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9. Probability of your (a) 100% (b) 90-100% Email : vinodfee@iitr.ernet.

Attending the course,
If admitted.
Please tick (√) the (c) 80-90% (d) 70-80% Objectives of the Course
Appropriate box Electrocardiography is a fundamental part
of Cardiovascular assessment. It is an
10. Only limited funds are available for payment of TA
to selected candidates. However, you may arrange essential tool for investigating cardiac
your T.A. from your sponsoring institute or bear it arrhythmias and other cardiac disorders.
on your own. Some Candidates are admitted under The Electrocardiograph also called ECG
this provision, where it is not possible to pay T.A.
because of limited funds. Therefore, under this signal is one important signal which reflects AICTE SPONSORED
clause state that in case of selection, will you arrange the performance and the properties of the
human heart and convey very important
your T.A. expenses. Through:
hidden information in its structure.
Here in this program, it is intended to give, in
(i) Your own personal resources (Yes / No) depth knowledge about the ECG signals, its
recording and processing. Participants will ECG LEAD SYSTEMS, SIGNAL PROCESSING
(ii) Your employer / college (Yes / No)
also be exposed to various complexities of COMPREHENSIVE
ECG and their interpretation for disease ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY:
classification. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ECG Lead Systems, Signal
Date : Signature of applicant tools for analysis & processing of ECG signals
will also be discussed. Processing (Computer)
Note :
Interpretation, Clinical
1. This application form should reach QIP Office Course Contents:
latest by October 3, 2008. History of ECG, ECG lead systems, normal Organizing Department
2. Please do not come to Roorkee to attend the course limits, ECG interpretation: rhythm & rate, axis
unless you have received admission letter or
intimation from us for the same. No applicant will be intervals, STEMI, ventricular hypertrophy,
admitted to the course on the spot. ST-T Abnormalities, HRV, Exercise ECG, Department of Electrical Engineering
3. Please note that in the course100% attendance is Computer Analysis, Holter ECG, Digital Indian Institute of Technology
Filters, FFT, Wavelet Transform, ICA & PCA Roorkee
SPONSORSHIP CERTIFICATE techniques, QRS Detection Algorithms, HRV
The applicant will be permitted to participate in the
above programme, if selected. Further, I have personally 18.10.2008 to 22.10.2008
talked to the applicant and he/she seemed to be sure to Resource Faculty:
attend the course, in case the admission is offered to
1. Prof. Vinod Kumar
IIT, Roorkee
This is to certify that this institute is recognized by
AICTE. 2. Prof. Peter Macfarlane
Cardiology, Level 4 QEB,
Royal Infirmary
Glasgow G31 2ER (UK)
Date : Signature Email:
Sponsoring Authority
(Principal /
Department of Electrical Engineering ROORKEE - 247 667 (Uttarakhand)
Indian Institute of Technology
SEAL ROORKEE, 247667 (UK) India Phone : (01332) 285241 & 284341
Tel : 01332-285593 (O), 285572(R) Fax : 01332 - 273560
9412074172(M) Email :
List of QIP Courses in 2008-09
General Information Application Form for
Name of Course Department Course Title Duration Short Term Course (STC)
Indian Institute of Technology , Roorkee is Coordinator
organizing a course on “Comprehensive
Dr. Satya Prakash Met. & Mat. Non Destructive Testing June "Comprehensive Electrocardiography:
Electrocardiography: ECG Lead Systems,
Signal Processing (Computer) Interpretation,
Dr. Surendra Singh Engg. and its applications in 2-6, 2008 ECG Lead Systems, Signal
Clinical Application” from 18.10.2008 to Dr. Rajyashree Humanities Psychological and June
Processing (Computer) Interpretation,
22.10.2008. The course is open to teachers from Khushu Lahiri and Social Technical Problems in 2-6, 2008 Clinical Application”
AICTE recognized engineering colleges institutes. Prof. Renu Rastogi Sciences Effective Communication
Duration 18.10.2008 to 22.10.2008
Dr. D.K. Nauriyal Humanities & Research Methodology June 9-20 ,
