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30 Years Åke Blomström Memorial Prize

Record of Documents May 1986 – May 2016

Compiled by Peter Leonhard Braun

First Period : 1986 – 2000

Founding – Funding – Conception - Execution

Founder: Peter Leonhard Braun (Sender Freies Berlin) and Per Lysander (Sveriges Radio)
First Chair: Barbro Holmberg (Yleisradio) 1986 - 2000

Åke Blomström, Head of Features of Sveriges Radio, was born in December 1931 and died
abruptly (age 54 years) on 31 May 1985 (kidney failure).
As a man of reputation in SR (Swedish Press: “Radio Personality of the Year”) as well as
internationally respected and loved he got a great funeral ceremony. At the end of the
ceremony and still on the graveyard the SR Director of Radio and I agreed to establish an
Åke Blomström Memorial Prize.

Document 1 (15 January 1986).

A letter (in German) by Per Lysander, Head of Radiodrama (SR) and also in charge of
Features now, and being appointed by SR to negotiate with me the construction and execution
of the new award. The Prize got a yearly donation of 30.000 SEK and was valid for six years.
30.000 SEK equalled 9.000 DM (1986: 100 SEK = 30,449 DM).

Document 2 a + 2 b (24 March 1986).

Draft for the Åke Blomström Memorial Prize (English and German version).

Document 3 ( 26 – 30 May 1986).

First official announcement (by Per Lysander, SR) and presentation of Statutes (English,
French, German).
1986 the ABMP was taking place in combination with the 12. IFC in Brussels
1987 he ABMP was taking place in combination with the 10.Prix Futura Berlin.

Document 4 (3 July 1986).

The very first four prize winners
and the nomination of the first Recommending Committee (three persons).

Document 5 (20 November 1987).

Prize winners 1987 (in combination with the 10. Prix Futura Berlin)
Grant winners 1988 (in combination with the 14. IFC Sydney).

Document 6 (1986 + 1987).

Grant- and Prize monies 1986 and 1987.

Document 7 (1986 – 2000).
List of Winners of the Åke Blomström Memorial Prize 1986 - 2000
- in form of grants for participating in the IFC
- in form of the ÅBMP - Prix Futura Awards.

Grants and Prix Futura Awards took place in a bi-annual rhythm until 1995.
From 1996 onwards only the IFC grants were awarded - but now in each year.

Document 8 (26 June 1992).

The big change:
- the SR donation expires after 6 years
- its IFC grants are taken over by Nordic Broadcasters
- the ÅBMP at the Prix Futura is taken over by the competition itself
- Otto Fagerstedt SR (succeeding Per Lysander) joins the curatory responsible for the
- Chair unchanged: Barbro Holmberg.

Document 9 (14 November 1994).

Continuation and growth.

Document 10 (3 January 1995).

Call for entries 1995, Chair Barbro Holmberg.

Document 11 (6 February 1996).

Peter Leonhard Braun takes his leave from the Ake curatory and welcomes
Edwin Brys (BRT) and Erling Kristensen (DR) joining it.

Document 12 (3 April 1996).

Info about ABMP and call for entries.

Document 13 (5 November 1999).

“To the Friends of Ake Blomström.”
Review of the situation of the ABMP and the questions that have to be answered
for its future (Barbro Holmberg).

Document 14 (14 December 2000).

Info about ABMP, call for entries and farewell of Barbro Holmberg.

Second Period: 2001 - 2010

Stable continuation plus reforms and advanced Regulations

Chair: Lorelei Harris (RTÉ) 2001-2006

Chair: Berit Hedemann (NRK) 2007-2010

Selection Committee 2001 ff.

René Farabet (RF)
Erling Kristensen (DR)
Susanne Björkman (SR)

Three grants for the 27. International Feature Conference in Sydney 2001:
Radka Lokajova Czech Republic
Tomislav Guscic Croatia
Ambjörn Johansson Sweden

Four grants for the 28. International Feature Conference in Zagreb 2002:
Susan Dennehy Ireland
Ireneusz Bialek Poland
Malgorzata Perdeus-Bialek Poland
Guiseppe Maio Germany

Three grants for the 29. International Feature Conference in Toronto 2003:
Myriam Fimbry Canada
Carmen Petcu Romania
Karina Schwann Austria

Three grants for the 30. International Feature Conference in Lucerne, Switzerland 2004:
Martin Richter Austria
Ljubica Letinic Croatia
Ragna Nordenborg Norway

