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Vol. 69, No. 2

Courier Bellingham First Christian Church
An Open and Affirming Congregation February 2019

February Events to Stimulate Your Mind & Creative Processes

Fill your dark winter months with three events to celebrate you, plus opportunities for a bit of mind-
stimulating conversation, learning, and fun.

Volunteer Appreciation Potluck, Sunday February 3

Bring a main dish and a dessert or salad to share and come join in the
fun as we give thanks for all those who make this church a joy-filled,
Jesus-following, God-loving, people-serving place to be. Come join us
as we give thanks for YOU!

Cabin Fever College, Thursday February 14

• Cake Decorating

Instructor: Kathy Wheeler

Class participants will be decorating individual heart cakes. Class fees
may apply. See Kathy for details.
• The Last Week, Part I

Instructor: Kevin Clark, DMin 

Class participants will be using Marcus Borg & John Dominic
Crossan’s book of same title, available at (Find more
info on p. 6.)

Cabin Fever College, Thursday March 14

• Mandala Ball Creation

Instructor: Barbara Davis
Class participants will need to bring: protractor, big pink eraser,
pencils. For more info: Etsy shop & Facebook
Class fee: $6 for provided supplies (each class member will receive a
3” wooden ball and paints to use during class)
• The Last Week, Part II

Instructor: Kevin Clark, DMin 

This is a continuation of the February 14 class.
(Note: Cabin Fever College begins with a light soup supper at 5:30 p.m., then choose one of our
carefully selected one-hour classes, from 6-7 p.m., to get your creative juices flowing and challenge
your brain. Registration required.)
Shoe’s News

First Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)
Shoe’s News
“Intro to Progressive Christianity 101”
495 East Bakerview Road
Bellingham, WA 98226 For those of you who might have an interest, the adult
Sunday School class has just begun a video series looking at the ‘Living the Questions’ curriculum. A group of us went
Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter through this series several years ago, and were deeply
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) impressed with the quality of the information and the
A movement for wholeness in a fragmented journey into a more progressive faith experience. We
world. As part of the one body of Christ, we watch the videos and have follow up questions and
welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God
welcomed us. discussion.
All of Us
Ministers We’ve just started the series and if you’d like to join us I’ll
Rev. Gary Shoemaker give you the materials from the beginning and help you
Pastor catch up.
Income Expenses 2018 YTD 2018 YTD Totals include donor
Rev. Tamalyn Kralman We meet in the church library Income at 9:15 to 10:15restricted
Expenses on Sunday
funds. Please
Director of Education & Community Outreach contact the Stewardship
Courier Editor
January Here 17,798.45
8,520.51 are some8,520.51
of the titles to the videos
Ministry for for the
a greater series: taking the Bible seriously; thinking theologically;
February 10,634.61 14,823.22 19,155.12 32,621.67 breakdown
and expenses.
of our income

Amelia Nye
stories of creation; the prophetic Jesus; evil, suffering and
March 10,309.7 8,108.89 29,464.82 40,731.56

Accompanist a God
love; debunking
the rapture;
social justice;

Aneesa Ahad realizing God’s vision; compassion:67,793.8

May 9,515.7 10,639.14 49,910.28
the heart of Jesus’
June 11,424.87 17,083.54 61,335.15 84,877.34
Childcare Provider ministry.
July 5,902.57 12,310.78 67,237.72 97,188.12
Rev. Sandy Messick
August 12,188.60 11,942.84 79,426.32 109,130.96
Regional Minister I September
hope you’ll consider joining us in126,887.55
this journey!
13,985.75 17,756.59 93,412.07
Rev. Teresa Hord Owens Pastor Gary
General Minister and President October 93,412.07 126,887.55

Sunday Schedule (Labor Day - Memorial Day)

