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Bangalore Outcomes
ISC reports that as well as New Zealand being chosen as and approved various fundraising actions.
the site of the next World Congress, these were some of More WSC Meeting Outcomes
the outcomes of the meeting in Bangalore… Year-long Examination of Our ‘Duty to Be Present’: As
mentioned above, it was agreed that ISC launch a year-
We have agreed a set of 18 goals for the WSA to long campaign on our “duty to be present” in the world
achieve this coming year, most of which are a follow-up with the World Subud Association member countries,
of the decisions of Congress. These include a year-long members, and the World Subud Council. The aim is to
process of assessing how we, as a global community, share ideas about how to make Subud more available
can make the latihan more to the general public, as well
readily available to the general as taking care of applicants
public; WSA countries and and new members. Each
members will be invited to join country would decide the best
in this process. They also way to put this into practice
include measures to help according to local circum-
ensure greater continuity and stances.
professionalism in our organiza-
tion, as well as actions to Youth Fund: Rhyana Blakeley
increase support for the nation- and Hamilton Manley, the
al groups in Africa and an International Subud Youth
increase in international helper coordinators, after meeting
work. with the Muhammad Subuh
Foundation Trustees were
By splitting into separate small- thrilled to announce that MSF
er and more effective working has established a youth activi-
groups: wings, zone representa- ties and travel fund.
tives, international helpers and
MSF, each was able to go Intranet Electronic Platform:
through a deeper process of Sachlan Fraval, SES
working together, the results of Ibu Rahayu with Indian Members International Chair, and his
which you can read in the min- brother, Hadrian, are develop-
utes. These include a “helper without borders” program ing an intranet desktop tool for the WSA. It will be an
and a much closer collaboration between the so-called interactive platform to serve as a communications tool
wings, such as the cultural and youth aspects of our for Subud activities, as well as an access to data and all
organization. types of information all in one piece on a computer
The WSC and MSF worked well together and agreed a
budget for MSF for 2007. This working relationship is Subud International Cultural Association (SICA): In con-
important for the work of Subud internationally as a junction with Olivia Moyano and after testing with the
whole because MSF manages the long-term capital International Helpers, WSC agreed and decided that for
funds for Subud, and we all want the long-term funds to the time being SICA activities, coordinated by Olivia
be used wisely on a year-by-year basis. This requires a and Arnold would come back under the umbrella of
close co-operation between the WSA and the MSF, WSA. The US non-profit company SICA International,
which was achieved at this meeting, thanks largely to shall be put on hold.
the openness of the MSF trustees. MSF is establishing a
fund to support young Subud people to travel, as well as Project Register: We agreed to compile a WSA project
one for scholarships for university and college students. registry to identify the existing projects of Subud mem-
There was time in the meeting for the WSC as a whole to bers with the aim of creating some link between these
consider in depth the needs and situation of Subud in projects and the international organization, and as a first
some of the African countries and in Cuba, as well as to step towards identifying new ways of mutual support.
discuss with care the Kingantoko water project pro-
posed by Victor Boehm. Edited from WSA/ISCNews No. 9 August/September 2006
Also available online at:
The WSC as a whole spent some time looking over our <

current financial situation, as well as the WSA budget /isc/iscnews/1/WSANews-AugSept06.pdf>

the Gathering. Bella Rosario, Chair of Subud India, wrote:

news in brief
‘The Wings Over Bangalore Project has raised not only the
funds for Indian Projects, but also awareness and interest
in Humanitarian Works.’ Now Mithra, Sradha and Anisha,
three SD projects in Bangalore, are working together on a
project around hygiene.
RELIGIONS FOR PEACE Asmaniah Fraval wrote of her fundraising experience:
Osanna’s ‘musings’ after attending the Women's ‘We had a lovely dinner… We hired the hall where the
Assembly and the VIII World Assembly of Religions for Canberra group does latihan. 48 people attended,
Peace ( as posted on Subud World News: about 3:1 / Subud : non Subud. The hall looked
The conference began at midday on the 24th of August great…Altogether this raised AU$2105 (approx US$1550).’
in Kyoto, Japan. Each day saw a plenary session with a
series of interesting key-note speakers ranging, apart from
Björn Vaughn and Rhyana Blakeley want to compile sto-
the religious leaders, to princes, former presidents and
ries from young Subud members and their special experi-
prime ministers, and top representatives of UNICEF and
ences. This project is called “Anecdotes for the Travel
the World Bank.
Fund.” Profit from sales will go towards the youth travel
Organisations like the WCRP deserve our respect. They are
fund. To find out more, contact Björn:
trying to bring harmony and peaceful coexistence into the or Rhyana:
sphere of the many religions in the world – something
which is extremely hard to achieve considering the strong
egos, self interests and emotions involved – yet the effort is SUBUD IRELAND NATIONAL CONGRESS & ZONE
Within Subud, in spite of this incredible gift we have Michael Sones, Chairperson of Subud Ireland, invites
received and share, we often have difficulty finding real everyone to the combined 'Zone 3 Kejiwaan Gathering
harmony among ourselves. and Subud Ireland Congress' at the Drumalis Conference
Attending a conference like this really brought home the Centre north of Belfast from Thursday, November 9 –
scope of some of the major issues confronting humanity, Sunday, November 12. Contact Michael at:
and makes me wonder what the WSA's role or involve-
ment might be. I have a sense that more and more Subud In addition, ten other countries are having National
members do want to become involved, while acting from Congresses this Fall and early winter including: Portugal,
their inner guidance, rather than just the heart and mind. Poland, Austria, R D Congo, Israel, Russia, France, Norway,
I can't help but feel that we (and here I'm talking about Italy and Spain!
the whole rather than individuals) are far from truly INDONESIA’S 60TH ANNIVERSARY
acknowledging and appreciating the gift of the latihan Indonesia is planning a one-day celebration in February
we have been given, and what incredible things could just before their National Congress to mark the 60th
happen if we work jointly with a common intention and Anniversary of Subud becoming registered in Jogjakarta.
goal, in accordance with guidance received all together. Pak Kuswanda, Committee Councillor for Indonesia,
We have become fearful of undertaking joint projects on recently found this quote in a book on the history of
a larger scale because we are afraid of what we think we Subud in Indonesia: ‘By the Blessing of God the Most
might lose. I'm more concerned about what we might lose Benevolent, on Saturday, February 1, 1947 Bapak
if we don't create situations to work together in the world. Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo formally established
SNOW CAMP Susila Budhi Dharma, abbreviated to Subud, at the
Once again we would like to invite you to the big Subud Yogyakarta Municipality Hall, Jalan Masjid 5 at 20.00 local
Snowcamp in Flumserberg, Switzerland. The camp will be, time, witnessed by defence militia, police, as well as gov-
as every year, between Christmas and New Year (23.12.06 ernment officials.’ At that time, Yogyakarta was the
– 02.01.07). Capital of the Republic of Indonesia.
Celebrating Christmas at the snowcamp is something WRITERS NEEDED
very special: snowy white mountains, cozy hotel and a Ilbert Walker from Canada is hoping to put together three
nice crowd of 20 to 30 Subudians. anthologies before next summer’s ThankYou Celebration.
After Christmas the rest of the participants will arrive for If you have something to contribute, contact Ilbert at:
a week of winter sports, latihan and fun. There is always a
good balance between young and old, sports and relax- SUBUD ANCIENT MARINERS
ing, fun, work (cooking and cleaning) and latihan. Tales of early members opened between 1957 and 1959,
Like the last four years, we will be staying at the hotel whether they are from that time or what it’s like to be
Churfirstenblick, an old, recently renovated, hotel with a opened for fifty years.
lot of charm and all the luxury a snowcamp needs. There SUBUD SYNCHRONICITY
are different types of rooms. The luxury rooms with toilet How has synchronicity resulted in major changes of direc-
and shower are quickly booked out, so first come first tion in personal or professional lives or simply how you
served. This year there are new members in the organizing came to Subud?
team and we are still looking for two or three to join us! SUBUD CREATIVITY
For information and registration please go to the website How do you consider the latihan has affected your per- sonal creative output? For any creative endeavors,
Contact: whether you are an artist or an engineer.
Update on the Wings over Bangalore latrine project… Ilbert writes…It appears that in a ‘seniors moment’ a
This fundraising concept to build latrines and help with wrong email address ( may have
other activities related to health and sanitation in the been sent out with the Subud Anthologies information.