Three grants for the 31. International Feature Conference in Sinaia, Romania 2005:
Jens Jarisch Germany
Philip Scheiner Austria
Ragnhild Silkebekken Norway

Three grants for the 32. International Feature Conference in Wien 2006:
Antonio Bumb Romania
Sophie Lemaire Belgium
Carma Jolly Canada

Interim Report 1

Even after 20 years of existence the Åke Award works fine and reliable. Its basic idea to find
and to integrate fresh talents by inviting them into the professional and personal network of
the IFC has proved right. This fact is really amazing because all the organizational work is
done voluntary and unpaid. The financing of the grants comes from modest contributions of
9 feature departments in 9 countries. Everybody involved knows all the other by heart,
somehow a system of practised friendship and mutual confidence. But as Barbro Holmberg
wrote already in her farewell-message “To the Friends of Åke Blomström” (see document 13)
“there is room for a few ameliorations”.

1) The money: the need for a bank account for the distribution of the funds, without being
heavily taxed. This severe problem was solved by Laurent Marceau (EBU) and Chairlady
Lorelei Harris. They created an AB account under the patronage (aegis) of the EBU to
centralise the incoming contributions and the payment of the grants. Really important,

2) Rotation of the jury.

Berit Hedemann comments her creditable reform:
“From 2004 we had established a rotation system of 2 years in the Selection Committee for the
contributing countries, securing that all contributors would be represented in the Committee
over a period of years, and that the Head of the Committee would also rotate every forth year.
After some trouble in the beginning this system was practiced.” See Document 15.

Berit Hedemann continues: “Here are the rotation rules from 2004.”
The Rotation of the Selection Committee:
1. The Selection Committee should consist of 4 persons from the contributing
organisations in addition to the Chairperson.
2. Each member of the Selection Committee serves for a period of two years on a
rotating basis among the contributing organizations.
3. Each year those two members who have fulfilled their second serving year, will leave
the Committee to be replaced by two new members from the next two listed
4. To avoid the possibility of a member being drawn from the same organization as
the presiding Chairperson , another member should be drawn in his or her place,
selected from the next possible listed organization in turn.
5. The Chairperson will sit for four years. He/she will be elected from among
representatives of the contributing organizations or their proxies attending the IFC in
the relevant election year.
6. The four members of the Committee should organize the election of a new Chair
before the fourth serving year of the presiding Chair comes to an end.
7. The same person should not be able to be elected as Chairperson for two following
periods. Nor should a person from the same organization as the presiding
Chairperson be able to be elected as Chairperson for the following period.
8. When a new organization wants to join the group of contributing countries, it will
be put on the bottom of the rotation list.

Document 15 (2004 – 2010)
Rotation List for the Selection Committee 2004 – 2010

Document 16 (13 January 2005)

Call for entries 2005, Chair Lorelei Harris

Document 17 (2007)
Call for entries 2007, Chair Berit Hedemann

Document 18 (2 June 2009)

Rules and Regulations Ake Blomström Memorial Prize 2009,
Chair Berit Hedemann

Document 19 (8 January 2010)

Call for entries 2010
Chair Berit Hedemann

Document 20 (2007 – 2010)

The Ake Blomström winners in the period of the chairmanship
of Berit Hedemann 2007 – 2010

Third Period: 2011 – 2016

New format of the Award / Extension of supporting departments

Chair: Elisabeth Stratka (ORF) 2011 – 2014

Chair: Gabriela Hermer (rbb) 2015 - ……
Because of the new format of the ABA in 2014 both chairladies worked overlapping between
August 2014 and January 2015.

Document 21 (2 December 2010)

Berit Hedemann hands over the chair to Elisabeth Stratka

Document 22 (22 November 2010)

Call for entries 2011
and Selection Committee 2011
Chair Elisabeth Stratka

Document 23 (2012 + 2013)

Selection Committee 2012
Selection Committee 2013
Chair Elisabeth Stratka

Document 24 (2011 – 2014)

The Ake Blomström winners in the period of the
chairmanship of Elisabeth Stratka 2011 – 2014

Interim Report II

In 2013 the Ake Award has become 27 years of age, has picked and promoted from across the
world about 100 young feature makers by inviting them to the IFC and its unique knowhow,
and it is still going strong. Many helping hands involved, all unpaid and voluntary - let’s call
it what it is: a miracle. Especially if you look at the financial construction. Just 9 contributors
paying 500€ each per year. We are talking about a yearly budget of 4.500€. And now comes
the necessary hit: nothing of the money is lost by taxes or administration, each cent of it is
spent for the grants only. Well, well.
But to repeat it - the grants are nothing else than free tickets to enter the prof. feature world,
they pay for the travel, accommodation and some expenses to join the IFC. A small and smart
concept - giving the winners a helping push to walk by themselves.