10:50 a.m. Gathering Time
A Word from Our Stewardship Ministry
9:15 a.m. Adult Sunday School
11 a.m. Worship General Donor General Donor
2018 YTD 2018 YTD
Income restricted Expenses Restricted
12:15 p.m. Fellowship Time income Expenses
Income Expenses
1 p.m. Out-to-Lunch Bunch (4th Sunday)
January 8,520.51 17,798.45 8,520.51 17,798.45
2 p.m. Someone Cares! Community Meal
(2nd Sunday) February 10,634.61 14,823.22 19,155.12 32,621.67

Office Hours March 10,309.7 8,108.89 29,464.82 40,731.56

Tuesday - Friday April 10,929.76 16,423.10 40,394.58 57,154.66
9 a.m. - noon May 9,515.7 10,639.14 49,910.28 67,793.8
Our staff are in and out of the office throughout the
June 11,424.87 17,083.54 61,335.15 84,877.34
week. Please feel free to stop by during their office
hours or make an appointment that fits your schedule. July 5,902.57 12,310.78 67,237.72 97,188.12

Officers August 12,188.60 11,942.84 79,426.32 109,130.96

Gregg Heyne, Moderator September 12,218.15 1,767.60 15,427.99 2,328.60 93,412.07 126,887.55
Leslie Pinkston, Vice Moderator
Cheryl Perry, Treasurer October 8,764.32 358.00 13,108.74 2,200.68 102534.39 142,196.97

Betty Schmidling, Secretary November 9,894.30 3,646.65 7,326.27 1,585.10 116075.34 151,108.34

Important Links: December 21,044.51 669.70 13,630.91 137789.55 164,739.25

Regional Website (including monthly

newsletter): Please note: the donor restricted income and expenses were included in general income and
expenses totals January - August. Therefore, the YTD totals include donor restricted funds. Please
General Church Website: contact the Stewardship Ministry for a greater breakdown of our income and expenses.

2 February 2019
Nurse’s Notes

Joy and Health: Twin Sisters to a Better Life

“Shout for joy to the Lord all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; Come before God
with joyful songs.” Ps 100: 1

It should be quite well known by now how much of our physical and spiritual health are
Nurse’s Notes dependent on each other; how stress hormones, blood pressure, cardiac function, endocrine
function, cholesterol levels, brain function and more are all affected as to how stressed or
calm we are.

The ability to feel joy in our lives is important piece toward good health. To feel joy, to truly notice it, we first must slow
down, stop and really pay attention to right now, this very moment. As you look silently and intently around, what
source of joy do you notice? To quote Eckhart Tolle: “Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle
that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is life itself, it is an insane way to live.”

Our days are made up of many seemingly mundane events such as driving, eating, cooking, washing the dishes, etc.,
yet these are what our days are made of, so surely there is a way to truly notice them and by looking closely to find joy
in these daily events.

Cultivating joy in our lives by truly paying attention is a vital part of maintaining good mental, spiritual and physical
health. Focusing on joy helps us to be more fully present to life. Joy is not the same as being happy. We can be quite
sad over losing someone or something; over a vexing problem and yet feel joy for the support we may have from
others, from pleasant memories of the person that is gone from us, from just noticing more keenly the things around us
that we usually take for granted: sunshine, nature, friends, family, a favorite pet, and much more.

