‹-{دP-ØË˛ã‹ ‘ÈsÏ˝-ÃÒ˝Oså˝ ÃÍÖ^å˛ –Û˛-ô˲¢-ÀMʸ$ Δ¯–ö˛ΔÊˇ$œ AÖ®Ö^ÈΔˇ$$. {VʸÁfl˝ -‘Ë˝-MʸÀÖ Ø˲–ö˛$*-ØÈÀØ˲$
Á‹‡-ƒÊ˝$-Á≥-yÊ˛- så˝ô¯ Ì≥Gã-‹-G-Ãå˝-—&Ì‹43 ∞ÖW-ÃZMϸ ßÊ˛*Á‹$-M¸-„œÖ®. yÏ˛Ú‹Ö-∫- –˛Ìfl˝-MʸÃå˝, hGã-‹-G-Ãå˝—&-GÖ-MÛ¸III –ÈÁfl˝Ø˲ ΔÊˇ*Á≥-MʸΔÊˇ¢ Á≥r$t-Mʸ$∞, 2020 ØÈsÏ˝Mϸ ‡ƒÊ˝$-∫*›Î&2 øÊ˝*—$Mϸ Ü«W
–ö˛^˲$a. ΔÊˇ$ÃZ hGã-‹-G-Ãå˝-—&-Gã-ú11ô¯ Mʸ–ö˛$*≈-∞-MÛ¸-ÁŸØå˛ EÁ≥-{VʸÁfl˝Ö DƒÊ˝$Ø˲. ^Û˛ΔÊˇ$-MˆÖ-r$Ö®.
12 X¯ìyês¡+ 19.1.2019

1) Pick out the incorrect expressions qøÏπsø£+{Ï Áoqj·T´

rega rding the last reaction of EMP d”ìj·TsY bòÕ´ø£©º,
pathway and first reaction of b˛{° |üØø£å\ ì|ü⁄DT\T
Alcoholic fermentation ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é bò˛Hé : 9440378146
I) Both reaction Occur in Cytosol
II) Both reactions are catalysed by III) Influenza virus
same enzyme D) Enveloped virus
III) End products of both reactions IV) Bacteriophage
contain three carbon atoms The correct match is
IV) ATP is synthesized in the last A B C D
reaction of EMP pathway where as 1) II I IV III
CO2 is realeased in the first reaction 2) III II I IV
of alcoholic fermentation 3) IV II I III
1) I, IV 2) II, III 4) I II III IV
3) Except –II 4) II, III, IV 16) Choose the correct statements from
2) If a double stranded DNA molecule the following.
having 300 hydrogen bonds along A) The expressed nucleotide seque
used in the control of bacterial for one pyruvic acid in aerobic res- nces of eukaryotic genes are called
with equal number of nitrogen pathogens piration is
bases, Find out the correct combi- introns
2) Both the coenzymes NAD and 1) 30 2) 28 3) 15 4) 14 B) Lactose permease is synthesized
nation of data from the following NADP contain the vitamin nicotine 11) In the Mendelian dihybrid cross the
lists by Y gene of lac operon
3) Zinc is a co-factor for the prote- ratio between double heterozygous C) Stability as one of the propreties of
List –I List-II olytic enzyme carboxypeptidase individuals and individuals domi-
A) Length of DNA (A 0 ) I) 60 genetic material was first clearly evi-
4) Glucose -6 – phosphotransferase nant for both the traits in F2 gener- dent in the experiments of Grif fith
B) Number of coils in the DNA has the enzyme code( E.C) ation will be
II) 408 D) Ribonucleoside triphosphates
6) Identify the correct combination 1) 13:3 2) 4: 9 provide energy for polymerization
C) Number of nucleotides III) 240 1) Indole compounds--IAA--Removal 3) 3: 4 2) 14 : 2
IV) 12 during DNA replication
of apical dominance 12) Identify the correct statements 1) A & B only 2) B & C only
D) Number of guanines V) 20 2) Tomato---seeds contain some A) EcoRI recognizes ‘5GAATTC_3’
The correct match is 3) B, C & D only 4) A, B, C& D
chemicals --stratification and cuts the DNA between G and A 17) Arrange the following respiratiory
A B C D 3) Cousins--A gaseous PGR--- B) ECoRI was isolated from E.coli
1) III II IV I intermediates in ascending order
Respiratory climactic strain RY13 with reference to the yield of ATP
2) II IV III I 4) Cabbage--Annual--Mono carpic plant C) ECoRI induces staggered cleavage
3) III II I IV when completely oxidized in aero-
7) Choose the correct statements from D) The restriction sites for PVuI and bic respiration

one pyruvic acid in aerobic respiration is...

the following. PStI are located on tet R gene A) One molecule of fructose 1, 6
4) III V II I A) Porins are large pores present in the 1) A & B only 2) C & D only
3) Arrange the following in ascending bisphosphate
inner membrane of semi autonomous 3) A, B & C only 4) A, B, C, D B) One molecule of pyruvic acid
order based on the results obtained cell organelles 13) Match the following
in the F2 progeny of a Mendelian C) one molecule of G-3-P
B) Osmosis is diffusion of ions List –I D) One molecule of acetyl CoA
dihybrid cross across a differentially permeable or A) round up ready soyabean
I) Total genotypes among round, yellow 1) A, C, B, D 2) D, B, C, A
semi permeable membrane B) Transgenic golden rice 3) b, C, D, A 4) C, D, A, B
seeds C) Symplast is system of intercon- C) Flavr savr tamato
II) Total phenotypes among round, 18) Correct the statement of the follow-
nected protoplasts through cytoplas- D) Transgenic potato ing is
green seeds mic strands that extend through plas- List-II
III) Total genotypes among wrin- 1) The enzyme nitrogense is an Fe
modesmata I) Resistant to phytophthora Mn protein
kled, yellow seeds D) Transpiration is a physiological II)Herbicide tolerant
IV) Total kinds of genotypes 2) Aspartic acid is an amide formed
process III)Prevents blindness from Asparagine
1) III, II, I, IV 2) II, III, IV, I 1) A, B only 2) C, D only IV) Bruise resistant
3) II, IV, III, I 4) II, III, I, IV 3) The nodules of soyabean transport
3) B,C, D only 4) A, B, C, D V)Resistant to abiotic stresses fixed nitrogen as ureides through
Neet Exams 8) Match the following
List –I List-II
The correct match is
phloem sieve tubes
4) Ammonia reacts with α-
Special A) Urease
B) Carboxylases
I) Mn
1) II
2) II
Ketoglutaric acid and form glutamic
BIOLOGY C) Catalase III) Cu 3) III IV V I
acid through reductive amination
19) Arrange the following evants that
D) IAA oxidase IV) Zn 4) IV I II III are occur during closure of stomata
4) Assertion(A): C4 plants are twice as V) Ni 14) Study the following table & choose
efficient as C3 plants in terms of in a correct sequence
The correct match is the correct combinations Crop A) Water potential of guard cells
fixing carbon A B C D Variety Resistant to
Reason(R): in C4 plants PEP case enzyme increases
1) III IV II I A) Wheat Himgiri Hill bunt B) K+ Cl- ions moves out of the guard
is present in mesophyll cells and 2) V IV II I B) Flat bean Pusa sawani Jassids
RuBisCO enzymes is present in bun- cells
3) II III IV V C) Cauliflower Pusa shubhra Black rot C) Closure of stomata
dle sheath cells 4) I IV III II D) Okra Pusa sadahar Shoot &amp;
1) Both A and R are correct and R is D) Water starts moving out of guard cells
9) When 24CO2 molecules are utilised fruit borer 1) A, B, C, D 2) B, A, D, C
the correct explanation of A. in C3 cycle , number of triose phos- 1) A & B only 2) C & D only
2) Both A and R are correct .R is not 3) D, C, A, B 4) C, D, A, B
phates exported out from the 3) A & C only 4) A, B, C & D
the correct explanation of A. Answers
chloroplast into the cytosol for the 15) Match the following
3) A is true but R is false synthesis of hexose will be List –I List-II 1)2 2)2 3)4 4)2 5)2
4) A is false but R is true. 1) 4 2) 8 3) 12 4) 24 A) Helical virus I) Polio virus 6)3 7)2 8)2 9)2 10)4
5) Identify the in correct statement 10) Number of ATP molecules obtained B) Polyhedral virus II) Rabies virus 11)2 12)3 13)2 14)3 15)1
1) Competitive inhibitors are often through oxidative phosphorlation C) Complex virus 16)2 17)2 18)4 19)2
X¯ìyês¡+ 19.1.2019 13

|ü+#·eT]Ω nH˚ y˚dü$ $&ç~ πø+Á<ä+ @ |üs¡«‘ê˝À¢ ñ+~?

1. øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü]ø±ì~ ‘Ó\|ü+&ç 4) ‘·÷s¡TŒ rs¡+ >∑T+&Ü yÓfi‚fl C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 10 4. |ü•ÃeT+ mdt. sêCŸ|æbÕ¢ ø=+&É\T õ.ñù|+<äsY
m) nqï|üPs¡í•Ks¡+ - n‘·T´qï‘· Væ≤e÷\j·÷\T m) 1, 2 _) 2, 3 dæ) 1, 4 &ç) 2, 4 m) 1-≈£L´, 2-|æ, 3-ÄsY, 4-mdt
_) eTVü‰uÛ≤s¡‘· ÁX‚DÏ- ìeTï Væ≤e÷\j·÷\T 12. &Ûç©¢ eTT+ãsTTì ø£*ù| C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] @~? _) 1-|æ, 2-≈£L´, 3-ÄsY, 4-mdt ôV’≤<äsêu≤<é
dæ) <äT<ë« ø=+&É\T - u≤Vü≤´ Væ≤e÷\j·÷\T m) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 6 dæ) 1-ÄsY, 2-≈£L´, 3-|æ, 4-mdt bò˛Hé HÓ+ : 9676669049
&ç) <ÛÍ˝Ÿ<ÛësY ÁX‚DÏ - Á{≤Hé‡ Væ≤e÷\j·÷\T _) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 7 &ç) 1-mdt, 2-ÄsY, 3-≈£L´, 4-|æ
2. @ s¡ø£yÓTÆq es¡¸bÕ‘êìï ãTT‘·T|üeq Äs¡+uÛÑ »\T¢\ dæ) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 8 21. dæj·÷∫Hé Væ≤eT˙q<ä+ @ ˝Àj·T˝À @s¡Œ&ç+~? 3. C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 7
ì n+{≤s¡T? &ç) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 9 m) #·T+_˝Àj·T _) qTÁu≤˝Àj·T 4. C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 8
m) |üs¡«rj·T es¡¸bÕ‘·+ _) dü+eVü≤q es¡¸bÕ‘·+ dæ) ≈£î\T˝Àj·T &ç) ø±+Á>±˝Àj·T m) 1, 2 _) 4, 2 dæ) 1, 3 &ç) 3, 2
dæ) #·Áø£yê‘· es¡¸bÕ‘·+ &ç) m, dæ 22. dü÷s¡T´ì˝À n~Ûø£XÊ‘·+ ñqï »&Éyêj·TTe⁄? 36. ø£èwüí _˝≤\ô|’ |ü]XÀ<Ûäq\T #˚dæq Á|üeTTK XÊgy˚‘·Ô?
3. qø£åÁ‘ê\ »qàkÕúq+ @~? môd’‡, ø±ìùdºãT˝Ÿ Á|ü‘˚´ø£+ m) ÁøÏbÕºHé _) ìj·÷Hé m) $*j·T+ CÀHé‡ _) d”ºô|òHé Vü‰øÏ+>¥‡
m) u≤¢ø˘ Vü≤√˝Ÿ _) H√yê dæ) V”≤*j·T+ &ç) ÄsêZHé dæ) $*j·T+ ôV≤s¡¸˝Ÿ &ç) Væ≤bÕs¡ÿsY
dæ) dü÷|üsYH√yê &ç) HÓãT´˝≤ C≤Á>∑|ò” 23. dü÷s¡T´ì˝À n‘·´~Ûø£+>± ñqïyêj·TTe⁄? 37. ìVü‰]ø£\qT yÓTT<ä{ÏkÕ] >∑T]Ô+∫q XÊgy˚‘·Ô?
4. dü÷s¡T´ìøÏ, uÛÑ÷$TøÏ eT<Ûä´ @ s√Eq n‹‘·≈£îÿe m) Äø°‡»Hé _) HÓ’Á{À»Hé m) VüA´C…Hé _) ms¡k˛ºìdt
<ä÷s¡+ ñ+≥T+~? 13. <˚XÊìï ñ‘·Ôs¡, <äøÏåD≤\T>± $uÛÑõdüTÔqï C≤rj·T dæ) V”≤*j·T+ &ç) ôV’≤Á&√»Hé dæ) $*j·T+ ôV≤s¡¸˝Ÿ &ç) C≤Hé M\sY
m) &çôd+ãsY 22 _) ôdô|º+ãsY 21 s¡Vü≤<ë] @~? 24. $X¯«s˝À <äTeTTà, <Ûä÷[, y˚&çyêj·TTe⁄\‘√ 38. H˚bÕ˝Ÿ Væ≤e÷\j·÷\≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫ dü¬s’q $wü
dæ) pHé 14 &ç) »qe] 3 m) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 1 ≈£L&çq y˚T|òü÷eè‘· eT+&É\+ @~? j·÷\qT ‘Ó\T|ü+&ç
5. ˇø£ >∑+≥ düeTj·T+˝À uÛÑ÷$T mìï nøå±+XÊ\T _) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 4 m) H√yê _) dü÷|üsYH√yê 1) ø±∞-rkÕÔ q<äT\ eT<Ûä´ $düÔ]+∫ ñHêïsTT
‹s¡T>∑T‘·T+~? dæ) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 6 dæ) u≤¢ø˘ Vü≤√˝Ÿ &ç) HÓãT´˝≤ 2) düfÒ¢CŸ-ø±∞ q<äT\ eT<Ûä´ $düÔ]+∫ ñHêïsTT
m) 60 nøå±+XÊ\T _) 30 nøå±+XÊ\T &ç)C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 10 25. ø√|ü]ïø£dt nH˚ b˛˝…+&é XÊgy˚‘·Ô Á|ü‹bÕ~+∫q 3) |ü+&É¢ ‘√≥\≈£î, Á|üø£è‹ kÂ+<äsê´ìøÏ Á|üdæ~Δ
dæ) 20 nøå±+XÊ\T &ç) 15 nøå±+XÊ\T 14. s¡#·Hê <√uŸ @ ¬s+&ÉT q<äT\ eT<Ûä´>∑\ dæ<ëΔ+‘·+? #Ó+~q~
6. \+&ÉHé˝À ‘Ó\¢yê] düeTj·T+ 5:30 mmyéT nsTT‘˚ kÕs¡e+‘·yÓTÆq ÁbÕ+‘·+? m) uÛÑ÷πø+Á<äø£ dæ<ëΔ+‘·+ 4) me¬sdtº ˝≤+{Ï m‘Ó’Ôq •Ksê\T Çø£ÿ&É ñHêïsTT
uÛ≤s¡‘Y˝À n|ü&ÉT düeTj·T+ m+‘·? m) _j·÷Hé-düfÒ¢CŸ _) sê$-_j·÷dt _) eTVü≤$k˛Œ≥q dæ<ëΔ+‘·+ m) 1, 2 _) 1, 4 dæ) 2, 3 &ç) 2, 4
m) ñ<äj·T+ 10>∑+ˆˆ 30숈 dæ) NHêuŸ-sê$ &ç) J\+-NHêuŸ dæ) dü÷s¡´ πø+Á<äø£ dæ<ëΔ+‘·+ 39. ≈£îeTjÓTTHé Væ≤e÷\j·÷\≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫
_) sêÁ‹ 10>∑+ˆˆ 15. ôwesêjYT ø=+&É\T @ sêh+˝À ñHêïsTT? &ç) ~« qø£åÁ‘· |ü]ø£\Œq dü]ø±ì $wüj·÷\qT ‘Ó\T|ü+&ç
dæ) ñ<äj·T+ 11>∑+ˆˆ m) ‘·$Tfi¯Hê&ÉT _) ø£sêí≥ø£ 26. Ä˝≤Œ¤ôd+{≤πs nH˚ qø£åÁ‘êìøÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫ dü¬s’q 1) Çø£ÿ&É eT‘· |üs¡yÓTÆq πø+Á<ë\T n~Ûø£+>± ñHêïsTT
&ç) sêÁ‹ 9>∑+ˆˆ30숈 dæ) eTVü‰sêh &ç) sê»kÕÔHé yêø±´\qT >∑T]Ô+#·+&ç 2) Ç$ dæ+<Ûä÷ düfÒ¢CŸ q<äT\ eT<Ûä´ $düÔ]+∫ ñHêïsTT
m) dü÷s¡T´&ÉT ‘·sê«‘· uÛÑ÷$TøÏ <ä>∑Zs¡>± ñqï qø£åÁ‘·+ 3) á ÁbÕ+‘·+˝À ø£ì|æ+#˚ düs¡düT‡\qT ª‘ê˝Ÿµ nì
_) dü÷s¡T´&ÉT <ä>∑Zs¡>± >∑\ qø£åÁ‘· eT+&É\+ |æ\TkÕÔs¡T
dæ) dü÷s¡T´&ÉT ‘·sê«‘· Á|üø±X¯e+‘·+>± ø£ì|æ+#˚ qø£åÁ‘· 4) Hê<∏äT˝≤, »\|t˝≤ ø£qTeT\T M{Ï˝ÀH˚ ñHêïsTT
eT+&É\+ m) 1, 3 _) 2, 4 dæ) 1, 4 &ç) 2, 3
&ç) dü÷s¡T´&ÉT ‘·sê«‘· ô|<ä›>± ø£ì|æ+#˚ qø£åÁ‘·+ 40. uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚X¯+˝À bı&ÉyÓ’q dü]Vü≤<äT› >∑\ yÓTT<ä≥
27. dü÷s¡T´ì ‘·sê«‘· uÛÑ÷$TøÏ n‹ düMT|ü+˝À ñqï ¬s+&ÉT <˚XÊ\T?
qø£åÁ‘·+ @~? m) ã+>±¢<˚XŸ, #Ó’Hê _) ã+>±¢<˚XŸ, H˚bÕ˝Ÿ
m) ÁbòÕøχe÷ ôd+{À] _) dæ]j·THé dæ) ã+>±¢<˚XŸ, bÕøÏkÕÔHé
dæ) _≥˝Ÿ>∑¢ø˘‡ &ç) m|æ‡˝≤Hé n]>± &ç) u+>±¢<˚XŸ, eTj·THêàsY
28. ø£s√Hê≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫ dü¬s’q yê´K´qT ‘Ó\T|ü+&ç 41. uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚X¯+˝À ‘·≈£îÿe dü]Vü≤<äT› >∑\ ∫e] ¬s+&ÉT
m) dü÷s¡T´ì˝Àì Á|üø±X¯e+‘·yÓTÆq eT+&É\+ <˚XÊ\T?
_) dü÷sê´+ø±\T @s¡Œ&˚ eT+&É\+ m) H˚bÕ˝Ÿ, eTj·THêàsY _) uÛÑ÷{≤Hé, H˚bÕ˝Ÿ
dæ) dü÷s¡´Á>∑Vü≤D düeTj·T+˝À ø£ì|æ+#˚ eT+&É\+ dæ) Ä|üÈìkÕÔHé, uÛÑ÷{≤Hé &ç) H˚bÕ˝Ÿ, uÛÑ÷{≤Hé
&ç) dü÷sê´düÔeTj·T+˝À e÷Á‘·y˚T ø£ì|æ+#˚ eT+&É\+ 42. @ ø£qTeTqT ªπ>{Ÿ y˚ Ä|òt lq>∑sYµ nì |æ\TkÕÔs¡T?
29. &ÉT&ÉTe÷ »\bÕ‘·+ @ q~ e\¢ @s¡Œ&ç+~? m) wæ|æÿ˝≤ _) ãìVü‰˝Ÿ
m) ø±y˚] _) qs¡à<ä dæ) ì|òæ˝≤ &ç) uÀ˝≤Hé
dæ) e÷#YK+&é &ç) ‘·|ü‹ 43. ˝ÒVt≤-»eTTà ÁbÕ+‘ê\qT ø£*ù| ø£qTeT @$?
30. bÕø√´+>¥ $e÷HêÁX¯j·T+ @ sêÁcÕºìøÏ #Ó+~+~? m) Ks¡T›+>±¢ _) wæ|æÿ˝≤
m) ns¡TD≤#·˝ŸÁ|ü<˚XŸ _) y˚T|òü÷\j·T dæ) CÀõ˝≤ &ç) s√Vt≤‘·+>¥
7. øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü]ø±ì~/$ >∑T]Ô+#·+&ç 16. <ä÷|t|òüTsY •Ks¡+ @ |üs¡«‘ê\˝À m‘Ó’Ôq~? dæ) dæøÏÿ+ &ç) eTDÏ|üPsY 44. øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü]jÓÆTq~ ‘Ó\T|ü+&ç
sêh+ ø£qTeT m) $+<Ûë´ |üs¡«‘ê\T 31. áXÊq´ sêh+˝À ì]à+∫q ‘=* Á^Hé|ò”˝Ÿ¶ 1) uÖ<äΔeT‘· πø+Á<ä+ - <Ûäs¡àXÊ\
1. dæøÏÿ+ »\|t˝≤ _) |üPsê«+#·˝Ÿ |üs¡«‘ê\T $e÷HêÁX¯j·T+ @ sêh+˝À ñ+~? 2) n&Ée⁄\ |ü]XÀ<Ûäq πø+Á<ä+ - &ÓÁVü‰&É÷Hé
2. Væ≤e÷#·˝ŸÁ|ü<˚XŸ s√Vt≤‘·+>¥ dæ) ˙\–] |üs¡«‘ê\T m) dæøÏÿ+ _) Á‹|ü⁄s¡ 3) Ä\T>∑&ɶ\ |ü]XÀ<Ûäq πø+Á<ä+ - dæe÷¢
3. »eTTàø£oàsY n|òæT˝Ÿ &ç) kÕ‘·÷Œsê |üs¡«‘ê\T dæ) Hê>±˝≤+&é &ç) eTDÏ|üPsY 4) ◊@mdt •ø£åD≤ πø+Á<ä+ - &É˝ÖΩdæ
4. ns¡TD≤#·˝ŸÁ|ü<˚XŸ <∏ä>∑T˝≤ 17. |ü+#·eT]Ω nH˚ y˚dü$ $&ç~ πø+Á<ä+ @ |üs¡«‘ê˝À¢ 32. C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ës¡T\T m≈£îÿe >∑\ sêh+ @~? m) 1, 4 _) 3, 4 dæ) 1, 2, 3 &ç) 1, 2, 4
m) 1, 2 _) 1 e÷Á‘·y˚T dæ) 3, 4 &ç) 4 e÷Á‘·y˚T ñ+~? m) eT<Ûä´Á|ü<˚XŸ _) ñ‘·Ôs¡Á|ü<˚XŸ 45. Á|ü|ü+#·+˝À n‹ô|<ä› n–ï |üs¡«‘· B$?
8. dæøÏÿ+ sêh+˝À ñqï ø£qTeT\T @$? m) kÕ‘·÷Œsê |üs¡«‘ê\T dæ) |ü•ÃeTu…+>±˝Ÿ &ç) ;Vü‰sY m) ÄÁùdº*j·÷ _) ◊dt˝≤+&é
1. ãT]®˝≤ 2. CÀõ˝≤ _) $+<Ûë´ |üs¡«‘ê\T 33. nìï s¡ø±\ s¡Vü≤<ës¡T\T m≈£îÿe⁄qï sêh+ @~? dæ) ◊sê¢+&é &ç) Á^Hé˝≤´+&é
3. »\|t˝≤ 4. Hê<∏äT˝≤ dæ) nHêïeT˝…’ |üs¡«‘ê\T m) eT<Ûä´Á|ü<˚XŸ _) eTVü‰sêh 46. Á|ü|ü+#·+˝Àì n‹ô|<ä› Ä]Ãô|˝≤>√ @~?
m) 1, 2 _) 2, 3 dæ) 3, 4 &ç) 2, 4 &ç) |üPsê«+#·˝Ÿ |üs¡«‘ê\T dæ) ‘·$Tfi¯Hê&ÉT &ç) πøs¡fi¯ m) |òæ*ô|’ŒHé‡ _) »bÕHé
9. H˚wüq˝Ÿ ôV’≤y˚ -7 @j˚T q>∑sê\qT ø£\T|ü⁄‘·T+~? 18. ª<ä÷|t|òüTsYµ |üs¡«‘· •Ks¡+ kÕ‘·÷Œs¡ ÁX‚DÏøÏ 34. øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü¬s’q~ @~? dæ) Ç+&√H˚wæj·÷ &ç) e÷]wüdt
m) ‹s¡Teq+‘·|ü⁄s¡+ - &Ûç©¢ #Ó+~q @ ø=+&É˝À¢ ñ+~? 1) n‹ ∫qï C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 47 m
_) yês¡D≤dæ - ø£Hê´≈£îe÷] m) yÓTÆø±\ ø=+&É\T _) eTVü≤<˚yé ø=+&É\T 2) <˚XÊìï ‘·÷s¡TŒ |ü&ÉeTs¡\T>± $uÛÑõdüTÔqï C≤rj·T düe÷<ÛëHê\T
dæ) ø±+&Ü¢ - ø£\ø£‘êÔ &ç) &Ûç©¢ - ø£\ø£‘êÔ dæ) sêCŸ|æbÕ¢ ø=+&É\T &ç) >∑]«˝Ÿ|òüTsY ø=+&É\T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 7 1.&ç 2._ 3.&ç 4.&ç 5.&ç
10. H˚wüq˝Ÿ ôV’≤y˚ -7 q÷‘·q dü+K´? 19. kÕ‘·÷Œs¡ ÁX‚DÏøÏ #Ó+~q ø=+&É\T @$? 3) yÓTT‘·Ô+ s¡Vü≤<ës¡T˝À¢ C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ës¡T\ XÊ‘·+ - 6.dæ 7.&ç 8.dæ 9._ 10.m
m) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 44 m) ø±s¡ºeTyéT ø=+&É\T _) >∑$˝Ÿ|òüTsY ø=+&É\T 30 11.m 12.dæ 13.dæ 14.dæ 15.m
_) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 40 dæ) sêCŸ|æbÕ¢ ø=+&É\T &ç) eTVü≤<˚yé ø=+&É\T 4) bı&ÉyÓ’q C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ës¡T\T m≈£îÿe⁄qï sêh+ - 16.&ç 17.m 18._ 19.m 20._
dæ) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 26 20. kÕ‘·÷Œs¡ ÁX‚DÏ˝À @ ~X¯˝À @ ø=+&É\T $düÔ]+∫ eT<Ûä´Á|ü<˚XŸ 21._ 22.dæ 23.&ç 24.&ç 25.dæ
&ç) C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 16 ñHêïjÓ÷ »‘·#˚j·T+&ç m) 1, 2 _) 2,4 dæ) 1, 3, 4 &ç) 1, 2,3 26._ 27.m 28.dæ 29.dæ 30.dæ
11. øÏ+~ yê{Ï˝À dü¬s’q~ @~? ~X¯ ø=+&É 35. <˚X¯+˝À bı&ÉyÓ’q C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ës¡T˝À¢ yÓTT<ä{Ï 31.m 32._ 33._ 34.m 35.&ç
1) |ü•ÃeT rs¡+ >∑T+&Ü yÓfi‚fl C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 17 1. ñ‘·Ôs¡+ |æ. eTVü≤<˚yé ø=+&É\T ¬s+&ÉT @$? 36._ 37.m 38._ 39._ 40.m
2) ‘·÷s¡TŒ rs¡+ >∑T+&Ü yÓfi‚fl C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 5 2. <äøÏåD+ ≈£L´. >∑$˝Ÿ|òüTsY ø=+&É\T 1. C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 5 41.dæ 42._ 43.dæ 44.dæ 45._
3) |ü•ÃeT rs¡+ >∑T+&Ü yÓfi‚fl C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 8 3. ‘·÷s¡TŒ ÄsY. yÓTÆø±˝Ÿ ø=+&É\T 2. C≤rj·T s¡Vü≤<ë] - 6 46.dæ
X¯ìyês¡+ 19
4 yìþ. ò³OÐóþÒM>Ðèþ# íÜ. IgêMŠü ¯èþ*År¯Œþ
»qe], 2019

