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SUPREME/COUNTY COURT COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER, People of the State of New York vs Indictment #750-17 Jonathan Rose The above referenced matter was dismissed by the Hon. George Fufidio on January 18, 2019. The court ordered that the matter be sealed pursuant to Section 160.50 of the Criminal Procedure Law. Dated: White Plains, NY 11877 L labucte= Ruben Valentin, Court Clerk A true extract from the minutes. Ata Criminal Term of the Supreme Court, of the State of New York, held in and for the County of Westchester at the Courthouse located in White Plains, New York, on the 18" day of January, 2019. PRESENT: HON. GEORGE E. FUFIDIO COUNTY COURT JUSTICE COUNTY COURT: COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER x THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK -against- ORDER OF DISMISSAL (CPL 210.20 (1) (h)) JONATHAN ROSE, Defendant. ‘Westchester County Indictment No. 17-0750 = ‘The Defendant, Jonathan Rose in the above-captioned action having been arraigned before this Court (Minihan, J.) on June 19, 2018 upon Indictment number 17-0750 charging said defendant with the crimes of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree (Counts one and two). criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree (Counts three, four and five), criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree (Counts six, seven, eight and nine) and a violation of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 402 (Count ten), the People having moved Pursuant to Criminal Procedure Law Section 210.20 (1) (h) for dismissal of Counts one through nine of the indictment on the basis of a legal impediment to the conviction of the defendant for the offenses charged 's hereby ; ORDERED, that Counts one through nine of Indictment No. 17-0750 against defendant Jonathan Rose are hereby dismissed. COUNTY ¢gURT JUDGE