Try this — Sit quietly and with intention consider these eight points of joy:
• As you sit in stillness allow your mind to bring to consciousness some small point of joy from when you first began
your day. Was it that first cup of hot coffee at breakfast; sunshine from days of clouds; good news from a health
examination? Whatever you are aware of that brings joy, the first joy point is gratitude.
• As you sit in silence bring to mind your health status over time and what challenges you have faced and have
( hopefully ) overcome. Has there been a happy surprise, a positive outcome that you were not expecting? What in
your health experiences have brought joy? The second joy point is the joy of health.
• Allow a time to envision when you have been totally relaxed. Was it alone on a walk on the beach, while sitting with a
loved one or supportive friend, reading something inspirational, or just watching the dog play? What small insight did
you notice that you had not before? The third joy point is the joy of release.
• Sitting quietly focus on yourself. Yes, you, this person you have lived with so long. Can you find joy in wishing
yourself well, sending compassion to your own body and mind. The fourth joy is the joy of self-love.
• Now turn your mind to what you tend to avoid. Notice if there is any point of aversion present within you. Are you
wanting things to be different than they are right now? Notice these things and allow yourself to feel them without
trying to make them go away. They are not your enemy. The fifth point of joy is acceptance.
• Next realize that everything that you need to be happy is already present in this moment. Problems do exist, but
they are not all that exists. With intention focus on what in your life is good. Can you allow yourself to give up
regretting the past or worrying about the future. Can you see the joy of now? The sixth joy point is the joy of
• As you consider your life as it is can you find it to be a miracle? What would need to happen to make you more
aware of living fully this in this moment. The seventh point of joy is the joy of simply being alive.
• Finally, look around and notice what is beautiful to you. Is it a painting, a sunset, a loved one, a memory? Be aware of
all that you can see, hear touch, taste, experience. The eighth point of joy is the joy of beauty.

Meditation: May all be well. May all be at peace. May all feel and know the joy of a life lived in the enfolding presence
and love of God. May this be so: Amen

Jane Kletka, RN
Faith Community Nurse

February 2019 3
Who’s on First?! Birthdays & Anniversaries God at Work in Us

Happy Birthday:

Cris Botts 4
Sunday, February 3 Velma McDonald 7
Elder: Brenda Riseland Tristin Stanbro 7
In Home Communion: Leslie Pinkston (1993)
Deacons: James Becker, Bentley Becker Brenda Riseland 10
Reader: Phyllis McKinnon 11
Children’s Moment: Linda Heyne Linda Mederis 12
Children’s Church: Linda Heyne Gray King 13
Flowers: The Page Family Lynn Plancich 16
Fellowship Time: Brenda Riseland, honoring Margaret Brown 17
February birthdays Mason Stanbro 18
Gaylen Udo 22
Sunday, February 10 Leslie Pinkston 25
Elder: Steve Hutchens Megan Shoemaker 26
Deacons: Renee Hoemann, Zoe Ila Becker
Children’s Moment: Megan Shoemaker
Be the Hands of God (nurture the world)
Children’s Church: Linda Botts
Flowers: TBD • Annual Bazaar • Family Promise Hosts
Fellowship Time: TBD • Alternative Christmas • Family Promise Day
Faire Center (Disciples House)
Sunday, February 17 • Blessing Bags • Food Bank collections
Elder: Bob Fisher • CAST • Joseph’s Closet
Deacons: Kris Ann Lewis, Celia Obrecht • Clean Water Projects • Justice Sunday
Reader: • Comfort Quilt Ministry • Socks on the Street
Children’s Moment: Tamalyn Kralman • Community Gardens
Children’s Church: Tamalyn Kralman • Community Meal
Flowers: TBD For more info on how to assist in any of these projects,
Fellowship Time: TBD please contact us at

Sunday, February 24
Elder: Linda Heyne Be a Part of A Small Group (nurture your soul)
Deacons: Linda Botts, Melissa Henderson • Women's Spiritual Growth Groups - Please contact the
Reader: church office if you would like to be a part of a group.
Children’s Moment: Linda Heyne • Out-to-Lunch Bunch, 1p, 4th Sundays - An informal
Children’s Church: Tamalyn Kralman gathering that visits locally owned restaurants.
Flowers & Fellowship Time: Esther Group • Book Group, 7p, 4th Sundays - This group explores
books to expand their minds and hearts.
Sign up in the fellowship hall to help in these • Esther Group, 11:30a, 3rd Mondays - A women's group that
important ministries: meets for lunch in local restaurants. (No host.)
• Bible Study, 11a, Tuesdays - Meeting in the church
• Read scripture during Sunday morning worship library, this group explores the lectionary scriptures.
• Bring flowers for Sunday worship • Pub Theology, 6:30p, 3rd Thursdays - Beer,
conversation, and God! (Or any beverage of your choice.)
• Provide goodies for fellowship time following Jeckyl & Hyde Deli & Ale House 709 Orchard Pl #1.
Sunday worship • Checking in Group, 5p, 4th Thursdays - supportive
Please contact the office for more info. group of people who share life's journey together.
• Men's Breakfast, 7:30a, Saturdays at Denny's - 

All men are invited to join this weekly breakfast group for
fun and fellowship. (No host.)