18. ¯èþÐø§æþÄæý$ ´ëuæÿÔéËËMæü$ çÜ…º…«¨…_ Mìü…¨ Ðé°ÌZ yìþ. ^éÆðÿÏ‹Ü »ê»ôýh

çÜÇM>°þ §é°° Væü$Ç¢…^èþ…yìþ.? 28.ѧéÅ Ææÿ…Væü…ÌZ {ò³•ÐóþsîýMæÆæÿ×ý A¯óþ¨ {ç³ç³…`MæüÆæÿ×Ìý Z
G. ÉìþÎÏÌZ° ïܽG‹ÜD B«§æþÓÆæÿÅ…ÌZ ç³°^óþÝë¢Æÿ$$ JMæü ºËÐðþ$O¯èþ ¿êÐèþ¯èþ A° H gê¡Äæý$ ¯éMæü$yæþ$ °ÆæÿÓ
¼. Ò°ÌZ {V>Ò$×ý {´ë…™éË ÐéÇMìü 75 Ôé™èþ…, C™èþ _…^éÆæÿ$?
Ææÿ$ËMæü$ 25Ôé™èþ… ïÜr$Ï MóüsêÆÿ$$Ýë¢Ææÿ$ G.»êËVæü…V>«§æþÆŠÿ †ËMŠü
íÜ. BÆæÿÐèþ ™èþÆæÿVæü† ¯èþ$…yìþ íßý…© Ìôý§é C…XÏçÙ$ ¼.Ðèþ$à™éÃV>…«©
»Z«§æþ¯é ¿êçÙV> E…r$…¨ íÜ.Æ>gê Æ>Ðèþ$Ððþ*çßý¯ŒþÆ>ÄŒý$
yìþ. §óþÔèý…ÌZ 261 ¯èþÐø§æþÄæý$ ´ëuæÿÔéËË$¯é²Æÿ$$ yìþ. çÜÆóÿÓç³ÍÏ Æ>«§éMæü–çÙ~
1. Æ>gêÅ…Væü…ÌZ° H BÇt-MæüÌŒý AçÜ–üµ-ÔèýÅ-™èþ¯èþ$ °õÙ-«¨… yìþ. ïÜ Ìôý 19. {糿æý$™éÓ«¨M>Ææÿ…ÌZ {糆 JMæüPÇMìü ¿êVæüÝëÓÐèþ$Å… 29.{ç³ç³…`MæüÆæÿ×ý Ë„æü×ê˯èþ$ Væü$Ç¢…^èþ…yìþ?
_…¨? 10. Æ>gêÅ…Væü…ÌZ BÇtMæüÌŒý 343 H A…Ôé°Mìü çÜ…º… VæüË Ñ«§é¯é°² {ç³gêÝëÓÐèþ$Å…V> GÐèþÆæÿ$ °ÆæÿÓ_…^é G. {ç³ç³…^èþ ÐéÅç³¢…V> A°² Ææÿ…V>ËÌZ ò³r$tºyæþ$Ë$
G. BÇt-MæüÌŒý 14 «¨…_¯èþ¨? Ææÿ$? çÜÐèþ*¯èþ ѧéÅÐèþM>ÔéËMæü$ çÜ…º…«¨…_ °Äæý$Ñ$ ò³Ææÿ$Væü$™éÆÿ$$.
¼.BÇt-MæüÌŒý 15 G. Ðèþ*™èþ–¿êçÙÌZ »Z«§æþ¯èþ …_¯èþ MæüÑ$çÙ¯Œþ H¨? ¼. Ýë…Móü†M>ÀÐèþ–¨® Ðèþ$*Ë…V> H Ðèþ$*Ë H…
íÜ. BÇt-MæüÌŒý 16 ¼. A«¨M>Ææÿ ¿êçÙV> íßý…© G.{´÷.ïÜÌôý fÆæÿ$Væü$™èþ$…§ø ™ðþË$çÜ$Mö° ѧæþÅ ç³ÇÔZ«§æþ¯é
yìþ. BÇt-MæüÌŒý 17 íÜ.Æ>gêÅ…Væü A™èþÅÐèþÆæÿçÜ ç³Çíܦ† ¼.A{ºçßý… Í…Mæü¯Œþ Ææÿ…V>ËÌZ M>Ë…, {ÔèýÐèþ$ Ðèþ–«§é M>Mæü$…yé Mö™èþ¢
2. ѧæþÅ A…†Ðèþ$ Ë„æüÅ… çÜ™ŒþÖË AÀÐèþ–¨® A° H ¿êÆæÿ¡Äæý$ yìþ. Ððþ$O¯éÈtË$ °ÆæÿÓíßý…^óþ ´ëuæÿÔéËË {V>…r$ íÜ. } Ðèþ*Í ç³ÇÔZ«§æþ¯èþËMæü$ AÐèþM>Ôèý… HÆæÿµyæþ$™èþ$…¨.
™èþ™èþÓÐóþ™èþ¢ õ³ÆöP¯é²Ææÿ$? 11. GÐèþÇ çÜËà Ðóþ$ÆæÿMæü$ Äæý$*°ÐèþÇÞsîý {V>…sŒýÞ MæüÑ$ yìþ. AÇÝëtsìýÌŒý íÜ. À¯èþ² çÜ…çÜP−–™èþ$Ë$ MæüË §óþÔéË$ JMóü ÆæÿMæüÐðþ$O¯èþ
G.Ýù{MæüsîýçÜ$ çÙ¯Œþ¯èþ$ 1953ÌZ HÆ>µr$ ^óþÔéÆæÿ$? 20.2011 f¯é¿ê ÌñýMæüPË {ç³M>Ææÿ… A™èþÅ«¨Mæü A„æüÆ>çÜÅ™èþ Ñ${ÔèýÐèþ$ çÜ…çÜP–†° ´ësìýÝë¢Æÿ$$.
¼.V>…«© G. Ððþ$ORñýÌŒý ÝëÏyæþÆŠÿ ¼. ÝëÆæÿj…sŒý AÍÆ>gŒýç³NÆŠÿÌZ ¯èÐðþ*§æþÆÿ$$…¨. D {´ë…™èþ… H yìþ.ò³OÐèþ±²
íÜ. õ³ÏsZ íÜ.çÜÆóÿÓç³ÍÏ Æ>«§éMæü–çÙ~ yìþ. Ððþ$$§æþÍÄæý*ÆŠÿ Æ>çÙ‰…ÌZ E…¨? 30.C…XÏçÙ$ »Z«§æþ¯éÐèþ*«§æþÅÐèþ$…V> Æ>çÙ‰ÐéÅç³¢…V>
yìþ.ÑÐóþM>¯èþ…§æþ 12. Væü¯èþ$Ë$, MæüÆ>ÃV>Æ>ÌZÏ 14 çÜ….ÌZç³# »êË»êÍMæüË$ G. bèþ¡¢‹ÜVæüyŠþ success ´ëuæÿÔéË˯èþ$ Æ>çÙ‰{糿æý$™èþÓ… {´ëÆæÿ…À…
3. D Mìü…¨ Ðé°ÌZ ¿êÐèþÐé§æþ$Ë$ A…XMæüÇ…_¯èþ »Z«§æþ ç³°^óþÄæý$yæþ… °õÙ«¨…^èþyæþ… fÇW…¨. Æ>gêÅ…Væü…ÌZ ¼. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ{糧óþÔŒý _…¨. success ¯èþ$ ÑçܢDž^èþ…yìþ?
¯é 糧æþ®™èþ$˯èþ$ Væü$Ç¢^èþ…yìþ þ? §é°Mìü çÜ…º…«¨…_¯èþ BÇtMæüÌŒý ¯èþ$ Væü$Ç¢…^èþ…yìþ? íÜ. JyìþÔé G. suppplying and universalization of
1. Ýù{MæüsîýçÜ$ Eç³Äñý*W…_¯èþ {ç³Ôèý²& çÜÐèþ*«§é¯èþ G.BÇtMæüÌŒý 45 yìþ. gêÆæÿU…yŠþ quality and access to secondary schools
糧æþ®† ¼. BÇtMæüÌŒý 47 21. Ðèþ$¯èþ §óþÔèý…ÌZ 5,532 GMæüÆ>Ë ÑïÜ¢Ææÿ~…ÌZ A† ò³§æþª ¼. Strengthening and Universalization of
2. õ³ÏsZ, AÇÝëtsìýÌŒý Eç³Äñý*W…_¯èþ BVæüÐèþ$¯èþ &°Væ íÜ.BÇtMæüÌŒý 24 f…™èþ$ {糧æþÆæÿدèþ ÔéË GMæüPyæþ E…¨. ? Computer Education and Acess to
üÐèþ$¯èþ 糧æþ®™èþ$Ë$ yìþ. BÇtMæüÌŒý 46 G.†Ææÿ$糆 Secondary Schools
3. ¨ Æðÿ¯ðþ yðþM>Æðÿt‹Ü Eç³Äñý*W…_¯èþ A˵… ¯èþ$…yìþ 13.D Mìü…¨ MæüÑ$çÙ¯ŒþË$, AÑ HÆæÿµyìþ¯èþ çÜ…Ðèþ™èþÞÆ>Ë$ ¼. ¿æý$Ðèþ¯óþÔèýÓÆŠÿ íÜ. Strategic and universalization of
çÜ…MìüÏçÙt… 糧æþ®† CÐèþÓºyézÆÿ$$. Ðésìý° çÜÆðÿO¯èþ {MæüÐèþ$…ÌZ f™èþç³Ææÿ^èþ…yìþ? íÜ. ¿Z´ëÌŒý quality and access to secondary schools
4þ. ò³OÐèþ±² 1. EyŠþ ™éT§æþ$ ( ) G.1944 yìþ. gñýOç³NÆŠÿ yìþ.Strengthening and Universalization of
G. 1 2. ÝëÆæÿj…sŒý MæüÑ$çÙ¯Œþ ( ) ¼.1854 22. Ðèþ–„æü ç܅糧æþ A†ÐóþVæü…V> ™èþWY´ù™èþ$¯èþ² §óþÔéË gê¼ Quality and Acess to Secondary education
¼. 2 31. E_™èþ °Ææÿ¾…«§æþ ѧéÅçßýMæü$P ^èþrt…&2009 {ç³M>Ææÿ…
íÜ. 1,2 E´ë«§éÅÄæý$, ѧéÅÆæÿ$®Ë °çÙµ†¢ G…™èþ?
G. 1:30
yìþ. 4
4. H Ðé§æþ… ÕÔèý$ Móü…{©Mæü–™èþ ѧæþÅMæü$ A™èþÅ«¨Mæü ¼. 1:40
{´ë«§é¯èþÅ™èþ °_a…¨.? íÜ. 1:20
G.¿êÐèþÐé§æþ… yìþ. 1:10
¼. {´ëMæü–†Mæü Ðé§æþ… 3.§æþ$Æ>Y»êÆÿ$$ §óþÔŒýÐèþ$$RŒý MæüÑ$sî ý( ) íÜ.1986 ™éÌZ {»ñýhÌŒý A{VæüÝ릯èþ…ÌZ °ËÐèþV>, 2þÐèþ Ý릯鰲 32.1986 gê¡Äæý$ ѧéÅ Ñ«§é¯èþ… {ç³M>Ææÿ… {´ë«§æþÑ$Mæü
íÜ. B§æþÆæÿØ Ðé§æþ… 4þ. gê¡Äæý$ ѧéÅ Ñ«§é¯èþ… ( ) yìþ.1958 H §óþÔèý… B{MæüÑ$…_…¨? ѧæþÅ H ™èþÆæÿVæü™èþ$ËMæü$ ^ðþ…¨…¨?
