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Campaign & Election Timeline for 2021 NAR Elected Office

President-Elect, First Vice President, Treasurer and Regional Vice President

March June July August November May November

August 1, 2019
March 1 – June 1, 2019
1. Submission period for an Interested 1. List of Eligible Candidates reported to the Board of Directors
REALTOR® to file an Application for (or first business day thereafter).
NAR REALTORS® Legislative Meetings, 2020
Elected Office. 2. Eligible Candidates may begin campaigning.
2. Potential Candidate Campaign Team 3. Eligible candidates may begin accepting institutional and
1. Eligible Candidates Forum may be held.
Disclosure Form due to CCRC. individual endorsements, and financial support.
2. Eligible Candidates may campaign and hold campaign
3. Election of Officers held at the Board of Directors
June 1 thru July 31, 2019 Meeting.

1. Candidate Audit Work Group reviews applications and conducts

financial and legal audits, and criminal background checks.
2. The Candidate Audit Work Group submits a report of the Potential NAR REALTORS® Conference, 2019
Candidates to the CCRC.
3. Potential Candidate(s) deemed ineligible to run for NAR elected 1. Eligible Candidates Forum may be held.
office may file an appeal with the Credentials & Campaign Rules 2. Eligible candidates may campaign and NAR REALTORS® Conference, 2020
Committee. hold campaign events.
4. The Credentials & Campaign Rules Committee conducts Potential 1. Installation of 2021 Elected Officers.
Candidate appeal hearings. 2. 2021 Elected Officers take office the
day following the Annual Convention.