On the other hand there also and always was a need for a continuation of schooling and
training. Exactly this was initiated by Edwin Brys (VRT Brussels) and Nathalie Labourdette
(EBU). Their EBU Master School on Radio Features started in 2002 and was closed down in
See document 25.

The harsh decision of the Eurovision Academy Committee (EBU) to put to an end the EBU
Master School on Radio Features (October 2013) created a lot of emotion within the
international feature making community. For quite a number of them it was a bitter defeat,
for all of them a severe loss. That’s why already in November 2013 Peter Leonhard Braun
suggested to merge the deceased Master School with the living Åke Blomstrøm Award. “Let
us extend the Åke Blomstrøm, which invites the winners to participate in the IFC, into a
follow-up of coached training.” And let us call it “The Åke Blomström Training Award”.
This reshaped award would offer to the winners:
1. Each May a two days workshop just before the IFC begins
2. Directly after the workshop the participation in the IFC itself
3. Each October a second workshop just before the Prix Europa begins
4. Directly after the workshop the participation in the Prix Europa itself
5. And in between the two workshops and thereafter the tuition would take place
through an e-learning model.
In essence this suggestion would enlarge the teaching from a couple of weeks to one year,
would develop it from a crash course into a process of learning.

This draft was improved and executed by a small team of friends and feature experts: Lorelei
Harris (Head of the EBU Feature Group), Edwin Brys (former Coordinator of the EBU
Master School), ABA Chairlady Elisabeth Stratka (2011 – 2014), ABA Chairlady Gabriela
Hermer ( 2015 ff ) and Peter Leonhard Braun (Prix Europa). It became a proof of speed,
vitality and trust. The new ABA scheme worked already in 2014.
See Document 26.

The first three winners of the NEW AKE were Ida Karine Gullvik (Norway), Hugo Lavett
(Sweden), Kathy Tu (USA).
The first three coaches for the NEW AKE were Liam OBrien (RTE), Jens Jarisch (rbb), Kasia
Michalak (Radio Lublin).
All the teaching and much more was coordinated by Edwin Brys (Archangel).

Financially the NEW AKE asked for quite a bit of courage. Because the old budget of 4.500 €
(9 x 500 €) per year could not cover the new dimension of expenses. So Chairlady Elisabeth
Stratka and Peter Leonhard Braun campaigned to enlarge the alliance of supporting
departments. And they succeeded. Thanks to Ingo Kottkamp (DLR) who joined forces in
June 2014, Walter Filz (SWR) joining in July 2014, Leslie Rosin (WDR) and Ulrike Toma
(NDR) who came to the NEW AKE’s assistance at the end of this risky year. And additionally
the Prix Europa came along by paying for the accommodation of the three grantees for the
festival week.
Summing-up it can be called a daring year working the switches for the required qualification
of our youngsters. Well done, fine investment. At the end of 2014 the number of supporting
departments had increased from 9 to 13. 13 x 500 € = 6.500 € per year. Amazing how little
you sometimes need to enable something great.

The report on this first edition of the NEW AKE 2014 – 2015 was written by Edwin Brys.
See Document 27.

From now on - the entire calendar of the new AKE system did cover almost one year.
Beginning with the two days-workshop just before the IFC in May 2014 and finishing with the
three feature programmes having been produced by the three trainees within the ABA
training (deadline 1 March 2015).
Ida Karine Gullvik (NRK): “Hildrelandred, Scenes from a Fairytale”
Hugo Lavett (SR): “This is Vretersborgvagen”
Kathy Tu (USA, Freelance): “Mom”.
“And yes they all finished their year and their programme” (Edwin Brys).

Document 25 (2002 – 2013)

Summary of the EBU Master School for Radio Features
by Edwin Brys

Document 26 (18 December 2013)

Call for entries 2014
and Selection Committee 2014
Chair Elisabeth Stratka

Document 27 (6 February 2015)

Report Ake Blomström Award 2014 – 2015
by Edwin Brys

Document 28 (February 2015)

Adapted Rules for the New Ake,
Rotation List for 2014, 2015, 2016
and the contributing countries 2014, 2015.