yìþ. H©M>§æþ$ G. 1&¼, 2&íÜ, 3&G, 4&yìþ G. AÐðþ$ÇM> G. 1 ¯èþ$…yìþ 8Ðèþ ™èþÆæÿVæü† ÐèþÆæÿMæü$
5. ç³#¯èþÆæÿ$ijÐèþ¯èþ Äæý$$Væü…ÌZ BÑÆæÿÂÑ…_¯èþ ÐèþÅMìü¢ Ðé§é°² ¼. 1&¼, 2&G, 3&yìþ, 4&íÜ ¼.¿êÆæÿ™Œþ ¼. 1 ¯èþ$…yìþ 7Ðèþ ™èþÆæÿVæü† ÐèþÆæÿMæü$
B«§éÆæÿ…V> 20 Ðèþ Ôèý™éºª…ÌZ BÑÆæÿÂÑ…_¯èþ AíÜ¢™èþÓ íÜ. 1&¼, 2&G, 3&íÜ, 4&yìþ íÜ. ^ðþO¯é íÜ. 1 ¯èþ$…yìþ 5Ðèþ ™èþÆæÿVæü† ÐèþÆæÿMæü$
Ðé§æþ í³™éÐèþ$çßý$yæþ$ GÐèþÆæÿ$? H¨? yìþ. 1&G, 2&¼, 3&íÜ, 4&yìþ yìþ. º…V>ϧóþÔŒý yìþ. ç³NÆæÿÓ {´ë«§æþÑ$Mæü ѧæþÅ ¯èþ$…yìþ 6Ðèþ ™èþÆæÿVæü† ÐèþÆæÿMæü$
G.ÝùÆðÿ¯Œþ MìüÆŠÿPV>ÆŠÿz 14.gê¡Äæý$ ѧéÅÑ«§é¯èþ… A¯èþ$çÜÇ…_ E´ë«§éÅ Õ„æü×ê 23. 1964ÌZ gê¡Äæý$ ѧéÅ MæüÒ$çÙ¯Œþ¯èþ$ HÆ>µr$ ^óþõÜ 33. »êËË çßýMæü$PË ^èþrt…&2005 §éÓÆ> HÆ>µr$ ^óþíܯèþ
¼. {¸ù»ñýÌŒý çÜ…çܦË$ yðþOsŒý˯èþ$ G糚yæþ$ Ýë¦í³…^éÆæÿ$? ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ ¿êÆæÿ™èþ §óþÔèý ѧéÅ ^èþÇ{™èþÌZ {ç³Ðèþ$$Q Ý릯èþ… »êËË çßýMæü$PË ç³ÇÆæÿ„æü×ý çÜ…çœ$ Ððþ$$§æþsìý ^ðþOÆæÿïŒþ
íÜ. MøÆÿ$$ËÆŠÿ G. 1970ÿ Ðèíßý…_¯èþ °Ðóþ¨Mæü H¨? GÐèþÆæÿ$?
yìþ. gꯌþ yæþ*ÅÆÿ$$ ¼. 1980 G. çßý…rÆŠÿ MæüÑ$çÙ¯Œþ(1882) G.Ôé…™é íܯéá
6.BÇtMæüÌŒý 39 (2) §óþ° Væü$Ç…_ ÑÐèþÇçÜ$¢…¨. íÜ. 1990 ¼. EyŠþ °Ðóþ¨Mæü (1854) ¼.C…¨Æ> VøÝëÓÑ$
G. Ððþ$O¯éÈt °ÆæÿÓçßý×ýÌZ E¯èþ² ѧéÅçÜ…çܦËMæü$ A…¨…^óþ yìþ. ò³OÐóþÒM>Ðèþ# íÜ.ÝëyæþÏÆŠÿ MæüÑ$çÙ¯Œþ (1917) íÜ. ¯èþ…¨™é §é‹Ü
{V>…sŒý C¯Œþ GÆÿ$$yŠþ ÑçÙÄæý$…ÌZ Ñ^èþ„æü×ý ^èþ*ç³Æ>§æþ$ 15. ç³Æ>ÅÐèþÆæÿ×ý çÜÐèþ$çÜÅËò³O ^èþÇa…^óþ…§æþ$Mæü$ 1980ÌZ yìþ.A»êsŒý&EyŠþ °Ðóþ¨Mæü (1937) yìþ. çÙÇÃÌê u>Væü*ÆŠÿ
¼. Ððþ$O¯éÈtË$ ™èþÐèþ$ Íí³°, çÜ…çÜP−–†° ç³ÇÆæÿ„ìü…^èþ$ GÐèþÇ A§æþÅ„æü™èþ¯èþ MæüÑ$sîý ÐóþÔéÆæÿ$? 24. 1787ÌZ Ñ$‹Ü H±¸ëÆŠÿÞ A…«§æþ$Ë ´ëuæÿÔé˯èþ$ H 34. çÜÐèþ${Væü ÕÔèý$ çÜ…„óüÐèþ$ õÜÐé M>ÆæÿÅ{MæüÐèþ$… (IíÜyìþG‹Ü)
MøÐèþ^èþ$a. ¯èþVæüÆæÿ…ÌZ Ýë¦í³…^éÆæÿ$? ¯èþ$ §óþÔèýÐéÅç³¢…V> H çÜ…Ðèþ™èþÞÆæÿ…ÌZ {´ëÆæÿ…À…
G. †ÐéÈ
G. Ë…yæþ¯Œþ ^éÆæÿ$?
íÜ. GïÜÞ, GïÜt, ½ïÜË BǪMæü ç³ÆæÿÐðþ$O¯èþ {ç³Væü†Mìü {Ôèý§æþ® Ðèþíßý ¼. {ç³×ý»Œý Ðèþ$$QÈj
¼. ´ùË…yŠþ G.1975
çÜ*¢ ÐéÇMìü ÝëÐèþ*hMæü ¯éÅÄæý$… Mæü͵…^éÍ. íÜ. Ðèþ$¯øÃ-çßý¯Œþ íÜ…VŠü
íÜ.¯ðþ§æþÆ>Ï…yŠþÞ ¼.1976
yìþ. 糧é²Ë$Væü$ çÜ…Ðèþ™èþÞÆ>ËÌZç³# í³ËÏËMæü$ E_™èþ yìþ. Ðóþ$£é-´ë-rP-ÆŠÿ íÜ.1977
ѧæþůèþ$ A…¨…^éÍ. 16. D Mìü…¨ Ðésìý° f™èþç³Ææÿ^èþ…yìþ? yìþ. ´ëÇ‹Ü
25.H Æ>fÅ…Væü çÜÐèþÆæÿ×ý 5&14 çÜ…!!Ë í³ËÏËMæü$ yìþ.1978
7. H ¨¯é°² Ðèþ*¯èþÐèþ çßýMæü$PË ¨¯èþ…V> fÆæÿ$ç³#™éÆæÿ$? 1. KgZ¯ŒþçÜ…Ææÿ„æü×ý ¨¯èþ…( ) G. ¯èþÐèþ…ºÆŠÿ 1
G. òÜò³t…ºÆŠÿ10 2.{ç³ç³…^èþ «§æþÇ{† ¨¯ø™èþÞÐèþ… ( ) ¼. l¯Œþ 5 °Ææÿ¾…«§æþ E_™èþ {´ë«§æþÑ$Mæü ѧæþÅ Mæü͵…^éÍ° 35.IMæüÅÆ>fÅ çÜÑ$† A…™èþÆ>j¡Äæý$ A„æüÆ>çÜÅ™èþ §æþÔ麪…
çÜ*_…_…¨? Væü$Ç¢…^èþ…yìþ?
¼. yìþòÜ…ºÆŠÿ 10 3.ç³Æ>ÅÐèþÆæÿ×ý ¨¯ø™èþÞÐèþ… ( ) íÜ.H{í³ÌŒý 22 G. 1993&2003
íÜ. AMøtºÆŠÿ 10 4. {ç³ç³…^èþ CM>Ëi ¨¯èþ… ( ) yìþ.òÜò³t…ºÆŠÿ 16 G. 45Ðè
¼. 21Ðèþ ¼. 2003&2012
yìþ. ¯èþÐèþ…ºÆŠÿ 10 G. 1&yìþ 2&G, 3&¼ 4&íÜ íÜ.2005&2014
8. »êçßýÅ ç³Æ>ÅÐèþÆæÿ×ê°² Ôèý$¨® ^óþõÜ Ðèþ$$…§æþ$ B…™èþ íÜ. 86Ðèþ
¼. 1&yìþ 2&íÜ, 3&G 4&¼ yìþ. 1990&2000 þ
yìþ. 51Ðèþ
Ææÿ…WMæü ç³Æ>ÅÐèþÆæÿ×ê°² Ôèý$¨® ^óþÄæý*Í. A° 1992ÌZ íÜ. 1&Gþ 2&íÜ, 3&¼ 4&yìþ 26. çÜ…ç³NÆæÿ~…V> AÀÐèþ–¨® ^ðþ…¨¯èþ ¯éyîþ ÐèþÅÐèþçܦ G°² fÐéº$Ë$
fÇW¯èþ «§æþÇ{™èþ çÜÐèþ*ÐóþÔèý…ÌZ ç³Æ>ÅÐèþÆæÿ×ý Ðóþ™èþ¢Ë$ yìþ.1&yìþ 2&íÜ, 3&¼ 4&G {MìüÄæý*™èþÃMæü ¯ðþOç³#×êÅ˯èþ$ AÀÐèþ–¨® ç³Ææÿ$çÜ$¢…¨?
¿êÑ…^éÆæÿ$. D «§æþÇ{† çܧæþçÜ$Þ GMæüPyæþ fÇW…¨. 17. gê¡Äæý$ {Væü…«§éËÄæý*Ë$, Ðèþ$*ÅhÄæý$… Ððþ$$§æþÌñýO¯èþ 1.yìþ 2.¼ 3.yìþ 4.¼ 5.G
G. Æðÿ…yæþ$
G.ÝëtMŠüçßZÐŒþ$ gê¡Äæý$ Ýë¦Æÿ$$ çÜ…çܦ˯èþ$ Móü…{§æþ… °ÆæÿÓíßýçÜ$¢…§æþ° ¼. ¯éË$Væü$ 6.G 7.¼ 8.¼ 9. G 10.¼
¼. ÇÄñý*yìþf±Æø ™ðþÍõ³ òÙyæþ*ÅÌŒý? íÜ. I§æþ$ 11.íÜ 12.íÜ 13.¼ 14.íÜ 15.G
íÜ. íÜÓrjÆ>Ï…yŠþ yìþ. »ñýÆŠÿ² G. HyæþÐèþ òÙyæþ*ÅÌŒýÌZ° JMæürÐèþ gê¼™éÌZ 62 ¯èþ$…yìþ yìþ. BÆæÿ$
9. ÑË$Ðèþ˯èþ$ çÜ™èþÅ…, ÕÐèþ…, çÜ$…§æþÆæÿ…V> GÐèþÆæÿ$ õ³ÆöP 66 G…{sîýË$ 16. yìþ 17.G 18.¼ 19.G 20.¼
27. A…«§æþ$Ë MøçÜ… {»ñýÆÿ$$Î Íí³° GÐèþÆæÿ$ Ææÿ*´÷…¨… 21.þ G 22.¼ 23.¼ 24.yìþ 25.íÜ
¯é²Ææÿ$? ¼. HyæþÐèþ òÙyæþ*ÅÌŒýÌZ° JMæürÐèþ gê¼™éÌZ 64 ^éÆæÿ$?
G. õ³ÏsZ ¯èþ$…yìþ 66 G…{sîýË$ G. IgêMŠü í³sŒýÐèþ$¯Œþ 26.yìþ 27.¼ 28.G 29.yìþ 30.yìþ
¼. £óþÌŒýÞ íÜ. HyæþÐèþ òÙyæþ*ÅÌŒýÌZ° JMæürÐèþ gê¼™éÌZ 63 ¯èþ$…yìþ ¼. Ë*Æÿ$$ {»ñýÆÿ$$Î 31.Gþ 32.G 33.G 34.G 35. ¼
íÜ. V>…«© 66 G…{sîýË$
øŒEî¦ô¢Ù 19 áì÷J 2019 - „ email:

In Bank exams, English plays a decisive

role. In Prelims it is for 30 marks and in
the mains it is for 40 marks. The follow-
Purpose of Data Protection Laws?
ing items often appear in the Bank exams.
to show a bioequivalence to the drug of the orig-
So focus on these items during your
inator company. As per the PREVAILING laws,
preparation to score maximum the regulator in India can rely on an innovator's
marks in this section of the paper. data to approve the competitor's product. While
the system in general is responsible for main-
taining the necessary secrecy, it is not account-
Model Questions able for the same- the competitor gets an unfair
Directions (Q.1-10): Read the following pas- advantage over the innovator even while he is
sage carefully and answer the questions clandestinely abusing an innovator's intellectual
given below it. Certain words are given in property. Consequently research-based phar-
bold to help you locate them while answering ma companies are being forced to undertake
some of the questions. VITAL clinical trials abroad. Huge expenditures
The Indian pharma industry is FLOURISH- are INCURRED overseas, draining precious
ING overseas, touching almost every part of the foreign exchange when this could be done at
world. With low cost, speed and high quality home at the fraction of the cost.
advantage, India is gearing up to become the The product patent law protections required
hub for contract research and manufacturing. by the TRIPS agreement and brought about by
as there are more profits and public interest in
Having a competitive edge is one thing, and
maintaining it is another. Canada provides tax
lifestyle drugs like the ones for obesity. In the
interest of Indian research industry a decision
IBPS the 2005 amendment to the Patent Act require
India to protect undisclosed test data from dis-
benefits upto 46% for research carried out in the closure and unfair commercial use by competi-
must be taken quickly on the implementation of
country. Others like Korea and China without a
large pool of scientists make up by facilitating
the data protection laws. CLERKS MAINS tors. Effective 2005, Indian companies can no
longer copy patent-protected foreign drugs.
foreign research in conceivable way. India does India is one of the few countries where data Some negate the necessity to make data exclu-
not do any of these and faces many HURDLES- exclusivity provisions are not prevalent. Data
protection is a contentious issue, hotly debated
English sivity a law. They argue that the advocates of
diseases that it has been inflicted with since making it a law, the MNCs, want the data pro-
Independence like Malaria and TB. While Indian by the Government and industry. A pharma for marketing approval has to submit its data tected absolutely for a period of five years.
companies have only focused on the reverse- company wishing to market a drug is required to relating to the clinical trials to the drug con- However, in case certain drugs are not avail-
engineering blockbuster drugs from MNCs, submit data to the drug controller to show that troller, who once satisfied that the drug is safe able or unaffordable, should the government for
overseas scientists have displayed little interest the drug is both effective and safe. The first and effective will register it. Another company the common good not to be exercise powers to
in researching Sub-continent specific diseases (originator) company that makes the application wishing to market the same drug only requires get another company to make such drugs?

