close (kl s) adj. clos·er, clos·est 1. Being near in space or time. See Usage Note at redundancy. 2.

Being near in relationship: close relatives. 3. Bound by mutual interests, loyalties, or affections; intimate: close friends. 4. Having little or no space between elements or parts; tight and compact: a close weave. 5. Being near the surface; short: a close haircut. 6. Being on the brink of: close to tears. 7. Decided by a narrow margin; almost even: a close election. 8. Faithful to the original: a close copy. 9. Rigorous; thorough: close attention; close supervision. 10. Shut; closed. 11. Shut in; enclosed. 12. Confining or narrow; crowded: close quarters. 13. Fitting tightly: close garments. 14. Lacking fresh air; stuffy: a close room. 15. Confined to specific persons or groups: a close secret. 16. Strictly confined or guarded: kept under close custody. 17. Hidden from view; secluded. 18. Secretive; reticent: was close about her personal life. 19. Giving or spending with reluctance; stingy. 20. Not easily acquired; scarce: Money was close. 21. Linguistics Pronounced with the tongue near the palate, as the ee in meet. Used of vowels. 22. Marked by more rather than less punctuation, especially commas. v. (kl z) closed, clos·ing, clos·es 1. To move (a door, for example) so that an opening or passage is covered or obstructed; shut. 2. To bar access to: closed the road for repairs. 3. To fill or stop up: closed the cracks with plaster. 4. To stop the operations of permanently or temporarily: closed down the factory. 5. To make unavailable for use: closed the area to development; closed the database to further changes. 6. To bring to an end; terminate: close a letter; close a bank account. 7. To bring together all the elements or parts of: Management closed ranks and ostracized the troublemaker. 8. To join or unite; bring into contact: close a circuit. 9. To draw or bind together the edges of: close a wound. 10. Sports To modify (one's stance), as in baseball or golf, by turning the body so that the forward shoulder and foot are closer to the intended point of impact with the ball. 11. To complete the final details or negotiations on: close a deal. 12. Archaic To enclose on all sides. v.intr. 1. To become shut: The door closed quietly. 2. To come to an end; finish: The book closes on a hopeful note. 3. To reach an agreement; come to terms. 4. To cease operation: The shop closes at six.

5. To be priced or listed at a specified amount when trading ends: Stocks closed higher on Monday. 6. a. To engage at close quarters: closed with the enemy. b. To draw near: The orbiter closed with the space station in preparation for docking. 7. To come together: My arms closed around the little child. 8. Baseball To finish a game by protecting a lead. Used of relief pitchers. n. (kl z) 1. The act of closing. 2. A conclusion; a finish: The meeting came to a close. 3. Music The concluding part of a phrase or theme; a cadence. 4. (kl s) An enclosed place, especially land surrounding or beside a cathedral or other building. 5. (kl s) Chiefly British A narrow way or alley. 6. Archaic A fight at close quarters. adv. (kl s) closer, closest In a close position or manner; closely: stayed close together. Phrasal Verbs: close in 1. To seem to be gathering in on all sides: The problems closed in. 2. To advance on a target so as to block escape: The police closed in on the sniper. 3. To surround so as to make unusable: The airport was closed in by fog. close out 1. To dispose of (a line of merchandise) at reduced prices. 2. To terminate, as by selling: close out a business. Idioms: close to home So as to affect one's feelings or interests: Her comment hit close to home. close to the wind Nautical At a close angle into the direction from which the wind is blowing: sailing close to the wind. [Middle English clos, closed, from Old French, from Latin clausus, past participle of claudere, to close. V., from Middle English closen, from Old French clore, clos-, from Latin claudere.] close ly adv. close ness n. clos ing (kl z ng) n. Synonyms: close, immediate, near, nearby, nigh, proximate These adjectives mean not far from another in space, time, or relationship: an airport close to town; her immediate family; his nearest relative; a nearby library; our nighest neighbor; the proximate neighborhood. See Also Synonyms at complete. Antonym: far

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. close1 adj 1. near in space or time; in proximity 2. having the parts near together; dense a close formation 3. down or near to the surface; short a close haircut 4. near in relationship a close relative 5. intimate or confidential a close friend 6. almost equal or even a close contest 7. not deviating or varying greatly from a model or standard a close resemblance a close translation 8. careful, strict, or searching a close study 9. (General Sporting Terms) (of a style of play in football, hockey, etc.) characterized by short passes 10. confined or enclosed 11. shut or shut tight 12. oppressive, heavy, or airless a close atmosphere 13. strictly guarded a close prisoner 14. neat or tight in fit a close cap 15. secretive or reticent 16. miserly; not generous, esp with money 17. (of money or credit) hard to obtain; scarce 18. restricted as to public admission or membership 19. hidden or secluded 20. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Hunting) Also closed restricted or prohibited as to the type of game or fish able to be taken 21. (Linguistics / Phonetics & Phonology) Also closed narrow Phonetics denoting a vowel pronounced with the lips relatively close together adv 1. closely; tightly 2. near or in proximity (Transport / Nautical Terms) close to the wind Nautical sailing as nearly as possible towards the direction from which the wind is blowing See also wind1 [26] [from Old French clos close, enclosed, from Latin clausus shut up, from claudere to close] closely adv closeness n close2 vb 1. to put or be put in such a position as to cover an opening; shut the door closed behind him 2. (tr) to bar, obstruct, or fill up (an entrance, a hole, etc.) to close a road 3. (Medicine) to bring the parts or edges of (a wound, etc.) together or (of a wound, etc.) to be brought together 4. (intr; foll by on, over, etc.) to take hold his hand closed over the money

5. to bring or be brought to an end; terminate 6. to complete (an agreement, a deal, etc.) successfully or (of an agreement, deal, etc.) to be completed successfully 7. to cease or cause to cease to render service the shop closed at six 8. (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Stock Exchange) (intr) Stock Exchange to have a value at the end of a day's trading, as specified steels closed two points down 9. (Electronics) to complete an electrical circuit 10. (Transport / Nautical Terms) (tr) Nautical to pass near 11. (tr) Archaic to enclose or shut in close one's eyes a. Euphemistic to die b. (often foll by to) to ignore n 1. the act of closing 2. the end or conclusion the close of the day 3. a place of joining or meeting 4. (Law) Law private property, usually enclosed by a fence, hedge, or wall 5. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Architecture) Brit a courtyard or quadrangle enclosed by buildings or an entry leading to such a courtyard 6. (Social Science / Human Geography) Brit (capital when part of a street name) a small quiet residential road Hillside Close 7. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Agriculture) Brit a field 8. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) the precincts of a cathedral or similar building 9. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Architecture) Scot the entry from the street to a tenement building 10. (Music / Classical Music) Music another word for cadence. A perfect cadence is called a full close an imperfect one a half close 11. Archaic or rare an encounter in battle; grapple See also close down, close in, close out, close-up, close with closer n Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003 ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. close - the temporal end; the concluding time; "the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell"; "the market was up at the finish"; "they were playing better at the close of the season" finis, last, stopping point, finish, finale, conclusion end, ending - the point in time at which something ends; "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period" 2. close - the last section of a communication; "in conclusion I want to say..." closing, ending, conclusion, end anticlimax, bathos - a change from a serious subject to a disappointing one section, subdivision - a self-contained part of a larger composition (written or musical); "he always turns first to the business section"; "the history of this work is discussed in the next section" epilog, epilogue - a short passage added at the end of a literary work; "the epilogue told what eventually happened to the main characters" epilog, epilogue - a short speech (often in verse) addressed directly to the audience by


Verb 1.




an actor at the end of a play peroration - (rhetoric) the concluding section of an oration; "he summarized his main points in his peroration" coda, finale - the closing section of a musical composition recital, yarn, narration - the act of giving an account describing incidents or a course of events; "his narration was hesitant" speech, address - the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience; "he listened to an address on minor Roman poets" close - the concluding part of any performance closing curtain, finis, finale finishing, finish - the act of finishing; "his best finish in a major tournament was third"; "the speaker's finishing was greeted with applause" close - move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut; "Close the door"; "shut the window" shut snap - close with a snapping motion; "The lock snapped shut" slat - close the slats of (windows) slam, bang - close violently; "He slammed the door shut" shutter - close with shutters; "We shuttered the window to keep the house cool" draw - move or pull so as to cover or uncover something; "draw the shades"; "draw the curtains" roll up - close (a car window) by causing it to move up, as with a handle; "she rolled up the window when it started to rain" bung - close with a cork or stopper close, shut - become closed; "The windows closed with a loud bang" seal, seal off - make tight; secure against leakage; "seal the windows" open, open up - cause to open or to become open; "Mary opened the car door" close - become closed; "The windows closed with a loud bang" shut change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election" close, shut - move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut; "Close the door"; "shut the window" open, open up - become open; "The door opened" close - cease to operate or cause to cease operating; "The owners decided to move and to close the factory"; "My business closes every night at 8 P.M."; "close up the shop" close down, close up, shut down, fold adjourn, retire, withdraw - break from a meeting or gathering; "We adjourned for lunch"; "The men retired to the library" open, open up - start to operate or function or cause to start operating or functioning; "open a business" close - finish or terminate (meetings, speeches, etc.); "The meeting was closed with a charge by the chairman of the board" terminate, end - bring to an end or halt; "She ended their friendship when she found out that he had once been convicted of a crime"; "The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I" open - begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc.; "He opened the

be priced or listed when trading stops. join .move so as to change position. the road had to be closed for several hours" barricade. "The concert closed with a nocturne by Chopin" conclude end. be the last or concluding part of. close .move access to. "join these two parts so that they fit together" 14. "She sealed the letter with hot wax" . "Management closed ranks" bring the end of. block up. "He moved his hand slightly to the right" 12.bring together all the elements or parts of. in a temporal. stop . "They are drawing near". "barricade the streets". come on. go up . as if in an embrace.have an end. perform a nontranslational motion. "stop the busy road" 15. "Due to the accident. "Can you close the cracks with caulking?" fill up fill . bar. close . be involved in. come near. "She ended their friendship when she found out that he had once been convicted of a crime". perform a nontranslational motion.cause a window or an application to disappear on a computer desktop end. "close with the enemy" engage. close . spatial.change one's body stance so that the forward shoulder and foot are closer to the intended point of impact ball game. "This sad scene ended the movie" open . close .carry out or participate in an activity.close with or as if with a seal. prosecute .be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions. close . "My new stocks closed at $59 last night" trade .engage at close quarters. "Her arms closed around her long lost relative" come together move . "fill a cavity" seal .bring to an end or halt. terminate . "the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed". stop . "My property ends by the bushes". near. block. close . blockade. end . cease. "block the way".come to a close. or an agreement. negotiation. pursue. close .come together. "The stock traded around $20 a share" 8.meeting with a long speech" 5. close . "The symphony ends in a pianissimo" 6. "The enemy army came nearer and nearer" 13. draw near. or quantitative sense. draw close.render unsuitable for passage. "The probe closed with the space station" approach. "We closed on the house on Friday".move so as to change position. block off. either spatial or metaphorical.fill or stop up. finish.a field game played with a ball (especially baseball) move . "The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I" 7.cause to become joined or linked. "We were approaching our destination".plug with a substance. "The stock market closed high this Friday". "They engaged in a discussion" 9. "He moved his hand slightly to the right" 11. "Your rights stop where you infringe upon the rights of other".display the contents of a file or start an application as on a computer 10.complete a business deal. close .draw near. "She pursued many activities". "They closed the deal on the building" terminate. terminate. ballgame . close . close .

or measure as another.separated in space or coming from or going to a distance.marked by fidelity to an original. "close to noon". stop up. "all men are equal before the law" 7. "The relief pitcher closed with two runs in the second inning" complete.plug. "a close election". "a close study". "stop up the leak" coapt.finish a game in baseball by protecting a lead.". "a close resemblance" distant. conglutinate .come or bring to a finish or an end.far apart in relevance or relationship or kinship . "He finished the dishes". remote . "a very near thing". "she was near tears".having the same quantity. finish . "She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree".exercising caution or showing care or attention. "the sound of distant traffic". close . secure . "a distant likeness". close . close . close . "his nearest approach to success". "plug the hole". "did very careful research". "close up an umbrella" close up bring together. "a faithful copy of the portrait". others finished in over 4 hours" Adj.. "join these two parts so that they fit together" 17.not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances. "a close contest". "paid close attention".crowded. "an accurate scale" 6. "a distant sound". "The wounds were coapted" 16. nigh 4. "a distant telephone call" 2. "we are all.conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy. "a close translation". "a tight game" tight equal . "close supervision".not free to move about . "an accurate reproduction".close in relevance or relationship. "careful of the rights of others". "close a book". "the accounting was accurate". "they are near equals". "a faithful rendering of the observed facts" faithful accurate . close .. "close kin". "careful about one's behavior" or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other. "close a wound". "kept a close watch on expenditures" careful . "careful art restorers". value. join . "on equal terms". "she was close to tears".unite or bring into contact or bring together the edges of. "accurate measurements". "in the near future". strict and thorough. close .(of a contest or contestants) evenly matched. "distant villages". "a close formation of ships" distant . "a near hit by the bomb".cause to become joined or linked. close . "they were careful when crossing the busy street". "be careful to keep her shoes clean". "The fastest runner finished the race in just over 2 hours. "considerations entirely removed (or remote) from politics" close sympathy with. "how close are we to town?". 1.rigorously attentive. "a distant cousin".fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug. close . "a close family". "close the circuit"... close .cause to adhere. "had a close call" near. "a remote relative". "near neighbors". "close quarters" confining confined .

"a private place".closely constrained or constricted or constricting. "stuffy unventilated rooms" 9. nigh 2.strictly confined or guarded.unwilling to spend. close . "short skirts". "a close weave". "a close secret" private . "a close military haircut" short . unaired unventilated .inclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information. "private discussions". "short hair". closemouthed. "batiste is a cotton fabric with a fine weave". tightlipped incommunicative. near stingy. "the former President is now a private citizen". "public figures struggle to maintain a private life" 12. "private property". "smooth percale with a very tight weave" tight fine . "a penny-pinching miserly old man" cheeseparing. close . "The end draws nigh". "he remained close on his guard" closely. "as the wedding day drew near". "don't get too close to the fire" near. close . "hot and stuffy and the air was blue with smoke" airless. close . "getting near to the true explanation". close . "don't shoot until they come near". secretive.confined to particular persons or groups or providing an attentive manner. "the bullet didn't come close". "a dusty airless attic". © 2003-2008 Princeton University. "a private secretary". "a close fit" close-fitting.of textiles. "a short toss" 14. "an ungenerous response to the appeal for funds" 15. Farlex clipart collection. 1. "kept under close custody" restrained . "her mother is always near". uncommunicative . snug tight .giving or spending with reluctance. "the board was a foot short". "wood with a fine grain". close .lacking fresh air. "although they knew her whereabouts her friends kept close about it" closelipped.used of hair or haircuts. penny-pinching. close . "fingers closed in a tight fist".near in time or place or relationship. "tight skirts". "the dreadfully close atmosphere".not inclined to talk or give information or express opinions Adv.of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles. "he hated tight starched collars". "a tight feeling in his chest" 13. "a private club".confined to specific persons. "fine rain". "she practices economy without being stingy". close1 verb . "our cheeseparing administration". close .0.under restraint 11. skinny.(primarily spatial sense) having little length or lacking in length. stuffy. "stood near the door". "fine powdery snow". close . "private lessons". close .fitting closely but comfortably. tight Based on WordNet 3. "very close (or near) with his money".not ventilated. Farlex Inc.8. "covered with a fine film of dust" 10. ungenerous .

block up. terminate. unforthcoming The Colonel was very close about certain episodes in his past. keen. impending. remote. future. within sniffing distance. finale. approaching. informal). far off. rigorous. join. finish. heavy. nearby. noticeable. 4. wind up. adjoining. 4. distant. private. 7. discontinue Many enterprises will be forced to close because of the recession. tight-fisted. airless. alienated. secretive. set the seal on He needs another $30. thorough. parsimonious. stifling fresh. detailed. axe (informal). initiate. block up open. niggardly. strict. come together. clinch. exact. finish. distinct. extravagant. equally balanced It is still a close contest between the two leading parties. devoted. far away. push to. conclude. just round the corner. generous. come together part. cool. confined.1. within spitting distance (informal). secure. disconnect noun end. close2 adjective 1. a hop. muggy. inseparable. dear She and Linda became very close. begin. illiberal. mothball There are rumours of plans to close the local college. just round the corner A White House official said an agreement is close. connect His fingers closed around her wrist. remote. future. familiar. loving.000 to close the deal. 3. widen 2. distant. suffocating. confirm. mean liberal. discontinue. mingy (Brit. fuggy. mean. painstaking. thick (informal). marked. at hand. end start. imminent far. precise. stifling. distant. miserly. roomy 8. cheek by jowl. sweltering. near. hard by. uncommunicative. shut. thick They sat in that hot. 5. ungenerous. evenly matched. within striking distance (informal). end. 6. frowsty. pronounced There is a close resemblance between them. denouement His retirement brings to a close a glorious chapter in British football history. oppressive. fifty-fifty (informal). tight as a duck's arse (taboo slang) She is very close with money. shut up The government has closed the border crossing. bar. far off 7. shut down. penurious. commence 6. standoffish 3. outlying 2. 10. fasten. magnanimous. searching. unfriendly. completion. near. strong. upcoming. intimate cold. seal. confidential. concentrated. skip and a jump away The plant is close to Sydney airport. friendly. culminate. secure If you are cold. handy. chilly. 9. seal. terminate He closed the meeting with his customary address. intimate. attentive. finish. wind up. shut open. stuffy. accurate. taciturn. sew up (informal). level. conscientious The poem is a close translation from the original Latin. refreshing. charitable. clear 5. conclusion. complete. ending. faithful. conclude. reticent. airy. imminent. indifferent. alert. humid. attached. spacious. culmination. adjacent. near far. neighbouring. minute. intense. even. close room for two hours. stingy. intent. unstinting . open. unventilated. assiduous His recent actions have been the subject of close scrutiny. literal. neck and neck. finish. aloof. nigh. lock. cease. careful. verify. far away. stale. separate. close the window. proximate. shut down. lavish.

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ADV (closer (compar) (closest (superl))) → cerca the shops are very close → las tiendas están muy cerca the hotel is close to the station → el hotel está cerca de la estación she was close to tears → estaba a punto de llorar according to sources close to the police → según fuentes allegadas a la policía close by → muy cerca come closer → acércate más .Slovak / slovenčina Slovenian / slovenski Spanish / Español Swedish / Svenska Thai / ภาษาไทย Turkish / Türkçe Ukrainian / українська Urdu / ‫اردو‬ Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt ----------------------close1 [kləʊs] A.

election. (= secretive) → reservado. N → recinto m D. [weather] → pesado. [investigation. ADJ 1. cerca uno del otro to look at sth close up → mirar algo de cerca B. (= near) [place] → cercano. exacto to pay close attention to sb/sth → prestar mucha atención a algn/algo to keep a close watch on sb → mantener a algn bajo estricta vigilancia 5. tupido. study] → detallado. [formation] → cerrado 6. próximo. cargado. faltó poco para que perdiéramos el partido that comes close to an insult → eso es casi un insulto the runners finished very close → los corredores llegaron casi al mismo tiempo to fit close → ajustarse al cuerpo to follow close behind → seguir muy de cerca to hold sb close → abrazar fuertemente a algn to keep close to the wall → ir arrimado a la pared he must be close on 50 → debe andar cerca de los 50 it's close on six o'clock → son casi las seis stay close to me → no te alejes or separes de mí close together → juntos. [scores] → casi iguales it was a very close contest → fue una competición muy reñida to bear a close resemblance to → tener mucho parecido con 4. questioning] → minucioso. (= exact. [connection] → estrecho. bochornoso it's close this afternoon → hace bochorno esta tarde 7. (= stuffy) [atmosphere. print] → compacto. control] → estricto. CPD close company N (Brit) (Fin) → sociedad f exclusiva. weave] → compacto. de nosotros él era el que tenía más visos de ser un obrero it was a close shave → se salvaron por un pelo or de milagro 2. [surveillance. (= almost equal) [result. [contact] → directo. íntimo close combat → lucha f cuerpo a cuerpo at close quarters → de cerca to come a close second to sb/sth → disputarle la primera posición a algn/algo he was the closest thing to a real worker among us → entre nosotros él tenía más visos de ser un obrero auténtico. (= not spread out) [handwriting. (= intimate) [relative] → cercano. compañía f propietaria close corporation N (US) = close company close season N (Hunting. (Ling) [vowel] → cerrado come close to → acercarse a we came very close to losing the match → estuvimos a punto de perder el partido. (= mean) → tacaño 8. [friend] → íntimo we have only invited close relations → sólo hemos invitado a parientes cercanos she's a close friend of mine → es una amiga íntima mía I'm very close to my sister → estoy muy unida a mi hermana they're very close (to each other) → están muy unidos a close circle of friends → un estrecho círculo de amigos 3. fight] → muy reñido. room] → sofocante. detailed) [examination. [texture. [translation] → fiel. Fishing) → veda f (Ftbl) → temporada f de descanso(de la liga de fútbol) close2 [kləʊz] .

[+ bank account] → liquidar. [darkness. (= shut) → cerrar. dar término a. (= end) [+ discussion. [+ account] (Comm) → saldar. [+ supply] → cortar. [+ hole] → tapar please close the door → cierra la puerta. VI + ADV [business] (gen) → cerrarse definitivamente. VT + ADV [+ area] → cercar. [+ access] → bloquear close on VI + PREP 1.A. (by order) → clausurarse (TV. N (= end) → final m. rodear. (= shut) [shop] → cerrar. terminarse. cercar a algn close off VT + ADV [+ road] → cerrar al tráfico. cerrar al público. concluir (Fin) shares closed at 120p → al cierre las acciones estaban a 120 peniques C. fog] → cerrarse the days are closing in → los días son cada vez más cortos night was closing in → caía ya la noche B. [door. meeting] → cerrar. deal] → cerrar close down A. VI 1. (= end) → terminar. [night] → caer. (US) = close in on close out VT + ADV (US) (Fin) → liquidar close round VI + PREP the crowd closed round him → la multitud se agolpó en torno suyo the clouds closed round the peak → las nubes envolvieron la cumbre the waters closed round it → lo envolvieron las aguas close up . VT 1. rodear close in on VI + ADV + PREP to close in on sb → rodear a algn. window] → cerrarse the doors close automatically → las puertas se cierran automáticamente the shops close at five thirty → las tiendas cierran a las cinco y media this window does not close properly → esta ventana no cierra bien his eyes closed → se le cerraron los ojos 2. conclusión f at the close → al final at the close of day → a la caída de la tarde at the close of the year → al final del año to bring sth to a close → terminar algo. VT + ADV (gen) → cerrar definitivamente. [+ ceremony] → clausurar. por favor "road closed" → cerrado el paso to close one's eyes → cerrar los ojos to close one's eyes to sth (= ignore) → hacer la vista gorda a algo to close the gap between two things → llenar el hueco entre dos cosas close your mouth when you're eating! → ¡no abras la boca comiendo! to close ranks → cerrar filas 2. Rad) → cerrar(la emisión) B. VI + ADV [hunters] → acercarse rodeando. concluir algo to draw to a close → tocar a su fin. [+ bargain. estar terminando B. poner fin a. (= get nearer to) → acercarse a 2. (by legal order) → clausurar close in A.

watch] → de près [friend. [contest] → serré(e) It's going to be very close → Ça va être très serré.A. 2005 close [ˈkləʊs] adj (= near) → près. to keep a close eye on sb/sth → surveiller qn/qch de près [examination] → attentif/ive. à proximité come closer → rapproche-toi close by. texture] → serré(e) to keep a close watch on sb/sth. [people in queue] → arrimarse. 1971. s'il vous plaît. please → arrímense. 1996. (= stuffy) [room] → mal aéré(e) it was a close shave. relation] → proche. close to (from a short distance away) → de près They always look smaller close to → Ils ont toujours l'air plus petits de près. it was a close thing. [ranks] → apretarse. to be too close to call → être très serré(e) [writing. She's a close friend of mine → C'est une amie proche. at close quarters [observe. 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. [+ pipe. close to.Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. close at hand (= nearby) → à côté close behind adv → de près close up. close on > (British) (= nearly) → presque [ˈkləʊz] vb vt (= shut) [+ door. 1997. obstruir. [+ bargain. window] → fermer Please close the door → Fermez la porte. close to prep (= near) → près de. 1993. [wound] → cicatrizarse close up. to be close to sb (emotionally) → être proche de qn I'm very close to my sister → Je suis très proche de ma sœur. proche The shops are very close → Les magasins sont tout près. She was close to tears BUT Elle était au bord des larmes. opening] → tapar. [+ wound] → cerrar close with VI + PREP (= begin to fight) → enzarzarse con Collins Spanish Dictionary . deal] → conclure [+ conversation] → mettre un terme à . 2003. relationship] → proche We're just inviting close relations → Nous n'invitons que les parents proches. proche de The youth hostel is close to the station → L'auberge de jeunesse est près de la gare. por favor B. VI + ADV [flower] → cerrarse del todo. Ltd. [tie. 2000. VT + ADV [+ building] → cerrar(del todo). it was a close call → il s'en est fallu de peu to have a close shave (fig) → l'échapper belle adv → près. minutieux/euse [weather] → lourd(e) It's close this afternoon → Il fait lourd cet après-midi.

shop] → fermer (définitivement) close in [ˌkləʊzˈɪn] vi (= get closer) [hunters.30 → Les magasins ferment à cinq heures et demie. eng sitzend close-grained adj → fein gemasert close-harmony singers pl → Vokalgruppe f (die im Barbershop-Stil singt) close-harmony singing n → Gesang m → in geschlossener Harmonie close-knit adj comp <closer-knit> community → eng or fest zusammengewachsen close: close-run adj comp <closer-run> race → mit knappem Ausgang. shop] → fermer (définitivement) vi [business. knauserig (inf) close-fitting adj → eng anliegend. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 close: close-fisted adj → geizig. office] → fermer What time does the pool close? → La piscine ferme à quelle heure? The shops close at 5. (= shut) [door] → se fermer (= shut again after opening) → se refermer (= end) → se terminer n (= end) [century. pursuers] → se rapprocher to close in on sb/sth → cerner qn/qch [night] → tomber. period] → fin f to bring sth to a close → mettre fin à qch [day] → tombée f [business] → clôture f close down [ˌkləʊzˈdaʊn] vt sep [+ business. [fog] → descendre the days are closing in → les jours raccourcissent close off vt sep [+ area. Fishing) → Schonzeit f . match. it was a close thing → es war eine knappe Sache close season n (Ftbl) → Saisonpause f (Hunt. road] → fermer close-cropped [ˌkləʊsˈkrɒpt] adj [hair] → ras(e). coupé(e) ras Collins English/French Electronic [shop.

they were very close (to each other) → sie waren or standen sich or einander (geh) → sehr nahe (= not spread out) handwriting. to be close to tears → den Tränen nahe sein. a close finish → ein Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen nt. is Glasgow close to Edinburgh? → liegt Glasgow in der Nähe von Edinburgh?. close to the water/ground → nahe or dicht am Wasser/Boden. → in der Nähe (→ to +gen. he followed close behind me → er ging dicht hinter mir. we use this pub because it’s close/the closest → wir gehen in dieses Lokal. painstaking) examination. wie nahe ein Atomkrieg bevorstand (fig) friend. a close(-fought) match → ein (ganz) knappes Spiel. game → geschlossen (= exact. you’re very close (in guessing etc) → du bist dicht dran.close-set adj comp <closer-set> eyes → eng zusammenstehend. close by → in der Nähe. connection etc → eng. watch → streng. that brought the two brothers closer together → das brachte die beiden Brüder einander näher. (of cathedral etc) → Domhof m. a close election → ein Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen nt. genau. stay close to me → bleib dicht bei mir. geschlossen. he chose the closest cake → er nahm den Kuchen. the closer the exams came the more nervous he got → je näher die Prüfung rückte. resemblance → groß. what does it look like (from) close up? → wie sieht es von Nahem aus?. weil es in der Nähe/am nächsten ist (in time) → nahe (bevorstehend). print → eng close-shaven adj → glatt rasiert close1 adj (+er) (= near) → nahe (→ to +gen). close by us → in unserer Nähe. now pay close attention to me → jetzt hör mir gut zu. at close quarters → aus unmittelbarer Nähe. the vote/election was too close to call → der Ausgang der Abstimmung/Wahl war völlig offen close on → nahezu. close together → dicht or nahe zusammen. was wir uns vorgestellt haben. you have to pay very close attention to the traffic signs → du musst genau auf die Verkehrszeichen achten. if you get too close up … → wenn du zu nahe herangehst … n (in street names) → Hof m. co-operation. → eine Wahl mit knappem Ausgang. this pattern comes close/closest to the sort of thing we wanted → dieses Muster kommt dem. desto nervöser wurde er. study → eingehend. result → knapp. ranks → dicht. stichhaltig. (fig) argument → lückenlos. (spatially also) → dicht. it was a close thing or call → das war knapp!. close on sixty/midnight → an die sechzig/kurz vor Mitternacht adv (+er) → nahe. in close proximity → in unmittelbarer Nähe (→ to +gen). translation → originalgetreu. the buildings which are close to the station → die Gebäude in der Nähe des Bahnhofs or in Bahnhofsnähe. der am nächsten lag. in such close proximity (to one another) → so dicht zusammen. → von). stark. print → eng. please stand closer together → bitte rücken Sie näher or dichter zusammen. (indoors) → stickig (= almost equal) fight. nobody realized how close a nuclear war was → es war niemandem klar. my exams were so close together → meine Prüfungen lagen so kurz hintereinander. reasoning. don’t stand too close to the fire → stell dich nicht zu nahe or dicht ans Feuer. (Scot: = outside passage) → offener Hausflur close2 vt . to keep a close lookout for somebody/something → scharf nach jdm/etw Ausschau halten (= stuffy) → schwül. close to or by the bridge → nahe (bei) der Brücke. relative → nahe. close combat → Nahkampf m. scharf. nahe/am nächsten.

2005. watch) → stretto/a . election. shop. at/towards (Brit) or toward (US) the close of (the) day → am/gegen Ende des Tages. curtains also → zumachen. factory → stilllegen. (shop. attento/a. zu Ende gehen. to close an application (Comput) → eine Anwendung beenden (= bring to an end) church service. discussion also → abschließen. road → sperren. play) → auslaufen (= approach) → sich nähern. (permanently) business. control. zu Ende gehen. affair. window. zumachen. (near) → vicino/a. näher kommen. factory) → schließen. the shares closed at £5 → die Aktien erreichten eine Schlussnotierung von £5 n → Ende nt. contest. result) → quasi pari. to close the gap between … → die Diskrepanz zwischen … beseitigen. we’re closed → tut uns leid. to come to a close → enden. dappresso close by. dem Ende zugehen. the matter is closed → der Fall ist abgeschlossen (Elec) circuit → schließen vi (= shut. Ltd. race) → combattuto/a the house is close to the shops → la casa è vicina ai negozi they're very close (in age) → sono molto vicini come età (emotionally) → sono molto uniti at close quarters → da vicino close combat → combattimento corpo a corpo that was a close shave (fig) (fam) → l'ho (or l'hai ) scampata per un pelo b. wound also) → zugehen. examination. to close ranks (Mil.(= shut) → schließen. window. sale → abschließen. beenden. don’t close your mind to new ideas → du solltest dich neuen Ideen nicht verschließen. to draw to a close → sich dem Ende nähern. to draw or bring something to a close → etw beenden. close at hand → qui or lì vicino to hold sb close → tenere stretto/a qn close together → vicino stay close to me → stammi vicino to follow close behind → seguire da vicino 2. (= block) opening etc → verschließen. his eyes closed → die Augen fielen ihm zu. → Schluss m. adv → vicino. (surveillance. (= can be shut) → schließen. at the close (of business) → bei Geschäfts. enden. (relative. study) → accurato/a. eyes. 2004. (fight. (factory: permanently) → stillgelegt werden. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. meeting → schließen. zugehen. to close one’s eyes/ears to something → sich einer Sache gegenüber blind/taub stellen. the battleship closed to within 100 metres → das Kriegsschiff kam bis auf 100 Meter heran (Comm: = accept offer) → abschließen. come together) → sich schließen. 1997. (Theat. (investigation. bank account etc → auflösen. 1999. lid. (in death) → seine Augen schlossen sich (= come to an end) → schließen. (door. (exact. (almost equal. eyes. fig) → die Reihen schließen. adj a. detailed.or (St Ex) → Börsenschluss Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. (friend) → intimo/a. 2007 close1 [kləʊs] 1. shop etc → schließen. sorry. aufhören. door. zu einem Abschluss kommen (St Ex) → schließen. (tourist season) → aufhören. “closed” → „geschlossen“. connection. (boxers etc) → aufeinander losgehen. questioning) → approfondito/a. © William Collins Sons & Co. wir haben geschlossen or zu. resemblance) → stretto/a. box.

(evening. vt + adv → chiudere (definitivamente) close in vi + adv (hunters) → stringersi attorno. naby ‫قريب، إلى جانب‬ ِ َ близо blízko tæt. (stuffy. rett/like (bak) blisko perto aproape (de) рядом tesne blizu blizu nära ใกล้ yakında. поруч ‫ قريب ، پاس‬gần 接近 2 tightly. vi + adv (people in queue) → stringersi. chiusura to bring sth to a close → terminare qc to draw to a close → avvicinarsi alla fine 2. vt + adv (shop. (bank account) → chiudere. suturare Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 close1 adv close [kləus] 1 near in time. (wound) → chiudere. 거리상으로) 가까운 arti tuvu. estinguere. road. boesemvriend ‫ صديق حميم‬близък/интимен приятел důvěrný َ přítel nær ven der/die Vertraute στενός φίλος amigo íntimo südamesõber ‫ دوست صميمی‬läheinen intime ‫ ידיד קרוב‬घिनष. Follow close behind. door) → chiudersi. vi (shut. (end) → chiudersi. n (end) → fine f. deal) → concludere close down 1. в облипку ‫ تنگ ، سردی سے‬vừa vặn 紧贴的 ั adj 1 near in relationship a close friend. opening) → chiudere. chiudere (TV. concludersi. vi + adv (business) → chiudersi. nærri presso 接近して (시간. tuvumā rapat dicht nær. nær nahe κοντά cerca(de) (ligi)lähedal ‫ نزديک‬lähellä près (de) ‫ קרוב‬पास मे blizu ֹ ָ közel dekat nálægt. door. tett ciasno justo strâns в обтяжку priliehavo tesno uzak åtsittande. shop) → chiudere to close the gap between two things (fig) → colmare il divario tra due cose to close one's eyes to sth (fig) → ignorare qc b. atmosphere. finire 3. room) → soffocante. snävt. meeting) → chiudere. pay close attention to sb/sth → stare ben attento/a a qn/qc to keep a close watch on sb → guardare qn a vista c. på nært hold. discussion. fog) → calare the days are closing in → le giornate si accorciano to close in on sb → accerchiare qn close off vt + adv (area) → chiudere close round vi + prep → stringersi attorno a close up 1. night. shop) → chiudere. tätt อย่างพอดีตว sıkı sıkıya 緊貼的 добре пригнано. house. (wound) → rimarginarsi 2. घिनष िमत prisan prijatelj benső barát sahabat karib náinn (amico) intimo ֹ ָ ִָ 親友 친한 친구 bičiulis. ּ ָ tik do szorosan ketat þéttur strettamente ぴったりと 밀착된 glaudžiai cieši ketat nauw ettersittende. (lid. place etc He stood close to his mother. artimas draugas tuvs draugs sahabat karib boezemvriend fortrolig/nær venn bliski przyjaciel íntimo apropiat близкий друг dôverný priateľ zaupni prijatelj blizak . Radio) → terminare le trasmissioni 2. (end. (handwriting. yanında 接近 близько. (bargain. nousluitend ‫ بأحكام‬плътно dokonale padnoucí oděv tæt eng ِْ εφαρμοστά con estrechez liibuvalt ‫ بطور تنگ و چسبان‬tiukasti étroitement ‫ צמוד‬कसा हुआ sasvim uz. texture. concludere. vt a. (shut. (weather) → afoso/a it's rather close in here → qui c'è aria viziata close2 [kləʊz] 1. neatly a close-fitting dress. weave) → fitto/a d.

točan. noggrann ถี่ถ้วน dikkatli. neodlučan ּ ָ ְַ szoros nyaris sama jafn. добре пригнаний ‫ تنگ ، چست‬bó sát 紧密的 5 without fresh air a close atmosphere. förtegen ปกปิ ก ağzı sıkı 秘密的 секретний ‫ پوشيدہ رکھنے وال‬thích giữ bí mật 秘密的 adv closely Look closely at him. skrovit titkolózó penuh rahasia dulur. toe ‫ سري، متكتم‬потаен tajný. tam 仔細的,徹底的 точний. accurato 綿密な 면밀한 išsamus. tæt eng στενός. The result was close. tryckande อึมครึม (อากาศ) havasız. mlčanlivý zaprt. gjerrig skąpy avarento zgârcit скупой skúpy skop škrt snål. gnidig ใจแคบ eli sıkı. tvísÿnn serrato 接戦の 근소한 apylygis līdzvērtīgs hampir-hampir sama gelijk opgaand omtrent likt. gelyke ‫ متقارب، ذو فر ٍ صغير‬близък těsný tæt knapp με μικρή διαφορά parecido. trangt dokładnie de perto îndeaproape. snäv. cimri 吝嗇的 скупий ، ‫بخيل‬ ‫ کنجوس‬keo kiệt 吝啬的 7 secretive They're keeping very close about the business. precej izuzetno nära. svært jevn wyrównany igual strâns почти равный tesný tesen izjednačen jämn ผลการแข่งขันที่ใกล้เคียงกัน başabaş. εφαρμοστός ajustado َْ ُ liibuv ‫ تنگ‬tiukka ajusté ‫ צמוד‬बारीक uzak. cieši rapat van nabij nøyaktig. cieši piegulošs ketat gesloten trang. tijesan. gust fülledt pengap þungur. molčeč tajnovit hemlighetsfull. kvalm. dusný indelukket. deeglike ‫دقيق‬ َ внимателен důkladný. omhyggelig genau προσεκτικός detallado hoolikas ‫کامل‬ perinpohjainen rigoureux ‫ ַפדני‬एक साथ točan. strikt nøyaktig.prijatelj förtrogen [] เพื่อนสนิ ท can dostu.). pomno figyelmesen sangat nákvæmlega moltissimo よく 자세히 atidžiai. The weather was close and thundery. geslote. omhyggelig dokładny minucioso atent тщательный prísny natančen detaljan grundlig. artimai uzmanīgi. atidus stingrs. detenidamente. nákvæmur ִָ ְ ‫ק‬ attento. étroitement ‫ בתשומת לב‬िनकटता से ً ֵ ֵּ ּ ִ pažljivo. läheisesti de près. lummer duszny abafado închis душный dusný zatohel zagušljiv kvav. dar 緊密的 обтягуючий. близько ‫ کافی حد تک‬một cách cẩn thận 紧密地 n closeness . Keep a close watch on him. κρυψίνους reservado salajane ‫ تودار؛ پنهان کار‬salamyhkäinen renfermé ‫ סודי‬रहसयवादी tajan. ֲִ ַ loftlaus soffocante 風通しの悪い 갑갑한 tvankus smacīgs pengap benauwd innestengt. suinig ‫ ببخيل، وضيع‬свидлив skoupý fedtet. úzko. noue. She resembles her father closely. napet szűk ketat þröngur ぴったり合った 꽉 끼 ּ ָ 는 ankštas blīvs. neredeyse berabere 勢均力敵的 майже рівний ‫ کانٹے دار مقابلہ‬sát nhau 势均力敌的 3 thorough a close examination of the facts. nommerpas ‫ محكم‬плътен těsný trang. igualado َ ‫َ ق‬ ِ َُ tasavägine ‫ نزديک‬serré ‫ קרב צמוד‬जीतने और हारने वाले के बीच मे कम का अंतर podjednak. rigtigt genau από κοντά. detalizēts teliti grondig. tesne skrbno. mult пристально. ettersittende ciasny apertado potrivit облегающий tesný tesen uzak åtsittande. lyk na mekaar ‫ بدقه، بشده، بأنعام‬внимателно ْ ّ ِ ِ ِّ ِ zblízka. έντονα mucho. trång ที่พอดีตัว sıkı. estrechamente hoolikalt. َ َ smålig geizig σφιχτοχέρης tacaño kitsi ‫ خسيس؛ بخيل‬kitsas regardant ‫ קמצן‬नीच bliz. докладний ‫ بغور‬cẩn thận 严 密的 4 tight a close fit. täpselt ‫ از نزديک؛ دقيقا‬tarkoin. leyndardómsfullur segreto 無 ִ ָֹ 口な 숨기는 slaptas mazrunīgs. tett. [] noslēdzies sulit geheimhoudend hemmelighetsfull tajemniczy calado secretos скрытный uzavretý. pozorně nøje. pamatīgs. vjeran alapos menyeluruh ítarlegur. tätt. yakın arkadaş 熟友 близький друг ‫ قريبی دوست‬bạn thân 熟友 2 having a narrow difference between winner and loser a close contest. nøye. vērīgi. toegetrek ‫خانق، بدون‬ ِ ِ ‫ هواء نقي‬задушен hustý. lummer schwül αποπνικτικός bochornoso sumbunud َ َ ‫ بسته؛ دم کرده‬raskas étouffant ‫ מחניק‬बंद िजसमे ताजा हवा नही आए zbit. tuvu. důvěrný َّ َ ُ ّ ِ tæt verschwiegen κλειστός (μτφ. boğucu 悶的 задушливий. grundligt อย่าง ใกล้ชิด yakından 仔細地,接近地 пильно. важкий ‫ گھٹن زدہ‬ngột ngạt 闷气的 6 mean He's very close (with his money). vjeran ָ ָ szűkmarkú kikir nískur avaro けちな 인색한 šykštus skops kedekut gierig smålig.близко zblízka. přísný nøje.

not far off My mother lives close at hand. nøyaktighet. la doi paşi рядом neďaleko čisto blizu blizu strax i närheten. nærmere prawie a beirar aproape почти. digbyopname. 친밀. launung vicinanza 接近 밀폐. suur plaan ‫از نزديک؛ کلوز آپ‬ lähikuva gros plan ‫ תקריב‬िनकट से शॉट. omtrent َ ِ َ fast σχεδόν casi. čvrstoća közelség. tett ved pod ręką pertinho aproape. sűrűség. cerca de peaaegu ‫ تقريبا‬lähes pas loin de ‫ בקרבת‬लगभग približiti se majdnem ً ַ ִּ ְ hampir næstum.духота. byderhand ‫ قريب، غير بعيد عن‬недалеч nedaleko َ َ َْ َ nær ved.nabyheid ‫ قرب، حميميه‬спареност blízkost nærhed. nästan. nálægur vicino すぐ近くに 가까 ֹ ָ 운 netoli netālu berhampiran dichtbij like i nærheten. 접근 artumas tuvums berdekatan nabijheid nærhet. ampertjies. innestengthet bliskość intimidade vecinătate близость. vlakbyopname ‫ صورة عن قرب‬едър план detailní záběr ْ ُ َ ٌَ nærbillede die Großaufnahme γκρο πλαν primer plano lähivõte. tuvu mata rapat dicht bij elkaar staand tettsittende osadzone blisko siebie próximo apropiat близко поставленный blízko položený blizu drug drugega blizu postavljen tättsittande ตำาแหน่ งใกล้กัน birbirine yakın (兩眼等)位置很接近的 тісно розташований sít nhau (眼睛等)长得紧靠一起的 n close-up a photograph or film taken near the subject and thus big in scale The close-up of the model showed her beautiful skin. havasızlık. 인색함. близькість ‫ قربت ، نزديکی‬sự gần gũi 接近 close call/shave a narrow (often lucky) escape That was a close shave – that car nearly ran you over. obetydlig skillnad ความใกล้ชิด yakınlık. скрытность blízkosť bližina bliskost närhet. tuvu pie hampir bijna nesten. nøjagtighed. cimrilik. innileiki. byna ‫ قريب من، حوالي‬близо skoro. sıkılık. tæthed die Nähe εγγύτητα ِّ َ ُ proximidad lähedus ‫ نزديکی؛ دقت‬läheisyys proximité ‫ קרבה‬िनकटता gustoća. nearly She's close on sixty. naby mekaar ‫ ذو عينين متقاربتين‬разположени ْ ََِ َُ ِ ْ َْ َ наблизо blízko u sebe tætsiddende nahe κοντά το ένα στο άλλο junto lähestikku asetsevad ‫نزديک‬ ‫ به هم‬lähekkäin rapproché ‫ קרוב‬सटा हुआ blizak közel fekvő saling berdekatan nálægur vicino 互に ֹ ָ 寄った 서로 근접한 glaustas cieši. тщательность. inom räckhåll ใกล้มือ yakında 就在眼前 на відстані руки ‫ قريب ہی‬ở vị trí gần 就在眼前 close on almost. ְִָ pontosság. tæt ved nahe bei κοντά al alcance de la mano lähikonnas ‫ در نزديکی‬lähistöllä à proximité ‫ קרוב‬नजदीक blizu közvetlenül mellette dekat í næsta nágrenni. på hengende håret szczęśliwe uniknięcie wypadku à tangente scăpare ca prin minune на волосок от гибели únik o vlas za las uiti malo je nedostajalo nära ögat หวุดหวิด kıl payı paçayı zor kurtarma 僥倖的脫險 на волосині від загибелі ‫ بال بال بچنا‬thoát chết 侥幸的脱险 adj close-ˈset (of eyes etc) positioned very near each other. 숨막힘. bezmála næsten. बडा एवं पास snimak iz neposredne blizine közelkép ִ ַ pandangan dekat nærmynd primo piano クローズアップ 클로즈업 stambus planas tuvplāns diambil dari dekat close-up nærbilde zbliżenie close-up prim plan крупный план detailný záber pogled od blizu krupan plan närbild ภาพที่ถ่ายใกล้ yakın çekim (film/fotoğraf) 特寫鏡頭 крупний план ‫ قريب سے تصوير۔‬cận cảnh 特写镜头 close at hand nearby. около takmer skoraj blizu nära. uppemot ใกล้ . byna-byna ‫ نجا ٌ بأعجوبه‬на косъм únik o vlásek tæt på mit knapper Not davonkommen παρά τρίχα َ ُْ ‫َ ة‬ salvarse por los pelos üle noatera pääsemine ‫ قسر در رفتن؛ از خطر جستن‬täpärä tilanne l'échapper belle ‫ ְפשע בינו ובין‬बाल-बाल बचना tijesan bijeg épphogy megúszta nyaris celaka naum undankoma ֵּ ֹ ּ ׂ ֶ‫כ‬ ֵ ָ (l'essersela cavata per miracolo) 危機一髪 구사일생 vos išvengta nelaimės par mata tiesu nyaris-nyaris ontsnapping op het nippertje nære på. ağzı sıkılık 接近 щільність. nærri því vicino a ほぼ 거의 beveik gandrīz. zárkózottság jarak dekat þéttleiki.

to come or bring to an end The meeting closed with everyone in agreement. lukke seg zamykać fechar закрывать(ся) zavrieť zapreti (se) zatvoriti stänga. næsten nahe κοντά cerca de ِ ِ ِ َ َ lähedal ‫ نزديک‬lähellä près de ‫ -קרוב ל‬समय. close to the hospital. nærmere blisko. samþykkja concludere 取り決める (거래 등 을) 완료하다 užbaigti noslēgt (darījumu u. yaklaşık. afslutte enden τελειώνω terminar lõppema. beigties berakhir besluiten slutte. slå til zawierać fechar a încheia договариваться uzavrieť skleniti zaključiti avsluta.) penyelesaian sluiten avslutte. like før blisko perto de aproape (de) около blízko tik ob blizu nära ใกล้กับ yakın 接 近 близько. около temer skoraj skoro nära. hemen hemen 幾乎,差不多 майже ‫ تقريبا‬gần như 接近于 ً close2 v close [kləuz] 1 to make or become shut. okružiti. सथान. yaklaşık. slå igen ทำาให้จบ kapa(t)mak. byna ‫ حوالي، قريب من، بجانب‬близко/ък до blízko tæt ved. Close the door. užmerkti ֹ ִ aizvērt. arti gandrīz. završiti lezár menutup loka 閉める 닫다 už(si)daryti. close to his slutföra ทำาให้เสร็จ anlaşmaya varmak 完成 підходити близько ‫ مکمل کرنا ، پايہ تکميل تک پہنچانا‬hoàn tất 完成 change (ch nj) v. tæt på. nearly close to fifty years of age. place. sulguma ‫ بستن‬sulkea. . chang·es v. зачиняти(ся) ‫ بند کرنا ، يا بند ہونا‬đóng 闭 2 to finish.c. eindig. byna ‫ تقريبا، قريب من‬почти skoro. hemen hemen 幾乎,差不多 майже ‫ ، تقريبا‬gần như 差不 ً 多 close to 1 near in time. 거리상으로) 가까운 beveik. cieši dekat dicht bij tett innpå/ved. uppemot เกือบ neredeyse. beëindig ‫ ينتهي‬приключвам skončit slutte. chang·ing. िरशता इतयािद मे िनकट blizu közel dekat nærri vicino ֹ ָ a ~に近い (시간. mennä kiinni fermer ‫ לסגור‬बनद करना zatvoriti. relationship etc close to 3 o'clock. opphøre. avslutte zamykać (się) terminar a se sfârşi завершать(ся) skončiť končati (se) završiti avsluta จบ bit(ir)mek 結束 кінчати ‫ ختم کرنا‬kết thúc 结束 3 to complete or settle (a business deal). prawie quase aproape почти.เข้ามาทีละน้อย neredeyse. apmēram hampir bijna nesten. sastaviti bezár menyelesaikan útkljá. kapa(n)mak 關閉 закривати(ся). päättyä finir ‫ לסיים‬समापन होना završiti befejez mengakhiri enda. quasi ほぼ 거의 beveik gandrīz. changed. біля ‫ لگ بھگ‬gần 在附近 2 almost. often by bringing together two parts so as to cover an opening The baby closed his eyes. tuvu pie. slēgt (veikalu) tutup sluiten stenge. toemaak ‫ يقفل‬затварям (се) ِْ ُ zavřít. blízko næsten fast ِ َ َْ σχεδόν casi peaaegu ‫ در حدود؛ تقريبا‬lähes près de ‫ כמעט‬लगभग gotovo majdnem hampir nærri vicino ً ָ ִ a. lukke(s). zavírat lukke schließen κλείνω cerrar sulgema. lõpetama َْ َ ‫ پايان يافتن؛ تمام شدن‬päättää. The shops close on Sundays. nästan. ljúka ֵ ְָ finire 終える 끝내다 baigti(s) beigt. sluit ‫ ينهي، يعقد صفقة‬завършвам uzavřít afslutte ً َْ َ ُ ِْ َ ُْ abschließen ολοκληρώνω concluir (lepingut) sõlmima ‫ انجام دادن‬lyödä lukkoon conclure ‫ לסגור‬पूरा ֹ ִ होना zatvoriti.

or phase to another: the change of seasons. b. a.1. To become deeper in tone: His voice began to change at age 13. To go from one phase to another. To put on other clothing: We changed for dinner. 4. I'll change with you. change sides. 5. as the moon or the seasons. To give and receive reciprocally. To give or receive the equivalent of (money) in lower denominations or in foreign currency. To undergo transformation or transition: The music changed to a slow waltz. 1. 3. To cause to be different: change the spelling of a word. Phrasal Verb: change off 1. To exchange for or replace with another. a light that changes colors. 5. The act. 2. To alternate with another person in performing a task. process. a change of harmony. interchange: change places. 4. Idioms: change hands To pass from one owner to another. To make an exchange: If you prefer this seat. To transfer from one conveyance to another: She changed in Chicago on her way to the coast. b. change the baby. To give a completely different form or appearance to. 2. The replacing of one thing for another. v. substitution: a change of atmosphere. 7. 2. condition. b. The balance of money returned when an amount given is more than what is due. To become different or undergo alteration: He changed as he matured. b.intr. In jazz. usually of the same kind or category: change one's name. 6. 1. or result of altering or modifying: a change in facial expression. 6. 2. To transfer from (one conveyance) to another: change planes. c. change (one's) tune To alter one's approach or attitude. Coins: had change jingling in his pocket. 7. 6. a change of ownership. A different or fresh set of clothing. n. a. 8. or leave for another. A pattern or order in which bells are rung. To lay aside. a. 3. abandon. To put a fresh covering on: change a bed. To perform two tasks at once by alternating or a single task by alternate means. Something different. switch: change methods. A market or exchange where business is transacted. A transformation or transition from one state. 5. change (one's) mind To reverse a previously held opinion or an earlier decision. a modulation. transform: changed the yard into a garden. Money of smaller denomination given or received in exchange for money of higher denomination. variety: ate early for a change. . 4. 3. Music a.