Document 29 ( 7 November 2014)

Call for entries 2015
and Selection Committee 2015
Chair Gabriela Hermer

Document 30 (March 2015)

The three Award Winners 2015
(choice from 27 entries)
and their three coaches plus coordinator

Document 31 (3 March 2017)

Retrospective survey on the outcome of the first enlarged
ABA edition (2014 – 2015), the second edition (2015 -2016),
the content of the training schedule and the summaries of the features being made in the
frame of the ABA by Edwin Brys

Final Remarks

I was expecting a job of a couple of months for compiling the basic documents of the ABA
history when in 2014 I mailed to Elisabeth Stratka, ORF (Chair 2011 – 2014) asking her to
dispatch the convolute of the ABA files to Berlin.
Elisabeth answered: “It may surprise you but there are no files, none”. “There is just the little
collection of e-mails concerning my own time of chairing the ABA which I transferred to my
successor Gabi (Gabriela Hermer, 2015 - …) already.”
What a phenomenon: age 30 years, hundreds of involved persons, selection committees, so
many award winners getting the kick for their careers, moneys being moved, tickets bought,
hotels paid, a great network of cooperation - but no files, none.
Just a huge job being done. Silently. Just giving a hand to the newcomers to help them to get
along. Since 30 years.
What does this say ? As long as the radio feature takes care of its youngsters so selflessly it will
have a future. It is a responsibility crossing borders: An Irish master-maker trains a fresh
talent from the USA, a Polish crack coaches a junior from Sweden. And so on, and so on. All
this multiform teaching is voluntary and unpaid. And the backing community lends a hand
wherever it is needed, organizes, pays, supports. An unparalleled virtue of the feature crowd.

Last word.
During my two years of hunting the basic documents of the ABA history I came across a
forgotten and most touching document. In 1983 Ake had posted to me a newspaper photo
which was shot on the occasion of his radiodoc-series taking place in a Swedish restaurant.
The photo shows Ake himself (on the left) and the chef of the restaurant (on the right).
Looking at it you can clearly see: Ake is on the peak of his life, a known and respected
radioman, successful and in very good mood.

See document 32.

Pinned to the photo was a small yellow slip of paper on which Ake proudly had written by
hand: “The man to the left is now 18.880 days old”. If you work this out you arrive at the date
of 9. September 1983. Exactly 126 days later Ake was dead. The message is our vulnerability
and how easily even fine and strong things may end. And the message also is the stunning
vigour of the 30 years of the ABA.
Please understand this heritage.
All of you.
And continue.

Peter Leonhard Braun

Friend of Ake Blomström
21 April 2017



Documents 1 - 32

Åke  Blomström  Memorial  Prize  

Appendix  2016  /  2017  
Document  1    (26  November  2015)  
Call  for  Entries  2016  
and  Selection  Committee  2016  
Chair  Gabriela  Hermer  
Document  2    (8  May  2016)  
Speech  of  Chair  Gabriela  Hermer  at  the  IFC  2016  in  Vienna  
-­‐  Programme  results  2015  
-­‐  Coaches  2016  
-­‐  Trainees  2016  
Document  3  
Photo  of  trainees  and  coaches  at  the  IFC  2016  in  Vienna  
Document  4  
Training  programme  in  Vienna:    7  -­‐  8  May  2016  
and  ÅBA  meeting  in  Berlin:    15  October  2016  
Document  5    (2017)  
Synopsis  of  the  3  Radio  Features  (result  of  the  training  year  2016  /  2017)  
being  presented  at  the  IFC  2017  in  Stockholm  
Åke Blomström Memorial Prize

Appendix 2017 / 2018

Document 1 (7 December 2016)

Call for Entries 2017
and Selection Committee 2017
Chair Gabriela Hermer

Document 2 (7 May 2017)

Speech of Chair Gabriela Hermer at the IFC 2017 in Stockholm
- Programme results 2016
- Coaches 2017
- Trainees 2017