Bangalore area was a success. Altogether $5,495 US was Could you please make a note that my correct email
raised and then delivered to Susila Dharma India during address is

Ibu Rahayu in Japan One’s that happening in a New York
City subway car?
Also in the hotel I sat down on
Ichiro Nakamura writes from Japan… personal the toilet seat and it was warm. I
looked for the handle to flush and
Following the International Gathering in Bangalore, we
were able to receive Ibu Rahayu for our Kejiwaan space is I jumped a foot in the air. The but-
ton I pressed released a warm
Gathering in Chiba, Japan. stream of water. There are two
In Japan, this time of year is called Obon. It is said that
the souls of the ancestors return to their homes during this
sacrosanct buttons, one for a bidet and the
other for the posterior. I was not in
period. As it was a holiday season, some family members a Japanese home so I don’t know if they all have that.
who attended the gathering enjoyed swimming in the There was an electrical storm that knocked out hot water,
pool and playing tennis at the site, or visited Disney Land so I was told by a friendly man that I could use the commu-
and Kamakura (a historical city near to Tokyo). nal bath. This turned out to be two hot tub swimming pools.
The weather was fine. As is typical of summer in Japan, You washed before you entered and soaked, rinsing
the sunshine was hot and there were rain showers in the afterward by sitting on a small stool and using a spray. This
late afternoon. The site was the same place where we is the ancestor of the California hot tub and it becomes
had a gathering receiving Ibu Rahayu 2 years ago. The quite addictive.
number of those in attendance was around 120 in total. There is no dirt on the street. This is true even downtown
In addition to the members from around the country, we with countless people hurrying by. Cleanliness is an
had also visitors from foreign countries such as Indonesia, esteemed virtue.
Australia, New Zealand, US, Argentina, France, UK and Most of the Japanese I met knew very little English. The
Holland. For some of those sharing Ibu Rahayu’s itinerary, desk clerks at the large hotel I stayed at knew no English.
it was the next country after Bangalore. Whereas in Thailand, which depends on an English speak-
The 1st day of the gathering was a welcome party. ing tourist market, and in India which has a history of
Those present enjoyed singing together with guitar, Bon English occupation and an English school system, English
dance and setting off small fireworks. Ibu Rahayu also is widely spoken.
sang together at her table even though it was in Although Japanese learn English as a second or third
Japanese. Maybe she knew it as it was a well known language, they do not seem dependent in any way on
Japanese classical song. English. There was a recent time when you could make a
Meeting with Sharif very good living teaching English to Japanese business-
In addition to the meetings with Ibu Rahayu, we were men, but that is not as much in demand as before.
able to have a meeting with Sharif as well. As it is already The exception to this rule were my Subud brothers and sis-
known, Tuti and Sharif attended the World Assembly of ters, many of whom spoke English.
Religion for Peace in Kyoto, Japan after this gathering. As a foreigner, you are a stranger in a strange land but
Fortunately, we were able to have the opportunity to the Japanese will help you find your way if they can.
share their impressions about the working groups they I did not see Coca-cola, Pepsi-cola, any American cars on
joined in the assembly, after latihan in our local the street, or any American products in the supermarket.
group, as they stopped in Tokyo on their way back The Japanese produce most of what they need for their
home from Kyoto. national market. I saw BMWs and
Sharif told us about the gathering of Subud Britain next
August to celebrate 50 years of Subud. He recommend-
Volkswagens, which I thought
interesting. Both Starbucks and
ed that we attend as Japan is also one of the first coun- Dennys were present. Gourmet
tries to which Subud was brought. coffee is a craze. is an
As the gathering this time was blessed with many partic- Yes, everything is expensive but if
ipants, including members who had fallen out of touch for
a long time, we were able to share the opportunity that is
you are careful you can manage.
The hotel was only fifty dollars a
difficult to have at other times. We would like to express night and ten dollars for each meal.
our thankfulness to those who supported the gathering in The food was plentiful. Breakfast virtue
all aspects, and our deepest gratitude especially to Ibu was overwhelming. If you are not
Rahayu for her acceptance of our many requests. keeping Kosher, there is a lot of shellfish, shrimp tempu-
Edited from a report by Ichiro Nakamura, Committee ra, pork (not served at Subud gatherings) chicken, sar-
Councillor of Subud Japan

What Life is Like in Japan

• dines, vegetables.
Sour condiments like daikon (white radish), water chest-
nuts, pickles and of course bowls of white rice. For break-
fast, you can add on scrambled eggs, yogurt, tea or cof-
Levi Lemberger provides this guide to the customs of fee, cold cuts ad infinitum. Spoons appear but no forks.
Japan with handy travel hints… You wept if you woke up past 9am breakfast time.
Most of the people I saw in Japan were Japanese! It is a One afternoon I took the train and ventured to down-
monoculture without many foreigners. town Tokyo. There were motion billboard displays as there
The Japanese I saw and met appeared sensitive to each are in Times Square, but there are many of them and
other’s presence. They were careful not to offend each many more people.
other. One’s personal space is sacrosanct. They make Many young people had dyed their hair blond and
sure to greet each other ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ and to looked glamorous. I walked around and stood against a
say ‘thank you’. building just watching the mostly young faces go by.
Cleanliness is of the utmost importance. My first experi- After a while I felt empty and took the train home. There
ence on the train on the way to the Subud meeting: a was nothing more to see. I knew that the old Japanese

young woman entered the subway car with a mop and culture I sought was in Kyoto and I wasn’t going to be
cleaned the floor of the subway car. Can you imagine able to go there. Perhaps next trip.

I was in tears sharing this joy and

Bring a Gift happiness with the students.

I was remembering my own
childhood. It was a full of joy and
Don’t forget
to bring
Young Marzuki from Bangladesh traveled to Bangalore fun. I was very naughty at that
with his just opened brother, Hedayet. Marzuki only had time. Whenever any visitors something in
enough money for one plane fare so he and his brother came to our school, I used to ask
went by bus and train, a journey of more than 3 days in for some gift items for me and my
other friends. My concern was
your hands
very trying conditions…
not the visitors but the gifts. for the
But in Bangalore, I met up with my old friends whom I had Sometimes the gift was choco-
met at Innsbruck. We exchanged our experiences. We late; sometimes it was one small innocent
tested in the presence of Ibu Rahayu. So for the time ball. But it was very valuable for
being we forgot about our troublesome journey. us. One small gift is always valu- children
It was 7th August, my brother and I were resting at the able to a child. It touches their
Doddi’s (resort) lobby, in Bangalore. We were worried hearts and they remember it for a long time.
about our departure from here to Calcutta. We were wor- In my country, my father Abdus Salam Molla (Hussain) ran
ried about the upcoming 42 hours train journey again. All a night school for many years. Our students were street
of a sudden, a visitor came in front of us. He asked me children and children of daily labour. The poor street chil-
would I like to visit the Mithra dren used to work in the
project? Without thinking about morning to help their parents
it I replied, ‘Yes.’ and studied at night. It was
It was a small group led by not so well organized as
Ms.Virginia (from Oman). She Mithra’s school. I visited our
bought some gifts for the stu- night school for the street chil-
dents at Mithra’s school. In our dren many times and I know
team there were Latifa how much effort is required to
(Virginia’s daughter), Anil (from run this type of school. Many
Mangalore), Ms. Maria (Austria), thanks to Joe and Bella.
Mustafa (Indonesia), Joe (for- Many thanks to THE teachers
mer chairman, Subud India) and others who contribute to
and we, the two brothers. Mithra’s project.
When we reached Mithra’s On that day we were ready
school (a Susila Dharma social to leave Bangalore for
Welfare Project), Bella (the Calcutta. We were exhaust-
Indian chairlady) welcomed us. ed, we were tired, but we
Students were well prepared to were happy. The previous
welcome the foreign visitors. night we got the chance to
They marched over the fields sleep for only 3 hours. Maybe
and showed some spectacular we would not be able to
activities. No one believed that sleep tonight. But I am not
they were only 6 to 10 years old. thinking about it. I am not
Because most of them were thinking about my upcoming
under-sized. long journey. I am thinking
I was informed that two years Bella Rosario, co founder of Mithra project. about those poor students. I
ago the condition of the school (Photo by Rohana Fraval) am thinking about the joy
was very bad. The situation was so bad that there was no and happiness of those students.
toilet for the students. Now the situation has improved. A If you are able to visit Mithra’s school at least once, you
new building has been made with many toilets. This build- could recognize how lovely the students are. So if you
ing cost was donated by Ms. Virginia and Latifa and was ever in Bangalore don’t miss visiting Mithra and don’t for-
dedicated in the name of Latifa’s father. get to bring something in your hands for the innocent chil-
We entered into the new building. Ms.Virginia gave a dren who will never forget you. I am sure the pleasure in

