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Saturday, February 24, 2018




Don’t arm
Sheriff, county schools head
oppose Trump’s gun proposal
Wire and staff reports

Marin’s sheriff and top education official

SHERRY LAVARS — SPECIAL TO MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL slammed proposals to arm teachers as a response
Construction workers are dwarfed as a massive light tower is raised while work continues on the new sports stadium at to the high school massacre in Florida.
San Rafael High School this week. “Are you kidding me?” said
Mary Jane Burke, Marin County
superintendent of schools. “Every-
Work underway at Novato, thing we know tells us we need
prevention and intervention for

San Rafael, COM campuses those who suffer from mental

illness. It’s unthinkable to give
teachers guns in an educational
By Mark C. Volain
purpose field. The project, setting that is for learning.”
which is expected to cost Sheriff Robert Doyle called the Burke
@markcvolain on Twitter $9.6 million, was funded notion “a terrible idea.”
by bond measures total- “Arming teachers presents an-
Makeovers are under- ing $161 million approved other danger for law enforcement
way at sports fields across by voters in November 2015. who are responding to a shooting
Marin, with five schools Miller Field, used for situation,” Doyle said. “It means
overhauling athletic fields football, soccer, lacrosse more guns, and then it’s up to
and planning improve- and track, was the last law enforcement to sort out who
ments over the next couple grass field for those sports is authorized to have a gun and
years at a combined cost of in the Marin County Ath- who is not. You also worry about a
some $32 million. letic League. The new field ALAN DEP — MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL teacher going to the bathroom and Doyle
Fields at both high will be “more aligned with Work on beach volleyball courts is underway at College of leaving a desk drawer or a con-
schools in the San Rafael other high schools in Marin Marin in Kentfield. tainer unlocked and then suddenly a student has
City Schools district, as well County,” according to the access to a gun. It’s all kind of crazy.”
as the two high schools in project website. case with San Rafael’s proj- ees meeting, is $1.15 million Their comments came after President Donald
the Novato Unified School Jose de la Rosa, San Ra- ect. each, with each project’s Trump said repeatedly Friday that he favored
District and the College of fael’s athletic director, said expected total cost reach- arming teachers to protect students.
Marin will all look a bit dif- the project is expected to be Novato ing $1.33 million. As part of his pitch, Trump told a national
ferent in short order. finished in mid-April. T he Novato distr ic t San Marin High also will gathering of conservatives that the carnage at
Here’s where things Across town, Terra Linda Board of Trustees ap- be adding lights to its sta- Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Park-
stand: High will get a new sur- proved resurfacing of both dium, the second Marin land, Florida, where 17 people were killed, would
face on its turf field, with the Novato High and San County Athletic League have been reduced if teachers could have con-
San Rafael that project expected to be Marin turf football fields, school (joining San Rafael) TEACHERS » PAGE 2
San Rafael High is get- done in late June or early as well as the surrounding with the ability to host con-
ting a whole new stadium July, according to athletic track and addition of shock tests after dark. San Marin
as part of a larger construc- director Steve Farbstein. pads. Construction on the will also be getting a new
tion project to expand and A total $600,000 of the $1 field projects are expected public address system and POLL
improve the campus. Con- million needed for the proj- to take place this summer, press box.
struction is well underway,
with new seating and new
ect is covered by the facil-
ities user fees and from
with completion expected The stadium improve-
in the fall. The estimated ment projects are expected Many Americans
gloomy about
lights surrounding what other district funds — but cost for the resurfacing, to begin the Monday after
will be San Rafael High’s not from the district’s bond according to minutes from graduation, June 11, accord-
first artificial turf multi- measure proceeds as is the the Jan. 16 Board of Trust- FIELDS » PAGE 2

nation’s direction
Trump volatility, other issues
Newsom wasn’t always a liberal crusader overshadow healthy economy
By Laurie Kellman and Emily Swanson
Some positions shift for governor hopeful The Associated Press
Chester Trahan’s grandchildren are working,
By Christopher Cadelago
servative and a social liberal.” so he’s feeling better about the economy these
The Sacramento Bee
So rare was his profile in the days. But his view of the country’s overall direc-
diverse, rough-and-tumble tion is pretty grim, darkened by what he sees as
When he took his seat world of San Francisco pol- a surge in racism and violence fueled by Presi-
on the San Francisco Board itics that a story in The San dent Donald Trump.
of Supervisors, Gavin New- Francisco Examiner began “He stimulated it. Those people were always
som wasn’t exactly the left- like this: “The straight white there, but he gave them a voice,” said Trahan, a
leaning stalwart who would male quota on the Board of 78-year-old retiree from Palm Coast, Florida. He’s
emerge two decades later as Supervisors has been met.” not about to give Trump credit even for the good
the front-runner for Califor- He ascended while endur- stuff. “I don’t think he’s really done anything to
nia governor. ing the kind of rigorous vet- help the economy out. It’s been doing pretty well
Newsom’s appointment in ting that can only be applied for awhile.”
1997 was viewed as provid- in one of the toughest liberal Trahan’s conflicted outlook of America under
ing a dose of moderation to laboratories — a city Sen. Di- Trump — the economy is headed in a better direc-
the liberal board. A 29-year- anne Feinstein, also a former tion than the country overall — is widely shared.
old wine and hospitality en- mayor, once warned “will roll A majority in a new poll, 52 percent, say they
trepreneur backed by Getty you 67 ways to Sunday.” think the country’s direction has worsened over
oil fortunes and the city’s po- Like Democrats before DAMIAN DOVARGANES — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, FILE the last year, and only 28 percent are optimistic
litical elite, he described him- him, who in other parts of Sen. Kamala Harris endorses Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom for that things will get better in the year to come.
self as a “dogmatic fiscal con- NEWSOM » PAGE 2 governor on Feb. 16. POLL » PAGE 5


Ex-Trump aide pleads Deaths mount in Syria Dow Jones See more of the story
guilty, will cooperate as UN weighs cease-fire U 25,309.99 (+347.51) by going to our website
S&P 500
The plea revealed that he will
help special counsel Mueller’s
Syrian government warplanes
carried out a sixth day of U 2747.30 (+43.34)
Find additional photos, albums
and links to our videos that
investigation as prosecutors airstrikes Friday in the suburbs Nasdaq can enhance local stories.
continue the probe. PAGE A6 east of Damascus. PAGE A7 U 7337.39 (+127.30) MARINIJ.COM

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TODAY IN HISTORY a “coward” or “didn’t react Among other things, the

Teachers properly under pressure.” governor’s $500 million
1868 FROM PAGE 1
Trump acknowledged
that the notion of arm-
plan would create a “violent
threat restraining order”
The U.S. House of Rep- ing teachers is controver- that would let a court pro-
resentatives impeached fronted the gunman with a sial, and he said that even hibit a violent or mentally
President Andrew weapon. some “good people” are ill person from purchasing
Johnson by a vote of “A teacher would have opposed. But he said that or possessing a firearm or
126-47; Johnson was shot the hell out of him some skeptics are start- any other weapon under
later acquitted by the before he knew what hap- ing to agree with him that certain circumstances.
Senate. pened,” Trump said during schools should be “a much
an address to the Conser- harder site for attackers.” Mental illness
1920 vative Political Action Con-
ference, an annual conclave
“We need a hardened
site,” Trump said. “It needs
The proposal would also
strengthen gun purchase
The German Work- of the American right, held to be hardened. It can’t be and possession restric-
ers Party, which later just outside Washington. soft.” tions for mentally ill peo-
became the Nazi Party, California Teacher As- ple under the state’s Baker
met in Munich to adopt sociation President Eric Governor’s plans Act, which allows someone
its platform. Heins, reacting to Trump’s Meanwhile Friday, Flor- to be involuntarily hospi-
comments, said in a state- ida Gov. Rick Scott un- talized for up to 72 hours.
1983 ment, “Arming educators
or other school employees
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School bus driver Pearlie
veiled his school safety
proposals as teachers re-
Scott is seeking $50 mil-
lion for initiatives that in-
A congressional com- with guns to prevent mass Corker gets a hug at the school as some teachers return for turned for the first time to clude expanding mental
mission released a shootings does nothing to the first time since the shooting Friday in Parkland, Fla. the high school since the health services by provid-
report condemning the protect students. Bringing shooting. ing counseling, crisis man-
internment of Japa- more guns into schools is Arming teachers also is weapons would be more Scott, a Republican agement and other mental
nese-Americans during a misguided and danger- staunchly opposed by the committed to saving the widely expected to run health services for youth
World War II as a “grave ously flawed idea. What’s National Education Asso- lives of students. for the Senate, outlined and young adults.
injustice.” more, thinking more fire- ciation, the country’s larg- He said the carnage his plan at a Tallahassee “No one with mental is-
arms on our campuses is est teachers’ lobby. would have been reduced news conference. In ad- sues should have access to
1996 the answer is the most ir-
responsible solution you Trump rips officer
if teachers could have con-
fronted the gunman with
dition to banning firearm
sales to anyone under 21,
a gun. It is common sense.
It for their own best inter-
Cuba downed two could imagine.” Trump on Friday re- a weapon. the governor called for a est, much less the best in-
small American planes Heins called instead for peatedly castigated an Speaking with report- trained law enforcement terest of our communities,”
operated by the group the need “to find common armed school resource of- ers earlier Friday as he officer for every school — Scott said.
Brothers to the Rescue sense solutions to keeping ficer who stayed outside was leaving the W hite and one for every 1,000 T he governor’s plan
that it claimed were vio- guns out of the hands of during the Florida school House, Trump said that students at larger schools made no mention of arm-
lating Cuban airspace. those who target innocent shooting, and argued that the school resource officer, — by the time the fall 2018 ing teachers on school
children and educators.” teachers with concealed Scot Peterson, was either school year begins. grounds.
Pope Benedict XVI Kentfield athletic project storage structure for the in fall 2020. the tennis courts, posts are
bestowed the final
Sunday blessing of his Fields will cost some $9.4 million
and the Indian Valley cam-
baseball stadium. The sur-
face of the baseball field it-
Byrne said the project
will begin in earnest this
in and the surface is ready
to be painted with the sand
pontificate on a cheer- FROM PAGE 1 pus project, which includes self could be ready sooner, summer, and the old pool mixture. We’re getting into
ing crowd in St. Peter’s upgrades beyond the new but the college is still wait- will still be in use while the surface-type things, it’s
Square. ing to Yancy Hawkins, No- aquatics center, totals $11 ing on state approval for construction is happening. getting very close.”

vato’s assistant superinten- million. The money is com- the structures. “It’s nice to be able to The turf for the soccer/
dent of business and oper- ing from a $265 million “All of that is still pend- put it to a different lo- lacrosse field — the dimen-
ations. bond voters passed in 2016. ing, but it’s looking good,” cation and not have one sions of which have been
Vice President Mike B o t h Nov a t o h i g h The first phase, said Byrne said. “We have the down while waiting for the stretched, as the field was
Pence assured the schools were originally athletic director Ryan By- project engineer and archi- new one,” he said. originally formatted for
Republican Jewish planning the turf updates rne, is anything that does tect working with the Divi- The projects in Kent- football — will now also
Coalition that he and for 2019, but switched not involve approval from sion of State Architect, but field that don’t need state include the long-jump pit,
President Donald Trump those projects to this sum- the Division of the State can’t go out for bids until approval include the re- as well space for a poten-
would work tirelessly on mer. Looking ahead to the Architect, a department we get approval. That will turfing of the multipur- tial high-jump area, on the
foreign and domestic summer of 2019, the other that “provides design and probably be soon; we’re pose stadium field (used north end of the field. The
issues important to the fields (baseball, softball, construction oversight hoping to have shovels in for soccer, lacrosse and long jump used to be away
group, such as enacting and more) are expected for K–12 schools, commu- the ground in May.” track), new tennis courts from the track, where the
business-friendly poli- to be improved, although nity colleges, and various The entire baseball com- and the courts used for a tennis courts now are sit-
cies at home and sup- studies and reports are other state-owned and plex is expected to be fin- new sport offering, beach uated.
porting Israel abroad. still being completed. leased facilities.” It is hap- ished prior to the 2019 volleyball. The track itself will not
pening now and forcing baseball season. “We just poured the con- receive any upgrades.
Birthdays COM the school’s baseball team College of Marin is crete footing for the beach “ I t ent at ively t old
Actor Edward James Ol- College of Marin is get- to play all road games this also building a new Mi- volleyball posts (Wednes- coaches April, but it may
mos is 71. Baseball Hall ting several upgrades over year. wok Center at its Indian day). Next is the sand, be mid- to late-March,”
of Famer Eddie Murray the next couple years, with Phase Two projects in- Valley campus in Novato. which will probably come Byrne said. “It depends
is 62. Boxer Floyd May- two phases resulting in a clude dugouts, a combi- This building features a in the next week or so. on how quickly field turf
weather Jr. is 41. Actor near-complete redesign of nation concessions and new aquatics center, ten- It’s really starting to take is finished and everything
Daniel Kaluuya is 29. its athletic facilities: The restrooms building and tatively scheduled to open shape,” Byrne said. “For buttoned up.”
Rapper-actor O’Shea
Jackson Jr. is 27.
istration was universally grants. But late in his ten-
Newsom pro-labor, pro-consumer,
pro-teacher and pro-envi-
ure as mayor, Newsom also
pushed a policy to weaken
Star report FROM PAGE 1 ronment and achieved the the city’s two-decade-old
highest minimum wage, “sanctuary city” ordinance
Tiffany Haddish to the country were consid- the most generous worker protecting immigrants in
host MTV Movie & ered outrageously liberal, and renter protections response to a major crime.
Newsom repeatedly irri- and the only citywide uni- Newsom’s approach re-
TV Awards in June tated his party’s left, which versal health care plan in quired the city to contact
The network announced looked askance at his prag- the nation — to say noth- federal immigration au-
Thursday that the matism and his opposition ing of igniting a national thorities when they ar-
breakout star will host to tax increases. Advocates movement for marriage rested on felony charges a
the ceremony in Los for the homeless assailed equality,” spokesman Na- minor suspected of being
Angeles on June 18. his plans, dismissing him than Click said in a writ- in the U.S. illegally. More
The 38-year-old as an elitist with little no- ten statement. than 100 unauthorized mi-
actress and comedian tion of what it meant to be “He has continued this IJ PHOTO — ALAN DEP
nors were turned over.
has seen her star rise poor. They called him con- record of courageous, pro- But the board stepped
servative and pelted him gressive leadership as lieu- Then-San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom speaks to a in, arguing Newsom went
since “Girls Trip” was crowd at the library of Redwood High School in Larkspur in
released last summer. with cream pies for being tenant governor by cham- too far, and overturned his
“pro-development,” as they pioning historic criminal 2008. position so that it applied
She’s gone on to host
“Saturday Night Live” put it then. justice reforms, environ- ning the organization’s en- • Republican donations: only to those with felony
and star in a Super His aides saw the char- mental protection, and dorsement. Last year, Newsom’s cam- convictions.
Bowl commercial. acterization as unfair, ar- gun safety efforts. Anyone Later, Click added that paign unloaded on rival • High-speed rail: New-
Haddish also helped guing that his real role suggesting otherwise is ig- he “has always supported Democrat Antonio Villara- som was an early backer
in San Francisco was as a noring history and obvious charter schools as labo- igosa for speaking at a lo- of Brown’s high-speed rail
announce the Academy
change agent. facts.” ratories of education but cal chamber of commerce project, but he soured on
Award nominees last Yet even after he became doesn’t believe the state function in Fresno, jabbing its prospects when the
month and will appear nationally known for his Charter schools should approve more until at him because the group route and business plan
on the Oscar telecast liberal bravado, beginning Newsom’s current plat- there is real oversight and gave money to Republican changed. While promot-
March 4. with his trailblazing push form includes government- stricter enforcement.” candidates. ing his book “Citizenville,”
She’s also starring with for gay marriage, Newsom run, universal health care, But in 2000, running Newsom told the conserva-
Tracy Morgan in a new as mayor never shed the la- full-service community Issues as mayor unopposed for San Fran- tive Ben Shapiro Show in
TBS sitcom called “The bel of “pro-business Dem- schools open every day and As mayor, Newsom’s cisco supervisor, Newsom 2014 that he “would take
Last OG” later this year. ocrat.” a state bank to finance in- plans for city workers and paid $500 to the city’s Re- the dollars and redirect it
— The Associated Press Now 50, after his seven frastructure, small busi- public schools weren’t al- publican committee, which to other, more pressing in-
years as lieutenant gov- nesses and the marijuana ways in sync with their in- allowed him to appear on frastructure needs.”
ernor – a position with industry he helped legit- terests. His proposed $5 a GOP-backed slate mailer • Health care: Tom Am-
few built-in responsibil- imize. The policies he fa- billion budget for 2004-05 promoting his campaign, miano, a former liberal su-
LOTTERY ities – a different Gavin vors, ripped from liberal called for privatizing an along with the campaign pervisor who ran against
Newsom has emerged in wish lists, would add sig- inmate health program, a of George W. Bush. New- Newsom for mayor, spon-
WINNING NUMBERS a state where Democratic nificant costs to the state move that threatened the som was endorsed by the sored legislation in 2005
Daily 3 Afternoon: Party priorities are begin- budget. He’s been en- layoffs of more than 100 Republicans, along with a requiring businesses with
6, 6, 4 ning to look more like San dorsed by organized la- city workers. ballot measure he backed 20 or more workers to pay
Daily 3 Evening: Francisco’s. bor’s heaviest hitters, in- His spending plan also setting customer service for health care insurance.
4, 4, 5 cluding groups represent- included a proposal to out- standards for city workers. Newsom initially voiced
Defenders ing hundreds of thousands source laundry services at • Bail reform: Newsom concerns that it could
Daily 4: 0, 4, 8, 0 A review by The Sac- of nurses, firefighters and Laguna Honda Hospital. now wants to eliminate “have a serious impact on
Fantasy 5: ramento Bee found New- teachers. By putting the jail health bail in California and was San Francisco’s (economic)
8, 14, 24, 28, 33 som, a Kentfield resident, A s a candidate for program out to compet- the only statewide elected recovery and our ability to
Daily Derby has shifted his positions to mayor, however, Newsom itive bid, according to a official to sign on to 2016 compete.”
1st: 5, California Classic, the left on issues ranging touted the successes of San Francisco Chronicle legislation that would Newsom, stressing that
2nd: 10, Solid Gold, from sanctuary cities to charter schools and got article on Newsom’s bud- have overhauled the sys- he remained open-minded
high-speed rail and char- backing from their pro- get release, the mayor was tem. But in San Francisco, about expanding health
3rd: 6, Whirl Win ter schools. Some of the ponents. “Charter schools hoping to save up to $4.5 he pressed to raise bail to care access to the unin-
Race Time: 1:48.77 changes have made him provide an opportunity million during the second bring it more in line with sured, reiterated his con-
SUPER LOTTO PLUS vulnerable to the critique for parents, community half of 2005. The changes other Bay Area counties. cerns in a letter to super-
Wednesday’s drawing: that he’s flip-flopped. leaders and other educa- were not in the budget he He signed a 2002 reso- visors that stated it could
Newsom declined re- tion entrepreneurs to ex- signed, though Newsom’s lution that argued those hurt small businesses and
10, 25, 31, 43, 45
peated requests for inter- plore new and better ways administration did reach suspected of drug crimes nonprofits. He instead
Mega number: 6 views for this story. To of reaching and educating a laundry deal with SEIU there found it easier to wanted supervisors to call
Today’s estimated his supporters, the candi- our youth,” read a policy later, in 2009. get out of jail than in sur- for an economic analysis of
jackpot: $12 million date remains the same lib- paper from his first may- Newsom’s camp says the rounding Bay Area coun- the proposal, and for them
MEGA MILLIONS eral problem solver who al- oral run. laundry plan, and similar ties. to convene a diverse group
lowed same-sex marriages The California Teachers budget maneuvers, were Today, amid a national to study how to achieve the
Friday’s drawing: and championed gun con- Association, no fan of char- recession-driven efforts. movement to eliminate goals of expanded health
7, 11, 13, 19, 58 trol and legal weed. They ter schools, in its endorse- They note he didn’t move bail spurred by concerns coverage.
Mega number: 9 contend he takes a big-pic- ment questionnaire for the to privatize major depart- over the system’s inequal- Newsom and his sup-
Tuesday’s estimated ture approach and spans governor’s race asked each ments and facilities, such ity, Newsom argues that a porters today point to
jackpot: $204 million insular party divides. And of the candidates whether as the airport, hospital and person’s freedom shouldn’t his work in helping cre-
POWERBALL they also stress that he has they think the number of transportation agency. depend on their ATM bal- ate Healthy San Francisco
taken the most liberal po- charter schools in the state ance. by reaching consensus
Wednesday’s drawing: sitions in the governor’s should increase. W hen View change • Immigration: T he through a coalition that in-
7, 15, 31, 34, 36 race. asked by The Sacramento The Sacramento Bee re- city under Newsom spon- cluded business interests.
Powerball: 8 “Leadership is measured Bee, spokesman Nathan view also found other in- sored a campaign adver-
Today’s estimated by results — and Gavin Click confirmed that New- stances in which Newsom tising itself as a sanctuary Distributed by Tribune
jackpot: $269 million Newsom’s mayoral admin- som answered “no” in win- shifted: for unauthorized immi- News Service.


Town weighs looser rules Lively election

for development of hotels shaping up for
June 5 contests
By Richard Halstead
teed Healthcare.”
Veronica Jacobi, a Democrat
@HalsteadRichard on Twitter who failed in her bid to unseat
Levine in 2016, has taken out
There will be plenty of con- papers to challenge state Sen.
tested local races in the June 5 Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg.
primary election if all the peo- Jacobi, who served on the
ple who have taken out nom- Santa Rosa City Council from
ination papers so far actually 2006 to 2010, works as a me-
file. chanical engineer specializing
The early deadline for filing in energy management.
is March 9, with an extension to Two people have taken out
March 14 for any seat for which papers to fill the shoes of re-
an incumbent officeholder does tiring District Attorney Ed Ber-
not file. If local candidates re- berian. They are Marin Deputy
ceive more than 50 percent of District Attorney A.J. Brady
the vote in the June primary and Anna Pletcher, a lawyer
they are re-elected. Otherwise who spent 10 years working in
a runoff election takes place in the anti-trust division of the
November. U.S. Department of Justice. An-
Perhaps most notably Toni other Marin deputy district at-
Shroyer, an agent with Bradley torney, Lori Frugoli, has also
Real Estate, has taken out pa- confirmed she plans to run, al-
pers and created a campaign though she has not yet taken
website to challenge District out papers. All three have cre-
5 Supervisor Judy Arnold. ated campaign websites.
Shroyer ran against Arnold in Matt Nagle of Fairfax, prin-
ALAN DEP — MARIN INDEPENDENT 2014, losing by just 215 votes, cipal at West Marin School in
A proposed redevelopment of the Corte Madera Best Western Inn has stalled, and town officials are looking less than 2 percent of the vote. Point Reyes Station, has taken
at incentives to encourage hotel projects. Shroyer gained attention with out papers to challenge long-
her vocal opposition to Plan time Marin County Superin-
Bay Area, a regionwide effort tendent of Schools Mary Jane
By Adrian Rodriguez
but also give applicants special al- which has plodded through years to address climate change Burke. Nagle, whose mother
lowances to build modestly larger of debate. by encouraging new housing is Mexican, said he intends to
@adrianrrodri on Twitter projects. Corte Madera Town Manager growth along existing trans- run and focus his campaign
“We really need the hotels,” Todd Cusimano said that hotels in portation corridors. on Mexican-American student
With two proposals to remodel Mayor Carla Condon said. “Peo- town contribute about $1 million Arnold announced in Octo- achievement countywide.
Corte Madera hotels snarled in ple don’t realize how important in annual transient occupancy ber that she will seek a fourth Shelly Scott, a longtime ap-
red tape, town officials are pursu- they are.” tax, about $800,000 of which is term. praiser in the Marin County
ing several moves to retain hotels The proposition comes after collected by the town, and that Dan Monte of San Anselmo, assessor’s office, has taken
and encourage redevelopment. two hotel proposals in town have hotel guests support the local a retired general contractor out papers to run for the job
The Corte Madera Town Coun- failed to win Planning Commis- economy. and paratransit bus driver, has of Marin County assessor-re-
cil this week agreed to consider sion approval. They include ren- “And that’s really important to taken out papers to challenge corder-county clerk. Scott lost
a list of incentives for hotel de- ovation of the Budget Inn at 706 us,” he said. Assemblyman Marc Levine, a bid for the position in 2010
velopers that would help achieve Meadowsweet Drive, and the The town’s zoning regula- D-Greenbrae. On his cam- to the current assessor-re-
town goals — such as encourag- star-crossed Best Western Corte tions limit hotel and motel uses paign website, Monte states corder-county clerk, Richard
ing clean energy and community Madera Inn rebranding and re- to a 0.34 floor-to-area ratio, or that he is part of a group of Benson, in 2010. Benson, who
amenities such as restaurants — model project at 56 Madera Blvd., HOTELS » PAGE 4 activists working for “Guaran- ELECTIONS » PAGE 4



Prepare to be amazed and inspired as these

powerhouse ladies hit the stage for a dynamic
performance highlighting the tales & talents
of their stellar Broadway experiences.

MARCH 17-18

Get Tickets Ladies of

4 | A


TV host discusses investment advice

Pam Krueger is all
Send us your news: Email news items from Marin’s cit-
ies and towns to or mail them to
City Desk, Marin Independent Journal, 4000 Civic Center
Drive, Suite 301, San Rafael, CA 94903.
about money. She’s been Send us your photos: Send photos to photos@marinij.
a Tiburon resident for com and include your name, phone number and some
more than 26 details about the photo.
years, co-host
of “Money-
Track” on 250 For more information
PBS stations County employees and to sign up for e mail
and a na- donate to nonprofits and/or text message noti-
Gil Zeimer tional spokes- fications, visit
woman for County of Marin gov- strategicplan.
the Institute for the Fi- ernment employees re-
duciary Standard, a non- cently committed $81,067 SAN RAFAEL
profit that promotes finan- to the 2017 Marin County Bookstore hosts
cial transparency — that Employees Combined
advisers, brokers and in- Charities Campaign, poetry reading
surance agents offering in- known internally as the A poetry reading by
vestment advice behave as Heart of Marin. Since the Pen Men of Marin
fiduciaries. 2007, employees have will be held from 7 to
She’ll partner with in- contributed more than 9 p.m. March 3 at The
vestment adviser Tim Mc- $750,000 through the an- Open Secret bookstore,
Carthy on Tuesday at the nual campaign. 921 C St. in San Rafael.
Belvedere-Tiburon Library The campaign allows The published poets
to explain the steps you employees to make bi- present “deeply felt lis-
can take to protect your- weekly paycheck deduc- tening experiences,” the
self from poor or conflict- tions and one-time do- group says.
ing advice when hiring a GIL ZEIMER PHOTO nations. Employees con- A sliding scale of a
financial adviser. Pam Krueger and her Labradoodle, Chloe, were co-hosts of a PBS “MoneyTrack” program. tribute to nonprofit $5 to $15 donation is re-
“I was shocked to read She wants investors to choose their financial advisers wisely. federations that assist quested. For information,
that Reuters discovered at a variety of charities or call Brian Kirven at 415-
least 30 percent of brokers • Offer advice on how to Since 2000, the Mosaic in Arlington. I’ve offered hand-pick charities of 663-9042 or send email
have red flags on their re- invest with broad diversi- Project has helped more hip-hop classes ever since, their choice. to thepenmenofmarin@
cords,” said Krueger, 55. fication and let a portfolio than 54,000 students and including one now. Danc- This year the feder-
“So if you run to hire an grow over time, through adults from different back- ing with kids after school ations included United
adviser because you’re bull and bear markets. grounds build the peace- is awesome. One kid said, Way of the Bay Area, Bay TIBURON
freaked out about stock • Avoid SPOF (a sin- ful communities they en- ‘Best way to end the week; Area Black United Fund, Ring Mountain grant
market volatility, don’t go gle point of failure), such vision. best way to start the week- Community Health Char-
to just anyone, especially as putting all of your sav- “Despite their different end.’” ities of California, Earth- slated for extension
not a broker who’s a sales- ings into one investment, backgrounds, they’re still Catch a class from 3:30 Share California, Global The Nature Conser-
man for his or her compa- or one manager like Ber- all kids, and our kids in to 5 p.m. Fridays at the Impact and Local Inde- vancy has proposed a
ny’s own investments.” nie Madoff. particular need to be out Ranch: pendent Charities. $240,000 grant for the
That’s why Krueger Their session, “Protect of Tiburon’s bubble,” Da- county to extend the res-
launched Wealthramp. Yourself From a Bad Fi- vis said. “This year, we’re Dinner tab NOVATO toration project in the
com, a free online service nancial Advisor,” set for taking 120 Bel Aire fourth- The Caprice’s sale closed City sets schedule Ring Mountain Open
to help consumers find 7:15 p.m. Feb. 27. For infor- graders to a weeklong Mo- last week for $3.2 million Space Preserve.
the right fiduciary finan- mation, visit beltiblibrary. saic Project trip. Our goal and the restaurant will for strategic plan The grant provisions
cial adviser with the right org. is to make this trip avail- reopen in late summer The City Council has include three more years
experience to match each able to all fourth-graders or early fall. David Gil- scheduled several ses- of employment for a spe-
family’s particular needs. Peace and hip-hop at Bel Aire.” bert, broker of record for sions for the public to cialist to manage the
“There are easy steps to Ryan Davis, 35, has He said the project has Golden Gate Sotheby’s In- discuss formation of program. The project
vetting a financial adviser been teaching third and made a differnce; he’s ternational Realty, said, the city’s strategic plan, was launched in 2011 to
who really meets the fidu- fourth grades at Bel Aire watched as “kids stop “I was pleased to again which sets city goals and protect the habitat and
ciary definition,” Krueger School since 2011. He’s themselves from pushing, represent Chong Cook of objectives over a three- mitigate nonnative veg-
said. “Pinkie swear doesn’t also deeply involved as a hitting or yelling a nasty Point Tiburon Plaza as year period. etation in the 387-acre
work. They’ve got to put in counselor for the Mosaic name. ... They’re becoming listing broker and to work A full-day work session preserve.
writing that they adhere Project, an Oakland-based proactive instead of reac- with the buyer, Jerry Dal will be held from 10 a.m. The Board of Supervi-
to the highest standards.” program that emphasizes tive, which is pretty amaz- Bozzo.” to 4 p.m. March 3 at the sors will vote on a reso-
McCarthy, 66, spent 30 leadership, peace and un- ing.” Hill Community Room, lution accepting the grant
years heading up three derstanding among youth. The Mosaic Project’s Coyote watch 1560 Hill Road; and City when it meets on Tuesday
of Asia’s largest financial And on Friday after- goal is to have every kid While walking on Old Council workshops are afternoon.
service firms and served noons, he loves watching learn its lessons about di- Saint Hilary’s Open Space set for 6:30 p.m. March The Nature Conser-
as president and COO of kids interact in his hip- versity and empathy, how Preserve on Tuesday, my 13 and 27 and April 10 at vancy created the pre-
Charles Schwab. He’s just hop dance class. to listen to each other, dog and a large coyote had City Hall, 901 Sherman serve through land pur-
authored “The Safe Inves- “When I first came to how to see from each oth- a staring contest, 40 yards Ave. chases in the 1980s and
tor: How To Make Your Tiburon from Arlington, er’s perspective and how apart. Once we walked A public hearing to dis- gave it to the Marin
Money Grow in a Vola- Virginia, I was introduced to learn these life skills for away, it did the same. cuss adoption of the plan County Open Space Dis-
tile Global Economy.” The to the Mosaic Project conflict resolution. is set for 6:30 p.m. April trict for management in
book is intended to: through Bel Aire,” Davis “Teaching is intense Gil Zeimer, of Tiburon, 24 at City Hall. 1995.
• Help structure a life said. “They bring groups work,” Davis says. “So I is the IJ’s About Town
financial plan to earn a of kids from very different started street dancing in correspondent for Tiburon
higher return than a bank, schools to the experience. Washington, D.C. 18 years and Belvedere. Got a tip? SAN RAFAEL
but with less risk than I became very passionate ago and did my student Send story ideas to gil@
trading. about Mosaic right away.” teaching at a Title 1 school
Sexual assault suspect
arrested Thursday
Woman robbed at gunpoint at Mill Valley gas station By Adrian Rodriguez
vestigation in early Janu-
Marin Independent Journal Police released few de- portedly armed with a sedan, police said. Detailed
ary after a 16-year-old girl
tails about the incident, but black handgun “and took descriptions of the men were @adrianrrodri on Twitter told her mother she had
Mill Valley police were said the woman suffered personal items from the not immediately available. been sexually abused by
searching Friday for two minor injuries and was victim” who was opening Anyone with information A San Rafael man was Alonzo, who used to live
men who robbed a woman taken by Mill Valley med- the gas station at 5 Ashford is asked to call Mill Valley arrested Thursday on sus- with the family.
at gunpoint as she was ics to a hospital for evalu- Ave., police said in a state- police at 415-389-4100 or an picion of sexually assault- The victim was between
opening a Chevron gas sta- ation. ment. anonymous tip line at 415- ing a girl 10 years ago 5 and 6 years old at the
tion shortly after 5 a.m. One of the men was re- The men fled in a black 721-4547. when he lived with her time of the assault.
family. Alonzo was booked on
San Rafael police ar- suspicion of sexual inter-
ending: Judge Kelly Sim- a Corte Madera Flood Con- Peter Russell and Julie Mc- rested Victorio Pedroza course with a child 10 or
Elections mons, who was appointed
to the bench in 2005; Judge
trol board member, has
filed his papers.
Millan — have taken out pa-
Alonzo, 73. He was being
held at Marin County Jail
under and sexual penetra-
tion with a foreign object,
FROM PAGE 3 James Chou, who was ap- Kun ha rdt , a C or t e And in Belvedere, where in lieu of $250,000 bail. both felonies, and with dis-
pointed in 2010; and Judge Madera solar energy devel- the terms of Marty Winter The San Rafael Police playing harmful matter to
announced last year that he Beth Jordan, who was ap- oper who served as a Hill- and James Campbell are Department opened an in- a child, a misdemeanor.
is retiring, got about 53 per- pointed in 2017. ary Clinton delegate at ending, Campbell has taken
cent of the vote to Scott’s 46 Four Marin municipal- the 2016 Democratic Na- out papers.
percent. ities — Mill Valley, Corte tional Convention, an- There could also be a cou-
No one has taken out pa- Madera, Belvedere and nounced in January that ple of special district races
pers, however, to run for a Ross — have council mem- he plans to seek a seat on in June. The terms of three
number of other high-level bers whose terms are end- the Corte Madera coun- Ross Valley Sanitary Dis- | | @MarinIJ
positions in play in June. ing. cil in June. So far, Corte trict board members — Tom Customer
Delivery service...............................
& subscription 883.8633
service ....... 415.883.8633
So far, no challenger has So far, most of the action Madera’s other two incum- Gaffney, Michael Boorstein
Email ........................................................
emerged to Marin’s con- has been in Corte Madera, bent council members — and Pamela Meigs — are Hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; 7 to 11 a.m.
gressional representative, where incumbent Bob Rav- Carla Condon and Diane ending. Gaffney and Boor- Saturday; 7:30 to 11 a.m. Sunday.
Jared Huffman, D-San Ra- asio and three challeng- Furst — have not taken stein have taken out papers To report a missed newspaper: Call by 10 a.m. Monday through
Friday, and by 11 a.m. on weekends.
fael. Likewise for Marin’s ers — Eli Beckman, Da- out papers. and Gaffney has filed. Online: Manage your subscription at
District 1 Supervisor Da- vid Kunhardt and Valeria In Mill Valley, where The terms of two Al- Main office.......................................... 415.883.8600
mon Connolly or Sheriff- Sasser — have taken out the terms of John McCau- monte Sanitary District Business hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Coroner Robert Doyle. papers. Sasser is a court in- ley and Jessica Jackson are board members — Kevin The Marin Independent Journal is a newspaper inclusive of the following
Nor has anyone filed to terpreter coordinator. Beck- ending, McCauley has taken Reilly and Linda Rames — Newspapers of General Circulation: Marin Independent Journal.
challenge any of the three man, an architectural de- out papers. are ending as well; but no Online: The Marin Independent Journal (USPC 261000) is published
daily by Bay Area News Group, 4000 Civic Center Drive, Suite 301, San Rafael, CA
Marin Superior Cour t signer with Perkins East- In Ross, all three incum- one has taken out papers 94903. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Marin Independent Journal,
judges whose terms are man in San Francisco and bents — Elizabeth Robbins, to run. 4000 Civic Center Drive, Suite 301, San Rafael, CA 94903.
President and Publisher Sports Editor
Sports Editor
Rob Devincenzi
David .............. 382.7297 Mark
Rounds ................382.7297 DerekVolain......................382.7298
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75,000 square feet and built hotel options for the site. existing envelope of the cur-
Hotels at a 0.82 FAR. The Corte
Madera Inn is two stories,
“I think it’s a good idea
that the town is consider-
rent standards,” Devdhara
said. “I think they are mov-
Online Director
Scott Henry .................. 382.7304
Photo Editor
Robert Tong...................382.7269
81,110 square feet and built ing making some changes,” ing in the right direction
at 0.42 FAR. Grialou said. “But we need because the town is re- Editor Lifestyles Editor
FAR, which is the amount The Corte Madera Inn to pursue other options at ally under-served as far as Robert Sterling ............ 382.7294 Vicki Larson...................382.7286
of space a building can oc- is 110 rooms on 5.47 acres the same time the town is hotels and the number of
Opinion Page Editor Calendar Editor
cupy on a site. Corte Made- along Highway 101. The pro- going through this process. rooms available, period.” Brad Breithaupt ............ 382.7291 Nick Bensen...................382.7282
Colleen Bidwill ................ 382.7282
ra’s is the most restrictive posal is to rebuild the ho- We are not sure what the Devdhara said that if
FAR in Marin County and tel with 175 rooms, which timing will be.” the town moves forward City Editor Digital Editor
not reflective of the existing would require a 0.55 FAR. The Budget Inn is an 18- with developing its incen- Jen Upshaw Swartz .... 382.7290 Dave Allen ..................... 382.7206
hotels in town. The size of the project unit hotel. Owner Rajpu- tives, “We may take a step
For example, San Rafael is among a laundry list of tana Hotels in 2016 applied back to change the overall ADVERTISING
is exempted from FAR limi- concerns, including design, for a project to do major up- concept and design of our Display..................................................................................
Display 800.382.7275
tations. Larkspur allows de- traffic and the environmen- grades and add four rooms. project. It could be a great Classified ...................................................................................... 382.7242
Email ...................................................................
velopments from 0.4 to 1.0 tal impact due to the loss The Planning Commission boost.” .........................................................................................415.382.7204
Fax ............................................................................................ 415.382.7204
FAR. of an onsite pond, that has has looked at the proposed The planning staff is
As for existing hotels, the stalled the plan. design unfavorably and the working on developing an SUBSCRIPTION RATES
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Senator seeks endorsement days after resigning Parents face new charges
By Kathleen Ronayne
19-year-old intern to drink in kids’ torture case
The Associated Press
alcohol in a hotel suite at a
party convention in 2008. The Associated Press shocked neighbors who said
A California Democrat Mendoza has accused they rarely saw the chil-
plans to seek his party’s de Leon of throwing him RIVERSIDE >> A Southern dren, who appeared to be
endorsement for a state under the bus to gain cred- California couple suspected skinny, pale and reserved.
Senate seat at Saturday’s ibility in his upstart cam- of starving and shackling Authorities said the
convention just days after paign against incumbent some of their 13 children abuse was so long-running
resigning from the same U.S. Sen. Dianne Fein- pleaded not guilty Friday to the children’s growth was
seat following a sexual stein. He ramped up that new charges of child abuse. stunted. They said the cou-
misconduct investigation criticism Friday, saying David and Louise Tur- ple shackled the children
that found he likely ha- he was disappointed by pin previously entered not- to furniture as punishment
rassed six women. de Leon’s behavior after guilty pleas to torture and and had them live a noctur-
Former Sen. Tony Men- roughly 20 years of friend- a raft of other charges and nal lifestyle.
doza told the Associated ship, including sharing a are being held on $12 mil- The children, who range
Press he maintains “over- home in Sacramento dur- lion bail. in age from 2 to 29, were
whelming” support among ing session. L ouise Tur pin a lso hospitalized immediately
voters in his Los Angeles- “I considered him a pleaded not guilty to a new after their rescue and since
area district and is unde- friend, I considered him a count of felony assault. then Riverside County au-
terred by what he called close ally,” Mendoza said. Louise Turpin, dressed in thorities, who obtained
unfair efforts to oust him De Leon didn’t com- a blouse and blazer, looked temporary conservator-
by colleagues seeking po- RICH PEDRONCELLI— THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, FILE ment Friday, but on Thurs- intently at more than a ship over the adults, have
litical gain. State Sen. Tony Mendoza announced Thursday that he day defended the investi- dozen reporters in the declined to discuss their
“The Senate process was resigning over sexual misconduct allegations just gation process and said courtroom. David Turpin, whereabouts or condition.
was a sham,” he said Fri- ahead of a possible vote by his colleagues to expel him. the Senate’s first priority wearing a blazer, tie and Attorneys representing
day. was protecting employees. black-rimmed glasses, kept the adult siblings told CBS
Me n d o z a r e s i g n e d nearly 150 women released earning a hostile recep- “We take no joy in a col- his eyes on the judge during News, however, that the
Thursday, just before a a letter last fall saying sex- tion from some members league’s resignation, but the hearing. Both said lit- seven are living at Corona
possible vote to expel ual harassment is perva- of the party who strongly this was clearly the right tle except to agree to a May Medical Center, where they
him, pushed by Senate sive in California’s Capitol. called for him to leave of- and just outcome for this preliminary hearing. have an outdoor area for
President Pro Tem Kevin Mendoza’s odds of earn- fice. Senate, our employees and The couple was ar- sports and exercise, and are
de Leon, Mendoza’s for- ing the endorsement are He’s apologized if he the taxpayers we serve,” he rested last month after making decisions on their
mer roommate and a U.S. steep. He failed to secure made anyone uncomfort- said in a statement with their 17-year-old daugh- own for the first time.
Senate candidate. He said the endorsement earlier able but has continued to Democratic Sen. Toni At- ter escaped from the fami- “That in itself is a new ex-
he wanted to leave on his this year — normally a deny engaging in inappro- kins of San Diego, who ly’s home in Perris, Califor- perience for them, under-
own terms and let the vot- lock for incumbents — and priate behavior. He said he will take over his leader- nia, and called 911. Authori- standing that they do have
ers decide his fate this fall would need the backing of changed his behavior in ship post next month. ties said the home reeked of rights and they do have a
rather than be branded by 60 percent of delegates in 2010 after a young female He said de Leon should human waste and evidence voice,” attorney Jack Os-
the “scarlet letter” of ex- his district at the conven- employee complained and have recused himself from of starvation was obvi- born said.
pulsion. Mendoza is the tion. He plans to arrive was never made aware of making decisions about ous, with the oldest sibling He said that making
third California lawmaker Friday night and will ad- any other concerns about his fate because the two weighing only 82 pounds. daily decisions such as what
to resign amid sexual mis- dress his district delegates his behavior. lived together for about a The case drew interna- to read or wear is empow-
conduct allegations since the next day, potentially He’s denied inviting a decade. tional media attention and ering.