Document 3
Photo of trainees and coaches at the IFC 2017 in Stockholm

Document 4
Training programme in Stockholm: 6 - 7 May 2017

Document 5
ÅBA meeting of trainees and their coaches in Berlin: 14 October 2017

Document 6 (2018)
Synopsis of the 3 Radio Features (result of the training year 2017 / 2018)
being presented at the IFC 2018 by coach Simon Elmes in Prague on 22 May 2018 at 18:00.
Appendix 2017 / 2018
Document 4
                           Ake  Blomström  Award  –  2017-­‐2018  
                                                                               Stockholm  SR  
                       SAT  6  MAY  2017  
9:30  -­‐  10:30    :    “  Everything  has  been  said  but  not  by  me.”  
(Edwin  Brys,  Belgium)  
The  basics  of  the  radio  documentary.  An  integrated  view  on  
topics  and  stories,    on  the  need  for  tension  and  relevance,    on  
the  choice  of  strong  and  moving  characters  and  the  
importance  of  vivid  scenes  and  adequate  narration.    Stories  
only  happen  to  those  who  can  tell  them!    
10:30  –  11:00    :    Coffee  Break  
11:00  –  12:30    :    The  inner  film  in  our  head  
(Robert  Barkman,  Sweden)

What are the tools you need to master the audio doc? Robert
Barkman will play examples of some of his favourite swedish
documentaries and describe in detail how they were constructed.
He will also talk about the craft in general and give away a few
secrets on how to produce the epic story.
12:30  –  13:30  :    Lunch    
13:30  –  15:00    :  Dramaturgy  and  Storytelling
(Simon  Elmes,  Great  Britain)  
This  session  helps  you  to  find  the  most  appropriate,  the  most                  
effective  and  the  most  compelling  way  to  unfold  the  narrative  of  
your  story.  A  session  about  the  inner  architecture  of  the  feature  :  
building  up  the  story,  rhythm,  tension,  efficient  delivery  of  
information  and  emotion.  
We’ll  look  at  how  some  classic  and  modern  radio-­‐storytellers  have  
decided  to  recount  their  tales,  explore  different  structures  and  styles  
and  how  to  find  the  ‘sweet-­‐spot’  in  your  idea  which  will  make  the  
drama  come  alive.  
15:00  -­‐  15:30  :    Coffee  break  
15:30  -­‐  18  :00  :  Exploring  the  projects  ABA  2017  
(Edwin,  chair  and  all)  
Pitching  session  by  the  3  participants  and  a  collective  discussion  and  
brainstorm  on  the  opportunities  ,  challenges  and  threats  of  the  
proposed  programme    ideas.    Be  clear,  convince  us,  seduce  us.    
Evening  meeting/dinner  for  the  coaches  
                       SUNDAY  7  MAY  2017  
9:30  –  11:00  :  How  I  did  it?    
Listening  to  “  Life’s  a  Holiday”  (  European  dementia  patients  in  
nursing  homes  in  Thailand)  by  ABA  coach  Franziska  Dorau  
ORF.    Prix  Europa  2012.    
Simon  Elmes  interviews  Franziska  and  leads  the  discussion.    
11:00  –  11:30  :  Coffee    break    
                       11:30  –  12.30  :    Melomania.    Music  in  features.
                       (Edwin  Brys)  
                       Music  as  emotional  activator,  dramaturgical  and  narrative                                                                          
tool,  universalising  element,  generator  of  mental  images,  or…  
when  words  fail.  Or  as  a  spoilsport.    
12:30  –  13:30  :  Lunch  with  your  coach!  
13:30  -­‐  14:30    Taking  the  Scenic  Route…  
                                                       (Simon  Elmes)

In  TV,  the  first  question  is  always  “…yes,  but  what  are  the          
pictures?”  In  radio  we  seem  more  reluctant  to  ask  “…yes,  but  what  
are  the  sounds,  the  action?”.  Scenes,  and  the  action  they  contain,  are  
the  lifeblood  of  feature  production  in  radio.  Too  often  people  crowd  
their  features  with  interviews  and  narration  and  leave  little  room  for  
the  sound  of  life  happening.  In  this  talk,  Simon  will  show  how  scenes  
and  the  actuality  of  living  itself  –  passing  audibly  in  front  of  the  
expectant  microphone  –  are  the  essential  ingredient  that  too  many  
radio-­‐chefs  forget.  Show  –  don’t  tell…!  
14:30  –  14:45  :  Coffeebreak  
14:45  –  15:45     New  audience  and  possibilities  in  the      
                                                             digital  era.    (Robert  Barkman)  
How  to  combine  classic  storytelling  with  the  social  media                  
15:45  –  16:00  :  Dates,  deadlines,  coaching  matters  &        
                                                           contacts  (Edwin)  
Appendix 2017 / 2018
Document 5
Onderwerp: FW: ABA Meeting in Berlin Sat 0CT 14 2017
Datum: zaterdag 16 juni 2018 17:40
Van: Edwin Brys <>
Aan: Edwin Brys <>
Discussie: ABA Meeting in Berlin Sat 0CT 14 2017