4 February 2019
Joys & Concerns Word from the Community Fred Meyer Rewards

Joys and Concerns Whatcom Hospice Needs Your

Please submit written requests to update list. Help
For a complete list, please see the Sunday The Whatcom Hospice Volunteer Program has teamed
bulletin or contact the office. up with PeaceHealth Outpatient Palliative Care to
Medical concerns: provide quality volunteer training for both programs.
• Gregg Heyne The programs are similar in that they provide comfort
• Jimmie Talley’s mom care and symptom management using an
• Maureen Thompson, Melissa Henderson’s mom/Leslie interdisciplinary approach, but Palliative Care can
Pinkston’s sister begin at the diagnosis and continue while the patient
• Bruce Wheeler, Kathy’s ex is getting treatment, and Hospice Care begins after
• Virginia Bock, Pastor Tamalyn’s mom treatment is stopped and it’s clear the person will not
• Darleen Page & Family survive the illness.
• Ellen Fisher, Bob’s sister-in-law
• Marian Crim Volunteers for both programs provide assistance such
• Chloe Gibson as companionship, respite care, light chores, meal
• Gary Schwebel, Diana Findlay’s son preparation and transportation. They may also help
• Pat Spiller, Kris Ann’s stepdad-in-law & Vivian Lewis, in a more indirect way, such as delivering
Kris Ann’s mother-in law & entire Lewis/Spiller family medications, working in the office, knitting shawls, or
Life’s challenges: sewing quilts and stuffed animals.
• Bea Gilfilen & family
• Ardythe Hannah & granddaughter Stephanie Those interested in learning more are invited to
• Katie, Bob Fisher’s daughter attend an Informational Meeting to be held
• Kris Ann Lewis’s family: brother Phil, sister-in-law
Cary, nephew Matt niece Hannah, Brenchly family Saturday, March 23rd, 10:00 a.m.– 12:00 p.m.
Beyond Our Walls: Hospice Administration Building, Lower Level
• For the healing of our nation 2800 Douglas Ave., Bellingham
• Refugees worldwide
• Iglesia de Dios, as together we share God’s love The 32-hour Patient Care and 4-hour Indirect Care
• Raices Culturales/Community to Community Training programs will be explained at that time.
families in their gardening program in our field
• Kristine Tissinger, missionary partner in Ghana For more info:
• Rev. Sandy Messick, Regional Minister and Dianne Gillespie
President Whatcom Hospice Volunteer Coordinator
• Rev. Teresa Hord Owens, General Minister and Direct line is 360-788-6892
President Email
• Our General Church ministries or 360-788-8612 email
• Yakama Christian Mission
• Victims of hatred, injustice, violence, poverty, Amie Carr
disease, and disaster worldwide Outpatient Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator
• All troops involved in world conflict Direct line is 360-788-8612
• Peacemakers worldwide Email

Fred Meyer Rewards

First Christian Church earned
$54.22 total donations, October
1, 2018 - December 31, 2018
from just 4 Rewards Shoppers!
Thank you to our faithful
shoppers who have linked their
cards to the church #EI898.
(Remember, this is a new # and
you may need to change your
records, if you were previously