1. Which of the following is a reason for India's A) Countries like China prefer to outsource 1) It offers blockbuster drugs at highly sub- 1) chains 2) check-posts 3) obstacles
continuing battle with common place dis- research to avoid exorbitant cost of sidised rates. 4) arrangements 5) hard-deals
eases? research at home. 2) It collaborates with foreign research firms. 8. INCURRED
1) Rigid patent laws mean essential foreign B) Multinational pharma companies are 3) It provides regulatory approvals. 1) income 2) included 3) cured
drugs are not easily available in India. pressurising to have product patent laws. 4) It enacts relaxed tax laws. 4) spent 5) lent
2) Newer, more effective treatments and C) The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is 5) None Directions (Q.9-10): Choose the word/ phrase
drugs are unaffordable. booming. 5. Which of the following is /are India's which is most opposite in meaning of the
3) Government doesn't adequately sub- 1) Only A 2) Only C 3) Both B and C strengths in drug discovery and research. word printed in bold as used in the passage.
sidise drugs required for treatment of 4) Both A and B 5) None A) Relaxed patent laws 9. FLOURISHING
these diseases. 3. According to the passage, what is the main B) Reverse engineering of foreign block- 1) improving 2) progressing 3) flowering
4) Research and development of drugs for purpose of data protection laws? buster drugs 4) declining 5) demanding
such diseases is taken up only advanced 1) To ensure that foreign countries invest in C) Incentives to foreign companies 10. VITAL
countries. research for drugs to treat diseases like researching Sub-continent diseases. 1) important 2) chief 3) principal
5) None of the above. TB. 1) Only C 2) Both A and C 3) Only A 4) useful 5) worthless
2) To attract Indian scientists back to the 4) All of these 5) None
Writer country. Directions (Q.6-8): Choose the word/ phrase ANSWERS
3) To prevent misuse of research to make which is most nearly the same in meaning as
1) 4
M. Somasekhara Prasad profit by competing companies. the word printed in bold as used in the pas-
2) 3 A is not true. Cost is not a factor with
Subject Expert 4) To make clinical trials more acceptable to
the public. 5) None 6. PREVAILING
3) 3
4. Which of the following measures has Korea 1) famous 2) absent 3) existing
2. Which of the following is /are TRUE in the 4) 4 It provides huge tax benefits.
context of the passage? taken to be competitive in the pharma indus- 4) discontinued 5) before using
try? 5) 5. 6) 3 7) 3 8) 4 9) 4 10) 5

ûÁ æ© úà ò˺ ô¢ª“ ·ôjöËÀ OöËÀ ðƧuÚÛdK, òËμÙÞœüŒŠô¢ª Îà¦ô¢u û¦Þ¥ô¢ªbì óŸ´E÷Jqæ© ví£î˶ø‹õª
H ÓöËÙÚÛ sòËμÙÞœüŒŠô¢ªzö˺E ·ôjö˶y ÷ªÙvAêŸy ø‹ÜÚÛª ÞœªÙå«ô¢ª >ö°xö˺E Îà¦ô¢u û¦Þ¥ô¢ªbì óŸ´E÷Jqæ©
ví£òÅ¡ªêŸy ÑëÁuÞ¥õª àμÙCì ·ôjöËÀ OöËÀ ðƧuÚÛdK 2018n19
ú£Ù÷êŸqô¦EÚ¨Þ¥ì« þ¼pôÂd¬q ÚÁæ° ð¼ú£ªdöË òÅ¡KhÚ¨
ÍèÂÚÂ, Ú¥Ùvæ°ÚÛªd vð§Aí£CÚÛì æ©#ÙÞ ðƧuÚÛMd òÅ¡KhÚ¨
ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªhõª ÚÁô¢ªêÁÙC.
ÓíÆÃè†è†Õ, ûËÁô³è¯
ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªhõª ÚÁô¢ªêÁÙC. H îμ³êŸhÙ Ý°Sõª: 10 H ð¼ú£ªd: Íú‡šúdÙæËÀ vð»šíÆú£ô H Ý°Sõª: 12 ûËÁô³è¯ö˺E íÆ£±æËÀî˶ô è…âËμjûË ÍÙè èËμ÷öËíÃîμªÙæËÀ
GÅö°óÀª úˆdöËÀ ð§xÙåª H vÚ©è[öËî¦K Ý°Sõª: vÚ¨·ÚæËÀn03, کn03, íÆ£±æËÀò°öËÀn02, H NòÅ°Þ¥õª: Ú¥ö˶âË À ÎíÆà ÎôÂd¬q Ú¥÷ªôÂq ÍÙè ö°; ÏûËÂú‡då«uæËÀ sÓíÆÃè†è†Õz 2019 Ôè¯C ví£î˶ø‹öËÚÛª
H úˆdöËÀ ÍëǯJæ© ÎíÆà ÏÙè…óŸ« LNªçËμè sšúô³öËÀzÚÛª ÚÛñ膓n02. Ú¥ö˶âËÀ ÎíÆà šújûμqúÃ. ví£ÚÛæì Nè[ªë]öË à¶ú‡ÙC.
àμÙCì GÅö°óÀª úˆdöËÀ ð§xÙåªö˺ Ú¨ÙC ð¼ú£ªdöË òÅ¡KhÚ¨ H Íô¢|êŸ: í£ëÁêŸô¢ÞœA, û¶ù£ìöËÀ ÍvšíÙæ¨úÃù‡íà H î˶êŸìÙ: ûμöËÚÛª ô¢«.29,500 1z ò°u#öËô ÎíÆà è…âËμjûË n û¦õª¸ÞüŒ‰x
ví£ÚÛæì Nè[ªë]öËμjÙC. ú£JdíƇ·ÚæËÀ/ Õæ©Õ ÑBhô¢gêŸ. H Íô¢|êŸ, ÷óŸªú£ª, ÓÙí‡ÚÛ: ví£ÚÛæìö˺ êμLí‡ì NëÅ]ÙÞ¥. 2z ò°u#öËô ÎíÆà G>ûμúà Íè…tE›úZù£ûË sHHÔz n
H ð¼ú£ªdõª: Îí£¸ôæô ÚÛîª çËμÚ©où‡óŸªûËÂ, WEóŸªô H ÷óŸªú£ª: 01.01.2019 û¦æ¨Ú¨ 18n25 ú£Ù÷êŸqô¦öË H ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh: ÎíÆÃöËμjûË ÷´è˶üŒ‰x
îμªè…ÚÛöËÀ çËμÚ¥oöË>úÃd, šíÆjô ÏÙ>Fô êŸCêŸô¦õª. ÷ªëÅ]u ÑÙè¯L. H ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh íƈV: ô¢«.300 3z ÷«ú£dô ÎíÆà è…âËμjûË n ·ôÙè˶üŒ‰x
H Ý°Sõª: 153 H ÓÙí‡ÚÛ: þ¼pôÂd¬q væóŸªöËÀq, vÚ©è¯ NáóŸ«õª, H #÷J ê¶C: áì÷J 31 4z ÷«ú£dô ÎíÆà G>ûμúà Íè…tE›úZù£ûË sÓÙHÔz n
H Íô¢|êŸ, ÓÙí‡ÚÛ: ví£ÚÛæìö˺ êμLí‡ì NëÅ]ÙÞ¥. Në¯uô¢|êŸõª, îμªè…ÚÛöËÀ çËμúÃd Îëůô¢ÙÞ¥. H #ô¢ªû¦÷«: J>vþ§dôÂ, Îà¦ô¢u û¦Þ¥ô¢ªbì ·ôÙè˶üŒ‰x H ÓÙí‡ÚÛ: ví£î˶øŒ í£K¤Û Îëůô¢ÙÞ¥.
H ÷óŸªú£ª: 18n28 ú£Ù÷êŸqô¦öË ÷ªëÅ]u ÑÙè¯L. H ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh: ÎíÆÃöËμjûË H íƈV: ô¢«.500 óŸ´E÷Jqæ©, û¦Þ¥ô¢ªbì ìÞœôÂn522 510, ÞœªÙå«ô¢ª H í£K¤Û ê¶C:  19 H ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh: ÎûËÂöËμjûËÂ
H ÎûËÂöËμjûË ë]ô¢Ý°ú£ªh: áì÷J 19 n íƇvñ÷J 9 ÷ô¢ÚÛª. H #÷J ê¶C: íƇvñ÷J 23 >ö°x, ÎÙvëÅ]ví£ë¶øËÂ. H #÷J ê¶C: Ôví‡öËÀ 20

îËμòËÀšújæËÀ: îËμòËÀšújæËÀ: îËμòËÀšújæËÀ: îËμòËÀšújæËÀ:

øŒEî¦ô¢Ù 19 áì÷J 2019 - „ email:

Who is the Bright Boy? A) a town in which people sleep a lot of

B) a town where people sleep
C) a town which is peaceful or quiet
D) a town in which people sleep at day time
I. Unit C.Reading: I Will do it would smile shyly and solve them in no time. Now answer the following questions. Each Answer the following questions in one or two
He sat alone below a tree and dreamt of question has four choices. Choose the correct sentences. (2 u 1 = 2)
I. Reading Comprehension studying at IIT. It was the ultimate aim for any answer and write A, B, C, or D in your answer
4. How did he solve the problems in IIT ques-
bright boy at that age, as it still is today. He booklet.
1. Read the Following passage tions paper?
was then only sixteen years old. 1. The above given test is ....
(5 u 1 = 5) 5. Where did the brighter ones want to study?
A) Speech B) Biography
He was short. He was sharp. He was the
brightest boy in his class. His seniors used to
C) Story D) Auto-biography Answers
ask him to solve their difficulties in science. He 2. Father was an evid reader of .......
1) B 2) A 3) C
could have gone unnoticed in a crowd, but A) English literature B) News paper
4. He solved the problems in IIT question
once you asked him a question related to C) Magazine D) Epics paper in no time.
physics or Maths, there was a spark in his 3. 'Sleepy Town' in the above passage means 5. The brighter ones wanted to study in the
eyes. He could grasp theories of science English ........ Indian Institute of Technology.
faster than the speed of light.