rance, California, 67, a qual- and Trump’s volatile White Americans saying they ap- back his performance on And in general, 64 per-
Poll ity assurance manager at an
aerospace company who
House. Not contributing to
a sense of safety has been
prove of how Trump is han-
dling his job overall. Nearly
the economy.
Republicans stand far
cent of Republicans but
just 11 percent of Demo-
FROM PAGE 1 was forced to work at a se- Trump’s feud with North two-thirds disapprove. ahead of Democrats and in- crats think the country is
curity job for a year. “But re- Korea. Yet 45 percent say they dependents in terms of opti- headed in the right direc-
Despite that gloomy out- cent events would point to- But Trump also has the approve of Trump’s han- mism about how things are tion. Overall, just 32 per-
look, Americans are more ward things getting worse. improving economy in his dling of the economy. That’s going in the country. cent of Americans think
likely to see the national ... It’s a lot of violence in pocket, low unemployment higher than the 34 percent For example, 57 percent the country is headed in
economy as having im- the news. A lot of violence and a stock market that has who approve of how he’s of Republicans but just a the right direction, while
proved rather than wors- in the country. A lot of nat- only recently begun to wob- handling foreign policy and tenth of Democrats think 68 percent think it’s on the
ened in the past 12 months, ural disasters.” ble. He and the Republican- 37 percent who say the same the direction of the coun- wrong track.
39 percent to 24 percent, Can-do optimism has led Congress scored a ma- of Trump’s handling of im- try will improve in the next The AP-NORC poll of
according to a survey re- been a feature of American jor policy victory at the end migration. year. Nearly 7 in 10 Repub- 1,337 adults was conducted
leased Friday by The As- culture since the nation’s of 2017 by passing tax cuts Even among Democrats, licans — but just 13 percent Feb. 15-19 using a sample
sociated Press-NORC Cen- founding. But the poll sug- into law. just 8 percent of whom say of Democrats — believe the drawn from NORC’s prob-
ter for Public Affairs Re- gests it’s been challenged That’s important to how they approve of how Trump national economy is likely ability-based AmeriSpeak
search. Another 36 percent in the 13 months since Americans feel about the is handling his job overall, to improve. Republicans are panel, which is designed to
said they don’t see much Trump took office, amid lifelong businessman and 21 percent say they approve even more optimistic than be representative of the U.S.
difference. devastating mass shoot- his presidency. His base of his handling of the econ- Democrats when it comes to population. The margin of
“Well, I hold a job again,” ings, a deadly race riot in of support remains histor- omy. Among Republicans, thinking their personal fi- sampling error for all re-
said Republican-leaning Charlottesville, Virginia, ically low but solid, with three-quarters approve nances will improve, 54 per- spondents is plus or minus
David Peterson of Tor- record-setting hurricanes about about 35 percent of overall while 82 percent cent to 27 percent. 3.9 percentage points.

CerTifieD Pre-OwNeD VehiCles
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Price 2012 Nissan Cube 1.8s 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid 2002 Lexus rx 300
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Power Steering, Tilt Wheel Daytime Running Lights, Keyless Entry CD/MP3, Keyless Entry, Power Door Locks, Steering & Windows Variable Trans, JBL Premium Sound Locks, Steering & Windows, Traction Control

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MP3, Cruise Control, Leather, Navigation Syst., Rear Spoiler Door Locks, Steering and Windows, Traction Control Power Windows, Alloy Wheels, ABS 4-Wheel Premium Sound, Rear Spoiler, Traction Control Tilt & Telescoping Wheel, Sirius XM Satellite

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Stock# 70240 Vin# 736790 Stock# T0031A Vin# 156988 Stock# 17441 Vin# 585110 Stock# J0010A Vin# 110974 Stock# S0779B Vin# 074081

Novato Toyota • 115 Vintage Way • Novato

Rowland Blvd. Exit off Hwy. 101
415-897-3191 • 800-659-3191 •
All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges. $80 document preparation charge and any emission testing charge. Vehicles subject to prior sale. All offers end 02/26/18.
6 | A


US companies distance
themselves from NRA
Ex-Trump aide pleads guilty,
as pressure mounts will cooperate in Russia probe
The Associated Press nounced that it would not By Chad Day,
renew a co-branded Visa Tom Lobianco
NEW YORK >> U.S. compa- credit-card with the NRA. and Eric Tucker
nies are taking a closer NR A Executive Vice The Associated Press
look at investments, co- President Wayne LaPierre
branding deals and other said this week at the Con- WASHINGTON >> A former
ties to the gun industry servative Political Action senior adviser to President
and its public face, the Conference, that those ad- Donald Trump’s election
National Rif le Associa- vocating for stricter gun campaign pleaded guilty
tion, after the latest school control are exploiting the Friday to federal conspir-
massacre. Florida shooting which acy and false-statements
Petitions are circulat- killed 17 people, mostly charges, saying he will
ing online targeting com- high-school students. now cooperate in the spe-
panies that offer discounts “Evil walks among us cial counsel’s Russia inves-
to NRA members on its and God help us if we don’t tigation.
website. #BoycottNRA is harden our schools and The plea by Rick Gates re-
trending on Twitter. protect our kids,” LaPierre vealed that he will help spe-
Members of the NRA said Thursday. “The whole cial counsel Robert Muel-
have access to special of- idea from some of our op- ler’s investigation in “any
fers from partner compa- ponents that armed secu- and all matters” as prose-
nies on its website, rang- rity makes us less safe is cutors continue to probe the
ing from life insurance to completely ridiculous.” Trump campaign, Russian
wine clubs. For a second President Dona ld election interference and
consecutive day compa- Trump has aligned him- Gates’ longtime business
nies listed on the site have self with the NRA, sug- associate, Paul Manafort.
cut ties to the NRA as it gesting some teachers With his cooperation,
aggressively resists calls could be armed so that Gates gives Mueller a wit- JOSE LUIS MAGANA — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
for stricter gun control they could fire on any at- ness willing to provide in- Rick Gates leaves federal court in Washington Friday. Gates, a former top adviser to
in the wake of the mass tacker. formation on Manafort President Donald Trump’s campaign pleaded guilty in the special counsel’s Russia
shooting last week at a U.S. corporations are about his finances and po- investigation to federal conspiracy and false statements charges.
Florida high school that moving in the other di- litical consulting work in
left 17 dead. rection. Ukraine, and also someone conspiring to launder mil- late to a conspiracy of un- bying campaign on behalf
The insurance company On Friday, a large Wall who had access at the high- lions of dollars they earned registered lobbying, money of Ukrainian interests.
MetLife Inc. discontin- Street money management est levels of Trump’s 2016 while working on behalf of laundering and fraud laid On Friday, Manafort said
ued its discount program firm said that it wanted to presidential campaign. a pro-Russian Ukrainian out in his indictments. in a statement that he main-
with the NRA on Friday. engage with major weap- Gates, 45, of Richmond, political party. But his plea does newly tains his innocence.
The software company ons manufacturers about Virginia, made the plea at Gates’ decision marks the reveal that Gates spoke “I had hoped and ex-
Symantec Corp., which what comes next. the federal courthouse in fifth publicly known guilty with the FBI earlier this pected my business col-
makes Norton Antivirus Blackrock Inc., which Washington. He admitted plea in the special coun- month and lied during the league would have had
technology, did the same. manages $6 trillion in to charges accusing him sel probe into possible col- interview. That same day, the strength to continue
Insurer Chubb Ltd. said assets, has become one of conspiring against the lusion between the Trump his attorneys filed a mo- the battle to prove our in-
Friday it is ending partic- of the largest stakehold- U.S. government related to campaign and the Kremlin tion to withdraw from rep- nocence. For reasons yet
ipation in the NRA’s gun- ers gun manufacturers fraud and unregistered for- during the 2016 campaign. resenting him for “irrecon- to surface he chose to do
owner insurance program, like Sturm Ruger & Co., eign lobbying as well as ly- The plea also comes cilable difference.” otherwise,” Manafort said.
but it provided notice American Outdoor Brands ing to federal authorities in quickly on the heels of a The court papers ac- “This does not alter my
three months ago. The pro- Corp. and Vista Outdoor a recent interview. stunning indictment last cuse Gates of lying about a commitment to defend
gram that provided cover- Inc. through indirect in- The plea came a day after week that laid out a broad March 19, 2013, meeting in- myself against the untrue
age for people involved in vestments. The money a federal grand jury in Vir- operation of election med- volving Manafort, a lobbyist piled-up charges contained
gun-related incidents or is placed in index funds, ginia returned a 32-count dling by Russia, which be- and a member of Congress. in the indictments against
accidents had been under so Blackrock cannot sell indictment against Gates gan in 2014, and employed Gates said the meeting did me.”
scrutiny by regulators over shares of individual com- and Manafort, Trump’s for- fake social media accounts not include discussion of In court filings over the
marketing issues. panies within the index. mer campaign chairman, and on-the-ground poli- Ukraine, when in fact pros- past few months, Gates
Those defections ar- Its fund clients invest in accusing them of tax eva- ticking to promote Trump’s ecutors say it did. gradually began to show the
rived a day after the car indexes that might con- sion and bank fraud. campaign, disparage Hill- The charges don’t name strain the case was placing
rental company Enterprise tain companies like Ruger. The indictment in Vir- ary Clinton and sow divi- the lobbyist or the law- on him and his family.
Holdings, which also owns On Friday, spokesman ginia was the second round sion and discord widely maker but filings with the Under the terms of the
Alamo and National, said Ed Sweeney said Black- of charges against Gates among the U.S. electorate. Justice Department show plea, Gates is estimated
it was cutting off discounts rock will be “engaging and against Manafort, who The charges to which Manafort and lobbyist Vin to face between 57 and 71
for NRA members. First with weapons manufac- has denied any wrongdoing. Gates is pleading guilty Weber of Mercury Public months behind bars. Prose-
National Bank of Omaha, turers and distributors to The two men were initially don’t involve any conduct Affairs met with Rep. Dana cutors may seek a shortened
one of the nation’s largest understand their response charged last October with connected to the Trump Rohrabacher, R-Calif., on sentence depending on his
privately held banks, an- to recent events.” unregistered lobbying and campaign. They largely re- that date as part of a lob- cooperation.


Greitens blames politics for indictment

By Jim Salter, David A.
an investigation launched duty to serve justice and the
Lieb and Blake Nelson
by Circuit Attorney Kim citizens of this community,”
The Associated Press
Gardner — alleges that Gre- Ryan said Friday.
itens took a compromising While the state Republi-
ST. LOUIS >> Missouri Gov. photo of a woman with- can Party was still support-
Eric Greitens is blaming his out her consent and trans- ing Greitens, some lawmak-
felony invasion of privacy mitted the image to a com- ers, including some Repub-
indictment on a “reckless puter. Greitens has admit- licans, were calling on him
liberal prosecutor,” hold- ted being unfaithful to his to resign or face legislative
ing fast to the assertion that wife before he won election impeachment proceedings.
any case stemming from his as governor but has denied “In the wake of the grand
admitted extramarital af- criminal wrongdoing and jury criminal indictment,
fair is politically driven. has insisted that the affair and with legal proceedings
The Republican governor with his former hairdresser to come, I cannot see how
and St. Louis’ Democratic was consensual. His attor- he could effectively perform
circuit at- ney filed a motion to dis- the duties of his office, let
torney, both miss the indictment. alone to lead with the kind
just a little Greitens claims the crim- of moral authority needed

more than inal case is politically mo- to make a positive impact,”
a year into tivated. said Sen. Kevin Corlew, of
their offices, “The people of Missouri Kansas City, one of at least
certainly are deserve better than a reck- four Republicans who were
political op- less liberal prosecutor who newly calling for Greitens’
posites. But uses her office to score po- resignation.
a grow ing Greitens litical points,” Greitens said Senate Majority Leader

number of in a statement Thursday. Mike Kehoe, a Republican
GOP lawmakers on Friday Gardner didn’t respond, from Jefferson City, said the
were questioning whether but her spokeswoman Su- indictment “causes me to
Greitens can continue to san Ryan said the prosecutor question whether the gover-
effectively lead while fac- “will not be playing political nor has the ability to effec-
ing the indictment. games during this process.” tively lead the state going
T he i nd ic t ment — “These personal attacks, forward,” but he stopped
handed down by a grand while disappointing, will short of calling for Greit-

for the jury and stemming from not distract her from her ens’ resignation.


Information on aborted execution sought

th By Kim Chandler
were halting the execution
because medical staff did
“He’s in great pain from
yesterday evening, phys-

The Associated Press
not think they could ob- ically, from all of the at-
MONTGOMERY, ALA. >> After tain “the appropriate ve- tempts to access his veins
an aborted lethal injection nous access” before a mid- in his lower extremities and
in which lawyers contend night deadline. The an- in his groin,” Harcourt told
a condemned prisoner en- nouncement came about 2 The Associated Press.
Reach the strong, wise dured two-and-a-half hours 1/2 hours after the U.S. Su- Corrections Commis-
and beautiful women of medical staff trying to preme Court had cleared sioner Jeff Dunn early Fri-
of the North Bay. access his veins, a federal the execution to proceed. day morning disagreed that
judge on Friday ordered Al- The state prison commis- there was a problem with
North Bay Woman is abama to maintain records sioner said the execution the execution.
distributed in Marin, about the incident. was delayed because of a “It was a time issue,”
Sonoma and Napa. U.S. District Judge Karon “time issue” while an attor- Dunn said. “I wouldn’t nec-
Bowdre issued the order in ney for Hamm argued that essarily characterize what
These high income, response to a request from the execution was botched we had tonight as a prob-
Doyle Lee Hamm’s attor- and the state should be lem. ... The only indication
influential ladies are the neys who say they want to “ashamed” for what hap- I have is that in their medi-
decision makers who know more about what hap- pened. cal judgment it was more of
you want to reach in pened during the attempt Bernard Harcourt, who a time issue given the late
the North Bay. to execute him. represents Hamm, said he hour.”
Hamm, who has bat- had argued in court filings Bowdre had scheduled
tled lymphoma, was to be that lethal injection would a hearing for Monday, but
Publishing April 27 executed Thursday for the
1987 murder of a hotel clerk.
be difficult and painful be-
cause Hamm’s veins have
later canceled it.
Dunn said he didn’t
However, prison officials been severely compromised know how long the medi-
Reserve ad space Call Lori Pearce at 415.382.7216
announced at about 11:30
p.m. Thursday that they
by lymphoma, hepatitis and
prior drug use.
cal team attempted to con-
nect the line.
| 7


Deaths mount in Syria as UN US tightens sanctions on

North Korean shipping
weighs cease-fire resolution By Matthew
and Zeke Miller
ing “virtually all their
ships that they’re using at
this moment in time.”
Trump, who has vowed
The Associated Press
By Bassem Mroue
to use force if necessary
and Edith M. Lederer
WASHINGTON >> The Trump to prevent North Ko-
The Associated Press
administration escalated rea acquiring a nuclear-
pressure on North Korea tipped missile that could
BEIRUT >> Syrian govern- Friday by slapping sanc- strike the U.S. mainland,
ment warplanes carried tions on scores of compa- warned that if sanctions
out a sixth day of airstrikes nies and ships accused of don’t work, the U.S. would
Friday in the rebel-held illicit trading with the pa- move to “phase two” in its
suburbs east of Damascus, riah nation. Treasury Sec- pressure campaign against
killing 32 people, activists retary Steven Mnuchin Pyongyang. He told a
said, as the death toll from said the U.S. has now black- White House news con-
a week of bombardment listed virtually all ships be- ference that could be “very
soared over 400. ing used by the North. rough” and “very unfortu-
At the United Nations, T he administration nate for the world.” He did
last-minute negotiations billed it as the largest in- not elaborate.
were underway ahead of an stallment of North Ko- The United Nations Se-
expected vote on a Security rean economic restrictions curity Council has im-
Council resolution demand- to date as it intensifies its posed three sets of sanc-
ing a 30-day humanitarian campaign of “maximum tions on North Korea in
cease-fire. pressure” to get the North the past year. The restric-
The new bombings came to give up its nuclear weap- tions are intended to de-
a day after Syrian army he- ons. President Donald prive it of revenue and re-
licopters dropped leaflets GHOUTA MEDIA CENTER Trump went further, de- sources for its nuclear and
over the rebel-controlled Smoke rises after Syrian government airstrikes hit Ghouta, suburb of Damascus, Syria. claring in a speech Friday ballistic missile develop-
areas of eastern Ghouta, at the Conservative Politi- ment. Washington is par-
urging residents of those based group that monitors The opposition’s Syrian cease-fire to relieve the cal Action Conference that ticularly concerned about
suburbs to leave for their the civil war through a net- Civil Defense rescue group “appalling suffering” of ci- it was “the heaviest sanc- exports of North Korean
own safety and calling on work of activists in Syria. reported new airstrikes in vilians in eastern Ghouta tions ever imposed on a coal that are prohibited
opposition fighters to sur- The Ghouta Media Cen- Douma, Arbeen and other by stopping the bombing country before.” by the U.N. sanctions and
render because they were ter, an activist collective, towns east of Damascus. there and the “indiscrimi- While that claim was ship-to-ship transfers of
surrounded by government also reported 32 killed, say- At the White House, U.S. nate” shelling of Damascus. questionable — previous imported oil and petro-
troops. ing the victims included 13 President Donald Trump He said the cease-fire must U.S. measures have tar- leum products.
Opposition activists re- people in the Damascus blamed Russia, Iran and be followed by an “imme- geted bigger players in the The Treasury Depart-
ported airstrikes and artil- suburb of Douma, five in the Syrian government diate, unhindered humani- North Korean economy, in- ment said it was barring
lery shelling on a string of Ein Tarma and five in Shie- for the recent violence in tarian access to eastern Gh- cluding Chinese and Rus- U.S. business transactions
towns on the edge of Da- founiyeh. Syria, calling it a “human- outa and evacuation of sick sian business networks — with nine international
mascus or eastern Ghouta. Syrian state TV reported itarian disgrace.” His com- and injured.” it significantly tightens the shipping companies from
At least 32 people were that insurgents fired 70 ments came at a joint news U.N. Secretary-General noose on North Korean China, Hong Kong, Sin-
killed in raids on areas in- shells on Damascus, killing conference with Australian Antonio Guterres also had trading. Mnuchin told re- gapore and Panama, and
cluding Hammouriyeh, one person and wounding Prime Minister Malcolm urged an immediate sus- porters that the U.S. has nine of their vessels. It
Zamalka, Douma and al- 60 others. It said one of the Turnbull. pension of “all war activi- now imposed more than also blacklisted 16 North
Marj, according to the Syr- shells hit a hospital, damag- U.N. Special Envoy for ties” in eastern Ghouta, say- 450 sanctions against the shipping companies and
ian Observatory for Hu- ing its intensive care unit as Syria Staffan de Mistura ing 400,000 people are liv- North, about half of them 19 of their North Korean-
man Rights, a Britain- well as cars parked nearby. called again for an urgent ing “in hell on Earth.” in the last year — includ- flagged vessels.


Trump administration weighs Sheldon Adelson offer to fund Jerusalem embassy

By Josh Lederman
ficials told The Associated ministration plans a rib- Adelson but potentially total cost — expected to cant departure from his-
The Associated Press
Press. bon-cutting for a scaled- from other donors in the run into the hundreds of torical practice. In the Je-
Law yers at the State down, temporary embassy evangelical Christian and millions of dollars — and rusalem case, it would add
WASHINGTON >> The Trump Department are looking that will open in May — American Jewish commu- what the administration yet another layer of con-
administration is consider- into the legality of accept- more than a year ahead nities, too. One official is able to raise. troversy to Trump’s polit-
ing an offer from Republi- ing private donations to of schedule. said Adelson, a Las Ve- Under a ny circum- ically charged decision to
can mega-donor Sheldon cover some or all of the In one possible sce- gas casino magnate and stance, letting private cit- move the embassy, given
Adelson to pay for at least embassy costs, the offi- nario, the administra- staunch Israel supporter, izens cover the costs of an Adelson’s longstanding af-
part of a new U.S. embassy cials said. The discussions tion would solicit con- had offered to pay the official government build- filiation with right-wing Is-
in Jerusalem, four U.S. of- are occurring as the ad- tributions not only from difference between the ing would mark a signifi- raeli politics.

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Broad rally helps stocks end week slightly higher Worst is feared for missing
By Alex Veiga
ter reaching four-year ably lets equity traders finish the week lower after girls after Nigeria attack
The Associated Press
highs earlier in the week. breathe a sigh of relief and losses on Tuesday snapped
That spike on Wednesday, pushes stocks up a little.” a six-day winning streak. By Haruna Umar
with its most wrench-
Wall Street capped sev- which sent the 10-year The Standard & Poor’s All told, the S&P 500 eked and Krista Larson
ing challenge since the
eral days of choppy trad- Treasury yield closing in 500 index climbed 43.34 out a 0.6 percent gain for The Associated Press
Chibok mass abduction of
ing Friday with a broad on 3 percent, sent stocks points, or 1.6 percent, to the week. The Dow and 276 schoolgirls in 2014 that
rally that gave the stock sharply lower. 2,747.30. The Dow Jones in- Nasdaq finished w ith DAPCHI, NIGERIA >> The sound shocked the world.
market a modest gain for “There was a lot of con- dustrial average picked up gains of 0.4 percent and of gunfire rang out as resi- Conflicting reports added
the week. cern about what happened 347.51 points, or 1.4 percent, 1.4 percent, respectively. dents gathered for evening to the confusion Friday over
Tech nolog y c ompa- if bond yields got above 3 to 25,309.99. The Nasdaq Bond prices rose. The prayers at the mosque. Soon the fate of the young women
nies, banks and health percent, and that proba- composite gained 127.30 yield on the 10-year Trea- the armed fighters showed who attended the boarding
care stocks accounted bly added to some of the points, or 1.8 percent, to sury note fell to 2.87 per- up in their trucks and made school in the northern vil-
for much of the market’s jitters earlier this week,” 7,337.39. The Russell 2000 cent from 2.92 percent. their target clear: Where was lage of Dapchi.
gains. Energy companies said Willie Delwiche, in- index of smaller-company The yield declined for the the girls’ school, they asked. “On the issue of the num-
also rose along with crude vestment strategist at stocks rose 19.20 points, or second day in a row after Now parents say 101 ber of missing girls, we can-
oil prices. Baird. “Now you have a 1.3 percent, to 1,549.19. climbing as high as 2.95 schoolgirls are missing af- not give what we are not
The rally came as bond day when yields are mov- The S&P 500, a key ba- percent on Wednesday, ter the Boko Haram assault sure of,” said Nigerian In-
yields pulled back for the ing away from that. At rometer for the stock mar- the highest level since Jan- Monday evening, present- formation Minister Lai Mu-
second day in a row af- least for now, that prob- ket, had been on course to uary 2014. ing Nigeria’s government hammed.

Call 415-382-7335 to place an obituary.