February 2019 5
News from Interfaith Coalition More Community News

Puerto Rico Work Trip Date

The Global Ministries Team announces the
commitment to lead a work trip to Puerto Rico in
the spring of 2019. Hurricanes Irma and Maria
caused severe damage to Puerto Rico in 2017 and
the country continues to struggle in recovery. This
Hope is on the Way! Save the Date for work trip will focus on repair work, both outdoor
the Interfaith Hope Auction! and indoor, and visiting partner church groups to
offer support and friendship. Tasks can include
Mark your calendar for the Interfaith Coalition Hope
installing new windows and doors, repairing metal
Auction on Saturday, March 23, beginning at 5:30 and cement roofs, indoor cleaning, flooring, painting
p.m. The auction will take place at Four Points by and wall repairs. You do NOT need expert building
Sheraton in Bellingham. skills, but skills are very helpful! Some basic
Whatcom County’s friendliest auction features Spanish will also be helpful, but is not required.
fellowship, inspiration, hope and lively bidding on great
Led by Randy Crowe, retired UCC camp manager
auction items. Please join us as we work together to
who has led work trips to Louisiana after
eliminate family homelessness and poverty in our Katrina, the dates will be March 31 – April 6.
community. You can help in these ways: Participation will cost $300 US to cover
• Do you have an auction item to donate? A service you transportation to and from airport, daily to work
offer, your own artwork, gift certificate, tickets to site, food, translator, materials and lodging at a
church camp. The fee does NOT INCLUDE air fare
popular sporting events, vacation home getaway, …let
to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
your imagination soar and think of what you might be
able to donate, and get in touch with us! Contact Mary Olney-
• Buy tickets to the auction. Tickets are $65 each, Loyd for more
including dinner. information and to sign up!

• Become a business sponsor or ask your favorite

businesses or employers to support Interfaith with a
dedicated donation. More Info on Cabin Fever College
To donate an auction item and purchase tickets, please Class
contact Brenda Riseland, our board representative, or
Interfaith Coalition at 360-734-3983 or through the
Interested in attending the Borg & Crossan class at
website: Cabin Fever College in February and March, but you
want to know more about it? Here is a description
from class instructor Kevin Clark.

“Two renown Biblical scholars co-authored a day-by-

Thank You from Interfaith Coalition day description of the last days of Jesus' life
Thank you for partnering with Interfaith Coalition as we called The Last Week. As "disciples", this attempt to
work together to eliminate family homelessness and reconstruct from the gospels exactly what our Lord
poverty in our community . Your congregation practices and Savior did and said during the final hours of his
what it believes – we’ve seen this throughout the years life, and what meanings can be made clear, should
be paramount to us....I propose to cover only the
as you worked to help bring housing, warmth, food,
first day, Sunday, over the 2 sessions of Feb XX and
love, and hope to many in Whatcom County as part of
March XX. We could read the preface and the first
Interfaith Coalition. “Well done, good and faithful 15 pages for the initial class and the last 15 pages of
servant” most assuredly applies to you. With profound chapter 1 for the second class. When I return, I will
thanks for your generosity, partnership, and friendship in copy off the pages for anyone who doesn't want to
this mission we share. Blessings and wishes for a new buy the book. The Last Week, by Borg and
year that will bring you renewed faith, joy, and peace. Crossan, is available from Amazon for $10.36.”

6 February 2019
January Cabin Fever College Requests from Family Promise

A Good Time Was Had by All!

Many thanks go to Darleen Page for making a yummy soup
supper, Kathy Wheeler for setting everything up, Megan
Shoemaker for a really fun Cookie Decorating Class, and
Bridget Becker for a lively and informative Lanyard Making

Family Promise Needs Your Time

and Your Muscle!
Dear Host and Support Family Promise Volunteers -

We’ve come a long way since April 2018 and for that
we are thankful! My name is Pam Pries and I am a
member of the FP Leadership Team. Carolyn Roy
has asked that I help with Family Promise Day
Instructor Megan Center and Van Driver volunteer recruitment in the
Shoemaker months to come. There are currently volunteers in
demonstrates proper action but many more are needed to run a smooth
icing technique for and successful program.
cookie decorating
Day Center Volunteer
[approximately 1-1.5 hour commitments]
Day Center training - approximately 15-20 minutes
at the Day Center in Bellingham
See description of how time is spent, etc. on the
following link……..
Pastor Gary 60b0b4ea4a72ca1f94-daycenter
tries his hand Van Driver Volunteer
with the icing [most often 1 hour commitments]
and cookies Van Driver training - need WATCH background
check, a copy of their driver’s license and insurance,
and a brief orientation
See description on the following link….