(Astronomy) (intr) (of the moon) to pass from one phase to the following one 9. esp of clothes 7. boots. deviation. exchange 4. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. the act or fact of changing or being changed 2. etc.[Middle English changen. etc. anything that is or may be substituted for something else 5. to alter one's attitude. or modification 3. (when intr. (Military) Military to redeploy (a force in the field) so that its main weight of weapons points in another direction b. to give and receive (something) in return. taking a second sighting of the same object in order to reduce error change feet Informal to put on different shoes. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. (Business / Commerce) the balance of money given or received when the amount tendered is larger than the amount due 9. to exchange. change [tʃeɪndʒ] vb 1. camb re. from Latin cambi re. (Business / Commerce) (often capital) Archaic a place where merchants meet to transact business. Updated in 2009. from Norman French chaunger.] The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. an exchange 11. (Business / Commerce) money given or received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or in a different currency 8. a variation. to alight from (one bus. train. coins of a small denomination regarded collectively 10. a different or fresh set. opinion. All rights reserved. (Engineering / Automotive Engineering) to operate (the gear lever of a motor vehicle) in order to change the gear ratio to change gear 10. the substitution of one thing for another. etc. the act of passing from one state or phase to another . interchange to change places with someone 5. to make or become different. (sometimes foll by to or into) to transform or convert or be transformed or converted 4. (tr) to give or receive (money) in exchange for the equivalent sum in a smaller denomination or different currency 6. probably of Celtic origin.) and board another (Mathematics & Measurements / Surveying) change face to rotate the telescope of a surveying instrument through 180° horizontally and vertically. alter 2. (tr) to remove or replace the coverings of to change a baby 7. change front a. may be foll by into or out of) to put on other clothes 8. (tr) to replace with or exchange for another to change one's name 3. change hands to pass from one owner to another change one's mind to alter one's decision or opinion change one's tune to alter one's attitude or tone of speech n 1. variety or novelty (esp in the phrase for a change) I want to go to France for a change 6.

2003 Change anabolism constructive metabolism. other) the order in which a peal of bells may be rung 14. See also geology. changeover. Also. adj. change up [from Old French changier. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Athletics (Track & Field)) Sport short for changeover [3b] 15. cainophobia. sustained. appearance. neophobia misoneism. v. metaboly. structure. shape. 2. adj. — catalyst. opinion. 1994. the metabolic process in which energy is liberated for use in work. 2. appearance. something that grows or develops.12. barter] changeless adj changelessly adv changelessness n changer n Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. magical transformation. cainophobia misoneism. (Music. change round. the principle or concept of growth and change in nature. metaphysis a change of form or type. change in form. 2000. 1998. misoneism an abnormal dislike of novelty or innovation. n. — metamorphic. 3. metabolism the chemical and physical processes in an organism by which protoplasm is produced. cainotophobia. (Astronomy) the transition from one phase of the moon to the next 13. Also called neophobia. catabolism 1. metamorphism change in form. — metamorphic. catalysis the process of an agent that affects a chemical or other reaction without being itself changed or affected. . 2. structure. etc. Obsolete fickleness or caprice change of heart a profound change of outlook. etc. metamorphosis 1. Slang desirable or useful information 16. See also decaying. and then decomposed to make energy available. physis 1. etc. — metabolize. destructive metabolism. nature considered as the source of growth and change. from Latin cambīre to exchange. Rare. cainotophobia. get no change out of (someone) Slang not to be successful in attempts to exploit or extract information from (someone) ring the changes to vary the manner or performance of an action that is often repeated See also change down. metamorphous.

begin at home —John Macy See Also: BELIEFS. Changeable as the weather —American colloquialism. especially from one thing to another. expands the simile as follows: “Gaining a few points here.” 7. like a shift of wind. pursued by the alchemists. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group. transmutation the process or act of change. now there — Jean Rhys 13. CRITICISM. now here. adj. hence. Changes … as breath-taking as a Celtics fast break —Larry McCoy. overcame the judge —Truman Capote 12. A change. (Hopes) changed daily like the stock market —Margaret Millar In her novel. (Life) changed like fluffy clouds —Rita Mae Brown 14. Inc. Change the order in which a peal of bells can be rung. Anticipate change as though you had left it behind you —Rainer Maria Rilke 2. Changeful as a creature of the tropical sea lying under a reef —Saul Bellow 11. Change of attitude … like a fish gliding with a flick of its tail. 1986 15. Changed his mind regularly. PERMANENCE 1. Any essential reform must. Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms. the collective sound of the bells. losing a few there. Changed … like the shift of key in a musical score —Lawrence Durrell 9. Changeable as a baby’s diaper —Anon 4. -Ologies & -Isms. Some examples: “Changeable/unpredictable as April weather or as the sky in April” and “Changeable like Midwestern weather —violent and highly volatile. Inc. SENSE 3. n.” 5. All rights reserved. like charity. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group. Changes his mood like a wizard —Joan Chase . Examples: change or peal of bells. The Murder of Miranda Millar. Mathematics. December 4. Changed moods like a strobe of shifting lights —Alvin Boretz 10. a change of clothing [modern]. like shirts —Anon 8. (Her expression would) change as quickly as a sky with clouds racing across the moon — Madeleine L’Engle 6. All rights reserved. PEACE. a permutation for a different order in which a set or series of things can be changed. — transmutationist. attributed to New England The variations this has sprouted typify the simple simile’s extension through more particularization. as the change from base metal to gold. Wall Street Journal article about changes at CBS network.transmogrification the process of complete and usually extreme or grotesque change from one state or form to another. Change See Also: ENTRANCES/EXITS. — transmutative.

ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. [Moving from slow to fast-paced life] it was like stepping from a gondola to an ocean steamer —Edith Wharton 23. the one that gets pulled —Alberto Alvaor Rios 18. "the deceleration of the arms race" happening. modification acceleration . "modern science caused an acceleration of cultural change" deceleration. "the neighborhood had undergone few modifications since his last visit years ago" alteration. September 28. 1986 24. Up and down like mercury —May Sarton 32. In our changes we should move like a caterpillar. (Streets) shift like dunes —Lisa Ress 30. (Moods may) veer as erratically as the wind —Milton abrupt change in the course of a stream that forms the boundary between . Ever changing. All rights reserved. Get used to [changes] … like listening to your own heart —Marguerite Duras 21. Kleinfield. Fickle as the sunlight —William Alfred 19. [Personality of a character] metamorphoses … like a butterfly bursting out of a cocoon — Frank Rich. Everything changed … like the increase in rate of change. Popped out and disappeared like a heat rash —George Garrett 27. like a pair of trousers on a windy clothesline. occurrence. R. change . 22. go through a vast deal of vehement motion but stay in the same place —Austin O’Malley 26.16. Inc. 1st Edition. like a joyless eye that finds no objects worth its constancy —Percy Bysshe Shelley 17.a decrease in rate of change. part of which is stationary in every advance. natural event. not like the toad —James A. "this storm is certainly a change for the worse". Most reformers. occurrent . (And all the shapes of this grand scenery) shifted like restless clouds before the steadfast sun —Percy Bysshe Shelley 29. Sailing through change as effortlessly as gulls —Gail Godwin 28. as quoted in New York Times article about fired air controllers by N. January 21. New York Times. Sapirstein Similes Dictionary. commenting on enforced job switch (from controlling air traffic to controlling commuter trains).an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another. retardation. Pike Reverend Pike’s advice was aimed at preventing anxiety. The switch is like going from Star Wars to stagecoaches —David “Doc” event that happens avulsion . "the change was intended to increase sales". Fickle as the wind —Horace 20. © 1988 The Gale Group. slowing . 1986 31. Mood … swinging like an erratic pendulum from being hurt to hurting —Ross Macdonald 25.

fluctuation . a brief spark or flash shimmer.two parcels of land resulting in the loss of part of the land of one landowner and a consequent increase in the land of another break . moderation. "upon your decease the capital will pass to your grandchildren" decrease. "there was a decrease in his temperature as the fever subsided". "he has dealt with human vagaries for many years" variation.a weak and tremulous light. birth . scintillation .a change from one place or state or subject or stage to another transformation.a change resulting in an increase.(psychology) modifying the natural expression of an impulse or instinct (especially a sexual one) to one that is socially acceptable surprise .a recent event that has some relevance for the present situation.the occurrence of a loss of the ability to perceive and respond 2.a rapid change in brightness. shift . "his conversion to the Catholic faith" death. the rate or magnitude of change conversion .).an event that causes a loss of equilibrium (as of a ship or aircraft) increase . any alteration in the inherited nucleic acid sequence of the genotype of an organism sex change . lessening.(physics) the change of one chemical element into another (as by nuclear decay or radioactive bombardment). decease. drop-off . expiry .an instance of change.a change or alteration in form or qualities sublimation .a sudden unexpected event nascence. "the increase is scheduled for next month" easing.a significant change. "then there was a break in her voice" mutation .(genetics) any event that changes genetic structure. "the play of light on the water" transmutation . etc. nativity. mutation .a qualitative change sparkling.coming apart vagary .an abrupt change in the tone or register of the voice (as at puberty or due to emotion). "recent developments in Iraq".a change in a person's physical sexual characteristics (as by surgery and hormone treatments) loss of consciousness . play .an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together difference .the occurrence of a change for the worse development .alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it transition . "the vagaries of the weather". harm . "what a revolting development!" revolution . "the shimmer of colors on iridescent feathers".the event of dying or departure from life. "the industrial revolution was also a cultural revolution" chromosomal mutation. relief .the event of being born.a change downward.a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving. "there was a sharp drop-off in sales" destabilization . nascency. transmutation.a change of religion. "his wealth fluctuates with the vagaries of the stock market". detachment .a relational difference between states. change . "his support made .a change for the better deformation . "he attributed the change to their marriage" relation . "the transmutation of base metals into gold proved to be impossible" damage. "the difference in her is amazing". separation. "her death came as a terrible shock". "they celebrated the birth of their first child" breakup. impairment. especially between states before and after some event. genetic mutation. unexpected and inexplicable change in something (in a situation or a person's behavior.

the act of entailing property. "police controlled the motion of the crowd". "there were stories of murders and other unnatural actions" entail .the act of changing to a decimal system.act of changing in practice or custom.the act of changing one thing or position for another.act of lowering in rank or position change of state . variegation . grams.the act of putting one thing or person in the place of another: "he sent Smith in for Jones but the substitution came too late to help" promotion . simplification . change . relocation . commutation. "the change of government had no impact on the economy". motion.the act of changing the location of something.a change of position that does not entail a change .the act of introducing variety (especially in investments or in the variety of goods and services offered). motility. "the decimalization of British currency" metrication. move . the creation of a fee tail from a fee simple policy change. "my broker recommended a greater diversification of my investments". decimalization . "he limited his losses by diversification of his product line" flux . "his switch on abortion cost him the election" substitution.the act of making something different (as e. reversal .the act of changing or altering something slightly but noticeably from the norm or standard.the act of changing location from one place to another.a change to a lower gear in a car or bicycle downshift .the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics modification. volte-face. "the movement of people from the farms to the cities". metrification . "the movement of cargo onto the vessel" movement. "who is responsible for these variations in taxation?" turning . switch .act of raising in rank or position demotion . "his change on abortion cost him the election" action . "his opinions are in flux". "the newness and flux of the computer industry" switching. the size of a garment) movement.the act of changing your residence or place of business. "they say that three moves equal one fire" downshift .the action of changing something. "his move put him directly in my path" movement . alteration .a change from a financially rewarding but stressful career to a less well paid but more fulfilling one filtration . exchange .the act of adulterating (especially the illicit substitution of one substance for another) constant change. motion .the act of changing from imperial units of measurement to metric units: meters. seconds variation .a major change in attitude or principle or point of view. adjustment. about-face. "an about-face on foreign policy" adulteration .the act of changing a fluid by passing it through a filter reduction.something done (usually as opposed to something said). move. shift.a real difference" gradient .a graded change in the magnitude of some physical quantity or dimension 3.g.the act of reducing complexity decimalisation. "the law took many turnings over the years" diversification.

coins of small denomination regarded collectively. hard currency . "he acted very wise after the event" depolarisation. wearable. "he got change for a twenty and used it to pay the taxi driver" cash. "there is a desperate shortage of hard cash" change . "the satisfaction of their demand for better services" nationalisation. depolarization . of location. hard cash. "there is a desperate shortage of hard cash" . event. "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise". effect. nationalization .the result of alteration or modification. hard cash. "he had a pocketful of change" coin .an entity that is not named specifically.the activity of changing something (art or education or society or morality etc.act of fulfilling a desire or need or appetite. "the reflex motion of his eyebrows revealed his surprise".a thing that is different.the act of changing the amount or size of something change of integrity .the act of changing the institution that invests your pension plan without incurring a tax penalty change . 7. "I couldn't tell what the thing was" change .a loss of polarity or polarization change .a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon.the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented change of magnitude .the act of changing the unity or wholeness of something conversion .a different or fresh set of clothes. communization .an action that changes the shape of something satisfaction . secularization . reorientation .a change from private property to public property owned by the community secularisation. 8. outcome.the balance of money received when the amount you tender is greater than the amount due. issue . "gastrointestinal motility" change of direction.4. hard currency . "movement is a sign of life".the act of changing from one use or function or purpose to another updating .a covering designed to be worn on a person's body change .the act of changing something to bring it up to date (usually by adding something). wear . "there were marked changes in the lining of the lungs". vesture. 5. clothing.a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money change . "he inspected several changes before selecting one" thing . in the form of bills or coins. result. "there had been no change in the mountains" consequence. "an impatient move of his hand". "criminal records need regular updating" change of shape . 6. 9.) so it is no longer under the control or influence of religion rollover . "his decision had depressing consequences for business".the action of rendering national in character communisation. "she brought a change in her overnight bag" article of clothing. received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or a different in the form of bills or coins. "I paid with a twenty and pocketed the change" cash.

"The little boy cried himself to sleep" etiolate . inseminate. "He made a fool of himself at the meeting".to roast or calcine so as to cause to crackle or until crackling stops. "convert slaves to laborers" opalise. "highly suburbanized cities" revolutionize. "E-mail revolutionized communication in academe" etiolate . waken. "The soft music caused us to fall asleep" affect . "The Europeans have mythicized Rte. demythologize .make brutal.make fall asleep. "get someone mad". alkalinize . "his years in prison have barbarized the young man" alkalinise. "Make yourself clear" counterchange. "decrepitate salts" suburbanise. animalize. "he goes to France for variety". "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city".bring into a particular state by crying.a difference that is usually pleasant. fertilize . "This invention will make you a millionaire". "the yolk sac is gradually vascularized" decrepitate . "He was roused by the drunken men in the street". "alcohol etiolates your skin" shade . wake up. or inhuman. "convert hotels into jails". rouse. "Please wake me at 6 AM. "convert lead into gold". brutalize .make suburban in character. arterialize . refresh .the quality of being unlike or dissimilar. "She was indisposed" cry . mythicize. suburbanize . revolutionise. purpose.make into an allegory.10. "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue" alter. wake.make opalescent arterialise. "Life in the camps had brutalized him" convert .change radically. 66" allegorise.make (a substance) alkaline.cause to feel unwell. arouse . mythologize . "the medicine affects my heart rate" refreshen. overturn .make fresh again fecundate. barbarize . vascularize .vary slightly. "The oxide is alkalized" mythicise.cause to change.cause to change places. get . modify awaken.make crude or savage in behavior or speech. brutalise.cause to become awake or conscious. "there are many differences between jazz and rock" Verb 1. allegorize . or function of something. make different.make into a myth.remove the mythical element from (writings). "Don't make this into a big deal". change . freshen. "The story was allegorized over time" demythologise.give certain properties to something. "the Bible should be demythologized and examined for its historical value" .bleach and alter the natural development of (a green plant) by excluding sunlight barbarise.introduce semen into (a female) indispose .make pale or sickly. mythologise. change . fertilise. unfeeling.make vascular.change venous blood into arterial blood make. "She made us look silly". "shade the meaning" animalise. opalize . interchange. "interchange this screw for one of a smaller size" vascularise. "it is a refreshing change to meet a woman mechanic" variety difference ." cause to sleep . transpose . have an effect upon.change the nature. cause a transformation.act physically on.

cause to be held in suspension in a fluid. "dried-out tobacco rolls badly" glass over. get dressed .make alcoholic. "A sobering thought" reconstruct . "cells mutate" experience. "The weather turned nasty". freshen. "Well-developed breasts" regenerate . suburbanize . "The boss finally increased her salary". produce. let up.make bigger or more. "the butterfly wings shade to yellow" gel .develop into a creole. "pidgins often creolize" mutate . "Her eyes glaze over when she is bored" grow.pass into a condition gradually. grow. "coarsen one's ideals" affect. "The university increased the number of students it admitted" ease off.make similar.become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling convert . gelled" animalise.make less subtle or refined. brutalise. alchemize . turn . "The substance converts to an acid" creolize . alkalinize . change . brutalize .become glassy or take on a glass-like appearance. "we had to dress quickly". "round off the amount" suspend . "She grew angry" barbarise.alter (elements) by alchemy alcoholise. alcoholize .cause somebody to adapt or reform socially or politically increase . "The patient developed abdominal pains". roll . "The solid. losing one's or its original nature.become a gel. "The weather changed last night" refreshen. glaze. bear upon.cause to become sober. impact. get . "he eased off the gas pedal and the car slowed down" assimilate .land. glaze over. become. "She freshened up after the tennis game" dress. "the city suburbanized" roll up. "form the young child's character" round down.undergo mutation. glass . take on a specific property or attribute. when heated. round .undergo decrepitation and crackle. touch on.take on suburban character. "I got funny spots all over my body". cause to become less similar 2. ease up . "dress the patient". "This country assimilates immigrants very quickly" dissimilate . animalize.change in nature.become or make oneself fresh again.undergo regeneration shade . undergo a chemical change.pass from one quality such as color to another by a slight degree. "She changed completely as she grew older".bring into a different as a round number.reduce pressure or intensity. or function. have .show certain properties when being rolled. "this may land you in jail" coarsen .put on clothes. "The carpet rolls unevenly". as by fermenting. "shape the dough". "Can the child dress by herself?" acquire. "Will the new rules affect me?" alchemise. "alcoholize prunes" shape.become alkaline .become crude or savage or barbaric in behavior or language alkalinise. bring . form . develop.undergo a change. "suspend the particles" sober . become different in essence.undergo. bear on. round off. "He grew a beard". round out. touch . "The stocks had a fast run-up" decrepitate .have an effect upon. purpose. freshen up.come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes).give shape or form to.make dissimilar. barbarize . refresh . "The salt decrepitated" suburbanise.

"public opinion turned when it was revealed that the president had an affair with a White House intern" change integrity . "The unoccupied house started to decay" mildew. conform. lose life. jump. rise . "The dress remained wet after repeated attempts to dry it". jump .change in physical make-up change form. rest .become similar in sound.assume a form or shape. or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons remain. phase. dilapidate.change to the become.assume a different shape or form form .become lifeless.become hydrated and combine with water dry out. "These two related tribes of people gradually dissimilated over time" dissimilate . swing back and forth between two states or conditions crackle . "The furniture molded in the old house" hydrate . or active. or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride.undergo the process of distillation deoxidise. "These consonants dissimilate" change magnitude . covered with a network of small cracks.fall into decay or ruin. "her mood changes in accordance with the weather". "The laundry dries in the sun" strengthen . remove oxygen from a compound. spoil due to humidity. force. or other characteristic of (electromagnetic waves) avianise. "please modify this letter to make it more polite". change shape.change by modify microorganisms by repeated culture in the developing .stay the same. "he modified his views on same-gender marriage" deaden . or vigor break . amplitude. "rest assured". "The bad weather continued for another week" 3. without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence. "the tides turned against him". deform . "The people turned against the President when he stole the election" adapt. alter alternate. intense.undergo a transformation or a change of position or action. turn . "If the new teacher won't break. remain in a certain state. "He remained unmoved by her tears". reverse. "Her new novel jumped high on the bestseller list" assimilate . "His body strengthened" distill. "The blazing sun crackled the desert sand" modulate . reduce .vary the frequency. "stay alone". "the water formed little beads" change state. change . avianize .adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions. dry . "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism".gain strength. "The nasal assimilates to the following consonant" dissimilate .become different in some particular way. or to cause to become.change in size or magnitude modify . crumble .become dry or drier. distil . "The supermarket's selection of vegetables varies according to the season" broken in.go back and forth. "We must adjust to the bad economic situation" climb up. we'll add some stress" decay.become dissimilar by changing the sound qualities. turn . deoxidize.make less severe or harsh or extreme. mold .become dissimilar or less similar. adjust .become moldy. "The trend was reversed". less lively.rise in rank or status.

shift exchange.make fit for. diversify .make (clothes) larger.lay aside. "This vowel diphthongized in Germanic" cut . "cut from one scene to another" break . commute. "The airline transitioned to more fuel-efficient jets". "He changed his name". "Change before you go to the opera" transition . convert. "convert centimeters into inches". "He changed his name". shift . or leave for or replace with another. like a honeycomb break . narrow. "The company diversified" diversify.change gears.change directions suddenly 5. "The car changed lanes" switch. convert. "jump to a conclusion". "She switched psychiatrists".change clothes. "The adagio transitioned into an allegro" shift . jump . "switch to a different brand of beer". change .change suddenly from one tone quality or register to another. specialise . "Her voice broke to a whisper when she started to talk about her children" channel-surf. "Could you convert my dollars into pounds?". "rectify alternating current" utilize . radiate . abandon. accommodate .lay aside.change from a simple vowel to a diphthong.change clothes.spread into new habitats and produce variety or variegate. usually of the same kind or category.convert into direct current. "convert holdings into shares" change . "leap into fame". let out . "switch to a different brand of beer". "the debate moved from family values to the economy" adapt. usually of the same kind or category. "Please take in this skirt--I've lost weight" branch out.make an abrupt change of image or sound. "Can the child dress by herself?" switch. "Let out that dress--I gained a lot of weight" take in .go or proceed from one point to another.pass abruptly from one state or topic to another. change . "jump from one thing to another" diphthongise. "Could you convert my dollars into pounds?". change. abandon. "The plants on this island diversified" specialize.become more focus on an area of activity or field of or replace with another. "dress the patient". "Adapt our native cuisine to the available food resources of the new country" widen. narrow down. get dressed .put on clothes.make (clothes) smaller.vary in order to spread risk or to expand. put on different clothes. "we had to dress quickly". change .switch channels. on television leap. change . "you have to shift when you go down a steep hill" break .convert (from an investment trust to a unit trust) capitalise.make full of cavities.convert (a company's reserve funds) into capital . "Change before you go to the opera" dress. "The flat plain was broken by tall mesas" 4. broaden. "She switched psychiatrists".chick embryo move . commute rectify . "The car changed lanes" 6. "convert centimeters into inches".vary or interrupt a uniformity or continuity. diphthongize . or leave for another. "convert holdings into shares" exchange. "She specializes in Near Eastern history" honeycomb . capitalize . surf . or change to suit a new purpose.make or undergo a transition (from one state or system to another). put on different clothes.

exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent. "She sells her body to survive and support her drug habit" for smaller units of money.give to. "She switched psychiatrists". Farlex Inc. Farlex clipart collection. "Her voice deepened when she whispered the password" deepen change . move. "We need to replace the secretary that left a month ago".lay aside. under threat redeem . "the insurance will replace the lost income".exchange goods without involving money trade or buy back for money. "The car changed lanes" break . also metaphorically. change .replace .exchange for cash. "We need to replace the secretary that left a month ago".0.change location. "The skim milk substitutes for cream--we are on a strict diet" swap. change noun . "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect". sub.turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase. switch.remove or replace the coverings a substitute. "She changed in Chicago on her way to the East coast" transfer go. become different in essence. change. locomote. move. one another. "This antique vase can never be replaced" Based on WordNet 3. abandon. "After each guest we changed the bed linens" replace . "He replaced the old razor blade". "trade in an old car for a new one" 8. "Father had to learn how to change the baby". "She changed completely as she grew older". or leave for another. or proceed. "news travelled fast" 9. "He replaced the old razor blade". change . "His voice began to change when he was 12 years old". trade . "the insurance will replace the lost income". losing one's or its original nature. "We have been exchanging letters for a year" exchange. "switch to a different brand of beer". travel .to turn in (vouchers or coupons) and receive something in exchange stand in. change . "This antique vase can never be replaced" launder . "The weather changed last night" 10. "I had to break a $100 bill just to buy the candy" 7.convert illegally obtained funds into legal ones switch. or give (something) in exchange for barter . cash in . interchange transfer . "I cashed the check as soon as it arrived in the mail" ransom. "The young teacher had to substitute for the sick colleague". travel.substitute a person or thing for (another that is broken or inefficient or lost or no longer working or yielding what is expected). and receive from. swop. "He sold his house in January". "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell". fill in . trade . shift . © 2003-2008 Princeton University. "I transferred my stock holdings to my children" sell . "How fast does your new car go?".change from one vehicle or transportation line to another.cause to change ownership. "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus". change . "Would you change places with me?".undergo a change.become deeper in tone.substitute a person or thing for (another that is broken or inefficient or lost or no longer working or yielding what is expected). redeem .

transformation. variation. diversion. fluctuate. money. whole new ball game (informal) It makes a nice change to see you in a good mood for once. restyle. 2. moderate. mutate. however. exchange. modification. the point. revise. monotony. interchange He stuffed a bag with a few changes of clothing. transmute We are trying to detect and understand how the climate changes. alter. small change. yielding place to new" [Alfred. metamorphosis. is to change it" [Karl Marx Theses on Feuerbach] "When it is not necessary to change. swap. permanence. invariability 3. adjust. difference. Lord Tennyson The Passing of Arthur] "Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. transform. modify. transition They are going to have to make some drastic changes. novelty. modify. alter. uniformity. substitute. wonga (slang) Do you have any change for the phone? verb 1. alteration. shift remain. hold 2. metamorphose. revolution. transform. 4. the more they are the same" [Alphonse Karr Les Guêpes] "Change is not made without inconvenience. convert They should change the law to make it illegal to own replica weapons.1. remodel. innovation. reform. substitution. exchange. conversion. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. vary. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995. Johnson Dictionary of the English Language] "The old order changeth. permutation. climactic is used to describe something which forms a climax: the climactic moment of the Revolution. diversify. reorganize. loose change. stay 3. trade. even from worse to better" [Dr. trade. coins. it is necessary not to change" [Lucius Cary Discourses of Infallibility] Proverbs "Don't change horses in midstream" "A change is as good as a rest" "A new broom sweeps clean" Usage: Climatic is sometimes wrongly used where climactic is meant. shift. swap. replace. alter keep. constancy. transmutation. break (informal). mutation. 2002 Translations Select a language: Afrikaans / Afrikaans . departure. variety stability. Climatic should be used to talk about things relating to climate. interchange Can we change it for another if it doesn't work properly? Quotations "A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation" [Edmund Burke Reflections on the Revolution in France] "Can the Ethiopian change his skin. variety. or the leopard his spots?" Bible: Jeremiah "The more things change.

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Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt ----------------------change [tʃeɪndʒ] A. N 1. (gen) → cambio m; (= transformation) → transformación f; (= alteration) → modificación f; (= variation) → variación f; [of skin] → muda f the day out made a refreshing change → el día fuera de casa nos dio un buen cambio de aire to resist change → resistirse a las innovaciones change of address → cambio m de domicilio to have a change of air → cambiar de aires the change of air has done me good → el cambio de aires me ha sentado bien a change for the better → un cambio para bien a change of clothes → ropa para cambiarse; (= underclothes) → una muda just for a change → para variar change of heart → cambio m de idea he's had a change of heart → ha cambiado de idea change of horses → relevo m de los tiros a change in policy → un cambio de política the change of life (Med) → la menopausia change of ownership → cambio m de dueño change of scene → cambio m de aires

a change for the worse → un cambio para mal to get no change out of sb → no conseguir sacar nada a algn a change is as good as a rest → un cambio de aires da fuerzas para seguir see also ring 2 B1 2. (= small coins) → cambio m, suelto m, sencillo m, feria f (MEX) ; (for a larger coin) → cambio m; (= money returned) → vuelta f, vuelto m (LAM) can you give me change for one pound? → ¿tiene cambio de una libra?, ¿puede cambiarme una moneda de una libra? keep the change → quédese con la vuelta you won't get much change out of a pound if you buy sugar → con una libra no te va a sobrar mucho si compras azúcar B. VT 1. (by substitution) [+ address, name etc] → cambiar; [+ clothes, colour] → cambiar de to change trains/buses/planes (at) → hacer transbordo(en), cambiar de tren/autobús/avión(en) to change gear (Aut) → cambiar de marcha to get changed → cambiarse to change hands → cambiar de mano or de dueño he wants to change his job → quiere cambiar de trabajo to change one's mind → cambiar de opinión or idea to change places → cambiar de sitio I'm going to change my shoes → voy a cambiarme de zapatos let's change the subject → cambiemos de tema 2. (= exchange) (in shop) → cambiar (for por) can I change this dress for a larger size? → ¿puedo cambiar este vestido por otro de una talla mayor? 3. (= alter) [+ person] → cambiar (fig) → evolucionar; (= transform) → transformar (into en) I find him much changed → le veo muy cambiado the prince was changed into a frog → el príncipe se transformó en rana 4. [+ money] → cambiar to change pounds into dollars → cambiar libras en dólares can you change this note for me? → ¿me hace el favor de cambiar este billete? 5. (= put fresh nappy on) [+ baby] → cambiar(el pañal de) C. VI 1. (= alter) → cambiar you've changed! → ¡cómo has cambiado!, ¡pareces otro! you haven't changed a bit! → ¡no has cambiado en lo más mínimo! 2. (= be transformed) → transformarse (into en) 3. (= change clothes) → cambiarse, mudarse she changed into an old skirt → se cambió y se puso una falda vieja 4. (= change trains) → hacer transbordo, cambiar de tren; (= change buses) → hacer transbordo, cambiar de autobús all change! → ¡fin de trayecto! D. CPD change machine N → máquina f de cambio change purse N (US) → monedero m change around A. VT + ADV (= rearrange) → cambiar de posición B. VI + ADV → cambiar change down VI + ADV (Brit) (Aut) → cambiar a una velocidad inferior change over

(= switch. 2000. Elle a mis une vieille jupe. life. se transformer en n (gen) → changement m There's been a change of plan → Il y a eu un changement de programme.. VT + ADV → cambiar change round see change around change up VI + ADV (Brit) (Aut) → cambiar a una velocidad superior Collins Spanish Dictionary . to change a bulb → changer une ampoule to change trains → changer de train You have to change trains in Paris → Il faut changer de train à Paris. 1971. 1993. world] → changer to change one's mind → changer d'avis I've changed my mind → J'ai changé d'avis. to change into sth [+ clothes] → se changer et mettre qch She changed into an old skirt → Elle s'est changée et a mis une vieille jupe. Ltd. VI + ADV (from sth to sth) → cambiar (to a) [players etc] → cambiar(se) B. a change of scene → un changement de décor for a change → pour changer Let's play tennis for a change → Si on jouait au tennis pour changer? . one's job] → changer de. [+ shoes. to change to sth [traffic lights] → passer à qch (= change clothes) → se changer She's changing to go out → Elle est en train de se changer pour sortir. (= alter) [+ character. to change sth for sth → échanger qch contre qch (= transform) to change sb/sth into → changer qch/qn en. 1996. 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. [+ gear] → changer de I'm going to change my shoes → Je vais changer de chaussures. clothes] → changer de. substitute) [+ one's name. 1997. to change a baby → changer un bébé to change a baby's nappy → changer les couches d'un bébé (= exchange) [+ purchase] → échanger Can I change this sweater? It's too small → Est-ce que je peux échanger ce pull? Il est trop petit. 2005 change [ˈtʃeɪndʒ] vt [+ money] → changer I'd like to change £50 → Je voudrais changer cinquante livres. to get changed (= change clothes) → se changer I'm going to get changed → Je vais me changer.A. transformer qch/qn en to change hands (= be sold) → changer de mains vi (gen) → changer The town has changed a lot → La ville a beaucoup changé.Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. 2003. (= be transformed) to change into → se changer en.

the constant change will only confuse people → der ständige Wechsel verwirrt die Leute nur (of one thing for another) → Wechsel m. sich woanders hinsetzen. a wheel change → ein Radwechsel m no pl (= money) → Wechselgeld nt. those who are against change → diejenigen. → ein Wechsel m → in der Regierung. to change the sheets or the bed → die Bettwäsche wechseln. change of address → Adressen. ein Baby wickeln. (= small change) → Kleingeld nt. keep the change → der Rest ist für Sie. die gegen jegliche Veränderung sind. a change of government → ein Regierungswechsel m. to change one’s seat → den Platz wechseln. (iro) → das ist ja was ganz Neues!. to change places with somebody → mit jdm den Platz tauschen.or Anschriftenänderung f. das Bett neu beziehen. it’ll make a nice change → das wäre eine nette Abwechslung ? ring no pl (= changing) → Veränderung f. no change → unverändert. the change of life → die Wechseljahre. to change trains/buses etc → umsteigen. I haven’t got any change → ich habe kein Kleingeld. (just) for a change → zur Abwechslung (mal). save changes (Comput) → Änderungen speichern. to make changes (to something) (→ an etw dat) → (Ver)änderungen pl → vornehmen. to make a change/a major change in something → etw ändern/bedeutend verändern. you won’t get much change out of him (fig) → aus ihm wirst du nicht viel rauskriegen (St Ex) Change → Börse f vt (by substitution) → wechseln. name → ändern. address. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 change n (= alteration) → Veränderung f. I haven’t got change for £5 → ich kann auf £ 5 nicht rausgeben or £ 5 nicht wechseln. change of career → Berufswechsel m. she changed places with him/Mrs Brown → er/Frau Brown und sie tauschten die Plätze. to change one’s clothes → sich umziehen. ein Rad/das Öl wechseln. you won’t get much change out of £5 → von £ 5 wird wohl nicht viel übrig bleiben.(= money) → monnaie f I haven't got any change → Je n'ai pas de monnaie. to change a baby’s nappy (Brit) or diaper (US). a change of air → eine Luftveränderung. I need a change of scene → ich brauche Tapetenwechsel. to change a wheel/the oil → einen Rad-/Ölwechsel vornehmen. (= modification also) → Änderung f (→ to +gen). → eine Verschlechterung. he needs a change of clothes → er müsste sich mal wieder umziehen. fig) → kannst du (mal) eine andere Platte auflegen?. that makes a change → das ist mal was anderes. a change in the weather → eine Wetterveränderung. can you give me change for a pound? → können Sie mir ein Pfund wechseln?. I wouldn’t change places with him for the world → ich möchte or würde um nichts in der Welt mit ihm tauschen . a change is as good as a rest (prov) → Abwechslung wirkt or tut Wunder. to change hands → den Besitzer wechseln. a change of job → ein Stellenwechsel m (= variety) → Abwechslung f. to give sb change of £10 → faire à qn la monnaie de 10 livres keep the change! → gardez la monnaie! small change a change of clothes → des vêtements de rechange a change of underwear → des sous-vêtements de rechange Collins English/French Electronic Resource. I didn’t have a change of clothes with me → ich hatte nichts zum Wechseln mit. to change a baby → (bei einem Baby) die Windeln wechseln. to give sb change for £10. → eine Verbesserung. a change for the worse → ein Rückschritt m. a change for the better → ein Fortschritt m. would you change the record? (lit.

you change at York → in York müssen Sie umsteigen. do you want to change with me? (places) → möchten Sie mit mir tauschen? Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. vt a. alle aussteigen! (Brit Aut: = change gear) → schalten. (town. I changed to philosophy from chemistry → ich habe von Chemie zu Philosophie gewechselt. der ändert sich nie!. n a. all change! → Endstation!. → cambiamento a change for the better/worse → un miglioramento/peggioramento. (traffic lights) → umspringen (→ to auf +acc) (from one thing to another) (seasons) → wechseln. © William Collins Sons & Co. un mutamento per il meglio/peggio just for a change → tanto per cambiare he likes a change → gli piace cambiare change of address → cambiamento di indirizzo a change of clothes → un cambio (di vestiti) to have a change of heart → cambiare idea to have a change of scene → cambiare aria there's been a change in the weather → il tempo è cambiato b. you’ve changed! → du hast dich aber verändert!. she changed into an old skirt → sie zog sich einen alten Rock an. (small coins) → moneta. a chameleon can change its colour → das Chamäleon kann seine Farbe wechseln (= exchange: in shop etc) → umtauschen. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. ideas → ändern. 2007 change [tʃeɪndʒ] 1. Ltd. 2004. (um)tauschen (Brit Aut) to change gear → schalten vi (= alter) → sich ändern. 1999. to change from something into … → sich aus etw in … (acc) → verwandeln (= change clothes) → sich umziehen. (money returned) → resto small or loose change → spiccioli mpl can you give me change for £1? → mi può cambiare una sterlina? you don't get much change out of £5 → non avanza molto da 5 sterline keep the change → tenga il resto 2. (= transform) → verwandeln. (into other currency) → (ein)wechseln. (by substitution) → cambiare to change hands → cambiare padrone. 1997. she changed the dress for one of a different colour → sie tauschte das Kleid gegen ein andersfarbiges um. he will never change → er wird sich nie ändern. to change to a different system → auf ein anderes System umstellen. I’ll just change out of these old clothes → ich muss mir noch die alten Sachen ausziehen (= change trains etc) → umsteigen.(= alter) → (ver)ändern. person also) → sich verändern. you won’t be able to change her → du kannst sie nicht ändern. spiccioli mpl. person. to change somebody/something into something → jdn/etw in etw (acc) → verwandeln. zu einem anderen System übergehen. passare di mano a sum of money changed hands → c'è stato un movimento di denaro to change gear (Aut) → cambiare (marcia) . 2005. he changed his Rolls Royce for a Jaguar → er vertauschte seinen Rolls Royce mit einem Mini ? guard money (into smaller money) → wechseln.

