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Biology Syllabus 

Mrs. Spurling  Check out our class website!  

Room 206 ​704-476-8331 ext. 3501 
Dear Students and Parents, 
Welcome to Biology! I am excited about this Biology class and hope that you are too. I plan to make this 
course as interesting as possible so that we all learn together. Each student will be expected to review 
classroom notes on a daily basis and/or complete any homework that is assigned. The average learner should 
allow ​20-30 minutes​ each day for review of material covered in class and/or homework assignments. ​Biology is 
a required course for graduation from high school in North Carolina.​ ​In addition, the state of North Carolina 
REQUIRES the EOC score to count as 20% of the student’s final grade. Students who do not have a passing 
grade will not receive credit for Biology. Furthermore, students who do NOT score at least a ​Level 3​ on the 
exam may be required to complete remediation session(s) and retest. 
What will we be learning? Essential Standards for Life Science/Biology 
★ Bio. 1.1 Understanding the relationship between the structures and functions of cells and their organelles. 
★ Bio. 1.2 Analyze the cell as a living system. 
★ Bio. 2.1 Analyze the interdependence of living organisms within their environments. 
★ Bio. 2.2 Understand the impact of human activities on the environment. 
★ Bio.3.1 Explain how traits are determined by the structure and function of DNA. 
★ Bio.3.2 Understand how the environment, and/or the interaction of alleles influences the expression of genetic traits.  
★ Bio. 3.3 Understand the application of DNA technology. 
★ Bio. 3.4 Explain the theory of evolution by natural selection as a mechanism for how species change over time. 
★ Bio. 3.5 Analyze how classification systems are developed based upon speciation.  
★ Bio. 4.4 Understand how biological molecules are essential to the survival of living organisms. 
★ Bio. 4.2 Analyze the relationships between biochemical processes and energy in the cell. 
Tentative Unit Test Schedule  
Unit  Test Date  Unit  Test Date 

Unit 1: Biochemistry  Jan. 30  Unit 7: Genetics 2  Mar. 28 

Unit 2: Cells  Feb. 8  MIDTERM ASSESSMENT   Apr. 2 

Unit 3: Cell Energy  Feb. 20  Unit 8: Biotechnology   Apr. 9 

Unit 4: DNA & Cell Reproduction  Feb. 28  Unit 9: Evolution & Natural Selection  Apr. 25 

Unit 5: Protein Synthesis & Mutations  Mar. 8  Unit 10: Taxonomy & Adaptations  May 6 

Unit 6: Genetics 1  Mar. 15  Unit 11: Ecology  May 16 

What supplies will help me to be prepared for class? 

​ ​Required Materials:   ​Recommended ​Materials:  
- One 2” hard-back binder with 10 tab dividers  - Pencil pouch for carrying writing utensils, Erasers, 
- Notebook paper, pens/pencils  Markers, Highlighters, colored pencils 
  - Index Cards with case, Weekly Planner  

How am I graded for my work? 

9 Weeks Grades:  Final Grade  Grading Scale 
Grades are calculated by a percentage and  ● 80%​ of final grade is the average of 1​st  A = 90-100 
divided into categories of Classwork/  and 2​nd​ 9-weeks grades (Semester  B = 80-89 
Homework (25%), Labs/Projects (10%),  Long)  C = 70-79 
D = 60-69 
Quizzes (25%), and Tests (40%).  ● 20%​ NC End-of-Course Exam 
F = <60 

