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Woman 37 year old, visit her doctor,feel ,epigaster pain,Diagnose her docor,she suffers
Doctor gives her Proton Pum Inhibitor(PPI), The drug is :
A. Simetidine 150 mg B. Ranitidine 200 mgC. Omoperazole 20 mg,D. Domperidon 10 mg
E. Sucralfat 500 mg Answer : C

. 2. Answer no 1 can not use together with :

A. Domperidon B. Metoclopramide C. Famotidine D. Hyocianin E. Antasida Answer E

3 Doctor diagnose her pasien ascarias with oxyuriasis . Drug of choice of this case

A. levamisol B. Pyrantel pamoate C. Mebendazole D. Thiabendazole E. Piperazine Answ B

4. A man age 21 years old,vertigo and gaster discomfort . The doctor chooses drug that action

Inhibit nausea and vomiting . Side action of this drug at central and perifer of body.

A. Domperidon B. Loperamid C. Metoclopramid D. Cisapride E. Hyocianin Answer C

5, Doctor diagnoses his patien( 5 years old )disentri amuba .drug of choice of this case is:

A. Erytromicin B. Mebendazol C. Metronidazole D. Basitracin E. Clarithromisin C

6. Man 45 years old ,tourist, sakit perut and diarrhea without bloody stool.Doctor praescribes 3
drugs . one of those drug is anti diarrhea classified narkotik. This drug :

A. Kodein B. Norit C. pektin D. Loperamid E, Attapulgide Answer D

7. Woman 35 years old ,consums drug for treat his menstruation pain from dispensary .Complain
mydriasis and retensi urinary . This is side effect of : A, Anti spasmodic B Analgetik C.Antasida

D. Non steroid antiinflamation drug E. Antibiotik

8. One patien ( 40)comes to his doctor ,his case internal haemoroid. The doctor praescribes drug
per rectal( suppositoria). One component of that drug is steroid anti inflamasi .That drug is

A. Benzocain B. Prednisolon C. Dimenhidrinat D. Lidocain E. diphenhidramine

9. lipotropic drug is :

A. Simvastatin, B, Gemfibrosil C.Cholin D. Fenofibrate E,Pravastatin Answer C.