(become) → trasformarsi in b. promijeniti (meg)változtat. ændre (ver-)ändern ّ ّ αλλάζω cambiar. (players) → scambiarsi (di posto o di campo) change up vi + adv (Aut) → cambiare. (money) → cambiare 3. verklee ‫يبدل ملبسه‬ َ ِ َ ُ ّ َُ преобличам (се) převléknout se. in shop) → cambiare to change ends (Tennis. mettre ‫ ְהחליף‬कपडे इतयािद बदलना presvući se átöltözik ִ ַ‫ל‬ . vi + prep a. pārmainīt. person) → trasformare. міняти(ся) ‫ تبديل کرنا يا تبديل ہونا‬thay đổi 改变 2 to give or leave (one thing etc for another) She changed my library books for me. (alter) → cambiare. pārmainīties ubah veranderen forandre/endre (seg). person. verander ‫ يغيـر، يتغيـر‬променям změnit (se) forandre sig. idea) → cambiare. förändra[] ทำาให้แตกต่าง değiş(tir)mek 改變 змінювати(ся). skifte zmieniać się mudar a (se) schimba изменять(ся) zmeniť sa spremeniti (se) promeniti ändra. legge om. vyměnit si skifte wechseln αλλάζω ρούχα cambiarse riideid vahetama ‫ عوض کردن‬vaihtaa (se) changer. (transform. (change clothes) → cambiarsi c. omruil ،‫يستبدل‬ ِ ْ َْ َ ‫ يبدل‬сменям vyměnit bytte tauschen ανταλλάσσω cambiar vahetama ‫ مبادله کردن‬vaihtaa échanger ّ َُ ‫ להחליף‬पिरवतरन करना dati kicserél menukar skipta scambiare 取り換える 바꾸다 (pa)keisti ִ ְַ apmainīt menukar omruilen bytte wymieniać trocar a schimba обменивать(ся) vymeniť zamenjati zameniti byta เปลี่ยน değiştirmek 更換 обмінювати(ся) ‫ تبديل کرنا‬đổi 换去 3 (sometimes withinto) to remove (clothes etc) and replace them by clean or different ones I'm just going to change (my shirt). (alter. muutuma ‫ تغيير دادن؛ عوض شدن‬ change places (two people) → scambiarsi di posto I changed places with him → ho scambiato il mio posto con il suo to change trains/buses (at) → cambiare treno/autobus (a) to change the rein (Horse-riding) → cambiare di mano to change sides (Pol) → cambiare bandiera let's change the subject → cambiamo argomento b. (exchange. (meg)változik mengubah breyta ְַֹ cambiare 変 える 변경하다 pa(si)keisti mainīt. mutare you've changed! → come sei cambiato! b. muuttua changer ‫ לשנות‬बदल जाना mijenjati. (different clothes) she changed into an old skirt → si è cambiata e ha messo una vecchia gonna 2. mettere una marcia superiore Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 change v change [tʃeindʒ] 1 to make or become different They have changed the time of the train. vt + prep to change sb/sth into → trasformare qn/qc in change over vi + adv (make complete change) to change over from sth to sth → passare da qc a qc. cambiarse muutma. He has changed since I saw him last. Ftbl) → effettuare il cambio di campo c. I'll change into an old pair of trousers. vi a. izmijeniti. (thing) → tramutare to change one's mind → cambiare idea d. (Rail) → cambiare all change! → si cambia! change down vi + adv (Aut) → scalare (la marcia) change into 1.

sostituire 着換える 갈아입다 persirengti pārģērbt. endring zmiana mudança schimbare замена zmena sprememba izmena ändring ความผันแปร değişiklik 改變 переміна ‫ تبديلی‬hành động đổi 改变 3 a substitution of one thing for another a change of clothes. kaita pārmaiņas perubahan verandering forandring. ombyte สิงทดแทน değiştirme 更換 заміна ‫بدلے ميں کوئی‬ ่ ‫ چيز لينا‬cái dùng thay cho nhau 更换 4 coins rather than paper money I'll have to give you a note – I have no change. skifte zmiana troca schimbare смена výmena zamenjava zamena byte. skiptimynt resto 釣銭 거스름돈 grąža atlikums. skillemynt drobne trocado mărunt мелкие деньги drobné drobiž sitniš småpengar เหรียญ bozukluk 零錢 дрібні гроші ‫ ريزگاری‬tiền lẻ 零钱 5 money left over or given back from the amount given in payment He paid with a dollar and got 20 cents change. muutuma ‫ تبديل شدن؛ تبديل کردن‬muuttaa. μεταβολή cambio muudatus ‫ تغيير‬muutos changement ׁ‫ ינו‬बदलाव izmjena ִּ ‫י‬ változás perubahan breyting cambiamento 変更 변경 pa(si)keitimas. monedas peenraha ‫پول‬ َْ ‫ خرد‬vaihtoraha monnaie ‫ מטבעות כסף‬छुटा पैसा sitniš aprópénz uang kecil skiptimynt spiccioli 小銭 ֶּ ֹ ּ ַ ֶ ֵ 소액환 smulkūs pinigai sīknauda wang kecil kleingeld mynter. skifte. kleingeld ‫ )صرافه، عمله صغيره،)كماله‬ресто nazpět byttepenge das Kleingeld ρέστα َ َ َ َ َْ ْ َ ِ cambio tagasisaadav raha ‫ باقی مانده پول‬vaihtoraha monnaie ‫ עודף‬अदायगी के बाद िमली बाकी रािश ostatak ֶֹ visszajáró pénz kembalian afgangur. değişim 變化 зміна ‫ تبديلی کا عمل‬sự thay đổi 变化 2 an instance of this a change in the programme. omlegging zmiana mudança schimbare изменение zmena sprememba promena förändring การเปลี่ยนแปลง değişme. kle seg om przebierać (się) trocar de roupa a (se) schimba переодевать(ся) prezliecť sa preobleči se presvući se byta [] แทนที่ değiştirmek. αντικατάσταση cambio vahetus ‫ تعويض‬vaihto changement ‫ החלפה‬एक चीज के बदले दूसरी चीज zamjena csere ganti skipti cambio 取り換え 교환 ָָ ַ pakeitimas pārģērbšanās pertukaran verschoning (kles)bytte. vervanging ‫ تبديل، تغيير‬замяна َْ َْ výměna erstatning. trasformare 変える 변하다 paversti. mijena változás perubahan ּ ׁ ִ breyting cambiamento 変化 변화 keitimasis. kleingeld ،‫صرف‬ َ ‫ تحويل نقود‬дребни пари drobné småpenge das Wechselgeld ψιλά cambio. bytte wechseln αλλάζω σε ُ ّ َُ ُ ِ ْ َ ψιλά (για χρήματα) cambiar vahetama ‫ تبديل کردن‬vaihtaa changer ‫ להמיר‬मुदा बदलना primiti ili dati ְִָ (fel)vált menukar skipta cambiare 両替する 환전하다 iškeisti samainīt (naudu) tukarkan wisselen veksle zmieniać trocar a schimba разменивать rozmeniť zamenjati zameniti za växla แลกเปลี่ยน değiştirmek 兌換 обмінювати ‫ ريزگاری ميں تبديل کرنا‬đổi ra tiền lẻ 兑换 n 1 the process of becoming or making different The town is undergoing change. ّ َ ََ μεταμορφώνομαι transformarse muutma. üstüne giymek 換衣 переодягатися ‫ کپڑے تبديل کرنا‬thay quần áo 换衣 4 (withinto) to make into or become (something different) The prince was changed into a frog. verandering ‫ تغيير‬изменение změna ændring die َْ Änderung αλλαγή. muuttua joksikin (se) changer (en) ‫ -להפוך ל‬रपातिरत होना pretvoriti se. verander ‫ يتحول إلى‬превръщам (се) proměnit (se v) forvandle verwandeln μεταμορφώνω.der Tausch αλλαξιά. promijeniti se u átváltozik berubah breyta í ֹ ֲַ mutare. pavirsti pārvērsties par bertukar veranderen forvandle (seg) zamieniać transformar(-se) a (se) preschimba (în) превращать(ся) premeniť sa (na) spremeniti (se) v pretvoriti se förvandla[] เปลี่ยน dönüş(tür)mek 變成 змінитися ‫تبديل ہونا‬ biến thành 变化 5 to give or receive (one kind of money for another) Could you change this bank-note for cash? kleinmaak ‫ يصرف، يبدل مال‬сменям пари rozměnit. endring. izdotā . vyměnit veksle.mengganti skipta (um) cambiarsi. verandering ،‫تغيير‬ َْ ‫ تغير‬промяна změna forandring die Veränderung αλλαγή cambio muutus ‫عوض شدن؛ تغيير کردن‬ َّ َ muutos changement ‫ שינוי‬पिरवतरन होने की पिकया promjena. pārģērbties menyalin zich omkleden skifte. izmjena. pokytis izmaiņas pindaan wijziging forandring.

inconstante vahelduv ‫ تغيير پذير؛ متغيير‬vaihteleva changeant ‫ משתנה‬पिरवतरनशील promjenjiv. kintantis mainīgs. vrtkavý ustadig. tilbreyting cambiamento 気分転換 휴식 aplinkos pakeitimas apstākļu maiņa perubahan verandering forandring zmiana mudança schimbare перемена zmena sprememba promena omväxling. настрою ‫ رويے ميں تبديلی‬thay đổi thái độ 改变态变 the change of life the menopause. tot inkeer kom ‫ تغيـر في الموقف‬променено мнение změna přístupu. liable to change often changeable moods. verkoop word ‫ تنتقل ملك ّته من يد إلى أخرى‬сменям собственика (си) změnit majitele skifte ejer den ُْ ٍَ ُ ‫َ ْ َ ِ ُ ُ ْ ِي‬ Besitzer wechseln αλλάζω ιδιοκτήτη cambiar de dueño omanikku vahetama ‫دست به دست گشتن‬ vaihtaa omistajaa changer de main ‫ להחליף ידיים‬मािलकाना बदलना promijeniti vlasnika gazdát cserél ִ ַָ ֲִ ַ ְ ganti pemilik skipta um eigendur cambiare di mano. klimaktérium. penger igjen reszta troco rest сдача (na)späť ostanek kusur växel เงินทอน para üstü 找零 здача ‫ بڑے نوٹ سے بچی ہوئی نقدی‬tiền trả lại 找头 6 a holiday. cambiare proprietario 所有者が 変 わる 주 인이 바뀌다 iš rankų į rankas eiti pāriet no rokas rokā/cita īpašumā bertukar tangan van hand verwisselen skifte eier zmieniać właściciela mudar de dono a schimba stăpânul/proprietarul переходить из рук в руки zmeniť majiteľa zamenjati lastnika promeniti vlasnika byta ägare เปลี่ยนเจ้าของ el değiştirmek 易主 переходити з рук до рук ‫ ملکيت کی تبديلی‬đổi chủ 易主 a change of heart a change in attitude. ripensamento 心 変 わり 변심 dėmesio sumažėjimas.nauda baki wisselgeld vekslepenger. ombyte วันหยุด tatil. foranderlig. uregelmessig zmienny variável schimbător изменчивый premenlivý spremenljiv promenljiv ombytlig ที่เปลี่ยนแปลงได้ değişken. (női) klimax menopause menopausa (女性の)更年期 갱년기 menopauzė menopauze. rest etc He has been ill – the change will do him good. menopauza mena životna promena övergångsåldern ช่วงวัย หมดประจำาเดือน âdet kesilmesi 更年期 клімакс ‫ زندگی مين تبديلی‬bước ngoặt cuộc đời 更年期 change one's mind . skiftende veränderlich ευμετάβλητος variable. nusistatymo pakeitimas attieksmes izmaiņa berubah hati een verandering van ideea an holdningsendring zmiana podejścia mudança de opinião schimbare a atitudinii изменение намерений zmena zmýšľania sprememba mnenja promena stava sinnesförändring การเปลี่ยนทัศนคติ tutum değişikliği. smýšlení ِْ َ ّ holdningsskift die Sinnesänderung αλλαγή διάθεσης cambiar de idea meelemuutus ‫تغيير در‬ ‫ روحيات؛ تغيير ذائقه‬mielenmuutos changement d'avis ‫ לשנות את דעתו‬हृदयपिरवतरन duševni preokret ֹ ֲַ ֶ ֹ ׁ ְ ָ megváltozás perubahan sikap skipta um skoðun (il mutar d'animo). ustabil. nepastāvīgs berubah-ubah veranderlijk skiftende. mutevole 変わりやすい 변하기 쉬운 permainingas. klimakss perubahan hidup overgang overgangsalderen menopauza менопауза prechod. dinlenme 休假,休息 різноманітність ‫ تعطيل کی تبديلی‬kỳ nghỉ 休假 adj changeable changing often. nestalan ֶָ ְ ִ változékony sering berubah breytilegur variabile. in ander hande oorgaan. verandering ‫استراحه، عطله‬ َْ ُ َ ِ ْ промяна změna forandring die Abwechslung αλλαγή περιβάλλοντος cambio vaheldus ‫استراحت؛‬ ‫ تغيير آب وهوا‬vaihtelu changement ‫ שינוי‬छुटी इतयािद promjena változatosság pergantian suasana ּ ׁ ִ hvíld. veranderlik ‫ قابل للتغيير‬променлив ّ ٌِ proměnlivý. menopouse ‫ )سن اليأس )عند المرأه‬климактериум přechod overgangsalderen die َْ ّ ِ Wechseljahre εμμηνόπαυση la menopausia menopaus ‫ يائسگی גיל המ ֲבר‬रजोवृित klimakterij. ָ ‫ִ ַ ַע‬ menopauza a változás kora. fikir değiştirme 改變態度 зміна ставлення. kararsız 易變的,變化無常的 мінливий ‫ قابل تبديلی‬hay ِ thay đổi 可变的 change hands to pass into different ownership This car has changed hands three times. ustabil.

van plan verander ‫ يغير رأيه‬променям (си) решението rozmyslit si to skifte َ ْ َ َّ ُ mening sich anders besinnen αλλάζω γνώμη cambiar de idea meelt muutma ‫تغيير عقيده دادن؛‬ muuttaa mieltään changer d'avis ‫ לשנות את הדעת‬राय बदलना predomisliti se meggondolja magát ַ ַּ ֶ ֹ ׁ ְ ָ ָ mengubah pikiran skipta um skoðun cambiare idea/opinione 考えを 変 える 생각을 바꾸다 apsigalvoti pārdomāt menukar fikiran van gedachte veranderen forandre/endre mening zmieniać zdanie mudar de ideia a se răzgândi передумать rozmyslieť si to premisliti si predomisliti se ändra sig การเปลี่ยนความตั้งใจ fikrini değiştirmek 改變主意 передумати ‫ ارادے ميں تبديلی‬thay đổi quyết định 改变主意 for a change to be different. To stop or postpone (a game) because of bad weather. d. To demand or ask for a meeting of. To describe the intended outcome of (one's billiard shot) before playing. a. calling out numbers. To indicate a decision in regard to: calling balls and strikes. summon: She was called for jury duty. To give the command for. . call the police. To designate. To declare in the capacity of an umpire or referee: call a runner out. To give the orders or signals for: a quarterback who called a poor play. 2. 9. To demand payment of: call a loan. 8. 4. so we'll walk for a change. called. 6. To force the sale of (a stock or commodity) by exercising a call option. a. calls v. c. Games a. announce: called my name from across the street. To demand or ask for the presence of: called the children to dinner. convene or convoke: call the legislature into alter one's intention or opinion (about something) He was going to go to France but he changed his mind. call (kôl) v. To communicate or try to communicate with by telephone: called me at nine. c. for variety We're tired of the car. 1. I'd hardly call him a good manager. characterize: Let's call the game a draw. To cause to come to the mind or to attention: a story that calls to mind an incident in my youth. b. order: call a work stoppage. call·ing. To equal the bet of (the preceding bet or bettor) in a poker game. 7. To consider or regard as being of a particular type or kind. 11. 3. darkness. or other adverse conditions. 14. To name: What will you call the baby? 10. call a penalty for holding. 5. b. To say in a loud voice. label: Nobody calls me a liar. He was called to the priesthood. To dial (a telephone number): call 911 for help. To lure (prey) by imitating the characteristic cry of an animal: call ducks. To order or request to undertake a particular activity or work. To require the presentation of (a bond) for redemption before maturity. 12. Sports a. 13. b. called a close play at home plate.

See Synonyms at predict. An option to buy a certain quantity of a stock or commodity for a specified price within a specified time. 1. 9. such as that made by a horn or bell. To communicate the need for (someone) to return from one situation or location to a previous one: Management called the laid-off workers back. 14. 13. A summons or invitation. A claim on a person's time or life: the call of duty. To shout directions in rhythm for (a square dance). 10. To telephone or radio (a person) who has called previously: I called her back at noon. A roll call. A sound or an instrument made to imitate such a cry. A strong inner urge or prompting. b. d. as by a sportscaster. The strong attraction or appeal of a given activity or environment: the call of the wild. An announced description of a game or race. To indicate or characterize accurately in advance. b. Used of an animal: geese calling in early morning. A demand for payment of a debt. a. To speak loudly. but no one answered. A notice of rehearsal times posted in a theater. The characteristic cry of an animal. 4. answered the call of the desert. A demand to submit bonds to the issuer for redemption before the maturity date. a shout. a. To communicate or try to communicate with someone by telephone: I called twice. a vocation: a call to the priesthood. 3. A telephone communication or connection. a. 5. c. 11. The sounding of a horn to encourage hounds during a hunt. Phrasal Verbs: call back 1. a. a. 16. Sports a. 3. n. A demand for payment due on stock bought on margin when the value has shrunk. especially one made as a formality or for business or professional purposes. 8. A short visit. 1. 2. 2. b. Need or occasion: There was no call for an apology. To utter a characteristic cry. A direction or series of directions rhythmically called out to square dancers. used as a lure: a moose call. To challenge the truthfulness or genuineness of: called the debater on a question of fact. 12. b. He called on the neighbors but they weren't home. v. 2. b. 7. To recall (a defective product) for repair: The company has called back all such models built in .intr. A loud cry. 17. 6. A decision made by an umpire or referee. To pay a short visit: We called to pay our respects. b. A signal. predict: It is often difficult to call the outcome of an election. 15. 3. shout: a swimmer who was calling for help. Demand: There isn't much call for buggy whips today.15.

To bring forth for action or discussion. 2. as from heaven. 2. To summon for assistance or consultation: call in a specialist. To find fault with. call down 1. Idioms: call a spade a spade To speak directly. To cause to assemble. as on someone else's premises. call up 1. To challenge to a duel. To communicate with another by telephone: Has the boss called in today? call off 1. To make a demand or a series of demands on: Social institutions are now being called upon to provide assistance to the homeless. for the remainder of the night. call on To order or request to undertake a particular activity: called on our friends to help. 2. quit. call forth To evoke. call (someone's) bluff . To appear. To require. 3. To invoke. To summon to active military service: called up reserve troops for active duty. and forthrightly. 2. raise. To restrain or recall: Call off your dogs. 3. To take out of circulation: calling in silver dollars. call in/into question To raise doubts about. precisely. call of nature A need to urinate or defecate. To order. call it a day Informal To stop what one has been doing. call it a night Informal To stop what one has been doing. for the remainder of the day or at least for the present. bring to mind: stories that call up old times. require: I call upon you to tell the truth. 2. in order to get: My chauffeur will call for you at seven. To be an appropriate occasion for: This news calls for champagne. call names To speak to or about another in offensive terms. call for 1. To cause one to remember. called the trip off. To cancel or postpone: call off a trip. call it quits Informal To stop working or trying. 3. demand: work that calls for patience. call in 1.1990. elicit: a love song that calls forth sad memories. summon: call out the guard. call out 1. 2. reprimand: The teacher called me down for disobedience. call upon 1. 2. Often used with answer: He left the room to answer the call of nature.

as in She calls herself intelligent or He calls himself a dancer. dancing). redeemable bond. summoned a witness. etc. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. even though they may think they are. (tr) to designate they called him a coward 10. Subject to payment on demand. will convoke the legislature. usually foll by for) to give an order (for) to call a strike 15. Available when summoned for service or use: physicians who were on call for 48 hours. (Business / Commerce) (tr) to demand repayment of (a loan. (tr) to attract (attention) 13. security. (tr) to cause to assemble to call a meeting 18. other than specified) (tr) Sport (of an umpire. register. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. (tr) Brit dialect to speak ill of or scold 11.) to pass judgment upon (a shot. 2. Our Living Language African American Vernacular English (AAVE) uses call oneself with a present participle. etc. call the shots/tune Informal To exercise authority. player. (tr) to name or style they called the dog Rover 9. other than specified) (Team Sports. be in charge. within call Close enough to come if summoned: The nurse is within call if you need him. as in They call themselves dancing. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. This construction has a structure and meaning similar to the Standard English use of call oneself with a noun phrase or adjective. (Individual Sports. see gal. sometimes foll by on) to make a visit (to) she called on him 4. (tr) to regard in a specific way I call it a foolish waste of time 12. (tr) to ask or order to come to call a policeman 3.) with a call 19.To challenge another with a display of strength or confidence. etc. (tr) to summon (a bird or animal) by imitating its cry 8. (of animals or birds) to utter (a characteristic sound or cry) 7. muster. summon These verbs mean to demand or request to appear. etc. (tr) to summon to a specific office. etc. etc. convene. come.] Synonyms: call. (intr. (Communication Arts / Broadcasting) (tr) Austral and NZ to broadcast a commentary on (a horse race or other sporting event) 20. (tr) to read (a list.) . [Middle English callen. probably from Old Norse kalla. convoke. mustering the militia.) aloud to check for omissions or absentees 14. (often foll by out) to speak or utter (words. sounds. he was called to the ministry 6. to express the idea that the people being talked about are not very good at what they're doing (in this example. call [kɔːl] vb 1. Indo-European roots. All rights reserved. (intr) to try to predict the result of tossing a coin 16. on call 1. (often foll by up) to telephone (a person) he called back at nine 5. or assemble: called a taxi. (when tr. (tr) to awaken I was called early this morning 17. convened a meeting. Updated in 2009. referee.) loudly so as to attract attention he called out her name 2.

foll by on or upon) to make an appeal or request (to) they called upon him to reply 30. a conversation or a request for a connection by telephone 17. intended to imitate the cry of a bird or animal 4. bugle. Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) (tr. (Economics. match. (tr) to predict the outcome of an event we don't know yet if the plan has succeeded because it's too soon to call call into being to create call into play to begin to operate call in or into question See question [12] call it a day to stop work or other activity too close to call (of the outcome of a competition. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Hunting) Hunting any of several notes or patterns of notes. the characteristic cry of a bird or animal 3. often foll by up) Accounting to demand payment of (a portion of a share issue not yet paid by subscribers) 22. (Law) (tr) Brit to award (a student at an Inn of Court) the degree of barrister (esp in the phrase call to the bar) 23. an imitation of the characteristic cry of a wild animal or bird to lure it to the hunter b. (Performing Arts / Dancing) (in square-dancing) to call out (instructions) to the dancers 27. foll by for) a. esp of a place the call of the forest 11. election. (as modifier) call money . to come or go (for) in order to fetch I will call for my book later 29. or occasion there is no call to shout we don't get much call for stockings these days 13. demand. a cry or shout 2. (Group Games / Card Games) (tr) Poker to demand that (a player) expose his hand. a summons or invitation 5. (Law) Brit the summons to the bar of a student member of an Inn of Court 12. etc. (Group Games / Bridge) (intr) Bridge to make a bid 26. after equalling his bet 25. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Hunting) Hunting a. (Performing Arts / Dancing) (in square dancing) an instruction to execute new figures 16. etc. a demand for repayment of a loan b. an instrument for producing such an imitation 8. (Group Games / Billiards & Snooker) Billiards to ask (a player) to say what kind of shot he will play or (of a player) to name his shot 28.) unable to be predicted call to mind to remember or cause to be remembered n 1. 6. vocation 10. a summons or signal sounded on a horn. an inner urge to some task or profession. (Electronics & Computer Science / Computer Science) (tr) Computing to transfer control to (a named subprogram) 24.21. allure or fascination. need. (intr. (intr. (Performing Arts / Theatre) Theatre a notice to actors informing them of times of rehearsals 15. such as a whistle. a short visit the doctor made six calls this morning 9. a device. demand or claim (esp in the phrase the call of duty) 14. to require this problem calls for study b. blown on a hunting horn as a signal 7. (Business / Commerce) Commerce a.

a telephone call to a radio station or a television station in which the caller participates in the on-going program crank call . other than specified) Sport a decision of an umpire or referee regarding a shot. (Group Games / Bridge) Bridge a bid.a telephone call that the receiving party is asked to pay for call-in . Accounting & Finance / Stock Exchange) call for margin Stock Exchange a demand made by a stockbroker for partial payment of a client's debt due to decreasing value of the collateral call of nature See nature [16] on call a. (Communication Arts / Broadcasting) Austral a broadcast commentary on a horse race or other sporting event 25. 1998.) repayable on demand b. a demand for redeemable bonds or shares to be presented for repayment b. a decision or judgment it's your call 23.a telephone call in which more than two people participate wake-up call . call out. (Group Games / Billiards & Snooker) Billiards a demand to an opponent to say what kind of shot he will play 20. Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) Finance a. etc. 24.a hostile telephone call (from a crank) local call .a telephone call made within a local calling area long distance. (Economics. "she reported several anonymous calls".transmitting speech at a distance call-back . Old High German kallōn. available to be called for work outside normal working hours within call within range. etc. call off. (Economics. (Economics. long-distance call. (Military) See roll call (Economics.a telephone connection. other than specified) (Team Sports. 2003 ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. related to Old Norse kalla.18. accessible See also call down. "he heard the phone ringing but didn't want to take the call" phone call.a return call collect call . telephone call telephony. a demand for an instalment payment on the issue price of bonds or shares 19. call forth. (Group Games / Card Games) Poker a demand for a hand or hands to be exposed 21. trunk call . call up [Old English ceallian. Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) (of a loan. call in. Old Slavonic glasǔ voice] Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. pitch. (Individual Sports. 1994.a telephone call made outside the local calling area. or a player's turn to bid 22.a telephone call that you request be made a specific time in order to . 2000. "I talked to her by long distance" conference call . "he placed a phone call to London". Compare put [20] 26. call . Accounting & Finance / Stock Exchange) Also called call option Stock Exchange an option to buy a stated amount of securities at a specified price during a specified period. telephone .

birdsong. "senior professors' wives no longer make afternoon calls on newcomers". "he gave a great halloo but no one heard him" hoot .a shout to attract attention.a loud utterance.the use of uttered sounds for auditory communication bellow.a yell intended to rally a group of soldiers in battle yelling.m. holla.a brief social visit. "whatever it was he didn't like it and he was going to let them know by making as loud a noise as he could" extravagantly loud outcry. shrieking. "he had an inclination to give up too easily". bird . hollering. hollo. roaring . war cry . "he was disappointed that he had not heard the Call" inclination. clamouring. razz. song animal communication . Bronx cheer.communication between animals (of the same species) bell-like call .sharp piercing cry. screeching .a loud hooting cry of exultation or excitement battle cry. "his demands for attention were unceasing" call . holloa. clamour. "she screamed blue murder" catcall .an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others." Call .a birdcall having two notes.a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal). "he . clamor .a cry expressing disapproval clamoring. hiss. "the two-note call of the cuckoo" call . outcry. war whoop.a loud outcry of protest or complaint. "her screaming attracted the neighbors" whoop . wake you up at that time (especially in hotels). "the announcement of the election recount caused a lot of noise". shriek. snort. raspberry. "he ignored the clamor of the crowd" halloo . rallying cry. 3. 5. roar. "she left a wake-up call for 7 a. "a bird will not learn its song unless it hears it at an early age" birdcall. vociferation.a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt call .an urgent or peremptory request.loud and persistent outcry from many people. screaming.2. "the characters in Henry James' novels are forever paying calls on each other. yowl. 4. hoot.a special disposition (as if from a divine source) to pursue a particular course. "the speaker was interrupted by loud cries from the rear of the audience" cry. screech.a loud raucous cry (as of an owl) hosanna .uttering a loud inarticulate cry as of pain or excitement yodel . razzing. "his bellow filled the hallway" blue murder . 6. disposition . holler.a cry of praise or adoration (to God) noise .a birdcall that resembles the tone of a bell two-note call . usually in the parlor of some residence" visit . vocalization . bellowing.a songlike cry in which the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal voice and falsetto boo. shouting .a demand especially in the phrase "the call of duty" claim demand . tendency. "a tendency to be too strict" call . hue and cry.the act of going to see some person or place or thing for a short time. shout. often in protest or opposition. yell utterance.the characteristic sound produced by a bird.

use a name to active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition 13. "we enjoyed our round of the local bars" visit . instruction.ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality. after the subroutine is executed control returns to the next instruction in main program program line. call . "the salesman's call on a customer" round .a call to return.a demand for a show of hands in a card game. statement. "the burden of decision was his".dropped by for a visit" 7. system call .a game played with playing cards demand . "his demands for attention were unceasing" 9. cards . "the recall of our ambassador" 10. "not many calls for buggywhips" asking. sport . "many calls for Christmas stories".the verbal act of requesting recall . "the pastor's calls on his parishioners".the option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date call option straddle.the act of going to see some person in a professional capacity. call .a visit in an official or professional capacity. "The new school was named after the famous Civil Rights leader" name call .(computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program supervisor call instruction. "Christians refer to the mother of Jesus as the Virgin Mary" style. "She called her children lazy and ungrateful" baptise. "They styled their nation `The Confederate States'" .an instruction that interrupts the program being executed and passes control to the supervisor 11. call . call . call .the act of sitting or standing astride option .the right to buy or sell property at an agreed price.assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to. "the doctor goes on his rounds first thing every morning". "the postman's rounds".designate by an identifying term. baptize. "The parents had the child baptized" refer . call .a call that passes control to a subroutine. call .a demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement margin call demand .(often plural) a series of professional calls (usually in a set order). "his demands for attention were unceasing" 8. "a visit to the dentist" urgent or peremptory request. request .an urgent or peremptory request. determination.administer baptism to.the act of making up your mind about something. "He called me a bastard". christen . "Pascal performs calls by simply giving the name of the routine to be executed" function call . conclusion . "They named their son David". title . "after two raises there was a call" card game. span . the right is purchased and if it is not exercised by a stated date the money is forfeited Verb 1. "he was ejected for protesting the call" instruction that interrupts the program being executed. command . call .(sports) the decision made by an umpire or referee.a request. "he drew his conclusions quickly" athletics.

"If the train is late. misname . title. "He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand" ululate. "She calls him by first name" 2. ring telephony. name . etc. call . cry . yawl. "She called her children lazy and ungrateful" call . shout out.emit long loud cries.shout.consider or regard as being.make a phone call. let out. outcry. "`I won!' he exclaimed". "I would not call her beautiful" miscall. scream. shout. call . exclaim. "A transmitter in Samoa was heard calling" 4.utter a sudden loud cry. hollo call .transmitting speech at a distance cell phone . as via the telephone or e-mail call .get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone.assign a label to.provide with a name or nickname label . "call in sick" telecommunicate . "She was branded a loose woman" call . howl. "howl . designate with a label. "Hawaii is calling!". phone. horror. "I tried to call you all night". call up. "The new school was named after the famous Civil Rights leader" label . "Call roll" 3. "These misnamed philanthropists" call. call . post . "She let out a big heavy sigh". utter. "`I'm here. as with a prescribed form. shriek.cry hollo hurrah .dub. "He always addresses me with `Sir'". as when greeting someone or attracting attention whoop .utter a shrill cry let loose. I will cell phone you" call in . shout. call out.assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to.utter in a loud voice or announce. yaup. "`Help!' she cried".assign in incorrect name to. "Call me Mister". emit . nickname . "These students were labelled `learning disabled'" address.mark or expose as infamous.shout `hurrah!' halloo .ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality. roar . make a signal to in order to transmit a message. designate with a label. entitle .assign a label to. "wail in self-pity". call . utter sounds (not necessarily words). holler. "I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me" cry.utter aloud. "The auctioneer called the bids" cry out.shout `halloo'. "she cried with pain when the doctor inserted the needle".give a title to term . audibly. often with surprise. wail. "call in to a radio station". "He called my name". "The children whooped when they were led to the picnic table" pipe. "They named their son David".read aloud to check for omissions or absentees.give a nickname to rename . squall.' the mother shouted when she saw her child looking lost" hollo . telephone . as if with joy or enthusiasm.. "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning" formally or designate with a term tag . or joy.greet. pipe up . yell. or name. up by using a cellular phone.assign a new name to.send a message or attempt to reach someone by radio.communicate over long distances. "He called me a bastard". "Many streets in the former East Germany were renamed in 1990" title. "These students were labelled `learning disabled'" brand.

quest .call. "She called for room service" send for. "Call the police!" send for order. summons. call forth. "She was called into the director's office". "The mother told the child to get dressed" call .call to to stop the hunt or to retire. "She was called into the director's office". such as to attend court beep .pay a brief visit.ask to come. ask out loudly. visit get together. request. kick up.give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority. hail . put forward. enjoin. 6. or request for a specific duty or activity. "The new dean calls meetings every week" mobilise.summon to return. mobilize. arouse. "The Wannsee Conference was called to discuss the `Final Solution'". "The mayor likes to call on some of the prominent citizens" call in. "I said to him to go home". or command to come. or command to come. "You should see a lawyer". "They called him to active military duty" summon. stir. "The Wannsee Conference was called to discuss the `Final Solution'". evoke. call up . meet .utter a harsh abrupt scream call out . conjure up. "Her behavior provoked a quarrel between the couple" call . "She requested an extra bed in her room". summon. "hail a cab" summon . conjure. call . "Call the police!" call .call to arms. mobilize. rally. "raise the specter of unemployment". "The ambassador was recalled to his country". military service. "he conjured wild birds in the air". skreak . as of hunting dogs muster .call to in an official matter. for.summon into action or bring into existence.make a stop in a harbour. call down. "I went to see my friend Mary the other day" come by. drop by. "We had to see a psychiatrist" see .evoke or provoke to appear or occur. work. drop in .visit informally and spontaneously. "Call roll" .express the need or desire for. request. request. or alert with a beeper call back. summon. "The company called back many of the workers it had laid off during the recession" call in . jury a meeting. invite or command to meet. evoke.order. a meeting. of military personnel call . often as if by magic.go to see for a social visit. tell. "She ordered him to do the shopping". with sorrow" skreigh. screech. squawk. provoke . call up . role. recall . bespeak.get together socially or for a specific purpose call .5. cite .order. "call down the spirits from the mountain" call forth. as of names or numbers call . "We frequently drop by the neighbors' house for a cup of coffee" call . invite or command to meet. raise . "The ship will call in Honolulu tomorrow" see . screak.summon to a particular activity or employment. etc. "He was already called 4 times for jury duty". "summon a lawyer" mobilise. "Experts were called in" lift . "The new dean calls meetings every week" call for. of military personnel bring up. say .read aloud to check for omissions or absentees. rally. 7.go to see for professional or business reasons.

phone. set back. prorogue. "He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand" 11. "Call me Mister".send a message or attempt to reach someone by radio.assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to. "The King will read the proclamation at noon" call .pay a brief visit. "He always addresses me with `Sir'". "bluejays called to one another" call . etc.make a demand. "He called me a bastard". table. "A transmitter in Samoa was heard calling" telecom. call . cards . "I tried to call you all night". utter sounds (not necessarily words).express audibly. "The bank demanded payment of the loan" 15. put over. in a card game underbid .communicate over long distances. "The mayor likes to call on some of the prominent citizens" 14. "they stopped for three days in Florence" call in. as for a card or a suit or a show of hands. "let's postpone the exam" 12.make a higher bid than (the previous bid or player). (one's partner's suit) at a higher level double . "She calls him by first name" address address. turn to . call . "She let out a big heavy sigh". "call a football game" postpone.interrupt a trip.a game played with playing cards play .bridge: make a demand for (a card or suit) outcall .make a stop in a harbour. ring .participate in games or sport. "Call ducks" let loose. let out. utter. telecommunication . as via the telephone or e-mail 10. demand . stop . "They named their son David".ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality. "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning" telecommunicate . make a signal to in order to transmit a message. emit . hold over hold back to a later . "we stopped at Aunt Mary's house". call . defer. or name. such as bad weather. visit.require the presentation of for redemption before maturation..greet. "He addressed the crowd outside the window" call. call . "play cards". "We played hockey all afternoon". name .stop or postpone because of adverse conditions. telephone.lure by imitating the characteristic call of an animal.utter a characteristic note or cry. "Hawaii is calling!". call up. (a hand of cards) at less than the strength of the hand warrants outbid . "Call a bond" exact.speak to. "Call a loan" call in call .(often plural) systems used in transmitting messages over a distance electronically phone. over an opponent's bid when one's partner has not bid or doubled . "The ship will call in Honolulu tomorrow" stop over. "He called his trump" bid card game.claim as due or just. call .demand payment of (a loan). call . put off. call . "She called her children lazy and ungrateful" 9. "The new school was named after the famous Civil Rights leader" 13. as with a prescribed form. and say out loud something that is written or printed.get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone. title. call . remit. "Pele played for the Brazilian teams in many important matches" raise .look at.

foretell. "The unions called a general strike for Sunday" order . pretend . "They called him to active military duty" request . gainsay . in spite of possible refutation. "judge held that the defendant was innocent" call .demand payment of (a loan). "He lured me into temptation" call .order or request or give a command for. "call balls and strikes behind the plate" athletics. "I bet she will be there!" forecast. predict.predict in advance prophesy. second-guess . the sky.interpret the significance of. "The fortune teller read his fate in the crystal ball" hazard.utter a characteristic note or cry.challenge (somebody) to make good on a statement. as of palms.challenge the sincerity or truthfulness of. call .predict or reveal state or express briefly. "She was declared incompetent". call . "She was called into the director's . "Call ducks" entice. "I requested that she type the entire manuscript" send for.make a prediction about.declare in the capacity of an umpire or referee. "Call the outcome of an election" forebode. "Order me some flowers". "I can't read his strange behavior". "bluejays called to one another" 23. ask . role. "call balls and strikes behind the plate" 22. tea leaves. "She challenged his claims" 21. lure. work. request. or command to come. calculate . "call the speaker on a question of fact" challenge. venture. "order a work stoppage" 24. dispute. "She asked him to be here at noon". call . "She read the sky and predicted rain". call .lure by imitating the characteristic call of an animal. vaticinate .predict from an omen bet. call . tempt . wager . "I am guessing that the price of real estate will rise again".overbid . request and expect. prognosticate. promise.order. "I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons" call in.declare in the capacity of an umpire or referee.require the presentation of for redemption before maturation.take exception to. call . call .declare to be. hold .maintain with or as if with a bet. declare. or as if through. "He deserves to be called on that" call .put active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition call . of a guess. or request for a specific duty or activity. "I cannot pretend to say that you are wrong" outguess. summon. anticipate read . call . sport .give the calls (to the dancers) for a square dance call off 17. call .to bid for more tricks than one can expect to win. also of human behavior.indicate a decision in regard to. divine inspiration 19. "Aren't we asking too much of these children?". intestines. "Call a loan" 20. require.consider obligatory. call . preempt . call .make a request for something.make a preemptive bid in the game of bridge 16. "Call a bond" expect.ask (a person) to do something. "indicated his wishes in a letter" 18. guess. "call a runner out" indicate .provoke someone to do something through (often false or exaggerated) promises or persuasion. charge with or censure for an offense.indicate a decision in regard to. "call a runner out" adjudge. "He was already called 4 times for jury duty". tell in advance.attempt to anticipate or predict augur . "We require our secretary to be on time".

"I consider her to be shallow". gather. contact. collect The group promised to call a meeting of shareholders. view. speak softly 4. summon. shout out. holler.0. call verb 1. estimate. convene. invite. 2. rouse I'm late for work! Why didn't you call me earlier? noun 1. awaken. pop in (informal) He called at the house every day to ask how I was. cry out. summon. see . ring (up) (informal. cry. yell. give (someone) a bell (Brit. announce. proclaim. buzz (informal). visit. hollo. regard as His own party called him a traitor. "she cried with pain when the doctor inserted the needle". rally. style. phone call. cancel. scream. assemble. 2. fetch We'd better call the doctor. . "I don't see the situation quite as negatively as you do" call . 7. whoop `Boys!' she called.ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality. call . bell (informal). "She views this quite differently from me". call . dispute.). summon. consider. think. waken. Farlex Inc. wake up.". christen. shout. "She let out a big heavy sigh"." Based on WordNet 3. drop in (informal). call . stop by. describe as. hail. "I would not call her beautiful" consider. slang) Will you call me as soon as you hear anything? 5. refer to as. "I was called at 5 A. phone.cause to become awake or conscious. excuse.M. name. halloo He called me over the tannoy.deem to be.utter a sudden loud cry. label. reckon.consider or regard as being. denominate They called their daughter Mischa.challenge the sincerity or truthfulness of. regard. judge. term. "call the speaker on a question of fact" challenge. arouse . "He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand" 26. "She called her children lazy and ungrateful" 28. go to. "The auctioneer called the bids" cry. charge with or censure for an offense. entitle. contact.rouse somebody from sleep with a call. 6.challenge (somebody) to make good on a statement. "He called me a bastard".take exception to. "He deserves to be called on that" 27. send for. this morning" awaken. shout. come. "She challenged his claims" call . telephone call. rouse. emit . yell. "Please wake me at 6 audibly. utter sounds (not necessarily words). tinkle (informal). call . 9. chiefly Brit. mutter. 'Dinner's ready!' cry whisper. summon dismiss. visit He decided to pay a call on Mr Cummings. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. 3. arouse. squall. gainsay . call . "Call the police!" 25. "I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me" let loose. convoke. disperse. be quiet. call off 8. murmur. wake. Farlex clipart collection. designate. "He was roused by the drunken men in the street". telephone.utter in a loud voice or announce. describe as. dub. address. contact. ring (informal) I got a call from him late last night. "He called my name". waken. be silent. utter. let out. muster.

call someone up 1. appeal to. informal). call up. invoke. request. ask. forget about. draw. chiefly Brit. necessity I'm afraid there's not much call for that product round here. ring (chiefly Brit. 6. excuse. be in control. put a call through to. slang). muster The United States has called up some 150. look up. market. plea. demand. supplication There was a call by the trade unions for members to stay home for the duration of the strike. dial. supplicate He was frequently called on to resolve conflicts. give (someone) a bell (Brit. pull (informal). notice. visit. give (someone) a ring (informal. call on someone 1. entreat. pick up. murmur call for someone fetch. demand. see I'm leaving early tomorrow to call on a friend. 4. buzz (informal). require. collect. shout. request. give someone a tinkle (Brit. demand.3. demand (usually used in a negative construction) need. drop in on. occasion. get on the blower to (informal) He called me up to ask how I was. call for something 1. abandon. call the shots be in charge. mutter. command. 2. order. claim There was no call for him to talk to you like he did. cry. justification. lure. cry out for They angrily called for his resignation. yell. appeal. magnetism a sailor who could not resist the call of the sea 7. invite.). call something off cancel. reason. enlist. scrap. grounds. 5. countermand He has called off the trip. 2002 Translations Select a language: Afrikaans / Afrikaans Arabic / ‫العربية‬ Bulgarian / Български . drop. attractiveness. draft. give (someone) a buzz (informal). 2. phone.000 military reservists. 2. cry whisper. look in on. occasion. whoop He heard calls coming from the cellar. order. invitation. allure. appeal. entail. put off. scream. need (usually used in a negative construction) cause. necessitate It's a situation that calls for a blend of delicacy and force. announcement.). requirement. scratch. recruit. need. involve. insist on.) I shall call for you at 7 o'clock. give (someone) a call. summons. abort. telephone. give the orders He's the one who calls the shots around here. uplift (Scot. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. attraction. summon. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995. call upon. request. put on ice. bid.

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(imitating animal's cry) → chilla f they came at my call → acudieron a mi llamada please give me a call at seven (in hotel) → despiérteme a las siete. [of bird] → canto m. (imitating bird's cry) → reclamo m. N 1. llamado(LAM) (Aer) (for flight) → anuncio m (Theat) (to actor) → llamamiento m a call went to the fire brigade → se llamó a los bomberos he's had a call to the Palace → le han llamado a palacio to answer the call (Rel) → acudir al llamamiento the boat sent out a call for help → el barco emitió una llamada de socorro there were calls for the Minister's resignation → hubo quienes pidieron la dimisión del ministro a call for a strike → una convocatoria de huelga a call for congress papers → una convocatoria de ponencias para un congreso to be on call (= on duty) → estar de guardia.Thai / ภาษาไทย Turkish / Türkçe Ukrainian / українська Urdu / ‫اردو‬ Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt ----------------------call [kɔːl] A. telefonear(ESP LAM) 3. (Telec) → llamada f long-distance call → conferencia f to make a call → llamar(por teléfono). (= appeal. summons. llamado m (LAM). (= shout) → grito m. invitation) → llamamiento m. por favor. (= cry) → llamada f. (= available) → estar disponible money on call → dinero m a la vista the minister sent out a call to the country to remain calm → el ministro hizo un llamamiento al país para que conservara la calma . reclamo m. hacer una llamada. (at friend's) → llámame a las siete within call → al alcance de la voz 2.

(Bridge) → marca f.4. (Telec) → llamar(por teléfono) I'll call you tomorrow → te llamo mañana London called you this morning → esta mañana le llamaron desde Londres don't call us. (= need) → motivo m you had no call to say that → no tenías motivo alguno para decir eso there is no call for alarm → no tienen por qué asustarse 7. recibirse de abogado(LAM) he felt called to serve God → se sentía llamado a servir al Señor to call a strike → convocar una huelga to call sb as a witness → citar a algn como testigo 3. [+ meeting. (= announce) [+ flight] → anunciar 5. (= lure) → llamada f the call of duty → la llamada del deber to answer the call of nature (euph) → hacer sus necesidades fisiológicas the call of the sea → la llamada del mar the call of the unknown → la llamada de lo desconocido 5. (= shout out) [+ name. (= waken) → despertar. to have a close call → escapar por un pelo. describe) → llamar to be called → llamarse I'm called Peter → me llamo Peter what are you called? → ¿cómo te llamas? . election] → convocar to be called to the Bar (Brit) (Jur) → licenciarse como abogado. (= claim) to have first call on sth (resources etc) → tener prioridad en algo. taxi] → llamar. (= name. (= visit) (also Med) → visita f the boat makes a call at Vigo → el barco hace escala en Vigo to pay a call on sb → ir a ver a algn. (= summon) [+ doctor. we'll call you → no se moleste en llamar. salvarse de milagro that was a close call → eso fue cosa de milagro B. person] → llamar. VT 1. (= demand) → demanda f (for de) there isn't much call for these now → hay poca demanda de éstos ahora 8. llamar please call me at eight → me llama or despierta a las ocho. gritar did you call me? → ¿me llamaste? they called me to see it → me llamaron para que lo viese see also attention A1 see also halt A1 see also name A2 see also shot B4 see also tune A1 2. hacer una visita a algn port of call → puerto m de escala 6. por favor 6. nosotros le llamaremos 4. (when buying it) → tener opción de compra sobre algo there are many calls on my time → hay muchos asuntos que requieren mi atención the UN has many calls on its resources → la ONU reparte sus recursos en muchos frentes 9. voz f whose call is it? → ¿a quién le toca declarar? 10.

VI 1. call centre m call girl N → prostituta f (que concierta citas por teléfono) call letters NPL (US) (Telec) → letras fpl de identificación. (Telec) (= call again) → volver a llamar. (= recall) → hacer volver B. (= cry. sing) [bird] → cantar did you call? → ¿me llamaste? to call to sb → llamar a algn 2. (= return call) → devolver la llamada a 2. (= return call) → devolver la llamada can you call back later? I'm busy just now → ¿puede volver a llamar dentro de un rato? ahora no puedo atenderlo . (= consider) I call it an insult → para mí eso es un insulto let's call it £50 → quedamos en 50 libras I had nothing I could call my own → no tenía más que lo puesto what time do you call this? (iro) → ¿qué hora crees que es? call yourself a friend? (iro) → ¿y tú dices que eres un amigo? let's call it a day → ya basta por hoy 8. (Telec) who's calling? → ¿de parte de quién?. VI + ADV 1. (Bridge) → declarar to call three spades → declarar tres picas 10. pasar por. anunciar it's too close to call → la cosa está muy igualada or reñida 9. CPD call centre N (Brit) (Telec) → centro m de atención al cliente. [+ result] (of election. (US) (Sport) [+ game] → suspender C. (= visit) → pasar(a ver) please call again (Comm) → gracias por su visita D. ¿me está llamando mentiroso? 7. se vio obligado a ausentarse(frm) (from de) to be called away on business → tener que ausentarse por razones de trabajo or asuntos de negocios call back A.they call each other by their surnames → se llaman por los apellidos what are they calling him? → ¿qué nombre le van a poner? they're calling the boy John → al niño le van a llamar John I called him a liar → lo llamé mentiroso are you calling me a liar? → ¿me está diciendo que soy un mentiroso?. (= shout) [person] → llamar. race) → hacer público. [+ port] → hacer escala en call away VT + ADV he was called away → tuvo que salir or marcharse. (Telec) (= call again) → volver a llamar a. indicativo m call loan N (Fin) → préstamo m cobrable a la vista call money N (Fin) → dinero m a la vista call number N (US) [of library book] → número m de catalogación call option N (St Ex) → opción f de compra a precio fijado call sign N (Rad) → (señal f de) llamada f call signal N (Telec) → código m de llamada call aside VT + ADV [+ person] → llamar aparte call at VI + PREP [+ house] → visitar. VT + ADV 1. ¿quién(le)llama? London calling (Rad) → aquí Londres 3.

lanzar maldiciones contra algn 2. (= demand) → exigir a algn que haga algo he called (up)on the nation to be strong → hizo un llamamiento a la nación para que se mostrara fuerte 3. (Comm etc) (= withdraw) [+ faulty goods. (also call upon) (= appeal) to call (up)on sb for help → pedir ayuda a algn. VI + ADV → venir. race] → cancelar. loan] → pedir la devolución de B. (= summon) [+ doctor. (= summon) [+ wine. [+ book. rescue services] → llamar. ask for) → llamar to call out for help → pedir ayuda . prever call forth VT + ADV → sacar. (liter) [+ blessings] → pedir (on para) to call curses down on sb → maldecir a algn. police] → llamar a 2. expert. [+ goods] → recoger 4. action] → exigir. regresar(LAM) I'll call back later → volveré más tarde call down VT + ADV 1. [+ deal] → anular. (US) (= scold) → echar la bronca a. [+ protest] → motivar. (= shout out) [+ name] → gritar 2. (= demand) [+ courage. [+ remark] → inspirar. suspender. (= visit) → pasar a ver 2. provocar call in A. [+ search] → abandonar. [+ troops] → hacer intervenir to call workers out on strike → llamar a los obreros a la huelga B. pasar to call in on sb → pasar a ver a algn we can call in on James on the way home → podemos pasar a ver a James de camino a casa call in any time → ven cuando quieras. VT + ADV 1. Brown call out A.2. (also call upon) (= invite to speak) → ceder or pasar la palabra a I now call (up)on Mr Brown to speak → cedo la palabra al Sr. (= cancel) [+ meeting. [+ doctor. (= collect) [+ person] → pasar a buscar. VT + ADV 1. pasa por aquí cuando quieras call off VT + ADV 1. for help etc) → gritar call out for VI + PREP (= require) → pedir. bill] → pedir to call for help → pedir auxilio 2. VI + ADV (in pain. (US) (= predict) → pronosticar. (= summon) → hacer entrar. dar por terminado the strike was called off → se desconvocó la huelga 2. [+ dog] → llamar(para que no ataque) call on VI + PREP 1. requerir this calls for firm measures → esto exige or requiere unas medidas contundentes this calls for a celebration! → ¡esto hay que celebrarlo! 3. (= return) → volver. acudir a algn pidiendo ayuda to call (up)on sb to do sth (= appeal) → apelar a algn para que haga algo. poner verde a call for VI + PREP 1. currency] → retirar. (= summon.

to call sb names → insulter qn (= summon) → appeler We called the police → Nous avons appelé la police. (= phone) [+ person. passer voir qn . 1993. 2003. number] → appeler This is the number to call → C'est le numéro à appeler. Ltd. (Telec) → llamar(por teléfono) 3. 2000. 1971. [+ press conference] → donner [+ strike] → lancer vi (= phone) → appeler I'll tell him you called → Je lui dirai que vous avez appelé.the situation calls out for an urgent solution → la situación exige una solución urgente to call out for sb to do sth → pedir a algn que haga algo call over VT + ADV → llamar call round VI + ADV → pasar por casa I'll call round in the morning → pasaré por ahí por la mañana to call round to see sb → ir de visita a casa de algn call together VT + ADV → convocar. 1997. animal] → cri m (= summons) (for flight) → appel m (= lure) → appel m (= visit) → visite f to pay a call on sb → rendre visite à qn. 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. reunir call up VT + ADV 1. cri m [bird.Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. 1996. (= describe as) → traiter de to call sb sth He called me an idiot → Il m'a traité d'idiot. (Mil) → llamar para el servicio militar 2. (= announce) [+ flight] → annoncer (= arrange) [+ meeting] → convoquer. [+ memories] → traer a la memoria call upon VI + PREP (frm) see call on Collins Spanish Dictionary . who is calling? → c'est de la part de qui? (= shout) → crier (= visit) → passer (RADIO) London calling → ici Londres too close to call → imprévisible n (= shout) → appel m. 2005 call [ˈkɔːl] vt (= name) → appeler Everyone calls him Jimmy → Tout le monde l'appelle Jimmy.

faire venir [+ books] → faire rentrer vi (= visit) → passer (= phone) to call in sick → téléphoner pour prévenir qu'on est malade call off vt sep (= cancel) [+ match. nurse] → être de permanence He's on call this evening → Il est de permanence ce soir. (= demand) → exiger call in vt sep [+ doctor. local call. to have no call to do sth (= be wrong to) → n'avoir aucun motif de faire qch (= decision) (by referee. There's not much call for soldiers once the fighting's over BUT On ne fait plus guère appel aux soldat une fois les combats terminés. (= demand) → demande f not much call for sth There's not much call for these items → Ces articles ne sont pas très demandés. expert. to make a call → téléphoner. [+ strike] (before it begins) → annuler. call on vt fus (= visit) → rendre visite à.(also telephone call) → appel m. trip] → annuler. phone call. passer voir . vt sep (= phone back) → rappeler call for vt fus (= come for) → passer prendre. (listed on bill) → communication f Thanks for your call → Merci de votre appel. [+ engagement] → rompre The match was called off → Le match a été annulé. passer chercher I'll call for you at 2. umpire) → décision d'arbitrage)f > (fig) → décision f it's their call → la décision leur appartient to have first call on sth (= first refusal on) → avoir la priorité sur qch call at vt fus [ship] → faire escale à [train] → s'arrêter à call back vi (= return) → repasser (= phone again) → rappeler I'll call back at 6 o'clock → Je rappellerai à six heures. passer un coup de fil to give sb a call → téléphoner à qn Please give me a call at 7 → Appelez-moi à 7 heures. police] → appeler. (after it has started) → mettre fin à The strike was called off after three days → On a mis fin à la grève au bout de trois jours.30 → Je passerai te prendre à deux heures et demie. long-distance call to be on call [doctor.