How am I expected to act at school and in the classroom?  
1. Respect yourself, fellow students, and teachers by following directions and keeping your hands/feet to yourself. 
2. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.  
3. Respect all classroom furnishings, supplies, and equipment. 
4. Abide by all school rules and policies. 
5. No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom during LABS or when electronic devices (Chromebooks) are in use! 
Otherwise, drinks must have a screw-on lid. 
6. Keep all cell phones, headphones, and other electronic devices ​turned OFF a​ nd p
​ ut AWAY​. I​ t is my personal 
policy that headphones be removed upon entering the classroom. 
Positive Consequences:   Negative Consequences: 
● More time at the end of class to work on assignments or  ● Verbal Warning 
to take a break  ● Relocation/separation within classroom 
● More opportunities for hands-on and experiential  ● Chill Out/Detention 
learning (fun labs), as well as fun activities,  ● Referral to Office Administrators 
demonstrations, and games  ● Other appropriate disciplinary action as 
● Other appropriate rewards as determined by the teacher  determined by the teacher 
*Note: T
​ he above consequences will be enacted according to guidelines of the CHS school-wide PBIS Policy​.  
Restroom Policy 
Students are allowed 6 ​ ​ restroom “passes” or sign-outs throughout the ENTIRE SEMESTER. Rather 
than physical passes, I keep a sign-out sheet on which students record the date and time of their exit. Once 
you have used your ​6​ restroom sign-outs, ​NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!​ This means you must use your 
sign-outs sparingly and only at times of ​necessity​ or e
​ mergencies​. Students with documentation of health 
issues that may conflict with this policy will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. 
When you arrive for class… 
Students are expected to be i​ n their seats​ w​ ith materials ready to begin class​ when the bell rings. (That 
means sharpening pencils, going to the water fountain, getting paper, etc. should all be done B ​ EFORE​ the 
tardy bell rings!) If a student arrives to class after the tardy bell rings, he/she will report to Mr. Pettus in “Chill 
Out” to obtain a pass to class. In such case, students are marked tardy and will be assigned lunch detention. 
What happens when I am absent from class? 
Per Crest High School attendance policy, students are allowed 6 unexcused absences per class, per 
semester. If the student accrues more than 6 unexcused absences, he/she may receive a failing grade for the 
​ lease remember that 3 tardies and/or early releases equate to 1 absence.​ ​It is the student’s 
course. P
responsibility to obtain from the teacher any work that was missed due to absence.  
Handouts of class materials from the day(s) missed may be found in the class’ Absent Folders located 
FROM THESE FOLDERS!​ ​ I will place missed work with the student’s name on it in the folders but will NOT 
distribute the work to students upon their return after an absence. ​Failing to retrieve materials from the 
folders will not be an excuse for incomplete work or unpreparedness for a quiz. 
Late Work 
Work is expected to be turned in on time. Late submissions are subject to 10% deductions per day late, 
with the exception of work that is late due to excused absences. Missed work should be made up ASAP; 
tests/quizzes should be made up within 5 school days​. If a test or quiz is missed due to an absence, it is the 
student’s responsibility​ to contact me about scheduling a day to make it up. ​To preserve test credibility, tests 
which contain short answer questions may contain different short answer questions on the makeup test. 
*Parents, please understand that u ​ ntil​ the assignment is submitted and graded, the score in PowerSchool may 
show a 0% regardless of the reason for the absence. I will adjust the grade on the late work as soon as I have it 
My Schedule 
1st - Biology *​Tutorials are scheduled on ​Wednesdays ​and ​Friday ​during  
2nd -Biology Charger Corral, but I am flexible and regularly open up my  
3rd - Planning (12:07-1:31) classroom on other days as well, when possible. 
4th - Honors Earth & Environmental Science 

These cell phone/mobile device and dress code policies will be enforced both inside 
and out of the classroom according to CHS and CCS policies.   
CCS Student Code of Conduct can be found at 

Please discuss these rules of device usage and dress code with your child(ren) to ensure that they 
understand the expectations and consequences of each offense. In terms of devices, unauthorized use 
of cell phones in the classroom is not only disrespectful but also poses a distraction to learning of ALL 
students. Furthermore, research continues to show the negative impacts that overuse of cell phones, 
tablets, and other devices can have on student learning, memory, and the development of their brains. 
If you have not already done so, I implore you to conduct your own research on effects that your child’s 
devices are having on their brain development and cognition. 
Lastly, PARENTS/GUARDIANS who need to contact their child during school hours should 
do so by calling the front office (704-476-8331), as dictated by school-wide policy. 

Let’s have a great school year!  
Parental involvement is strongly encouraged at Crest High School. Please feel free to schedule a 
meeting with me or contact me with any concerns that your might have. I can be reached any 
weekday at Crest High School by calling 704-476-8331x3501 from 12:07pm – 1:31pm. I can also be 
reached after school until about 4:00pm. Email is my best means of contact, so you may also email 
me at ​ 
It is my goal to provide each student with the opportunity to learn in a relaxed, safe, and orderly 
environment. It is my expectation that students put forth their best effort and conduct themselves 
with honor and dignity. Parents, your child(ren) need your support in their academic performance. 
Please be involved and help them to keep up with their assignments and do not hesitate to contact 
me with any concerns regarding your child. Let’s have a great semester! 

Parents and student please sign the following page and return to Mrs. Spurling. Thank you. 
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(Student Name) 
I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the rules and expectations of Mrs. 
Spurling’s Class. 
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