welcome speech to the young students. Joe translated their hearts will touch your hearts and souls.
into the local language. We heard some local songs and Email:
watched both traditional dance and break dances.
Students were sitting on the floor to enjoy the cultural pro-
gram. All the visitors were given a present to make their
visit memorable. Afterwards, students were asked to go to RUNGAN SARI LOT OWNERS
the classroom.
The best part PT PCB, an Indonesian company that manages
Then the most attractive part of the day came. Some gifts
this development in Kalimantan, Indonesia,
were distributed to the students. The gift items were not
valuable in terms of money. They were balloons, balls, toy needs to identify all lot holders before the end of
cars, Tiloks (girls fix in the forehead) etc. December, 2006 regarding important changes in
Some students were sleepy. They had been waiting for land management.
the gifts for a long time and fell asleep. When the gifts Please contact Mr. Muhammad Bachrun Bustillo
were distributed, I was looking at the eyes of the students. at:
They were full of joy and happiness. I could recognize that
it is easy to share happiness if a person is not a materialist.



Where is all this to be found?

Plan Be-Coming We have come together at Discovery Island Lodge on

Quadra Island, BC, Canada as a replacement for the 1st
Canadian YES Quest. We did not get sufficient registra-
Rosanna Hille writes from Vancouver about YES Quest tions so we decided to keep the lodge booking for those
Retreat held in August 2006… who wanted to get together for a wilderness adventure
It was a lovely safe space we created – leading and fol- Plan Be / YES Quest Retreat we called it, with the inten-
lowing, giving and sharing, laughing and feeling, and the tion of creating ‘space for grace’.
silences – an authentic coming together. What would happen?
The space was physically warm, surrounded by varieties Seventeen people chose to come, some part-time but
of wood, with ample light reflected into the top floor most for the full 6 days. The menu was pre-planned and
lounge from the rippling ocean all around. Tree covered much pre-cooked, thanks to Roland, freeing us up for
islands lay in the distance with the cheeky mountain more time to let the unexpected emerge. There was no
ducking and diving from view into the mist; into the clear pre-set agenda; George, Roland and I took care of food
white clouds. Three decks overlooked the dock below and accommodation and drew on the creative human
covered with a rainbow of sleeping kayaks and the resources present to fill the content.
sauna, smoke rising from the chimney in a perfect V on Speaking personally, although to describe our event
the still evenings. may sound New Age
Intermittently, we scan (something I do not res-
the water for seals, dol- onate with), this retreat
phins, porpoises, otters, was a surprisingly deep
eagles and the much experience for me spiritu-
desired, never appear- ally and in terms of con-
ing Orca whales. Deer nection to others and
come browsing out of self-awareness. More
the forest at dawn and than usual, the latihan
dusk and the kingfishers was constantly with me
cackle. Flotillas of kayaks and I could hardly keep
leave and arrive at the from singing most of the
lodge during the days time. By the end, some
we are here, called, he door in me that was
insists, by Sjahari’s haunt- closed before was
ing melodies on the opened to allow new
Balinese marimba. energy, clarity and direc-
A rhythm gradually tion to emerge into my
emerges – the rhythm of life.
each waking to the dif- Planning to be-come: Marcus MacKay, Lucas Hille (touched by I think we created an
ferent shade of morning divine light and levitating) and Sjahari Hollands. exceptional quality of
light, fruit salad and cof- Photo by Rosanne Hille community in a short time.
fee calling, an easy entrance to the day. What does the Perhaps it was our inner connections and willingness to
sea surface bring and what is the smell of the wilderness trust the process to unfold; perhaps it was the readiness in
today? each of us in having chosen to come. Judging from the
The momentum picks up as we come closing comments on the last evening, this
together to decide how we will let the day
evolve: kayak lessons and excursions,
moonlight paddles with our fearless guide
I could deeper awareness was shared by others as
well. One person ‘thought her Subud life was
over’ and was surprised that there was life,
George, hikes through moist fern and moss
forests, lake swimming and ocean plunges hardly depth and light after her separation and
many uneventful Subud years. I have come
after a good sauna sweat? to the conclusion that there is an intrinsic
Contact improvisation dance, painting,
journaling and writing, energy work, sam-
keep from value of this type of being together in com-
munity in deepening, opening up and enrich-
pling the CD collection, dipping into one of ing our Subud experience.
the many shared books in a sunny corner or
simply another cup of tea?
singing About Discovery Quest Adventures
As hosts and organizers of this first event, we
learned so much on many levels and we are
Since we were all Subud members, oppor-
tunities for latihan and testing eased natu-
rally into each day. Through a process facil-
most of the planning more in the future. Discovery Quest
Adventures’ goal is to offer retreats in a natu-
itated by Marcus, we share perceptions of
our Subud life, disappointments too, and time ral setting, combining an outdoor experience
with personal development for those who
want to enhance the use of their talents and
conclude with a powerful circle on our per-
sonal highlights of this chosen spiritual jour- learn to live more authentically. We are think-
ney. ing of adding various theme retreats as well as open-
The positives outweigh the negatives, here at least. We ended ones like the one described.
learn about YES Quest – its history, evolution, content and For more information, contact us through:
experience snippets for ourselves. George Demers:
Using body, heart, mind and spirit we examined: Where
are we in our work or personal or Subud lives? Where do Rosanna Hille:
we want to be? What can we do to get there?

Roland Rickus:


latihan. Therefore, do not think that you can just do lati-

Ibu Rahayu han from time to time, or put it aside, because this lati-
han is training in how to live. It is training to live your life
in this world and the life you will lead in the next world,
when you are no longer here.

Talk If you want to know why that is the case, why we [are
training to] live as complete human beings (someone
who is released from the low forces ), the reason is that
human beings are just one of the natures of God that
Talk to Members at the have been blessed with a living soul. A living soul mani-
fests inside you; it manifests inside you as the essence of
WSC Gathering Bangalore, India God. So, the essence of God is present inside each of
5 August 2006 you, but you do not know it. Therefore, by doing latihan,
you will get to know your soul.
RECORDING 06 BLR 1 Final Translation by Raymond Lee
Copyright© 2006 by the World Subud Association. Why do you need to do that? Because, being one of
God’s natures, we have been given life by God. Nothing
Brothers and sisters whom I love and respect, good can live without the essence of life, which is the essence
evening. I thank Almighty God that I can attend this of God that is present in every entity. So, the latihan
World Subud Council meeting and visit Subud India; this proves that there is a connection between the One Who
makes me very happy. And I pray that this congress that makes, or the One Who gives life and one who has
you are holding will be a success, that it will benefit all received it.
Subud members, and that it will help Subud develop.
Through this experience we can feel that, by the
I am here as part of the kejiwaan program that forms part grace of God, the contact that existed long ago, in
of a Subud Congress wherever it is held. Even though the ancient times, at the time of the prophets, is still firmly
business of this Congress mainly concerns organisational in place. We can still strongly experience this contact
matters, as the core of Subud is the development of the between God and one of God’s creatures. But, due to
soul, it is important that you also get an explanation the influences of this world, over time that contact
about the spiritual training of Subud, which you have pio- had grown fainter and fainter until humankind had for-
neered till now. gotten about it.
Although this explanation will be familiar, and members That is why, through doing latihan, we get re-acquaint-
who have been in Subud a long time will have heard it ed with what I call the Contact. And thisContact, broth-
before, I hope the new members who have ers and sisters, will rekindle the life that is
just met me for the first time and who have not
heard one of my talks before, can grasp what
Subud present in every human being.