→ Beanspruchung f. the sudden rain made for heavy calls on the emergency services → die plötzlichen Regenfälle bedeuteten eine starke Belastung der Notdienste. jdm einen Besuch abstatten (form). to give somebody a call → jdn anrufen. als ich rief. [+ police. (of religion) → Berufung f. (fig) → Station f. to answer a call of nature (euph) → mal kurz verschwinden gehen (inf). (= inform sb) → jdm Bescheid sagen. the call of nature → die Stimme der Natur. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 CALL abbr of = computer-assisted language learning → computergestütztes Sprachlernen call n (= shout. to be on call → Bereitschaftsdienst haben. I’ll give you a call → ich rufe Sie an. port of call → Anlaufhafen m. a call for help (lit. to be on call → telefonisch erreichbar sein. (of bugle) → Signal nt. the call of duty → der Ruf der Pflicht. they came at my call → sie kamen auf meinen Ruf hin. of person. cry. claim) → Inanspruchnahme f. → Verlockung f. bird etc) → Ruf m. to pay a call on somebody → jdn besuchen. (fig: = lure) → Ruf m. that’s your call! (Theat) → Ihr Auftritt!. the Call or call came when he was 17 → mit 17 Jahren spürte er die Berufung. within call → in Rufweite f. to take a call → ein Gespräch entgegennehmen. callbox [ˈkɔːlbɒks] n (British) (= phone box) → cabine f téléphonique (mainly US) (= emergency phone) → borne f d'urgence call centre (British) call center (US) n → centre m d'appels Collins English/French Electronic Resource. to have first call on something → ein Vorrecht nt → auf etw (acc) → haben at or on call (Fin) → auf Abruf . (Theat: to actors) → Aufruf m. I have several calls to make → ich muss noch einige Besuche machen. → Anruf m. kamen sie. to pay a call (euph) → mal verschwinden (inf) (= demand. he acted above and beyond the call of duty → er handelte über die bloße Pflichterfüllung hinaus. will you take the call? → nehmen Sie das Gespräch an? (= summons) (for call on sb to do sth (= invite) → inviter qn à faire qch (= urge) → demander instamment à qn de faire qch call out vi (= utter a cry) → pousser un cri (= shout) → crier vt sep (= summon) [+ doctor] → appeler. troops] → faire appel à [+ question] → crier to call out sth to sb → crier qch à qn call up vt sep [+ recruits] → appeler. the doctor had a call at midnight → der Arzt wurde um Mitternacht zu einem Patienten gerufen. (Comm) → Nachfrage f → (for nach). to have many calls on one’s purse/time → finanziell/zeitlich sehr in Anspruch genommen sein. (= wake sb) → jdn wecken. to give somebody a call → jdn (herbei)rufen. mobiliser (= phone) → téléphoner à call box call-box. meal) → Aufruf m. to issue a call for unity → zur Einigkeit aufrufen (= visit) → Besuch m. fig) → ein Hilferuf m (= telephone call) → Gespräch nt.

000 calls → 1. what’s this called in German? → wie heißt das auf Deutsch?. he was called home (US) or to his maker (liter) → er ist in die Ewigkeit abberufen worden ? mind. → öffentlicher Fernsprecher callboy n (Theat) → Inspizientengehilfe m (der die Schauspieler zu ihrem Auftritt ruft) callcard n (esp Ir) → Telefonkarte f call centre n (Brit) → Telefoncenter nt. to call to somebody → jdm zurufen (= visit) → vorbeigehen/-kommen. to call something by its proper name → etw richtig bezeichnen. to call spades (Cards) → Pik reizen.(= need. she calls me lazy and selfish → sie nennt mich faul und selbstsüchtig. call it £5 → sagen wir £ 5 (= summon) person. the ball was called out → der Ball wurde für „aus“ erklärt ? halt (= name. wie heißt deine Katze?. what do you call your cat? → wie nennst du deine Katze?. she called to see her mother → sie machte einen Besuch bei ihrer Mutter. bluff2 (= telephone) → anrufen. (= contact by radio) → rufen (Fin) bond → aufrufen.000 wurden zurückbeordert call box n (Brit) → Telefonzelle f. to be called → heißen. the gasman called to read the meter → der Gasmann kam. doctor → rufen. whose call is it? → wer sagt an? (Tennis) → Entscheidung f vt (= shout out) → rufen. um die Gasuhr abzulesen (Telec) → anrufen. occasion) → Anlass m. let’s call it a day → machen wir Schluss or Feierabend für heute. Sie brauchen sich (dat) → keine Sorgen zu machen (Cards) → Ansage f. meeting → einberufen. elections → ausschreiben. to call for help → um Hilfe rufen. → tägliches Geld call: . who’s calling. there were 1. there is no call for you to worry → es besteht kein Grund zur Sorge. → Callcenter nt call: call loan n (Fin) → täglich kündbares Darlehen call money n (Fin) → Tagesgeld nt. strike → ausrufen. → Veranlassung f. (by radio) → rufen. (= waken) → wecken. what’s he called? → wie heißt er?. → Grund m. (Jur) witness → aufrufen. please? → wer spricht da bitte?. loan → abrufen (US Sport: = call off) → abbrechen vi (= shout: person. London calling! (Rad) → hier ist London. animal) → rufen. (= subpoena) → vorladen. to make a call of three diamonds → drei Karo ansagen. the landlord called time → der Wirt rief „Feierabend“. question. thanks for calling → vielen Dank für den Anruf call: call alarm n → Notrufgerät nt (eines Kranken) callback n (Comm: = action) → Rückrufaktion f. consider) → nennen.

(of bird) → canto to give a call → lanciare un grido within call → a portata di voce please give me a call at 7 → per piacere mi chiami alle 7 whose call is it? (Cards) → a chi tocca (giocare)? b. 1997. (Telec) → telefonata. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. ho molti impegni 2. (summons. 1999. person) → chiamare. n a. (meeting. (need) there's not much call for these items → non c'è molta richiesta di questi articoli you had no call to say that → non c'era alcun bisogno che tu lo dicessi there is no call for alarm → non ci sono motivi di allarme f. vt a. Ltd. (shout. (Telec) who's calling? → chi parla? London calling (Radio) → qui Londra c. © William Collins Sons & Co. chiamare b. urlo. basta per oggi 3. (describe as) → considerare can I call you by your first name? → posso chiamarti per nome? what are you called? → come ti chiami? she's called Jane → si chiama Jane would you call Italian a difficult language? → diresti che l'italiano è una lingua difficile? I call it an insult → questo lo chiamo un insulto. for flight) → chiamata (fig) (lure) → richiamo to be on call → essere a disposizione (doctor) → essere reperibile the call of the sea → il richiamo del mare to answer the call of duty → fare il proprio dovere d. call round) (visit) → passare . 2007 call [kɔːl] 1. vi a. flight) → annunciare. 2005. (claim) there are many calls on my time → sono molto preso. (also call in. fare una telefonata c. telefonare a. (Sport) → Berufung f (→ to in +acc) call-up papers pl (Brit Mil) → Einberufungsbescheid m Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition sign n (Rad) → Sendezeichen nt call-up n (Brit) (Mil) → Einberufung f. (waken) → svegliare. also) (Med) → visita port of call → (porto di) scalo to pay a call on sb → fare (una) visita a qn e. → chiamare (Telec) → chiamare. proclamare. lo considero un insulto are you calling me a liar? → mi stai dando del bugiardo? let's call it £50 → facciamo 50 sterline let's call it a day (fam) → smettiamo. (bird) → lanciare un richiamo to call to sb → gridare a qn b. chiamata long-distance call → chiamata interurbana to make a call → telefonare. strike) → indire. 2004. (announce. grido. (shout) → richiamo. (short visit. (name) → chiamare.

vt + adv (doctor. a se chema. (collect. vi + adv = call 3c call off vt + adv a. richiamare 2. andare a trovare. (Comm) (faulty goods) → riprendere. telefonare a c. noem ‫يسمي، يعتبر‬ َِْ َ ّ َ ُ назовавам nazývat kalde bezeichnen als αποκαλώ. vt + adv (Telec) → ritelefonare a. vi + adv (in pain) → urlare. (Mil) → richiamare. action) → richiedere. far venire aside vt + adv → chiamare da parte or in disparte call at vi + prep (subj. (goods) → ritirare this calls for a drink! → qui ci vuole un brindisi! call forth vt + adv (frm) (protest. (return) → ritornare call down vt + prep to call down sth (on sb) (curses) → invocare qc (su qn) call for vi + prep (summon. (deal) → cancellare the strike was called off → lo sciopero è stato revocato b. police. richiamare. (demand. a se numi называть volať. mobilitare b. revocare. nefna chiamare 呼ぶ (~으로) 부르다 vadinti saukt panggil noemen sette navn på. (fig) (memories) → richiamare. emotion) → suscitare call in 1. wine. courage. nazývat kalde rufen ονομάζω llamar kutsuma ‫ ناميدن‬kutsua appeler ‫לקרוא‬ ֹ ִ पुकार नाम देना zvati. vt + adv a. kalle nazywać chamar. nazvať klicati zvati kalla เรียกว่า ad vermek. (visit) → far visita a. θεωρώ llamar (millekski) nimetama ‫به حساب‬ . troops) → chiamare to call workers out on strike → invitare gli operai a fare sciopero 2. race) → disdire. vi + adv (Telec) → ritelefonare. (currency) → mettere fuori corso 2. person) → passare a prendere. evocare call upon vi + prep = call on b Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 call v call [koːl] 1 to give a name to My name is Alexander but I'm called Sandy by my friends noem ‫يدعو، يسمي‬ َّ ُ َْ наричам pojmenovat. (dog) → richiamare call on vi + prep a. çağırmak 稱呼 називати ‫موسوم کرنا ، نام دينا‬ gọi 称呼 2 to regard (something) as I saw you turn that card over – I call that cheating. nazivati hív menamai kalla. (to person) → chiamare to call out for help → invocare or chiamare aiuto call round vi + adv → passare to call round to see sb → passare da qn call up vt + adv a. (doctor. (Telec) → chiamare. police) → chiamare. (invite) to call on sb to do sth → invitare qn a fare qc. ship) → fare scalo a call away vt + adv to be called away on business → dovere andare via per lavoro call back 1. expert. (request) → chiedere a qn di fare qc I now call on Mr Brown to speak → ora invito il signor Brown a parlare call out 1. the bill) → chiedere. passare da b. (meeting.

syna ให้ราคา eşit pay sürmek. kartlarını göstermesini istemek 叫牌 оголосити масть ‫ تاش ميں حريف کو کھل پتہ‬đặt tiền 叫牌 n 1 an exclamation or shout a call for help. κάνω προσφορά (σε παιχνίδι τράπουλας) marcar.. uitroep ‫ صيحة نداء‬вик volání råb. kliegt panggil roepen rope wołać chamar a chema звать (za)volať.. He called a doctor. ropa ตะโกน seslenmek. (upp)hrópun grido. hív menelepon hringja chiamare. telephone etc) They called him for an interview for the job. You were out when I called. bjóða dichiarare コールする 패를 보이라고 요구하다 siūlyti sumą nosaukt likmi membida bieden melde. skrig der Ruf κραυγή ِ ُ َ َْ grito hüüd ‫ فرياد‬huuto appel ‫ קריאה. ontbied ‫ يستدعي‬повиквам vyzvat. skakel ‫ يتصل هات ِيا‬обаждам се zavolat ringe anrufen ّ ‫َ ّ ِ ُ ِف‬ τηλεφωνώ llamar helistama ‫ تلفن کردن‬soittaa téléphoner à ‫ לטלפן‬टेलीफोन करना nazvati. צעקה‬पुकार zov. passare 訪問する 방문하다 užeiti apciemot melawat langsgaan avlegge et besøk.. to ask (someone) to come (by letter. be. ֵַ‫ל‬ koma við far visita. forhøye innsatsen licytować apostar a licita объявлять hlásiť klicati ulog bjuda. demander ‫ להכריז‬दाव लगाना navijestiti hív ִ ְַ menawar segja. заклик ‫چيخ ، پکار‬ lời kêu gọi 叫唤 2 the song of a bird the call of a blackbird. besoek ،‫يزور‬ ُ َ ‫ يعرج على‬отбивам се navštívit besøge kurz besuchen επισκέπτομαι hacer una visita läbi astuma ‫به‬ ّ ‫ ملقات رفتن؛ سر زدن‬käydä passer ‫ ְבקר‬भेट करना pozvati látogatást tesz berkunjung heimsækja. čiulbėjimas . bie. zvati ֵ ּ ְַ telefonál. (za)kričať poklicati viknuti kalla på. a convoca вызывать zavolať. ְָָ ָ ְִ invocazione 叫び 외침 šauksmas sauciens jeritan roep (an)rop. roep ‫ ينادي، يدعو‬викам svolat. bağırmak 大聲呼叫(以 引起注意) окликати. privolať poklicati pozvati kontakta เรียกตัว çağırmak 召喚 викликати ‫ طلب کرنا‬thông báo 召唤 5 to make a visit I shall call at your house this evening. дзвонити ‫ فون کال‬gọi điện 打电话给.‫ آوردن؛ به شمار آوردن‬pitää jonakin appeler ‫ קורא‬मानना nazivati nevez menyebut kalla. telefonare 電話をかける 전화하다 (pa)skambinti telefonu []zvanīt (pa telefonu) hubungi opbellen ringe telefonować telefonar a telefona звонить zavolať. declarar pakkuma ‫ تعين قيمت کردن؛ پيشنهاد دادن‬tarjota annoncer. roep ‫ أنشوده، غناء ال ّير‬крясък ptačí volání (fugle-)sang ْ‫ُْ َ ِ ُ ط‬ der Lockruf κελάιδισμα canto kutsehüüd ‫ آواز‬kutsuhuuto cri ‫ $$$קריאת צפור @@@ציפור‬िचिडयो की ֹּ ִ ֹּ ִ ַ ִ ְ चहचहाहट vab madárfütty kicauan fuglasöngur richiamo 鳥のなき声 새소리 giesmė. zatelefonovať telefonirati telefonirati ringa โทรศัพท์ไปหา telefon etmek 打電話給. demek 認為 вважати ، ‫خيال کرنا‬ ‫ سمجھنا ، محسوس کرنا‬xem là 认为 3 to speak loudly (to someone) to attract attention etc Call everyone over here. відвідувати ‫ ملقات کو جانا ، ملقات کرنا‬ghé thăm 访问 6 to telephone I'll call you at 6 p. гукати ‫ بلند آواز سے بولنا ، چلنا‬gọi to 大声说 4 to summon. laten komen innkalle. kart istemek. křičet råbe rufen φωνάζω llamar hüüdma َْ ‫ بلند حرف زدن؛ فرياد زدن‬huutaa appeler ‫ לצעוק‬जोर से कहना dozivati kiált berseru kalla chiamare 大声 ֹ ִ で呼ぶ 부르다 (pa)šaukti []saukt. She called louder so as to get his attention. ringe wzywać chamar a chema. haykırma. ataicināt menghubungi oproepen. hälsa på เรียกพบ uğramak 訪問 заходити. přivolat tilkalde ْ َْ َ anfragen. 7 (in card games) to bid. kommen lassen καλώ convocar kutsuma ‫ فراخواندن؛ احضار کردن‬kutsua convoquer ‫לכנס‬ ֵָ ְ तलब करना zvati hív memanggil boða. kalla fyrir chiamare. álíta chiamare ֵֹ ~と見なす (~으로) 간주하다 laikyti uzskatīt katakan noemen kalle nazywać chamar a numi считать považovať imenovati smatrati kalla เรียก saymak. convocare 呼び寄せる 호출하다 (pa)kviesti izsaukt.m. bel. besøke odwiedzać visitar a face o vizită (scurtă) заходить zastaviť sa (u niekoho). haykırış 呼叫 оклик. povik kiáltás seruan kall.. zájsť (k niekomu) oglasiti se svratiti göra visit. troef maak ‫ )يعرض سعرا )في لعبة الورق‬обявявам (на карти) (vy)hlásit ُ ِْ ُ ِ َْ melde die Farbe ansagen μπαίνω. skrik wołanie grito strigăt крик volanie klic poziv rop เสียงตะโกน bağırma.

wezwanie apelo chemare зов volanie klic zov lockrop. der ringer op. istek. visitante külastaja. behoefte ‫ طَب على‬търсене poptávka ٌ ًَ ‫ل‬ efterspørgsel. yrke อาชีพ meslek. besoek. beszélgetés ּ ִ panggilan upphringing chiamata. visit der kurze Besuch σύντομη επίσκεψη visita kiirvisiit ‫ ملقات کوتاه‬käynti visite ‫ $$$בקור @@@ביקור‬छोटी मुलाकात posjet látogatás kunjungan heimsókn ּ ּ ִ ּ ּ ִ visita 訪問 짧은 방문 ap(si)lankymas (īss) apciemojums lawatan bezoek besøk. poreikis vajadzība alasan reden behov. ُ ِ besøgende der/die Anrufer(in) επισκέπτης. oprávnění ٌ ََ grund Anspruch λόγος necesidad. kuiergas ‫ مناد ، زائر، مهاتف‬посетител návštěvník. (telefona sarunas) izsaucējs abonents pemanggil bezoeker. beroep ‫ مهنه، حرفه‬призвание povolání َ ِ َْ ِ kald der Beruf επάγγελμα. zov vonzás ַ ַ ְִ imbauan (á)köllun richiamo 魅力 유혹 trauka aicinājums. візит ‫ مختصر ملقات‬chuyến ghé thăm 拜访 4 the act of calling on the telephone I've just had a call from the police. visitatrice ְֵָ 訪問者 방문객 lankytojas apmeklētājs. starf professione 職業 천직 pašaukimas ּ ֵ profesija. kuier ‫زياره قصيره‬ َ َ َ ِ посещение krátká návštěva besøg. pokalbis telefonu telefona saruna panggilan telefoontje telefonoppringning telefon chamada (convorbire la) telefon (телефонный) звонок hovor telefonski klic poziv telefonsamtal การโทรศัพท์ไปหา telefon etme 通電話 дзвінок. vilinājums panggilan lokroep tiltrekning głos. helistaja ‫ملقات کننده؛‬ ‫ تلفن کننده‬kävijä. καλών visita. iemand die belt gjest. виклик ‫ فون کرنا ، موصول کرنا‬cuộc gọi điện thoại 通电话 5 (usually withthe) attraction the call of the sea. besøkende gość. telefonata 通話 전화 telefono skambutis. croncănit крик spev ptičje petje poj sång เสียงร้องของนก ötüş. iş 行業,職業 покликання. -čka obiskovalec posetilac besökare. osoba telefonująca visita vizitator посетитель. fordring popyt procura cerere спрос dopyt povpraševanje potražnja efterfrågan การเรียกร้อง talep. người gọi 召唤者 n calling a trade or profession Teaching is a worthwhile calling. telefon eden 召喚者 відвідувач. позвонивший návštevník. príčina potreba. ihtiyaç 理由;需要 необхідність. cazibe 吸引力 потяг до ‫ کشش‬tiếng gọi 吸引力 6 a demand There's less call for coachmen nowadays. motivo tarvidus ‫ دليل؛ نياز‬aihe besoin. lockton การดึงดูด çekicilik. visitt wizyta visita vizită (scurtă) визит návšteva (kratek) obisk posetiti besök. гість ‫ بلنے وال ، فون کرنے وال‬người đến thăm. rağbet 要求 потреба. потреба ‫ سبب ، وجہ ، ضرورت‬sự cần thiết 理由;需要 n caller besoeker. person som telefonerar ผู้ ประกาศ ziyaretçi. roeping kall. попит ‫ طلب‬yêu cầu 要求 7 a need or reason You've no call to say such things! rede ‫ سبب‬необходимост důvod. ötme (鳥的)叫聲 крик ‫ پرندے کا گانا‬tiếng chim (鸟的)叫声 3 a (usually short) visit The teacher made a call on the boy's parents. behov die Nachfrage ζήτηση demanda nõudlus ‫ تقاضا‬kysyntä demande ‫ צורך‬माग ֵֹ nalog. profesión elukutse ‫ حرفه؛ شغل‬ammatti métier ‫יעוד‬ ּ ֵ ‫ $$$@@@ייעוד‬वयवसाय poziv hivatás profesi köllun. telefonující person. grunn potrzeba. yrke powołanie profissão ocupaţie профессия povolanie poklic struka kall. vraag. ástæða motivo 必要 이유 reikalas.svilpošana bunyi burung roep (fugle)sang śpiew canto cântec. τέχνη vocación. visit การเรียกพบ uğrama (短 暫)拜訪 відвідування. aicinājums pekerjaan beroep. krav. lokstem ‫ جاذدبيه)نداء( البحر‬зов volání tiltrækning ِ ِّ ِ der Ruf κάλεσμα llamada kutse ‫ جذبه؛ کشش‬kutsu appel ‫ -קריאת ה‬आकषरण poziv. razlog razlog skäl. soittaja visiteur/-euse ‫ מבקר‬फोनकता dozivač hívó tamu gestur visitatore. oproep ‫مكالمه هاتفيه، إتصال‬ ّ ََ ‫ هاتفي‬обаждане telefonický hovor telefonopringning der Anruf τηλεφώνημα llamada telefonikõne ‫ تماس تلفنی‬puhelu coup de fil ‫ צלצול‬फोन करने की िकया poziv hívás. powód razão motiv необходимость dôvod. zapovijed igény permintaan eftirspurn richiesta 要求 요구 pareikalavimas pieprasījums permintaan vraag etterspørsel. raison ‫ סיבה‬आवशयकता ָ ִּ pozivanje szükség alasan tilefni. anledning ความปรารถนา gereksinme. професія ‫ پيشہ ، ذريعہ معاش‬nghề nghiệp 职业 .

n call-box a public telephone box. telefoonhokkie ‫ كشك، صندوق تلفون‬телефонна будка telefonní budka ُ telefonboks die Fernsprechzelle τηλεφωνικός θάλαμος cabina telefónica telefoniputka ‫کيوسک تلفن‬ puhelinkoppi cabine téléphonique ‫ תא טלפון‬सावरजिनक टेलीफोन telefonska govornica telefonfülke ֹ ֶֶ ּ ָ telepon umum símaklefi cabina telefonica 公衆電話 공중전화 박스 telefono būdelė/kabina telefona kabīne telefon awam telefooncel telefonkiosk budka telefoniczna cabine телефонная будка telefónna búdka telefonska govorilnica telefonska govornica telefonkiosk ต้โทรศัพท์ ู telefon kulubesi 公共電話亭 телефонна будка ‫ فون کرنے کی عوامی جگہ‬bốt điện thoại công cộng 公共电话亭 call for 1 to demand or require This calls for quick action. vereis ‫ يتطلب، يقتضي‬изисквам vyžadovat kræve َ ْ َ َّ َ َ erfordern απαιτώ exigir nõudma ‫ نياز داشتن؛ ايجاب کردن‬edellyttää exiger ‫ צורך‬मागना zahtjev igényel ֵֹ memerlukan kallar á, krefjast richiedere 要求する 요구하다 reikalauti []prasīt perlu vergen kreve; mane til wymagać pedir a cere, a pretinde требовать(ся) vyžadovať zahtevati zahtevati kräva เรียกร้อง gerektirmek, istemek 要求 вимагати ‫ طلب کرنا ، ضرورت ہونا‬yêu cầu 要求 2 to collect I'll call for you at eight o'clock. oplaai ‫ يأتي ليأخذ‬взимам vyzvednout, zastavit se pro hente abholen περνώ να πάρω pasar a buscar järele tulema ‫ آمدن و بردن‬noutaa passer prendre ‫לאסוף‬ ֹ ֱֶ बुलाना poziv érte megy menjemput (koma að) sækja passare a prendere 連れに来る 데리러 가다 užeiti (ir toliau eiti kartu) aiziet kādam pakaļ jemput ophalen hente wstępować po ir buscar a veni după, a căuta заходить за zastaviť sa po priti po pokupiti hämta ไปนำามา gidip uğrayıp almak, alıp getirmek 接(人) заходити за кимсь ‫ کسی کو لينا يا لينے کے لئے آنا‬đón 约定 call off to cancel The party's been called off. afgelas ‫ يلغي‬отменям odvolat, zrušit aflyse absagen ُْ ακυρώνω cancelar, suspender, anular ära jätma ‫ کنسل کردن‬peruuttaa annuler ‫ לבטל‬रद करना ְֵַ opozvati, otkazati lemond membatalkan aflÿsa, hætta við disdire 取り消す 최소하다 atšaukti atsaukt batal afzeggen avlyse, avblåse odwoływać cancelar a contramanda отменять odvolať odpovedati otkazati inställa ยกเลิก iptal etmek 取消 відкладати, переносити ‫ منسوخ کرنا ، ہونا‬trì hoãn 取消 call on 1 to visit I'll call on him tomorrow. besoek, kuier ‫ يزور‬отбивам се navštívit besøge besuchen َ επισκέπτομαι pasar a ver, visitar läbi astuma ‫ سر زدن؛ به ديدار رفتن‬käydä aller voir ‫ לבקר‬िकसी के यहा ְֵַ िमलने जाना poziv meglátogat mengunjungi heimsækja fare visita a 訪問する 방문하다 aplankyti apmeklēt lawat langsgaan bij besøke, stikke innom odwiedzać visitar a vizita навещать navštíviť obiskati posetiti hälsa på แวะเยี่ยม ziyaret etmek 訪問 заходити до кого ‫ملقات کرنا ، ملقات کرنے‬ ‫ کے لئے جانا‬ghé thăm 访问 2 to ask someone to speak at a meeting etc. vra om 'n toespraak te lewer ‫يطلب من شخص إلقاء خطاب‬ ِ ٍ َ ِ ْ َ поканвам някого да говори vyzvat (k promluvě) give ordet til besuchen καλώ στο βήμα ceder la palabra a ette kutsuma ‫ دعوت به صحبت کردن‬donner la parole à ‫ ְהזמין‬िकसी सभा इतयािद मे कुछ बोलने ִ ְַ ‫ל‬ के िलए कहना poziv felkér mempersilakan invitare (発言などを)もとめる (미팅에서 연설 등 을) 청하다 pakviesti kalbėti uzaicināt izteikties menjemput 't woord geven gi ordet til; høre i lekse wywołać, oddać komuś głos предоставлять слово povolať, predvolať pozvati k besedi zamoliti nekog da govori na sastanku lämna ordet till เรียกใช้ davet etmek 邀請致辭等 запрошувати висловитися ‫ ايک اجتماع ميں کسی کو تقرير کرنے کے لئے کہنا‬yêu cầu ai đó phát biểu trong cuộc họp 邀请讲话等 3 to ask someone publicly to something We call on both sides to stop the fighting. 'n beroep doen op ‫ يناشد‬приканвам vyzvat (k činu) opfordre; bede om öffentlich auffrufen ζητώ δημόσια από κπ. ُِ ُ να κάνει κτ. pedir üles kutsuma ‫ درخواست کردن‬demander ‫ ל ָייב, לדרוש‬सावरजिनक रप से कुछ करने के ֹ ְ ִ ֵ‫ְח‬

िलए कहना poziv felszólít menghimbau fare appello a 呼びかける 대중적으로 요청하다 (viešai) raginti (publiski) aicināt menyeru verzoeken oppfordre til; be om призывать žiadať, upozorňovať pozvati pozvati uppmana เรียกใช้อย่างเปิ ดเผย istemek, rica etmek 呼籲 звертатися, закликати ‫ کسی کو سر عام بلنا‬kêu gọi ai làm gì 呼吁 call up to telephone (someone) He called me up from the airport. bel, skakel ‫يتصل هات ِيا، يتلفن‬ ّ ‫َ ّ ِ ُ ِف‬ телефонирам zavolat ringe anrufen παίρνω κπ. τηλέφωνο llamar (por teléfono) (kellelegi) helistama ‫ تلفن زدن‬soittaa téléphoner à ‫ להתקשר, לטלפן‬टेलीफोन करना nazvati felhív menelepon ֵ ּ ְַ ֵ ָ ְִ hringja í chiamare, telefonare a 電話する 전화하다 paskambinti telefonu piezvanīt pa telefonu jemput opbellen ringe telefonować telefonar a telefona (la) звонить volať telefonirati pozvati telefonom ringa upp โทรศัพท์หา telefon etmek 給...打電話 дзвонити ‫ ٹيلی فون کرنا‬gọi điện thoại cho ai 给...打电话 give (someone) a call to telephone (someone) I'll give you a call tomorrow. bel, skakel ‫ يتصل هات ِياا، يتلفن‬обаждам се ّ ‫َ ّ ِ ُ ِف‬ zavolat ringe anrufen παίρνω κπ. τηλέφωνο llamar (por teléfono) (kellelegi) helistama ‫به کسی تلفن‬ ‫ زدن‬soittaa téléphoner à ‫ -להתקשר ל‬टेलीफोन करना nazvati felhív menelepon hringja fare una ֵ ָ ְִ telefonata, telefonare 電話する (~에게) 전화하다 paskambinti telefonu piezvanīt pa telefonu hubungi opbellen ringe, telefonere telefonować telefonar a telefona позвонить (кому-л.) zavolať klicati (po telefonu) pozvati telefonom โทรศัพท์หา telefon etmek 給(某人)打電話 дзвонити ‫فون‬ ‫ کرنا‬gọi điên thoại cho ai 打电话 on call keeping (oneself) ready to come out to an emergency Which of the doctors is on call tonight? op bystand ‫ جا ِز للطوارئ‬в готовност ve službě, dosažitelný på vagt; i beredskab auf Abruf σε ّ ٌ‫ه‬ εφημερία, σε ετοιμότητα de guardia valves ‫ کشيک‬päivystävä de garde ‫ בכוננות‬िमलने जाना spreman ּ ֶֹ ְ odazvati se ügyel(etes) siaga á vakt a disposizione, in servizio 待機して 대기 중인 budintis pēc pieprasījuma bersedia untuk kes kecemasan onmiddellijk beschikbaar på vakt, i beredskap na dyżurze de serviço de gardă на вызове v službe dežuren na dužnosti i beredskap, jourhavande พร้อมให้บริการเมื่อเรียกหา nöbetçi; çalışmaya hazır 待命的 у стані готовності, напоготові ‫ ہنگامی حالت کے لئے تيار رہنا‬sẵn sàng ứng cứu 待命的 Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd.

look (l k) v. looked, look·ing, looks v.intr. 1. a. To employ one's sight, especially in a given direction or on a given object: looking out the window; looked at the floor. b. To search: We looked all afternoon but could not find it. 2. a. To turn one's glance or gaze: looked to the right. b. To turn one's attention; attend: looked to his neglected guitar during vacation; looked at the evidence. c. To turn one's expectations: looked to us for a solution. 3. To seem or appear to be: look morose. See Synonyms at seem. 4. To face in a specified direction: The cottage looks on the river. 1. To turn one's eyes on: looked him in the eye. 2. To convey by one's expression: looked annoyance at the judge; looked his devotion to me. 3. a. To have an appearance of conformity with: He looks his age. She dressed up to look the part. b. To appear to be: looked the fool in one version of the story. n. 1. a. The act or instance of looking: I took just one look and I was sure. b. A gaze or glance expressive of something: gave her a mournful look. 2. a. Appearance or aspect: a look of great age. b. looks Physical appearance, especially when pleasing. c. A distinctive, unified manner of dress or fashion: the preferred look for this fall. Phrasal Verbs: look after To take care of: looked after his younger brother. look for 1. To search for; seek: looking for my gloves. 2. To expect: Look for a change of weather in March. look into To inquire into; investigate: The police looked into the disturbance. look on/upon To regard in a certain way: looked on them as incompetents. look out To be watchful or careful; take care: If you don't look out, you may fall on the ice. We looked out for each other on the trip. look over To examine or inspect, often in hasty fashion: looked over the proposal before the meeting. look to Usage Problem 1. To expect or hope to: He looked to hear from her within a week. 2. To seem about to; promise to: "an 'Action Program,' which ... looked to reduce tariffs on over 1,800 items" (Alan D. Romberg). look up 1. To search for and find, as in a reference book. 2. To visit: look up an old friend. 3. To become better; improve: Things are at last looking up. Idioms: look a gift horse in the mouth Informal To be critical or suspicious of something one has received without expense. look alive/sharp Informal To act or respond quickly: Look alive! We leave in five minutes. look down on/upon To regard with contempt or condescension. look down (one's) nose at/on To regard with contempt or condescension. look forward to To think of (a future event) with pleasurable, eager anticipation: looking forward to graduation.

look in on To visit: I look in on my grandparents each weekend. look the other way To deliberately overlook something: knew the student was cheating but decided to look the other way. look up to To admire: looked up to her mother. [Middle English loken, from Old English l cian.] Usage Note: The phrasal verb look to has recently developed the meanings "expect to" and "hope to," as in The executives look to increase sales once the economy improves or I'm looking to sell my car in July. In a recent survey, the Usage Panel was divided almost evenly on this usage, with 52 percent of the Panelists finding it acceptable and 48 percent rejecting it. Of those rejecting this usage, a small number volunteered that they would find it acceptable in informal speech, and in fact the divided response of the Panel may be due in part to the informal flavor of this phrase. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. look [lʊk] vb (mainly intr) 1. (often foll by at) to direct the eyes (towards) to look at the sea 2. (often foll by at) to direct one's attention (towards) let's look at the circumstances 3. (often foll by to) to turn one's interests or expectations (towards) to look to the future 4. (copula) to give the impression of being by appearance to the eye or mind; seem that looks interesting 5. to face in a particular direction the house looks north 6. to expect, hope, or plan (to do something) I look to hear from you soon he's looking to get rich 7. (foll by for) a. to search or seek I looked for you everywhere b. to cherish the expectation (of); hope (for) I look for success 8. (foll by to) a. to be mindful (of) to look to the promise one has made b. to have recourse (to) look to your swords, men! 9. to be a pointer or sign these early inventions looked towards the development of industry 10. (foll by into) to carry out an investigation to look into a mystery 11. (tr) to direct a look at (someone) in a specified way she looked her rival up and down 12. (tr) to accord in appearance with (something) to look one's age look alive or lively hurry up; get busy look daggers See dagger [4] look here an expression used to attract someone's attention, add emphasis to a statement, etc. look sharp or smart (imperative) to hurry up; make haste not look at to refuse to consider they won't even look at my offer of £5000 not much to look at unattractive; plain n 1. the act or an instance of looking a look of despair 2. a view or sight (of something) let's have a look

3. (often plural) appearance to the eye or mind; aspect the look of innocence I don't like the looks of this place 4. (Clothing & Fashion) style; fashion the new look for summer sentence connector an expression demanding attention or showing annoyance, determination, etc. look, I've had enough of this See also look after, look back, look down, look forward to, look-in, look on, lookout, look over, look through, look up [Old English lōcian; related to Middle Dutch læken, Old High German luogen to look out] Usage: See at like Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003 In mine warfare, a period during which a mine circuit is receptive of an influence. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005. ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. look - the feelings expressed on a person's face; "a sad expression"; "a look of triumph"; "an angry face" expression, face, facial expression, aspect countenance, visage - the appearance conveyed by a person's face; "a pleasant countenance"; "a stern visage" leer - a suggestive or sneering look or grin sparkle, twinkle, spark, light - merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance; "he had a sparkle in his eye"; "there's a perpetual twinkle in his eyes" 2. look - the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually; "he went out to have a look"; "his look was fixed on her eyes"; "he gave it a good looking at"; "his camera does his looking for him" looking, looking at sensing, perception - becoming aware of something via the senses coup d'oeil, glance, glimpse - a quick look scrutiny - a prolonged intense look peek, peep - a secret look squint - the act of squinting; looking with the eyes partly closed stare - a fixed look with eyes open wide evil eye - a look that is believed to have the power of inflicting harm rubber-necking, sightseeing - going about to look at places of interest observance, watching, observation - the act of observing; taking a patient look outlook, lookout - the act of looking out survey, view, sight - the act of looking or seeing or observing; "he tried to get a better view of it"; "his survey of the battlefield was limited" dekko - British slang for a look 3. look - physical appearance; "I don't like the looks of this place" appearance, visual aspect - outward or visible aspect of a person or thing 4. look - the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people; "the feel of the city excited him"; "a clergyman improved the tone of the meeting"; "it had the smell of

look with amazement.a flashy vulgar tone or atmosphere believed to be characteristic of the American film industry. "They are searching for the missing man in the entire county" admire. "I only peeked--I didn't see anything interesting" gloat . "don't look back while you walk" look away . glint . look into. go over examine so as to determine accuracy. or try to establish the existence of.feel admiration for . direct one's gaze towards. have a look. seek . review . consider .look at with amorous intentions give the glad eye .try to locate or discover. smell. "some people in publishing think of theirs as a glamorous medium so they copy the glitter of Hollywood" Zeitgeist .perceive with cross-eyed.treason" flavor. all the women gave him the once over" squint . consult. check out.look at with fixed eyes. or malign expression. look back. gawk. gawp. ambience. "Look--a deer in the backyard!" stare . "Check out the engine" retrospect. feeling. "refer to your notes" look for. or joy eye. or condition. look or gaze with a sly. "She only glanced at the paper". give the once over . "She looked away when the nurse pricked her arm with the needle" look around . information from.look furtively. "there was an atmosphere of excitement" Hollywood . stare . "We peered into the back of the shop to see whether a salesman was around" check. "He peeped at the woman through the window" glance. refer .look about oneself. goggle . look . "You should consult the dictionary". take a brief look at.throw a glance at.look at with admiration peep . quality. feel. "look around to see whether you can find the missing document" gaze. "she reviewed her achievements with pride" look up. take a look . look up to . suss out. "She looked over the expanse of land".look at attentively ogle . check into.look at with attention. eyeball . "The students stared at the teacher with amazement" regard. have a squint or strabismus peer .gaze at or think about something with great self-satisfaction. "Get a load of this pretty woman!" look back.a particular environment or surrounding influence.look suggestively or obliquely. remember.avert one's gaze.the spirit of the time. look backward . "The men leered at the young women on the beach" gape.look back upon (a period of time.look at give the eye. flavour. tone ambiance. "The ancestor in the painting is staring down menacingly" get a load. look stupidly admire . "The police are searching for clues". "Have a look at this!". the spirit characteristic of an age or generation Verb 1. immodest. check over. check up on. sequence of events). gratification. atmosphere .look towards one's back. "check the brakes".fixate one's eyes. "Look at your child!". spirit.look seductively at someone leer .look at with a critical eye. peek. "When the movie star entered.look searchingly.

"They appeared like people who had not eaten or slept for a long time" appear. rise. "This guy is always nosing around the office" look . "don't look back while you walk" look away . pry.partly close one's eyes. intrude . radiate. "We looked all day and finally found the child in the forest". "How does she look?". "The driver squinted as the sun hit his windshield" be .rise up. 4. used with an adjective or a predicate noun).observe. "The King used to hunt these forests" examine. glitter.come into view indistinctly. "She seems to be sleeping". "He made to speak but said nothing in the end". shine . lift . beam. "They watched as the murderer was executed" look back. "She looked away when the nurse pricked her arm with the needle" look after .appear to begin an activity. leap oriented in a certain direction. such as red or pink. ( highly noticeable or inquire in a meddlesome way. "The sheets feel soft" look . "The ground feels shaky".have a complexion with a strong bright color. "His eyes were glistening" be . 3. "This is not a good answer" jump out.give the appearance or impression of. "cut a nice figure" feel .search for something desirable. "She passed off as a Russian agent" sound . used with an adjective or a predicate noun).be felt or perceived in a certain way. 5. "The men were cruising the park" prospect . "The building rose before them" loom . (copula.look towards one's back. and look over carefully or inspect. "John is rich". stick out.have the quality of being.appear in a certain way. as if wet. "My backyard look onto the pond". see . "John is rich". "The house looks north".give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect. "This appears to be a very difficult problem". "Her face glowed when she came out of the sauna" gleam. shine or seek. "The customs agent examined the baggage". "It feels nice to be home again" pass off . "The building faces the park" . as when hit by direct blinding light. "This project looks fishy". make a certain impression (an area) for prey. "She made as if to say hello to us" cut . "Look elsewhere for the perfect gift!" search hunt . look on. check out. glisten. be opposite to. "She looked pale after the surgery" squint .have a certain outward or facial expression. stand out. jump .be shiny. watch .avert one's gaze. "This sounds interesting" come across . "Another air plane loomed into the sky" feel . "The child looks unhappy".observe with attention. seem make .have the quality of being.keep under careful scrutiny.look for a sexual partner in a public place.produce a certain impression. "This is not a good answer" look . often threateningly. "Keep an eye on this prisoner!" look . poke. nose. often with respect to another reference perceived in a certain way. "prospect a job" horn in. "I must see your passport before you can enter the country" cruise . accepted as something or somebody in a false character or identity. look backward .

regard. eyeball (slang).have faith or confidence in.take charge of or deal with. behold (archaic). "The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow" look forward . "I look to hear from you soon" look to . l%k (S. eye. "She is looking to a promotion". "Look to your friends for support". recce (slang).S. seek. "She is expecting in March" anticipate. "You don't look your age!" correspond. inspect.look forward to the probable occurrence of. similar or consistent. see. look verb 1. trust. wait expect .have care of or look after. check. "The handwriting checks with the signature on the check". Farlex Inc. Farlex clipart collection. take a dekko at (Brit.).S.hold the phone line open.front. occupy a certain position face . "Please hang on while I get your folder" look for. peep. gibe. look . © 2003-2008 Princeton University.convey by one's expression. "She conveyed the message to me" 8. "She took care of this business" attend. check out (informal). "the facing page". face lie . count rely. swear. hold on .make known. scrutinize. look . see minister .be face to face with. anticipate . "Could you see about lunch?". look to. observe. gawk. slang). "The two stories don't agree in many details". "She tends to the children" give care. "Depend on your family in times of crisis" depend. "I must attend to this matter". "look to the future". take a gander at (informal). "The nurse was caring for the wounded" 7. "you can count on me to help you any time".have confidence or faith in.turn one's interests or expectations towards.M. "Rely on your friends". calculate. & N. located or situated somewhere. coincide in their characteristics. "The child screamed when he confronted the man in the Halloween costume" 6.) She turned to look at him. jibe. expect. get a load of (informal). view. gawp (Brit. match. ogle. survey.regard something as probable or likely.accord in appearance with.look forward to the birth of a child. watch. "bank on your good education". reckon. bank . take care. goggle. "the two sofas face each other" confront . "We can trust in God". "he is waiting to be drafted" await. slang). look . of information. fossick (Austral. bet. care . fit. scan. agree. rubberneck (slang). consider. compatible. study. "We were expecting a visit from our relatives". "You can bet on that!". tally. gaze. "this method looks to significant wavings" hold the line.expect or hope for. 2. slang).attend to the wants and needs of others. expect . opposite. "The suspect's fingerprints don't match those on the gun" 10. forage.0. check . "I swear by my grandmother's recipes" Based on WordNet 3.) Have you looked on the piano? . look . l%k (S. look . "She looked her devotion to me" convey . "I have to minister to my mother all the time" tend . stare.provide care for. hang excited or anxious about 9.M. pass on. gape. glance. feast your eyes upon. clock (Brit.

look down your nose at (informal). be on the qui vive for What are the symptoms to look out for? look over something examine. watch.M. gander (informal). check out. l%k (S. slang). look forward to something anticipate. expression. demeanour. study. delve into. shufti (Brit. so they looked down on me. consider. look in on She looked up some friends of bygone years. front on. put you in mind of They look like stars to the naked eye. hunt for. inspect. bring to mind Looking back on it all.) We're not looking to make a fortune. attend to. look back on something remember. examination. survey. misprize I wasn't successful. keep an eye on. explore. await. probe.M. peek. beware.M. appear. give onto. look to something turn your thoughts to. look-see (slang). work over. recall. supervise. be vigilant about. set your heart on He was looking forward to working with the new Prime Minister. treat with contempt. sight. remind you of. manifest. pay attention to. hope. resort to. sit with.3. mind. anticipate. scorn. seem to be. slang) He could have looked over the papers in less than ten minutes. take after.S. overlook. nurse. look into something investigate. pay a visit to. track down. find. hope for. await. inquire about.S. strike you as. manner. look on or upon something or someone consider. have recourse to. keep your eyes peeled for. care for. think about. observation. be alert to. squint (informal). slang). appearance. protect.) Next term we'll be looking at the Second World War period. make use of. mien (literary). go to see. l%k (S. 5. look after something or someone take care of. look through. take charge of I love looking after the children. contemplate Let's look to the future now. guard. count the days until. research. check. go into. face. bearing. look for. be wary of. cast an eye over. keep your eyes open for. look over.) The terrace looks onto the sea. 4. scan. tend. sneer at. recce (slang).S. keep an eye out for. l%k (S. avail yourself of So many of us are looking to alternative therapies. once-over (informal). look down on or upon someone disdain. hold to be A lot of people looked on him as a healer. think about.) They've opted for a rustic look in the kitchen. search for. reckon on. scrutinize. believe in. flick through. gaze. keep your eyes skinned for. style. study.S. look to something or someone turn to. examine. call on. look out for something be careful of. glimpse. watch out for. impression. eyeful (informal). noun 1. guise. 2. drop in on (informal). butcher's (Brit. eyeball (slang). look someone up visit. peruse. contemplate. make you think of. look like something investigate. despise.S.M. take a dekko at (Brit. echo. think back on. inspect. hold in contempt. count on. l%k (S. make inquiries about He had once looked into buying an island. be on guard for. expect. regard.M. 6. turn your nose up (at) (informal). view. wait for. judge. exhibit. seek out I looked up your name and address in the personnel file. inspection. . l%k (S. long for. effect. countenance. glance.S.) She took a last look in the mirror. aspect. complexion. expect. deem. cast. view. fashion. consider. face. follow up. seem. look like. reflect on.M. l%k (S. look something up research. air. be the image of. review. spurn. I'm amazed how we managed to do it on time. display.) She was looking miserable. contemn (formal). fall back on. monitor. semblance. check out (informal). rate.

revere. ameliorate. get better. develop. 2002 Translations Select a language: Afrikaans / Afrikaans Arabic / ‫العربية‬ Bulgarian / Български Chinese Simplified / 中文简体 Chinese Traditional / 中文繁體 Croatian / Hrvatski Czech / Česky Danish / Dansk . esteem. pick up. come along. perk up. have a high opinion of. show improvement Things are looking up in the computer industry. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995. defer to.look up improve. advance. progress. Proverbs "Look before you leap" Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. honour. admire. shape up (informal). think highly of A lot of the younger girls look up to you. regard highly. look up to someone respect.