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Guest Book visit

Leonard James Alaria Hazel Gravem Peggy Ames Hall Ruth McLeod Charles “Bud”
Born 8/19/1940; Died 2/7/2018 nee Rianda A 78 year resident of Voorhees Spaletta
Len was born in Bakersfield, but he headed to Berkeley Hazel Gravem passed Sausalito, CA passed away
February 19th, 2018 at the Ruth McLeod Voorhees of On February 18, 2018,
after high school, and pretty much never looked back. away peacefully at home in Kentfield died after a short Charles “Bud” Spaletta, a
After graduating from Cal, he wandered about Europe San Rafael on February 6th, celebrated age of 99.
Peggy was born to the illness on January 5, 2018, longtime dairyman in Marin
like all aspiring writers, spent his time in the US Army 2018. Born in Salinas at the age of 100. She and County, passed away at
as a trainer, and then settled in Sausalito. He died there, on February 3rd, 1928 to loving parents Howard and
Anna Ames on October 8th, her brother James Gordon home at the age of 85. He
after a long illness. Thomas Angelo Rianda and McLeod were born in is survived by his daughter,
Len was half Sicilian and half Jewish and he liked to say Adelina Rosa Rianda, Hazel 1918 in Selah, WA. She
grew up the baby sister of Portland, Oregon to Laudric Patty, son-in-law, Jon, sons,
he didn’t know whether to shoot his enemies or just out- grew up on the family dairy McLeod of St. Petersburg, Tony and Brian, and grand-
smart them. He was a copywriter and creative director for in Gonzales, California Marshall and Donald Ames
and attended Selah High Florida and Jennie children, Jake and Alisha.
a number of San Francisco ad agencies, churning out with her parents and older Ingermanson of Bornholm, He is preceded in death by
pithy prose for everything from toilet paper to cruise brother, Richard Rianda. School. In 1943, she
married the love of her life Denmark. She married his parents, Charles and
lines, with stops in between to hawk canned tomatoes, After graduating from Willard R. Voorhees (Bill) Eda (Grossi) Spaletta, and
casinos and mortgage refis. Like many a copywriter, he Gonzales High in 1945, Willard “Red” Hall. Togeth-
er they welcomed their of Ross, CA in Seattle, WA sister Helen Cristiani. His
also had a “serious” side, and pursued TV and movie Hazel attended UC Berke- in 1945 and moved to surviving siblings include
work. He was named a Nicholl Fellow in ’91 by the Oscar ley, graduating in 1949 darling son Bill in 1946
in Seattle, WA. The family Marin with their first child, elder brother, James “Jim,”
org for his movie script “War Cry” which unfortunately with a BA and Teaching Robert, in 1946. After the younger brothers, Domingo
landed in the midst of a slew of Hollywood movies about Credential. dreamed of a new and
modern life in the birth of daughter Beth and “Dee Dee,” Henry “Hank,”
the Viet Nam war. Still, he was proud to tell how he got For a short time Hazel shortly before the arrival of John “Moe,” and sister
to sit next to Jack Lemmon and chat with the guy who lived and taught school in Bay Area, settling and
building a beautiful home son David, they moved into Barbara “Susie” Fomasi.
wrote “Casablanca.” Danville. In February 1953 the new family home in Bud was born in
Len was a voracious reader, with an impressive scope she met Otis Gravem at in Sausalito, CA.
Sausalito and Marin meant Kentfield in 1952, where Petaluma, California and
that spanned both the classic and the obscure. He loved a Navy Officers’ dance at she resided until her death. attended Petaluma High
Sausalito for its breathtaking views, its artists and its many the “Top of the Mark". He so much to Peggy. She was
an avid Sausalito communi- Bill died in 1988. School. In the 1950s, he
watering holes, but also for its library. He loved good proposed in May at his In addition to providing a served four years in the Air
food and, yes, some bad food as well. And he loved to beloved Summer Home ty member. She loved her
Christ Episcopal Church warm and gracious home Force earning a certificate
travel, especially internationally, and he maintained a Park and they were married which has hosted four in mechanics. He later
bucket list even in the past few years when he was only by late August at the with all her heart, as well
as the Sausalito Little generations of joyous fami- owned a popular nightclub
able to travel vicariously. Carmel Mission Basilica. ly gatherings, Ruth gave of in Petaluma, the “Colony
Len was an unabashed lifelong fan of the Giants, the That marriage would last 54 League. Peggy was a
beloved and honorary her time and talents to the Club.” For over forty years,
Warriors and the 49ers, although he couldn’t quite forgive years, until Otis’ death in Laurel House at the Marin he operated a conventional
the ‘Niners for departing to Santa Clara. 2007. member of the Sausalito
Women’s Club for 68 years. Art and Garden Center and Holstein dairy, which has
Len is survived by his prize-winning recipe for “Road Otis and Hazel made their the Sunny Hills Guild. She been in the Spaletta family
Kill Chili,” a steamer trunk full of Hawaiian shirts which home in Marin County and Her home was a source of
true happiness as she also developed a lifelong since the 1930’s. In the past
for some reason he never wore, and a bevy of great had one daughter, Barbara. appreciation and love for decade, he and his son
friends who dot the California coastline and who miss During a period of thirty brought to life the ever-
changing landscape with Japanese antiques while Tony converted their con-
him dearly. He is also survived by his soulmate and love years, Hazel taught full- working for many years at ventional dairy to organic.
of his life, Elinore, who he met while commuting on the time, part-time and as a her love of gardening.
Peggy filled the home Roger Barber Antiques in Over the years he served
Sausalito Ferry and married June 24, 1978. During his substitute in nearly every San Anselmo. as a director on numerous
long illness, she earned the title of Saint Eli for serving as grade at K-8 public schools with beautiful memories
through many events and Her good humor, warmth Boards relating to agricul-
his cook, chauffer, nurse and counselor. His step-son, throughout Marin. When and loving spirit will ture, including MALT,
Mike Gaspers lives in San Anselmo. she could, she volunteered parties, especially hosting
her bridge girls for their be missed by her children DHIA, Farm Bureau,
Len was a soft-hearted easy touch when it came to the in the community. She and their families: Robert and the former Petaluma
downtrodden or the underappreciated. But he was also a was a founding parent of weekly competitive games,
which she often won until (Lori), Beth, and David Cooperative Creamery.
cantankerous curmudgeon who could sling sharp barbs at the playground cooperative (Dorothy), granddaughter Bud enjoyed being a
the pompous and overstuffed. He was proud of his Pixie Place (now Pixie her resting day. Fourth of
July parties were not to be Jennifer (Jake) and great- member of the Elks Lodge
grumpiness, but that was only his exterior. Park) in Ross, and along grandchildren Grace and and Druids (Petaluma), and
Donations in memory of Len should be made to your with Otis, produced missed, and in 2004 Peggy
rode in the Sausalito 4th of Ryan, and Matthew Fisk, Native Sons of the Golden
local library, homeless shelter, recovering alcoholics Pixie Patter, the group’s Karin Fisk and Angel Grace West (Nicasio).
organization, feral cat rescue organization or any other newsletter. Hazel served as July Parade as an outstand-
ing community member. Fraga. The family also rec- Family and friends are
group close to your hearts. PTA president at Brookside ognizes the support given invited to attend the Funer-
School in San Anselmo and Peggy was a devoted fan
of the three time World by David and Dorothy al Mass, Tuesday, February
her interest in Frank Lloyd allowing Ruth to stay in her 27, 2018 at 11:00 A.M. at St.
Wright led her to being Champions San Francisco
Giants and the five time home in her later years. It Vincent de Paul Church,
a docent at the Marin Civic was always a joy to see her Petaluma. In lieu of flow-
Center. World Champions SF 49ers.
Go Giants! Peggy never presiding at a family gather- ers, the family requests that
Hazel enjoyed playing ing at the head of the table. donations be made to
bridge, gardening, gam- missed a game.
Peggy is survived by her Burial will be private. Future Farmers of America.
bling, reading, sewing, Donations in her memory
upholstering, knitting, and son William Hall, daughter-
in-law Jeanne Hall, two may be made to Wildcare
she always preferred to in San Rafael.
have a cat in the house. grandsons Billy and
Tommy Hall, granddaugh- Assisted by
Hazel was lucky to spend Monte’s Chapel of the
many memorable summers ter Stacey Hall and great
grandson Redford Gibson. Hills, San Anselmo
at Summer Home Park with
family and friends. She put As well as, her beloved
family first, not only caring niece and husband Barbara
for her immediate family, and Brian Bradeson.
but also trying to be a Friends and family are in-
Jay Linderman Kathleen Hamm positive influence on her vited to attend a memorial
Life Tribute 9/19/1956-1/18/2018 extended family. She had service at Christ Episcopal
Mar. 11, 1940 - Feb. 25, 2016 Kathy passed away peace- an eye on everyone! Church, 70 Santa Rosa Ave.
fully with family at her side Hazel is survived by her Sausalito, CA on Monday
Remembering the life of February 26th, 2018 at 3:00
Jay Linderman who died at and will be greatly missed. daughter, Barbara, son-in-
From St. Anselm’s - Marin law, Sam Ayoubpour, and p.m. with a reception
Zen Hospice in San Francis- following at the Spinnaker
co on February 25, 2016, Catholic-College of Marin granddaughter Cadence, as
and a life lived in Marin well as ten nieces and Restaurant.
just days before his 75th The family is grateful for
birthday. and Sonoma County she nephews and their families.
was known for her warmth, The family wishes to thank the condolences; in lieu of
Jay grew up in western flowers, donations can be
New York State, the kindness generosity and Kara and Pravin, who
her entrepreneurial mind worked together seamlessly made in her name to The
oldest son of Nicholas Christ Episcopal Church.
and Adolfine (Preisinger) along with her creative pas- to ensure Hazel’s comfort,
Linderman. He came to sion for living. The biggest safety and dignity.
the SF Bay Area in the joy and love of her life was A private graveside serv-
early 1960’s to attend law her daughters Alex and ice for immediate family
school at UC Berkeley, Sam. members will be at
Boalt Hall. He received his Celebration of Life: Sun- the National Cemetery in
Juris Doctor in 1965, and day, 2/25/2018 2:00PM, Dixon, where she will be
worked in public and American Legion Log joined with Otis. A Celebra-
private law practice in the Cabin, 20 Veterans Place, tion of Life will be held MOUNT TAMALPAIS
Bay Area. His final position San Anselmo. In lieu of Sunday, March 4th, 1:30 –
was senior staff attorney for flowers donations may be 4:30, at the Marin Art and MORTUARY & CEMETERY
the California Commission made to her brother Bills Garden Center in Ross. (415) 459-2500
on Judicial Performance. non profit Memorial donations can be
Serving Marin County since 1879
Jay lived his life made to Doctors Without
2500 5th Ave. San Rafael CA
with thoughtful conviction, which she was very proud Borders or a charitable or-
to be part of. ganization of your choice. CRM321 Lic FD1410 CA432 CCM215
grace, and searching
self-awareness. He loved
beauty, simplicity and com- KEATON’S
plex ideas. He cherished Marin County’s Premier Name in Funeral Service
Advanced Planning Seminars Available
friendship, and was gener- 24-Hour Service - Se Habla Español
ous with his time and treas- Keaton’s Mortuary FD-6
1022 E Street San Rafael, CA 94901
ure. He believed that death 415-453-0571
is the ultimate reconcilia- Keaton’s Redwood Chapel of Marin FD-1137
tion of life, especially a life 1801 Novato Blvd. Novato, CA 94947
consciously lived.
Rob Devincenzi, President, Publisher
Robert Sterling, Editor
Brad Breithaupt, Opinion Page Editor

Public member:
Joan Capurro

Saturday Soapbox
Thanks to those who Cartoonist’s take Encouraged to hear youth
helped injured biker speak out about guns
On Jan. 17 at 1:15 p.m., I was It has been encouraging
riding my bike on Panoramic to see the students, teachers
Highway when I was struck and others at Tamalpais High
head-on by a hit-and-run vehi- School speak out during this
cle that had crossed the double latest horrific tragedy of na-
yellow line into my lane. tional gun violence, and pledge
Two retired San Francisco to act against gun violence in
firefighters and a physical ther- their school and community.
apist on her way to a client in More residents need to join
Stinson Beach all stopped to them in demanding an end to
help and gave me immediate this scourge. Our only hope to
first aid. shape a world in which pub-
Two women in a passing car lic safety is our foremost right
came to my aid and covered me and value is through citizen
with their jackets. I never got engagement, and people of all
their names or even saw their ages and backgrounds need to
faces. I only heard their voices. step up, offer their support and
Mike Tribolet and Kevin Tsu- become active on this issue.
dama of Marin County Fire re- As an activist with the Brady
sponded from the Throck- Campaign to Prevent Gun Vi-
morton Station and controlled olence, I did the many tasks
bleeding and applied splints. that activism requires: factual
Larry Yoell and Frank Schonig knowledge and various forms
with the Southern Marin Fire of outreach. Due to our current
Protection District responded Democratic majorities in the
from Tam Valley and trans- state Legislature and a support-
ported me by ambulance to the ive governor, we have among
hospital. the strongest gun safety laws in
At Marin General, Dr. Marc the nation, unlike Florida.
Levsky and the emergency But there is always more
room staff worked their magic work to do to fight the unrea-
in helping put me back together. sonable and unyielding resis-
Words alone don’t seem ap- course “should” be retained Reasons Sausalito should in San Francisco to Fort Baker tance of the NRA, which values
propriate for the appreciation and that it is “one sentence” be wary of new ferry and then board shuttle buses to money and power above public
I have for everyone who came in a planning document that Muir Woods. Which route will safety and, yes, above the lives
to the aid of a fallen cyclist that also promotes open space and IJ columnist Dick those buses take? of American children.
day. parks uses in San Geronimo. Spotswood’s opinions on the Back up to Highway 101, or Our country is awash in the
I can only offer a very sincere He also told the IJ, the new ferry are probably less than through Sausalito? And what propaganda of the gun lobby.
thank you! Board of Supervisors “has half right. about the return trips? Did you notice that neither
If anyone who was on Pan- broad discretion in how it He is considering only the The park service is intent on President Trump nor Florida
oramic Highway that day saw weighs the various compet- benefits from return trips to making this a “transportation Gov. Rick Scott used the term
the late-model charcoal gray se- ing policies in planning docu- San Francisco and ignores the hub” for visitors to the Golden “gun violence” in their remarks
dan (possible Acura or Lexus) ments.” fact that the National Park Ser- Gate National Recreation Area after the recent Parkland, Flor-
that was being driven errati- The actual wording in the vice is proposing this service as and Muir Woods. ida high school shooting? The
cally or if anyone saw a vehi- Marin County Countywide access to Alcatraz, Fort Baker, In fact, the original design NRA explicitly forbids usage of
cle matching that description in Plan is: perhaps Angel Island and other for the Pier 31-1/2 terminal has, that term by their foot soldiers
West Marin with possible left “San Geronimo Valley Golf destinations. in the past month, been modi- in government.
headlamp or front grill damage, Course is 157 acres of devel- And, there is very little detail fied to now include a separate The NRA spent $30 mil-
please contact Officer Ostler of oped recreational land in- in the park’s Request for Pro- loading area for the Fort Baker lion to help get Trump elected.
the Marin CHP. cluding clubhouse and restau- posal on the capacity for bicy- ferries which, one can assume, Many call it “blood money.”
With all the turmoil that we rant facilities. The course rep- cles on the ferries themselves. would be direct with no stop at The NRA is pursuing its goal
are witnessing in the world, my resents an important visual The issue is that the park ser- Alcatraz in order to serve the to put a gun in the hand of ev-
faith in humanity is restored and recreational resource in vice did not address the im- Muir Woods traffic. ery American, no matter what
by the willingness of others to the Valley. The golf course use pacts that can be anticipated as As usual, the public is not age or circumstance. Do we
come to the aid of a stranger. should be retained with no part of its master plan, which getting the whole story and want our schools to become
— Brendan O’Leary, Novato major expansion of the facili- includes access to Muir Woods that, in my opinion, is what armed camps, live in constant
ties. Future uses should be lim- as well. The problem is obvi- drives the concerns on the part fear of gun violence?
The county doesn’t have ited to those which support the ous. Visitors take the park ferry of Sausalito. God bless those students and
to abide by its own plan? primary use as a golf course.” from the new Pier 31-1/2 landing — Bill Werner, Sausalito others who choose to be free
If a citizen came to the plan- from fear, especially those cou-
Marin County Counsel ning department and said, “I rageous students who are re-
Brian Washington’s assertion think you should ignore this Cartoonist’s take cent victims in Parkland.
in the Feb. 16 IJ article that part of the Countywide Plan so It’s time to follow their ex-
the San Geronimo Commu- that I can do my thing, even if amples and commit to stay-
nity Plan is “one sentence in a it doesn’t comply,” they would ing active on this issue for the
planning document” is the fi- be laughed out of the building. long haul; that’s what it means
nal proof that the county and The express purpose of set- to live in “The land of the free
the parks department have ting up the Community Plan is and the home of the brave.”
no intention of honoring that to set the rules that both sides — Sandra Ruliffson, Larkspur
plan. must live with in order to have
His comments came in re- an orderly set of policies that
sponse to a lawsuit filed by everyone understands and can Correction
attorney Riley Hurd for the deal with. All land-use and
San Geronimo Advocates, a planning decisions made in the The Transportation Author-
community group working to past 45 years have been made ity of Marin is considering a
preserve the San Geronimo with this sacrosanct vision in ballot measure extending its
Golf Course. The suit, origi- mind. half-cent sales tax, approved
nally filed in November on the Someone with Mr. Wash- by voters in 2004, for 30 more
grounds that the county ac- ington’s training and experi- years, ending in 2048, if ap-
tion violated the California ence needs to understand this. proved this year. The current
Environmental Quality Act, The Marin County Board of Su- tax is set to expire in 2025.
has been amended to include pervisors must thoroughly in- Tuesday’s editorial on TAM’s
the violation of the San Geron- vestigate his motives and he poll results contained incorrect
imo Community Plan. should either be censured or dates regarding the approval of
Washington says the com- dismissed. the tax and the proposed expi-
munity plan says the golf — Joe Walsh, Lagunitas STEVE SACK — MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE ration.

Marin Voice

Celebrating a Marin pioneer and the founding of China Camp

By Heidi Thomas Kuhn Coast, he took passage on the Old San Francisco to offer the Chi- Camp was extinguished by law. can friendship. Working with the
Sonora bound for San Francisco, nese safe refuge on his land. Over Ironically, the 2,500 acres was Rotary Club of San Rafael, Ro-
where he arrived Nov. 3, 1856, 500 Chinese accepted his gener- ultimately sold to a wealthy Chi- tary Club of San Francisco No.
As the Chinese Lunar New with only $3,000 in his pocket. ous offer, and established a thriv- nese-American business devel- 2 and Rotary China, we seek to
Year of the Dog begins, it is ap- During the next decade, he set- ing business exporting 3 million oper, Chinn Ho. rebuild the strong pillars upon
propriate to reflect upon our his- tled in Petaluma and established pounds of dried shrimp per year The McNear family sold the the foundation of this historical
torical Marin roots and the true the Sonoma County Bank, real to China. land prior to Proposition 13, China Camp museum — a lasting
meaning of China Camp, located estate holdings, shipping, wheat In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion when families were “land rich tribute for future generations to
along the panoramic eastern grain factories and transporta- Act was the first U.S. federal Law and penny poor” and could not respect racial differences and tra-
shores of San Rafael. tion industries. He soon became implemented targeting an eth- afford to pay the taxes. ditions.
The McNear family arrived one of the first millionaires in nic group. Chinese families expe- Today, this land is comprised This historical location has the
from Scotland in 1701, settling California. rienced a “Driving-Out” period, of the Glenwood and Peacock potential to be an International
in Wiscasset, Maine. For over a Yet, McNear was a humble where they were forced to flee Gap neighborhoods, McNears Peace Park respected worldwide.
century, they followed the sea as man of principle, and deeply re- communities in which they had Beach county park, China Camp The Chinese New Year of the
masters of ships, and a number of spected the value of the land and made their homes. There were State Park, Miwok Meadows and Dog represents a strong sense of
them found a watery grave. its people. In 1868, he purchased massacres in Wyoming and Ore- Back Ranch. loyalty and sincerity, as dogs are
They were courageous Amer- 2,500 acres of land at Point San gon. McNear could not bear these This year marks the 150th an- always there to help protect oth-
ican pioneers who helped estab- Pedro in San Rafael, a natural social injustices, and despite niversary of Captain McNear’s ers. In 1958, I was born in the
lish the Eastern seaboard of the deep-water terminus. There, he death threats he strongly stood purchase of the 2,500 acres. Year of the Dog. Now, at age 60,
United States. Samuel McNear operated a large dairy and brick his ground for what he believed His legacy lives on, as his eth- I remain fiercely loyal to the Chi-
rang the Liberty Bell, which was manufacturing plant, which in — the land and its people. In- ics have inspired me to plant the nese people and other ethnic mi-
the first form of communication helped to build San Francisco. stead, he learned the Chinese lan- Roots of Peace — turning mines norities who face harsh discrim-
ringing in the Declaration of In- Following the Civil War, he guage to help with the medical to vines — replacing minefields ination today worldwide. Life
dependence in 1776. witnessed the cruel discrimina- and legal needs of families, and with sustainable agricultural goes full circle. From the heart
Over 150 years later, Captain tion against the Chinese work- created gardens for village farm- land and providing economic of Marin County, let us take a
John A. McNear, age 24, set sail ers, who labored hard during the ers to grow crops. trade routes worldwide. strong stand for peace by pre-
for San Francisco in 1856. He had Gold Rush and helped build the While McNear worked hard Respect for the land begins by serving China Camp.
packed his earthly belongings Transcontinental Railroad. Many to protect China Camp, the re- removing landmines, giving dig-
aboard the ship, but for some rea- American workers were running strictive anti-Chinese laws in the nity for farmers to cultivate their Heidi Thomas Kuhn of San
son missed the boat. Thus, he the “coolies” out of town, as these early 1900s outlawed the export land without fear. Rafael is the great-great-
traveled by horseback through migrant workers were perceived of shrimp and prohibited the us- Our family is partnering with granddaughter of Marin pioneer
the isthmus of Panama, avoiding as job threats. age of bag nets, which were the Friends of China Camp to restore Captain John A. McNear. She
malaria along the raging rivers. Thus, he sailed his own pas- main method of catching shrimp. the legacy of China Camp as a is the founder/CEO of Roots of
Upon arrival at the Pacific senger ship, the Josie McNear, to Ultimately, the economy of China strong symbol of Chinese-Ameri- Peace.

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A modern club chair, accented
with a contemporary coral design
pillow, is embraced by 1920s-era
African art pieces and a 19th-
century mirror and matching table.

What to
do with

A slice of history

Reese Willis, an antiques

dealer at Sienna Antiques in
Petaluma, has been in the busi-
ness for about
30 years, sourc-
ing items from lo-
cal estate sales,
Citrus has been around for 7 million and local and Eu-
ropean auction
years and has played many roles PJ
While the Sau-
salito resident’s
By Marie Narlock » IJ correspondent respect for the
craftsmanship and uniqueness
of quality antiques is high, the
The juicy lemons and oranges we relish in demand for them has dropped.
“Petaluma is probably one of
winter share an exotic past. In addition to being the last destinations in North-
ern California for antiques,”
fragrant and delicious, citrus fruits have saved he says. “There are still quite
a few shops here and it has the
lives, enticed nobility, kept religious traditions Petaluma Fall Antique Faire,
alive and maybe even started the Mafia. one of the best antique street
The shift is tangible, though.
Fossilized leaves suggest cit- of the Middle Ages, who consid- “Ten or 15 years ago dealers
rus existed 7 million years ago, ered fresh fruit beneath them. could go out and buy anything
and it’s seen significant cultiva- Instead, they gorged on heavy and sell it,” he says. “Now, we
tion for 2,500 years. Every vari- foods and suffered nasty teeth, have to be very careful about
ety available today comes from skin diseases, scurvy and rick- COURTESY OF UC REGENTS what we buy and what we pay
four pedigreed ancestors: citron, ets. The peasants, conversely, ate Citrus greening is the biggest threat to California’s citrus. for it.”
pomelo, papeda and mandarin. citrus with abandon, lapping up And he has advice for those
These fruits swapped genes for the nourishing juice and pulp so fia, leading some historians to savor every squeeze that we al- want to get rid of their own
thousands of years, creating tast- they’d have energy to work. Power conclude that Cosa Nostra be- ready have and treat our citrus family heirlooms:
ier varieties as they evolved. Even- to the peasants! gan in the citrus trade. trees like the nobility they’ve If you have fine quality an-
tually humans got involved and Citrus disappeared from the Which brings us to today — served for millennia. Situate tiques including mid-cen-
what we see stacked at the gro- Mediterranean as sanitation de- in our corner of the world, in citrus where there’s plenty of tury modern, rare or unique
cery store is the end result: zesty clined, but enterprising Arabs our own gardens. Today, Cali- warmth and sun (six hours a items, architectural elements
lemons, limes, oranges and grape- kept it alive by simultaneously fornia’s $1 billion citrus indus- day in February). Provide or- or light colored country-style
fruits bursting with vitamin C, fo- spreading the word of Islam and try is booming, but a threat is ganic, slightly acidic, well- furniture, you’re in luck. These
late and potassium. filling their gardens with color- looming. A bacterial disease draining soil (get your soil items are “hot” right now, he
A native of China, India and ful, aromatic citrus. From there called huanglongbing, or cit- tested if you’re not sure your says.
Malaysia, citrus often played a re- things sped up. North African rus greening, is causing cit- soil is up to snuff). Thin fruit If you have big, dark wood
ligious role. Citron perfumed Bud- farmers brought citrus to Spain’s rus trees to defoliate and die. to avoid overloaded branches. furnishings, Victoriana, Ori-
dhist temples, its distinct shape Alhambra. The tangerine arrived Early symptoms include asym- Protect from frost. Use drip ir- ental rugs, or silver such as ex-
conveniently resembling a human from — where else? — Tangiers. metrical, blotchy leaves, green rigation. Add a layer of mulch. tensive flatware sets or a tea
hand praying to Buddha. Jewish Valencia and Seville oranges ap- on one side and yellow on the Then slip a slice of lime into service, it may not be as prof-
people used a gold, bumpy citrus peared. The Chinese confirmed other. Over multiple years, an a margarita. It’s your turn to itable. Unfortunately, “almost
fruit called an etrog for religious 27 citrus varieties. The sour fla- infected tree produces smaller be part of history. everything your grandmother
rituals as well as for medicine, to vors of Arabic cuisine caught on. fruit, bitter juice, and dieback had is now out of fashion,” he
combat seasickness and intesti- A Scottish surgeon proved citrus of leaves and limbs until suc- The UC Marin Master says.
nal problems, and as an antidote curved scurvy. The Hapsburgs cumbing altogether. So far Gardener column is written by Unless you have functional
to poison. gave citrus the thumbs up — and there’s no cure and it’s on ev- UC Marin Master Gardeners, silver, such as serving pieces,
Citrus accompanied Persian importing citrus became big busi- ery arable continent. In fact, who are sponsored by the bowls or candlesticks, your sil-
travelers westward along the Silk ness. it’s in every county surround- University of California ver might only sell for scrap
Road, arriving in the Mediterra- In fact, it was such big busi- ing Marin, but amazingly it Cooperative Extension. For prices in this market.
nean around 400 BC. The rare, ness in Sicily in the 1800s that hasn’t reared its head here yet. questions about gardening, While this downtrend could
tangy fruit delighted Mediterra- problems arose. There, among Experts say it’s only a matter plant pests or diseases, call be a natural cycle of tastes,
nean nobility, who bragged about the sweetly scented groves, un- of time. 415-473-4204 from 9 a.m. Willis chalks it up to a matter
its healing and cleaning powers. derhanded racketeers made of- It’s hard to know when — to noon, and 1 to 4 p.m. of lifestyle. “The younger gen-
When lemons arrived in Rome fers that growers couldn’t re- and how hard — Marin will weekdays, bring in samples or erations prefer casual to for-
years later, they quickly became fuse, wielding power by extortion get hit. How will we make lem- pictures to 1682 Novato Blvd., mal,” he concedes.
a sign of privilege and wealth. and intimidation. These thuggish onade out of those lemons? In Suite 150B, Novato, or email His biggest tip is to under-
Not so for the uppity aristocrats tactics came to define the Ma- the meantime, all we can do is BREMIER » PAGE 3

Four things to do today » Garden tip

Celebrate Floral Design Day
Floral Design Day is Feb. 28. Do you like to
have a bouquet of colorful, fragrant flowers
on your dining room table? Are you interested
in flower arranging?
Perhaps you might want to use a small area
of your garden as a cutting garden. Popular
Songs of Catch Ode to Fashion annuals to plant include cosmos, bachelor’s buttons, zinnias,
the soul them all Yeats for a cause daisies and baby’s breath.
Experience music Pokémon trainers, Celtic harp player See this year’s There are many different types of floral arrangements. Ikebana
and dance from come play Poké- and storyteller Pat- fashion trends and is a Japanese art form. It is a creative way to arrange flowers,
around the world mon GO with PoGO rick Ball celebrates support breast stems and leaves with emphasis on shape, line and form. Ikebana
at the Songs of the Marin members poet William Butler cancer education also strives for simplicity with a minimal number of blooms and
Soul Festival at at the Community Yeats in a perfor- and research during stems. You may want to try other types of flower arrangement
9:30 this morningat Day event from 11 mance at 7:30 to- a fashion show at like vertical, cascading or fan. The fan-shape is one of the most
the Embassy Suites a.m. to 2 p.m. at the night at the Dance 4 this afternoon at common, classic, flower arrangement styles used by professional
Hotel, 101 McInnis Lagoon Park near Palace, 503 B St., IDESST, 511 Cale- flower arrangers. In this style, the flowers and leaves are arranged
Parkway, San Ra- the Civic Center in Point Reyes Sta- donia St., Sausalito. (crowded, with little space between) in the shape of a fan. To get
fael. $65 to $80. San Rafael. Free. tion. $18 to $20. $30 to $35. other ideas for arrangements, visit your local florist.

Religion briefs
Sunday at St. Patrick Parish, 401 Worship services: with terian Church, 10 Bayview
Dharma study and dis- Magnolia Ave., Larkspur. Grace Church of Marin are Drive, San Rafael. Call
cussion: is at noon with Call 415-924-0600 or go at 9:30 a.m. at the College 415-454-2705 or go to
sensei David Pating on to of Marin Student Center,
“What is Immoral Behavior 835 College Ave., Kent- Sunday Mass: is at 10
From a Buddhist Perspec-
Sundays field. Go to a.m. at St. Mark’s Church,
tive?” at the Buddhist Classic praise worship Worship services: are 129 Magnolia Ave.,
Temple of Marin, 390 Miller service: is at 9 a.m. and at 9:30 a.m. at Peace Larkspur. Call 415-461-
Ave., Mill Valley. Go to bud- a modern worship service Lutheran Church, 205 Ten- 6960. Worship services: is at 11:10 a.m. at Trin- nessee Valley Road, Mill and church school are at
ity Lutheran Church, 333 Valley. Call 415-388-2065 10:30 a.m. at Aldersgate
Monday Woodland Ave., San Ra- or go to United Methodist Church,
Preaching service: is at fael. Adult Bible Study and Worship services: are at 1 Wellbrock Heights, San
12:05 p.m. led by the Rev. CrossRoads for youth are 9:30 a.m. at Sleepy Hollow Rafael. Call 415-492-0237
Yolanda Norton at Stew- at 10:20 a.m. Youth group Presbyterian Church, 100 or go to aldersgatemethod-
art Chapel, San Francisco meets at 12:30 p.m. Call Tarry Road, San Anselmo.
Theological Seminary, 105 415-454-4135 or go to Call 415-453-8221 or go Worship services: are
Seminary Road, San An- to at 10:30 a.m. at Fairfax
selmo. Call 415-451-2800 Sunday Liturgy: is at 10 Holy Eucharist: is at 10 Community Church, 2398
or go to a.m. at St. Columba’s In- a.m. at St. Francis Epis- Sir Francis Drake Blvd.,
verness, 12835 Sir Francis copal Church, 967 Fifth Fairfax. Call 415-755-3775
Tuesday Drake Blvd., Inverness. Go St., Novato. Call 415-892- or go to fairfaxcommunity-
Lenten lecture: on to stcolumbasinverness. 1609 or go to stfrancisno-
“Romero and Grande: A org. Service: is at 11 a.m. at
Latin American Way of the Contemplative service: is Holy Eucharist: is at 10 San Geronimo Community
Cross” is at 7 p.m. with at 7:30 a.m. and a celebra- a.m. at Episcopal Church Presbyterian Church, 6001
Anna Maria Pineda at Saint tory service is at 10 a.m. of the Redeemer, 123 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.,
at Community Congrega- PROVIDED BY ST. MARY STAR OF THE SEA CHURCH San Geronimo. Call 415-
Rita Catholic Church, 100 Knight Drive, San Rafael.
Marinda Drive, Fairfax. tional Church, 145 Rock Mass is at 9:30 a.m. Sundays at the St. Mary Star of the Call 415-456-0508 or go 488-9318 or go to sgp-
Lenten soup supper is at Hill Drive, Tiburon. On third Sea Church in Sausalito. to
6:15 p.m.; reservations for Sundays Taize service with Festive Holy Eucharist: is
prayerful chants and flute Worship services: are org. Divine liturgy: is at 9:30
supper required. Call 415- a.m. at St. Nicholas Or- at 9 a.m. at Holy Innocents
456-4815. accompaniment is at 7 p.m. at 8 and 10 a.m. at the Progressive worship: is
Episcopal Church of the thodox Church, 102 Ross Episcopal Church, 2 Tamal-
Evening contemplative On fifth Sundays there is at 9 a.m. and traditional pais Drive, Corte Madera.
one service only at 9 a.m. Nativity, 333 Ellen Drive, worship is at 11 a.m. at Ave., San Anselmo. Call
prayer: is at 7:15 p.m. at 415-454-0982 or go to Call 415-924-4393 or go
Call 415-435-9108 or go San Rafael. Call 415-479- Marin Lutheran Church, to
St. Columba’s Inverness, 7023 or go to nativityon-
12835 Sir Francis Drake to 649 Meadowsweet Drive, Reading and discussion: Corte Madera. Call 415- Dharma family service:
Blvd., Inverness. Go to st- Worship services: are at is at 6 p.m. with pastor
11 a.m. at Trinity Presby- Holy Eucharist: is at 8 924-3782 or go to marin- is at 10 a.m. at the Bud- dhist Temple of Marin at Kent Philpott on “Christian
terian Church (OPC), 495 and 10 a.m. at St. Paul’s Basics” at Miller Avenue
Wednesday San Marin Drive, Novato. Episcopal Church, 1123 Worship services and 390 Miller Ave., Mill Valley.
Call 415-388-1173 or go Church, 285 Miller Ave.,
Call 415-897-3410 or go to Court St., San Rafael. Call Sunday school: are at Mill Valley. Call 415-302-
Lenten soup supper: is 415-456-4842 or go to to buddhisttempleofmarin.
at 6:30 p.m. with guest 10:30 a.m. at Mt. Tamal- 1199. pais United Methodist org.
speaker Tom Cavanaugh Insight meditation and
on “The Good Samaritan’s Dharma talk: is at 6 p.m. Quiet Eucharist: is at 8 Church, 410 Sycamore Worship services: are at Fridays
Ethic Contrasted with the at Bayview Room, St. Luke a.m., family Eucharist at Ave., Mill Valley. Through 10 a.m. at Christ Lutheran Jummah prayers: are of-
Hippocratic Oath” at St. Presbyterian Church, 10 10 a.m. at St. Stephen’s March 18: Tricia Wiig leads Church, 2626 Sir Francis fered at the Islamic Center
Patrick Church, Healy Hall, Bayview Drive, San Rafael. Episcopal Church, 3 Bay- “The Invitation” series at Drake Blvd., Fairfax. Call of Mill Valley, 62 Shell
114 King St., Larkspur. All are welcome. Go to view Ave., Belvedere. Call 9 a.m. with story, song, 415-454-6365 or go to Road. Call 415-383-0617
Bring a soup bowl and a 415-435-4501 or go to reflection, art and active or go to
spoon. Call 415-924-0600 prayer. Call 415-388-4456 Worship services: are at
Worship service: is at Shabbat services: are
to RSVP. 9:30 a.m. at Valley Baptist Progressive services: are or go to 10 a.m. at First Presbyte- at 6:30 p.m. at the San
Church, 3 North San Pedro at 10 a.m. at the Commu- Morning service: is at rian Church, 72 Kensington Geronimo Valley Com-
March 2 Road, San Rafael. Call nity Church of Mill Valley 10:30 a.m. at Miller Avenue Road, San Anselmo. Call munity Center at 6350 Sir
Preaching service: is at 415-479-3390 or go to at 8 Olive St., Mill Valley. Church, 285 Miller Ave., 415-456-3713 or go to Francis Drake Blvd. San
12:05 p.m. led by the Rev. Call 415-388-5540 or go Mill Valley. Evening service Geronimo. Call Gan HaLev
Kamal Hassan at Mont- Sunday Masses: are at to communitychurchmill- with singing and personal Worship services: are at at 415-488-4524 or go to
gomery Chapel, 5 Rich- 8, 10 and 11:30 a.m. at St. anointing is at 6 p.m. Call 10 a.m. at First Congrega-
mond Road, San Anselmo. Patrick Parish, 401 Mag- Contemplative service: 415-302-1199. tional Church of San Ra- Shabbat services: are
Call 415-451-2800 or go nolia Ave., Larkspur. Call is at 8:30 a.m., traditional Worship service: is at 9 fael, 8 N. San Pedro Road. at 6:15 p.m. at Congrega-
to 415-924-0600 or go to service with music is at 10 a.m. at the Point Reyes Call 415-479-2747 or go to tion Rodef Sholom at 170 a.m. at the First Presbyte- Community Presbyterian N. San Pedro Road, San
Saturdays Spoken service: is at 8 rian Church of San Rafael Church, 11445 Shoreline Sunday services: with Rafael. Call 415-479-3441
Shabbat services: are at a.m., family service is at at 1510 Fifth Ave. Call 415- Highway, Point Reyes Sta- the Golden Gate Center for or go to
9:30 a.m. at Congregation 9 a.m. and service with 456-6760 or go to fpcsr. tion. Call 415-663-1349 or Spiritual Living are at 10 Bible prophecy seminar:
Kol Shofar, 215 Blackfield organ and choral music org. go to pointreyescommuni- a.m. at the Corte Madera is at 6:30 p.m. with speak-
Drive, Tiburon. Call 415- is at 10 a.m. at St. John’s Healing services: and Community Center, 498 er Wyatt Allen at 495 San
388-1818, ext. 100, or go Episcopal Church, 14 Sunday school are at 10 Worship services: are at Tamalpais Drive. Call 415- Marin Drive, Novato. Call Lagunitas Road, Ross. Call a.m. at the Christian Sci- 10 a.m. at Red Hill Church, 721-2492 or go to ggcsl. 706-936-1795 or go to
Shabbat services: are at 415-456-1102 or go to ence Church, 1618 Fifth 921 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., org.
10:30 a.m. at Congregation Ave., San Rafael. Call 415- San Anselmo. Call 415- Fellowship: is at 9 a.m. Worship service: is at
Rodef Sholom, 170 N. San Quiet Mass: is at 7:30 453-3714 or go to chris- 454-2774. and celebration worship is 12:05 p.m. with commu-
Pedro Road, San Rafael. a.m., family Mass is at 9 The Sunday Circle: is at at 9:30 a.m. at the Luther- nion at Montgomery Cha-
Call 415-479-3441 or go to a.m., choir Mass is at 11 Worship services: are at 9 a.m. and liberal worship an Church of the Resurrec- pel, 5 Richmond Road, San a.m. and guitar Mass is at 8:30 and 11 a.m. at Tiburon service is at 10:30 a.m. at tion, 1100 Las Gallinas, San Anselmo. Call 415-451-
Shabbat services: are at 5 p.m. at St. Hilary Catholic Baptist Church, 445 the Unitarian Universal- Rafael. Call 415-479-1334 2800 or go to
10:30 a.m. at Chabad of Church, 761 Hilary Drive, Greenwood Beach Road, ist Congregation of Marin, or go to resurrectionluther-
Marin, 1150 Idylberry Road, Tiburon. Call 415-435- Tiburon. Call 415-388- 240 Channing Way, San Mondays
San Rafael. Community 1122 or go to 3900 or go to tiburonbap- Rafael. Call 415-479-4131 Worship services: are at Meditation: is at 7 p.m.
Kiddush follows. Call 415- Quiet Mass: is at 7:30 or go to 10 a.m. at Novato United at Episcopal Church of
492-1666 or go to chaba- a.m. and Mass is at 9:30 Worship services: are at Worship services: are at Methodist Church, 1473 the Redeemer, 123 Knight a.m. at St. Mary Star of the 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. at 9:30 a.m. and Christian S. Novato Blvd. Call 415- Drive, San Rafael. Call
Vigil Mass: is at 5 p.m. at Sea Church, 180 Harrison Calvary Baptist Church, 2 education hour is at 10:45 892-9896 or email nova- 415-456-0508 or go to
St. Hilary Catholic Church, Ave., Sausalito. Call 415- Baltimore Ave., Larkspur. a.m. at All Saints Lutheran
761 Hilary Drive, Tiburon. 332-1765. Call 330-340-9413 or go Church, 2 San Marin Drive, Worship services: are Worship service: is at
Call 415-435-1122 or go to Contemporary service: to Novato. Call 415-892- at 10 a.m. at Lighthouse 12:05 p.m. at Stewart is at 9 a.m. and traditional Worship service: is at 1669 or go to aslcnovato. Christian Church, 1915 Chapel, San Francisco
Vigil services: are at 6 service is at 10:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. at Aldersgate org. Novato Blvd., Novato. Call Theological Seminary,
p.m. at St. Nicholas Or- at Presbyterian Church of United Methodist Church, Worship services: are at 415-897-5556 or go to Geneva Hall, 105 Seminary
thodox Church, 102 Ross Novato, 710 Wilson Ave. 1 Wellbrock Heights, Terra 9:30 a.m. at Christ Presby- lighthousechurchnovato. Road, San Anselmo. Call
Ave., San Anselmo. Call Call 415-897-6152 or go to Linda. Call 415-492-0237 terian Church, Terra Linda, com. 415-451-2800 or go to
415-454-0982 or go to or go to aldersgatemethod- a More Light Church, 620 Worship services: are at Said Holy Eucharist: is Del Ganado Road, San Ra- 10 a.m. at the Quest, 1461
Contemporary wor- at 8 a.m., sung Eucharist Worship services: are fael. Call 415-479-2712. S. Novato Blvd., Novato. Tuesdays
ship: is at 5 p.m. at Good is at 10:30 a.m. at Christ at 8:30 and 10 a.m. at Worship service: is at Call 415-892-3670 or go Zazen service: and medi-
Shepherd Lutheran Church, Episcopal Church, 70 Santa Westminster Presbyterian 9:30 a.m. at Good Shep- to tation is from 7 to 8:30
1180 Lynwood Drive, No- Rosa Ave., Sausalito. Call Church, 240 Tiburon Blvd., herd Lutheran Church, Worship service: is at 10 a.m. at Aikido of Tamal-
vato. Go to 415-332-1539 or go to Tiburon. Call 415-383- 1180 Lynwood Drive, No- a.m. at Redwoods Presby- pais at 142 Redwood Ave.,
Vigil Mass: is at 5 p.m. 5272 or go to wpctiburon. vato. Go to terian Church, 110 Mag- Corte Madera. For more
nolia Ave.. Larkspur. Call information, go to mt-
415-924-4832 or go to
Worship services: are Email listings to
at 10 a.m. at Sausalito calendar@marinij.
Presbyterian Church, 112 com, mail to Religion/
Bulkley Ave., Sausalito. Lifestyles, Marin
Call 415-332-3790 or go Independent Journal,
to 4000 Civic Center Drive,
Worship services: with Suite 301, San Rafael,
St. David’s Anglican CA 94903 or fax to
Church are at 10 a.m. at a
SAUSALITO San Rafael residence. Call
382-7209 at least two
weeks, advance. Photo
415-378-6825 for direc-
attachments should
be 300 dpi JPGs with
CHURCH Worship services: are at a file size of at least 2
10 a.m. at St. Luke Presby- megabytes.
415-332-3790 PDF/X-1a:2003