Dr. S.P. Singh Social and Quantitative 2008 (You may get this form enlarged by Xeroxing on A4 Size paper or
Limited seats are available in this course. Merit Sciences Techniques With Software download Application Form from website : for
and availability of funds will be taken into Applications submission of your application)
Dr. Krishna M. Singh Mechanical & Computational Fluid June
consideration while selecting candidates. The
Dr. Bhupendra K. Industrial Dynamics 16-27 , After Completion, Please Mail to :
application on the enclosed form duly signed by Gandhi Engg. 2008 Dr. Vinod Kumar
the sponsoring authority, should reach QIP Office Dr. Nagendra Kumar Humanities Role of Soft Skills in June 23- Coordinator Affix
Dr. Binod Mishra and Social Effective Classroom July 04 , Q.I.P. Centre, I.I.T. Roorkee Passport Size
latest by 3.10.2008. The candidate will be Sciences Management 2008 ROORKEE – 247667 (Uttarakhand) Photograph
informed of his selection in advance. Phone : (01332) 285241 & 284341
Dr. P.K. Garg Civil GPS and GIS Technology June 30- Fax : (01332) 273560
Dr. S. K. Ghosh Engineering July 04, Email :
Candidates admitted will be provided free lodging Dr. R. D. Garg 2008
and boarding. Those participants not availing this
1. Name : Ms./Mr.
facility will not be entitled to any rebate. Family Dr. Sunita Gakkhar Mathematics Mathematical July 01- 05,
(In Block Letters)
Computations Using 2008
accommodation is not available on campus. Software Tools 2. Designation :
However, one may make his/her own Dr. Premananda Mathematics Applied Numerical July 07-
arrangement in city hotels at his/her own expense. Bera Earthquake Methods 11,2008 3. Age (Years) :
Dr. Manish Engg.
T.A. will be provided to the participants as per IIT Shrikhande 4a. Residential address with pin code, telephone no., mobile
rules i.e. only second class train/bus fare as per Dr. Apurbba Kumar Mechanical & Composites: Design and July
shortest route. Sharma Industrial Manufacturing 07.11,2008
Dr. Inderdeep Singh Engg.
Dr. N. Sukavanam Mathematics Robotic Vision and Image July 14-
Applications on attached form with due Dr. R. Processing 18,2008
sponsorship should be sent at the address given Balasubramanian Tel : Mobile :
Dr. Vinod Kumar Electrical Comprehensive Oct.18-22,
below. One can send an advance photo copy so Engg. Electrocardiography: 2008 4b. Complete official mailing address :
as to reach before the due date by fax or speed ECG Lead Systems, (Including name of state and pin code number)
post. However, no candidate will be admitted Signal Processing
(Computer) Interpretation,
without due sponsorship. Clinical Application
Dr. D.K. Nauriyal Humanities & Dynamics of Professional Dates will
ABOUT ROORKEE Dr. Rashmi Gaur Social Excellence : State – of – be declared
Sciences Art Teaching Methodology later Email :
Roorkee is located at the foothills of Himalayas in Phone (Off.) Fax :
the Uttarakhand State. The Railway Station is on Dr. R. P. Agrawal E & C Engg. Devices and Technology Dates will
4c. Name of the Institute where employed :
the main line of Northern Railways having direct Dr. S. Dasgupta For Nanoelectronics be declared
links to Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Amritsar, later 4d. Name of the Department :
Jodhpur and Ganganagar. The place is also Dr. Davinder Kaur Physics Nanomaterials : Synthesis Dates will
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Institute & Characterization be declared 5. Highest Academic Qualification :
within easy reach from Delhi, by road (180 km) Instrumentati later
and is located on Delhi - Haridwar and Delhi - on Centre 6. Specialization :
Dehradun bus routes. Roorkee is ideally located Note: Please submit your application form for any of the
near several tourist places like Dehradun (70 km), 7. Teaching Experience in Years :
course listed above in the format as attached atleast 30
Mussoorie (100 km), Hardwar (32 km) and days in advance from the date of starting of the course. 8. No. of STCs Attended so far
Rishikesh (52 km). At Roorkee .......... At other places ........ Total ..........