2. Read the following passage His father stopped reading the paper. He 2. The 'Entrance Test' mentioned in the
Writer lifted his head, looked at the boy and said above passage is .......
(5 u 1 = 5)
V. Satyanarayana The D-Day came. He came to Bangalore, with a heavy voice, 'My son, you are a bright A) for getting an admission in Medicine
boy. You know our financial position. I have B) for getting an admission in IIT
Subject Expert stayed with some relatives and appeared for
five daughters to be married off and three C) for getting a job in IIT
the entrance test. He did very well but would
He came from a poor but educated family. sons to educate. I am a salaried person. I D) for getting an admission in TTC
only say 'OK' when asked. It was the opposite
His father was a high-school teacher and an cannot afford your expenses at IIT. You can 3. How many daughters to be married
when it came to food. When he said 'OK' it
avid reader of English literature. He, like all the stay in Mysore and study as much as you A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5
implied 'bad', when he said 'good' it implied
boys in his class, was trying to get admission want'.
'OK', when he said 'excellent' it implied 'good'. Answer the following questions in one or two
into some engineering college. The brighter Now, answer the following questions. Each
His principle was never to hurt anyone. sentences
ones wanted to study in the Indian Institutes of question has four choices choose the correct
Technology, or the IITs. There was an The IIT entrance results came. He had 4. Why did he come to Bangalore?
answer and write A,B,C or D in your answer
entrance test for IIT. This boy, along with his passed with a high rank. What a delight for 5. Who is referred to as "The bright boy"?
booklet. (3 u 1 = 3)
friends, applied to appear for the test. They did any student! He was thrilled. He went to his 1. The D-Day in the above passage refers to Answers
not have any special books or coaching. All father who was reading a newspaper. A) his birthday B) his marriage day 1) C 2) B 3) D
these IIT aspirants would sit below the shade
'Anna, I have passed the exam.' C) The day on which he wrote the IIT 4. He came to Bangalore to appear for the
of a stone mandap close to Chamundi Hills in
'Well done, my boy'. entrance test entrance test.
the sleepy town of Mysore. He was the guide
for the others. While the others struggled to 'I want to join IIT' D) Independence day 5. The bright boy is Narayana Murthy
solve the problems in the question paper, he
l l  

Addition of Vectors
sú£C-øŒõ ú£Ù-ÚÛ-õìÙz
Very short answer type questions
Q. Let a = i + 2j + 3k, b = 3i + j. Find the unit
Find the Unit Vector?
vector in the direction of a + b
    O, P z
(a = i + 2j + 3k, b = 3i + j ú£¸ô-&-óŸ«-öËμjê¶ õìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè….- ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢éÙz Cos J= 

ú£-C-øŒõ ú£ÙÚÛ-õì
CøŒ-ö˺E óŸ´EæÀ ú£C-øŒìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè….-) a1 b1 c 3 4 O r = a + t b where t  R — x + y2 + z2
Sol.  =  =  ?  =  =     
    a2 b2 c2 P 8 6 Here r = 3i 6j + 2k .
Sol: a + b = 4i + 3j + 3k     
    Ÿ P= 6, O= 3 r = (2i + 3j + k) + t (4i 2j + 3k) where tR 3 3
¸a + b ¸= —16 + 9 + 9 = — 34. ? Cos D= 
  Q. If the position vectors of the points A, B, C  =  7
Unit vector in the direction of a + b       
— 9 + 36 + 4
 are 2 i + j k, 4 i + 2 j + 2k and 6i3j13k 6 6
 Cos E= 
4i + 3j + 3k
=  respectively and AB = OAC then find O  =  7
  — 9 + 36 + 4
¸a + b¸ —34 (A, B, C GÙ-ë]ª-÷±õ þ§–ì ú£C-øŒõª ÷ô¢ª-ú£Þ¥ Maths 2 2
        Cos J= 
(a + b C-øŒö˺ óŸ´EæÀ ú£CøŒz 2 i + j k, 4i + 2 j + 2 k 6i3j13k, Q. If D, E, J are the angles made by the vector  =  7
— 9 + 36 + 4
Í-ô³ê¶ N-õª-÷ìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z 3i 6j 2k with the positive directions of
Sol. AB = OB  OA = 2i + j + 3k the coordinate axes. Then find cos D, cos ÷³Üu-îμªiì ví£øŒoõª
G. ÐøŒyô¢ô¦÷±      E, and cos J. H Find the vector equation of the plane
AC = OC OA = 8i 4j 12k      
   passing through the points i  2j + 5k ,
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª (3i 6j + 2k
= 4 (2i + j + 3k)
ú£-CøŒ Eô¢«-í£ÚÛ Í¤¥-õêÁ    
Q. Find the vector equation of the plane pass-   1  D, E, J
ëÅ]û¦-êŸtÚÛCøŒö˺ ÚÁ-é°-õìª à¶ú£ªhÙç˶ 5j k and 3i + 5j 
? AC = 4 AB Ÿ AB =   AC       
ing through the points (0 0 0), (0 5 0), (2 0 1). 4 Cos D, Cos E, Cos J õìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…] ( i2j + 5k , 5j  5k , 3i + 5j GÙë]ª-÷±õ
s(0 0 0), (0 5 0), (2 0 1) GÙ-ë]ª-÷±õ ë¯yô¦ îμü™x 1
Sol: If D, E, J are the angles made by )
ë¯yô¦- îμü™x êŸõÙ ú£Cø‹ ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢éÙ ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…
êŸõÙ ú£Cø‹ ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢éÙ ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè….z 4 r = xi + yj + zk with the positive H If a = 2i + 5j + k, b = 4i + mj + nk are
Sol: The vector equation of the plane is sêŸõÙ Q. Find the vector equation of the line passing directions of the coordinate axes. collinear vectors, then find m and n
ú£Cø‹ ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢éÙz
r = (1 s t) a + sb + tc where s, tR
through the point 2 i + 3 j + k and parallel to s   
r = xi + yj + zk ú£CøŒ Eô¢«-í£ÚÛ Í¤¥-õêÁ (a = 2i + 5j + k , b = 4i + mj + nk õª
   m, n
? r = (1 s t) 0 + s(5j) + t (2 i + k)
the vector 4i 2 j + 3 k. ëÅ]û¦-êŸtÚÛ CøŒö˺ D, E, J ÚÁ-é°-õìª à¶ú£ªhÙç˶z ú£¸ô-&óŸª ú£C-øŒõª Íô³ê¶ - Nõª-÷-õìª
   x )
   (2 i + 3 j + k
r = s (5 j) + t (2 i + k) s, t  R
GÙ-ë]ª÷± ë¯yô¦ ð¼êŸ«, ú£CøŒ Cos D = 

   — x2 + y2 + z2
Q. If the vectors 3i + 4j + Ok and Pi + 8j + 6k 4i 2j+ 3k ÚÛª ú£÷«Ù-êŸ-ô¢ÙÞ¥ ÑÙè˶ ¸ôÜ ú£Cø‹ çËμûÂh, ÏÙåôÂÚÛª ú£ÙñÙCÅÙ#ì ÷ªJEo
are collinear then find O, P )
Cos E = 
 ÷³Üuîμªiì ví£øŒoõªnáî¦ñªõ ÚÁú£Ù àŸ«è[÷àŸªa.
ú£Oª-ÚÛ-ô¢-é°Eo ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…
     Sol: Vector equation of the line is s¸ôÜ ú£Cø‹ — x2 + y2 + z2
sú£C-øŒõª 3 i + 4 j + Ok, Pi + 8 j + 6 k õª
10 OÐðlG-‹Ü-B-ÆŠ‡ h-ÌêÏ l Ô¶æ°ÐéÆý‡… l
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Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize in.. 1) Point of view 18. Ramakrishna lent me ______ nique
P. Ramakrishna 2) Plot 3) Setting interesting book. 2) Approach, philosophy and
Subject Expert 4) Author's own argument 1) a 2) an 3) the technique
9. How many nasal sounds are
Hï³ yîlGïÜÞ 4) No article is needed
19. My situation is similar _____
3) Principle, approach and
1) 2 2) 3 3) 6 4) 10 TET
TET cum
cum TRT
TRT -- 2018
2018 yours. Choose the correct prepo- 4) Philosophy, principle and
Model Questions 10. Choose the sentence that expre- sition that fits that context. approach
sses ability. English 1) of 2) with 25. A manual of instruction for any
1. Bonsai Life is written by ____ 1) He can carry this bag 3) by 4) to class is:
1) Abburi Chaya Devi 2) He carries bags 20. Identify the wrong irregular verb 1) a dictionary 2) a textbook
2) Jim Corbett 3) Lela Birky 3) He may carry this bag Special form among the following pairs 3) a question paper
4) Brian Patten 4) He should carry this bag of words. 4) a lesson plan
2. Which one of the following is not 11. The bird ______ out if you leave 1) think - thought 26. When the reader is looking for
a work of Charles Dickens? the door of the cage. Choose the 2) rise - rose 3) fall - falled specific information he/ she
1) Oliver Twist correct verb to fill in the blank. 4) drink - drank adopts the technique of:
2) Great Expectations 1) flies 2) will fly 1) intensive reading
3) Pickwick Papers 3) fly 4) would fly
METHODOLOGY 2) scanning 3) skimming
4) The Dead Rat 12. He is the tallest boy on ______ 21. These sounds begin with one 4) extensive reading
3. Tagore was awarded the Nobel earth. vowel and end with another 27. The following promotes thor-
Prize in literature for his Choose the article that fits the vowel. ough understanding of the con-
Gitanjali, the Song of Offerings context. 1) consonants 2) vowels tent or concept.
in _____ 1) a 2) an 3) the 3) vowel glides 4) pure vowels 1) Intensive reading
1) 1931 2) 1913 4) No article is needed 22. The concept which divides teach- 2) Scanning 3) Skimming
3) 1914 4) 1915 13. Choose the correct spelling of the ing into a set of sub-skills, so that 4) Checking
4. Identify the silent letter in the word. they can be practised individual- 28. A set of co-relative assumptions
word PRECIS. 1) Rejuvenate 2) Reguvinate 16. Work hard. You'll get success. ly before one integrates them into dealing with the language and
1) C 2) I 3) S 4) R 3) Rijuvenate 4) Rejuvenete Choose the correct conditional the comprehensive major skill of learning is:
5. What is the type of writing which 14. She practised _____ with a pitch- clause to combine the above sen- teaching. 1) A method 2) A technique
we follow in writing an er on her head. tences. 1) Practice teaching 3) An approach 4) A trick
Autobiography? Choose the appropriate verb of 1) If you work hard, you will not 2) Micro teaching 29. The objective of the Direct
1) Persuasive 2) Narrative fill in the blank. get success. 3) Block teaching method is:
3) Descriptive 4) Expository 1) walk 2) walked 2) If you work hard, you would 4) Class room teaching 1) to develop personality
6. Which of the following is a com- 3) to walking 4) to walk get success. 23. The domain that deals with the 2) to increase the power of com-
plementary close in a letter? 15. The simple sentence among the 3) If you work hard, you will get learners' ability to perform some prehension
1) Dear sir, 2) Yours faithfully, four is: success. activity or do practical work is; 3) to develop health
3) With regards, 1) She was generous to the peo- 4) If you don't work hard, you 1) Affective domain 4) to develop a command over
4) Thanking sir, ple who were in need. will get success. 2) Psycho-motor domain the target language
7. ______ writing is a unique mix- 2) When Savitri was twelve, she 17. They were waiting for their 3) Cognitive domain 30. Strengths and weaknesses can be
ture of fact and opinion. was offered a role in a film. teacher to come to the class. 4) All the above identified with the help of _____
1) Story 2) Essay 3) Maya Bazar is another film Identify the auxiliary verb in the 24. The three levels of conceptual- 1) Diagnostic Evaluation
3) Editorial 4) None of these that brought fame to her. above sentence. ization identified by Edward 2) Formative Evaluation
8. Which of the following is found 4) She gave an exceptionally 1) waiting 2) come Anthony are: 3) Summative Evaluation
in writing an essay? brilliant performance. 3) were 4) teacher 1) Approach, method and tech- 4) All