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(= search) to have a look for sth → buscar algo I've had a good look for it already → lo he buscado ya en todas partes have another look! → ¡vuelve a buscar! 4. you can't go by looks alone → es arriesgado juzgar por las apariencias nada más to like the look of sb/sth I don't like the look of him → me cae mal. ¡échale un vistazo a esto! to take a good look at sth → mirar algo detenidamente to take a long hard look at o. (= glance) → mirada f. me lanzó una mirada furiosa a look of despair → una cara de desesperación we got some very odd looks → la gente nos miró extrañada if looks could kill* → si las miradas mataran . (= see.. vistazo m to have a look at sth → echar un vistazo a algo let me have a look → déjame ver have a look at this! → ¡mira esto!.A.. se diría que . ¡fíjate! I'll look and see → voy a ver look how she does it → fíjate cómo lo hace look who's here! → ¡mira quién está aquí! to look into sb's eyes → mirarle a los ojos a algn . no me fío de él I don't like the look of it → no me gusta nada 5.. ¡échale un vistazo a esto! shall we have a look round the town? → ¿damos una vuelta por la ciudad? to have a look round a house → inspeccionar una casa to take a look at sth → echar un vistazo a algo take a look at this! → ¡míra esto!. looks (= attractiveness) looks aren't everything → la belleza no lo es todo good looks → belleza fsing she has kept her looks → sigue tan guapa como siempre she's losing her looks → no es tan guapa como antes 6. (= fashion) → moda f. VI 1.. 3. (= air. glance) → mirar look! → ¡mira! look here! → ¡oye! just look! → ¡mira!. N 1. estilo m the 1999 look → la moda de 1999 the new look → la nueva moda I need a new look → quiero cambiar de imagen B.s (fig) → examinarse a sí mismo detenidamente take a long hard look before deciding → antes de decidir conviene pensar muchísimo do you want a look? → ¿quieres verlo? 2. aspecto m. appearance) → aire m. pinta f there's a mischievous look about that child → ese niño tiene pinta de pillo he had a sad look → tenía un aspecto or aire triste he had the look of a sailor → tenía aire de marinero by the look(s) of it or things → a juzgar por las apariencias by the look(s) of him → viéndole. (= expression) → mirada f she gave me a dirty look → me echó una mirada de odio he gave me a furious look → me miró furioso.

1.2. to look like sb (= resemble) → parecerse a algn he looks like his brother → se parece a su hermano this photo doesn't look like him → la foto no se le parece. verse(LAM) he looks about 60 (years old) → aparenta tener alrededor de los 60 años to look one's age → aparentar or representar su edad she doesn't look her age → no aparenta or representa la edad que tiene it looks all right to me → me parece que está bien it will look bad (fig) → quedará mal he wanted to look his best for the interview → quería estar lo mejor(arreglado)posible para la entrevista I don't look my best first thing in the morning → cuando me levanto por la mañana no estoy muy guapa que digamos he just does it to look big → lo hace sólo para impresionar they made me look a fool → me hicieron quedar como un idiota they made me look foolish → me hicieron quedar en ridículo he looks good in a uniform → está muy guapo en uniforme Manchester United are looking good for the championship → el Manchester United tiene muchas posibilidades de ganar el campeonato it looks good on you → te sienta bien he looks happy → parece contento she wasn't looking herself → parecía otra. (= be in appearance) what does she look like? → ¿cómo es físicamente? look the other way (lit) → mirar para el otro lado (fig) → hacer como que no se da cuenta to be looking over sb's shoulder (fig) → estar siempre vigilando a algn to look down one's nose at sth/sb → menospreciar algo/a algn look before you leap → mira bien lo que haces 2. appear) → parecer. to look like 4. (= seem. (= search) look again! → ¡vuelve a buscar! you can't have looked far → no has mirado mucho you should have looked more carefully → tendrías que haber mirado mejor 3. tiene buena apariencia 4. en esta foto no parece él . no parecía la misma how does it look to you? → ¿qué te parece? how do I look? → ¿cómo estoy? she's 70 but doesn't look it → tiene 70 años pero no los aparenta or representa look lively! → ¡muévete! that cake looks nice → ese pastel tiene buena pinta that hairstyle makes her look old → ese peinado la hace parece mayor to look the part (fig) → parecerlo she looked prettier than ever → estaba más guapa que nunca how pretty you look! → ¡qué guapa estás! it looks promising → parece prometedor to make sb look small (fig) → rebajar a algn he looked surprised → hizo un gesto de extrañeza he looks tired → parece cansado to look well [person] → tener buena cara it looks well → parece muy bien.

(= keep temporarily) → guardar algo a algn look ahead VI + ADV (in front) → mirar hacia delante. (= seem) it looks like cheese to me → a mí me parece(que es)queso the festival looks like being lively → la fiesta se anuncia animada it looks like rain → parece que va a llover it certainly looks like it → parece que sí 5. animal. cuidar de. examinar. (= consider) [+ alternatives] → considerar. [+ shop. (= pay attention to) look what you've done now! → ¡mira lo que has hecho! look where you're going! → ¡fíjate por donde vas! look about VI + ADV & VI + PREP = look around look after VI + PREP 1. (= take care of) [+ invalid. to look after sth for sb (= watch over) [+ luggage. [+ one's possessions] → velar por he can look after himself → sabe cuidar de or valerse por sí mismo she can't look after herself any more → ya no puede valerse por sí misma 2. (= face) it looks south [house] → mira hacia el sur. house] → vigilar algo a algn.. (= seek) they are looking to make a profit → quieren sacar ganancias C. VI + PREP to look around one → mirar a su alrededor look at VI + PREP 1.. (= mind) [+ child] → vigilar. (= look at) → mirar to look sb (straight) in the eye(s) or in the face → mirar directamente a los ojos de algn I would never be able to look her in the eye(s) or face again → no podría resistir su mirada.3. [+ idea] → estudiar cuidadosamente just look at this mess! → ¡mira qué desorden! to look at him you would never think that → por la apariencia nunca pensarías que . it isn't much to look at. depende del punto . (to future) → hacer proyectos para el futuro look around A. VT 1. plant] → cuidar. it's nothing to look at → no es muy bonito look at how she does it → fíjate cómo lo hace 2. [+ problem] → estudiar it depends (on) how you look at it → depende de cómo se enfoca la cuestión. to look as if or as though: it looks as if or as though the train will be late → parece que el tren va a llegar tarde try to look as if or as though you're glad to see me → haz como que te alegras de verme it doesn't look as if or as though he's coming → parece que no va a venir 6. cuidar. (= observe) → mirar to look hard at [+ person] → observar detenidamente. VI + ADV → echar una mirada alrededor to look around for sth → buscar algo we're looking around for a house → estamos buscando casa B. está orientada hacia el sur 7.4. siempre me avergonzaría al verla to look sb up and down → mirar a algn de arriba abajo 2. business] → encargarse de 3.

room] → dar a it looks onto the garden → da al jardín .. (= visit) → pasar por casa. reward] → esperar look forward VI + ADV (= plan for the future) → mirar hacia el futuro look forward to VI + ADV + PREP [+ event] → esperar con ansia. esperar con impaciencia we're looking forward to the journey → el viaje nos hace mucha ilusión we had been looking forward to it for weeks → durante semanas enteras veníamos pensando en eso con mucha ilusión I'm really looking forward to the holidays → estoy deseando que lleguen las vacaciones I'm not looking forward to it at all → no me hace ninguna ilusión to look forward to doing sth → tener muchas ganas de or estar deseando hacer algo looking forward to hearing from you (in letter) → a la espera de sus noticias . (= have in prospect) you're looking at a minimum of £200 → calcula 200 libras como mínimo look away VI + ADV → apartar la mirada (from de) look back VI + ADV 1. caer por casa to look in on sb → pasar a ver a algn look into VI + PREP (= examine) [+ matter.. me sorprende que no hubiera sospechado nada to look back on or at [+ event. investigar look on A. (= look behind) → mirar hacia atrás 2. possibility] → estudiar. VI + ADV → mirar(como espectador) B. (= check) [+ patient. (= remember) → pensar en el pasado looking back. period] → recordar. (= accept) I wouldn't even look at the job → no aceptaría el puesto por nada del mundo the landlady won't look at students → la patrona no aguanta los estudiantes 5. rememorar after that he never looked back (fig) → desde entonces todo le ha ido sobre ruedas look down VI + ADV (= lower eyes) → bajar la vista de uno whichever way you look at it → se mire por donde se mire 3. [+ engine. (= overlook) the castle looks down on the town → el castillo domina la ciudad look for VI + PREP 1. look in VI + ADV 1. wound. (= seek) → buscar to be looking for trouble → andar buscando camorra 2. I'm surprised I didn't suspect anything → pensándolo ahora. (fig) (= despise) → despreciar 2. (= expect) [+ praise. spelling] → revisar will you look at the engine? → ¿podría revisar el motor? I'll look at it tomorrow → lo miraré mañana 4. heart] → examinar. (= look downward) → mirar hacia abajo to look down at sb/sth → mirar abajo hacia algn/algo look down on VI + PREP 1. VI + PREP (= consider) → considerar I look on him as a friend → lo considero un amigo we do not look on it with favour → no nos merece una buena opinión to look kindly on sth/sb → mirar algo/a algn con buenos ojos to look on the bright side (of things) → mirar el lado bueno(de las cosas) look onto VI + PREP (= face) [building. (= see in) → mirar por dentro 2.

(fig) (= ignore) he looked right through me → me miró sin verme. goods. (= take care) → tener cuidado look out! → ¡cuidado!. factory] → visitar. me miró como si no existiera look to VI + PREP 1. contar con algn para hacer algo 2. VI + ADV 1. (= leaf through) → hojear. produce] → echar un vistazo a. recorrer to look round an exhibition → visitar una exposición I like looking round the shops → me gusta ir a ver tiendas look through VI + PREP 1. (= search) → registrar. VI + PREP [+ town. (= glance) → levantar la vista. (= examine closely) → examinar detenidamente. volverse I called him and he looked round → lo llamé y volvió la cabeza. VI + ADV 1. (= find) → encontrar look out for VI + PREP 1. list] → echar un vistazo a. (in shop) → mirar we're just looking round → estamos mirando solamente do you mind if we look round? → ¿le importa que echemos un vistazo? 4. VT + ADV (Brit) (= search for) → buscar. [+ window] → mirar por 2. (= attend to) → ocuparse de. (= search) to look round for → buscar B. mirar por look up A. recurrir a it's no good looking to me for help → es inútil recurrir a mí en busca de ayuda to look to sb to do sth → esperar que algn haga algo. (= look outside) → mirar fuera to look out of the window → mirar por la ventana it looks out on to the garden → da al jardín 2. cuidarse he's only looking out for himself (pej) → sólo mira sus propios intereses we look out for each other → nos cuidamos el uno al otro. VI + ADV 1. lo llamé y se volvió 3. [+ town. estar atento a algo/algn do look out for pickpockets → ten mucho ojo con los carteristas look out for special deals → estáte al tanto de las gangas 2. (= look after) [+ person] → cuidar to look out for o. (= look about one) → mirar a su alrededor 2. cuidamos el uno del otro 3. (= re-read) [+ notes] → revisar 3. (fig) (= turn to) → contar con. (= think of) we must look to the future → tenemos que pensar en el futuro or mirar hacia delante 3. (carefully) → examinar. alzar la vista . (carefully) → inspeccionar look round A. (= watch for) to look out for sth/sb → esperar algo/a algn. ¡aguas!(MEX) B. (= turn) → volver la cabeza.look out A. (= seek) → buscar look over VT + ADV [+ document. [+ person.s → cuidar de sí mismo. building] → echar un vistazo a.

2005 look [ˈlʊk] vi (= glance. búscala en el diccionario 2.Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co.. (= visit) [+ person] → ir a visitar look upon VI + PREP = look on B look up to VI + PREP to look up to sb (fig) → respetar a algn. That cake looks nice → Ce gâteau a l'air bon. look through (= search) → regarder Have you looked behind the sofa? → Tu as regardé derrière le canapé ? (= seem) (with adj) → avoir l'air to look worried → avoir l'air inquiet She looks surprised → Elle a l'air surprise.. look it up in the dictionary → si no conoces una palabra. It looks all right to me BUT Ça me paraît bien. • Do translate the article when the thing or person is qualified: He's looking for a little flat Busca un piso pequeño ! When translating examples like I'm looking for someone to. . 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. VT + ADV 1. gaze) → regarder look! (expressing surprise) → regardez! Look! A rainbow! → Regardez ! Un arc-en-ciel ! to look the other way (= ignore what is happening) → fermer les yeux see also look at. It looks as if they are going to lose the election → On dirait qu'il vont perdre les élections. 1993. It looks fine → Ça a l'air bien. [+ information] → buscar if you don't know a word. admirar a algn LOOK FOR Omission of article • Don't translate the article "a" in sentences like I'm looking for a flat... (= improve) → mejorar things are looking up → las cosas van mejor B.2. 1971. 2000. when the number of such things is not significant since people normally only look for one at a time: I'm looking for a flat Estoy buscando piso He's looking for a secretary Busca secretaria NOTE The personal a is not used before people when the article is omitted as above. (= seems as though) → on dirait que .. 1996. It looks about 4 metres long BUT Je dirais que ça fait 4 mètres de long. translate the English to-infinitive using que + ((subjunctive)): I'm looking for someone to help with the children Busco a alguien que me ayude con los niños I'm looking for a mechanic to repair my car Busco a un mecánico que me arregle el coche Collins Spanish Dictionary .. He looked as if he was going to smile → On aurait dit qu'il allait sourire. 1997. Ltd. it looks as if . 2003.

by the look of it.s. exasperation) look!. look here! → écoutez ! vt to look sb in the eye. by the looks of it → à ce qu'on dirait He was not a well man by the look of him → Il n'avait pas l'air en bonne santé. beauté f to lose one's looks → ne plus être aussi beau* qu'autrefois(belle) look after vt fus (= take care of) [+ person] → s'occuper de I look after my little sister → Je m'occupe de ma petite sœur. je m'occupe de la cuisine. (more carefully) → regarder Have a look at this! → Regardez ceci! Let me have a look → Fais voir. (psychologically) → faire son autocritique (= search) to have a look for sb/sth → chercher qn/qch I had a quick look round for her BUT J'ai jeté un coup d'œil pour voir si elle était là. (= appearance) the punk look → le look punk a room with a traditional look → une pièce de style traditionnel to not like the look of sth I don't like the look of it → Ça ne me dit rien qui vaille. (= watch over) [+ luggage etc] → garder. What does she look like? BUT Comment est-elle physiquement?. Can I have a look? → Je peux regarder ? to give sb a puzzled look → regarder qn d'un air perplexe to take a long hard look at sth → examiner qch de près to take a long hard look at o. We'll help you look after your finances BUT Nous vous aiderons à mettre vos finances en ordre. I'll look after the cooking → Sors. expression f There was a worried look on his face → Il avait l'air inquiet. (= face towards) [building. to look sb in the face → regarder qn droit dans les yeux to look sb up and down → toiser qn n (= glance) to have a look at sth (briefly) → jeter un coup d'œil à qch. garden] to look south → donner au sud to look on to the sea → donner sur la mer (expressing annoyance.s. looks npl → physique m. Look after yourself! → Prends bien soin de toi ! (= see to) [+ task] → s'occuper de You go on out. He's old enough to look after himself → Il est assez grand pour se débrouiller tout seul. (= facial expression) → air m. looks like rain → on dirait qu'il va pleuvoir it looks like him (= seems to be him) → on dirait que c'est lui (= resemble) to look like sb/sth → ressembler à qn/qch He looks like his brother → Il ressemble à son frère. to look after o. surveiller look ahead vi .

(lit) (in front of oneself) → regarder devant soi (fig) (to the future) → penser à l'avenir We need to look ahead → Il nous faut penser à l'avenir. look for vt fus (= search for. to look back on sth [+ event. look around vi (= glance round) → regarder autour de soi look at vt fus (= glance at) → regarder Look at the picture → Regardez cette image. . Look at me! → Regarde-moi ! Look at the time! → Tu as vu l'heure ! (= consider) [+ situation.. Look at what we have achieved over the past two years BUT Voyez où nous sommes arrivés en deux ans. person. object) → chercher I'm looking for my passport → Je cherche mon passeport.. subject] → examiner The situation must be looked at more closely → Il faut examiner la situation de plus près. Looking back. You'll need to look ahead four or five years → Vous devez vous projeter quatre ou cinq ans en avant. → rétrospectivement. . to look ahead to sth → envisager qch We can look ahead to the next match with confidence → Nous pouvons envisager le prochain match avec confiance. period] → repenser à qch to look back on sth with regret → repenser à qch avec regret I never looked back (was successful from then on) → à partir de ce moment-là. Let's look at the implications of this BUT Voyons ce que ceci implique. to be looking for work → chercher du travail . tout m'a réussi look down vi (= glance downwards) → regarder en bas (= lower one's eyes) → baisser les yeux Don't look down! → Ne regarde pas ! to look down from an upstairs window → regarder par une fenêtre du haut to look down at the ground → regarder par terre look down on vt fus (= despise) → regarder de haut (= have a view of) → donner sur The house looks down on the river → La maison donne sur la rivière.. je pense que j'ai fait de mon mieux. I think I did the best I could → Rétrospectivement. look back vi (= glance backwards) → regarder derrière soi to look back at sth/sb → se retourner pour regarder qch/qn (on the past) → revenir sur le passé looking back. problem..

museum. possibility] → examiner. The team is looking forward to playing there → L'équipe a hâte de jouer là-bas. J'ai vraiment hâte de partir en vacances. to look favourably on sb → voir qn d'un œil favorable look out vi (= look outside) → regarder dehors to look out of the window → regarder par la fenêtre (= beware) → prendre garde. She told how she looked on helplessly during the terrifying ordeal BUT Elle a raconté qu'elle n'avait pu qu'assister.. piece of work] → jeter un coup d'œil à. postman] → guetter Look out for somewhere we can stop → Essaie de repérer un endroit pour nous arrêter. silencieux. town] → visiter to look round the shops → faire les magasins . étudier to look into doing sth → étudier la possibilité de faire qch look on vi (= watch) → regarder (en spectateur) People looked on in silence → Les gens regardaient. [+ person] (quickly) → jeter un coup d'œil à. (carefully) → examiner de la tête aux pieds look round vi (= turn to look backwards) → regarder derrière soi.look forward to vt fus → attendre avec impatience I'm looking forward to the holidays → J'attends les vacances avec impatience.. vt fus (= consider) to look on sb as sth → considérer qn comme qch I look on him as a brother → Je le considère comme mon frère. building] → visiter. to look forward to doing sth I'm really looking forward to going on holiday → Il me tarde vraiment de partir en vacances. I'm not looking forward to it → Cette perspective ne me réjouit guère. faire attention look out! → attention! look out for vt fus (= watch out for) [+ expected visitor. Look out for special deals → Soyez à l'affût des bonnes affaires. à l'affreux supplice. (= search) to look round for sth → chercher qch vt fus [+ house. impuissante. se retourner I shouted and he looked round → J'ai crié et il s'est retourné. [+ town. I'm looking forward to seeing you → Il me tarde de te revoir. look in vi (= glance inside) → regarder à l'intérieur (= go to see) to look in on sb → passer voir qn look into vt fus [+ matter. look over vt fus [+ essay. (= have a look around) → jeter un coup d'œil I'm just looking round → Je jette simplement un coup d'œil. looking forward to hearing from you (in informal letter) → j'espère avoir bientôt de tes nouvelles We look forward to hearing from you → Dans l'attente de vous lire ..

to have or take a look at something → sich (dat) → etw ansehen. he had the look of a sailor → er sah wie ein Seeman aus. there was a look of despair in his eyes → ein verzweifelter Blick war in seinen Augen. let’s have a look → lass mal sehen. Continental designers are looking to Britain for inspiration this season → Cette saison. she gave me a look of disbelief → sie sah mich ungläubig an.look through vt fus (= examine) [+ papers. is it in the dictionary? — have a look (and see) → steht das im Wörterbuch? — sieh or guck (inf) → mal nach. [+ friend] → passer voir look up to vt fus (= admire) → avoir du respect pour Collins English/French Electronic Resource. she gave me a dirty look. he gave me such a look! → er hat mir (vielleicht) einen Blick zugeworfen!. (briefly) → parcourir [+ telescope] → regarder à travers look to vt fus (= rely on) → compter sur to look to sb for sth The people look to us for guidance → Le peuple compte sur nous pour le guider. he put on a serious look → er machte ein ernstes Gesicht. to take a good look at something → sich (dat) → etw genau ansehen. zeig mal. (at the paper) → willst du mal hineinsehen or einen Blick hineinwerfen?. (= improve) [situation] → s'améliorer Things are looking up for us → Ça va mieux pour nous. cherchez-le dans le dictionnaire. to have a look (a)round → sich umsehen. take or have a good look → sehen or gucken (inf) → Sie genau hin. to have a look for something → sich nach etw umsehen. I can’t find it — have another look → ich finde es nicht — sieh or guck (inf) → noch mal nach. I don’t like the look of him/this wound → er/die . to look to sb to do sth → compter sur qn pour faire qch (= seek to) to be looking to do sth → chercher à faire qch look up vi (= glance upwards) → lever les yeux He looked up from his newspaper → Il leva les yeux de son journal. let’s have a look at it → lass mal sehen. let’s have a look at you → lass dich mal ansehen. have a look at this! → sieh or guck (inf) → dir das mal an!. look it up in the dictionary → Si vous ne connaissez pas un mot. les designers européens cherchent l'inspiration en Grande-Bretagne. we got some very odd looks → wir wurden komisch angesehen. he had a quick look at his watch → er sah kurz auf die Uhr. shall we have a look (a)round the town? → sollen wir uns (dat) → die Stadt ansehen? (= air. book] → examiner. I got a dirty look from her → sie warf mir einen vernichtenden Blick zu. vt sep [+ word] → chercher If you don't know a word. zeig mal her. can I have a look? → darf ich mal sehen or gucken (inf)?. do you want a look? → willst du mal sehen?. appearance) → Aussehen nt. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 look n (= glance) → Blick m.

by the look of him → so.) daran bist du schuld. I think the cake is done. dass du müde bist. → schauen (liter. nun ist sie beleidigt. dial). looks aren’t everything → auf das Aussehen allein kommt es nicht an. I know you’re tired. wo du hintrittst!. look where you’re going! → pass auf. als ob es 10 Jahre alt wäre. to look over one’s shoulder → nach hinten sehen. look what you’ve done! → sieh or guck (inf) → dir mal an. judging by the look of the sky → wenn man sich (dat) → den Himmel ansieht. aber …. wer da ist! vi (= see. wie er aussieht. the festival looks like being busy → auf dem Festival wird es wahrscheinlich sehr voll (werden) (= face) → gehen nach. just look where he’s put the car! → sieh or schau (dial) → or guck (inf) → dir bloß mal an. es sieht verdächtig aus. look before you leap (Prov) → erst wägen. he looked death in the face → er sah dem Tod ins Angesicht (geh) → or Auge. was du da angestellt hast!. he’s not looking himself these days → er sieht in letzter Zeit ganz verändert aus. there’s a much better solution → da gibt es doch eine wesentlich bessere Lösung. to look (a)round → sich umsehen. to look and see → nachsehen etc. it looks as if it will rain → es sieht nach Regen aus. he looked in(to) the chest → er sah or schaute (dial) → or guckte (inf) → in die Kiste (hinein). how does it look to you? → was meinst du dazu?. it wasn’t my fault → Moment mal. it looks like cheese to me → (ich finde. was meinst du?. nachsehen (= seem) → aussehen. to give something a new look → einer Sache (dat) → ein neues Aussehen verleihen or Gesicht geben. was du machst?. she looks best in red → Rot steht ihr am besten. the town has now taken on a new look → die Stadt hat ein neues Gesicht bekommen looks pl → Aussehen nt. look who’s here! → guck (inf) → or schau (dial) → mal or sieh doch. it looks like rain. look what you’ve made me do (→ sieh or schau (dial) → or guck (inf) → mal. look. to look the other way (fig) → die Augen verschließen. just look! → guck mal!.Wunde gefällt mir gar nicht.) das sieht wie Käse aus. glance) → gucken (inf). can’t you look what you’re doing? → kannst du nicht aufpassen. I want to look my best tonight → ich möchte heute Abend besonders gut aussehen. but … → ich weiß ja. das war aber nicht meine Schuld. the trophy looks well on your mantelpiece → die Trophäe macht sich gut auf deinem Kaminsims to look like → aussehen wie. now she’s offended → jetzt hast dus geschafft. it looks as if we’ll be late → es sieht (so) aus. the picture doesn’t look like him → das Bild sieht ihm nicht ähnlich. how does it look to you? → ich glaube. the village looks toward(s) the forest → das Dorf liegt dem Wald zugewendet look: lookalike . als würden wir zu spät kommen. wo er das Auto abgestellt hat!. so. the car looks about 10 years old → das Auto sieht so aus. she began to lose her looks → sie verlor allmählich ihr gutes Aussehen vt he looks his age → man sieht ihm sein Alter an. dann wagen (Prov) (= search) → suchen. look what you’ve done. to look one’s best → sehr vorteilhaft aussehen. look here! → hör (mal) zu!. look. it looks suspicious to me → es kommt mir verdächtig vor. this window looks (toward(s) the) north → dieses Fenster geht nach Norden. wie der Himmel aussieht. good looks → gutes Aussehen. to look over somebody’s shoulder → jdm über die Schulter sehen. it looks all right to me → es scheint mir in Ordnung zu sein. you can’t judge by looks alone → man kann nicht nur nach dem Aussehen or Äußeren urteilen. der Kuchen ist fertig. he’s looking his old self again → er ist wieder ganz der Alte. now look here. to look carefully → genau hinsehen etc.

2004. to keep a look for ? look out for (= prospect) → Aussichten pl. (see. to give something a quick look → etw kurz durchsehen Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. © William Collins Sons & Co. 2005. to be on the look for. 1999.or Beobachtungsposten m. ti dona it makes you look younger → ti ringiovanisce. would you have a look? → können Sie sich das mal durchsehen?. it’s a grim look for us → es sieht schlecht aus für uns (inf: = worry) that’s his look! → das ist sein Problem! look-over n to give something a look (→ sich dat) → etw flüchtig ansehen. 1997. (seem. ti fa sembrare più giovane it looks all right to me → a me pare che vada bene . Ltd. 2007 look [lʊk] 1. (= check) → etw flüchtig (über)prüfen look-see n (inf) to have a look → nachgucken (inf) → or -schauen (dial) → or -sehen look-through n (inf) → Durchsicht f. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. look post/station/tower → Beobachtungsposten m → /-station f → /-turm m (= person) (Mil) → Wacht. dare a sud look before you leap (fig) → non buttarti alla cieca b. a Rupert Murdoch look → ein Doppelgänger von Rupert Murdoch. glance) → guardare I'm just looking (in shop) → sto solo dando un'occhiata I'll look and see → vado a vedere look who's here! → (ma) guarda chi si vede! to look the other way → guardare dall'altra parte (fig) → far finta di non vedere to look ahead → guardare avanti (fig) → cominciare a pensare al futuro to look south (building) → essere esposto/a a sud. appear) → sembrare. the thieves had a look on the building opposite → einer der Diebe stand auf dem gegenüberliegenden Gebäude Wache or Schmiere (inf) to keep a look → Ausschau halten. einen flüchtigen Blick auf etw werfen.n → Doppelgänger(in) m(f). aver l'aria he looks (as if he's) happy → sembra or ha l'aria felice she looked prettier than ever → era più graziosa che mai he looks about 60 (years old) → dimostra una sessantina d'anni it looks about 4 metres long → sarà lungo un 4 metri you don't look yourself → non mi sembri in forma you look or you're looking well → ti trovo bene it looks good on you → ti sta bene. vi a. it’s not just another look → es sieht nicht wie all die anderen aus look-around n to have or take a look → sich umsehen look: lookout n (= tower etc) (Mil) → Ausguck m.

appearance) → aspetto. (fam) → non è bellissimo/a ma. (air. aria he has a look of his mother about him → ha qualcosa di sua madre there's a mischievous look about that child → quel bambino ha un'aria birichina by the look of things it's going to rain → ha tutta l'aria di (voler) piovere by the look of him → a vederlo I don't like the look of him → ha un'aria che non mi piace the new look for summer (Fashion) → il nuovo look m inv per l'estate see also looks look after vi + prep (gen) → occuparsi di. n a. (remember) → ripensare al passato to look back at sth/sb → voltarsi a guardare qc/qn . (keep an eye on) → guardare..... situation) → considerare it isn't much to look at but . badare a to look after sth for sb → dare un'occhiata a qc per qn he doesn't look after himself → si trascura she's old enough to look after herself → è abbastanza grande per badare a se stessa look around vi + adv → guardarsi intorno to look around for sb/sth → cercare qn/qc look at vi + prep (person. (expression) → sguardo. aria with a look of despair → con un'aria or un'espressione disperata to have a look at sth → dare un'occhiata a qc let me have a look → fammi vedere to take a good look at sb/sth → guardare (per) bene qn/qc to have a look for sth → cercare qc shall we have a look round the town? → andiamo a visitare la città? she gave me a dirty look → mi ha lanciato un'occhiataccia b. object) → guardare. (possessions) → prendersi cura di. (problem.c. vt → guardare to look sb (straight) in the eye or in the face → guardare qn (dritto) negli occhi or in faccia to look sb up and down → squadrare qn da capo a piedi look where you're going! → guarda dove vai! to look one's best → essere in gran forma you must look your best for this interview → dovresti cercare di presentarti a questo colloquio ben vestito e ben curato to look one's age → dimostrare la propria età 3. (glance) → occhiata. to look like → assomigliare a he looks like his brother → assomiglia a suo fratello this photo doesn't look like him → in questa foto non sembra lui it looks like cheese to me → mi sembra formaggio it certainly looks like it → ne ha tutta l'aria the party looks like being fun → la festa promette bene it looks like rain → mi sa che sta per piovere it looks as if or as though the train will be late → mi sa tanto che il treno sarà in ritardo 2. could you look at the engine for me? → puoi dare un'occhiata al motore? I wouldn't even look at such a low offer → non prenderei nemmeno in considerazione un'offerta così bassa look away vi + adv → distogliere lo sguardo look back vi + adv → girarsi or voltarsi indietro.

ritenere look round 1. fare da spettatore 2. vi + adv a. (person) → esaminare look upon vt + prep → considerare. (watch) → guardar fuori b. voltarsi. (shops) → dare un'occhiata a look through vi + prep a. (weather) → mettersi al bello things are looking up → le cose stanno migliorando 2. (rely on) → contare su look up 1. period) → ripensare a look down vi + adv → abbassare gli occhi or lo sguardo. vt + adv . possibility) → esaminare look on 1. vi + prep → considerare look onto vi + prep → dare su. book) → esaminare. prospects) → migliorare.he's never looked back (fig) → non ha fatto che migliorare to look back on (event. (papers. (fig) → guardare dall'alto in basso. (look after) → badare a. vt + adv (find) → tirar fuori look out for vi + prep (seek) → cercare to look out for sb/sth (watch out for) → guardare se arriva qn/qc look over vt + adv (essay) → dare un'occhiata a. vi + prep (museum. (improve. (building) → ispezionare. (briefly) → scorrere. (revise) → rivedere b. vi + adv (turn) → girarsi. affacciarsi su to look onto the sea → dare sul mare my room looks onto the garden → la mia camera si affaccia or dà sul giardino look out 1. (business) → riprendersi. factory) → visitare. stare attento/a a. (in shops) → dare un'occhiata to look round for sb/sth → guardarsi intorno per cercare qn/qc 2. (sales) → aumentare. to look out (for) → stare attento/a (a) look out! → attento! 2. disprezzare look for vi + prep → cercare to look for sb/sth → cercare qn/qc look forward to vi + adv + prep to look forward to doing sth → non veder l'ora di fare qc I'm looking forward to his visit/the film → non vedo l'ora che venga/di vedere il film I'm not looking forward to it → non ne ho nessuna voglia looking forward to hearing from you (in letter) → aspettando tue notizie look in vi + adv → guardar dentro look in on vi + adv + prep (visit) → fare un salto da look into vi + prep (matter. (from height) → guardare giù to look down at sb/sth → guardare giù verso qn/qc look down on vi + adv + prep → guardare giù verso. vi + adv → rimanere a guardare. vi + adv a. (telescope) → guardare attraverso look to vi + prep (turn to) → rivolgersi a. (shares) → essere in rialzo. (glance) → alzare gli occhi b. riguardare.

He looked at me (angrily). ְהביט‬देखना gledati néz melihat líta. lyk ‫ يبدو‬изглеждам vypadat se ud. kyk ‫ينظر‬ ُ َْ гледам (po)hledět se. выглядеть vyzerať zdeti se izgledati se ut มีท่าทาง görünmek 好象 мати вигляд.. δείχνω parecer näima ‫ به نظر رسيدن‬vaikuttaa sembler..a. paraître ‫ להיראות‬तलाशना ֹ ָ ְֵ izgledati tűnik (vminek) tampaknya virðast. aria 外観 외관. raudzīties memandang kijken se (på/etter) patrzeć olhar a privi. kyk ‫ يطل، يتجه‬гледам být orientován (na) vende mod gehen nach ُ ِ َّ ّ ِ ُ είμαι στραμμένος προς. āriene rupa voorkomen utseende wygląd aspecto aspect вид vzhľad videz izgled utseende รูปร่างท่าทาง görünüş. dubultnieks orang yang mirip dubbelganger . aansig ‫ مظهر‬вид vzhled udseende das Aussehen َْ َ όψη. friend) → andare a trovare look up to vi + adv + prep → avere rispetto per Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 look v look [luk] 1 to turn the eyes in a certain direction so as to see. 보기 pažiūrėjimas. šķist kelihatan er uitzien se ut som wyglądać (na to że) parecer a părea казаться. rzut okiem olhadela privire взгляд pohľad pogled pogled titt การมอง bakış. βλέπω προς dar a on . ค้นหา bakmak 看 дивитися ‫ ديکھنا‬nhìn 看 2 to seem It looks as if it's going to rain. titta ดู. görünüm 外表 вигляд. ֶ ַ rupa útlit aspetto. redzēšana pandangan kijkje titt spojrzenie. spieëlbeeld ‫ يبدو مثل، يشبه‬двойник podobná osoba dobbeltgænger der Double σωσίας doble teisik ِْ ُ ْ ِ َ ‫ مشابه بودن‬kaksoisolento double ‫ דומה‬एकरप sličnost hasonmás orang yang mirip sosia そっくりさ ֶֹ ん 아주 흡사한 사람 gyvavaizdis līdzinieks. зовнішність ‫ چہرہ ، روپ‬vẻ bề ngoài 外表 n look-alike a person who looks (exactly) like someone else. to express etc He looked out of the window. synes َْ aussehen φαίνομαι. kigge schauen κοιτάζω mirar vaatama ‫ نگاه کردن‬katsoa regarder . शैली. ματιά mirada ilme َْ َ ‫ نگاه‬ilme regard ‫ מבט‬अवलोकन pogled pillantás pandangan svipur. sÿnast sembrare. to find. ִ ַּ‫ִ ֹ ל‬ (pa)žvelgti skatīties. apariencia välimus ‫ ظاهر‬ulkonäkö air ‫ מראה‬फैशन. 보다 (pa)žiūrėti. pozerať pogledati pogledati se. pamatymas skatīšanās. eenderslykende. poole ‫ رو به سمتی داشتن‬olla jhnk päin donner sur ‫ לפנות כלפי‬धयान देना. (information. blik ‫ نظره‬поглед pohled blik der Blick έκφραση. a se uita смотреть pozrieť.‫להסתכל‬ ֵ ַּ ִ ְ ‫ לראות. augnaráð sguardo 一見 언뜻 보 ָ ַּ 기 žvilgsnis skatiens pandangan blik blikk spojrzenie olhar privire взгляд pohľad pogled izgled blick สีหน้า bakış 臉色 погляд. िदखाई देना. but I can't find him. तलाश izgled külső.. вираз ‫ حيرت کی نظر‬liếc nhìn 脸色 3 appearance The house had a look of neglect. I've looked everywhere.처럼 보이 다 atrodyti izskatīties. word) → cercare b. a double the prince's look-alike. apparire ~に見える . 표정 išvaizda izskats. (visit. िदशा की ओर होना gledati na tekint menghadap snúa guardare a. dare ֵ ְ ַּּ ֹ ִ su ~に面する 향하다 langais išeiti į būt vērstam menghadap uitkijken op vende (ut mot) wychodzić na encarar a da spre быть обращённым byť otočený na gledati gledati ka vetta.. ligga mot เผชิญหน้า bakmak 朝著 виходити на ‫ سامنا کرنا‬hướng về 朝着 n 1 the act of looking or seeing Let me have a look! sien ‫ نظر‬поглеждане pohled kig der Blick ََ ματιά ojeada pilk ‫ نگاه‬katsominen coup d'oeil ‫ מבט‬दृिष pogled pillantás penglihatan það að líta á ָ ַּ occhiata 見ること 봄. εμφάνιση aspecto. She looks sad. здаватися ‫ نظر آنا‬dường như 好象 3 to face The house looks west. bakma 看 погляд ‫ ديکھنے کا عمل‬cách nhìn 看 2 a glance a look of surprise. horfa guardare 見る 응시하다.

. sargybos postas sargpostenis. wyglądzie de aparência cu aspect/înfăţişare (. novērotājs orang yang melihat toeschouwer tilskuer widz espectador spectator случайный зритель divák gledalec posmatrač åskådare คนมอง seyirci 旁觀者 глядач ‫ تماشائی‬người quan sát 旁观者 n looking-glass a mirror. udseende -aussehend που έχει συγκεκριμένη εμφάνιση.. 용모 išvaizda skaistums... med . utseende ลักษณะ .面容 n pl looks (attractive) appearance She lost her looks as she grew older.. tıpkısı 面貌酷似的人 копія.. που μοιάζει de aspecto välimusega ‫.. voorkoms ‫جمال‬ َ ‫ الوجه، مظهر جذاب‬външен вид krása (pæne) udseende das Aussehen εμφάνιση. (de) observaţie наблюдение pozorovanie..... pozorovací opazovanje. lustro espelho oglindă зеркало zrkadlo ogledalo ogledalo spegel กระจก ayna 鏡子 дзеркало. strange-looking. an onlooker. Aussichts-. piesardzība berkawal uitkijk utkikk obserwacja observação pândă. настороженість ‫ نگرانی‬sự giám sát 警戒 2 a place from which such a watch can be kept. vigilancia vaatlus ‫ مراقبت‬tähystys (de) guet ‫ שמירה‬चौकी pozorno promatranje őrködés ָ ִׁ ְ pengawasan gæsla.(kjendis)dobbeltgjenger копия..) َّ َ ْ َ ْ َ atractivos välimus ‫ قيافه‬ulkonäkö beauté ‫ מראה. good looks.... . शीशा ogledalo. двойник dvojník dvojnik ličiti dubbelgångare คนหรือสิ่งของที่ เหมือนกัน benzeri.. יופי‬रप izgled (csinos) külső kecantikan útlit ִֹ ֶ ַ bellezza 容ぼう 외양. udkigs. ομορφιά (πληθ. vypadající med et . varðberg guardia..atrodantis.. voorkoms ‫ذو مظهر أو منظر‬ َ َْ َْ َ -изглеждащ .) -の顔つきの …하게 보이는 . παρακολούθηση observación... ֶֹ spettatrice 見物人 구경꾼 žiūrovas.. люстерко ‫ آئينہ‬gương 镜子 n lookout 1 a careful watch a sharp lookout.. zrcalo tükör cermin spegill specchio 鏡 거울 veidrodis ָ ַ spogulis cermin spiegel speil zwierciadło. επιφυλακή.. toeskouer ‫مت َرج، واحد من المشاهدين‬ ِ ُ ٌِ ّ ‫ُ َف‬ зяпач divák tilskuer der/die Zuschauer(in) θεατής espectador... आईना.. opazovalen straža utkik การระมัดระวัง gözetleme 警戒 пильність.) utseende .. wyglądający. що дивиться певним способом ‫کوئی‬ ‫( مخصوص وضع يا چہرہ‬từ ghép) chỉ vẻ bề ngoài . 망루 stebėjimo punktas. razgledna točka osmatračnica utkikspunkt ห้องสังเกตการณ์ gözetleme yeri 了望 台 спостережний пункт ‫ وہ مقام جہاں سے نظر رکھی جا سکے‬trạm gác 了望台 .) ‫ -בעל מראה‬एकरपता izgledom vmilyennek ֶ ַ ַּ ַ látszó tampak útlítandi dall'aspetto/aria (. िनरीकक promatrač néző penonton áhorfandi spettatore. o. stebėtojas skatītājs.面容 той. pozorovací udkig. udkigssted der Ausguck σκοπιά..) koji izgleda som ser . görünüşlü . παρατηρητήριο atalaya vaatluskoht ‫ ديده بانی‬tähystyspaikka poste de guet ‫ עמדת שמירה‬चौकीदार promatračnica őrhely pos pengawasan ָ ִׁ ַ ֶ ְ varðberg/-turn posto d'osservazione 見張り所 전망대.. uitkyk ‫ مراقبه‬наблюдение ََ ُ pozorování... spieël ‫ مرآه‬огледало zrcadlo spejl der Spiegel καθρέφτης espejo peegel ‫ آينه‬peili miroir ِ ‫ מראה‬दपरण. novērošanas punkts tempat berkawal uitkijkpost utkikkspost/-sted punkt obserwacyjny posto de observação post de observare наблюдательный пункт pozorovateľňa opazovalnica... आरसी.چهره‬näköinen à l'air (. (also adjective ) a lookout post.die Aussicht. lyk.išvaizdos -izskata tampak uitziend med et (. uitkykpunt ‫ نقطة مراقبه‬наблюдателен пост ََ ُ َ ْ ُ pozorovatelna udkigspost. observador pealtvaataja ‫تماشا کننده؛‬ ‫ نظاره گر‬katsoja spectateur/-trice ‫ צופה‬दशरक. di guardia 警戒 조심 sargyba modrība. vyzerajúci ki je videti (. двійник ‫ ہم صورت‬trong giống ai 面貌酷似的人 -looking having a certain appearance good-looking. izskatīgums penampilan uiterlijk (pent) utseende wygląd atractivos frumuseţe (привлекательная) внешность krása lepota izgled utseende ลักษณะภายนอก güzellik 相貌 зовнішність ‫ صورت شکل‬hình dáng bên ngoài 相貌 n looker-ˈon a person who is watching something happening..) выглядящий . ut...

neersien op ‫ يحتقر‬гледам презрително dívat se svrchu na se ned på ِ َْ َ herabsehen auf περιφρονώ mirar a alguien mal halvaks panema ‫ پست دانستن‬katsoa nenänvartta . holde oppsyn med opiekować się tomar conta a se ocupa de. versorg ‫ يعتني‬грижа се за dohlížet. soos dit wil voorkom ‫من‬ ‫ مظهره، مما يبدو عليه‬както изглежда jak to vypadá efter udseendet at dømme. ευθύνη asunto hool. wygląda na to. he won't live much longer. a avea grijă de присматривать за. spriežot pēc [] izskata melihat pada rupanya zo te zien etter utseendet å dømme sądząc z pozorów. affaire ‫ דאגה. παρατηρητής vigilante. som det ser ud nach َْ ِ َْ َ dem Aussehen zu schließen καθώς φαίνεται. заботиться о starať sa (o) paziti (na koga) starati se se efter. pieskatīt. It's going to rain by the look of it. pensare al futuro 将来を考える 앞일을 생각하다 galvoti apie ateitį raudzīties nākotnē meramal vooruitkijken se framover patrzeć w przyszłość antecipar a privi în viitor планировать на будущее myslieť dopredu misliti na prihodnost gledati unapred se framåt มองการณ์ไกล geleceği düşünmek 為未來打算 заглядати в майбутнє ‫ مستقبل کی فکر کرنا‬nhìn xa 为未来打算 look down one's nose at to regard with contempt. na oko. briga baj urusan áhyggjuefni affare ּ ָ ֲ ַ ָָ ְ 関心事 관심사. κρίνοντας από τα φαινόμενα por lo visto (millegi või kellegi välimuse järgi) otsustades ‫ از روی ظواهر قضاوت کردن‬jstk päätellen à le/la voir. mirar el futuro tulevikku vaatama ‫ چشم داشتن به آينده‬katsoa eteenpäin penser à l'avenir ‫ לראות את הנולד‬सामने ָֹ ַ ֶ ֹ ִ देखना gledati unaprijed gondol a jövőre meramalkan líta fram á veginn guardare avanti. responsibility If he catches you leaving early. that's your lookout! dis jou eie saam ‫ مسؤوليه‬грижа starost problem. göz kulak olmak 照顧 наглядати за. ansvar rzecz. 책임 reikalas tā ir jūsu pašu darīšana urusan (kamu) sendiri verantwoordelijkheid sak. ocuparse de hoolitsema ‫پرستاری‬ ‫ کردن از‬katsoa jnk perään avoir soin (de) ‫ ְטפל‬देखरेख करना čuvati gondoz menjaga gæta. przedmiot troski responsabilidade забота vec (tvoja) stvar odgovornost sak. iš pažiūros kā šķiet. de toute apparence ‫ על פי המראה‬po izgledu.3 a person who has been given the job of watching There was a shout from the lookout. vedetta 見張り人 감시인 sargybinis sardze. піклуватися про ‫ديکھ بھال کرنا‬ trông nom 照料 look ahead to consider what will happen in the future. אחריות‬odgovornost. že po vsem sodeč kako izgleda av utseendet att döma. izgleda a látszat alapján melihat rupanya eftir útlitinu að dæma ֶ ַַ ּ ַ ִ (a quanto pare) ~の様子からみて 보기에. vooruitkyk ‫ ينظر إلى المستقبل‬предвиждам myslet َْ َْ ُ ُ َْ dopředu være forudseende vorausschauen προσπαθώ να προβλέψω mirar hacia adelante. ansvar die Angelegenheit καθήκον. izvidnica őr ֵֹ pengawas varðmaður guardia. ensak รับผิดชอบ sorumluluk 關心,責任 турбота ‫ ذمہ داری‬trách nhiện 关心,责任 by the look(s) of judging from the appearance of (someone or something) it seems likely or probable By the looks of him. że pela aparência de (judecând) după aparenţe наверное vyzerá to tak. 아무래도 sprendžiant iš kieno išvaizdos. centinela َ ِ ُ valvur ‫ ديده بان‬tähystäjä guetteur/-euse ‫ שומר‬ताक मे रहना. sargkareivis pengawal wacht utkikk(smann) obserwator. вахта ‫ نگراں‬người canh gác 了望员 ู 4 concern. सतकर रहना promatrač. efter vad det ser ut som การตัดสินจากภายนอก görünüşüne bakılırsa 根據(某人或某事的)的外表判斷 судячи з зовнішності ‫ ديکھ کر اندازہ لگانا‬nhìn bên ngoài 根据(某人或某事的)的外表判断 look after to attend to or take care of to look after the children. passa ดูแล bakmak. czujka vigia paznic наблюдатель hliadka stražar osmatrač utkik ผ้สังเกตการณ์ gözcü 了望員 спостерігач. uzraudzīt menjaga zorgen voor passe på. passe sich kümmern um φροντίζω. líta eftir ֵ ַּ ‫ל‬ badare a. starat se َْ َ o se efter. mure ‫به‬ ِّ َ ‫ گردن کسی بودن‬asia problème. προσέχω cuidar. rūpintis rūpēties par. prendersi cura di 世話をする 돌보다 prižiūrėti. wag ‫ مراقب، رقيب‬стража hlídka vagtpost der Ausgucker σκοπός.

tikėtis gaidīt ar prieku tidak sabar-sabar zich verheugen op glede seg til. you're being unfair! kyk hier! ‫ !إسمع‬погледни! podívej(te). apciemot melawat langslopen bij se/stikke innom zajrzeć do visitar a trece pe la заглянуть zaskočiť k obiskati svratiti titta in hos แวะเจอ kısa bir ziyarette bulunmak.을 방문하다 užeiti pas. προσδοκώ َ ْ ََ ٍ ْ َ ِ esperar con interés rõõmsa ärevusega ootama ‫ با اشتياق در انتظار چيزی بودن‬odottaa innolla attendre avec impatience ‫( ל ַפות‬उतसुकता से) पतीका करना veseliti se alig vár vmit menunggu-nunggu hlakka ֹּ ‫ְצ‬ til (non vedere l'ora di) 楽しみにして待つ 기대하다 nekantriai laukti. για σύντομη επίσκεψη visitar korraks sisse astuma ‫ سر زدن‬poiketa passer voir ‫ לבקר‬देखने के िलए आना svratiti vkihez benéz ְֵַ singgah heimsækja (fare un salto) 立ち寄る . a se uita după искать hľadať iskati tražiti leta efter ค้นหา aramak 尋找 шукати ‫ تلش کرنا‬tìm kiếm 寻找 look forward to to wait with pleasure for I am looking forward to seeing you / to the holidays. küçümsemek 看不起 дивитися звисока ‫ حقير سمجھنا‬coi khinh 看不 起 look for to search for She lost her handbag and wasted ten minutes looking for it. Look here. uğramak (順便)看望 заглянути до ‫ کھڑے کھڑے ملنے کو آنا‬tạt qua (顺便)看望 look into . poslyš(te) se her! schau mal! Για δες! Πρόσεξε! َْ ¡mira! kuule! ‫ ببين‬katsohan écoutez! dites donc! ‫ !שים לב‬इधर धयान दो pogledaj! (ide) figyelj(en)! ֵ ׂ ִ lihat! sjáðu nú til! (guarda!). Bak! 喂,注意! слухайте! ‫ يہاں توجہ ديں‬chú ý vào 喂,注意! look in on to visit briefly I decided to look in on Paul and Carol on my way home. se fram til oczekiwać z niecierpliwością esperar a aştepta cu nerăbdare предвкушать tešiť sa na veseliti se česa radovati se se fram emot ตั้งหน้ารอคอย dört gözle beklemek 盼望 чекати на ‫ منتظر ہونا‬mong đợi 盼望 look here! give your attention to this Look here! Isn't that what you wanted?. γυρεύω (να βρω) buscar algo otsima ‫دنبال چيزی گشتن‬ etsiä chercher ‫ ְחפש‬खोजना tražiti keres mencari leita að cercare 捜 찾다 ieškoti meklēt mencari ֵ ַּ ‫ל‬ す zoeken se/lete etter szukać procurar a căuta. κοιτάζω αφ' υψηλού despreciar ülalt alla vaatama ‫ پست دانستن‬katsoa alaspäin mépriser ‫ להסתכל מלמעלה‬को तुचछ समझना ֲַָ ִ ַּ ִ ְ ֵ gledati snishodljivo lenéz vkit meremehkan líta niður á disapprovare ~を見下す 깔보다 žiūrėti iš aukšto []raudzīties [] no augšas memandang rendah neerkijken op se ned på patrzeć z góry na olhar com superioridade a dispreţui смотреть свысока opovrhovať zaničevati gledati s prezirom se ner på ดูถูก hor görmek. vkit menghina líta á með ֵ ׂ ַ ְִ fyrirlitningu (guardare dall'alto in basso) ~を見下す 경멸하다 žiūrėti iš aukšto į nicināt memandang hina neerkijken op rynke på nesen av patrzeć z góry na olhar com desprezo a privi de sus презирать pozerať sa zvrchu na zviška gledati gledati s prezirom rynka på näsan åt เห็นใจ hor görmek. sien uit na ‫ينتظر‬ ِ ََ ‫ بشوق ولهفه‬очаквам těšit se na glæde sig til sich freuen auf περιμένω πώς και πώς. Mary. trumpai aplankyti iegriezties. (senti!) ちょっと 여보세요 žiūrėk(it)! (pa)klausyk(it)! paklau! tengok ni! kijk eens! hør nå her! Słuchaj no! olhe lá hei!..pitkin regarder de haut ‫ להתנשא‬पर नाक भौह चढाना prezirati lenéz vmit. küçümsemek 瞧不起 дивитися звисока. зневажати ‫ حقارت سے ديکھنا‬coi thường ai 瞧不起 look down on to regard as inferior She looks down on her husband's relations. afkyk ‫ ينظر باستعلء ، يزدري‬не َْ َ ْ ِْ ُ َْ уважавам opovrhovat rynke på næsen af heruntersehen auf περιφρονώ.. inloer ‫يزور زيارة خاطفه‬ َِ ً َ ُ َ наминавам zaskočit k se ind til hereinschauen bei περνώ από κπ. ascultă! (по)слушай! pozri(te) sa! poslušajte! vidi [] hör nu! ดูน่ี ซิ Baksana!. soek ‫ يبحث عن‬търся َ َ َْ hledat lede efter suchen nach ψάχνω για.