I am going to say. And I ask the other members

to sense it with a deep feeling to find out has a God does not just manifest in human beings
And, in God’s realm, God does not just man-
whether what I will speak about has already ifest in human beings, but in all other natures
penetrated to your inner self meaning of or entities, such as material entities, plants,
animals, and human beings. Some of these
What does Susila Budhi Dharma mean?
I want to start by telling you what Susila Budhi
Dharma means. Susila Budhi Dharma refers to
its own – entities bother us, but others we rely on as
human beings who, by God’s decree, have
someone who has received, or has been
graced with, a contact or a munificence to return to live in this world where, every day, every
moment, we continually interact with these
from Almighty God, by which means that other natures.
person can stop the activity of their mind and to the These other natures not only include things
the emotions which reside in the human
heart. And then, by surrendering body and
soul to Almighty God, they are accepted by
source that we see - there are entities that we can-
not see. There is also the food that we eat,
and the objects that we use every day. All these entities
the Power of God. That is the meaning of Susila Budhi
are imbued with the essence of life, and in conse-
quence, they are entitled to get what is rightfully theirs.
So, Susila Budhi Dharma is not the name of an organisa-
At the same time, a human being cannot live in this
tion. It refers to you, to Subud people. You can be said to
world without help from these other entities, which exist
be Subud people – that means you are learning how to
on levels below human beings. That is why, during this
be people with the qualities of susila, budhi and dharma.
spiritual training, when we worship God we need to
And Susila Budhi Dharma gets abbreviated to Subud. negate the influences from these other natures - some-
Subud is an acronym, but it also has a meaning of its own thing that is impossible to do unless we are helped by
– to return to the source. We see this represented in the the power of Almighty God.
Subud symbol, which is made up of concentric circles
The forces I just mentioned are the low forces – forces
showing that ultimately everything will return to the point
that are below the human level whose nature is to
in the center, which represents the essence of God. That
tempt us – which we call our desires, and which at the
is where we will return to as true human beings – to our
same time are useful to human life.
point of origin.
So, in addition to surrendering to God, what else do we
That is why this Subud training has no end, it is never com-
have to do? How should we lead our lives so that [when
pleted, and there is no limit to what we can get from the
we die], we will not be bothered by the continued p 7 >

low forces which are on loan to us, but instead, we can doing latihan for twenty or thirty years, you suddenly
go straight back to where we came from before we were recognise that something about you has changed.
brought to life in this world as human beings, and we can
return home to the place we came from, in human form? That change certainly came about through Almighty
God’s education and guidance. Indeed, God will
Because of that need there is no end to the latihan; our teach one of God’s creatures, only if that person
training is never complete. The problem is that although makes an effort and wants to change. God will not
the latihan seems simple – as soon as you stand and sur- magically transform you. No. You have to walk on your
render yourself to Almighty God you will feel something own feet; you have to change by using what you have
moving you. Although it seems easy, nevertheless it is not inside you.
easy to awaken or activate your soul, because of the You will begin to understand
presence of the low forces that are also there inside you. After you go through this process of preparation, you
will begin to understand. Your under-
That is why this process, the action of
the latihan, activates your soul so that it What would standing will come by itself. You will not
understand through thinking about
can develop and you can purify your- things, no. You will be given under-
self, because inevitably you have been
tainted by the influences of the materi- happen if God standing by God – an understanding
and awareness about what you
al world. receive and what you experience.
That is why you will go through different demonstrated Once you have that understanding,
you will never leave Subud, because
processes in the latihan. There is the
Subud will be your life.
process of coming to life, and develop-
ment, which requires that you have to God’s power in
go through an inner purification. As such, as you progress along this
spiritual path, you do not need to use
The phase of preparation
Then there is a phase of preparation.
many places your mind or your will. All the same,
Preparation means that after you have people still get tempted from their own
purified yourself, you have to prepare everywhere, and selves, from what I call the desires,
which come from the low forces. So, in
yourself. Because, the life we are sup-
posed to live should be complete – we
should have eyes, we should have a
people had spite of the fact that you have experi-
enced [the latihan], you still have
doubts. Is Subud really the will of God?
nose, we should have everything that
we will need. nowhere to hide Is it the will of some other power?

This means that every part of you has to

come to life; it has to be prepared, it
or to run? But, in Subud your teacher is inside
you, it is the essence of God inside you.
has to be ready. ‘To be ready’ means that every part of So, ask yourself that question. You have been given a
you is ready to use. If a part of you cannot be used, it is way to get the answer – by doing latihan whereby you
useless. That is why you begin to be moved in latihan. You can experience with your full consciousness whether
make all sorts of movements depending on your condi- what you receive in Subud is right or not.
tion, so that eventually every part of your body will be
alive and ready for use any time God wills. Because you However, because you still have doubts, you go
cannot ask to receive a gift from God, you cannot antic- searching for something else. It is human nature that
ipate anything, but if you are ready, God will give some- whenever there is something new, something amazing
thing to you. or different, you are easily taken in by it. This can be
one of the reasons why people stop doing latihan. They
That is why, when it comes to having Subud experiences, are dissatisfied with what they get in Subud. And, of
you will not have an experience right away. If God were course, they do not look to themselves for the cause of
to give you such a grace, you would not be strong their dissatisfaction; instead they blame Subud.
enough to receive it. So, God, being All Knowing, knows
that whatever God gives you must suit your present state. This is why you need to test. Testing is not just to be
used to find out about worldly problems. You need to
So, if you ask yourself, ‘What have I got out of Subud?’ In test your self. Is [this latihan] you receive right or not?
the time you have been in Subud – some of you have Ask the teacher that you have inside you.
been in Subud for thirty years, some of you for longer than
that, there may even be some of you who have been in For that reason, you should not combine your latihan
Subud for fifty years – what have you received? with any other spiritual movement or practice. Because
inwardly we have made an intention, we have made a
Of course, the one who knows the answer, or who can wish, we are working to get back to where we came
feel that, is you. So feel about it for yourself – what have from – to the original realm created by God for
you gotten from Almighty God’s guidance? [You should humankind. If you combine your latihan with other
do that] because a grace from God will not necessarily practices, the concern is that the path you are on will
be a miracle, a major event, or something spectacular not get clearer and clearer. On the contrary, you will
that other people can notice or see. cloud your path and you may even block it altogether.
I do not say this to frighten you
From God’s point of view, it will be good enough if you I do not say this to frighten you, but the truth is that you
get something that will benefit your life. For instance, you can only be opened in Subud during your life in this
used to have a poor or a bad character, then, after expe- world. Why? Because, when we are opened here, we
riencing and doing latihan regularly, your character are opened because of our own awareness and will-
changed. You might not have realised it before, but after ingness to submit. As such, you have been granted a
cont on p 8 >

dispensation, or time, to state what you want.

But, after you die and you are not in this world anymore,
your situation will be different. You will not have free will
anymore; you cannot make an intention then, because
at that point everything will be determined by God. You
can say that it will be too late for anyone who wants to try
to move to a higher level of life. Unless, of course, they are
helped by a descendant who is still living in this world.
Edited by Ilaine Lennard
This is one of the secrets of life – one of God’s Inner Voice welcomes new stories and letters
secrets. So, it is a grace that God has given this contact
to humankind, and that you have this chance to get NOTE: Ilaina’s new e-mail:
close to the essence that manifests in each of you.
That is why I keep encouraging you. Although we cannot SELAMATANS FOR A LOVED ONE
see Subud’s power, although we cannot see what Subud ..I believe these selamatans of remembrance are impor-
is, Subud can benefit people’s lives. However, Subud is just tant and if you wanted to refresh your memory of the
a small group of people; there are very few members details you will find Prio Hartono's explanation on pages
compared to all the people in the world. Although that is 60-61, at the end of the Book of Remembrances of
the case, we must be patient, we must be content and be Bapak, prepared for the selamatan on the occasion of
thankful. We must thank God that we are blessed with Bapak's 40 days.
something that, God willing, will benefit our lives. And even When I was assigned to accompany Mas Adji on a tour
more so, if we can help improve the state of the world of Europe he told me that (whether we are conscious of
where lately we have felt the extent of God’s power. it or not), we also know 1,000 days before we are due to
Well, that has only been felt in a few places so far, where leave this world, and likewise 100 days and 40 days and
God has demonstrated God’s power. But, what would so on. It is all reflected back to us, as with a mirror, so we
happen if God demonstrated God’s power in many will know what should happen when we die.
places everywhere, and people had nowhere to hide or However if we are not in the right state at our death we
to run? Well, we can only leave that to God. So, do not especially need the support of those who love us to help us
be frightened that many people are making a big fuss on our way. Adji explained that when he was carrying
that the world will end. Bapak's mother, as she
got weaker with age,
Well, this ends the talk I will give you tonight. There may she had told him that
be another opportunity in the next few days to continue she knew 1,000 days
this talk about our spiritual path. Thank you. before the day when
Note1 Clarification by Ibu Rahayu – Subud has a mean- she would die.

