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Are you on SNAP (and not TANF) and

looking to get a job or increase success
in your chosen career?  
o kshop se ies at NO COST TO YOU!

Attending WILL cont ibute to a ds satisf ing the hou s ABAWD o k e ui ement!
$5 gas ca ds o bus ouche s a ailable if needed to attend EACH SESSION!

Eligibility Contact
14 Total Sessions Info mation
Re ui ements
3 meetings per week To register contact:
Currently collecting SNAP
Usually on Monday,
Benefits (but not TANF Rob Sellers
Wednesday & Friday
At least 18 years of age 503-310-4665
Males must be registered
Topics with Selective Service in
Attendees will need to meet with Rob
for a short informational session
accordance with federal before the workshop
Communicating in the Workplace series starts.
Building Credibility in the
Decision Making & Problem
Futu e Wo kshop Cu ent Wo kshop
Solving in the Workplace
You feel the Way Locations
Spotting Risky Thinking
Tackling your Risky Thinking Oregon City DHS Office Sandy Ant Farm
Understanding & Managing your Sandy Ant Farm 39140 Proctor Blvd,
Molalla Adult Center Sandy, OR 97055
Choosing your Behavior
Building your Self-esteem Estacada Library
Moving Forward North Clackamas DHS Office
More dates coming up soon...

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TTY/TDD – dial - - toll f ee ela se ice. Access f ee online ela se ice at: .sp int ela

Funded unde SNAP Emplo ment & T aining P og am