Key with Explanations 3) 2; S - Semi Vowels - 2 So, 'were' is the right answer. Micro teaching.
The first Nobel Prize winner is 10) 1; 18) 2; 'An' is used before the vowel 23) 2;
1) 1; Rabindranath Tagore in 1913. Can /Could - expresses Ability sounds. Practical work is done with the
� Bonsai life is written by Abburi 4) 3; May/ Might - expresses 19) 4; 20) 3; help of hands. So, it is Psycho
ChayaDevi. The pronunciation of the word Possibility Irregular Verbs: Fall-Fell-Fallen motor domain.
� Abburi Chayadevi is a well Précis is: / pre-sI / Need - expresses Necessity 21) 3; Affective Domain is related to
known feminist writer born in 5) 2; Must/ Ought to - expresses Diphthongs/ Vowel Glides are heart.
1933. Person's own life history is Obligation and Compulsion. combination of two vowel Cognitive Domain is related to
� She has written many short sto- revealed in Autobiography. It is So, answer is option one sounds. mind.
ries and essays. usually written in Narrative. 11) 2; Simple Condition: 22) 2; 24) 1;
� She was awarded the Central 6) 2; If + Sub + V1 + Obj, The concept which divides The three levels of conceptual-
Sahitya Akademi in 2005. Complementary close is nothing Sub + will/shall +V1 + Obj teaching into a set of sub-skills, ization identified by Edward
� In her works, she elucidates but Subscription of the letter. 12) 4; No article is needed. so that they can be practised Anthony are Approach, Method
women life and their feelings. 7) 3; 8) 4; 13) 1; individually before one inte- and Technique in 1965.
� Bonsai Bratukulu is translated An essay is, generally, a piece of 14) 4; To Infinitive represents the grates them into the comprehen- 25) 4; 26) 2; 27) 1;
by Alladi Uma and M. Sridhar writing that gives the author's work. sive major skill of teaching is 28) 3; 29) 4; 30) 1.
2) 4; own argument - but the defini- 15) 4;
Charles Dickens works are: tion is vague, overlapping with All the other three sentences
OGP BAD those of a paper, an article, a contain two clauses. Option 4 Vidya Weekly Test- 3 SAKSHI EDUCATION
O - Oliver Twist, pamphlet, and a short story. contains one subject and one
G - Great Expectations,
P - Pickwick Papers,
9) 2;
We can use one code here.
16) 3; Simple Condition:
IBPS Clerks Main Grand Test
� Students can write exam at any time& at any place.
B - Bleak House, PANLFS for consonants. If + Sub + V1 + Obj,
A - A Tale of two Cities P - Plosives - 6 Sub + will/shall + V1 + Obj � Statewide Ranks will be announced
D - David Copperfield A - Affricates - 2 17) 3; � Exciting Prizes for Top Rankers
So, The Dead Rat is not written N - Nasals -3 Auxiliary verbs: Am, is, are, � Only first time attempted score will be considered for Ranking
by Charles Dickens. It is written L - Laterals - 1 was, were, do, does, did, have,
by P.C. Roy. F - Fricatives - 10 has, had. For registration visit
ѧýlÅ Send your Feedback to
OÐðlG-‹Ü-B-ÆŠ‡ h-ÌêÏ l Ô¶æ°ÐéÆý‡… l
f¯]lÐ]lÇ l 19 l 2019 11

Why is the right kidney lower than..

P. Neelakantaiah

School Assistant.
ZPHS, Kammakandriga

Excretion -
The wastage disposing system
Chemical reactions occur in the cells of
living organisms all the time to carry out the
life process. The sum of these reactions is call- Biology (EM)
ed 'Metabolism'. Metabolism produces useful
products as well as toxic by-products. These presence of vasopressin the reabsorption of
toxic substances have to be removed as they water takes place.
are harmful if allowed to accumulate. The Metabolic activities: Anabolic and Cata- them. dialyzer.
removal of metabolic waste products from the bolic activities are collectively called as meta- A. Excretory organs in human body and iii) In this apparatus blood flows through
body of an organism is known as 'Excretion'. bolic activities. excretory materials generated by them are: channels or tubes.
The major excretion products are CO2, Malpighian body: It is the main part of Excretory iv) These tubes are embedded in the
Excretory material, generated
excess water and Nitrogen compounds like nephron. It comprises of Bowman's capsule organs dialyzing fluid.
ammonia, urea, uric acid etc. and Glomerulus. Kidneys Urine v) The membrane separates the blood
Primary urine: Filtrate from the glomer- flowing inside the tube and dialyzing,
Keywords ulus is called 'primary urine' which is almost
Skin Sweat
which has the same composition as
Lungs CO2 and water
Afferent arteriole: After entering the equal to blood in chemical composition except that of plasma, except the nitrogenous
Liver Bile pigments (Bilirubin and
kidney, the renal artery divides and enters into the presence of blood cells. wastes.
each nephron as afferent arteriole and forms Renal vein: It carries deoxygenated vi) As nitrogenous wastes are absent in
Intestine Excess salts of calcium,
glomerulus. blood. dialyzing fluids, these substances
magnesium and iron
Anticoagulant: The biochemical substa- Tubular reabsorption: The peritubular from the blood move out freely, there
Mouth Small amount of nitrogenous
nce which prevents blood clotting is called capillaries around PCT reabsord the useful by cleaning the blood of its wastes.
wastes through saliva
'anticoagulant'. components of primary urine such as Glucose, vii) This process is called 'dialysis'.
Alkaloid: These are nitrogenous by prod- Amino acids, Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, Eyes Small amounts of nitrogenous 7. Analyse the following information and
ucts and poisonous biochemicals stored in Sodium chlorides and 75% of water. wastes answer the questions.
different parts of the plants. Urinary bladder: It is a median, pear 5. In winter season excessive repeated urina-
Creatinine: This is one of the organic shaped and distensible sac present in the tion occurs. Why does it happen? Alkaloids Part of Uses
substances present in the urine along with pelvic part of the abdomen, It stores 300-800 A. i) In winter season the muscles contract to plant
other substances. ml of urine temporarily. cope up with cold. Quinine Bark
Anti malarial drug
Calyces: In the medulla of kidney there Vasopressin: It is the hormone (hormone ii) As a result the body produces more that Nicotine Leaves
are inverted pyramids. The broad end of each secreted by pituitary). It is secreted only when heat to regulated the body temperature. Morphine Fruits
Pain killer, sedative
pyramid is branched. It appears like sepals of concentrated urine is to be passed out. iii) That means the rate of metabolic
Caffeine Seeds
Central Nervous
a flower and is called 'calyces'. activities increases and more urine is
System stimulant
Dialyser: The apparatus through which Important Questions&Answers produced.
blood is purified undercontrolled conditions. iv) Due to cool atmosphere, the sweat Pyrethroids Flowers Insecticides
This is used for the patients who suffer from 1. Why is the right kidney lower than the left production is also reduced. Scopolamine Fruits, Sedative
kidney damage. kidney? v) Therefore as it is the only way to flowers
Efferent arteriole: The arteriole of renal A. The right kidney is lower than the left excrete excess water salt in winter
artery which is coming out of glomerulus is kidney due to the presence of the largest season excessive repeated urination i) Which parts of the plants are used as
called 'efferent arteriole'. digestive gland liver on the right side. occurs. alkaloids?
Haemodialysis: The process of purifying 2. Write the excretory organs for the 6. Observe the diagram and describe the A. Bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, stem
the blood of a person with damaged kidneys following animals. process of dialysis. etc.
by a dialysis machine is called a) Annelida b) Echinodermata Haemodialysis ii) What are the alkaloids which are used
'haemodialysis'. c) Protozoa d) Arthropoda Impure blood to control the diseases that occur in
Micturition: Elimination or excretion of A. a) Annelida-Nephridia plants?
enters Blood
urine from urinary bladder is called 'micturit- b) Echinodermata-Water vascular system. Dialysate
with Dialyzer A. Nicotine and Pyrethroids.
ion'. This is due to action of sphincter muscles c) Protozoa-Simple diffusion impurities AV
iii)Name the parts of the plant from which
in the bladder. d) Arthropoda - Green glands, Malphigh- we get alkaloids used as sedative
Podocyte cells: A single layer of squa- ian tubules Dialysate
blood returns A. Fruits and flowers
mous epithelial cells lining the glomerulus in 3. Distinguish between primary and secon- enters
from iv) Name the alkaloid which is used to
Bowman's capsule. dary metabolites. body prevent malaria.
Urochrome: The coloured pigment which Primary metabolites Purified blood exits
A. Quinine
gives amber colour to the urine. i) The bio-chemical substances which are
Dializing fluid: The fluid present in the required for normal growth and devel- A. i) Dialysis machine is
dialyzer apparatus of dialysis process. Nitro- opment are called 'primary metabolites'. used to filter the blood
genous wastes are absent in dialyzing fluids. ii) Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are the of a person when both
So it can help to remove nitrogenous wastes example of primary metabolites. kidneys are damaged.
from the blood easily there by purifying the Secondary metabolites The process is called
blood. i) The biochemical substances which are 'haemodialysis'.
Hilus: The concaved structure or a fissure not required for growth and developm- ii) In this process blood is
present in the inner side of the kidney is know ent are called 'secondary metabolites'. taken out from the
as Hilus. It is the point for the entry of a renal ii) Alkaloids, tannins, resins, gums, latex main artery, mixed
artery and exit of renal vein and ureter. etc., are the examples of secondary with an anticoagulant,
Hypertonic urine: The primary urine metabolites. such as heparin, and
from which 75% of water content is removed 4. Name different excretory organs in human then pumped into the
in the PCT is called 'hypertonic urine'. In the body and excretory material generated by apparatus called