World Congress Film

ing of its own – to return to the source It seems the more we
are really surrendered
to God, the more
conscious we can
become of this cal-
An excellent 10-minute film on our past world congress, is endar/programme
now available on DVD. It was filmed and produced by that can guide and
Kate Carlson as a student graduation project for Simon prepare us to let go,
Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. freely, of the worldly
apparel we have
The film shows interviews with various Subud members,
been given for our life
including Rasjid Cesar, Kumari Beck, Leonard Lasalle and
and work whilst in this
Vivienne Petersen interspersed with Kate’s impressions of Adrianna King-Hall
the Innsbruck World Congress.
I have had some small experience with people who have
Please contact Kate directly for more information and to not been able to ready themselves to die – and who
order your DVD. Prices for shipping will depend on your have resisted or struggled not to accept that they are
location. The DVDs are selling as a 2 disc package deal being prepared for leaving this world. In these cases they
which includes a DVD of the film about Subud with really need the selamatans, because if one is not surren-
bonus footage, and a DVD of the complete fashion dered when one dies then it is only those left behind –
show. Price $15. who still have their worldly apparel – who are able to help
them. It seems that whilst we are alive we have a choice
Latifah Brett, who viewed the film at the Simon Fraser U – to follow God's Will or not.
film department grad show reports: “I believe it would be But once our earthly body is no longer functioning that
a great addition to our group resources and helpful in choice is removed from us. Thus in the next world we can
answering key questions about what Subud is and in only follow God's Will. But if we were not surrendered to
describing Subud activities to new members. The filmmak- God's Will at our point of death we cannot move beyond
er is not a Subud member but has taken part in various the 'unsurrendered state' we were in when we died –
Subud activities, as she went to school with our youngest unless those left behind pray and ask for help for us to
daughter, attended summer camp and is friends with be surrendered to God and, if so guided, to do latihan
many Subud members. Therefore I feel she has an inter- to free us to be able once more to truly surrender to
esting perspective to present to the public and us.” God's Will – and thus be released from our own 'self

chosen prison'. Adrianna King-Hall
Please contact Inner Voice continues on p 9 >

mantra or the like. You allow yourself to sit quietly until all of
NOTES ON ‘HOW TO DO THE a sudden you are quiet, but you don't aid and abet the
LATIHAN’: FOR NEWER MEMBERS process -- it just happens. For me this part is a bit mysterious
because I'm a very active type in my outer life with a strong
I have to begin, of course, with about a thousand dis-
heart and mind, but I'm always surprised at how if I hang in
claimers. The idea for writing this came - as many of my
there the chaos of strong emotions and wild thoughts sud-
most brilliant ideas come - while putting on my make-up
denly subsides and boom I'm quiet. (How did that hap-
one morning. I have no illusions that I know best how to
pen?) I've also heard folks (and recently Ibu Rahayu) say
do latihan. It has been a continuing learning process and
that it helps to say some kind of prayer that you can surren-
all the ideas I want to share I picked up during my Subud
der to your full capacity before latihan begins. I've tried it
lifetime from older more experienced helpers and mem-
when I remembered and I think it does help.
bers. I lived in Cilandak for three years and it was a time
when Bapak was especially energetic with scheduled
The latihan
talks once a month. I also visited several times before and
After this long and leisurely preparation you are ready to
after Bapak's death and on all these occasions have
begin the latihan. You stand quietly in this more or less
been given little stories that seemed to have helped my
empty state (God knows you did the best you could), the
latihan. I was also lucky enough to travel with Bapak on
helper says begin and you simply wait till the latihan or
several occasions in the role of spiritual junky and groupie
vibration begins in you before you move. Bapak
and just hung out a lot with more experienced Subud
explained that if you were really attentive, the first move-
members listening to their stories.
ment you would feel was the Power of God moving your
Also I think it might be beneficial to talk about the latihan
own breathing.
in the way people talked to me about it when I was young
Ibu Hardiyati again in her little talk to the women helpers
in Subud. I notice that there's not much opportunity for ‘lati-
explained that the latihan itself was like the arrival of
han’ talk now; many of us older members avoid talking
these special guests and each guest brought a gift. Your
‘spiritual talk’ because we are desperately trying to inte-
job is simply to receive each gift as it was given with no
grate the latihan into our outer lives and because it seemed
thinking or judging or trying to understand it -- just accept-
for a while that's all we were doing - just talking and not tak-
ing or receiving each gift as it came to you.
ing the kind of action that Bapak was urging us to do.
Apparently, body movement is important, although not
But I notice the younger members really seem to crave
to be forced, (no forcing ever) particularly with younger
it as I craved it in my early years of doing latihan, and
members. Bapak has said that the progress in the latihan
there are times when it seems so nourishing. (Even when I
starts with the physical body and that impurities are
went to Cilandak last Fall, I really couldn't get enough of
thrown off as we move.
it.) When I think back the talk itself often inspired me as
Many of us fondly remember spinning a lot during our early
much as the latihan itself – since it helped put these
latihans and coming quite close to puking. I remember in my
strange sounds and movements I was making into some
early latihans banging my head on the concrete floor.
context, helped me to see where this spiritual path was tak-
One of the most revered helpers in Cilandak tells the story
ing me. Reading Bapak's talks and listening to Bapak on
of crawling on all fours on the latihan floor barking vicious-
tape and in person also helped me tremendously as I had
ly and snapping at the exposed ankle of the helper who
absolutely no spiritual education before my opening. So in
had opened her. I remember a young Western woman in
this spirit I would just like to share some anecdotes and
Cilandak who got opened and promptly starting vomiting
insights I was given with my ‘younger’ sisters and brothers,
regularly in her early latihans. She would run out to the
(although I have no idea if this relates to the men's latihan).
bathroom and try to sneak home, but the Cilandak
helpers would run after her and bring her back to contin-
Preparing for Latihan.
ue her latihan. We've all of course experienced the lati-
The best advice I ever heard about preparing for latihan
han ‘runner’ who whirls by us at 90 miles an hour. These
was given by Ibu Hardiyati, Bapak's daughter, not to me,
movements are the early manifestations of the very gifts
but to a group of helpers in Cilandak, one of whom told
Ibu Hardiyati refers to; they contain the purification our
me the story. She compared preparing for latihan to get-
bodies and souls need.
ting your house ready for very special guests. You
I think one of the hardest things for me as a younger
cleaned yourself up beforehand to show respect for your
member was not to judge my own latihan or try to make
guests and then during the quiet period got your house as
it ‘spiritual’. In my group in Palo Alto there were a few fair-
clean as possible by gradually letting go of every bit of
ly elevated souls who were standing and singing. (I
detritus from your outer life – thoughts and worries, prob-
remember thinking they had made the ascension!) and it
lems, successes, family and relationship concerns -- every-
became tempting to parrot their high spiritual move-
thing was to be let go of during a long quiet period.
ments or to feel bad when I was crawling around doing
Bapak talked at length about this preparation as well in
something vulgar on the floor.
a two hour talk he gave us during Ramadhan in 1976. The
Luckily, we had some wise helpers in the group who peri-
essential message of that talk was to RELAX. You relaxed
odically asked us to test, how our latihan was (I would
your body, your heart, your mind, your desire for anything
dance and sing like Holly-Go-Lovely) and how God would
of this world, your desire for a good latihan, your desire for
have it be (here I would double over, grunt and cry etc).
happiness, your desire even to come close to God until
This is an on-going problem even for us old-timers,
this state of relaxation became just this emptiness waiting
because sometimes what comes to the surface from
to be filled. In my own experience it seems analogous to
deep inside is not pretty; in fact, it can be powerfully dis-
that state just before you doze off to sleep. Or sometimes
turbing, but it must ‘out’. There's many a story of members
I liken it to this tempestuous pool of water inside me which
who have stopped latihan just at the moment when
becomes increasingly calm until suddenly it's absolutely
something difficult or hard is surfacing, or members who
still – not a ripple.
have swallowed that disturbance and gone on with the
I also heard Bapak distinguish between getting quiet, and
pretty, but fake, latihan.
stilling your mind and feelings with your will like saying a
I suggest you grab your local helpers and continued p 10 >