------ Doorgestuurd bericht

Van: Edwin Brys <>
Datum: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 17:07:03 +0200
Aan: Karen Louise Mørk <>, Sahar Zand <>,
Peter Daatland <>, Simon Elmes <>,
"" <>, Robert Barkman
<>, "" <gabriela.hermer@rbb->
CC: "" <>, ""
<>, leo braun <>, <>
Discussie: ABA Meeting in Berlin Sat 0CT 14 2017
Onderwerp: ABA Meeting in Berlin Sat 0CT 14 2017

Dear Friends, Karen, Sahar, Peter and Franziska, Simon and Robert, dear Gabriela,

I hope you all spend a relaxing summer!

As planned we will meet again for our second ABA event.

We will meet on Saturday 14 October at 8:50 am in the hall of the RBB building, Masurenallee
8-14, 14057 Berlin, where Gabriela will be waitng for us.

From 9: 00 to 12:00 we will have our collective brainstorming on the 3 projects. Therefore you
should bring an excerpt of a few minutes of your main character(s) and a recorded scene. (
USB stick, your laptop etc). Connection for laptop on the spot. Each project will be explored
and discussed during about one hour.
Please bring an english translation. ( 9 copies)
No recording equiment is needed. Each project will be discussed during about one hour.

Before coming to Berlin, be sure ( of course you did that already) to have talked to your boss (
the person in your station who supports your participation), about -
the ABA agenda till May 2018 (she a reminder further)
any logistical support you might need ( microphone, editing facilities if needed, help for
English translation of yur script, if needed)
inform them and agree with them if specific ethical or deontological questions might raise
conceening the topic or characters. You should have spoken this through with them already.

We will have lunch in the Radio House from 12 till 13: 00.

From 13:00 till 16:00 your will have your individual meeting with your coach at RBB. At this
stage a 3 hour meeting should be enough.
On Friday-evening 13 October, if you arrive in time and if you are free, your are kindly
invited to a dinner at the restaurant/ pizzeria I Due, Kaiserdamm 40, Berlin, very close to the
Prix Europa. Very reasonably prized. Each pays for him/herself.
We meet at 20:00 . Please let me know if you can join.

I’m really looking forward to meet you all!


FURTHER AGENDA FOR THE ABA 2017-2018 (reminder)

SUN 15 - THU 19 OCTOBER 2017 : Prix Europa RBB . The 3 ABA laureats are considered
as members of the PE jury and should assist to the whole PE.

WED 20 DECEMBER 2017: Send rough editing to your coach

1 FEBRUARI 2018 : Send final editing + english translation + synopsis to your coach, to
Gabriela and Edwin

MAY 2018 : IFC in Prague . 1 of the 3 ABA programmes will be presented in Prague, but all 3
will be available worldwide via the IFC website, with full audio, English translation and

------ Einde van doorgestuurd bericht

Appendix 2017 / 2018
Document 6
ABA 2017-2018
Synopses of the 3 realized programmes ( excerpts were
presented at the IFC in Prague on May 22nd 2018)

SAHAR  ZAND  (  Iran/UK  –  BBC)      (  Coach    :  Franziska  Dorau)  