стережися! ‫ خبردار‬coi chừng 留神 look over to examine We have been looking over the new house. deurkyk ‫ يفحص‬разглеждам prohlédnout َ َْ si undersøge prüfen επιθεωρώ examinar üle vaatama ‫ بررسی کردن‬tarkastaa visiter ‫ לעבור על‬एक-एक ַ ֹ ֲַ करके देखना. betragte ansehen als θεωρώ κπ. להחשיבו כ‬ְ ּ ֹ ִ ְַ ּ ֹ ִ ְ मानना promatrati. rannsaka esaminare ~を調べる 조사하다 atidžiai apsvarstyti. være tilskuer przyglądać się observar a fi spectator наблюдать prizerať sa gledati gledati se (titta) på มองดู seyretmek. deursoek ‫يتفحص، يحقق‬ ُ َّ ُ ّ َ ََ ‫ في مشكله‬проверявам prozkoumat undersøge prüfen εξετάζω. figyel.‫לראות‬ ֹ ִ ‫ להתבונן‬दृिष से देखना promatrati sa strane végignéz menonton horfa á. iedziļināties menyiasat onderzoeken undersøke (nærmere) rozpatrzyć investigar a examina разобраться preskúmať pregledati razmotriti granska.. noraudzīties menonton toekijken se på. bakmak 觀看 спостерігати ‫ دور سے ديکھنا‬theo dõi 观看 2 (withas) to think of or consider I have lived with my aunt since I was a baby. smatrati vkit vminek. opsnuse aussuchen ψάχνω και βρίσκω buscar välja otsima ‫ پيدا کردن‬etsiä chercher (et trouver) ‫ ְחפש‬िनरीकण दारा छाटना या चयन करना pronaći kinéz mencari finna trovare 見つける 찾다 ֵ ַּ ‫ל‬ surasti izvēlēties. διερευνώ investigar lähemalt järele َِ ْ ُ uurima ‫ با دقت بررسی کردن‬tutkia examiner ‫ לבדוק‬जाच पडताल करना inspect or investigate closely The manager will look into your complaint. stebėti noskatīties. نگاه کردن به‬pitää jonakin considérer ‫לראות ב-. vera áhorfandi stare a ֵֹּ ִ ְ guardare 見物する 관찰하다 (pa)žiūrėti.-imiş gibi görmek 看待 вважати ‫ سمجھنا‬xem xét 看待 look out 1 (usually withfor) to watch She was looking out for him from the window. I don't want to play – I'd rather look on. wypatrywać observar a urmări высматривать vyzerať oprezati gledati titta (spana. hålla utkik) efter ดู gözlemek 朝外看 виглядати ‫ باہر ديکھنا‬theo dõi 朝外看 2 to find by searching I've looked out these books for you. toekyk ‫ يت َرج‬гледам přihlížet ّ ‫َ َف‬ se på zuschauen παρακολουθώ mirar pealt vaatama ‫ مشاهده کردن‬katsoa être spectateur/-trice . vigyáz mengawasi líta eftir guardare 見張る 경계하다 dairytis. and I look on her as my mother.)! uważaj! cuidado atenţie! осторожно!. ieškoti. pass deg for (. se etter wyglądać.. vkinek tekint menganggap líta á considerare ~とみなす 고려하다 laikyti uzskatīt anggap beschouwen als se på. betrakte uważać za considerar a considera считать považovať imeti koga za kaj gledati betrakta som ถือว่า . undersøke oglądać . προσέχω να δω observar. َِْ َ ُ َْ ως considerar (kellekski) pidama ‫ به چشم .. fijarse välja vaatama ‫ مواظب بودن‬katsoa guetter ‫ -להיזהר מ‬िखडकी आिद से बाहर देखना या िसर िनकालना ֵָ ְִ paziti na néz. išnagrinėti pētīt. undersöka ตรวจสอบ incelemek 調查 досліджувати ‫ تحقيقات کرنا‬điều tra 调查 look on 1 to watch something No.. uitkyk ‫ ي َتش عن‬намирам vyhledat ّ ‫ُف‬ finde. pomno istražiti kivizsgál ֹ ִ memeriksa athuga.. izmeklēt mencari uitzoeken finne (fram) wyszukać procurar подыскивать vyhľadať najti pronaći se (välja) ut หา arayarak bulmak 找出 підшукувати ‫ ڈھونڈ کے نکالنا‬tìm kiếm 找出 look out! beware! take care! oppas! ‫ يحذر‬внимавай! pozor! pas på! paß auf! πρόσεχε! ¡cuidado! َْ َ ettevaatust! ‫ مواظب خودت باش‬varo attention! ‫ !היזהר‬सावधान रहना pazi! vigyázz! awas! gættu þín! ֵָ ִ varúð! (attenzione!) 気をつけて 조심하세요! atsargiai! uzmanies! hati-hati! kijk uit! pass på!. एक-एक भाग का िनरीकण करना ispitati átvizsgál memeriksa skoða visitare 調べる 검토하 다 apžiūr(in)ėti (īsi) iepazīties memeriksa bezichtigen se over/igjennom.. beskou ‫ ينظر إلى، يعتبر‬обмислям považovat se på. uitkyk ‫يراقب‬ ِ ُ внимавам vyhlížet passe på Ausschau halten nach έχω το νου μου. берегись! pozor! pazi! pazi se upp! ระมัดระวัง Dikkat et! 留神 обережно!. saugotis meklēt (ar skatienu) memandang uitkijken naar vente.

pārlūkot mengkaji doorkijken bla gjennom przejrzeć estudar a se uita prin просматривать prejsť pregledati pregledati titta igenom อ่านคร่าว ๆ göz atmak. syna.) merujuk raadplegen slå opp/etter sprawdzić w.tml. σέβομαι respetar alt üles vaatama ‫مورد تحسين قرار‬ ‫ دادن‬katsoa ylöspäin avoir du respect pour qqn ‫ לכבד ולה ֲריץ‬का आदर करना poštivati felnéz vkire ִ ‫ְ ַ ֵ ּ ַע‬ menghormati líta upp til ammirare. ljusna ปรับปรุง düzelmek 好轉 поліпшуватися ‫ بہتر ہونا‬cải thiện 好转 2 to pay a visit to I looked up several old friends.) mencari makna opzoeken slå opp sprawdzić procurar a căuta искать vyhľadať poiskati potražiti slå upp ค้นหา arayıp bulmak 查尋 шукати ‫کسی حوالے‬ ‫ کی کتاب ميں ديکھنا‬tra cứu 查寻 4 to consult (a reference book) I looked up in the encyclopedia. opsien ‫ يتحسن‬подобрявам zlepšit se bedre sig ّ َ ََ sich bessern καλυτερεύω mejorar paranema ‫ بهبود يافتن‬parantua s'améliorer ‫ להשתפר‬िकमत बढना या ֵ ַּ ִ ְ अिधक होना. gerėti uzlaboties bertambah baik beter worden bedre seg. ir a ver külastama ‫ سراغ کسی رفتن‬vierailla aller voir ‫ לחפש‬िमलने के ֵַ ְ िलए जाना posjetiti meglátogat mengunjungi heimsækja andare a trovare 訪ねる 방문하다 aplankyti apciemot melawat opzoeken oppsøke odwiedzić visitar a trece pe la навещать navštíviť obiskati posetiti söka upp. दाम चढना poboljšati se javul membaik líta betur út. hälsa på เยี่ยม ziyaret etmek 拜訪 відвідувати. opinions etc of He has always looked up to his father. slå efter nachschlagen συμβουλεύομαι (ένα βιβλίο َ َْ αναφοράς) consultar järele vaatama ‫ به کتاب کرجع مراجعه کردن‬tarkistaa consulter ‫ ְחפש עובדה‬आंखे ָ ּ ַּ ‫ל‬ ֵ उठाना. навідуватися ‫ ملقات کرنا‬tới thăm ai 拜访 3 to search for in a book of reference You should look the word up (in a dictionary). undersöka ตรวจดู incelemek 察看 оглядати ‫ جائزہ لينا‬Kiểm tra 察看 look through to look at or study briefly I've looked through your notes. ta seg opp poprawiać się. pogledati utánanéz (vminek). a examina осматривать prezrieť si ogledati si ispitivati granska. savjetovati se megnéz vmit vmiben berkonsultasi leita í. deurkyk ‫ يطلع على، يتفحص‬проучвам ّ َ ََ ِّ َ projít skimme. rispettare 尊敬する 존경하다 pagarbiai žiūrėti į cienīt. lesa yfir sfogliare. ַ ֹ ֲַ scorrere 目を通す 샅샅이 조사하다 peržvelgti. slå efter nachschauen κοιτάζω. iść ku lepszemu melhorar a se îmbunătăţi улучшаться zlepšiť sa popravljati se poboljšati se ta sig... opsoek ‫يراجع، يستشير، يبحث عن‬ َ َْ َْ َ ِ ُ ‫ معلومه‬консултирам се podívat se do slå op. beundre poważać respeitar a trata cu respect уважать ctiť si spoštovati ugledati se na se upp till นับถือ saygı duymak 尊敬 дивитися з повагою на кого ‫ کسی کی تعظيم و تکريم کرنا‬kính trọng 尊敬 Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. se igennem durchsehen ρίχνω μια ματιά revisar läbi vaatama ‫ به دقت ديدن‬katsoa läpi parcourir ‫ -לעבור על‬िनरखना proučiti átnéz memeriksa renna í gegnum. batna migliorare よくなる 개선하 다 taisytis.-e bakmak 查看 звертатися ‫ کسی حوالے ميں ديکھنا‬tham khảo 查 ่ 看 look up to to respect the conduct. fletta upp á í consultare 調べる 참조하다 pasižiūrėti paskatīties (vārdnīcā u. opsoek ‫ يزور‬посещавам navštívit besøge َ aufsuchen επισκέπτομαι visitar. पता लगाना ֵַ ְ pretražiti. peržiūrėti izskatīt. opkyk ‫ينظر باحترام‬ ِْ ُ َْ уважавам ctít se op til aufblicken zu εκτιμώ. kikeres mencari fletta upp á cercare 調べる 찾다 paieškoti uzmeklēt (vārdnīcā u. zajrzeć do consultar a consulta справляться pozrieť sa do pogledati v potražiti slå upp i. gözden geçirmek 瀏覽 переглядати ‫سرسری نظر‬ ‫ ڈالنا‬nhìn qua 浏览 look up 1 to improve Things have been looking up lately.examinar a cerceta. respektēt menghormati opkijken naar se opp til. anlita พึงพา . . ψάχνω (σε λεξικό ή َ َِ κατάλογο) buscar üles otsima ‫ در کتاب مرجع جستجو کردن‬etsiä chercher ‫ לעין‬खोजना. opsoek ‫يبحث‬ َ َْ ‫ عن كلمه في قاموس‬проверявам vyhledat slå op.tml. नजरे उठाना pogledati.

6. Without movement. quiet. agitation. calm: The parents stilled their child's fears of the dark. stills v. Idiom: still and all Informal After taking everything into consideration. noise. 3. 4. stilled. Free from disturbance. 2. At a future time. adv. still·er. nevertheless. Not carbonated. [Middle English. Of or relating to a single or static photograph as opposed to a movie.intr. motionlessly: stand still. quiet: the still of the night. To make still or tranquil. Andrew Taylor 1828-1917. 2. In increasing amount or degree. 3. soundless These adjectives mean marked by or making no sound. A still photograph. v. or commotion.] Synonyms: still1. To make motionless. American physician who founded osteopathy (1874).in Indo-European roots. 3. nevertheless. for the present: We are still waiting. a. To make quiet. n. A still-life picture. from Old English stille. In addition. 5. lacking effervescence: a still wine. To become still. All the same. silence. silent. especially one taken from a scene of a movie and used for promotional purposes. b. Still implies lack of . 7. however: Still and all. Up to or at a specified time. 3. Not moving or in motion. v. 4. Silence. eventually: may still see the error of his ways. 1. Free from a noticeable current: a still pond. still 1 (st l) adj. besides: had still another helping. 2. see stel. noiseless. our objective can be achieved.Still (st l). or movement. 5. hushed or subdued. still·est 1. At the present time. Low in sound. still waters. To allay. 4. still·ing. c. 1. yet: still had not made up her mind. even: and still further complaints. Free of sound. 2.

to distill. tumult. (Medicine / Pathology) Obsolete (of a child) dead at birth adv 1. consisting of a vessel in which the substance is vaporized by heat and a cooling device in which the vapor is condensed. (Literature / Poetry) Poetic silence or tranquillity the still of the night 2. silent and calm 3. undisturbed or tranquil. yet I still don't know your name 3. and the quiet hours of it few" (John Ruskin). . 1. such as alcohols. "the soundless footsteps on the grass" (John Galsworthy). nevertheless the child has some new toys and still cries [Old English stille. still 2 (st l) n. stationary 2. Quiet suggests the absence of bustle. or calm 2. esp of a scene from a motion-picture film b. a still photograph. gentle or quiet. /There came a day as still as heaven" (Tennyson). Old High German stilli. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Sanskrit sthānús immobile] . Updated in 2009. Silent can suggest a profound hush: "I like the silent church before the service begins" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). to make or become still. subdued 5. All rights reserved. [From Middle English stillen. quiet. quiet or without movement sit still 5. An apparatus for distilling liquids.] The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. Noiseless and soundless imply the absence of disturbing sound: "th' inaudible and noiseless foot of time" (Shakespeare). continuing now or in the future as in the past do you still love me? 2. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Brewing) not sparkling or effervescent a still wine 4. up to this or that time. (as modifier) a still camera vb 1. see distill. (tr) to allay or relieve her fears were stilled sentence connector even then. (Literature / Poetry) Poetic and dialect always n 1. related to Old Saxon.motion or disturbance and often connotes rest or tranquillity: "But after tempest . Dutch stollen to curdle. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Photography) a. still1 adj 1. A distillery. (usually predicative) motionless. or agitation: "life being very short. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. from distillen. 2. . (often used with a comparative) even or yet still more insults 4.

picture .the absence of sound. setup .equipment designed to serve a specific function Coffey still . quiet. pacify. lull lull .a still consisting of an apparatus for the fractional distillation of ethanol from fermentation on an industrial scale condenser . mollify. consists of a vessel in which a substance is vaporized by heat and a condenser where the vapor is condensed apparatus. gentle.a still consisting of an apparatus for the fractional distillation of ethanol from fermentation on an industrial scale industrial plant. stillness silence. see DISTIL] Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. "She had to compose herself before she could reply to this terrible insult" appease. "Don't let yourself be lulled into a false state of security" compose .an apparatus that converts vapor into liquid retort . still . pic. still . consisting of a vessel in which a mixture is heated.calm (someone. 2000. lenify.calm by deception. tranquillize. "he wanted some stills for a magazine ad" photo.a vessel where substances are distilled or decomposed by heat 4. calm down. works . "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles" winery. especially oneself). a condenser to turn the vapour back to liquid. recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material 2. still . gruntle. (Chemistry) an apparatus for carrying out distillation. 1998. and a receiver to hold the distilled liquid.a plant and works where alcoholic drinks are made by distillation distillery Coffey still . conciliate. quieten. "the still of the night" hush. poetry. from Latin stillāre. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Brewing) a place where spirits are made. "quiet the dragons of worry and fear" calm. plant. verse . still .distillery where wine is made Verb 1.a static photograph (especially one taken from a movie and used for advertising purposes). still .a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide. quiet .an apparatus used for the distillation of liquids. 2003 ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. from stilla a drip. . assuage. wine maker . "he needed silence in order to sleep".(poetic) tranquil silence. used esp in the manufacture of spirits 2. distillery [from Old French stiller to drip. photograph. tranquilize.buildings for carrying on industrial labor.literature in metrical form 3.stillness n still2 n 1. tranquillise. make quiet.make calm or still. exposure. 1994. "the street was quiet" poesy.

"Her ambition was to be in moving pictures or `the movies'" 5. "calm seas" 4. tranquil. unruffled. quieten. still .cause to be more favorably inclined. of a single or static photograph not presented so as to create the illusion of motion. suppress. sparkling . smooth calm . still . console. cause a transformation.used of pictures. soothe .cause to be quiet or not talk.used of a series of photographs presented so as to create the illusion of motion. give reassurance to. "a silent house".(of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves. "still the fears" allay. still .(of weather) free from storm or wind. muzzle . hush. "conquer one's desires" lull. soothe .make motionless alter. inhibit. quieten. "a smooth channel crossing". gain the good will of. static. still . "suppress a nascent uprising".give moral or emotional strength to abreact .not sparkling. solace. ease. "a quiet audience at the concert". "unruffled water" placid.not in motion 2. still .silence or overwhelm by shouting pipe down. unmoving . or making little if any sound. "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue" Adj.lessen the intensity of or calm. quiet. "a lake of tranquil blue water reflecting a tranquil blue sky".to put down by force or authority. "the quiet waters of a lagoon". "The airline tried to reassure the customers that the planes were safe" comfort.become quiet or quieter. shut up shush .cause to change. inactive nonmoving. relieve comfort. console. still . or representing objects not capable of motion. modify . "stamp down on littering".silence (someone) by uttering `shush!' conquer.used of wines and waters. "The press was gagged" 3. soundless quiet . "the night was still" silent. quiet.become quiet or less intensive. "a still wine". "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city". "The audience fell silent when the speaker entered" gag.cause to feel sure. quiesce.discharge bad feelings or tension through verbalization 4. "The news eased my conscience". "She managed to mollify the angry customer" reassure. "a still photograph". "sparkling water" . "the fighting lulled for a moment" shout down . "scarcely a ripple on the still water". hush . charged naturally or artificially with carbon dioxide. "still mineral water" noneffervescent effervescent. stamp down. "Please silence the children in the church!" silence. still .give moral or emotional strength to 2. quiet down. "soundless footsteps on the grass".not in physical motion. curb . solace.marked by absence of sound. assure . make of noise or uproar. "sparkling wines". "Cezanne's still life of apples" moving . hush up. still . "the inertia of an object at rest" motionless.prevent from speaking out. 1. "a ribbon of sand between the angry sea and the placid bay". change. subdue. "the room was dark and quiet" 3. calm down .placate .

no more . "while we disliked each other. stationary. quiet. "a still pond".free from noticeable current. still . restful. busy.6. unruffled. even now. silent. humming. but. "granted that it is dangerous. bustling. "still another problem must be solved". even so. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. still . agitated. yet. "it's still warm outside".despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession). notwithstanding Despite the ruling. used with comparisons. hush. or cessation. I'll do my best. at rest. "looked sick and felt even worse". clamour.not now. for all that. 1.without moving or making a a greater degree or extent. peaceful. silence. withal. lively. hush. "time stood still". continue to. notwithstanding. 2. quiet. silence. up until now. calm. quieten get louder. "an even (or still) more interesting problem". It won't be easy. he was still found guilty. placid. without change. motionless moving. stillness noise. smooth. restless. Farlex Inc. however. undisturbed. still . inert. tranquillity It was the only noise in the still of the night. "he couldn't hold still any longer" stock-still Based on WordNet 3. yet 3. quiet. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. get worse noun (Poetic) stillness. lull. hubbub. "she is no more" 2. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995. Still. unstirring He sat very still for several minutes. silent noisy verb quieten. astir 2. yet 4. "a yet sadder tale" even. settle. active. turbulent. nonetheless. "he sat still as a statue". bustle adverb 1. still . "will you still love me when we're old and grey?" no longer. yet. lifeless. peace. nevertheless. nevertheless. "although I'm a little afraid.0. hushed. serene. uproar. noiseless. nevertheless we agreed". interruption. all the same I still want to go" all the same. soothe. 2002 Translations Select a language: Afrikaans / Afrikaans . tranquil. however I'd like to try it".(of fluids) not moving or flowing.with reference to action or condition. "they waited stock-still outside the door". increase. subdue. motionless. tranquillize Her crying slowly stilled. "mosquitoes breed in standing water" Adv. "still waters run deep" standing . stilly (poetic) The night air was very still. "he was a stern yet fair master". still adjective 1. still . alleviate. calm. Farlex clipart collection. The people's voice has been stilled. however. up to this time I still dream of home.

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[air] → en calma. hands] → inmóvil. calm) [place. (= quiet. manso. manso try to hold it still → intenta que no se te mueva to keep still → quedarse quieto keep still! → ¡no te muevas! → ¡quédate quieto! to lie still she lay still → estaba tendida sin moverse to sit/stand still (lit) → estarse quieto sit/stand still! → ¡estáte quieto! → ¡quieto! time stood still → el tiempo se detuvo her heart stood still → se le paró el corazón still waters run deep → las apariencias engañan. (= not fizzy) [orange drink. silencioso all was still → todo estaba en calma a still. (= motionless) [person. mineral water] → sin gas . quieto. es más inteligente de lo que parece 2. [water] → quieto.Spanish / Español Swedish / Svenska Thai / ภาษาไทย Turkish / Türkçe Ukrainian / українська Urdu / ‫اردو‬ Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt ----------------------still1 [stɪl] A. ADJ (stiller (compar) (stillest (superl))) 1. small voice → una voz queda 3. night] → tranquilo.

in addition) → todavía. even if it rains → iré de todas formas. [+ anger] → aplacar D. incluso si llueve his mother was Canadian. (= besides. still. it was worth it → pero en fin. still more serious → aún or todavía más grave. sigue viviendo en Londres I still don't understand → sigo sin entender → todavía or aún no lo entiendo you could still change your mind → todavía or aún puedes cambiar de idea I was very angry. apaciguar he wanted to still the gossiping tongues → quería acallar los rumores 2. valió la pena whatever they have done. VT 1. (= allay) [+ doubt. siguen siendo tus padres 3. (= up to this/that time) → todavía. (with compar) (= even) → todavía. bodegón m see also still-life still2 [stɪl] ADV 1. aún she still lives in London → todavía or aún vive en Londres. tómate unas vacaciones worse still. ha sido una buena experiencia I'm still going. (Cine) → fotograma m C. they are still your parents → a pesar de todo lo que han hecho. fear] → disipar. todavía or aún lo estoy I've still got three left → todavía or aún me quedan tres there are still two more → quedan dos más → todavía or aún quedan dos 2. irlandesa y canadiense. pero aun así or de todas formas or con todo. 4. . VI → apagarse the roar of the crowd stilled to an expectant murmur → el rugido de la multitud se apagó hasta convertirse en un murmullo de expectación E. but still Canadian → su madre era canadiense. más grave aún or todavía you need a rest. (= quiet) in the still of the night → en el silencio de la noche 2.. la enfermedad parece propagarse STILL • Translate still relating to time using todavía or aún (with an accent): They are still working for the same company Todavía or Aún están trabajando en la misma empresa NOTE Both todavía and aún normally come before the verb group in this meaning.B. voice] → acallar.. mejor todavía or aún. de todas formas I didn't win. the disease seems to be spreading → (lo que es)peor todavía or aún. (= nevertheless. N 1. (= calm) [+ waves] → calmar. (liter) (= silence) [+ protest. better still. CPD still life N (Art) → naturaleza f muerta. Irish-Canadian. pero con todo or aun así canadiense still. it's been a good experience → no he ganado. aún the next day there were still more problems → al día siguiente había todavía or aún más problemas the hall was full and there were still more people waiting outside → el vestíbulo estaba lleno y había todavía or aún más gente esperando fuera still another possibility would be to → e incluso otra posibilidad sería . all the same) → aun así. [+ storm] → calmar. I still am → estaba muy enfadado. aún more serious still. have a holiday → necesitas un descanso.

house. [water] → plat(e) adv (= up to this time) → encore. aún carries an accent. I still haven't finished → Je n'ai pas encore fini. mais elle le fait quand même. Tu es toujours au lit? She still lives in London → Elle vit encore à Londres. use seguir + ((GERUND)) (with or without todavía/aún): Siguen or Todavía siguen or Aún siguen trabajando en la misma empresa • Still with more. Ltd.. 1996. There are ten whole weeks of term still to go → Il reste encore dix semaines entières dans ce trimestre. 1971. air] → immobile The night air was very still BUT C'était une nuit sans aucun vent. 2000. toujours He still hasn't arrived → Il n'est pas encore arrivé. 2003. (British) (not fizzy) [drink] → non gazeux/euse. (= calm) [room. Il n'est toujours pas arrivé. but she still does it → Elle sait que je n'aime pas ça.• Alternatively. 1993. keep still! → ne bouge pas! to stand still [person] → se tenir immobile to sit still (= not move) → rester assis(e) sans bouger (= not fidget) → rester tranquille sit still! → reste tranquille! (= not moving) [water.Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. (= nonetheless) → quand même.. tout de même She knows I don't like it. 1997.. it's the thought that counts BUT Enfin. 2005 still [ˈstɪl] adj (= motionless) [person] → immobile His hands were never still BUT Ses mains ne cessaient jamais de bouger. Je n'ai toujours pas fini. Elle vit toujours à Londres. still3 [stɪl] N (for alcohol) → alambique m Collins Spanish Dictionary . Are you still in bed? → Tu es encore au lit?. 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. countryside] → silencieux/euse In the room it was very still → Un grand calme régnait dans la pièce. (in comparisons) (= even) → encore better still → encore mieux . streets. c'est l'intention qui compte. (expressing what is yet to happen) → encore The details have still to be worked out → Les détails doivent encore être réglés. (= anyway) → malgré tout Still. less and other comparatives is normally translated by todavía or aún (with an accent): More important still are the peace talks Todavía or Aún más importantes son las negociaciones de paz He lowered his voice still further Bajó la voz todavía or aún más Within a couple of weeks matters got still worse Al cabo de dos semanas los problemas empeoraron todavía or aún más ! Whenever it is synonymous with todavía.

adv (+er) (= motionless) → bewegungslos. (with emphasis) → sie ist immer noch im Büro. in the still of the night → in der nächtlichen Stille. the results have still to be published → die Ergebnisse müssen (erst) noch veröffentlicht werden. sounds → zum Verstummen bringen. be still! (US) → sei still!. egal … . (= now as in the past) → nach wie vor. measuring needle etc) → stillstehen. the roar of the crowd stilled to a murmur → der Lärm der Menge legte sich zu einem Murmeln still2 adv (temporal) → noch. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 still: stillbirth n → Totgeburt f stillborn adj (lit. pain → abklingen lassen. will you still be here at 6? → bist du um 6 noch da?. drink → ohne Kohlensäure. to hold something still → etw ruhig or still halten. it still hasn’t come → es ist immer noch nicht gekommen. still waters run deep (Prov) → stille Wasser sind tief (Prov) (= quiet. sea. to keep still → stillhalten. to be still (vehicle. no matter … → es wird nach wie vor Einwände geben. person → bewegungs. his hands were never still → seine Hände ruhten nie. a still photograph → ein Standfoto nt n → Stille f. used on its own) → immer noch.n (from film) → instantané m Collins English/French Electronic Resource. she is still in the office → sie ist noch im Büro. do you mean you still don’t believe me? → willst du damit sagen. there are ten weeks still to go → es bleiben noch zehn Wochen. to lie still → still or reglos daliegen. (in negative sentences) → noch immer. in der Stille der Nacht (Film) → Standfoto nt. waters → ruhig. still(s) photographer → Fotograf(in) m(f) vt (liter: = calm) → beruhigen. I will still be here → ich werde noch da sein. sich nicht bewegen. fig) → tot geboren. dass du mir immer noch nicht or noch immer nicht glaubst?. in exasperation. (for emphasis. time stood still → die Zeit stand still. das Kind kam tot zur Welt still hunt n (Hunt) → Pirschjagd f (US inf fig) → heimliche Jagd (→ for auf +acc) still life n pl <still lifes> → Stillleben nt still-life adj attr a still picture/composition → ein Stillleben nt still1 adj. the problems were still to come → die Probleme sollten erst noch kommen.or reglos. there will still be objections. immer noch. calm) → still. stillen. my heart stood still → mir stockte das Herz. is he still coming? → kommt er noch?. anger → besänftigen. a still small voice → ein leises Stimmchen adj wine → nicht moussierend. to stand/sit still → still stehen/sitzen. passion. to still somebody’s fears → jdm die Furcht nehmen vi → sich legen. the child was still → das Kind war eine Totgeburt.

ne valeva la pena she's still your sister → è pur sempre tua sorella still2 [stɪl] 1. better still. Ltd. 2004. it was worth it → es hat sich trotzdem gelohnt. 2007 still1 [stɪl] adv a. he is my brother → er ist trotz allem mein Bruder. weil …. γαλήνιος. still. © William Collins Sons & Co. adj (-er (comp) (-est (superl))) (motionless) → fermo/a. 1997. 2005. all the same) → trotzdem. mach es so. … conj → (und) dennoch still3 n → Destillierapparat m. more serious still or still more serious is … → noch ernster ist …. paikallaan immobile. immobile. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. still. stil ‫ساكن‬ ِ неподвижен tichý. still better → noch besser. ήσυχος quieto. he’s not a bad person → na ja. what can you expect? → was kann man auch anderes erwarten? (with comp) → noch. (orange juice) → non gassato/a still mineral water → acqua minerale naturale still waters run deep (Proverb) → le acque chete rovinano i ponti 2. tranquille ‫ בשקט‬शानत miran. adv to stand still. still. 1999. rahulik ‫ بي حركت‬hiljainen. better still → meglio ancora c. er ist eigentlich kein schlechter Mensch. at least we didn’t lose anything → na ja. even) → ancora still better. (with comp. (nevertheless) → tuttavia. (place) → distilleria Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 still1 adj still [stil] 1 without movement or noise The city seems very still in the early morning. still (= calm) water/weather. silenzioso/a. still.(esp US inf: also still and all: = nevertheless. als …. (= small distillery) → Brennerei f Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. inmóvil. still. n a. und umso mehr. parado vaikne. … → schlimmer noch. Please stand/sit/keep/hold still while I brush your hair!. sit still → stare fermo/a to hold still → tenersi fermo/a keep still! → stai fermo! still3 [stɪl] n (for alcohol) → alambicco. nepokretan csendes ֶֶ ּ ְ tenang kyrr immobile. it was worth it → però. klidný stille still ακίνητος. wir haben wenigstens nichts dabei verloren. do it this way → oder noch besser. still more (so) because … → und umso mehr. nejudantis kluss. (up to now) → ancora she's still in bed → è ancora a letto it's past midnight and he still hasn't arrived → è mezzanotte passata e non è ancora arrivato she still doesn't believe me → ancora non mi crede b. stovintis. (quiet) → tranquillo/a. nonostante ciò still. worse still. . rich but still not happy → reich und doch nicht glücklich. in the still of the night → nel silenzio della notte b. tranquillo じっとした 가만히 있는 ramus. (Cine) → fotogramma m 3.

िफर भी ipak. nietemin ‫ مع ذلك‬въпреки това přesto alligevel ِ dennoch παρόλα αυτά.mierīgs. stakur rammi úr kvikmynd fotografia スチール写真 (영화의 선전용) 스틸 사진 fotografija. doodgebore ‫ مولود ميتا‬мъртвороден mrtvě narozený dødfødt ًْ َ totgeboren θνησιγενής nacido muerto surnult sündinud ‫ سقط شده‬kuolleena syntynyt mort-né ‫שנולד‬ ָֹ ׁ ֶ ‫ מת‬मृत पसूत mrtvorođen halva született lahir tanpa nyawa andvana fæddur (nato morto) 死産の 사 ֵ 산의 negyvas gimęs nedzīvs piedzimis mati semasa dilahirkan doodgeboren dødfødt poroniony natimorto născut mort мёртворождённый mŕtvo narodený mrtvorojen mrtvorođen dödfödd ซึ่ง คลอดออกมาตาย ölü doğmuş 死產的 мертвонароджений ‫ مردہ زاد‬chết non 死产的 still2 adv still [stil] 1 up to and including the present time.тихий tichý. ηρεμία inmovilidad. sin embargo ikka(gi). kadras kadrs gambar filmfoto stillfoto fotos foto fotografie (рекламный) кадр statický záber. or the time mentioned previously Are you still working for the same firm?. todavía (ikka) veel ‫هنوز‬ vielä encore ‫ ע ַיין‬अभी तक još uvijek. siiski ‫با اين‬ ‫ وخود‬silti quand/tout de même ‫ בכל זאת‬तथािप. спокойный.mŕtvolka fotografija scena stillbild ภาพนิ่ ง film fotğrafı 劇照 стоп-кадр ‫سنيما سے‬ ‫ منتخب کی گءی ايک تصوير‬bức ảnh về một cảnh của bộ phim 剧照 n stillness stilheid ‫ سكون، هدوء‬спокойствие tichost. ُ ُ tranquilidad vaikus ‫ آرامش‬hiljaisuus calme ‫ שקט‬अचलता duboka tišina. ωστόσο a pesar de todo. By Saturday he had still not / still hadn't replied to my letter. không sủi bọt (酒)不含汽体的 n a photograph selected from a cinema film The magazine contained some stills from the new film. fortfarande. stadig. he still went on working. I like it. нерухомість ‫ سکون کی حالت‬sự yên lặng.спокойствие. no obstante. phẳng lặng 寂静的 2 (of drinks) not fizzy still orange juice. alltjämt ยังคง hâlâ. niebruisend ‫ غير فوار‬негазиран nešumivý ikkeّ َ َْ mousserende nicht schäumend χωρίς ανθρακικό (για ποτό) sin gas gaseerimata ‫بي گاز‬ hiilihapoton non gazeux ‫ לא מוגז‬बुलबुलेदार नही होना koji se ne pjeni (piće) nem szénsavas tidak ָּ berbusa goslaus liscio あわの立たない (음료 등이) 거품이 없는 negazuotas. steeds ‫ ل يزال‬все още stále (ještě) stadigvæk. ennþá ancora まだ (~)까지 ִ‫ֲד‬ dar vēl masih nog fremdeles jeszcze ainda încă всё ещё. miers ketenangan stilte stillhet spokój quietude linişte неподвижность. все ще. rāms tenang stil stille spokojny parado imobil. in spite of that Although the doctor told him to rest. як і раніше ‫ اب تک‬vẫn còn 仍旧,还 2 nevertheless. daha 仍舊,還 досі. pokojný miren miran stilla นิ่ ง sakin. 정적 ramybė klusums. billede die Einzelaufnahme φωτογραφία από φιλμ ْ َ َْ َ fotograma kaader ‫ عكس صحنه‬photo ‫ תמונת סטילס‬अचल-िचत fotografija (iz filma) állókép foto dari ִ ְ ַּ ְ film mynd. . тишина tichosť. liniştit неподвижный. a ipak ennek ellenére namun þrátt fyrir ָּ ְ það tuttavia それでも 그럼에도 불구하고 vis vien. nehybnosť mir mirnoća stillhet ความนิ่ ง durgunluk. vis tiek tomēr walaupun begitu toch likevel . durgun 寂靜的 нерухомий.. sự tĩnh mịch 静止 adj stillborn dead when born a stillborn baby. sessizlik 靜止 тиша. foto ‫ صوره أو لقطة من فبم‬кадър obrázek stillfoto. endnu (immer) noch ακόμη aún. neputojantis negāzēts tidak berbuih niet{#169}gazeus ikke musserende nie musujący sem gás neacidulat негазированный nešumivý nepeneč se negaziran utan kolsyra ไม่มีฟอง gazı/havası kaçmış (酒) 不含氣體的 не ігристий ‫ بغير بلبلوں کے‬không có ga. спокійний ‫ بے حس و حرکت‬đứng yên. до сих пор stále (ešte) še vedno još uvek ännu. csend ֶֶ ketenangan kyrrð calma 静けさ 고요. još még (mindig) masih enn. mlčení stilhed die Stille γαλήνη. This picture is not valuable – still. mir nyugalom.

4. selfs ‫حتى، مع ذلك‬ َّ дори ještě endnu noch ακόμη aún. Any of various forms of water: waste water. Often used in the plural. a. A level of excellence. linen. An aqueous solution of a substance. b.jednak. проте. wa·tered. . a. wa·ter (wô t r. essential for most plant and animal life and the most widely used of all solvents. 4. likväl แม้กระนั้น yine de. The valuation of the assets of a business firm beyond their real value. A water supply system. specific gravity (4°C) 1. Any of the fluids normally secreted from the c. v. The transparency and luster of a gem. especially a gas: ammonia water. todavía isegi. bile 更 ще ‫ تاہم‬thậm chí 更 ่ Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd.338 pounds (3. 9. однак ‫اس کے‬ ‫ باوجود‬mặc dù vậy. 6. b. b. and tasteless liquid. or stream. Stock issued in excess of paid-in capital. wa·ter·ing. A supply of water: had to turn off the water while repairing the broken drain. b. 5. as at a spa. colorless. tuy nhiên 还是 3 even He seemed very ill in the afternoon and in the evening looked still worse. mimo to no entanto cu toate acestea несмотря на. 7. всё равно napriek tomu kljub temu ipak ändå. veelgi ‫ حتي‬vieläkin encore ‫ בכל זאת‬िफर भी još. A body of water such as a sea. especially that of a state or country: escorted out of British waters. To dilute or weaken by adding water: a bar serving whiskey that had been watered. b. b. 3. or metal). Naturally occurring mineral water. a. 2.782 kilograms). a. wa·ters v. boiling point 100°C (212°F). make wet: watered the garden. waters A particular stretch of sea or ocean. 1. a. To pour or sprinkle water on. A fluid present in a body part in abnormal quantities as a result of injury or disease: water on the knee. 8. or saliva.0000. weight per gallon (15°C) 8. H2O. ָּ ְ čak még bahkan jafnvel ancora もっと 더. tears. amniotic fluid. a. lake. as of a fabric or metal. The fluid surrounding a fetus in the uterus. 1. To lead (an animal) to drinking water. buna rağmen 還是 все ж. odorless. 더욱 dar vēl lebih nog enda jeszcze ainda încă ещё ešte še još ännu ยิงไปกว่านั้น hatta. such as urine. 2. To give a sheen to the surface of (silk. w t r) n. 3. perspiration. b. A clear. A wavy finish or sheen. все-таки. To give drinking water to. a. river. Freezing point 0°C (32°F).