make them test that with you on a regular basis to keep and my body is still vibrating like a jet plane. It's not a
your latihan authentic. Or if you feel brave, just test for good idea to run out to drink coffee with your buddies
yourself in latihan when you feel a bit stuck. Bapak at the until that vibration calms down. Until you feel normal.
end of his life talked about how important courage was But more importantly, Ibu Hardiyati has explained that in
in the latihan, the courage to follow whatever you are this after-the-latihan quiet we ‘see’ or unwrap the gifts we
receiving -- coarse or fine. have been given in the latihan itself. This seems to be a
time of heightened clarity. We are quiet and peaceful
Am I receiving? and often clear messages come. Do this. Do that. Write to
I've heard that question a lot from younger members. your grandmother. Change your job, your name. Be care-
We've all wrestled with that one, and there are just no ful driving home. etc. One of the Cilandak helpers that I
foolproof indicators. Bapak has said you will feel the vibra- most admire told me that she receives very clear guid-
tion of the latihan, but I know that early on I don't think I ance for her life at the end of her latihan when she's lying
did. Bapak has said something about a cool feeling in on the floor. Of course, there are no guarantees, but this
your body, and I certainly didn't feel that either. I did can be a treasure-time, a time of receiving guidance for
experience, however, if I waited, at the beginning of the your daily life.
latihan movement start up on its own quite independent I know that there are stores of greater wisdom about the
of my thinking or wishing. latihan out there in our rich and diverse Subud communi-
And then you just have to trust - you're opened, you ty. Perhaps we can share more of it. My hope is that this
have a sincere wish to worship God, you've gotten quiet morsel of ‘latihan’ talk provides some of the same nourish-
as best you could - that this little skipping or waving your ment that I was so kindly given in my early days in Subud.
hand or song that has suddenly started up without your Halimah Polk
thinking about it, well that's it! That is your latihan!

Help, I can't stop thinking

Right, you can't force your mind into quiet. That's medita-
tion -- using the will. So you just have to allow that thinking
and it's perfectly ok, but what you might notice in latihan The Being that came at dawn to Simon Monbaron
is that after a while, you're thinking but watching yourself
thinking as you move around etc. and the trick is to pay After finding out about Subud in 1958, I wrote to England
attention to the movements rather than the thinking. Try (Coombe Springs) to find out where and when I could be
not to get hooked in. I've wasted many a good latihan fan- opened. People in England did not reply right away
tasising about work, my marriage, stewing over a fight, etc. because there
One helper said it's important to feel the soles of your feet were no Subud
touching the floor. I think that sort of grounds you and groups in Canada
helps you stay out of your head or imagination and pay where I was at
attention to your body. Ibu Rahayu said that as you do that time. It
the latihan pay attention to the different vibrations you took months to
are feeling in each part of the body and the feeling that get word from
accompanies that vibration. Remember that Bapak has England. Finally I
said that our understanding is the last part of us to be puri- received a letter
fied so our thinking in latihan may not be very productive telling me that I
early on. Mine wasn't. could be opened
in Sherbrooke,
Is my latihan over? Quebec, but by
I used to think that after all the movement had stopped that time I had
my latihan had ended and I would sit down. Many of the moved to the
older helpers, however, talked about the second latihan, United States.
that part of the latihan that arises after the flurry of purifi- More months
cation movements has quieted. Bapak referred to this in a went by. Finally
talk when he advised a woman whose latihan seemed someone con-
Simon Monbaron
unfruitful, to ask at the end of her latihan, ‘Is there anything tacted me in
more that God would have me receive in my latihan?’ Connecticut where I was now living. All these delays had
It seems that in this second part of the latihan indications made me quite impatient.
or receivings arise. Those indications/gifts might sometimes The people in New York told me I had to wait three
be about your life or about an unknown talent, a deep months before I could be opened. I had
insight about your true self, and rarely some kind of know- already served more than a six-month waiting period, but
ing about the next world, or moments of ineffable peace it was to no avail.
and praise. And sometimes there's nothing. It's not up to At that time I was living in Bristol, Connecticut. One morn-
us. That's not to say that you can't receive good clear indi- ing at dawn, in August 1959, I was half-asleep and half-
cations in the first part of the latihan. I've seen women real- awake when I realised that there was someone in my
ly quiet and serene in the first part of latihan and then run room. The Being in my room had not entered by opening
around like screaming mimis the second half. Go figure. the door, but was just there. This Being was floating in the
air. I felt no threat or danger, so I just let
Finishing the latihan. things be with this Being just hanging there. The Being was
After the latihan, it's a good idea to sit quietly for awhile motionless.
just as you did in the beginning. For one thing it's impor- After a long while, a question was asked directly in my
tant to ‘come down’ and to really finish off the latihan heart by this Being, ‘Do you want to be opened?’
and become normal. Recently, I've noticed how power- Something in me panicked and yelled, ‘No,’ before I
ful the state of latihan is - even when it's quiet. I'll sit down even knew what was happening. As soon cont on p 11>

as the voice in me yelled, ‘No,’ the Being disappeared. At White begins to regain some real strength. Finally, one day
this point I woke up and sat on my bed feeling very sad at she can open her eyes and begin to truly wake up.
having missed my chance to be opened. For months I It takes a long, long time for Snow White to become able
had been praying and hoping to be opened, and I had to protect herself and stay awake on her own strength. If
just lost my chance. I came close to crying but realised during the very long waking up process, a Subud member
that crying would not help. I got up and went to work. leaves the latihan, that person is left in a situation where
The next morning at dawn, I again was in the state of there is a hole in the coffin, but the air is no longer from a
being half-awake and half-asleep. I realised that the pure source (God). Snow White is then at the mercy of
Being was back, hanging in the air. Realising that I might any power that wishes to influence or claim her.
panic again if asked, "Do you want to be opened?" I start- In other words, our soul is, as yet, unable to protect herself.
ed repeating within myself, "If I am asked 'Do you want to The break with God's contact deprives our soul of God's
be opened?' I have to say "Yes." I was so afraid of panick- love and protection.
ing that I kept on repeating over and over, again and So if one repeats mistakes and refuses to change one's
again, that I had to say "Yes." way of life, the mistakes and wrong actions will work at
Finally, I became numb and then the question was put blocking the hole made in the glass coffin by God's
in my heart again, "Do you want to be opened?" I said power. And then, unless one changes one's behaviour
"Yes." Then my whole body started vibrating. The vibra- and acts in accordance with God's will one may never
tions were so strong that the whole bed was vibrating with experience the awakening of Snow White, the awaken-
my body. But there was a nice quiet relaxing feeling with ing of our soul, and the soul will never be able to become
this vibration. The vibration was massaging my whole our inner operating centre. One will not be able to expe-
body outwardly and inwardly. It was really a wonderful rience the development of the centre of the inner
feeling. This vibration went on and on for a very long time, feelingsBut for those who persevere God's power guides
then I realised that the vibration was gone. I checked and protects the awakening of the soul as needed, and
through my consciousness to see if the Being was still
hanging there in the air. He or she was gone.
Several weeks later, I travelled to New York City for my offi-
cial opening with the helpers. After some time, I lay down
as long as needed.

on the floor to relax completely. As soon as I relaxed and
surrendered on the floor, the vibration I had felt while being Innovative Fundraising
opened in my bed recurred. This experience convinced
me that I had been opened when the Being visited me. Novel fundraiser for the Children’s Village Orphanage in
Years later, I became a helper. And now, from time to Indonesia. Here’s something to get excited about! Join in
time, it is my turn to read the opening statement and and support a great Susila Dharma project...
open one or more new members. Since I am always
brought to tears when I read it, I usually ask the new About a month ago, Virginia Thomas of Susila Dharma
member to read the statement for himself beforehand. I Canada, approached the Foundation for Noble Work
cry at weddings and I also cry at openings. Openings are (Yayasan Usaha Mulia or YUM) to see if they wanted to
one of the most moving experiences in life for me. participate in a new online fundraising website.
YUM quickly agreed – as their orphanage known as the
The Awakening of Snow White Children's Village – is in desperate need of a new minibus
Why it is important to practice the latihan regularly with- for transporting the children to their schools, and this goal
out neglect, is because the soul of a human being has matched the requirements of the website at
been asleep for thousands of years within our inner selves.
The best way to picture it is to visualise Snow White sleep- The first test for a fundraising campaign at GiveMeaning
ing in her glass coffin within our chest. (I think the spiritual is to have 100 people vote ‘yes’ online to have the proj-
reality of the story of Snow White is that Snow White's step- ect qualify for fundraising on the website. This voting took
mother is the mind and head of any human being. Snow place a few days ago and, according to the contact
White herself is the sleeping potential [Budhi] existing with- person at the website, was the fastest qualification ever
in the chest of any human being, potential that can be of a project for their website!
awakened by a ‘kiss’, or gift of great love – God's love). This was due to the great support and caring of family
When this potential is awakened, the character of a true and friends of YUM - people like you.
human being develops within our chest. It is the awaken- According to the website regulations, we now have less
ing of Snow White, Snow White being our soul or the char- than 90 days to achieve our target goal of CDN$12,300 -
acter of a true human being. The latihan and the open- enough to buy the minibus for our orphanage.
ing then represent the coming of Prince Charming (God If we are unable to achieve this goal within the time-
Almighty) who will bestow a kiss of great love upon Snow frame, there is a possibility that funds already pledged will
White. This kiss of great love (God's grace) will awaken be diverted to another project on the website - as, in the
Snow White (our soul) and gradually Snow White will case of “under-funding”, it will be up to each donor to
become able to gain strength and become able to take decide whether their donation is to be given to the
over the direction and operation of our daily life from Children's Village or not.
Snow White's stepmother, our mind or brain. If we are fortunate enough to be able to achieve 100%
However, our first latihan breaks only a little hole in the of our goal, then the total amount is forwarded to the
glass coffin and permits Snow White to start breathing Children's Village, the minibus gets purchased, and a
again. The air from the contact with God (latihan) is pure report back to the donors is issued.
and clean and able to bring Snow White back to life grad-
ually. Each latihan makes the hole in the glass coffin a lit- If you are interested in tracking the progress of this
tle bit bigger. Snow White breathes a little more deeply fundraising initiative, please check the website regularly at:
and strongly after each latihan. But she still has her eyes
closed. More latihan brings still more clean air and Snow

