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Item store Price Range Brand Quantity Details/Info My Views

Travel System Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 150 Any Graco 1 Roombha costly avoid panugaa becoz after 1 yr u cannot use the carseat
Swaddle Blanket Babies'R'Us 12 kiddoptamus 1 Just Buy One I didn't use this that much..whenever i used to wrap her in this blanket she used to scream
Useful for covering baby in the night as blanket
Receiving Blanket Babies'R'Us 10 Carters 2 for 1 year get 1 or 2 This is useful and i used it as swaddling blanket for sometime
Dreft Washing Liquid Costco 22 Dreft 1
Mandatory -till the umbilical cord falls and
dries completely use can use this since this does
Body Suit/Onesies(Side Snap shirts) Babies'R'Us 7.99 Gerber 6 not rub against their belly Roombha Roombha useful .3 in 1 packsa varum buy atleast 2 packs

This comes in 5 in 1(packet r hanger).Packet 1s are little cheaper and thinner compared to the 1s
that comes in hanger.I didn't use this that much till her cord dried and Gerber 0-3 size(which
Body suit/Onesies Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 6.99-10 Gerber 6 to 7 0-3 months comes in packets) is very very small compared to Gerber Newborn size(which comes in hangers
Pull on pants Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 7.99 Gerber 3 0-3 months

if u buy gerber brand ...don't buy the 1s which has the1s which has buttons otherwise u
will have to undress baby everytime for diaper change.Anyways i didn't use this that much becoz
gerber has buttons only till their diaper area and u will have to take their legs out everytime for
diaper change.I prefer carters ...little bit costlier but ankle veraikum buttons even
Sleep'n'Play(one piece) Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 10 Gerber 5 Can use it for day and night when the baby is sleeping u can change her diaper without disturbing her
Caps Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 5 Gerber 2 to 3 0-6 months
I used it as mittens also... i bought 1 dozen roombha roombha use.Ask ur mother to get it from
Socks Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 6 Gerber 6 Can use it as mittens also india konjam cheapera irukum
Mittens Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 2 Gerber 2 to 3 avoid scratching his/her face I bought mittens but use pannala socks mittensaa use pannen
Hooded Bath Towel Babies'R'Us 14.99 Especially for baby 2 to 3 Roombha useful
Optional yet very useful initial days to give
Wash Cloth Babies'R'Us 5 any brand 5 bath until cord falls Useful for cleaning their tongue
Diapers Target or Walmart 25 Pamper's Swaddlers 100+
Diaper Wipes Costco 15 Kirkland wipes 1 box
Hand sanitizer Target or Walmart 3 Purell 1 to 2
Mylicon Babies'R'Us 7 Mylicon 1 Should use only after 1 month
Thermometer Look in walmart,target,Babies 'R'Us for best deal 10 Any Brand 2 buy 2 thermometers ..1 for reading rectal and other one for hand/mouth reading…
Baby filer& nail clipper Babies'R'Us 5 Any Brand 1
Hospitala they will give u 2 pacifiers,I bought avent 2 set orthodontic pacifier but my babyku
Pacifier Babies'R'Us 5 Avent 2 paci pidikadu..
Optional Item
Baby Memory book Babies'R'Us 25 gaga baby
Crib Walmart/Babiesrus/Target Delta/Graco
Bassinet or Pack'n'play Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 100 Graco 1
Crib Mattress Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 100 Sealy/Serta 1
Crib Bedding set Walmart/Babiesrus/Target Any brand (100% cotton) 1
Bouncer Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 20 to 35 Fisher-price or Bright stars 1
my pedi asked us not to use a swing for newborn instead she asked us to use rocker/carsear…so i
Swing Walmart/Babiesrus/Target 75 Fischer-price Rain forest 1 bought only rocker and gym
Diaper Bag Look in walmart,target,Babies 'R'Us for best deal 15 Any Brand 1
I used avent initially but my babyku roombha gas problem irundudu... i don't know whether its
becoz of the bottle .anyways playtex vent air bottles gift vandadu after i started using it gas
Feeding Bottle Babies'R'Us 12 Avent 3 problem bettera irundudu …Playtex 6 bottle set $25
Bottle Brush Babies'R'Us 4 Avent 1
Sterilizer Babies'R'Us 25 Avent 1 Avent microwave sterilizer
Bottle Drying Rack Babies'R'Us 3 Any brand 1
I have medela swing $ 150 if ur planning to buy and ur supply is good then u can buy especially
Breast Pump Walmart 1 for baby(not sure abt the name will chk and let u know later)..its cost abt $69-99
bibs if u buy from babiesrus 10 for $12 material will be like towel material.. ..this is useful for
Bibs Walmart 5 any brand 2 formula feeding and later when u start solids
Bath Tub Look in walmart,target,Babies 'R'Us for best deal 20 any brand 1 I bought from babiesrus first years bath tub for 17.99 blue in color
Diaper Rash Cream target or walmart 5 1 Optional get only when you need it