112 Bulkley Ave., Sausalito, CA

The Rev. Paul Mowry
Sunday Worship at 10:00 A.M.
Parking Available
Wheelchair Access and
415.456.4815 Childcare Available
A More Light Church: Fully Inclusive
You’re there for Mom.
We’re here for you.

For info: Lynne Halgren

415-382-7218 • Connect with experts
and other caregivers

MAGAZINE ADC131001NY__MAG_7x4,875-PARK.indd | 2013-10-15 | 10:19 | PAGE 1

ADC131001NY 1

CREATED 26 September 2013

NY Times Puzzle No. 0120 Edited by Will Shortz No. 0120
loss? Upcycle antiques
with a new finish, fab-
ACROSS 26 Nocturnal 39 In ___ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ric or hardware. “Marble-
1 Blondie’s predators of (untouched) FROM PAGE 1 ize it, paint it white or an
maiden name fiction 40 “The Big
10 11
outrageous Chinese red,”
in “Blondie” 28 “Because I said Bang Theory” stand the current mar- Willis suggests.
12 13
10 Post something so” is not one character ket. “Everyone tends to Or, mix your good an-
12 One taking a lot 29 Tony ___, 41 Like certain
14 15 16 17 thinks their things are tiques with chain store
of credit, official more valuable than they pieces. “Place antique
maybe? ecclesiastical 18 19 20 21
character voice councils are,” he says. “Even as a lamps next to a modern
14 Sly remarks? of Donald Duck 22 23 24 25 dealer, I think the same sofa or African art next
Many necklines 43 Critically
15 30 Spartan, e.g. way about my things. You to modern art,” he offers.
16 Spot for Spot 31 Land north of
26 27 28
have to be realistic about “If you haven’t been ex-
18 Abbr. on a England, in 44 Democratic what you have and what posed to seeing this, just
29 30
foundation poetry principle you can expect to get.” experiment. You will be
stone 47 Setup for a 31 32 • Sell online on Etsy amazed at how well they
32 Turned sickly
20 Mosaicist yellow Netflix film, say and eBay. “It’s very com- work together.”
33 34 35
21 Pomeriggio Gigantic petitive,” he says. “You’ll Of course, you can al-
follower 33 Aligns 48
36 37 38 39 have to research items ways store antiques un-
22 High-grade? 34 Song royalties and price yours at that til the pendulum swings
org. DOWN
24 Novelist who 40 41 42 43 level or below; take ex- back.
wrote “I have no 35 Pasquale ___, Canine 1 cellent photos; give ac- “I have read rumblings
fear of depths baritone at the 44 45 46
curate descriptions (oth- in design magazines
and a great command
fear of shallow Opera 2 Airing 47 erwise a buyer can re- about dark and brown
living” turn it) and be careful to furniture making a re-
36 Meals for seals 3 William 48
25 Hamburger quote enough money for covery,” he says. “There’s
order Standard & ___ Wordsworth,
37 shipping.” no crystal ball; it’s just a
e.g. PUZZLE BY ALEX VRATSANOS For high-end items, try matter of how long you
Paper signed Beautiful, in online resale stores such want to wait.”
have a yen for 11 21 Doesn’t go 34
before filming straight, in a Bogotá as 1st Dibs, the RealReal,
G R A B B A R P A R A D O R gambling begins way or One Kings Lane. Check Don’t-miss events
5 Things that 37 Material for a their rules carefully. • Prune your Japa-
A T L A N T A L A B E L E D cover all the 12 Kind of pie 23 Sparta, e.g. baking vessel • Sell to consignment nese maple like a pro
N O I R E P E E S S I T E bases? that’s actually a
25 Big name in stores. “Some can be very with techniques taught
T O N B R E A D E D C O Y cake 38 Name changed
6 Grow, as windows in Genesis fussy while others aren’t by Elizabeth Ruiz at Sloat
S L O P E R R R E L A T E Howdy Doody
sympathies 13 27 Nashville 17:15 as particular,” he says. Garden Center at 10 a.m.
N I T S P Y C I T E S and others
B E E T O V E N 7 Whiskered, awards org. “They deal in volume and Sunday at 700 Sir Francis
Toadyish 41 A taste price things low so they Drake Blvd. in Kentfield
G O P R O C O T D E B fish-eating 14 28 Subj. of tax
creature response exemption can move them fast and (415-454-0262) or 2 p.m.
E R R O R R N A E D A T E 42 Turn on the ice
make a profit. Consign- Sunday at 2000 Novato
8 Maker of 17 Was successful 30 Changers of
45 Tiny amount ment stores generally Blvd. in Novato (415-897-
I S N T B A S E L S A A B thousands of in the end locks
N O T A L O T D E F E N S E cars annually
take 40 to 60 percent of 2169). Admission is free
19 Files away? 32 Sands 46 Gray head? the selling price.” for members or $10. Go
I M E M I N E U N L A C E D 9 Term of
• Donate to charity for to
endearment Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 7,000 past a tax write-off. “You’ll get • Learn about “Mul-
Interpreting the central block of black squares 10 Hip-hop icon puzzles, ($39.95 a year). pennies on the dollar but tifloral Paphiopedilum”
as the letter “H,” the shaded squares spell born Lisa Read about and comment on each puzzle: it’s one-stop and the eas- from Dave Sorokowski
Williamson iest, fastest way,” he says. when the Marin Orchid
“The biggest benefit is Society meets at 7 p.m.
that you save all the work Tuesday at 750 Lindaro
Bridge By Phillip Alder going to dealers and auc- St. in San Rafael. Admis-
tion houses.” sion is free. Call 415-895-
The ruff is easy, but what is next? • Go to auction. “Auc- 0667 or go to marinor-
tion houses afford a great
Galileo said, “All truths are easy to invite game with three spades. But deal of visibility with • Shop Armstrong Gar-
understand once they are discovered; South should pass with such a poor hundreds of viewers and dens’ storewide sale and
the point is to discover them.” hand. (South could even pass over two most houses offer days get a free hot dog and
At the bridge table, the point is to diamonds. Then North should balance when you can get two to soda from 11 a.m. to 1
“discover” the right bids and plays with a takeout double, and he might five items appraised for p.m. March 3 at 1430 S.
with accurate analysis. In yesterday’s pass if South pulls to two spades.) free,” he says. Novato Blvd. in Novato.
deal, West had to be watching closely West leads his singleton diamond. “Christie’s and Sothe- Call 415-878-0493 or go
to know whether his partner’s spade- East wins with the king, cashes the by’s are high end; Bon- to
eight lead at trick three was a high or diamond ace and leads the diamond hams is mid-to-high level • Grow your own
low card. In today’s layout, it is easy two for West to ruff. West, knowing and Clars in Oakland and strawberries and blueber-
for West to analyze his partner’s lead that the two is low, shifts to the club Michaan’s in Alameda ries by learning how to
at trick three. The harder task this seven (high from a weak suit). East are at the affordable end,” choose the right variet-
time is to spot the killing defense. he adds. “They will gen- ies and care for them at
wins with his ace and ... does what?
erally take 20 to 25 per- a free talk by UC Marin
How should East-West card to defeat South must have the major-suit cent of the selling price.” master gardener Judy Or-
three spades? aces for his opening bid, so there are • Use an estate liqui- sini from 11 a.m. to noon
A pair using two-over-one game-forc- no more side-suit tricks available. dator. ”Buyers can some- March 9 at the San Ra-
ing would respond one forcing no-trump Instead, East must try to generate a times do very well as es- fael Public Library at
with that North hand. Then, whether second trump trick by leading another tate auctions because 1100 E. St. in San Rafael.
using two-over-one or Standard, when diamond. When West ruffs with the items are priced very low Call 415-485-3321 or go to
South rebids two spades to guarantee spade queen, it effects an uppercut to move,” he says. “Sellers
at least a six-card suit, North should and promotes a trump trick for East. probably won’t get much • Take a walking tour of
for their items, though.” downtown Bolinas build-
• Sell to an antique ings and hear their inter-
Trowel & Glove dealer. “As a dealer, I esting backstories from 9
have to buy at a low to 11 a.m. March 24. Space
Marin for shops and seminars on a enough price to resell it is limited. Register in ad-
schedule. weekly basis. Check sloat- at a profit,” he explains. vance. Tickets cost $25.
Gardening classes: The
Workshops and garden- for schedule, • Hit the flea markets. Call 415-868-8809 or go to
Mill Valley Public Library of- locations and cost.
fers free seasonal garden- ing classes: Armstrong “This is a very time- and
ing classes most Saturdays Garden Centers in No- Workshops and semi- labor-intensive effort
vato offer free classes nars: The Marin Master with very little profit,” he PJ Bremier writes on
and occasionally on Sun- to gardeners of all skill cautions. home, garden, design and
Gardeners present a vari-
days. Call 415-389-4292 levels most Saturdays. Call ety of how-to workshops, • Sell jewelry online or entertaining topics every
or go to 415-878-0493 or go to seminars and special CENTERS at an auction. “If it’s Cha- Saturday and also on
Garden club: Novato Gar- events throughout Marin Learn how to grow nel costume jewelry, sell her blog at DesignSwirl.
den Club presents monthly Workshops and seminars: County on a weekly basis. strawberries and blueberries it online,” he advises. “If co. She may be contacted
meetings at the Margaret Sloat Garden Center has Check with Marin master gardener it’s a Tiffany diamond at P.O. Box 412, Kentfield
Todd Senior Center, 1560 five Marin County locations MarinMG for schedule, Judy Orsini at 11 a.m. March ring, go to auction.” 94914, or at pj@
Hill Road, Novato. Check that offer gardening work- locations and cost. 9 at the San Rafael Library. Not ready to take a

Black Panther (PG-13) 12:40, 1:30, Celebrate

The Shape of Water (R) 12:30, 3:30, The 15:17 to Paris (PG-13) 12:15,
3:40, 4:35, 6:40, 7:40, 9:45 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
6:30, 9:25 2:35, 5:10, 7:30, 10:00
Darkest Hour (PG-13) 12:25, 3:45,
The Post (PG-13) 1:30, 4:20, 7:10, 9:55 6:50, 9:50 Fifty Shades Freed (R) 1:10, 4:00, (PG-13) (10:00, 12:40, 3:20) 6:30, 9:45
Game Night (R) 12:00, 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, Mary and The Witch's Flower 7:00, 9:50 Fifty Shades Freed (R) (11:30, 2:00,
10:00 (PG) 12:55 Annihilation (R) 12:45, 3:50, 6:45, 9:30
Annihilation (R) 1:00, 3:50, 6:50, 9:40 Peter Rabbit (PG) 12:00, 2:25, 4:50, • Best Bets • Lib at Large Black Panther (PG-13) 1:15, 4:20, 7:30
4:30) 7:15, 9:50
7:15, 9:40
Phantom Thread (R) 6:45, 9:45
• Film • Theater Black Panther (PG-13) 12:00, 3:10,
Black Panther (PG-13) (10:00, 10:30,

The Shape of Water (R) 3:30, 9:20 • Dining & Food • Events Calendar 6:20, 9:30 11:00, 11:30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 4:00,
Black Panther (PG-13) 11:30, 2:40,
Call Me by Your Name (R) 1:15 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, • Sports and more! 5:50, 9:00
4:30, 5:00, 5:30) 6:00, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30,
Darkest Hour (PG-13) 9:00 Missouri (R) 12:15, 6:30
9:00, 10:00, 10:30, 10:50
Initial D Legend 1 & 2 Double Black Panther (PG-13) 12:30, 3:40,
Feature (NR) 4:00 PLUS Winchester (PG-13) (4:40) 6:50, 9:15
Contact us
Vicki Larson, Plus Life,

6:50, 10:00; Derek Arild,
C1 LIFE+SPORTS Plus Sports,

Thursday, May 8, 2014 » MORE


The Metropolitan Opera: La


Early Man (PG) 12:40, 3:30, 6:15 Peter Rabbit (PG) (10:15, 11:00, 12:45,
Bohème (NR) 9:30
Every Day (PG-13) 12:10, 2:40, 5:10, 1:30, 3:15, 4:00) 6:30, 9:00
Hurdler Monica Bi poses with
some equipment on Tuesday at

The Post (PG-13) 6:40

Tamalpais High School in Mill
Valley, Calif.

Tam’s Bi

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

for 100, 7:35, 9:55
Senior is known The 15:17 to Paris (PG-13) (11:45,
Game Night (R) 1:00, 4:10, 7:05, 9:40
for her consistent

(PG-13) 11:05, 1:50, 4:40, 7:35, 10:20

JOURNAL performance
an Easter service at Red Hill Church on

On the hunt
Easter egg as she sits on a table during By Ed Yevelev
Jayani Lattiebudaire, 1, plays with a plastic
@marinij on Twitter

2:10, 4:45) 7:15, 9:45

It’s every hurdler’s nightmare
scenario, and Monica Bi was glad
she experienced it early.

Hostiles (R) 12:30, 7:00

Now a Tam High senior stand-

Hostiles (R) 6:40, 9:45

out, she looks back and laughs at
her own moment — a miscalcu-
lated timing and jump, leading to
a face-first fall onto the track dur-
ing a practice.
“I ate it really really hard,” she
joked. “But it wasn’t that bad. It
was actually kind of good that it » @The_Janis_Mara on Twitter happened.”
Janis Mara »
Bi said it was helpful in remov-
a tree in the courtyard at San Anselmo’s

Fifty Shades Freed (R) 11:50, 2:25,

ing some nervousness — some-
Red-haired Levi Lokkesmoe, 5, shot toward

La boda de Valentina (R) (10:45,

thing she has rarely shown in at-
ball —
Sunday, basket in hand and eye on the

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

tacking the hurdles for the past
Red Hill Church at warp speed Easter four years. A top MCAL contender
resident scooped up a neon orange plastic
er, egg. In one fell swoop, the San Rafael
in both the 100 and 300 races this
we got here, his eyes were big as saucers. spring, Bi is known not just for her
pseudo-ovum concealed in the roots. “When consistent performance, but also
eggs!’” said his mother, Angie Lokkesmoe, her bubbly, fun-loving personality
He said, ‘Mom, it’s my turn to hunt for egg hunt — even in the tensest of races.
and adults who took part in the Easter Hurdler Monica Bi puts on her
one of the crowd of about 200 children shoes at practice on Tuesday, Apr.

5:05, 7:45, 10:25

15, 2014, at Tamalpais High School
after church services that morning. in Mill Valley, Calif. (Frankie
“I was afraid Frost⁄Marin
Hurdler Monica Bi puts on her
the little

(PG-13) 12:50, 3:50, 6:35, 9:25

The hunt was broken down into age a some- shoes at practice on Tuesday, Apr.
but even the youngest children exhibitedthe wild ones would 15, 2014, at Tamalpais High School

1:20, 4:00) 6:40, 9:15

what disconcerting ferocity in stalking earlier not leave in Mill Valley, Calif. (Frankie
Easter egg. “I was joking with the Frost⁄Marin Independent Jour-
and asked, ‘Is there blood out there?’”
said Pas- anything nal) Frankie Frost
tor Michael Snearly. for the older “She’s always the one breaking
egg hunt,”

The Greatest Showman (PG) 12:10,

“This is our first year for the Easter ones because that tension. She always brings
dd b

Black Panther (PG-13) 9:20, 3:45, 10:15 Mary and The Witch's Flower
Black Panther 3D (PG-13) RealD 3D
2:45, 5:15, 7:50, 10:25 Early Man (PG) (10:00, 12:15, 2:30)
Paddington 2 (PG) 11:25, 2:00, 4:30, (PG) 12:55
12:30, 7:00 Annihilation (R) (11:00, 11:45, 1:45,
Peter Rabbit (PG) 11:40, 2:10, 4:40,
7:10, 9:40 Find it in print or online at
Samson (PG-13) 11:00, 4:35, 10:00 7:10, 9:35 2:20, 4:30, 5:15) 7:15, 8:00, 10:00, 10:45
Black Panther (PG-13) 10:55, 11:45,
The Post (PG-13) 12:50, 3:35, 6:45, 9:30 Game Night (R) (10:00, 11:00, 12:20,
12:35, 2:15, 3:55, 5:35, 6:25, 7:15, 8:55, The Shape of Water (R) 3:45
10:30 Download it for free at the AppStore 1:20, 2:40, 3:40) 6:00, 7:10, 8:25, 9:35,
Winchester (PG-13) 8:30
Black Panther 3D (PG-13) RealD 3D 10:50
Fifty Shades Freed (R) 10:10, 12:35, 1:25, 3:05, 4:45, 8:10, 9:45
3:00, 5:30, 8:00, 10:25 Maze Runner: The Death Cure (PG-
Black Panther (PG-13) 10:00, 12:00,
1:10, 3:10, 4:20, 6:20, 7:30, 9:30, 10:35
13) 3:40, 10:10 digitalfirst | M E D I A
Peter Rabbit (PG) 12:00, 2:30, 5:00,
Black Panther 3D (PG-13) 11:00, 2:10, 7:30, 9:55
5:10, 8:15 The 15:17 to Paris (PG-13) 12:20, Call Me by Your Name (R) 10:00,
Peter Rabbit (PG) 11:10, 1:40, 4:10, 2:40, 5:10, 7:40, 10:05 Black Panther (PG-13) 12:00, 3:30,
The Metropolitan Opera: La The Party (R) 12:45, 2:45, 4:45, 6:45, 1:00, 3:55, 6:50, 9:45
6:45, 9:15 Early Man (PG) 12:15, 2:35, 4:50, 7:05, Bohème (NR) 9:30 4:15, 6:45, 7:30, 9:45
8:30 The Metropolitan Opera: La
The 15:17 to Paris (PG-13) 7:00, 9:40 9:20 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,
Missouri (R) 10:20, 4:15, 9:50 A Fantastic Woman (R) 4:15, 6:30, Bohème (NR) 9:30 Mary and The Witch's Flower
Early Man (PG) 10:45, 1:50, 4:30 Game Night (R) 12:25, 2:50, 5:20, 7:55, Lady Bird (R) 2:00, 4:20, 6:40, 9:00 8:45 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,
Game Night (R) 11:30, 2:00, 4:40, 7:15, 10:30 Darkest Hour (PG-13) 10:30, 1:25, 4:30, (PG) 12:55
2018 Oscar Nominated Short
9:50 7:20, 10:10 Missouri (R) 4:25, 9:40
La boda de Valentina (R) 1:45, 7:20 The Shape of Water (R) 1:00, 7:00 Films: Documentary (NR) (12:15) Peter Rabbit (PG) 12:45, 3:20, 6:30,
Annihilation (R) 11:20, 2:20, 5:00, 7:45, Every Day (PG-13) 11:55, 2:20, 4:55, I, Tonya (R) 10:50, 1:40, 4:40, 7:30, 10:15 2018 Oscar Nominated Short Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
10:30 7:25, 9:50 Phantom Thread (R) 10:15, 1:10, 4:05, Films: Animated (NR) (12:00) 6:15 (R) 1:20, 7:15 9:00
7:10, 10:05
For Hearing Wheelchair 2018 Oscar Nominated Short
Impaired 6 Accessible 5 Bargain Shows in ( ) Annihilation (R) 10:35, 1:20, 4:00,
6:50, 9:40 Films: Live Action (NR) (4:00) 8:15
Showtimes Valid: Saturday, February 24, 2018
4 | B

Exclusion at work Horoscope

By Eugenia Last
NEA Crossword

worries employee SATURDAY, FEB. 24

Pisces (Feb. 20-March

20) — Getting along with
DEAR AMY » I’m being how this has made me others and maintaining
excluded from a project feel? Or should I just stay peace will be essential if
at work and it’s been very quiet? What can I do to you want to slowly get
difficult for me to cope. be more proactive about people to favor your point
I’m wondering if I am this situation? of view.
overreacting. At this point, I’m Aries (March 21-April
I work as part of a not sure what’s valid. I 19) — Use your energy
small team of six artists: don’t want to be seen as wisely. Arguing will lead to
four production artists emotional or not a team conflict with the powers
(myself included) and two player, but I cannot deny that be. Stay focused on
lead artists. We usually that it has upset me. what’s expected of you and
work closely together. It is difficult to watch be quiet about your likes
This project has work for my entire team work on and dislikes.
everyone something without me. Taurus (April 20-May
except one Your advice? 20) — Donations, joint fi-
person, and — Worrier nancial ventures and being
that person DEAR WORRIER » The
a good Samaritan should
turned out way you describe your be carried out with caution.
to be me. situation, you are being Don’t let anyone pressure
Amy Every deliberately excluded you into something you
Dickinson day, my from this team project. don’t want to do.
Ask Amy team is You appealed to your Gemini (May 21-
consumed supervisor, who has also June 20) — Temper your
with this. It’s all they talk denied you access. Yes, thoughts and feelings,
about. They have meet- this seems short-sighted and avoid getting into
ings, and I’m left sitting on their part, because an argument. Be wary of
by myself. They have their inspiration comes from anyone using manipulative
own dedicated chat that many quarters. gestures to gain control.
I am not invited to and Because of the paucity Cancer (June 21-July
they have discussions, of information and lack of 22) — Get your personal
make announcements communication regard- documentation up to date.
and have in-jokes, all of ing why you’ve been Being fully prepared will
which I am not privy to. excluded, you should as- help you deal with financial,
They’re learning, getting sume that your skill level medical or bureaucratic
experience and bonding does not match that of institutions.
while I am excluded. the other team members. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
Meanwhile the work Your current assignment — Someone who wants
I’ve been assigned is not (unrelated to your job you to pay his or her way
related to my job. description) is another will take advantage of your
I asked the supervisor clue that you might need generosity and desire to
if I could work on the to commit to more train- have everyone love you. Be
team project, and he said ing. You could ask for an firm and offer suggestions.
no. I asked my teammates explanation about why Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept.
if there was anything they you’ve been left behind, 22) — A change at home
needed help with and was but don’t bother telling may be emotional at first,
met with silence. anyone how this makes but if you ease into the
I try to be rational you feel. situation, you’ll find a way
about this and think You might be able to to make it work. Your ef-
positively, but every day turn this pile of lemons forts will be appreciated.
it gets more difficult as I into lemonade if you Libra (Sept. 23-Oct.
feel more excluded and can muster up the forti- 23) — Emotional mishaps
less valuable to the team. tude and determination are apparent if you get into
I feel very upset over to leave your emotion a heated discussion with a
this. Have my team leads about this behind, and friend, relative or loved one.
simply commit to im- Don’t do or say anything
failed in how they’ve
proving your skills. You derogatory.
handled this project?
should also look for a Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov.
Should they have found
different job. 22) — Altering your life-
something for me to do,
or at least allowed me to style or making a change
You can contact Amy
be privy to the informa- that will help cut your
Dickinson via email:
overhead or bring a dream
tion about the project? askamy@amydickinson.
one step closer to fruition is Celebrity Cipher By Luis Campos
Am I being oversensitive? com and follow her on
Should I tell my leads favored.
Twitter @askingamy. Instructions: Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people,
Sagittarius (Nov. 23-
Dec. 21) — An important past and present. Each letter in the cipher stands for another.
Sudoku relationship should be
handled with care. Misun-
derstandings and emotional
mayhem can be expected
if you or someone you are
dealing with is evasive.
Capricorn (Dec. 22-
Jan. 19) — Rethink your
goals and consider how
best to improve mentally,
physically and financially
to be successful. Keep up
with the times.
Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb.
19) — Dig in and help peo-
ple in need. Your humani-
tarian attitude will help
stave off criticism as well
as keep you too busy to let
temptation and excessive
behavior take the reins.