3." This root could appear in several guises with the vowel e. see wed-1 in Indo-European roots. or as *wod-. "wet. and the Germanic word *otraz. from Old English wæter. Idioms: above water Out of difficulty or trouble. Updated in 2009. 1. To drink water. To salivate in anticipation of food: The wonderful aroma from the kitchen makes my mouth water.] wa ter·er n. the water animal. To irrigate (land). Packard). The form *wod-. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. From the form *ud. yielding *ud-. *w d-. hud.and related words like hydrant. "wet. The Indo-European root of water is *wed-. To increase (the number of shares of stock) without increasing the value of the assets represented." which became modern English wet. became *watar in Germanic and eventually water in modern English. as here. The suffixes *-r and *-ros added to the form *udyielded the Greek word hudr . water [ˈwɔːtə] n . we have Old English w t. To take on a supply of Germanic. All rights reserved.r. All three forms of the root appear in English either in native or in borrowed words. v. the source of our prefix hydro. 4.the Greeks got their word for water. as a ship. "water snake" (borrowed into English as hydra). even etymologically. Word History: Water is wet.r. the source of our word otter. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. Phrasal Verb: water down To reduce the strength or effectiveness of: "It seemed clear by late autumn that the ban would be significantly watered down or removed altogether before the trade bill became law" (George R. 2. which by Grimm's Law became *w t. [Middle English. or with no vowel between the w and d. To produce or discharge fluid.5. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. water under the bridge A past occurrence. especially something unfortunate. as an animal. From a form with a long e. that cannot be undone or rectified: All that is now just water under the bridge.intr. as from the eyes. in a suffixed form *wod. 6.

lakes. a. (as modifier) water sports water transport a water plant Related adj aquatic 3. esp in anticipation of food (esp in the phrase make one's mouth water) 5. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) any body or area of this liquid. rivers. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) Physiol a. (Economics. New Age. low water 6. the fictitious or unrealistic asset entries that reflect such inflated book value of capital 12. esp financial trouble hold water to prove credible. so that the book value of the company's capital is not fully represented by assets or earning power b. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) (intr) (of the eyes) to fill with tears 4. lake. (Clothing. rain. Scorpio. (usually plural) the amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus in the womb 8. Astrology & Self-help / Astrology) (modifier) Astrology of or relating to the three signs of the zodiac Cancer. such as rain 5. etc. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) (intr) to drink water . (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) any form or variety of this liquid. excellence. esp silk 9. (Spirituality. river.) to let in water (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) pass water to urinate test the water See test1 [5] throw (or pour) cold water on Informal to be unenthusiastic about or discourage water under the bridge events that are past and done with vb 1. in impure form. urine. (Chemistry) any of various solutions of chemical substances in water lithia water ammonia water 7. Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) Finance a. or degree (in the phrase of the first water) 11. such as a sea. etc. and is used as a standard for many physical properties. (Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) a clear colourless tasteless odourless liquid that is essential for plant and animal life and constitutes. or consistent the alibi did not hold water in deep water in trouble or difficulty make water a. etc. Personal Arts & Crafts / Jewellery) Archaic the degree of brilliance in a diamond See also first water 10. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) (intr) (of the mouth) to salivate. (Clothing. Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) a wavy lustrous finish on some fabrics. Formula: H2O Related adj aqueous Related combining forms hydro-. or tears b. moisten. b. or soak with water 2. hull. quality. It is a neutral substance. such as sweat. the surface of such a body or area fish swam below the water 4. logical. (Transport / Nautical Terms) (of a boat. any fluid secreted from the body.1. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) See high water. capital stock issued without a corresponding increase in paid-up capital. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) to urinate b. and Pisces Compare air [20] earth [10] fire [24] above the water Informal out of trouble or difficulty. an effective solvent for many compounds. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Agriculture) (tr) to irrigate or provide with water to water the land he watered the cattle 6. oceans. aqua2. often foll by down) to weaken by the addition of water 3. (tr) to sprinkle. (tr.

being necessary for most biological processes. adj. and is prevalent in the lower atmosphere in its gaseous form. Unlike most substances. rivers. esp silk) See also water down [Old English wæter. Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) (tr) Finance to raise the par value of (issued capital stock) without a corresponding increase in the real value of assets 9. aquiculture hydroponics. n. Chemical formula: H2O. especially from the air. Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) (tr) to produce a wavy lustrous finish on (fabrics. and is an essential component of all organisms. the state of being dehydrated. — atmologic. dehydration 1. antlophobia an abnormal fear of floods. etc. The American Heritage® Science Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company. 2000. odorless compound of hydrogen and oxygen. 2. thus. Cf. lakes. Old Slavonic voda. 1998. adj. of Germanic origin. water is less dense as ice than in liquid form. (Economics. 1994. balneotherapy the treatment of illness or disease by bathing. (Transport / Nautical Terms) (intr) (of a ship. efflorescence. — deliquescent. water vapor. Water is an unusually good solvent for a large variety of substances. — atmologist. deliquescence the property of a substance to attract and absorb moisture. snow. Old High German wazzar. — aquicultural. 2003 water (wô t r) A colorless. compare Old Saxon watar. Water freezes at 0°C (32°F) and boils at 100°C (212°F). Water See also bathing. Water covers about three-quarters of the Earth's surface in solid form (ice) and liquid form. bletonism the skill or talent of water divining. dowsing .) to take in a supply of water 8. the process of dehydrating or removing the water from a substance. (Clothing. sea. atmological. dampness.7. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Gothic watō. adj. atmology the science dealing with the behavior of water vapor. All rights reserved. related to Greek hudor] waterer n waterish adj waterless adj water-like adj Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. rain. ice floats on liquid water.

especially with reference to their use for navigational purposes. circulation. efflorescence the property of a substance to yield up water through evaporation. adj. distribution. — hydrotherapist. — hydrotropic. — fluviologist. and mapping of oceans. hydromania an excessive love of water. See also processes. — hydropathist. the study. description. hydrological. hydrology the science that studies the occurrence.a form of divination involving a rod or wand. n. etc. an abnormal fear of water. adj. the moving of water by an artificval channel. — efflorescent. and properties of the waters of the earth and its atmosphere. — hydrologie. adj. hydropathy the “water cure. hydrodipsomania an abnormal love of drinking water.” first developed in Germany in 1825. etc. fluviology the science of watercourses. hydrophobia an abnormal fear of water. hydriatrics hydropathy. especially the art of finding underground supplies of water. that represent surface waters. hydrotherapy the treatment of disorders by the use of water externally. adj. the capacity of a plant to be pollinated through the agency of water. hydrophobia 2. hydrography 1. hydragogy Obsolete. — hydrophilous. 2. hydrographical. adj. hydromancy a form of divination involving observations of water or of other liquids. — hydrographic. Cf. hygrophobia 1. n. hygrology the branch of physics that studies atmospheric humidity. adj. Also called rhabdomancy. n. — hydrographer. especially rivers. — hydrotherapeutic. lakes. lecanoscopy . collectively. — hydropathic. hydrophily Botany. adj. ores. hydroscope a device for viewing things below the surface of a body of water. — hydrologist. n. Also called hydriatrics. those parts of the map. n. deliquescence. especially in the form of exercises in a pool. and rivers. lecanomancy a form of divination involving the examination of water in a basin. hydrotropism growth or movement in response to water as a stimulus.

oxygen .a nonmetallic univalent element that is normally a colorless and odorless highly flammable diatomic gas. adj. adj. — limnologic. ice needle.small crystals of ice binary compound . turbidimeter an instrument for measuring the turbidity of water or other fluids. water . Copyright 2008 The Gale Group.a drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands.a nonmetallic bivalent element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless nonflammable diatomic gas. "his story brought tears to her eyes" perspiration. -Ologies & -Isms. snowflake . water . O. "they invaded our territorial waters". poudrin. the simplest and lightest and most abundant element in the universe atomic number 8. n.salty fluid secreted by sweat glands. frost mist.a crystal of snow diamond dust. — turbidimetric.water in which dishes and cooking utensils are washed .chemical compound composed of only two elements atomic number 1. See also instruments. H.the part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean). orohydrography the branch of hydrography that studies the drainage phenomena of mountains. limnological. "sweat poured off his brow" tap water . sweat .a form of self-hypnotism involving staring at water in a basin. "they were sitting by the water's edge" flake. snow mist . geographical. sympesiometer. constitutes 21 percent of the atmosphere by volume. adj. freezes into ice below 0 degrees centigrade and boils above 100 degrees centigrade.binary compound that occurs at room temperature as a clear colorless odorless tasteless liquid. as lakes or rivers. All rights reserved. sympiezometer an instrument for measuring the pressure exerted by currents of water. frost snow.water directly from the spigot body of water. as with a turbidimeter. ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1.water used for a bath dishwater . — turbidimetric. and biological features. Inc. — limnologist. turbidimetry the measurement of the turbidity of water or other fluids. teardrop . sudor. hydrogen . — orohydrographic. limnology the scientific study of bodies of fresh water. ice crystal. adj. with reference to their physical. rheotropism the tendency of certain living things to move in response to the mechanical stimulus of a current of water. the most abundant element in the earth's crust bath water . rheotaxis the tendency of some plants to respond to a current of water by growing with it (positive rheotaxis) or against it (negative rheotaxis). widely used as a solvent H2O tear.

a body of water that was created by a flood or tide or by being held or forced back by a dam. "Americans like ice in their drinks" limewater . international waters . includes water vapor inlet. "they invaded our territorial waters". seawater . water of hydration .partially melted snow soft water .melted snow or ice brine. "many marine fishes inhabit the mid-waters" ocean . "there was a ship in the offing" polynya .a stretch of open water surrounded by ice (especially in Arctic seas) .a deep and relatively narrow body of water (as in a river or a harbor or a strait linking two larger bodies) that allows the best passage for vessels. "many campsites were located near the flowage" crossing. water .water that has been blessed by a priest for use in symbolic purification ground water.underground water that is held in the soil and in pervious rocks hard water .water that contains mineral salts (as calcium and magnesium ions) that limit the formation of lather with soap ice.the wide part of a river where it nears the sea. spring water. "they were sitting by the water's edge" body of water thing .a body of water that has been created by deliberately flooding an area. freshwater .the open seas of the world outside the territorial waters of any nation hydrosphere .the watery layer of the earth's surface. water ice .any very large body of (salt) water mid-water . embayment .a large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere offing .water accumulated in the bilge of a ship water of crystallisation.a separate and self-contained entity backwater .a shallow area in a stream that can be forded gulf .a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land briny. water of crystallization.solution of calcium hydroxide in water used as an antacid liquid .water that is not hard (does not contain mineral salts that interfere with the formation of lather with soap) bilge. main . saltwater.water that is not salty slush . recess .an arm off of a larger body of water (often between rocky headlands) lake .the part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean). bilge water .water that has been purified by distillation holy water .water containing salts. "the ship went aground in the channel" drink .the water present in hydrated compounds 2.the water that is well below the surface but also well above the arm of a sea or ocean partly enclosed by land. "he jumped into the drink and had to be rescued" estuary . ford . "the water in the ocean is all saltwater" fresh water.the part of the sea that can be seen from the shore and is beyond the anchoring indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf channel . well water .any large deep body of water.distilled water . fresh and salt water mix flowage . larger than a bay high sea.water frozen in the solid state. "the bayous and backwaters are breeding grounds for mosquitos" bay.fluid matter having no fixed shape but a fixed volume meltwater .

any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue nutrient .binary compound that occurs at room temperature as a clear colorless odorless tasteless liquid. "three quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by water" territorial waters . water .the waters surrounding a nation and its territories over which that nation exercises sovereign jurisdiction waterfall. informal expression for all of the oceans of the world.waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body 6. reservoir . nutrient . "earthquakes originate far below the surface". "the assembly plant is an enormous facility" infrastructure.a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land seven seas . "the river was navigable for 50 miles" sea .the stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area. "the town debated the purification of the water supply". water .puddle. piddle. "the body lay in a pool of blood" river .liquid excretory product.main (a pipe or conduit) for conveying water 5. man-made lake.a stretch of shallow water sound . falls . water . freezes into ice below 0 degrees centigrade and boils above 100 degrees centigrade. excrement. widely used as a solvent 3.once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles) archaicism. surface . watercourse . excretion .the use of an archaic expression element .a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry.pure natural water from a stream or brook.lake used to store water for community use water main . weewee body waste.a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants. often distinguished from soda water .a steep descent of the water of a river waterway . piss.any substance (such as a chemical element or inorganic compound) that can be taken in by a green plant and used in organic synthesis branch water . water . "the alchemists believed that there were four elements" 4. base . archaism .one of four substances thought in ancient and medieval cosmology to constitute the physical universe. shoal . "there was blood in his urine". "first you have to cut off the water" water supply. pool . urine. water system facility. "the industrial base of Japan" artificial lake. excretory product.a natural body of running water flowing on or under the earth Earth's surface. installation . "he asked for a drink of water" food. "the old salt had sailed the seven seas" shallow.a navigable body of water H2O.a small body of standing water (rainwater) or other liquid. "the main body of the sound ran parallel to the coast" stream. "there were puddles of muddy water in the road after the rain". water .the outermost level of the land or sea.a large ocean inlet or deep bay.a large natural stream of water (larger than a creek). "the child had to make water" pee.a facility that provides a source of water.

pour cold water on or over something dismiss. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. as with channels or ditches or streams.water with a hose. cry. render . discard.spring water . souse Water the plants once a week. add water to.cause to become wet. adulterate He always waters his whisky down before drinking it. "We provided the room with an electrical heater" 3. water . "flush the meadows" hush . hose down . "Wet your face" hose. H2O Could I have a glass of water. provide. be plausible. put water in. hose.become full. make sense. as tears or saliva. . Farlex clipart collection. main. be logical. "His eyes watered" secrete. thin. with water. douse. spray. "His eyes were watering" fill. hold water be sound.cause to flow or flood with or as if with water. water . dampen. briny the open waters of the Arctic Ocean verb 1.0. hold up. disregard. please? plural noun sea. damp. water .give something useful or necessary to. "My mouth watered at the prospect of a good dinner". drench. ring true. water noun liquid. pooh-pooh My boss was quick to pour cold water on my suggestion. water .secrete or form water. work. stand up. "The theater filled up slowly" Based on WordNet 3. bear examination or scrutiny This argument simply doesn't hold water. Adam's ale or wine. moisten. depths. pass the test. weaken. revealing the underlying strata and valuable minerals 2. water something down dilute. exude water His eyes were watering from the smoke. Farlex Inc.water suitable for drinking liquid . supply.a substance that is liquid at room temperature and pressure Verb 1. "The pool slowly filled with water".run water over the ground to erode (soil). "We watered the buffalo" furnish. become wet. ocean. waves. be convincing. irrigate. release . be tenable. "hose the lawn" flush . "release a hormone into the blood stream" 4.fill with tears. soak. fill up . get wet. doctor.water from a spring drinking water . in hot water in trouble. weep.generate and separate from cells or bodily fluids. "secrete digestive juices". water. sprinkle. be credible. discount.provide with water. aqua. 2. in a mess This remark landed him in hot water with the press. "Water the fields" irrigate wet .

2002 Translations Select a language: Afrikaans / Afrikaans Arabic / ‫العربية‬ Bulgarian / Български Chinese Simplified / 中文简体 Chinese Traditional / 中文繁體 . play down. diving. parasailing. qualify. sailing. tame. soft-pedal The government has no intention of watering down its social security reforms. waterskiing. moderate. surfing. synchronized swimming. water polo. every where. water. every where. swimming. water. mitigate.1. aqualike hydromania fear hydrophobia. weaken. skin diving. curb. rowing. adulterate. downplay. temper." "Nor any drop to drink. windsurfing. tone down. aqueous combining forms hydro-. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995. mute. soften." [Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Ancient Mariner] "Water taken in moderation cannot hurt anybody" [Mark Twain Notebook] Water sports aquabobbing. yachting Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition." "Water." "And all the boards did shrink. aquaphobia Quotations "Water. Related words adjectives aquatic. canoe polo. canoeing. powerboating or powerboat racing.

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como quien oye llover that theory doesn't hold water → esa teoría carece de fundamento to be in hot water → estar metido en un lío to get into hot water → meterse en un lío to spend money like water → despilfarrar or tirar el dinero to test the water(s) → probar la temperatura del agua see also drinking B see also running A1 see also still A1 2. bucear a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then → ha llovido mucho desde entonces that's all water under the bridge now → todo eso ya ha pasado a la historia to pour cold water on an idea → echar un jarro de agua fría a una idea like water off a duck's back → como si nada. turn the water on (at main) → hacer correr el agua.Ukrainian / українська Urdu / ‫اردو‬ Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt ----------------------water [ˈwɔːtəʳ] A. (at tap) → abrir el grifo under water the High Street is under water → la Calle Mayor está inundada to swim under water → nadar bajo el agua. (= urine) → aguas fpl menores. hacer aguas(menores) . N 1. river) → aguas fpl to drink or take the waters at Harrogate → tomar las aguas en Harrogate the waters of the Amazon → las aguas del Amazonas British waters → aguas británicas 3. of sea. waters (at spa. orina f to make or pass water → orinar. → agua f to back water → ciar bottled water → agua f mineral by water → por mar fresh water → agua f dulce hard water → agua f dura high water → marea f alta on land and water → por tierra y por mar low water → marea f baja salt water → agua f salada soft water → agua f blanda to turn on the water.

to water capital → emitir un número excesivo de acciones C. diluir. of the first water → de lo mejor. (Med) water on the brain → hidrocefalia f her waters broke → rompió aguas water on the knee → derrame m sinovial 5. bautizar(hum) the river waters the provinces of → el río riega las provincias de . polo m acuático water power N → energía f hidraúlica .. carro m aljibe. guatona f (CHILE) water buffalo N → búfalo m de agua. CPD water bed N → cama f de agua water bird N → ave f acuática water biscuit N → galleta f de agua water blister N → ampolla f water bottle N (for drinking) → cantimplora f (also hot-water bottle) → bolsa f de agua caliente. baño m water cooler N → enfriadora f de agua water cooling N → refrigeración f por agua water diviner N → zahorí mf water divining N → arte m del zahorí water heater N → calentador m de agua water ice N (Brit) → sorbete m. VT [+ garden. de primerísima calidad B. helado m de agua(LAM) water jacket N → camisa f de agua water jump N → foso m (de agua) water level N → nivel m del agua (Naut) → línea f de agua water lily N → nenúfar m water line N → línea f de flotación water main N → cañería f principal water meadow N (esp Brit) → vega f.4. cattle] → abrevar. [+ wine] → aguar. carabao m water butt N (Brit) → tina f para recoger el agua de la lluvia water cannon N → cañón m de agua water carrier N → aguador m water cart N → cuba f de riego.. (motorized) → camión m de agua water chestnut N → castaña f de agua water closet N (frm) → wáter m. ribera f water meter N → contador m de agua water metering N control del agua mediante instalación de un contador de agua water mill N → molino m de agua water park N → parque m acuático water pipe N → caño m de agua water pistol N → pistola f de agua water plant N → planta f acuática water polo N → waterpolo m. [+ horses. dar de beber a. (= essence) lavender/rose water → agua f de lavanda/rosa 6. VI (Physiol) her eyes started watering → empezaron a llorarle los ojos her mouth watered → se le hizo agua la boca it's enough to make your mouth water → se hace la boca agua D. plant] → regar.

water pressure N → presión f del agua water pump N → bomba f de agua water purification plant N → estación f depuradora de aguas residuales water rat N → rata f de agua water rate N (Brit) → tarifa f de agua water snake N → culebra f de agua water softener N → ablandador m de agua water sports NPL → deportes mpl acuáticos water supply N → abastecimiento m de agua water table N → capa f freática, nivel m freático water tank N (for village, in house) → depósito m de agua; (on lorry) → cisterna f water tower N → depósito f de agua water vapour, water vapor (US) N → vapor m de agua water vole N → rata f de agua water wagon N (US) → vagón-cisterna m water wheel N → rueda f hidráulica (Agr) → noria f water wings NPL → manguitos mpl, flotadores mpl para los brazos water down VT + ADV 1. (lit) [+ wine] → aguar, bautizar; [+ juice, milk, paint] → diluir 2. (fig) [+ reform, proposal, report] → suavizar Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1971, 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005 water [ˈwɔːtər] n (gen) → eau f a drink of water → un verre d'eau the water's edge → le bord de l'eau, le rivage (= urine) to pass water → uriner water under the bridge (fig) → du passé in deep water (= in trouble) → dans la tourmente to not hold water (= be unconvincing) → ne pas tenir la route to be in hot water (= in trouble) → avoir des ennuis You're in hot water now → Tu vas avoir des ennuis. to land in hot water with sb → s'attirer les foudres de qn to get sb into hot water, to land sb in hot water → attirer des ennuis à qn, valoir des ennuis à qn to land sb in hot water with sb, to get sb into hot water with sb/qch [incident, mistake] → attirer les foudres de qn/qch à qn to test the water, to test the waters (fig) → prendre la température waters npl (= sea) → eaux fpl in British waters → dans les eaux territoriales Britanniques her waters have broken (during childbirth) → elle a perdu les eaux vt [+ plant] → arroser He was watering his tulips → Il arrosait ses tulipes. vi

[eyes] → larmoyer to make sb's mouth water → mettre l'eau à la bouche de qn my mouth is watering → j'en ai l'eau à la bouche water down vt sep [+ milk, wine] → couper avec de l'eau (= make less forceful) [+ speech, article] → édulcorer water bed n → matelas m d'eau water bird n → oiseau m aquatique water bomb n → bombe f à eau water-borne waterborne [ˈwɔːtərbɔːrn] adj [disease, infection] → d'origine hydrique (= on water) → sur l'eau water bottle n → gourde f; [soldier, cyclist] → bidon m water buffalo [water buffalo] (pl) n → buffle m water cannon n → canon m à eau water chestnut n → châtaigne f d'eau water closet n (British) → w.-c. mpl, waters mpl Collins English/French Electronic Resource. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 water n → Wasser nt; the field is under (two feet of) water → das Feld steht (zwei Fuß) unter Wasser; to take in or make water (ship) → lecken; to hold water → wasserdicht sein; that excuse/argument etc won’t hold water (inf) → diese Entschuldigung/dieses Argument etc ist nicht hieb- und stichfest (inf) (of sea, of lake etc) by water → auf dem Wasserweg, zu Wasser (geh); on land and water → zu Land und zu Wasser; we spent an afternoon on the water → wir verbrachten einen Nachmittag auf dem Wasser; waters → Gewässer pl; the waters (Bibl, liter) → die Wasser pl; the waters of the Rhine → die Wasser des Rheins (liter) (= urine) → Wasser nt; to pass water → Wasser lassen (at spa) the waters → die Heilquelle; to drink or take the waters → eine Kur machen; (drinking only) → eine Trinkkur machen (Med) water on the brain → Wasserkopf m; water on the knee → Kniegelenkerguss m; her waters broke at midnight → die Fruchtblase ist um Mitternacht geplatzt (= toilet water) rose etc water → Rosenwasser nt → etc (fig phrases) to keep one’s head above water → sich über Wasser halten; to pour cold water on somebody’s idea → jds Idee etw miesmachen (inf); to get (oneself) into deep water(s) → ins Schwimmen kommen; of the first water (dated Brit liter) → erster Güte; that’s all water under the bridge now → das ist aller längst vorbei; a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then → seitdem ist so viel Wasser den Berg or den Bach hinuntergeflossen; to be in/get into hot water (inf) → in Schwierigkeiten or in (des) Teufels Küche (inf) → sein/geraten (→ over wegen +gen); he’s in hot water with his father (inf) → er hat Zoff mit seinem Vater (inf); to spend money like water (inf) → mit dem Geld nur so um sich werfen (inf) vt garden, lawn, roads → sprengen; land, field → bewässern; plant → (be)gießen horses, cattle → tränken wine → verwässern, verdünnen

to water capital (Fin) → Aktienkapital verwässern vi (mouth) → wässern; (eye) → tränen; the smoke made his eyes water → ihm tränten die Augen vom Rauch; my mouth watered → mir lief das Wasser im Mund zusammen; to make somebody’s mouth water → jdm den Mund wässerig machen (animals) → trinken water: water bed n → Wasserbett nt water beetle n → Wasserkäfer m water bird n → Wasservogel m water biscuit n (Brit) → ˜ Kräcker m water blister n → Wasserblase f water boatman n (Zool: = aquatic bug) → Rückenschwimmer m water bomb n → Wasserbombe f waterborne adj to be water (ship) → auf dem or im Wasser sein; water goods/troops → Güter/Truppen, die auf dem Wasserweg or zu Wasser befördert werden; a water disease → eine Krankheit, die durch das Wasser übertragen wird water bottle n → Wasserflasche f; (for troops, travellers etc) → Feldflasche f water brash n (Med) → Sodbrennen nt waterbuck n → Wasserbock m water buffalo n → Wasserbüffel m water butt n → Regentonne f water cannon n → Wasserwerfer m water carrier n → Wasserträger(in) m(f); the Water Carrier (Astrol) → der Wassermann water cart n → Wasserwagen m; (for roads) → Sprengwagen m water chestnut n → Wasserkastanie f water closet n (abbr WC) (esp Brit) → Wasserklosett nt watercolour, (US) watercolor n → Wasserfarbe f, → Aquarellfarbe f; (= picture) → Aquarell nt

attr → Aquarell-; water painter → Aquarellmaler(in) m(f); a water painting → ein Aquarell nt watercolourist, (US) watercolorist n → Aquarellmaler(in) m(f) water-cooled adj → wassergekühlt water cooler n → Wasserspender m watercourse n (= stream) → Wasserlauf m; (= bed) → Flussbett nt; (artificial) → Kanal m water cracker n (US) = water biscuit watercress n → (Brunnen)kresse f water cure n → Wasserkur f water diviner n → (Wünschel)rutengänger(in) m(f) watered-down adj (lit, fig) → verwässert waterfall n → Wasserfall m waterfast adj (colour) → wasserecht water filter n → Wasserfilter m waterfowl n → Wasservogel m; (pl) → Wassergeflügel nt waterfront n → Hafenviertel nt; we drove along the water/down to the water → wir fuhren am Wasser entlang/hinunter zum Wasser attr → am Wasser; a water restaurant → ein Restaurant direkt am Hafen or am Wasser; they live on the Mississippi water → sie wohnen direkt am Mississippi water: water gauge n (in tank) → Wasserstandsmesser or -anzeiger m; (in rivers, lakes etc also) → Pegel m water gun n (esp US) = water pistol water heater n → Heißwassergerät nt water hole n → Wasserloch nt water hose n → Wasserschlauch m water ice n → Fruchteis nt water:

water jacket n → Kühlmantel m, → Kühlwassermantel m water jet n (= jet of water) → Wasserstrahl m (for cleaning teeth) → Munddusche f water jump n → Wassergraben m waterless adj → trocken; desert → arid (spec); a water planet → ein Planet m → ohne Wasser water level n → Wasserstand m; (= measured level: of river, reservoir etc also) → Pegelstand m; (= surface of water) → Wasserspiegel m water lily n → Seerose f water line n → Wasserlinie f waterlogged adj the fields are water → die Felder stehen unter Wasser; the ship was completely water → das Schiff war voll Wasser gelaufen; to get water → sich voll Wasser saugen; (ship) → voll Wasser laufen water: water main n → Haupt(wasser)leitung f; (= pipe) → Hauptwasserrohr nt waterman n → Fährmann m watermark n (on wall) → Wasserstandsmarke f (on paper) → Wasserzeichen nt water meadow n (Agr) → Feuchtwiese f watermelon n → Wassermelone f water meter n → Wasseruhr f water metering n → Berechnen nt → von Wasserverbrauch water mill n → Wassermühle f water noodle n (= swimming aid) → Wassernudel f, → Schwimmnudel f water nymph n → (Wasser)nixe f waterpick® n → Munddusche f water pipe

roof → (wasser)dicht. paint → wasserfest n waters (esp Brit) → Regenhaut® f. the 9 o’clock water (Brit TV) Regelung. wasserundurchlässig. (of clothes) → Imprägnieren nt (= material) → Dichtungsmittel nt. mascara. material also → wasserdicht machen. (fig) → Wendepunkt m. (for smoking) → Wasserpfeife f water pistol n → Wasserpistole f water plant n (Bot) → Wasserpflanze f water pollution n → Wasserverschmutzung f water polo n → Wasserball m water power n → Wasserkraft f waterproof adj (= unaffected by water) watch → wasserdicht. window → (wasser)dicht. remember to put your waters on → zieh was Wasserdichtes an vt → wasserundurchlässig machen. (at sea) → Strand m attr plant → am Wasser wachsend. restaurant → am Wasser water-ski n → Wasserski m . clothes → wasserundurchlässig. sunscreen → wasserfest. (for clothes) → Imprägniermaterial nt water pump n (Tech) → Wasserpumpe f waterquake n (Geol) → Seebeben nt water rat n → Wasserratte f water rate n (Brit) → Wassergeld nt water-repellent adj → wasserabstoßend water-resistant adj tent → wasserdicht (= unaffected by water) → wasserbeständig. make-up.n → Wasserrohr nt. clothes also → imprägnieren waterproofer n = waterproofing b waterproofing n (= process) → Wasserdichtmachen nt. dass vor 9 Uhr nur jugendfreie Progamme gesendet werden dürfen waterside n → Ufer nt. to be water to 50 m → bis zu 50 m wasserdicht sein watershed n (Geol) → Wasserscheide f. house.

alibi. (= channel) → Fahrrinne f water wheel n (Mech) → Wasserrad nt.und stichfest water tower n → Wasserturm m water vapour. 1997. contract also → hieb. → Schwimmarme pl (inf) waterworks n sing or pl → Wasserwerk nt. (US) water vapor n → Wasserdampf m waterway n → Wasserstraße f. (= reserves) → Wasserreserven pl water table n → Grundwasserspiegel m water tank n → Wassertank m watertight adj (lit) → wasserdicht. © William Collins Sons & Co. n (gen) → acqua fresh/salt water → acqua dolce/salata . 1999. (fig) agreement. Ltd. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. (in lake) → Seeschlange f water softener n → Wasserenthärter m water-soluble adj → wasserlöslich water spaniel n → Wasserspaniel m water sports pl → Wassersport m water spout n (Met) → Wasserhose → Wasserski laufen water-skiing n → Wasserskilaufen nt water slide n → Wasserrutsche f water snake n → Wasserschlange f. 2004. argument. to have trouble with one’s water (Brit hum inf) → Probleme mit der Blase haben Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. (Agr) → Wasserschöpfrad nt water wings pl → Schwimmflügel pl. 2005. 2007 water [ˈwɔːtəʳ] 1. → Trombe f (= pipe) → Regenrinne f water spray n → Wassernebel m → or -staub m water supply n → Wasserversorgung f.

зрошувати ‫ پانی دينا‬tưới cây. menjirus begieten vanne podlewać regar a uda поливать poliať zaliti zalivati vattna ให้น้ ำา. (animales) abrevar kastma ‫ آبياري كردن‬kastella arroser ‫ להשקות‬सीचना ֹ ְַ zalijevati. vodný voda voda vatten นำ้า. kecur watertanden løpe i vann ślinić się . adj (pressure.. Each bedroom in the hotel is supplied with hot and cold running water. vt (garden. Wasser-. zaliti (meg)öntöz mengairi vökva innaffiare. transparent liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen.. attenuare. (horses. having no taste or smell.das Wasser. (also adjective ) The plumber had to turn off the water supply in order to repair the pipe. vodní vand. เกี่ยวกับนำ้า su 水 вода ‫ پانی‬nước 水 v 1 to supply with water He watered the plants. รดนำ้า sulamak 澆水 поливати. vann. natlei ‫ يرش، يسقي‬водоснабдявам zalévat vande ْ َ َُ bewässern ποτίζω regar. Are you going swimming in the sea?' `No. (purifier. vand. which turns to steam when boiled and to ice when frozen She drank two glasses of water."hot and cold water in all rooms" → "acqua corrente calda e fredda in tutte le camere" I'd like a drink of water → vorrei un bicchier d'acqua the High Street is under water → la strada principale è inondata to turn on the water → aprire il rubinetto dell'acqua to spend money like water → spendere e spandere. transport by land and water. vi (eyes) → lacrimare to make sb's mouth water → far venire l'acquolina in bocca a qn 4. water ‫ ماء‬вода voda. νερό agua vesi ‫ آب‬vesi eau ‫ ַים‬पानी voda víz air vatn acqua 水 물 ִ‫מ‬ vanduo ūdens air water vann. article) → edulcorare Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 water n water [ˈwoːtə] a colourless. the water's too cold'. wine) → diluire (fig) (claim) → moderare.woda água apă вода voda. (wine) → annacquare 3. annaffiare 水を与える 물을 공급하다 (pa)laistyti []laistīt menyiram. plant) → annaffiare. supply) → dell'acqua. avere le mani bucate a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then (fig) → da allora è passata molta acqua sotto i ponti that theory won't hold water (fig) → quella teoria fa acqua to pour cold water on sth (fig) → mostrarsi poco entusiasta di qc it's like water off a duck's back (fig) → è come parlare al muro the waters of the Tiber → le acque del Tevere British waters → acque fpl (territoriali) britanniche to take the waters → fare la cura delle acque (termali) the waters (in pregnancy) → le acque to pass water → orinare water on the brain (Med) → idrocefalia water on the knee (Med) → sinovite f 2. cattle) → abbeverare. water ‫يسيل اللعاب‬ ُ ُ َ увлажнявам със слюнка slinit løbe i vand wässern τρέχουν τα σάλια μου hacerse la boca agua vett jooksma ‫ آب آفتادن‬tulla vesi kielelle saliver ‫ ְהזיל‬मुंह मे पानी आना curiti (sline) nyáladzik ִַ ‫ל‬ mengeluarkan liur fyllast af vatni avere l'acquolina in bocca よだれが出る 침을 흘리다 prisirinkti seilių (par siekalām) saskriet mutē terliur. power) → idrico/a water down vt + adv (milk. (report. cho uống nước 浇水 2 (of the mouth) to produce saliva His mouth watered at the sight of all the food.

izbalējis cair waterig lyse-. sjø wody águas ape воды vody vode vode vatten น่ านนำ้า denizler.จาง soluk 淡色的 блідий ‫ بے رنگ‬xanh màu nước 淡(色)的 n wateriness waterigheid ‫ ما ِيه‬водност vodnatost det som er udvandet/rendende die Wäßrigkeit υγρότητα ّ‫ئ‬ acuosidad. bālums cair waterigheid det som er utvannet/rennende wodnistość aquosidade caracter apos водянистость vodnatosť vodenost vodenkastost vattnighet องค์ประกอบของนำ้า. vodenost vizesség keadaan berair það að vera vatnskenndur acquosità 水っ ִּ ֵ ぽさ 물 같음. laat traan ‫ تدمع العيون‬сълзя ُ ََْ slzet løbe i vand tränen νερά llorar vett jooksma ‫ آبريزش داشتن‬täyttyä kyynelistä pleurer ‫ להזיל‬आंसू ִַ ְ आना ispuniti suzama könnyezik mengeluarkan air mata tárast. wateragtig ‫ مائي‬воден vodový. คุณสมบัติท่ีเป็ นนำ้า sululuk. traanoë ‫مشبع بالماء، دامع‬ ِ َْ ُ навлажнен slzící rendende feucht υγρός (για μάτι) lacrimoso. tenue kahvatu ‫ مرده‬kalpea délavé ‫ מימי‬फीका blijede boje halvány pucat ִ ֵ daufur. tynn. sular. blek. pallido 薄い (색이) 엷은 blyškus bāls. aizmiglots mata berair tranend rennende. pavandenijęs ūdeņains cair waterachtig. wateroordragend ‫َنقول بالماء‬ ْ‫م‬ такъв който се разпространява по вода šířený vodou vandbåren durch Wasser übertragen που μεταδίδεται από το νερό ή μεταφέρεται με αυτό transmisible por vía hídrica vee kaudu leviv ‫از‬ ‫ طريق آب‬vesitse leviävä d'origine hydrique ‫ מובל במים‬जल जिनत koji se prenosi vodom vízi úton ַּ ָּ ְ szállított dibawa air sem berst með menguðu vatni (che si trasmette tramite l'acqua) 飲料水媒介 . diluted a watery fluid. våte.encher-se de água a saliva выделять слюну sliniť sliniti se proizvoditi pljuvačku vattnas นำ้าลาย sulanmak 流口水 виділяти слину ‫منھ ميں پانی بھر ٓانا‬chảy nước bọt 淌口水 3 (of the eyes) to fill with tears The dense smoke made his eyes water. vasne załzawiony cheio de lágrimas umed слезящийся slziaci solzen vodenkast tårfylld เต็มไปด้วยนำ้า sulanmış 水汪汪的 повний сліз ‫ مرطوب‬ướt 水汪汪的 3 (of a colour) pale eyes of a watery blue. 무미 건조 vandeningumas. loopoë.blass ξεπλυμένος. tasik water vann(masse). vökna lacrimare 涙 が出る 눈물이 고이다 ašaroti asarot berair. blek. vatn acque 海・川など 많은 물(바다. vannaktig wodnisty pálido decolorat бледный. blyškumas ūdeņainums. ıslaklık 水汪汪 водянистість ‫ نمی‬có tính chất nước 水汪汪 adj waterborne carried or transmitted by water Typhoid is a waterborne disease. χλομός (για χρώμα) pálido. समुद. a river etc the stormy waters of the bay. kara suları 大片水域(如海、湖等) води. praskydęs. liquide ‫נזיל‬ ִָ पतला vodenkast vizes seperti air vatnskenndur. waters ‫ مياه‬води vody vande die Gewässer (pl. хвилі ‫ دريا يا سمندر‬khối nước 大 片的水(如海、湖等) adj watery 1 like water. размытый bledý voden bled ljus-. lichid водянистый rozriedený voden vodenkast vattnig เหมือนนำ้า. mengeluarkan air mata tranen (vass)renne łzawić encher-se de lágrimas a plânge слезиться slziť solziti se napuniti suzama tåras นำ้าตา yaşarmak 流淚 сльозитися ‫انکھ ميں ٓانسو ٓانا‬làm chảy nước mắt 流泪 ٓ n pl waters a body of water such as the sea. สภาพที่เป็ นนำ้า. aguado vedel ‫ آبكي‬vetinen aqueux. fölur sbiadito. lloroso vesine ‫ اشك آلود‬kostunut larmoyant ‫ מימי‬नम vodenkast könnyes berair tárvotur bagnato. เจือจาง sulu 水般的,稀的 водянистий ‫ سيال‬như nước (似)水的 2 (of eyes) full of fluid eg because of illness. utvannet wodnisty aguado apos. 강) vandenys ūdeņi air sungai. ִ‫ִ ֶ מ‬ तालाब vode víz perairan sjór.) νερά aguas veed ‫ آبهاي دريا يا رودخانه‬vesialue eaux ‫ מקווה ַים‬नदी. umido 涙の出た (기관·조직 따위 ִ ֵ 가) 분비액을 내는 ašarotas asarains. útþynntur acquoso 水っぽい 물과 같은 skystas. cualidad de acuoso/aguado/pálido/tenue vesisus ‫ آبداري‬vetisyys caractère aqueux ‫ מימיות‬पनीलापन vlaga. waterig ‫ مائي اللون‬блед bledý lyse. cold winds etc. rozředěný vandagtig. lautan. vandet wässerig νερουλός. αραιωμένος (σε νερό) acuoso. waterig vassen.

ห้องส้วม. wc ห้องนำ้า.の 수인성의 perduodamas/pervežamas vandeniu ar ūdeni pārnēsājama slimība pemindahan melalui air door water overgebracht overført gjennom vann przenoszony/przewożony wodą transmitido pela água transmis prin apă перевозимый по воде. καμπινές wáter. WC ustęp retrete туалет splachovací záchod stranišče toalet vattenklosett. waterval ‫ شلل، مسقط ماء‬водопад ِْ َ َ vodopád vandfald der Wasserfall καταρράκτης cascada. waterkers ‫ جرجير الماء‬кресон řeřicha َْ brøndkarse die Brunnenkresse νεροκάρδαμο berro vesikress ‫ آ ب تره‬vesikrassi cresson (de fontaine) ‫ גרגיר הנחלים‬जलकु ंभी potočarka vízitorma selada air karsi crescione クレソン 물냉이 ִָ ַ ִ ַ paprastasis rėžiukas ūdenskrese selada air witte waterkers brønnkarse rzeżucha agrião creson кресс водяной žerucha vodna kreša vrsta salate vattenkrasse พืชนำ้าจำาพวก Nasturtium officinale ใช้ทำาผักสลัด su teresi 西洋水芹 водяний крес ‫ ايک طرح کی بيل‬cải xoong 水田芥,豆 瓣菜 n waterfall a natural fall of water from a height such as a rock or a cliff. sjó/-vatnafugl (uccello ִ‫ֹ מ‬ acquatico) 水鳥 물새 vandens paukštis/paukščiai ūdensputns. havnefront َ ّ َُ ْ َ ُِ ُ . al. ห้องสุขา tuvalet klozeti 廁所 туалет ‫ بيت الخل‬nhà vệ sinh 厕 所 n water-colour a type of paint which is thinned with water instead of with oil. slap vízesés air terjun foss cascata 滝 폭포 krioklys ָ ּ‫מ‬ ūdenskritums air terjun waterval foss wodospad cascata cascadă водопад vodopád slap vodopad vattenfall นำ้าตก çağlayan 瀑布 водоспад ‫ٓابشار‬thác nước 瀑布 n or n pl waterfowl a bird or birds which live on or beside water. salto de agua kosk ‫آبشار‬ vesiputous chute ‫ ַפל‬जलपपात vodopad. vodné vtáctvo vodna ptica vodene ptice vattenfågel. sjöfågel นกนำ้า su kuşu 水禽 водоплавні птахи ‫پانی کے ٓاس‬ ‫ پاس رہنے والے پرندے‬chim nước 水禽 n waterfront that part of a town etc which faces the sea or a lake He lives on the waterfront. watervoël ‫ طير مائي‬водни птици vodní ptáci َْ svømmefugl der Wasservogel νεροπούλι(α) ave acuática veelind ‫ مرغابي‬vesilintu oiseau(x) aquatique(s) ‫ עוף ַים‬जलपवाह vodena ptica vízimadár unggas air sundfugl. що передається через воду ‫پانی سے پيدا ہونے والی بيماری‬ bằng đường thủy (由于)饮水而传染的(疾病) n water-closet (abbreviationWCdabljuˈsiː) a lavatory. такий. vatnssalerni bagno 洗面所 (수세식) 변소 išvietė tualete tandas pam watercloset vannklosett. передающийся через воду prepravovaný. inodoro WC ‫ دستشويي‬wc toilettes ‫ שירותים‬शौचघर ִּ ֵ nužnik vécé kamar kecil klósett. waterverf ‫ لون مائي‬акварел vodová َْ barva vandfarve die Wasserfarbe νερομπογιά acuarela vesivärv ‫ آبرنگ‬vesiväri aquarelle ‫צבעי ַים‬ ִ‫ִ ֵ מ‬ जलरंग vodena boja vízfesték cat air vatnslitur acquarello 水彩絵具 수채화 akvarelė akvareļkrāsas. waterkant ‫ الجزء المطل على شاطئ البحر، مقدمة الشاطئ‬брегова линия nábřeží søpromenade. waterfront. akvarelis cat air waterverf akvarell-/vannfarge akwarela aguarela acuarelă акварель vodová farba akvarel vodene boje vattenfärg สีน้ ำา sulu boya 水彩 акварельна фарба ‫ٓاب رنگ‬màu nước 水彩 n watercress a herb which grows in water and is often used in salads. catarata. šírený vodou ki se prenaša z vodo/po vodi koji se prenosi vodom som överförs genom (med) vatten คนโดยสาร เชื้อโรค หรือสินค้าที่มาโดยทางนำ้า sudan bulaşan 經水傳播 (染)的 транспортований по воді. ptactwo wodne ave aquática păsări acvatice водоплавающая птица vodný vták. toilet ‫ مرحاض‬клозет splachovací záchod wc das ِْ Wasserklosett αποχωρητήριο. ūdensputni burung yang boleh berenang dan hidup berdekatan dengan kawasan air watervogels fugl(er) i ferskvann ptak wodny.

vol water ‫ غائص، مشبع بالماء‬напоен с вода rozbahněný vandmættet َْ ُ ِ voll Wasser πλημυρισμένος anegado. nøkkerose lilia wodna. napajedlo van das ْ ِ ّ‫ُ ْ َ ئ‬ Wasserloch νερόλακκος charco veesilm ‫ چالب‬juomapaikka mare ‫ מקווה ַים‬गडढा lokva víztócsa ִ‫ִ ֶ מ‬ mata air vatnsból (pozza d'acqua) 水飲場 물 웅덩이. sjösida. penuh dengan air vol water vannfylt. lopoč ָ ֵ ִ vízililiom teratai vatnalilja ninfea すいれん 수련 vandens lelija ūdensroze sejenis bunga yang daunnya melebar terapung-apung. เขตริมฝั่ ง su kenarı. kıyı. havnekvarter nadbrzeże. vandenvietė avots. заболочений ‫ پانی سے بھرا ہوا‬ướt sũng 浸满水的 water main . ֹ ָ ֶַ lungofiume. sırılsıklam (地面)淹水的 напівзатоплений. gieter ‫ مرشه، وعاء لسقاية النباتات‬градинска лейка kropáč ّ َ ِِ َِّ vandkande die Gießkanne ποτιστήρι regadera kastekann ‫ آبپاش‬kastelukannu arrosoir ‫ מזלף‬पौधो को ֵַ सीचने के काम मे आने वाला बरतन kanta za zalijevanje vizeskanna kaleng penyiram (garð)kanna innaffiatoio. sahil 水邊,濱水區 район порту ‫ دريا کا دہانہ‬水 边,滨水区 n waterhole a spring or other place where water can be found in a desert or other dry country The elephant drank from the waterhole. watervlak ‫ مستوى سطح الماء‬ниво на водата vodní hladina vandstand der Wasserspiegel στάθμη ْ َ َْ ُ του νερού nivel del agua veetase ‫ سطح آب‬veden pinta niveau d'eau ‫ מפלס המים‬जलसतर razina vode ַַ ָ ִ vízszint permukaan air vatnsborð/-hæð livello dell'acqua 水位 수위 vandens lygis ūdenslīmenis aras air waterpeil vannstand poziom wody nível da água nivel al apei уровень воды vodná hladina nivo vode nivo vode vattenstånd. inundado. piesmēlies tepu air.städtisches Hafengebiet παραλία puerto. waterlelie ‫ زنبقة الماء‬водна лилия leknín åkande die َ َْ َ Seerose νούφαρο nenúfar vesiroos ‫ نيلوفر آبي‬lumme nénuphar ‫ נימפיאה‬कमल lokvanj. (dzīvniekiem) dzeršanas vieta lopak air waterpoel vannhull kałuża. เขตริมนำ้า. drinkgat. yalı boyu. źródełko poço oază ключ jazierko. hagesprøyte polewaczka regador stropitoare лейка polievacia krhla škropilnica kantica za zalivanje vattenkanna ถังรดนำ้า sulama kovası 澆水壺 лійка ‫پودوں کو پانی دينے کے ليے‬ ‫ استعمال کيا جانے وال برتن‬can đựng nước 洒水壶 water level the level of the surface of a mass of water The water level in the reservoir is sinking/rising. annaffiatoio じょうろ 물뿌리개 laistytuvas lejkanna penyiram gieter vann(ings)kanne. (fronte del porto) 水辺地区 해안 pakrantė (pilsētas) piekrastes rajons kawasan dermaga waterkant sjøside. -nivå ระดับผิวนำ้า su düzeyi 水平面 рівень води ‫سطح‬ ‫ٓاب‬mực nước 水平面 n waterlily a water plant with broad flat floating leaves. dzielnica portowa beira-mar faleză прибрежная часть города nábrežie obrežno področje dokovi strand. bunga teratai waterlelie vannlilje. empapado vettinud ‫ خيس آب‬veden peitossa oleva détrempé ‫ רווי ַים‬जलमगन natopljen vodom vízzel teleivódott penuh air vatnsósa acquitrinoso 水び ִ‫ָ ּ מ‬ たしの 물에 잠긴 vandens permerktas piemircis. waterpunt ‫ حفرة ما ِيه، بئر ماء‬езерце louže. nenufar nenúfar nufăr водяная лилия lekno lokvanj vodeni ljiljan näckros ดอกบัว nilüfer çiçeği 睡蓮 водяна лілія ‫ کنول‬cây hoa súng 睡莲 adj waterlogged (of ground) soaked in water. terreno ribereño rannakvartal ‫ ساحل‬ranta front de mer ‫ שטח החוף‬शहर का तटीय िहससा luka. vasstrukken nasiąknięty wodą alagado mocirlos заболоченный rozbahnený razmočen natopljen vodom vattensjuk ซึ่งแช่ในนำ้า su dolmuş. mláka mlaka pojilo vattenhål หลุมหรือแอ่งนำ้าตามผิวพื้นดินโดยเฉพาะบริเวณที่สัตว์ ต่างๆไปดื่มกิน kaynak 水坑 артезіанський колодязь ‫ پانی کا چشمہ‬水坑 n watering-can a container used when watering plants. 샘 versmė. [] vattnet ริมฝั่ ง. dokovi városi tengerpart tepi pantai ár-/sjávarbakki lungomare.