Guest Moving Crews

Connie Page & [no training required, commitment as needed]
Marceille Kobel We would like to compile a list of people who would
test their be willing to help move guests as they leave the
Family Promise Program. What a wonderful
opportunity to be part of this very happy and much
anticipated event!
Please send name, emails and phone number to me
Thank you so much!
Instructor Bridget Pam Pries, 360/594-2921
Becker gives Note: Our congregation’s next date to host
lanyard making Family Promise families is March 10 - 16.
tips to Darleen Watch your weekly email and upcoming
Page and Linda Courier for sign-up info to help with meals
Heyne and hosting duties.

February 2019 7
February 2019
First Christian Church, Bellingham, WA, Christian Holidays Feb 2019 (Pacific Time - Los Angeles)
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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9 : 1 5 a m - Sunday School 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 6 p m - [Family Promise 3 p m - Spong Study Group 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst,
Coordinators' Mtg] Denny's
1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 9 a m - [Interfaith Coalition 6 : 3 0 p m - [Co-Dependents 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]
Staff Mtg] Anonymous]
1 1 a m - Worship 6 p m - Bell Choir Rehearsal

1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship Time 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal

1 2 : 3 0 p m - Out-to-Lunch
7 p m - Book Group
February 2019 calendar

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9 : 1 5 a m - Sunday School 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 6 : 3 0 p m - [Co-Dependents 3 p m - Spong Study Group 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst,
Anonymous] Denny's
1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 6 p m - Bell Choir Rehearsal 7pm - [4H] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]

1 1 a m - Worship 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal

1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship Time

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

9 : 1 5 a m - Sunday School 6 : 3 0 p m - Stewardship Mtg 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 1 : 3 0 p m - [Community to Courier deadline 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst,
Community mtg] Denny's
1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 9 a m - [Interfaith Coalition 3 p m - [4-H Presentations] 3 p m - Spong Study Group 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]
Staff Mtg]
1 1 a m - Worship 6 p m - Bell Choir Rehearsal 5 : 3 0 p m - Cabin Fever 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios]
1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship Time 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal 6 : 3 0 p m - [Co-Dependents
2 p m - Community Meal

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9 : 1 5 a m - Sunday School 1 1 : 3 0 a m - Esther Grp 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 6 : 3 0 p m - [Co-Dependents 3 p m - Spong Study Group 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst,
Lunch Anonymous] Denny's
1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 3 p m - [4-H Presentations] 6 : 3 0 p m - Pub Theology, 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios] 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]
Jeckyl & Hyde's
1 1 a m - Worship 6 p m - Bell Choir Rehearsal

1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship Time 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal

24 25 26 27 28 1 2

9 : 1 5 a m - Sunday School 6 : 4 5 p m - [Boy Scouts] 1 1 a m - Bible Study Bulletin deadline 1 : 3 0 p m - [Community to St. David's Day 7 : 3 0 a m - Men's Brkfst,
Community mtg] Denny's
1 0 : 5 0 a m - Gathering Time 6 : 3 0 p m - [Toppers] 9 a m - [Interfaith Coalition 5 p m - Checking in Group, 3 p m - Spong Study Group 9 a m - [Iglesia de Dios]
Staff Mtg] location TBD
1 1 a m - Worship 6 p m - Bell Choir Rehearsal 6 p m - [Family Promise 6 : 3 0 p m - [Iglesia de Dios]
Coordinators' Mtg]
1 2 : 1 5 p m - Fellowship Time 7 p m - Choir Rehearsal 6 : 3 0 p m - [Co-Dependents
1 2 : 3 0 p m - Out-to-Lunch
5 p m - Board Meeting

7 p m - Book Group

February 2019