And go here to give.


The school
A Place for Pilgrimage Oh, it’s not paradise, Rungan Sari. While the young peo-
ple get on with running the place and the school, a few
of the older foreigners here still spend time talking, not too
Salamah Pope from Perth, Australia, writes about a visit to positively, about other people, and not too optimistically
Kalimantan… about the progress of Indonesia’s development.
But if you can live with – and tolerate or even smile at –
Ah, the warmth, the warmth, the wonderful warmth… these expressions of the vegetable forces, the place itself
We have come back to Indonesia, Abdullah and I, to visit is glorious: pretty, peaceful, and charming. A beautiful
a daughter and her family who live in Rungan Sari, the park in the jungle (except it is more politically correct, I’m
growing Subud Compound in Central Kalimantan. told, to call it the ‘forest’!) with a bunch of Subud siblings
Rashidah and her husband Karim MacDonald have been from all parts of the world, and a growing Subud school.
teaching here in the school for well over a year now, and Why on earth have a school here? The thinking behind
their own three children (Chandra 13, Galvan 11, and this is that, in order for foreign capital to come in and
Levana 9) are in it too. develop the mines, foreign managers have to be able to
Apart from the school, Rungan Sari consists provide for their families: and that means
of the grand Muhammad Subuh Centre, the good health and educational facilities. So,
lovely Kalimantan Meeting Centre hotel with
its restaurant and swimming pool, and some
The lovely the little school at Rungan Sari is a modern
and efficient place with some qualified
35 individual houses – with a couple more
under construction. Perhaps only half of
them actually have people living in them,
latihan hall teachers and two beautiful young volunteers
from England and Holland working for it. Plus
a long-haired bikey (cyclist - sorry, Felix!) from
the rest are empty and seem to be waiting…
for something. is right Australia.
Yet, even though the school is running real-
And I suppose it – Rungan Sari – is, really. ly well with them and its qualified staff, it still
Waiting, I mean, for the school to grow, and
the copper and gold mining to take off, and
there in the needs financial input to stay alive. I gather
new schools take about three years to break
all the people who will come to work in the even, and this one is still struggling as it can’t
mines and manage them properly, seeing
that the local Dyak people are included in
middle of yet cater for a large enough student body to
pay for all its expenses - and it doesn’t even
all its development, and that the environ-
ment is cared for. things have its own building.
It’s actually in two places: the primary and
In the meantime, far from the mines, middle school classrooms and the library are
Rungan Sari is a peaceful place, largely in the side rooms of the central latihan hall, and the high
parkland with a central latihan hall, surrounded by trees school and the school office are in the nearest house to it
and flowers and open spaces. No fences cut the houses on the circle of houses, belonging to a Subud family who
off from one another (with one somewhat anti-social built their house but who haven’t yet moved over to
exception), but low hedges and flowerbeds mark the Kalimantan.
house-plot boundaries. Pretty roads and walking paths In the old days
meander round the compound, and cashew trees drop In the old days, we were the first family to go and live in
their fruit with its bitter-sweet smell. the Wisma Subud in Cilandak. At first we had to pump our
The best time to see it own water from the well, wash our own clothes by hand,
Early morning – right after sunrise – is the best time to see buy and lug home our food from a distant market, and so
the place. I walk round and round, and up and down, on. And for the first few months there was no electricity for
and the dzikir comes spontaneously to me – and stays lights even. It was tough!
there, a silent prayer invoking the presence of God. It’s as But here in Rungan Sari, thanks largely to the work of the
though the latihan is in the air we are breathing here. Bustillo family, there is already comfort – water in the taps,
And I think that is the value of this place for us. The latihans good drains and plumbing – and electricity, washing
are strong here, and the natural world with its multitude of machines, televisions and mobile phones: no pioneers
birds and the lush vegetation are so ever-present I just want here, it’s all very civilized and very pleasant travelling here
to give thanks all the time for this glorious place. in our old age!
I am reading Bapak’s talks again, too – something that “I Yet perhaps the thing I really like best about Rungan Sari
don’t have time for” at home in Australia. But of course I do, is that the lovely latihan hall is right there, dead centre in
really: it’s just a question of priorities. Here at Rungan Sari this the middle of things. As I definitely dislike all the city driv-
has become a priority: I am getting a lot out of them, and ing I have to do to get to latihan in Perth, just to walk out
I feel much closer to the latihan all the time. I remember to of your house in the warmth of the evening and join in a
pray while cooking, and while I’m having coffee with a res- large group latihan of people from all over the world is my
ident or two, or talking with the grandchildren. idea of heaven.
Before we arrived here, we spent three days in Jakarta, So it was a wonderful time for us in Kalimantan, a very
at the Wisma Subud. We used to live there, for a long special two weeks spent close to the latihan inwardly, in
time. It was Bapak’s home, and it felt like that. Today, what feels like a place for pilgrimage.
because there has been no control over the building pro- Note: If you would like to help the place develop, as
gram the place has, well, let’s just say, grown too much. Bapak wished, why not help the school which will help
It is now over-crowded with too many new houses, too Rungan Sari. Donations can be sent direct to their bank:
many cars, too many motor bikes, and their noises! It Bank Negara Indonesia, Cabang (Branch): Palangka
seems to have lost all its special feeling. Raya, Kalteng, Indonesia.
Instead, Rungan Sari has it now. It feels as though Bapak Swift Code: BNIN IDJA,
is here, casting his broad and generous soul, his special

Account Name: Yayasan Bina Cita Utama
atmosphere in and over and around it all. Account No: 0083731002.

UN Industrial Development
KGC Signs Joint Venture Organisation, to reduce the
harmful effects of mercury use
Kalimantan Gold advances copper prospects through a in artisanal mining in Central prospects have
joint venture with Oxiana… the potential to
Vancouver Canada, Thursday 5th October 2006: About
Kalimantan Gold
Kalimantan Gold Corporation Limited(TSX V: KLG) is
pleased to announce the signing of a Heads of Kalimantan Gold Corporation is
an exploration company
Agreement with Australia’s Oxiana Limited (ASX: OXR) to
advance exploration of the Kalimantan Surya Kencana focused on copper and gold in world class
(KSK) Contract of Work (CoW) copper-gold porphyry Indonesian Kalimantan. The
prospects in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Company holds exploration deposits
rights over two distinct
Properties areas: the Jelai-Mewet epithermal gold prospects
The KSK Contract of in East Kalimantan, and the KSK Contract of Work
Work is owned 75% by copper-gold porphyry prospects in Central
Kalimantan Gold and Kalimantan. In pursuit of a stable operating environ-
25% by PT Pancaran ment, the Company has a strong community and
Cahaya Kahayan, an government relations program. Kalimantan Gold is
Indonesian Company; quoted on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange and
the CoW covers a large expects to list on AIM during October.
941km2 area in
Central Kalimantan. KSK About Oxiana Limited
has been exploring the Oxiana is an international mining and exploration
area since 1996 and has company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
identified 3 advanced with a Market Capitalization of approximately A$4
porphyry copp e r billion. Oxiana owns and operates the Sepon gold
g o l d prospects and and copper mines in Laos, the Golden Grove base
several other highly and precious metals operation in Western Australia,
prospective ones and is developing the Prominent Hill copper-gold
amongst a total 38 mine in South Australia. Oxiana is also actively
defined prospects in exploring in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.
the CoW. The company employs more than 3,800
Kalimantan Gold and employees and contractors in operations and
Oxiana believe that offices in Laos and Australia. Oxiana’s 2006
Rahman Connelly, CEO of KGC
these prospects have half year profit was $262.2 million. Their vision is
the potential to become significant world class deposits.