Daytime movies
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10:00 a.m. E.T. the Extra-
Terrestrial (1982, Sci-Fi) (2) KTVU 2 (6:00) Parade To Be Announced News (N) Sprtwrap Love Connection
HBO A young boy forms a (4) KRON 4 Paid Ins. Ed. KRON4News (N) History Sheriffs: KRON 4 News (N) KRON 4 Sheriffs:
special bond with a stranded (5) KPIX 5 Paid Paid Big Brother (N) 48 Hours 48 Hours News (N) 2½Men
Answer to Previous Puzzle alien and tries to help him (7) KGO 7 (5:30) NBA Basketb. After the Game (L) Jeopardy BA Life 20/20 ABC7 News (N)
return home. (9) KQED 9 (6:00) Pavlo Live <+++ Picnic (‘55, Rom) 'TVPG' <+++ Picnic (‘55, Rom) 'TVPG'
10:10 a.m. Home Alone (11) KNTV 3 (5:00) 2018Olympics Olympics Figure Skating Gala, Bobsleigh (M) 4-Man Final 'TVG' Bay Area News (N)
The object is (14) KDTV 14 (:55) MFL Fútbol Tij./Amer. (L) 'TVG' El Privilegio de 100 Mexicanos D. Noticias Noticiero
(1990, Comedy) STZ ENC

to place the (20) KOFY 13 Anger M. Anger M. Last Man Last Man Rules Rules Videos Circus < To Be Announc...
A young boy must fend off
numbers 1 to 9 burglars after his family (22) KRCB 22 TestK News (N) Lawrence Welk Austin City Limits Den "John Legend" Music Music
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squares so that home alone. (32) KMTP 32 Journal In Focus Arts Arts Journal Euromxx Journal In Focus Journal Kino
each row, each 11:20 a.m. Young Guns II (36) KTVU+ 6 Seinfeld Seinfeld Modern Modern Special "Chinese New Year Parade" (N) KTVU Plus News
column and (1990, Western) TMC Billy (43) KCSM 17 ClosTruth Forum SpeakEasy Center "Dawes" Globe Trekker Arts in Articul
each 3x3 box the Kid and the gang head (44) KBCW 12 Goldberg Goldberg Mike&M. Mike&M. Feud Feud News (N) 2 Broke Fam.Guy Fam.Guy
contains the for Old Mexico with a band (54) KQEH 28 (6:00) Performances Joe Bonamassa: M 'TVPG' Financial Solutions 'TVG' MN Orig.
number only once. of lawmen in pursuit. (65) ION 16 Law & Order: S.V.U. Law & Order: S.V.U. Law & Order: S.V.U. Law & Order: S.V.U. Law & Order: S.V.U.
11:55 a.m. Freaky Friday HBO 551 5: < Wonder Wom... < Notes From the Field Boxing HBO After Dark Site: The Forum 'TVMA'
(2003, Comedy) HBO An MAX 561 (:10) Strike Back < Dawn of the Dead 'TVM' (:45) <++ Drag Me to Hell 'TVMA' StrikeBk

overworked mother and SHOW 576 The Chi <+++ The Hateful Eight (‘15, West) Samuel L. Jackson. 'TVMA' Eddie Griffin
her daughter adapt to each STZ ENC 518 6:15 < Rear Window (:10) <+++ Shadow of a Doubt 'TVPG' Spartac (:55) <+++ Cast Away 'TVPG'
other’s lives when they TCM 501 <+++ Harry and Tonto (‘74, Com) 'TV14' (:15) <++++ There Will Be Blood (‘07, Dra) 'TVMA'
switch bodies.
TMC 591 Movie (:25) < American Outlaws <++ Raw Meat 'TV14' < Girl House (‘15, Hor) 'TVMA'
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Drama) STZ ENC The lone A&E 47 (5:00) Live PD Live PD /Live PD Live PD 'TV14'
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represent the number of letters in each solution. Each letter must adapt to solitary life on ANPL 51 Pit Bulls & Parolees Pit Bulls & Parolees Pit Bulls & Parolees The Vet Life Pit Bulls & Parolees
combination can be used only once, but all letter combinations a remote island. BRAVO 48 <+++ The Blind Side (‘09, Spt) Sandra Bullock. 'TV14' <+++ The Blind Side (‘09, Spt) 'TV14'
will be necessary to complete the puzzle. 2:25 p.m. Saboteur (1942, COMC 63 Movie (:25) <+++ Blended (‘14, Com) Adam Sandler. 'TV14' < Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Suspense) STZ ENC A DISC 29 Misfit Garage (N) To Be Announced Misfit Garage Misfit Garage
CLUES SOLUTIONS factory worker tries to clear E! 64 Movie <+ Fifty Shades of Grey (‘15, Dra) 'TVMA' <+ Fifty Shades of Grey 'TVMA'
his name by tracking down FOOD 34 Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners
1 compress, in slang (5) ___________
the actual saboteur. FX 36 5: < Terminator:... <+++ The Avengers (‘12, Act) Robert Downey Jr.. 'TV14' Baskets Atlanta
2 swindler (7) ___________ HIST 62 Pawn S. Pawn S. Buried "Extended Edition" An investigation of the fate of the Knights Templar. 'TVPG'

3:00 p.m. Frost/ Nixon

3 company of eight singers (5) ___________ (2008, Drama) MAX Frost’s HALL 66 < Wedding March 3: Here Comes the... < Royal Hearts (‘18, Com) (P) 'TVG' G. Girls G. Girls
legendary interviews after LIFE 46 6: < A Neighbor's... < Framed by My Fiancé (‘17, Dra) 'TV14' < Deadly Delusion (‘18, Thril) Haylie Duff.
4 flailing out of intense fear (9) ___________ the Watergate scandal and OXY 73 Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer
5 adding to the front (9) ___________ Nixon’s resignation. SPIKE 45 Movie <+++ The Bourne Identity (‘02, Act) Matt Damon. 'TV14' < The Bourne Supremacy
3:00 p.m. My Favorite Year SYFY 160 (6:00) < Battle Los Angeles <++ Conan the Barbarian (‘11, Act) 'TV14' Futur. Futur.
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7 energy to endure (7) ___________ writer for a hit 1950s show TLC 50 Say Yes-Dress Say Yes to the Dress (N) 'TV14' (:05) Say Yes-Dress (:05) Say Yes-Dress
is put in charge of keeping TNT 37 5: < Catch Me If Y... <+++ Olympus Has Fallen 'TV14' (:15) <++ Real Steel (‘11, Sci-Fi) 'TV14'
an alcoholic guest star USA 42 (5:) < Bridesmaids < The Wedding Ringer (‘14, Com) 'TVPG' Falling Water (N) <+++ Mean Girls
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(2017, Action) HBO A ESPN 38 (:15) NCAA Basketball Arz./Ore. (L) 'TVG' (:15) SportsC. (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N)
TA FIX GR INA ICK warrior princess leaves her
CNBC 58 American Greed American Greed American Greed American Greed Paid Program
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to help end the First World CNN 56 Patty Hearst Death Row Stories Death Row Stories Death Row Stories Death Row Stories

War. CSPAN 15 (6:00) Public Affairs Event Public affairs events, congressional hearings and more. 'TVG'
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FREE 52 (6:40) <+++ Matilda 'TVPG' (:45) <++++ The Lion King 'TVPG' :50 < The Lion King II: Simba...
A photographer who spies

Previous Answers: 1. HOUSETOPS 2. TITTERS 3. HARDILY on his courtyard neighbors DISN 55 Bunk'd Bunk'd Bizaard. Andi Mack Bizaard. Andi M. Andi M. Bunk'd Bunk'd
4. TEACHING 5. MISSISSIPPI 6. CONTINGENCY 7. SHIPPING 2/24 discovers a possible murder. NICK 53 < Blurt! (‘18, Fam) Thunder Knight F.House F.House Goldberg Goldberg Friends Friends

ZITS Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman SHERMAN’S LAGOON Jim Toomey

MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM Mike Peters WUMO Wulff & Morgenthaler

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TUNDRA Chad Carpenter PICKLES Brian Crane

6 | B


What every entertainment center should have

Two weeks ago, when DC
and I agreed to host an up-
coming friend raiser for our
centers when women want
I glance at the television,
Hamzehloui came to the
house, assessed the situa-
tion, and declared that the
A Equipment today is
smaller and sleeker.
When I started, we had
city’s phil- which is perched on top of center we inherited was so those big picture tube tele-
harmonic, a toybox, which is stuck in- old it was on the endan- visions, then LED TVs
an intimate side the cavernous hole left gered list. In a minute he came along, then paper-
gathering by the prior owner’s ginor- had made a perfectly to thin plasma. Older systems
of 60 peo- mous television. Remem- scale freehand sketch of also used to have five or six
ple whom ber those days when big- how he would retrofit our components, including a
we mostly screen TVs were as big as center and bring it out of CD-player and stereo. Now
Jameson hadn’t met, minivans? The center hole the world of cathode ray you just need one cable box COURTESY OF FURNITURE DESIGN GALLERY
we huddled in this built-in wall unit tube and into the world of and a DVD player.
— while I hy- is so big you could fit your plasma. I was impressed. The move in entertainment centers today is away from heavy,
dark carved wood, and toward lighter colors and cleaner lines.
perventilated — to create a
punch list of home improve-
washer and dryer inside; an
idea that, given how much I
One of my favorite parts
about being a journalist Q How often do you ret-
rofit centers like ours
ments we could accomplish
in four weeks.
Suddenly, all those proj-
like television, I rather like.
But I saw his point and
wagered that if I went
is getting to talk to peo-
ple who have become ex-
ceptionally good at their
to accommodate new tech-
their centers. For those
customers really adamant
about not seeing their tele-
Q What’s the biggest
mistake homeowners
make with their entertain-
ects we planned to get to
someday took on the ur-
along with the entertain-
ment center upgrade, I
craft. Intrigued, I visited
Hamzehloui’s showroom A We get a call for this visions when they’re not
once every three weeks. on, we install elevator lifts
ment centers?

gency of a kitchen fire.

Or as DC put it: “Some-
day just became now.”
could angle for drapes, a
more obvious priority that
he thinks superfluous. We
and workshop, where he
and his team custom build
one entertainment center a Q What does every en-
tertainment center
to raise televisions into
view then lower them out
of sight when not in use,
them out of

Top on DC’s list was to

have the existing and out-
asked around for a good
finish carpenter, and found
day. I pulled up a stool and
asked him some questions:
have to have? or build in pocket doors to
slide over the screens, or QWhat’s your favorite
dated entertainment center
in the family room modi-
fied to fit our flat-screen.
Abe Hamzehloui, owner of
Furniture Design Gallery,
in Sanford, Florida, where Q What’s been the big-
gest change in the de-
A Typically, an entertain- use mounted pieces of art-
ment center has three work to cover the screen,
levels. The lower level, or then, with the click of a re- A My favorite wood is
cherry because you
“That’s a priority?” I he has been building cus- sign of entertainment cen- the bottom 30 to 32 inches, mote, lift to reveal it. have more color selection.
asked. (Why is it men al- tom entertainment centers ters since you started is for storage. We typically I also like maple, but you
ways want entertainment for more than 30 years. building them? put cupboards and drawers
there. The middle section
is where we put the elec- day?
What are the main
trends in centers to-
can’t make it too dark. I’m
also using a lot of stone
and reclaimed wood. Oak
tronics, and the upper level is not popular because cus-
A New Year with New
Resolutions to
is for display. As more TVs
are wall mounted, however,
the center’s top two sec-
Clean, clean lines.
Most don’t want the
ornate traditional look any-
tomers don’t want to see
much grain anymore.

“make it Happen in tions are beginning to dis- more. New units are open
appear. with simple lines. Many Q How do you find a
good entertainment
2018” are also white or painted a center builder?

If you are thinking of Q What are nice but not

necessary features?
color. If I make five enter-
tainment centers per week,
two are white or painted. A Get a good reference
and be sure the com-
Pam English buying or selling Carolin Guerrero
Real Estate....we can make
415.385.2922 A Customers often add
electric fireplaces to
Fifteen years ago, every-
thing was wood.
pany offers a warranty.
Look at photos of their
work and look closely at the
it happen! craftsmanship. One sign of
poorer craftsmanship are
cabinet doors that meet un-
evenly or that have wide
gaps between them. A sign
of better workmanship are
doors with only 1/8-inch or
¼- inch between them, or
Barbara lvy Colleen Cornell low tolerance. Also don’t
415.328.6413 415.215.6346 hire someone who special-
izes in kitchens to build
your entertainment center,
KITCHENS BY KEN RYAN, INC. unless you want it to look
like a kitchen.
Syndicated columnist
Marni Jameson is the
author of three home
415.897.3800 Showroom and lifestyle books.
Amy D. Laudenslager Dominique Nave Conroy Free In-Home 715 Grant Ave., Novato You may reach her at
Design Consultation
415.716.1659 415.259.8081 Open M-F 10:00am-5:00pm
Over 30 Years Experience Saturday by Appt. Only

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Warriors struggle vs. Thunder

OKC giving Golden State fits in regular season, TUNE IN
but can they do the same thing in the playoffs? OKLAHOMA CITY AT WARRIORS
When: Saturday, 5:30 p.m.
By Mark Medina
chapter in their evolving relation- TV/Radio: ABC/95.7 FM
Bay Area News Group
ship, one can only wonder how
that might play out when the War- Warriors have a chance to change
OAKLAND >> All that tension over riors (45-14) host the Oklahoma City such a trend on Saturday amid their
“cupcake” taunts and on-court trash Thunder (34-26) on Saturday at Or- post All-Star break pledge to play
talk suddenly dissipated. Kevin Du- acle Arena. with better effort and intensity.
rant and Russell Westbrook not only “Does that have anything to do “There’s always juice when you
played together in the NBA All-Star with basketball?” Durant asked fol- play the game that you love,” Du-
game this week as co-existing team- lowing Friday’s practice. rant said. “If you have to have added
mates once again. They did what Probably not. juice, I don’t think you should be
normal friends do. They actually “It doesn’t really matter what we playing this game. I know for a fact
talked to each other. They laughed. talked about,” Durant said. “All that that the guys on the other end get
They enjoyed each other’s company. matters is the basketball court. We juiced up when they play anybody.
Since then, Durant and West- have a tough one.” Every time we step on the court, RAY CHAVEZ — BAY AREA NEWS GROUP
brook have gone their respec- After all, the Warriors have al- it’s a great opportunity. We feel the The Warriors have already lost twice this season to the
tive ways and have become oppo- ready lost twice this season to the same way.” Oklahoma City Thunder. And the Warriors have a chance to
nents once again. So in yet another Oklahoma City Thunder. And the WARRIORS >> PAGE 5 change such a trend on Saturday.


Pirates upset by Albany in low-scoring North Coast Section quarterfinal matchup
Blackhawks center Artem
Anisimov, left, tries to fend off
Sharks right wing Joonas Donskoi
during the first period on Friday in

baffle Sharks
in 3-1 victory
By Paul Gackle
Bay Area News Group
CHICAGO >> J.F. Berube made the
most of his first NHL start since
Feb. 19, 2017, stopping 42 pucks
to lift the Chicago Blackhawks
past a Sharks squad seeking re-
demption after a 7-1 shellacking
in Nashville Thursday.
Berube received his first start
of the season in the Blackhawks
3-1 win over the Sharks in Chi-
cago Friday because all-star
netminder Corey Crawford has
been sidelined since Dec. 23
with a head injury, a key rea-
son why the 2010, 2013 and 2015
Stanley Cup champions are 12
points out of a playoff spot.
By losing, the Sharks (33-21-
8) failed build on their one-point
cushion over the idle Anaheim
Ducks for second place in the
Pacific Division.
The Sharks hold a three-point
Drake’s Danny Roland drives to the hoop with seconds remaining against Albany during the NCS Division III quarterfinals at Drake the Western Conference’s ninth-
place team.
High on Friday night. Drake lost to Albany 29-26 after the Cougars closed the game on a 9-0 run. For story, see Page C4. The Sharks are currently 1-2
on their four-game road trip
through the Central Division
which concludes in Minnesota
Berube, who received six

Lefties Blach, Suarez on the mark in opener starts with the New York Island-
ers in 2015-16 and another seven
last year, entered the game with
just one NHL appearance this
By Kerry Crowley
formances do. Scottsdale. season, logging 44:14 of ice time
Bay Area News Group
Here’s what the Giants Blach started the game and in relief of Anton Forsberg on
showed us in their 6-5 loss the delivered seven first pitch Dec. 6.
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. >> At 1:05 Milwaukee Brewers. strikes to the seven hitters he With the Sharks trailing 2-0
p.m. Mountain Standard Time, COMPETITION IS IN THE AIR >> faced, recording two strike- early in the third, Berube made
Ty Blach reached back and Whether the Giants want to ac- outs and allowing just a lone a nifty-stick save on Logan Cou-
threw a fastball over the plate. knowledge it or not, and nei- single to Lorenzo Cain. Suarez ture as he was cutting in all
Strike one. ther Ty Blach or Andrew Su- came on in relief and promptly alone.
With that pitch, a long off- arez wanted to, the battle for struck out the side in the third Joe Pavelski hit the crossbar
season filled with twists and 25-man roster spots is already inning before rolling a 4-6-3 a few seconds later. In the mid-
turns, trades and signings starting to heat up. Blach and double play in the fourth. dle of the period, he closed the
and talk of a Giancarlo Stan- Suarez, a pair of southpaws, “Really was a good day, re- pads on Jannik Hansen’s at-
ton acquisition finally came are competing to win jobs in ally for the pitching,” Bochy ARIC CRABB — BAY AREA NEWS GROUP tempt to tip in a Tomas Hertl
to an end. No, the games don’t the Giants’ starting rotation said. “Blach and Suarez, they The Giants’ Pablo Sandoval homers pass in front.
matter (unless you’re betting this spring, and both flum- threw great. Blach, when he to deep right-center field in the The Sharks failed to create
on Cactus League over/un- moxed Milwaukee Brewers missed, he just missed, but he sixth inning against the Milwaukee a lot of high-quality scoring
ders), but the individual per- hitters on Friday afternoon in GIANTS >> PAGE 2 Brewers. chances on Berube over the first
two periods, forcing head coach
Pete DeBoer to put his lines in
the blender in the third.
SPRING TRAINING DeBoer used a handful of dif-
ferent combinations in an at-

A’s third baseman Chapman out with hand issue tempt to kickstart his team’s
Blackhawks defenseman Jan
Rutta opened the scoring at 5:46
By Martin Gallegos
hand. But Chapman did receive taking a break from swinging. came back negative and Chap- of the second, scooping up his
Bay Area News Group
a cortisone shot due to swelling I’m still gonna be doing ground man decided to just take a break own blocked shot in the slot and
and inflammation on the sesa- balls and everything else. Once from swinging until January. snapping it into the top shelf
MESA, ARIZ. >> A’s third baseman moid bone, a bone in between the signs kind of subside and ev- After feeling fine swinging through traffic.
Matt Chapman received some the thumb and index finger, erything feels good, I’ll kind of the bat in January and Febru- SHARKS >> PAGE 3
good news and bad news on his which will keep him out of all pick it up from there.” ary, Chapman began to feel the
right hand issue. hitting activities for a period of Chapman, 24, began to feel pain again during spring train- THE SCORE
After leaving camp for Los time. the discomfort in his hand in ing this past week. BLACKHAWKS 3, SHARKS 1
Angeles Thursday to undergo “We are pretty confident back in Nov. when he began his “You know when you feel
an MRI with hand specialist Dr. that’s gonna push that swelling offseason hitting routine. He good and when you don’t,” Up Next: Sharks at Minnesota
Steven Shin, results revealed no out and it’s gonna be good to go,” told the team and was sent to Chapman said. “When I came When: Sunday, 5 p.m.
structural damage on the right Chapman said. “It’s kind of just Dr. Shin back then, but X-rays A’S >> PAGE 2 TV/Radio: NBSCA/1440 AM
2 | C

Saturday’s local events NEWS+NOTES

COM at San Mateo: noon, San Mateo
Fresno Pacific at Dominican: 4 p.m., San Rafael
Woods 4 back with
everyone around him
Fresno Pacific at Dominican: 2 p.m., San Rafael
UC Santa Cruz at Dominican: Noon, San Rafael
Heritage at Drake: 11 a.m., San Anselmo The Associated Press
Ygnacio Valley at Novato: 11 a.m., Novato PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLA.
Tam at Petaluma: 2 p.m., Petaluma >>Even with a tee shot into
Hayward at San Rafael: 6:30 p.m., Albert Park the water for another dou-
NCS playoffs: Bentley at Branson: 7 p.m., COM could see the big picture in
the Honda Classic.
NCS playoffs: San Domenico at Redwood Christian:
7 p.m., Chabot College He was four shots out
of the lead going into the
NCS playoffs: Marin Academy at University: 4 p.m., Luke List delivered a
University round not many others
NCS playoffs: Tomales at Laytonville: 5:30 p.m., Laytonville found possible in such dif-
NCS playoffs: Del Norte at Marin Catholic: 7 p.m., Kentfield ficult conditions Friday, a
4-under 66 that gave him a
HIGH SCHOOL BOYS LACROSSE share of the lead with Jamie
Tam vs. Alhambra: 1 p.m., Mill Valley Novato at Clayton Lovemark (69). They were
Valley Charter: 3 p.m., Concord at 3-under 137, the highest
Marin Catholic vs. Monte Vista: 4 p.m., Kentfield score to lead at the halfway
point of the Honda Classic WILFREDO LEE — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
HIGH SCHOOL BOYS SOCCER since it moved to PGA Na- Tiger Woods hits out of a bunker on the 18th hole during the second round of the Honda
NCS final: Marin Academy vs. Saint Mary’s: 2 p.m., tional in 2007. Classic on Friday.
Marin Catholic So bunched were the
scores that Woods was four Rory Sabbatini (69). Defending champion Committee projected Team
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS SOCCER shots out of the lead and Justin Thomas and Dan- Rickie Fowler had six bo- USA to win 37 medals at the
NCS final: Branson vs. Piedmont: noon, Marin Catholic four shots from last place iel Berger each shot 72 and geys on his front nine and Pyeongchang Games — a
among the 76 players who were in a large group at shot 77 to miss the cut. goal the U.S. will not come
HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING made the cut at 5-over 145. 139. They were among only KORDA SHOOTS COURSE RE- close to reaching when
NCS individuals: all day, James Logan HS More importantly, he only 10 players remaining un- CORD IN THAILAND >> Jessica competition closes Sunday.
had 13 players in front of der par. Korda shot a course-record Heading into the fi-
Sunday’s local events him. Fleetwood laughed when 62 at the LPGA Thailand nal 48 hours of action, the
“This is a difficult golf asked the last time he was to lead by four strokes af- United States had 21 med-
course right now,” Woods at 2 under after 36 holes ter the second round. als. Even if things were to
said. “Making pars is a and only one shot out of Playing her first tour- go well over the handful of
Notre Dame de Namur at Dominican (DH): 1p.m., San Rafael good thing. I’ve done that, the lead. nament since having jaw remaining events, the team
and I’m right there with a The difficulty was pri- surgery, Korda, who is the will fall more than 10 med-
chance.” marily from the wind, daughter of former tennis als short of the goal.
On the air Saturday And he has plenty of which blew just as hard player Petr Korda, leads fel- Alan Ashley, the USOC’s
company. in the morning when List low American Brittany Lin- chief of sport performance,
SPRING BASEBALL Tommy Fleetwood, who shot his 66 as it did in the cicome, who carded a 65 to tells sais the team is doing
10 a.m. Rays at Red Sox MLB won the Race to Dubai on afternoon. More aggravat- go 12 under. fine. He says another way
12:05 p.m. Giants at Dodgers 680 the European Tour last ing to the players are the to view it is the number of
12:05 p.m. A’s vs. Padres 95.7 Winter Olympics
year, scratched out a 68 and greens, which are old and close calls America has had
BOXING was one shot out of the lead bare, firm and crusty. It’s a TEAM USA WILL FALL SHORT at these games. The U.S. has
6:30 p.m. Junior bantam.: Rungvisai vs. Estrada HBO along with Webb Simpson recipe for not making many OF MEDAL PROJECTIONS >> placed fourth or fifth in 21
(72), Russell Henley (70) and putts. Leaders at the U.S. Olympic events.
1:30 p.m. Washington at Cal PAC12 810
3 p.m. Iowa State at West Virginia ESPNU
off the bat of Jonathan Vil- training, Longoria’s pres- pitcher hunting down a ro-
3 p.m. Kansas State at Oklahoma ESPN2 lar into short right field, ence would him to do so as tation spot. This year, his
3 p.m. Bowling Green at Kent State CBSSN and McCutchen battled a utility infielder. On Friday,
role is being hunted, by
3 p.m. Arkansas at Alabama SEC
3 p.m. Santa Clara at Saint Mary’s NBCCA, 1220, 89.5 FROM PAGE 1 with the sun and second Sandoval’s campaign began Suarez, left-hander Derek
3:15 p.m. Syracuse at Duke ESPN baseman Miguel Gomez be- with a soaring home run to Holland and prospect Ty-
4 p.m. Washington State at Stanford PAC12 was right on with all of his fore completing a running deep right center field that
ler Beede.
5 p.m. Arizona State at Oregon State ESPNU pitches. An impressive out- catch. The uncertainty on traveled beyond the lawn at Blach entered spring
5 p.m. Gonzaga at BYU ESPN2 ing for Ty and Suarez, both a rather routine play was Scottsdale Stadium. training as the front-run-
5 p.m. St. Bonaventure at VCU CBSSN solid two innings. Really reminiscent of the defensive “All the workouts that Iner for a starting job, and
5:15 p.m. Missouri at Kentucky ESPN
5:30 p.m. Auburn at Florida SEC the pitching was good, we mistakes the club consis- did in the offseason, that admitted this year’s camp
7 p.m. Wyoming at Fresno State ESPNU just got sloppy there in the tently made in the outfield paid off,” Sandoval said. “I
feels a bit different. After
7 p.m. Long Beach State at CS Fullerton ESPN2 middle of the game.” last season, but fortunately waited for this moment to making 24 starts last sea-
7 p.m. San Diego State at San Jose State 1590 Giants’ outfielders also for the Giants, McCutchen start the game and I felt son for a Giants team that
7:15 p.m. Arizona at Oregon ESPN used Friday’s contest as made the snag. ready when I was facing lost Madison Bumgarner
an opportunity to impress “It’s a tough play, espe- live pitching. So the firstfor almost half of the year,
the coaching staff, as Jar- cially when the outfielder couple of at-bats I was tooBlach said he’s more men-
9 a.m. Indiana at Iowa BIGTEN rett Parker, Austin Slater is running forward and the excited so the third at-battally and physically pre-
10 a.m. Tennessee at Mississippi SEC
11 a.m. Michigan State at Purdue BIGTEN and Steven Duggar all re- second baseman is running I felt a little bit more com-
pared for what the coach-
12:30 p.m. S. Carolina at Mississippi State SEC corded second inning base backward and the wind so fortable.” ing staff throws at him.
hits that helped push the you never know,” first base- Sandoval was initially The left-hander didn’t
GOLF Giants ahead 4-0. man Pablo Sandoval said. scheduled to start at thirdthink conditioning was an
10 a.m. PGA Tour: Honda Classic GOLF W it h A nd r e w Mc - “But they’ve got great com- on Friday, but Ryder Jones issue for him toward the
noon PGA Tour: Honda Classic CBS Cutchen, Hunter Pence munication and McCutchen suffered a hamstring in- end of last season when his
10 p.m. LPGA Tour: Honda Thailand GOLF and Austin Jackson as- made the play.” jury on Thursday so Bo- numbers dipped, but he did
2 a.m. European Tour: Qatar Masters GOLF sured of roster spots, the In the fourth inning, chy swapped Orlando Ca- say he’s built up his lower
MMA Giants will likely keep two Duggar and Slater allowed lixte into the lineup for body strength and focused
3 p.m. UFC Fight Night: prelims KTVU more outfielders and have a Lorenzo Cain fly ball to Jones and moved Sandoval on re-tooling his slider to in-
5 p.m. UFC Fight Night: Emmett vs. Stephens KTVU at least six others with se- drop in between them in over to first. In the first in-
duce more swing-throughs.
rious chances of making the left center field on a play ning, a Calixte throw from “I’m kind of fine-tun-
MOTOR SPORTS team who will receive ex- that likely should have been across the diamond forced ing some things, trying to
6 a.m. NASCAR Xfinity: qualifying FS1 tended playing time in the made by Duggar. The Gi- Sandoval to stretch out to tighten up the slider a little
7:30 a.m. NASCAR CWTS: qualifying FS1 coming weeks. ants’ lack of outfield range save an out and he did so, bit to where it’s a little more
9 a.m. NASCAR Sprint Cup: final practice FS1 DEFENSE IS IN THE WORKS cost them last season, but proving he still has a bit of
consistent and a little more
noon NASCAR Xfinity: final practice FS1 >> The Giants committed Suarez rolled a double play flexibility. of a swing-and-miss pitch
11 a.m. NASCAR Xfinity: Rinnai 250 FS1
1:30 p.m. NASCAR CWTS: Active Pest Control 200 FS1 six errors on Friday, which ball off the bat of Travis “I feel good, I’ve played
or at least open some more
4 p.m. AMA Monster Energy Supercross FS1 means the pitching staff Shaw to negate the mistake. that position before so it’s
opportunities for some dif-
6:30 p.m. Motorcycle: Superbike World Champ. beIN managed to keep its ERA SANDOVAL SHOWS OFF >> Af- nothing different,” Sando- ferent locations,” Blach said.
at 0.00 after a 6-5 loss. ter the Giants traded for val said. “It’s the hot cor- Blach had the highest
NBA The errors, though, were Evan Longoria in Decem- ner too, so I do the work contact rate of any pitcher
5:30 p.m. Thunder at Warriors ABC, 95.7 all committed by reserve ber, Sandoval said he imme- that I’ve been putting in in the Major Leagues last
players who won’t be in diately understood the ram- during the offseason right season, and averaged just
NHL the Giants’ Opening Day ifications it would have for now in the spring. You just4.0 strikeouts per nine in-
11 a.m. Flyers at Senators NHL lineup. Nevertheless, the his role with the club mov- don’t try to do too much out
4 p.m. Blackhawks at Blue Jackets NHL Giants’ defense was spotty ing forward. there on the field and you On Friday against Mil-
throughout the afternoon, Sandoval was the start- just make your plays, that’s
waukee, Blach caught des-
SOCCER including when the first hit- ing third baseman during the most important thing. ignated hitter Keston Hiura
4:30 a.m. Premier: Leicester City vs. Stoke City CNBC ter of the game put the ball the Giants’ golden era, but BLACH’S SLIDER A POTEN- looking before he struck out
6:20 a.m. Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs. Hertha BerlinFS2 in play. he realized if he wanted to TIAL DIFFERENCE-MAKER >> Brett Phillips swinging to
6:20 a.m. Bundesliga: Stuttgart vs. Eintracht Frankfurt Blach induced a popup make the team out of spring In the past, Blach was the end the second inning.
7 a.m. Premier: Liverpool vs. West Ham CNBC
7:05 a.m. La Liga: Real Madrid vs. Deportivo Alaves beIN
wants to be out there and 9-8 Cactus League opener count at 33, Melvin made
9:20 a.m. Bundesliga: Werder Bremen vs. Hamburg FS2 play right away. but we get victory against the Angels. the call to the bullpen.
9:30 a.m. Premier: Watford vs. Everton NBC this thing figured out here Melv in immediately “ It ’s f r u st rat i n g. I
11:35 a.m. La Liga: Barcelona vs. Girona beIN
2 p.m. Carolina Challenge Cup: Minnesota vs. Columbus FROM PAGE 1 in whatever the short-term rushed out with head thought I threw some good
beIN timetable is, we should be trainer Nick Paparesta to pitches and threw some
4:30 p.m. Carolina Challenge Cup: Charleston vs. Atlanta out here to spring training fine.” check on Maxwell, who re- mediocre ones that were
beIN and started facing some Chapman’s absence from mained down for about kind of up,” Mengden said.
live pitching and machine the lineup will give the A’s a minute. He was imme- “Not the result you want on
SWIMMING pitching, it started acting a better look at power- diately taken to the club- the box score you want to
6:30 p.m. Women’s Pac-12 Championships PAC12 up a little bit. … We feel con- hitting prospects Renato house and replaced behind see but I felt good and the
fident the swelling is gonna Nunez and Sheldon Neuse the plate by Sean Murphy. pitches looked good. Just
TENNIS go away and that and we’re at third. Nunez was in the After the game, Melvin trying to feel healthy and
10 a.m. ATP Rio Open, ATP Delray Beach TENNIS gonna have a healthy 2018 starting lineup for Friday’s revealed Maxwell had not take baby steps and get
2:30 p.m. ATP Rio Open, ATP Delray Beach TENNIS season.” Cactus League Opener sustained a concussion. better every outing.”
Cortisone shots usually against the Angels, with Paul Blackburn, who im-
VOLLEYBALL require a few days to start Neuse slated to start on Starting rotation pressed the A’s last year in
7 p.m. Men’s Stanford at BYU BYU take effect, and Chapman Saturday. battle underway 10 starts as a rookie, had
hopes it won’t take much The A’s expect Chapman solid outing as he allowed
more than that to begin to become a cornerstone of Things didn’t go too just two walks and a hit in
Where the Pros are hitting and appearing in the franchise for his Gold great for Daniel Mengden. two scoreless innings.
games this spring. Glove-caliber defense and Declared the front-run- After retiring the first
NHL A’s manager Bob Melvin power bat that projects ner for the No. 3 spot in three batters in order in
San Jose Sharks:, 1440 AM had no fear of Chapman’s him to become a 30-plus the rotation by Melvin ear- the third, Blackburn ran
Sunday: Tuesday: Thursday: pain becoming a recurring home run hitter given a full lier this spring, Mengden into a little bit of trouble
at Minnesota vs. Edmonton vs. Chicago issue despite the similar season. started the game for the in the fourth. Two of the
5 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7 p.m. concerns just a few months A’s and was unable to es- first three batters walked
NBSCA NBSCA NBSCA ago, it was more a sense of Maxwell leaves early cape the first inning. He to set up runners on first
relief knowing Chapman’s Catcher Bruce Maxwell was pulled after record- and second with only one
hand issue was not any- was laid out at home plate ing just two outs, allowing out. As was often the case
Golden State Warriors:, 95.7 FM thing more severe. after taking a hard blow two runs on five hits and with Blackburn last season,
Saturday: Monday: Wednesday: “Hopefully it’s not any to the top of his head on a a walk. he found a way to escape by
vs. Oklahoma City at New York at Washington longer than we expect and backswing from Angels in- Mengden had hoped to getting Angels infielder Da-
5:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 5 p.m. it’s a minor thing,” Mel- fielder Jefry Marte in the at least get through the in- vid Fletcher to ground into
vin said. “It’s not ideal. He second inning of Friday’s ning, but with his pitch a double play.

Russians get first gold, Germany tops Canada

By Dennis Waszak Jr.
ble and all the way to the
And David Brandt
finish line.”
The Associated Press
Canadian teammate Brit-
tany Phelan, a close friend
PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KO- of Serwa, used an impres-
REA >> The Russians finally sive pass late in the run to
won a gold medal at the Py- finish second.
eongchang Olympics. The “We didn’t come out here
Canadian men’s hockey to participate. We came
team won’t even get the out here to win, and to do
chance after losing to Ger- it together is unbelievable,”
many. Serwa said. “I’m so pumped.”
Alina Zagitova edged Fanny Smith of Switzer-
training partner Evgenia land won bronze.
Medvedeva on Friday in fig- CURLING DRAMA >> In wom-
ure skating, giving the Rus- en’s curling, South Korea
sians a reason to celebrate beat Japan 8-7 in an intense
a 1-2 finish. semifinal game that went to
“I haven’t fully real- the 11th end. South Korea
ized yet that I’ve won,” the skip Kim Eun-jung made a
15-year-old Zagitova said. “I perfect shot with the ham-
think I need some time to mer that stopped right on
understand that I won the the button to clinch the vic-
Olympic Games.” tory.
She and Medvedeva MATT SLOCUM — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The South Koreans —
tied in the free skate with who shared a jubilant hug in
Mason Raymond (21), of Canada, skates off as Germany players celebrate after the semifinal round of the men’s hockey
156.65 points, but Zagitova front of a roaring crowd af-
game against Canada at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea, Friday. Germany won 4-3.
had won the short program ter the shot — will face Swe-
Wednesday — giving her den for gold on Sunday. Swe-
the edge by only 1.31 points. period. They came close, short in his bid for his Vladislav Gavrikov scored had a pretty good game,” den beat Britain 10-5 in the
“I can’t believe I am the but will do no better than fourth Olympic gold medal goals 27 seconds apart in Switzerland’s Peter de Cruz other semifinal game.
champion,” Zagitova said. bronze when they face the in South Korea as France the second period, and Kov- said. “So that was enough DOUBLE DUTCH >> Nuis be-
T he Russians’ gold Czech Republic on Saturday. finished fifth in the men’s alchuk added an empty-net- to win it.” came the first skater with
drought had been one of “We deserve to be there 4x7.5-kilometer biathlon re- ter with 20.9 seconds left to The loss was an upset for two gold medals at the
the ongoing story lines of and the best team will win,” lay, won by Sweden. seal the Russians’ first trip Canada, which had won the Gangneung Oval, using a
the games, and they were Russian forward Ilya Koval- In Gangneung, Zagitova to the final since 1998. last three men’s competi- terrific start and strong fin-
running out of time to get chuk said. “We will be ready skated first and she nailed “It is huge for us and the tions. ish to win in 1 minute, 7.95
one — although those con- for the game, for sure.” everything during her pro- players and for the country,” “We feel disheartened, seconds.
cerns were eased a bit by Za- Switzerland topped Can- gram to “Don Quixote.” Russian forward Mikhail disappointed, just kind of “The 1,500 was a victory
gitova and Medvedeva com- ada to win the bronze medal The 18-year-old Medvedeva Grigorenko said of playing gutted, really,” Canada’s and this relief,” he said. “I
ing into the day in prime po- in men’s curling. The gold- matched Zagitova — but for the gold. “It would mean Brent Laing said. “That’s was psyched to get this one.”
sition to win. medal game between the that wasn’t good enough to everything to us.” not the way it was sup- Kim Tae-yun of South
Now, the Russians should U.S. and Sweden is Satur- bring home the gold. SWISS DON’T MISS >> Switzer- posed to go, wasn’t what Korea finished in 1.08.22
have a great shot at another day. “I put everything out land’s men’s team clinched we planned, but the better for bronze.
gold medal with the men’s Kelsey Serwa of Canada there that I had,” Medve- the bronze in curling when team won today and unfor- FOR THE KING >> With King
hockey team advancing to won the gold in women’s deva said. “I left every- Benoit Schwarz took out tunately it wasn’t us.” Carl XVI Gustaf watching,
the final after a 3-0 victory skicross, adding to the sil- thing on the ice. I have no two Canadian stones with SPEED RACER >> At Phoenix Peppe Femling, Jesper Ne-
over the Czech Republic. ver she won four years ago regrets.” his last throw of the 10th Snow Park, Serwa took the lin, Sebastian Samuelsson
They’ll face the Germans, in Sochi. Kaetlyn Osmond of Can- and final end. lead early and had a big and Fredrik Lindstroem
who shocked two-time de- Kjeld Nuis of the Nether- ada, who had considered re- Canada had just one advantage when she com- teamed to help Sweden win
fending champion Canada lands took the men’s 1,000 tirement, won the bronze. throw left, so it was unable pleted the course. the men’s 4x7.5-kilometer
4-3 to advance to Sunday’s meters in speedskating, A few hours later, Vasily to score the two points it “I knew that there was relay by 55.5 seconds over
title game. edging Havard Lorentzen Koshechkin stopped all 31 needed to force an extra no way to let up, that these Norway.
Germany jumped out to of Norway by 0.04 seconds. shots he faced to help the end. girls would be right be- Germany took bronze,
leads of 3-0 and 4-1 before Nuis also won the 1,500 last Russians advance in men’s “Very fortunate that hind, fighting,” Serwa said. marking the seventh time
Canada rallied to get back week. hockey. maybe they didn’t play their “I tried to stay as compact it has medaled in the event
in the game during the third Martin Fourcade fell N i k it a G u s e v a nd absolute best game and we and aerodynamic as possi- in the last eight Olympics.