Title:            TIME  TO  GROW  UP
Synopsis:                                                          Age  12,  Sahar  Zand’s  life  changed  overnight.  Forced  to  flee  Iran  
when  her  father  was  disappeared,  Sahar  ended  up  in  a  Danish  refugee  camp,  nervously  
awaiting  the  outcome  of  her  asylum  application.  On  the  cusp  of  adolescence  and  unable  to  
go  to  school,  most  of  her  days  were  spent  with  her  mother  and  sister,  confined  to  a  tiny  
room.  Trapped  in  limbo  between  two  countries,  Sahar  was  a  terrified  almost-­‐teenager,  
surrounded  by  strangers.  But  she  had  to  stay  strong  and  grow  up!  Almost  18  years  later,  
she  explored  how  this  journey  and  her  travel  companions  -­‐  her  mum  and  sister  -­‐  have  
shaped  her  as  the  person  that  she  is  today.        
KAREN  MORK  (  Denmark  -­‐  DR)      (Coach  :  Simon  Elmes)  
Title  :            SOPHIE  
Synposis    :    Sophie  is  24  years  old  and  has  been  in  a  terrifying  abusive  
relationship  since  she  was  19  years  old.  She  says,  love  is  not  
like  in  the  movies.  Sophie  has  suffered  massive  abuse  and  
cannot  escape.  But  2016  is  going  to  be  her  year.  Her  partner  is  
in  prison,  and  she  sees  that  as  her  opportunity  for  a  new  
beginning,  an  opportunity  to  move  out  of  his  house,  and  take  
back  control  of  her  own  life.  Her  first  step  is  a  long  trip  to  
Barbados.  But  can  a  trip  to  the  Caribbean  put  an  end  to  Sophie  
five-­‐year  nightmare?                  
PETER  DAADLAND  (  Norway,  NRK)      (Coach  Robert  Barkman)  
Norwegians  do  more  than  seven  flights  a  year.  That's  twice  as  many  as  the  Swedes.  It's  
actually  more  than  any  other  European  country.  How  did  it  come  to  this?  
«The  Origin»  is  a  series  that  stares  on  the  things  we  take  for  granted,  and  tell  the  stories  of  
how  they  emerged.  By  looking  back,  I  want  to  give  the  listener  an  opportunity  to  reflect  on  
the  present.  It  is  partly  made  through  binary  recordings  (3D  sound),  and  should  therefore  
be  listened  to  in  headphones.  
«Airplanes»  is  a  pilot  (pun  intended)  episode  for  P3  Dokumentar  at  the  Norwegian  
Broadcasting  Corporation  (NRK),  hopefully  followed  by  many  more.  P3  Dokumentar  
provide  radio  documentaries  for  a  young  audience  aged  15  to  29.  
(version  for  listening  with  loudspeakers  also  available)  
IFC  2018  -­‐  Prague  -­‐  22  May  2018,  18:00  
18:00:  Plenary  session:    
Simon Elmes, Ake Blomstrom Training Programme: The Agony and the
Ecstasy – The story of three talented young producers struggling with
subject, form and execution.
Åke Blomström Memorial Prize

Appendix 2018 / 2019

Document 1 (6 December 2017)

Call for Entries 2018
and Selection Committee 2018
Chair Gabriela Hermer

Document 2 (20 May 2018)

Speech of Chair Gabriela Hermer at the IFC 2018 in Prague
- Programme results 2017
- Trainees 2018

Document 3 (18 April 2018)

Invitation for Prague
- Schedule and content
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Document 4
Photo of trainees and coaches at the IFC 2018 in Prague

Document 5
Training programme in Prague: 19 - 20 May 2018
Appendix 2018 / 2019
Document 3
ABA  2018-­‐2019  Invitation  for  Prague  meeting  

018-­‐04-­‐12  21:10  GMT+03:00  Edwin  Brys  <>:

Dear  Friends,  
First  of  all  congratulations  for  your  selection  for  the  ABA!  
I’m  looking  forward  to  meet  you  all!  
Today,  I  send  you  the  basic  information  concerning  the  two  Ake  Blomström  days  in  May,  just  before  
the  start  of  the  IFC.    I    am  the  coordonator  of  this  training  part.    And  of  course  you  have  been  in  
touch  with  chairwoman  Gabriela  who  takes  care,  among  many  things,  of  your  travel  and  
accomodation  and  financial  concerns.  
DATES  :  
As  we  start  quite  early  on  Saturday,  I  suggest  you  arrive  on  Friday  May  18th.    We  will  organize  at  
about  7:30  pm  a  welcoming  diner  for  those  who  are  able  to  attend.  Close  to  the  radio  station.  We  
are  looking  for  a  democratic  prized  place.  I  will  let  you  know  soon  where.  No  worry  if  you  can’t  
assist.    And  everyone  pays  for  him/herself.  Just  let  me  know  if  you  can  come.    
 Sat  19  May  (  9:30  am  to  18:00)        Meeting  in  the  hall  of  Czech  Radio  at  9:15.    Evening  free.    Coaches  
have  a  meeting/dinner,  deciding  who  will  coach  who.    
 Sun  20  May  (  9:30  to  16:00  )  Meeting  in  the  hall  at  9:15.  At  noon  you  will  have  lunch  with  your  
personal  coach.    
VENUE  :  Cesky  Rozhlas  ,  Vinohradska  12,  Praha  2  
PROGRAMME  :    During  these  two  days  we  will  have  presentations/discussions/listening  sessions,  etc.  
 +  collective  and  critical    brainstorm  about  the  programme  proposals  of  each  of  you.    So  you  will  have  
to  present  your  project  during  some  5  minutes.    
The  detailed  programme    shedule  of  the  2  days  should  be  ready  in  about  ten  days.    I  will  send  it.  
Topics  will  be  :    Basics  of  the  radio  feature,  dramaturgy  and  storytelling,  the  use  of  music,  the  
importance  of  scenes,  treatment  of  the  material,  critical  analyses  of  a  feature,  etc.    
Note  that  the  project  you  had  in  mind  might  change  after  these  two  days  and,  if  ever  so,    be  sure  
there  is  nothing  wrong  with  that.    
During  the  meeting  in  Prague  a  working  agenda  will  be  set  up  for  the  next  months.  The  next  meeting  
 after  Prague  will  be  in  Berlin  on  Saturday  13  october    2018.,  just  before  the  start  of  the  Prix  Europa.  
Deadline  for  finishing    your  radio  feature  1  febr.  2019.  Contacts  with  your  coach  will  go  through  mail,  
Skype,  Wetransfer,  phone  etc.    This  works  very  well.  

• ABA  trainees  :  Etienne  Roeder  (  Germany)  Martina  Pouchla  (Czech  Republic),  Louise  Tandrup  
Esbensen  (  Denmark)  and  Vita  Licyté  (  Lithuania)  
• coaches/trainers  :  Simon  Elmes  (  ex-­‐BBC),  Monika  Hemperek  (  Poland,  Lublin),  Conor  Garrett  
(  BBC  based  in  Ireland)  
• Edwin  Brys  (  Belgium,  trainer  and  coordonator  ABA)  
• Gabriela  Hermer  (  Germany,  chairwoman  ABA)
Your  coaches  Simon,  Monika  and  Conor  are  radio  personalities  with  an  impressive  palmares  and  
IMPORTANT  :    We  suggest  Czesky  Rozhlas  could  invite  some  other  young  and  promissing  people    (  3  
to  5)  working  at    the  radiostation,  on  staff  or  freelance,  thus  taking  profit  of  the  workshops  and  
increasing  the  interaction.    And  it  is  more  fun!  They  should  have  some  experience  as  reporter,  
journalist,  documentary  or  drama.  
EQUIPMENT  :  in  case  you  might  want  some  technical  /  recording  advices  i  might  be  useful  to  bring  
your  recording  device  with  you.    
CONTACTS  :  I  would  be  easy  if  we  had  your  mobile  phone  number.    
Gabriela  :  +49-­‐30-­‐9799333504  
Edwin:  +32-­‐475-­‐651649  
More  soon  and  all  best!  
Edwin  Brys
ABA 2018-2019 participants In Prague on 19 and 20 May

DATES  :  Sat  19  May  (    9:30  am  to  18:00)        Evening  :  meeting/dinner  for  
the  coaches    (  we  can  organize  this  ourselves)  
                           Sun  20  May  (  9:30  to  16:00  )  
PROGRAMME  :    During  this  two  days  we  will  give  
presentations/discussions/listening  sessions,  etc.    +  collective  and  
critical    brainstorm  about  the  programme  proposals  of  each  trainee.  
The  detailed  programme  should  be  ready  in  about  a  week.  Topics  will  
be  :    Basics  of  the  radio  feature,  dramaturgy  and  storytelling,  the  use  of  
music,  the  importance  of  scenes,  treatment  of  the  material,  critical  
analyses  of  a  feature.  
ABA  trainees  :    
Etienne  Roeder  (  Germany)    
Martina  Pouchla  (Czech  Republic)    
Louise  Tandrup  Esbensen  (  Denmark)  
Vita  Licyté  (  Lithuania)  
coaches/trainers  :  Simon  Elmes  (  ex-­‐BBC),  Monika  Hemperek  (  Poland,  
Lublin),  Conor  Garrett  (  BBC  based  in  Ireland)  
Edwin  Brys  (trainer  and  coordonator  ABA)  
Gabriela  Hermer  (  chairwoman  ABA)  
Appendix 2018 / 2019
Document 5



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