Agreement between Kalimantan Gold and Oxiana

Under the agreement Oxiana can earn up to 66.67% in A Calendar for MITHRA

to be Australia's next major mining house.

KSK by funding completion of a Bankable Feasibility

Study, estimated by Oxiana to cost $37.5 million which
could be completed within 48 months. Developing Maria Blakey writes from
Forcalquier, France…
Commenting on the transaction, Rahman Connelly, The Mithra Foundation in
President Director of Kalimantan Surya Kencana (KSK)
said, “I am delighted that we have agreed a Heads of
inner peace Bangalore India was created to
be a friend to the poor. Its work
Agreement with Oxiana to jointly advance exploration at includes creation of schools for
our copper-gold prospects in Kalimantan. Our Board
strongly believes that our prospects have the potential to
through the poorest of the poor and
support for women including
host a world class deposit and ultimately a mining opera- micro-credit and training
tion. We are confident that partnering with Oxiana and
their proven resources and skills, is the most expedient
helping schemes, and legal advice.
They have also launched
route to progressing the KSK prospects and realizing value
for all our shareholders and stakeholders alike, most Mithra Human Rights courses in the
local state schools.
importantly, the people and government of Central I am a painter living in France.
Kalimantan.” I heard about the Mithra Foundation through a friend of
Mr Connelly also said, “Good relationships are essential mine and immediately felt a strong inspiration to do
for doing business in Indonesia, and KSK enjoys excellent something to support this hardworking group of people. I
relations with all levels of government, and with local raffled a painting at a French national congress and sold
communities close to the CoW. A program to build strate- some postcards of my paintings to raise money to support
gic and collaborative partnerships with government, their work.
other companies, non-governmental and donor agen- In 2002 I had a very successful exhibition of my paint-
cies is well underway, with the aim of improving the work- ings which enabled me to plan a trip to India. So, in
ing environment for business and industrial development January 2003, I visited the Mithra Foundation for the
in the Province, paving the way for smooth development first time. After being there a few days I realised that a
of a major mine. As an example of one of these partner- portrait of Bapak that I had painted and tried unsuc-
ships, just recently, KSK’s community development foun- cessfully to sell to raise money for Mithra, probably
dation began implementing a pilot project for UNIDO, the hadn’t sold because it really belonged cont on p14 >

there at the Mithra headquarters.
What I saw happening there was exactly what Bapak
dreamed Subud could be. Not just a matter of the latihan
What is Surrender?
quietly working away on individual people but actually Harris Smart writes a reflection during Ramadan. We use
changing a society. Susila Dharma and SICA and the spirit of this word "surrender" all the time, but what do we mean
Enterprise working together to unlock the prison of poverty by it...?
that holds people back from realising their true potential. We use the word surrender a lot in Subud, but do we actu-
I would like to add that my experience with fundraising for ally know what it means? I often think that the whole of
Mithra and visiting the Foundation have shown me that our experience in the latihan could be described as
charity is not simply a question of the rich helping the learning the meaning of the word surrender.
poor. Even before visiting India I felt that one of the most I think that if you asked 100 people in Subud to say what
important aspects of Subud is the international, intercul- they think surrender is, then you would get 100 different
tural exchange that it involves. answers.
The development of international friendships is not only I once tried asking people what they understood by the
important for World Peace, but also for becoming aware of word surrender.
the difficulties that other cultures have to live with, and plays One person said, ‘For me it's a feeling. I feel like I am in
an important role in developing individual inner peace. a state of surrender.’
Having witnessed the hardship that is part of many peo- Another person replied by giving a metaphor. He said,
ple’s daily lives in India, things that seemed important or ‘It's like I am standing on the deck of a ship with a strong
necessary in my own daily life now seem quite unneces- wind blowing in my face.’
Some people said it meant being obedient to
the laws of God as defined in the Ten
Commandments. That's what surrender meant
to them, being obedient to the will of God in so
far as they could understand it.
Another person said, ‘For me it means being
able to separate myself from my problems. If I
am being too worried or perplexed about some-
thing, I give it to God. That is what I mean by sur-
render. I try not to think about it any more. I leave
it toHim to find a solution. I place my problem on
the altar and offer it up to God.
Someone else said, ‘I see it almost in Buddhist
terms. It means being able to become detached.
This is what I aim to do in the latihan. I try to
become detached from my ordinary everyday
life and thinking. I trying to separate myself from
all the thoughts that crowd in upon me when I'm
doing latihan. I try to recognise and give up my
Mithra painting from the calendar by Maria Blakey thoughts about the cup of coffee I am going to have after
sary. I feel that what I have gained through my participa- latihan, or my resentment against my enemy, or my pre-
tion in Mithra’s work in terms of inner enrichment equals if occupations with work, or my sexual fantasies or whatev-
not surpasses, what I have given to them, in terms of er. I try to separate myself from all these things and give
financial aid and voluntary work. It has helped the Susila them up. That is what I mean by surrender in my latihan.’
Dharma, SICA and Enterprise elements in me to awaken I can identify with most of these understandings of surren-
and begin working together. der. In latihan I try to separate myself from my thoughts. I
The fruits of this experience became obvious when I know that being in a state of surrender is to be attuned to
exhibited a series of paintings, which were painted from the will of God. I have long practiced the discipline of try-
photographs taken by my husband during our 2003 visit to ing to offer up to God what worries or perplexes me.
India. The subject matter was mainly portraits, many smil- This year in Ramadan something hit me very hard. It was
ing, some serious, but all showing the dignity and grace of like I was told what was to be the theme of my fast this
the Indian people. I will quote from the comments book year. I was especially to give up my preoccupation with
to give you an idea of the reactions to the exhibition: my work. I often find my work extremely exciting and
‘Very strong paintings with interior light of the soul pouring out.’ involving. That is, my work on my artistic projects. Other
‘Warmth, light, a wave of hope for a better day,’ kinds of work, like doing my bank accounts, I do not find
‘Space given to the essence of life.’ so palatable. It was given to me that in Ramadan this
All this emanates from this exhibition THANK YOU. year I really must give up the more exciting work. This was
I have now printed a Calendar for 2007, illustrated with to be the big part of the fast for me this year. I was to sur-
a selection of these paintings. The calendar is A4 size render it all to God.
closed and A3 open. There is an image for each month. The image I had was that I had a beautiful instrument
It is selling for 10 ?/7£/12US$/16AU$, 25% of the profits will but it was badly in need of repair and maintenance. It
go to the Mithra Foundation. needed a good clean and polish and a rebore. Then this
The calendar is in French, English and German; a page instrument would be given back to me at the end of
of text presenting the Foundation is included. Format A3 Ramadan in perfect condition and beautiful working
open, an image for each month. Paintings by Maria order. The discipline was not to use it during Ramadan,
Blakey from photographs by Yann Sevrin. not to take it out of the workshop where it was being
To order one or several, contact Maria: 6 rue st Mary, repaired and refurbished. If I could stick with this disci-

• •
04300 FORCALQUIER, France pline, I would have a much more powerful instrument at the end of Ramadan.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include postage anywhere in
the world.
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Latifah Taormina remembers Mark Erling Week who
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Mark (then Erling) Week was a pioneering member of
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Subud who organized the Briarcliff Congress, the 2nd
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Less 10% off books and videos for SUBUDVOICE subscribers $ I had occasion to work closely with Erling throughout
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ADDRESS which I felt was both unfortunate and unfair – and in
most instances the passage of time would demon-
strate the correctness of Erling’s views.
Looking back, I suspect his was an important role in
CITY/STATE the development of Subud – perhaps there was too
POST/ZIP CODE much complacency and naivety and thence a real
need for a Mark Erling – to shake things up with spo-
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