Canada’s Toutant wins gold Shiffrin jokes about

whether Vonn’s
in debut of men’s Big Air career will be over
The Associated Press The last official day of bob- ing to hold us down here. three-tenths of a second By Howard Fendrich
right now, is just to ski my
sled season is Sunday, and We’re going to keep our after Saturday’s first two The Associated Press
best and to keep taking ski
PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KO- the American men probably heads held high, regard- heats of the four-man com- racing to a new level.”
REA >> Canadian snow- can’t wait for the finale. less of where we finish, petition, the final sliding PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KO- Shiffrin also was asked
boarder Sebastien Toutant So far in these Py- just based on our perfor- event of the Pyeongchang REA >> Mikaela Shiffrin is about what sort of advice
soared to gold in the Olym- eongchang Olympics, U.S. mance and we know how Olympics. trip to the top of not quite convinced Lind- she might have received
pic debut of men’s Big Air. bobsled coach Brian Shimer hard we’re fighting.” the podium. sey Vonn’s Olympic career from Vonn when it comes
Toutant scored a 174.25 was bedridden by illness, That there’s any fight SWISS WIN DEBUT OF ALPINE is done. to taking over as the face
in the final to give Team Codie Bascue partially tore left is somewhat impres- TEAM EVENT >> Switzerland “Whenever I hear any- of Alpine skiing in the
Canada its 11th gold of the his left calf muscle, Justin sive, given the events of defeated top-seeded Aus- body say something about United States.
Pyeongchang Games. Olsen needed emergency this season. tria to take the gold medal this,” Shiffrin said Friday, “I haven’t had a lot of
Kyle Mack of the United surgery to remove his ap- T he Ol y mpic ye a r in the Olympic debut of the “it’s like, ‘most likely,’ ‘prob- advice about what to do
States took second with a pendix and Nick Cunning- started with the death of Alpine team skiing event. ably,’ ‘maybe,’ ‘we’ll see,’ because, first of all, I don’t
score of 168.75. He had a ham saw whatever medal driver Steven Holcomb, Switzerland was up 2-1 ‘not sure.’ I’m like, ‘Know- think Lindsey sees herself
chance to better Toutant hopes he had in the two- followed by Shimer’s home in the final matchup when ing Lindsey, I don’t believe as being done yet or pass-
but sat down on his third man race end about five sec- in southwest Florida get- Swiss ski racer Daniel Yule her.’” ing the baton,” she an-
and final jump. onds from the starting line. ting clobbered by a mas- wrapped up the win as Aus- And with that, Shiffrin swered. “And I don’t see
Billy Morgan of Great That’s not even a com- sive hurricane, followed by trian Marco Schwarz skied let out a big laugh. myself as taking the ba-
Britain earned bronze in plete list of the problems. the doping suspension of out along the side-by-side She is, without a doubt, ton.”
front of a boisterous crowd “The bobsled Gods are Olympic-hopeful Ryan Bai- parallel slalom course. the heir apparent to Vonn Shiffrin is now what
at Alpensia Ski Jumping upset at us for something,” ley over something team Norway edged France in as the leader of U.S. ski Vonn once was: a multiple
Centre. Cunningham said. officials believe was inad- the bronze medal match. racing. They were the only Olympic medalist in her
Ivanka Trump was also That’s about the only vertent, followed by sleds The countries were tied at two members of the coun- 20s with a bright future.
in attendance. The daugh- explanation that makes getting lost in a shipping 2, but Norway’s top skiers try’s Alpine team to earn a After Vonn won a gold
ter of president Donald sense. Barring some mir- debacle on their way to Ger- were faster. Each team had medal at the Pyeongchang and bronze at the 2010
Trump took in the finals acle Sunday, the U.S. men many before a World Cup two male and two female Games — and the only two Vancouver Games, the as-
as part of a whirlwind tour are going home w ith- race, followed by no World skiers. to hold news conferences sumption was she would
during the penultimate out an Olympic bobsled Cup medals on foreign soil The Swiss ski team a day after the sport’s last go on to add medal upon
day of the games. Wear- medal for the first time in ... well, you get the idea. ended the Pyeongchang two individual events. medal to her career total.
ing a red ski suit with a 12 years. It’s not even cer- The only nation to come to Games with two gold med- First came Vonn, 33, Instead, she was forced to
blue knit USA cap, Trump tain if they’ll have a sled an Olympics and leave with als and seven total. Aus- wearing her downhill miss the 2014 Olympics af-
joined Kim Jung-sook, wife finish in the top 10 of ei- all three bobsled gold med- tria’s ski squad also had bronze medal. After she ter tearing knee ligaments.
of South Korean president ther the two- or four-man als was Germany, which seven medals, including left the room, it was time So after an eight-year
Moon Jae-in. race; Bascue was ninth go- pulled off the title triple 12 three gold. Norway’s Al- for Shiffrin, 22, whose gold wait, Vonn stepped back
Red Gerard, who cap- ing into Sunday’s final two years ago. pine skiers also had seven from the giant slalom and on the stage, but has said
tured the first gold medal heats of four-man. Francesco Friedrich has medals, including one gold. silver from the combined this would be her last
for the United States in Py- “We’re going to continue the Germans in position to Several of the world’s dangled from her neck. Olympics. As it is, she be-
eongchang in the slopestyle to fight,” said Cunning- do it again. top ra cers, includ ing Vonn spent much of her came the oldest woman to
event two weeks ago, fin- ham, who struggled with Friedrich and his team American Mikaela Shif- session taking questions win an Alpine medal.
ished fifth. the start of the track in the of Candy Bauer, Martin frin and Austrian Mar- about her, um, extensive Vonn said the woman
MOR E DI S A P P OI N T M E N T two-man race and wound Grothkopp and Thorsten cel Hirscher, skipped the experience — “You’re not who took the gold in the
FOR US BOBSLED TEAM >> up 21st. “You’re not go- Margis leads by nearly event. getting any younger,” was downhill, good friend So-
the way one reporter put it, fia Goggia of Italy, wrote
to which the skier replied a note trying to lobby for

with a smile, “Come right a return in 2022.
out and say it, why don’t “I told her ... if I phys-
you!” — and the emotions ically could continue for
FROM PAGE 1 of her (presumably) last four years, then I probably
Olympics. would, as long as I consid-
The Blackhawks (27- Then Shiffrin discussed ered myself still a compet-
27-8) added a goal at what she called the frustra- itor,” Vonn said. “But four
2:01 of the third when tion of dealing with sched- years is a really long time.
Justin Braun’s breakout ule changes that contrib- I told her that. She said
pass made its way onto uted to a fourth-place finish she’s going to keep trying
Anthony Duclair’s stick in her top event, the slalom, to convince me.”
before he fed Nick and forced her to enter only In the meantime, there
Schmaltz for a one timer. three of five races. are other goals Vonn will
T imo Meier got the When asked about be- pursue before retiring. She
Sharks on the scoreboard ing Vonn’s successor, she reiterated she is “not go-
at 12:09 of the third, blast- was deferential. ing to stop ski racing un-
ing a slapshot past Berube “I don’t necessarily feel til I break” Ingemar Sten-
from above the circles for like I’m taking over some- mark’s World Cup record
his 15th goal of the sea- thing for the sport. I don’t for most career race wins.
son. Joe Pavelski and Brent know if I could fill Lind- She has 81; he had 86.
Burns earned assists on sey’s shoes, the way that “I think next season,”
the play. she has worn them,” Shif- Vonn said, “I can get it
Artem Anisimov iced frin said. “I’m going to do done.”
the game for the Black- my best to help the sport She also intends to pur-
hawks, scoring into an NAM Y. HUH — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS grow in whatever way that sue a chance to compete
empty net with 30.5 sec- Blackhawks goalie J.F. Berube, left, blocks a shot by Sharks defenseman Brent Burns, I can. The best way that I against men, something
onds left on the clock. right, on Friday in Chicago. can do that, as far as I see she’s sought for years.
4 | C

Scoreboard Milwaukee (ss)

San Francisco
000 030 201—6 11 0
040 001 000—5 8 6
60 40
16 4 84 209 163
Wilkerson, Perrin (2), Ventura (2), Ortiz San Jose 62 33 21 8 74 180 173
Marin (4), Brady (5), Liz (6), Lopez (7), Archer Anaheim 62 31 20 11 73 171 170
(8), Uhen (9), and Vogt, Nottingham; Los Angeles 61 33 23 5 71 174 151
Blach, Suarez (3), Younginer (5), Johnson Calgary 62 31 22 9 71 177 184
(5), Cyr (6), Rogers (7), Knight (8),
COLLEGE WOMEN’S TENNIS Snelten (9), and Hundley, Brown. Edmonton 60 25 31 4 54 167 196
W — Archer 1-0; L — Snelten 0-1; Sv — Vancouver 60 23 30 7 53 161 194
Dominican 8, Mills College 1
Uhen. HRs_Sandoval, Hundley. Arizona 60 17 33 10 44 145 202
NCS playoffs: Bishop O’Dowd 78, Tam 35 Nashville 60 37 14 9 83 192 155
NCS playoffs: Las Lomas 68, Redwood 47 Winnipeg 61 36 16 9 81 203 161
WESTERN CONFERENCE Minnesota 61 34 20 7 75 185 172
NCS playoffs: Hayward 46, San Rafael 45
NCS playoffs: Campolindo 83, San Dallas 61 35 22 4 74 181 159
PACIFIC DIVISION St. Louis 62 34 24 4 72 173 160
Marin 39 Colorado 60 32 23 5 69 186 180
W L Pct GB
NCS playoffs: Albany 29, Drake 26 Chicago 62 27 27 8 62 176 176
Golden State 45 14 .763 —
Clippers 31 27 .534 13 1/2
Lakers 23 34 .404 21
Sacramento 18 40 .310 26 1/2
NCS playoffs: Newark Memorial 73, ATLANTIC DIVISION
Phoenix 18 42 .300 27 1/2
Redwood 66
NCS playoffs: Cardinal Newman 70, San
W L Pct GB Tampa Bay 61 41 17 3 85 219 164
Marin 25
Boston 58 37 13 8 82 191 142
Houston 45 13 .776 — Toronto 63 38 20 5 81 209 175
Winter Olympics San Antonio 35 25 .583 11 Florida 58 27 25 6 60 169 188
New Orleans 32 26 .552 13 Detroit 60 24 26 10 58 159 180
At Pyeongchang, South Korea Memphis 18 39 .316 26 1/2 Montreal 60 23 29 8 54 154 189
Dallas 18 40 .310 27 Ottawa 60 21 29 10 52 163 211
MEDAL COUNT NORTHWEST DIVISION Buffalo 61 18 32 11 47 146 200
Through Feb. 23 W L Pct GB

G S B Tot Minnesota 36 26 .581 — GP W L OT Pts GF GA

Oklahoma City 34 26 .567 1 Pittsburgh 62 36 22 4 76 201 181
Norway 13 14 11 38 Denver 33 26 .559 1 1/2
Canada 11 8 9 28 Washington 61 34 20 7 75 189 183
Portland 33 26 .559 1 1/2 Philadelphia 61 32 19 10 74 183 175
Germany 13 7 6 26 Utah 30 29 .508 4 1/2
United States 8 8 6 22 New Jersey 61 31 22 8 70 183 187
Netherlands 8 6 4 18 Columbus 61 30 26 5 65 160 172
France 5 4 6 15 EASTERN CONFERENCE N.Y. Islanders 62 29 26 7 65 206 223
Austria 5 3 6 14 Carolina 61 27 24 10 64 163 186 JAMES CACCIATORE — SPECIAL TO THE MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL
ATLANTIC DIVISION N.Y. Rangers 62 27 30 5 59 175 198
Switzerland 4 6 4 14
NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for Drake’s Noah Bice goes to the hoop against Albany during the NCS Division III
W L Pct GB overtime loss. Top three teams in each quarterfinals in San Anselmo on Friday night.
RESULTS division and two wild cards per confer-

Pirates’ offense
Toronto 41 17 .707 — ence advance to playoffs.
Boston 41 19 .683 1 Thursday’s games
Philadelphia 31 25 .554 9 Philadelphia 2, Columbus 1
Men New York 24 36 .400 18 Minnesota 4, New Jersey 2
Bronze Medal Brooklyn 19 41 .317 23 Toronto 4, N.Y. Islanders 3, SO
Switzerland 7, Canada 5 SOUTHEAST DIVISION Florida 3, Washington 2
Women Buffalo 3, Detroit 2, OT
W L Pct GB Montreal 3, N.Y. Rangers 1

falls flat in loss

South Korea 8, Japan 7 Washington 34 25 .576 — Tampa Bay 4, Ottawa 3
Sweden 10, Britain 5 Miami 30 29 .508 4 Nashville 7, San Jose 1
Charlotte 26 33 .441 8 Edmonton 3, Colorado 2, OT
Orlando 18 40 .310 15 1/2 Calgary 5, Arizona 2
Men Atlanta 18 42 .300 16 1/2 Dallas 2, Los Angeles 0
Semifinals CENTRAL DIVISION Friday’s games
OA Russia 3, Czech Republic 0 Minnesota 4, N.Y. Rangers 1
Germany 4, Canada 3 W L Pct GB Pittsburgh 6, Carolina 1
FIGURE SKATING Cleveland 35 23 .603 — Winnipeg 4, St. Louis 0
WOMEN Indiana
34 25 .576 1 1/2
33 25 .569 2
Chicago 3, San Jose 1
Vancouver at Vegas, n. Drake bounced seconds to go. The 3-point
attempt fell short as the
Personal satisfaction aside,
I really enjoyed working
by Albany in
Final Ranking Detroit 28 30 .483 7 Saturday's games
(Short and free programs in paren- Chicago 20 38 .345 15 Philadelphia at Ottawa, 11 a.m. buzzer sounded and play- with these kids and I’m
theses) Colorado at Calgary, 1 p.m.
Thursday’s games ers from Albany — which happy they had a good year.
NCS quarters
1. Alina Zagitova, OA Russia, (1, 82.92; 2, Pittsburgh at Florida, 4 p.m.
Charlotte 111, Brooklyn 96
156.65), 239.57.
New York 120, Orlando 113 N.Y. Islanders at New Jersey, 4 p.m. earned an automatic berth It’s always tough to lose
2. Evgenia Medvedeva, OA Russia, (2,
81.61; 1, 156.65), 238.26. Philadelphia 116, Chicago 115 Carolina at Detroit, 4 p.m. to the Northern California your last game — most of
Winnipeg at Dallas, 4 p.m.
3. Kaetlyn Osmond, Canada, (3, 78.87; 3, Washington 110, Cleveland 103
Boston at Toronto, 4 p.m. By Danny Schmidt
playoffs with the victory — us do — but when we look
152.15), 231.02. Oklahoma City 110, Sacramento 107
4. Satoko Miyahara, Japan, (4, 75.94; 4, Golden State 134, Clippers 127 Chicago at Columbus, 4 p.m.
celebrated near midcourt. back on it, it was a very
146.44), 222.38. Friday’s games
Buffalo at Washington, 4 p.m.
Tampa Bay at Montreal, 4 p.m. @therealdschmidt on Twitter “The fourth quarter was good year.”
5. Carolina Kostner, Italy, (6, 73.15; 5, Boston 110, Detroit 98
Anaheim at Arizona, 5 p.m. a little rough,” Tovani said.
139.29), 212.44.
6. Kaori Sakamoto, Japan, (5, 73.18; 6,
Charlotte 122, Washington 105
Indiana 116, Atlanta 93
Edmonton at Los Angeles, 7 p.m. On a night in which bas- “We didn’t a do a good job Around the county
136.53), 209.71.
7. Choi Dabin, South Korea, (8, 67.77; 8,
Milwaukee 122, Toronto 119, OT
Blackhawks 3, Sharks 1
kets are at a premium, a on (Bryant), but we had a • Miles Squiers posted
131.49), 199.26. Cleveland 112, Memphis 89
Houston 120, Minnesota 102
9-0 run can make all the number of opportunities, a double-double with 16
8. Maria Sotskova, OA Russia, (12, 63.86;
7, 134.24), 198.10. New Orleans 124, Miami 123, OT
San Jose
1 —
2 —
difference. even right at the end, to ex- points and 11 rebounds but
9. Bradie Tennell, United States, (11, Denver 122, San Antonio 119
First Period: None.
Drake High boys bas- tend the game. It was one of the Redwood boys basket-
64.01; 9, 128.34), 192.35. Clippers 128, Phoenix 117
10. Mirai Nagasu, United States, (9, Portland 100, Utah 81. Second Period: 1, Chicago, Rutta 6 ketball coach Bret Tovani those tough nights.” ball team couldn’t keep
(Schmaltz, Duclair), 5:46. The Cougars, who trailed
66.93; 12, 119.61), 186.54. Dallas at Lakers, n.
Third Period: 2, Chicago, Schmaltz 17
would have gladly wel- pace in a 68-47 loss against
11. Karen Chen, United States, (10, 65.90;
11, 119.75), 185.65.
Saturday's games (Duclair), 2:01. 3, San Jose, Meier 15 comed the idea of allow- 7-6 after one quarter and Las Lomas.
Orlando at Philadelphia, 2 p.m. (Pavelski, Burns), 12:09. 4, Chicago,
SPEEDSKATING Boston at New York, 4:30 p.m. Anisimov 17 (Jurco, Rutta), 19:29.
ing only 29 points in his 16-14 at halftime, took their “We played one of the
MEN'S 1000 Memphis at Miami, 4:30 p.m. Shots on Goal: San Jose 15-10-18=43. team’s North Coast Sec- first lead of the game, 18-16, top 10 teams in the state,”
Chicago 11-13-12=36.
1. Kjeld Nuis, Netherlands, 1:07.95.
Oklahoma City at Golden State, 5:30 p.m.
Goalies: San Jose, Jones 19-16-5 (35
tion Division III quarter- on a Zolboo Lkhagvasuren Redwood coach Steve Com-
Chicago at Minnesota, 6p.m.
2. Havard Lorentzen, Norway, 1:07.99.
Dallas at Utah, 6 p.m. shots-33 saves). Chicago, Berube 1-0-0 final against No. 6 Albany bucket with 5:15 left in the pagno said. “They’re pretty
3. Kim Tae-Yun, South Korea, 1:08.22. (43-42).
4. Joey Mantia, United States, 1:08.564.
Portland at Phoenix, 6 p.m.
A: 21,906 (19,717); T: 2:36.
beforehand. But the third- third quarter. A nifty move good and we stayed right
Lakers at Sacramento, 7 p.m. and layup by Quinn Wood-
5. Takuro Oda, Japan, 1:08.568. seeded Pirates, who only with them. ... It was a fun
6. Kai Verbij, Netherlands, 1:08.61. Warriors 134, Clippers 127 Golf scored two points in the head 3 1/2 minutes later environment to play in.
7. Shani Davis, United States, 1:08.78. (Thursday’s game)
8. Nico Ihle, Germany, 1:08.93. fourth quarter, watched tied the game. The Pirates They were just better.”
Other U.S. Finishers
their lead shrink and sea- scored all of their third- The Giants (22-8) trailed
Harris 7-11 6-6 22, Gallinari 5-15 4-6 15,
10. Mitchell Whitmore, United States,
1:09.17. Jordan 4-6 6-6 14, Rivers 5-10 2-6 14,
son come to an end with a quarter points in the final by eight at halftime and
Teodosic 4-10 2-2 14, Dekker 1-1 0-0 2,
At PGA National
29-26 loss Friday night in two minutes, ending the pe- were down seven late in
Johnson 0-0 0-0 0, Harrell 7-8 1-1 15,
FRIDAY'S MEDALISTS Marjanovic 0-0 0-0 0, Wallace 3-8 2-2 Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. San Anselmo. riod on an 8-0 run that put the third quarter before
8, L.Williams 7-17 5-5 21. Totals 43-86
28-34 127.
Purse: $6.6 million “Twenty-nine points and them ahead 24-18 heading Las Lomas put them away.
BIATHLON Yardage: 7,140; Par 70
WARRIORS (134) Second Round losing is something that into the fourth. Alex Diax chipped in
Men's 4x7.5km Relay
Durant 6-14 8-10 21, Green 5-8 2-4 13, Luke List ................................. 71-66—137 -3 just doesn’t happen,” Drake Bryant scored nine of his with 13 points for Red-
Gold — Sweden (Fredrik Lindstrom,
Peppe Femling, Jesper Nelin, Sebastian McGee 3-6 0-0 6, Curry 14-19 8-8 44, Jamie Lovemark .................... 68-69—137 -3 coach Bret Tovani said. “You 11 points in the fourth quar- wood.
Thompson 8-14 1-2 19, West 4-4 2-2 10, Webb Simpson........................66-72—138 -2
Pachulia 1-1 4-4 6, Livingston 1-2 0-0 2, Russell Henley ....................... 68-70—138 -2 defend that well and, son of ter. Mateo Rodriguez and “I’m just proud of our
Silver — Norway (Emil Hegle Svendsen,
Tarjei Boe, Lars Helge Birkeland, Jo-
Iguodala 3-3 0-2 6, Young 1-3 0-0 3. Totals Rory Sabbatini ....................... 69-69—138 -2 a gun, you expect to win AJ Gilbert added eight and team,” Compagno said.
46-74 25-32 134. Tommy Fleetwood ................ 70-68—138 -2
hannes Thingnes Boe)
Thomas Pieters ......................69-70—139 -1 that game. We had a lot of six points, respectively, for “Our kids never gave up
Bronze — Germany (Arnd Peiffer, Simon Clippers 23 35 34 35 _ 127
Schempp, Erik Lesser, Benedikt Doll) Golden State 34 36 32 32 _ 134
Louis Oosthuizen ................... 67-72—139 -1 opportunities, the ball just the Cougars, who face No. 2 and that’s been one of the
Justin Thomas ........................ 67-72—139 -1
FIGURE SKATING 3-Point Goals: Clippers 11-31 (Teodosic Daniel Berger .......................... 67-72—139 -1 didn’t go in for us. They Campolindo in Wednesday’s things that we’ve always
4-9, Harris 2-3, Rivers 2-6, L.Williams Scott Piercy .............................70-70—140 E made plays and we didn’t. semifinals. stressed and communi-
Women 2-7, Gallinari 1-4, Wallace 0-2), Golden Adam Schenk ........................... 69-71—140 E
Gold — Alina Zagitova, OA Russia State 13-24 (Curry 8-11, Thompson 2-5, Morgan Hoffmann .................. 67-73—140 E They move on and our sea- Janssen led Drake with cated with them — never
Silver — Evgenia Medvedeva, OA Russia Green 1-2, Durant 1-3, Young 1-3); Fouled
out: None; Rebounds: L.A. Clippers 35
Kelly Kraft ..............................72-69—141 +1 son comes to an end. 10 points, followed by Noah stop playing and they def-
Keegan Bradley .....................69-72—141 +1
Bronze — Kaetlyn Osmond, Canada (Jordan 14), Golden State 31 (Green 8); Ben Martin ............................. 70-71—141 +1 “It’s such a quick change Bice’s nine. Gabe Leary initely gave it everything
Assists: L.A. Clippers 31 (L.Williams
11), Golden State 30 (Curry 9); Total
Dominic Bozzelli ....................68-73—141 +1 from playing and coach- (three), Danny Roland they had.”
Stewart Cink .......................... 70-71—141 +1
Women's Ski Cross fouls: L.A. Clippers 18, Golden State 25;
Jason Dufner ..........................69-72—141 +1 ing a game that you really (two) and Woodhead (two) • Michael Sullivan re-
Technicals: Harrell, Golden State coach
Gold — Kelsey Serwa, Canada
Warriors (Defensive three second), Tiger Woods ........................... 70-71—141 +1 care about to all the sud- rounded out the Pirates’ corded 11 points and five
Silver — Brittany Phelan, Canada Gary Woodland..................... 73-68—141 +1
Bronze — Fanny Smith, Switzerland
West; A: 19,596 (19,596).
Alex Noren..............................66-75—141 +1
den things are over. That’s scoring. rebounds, but San Rafael
Sam Burns .............................. 70-71—141 +1 hard for everybody. I’m re- In his return to the was eliminated with a 46-
SPEEDSKATING College basketball ally proud of this group.” MCAL, after a brief one- 45 loss to Hayward on Fri-
Men's 1000 HONDA LPGA THAILAND season absence, Tovani
Gold — Kjeld Nuis, Netherlands Drake (19-10) led 26-20 day. Phil Hauser (10 points,
Silver — Havard Lorentzen, Norway MEN’S TOP 25 Friday early in the fourth quar- guided the Pirates to an 13-1 five rebounds, three assists,
At Siam Country Club (Pattaya Old
Bronze — Kim Tae-Yun, South Korea Friday Course) ter before Albany’s lead- MCAL record, clinching the three steals) and Keaton
1. Virginia (25-2) did not play.
2. Michigan State (27-3) did not play.
Chonburi, Thailand ing scorer, Julian Bryant, No. 1 seed in the league play- Flores (six points, four re-
MLB 3. Villanova (25-3) did not play.
Purse: $1.6 million
Yardage: 6,576; Par: 72
took over. The junior scored offs in the process. bounds) each chipped in
4. Xavier (25-4) did not play.
5. Duke (23-5) did not play.
Second Round nine consecutive Cougars “I told them I’m very for the Bulldogs (18-12),
SPRING TRAINING 6. Gonzaga (26-4) did not play. Jessica Korda....................... 66-62—128 -16 points, helping Albany (18- proud of what they did who reached the NCS D-
6. Texas Tech (22-6) did not play.
8. Kansas (22-6) did not play.
Brittany Lincicome ............. 67-65—132 -12
Minjee Lee .............................66-67—133 -11
11) end the game on a 9-0 this year,” Tovani said. III quarterfinals.
Friday’s games
9. Purdue (25-5) did not play. Lexi Thompson .................... 66-68—134 -10 surge. With the score knot- “We came from not being
N.Y. Yankees 3, Detroit 1
Boston 4, Minnesota 3
10. North Carolina (22-7) did not play. Michelle Wie .......................... 68-67—135 -9 ted at 26-26, Bryant nailed a a very good team in late De- Girls basketball
11. Cincinnati (24-4) did not play. Brooke M. Henderson .......... 67-68—135 -9
Tampa Bay 6, Pittsburgh 3
12. Auburn (24-4) did not play. Moriya Jutanugarn ............... 66-69—135 -9 baseline jumper while being cember to going 13-1 in our • Kylie Horstmeyer had
Miami 6, St. Louis 4
Houston 3, Washington 2
13. Wichita State (22-5) did not play.
14. Arizona (22-6) did not play.
Amy Yang ............................... 67-69—136 -8
Megan Khang......................... 67-69—136 -8
fouled. His free throw gave league, and I don’t think 19 points, five rebounds,
Tampa Bay 6, Baltimore 3 15. Clemson (20-7) did not play. Nicole Broch Larsen ..............70-67—137 -7 Albany a 29-26 advantage, anybody expected us to do three assists and three
Toronto 2, Philadelphia 1
N.Y. Mets 6, Atlanta 2
16. Ohio State (24-7) beat Indiana 80-78, 2OT.
17. Michigan (23-7) did not play.
Shanshan Feng ...................... 69-68—137 -7 its second lead of the game. that. They came to prac- steals in a losing effort for
Azahara Munoz ..................... 69-68—137 -7
Milwaukee (ss) 2, Chicago Cubs 1 18. Rhode Island (23-4) beat Dayton 81-56. Ariya Jutanugarn .................. 68-69—137 -7 The Pirates missed a trio tice everyday and put in Redwood, 73-66 against
L.A. Dodgers 13, Chicago White Sox 5 19. Tennessee (20-7) did not play.
20. Nevada (24-5) did not play.
of 3-point attempts on one the work. Newark Memorial. Kama
Cincinnati 6, Cleveland 4
A’s 9, L.A. Angels 8 21. West Virginia (20-8) did not play. Tennis possession with 55 seconds “The kids, the parents, Kaleikini added 15 points
Milwaukee (ss) 6, Giants 5
22. Saint Mary’s (26-4) did not play.
23. Houston (21-6) did not play.
remaining, then had a final the community and the for the No. 4 Giants (26-
Arizona 7, Colorado 6, 10 innings
24. Middle Tennessee (22-5) did not play. RESULTS chance after a missed Al- administration was ter- 4). Zoe Stachowski had 15
Seattle 3, San Diego 2
Saturday’s games
25. Florida State (19-8) did not play. bany free throw with 15.5 rific around this program. points and 11 rebounds.
Atlanta vs. Houston at West Palm Beach, At Jockey Club Brasileiro
Fla., 10:05 a.m. Hawaii 74, Long Beach St. 63
Rio de Janeiro
Baltimore (ss) vs. Philadelphia at Clear-
water, Fla., 10:05 a.m. Purse: $1.7 million (WT500) NHL ROUNDUP
N.Y. Yankees vs. Pittsburgh at Braden- WOMEN’S TOP 25 Surface: Clay-Outdoor

Penguins tally sixth straight

ton, Fla., 10:05 a.m. Singles
Tampa Bay vs. Boston at Fort Myers, Friday
1. UConn (27-0) did not play. Quarterfinals
Fla., 10:05 a.m. Nicolas Jarry, Chile, def. Pablo Cuevas
Toronto vs. Detroit at Lakeland, Fla., 2. Mississippi State (29-0) did not play.
3. Baylor (26-1) did not play. (7), Uruguay, 7-5, 6-3.
10:05 a.m. Diego Schwartzman (6), Argentina, def.
Washington vs. Miami at Jupiter, Fla., 4. Louisville (28-2) did not play.
5. Notre Dame (26-2) did not play. Gael Monfils, France, 6-3, 6-4.
10:05 a.m. Fernando Verdasco (8), Spain, def. Domi-
St. Louis vs. N.Y. Mets at Port St. Lucie, 6. Texas (22-5) did not play.
nic Thiem (2), Austria, 6-4, 6-0. The Associated Press by Carolina on Jan. 4, they Nic Petan and Patrik
7. South Carolina (23-5) did not play.
Fla., 10:10 a.m.
8. Oregon (26-4) beat Arizona State Fabio Fognini (5), Italy, def. Aljaz Be- are 16-3-1. Laine also scored to help
Colorado vs. Cincinnati at Goodyear, dene, Slovenia, 6-7 (3), 6-3, 6-1.
Ariz., 12:05 p.m.
9. Florida State (23-5) did not play.
RALEIGH, N.C. >>Phil Kessel They were just as busy the Jets win for the fourth
L.A. Dodgers (ss) vs. Kansas City at and Evgeni Malkin each off the ice, completing a time in five games.
Surprise, Ariz., 12:05 p.m.
10. UCLA (22-6) did not play.
San Diego vs. A’s at Mesa, Ariz., 12:05 p.m.
11. Missouri (23-5) did not play.
12. Oregon State (22-6) beat Arizona
had two goals and an as- mid-game trade in which Jake Allen made 19 saves
Texas vs. Chicago Cubs at Mesa, Ariz., 65-40. sist and the Pittsburgh they picked up center De- for the Blues. They are
12:05 p.m. 13. Maryland (22-6) did not play. NASCAR - FOLDS OF HONOR
Giants vs. L.A. Dodgers (ss) at Glendale, 14. Ohio State (23-6) did not play. QUIKTRIP 500 LINEUP
Penguins routed the Caro- rick Brassard from the Ot- 0-4-1 in their last five.
Ariz., 12:05 p.m. 15. Tennessee (22-6) did not play. lina Hurricanes 6-1 on Fri- tawa Senators. As part of WILD 4, RANGERS 1 >> Mikael
Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle at Peoria, 16. Stanford (19-9) at Washington.
Ariz., 12:10 p.m. 17. Texas A&M (21-8) did not play.
Friday’s qualifying; race Sunday day night for their season- the complicated three-team Granlund and Eric Staal
At Atanta Motor Speedway
Cleveland vs. Arizona at Scottsdale, 18. South Florida (23-5) did not play.
Hampton, Ga.
best sixth straight victory. deal, they sent defenseman each scored twice and De-
Ariz., 12:10 p.m. 19. Georgia (23-5) did not play.
Milwaukee vs. L.A. Angels at Tempe, 20. Duke (21-7) did not play. (Car number in paratheses) Jake Guentzel had a Ian Cole to Ottawa and for- van Dubnyk made 22 saves
Ariz., 12:10 p.m. 21. N.C. State (22-6) did not play. 1. (18) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 184.652 mph. goal and two assists, Sid- ward Ryan Reaves to the in Minnesota’s victory over
22. Green Bay (25-3) beat Oakland 78-48. 2. (31) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 184.419.
Minnesota vs. Baltimore (ss) at Sara-
sota, Fla., 3:05 p.m. 23. Belmont (27-3) did not play. 3. (4) Kevin Harvick, Ford, 184.388. 4. (19) ney Crosby scored a late Vegas Golden Knights. New York.
24. LSU (18-8) did not play. Daniel Suarez, Toyota, 184.229. 5. (2) Brad goal and Olli Maatta also Teuvo Teravainen scored The Wild completed a
Keselowski, Ford, 183.856. 6. (17) Ricky
A’s 9, Angels 8 25. Oklahoma State (18-9) did not play.
Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 183.722. 7. (41) Kurt scored. The Penguins took for the Hurricanes. three-game sweep of New
FAR WEST Busch, Ford, 183.485. 8. (42) Kyle Larson,
Los Angeles Angels200 020 040—8 13 2 Chevrolet, 183.449. 9. (14) Clint Bowyer,
control with three goals — JETS 4, BLUES 0 >> Connor York-area teams after beat-
California 67, Washington St. 54
Oakland 300 004 002—9 12 1 Ford, 182.284. 10. (20) Erik Jones,, 181.052. two by Kessel — in a 7:39 Hellebuyck made 34 saves ing the Monday night and
Oregon 57, Arizona St. 44 11. (10) Aric Almirola, Ford, 183.430. 12.
Tropeano, Hofacket (2), Bridwell (3),
Oregon St. 65, Arizona 40 (11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 182.952. 13.
span in the second period. for his sixth shutout of the New Jersey on Thursday
Morales (5), Krol (6), Bard (7), Pena (8),
Pinder (9), and Rivera, Perez; Mengden, (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 182.825. Matt Murray made 27 season and Blake Wheeler night. The Rangers lost
14. (95) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 182.507.
Jokisch (1), Blackburn (3), Dull (5), Black-
wood (6), Pagan (7), Bleich (8), Alcantara NHL 15. (21) Paul Menard, Ford, 182.464. 16. saves for Pittsburgh, which and Kyle Connor each had for the sixth straight time
(9), and Maxwell, Murphy, Chavez. (22) Joey Logano, Ford, 182.129. 17. (34)
Michael McDowell, Ford, 181.955. 18. (88)
has won 11 of 13 to overtake a goal for Winnipeg. in regulation. New York is
W — Alcantara 1-0; L — Pinder 0-1.
HRs_Walsh; Olson.
Alex Bowman, Chevrolet, 181.634. 19. (43) Washington for the Metro- Hellebuyck has three 6-17-0 since beating Buf-
WESTERN CONFERENCE Darrell Wallace Jr., Chevrolet, 181.467.
20. (6) Trevor Bayne, Ford, 181.307. politan Division lead. Since shutouts in six career falo in the Winter Classic
Brewers 6, Giants 5 PACIFIC DIVISION 21. (47) AJ Allmendinger, Chevy, 181.248. the Penguins were shut out games against St. Louis. on Jan. 1.

Report: FBI probe docs list Rockets beat

range of payments to players Timberwolves,
The Associated Press finished with 24 points and
14 rebounds and C.J. Jack-
win 11th straight
New details of payments son made a long 3-pointer The Associated Press had 26 points and 12 re-
to athletes in a federal in- with 1.7 seconds left in dou- bounds, helping Milwau-
vestigation that has lurked ble overtime to give No. 16 HOUSTON >> James Harden kee snap Toronto’s seven-
in the shadows since first Ohio State a victory at In- scored 31 points and the game win streak.
rocking college basket- diana. Houston Rockets won Eric Bledsoe and Khris
ball last fall mark the lat- With the win, the Buck- their 11th straight game Middleton each scored 21
est threat to the sport’s ba- eyes (24-7, 15-3) can claim with a 120-102 victory Fri- points as the Bucks won
sic foundation, showing the a share of the conference day night over the Minne- the opener of an eight-
breadth of alleged corrup- crown in coach Chris Holt- sota Timberwolves, who game stretch against
tion. mann’s first season — if No. lost All-Star Jimmy Butler teams in playoff conten-
Bank records and other 2 Michigan State loses at to an apparent right knee tion. Jason Terry scored
expense reports that are Wisconsin on Sunday. injury. 14 points, and John Hen-
part of the investigation list NO. 18 RHODE ISLAND 81, DAY- Butler left late in the son and Thon Maker each
a wide range of impermis- TON 56 >> Jeff Dowtin scored third quarter. After grab- had 12.
sible payments from agents 20 points, E.C. Matthews bing a rebound, he piv- DeMar DeRozan scored
to at least two dozen players added 18 and Rhode Island oted and planted hard on 33 points for the Raptors,
or their relatives, according NCAA President Mark Emmert (pictured) says in a wrapped up its first out- his right foot before col- who had won five straight
to documents obtained by statement Friday the allegations “if true, point to right Atlantic-10 regular- lapsing and grabbing his home meetings with the
Yahoo Sports. systematic failures that must be fixed and fixed now if we season title with a victory right knee. He was on the Bucks. Serge Ibaka had
The depth of the vio- want college sports in America.” over Dayton. floor for at least three min- 18 points, and Kyle Lowry
lations raises questions Jared Terrell had 17 utes before he was car- and Pascal Siakam each
about the structure of col- gan State’s Miles Bridges, agency ASM Sports. Line points to help the Rams ried off the court by two scored 17.
lege athletics, a business Duke’s Wendell Carter items in four pages of doc- (22-5, 15-1) win for the 18th teammates. He appeared Jona s Va lanciuna s’
funded primarily through and Alabama’s Collin Sex- uments released by Yahoo time in 19 games. It was to avoid putting weight buzzer-beating dunk for
college football and basket- ton to potential benefits showed a wide range, in- their second straight after on his right leg while he Toronto sent the game to
ball, including $19.6 billion that would be violations of cluding some five-figure their school-record 16-game was heading to the locker overtime. He finished with
in TV money for the NCAA NCAA rules. payments and two dinners winning streak was halted room. 10 points.
Tournament over the past Michigan State and for less than $40 each. by St. Bonaventure last Fri- Clint Capela had 25 HORNETS 122, WIZARDS 105
22 years — a hoops extrav- Duke officials said Fri- Don Jackson, an Ala- day night. points and 11 rebounds >> Kemba Walker scored 20
aganza American sports day they didn’t believe bama-based attorney who In 1980-81, the Rams tied for Houston, getting his of his 24 points in the sec-
fans know as March Mad- their players did anything has worked on numerous Duquesne for a share of the 10th double-double over ond half, leading Charlotte
ness. wrong, and Alabama coach college eligibility cases, conference title, their only the past 13 games. Chris to the road win.
NCAA President Mark Avery Johnson said Sexton, said the root of the problem other regular-season A-10 Paul added 14 points, 10 Frank Kaminsky added
Emmert said in a state- who was held out of the is that the NCAA’s model of championship. rebounds and eight assists. 23 points as the Hornets
ment Friday the allegations season opener for violat- amateurism doesn’t work. When the game ended, The Rockets trailed for (26-33) improved to 3-0
“if true, point to systematic ing NCAA rules, will play “This problem can be blue and white confetti — much of the first half be- against the Wizards this
failures that must be fixed Saturday against Arkansas. solved if players are com- the school colors — and fore going ahead to main- season. Charlotte jumped
and fixed now if we want According to the report, pensated,” Jackson said. streamers fell from the tain the NBA’s best record. out to a 20-point lead in
college sports in America.” players over the past several “The NCAA is not capa- ceiling. Terrell climbed the Andrew Wiggins led the first half and matched
Yahoo said Friday that years and family members ble of adequately policing scorer’s table, waving to the Minnesota with 21 points, its season high with 17
the documents obtained allegedly received cash, en- tens of thousands of ath- crowd. and Jeff Teague and Karl- 3-pointers in its third con-
in discovery during the tertainment and travel ex- letes around the country.” Jalen Crutcher led the Anthony Towns both had secutive win. Marvin Wil-
investigation link current penses from former NBA NO. 16 OHIO STATE 80, INDI- Flyers (13-15, 7-9) with 12 18 points. Towns added 13 liams scored 15 points, and
players including Michi- agent Andy Miller and his ANA 78 >> Keita Bates-Diop points. rebounds. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PELICANS 124, HEAT 123, OT had 14.
>> Anthony Davis had 45 Washington returned
MARIN BRIEFS points, 17 rebounds, five from the All-Star break

Eight Marin wrestlers in contention at NCS

blocked shots and five with a rousing 110-103 win
steals, and New Orleans at Cleveland on Thursday,
earned its fourth consec- but could not keep the mo-
utive victory. mentum going despite All-
Marin Independent Journal players of the year for boys College tennis ute hike/run on Saturday, Goran Dragic scored 30 Star Bradley Beal scoring
and girls soccer, respec- April 21, starting at 9 a.m., points and Dwyane Wade 33 points.
After the first day of com- tively. Rogan helped lead Dominican swept all at Old Mill Park. hit two runners to give the The loss dropped the
petition at the North Coast the Giants to the best re- three doubles matches Sponsored by the Dipsea Heat the lead twice in the Wizards (34-25) into a
Section championships at cord in the league on the and won all but one sin- Race Committee in partner- last 36 seconds of over- fourth-place tie with In-
James Logan High on Fri- boys side while Johnson gles match as it cruised to ship with One Tam and the time, but Davis responded diana in the Eastern Con-
day, eight Marin wrestlers helped guide Tam to an un- an 8-1 victory against Mills Golden Gate National Rec- to the first with a layup as ference.
— led by Drake’s Mathieu defeated league campaign. College. reation Area, the hike/run he was fouled, and Jrue CELTICS 110, PISTONS 98
Isanove and Redwood’s On the boys’ side, Bran- The doubles teams of will follow the familiar Dip- Holiday answered the sec- >> Kyrie Irving scored 18
Spencer Dow — remained son (Jack Singer, Brooks Taylor Lim and Kaitlyn sea Trail from Mill Valley to ond with a runner in the points and rookie Daniel
in contention for a berth to Hoffman and Callan Cap- Nguyen, Skyler Schaar and Stinson Beach on Earth Day. lane with 7 seconds left. Theis had a career-high 19
the State Championships. itolo) and Terra Linda (Joe Rickimae Torres then Ni- According to historian Wade had one last shot to lift Boston to the victory.
Isanove went 2-0 at 220 A rcher, A ndres Gram- cole Bermudez and Savan- Barry Spitz, it was called for the win with Holiday Jayson Tatum scored
pounds to move into the ajo and Jorge Aldana) led nah Gray all posted 8-0 a hike to escape the Ama- defending him closely. It 11 of his 15 points in the
quarterfinals as the No. 6 the way with three first- wins for the Penguins. teur Athletic Union’s (AAU) bounced off the rim to Josh first half for the Celtics,
seed. He will open against team selections apiece. ban on women competing Richardson, whose rushed who went into the All-
the No. 3 seed needing For the girls, Branson College swimming in long distance races at put-back missed the basket Star break on a three-game
just one more win to get puts five players on the Nick Cruse managed two the time. as time expired in Miami’s losing streak but returned
into medal contention (top first team with Nye Day, fourth-place finishes and Registration is limited third straight loss. with a solid win on the
eight). Redwood’s Dow, also Callie Jones, Eliana Pros- one fifth-place finish to lead to 500 participants, who Holiday finished with road. Boston took control
a No. 6 seed, moved into the nitz, Marina Andreadis the College of Marin swim- are encouraged to wear pe- 29 points and nine assists, by outscoring the Pistons
quarterfinals of the cham- and Maegen Dillon. Tam ming team at the Sacra- riod costumes from 1918. connecting with Davis on a 38-21 in the second quarter.
pionship bracket and will followed closely behind mento City College Invite. Interested women can reg- couple of alley-oop dunks. Blake Griffin scored 17
face the No. 3 seed at 160 with four — Emlen Ja- Cruse placed fourth in ister for the untimed hike at CAVALIERS 112, GRIZZLIES points for Detroit but shot
pounds. netos, Grace Gustafson, the 200 individual medley 89 >> LeBron James had 18 just 5 of 19 from the field.
Six other Marin wres- Charlotte Johnson and El- in 2 minutes, 5.66 seconds A luncheon — limited to points, 14 rebounds and 11 Theis eclipsed his pre-
tlers took just one loss on lie Flad. and fourth in the 200 free 100 registrants — will fol- assists in his 11th triple- vious career high of 12
the opening day and re- The full list of play- (1:50.03). He also took fifth low the event, roughly at double of the season, and points. He played an impor-
main alive in the consola- ers can be found at mcal- in the 200 breast (2:19.91). noon, at the Stinson Beach Cleveland pulled away af- tant role after Aron Baynes,
tion brackets. Redwood and and will run on Sophia Bruinsma led the Community Center. ter a slow start. the starting center for the
Tam each have three wres- the IJ’s winter prep ath- women with a pair of ninth- George Hill also scored Celtics, went to the locker
tlers in contention, with letes of the year page some- place finishes in the 100 Redwood Hall of Fame 18 points, while Larry room in the first half with
Jaden Ramos (113) and time next month. breast (1:17.47) and the 200 The Redwood Athletic Nance Jr. finished with 15 left elbow soreness.
Murun Batjargal (170, No. breast (2:56.74). Hall of Fame will hold its and Jordan Clarkson had PACERS 116, HAWKS 93 >>
8 seed) joining Dow for the College basketball “They did well it opened bi-annual dinner and in- 14 as the newcomers had Thaddeus Young scored 16
Giants. • Former Marin Academy the eyes of some of the kids duction banquet on Sat- good nights in the Cava- of his 20 points in the first
The Red-tailed Hawks standout Kyle Roach scored how much other swimming urday, March 3 at the Mc- liers’ fifth win in the last
half, and Indiana never
are represented by Ronin a game-high 21 points to is out there,” COM coach Innis Golf Center. Induct- six games. trailed in a runaway victory.
Harris (152), Rezin Harris lead Whitworth University Warren Lager said of the ees for 2017 and 2018 are Tyreke Evans and Ja- The 11th-year pro had
(145, No. 8 seed) and Tico to its 15th consecutive ap- meet. “It kind of crystal- Frank Ferroni, Daryl Edra- Mychal Green each had 15 10 points by the end of the
Ferrer (126). Drake also has
pearance in the Northwest lized what they are going lin, Roger Smith, Tacy Dun- points for Memphis, with opening quarter and the
Kiva Corshen alive at 152 Conference tournament to need to do in order to ham, Ned Overend, and Evans also dishing out 10 Pacers led by 17 by half-
pounds. championship game with a compete so it was healthy Jodie Wertz Trutzschler as assists and Green grabbing time. They were ahead 83-
A top-three finish is re-
97-79 victory against Puget for them.” athletes, Anne Zarraonadia 10 rebounds. Marc Gasol 66 entering the final quar-
quired to advance to state.Sound on Thursday night. as a coach, Bruce Kreitz- had 14 points and nine re- ter.
The NCS championships The Pirates (23-3) take Women’s Dipsea Hike berg for special recognition, bounds. The Pacers (34-25) won
wrap up on Saturday at on top-seeded Whitman in In honor of the 100th an- and the 1977 baseball team Cleveland outscored their fourth in a row and
James Logan High. the Saturday’s champion- niversary of the Women’s in the team category. Res- Memphis 58-40 in the improved to 15-6 since Jan.
ship game. Dipsea Hike — the first- ervations for the dinner can second half, sending the 6, the league’s best win-
All-League soccer Roach made 7 of his 15 ever cross country sport- be made at redwoodalumni. Grizzlies to their eighth ning percentage (.714) in
Redwood’s Eamon Ro- shot attempts, pulled down ing event in the U.S. exclu- org. For further information straight loss. that span. Domantas Sa-
gan and Tam’s Reilly John- six rebounds and dished out sively for women — there on the banquet, contact Lou BUCKS 122, RAPTORS 119, OT bonis led Indiana with 21
son were named the MCAL four assists. will be a ceremonial trib- Larsen at 415-382-8778. >> Giannis Antetokounmpo points and 13 rebounds.

coaching experience. games. They’re big,” Kerr said. Russell Westbrook (34). and 6-foot-9, 200-pound
Consider Kerr’s time As for the Warriors? “They’re really good defen- The Warriors’ issues with frame, the Warriors may
with the Chicago Bulls They either tied or won sively. Any time you play a their turnovers (25) and crossmatch on him. The
FROM PAGE 1 (1993-1998) and San An- the regular-season series team you can face later on, fouls (24) continued. Du- Warriors also have cited
tonio Spurs (1999-2001, against all their playoff you learn some things. You rant lamented that “we the need to win the re-
But just as Durant down- 2002-03) that ended with opponents before winning take note. You have the film didn’t play with enough bounding battle, with Du-
played his evolving relation- five NBA championships. the 2015 NBA title. They and you go from there.” force” in either game. rant calling Thunder for-
ship with Westbrook, the The Bulls lost to Orlando beat Cleveland twice in the The Thunder has given “They beat us twice, so ward Steven Adams “the
Warriors also downplayed and Seattle in the 1995-96 2015-16 regular-season be- the Warriors plenty of ma- we definitely want to win,” best offensive rebounder
any big-picture implica- regular season before beat- fore infamously squander- terial for those film ses- Durant said. “We want to in the league” with 5.3 per
tions on how their strug- ing both teams in the play- ing a 3-1 series lead in an sions. play good basketball for game.
gles against the Thunder offs. The Bulls also lost to NBA Finals loss. They went After the Warriors’ 108- four quarters. We want to “Our guys will be ready
might translate in a poten- the Jazz in the regular sea- 1-2 against San Antonio in 91 loss to Oklahoma City win every possession.” to go,” Kerr said.
tial playoff matchup. son (once in 1996-97, twice the 2016-17 regular season on Nov. 22, Kerr argued the To win every posses- The Warriors said the
“The regular season in 1997-98), but that did before sweeping them in Thunder “completely out- sion, the Warriors have reasons do not stem from
and playoffs are so differ- not stop them from beat- the Western Conference played us and outcoached narrowed their focus on a any concerns about post-
ent because of the amount ing Utah both times in the Finals. us.” The Warriors commit- few things. season matchups, though.
of preparation,” Warriors Finals. Though the 1999 Kerr mentioned more ted 22 turnovers. They had As with every game, the Instead, they said it stems
coach Steve Kerr said. Spurs struggled in the reg- preparation, higher inten- 20 fouls. And the Thunder Warriors pledge to reduce from concerns on their
“Sometimes the matchups ular season to the Los An- sity and added adjustments outrebounded the War- their turnovers and fouling postseason readiness.
are totally different based geles Lakers (1-2), San An- all factor into the playoffs riors, 50-39. by becoming more disci- “It’s about how you play
on injuries. Sometimes tonio dominated the Lakers often bucking regular-sea- Kerr envisioned the War- plined with their ball han- in the moment and you try
when you run into a team in the playoffs (4-0 in West- son trends. So what exactly riors would play with more dling and defending. Kerr to build good habits in the
in April and May, it doesn’t ern Conference semifinals). does Kerr take away from focus and effort the next plans to throw various and game,” Durant said. “Hope-
look anything like it looked After the 2002-03 Spurs lost the Thunder beating the time. He was wrong. The multiple defenders at West- fully they carry over each
like in November and De- the regular-season series to Warriors twice this season? Warriors suffered a 125- brook. With Kerr consider- night. We try to be consis-
cember.” the Phoenix Suns (1-3), San “They are one of the 105 loss to the Thunder on ing George to be the “per- tent with how we play. It’s
Kerr’s analysis stems Antonio won its first-round best teams in the West, for Feb. 6 because of too much fect modern-day defender” a good challenge against a
from his play ing and series to Phoenix in seven sure. They’re very talented. Paul George (38 points) and with his speed, versatility great team.”
6 | C

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Precipitation Oakland 59/34
24 hours through 5 p.m. yest. ......... 0.00” 44/19 San 57/37
Oct. 1 to date .................................. 14.87” Francisco San Leandro
Last season to date ........................ 67.81” Fresno 55/41 57/38
Normal season to date .................. 35.35” Monterey 50° Castro V.
Novato through 5 p.m. yesterday 58/38 60/36 Daly City
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24 hours through 5 p.m. yest. ......... 0.00”
Oct. 1 to date .................................... 8.52” 63/39 Los Angeles San Mateo
56/39 Palo Alto Fremont
Last season to date ........................ 39.58” 63/46
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4 11+: Extreme
64/46 Pacific Weather Pacific Forecast
8-10: Very high Today’s noon forecast A disturbance moving into the Northwest
Highest at 11 a.m. will bring a mix of rain and snow across
(The higher the 6-7: High CALIFORNIA CITIES TIDES Washington and Oregon, with a couple
number, the faster 3-5: Moderate
skin damage will Today Sun. Inverness, Tomales Bay of rain and mountains snow showers into
occur.) 0-2: Low City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Time High Time Low Northern California.
ALLERGY REPORT Anaheim 65/41/s 73/43/s 6:11 a.m. 5.5 12:21 a.m. 2.4
Allergy, dust and dander today: At Risk
8:36 p.m.
Point Reyes
4.0 1:55 p.m. 0.1
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Barstow 62/32/s 60/34/s Time High Time Low Q: What is the coldest major city in the
Grass .......... Absent Weeds ............. Low Bishop 56/18/s 58/22/s
Trees ............... Low Mold ................ N.A. 4:55 a.m. 5.8 12:31 p.m. 0.0 world?
Calistoga 58/32/pc 62/40/s
Source: National Allergy Bureau 7:23 p.m. 3.9 11:44 p.m. 2.8
Chico 55/33/pc 59/43/pc
AIR QUALITY FORECAST Cloverdale 55/31/pc 59/39/pc Sausalito A: Winnipeg, Canada.
Columbia 52/28/pc 57/34/s Time High Time Low
City Today’s air quality Index
Crescent City 50/41/r 51/37/r 5:52 a.m. 5.7 1:01 p.m. 0.1
Sacramento ............ Moderate ............. 80
San Francisco ................ Good ............. 50
Death Valley
8:17 p.m. 4.1 none none
5 p.m. Friday
Weather History
San Rafael .............. Moderate ............. 53 Golden Gate Ice on the lower Susquehanna River in
Fresno 60/36/s 63/41/s Time High Time Low Maryland began to break on Feb. 24,
What it means: 0-50: Good; 51-100: Moderate; Gilroy 60/34/pc 64/40/s
101-150: Unhealthy for sensitive people; 5:42 a.m. 5.8 12:47 p.m. 0.3 1852. During the preceding 40 days, an
Grass Valley 47/31/pc 53/37/pc 8:07 p.m. 4.2 none 2.8
151+: Unhealthy for all. Source: ice bridge across the river had been used
Hollister 61/32/s 63/40/s
Lakeport 51/29/pc 55/37/pc Bodega Harbor for the crossing of 1,378 loaded freight
SKY WATCH Los Angeles 63/46/s 68/47/s Time High Time Low cars.
Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset Long Beach 65/43/s 72/47/s 5:04 a.m. 5.6 12:31 p.m. 0.2
Tod. 6:49 am 5:58 pm 12:32 pm 2:12 am Mammoth Lakes 37/8/pc 43/16/s 7:29 p.m. 4.0 none none
Sun. 6:48 am 5:59 pm 1:30 pm 3:15 am Modesto 60/35/pc 63/41/s Point Arena
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Riverside 60/30/s 66/29/s City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W
An hour after sunset, the Moon is overhead, Sacramento 59/33/pc 63/42/s
between the constellations Orion the Hunter and San Bernardino 60/38/s 67/37/s Akron OH 47/44/r 61/33/r Des Moines 39/25/i 43/29/s Norfolk 74/59/pc 79/57/sh
Gemini the Twins, near the star Zeta Tauri, the tip San Diego 64/46/s 67/50/s Albany NY 47/31/c 41/31/r Detroit 44/36/c 49/31/pc Oklahoma City 58/27/r 62/26/s
of the southern horn of Taurus the Bull. It’s loca- San Jose 60/37/pc 63/44/s Albuquerque 44/24/s 45/23/pc El Paso 57/32/s 60/31/s Omaha 32/19/sn 42/25/pc
tion indicates the direction leading away from the San Luis Obispo 62/40/s 67/35/s Anchorage 25/13/sn 25/17/s Fairbanks 15/-1/pc 7/-1/c Orlando 86/67/s 87/67/pc
Santa Barbara 63/39/s 64/38/s Atlanta 79/63/c 71/58/r Fargo 24/12/sn 30/17/pc Philadelphia 56/45/r 60/46/r
center of our Milky Way Galaxy.
Santa Cruz 58/38/pc 59/44/s Atlantic City 53/45/r 59/48/r Flagstaff 36/10/s 40/13/s Phoenix 61/38/s 64/40/s
Venus rises at .............................. 7:24 am Austin 75/46/sh 70/41/sh Grand Rapids 45/36/c 43/31/pc Pittsburgh 50/47/r 64/36/r
Mars rises at ................................ 2:11 am S. Lake Tahoe 35/14/sf 41/24/s
Stockton 62/33/pc 66/41/s Baltimore 58/46/c 68/46/r Great Falls 30/15/pc 36/11/c Portland ME 48/27/pc 36/30/sn
Jupiter rises at ........................... 12:10 am Billings 30/16/pc 34/17/c Greensboro 74/60/c 72/55/sh Portland OR 48/41/r 45/32/r
Saturn rises at ............................. 3:35 am Truckee 32/8/sf 39/21/pc
Ukiah 53/28/pc 56/37/pc Birmingham 77/63/c 64/55/r Hartford 53/33/c 40/32/r Providence 58/36/c 45/36/r
Source: Morrison Planetarium Bismarck 26/12/sn 34/18/pc Honolulu 82/73/sh 82/71/t Raleigh 78/62/pc 77/57/sh
Boise 36/23/sn 41/26/sf Houston 80/61/c 64/50/r Rapid City 25/9/pc 33/18/pc
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Jackson MS
St. Louis
Today Sun. Today Sun.
City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Buffalo 44/36/c 54/32/sh Jacksonville 84/63/s 85/63/sh Salt Lake City 33/24/pc 39/33/pc
Burlington VT 43/28/c 41/32/sn Juneau 31/20/sn 33/16/c San Antonio 76/47/sh 68/43/sh
AFRICA/MIDEAST EUROPE Casper WY 24/12/s 29/19/pc Kansas City 43/26/r 49/25/s San Juan PR 80/70/pc 79/70/pc
Algiers 59/41/s 59/38/pc Amsterdam 39/21/pc 33/23/s Charleston SC 81/63/s 82/60/pc Las Vegas 56/37/s 57/38/s Santa Fe 39/18/s 39/13/pc
Baghdad 64/48/c 69/54/s Athens 57/46/r 55/51/c Charlotte 79/63/c 76/58/sh Little Rock 70/43/t 62/37/pc Seattle 46/39/c 45/32/c
Beirut 65/58/pc 66/58/c Berlin 32/13/pc 25/13/s Cheyenne 27/13/s 32/18/pc Louisville 66/53/r 58/36/pc Shreveport 75/49/t 66/44/r
Cairo 75/60/s 74/59/pc Brussels 40/23/pc 30/18/s Chicago 43/32/r 45/30/s Memphis 74/48/t 63/43/c Sioux Falls SD 24/13/sn 30/15/pc
Damascus 63/41/s 63/44/pc Budapest 35/14/sf 26/13/s Cincinnati 58/51/r 56/34/pc Miami 84/71/pc 85/72/pc Spokane 32/27/sn 38/20/sn
Jerusalem 58/44/s 60/47/pc Copenhagen 31/21/c 29/21/sn Cleveland 46/43/r 58/34/pc Milwaukee 40/31/sh 43/31/pc Tampa 86/70/s 85/70/s
Johannesburg 76/60/c 78/49/c Dublin 40/33/pc 41/31/s Colorado Sprs 33/13/pc 40/17/pc Minneapolis 34/19/sn 31/20/pc Tucson 57/33/s 62/35/s
Riyadh 71/59/t 74/58/s Frankfurt 38/20/pc 28/16/s Columbia SC 84/65/pc 84/64/sh Myrtle Beach 76/64/pc 77/62/pc Wash DC 62/50/sh 69/51/r
Tel Aviv 67/52/s 69/53/pc Geneva 41/26/c 35/16/s Concord NH 50/26/c 36/28/sn Nashville 73/57/c 60/45/c
ASIA Helsinki 13/0/s 18/8/c Dallas 70/37/r 70/38/pc New Orleans 84/70/pc 80/65/t Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy,
Bangkok 90/76/t 93/77/t Istanbul 50/41/c 46/42/r Denver 34/15/pc 38/19/pc New York City 56/42/r 51/42/r c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms,
Beijing 39/18/pc 45/25/s Lisbon 59/43/pc 62/49/pc r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice
Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.
Hanoi 74/65/pc 71/64/c London 42/31/pc 39/29/s
Hong Kong 71/64/pc 72/61/pc Madrid 53/28/s 58/31/pc
Islamabad 65/53/r 75/54/s Moscow 12/-2/c 5/-7/pc Seattle
46/39 Winnipeg
Kabul 46/32/r 55/39/c Munich 31/12/s 23/9/s 24/10
Manila 91/76/pc 90/77/t Oslo 25/19/sf 23/4/sf
Paris 41/25/s 32/18/s Montreal
Mumbai 93/79/s 94/79/pc 40/20
Prague 29/8/pc 23/12/s Billings
New Delhi 83/60/pc 84/58/pc 30/16
Rome 54/41/r 54/33/c Toronto
Seoul 42/26/c 43/22/pc Minneapolis
Shanghai 57/44/sh 52/37/c Stockholm 23/14/c 24/20/sn 34/19
Singapore 87/78/t 87/77/c Vienna 31/13/sf 22/11/s Detroit
Warsaw 22/9/c 16/6/s 44/36
Taipei 78/60/c 68/60/c New York
Zurich 39/19/pc 29/13/pc San Francisco Chicago
Tokyo 56/36/s 46/38/c 55/41 Kansas City 43/32 Washington 56/42
Denver 62/50
LATIN AMERICA 34/15 43/26
Auckland 75/60/s 75/63/s Asuncion 94/69/pc 95/70/pc
Melbourne 91/59/r 69/53/pc Bogota 65/45/sh 64/44/r
Sydney 89/71/pc 75/67/r Buenos Aires 80/68/pc 79/68/pc Los Angeles
Caracas 82/73/pc 82/72/pc Fairbanks 63/46
CANADA La Paz 56/38/pc 57/38/pc 15/-1 Atlanta
El Paso 79/63
Calgary 30/12/pc 30/11/c Lima 80/67/pc 79/69/pc 57/32
Panama City 89/65/pc 87/65/pc Anchorage
Edmonton 29/11/pc 29/12/pc 25/13
Rio 85/73/pc 86/75/pc Houston
Montreal 40/20/pc 41/29/sn Juneau 80/61
Ottawa 39/22/c 43/27/i Santiago 83/54/s 87/56/s 31/20
Toronto 42/31/c 51/29/r Honolulu
MEXICO 82/73
Vancouver 41/37/c 44/29/pc Hilo Miami
Winnipeg 24/10/pc 26/11/c Acapulco 86/72/pc 85/74/pc 76/68 84/71
Cabo S.L. 74/55/s 76/55/s 86/62
CARIBBEAN Cancun 84/73/pc 84/73/pc
Barbados 82/75/pc 82/74/pc Guadalajara 83/52/pc 83/50/pc
Yesterday for the 48 contiguous states.
Havana 86/67/s 85/66/s La Paz 70/55/s 71/55/s
Nassau 84/72/pc 85/72/pc Mazatlan 76/60/pc 77/59/pc Immokalee, FL ........................................... 88°
San Juan 80/70/pc 79/70/pc Mexico City 76/53/pc 76/53/pc Malta, MT .................................................. -24°

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Today Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Partial sunshine today. Winds
northwest 7-14 mph. Clear to partly 60 56 61 58
cloudy and chilly tonight. Winds 43 39 40 40
35 northwest 6-12 mph. Humidity 67%
Mostly sunny
Clouds breaking for sun,
showers around
Partly sunny Times of clouds and sun
Wind: NW 7-14 mph Wind: WNW 6-12 mph Wind: NW 7-14 mph Wind: NNW 6-12 mph Wind: W 6-12 mph

BAY AREA 14-DAY TREND California today Windsor How to read this map
Temperatures Normals Records
North Coast: Clouds and sun today; 58/31 City name Today’s
Yesterday’s high 57 60 77 (2012) 75/43 High/low forecast
Yesterday’s low 38 44 33 (1894) occasional morning rain and drizzle, then a Santa Rosa
shower in spots in the north. 58/29 65° Water temperature
Past 7 days Forecast
Yosemite: Cold today with periods of sun;
a snow shower in the afternoon. Very cold
80° tonight.
Central Valley: Cool today with periods of Vacaville
70° Bodega Bay Rohnert 61/32
sun. Mainly clear and chilly tonight. Park
60° Big Sur: Mostly sunny and cool today.
54/41 58/31 Napa
Mainly clear and chilly tonight. Mostly Sonoma 59/29
sunny tomorrow. 60/30 Fairfield
40° Tomales Petaluma 60/32
Tahoe: Partly sunny and chilly today. Main- Dillon Beach 59/31
ly clear and cold tonight. Mostly sunny and 54/41 57/34
chilly tomorrow.
Southern California: Plenty of sun today;
Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th F not as cold in the mountains.
Nicasio Vallejo
ALMANAC Inverness 56/35 Novato 60/32 53°
Point Reyes 59/32 51°
San Rafael through 5 p.m. yesterday Lighthouse 56/35
Eureka Benicia
Temperatures 55/37 Woodacre 59/34
High/low ........................................ 57°/38° 52/38 56/35 Hercules
Last year’s high/low .................... 56°/42° Olema 59/35 Martinez Pleasant Hill
Point Reyes 56/35 San Rafael
Station San 60/35 60/35 Pittsburg
Anselmo 58/35
24 hours through 5 p.m. yest. ......... 0.00” 57/34 Richmond 60/36
Oct. 1 to date .................................... 7.64” Ukiah 57/36 Corte 58/37
Last season to date ........................ 54.60” Bolinas Madera
53/28 Tahoe 55/42 57/37 Walnut Creek
Normal season to date .................. 26.30” Lafayette 59/35
Berkeley 58/34
Kentfield through 5 p.m. yesterday 35/14 Stinson Mill Valley Tiburon 57/37
Temperatures Beach 56/39 56/40
55/41 Orinda
High/low ........................................ 56°/37° Sacramento 59/35
Sausalito Alameda
Last year’s high/low .................... 54°/34° 59/33 Yosemite 50° 56/39 57/39 Moraga
Precipitation Oakland 59/34
24 hours through 5 p.m. yest. ......... 0.00” 44/19 San 57/37
Oct. 1 to date .................................. 14.87” Francisco San Leandro
Last season to date ........................ 67.81” Fresno 55/41 57/38
Normal season to date .................. 35.35” Monterey 50° Castro V.
Novato through 5 p.m. yesterday 58/38 60/36 Daly City
54/41 San Lorenzo Hayward
Temperatures 58/38 58/38
High/low ........................................ 54°/37° SFO
Last year’s high/low .................... 53°/38° Needles 57/42
Pacifica Union City
Precipitation Santa Barbara 63/40 54/40 56/37
24 hours through 5 p.m. yest. ......... 0.00”
Oct. 1 to date .................................... 8.52” 63/39 Los Angeles San Mateo
56/39 Palo Alto Fremont
Last season to date ........................ 39.58” 63/46
Normal season to date .................. 26.30” 58/35 58/38
4 11+: Extreme
64/46 Pacific Weather Pacific Forecast
8-10: Very high Today’s noon forecast A disturbance moving into the Northwest
Highest at 11 a.m. will bring a mix of rain and snow across
(The higher the 6-7: High CALIFORNIA CITIES TIDES Washington and Oregon, with a couple
number, the faster 3-5: Moderate
skin damage will Today Sun. Inverness, Tomales Bay of rain and mountains snow showers into
occur.) 0-2: Low City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Time High Time Low Northern California.
ALLERGY REPORT Anaheim 65/41/s 73/43/s 6:11 a.m. 5.5 12:21 a.m. 2.4
Allergy, dust and dander today: At Risk
8:36 p.m.
Point Reyes
4.0 1:55 p.m. 0.1
Weather Trivia™
Pollen levels
Barstow 62/32/s 60/34/s Time High Time Low Q: What is the coldest major city in the
Grass .......... Absent Weeds ............. Low Bishop 56/18/s 58/22/s
Trees ............... Low Mold ................ N.A. 4:55 a.m. 5.8 12:31 p.m. 0.0 world?
Calistoga 58/32/pc 62/40/s
Source: National Allergy Bureau 7:23 p.m. 3.9 11:44 p.m. 2.8
Chico 55/33/pc 59/43/pc
AIR QUALITY FORECAST Cloverdale 55/31/pc 59/39/pc Sausalito A: Winnipeg, Canada.
Columbia 52/28/pc 57/34/s Time High Time Low
City Today’s air quality Index
Crescent City 50/41/r 51/37/r 5:52 a.m. 5.7 1:01 p.m. 0.1
Sacramento ............ Moderate ............. 80
San Francisco ................ Good ............. 50
Death Valley
8:17 p.m. 4.1 none none
5 p.m. Friday
Weather History
San Rafael .............. Moderate ............. 53 Golden Gate Ice on the lower Susquehanna River in
Fresno 60/36/s 63/41/s Time High Time Low Maryland began to break on Feb. 24,
What it means: 0-50: Good; 51-100: Moderate; Gilroy 60/34/pc 64/40/s
101-150: Unhealthy for sensitive people; 5:42 a.m. 5.8 12:47 p.m. 0.3 1852. During the preceding 40 days, an
Grass Valley 47/31/pc 53/37/pc 8:07 p.m. 4.2 none 2.8
151+: Unhealthy for all. Source: ice bridge across the river had been used
Hollister 61/32/s 63/40/s
Lakeport 51/29/pc 55/37/pc Bodega Harbor for the crossing of 1,378 loaded freight
SKY WATCH Los Angeles 63/46/s 68/47/s Time High Time Low cars.
Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset Long Beach 65/43/s 72/47/s 5:04 a.m. 5.6 12:31 p.m. 0.2
Tod. 6:49 am 5:58 pm 12:32 pm 2:12 am Mammoth Lakes 37/8/pc 43/16/s 7:29 p.m. 4.0 none none
Sun. 6:48 am 5:59 pm 1:30 pm 3:15 am Modesto 60/35/pc 63/41/s Point Arena
Hours of sunlight ................. 11 hr., 09 min. Morro Bay 60/41/s 61/40/s Time High Time Low
Full Last New First
Mt. Shasta 41/24/sf 44/27/c 5:10 a.m. 6.0 12:38 p.m. 0.3
Needles 63/40/s 65/40/s Forecasts and graphics provided by
7:24 p.m. 4.1 11:53 p.m. 2.8 AccuWeather, Inc. ©2018
Nevada City 44/29/pc 51/33/pc
Palm Springs 68/45/s 71/44/s
Mar 1 Mar 9 Mar 17 Mar 24 Paso Robles
National forecast
PLANET WATCH Today Sun. Today Sun. Today Sun.
Riverside 60/30/s 66/29/s City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W
An hour after sunset, the Moon is overhead, Sacramento 59/33/pc 63/42/s
between the constellations Orion the Hunter and San Bernardino 60/38/s 67/37/s Akron OH 47/44/r 61/33/r Des Moines 39/25/i 43/29/s Norfolk 74/59/pc 79/57/sh
Gemini the Twins, near the star Zeta Tauri, the tip San Diego 64/46/s 67/50/s Albany NY 47/31/c 41/31/r Detroit 44/36/c 49/31/pc Oklahoma City 58/27/r 62/26/s
of the southern horn of Taurus the Bull. It’s loca- San Jose 60/37/pc 63/44/s Albuquerque 44/24/s 45/23/pc El Paso 57/32/s 60/31/s Omaha 32/19/sn 42/25/pc
tion indicates the direction leading away from the San Luis Obispo 62/40/s 67/35/s Anchorage 25/13/sn 25/17/s Fairbanks 15/-1/pc 7/-1/c Orlando 86/67/s 87/67/pc
Santa Barbara 63/39/s 64/38/s Atlanta 79/63/c 71/58/r Fargo 24/12/sn 30/17/pc Philadelphia 56/45/r 60/46/r
center of our Milky Way Galaxy.
Santa Cruz 58/38/pc 59/44/s Atlantic City 53/45/r 59/48/r Flagstaff 36/10/s 40/13/s Phoenix 61/38/s 64/40/s
Venus rises at .............................. 7:24 am Austin 75/46/sh 70/41/sh Grand Rapids 45/36/c 43/31/pc Pittsburgh 50/47/r 64/36/r
Mars rises at ................................ 2:11 am S. Lake Tahoe 35/14/sf 41/24/s
Stockton 62/33/pc 66/41/s Baltimore 58/46/c 68/46/r Great Falls 30/15/pc 36/11/c Portland ME 48/27/pc 36/30/sn
Jupiter rises at ........................... 12:10 am Billings 30/16/pc 34/17/c Greensboro 74/60/c 72/55/sh Portland OR 48/41/r 45/32/r
Saturn rises at ............................. 3:35 am Truckee 32/8/sf 39/21/pc
Ukiah 53/28/pc 56/37/pc Birmingham 77/63/c 64/55/r Hartford 53/33/c 40/32/r Providence 58/36/c 45/36/r
Source: Morrison Planetarium Bismarck 26/12/sn 34/18/pc Honolulu 82/73/sh 82/71/t Raleigh 78/62/pc 77/57/sh
Boise 36/23/sn 41/26/sf Houston 80/61/c 64/50/r Rapid City 25/9/pc 33/18/pc
World forecast Boston
Jackson MS
St. Louis
Today Sun. Today Sun.
City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Buffalo 44/36/c 54/32/sh Jacksonville 84/63/s 85/63/sh Salt Lake City 33/24/pc 39/33/pc
Burlington VT 43/28/c 41/32/sn Juneau 31/20/sn 33/16/c San Antonio 76/47/sh 68/43/sh
AFRICA/MIDEAST EUROPE Casper WY 24/12/s 29/19/pc Kansas City 43/26/r 49/25/s San Juan PR 80/70/pc 79/70/pc
Algiers 59/41/s 59/38/pc Amsterdam 39/21/pc 33/23/s Charleston SC 81/63/s 82/60/pc Las Vegas 56/37/s 57/38/s Santa Fe 39/18/s 39/13/pc
Baghdad 64/48/c 69/54/s Athens 57/46/r 55/51/c Charlotte 79/63/c 76/58/sh Little Rock 70/43/t 62/37/pc Seattle 46/39/c 45/32/c
Beirut 65/58/pc 66/58/c Berlin 32/13/pc 25/13/s Cheyenne 27/13/s 32/18/pc Louisville 66/53/r 58/36/pc Shreveport 75/49/t 66/44/r
Cairo 75/60/s 74/59/pc Brussels 40/23/pc 30/18/s Chicago 43/32/r 45/30/s Memphis 74/48/t 63/43/c Sioux Falls SD 24/13/sn 30/15/pc
Damascus 63/41/s 63/44/pc Budapest 35/14/sf 26/13/s Cincinnati 58/51/r 56/34/pc Miami 84/71/pc 85/72/pc Spokane 32/27/sn 38/20/sn
Jerusalem 58/44/s 60/47/pc Copenhagen 31/21/c 29/21/sn Cleveland 46/43/r 58/34/pc Milwaukee 40/31/sh 43/31/pc Tampa 86/70/s 85/70/s
Johannesburg 76/60/c 78/49/c Dublin 40/33/pc 41/31/s Colorado Sprs 33/13/pc 40/17/pc Minneapolis 34/19/sn 31/20/pc Tucson 57/33/s 62/35/s
Riyadh 71/59/t 74/58/s Frankfurt 38/20/pc 28/16/s Columbia SC 84/65/pc 84/64/sh Myrtle Beach 76/64/pc 77/62/pc Wash DC 62/50/sh 69/51/r
Tel Aviv 67/52/s 69/53/pc Geneva 41/26/c 35/16/s Concord NH 50/26/c 36/28/sn Nashville 73/57/c 60/45/c
ASIA Helsinki 13/0/s 18/8/c Dallas 70/37/r 70/38/pc New Orleans 84/70/pc 80/65/t Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy,
Bangkok 90/76/t 93/77/t Istanbul 50/41/c 46/42/r Denver 34/15/pc 38/19/pc New York City 56/42/r 51/42/r c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms,
Beijing 39/18/pc 45/25/s Lisbon 59/43/pc 62/49/pc r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice
Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.
Hanoi 74/65/pc 71/64/c London 42/31/pc 39/29/s
Hong Kong 71/64/pc 72/61/pc Madrid 53/28/s 58/31/pc
Islamabad 65/53/r 75/54/s Moscow 12/-2/c 5/-7/pc Seattle
46/39 Winnipeg
Kabul 46/32/r 55/39/c Munich 31/12/s 23/9/s 24/10
Manila 91/76/pc 90/77/t Oslo 25/19/sf 23/4/sf
Paris 41/25/s 32/18/s Montreal
Mumbai 93/79/s 94/79/pc 40/20
Prague 29/8/pc 23/12/s Billings
New Delhi 83/60/pc 84/58/pc 30/16
Rome 54/41/r 54/33/c Toronto
Seoul 42/26/c 43/22/pc Minneapolis
Shanghai 57/44/sh 52/37/c Stockholm 23/14/c 24/20/sn 34/19
Singapore 87/78/t 87/77/c Vienna 31/13/sf 22/11/s Detroit
Warsaw 22/9/c 16/6/s 44/36 New York
Taipei 78/60/c 68/60/c
Zurich 39/19/pc 29/13/pc San Francisco Chicago 56/42
Tokyo 56/36/s 46/38/c 55/41 Washington
Denver Kansas City 43/32
LATIN AMERICA 43/26 62/50
Auckland 75/60/s 75/63/s Asuncion 94/69/pc 95/70/pc
Melbourne 91/59/r 69/53/pc Bogota 65/45/sh 64/44/r
Sydney 89/71/pc 75/67/r Buenos Aires 80/68/pc 79/68/pc Los Angeles
Caracas 82/73/pc 82/72/pc Fairbanks 63/46
CANADA La Paz 56/38/pc 57/38/pc 15/-1 Atlanta
El Paso 79/63
Calgary 30/12/pc 30/11/c Lima 80/67/pc 79/69/pc 57/32
Panama City 89/65/pc 87/65/pc Anchorage
Edmonton 29/11/pc 29/12/pc 25/13
Rio 85/73/pc 86/75/pc Houston
Montreal 40/20/pc 41/29/sn Juneau 80/61
Ottawa 39/22/c 43/27/i Santiago 83/54/s 87/56/s 31/20
Toronto 42/31/c 51/29/r Honolulu
MEXICO 82/73
Vancouver 41/37/c 44/29/pc Hilo Miami
Winnipeg 24/10/pc 26/11/c Acapulco 86/72/pc 85/74/pc 76/68 84/71
Cabo S.L. 74/55/s 76/55/s 86/62
CARIBBEAN Cancun 84/73/pc 84/73/pc
Barbados 82/75/pc 82/74/pc Guadalajara 83/52/pc 83/50/pc
Yesterday for the 48 contiguous states.
Havana 86/67/s 85/66/s La Paz 70/55/s 71/55/s
Nassau 84/72/pc 85/72/pc Mazatlan 76/60/pc 77/59/pc Immokalee, FL ........................................... 88°
San Juan 80/70/pc 79/70/pc Mexico City 76/53/pc 76/53/pc Malta, MT .................................................. -24°

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! 2%       
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& 2%   
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34      #'-   '    ,, &
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  ( %  , !! 2%   $     $ 1! 0&' 2%       
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@  "
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 2% 0& , =  % !      
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<<   @   # 
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) 0 &7 
,  (  '   
@-  )  6 '- ( #     -
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>?%  ! *&' '  % - 1 %''   1"2*3 *" */"/*   % : ''&  56  1"2*3 *" */"/*   &  9
  56 $ )!
 ) ' @  @% G >! &%  $$      %  4&   $

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 # - ' *9;  <'
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("2@.# .   
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 #  ?        2    
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1"2*3 *" */"/*  9  8%

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$$  ! , &' 2%    
 ( % :&'  

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1"2*3 *" */"/*  7 !  56 $


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1"2*3 *" */"/*   %!  ) %%%  56 $$$

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1"2*3 *" */"/*   % ! 44%  56 $
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, - %
( %   %  1 %'  $
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+  !' (   ( ! &  )  

1"2*3 *" */"/*   & : !'%&  56 

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    /%  (  -!  $  

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  $  $    & :   B        %=
 % !  $
9  '  =  "    -  <  9-
<*  - *>  ! 
=!! 1 0%  )! 1 %% &  
9  (  
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#'  # ) 

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1"2*3 *" */"/*  ) ! = '  56 
  9    '    
1"2*3 *" */"/*  9 %' 2 !
&  56 

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$ "-! "      
$ 1!!%
"  B   
$ ( ' !!    
9 # 
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   " & <' -  - ) 9* F -    < < -   <    '    
        > 2
   2 '  
2 9    ' 
0  -  #   **      
-    '-  -     ) 02  
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 # & 
    9 ' ( ( !!  $   !
=!! 1 0%  / '= %' / 4   % -  ! *&' '   & ) !
 $ !
=!! 1 0%  )  1
E  0%   1"2*3 *" */"/*  9
!!  %  56 
   '    $    
 !! ' &I  '  !!
! !'   

   0 2%  

! 9 !3 3@.3@"             

       1" 1"
 9 (?63(I & :3 10: @3&)I @30&(#" Marin IJ’s
1"2*3 *" */"/*  / %%  56 $ 1"2*3 *" */"/*  7 4  
 56  )!
 ) ' @  ( % ! 1 !! %
    % 8%  & 2% 0 1!
1 ! %
$ "-! "       
 /%%  "  B   
 * ?!3 :?.#3 0     

 !     3      '    
      99 $*9    :  0      9  
     %$$ 5 &      
Marin’s most complete
 1   #  +  @   & !    !      
1"2*3 *" */"/*  9 % : '0 &  56 $$$      & 1% 4   $
 # & 
% -  ! *&' '  *% )!4    1"2*3 *" */"/*  /%% 7 &E0=&0  56 
Open Homes guide!


One of Marin’s most spectacular Enjoy the magnificent views of the bay in this
estates in a stellar location on the beautifully remodeled townhouse. Open floor
flats. Stunning 4 bedroom California plan with large dining area off kitchen, sunken
contemporary home on 2.2 acres of living room with fireplace open to a huge view
gorgeous resort-like grounds with pool, deck. Master suite and two other bedrooms
sports court and separate 2 bedroom upstairs with beam ceilings and another huge
guest house. Vacation year round! deck. Lots of storage, close to shopping and
104 Laurel Grove Ave, Ross transportation & just minutes to SF. 16 Arana Circle, Novato
Call for more information $1,298,000
415-518-1930 I 415-602-5768 415-793-0015 I


This exceptional mid-century Los Ranchitos
home is situated on a gorgeous private
1.2 acre lot with breathtaking panoramic IN PACHECO VALLE
views of the Bay and the surrounding 3bd/3.5 bath townhome. Large open floor plan
Marin hills. Recently updated with designer w/ 2,054+/- sf of living space, Remodeled kitchen w/stainless
finishes, this large and impressive appliances, 5 burner gas stove, reclaimed wood & granite
6BD/4BA home boasts a new chef’s kitchen, counters. Living Room w/high ceilings & fireplace. Master
gorgeous hardwood floors, marble bathrooms, bedroom w/high ceilings & walk-in closet. Large storage
and more. Privacy, Pool, Dixie Schools! room, exercise area & sauna. 2 car garage w/storage, 80 Oak Ridge Road, San Rafael Skylights throughout home, White oak flooring, new carpet 72 Flicker Drive, Novato
$2,249,000 $779,000
WHITNEY RICH | Golden Gate Sotheby’s CAROL COURTNEY | Coldwell Banker
415-250-9914 I 415-608-6105 I
2 | D

all new “Just go online
to and place an ad.
Your ad will
be in print AND
415-382-7242 |
sell Jobs Homes Autos Stuff
Homes and property for sale & for rent. Cars to trucks ads in today’s Classifieds. Stuff you need or need to sell.
Publication Day....................Deadline Garage Sale Directory Classified Rates: Private party classified rates are based on the

Monday.......................................................................Friday 4:00 p.m. number of lines in your ad, the days of the week your ad runs, and the number of
Tuesday.....................................................................Monday 4:00 p.m. Friday...................................................................................Thursday, 2:45 p.m.

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Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. month. We reserve the right to edit or reject and properly classify all ads.
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Sunday........................................................................Friday 4:00 p.m. Easy ways to pay: Use your Discover, Mastercard, American Express or Visa. Mail in your check
Sunday Open Homes listings..............................................Friday noon to our office, or come in person, pay by credit card, check, or cash 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Rentals Estate Sales Legal Notice Legal Notice

Get Marin’s
ESTATE SALE Contract No. 1872
133 Convent, Ct. NOTICE INVITING BIDS File No. D16044
San Rafael (Domini-
can area) Sat. 12-5 Sealed bids for the San Anselmo Pipeline Re-
Sun. 10-5, Beds DBL
Apartments, & Queen Beds placement Project will be received at the Of-
Linens, clothing, fice of the Manager of Engineering, Marin Mu-
homes, TreadMill, Bowflex, nicipal Water District, 220 Nellen Avenue, Corte
shared tools, staging, Madera, CA 94925, until 10 a.m., on March 13,
garage shelving, 20118, at which time they will be publicly
housing. Misc items, Call 1st- opened and read in the Board of Directors’
Gail 415-710-4150 room by the Secretary or a designated repre-
sentative. This contract is for furnishing labor
HUGE ESTATE and equipment for the installation of 5,280 feet
AUCTION of 12-, 8-, 6-, and 4-inch welded steel pipe with
Indian & Western valves, fittings, and appurtenances. The work

News on
Art. Navajo Rugs, to be done is located in the Town of San
turquoise jewelry, Anselmo within the County of Marin, Califor-
pottery, baskets, nia.
& lots of ART.
Embassy Suites
The Contractor performing work under this
Homes 101 McInnes Pkwy
San Rafael contract shall possess a class A or C34 Con-
for Rent, SUN 2-25, 1:30-? tractor’s license which is valid in the State of
California at the time the contract is awarded.
Unfurnished Within five working days after the bid opening
date for this project, the three apparent lowest
GREENBRAE • $2600 Garage Sales bidders shall submit a credit report, current
2 bdrm, patio, Bay within 30 days of the bid opening date for this
Views, W/D, remod. GREENBRAE project. For privacy purposes, the report may
OPEN Sun 2-4pm 18 Greenbrae Boardwalk be submitted in an envelope marked "CONFI-
168 Via La Cumbre CA, 94904 2/24/2018, 9am DENTIAL." To be considered a responsible bid-
Pam Nichols to 2pm der on this project, either the Contractor’s

your iPad
415 596-0778 Lucky Drive exit, go credit report shall indicate a Dun & Bradstreet
Coldwell Banker north on Redwood
Hwy past Trader Joe’s. credit risk rating of 3A2 or better or the Con-
Ample parking in our tractor’s bank shall issue a financial statement
GREENBRAE • $4850 lot. Our club is selling on the form attached as Page VI-a.
3 bdrm/2ba Home. plates, platters, coffee
Bay views, Near Ferry, cups and saucers, wine No contractor or subcontractor may be listed
Kitchen Remod, W/d. glasses, crystal and on a bid proposal for a public works project
OPEN Sun 2-4pm wooden serving dishes, unless registered with the Department of In-
Or can be Rented as roaster ovens, blend- dustrial Relations pursuant to labor Code sec-
5 bdrm + $7450 ers, crock pots, kitchen
utensils, knife sets, cas- tion 1725.5 (with limited exceptions from this
168 Via La Cumbre,
Pam Nichols serole dishes. Vintage requirement for bid purposes only under Labor
415 596-0778 and keepsake items. Code section 1771.1(a).
Coldwell Banker Christmas, Halloween
decorations. Novelty No contractor or subcontractor may be award-
bird houses, carved ed a contract for public work on a public works
alabaster religious project unless registered with the Department
plates. of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code
Merchandise section 1725.5.

This project is subject to compliance monitor-

Transportation ing and enforcement by the Department of In-

Marin IJ App
dustrial Relations.

Furniture, The prevailing rate of wages in the locality in

which work is to be performed has been ascer-
tickets tained by the District and published under the
garage Cars, trucks,
provisions of Section 1773 of the California La-
sales. bor Code.
For the most current prevailing wage rates the
SUVs, Contractor may visit the state of California
aircraft, Prevailing Wage Determinations website at

Copies of the prevailing wage rates are also on

file and available at the Office of the Manager
of Engineering at 220 Nellen Avenue, Corte
Madera, and in the office of the Marin County
Department of Public Works, Civic Center,
Cemetery Room 304, San Rafael, California. It shall be
Plots & Crypts mandatory upon the Contractor to whom the
contract is awarded and upon any subcontrac-
Plot in Mt. Tam
Automobiles tor under him to pay not less than the said
prevailing wage rates to all workers employed
Cemetery, Pleasant by them in the execution of the contract.
location for 1 casket Toyota 07’ XLE
or up to 6 Urns. Val- Excellent cond. $7400
ue $10,000. Will sell Toyota Prius 05’ On this contract, eight hours shall constitute a
$8,000. Rich 415-883- Runs Excellent $3,700 legal day’s work. Work beyond eight hours
5364 or 415-883-4900 Ford Truck 150 94’ shall be paid at a rate not less than one and
Very low miles $2,200 one-half times the prevailing rates. Wage
415-827-2944 rates for Sundays and holidays shall be paid at
Selling Family a rate not less than two times the prevailing
Burial Plot with a rates. The holidays upon which such rates
View for 4, $28,000.
Mt. Tam Cemetery
To Subscribe Call shall be paid shall be all holidays recognized in
Call 415-897-8204 1-800-I WANT IJ the collective bargaining agreement applica-
ble to the particular craft, classification or
type of workers employed on the project.
Comml & Comml & Unless otherwise specified, proposals will be
Industl Property Industl Property considered for the complete job only. In ac-
cordance with the Instructions to Bidders, all
Are you an apartment or commercial
bid documents must be completed on forms
building owner in the Bay Area? supplied with the contract specifications. Each
Marin Rental Property Association (MRPA) Bidder is requested to return the entire specifi-
is the group for you. MRPA is the local cation booklet. The Bidder must include a cer-
chapter for the California Apartment tified check, cash, cashier’s check or bid bond
Association (CAA). We invite you to dis- executed by an admitted surety authorized by
cuss, learn and participate in important the California State Department of Insurance
commercial property issues. We have to transact business in California as a guaran-
educational speakers at each meeting.
Our next meeting is Tuesday, February tee that the Bidder will, if successful, promptly
27th. Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm at execute a satisfactory contract and furnish
McInnis Park Golf Center bonds as required by these specifications. The
350 Smith Ranch Road in San Rafael. certified check, cash, cashier’s check or bid (415) 491-4461 bond shall be not less than ten (10) percent of
2018 Calendar: 4-24, 6-26 the total amount of the bid and shall be paya-
ble to the Marin Municipal Water District.

In compliance with Section 22300 of the Public

Contract Code, the Successful Bidder may, at
his expense, choose to exercise one of the fol-
lowing options regarding retentions: (1) to de-
posit securities (under District control) equiva-
lent to the retention amount normally withheld
by the District; or (2) to execute an escrow
agreement and have the District make reten-
tion payments directly to an escrow agent; or
(3) to execute a retention agreement indicat-
ing that normal retention will be deposited in a
joint account under District control. If an es-
crow agreement for security deposits is used
San Rafael in lieu of retention, it shall be in a form sub-
stantially similar to that specified in Public
101 McInnes Pkwy SUN 1:30 -? Contracts Code Section 22300.
If any of the above options are chosen, the Dis-

It’s all
trict will withhold no retention on progress
payments. District control of securities or ac-
counts will be released in the same manner as
release of normal retention funds as indicated
in the general specifications. Securities eligi-
ble for investment shall include those listed in

Section 16430 of the Government Code or bank
or savings and loan certificates of deposit.
The Bidder’s attention is drawn to the General
Specifications section regarding Dispute Reso-
lution. This section provides any disputes or

claims between the District and the Contractor
are subject to mediation, and then if still unre-

Breaking News | Sports

solved, at the sole election of the District, to
binding arbitration. The Bidder’s attention is
also called to Marin Municipal Water District
Code Sections 2.90.065 through 2.90.067 which
permit the District to disqualify a Contractor
from bidding on future contracts with the Dis-
trict if the contractor fails to comply with the
• In Depth Local News
Entertainment | Dining and Food
rules and regulations specified in the District’s
code or the requirements for performance
specified in this contract including submission
• Top National Stories of false claims to the District.
BEFORE BIDDING: Bidders should contact their
• Sports • Lifestyles insurance brokers to verify that their insur-
ance meets all insurance requirements of the

• Entertainment • Profiles
contract and that their broker will provide a
completed MMWD Additional Insured Endorse-
ment. Bidders should provide pages XIV, XIV-a
and XIV-b of the contract to their insurance
Opinions and more
brokers for reference.
• Real Estate Proposals must be submitted in a sealed
envelope addressed to the attention of the
• Food and Drink Manager of Engineering, with the words " SAN

• Business • Relating
CONTRACT NO. 1872, MARCH 13, 2018 Bid
date," clearly marked on the outside of the en-
Download it for free at t he AppStore
Specifications may be purchased at either the
• Generations Engineering Records Department, Marin Mu-
nicipal Water District, 220 Nellen Avenue,
Corte Madera, CA 94925; by mail at the noted
• Home & Garden location; by phone at 415-945-1530 or online
at, upon receipt of a $25
non-refundable fee plus postage (cash, check,

To subscribe
Master/Visa Card, or PayPal (for website or-
ders only). Bidders who (desire a District rep-
resentative to accompany them on their first

415-883-8633 visit to the proposed work site or) have ques-

tions regarding the project should contact
Elysha Irish at 415-945-1572.
The District reserves the right to reject any
and all bids and to waive any irregularities in
said bids.
Stephanie Eichner-Gross, Secretary
online @ Board of Directors

NO. 247 FEB. 23, 24, 2018


4 | D

CAr BuYiNg

MAde SiMple


17 Different Models
New 2017 New 2018
Yaris ia, 86, Prius LiFT C-Hr, COrOLLa,
BaCK, Prius PriME, COrOLLa iM,
Prius V, siENNa, CaMrY, CaMrY
HiGHLaNDEr Gas, TuNDra HYBriD, aVaLON,
Prius C, raV-4,
raV-4 HYBriD
Novato Toyota • 115 Vintage Way • Novato
Rowland Blvd. Exit off Hwy. 101
415-897-3191 • 800-659-3191
0% APR for 60 monthly Payments of $16.66 per $1,000 borrowed on all New 2018 Corolla, Corolla iM, Camry Gas
and Hybrid Prius C and RAV-4 Gas and Hybrid. 0% APR for 72 monthly Payments of $13.88 per $1,000 borrowed on
all New 2017 Yaris iA, 86, Prius Liftback, Prius Prime, Prius C, Sienna and 2018 C-HR and Avalon Gas and Hybrid to
approved buyers through Toyota Financial Services with Auto FICO Scores of 690 and greater.
Offers end February 28, 2018

All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges.
$80 document preparation charge and any emission testing charge. Vehicles subject to prior sale.
All offers end 2/28/18.
8 | B


Vacation-planning strategies,
from websites to haggling
By Beth J. Harpaz
take up to 90 days for re- they’re getting a cab or
Associated Press
bate money to show up buying from a vendor in a
in your TopCashback ac- market.
Natasha Rachel Smith count, at which point you “It’s just a business
was good at math as a can have the money re- transaction,” Smith said.
teenager and intrigued by turned to your PayPal or “You aren’t trying to take
personal finance. As an checking account, or ap- advantage of someone as
adult, she was determined ply it to a gift card, perhaps much as you are looking
to turn “marketing tech- getting additional cash in for a fair price.” If your of-
niques on their head.” the form of a bonus. fer is too low, it won’t be ac-
Today, she works for In four years of making cepted, but do your home-, which purchases this way, Smith work so you’re in the ball-
offers rebates and other says, “I’ve earned $2,500 park. And be prepared to
deals to consumers who just by doing my regular walk away if the vendor re-
make purchases through spending.” jects your price.
the website — including From a cultural perspec-
for travel. Accommodations tive, she added, in many SLS BAHA MAR

The Associated Press Next, the hotel. Smith countries “it is expected The new SLS Baha Mar’s bungalow pool in Nassau, Bahamas. The hotel is the second to
asked Smith to share va- compared hotels in the that you’ll negotiate.” Tour- open at Baha Mar, and is one of several new offerings in the Bahamas for spring 2018.
cation-planning strate- Bahamas through ven- ists are already charged
gies along with some in-
sights into how TopCash-
back works.
dors like on
TopCashback and decided
prices were high. Instead,
more than locals because
they’re perceived as hav-
ing wealth, she said. That
Caribbean spring break: Ideas,
The flight
For a last-minute winter
she booked an Airbnb,
$400 for four nights as op-
posed to $200-$300 per
doesn’t mean you need to
be cheap; it just means de-
ciding “what is reasonable
prices, post-hurricane news
getaway, Smith’s first stop
night for a hotel. and fair.”
for booking was Skyscan- To figure out ground As for tipping, research By Beth J. Harpaz
& Rum Season” events tially reopened in January, where you can in- transport for any trip, local expectations. Tipping through April 15, including and is offering a “voluntour-

Associated Press
put your departure airport Smith compares car rental 15 to 20 percent is normal tours, parties and cooking ism package” that starts at
without putting in a desti- prices with Uber, Lyft and in New York but in some Thinking about spring classes. $837 for five nights, dou-

nation. She then looked taxi fees. On another trip, places, 5 to 10 percent is break in the Caribbean? The Cayman Islands’ ble occupancy, including
for whatever the cheapest this one to Barbados, she the norm. And in many Brian Hegarty of Travel Batabano festival, May 2 ground transportation to
fares were to anywhere asked her Airbnb host what regions of the world, like Leaders Network says each to 6, includes a charitable and from airports, break-

from her home airport. she should expect to pay parts of Asia, tipping is Caribbean island offers a masquerade-themed din- fast and an island tour, for-
Instead of searching for to get to her lodging from simply not done. different vibe, from relax- ner dance at the Pedro St. The vol-
exact dates, you can search other places she was likely ing on the beach to adven- James castle and a street untourism involves help-
flights on Skyscanner for to spend time, for exam- Etcetera tures, shopping and din- parade. ing to clear debris on a
a whole month or for the ple, an area with restau- • Look at bonus points ing. All-inclusive resorts On Turks and Caicos, segment of the Waituku-
cheapest month. Smith rants. Her host said cabs and partnerships offered “take the worry out of fig- guests of The Somerset on buli National Trail. Domi-

liked a $220 round-trip to would run around $10 Ba- by credit cards and loyalty uring out where to go for ev- Grace Bay can borrow a nica is known for its wild,
the Bahamas. jan or $5 U.S., so when a lo- programs. Smith signed ery meal and watching your bike and pedal to Potcake rugged landscape of moun-
To book the flight, Smith cal taxi driver told her to up for the American Ex- budget. There are also some Place for a puppy playdate. tains and rainforests.

then went to TopCashback. set her own price for a fare, press Premier Rewards small luxury properties that A new online platform In San Juan, Puerto Rico,
com and chose Flighthub. that’s what she offered. The Gold Card, which gave her really cater to the affluent from the Professional As- many hotels are operating

com from among TopCash- driver accepted, though he 50,000 bonus points for traveler looking for a more sociation of Diving In- normally, though some like
back’s participating ven- told her he thought she was spending $3,000 within curated local experience.” structors offers an island- the Caribe Hilton are still
dors. listed underpaying a bit. A dif- three months. says the by-island guide to sight- undergoing repairs. San

the flight she wanted for ferent driver on another • All-inclusive resorts most popular Caribbean seeing, dive shops and Juan Marriott marketing
the same $220 price, but day asked for $15, and she typically include alcohol destinations for spring “liveaboards” — when you manager Joaquin Cruz says
on top of that she got a $15 opted to walk instead. and food along with lodg- break are Montego Bay, Ja- spend a night or more on a his hotel’s beachfront prop-
rebate through Flighthub’s ing, and can be a great way maica ($479 round-trip); boat, erty is fine, and the neigh-
partnership with TopCash- Tips and haggling to save money especially if Santo Domingo ($500 ribbean/. borhood where it’s located,
back. Minus the rebate, the Smith says travelers you’re planning a vacation round-trip) and Punta Cana Condado, is “buzzing with
flight cost $205. shouldn’t be reluctant to where you want to lounge by ($569 round-trip) in the Do- After the hurricane nightlife, restaurants, bars
Just be aware: It can negotiate prices, whether the pool sipping a cocktail. minican Republic; Nassau A handful of islands were and shops.” It’s located 10
($612 round-trip) in the Ba- hit hard by hurricanes, in- minutes from Old San Juan
Media Type: BW Fractional Newspaper Ad

hamas, and Oranjestad, cluding Puerto Rico, St. by cab, but guests can also
Bleed: 3.75” W x 21” H

Job#: ADC5-9551A0012
Trim: 3.75” W x 21” H

Title: “NHTSA Buckle Up”

Aruba ($567 round-trip). Bart’s, St. Martin, Anguilla, borrow bikes from the ho-
Dominica and the Virgin Is- tel and follow a bike path
SAFERCAR.GOV/ Hotels and events lands. Cruise ships have re- there. One of the hotel’s
Modified Date:
Creation Date:

Line Screen:

Art Version:


Edit Round:


KIDSBUCKLEUP In the Bahamas, Baha turned to all ports, and sev- two towers is closed for re-
2-13-2015 3:09 PM
1-13-2015 12:27 PM
Final Art

Mar, a new resort complex eral Princess cruises are pairs from water damage,
in Nassau, includes the SLS offering passengers volun- but Cruz said the work in
Production Manager:
Creative Director:

Studio Manager:
Art Director:

Baha Mar and Grand Hyatt tourism opportunities to that tower is “invisible to
Initials Date

Client: AD COUNCIL Art Version: Final Art Studio Manager: A. McCarthy

Job#: ADC5-9551A0012 Paper: Newsprint Proofreader: R. Virginia
J. Adler-Kerekes
J. Morledge
W. Wood
M. Heckart
R. Virginia
A. McCarthy

Baha Mar hotels, an 18-hole help recovery efforts. guests” in the open tower.
Title: “NHTSA Buckle Up” Line Screen: 100 Art Director: M. Heckart
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Title: “NHTSA Buckle Up” Line Screen: 100 Art Director: M. Heckart

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