cuenca veelahe ‫ آبخيز‬vedenjakaja ligne de partage des eaux ‫קו פרשת המים‬ ַַ ַ ָּ ַ ָ जलसंभर razvođe vízválasztó mata air vatnaskil spartiacque 分水界 (강의) 유역. anguria すいか 수박 arbūzas arbūzs buah tembikai watermeloen vannmelon arbuz melancia pepene verde арбуз dyňa lubenica lubenica vattenmelon แตงโม karpuz 西瓜 кавун ‫ تربوز‬quả dưa hấu 西瓜 adj waterproof not allowing water to soak through waterproof material. impregnera ทำาให้น้ ำาผ่านไปไม่ได้ su geçirmez hale getirmek 使防水 надавати водонепроникності ‫ پانی کے اثر سے محفوظ کرنا‬làm cho không thấm nước 使防水 n watershed an area of high land from which rivers flow in different directions into different basins. waterdig ‫صامد للماء، مسيك، مقاوم للماء‬ ِ ُ َ ِ водоустойчив nepromokavý vandtæt wasserdicht αδιάβροχος impermeable veekindel. vodovod glavna vodna cev glavna vodovodna cev huvudvattenledning ท่อประปา ana su borusu 總水管 водопровідна магістраль ‫ ٓاب رسانی کا بڑا نل‬ống dẫn nước chính 总水管 water-melon a type of melon with green skin and red flesh.a large underground pipe carrying a public water supply. waterpyp ‫ أنبوب الماء الرئيسي‬водопровод ّ hlavní přívod vody hovedvandledning das Hauptwasserrohr κεντρικός αγωγός ύδρευσης conducción del agua peaveejuhe ‫ شاه لوله آب‬päävesijohto conduite principale ‫ צינור ראשי‬जलपणाल ִ ׁ ַ ֹ ִ vodovodna cijev vízvezetéki fő nyomócső pipa utama stór vatnsleiðsla. waterskeiding ‫ خط تقسيم المياه‬вододел vodní předěl vandskel die Wasserscheide υδροκρίτης ِ َ َ divisoria de las aguas. tahan air waterdicht vanntett. непромокальний ‫ جس پر پانی اثر نہ کرے‬không thấm nước 防水的 n a coat made of waterproof material She was wearing a waterproof. impregnert wodoodporny à prova de água impermeabil непромокаемый nepremokavý nepremočljiv vodootporan vattentät กันนำ้า su geçirmez 防水的 водонепроникний. 분수계 . -kappa เสื้อกันฝน su geçirmez giysi 防水外套 непромокальний плащ ‫ پانی سے اثر انداز نہ ہونے وال کوٹ‬áo mưa 雨衣 v to make (material) waterproof. waterdig maak ‫ يجعل الماده مقاومه للماء‬импрегнирам impregnovat َِ ُ ّ َْ َ imprægnere imprägnieren στεγανοποιώ. αδιαβροχοποιώ impermeabilizar veekindlaks tegema ‫ضد‬ ‫ آب كردن‬tehdä vedenpitäväksi imperméabiliser ‫ למגן מ ַים‬जलसह impregnirati vízhatlanít ִ‫ְ ֵַ ִמ‬ menjadikan kedap air gera vatnsþétt impermeabilizzare 防水する 방수 처리하다 impregnuoti impregnēt menjadikan sesuatu itu kalis air impermeabiliseren gjøre vanntett. waterdigting ‫معطف مقاوم لتسرب‬ َّ َ ِ ُ َ ِْ ‫ الماء‬дъждобран nepromokavý plášť regntøj der Regenmantel αδιάβροχο impermeable vihmamantel ‫ لباس باراني‬sadetakki imperméable ‫ מוגן ַים‬बरसाती nepropusan ogrtač esőkabát jas ִ‫ַּ מ‬ hujan regnfrakki/-kápa impermeabile 防水のレーンコート 방수재 impregnuotas lietpaltis (impregnēts) lietusmētelis pakaian yang disaluti dengan bahan kalis air. waatlemoen ‫ بطيخ أحمر‬пъпеш vodní meloun َْ َّ vandmelon die Wassermelone καρπούζι sandía arbuus ‫ هندوانه‬vesimeloni melon d'eau ‫ אבטיח‬तरबूज ֲִָ lubenica görögdinnye semangka vatnsmelóna cocomero. impregnere impregnować impermeabilizar a face impermeabil делать водонепроницаемым impregnovať napraviti nepremočljivo učiniti vodootpornim göra vattentät. baju kalis air regenjas regnfrakk płaszcz nieprzemakalny impermeável haină impermeabilă непромокаемый плащ nepremokavý plášť dežni plašč nepromočiv mantil regnrock. aðalæð (conduttura principale) 水道本管 급수(수도) 본관(本管) vandentiekio magistralė maģistrālais ūdensvads paip air utama hoofdleiding hovedvannledning magistrala wodna cano de água conductă principală водопроводная магистраль hlavný prívod vody. vettpidav ‫ ضد آب‬vedenpitävä imperméable ‫ מוגן ַים‬जलसह vodonepropusan vízhatlan kedap air ִ‫ָּ מ‬ vatnsheldur/-þéttur impermeabile 防水の 방수의 nepralaidus vandeniui ūdensnecaurlaidīgs kalis air.

vattenled ทางนำ้า เช่น แม่น้ ำา คลอง ลำานำ้าที่สัญจรทางเรือได้ su yolu. along which ships can sail. laluan air waterweg kanal. ruta vízi út terusan skipgengt fljót. vannvei droga wodna canal cale navigabilă. wasem. kanal 水路 водний шлях. vodný predel razvodje razvođe vattendelare. ปั จจัยที่บอกการ เปลี่ยนแปลง su bölümü çizgisi 分水嶺 вододіл ‫ پانی کا منبع‬đường phân nước 分水岭 n water-skiing the sport of skiing on water. skipaskurður (canale navigabile) ִ‫ְ ִ מ‬ 水路 수로 vandens kelias ūdensceļš jalan. produced by evaporation. ūdensnecaurlaidīgs kedap air waterdicht vanntett wodoszczelny estanque etanş водонепроницаемый vodotesný neprepusten nepromočiv vattentät ซึ่งนำ้าผ่านไม่ได้ su sızdırmaz 不漏水的 водонепроникний. avrinningsområde จุดบอกการเปลี่ยนแปลง. vatn í gasformi vapore acqueo 水蒸気 수증 기 vandens garai ūdens garaiņi/tvaiki wap air waterdamp vanndamp para wodna vapor de água vapori de apă водяные пары vodná para vodna para vodena para vattenånga ไอนำ้า su buharı 水 蒸氣 пара води ‫ بھاپ‬hơi nước 水蒸气 n waterway a channel. จุดผกผัน. eg a canal or river. герметичний ‫ پانی کو داخل ہونے سے روکنے وال‬kín nước 不漏水的 water vapour water in the form of a gas. waterdig ‫سدود للماء، محكم الغلق بحيث ل يدخله‬ ُُ ْ َ َْ ِ ْ َْ ُ َ ‫ الماء‬непромокаем vodotěsný vandtæt wasserdicht υδατοστεγής estanque veekindel ‫ضد آب‬ vesitiivis étanche ‫ אטום למים‬जलरोधी. luncur air het waterski{#225} {#137}{#225}n det å stå på vannski narciarstwo wodne esqui aquático schi nautic воднолыжный спорт vodné lyžovanie smučanje na vodi skijanje na vodi vattenskidåkning สกีน้ ำา su kayağı 滑水 воднолижний спорт ‫ پانی کے اندر کھيل جانے وال ايک کھيل‬môn lướt ván 滑水 (运动) v water-ski waterski ‫ يتزلج على الماء‬карам водни ски jezdit na vodních lyžích stå på vandski Wasserski fahren َّ َ َ κάνω θαλάσσιο σκι hacer/practicar esquí acuático veesuusatama ‫ اسكي كردن روي آب‬harrastaa vesihiihtoa faire du ski nautique ‫ לעשות סקי ַים‬मोटर-बोट से जल कीडा करना skijati na vodi vízisízik ִ‫ַ ֲ ֹ ְ ִ מ‬ main ski air vera á sjóskíðum fare lo sci acquatico/nautico 水上スキーする 수상 스키를 하다 slidinėti vandenslidėmis slēpot ar ūdensslēpēm meluncur air waterski{#225}{#137}{#225}n stå på vannski jeździć na nartach wodnych fazer esqui aquático a face schi nautic кататься на водных лыжах jazdiť na vodných lyžiach smučati na vodi skijati na vodi åka vattenskidor เล่น สกีน้ ำา su kayağı yapmak 滑水 займатися воднолижним спортом ‫ٓابی اسکی کرنا‬lướt ván 滑水 adj watertight made in such a way that water cannot pass through.vandenskyra ūdensšķirtne garis batas air. canal navigabil водный путь vodná cesta plovni kanal plovni put vattenväg. legeh waterscheiding vannskille dział wód bacia hidrográfica cumpăna apelor водораздел rozvodie. waterweg ‫ مجرى مائي‬воден път vodní َْ cesta sejlløb die Wasserstraße υδάτινη οδός canal navegable laevatee ‫ آبراه‬vesitie voie navigable ‫ נתיב ַים‬जलमागर vodeni put. lembangan. जलरद vodonepropusan vízhatlan kedap air vatnsþéttur ְַ ּ ָ stagno 水を通さない 물이 스미지 않는 nepralaidus vandeniui ūdensdrošs. stoom ‫ بخار الماء‬водна пара vodní ُ pára vanddamp der Wasserdampf υδρατμός vapor de agua veeaur ‫ بخار آب‬vesihöyry vapeur d'eau ‫ אדי מים‬जलवाषप vodena para vízpára uap air loftraki. towed by a motor-boat. судноплавне русло ‫ٓابی راستہ‬đường thuỷ 水路 n waterwheel . waterski ‫ تزلج على الماء‬водни ски vodní َّ َ lyžování at stå på vandski das Wasserskifahren θαλάσσιο σκι esquí acuático veesuusatamine ‫اسكي‬ ‫ روي آب‬vesihiihto ski nautique ‫ סקי מים‬मोटर-बोट पर आधािरत एक जल कीडा skijanje na vodi vízisí(zés) ַ ְִ ski air sjóskíði sci acquatico/nautico 水上スキー 수상 스키 vandenslidžių sportas ūdensslēpošana sejenis sukan air ski menggunakan motor bot.

overbevise wytrzymać krytykę. steek hou ‫ يقنع‬убедителен съм obstát holde ِْ َ vand stichhaltig sein είμαι πειστικός ser convincente. waterwerke ،‫محطة المياه‬ ََّ ‫ مركز تخزين المياه وتوزيعها‬водна станция vodárna vandværk das Wasserwerk μηχανοστάσιο ِ ْ َ ِْ َ ύδρευσης depuradora. overtuigen holde stikk. . noria vesiratas ‫ چرخ چاه‬vesiratas roue hydraulique ‫ גלגל ַים‬पनचकी kotač vodenice vízikerék kincir air vatnshjól ruota idraulica 水車 물 ִ‫ַ מ‬ 레방아 vandens ratas ūdensrats kincir air waterrad vannhjul koło młyńskie nora roată hidraulică водяное колесо vodné koleso vodno kolo vodenički točak vattenhjul ระหัดวิดนำ้า su çarkı/türbini. în pericol в беде do ťažkej situácie v težavah u dubokoj nevolji på djupt vatten ประสบปั ญหายุ่งยาก başı derde (girmek) 陷入麻煩或危險 в скруті ‫ خطرے ميں ہونا‬trầm trọng hơn 陷入困境 water down to dilute This milk has been watered down. planta de tratamiento de aguas veepuhastusjaam ‫ تلمبه خانه آب‬vesilaitos ouvrages de purification de l'eau ‫ רשת אספקת ה ַים‬जलकल vodovod vízművek saringan air ִ‫ֶ ֶ ֲ ּ ַ ַמ‬ ָ vatnshreinsunarstöð acquedotto 水道設備 정수장 vandens ruošykla ūdens attīrīšanas ietaise[] kerja air waterleidingbedrijf vannverk wodociągi companhia de águas staţie de purificare a apei водопроводная станция vodáreň vodni zbiralnik vodovod vattenledningsverk การเก็บนำ้าและ ทำาให้น้ ำาบริสุทธิ ์ su şebekesi 自來水廠 водопровідні споруди ‫ٓاب رسانی کے انتظام کا مرکز‬nhà máy nước (城市中的)自来水厂 hold water to be convincing His explanation won't hold water. izturēt kritiku alasan munasabah steek houden. menjadi cair aanlengen utvanne.a wheel moved by water to work machinery etc. sulandırmak 用水稀釋 розбавляти ‫ گھلنا‬giảm bớt 用水冲淡 Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. verwater.) estar con el agua al cuello. ָ ִּ ֹ ֲַ ְ standast prófun (essere convincente) 筋道の通った (이론. biti prepričljiv biti ubedljiv hålla. verdun ‫ يرقق، ي َفف‬разводнявам ředit vodou ّ ‫ُ َ ّ ُخ‬ fortynde verdünnen αραιώνω diluir lahjendama ‫ رقيق كردن‬laimentaa diluer ‫ ְדלל‬हलका या पतला करना ֵַ‫ל‬ razrijediti felvizez melarutkan þynna með vatni diluire 薄める 희석하다 praskiesti atšķaidīt (ar ūdeni) mencairkan. 설명 따위가) 이치에 맞다 įtikinti būt pārliecinošam. fortynne rozwodnić diluir a dilua разбавлять (водой) riediť vodou zvodeniti razvodniti späda ut [] ทำาให้เจือจาง su katmak. en apuros raskustes(se) ‫ در خطر افتادن‬vaikea tilanne en mauvaise posture ‫ במצוקה‬मुसीबत या खतरे मे पडना naći se u nevolji bajba(n) mendapat kesulitan illa staddur (in ָ ּ ִ difficoltà) 苦窮におちいる 위험에 빠진 į sunkią padėtį nelaimē. waterwiel ‫ دولب مائي، ناعوره‬водно колело vodní َ kolo vandhjul das Wasserrad υδροτροχός rueda hidráulica.) σε βαθιά νερά (μτφ. tener fundamento usutav olema ‫با عقل خور‬ ‫ در آمدن‬päteä tenir debout ‫ לעמוד במבחן‬सटीक होना biti uvjerljiv megáll meyakinkan vera heldur. ķezā dalam masalah atau bahaya in grote moeilijkheden (være) på gyngende grunn/dypt vann w kabałę em apuros într-o postură neplăcută. trzymać się kupy ser convincente a fi convingător быть убедительным obstáť držati. warm water ‫في مأزق، في مشكله‬ َِ ْ ُ ِ в дълбоки води do těžké situace ud på dybt vand die Schwierigkeiten (pl. bostan dolabı 水車 водяне колесо ‫ پن چرخی‬水车 n pl or n sg waterworks a place in which water is purified and stored before distribution to an area. สามารถ พิสูจน์ได้ inandırıcı olmak 有說服力 бути переконливим ‫ قابل يقين ہونا‬có lý (论点等)站得住 脚 in(to) deep water in(to) trouble or danger I got into deep water during that argument. vara hållbar เป็ นจริง.

T-day. as well as any recommended changes to C-day. US Department of Defense 2005. time period . All rights reserved. f. "a time period of 30 years". or theater of operations and will apply to both air and surface movements. g. The unnamed day an active duty unit is notified for deployment or redeployment. Declared by the National Command Authorities. The unnamed day on which a deployment operation commences or is to commence. L-hour (amphibious operations). L-hour. H-hour (amphibious operations). The command or headquarters directly responsible for the execution of the operation. W-day is associated with an adversary decision to prepare for war (unambiguous strategic warning). and in some cases the commencement of countermine breaching operations. j. Nday. The deployment may be movement of troops. Updated in 2009.a more or less definite period of time now or previously present. M-days end at 2400 hours Universal Time (Zulu time) and are assumed to be 24 hours long for planning. S-day. Multiplied by: Five times two is ten. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. or a combination of these elements using any or all types of transport. crisis. present times - . "Picasso's blue period" contemporary world. (C-. The term used to designate the unnamed day on which full mobilization commences or is due to commence. "it was a sign of the times" period. M-day. The letter "C" will be the only one used to denote the above. e. d. the time at which the first helicopter of the helicopter-borne assault wave touches down in the landing zone. The highest command or headquarters responsible for coordinating the planning will specify the exact meaning of C-day within the aforementioned definition. combat support.000). C-day.000 personnel exclusive of the 200. The effective time of announcement by the Secretary of Defense to the Military Departments of a decision to mobilize Reserve units. W-day. cargo. c. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. m. The day the President authorizes Selective Reserve callup (not more than 200. The specific hour on C-day at which a deployment operation commences or is to commence. H-hour. The effective day coincident with Presidential declaration of national emergency and authorization of partial mobilization (not more than 1. and combat service support forces begins in an operation. Dday. For amphibious operations. Redeployment day. L-hour will be established to allow C-day to be a 24-hour day. D-. h. The unnamed day on which a particular operation commences or is to commence. weapon systems. The specific hour on D-day at which a particular operation commences. modern world. L-hour will be established per plan.000. Normally.times (t mz) prep. times . F-hour.000 callup).) The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff normally coordinates the proposed date with the commanders of the appropriate unified and specified commands. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. The day on which redeployment of major combat. l. period of time. will do so in light of the meaning specified by the highest command or headquarters coordinating the planning. R-day. if other than the one coordinating the planning. amount of time. a. or a landing zone. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. the time the first assault elements are scheduled to touch down on the beach. modern times. "hastened the period of time of his recovery". i. ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. k. In amphibious operations.

Tom and Tam love each other. Dusty will try not to break his new toy. 2. Farlex clipart collection. 4. 14. break: The employee took a break.0. dread: My dread of birds causes me problems. "in modern times like these" Roman times . pet: I have a golden lab for a pet. The detectives will track the criminal. love: My love for you grows everyday. 8. Tony will color in her coloring book. Jeff has to pack his suitcase. shape: A diamond is a shape. 20. 1. 3. post: Gary pounded the post into the dirt. crash: I had a car crash. 15. cut: Bill has a cut on his finger. Sue can smell a skunk. pack: The wolf pack killed the zebra. fight: There was a fight in the parking lot. point: The scissors have a sharp point. Farlex Inc. 18. The farmer will farm 150 acres of corn. He will fight for his life 13. 9. "four times three equals twelve" multiplication arithmetic operation . 16. Tom will try not to crash into the pole. 10. the product of two numbers is computed. Marla dreads taking tests. 11. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. "the multiplication of four by three gives twelve". It's not polite to point. He has to string beads in arithmetic operation that is the inverse of division.the circumstances and ideas of the present age.the time period during which Rome dominated Europe 2. 5. color: Green is my favorite color. farm: We bought a farm. 6. He will wish for a football. 17. Try to shape the clay into an animal. 19. The boss will fire him. Tam will cut out the pictures. dance: The middle school will have a dance. .a mathematical operation involving numbers Based on WordNet 3. I will dance the jitterbug. wish: Make a wish and blow out the candles. string: The guitar string broke. The horse will paw at the snow to find grass. Sara and Jenna like to pet dogs. 7. paw: My dog's paw is big. The teacher will post the grades. smell: Kids sweating have a smell. times . 12. fire: We will build a fire and roast marshmallows. track: The train goes on a track.

I will taste the cookies. 22. shout: Nick heard a shout for help. 32. 29. place: Can you come to my place? Tom will place the glass on the shelf. staple: We need to buy staples. The teacher will stamp the paper "A". police: The police captured the criminal. taste: The taste of the candy was sour. bomb: A bomb blew up the federal building. shop: At the bridal shop. shine: The shine of the window caused a glare. 40. I might go to the movies. 31. Tara will burn the candle. cover: Put the cover on the box. Don't bend the card. tire: We had to buy 4 new tires for the van. Staple the papers together. float: Missy made a root beer float. camp: Adam went to scout camp. 43. 36. 44. corner: The car went around the corner. 24. the girl bought a gown. 37.21. trap: My uncle set a trap to catch a raccoon. 34. 27. whisper: Larry heard the whisper of the wind. 30. spring: The spring on the mattress is sprung. please. 26. Will you please walk the dog? 33. 23. 35. Police the area for any litter. He likes to trap skunk. We camp on weekends in our camper. stamp: I bought a book of stamps. burn: Terry got a 3rd degree burn on his arm. Please don't shout inside. 38. The hunter shot the deer. Tam will crack the nuts. walk: Gary and I went for a long walk. Whisper the answer to me. 41. 42. Please cover the meat so it won't spoil. too. 28. might: He has a lot of power and might. 39. I need to shine my shoes. . bend: We went around a bend in the road. The kids tire me out. The duck can float on the water. Spring out of bed each day! 25. I will shop for clothes. crack: Open the window just a crack. We will bomb our enemies. The hyenas will corner the lion. John will trick Tim into doing his work. trick: The dog performed a trick. shot: The shot hurt.

58. paper: I bought a ream of white paper. you need to block. Please respect your elders. 54. Jenna will snap her coat. Chad will oil his bike chain. . Will you swing with me? 50. respect: Ryan has respect for his coach. map: Karrie bought a map of the USA. oil: Our car needs an oil change. thunder: I heard thunder last night. fit: I feel physically fit. The 60 year old can still fit into her wedding dress. cure: I hope they find a cure for cancer. We will paper the bathroom. 63. 68. Lets plan a party. In football. 61. dress: Katie bought a new dress. guess: My guess is 129 jellybeans. 70. Maybe it will thunder again tonight. Guess how old I am? 67. 71. pay: You will get your pay every 2 weeks. review: Lets have a review for math. cry: Mason heard the cry of the hawk. 62. store: I need you to go to the store for me. plan: Teachers make lesson plans. Station yourself on lookout duty. Set the spiker in volleyball. 57. paint: She chose was blue paint. 66.45. 47. set: The couple got a set of dishes for a gift. block: Jayden ran around the block. The vet will fence in his back lot. Bryan needs to review his work. 64. fence: They put a fence around the yard. 46. 49. Riley will cry when his mom leaves. name: What is your name? What will you name your baby? 51. Please don't touch the wet paint. talk: I heard talk of a robbery. Shane will pay his bills. touch: Hugs are a good touch. station: The kids toured the fire station. Can you cure my hiccups? 65. shell: Katie found a shell at the beach. brush: I bought a hair brush. swing: Susie put a swing in her back yard. snack: Mom made me a snack after school. 60. Tina will dress her doll in a bathing suit. Lets shell the peas. Can we talk some time? 48. Matt will list the items here. Don't snack before supper. snap: My jeans have a snap on them. 52. Now we can map out our trip. 53. 72. 69. Now she will paint her house. You should brush your teeth every day. I will store my toys in the box. list: Make a list of things you need at the store. 56. 55. 59.

skate: Katie got new ice skates. picture: I bought a picture for my house.drill: Gary used a drill to make the hole. hope: Our hope is that you will get well. Riley can spell his name. 74. stop: There is a stop sign. 95. pin: Does anyone have a safety pin? I will pin up the hem on your jeans. Chad will soil his shirt digging in the dirt. 76. lounge: Look in the teacher's lounge. 91. Wipe that grin off your face. The policeman will stop the car for speeding. 90. 81. shovel: Gary bought a new shovel. we had 72" of snow. hold: Grab a hold of the line. raise: The employee would like a raise. in 1993. Adam shovels snow for the neighbors. jerk: He is a real jerk. 86. 78. 99. Can we lounge around today? 94. On Memorial Day we raise the flag. Adam hopes he will get a pickup. crown: The queen is wearing her crown. 84. 100. pump: My grandma had a water pump. spy: Larry hired a spy to solve the murder of his wife. spell: The witch will cast a spell on you. The army will attack the enemy. grin: The model has a nice grin. Mark where you are in your book. hit: The boxer took a hit to the face. 80. rub: I need a back rub. I spy a butterfly. Try to rub the spot of the carpet.73. 83. Jerry tried to fool his teacher. Picture a rainbow in your mind. That house got hit by a tornado. Go and wash the van. 79. snow: Last winter. in Madison. wash: I did 3 loads of wash. Sometimes I dream about you. The king will crown his son. 98. The 2nd baseman will field the ball. 75. 97. She will skate for 2 hours this Saturday. 82. 89. 93. 85. 87. 88. The mother will hold her baby to nurse. soil: The farm has fertile soil. please. dream: Last night I had a dream. It will snow again this week. She had to pump water daily. The fish will jerk your line. 77. Can you drill a hole in this board? . fool: What a fool he is for smoking. 96. field: The farmer planted his field. flood: There was a flood. 92. attack: William had a heart attack. Board up the windows for the hurricane. board: The man sawed a board. mark: You made a mark on the wall. Every spring it floods.

120. People mistake me for Do you need any help? Katie will help you with math.notice: Put the notice on the bulletin board.blossom: The blossom is a pretty pink. Matt will whistle when he is ready. 127.beach: Let's go to the beach. 113. Gary will bowl tonight.mistake: Everyone makes mistakes.crowd: There was a crowd at the mall.roll: Please pass the rolls. 118. Chain Kassie up to the tree. fish. Try not to crowd in line. . The whale will beach himself on the beach.scare: I had a scare when I fell.master: Slaves worked for their master. 114. Signal when you are going to turn. 111. 106. 109. 123.patch: Mary put a patch on her shirt.drug: Don't take drugs. 108. Bill caught a 10 lb.share: This is your share of the candy. 117. Try to hammer the nail in the wood. 125.chain: Put the chain around the tree. Kristen will share her clothes.signal: Stop at the signal.roast: Tam made a roast for supper. Guard your valuables on a trip. 124. 105.junk: Katie likes to collect junk. 112.101. 102. 110. 116. The flower will blossom soon. Katie will salt it for him. Tom will roast the turkey in the oven. I will junk this old bike. 107. Mason will master his numbers. Ann will patch her jeans. Smoking harms your lungs. Don't joke about someone's health. He likes to fish for walleyes.whistle: The referee blew his whistle. 122. The doctor will drug his patient before surgery.hammer: Tom bought a new hammer.guard: The guard policed the prison. 115. The nurse will doctor your injury. The storm will scare Bill.wiggle: That girl has a wiggle when she walks. I notice you have a new dress. 121. Please report to the principal's office.bowl: Put the ingredients in the bowl.harm: The tornado did a lot of harm.joke: The comedian told a joke. 103. Don't wiggle in your chair. I will trade football cards with you. Kristen went to the doctor. 126. Jayden can roll over Painting is a trade. 104.salt: Adam likes salt on his I wrote a report on AIDS.

139.grave: I visited my grandma's grave. 147.mission: It was the army's mission to capture the terrorists. I bought a new tennis racket. It is 70 degrees outside. The kidnapper bound the child with rope. point n.129.peddling: I am peddling my bike.court: The judge wanted order in his court. 141. The display of hand painted eggs was in the art gallery.lasso: The cowboy used his lasso when herding the cattle. I will go. 142. I diet by eating fruits and I drew a 80 degree angle. The peddler was peddling his wares. 136. 146. The monk slept at the mission. Parents want to trust their children. 143. I had a minor accident. 134. I have to digest this information for my science test.light: Turn on the light. 132. 131. 133. He disguises himself by wearing a mask.digest: My stomach will digest the meal I ate. I earned my college degree.course: I took a course on Spanish.bound: I am bound for California.minor: Kids under 18 are considered minors.quarters: A football game has 4 quarters. I went to the golf course. 137. I went through the obstacle course. We put money in the trust I need to go on a diet. I cut the apple into quarters. The dog food was recalled due to rat poison.disguises: The children wore their disguises to the costume party. The team played basketball on the court. The man was in grave condition after the accident. (point) .racket: There was a loud racket out in the hallway. Cowboys lasso the baby calves for branding. a man would court a woman. The soldier's sleeping quarters were crowded.recall: I recall the time we had a slumber party. 145. 138. In the olden days.nursery: I took my child to the nursery at church. I bought a tree at the nursery. 135. This candle will light our way. Of course. 144. 130.display: I will display the clothes in the window. There are 4 quarters in a dollar.

1. A sharp or tapered end: the point of a knife; the point of the antenna. 2. An object having a sharp or tapered end: a stone projectile point. 3. A tapering extension of land projecting into water; a peninsula, cape, or promontory. 4. A mark formed by or as if by a sharp end. 5. A mark or dot used in printing or writing for punctuation, especially a period. 6. A decimal point. 7. Linguistics A vowel point. 8. One of the protruding marks used in certain methods of writing and printing for the blind. 9. Mathematics a. A dimensionless geometric object having no properties except location. b. An element in a geometrically described set. 10. a. A place or locality considered with regard to its position: connections to Chicago and points west. b. A narrowly particularized and localized position or place; a spot: The troops halted at a point roughly 1,000 yards from the river. 11. A specified degree, condition, or limit, as in a scale or course: the melting point of a substance. 12. a. Any of the 32 equal divisions marked at the circumference of a mariner's compass card that indicate direction. b. The interval of 11°15 between any two adjacent markings. 13. a. A distinct condition or degree: finally reached the point of exhaustion. b. The interval of time immediately before a given occurrence; the verge: on the point of resignation; at the point of death. 14. A specific moment in time: At this point, we are ready to proceed. 15. An objective or purpose to be reached or achieved, or one that is worth reaching or achieving: What is the point of discussing this issue further? 16. The major idea or essential part of a concept or narrative: You have missed the whole point of the novel. 17. A significant, outstanding, or effective idea, argument, or suggestion: Your point is well taken. 18. A separate, distinguishing item or element; a detail: Diplomacy is certainly not one of his strong points. Your weak point is your constant need for approval. 19. A quality or characteristic that is important or distinctive, especially a standard characteristic used to judge an animal. 20. A single unit, as in counting, rating, or measuring. 21. a. A unit of academic credit usually equal to one hour of class work per week during one semester. b. A numerical unit of academic achievement equal to a letter grade. 22. Sports & Games A unit of scoring or counting. 23. a. A unit equal to one dollar, used to quote or state variations in the current prices of stocks or commodities. b. A unit equal to one percent, used to quote or state interest rates or shares in gross profits. 24. One percent of the total principal of a loan, paid up front to the lender and considered separately from the interest. 25. Music A phrase, such as a fugue subject, in contrapuntal music.

26. Printing A unit of type size equal to 0.01384 inch, or approximately 1/72 of an inch. 27. A jeweler's unit of weight equal to 2 milligrams or 0.01 carat. 28. a. The act or an instance of pointing. b. The stiff and attentive stance taken by a hunting dog. 29. a. Needlepoint. b. See bobbin lace. 30. a. A reconnaissance or patrol unit that moves ahead of an advance party or guard, or that follows a rear guard. b. The position occupied by such a unit or guard: A team of Rangers were walking point at the outset of the operation. 31. Sports Either of two positions in ice hockey just inside the offensive zone near the boards, usually assumed by defenders attempting to keep the puck in the offensive zone. 32. Basketball A position in the forecourt beyond the top of the key, usually taken by the point guard. 33. a. An electrical contact, especially one in the distributor of an automobile engine. b. Chiefly British An electrical socket or outlet. 34. points The extremities of an animal, such as a horse or dog. 35. a. A movable rail, tapered at the end, such as that used in a railroad switch. b. The vertex of the angle created by the intersection of rails in a frog or switch. 36. A ribbon or cord with a metal tag at the end, used to fasten clothing in the 16th and 17th centuries. v. point·ed, point·ing, points 1. To direct or aim: point a weapon. See Synonyms at aim. 2. To bring (something) to notice: pointed out an error in their reasoning. 3. To indicate the position or direction of: pointed out the oldest buildings on the skyline. 4. To sharpen (a pencil, for example); provide with a point. 5. To separate with decimal points: pointing off the hundredths place in a column of figures. 6. To mark (text) with points; punctuate. 7. Linguistics To mark (a consonant) with a vowel point. 8. To give emphasis to; stress: comments that simply point up flawed reasoning. 9. To indicate the presence and position of (game) by standing immobile and directing the muzzle toward it. Used of a hunting dog. 10. To fill and finish the joints of (masonry) with cement or mortar. v.intr. 1. To direct attention or indicate position with or as if with the finger. 2. To turn the mind or thought in a particular direction or to a particular conclusion: All indications point to an early spring. 3. To be turned or faced in a given direction; aim. 4. To indicate the presence and position of game. Used of a hunting dog. 5. Nautical To sail close to the wind. Idioms: beside the point

Irrelevant to the matter at hand. in point Having relevance or pertinence. in point of With reference to; in the matter of: In point of fact, I never lived at the address stated on the form. make a point of To consider or treat (an action or activity) as indispensable: made a point of visiting their niece on the way home. stretch a point To make an exception. to the point Concerning or with relevance to the matter at hand: remarks that were to the point; rambled and would not speak to the point. [Middle English, partly from Old French point, prick, mark, moment (from Vulgar Latin

from Latin p nctum, from neuter past participle of pungere, to prick) and partly from

Old French pointe, sharp end (from Vulgar Latin *puncta, from Latin p ncta, from feminine past participle of pungere, to prick; see peuk- in Indo-European roots).]
148.The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright 149. 150.point [pɔɪnt]

©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

151.n 152.1. a dot or tiny mark 153.2. a location, spot, or position 154.3. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) any dot or mark used in writing or printing, such as a decimal point or a full stop 155.4. (Linguistics / Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) short for vowel point 156.5. the sharp tapered end of a pin, knife, etc. 157.6. (Engineering / Tools) a pin, needle, or other object having such a point 158.7. (Mathematics) Maths 159.a. a geometric element having no dimensions and whose position in space is located by means of its coordinates 160.b. a location point of inflection 161.8. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) a promontory, usually smaller than a cape 162.9. a specific condition or degree 163.10. a moment at that point he left the room 164.11. an important or fundamental reason, aim, etc. the point of this exercise is to train new teachers 165.12. an essential element or thesis in an argument you've made your point I take your point 166.13. a suggestion or tip 167.14. a detail or item

168.15. an important or outstanding characteristic, physical attribute, etc. he has his good

169.16. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) a distinctive characteristic or

quality of an animal, esp one used as a standard in judging livestock
170.17. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) (often plural) any of the

extremities, such as the tail, ears, or feet, of a domestic animal
171.18. (Performing Arts / Ballet) Ballet (often plural) the tip of the toes 172.19. (General Sporting Terms) a single unit for measuring or counting, as in the scoring

of a game
173.20. (Team Sports / Australian Rules Football) Australian Rules football an informal

name for behind [11] 174.21. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Printing a unit of measurement equal to one twelfth of a pica, or approximately 0.01384 inch. There are approximately 72 points to the inch 175.22. (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) Finance 176.a. a unit of value used to quote security and commodity prices and their fluctuations 177.b. a percentage unit sometimes payable by a borrower as a premium on a loan 178.23. (Mathematics & Measurements / Navigation) Navigation 179.a. one of the 32 marks on the circumference of a compass card indicating direction 180.b. the angle of 11°15′ between two adjacent marks 181.c. a point on the horizon indicated by such a mark 182.24. (Team Sports / Cricket) Cricket 183.a. a fielding position at right angles to the batsman on the off side and relatively near the pitch 184.b. a fielder in this position 185.25. (Group Games / Gambling, except Cards) any of the numbers cast in the first throw in craps with which one neither wins nor loses by throwing them: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 186.26. (Engineering / Automotive Engineering) either of the two electrical contacts that make or break the current flow in the distributor of an internal-combustion engine 187.27. (Transport / Railways) Brit (often plural) a junction of railway tracks in which a pair of rails can be moved so that a train can be directed onto either of two lines US and Canadian equivalent switch 188.28. (Historical Terms) (often plural) a piece of ribbon, cord, etc., with metal tags at the end: used during the 16th and 17th centuries to fasten clothing 189.29. (Group Games / Games, other than specified) Backgammon a place or position on the board 190.30. (Engineering / Electrical Engineering) Brit 191.a. short for power point 192.b. an informal name for socket [2] 193.31. (Military) an aggressive position adopted in bayonet or sword drill 194.32. (Military) Military the position at the head of a body of troops, or a person in this position 195.33. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Hunting) the position of the body of a pointer or setter when it discovers game 196.34. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Boxing) Boxing a mark awarded for a scoring blow, knockdown, etc. 197.35. (Linguistics) any diacritic used in a writing system, esp in a phonetic transcription, to indicate modifications of vowels or consonants

198.36. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Jewellery) Jewellery a unit of weight equal to

0.01 carat
199.37. the act of pointing 200.38. (Team Sports / Hockey (Field & Ice)) Ice hockey the position just inside the

opponents' blue line 201.beside the point not pertinent; irrelevant in point a specific, appropriate, or relevant instance or example point of in the matter of; regarding 204.make a point of 205.a. to make (something) one's regular habit 206.b. to do (something) because one thinks it important 207.not to put too fine a point on it to speak plainly and bluntly 208.on (or at) the point of at the moment immediately before a specified condition, action, etc., is expected to begin on the point of leaving the room 209.score points off to gain an advantage at someone else's expense 210.stretch a point 211.a. to make a concession or exception not usually made 212.b. to exaggerate the point pertinent; relevant 214.up to a point not completely 215.vb 216.1. (usually foll by at or to) to indicate the location or direction of by or as by extending (a finger or other pointed object) towards it he pointed to the front door don't point that gun at me 217.2. (intr; usually foll by at or to) to indicate or identify a specific person or thing among several he pointed at the bottle he wanted all evidence pointed to Donald as the murderer 218.3. (tr) to direct or cause to go or face in a specific direction or towards a place or goal point me in the right direction 219.4. (tr) to sharpen or taper 220.5. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Hunting) (intr) (of gun dogs) to indicate the place where game is lying by standing rigidly with the muzzle turned in its direction 221.6. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Building) (tr) to finish or repair the joints of (brickwork, masonry, etc.) with mortar or cement 222.7. (Music, other) (tr) Music to mark (a psalm text) with vertical lines to indicate the points at which the music changes during chanting 223.8. (Transport / Nautical Terms) to steer (a sailing vessel) close to the wind or (of a sailing vessel) to sail close to the wind 224.9. (Linguistics) (tr) Phonetics to provide (a letter or letters) with diacritics 225.10. (Linguistics) (tr) to provide (a Hebrew or similar text) with vowel points See also point off, point out, point up 226.[from Old French: spot, from Latin punctum a point, from pungere to pierce; also influenced by Old French pointe pointed end, from Latin pungere] 227.Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003



"the bridge is always a chokepoint at rush hour" corner .) intersect focus .a point or extent in space punctum . intersection point. point . centre. "the Italian beginning of the Renaissance". attractor . element.a point where lines intersect component. umbilicus . "the corners of a rectangle" crossing .A geometric object having no dimensions and no property other than its location. "two constituents of a musical composition are melody and harmony". "they argued whether or not Adam had a navel". point . abstract part of something.the point at which a line intersects a coordinate axis 2. "Jupiter was the origin of the radiation".a point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure crinion.a point one third of the way along a line drawn from the hip to the umbilicus.the point where the optic nerve enters the retina. factor. blind spot . "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street" location .the point of detonation (or above or below) of a nuclear weapon hot spot. The intersection of two lines is a point.ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. "communism's Russian root" celestial point .(physics) a point in the ideal multidimensional phase space that is used to describe a system toward which the system tends to evolve regardless of the starting conditions of the system intersection. a spatially limited location. geographical point .(physics) the point of minimum displacement in a periodic system antinode . "a key factor in her success". trichion . ingredient. bellybutton. "Pittsburgh is the source of the Ohio River". 230.(physics) the point of maximum displacement in a periodic system origin. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.The American Heritage® Science Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company. where it springs into being. 229. beginning .a point of congestion or blockage. All rights reserved.a point where two lines (paths or arcs etc. the point of maximum sensitivity in acute appendicitis node . optic disk.point where the hairline meets the midpoint of the forehead chokepoint .the precise location of something. center .a point on the surface of the Earth ground zero . "you were not supposed to show your navel on television".the point where two lines meet or intersect. "a point is defined by its coordinates" attracter. not sensitive to light belly button. omphalos. "humor: an effective ingredient of a speech" intercept . hotspot .a point of relatively intense heat or radiation . root.a fixed reference point on the concave side of a conic section geographic point. "the grammatical elements of a sentence". source. navel. "she had a tattoo just above her bellybutton" McBurney's point .the place where something begins. constituent . point of intersection .a geometric element that has position but no extension. omphalus.a point in the heavens (on the celestial sphere) midpoint.a scar where the umbilical cord was attached. "jealousy was a component of his character".(anatomy) a point or small area optic disc.

the point where three areas or surfaces meet or intersect.some point in the air. "a point of information" detail. "he explored every nook and cranny of science" regard.the way something is with respect to its main attributes. focus . nooks and crannies . point . "the planes collided in midair" abutment .a point or principle on which scattered or opposing groups can come together talking point . respect .a point occupied by troops for tactical reasons corner . focus . position . point . "the current state of .the most important point rallying point . topographic point . significance . "the focus of infection" 3.a point of convergence of light (or other radiation) or a point from which it diverges hilum . "the significance of a red traffic light". stage. crux .an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole. "he put the lamp back in its place" position . focal point. "the signification of Chinese characters". "it differs in that respect" sticking point . "he had memorized the many minutiae of the legal code" nook and cranny. point . "he missed the point of the joke".a central point or locus of an infection in an organism. above ground level. spot.something remote.a small or minor detail. level state . "life has lost its point" meaning.the scar on certain seeds marking its point of attachment to the funicle nidus.a detail that is considered insignificant especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion 4. item fact . "several of the details are similar".the particular portion of space occupied by something. place . "at what stage are the social sciences?" degree.a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process.a brief version of the essential meaning of something. "a bright spot on a planet" vanishing point . signification. import.a point at which an impasse arises in progress toward an agreement or a goal technicality. triviality . "what is the meaning of this sentence".point of contact between two objects or parts position. "get to the point". "a remarkable degree of frankness". "the import of his announcement was ambiguous" bottom line .(usually preceded by `in') a detail or point.the appropriate or customary location.midair .the decisive point crux of the matter.the message that is intended or expressed or signified.a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred.the point beyond which something disappears or ceases to exist focal point. trifle. "this is a nice place for a picnic". "the corners of a cube" place. "the cars were in position" pressure point .a point located with respect to surface features of some region. "first you must collect all the facts of the case" minutia .any of several points on the body where the pulse can be felt and where pressure on an underlying artery will control bleeding from that artery at a more distal point military position.

.ascending stages by which somebody or something can progress.time between the beginning and the end of a temporal period. amount .the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent. top . "the peak of perfection". second . "she knew from the get-go that he was the man for her" middle .the highest level or degree attainable. time of departure .the middle of the gestation period moment. "they got an early start". tiptop.the time at which a (software or multimedia) program is run commencement. "at the top of his profession" extent .the state or degree of being ultimate. kickoff.a remote point in time. "so many highest superlatives achieved by man".the stage of pregnancy at which the mother first feels the movements of the fetus climax . "to a certain extent she was right" resultant. superlative. term . ultimateness . summit. the final or most extreme in degree or size or time or distance.a level of existence or development. "summer was at its peak". "the extent of the damage". "they hoped to get together at an early date" deadline . "he climbed the career ladder" acme. standard of living . date .how much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify distance . starting time. peak. "the lower the standard of living the easier it is to introduce an autocratic production system" plane . outset.a particular point in time. beginning.the point or degree to which something extends. minute. the highest stage of development.the most severe stage of a disease 6. "at that point I had to leave" point in time quantity. "in a weak financial state" ladder . get-go. "his state of health". measure. ".a level of material comfort in terms of goods and services available to someone or some group.middle of an academic term or a political term in office full term.knowledge". "he lived on a worldly plane" state of the art . "the artist's gifts are at their acme". "the summit of his ambition". instant. height. offset. pinnacle.. time of arrival . showtime.the highest degree of development of an art or technique at a particular time.the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to depart from a given point of origin midterm .the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to arrive at a given destination departure time. "the full extent of the law". "his landscapes were deemed the acme of beauty". "the state of the art in space travel" ultimacy. start. "at the height of her career". first .an instant of time.the time at which something is supposed to begin. point .catapulted Einstein to the pinnacle of fame". "the moment he arrived the party began" run-time . "the middle of . "the ultimacy of these social values" quickening . "if that happens it will be at some distance in the future".the point in time at which something must be completed arrival time. "they enjoyed the highest standard of living in the country".the final point in a process standard of life. end point .a particular but unspecified point in time. "at a distance of ten years he had forgotten many of the details" particular date. "a healthy baby born at full term" midterm . elevation. meridian.

cone .(tennis) the final point needed to win a set in tennis match point .the tip of an abscess (where the pus accumulates) 9.the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable).(tennis) first point scored after deuce set point . saucer. point .(tennis) the final point needed to win a match (especially in tennis) 11.a promontory extending out into a large body of water. "we will arrive before then".the war".any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange. ending . used by mountain climbers arrowhead . peak alpenstock . "the end of the year".the point in time at which something ends. "draw lines between the dots" dot disk. "rain during the middle of April" end. target .a particular point in the time of a cycle. "the score was 7 to 0" advantage . aim. object.a shape that curves or bulges outward cone shape. point after. disc .a stout staff with a metal point. "he scored 20 points in the first half".the object of an activity.a weapon with a handle and blade with a sharp point pencil .small elevation on the grinding surface of a tooth convex shape. "they sailed south .a very small circular shape.a thin cylindrical pointed writing implement.something with a round shape resembling a flat circular plate. point .a number that expresses the accomplishment of a team or an individual in a game or contest. "we were friends from then on" 7.a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard widow's peak . "a touchdown counts 6 points" extra point. point . "change per unit volume" score . "a row of points". "a unit of wheat is a bushel". "what is the point of discussing it?" objective.a V-shaped point in the hairline in the middle of the forehead cusp . point after touchdown . point .that time.) is scheduled to begin then . a rod of marking substance encased in wood sword. "the dollar is the United States unit of currency". unit of measurement . "the cannibal's teeth were filed to sharp points" tip. "the sole object of her trip was to see her children" 8. that moment.the unit of counting in scoring a game or American football a point awarded for a successful place kick following a touchdown unit. blade.a V shape. "the moon's disk hung in a cloudless sky" 10. steel. "the ending of warranty period" phase angle. brand . point . conoid. convexity . measured from some arbitrary zero and expressed as an angle show time . phase .the pointed head or striking tip of an arrow knife .a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point head .the point in time at which an entertainment (a movie or television show etc.

point formed by two intersecting arcs (as from the intrados of a Gothic arch) diamond point .sharp end. point . "his acting was one of the high points of the movie" spot characteristic . "in the second place". point . "moved from third to fifth position" component part.the relation of something to the matter at hand 14. "he stuck the point of the knife into a tree". "he wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself".a very hard small point made from a diamond ice item listed in an inventory line item . has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle needle .a small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things . listing .a style in speech or writing that arrests attention and has a penetrating or convincing quality or effect item on a list or in a sequence. "the animal constituent of plankton" 13.the pointed part of barbed wire cusp .an item in a newspaper position.a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics) agenda item . "he broke the point of his pencil" arrowhead .an item that is incidental inventory item . "he noticed an item in the New York Times". constituent . point .an outstanding characteristic.a natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea) 12.pick consisting of a steel rod with a sharp point.something determined in relation to something that includes it. promontory. head . "she had several items on her shopping list".a sharp pointed implement (usually steel) nib. portion. headland.edge tool used as a cutting instrument.a subsidiary point facing opposite from the main point that makes an arrowhead or spear hard to remove barb .the writing point of a pen pencil .a sharp point (as on the end of a spear) pin . used for breaking up blocks of ice knife . point .a thin cylindrical pointed writing implement.a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes barb . "the main point on the agenda was taken up first" item list.the pointed head or striking tip of an arrow awl .one of the items to be considered incidental .a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list. component. relevancy . part. "the smaller component is hard to reach". place . pen nib .a distinguishing quality 15. a rod of marking substance encased in wood pike .around the point" item in an appropriation bill. icepick . "Some governors can veto line items in their state budgets" news item . "I read a portion of the manuscript".

one of the four main compass points NbE. northeast by east . SWbS .the compass point that is one point east of northeast east northeast. point . EbS . WSW .the compass point midway between northeast and east east by north. ESE . SE . "golfers' spikes damage the putting greens" end. SSW .the compass point that is midway between north and northeast NEbN.the compass point that is one point east of due south SbW. south by west . northwest . north northeast .any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass. at 135 degrees SEbS.the compass point that is one point north of northeast nor'-east. northeastward. west by north .the spatial relation between something and the course along which it points or moves. "they rode to the end of the line".the compass point midway between north and east. SWbW . nor'-nor'-east. NW. NWbN .the compass point midway between west and northwest northwest by west. southeast by east .the compass point midway between west and southwest WbS. south by east . west by south . "she knotted the end of the thread". at 315 degrees northwest by north.either extremity of something that has length. spearpoint. NWbW .the compass point that is one point south of due west WbN. southwest. "the second baseman sharpened his spikes before every game".each of the sharp points on the soles of athletic shoes to prevent slipping (or the shoes themselves). north by east . south southwest. southeastward.the compass point that is one point south of due east east southeast.the compass point that is one point west of due south sou'-sou'-west.the compass point that is one point west of northwest nor'-west. northwestward.the compass point midway between south and southeast SbE. at 225 degrees southwest by west.the compass point that is one point east (clockwise) of due north NNE. NE . "he checked the direction and velocity of the wind" cardinal compass point . SSE . northeast by north .the compass point midway between east and southeast SEbE.the sharp point of a pin spear-point.the compass point that is one point north of due west west northwest. southeast by south . "the terminals of the anterior arches of the fornix" 16. ENE .the compass point that is one point north of due east east by south. at 45 degrees NEbE. south southeast. EbN . SW . "he checked the point on his compass" compass point direction .the compass point midway between south and west.the compass point that is one point south of southeast sou'-sou'-east. spearhead .pinpoint .the compass point midway between south and east. "the end of the pier".the compass point that is one point west of southwest west southwest.the compass point midway between north and west. southeast.the compass point that is one point south of southwest sou'-west.the compass point that is one point east of southeast sou'-east. southwestward. WNW . terminal . northeast.the compass point midway between south and southwest southwest by south.the compass point that is one point north of northwest .the head and sharpened point of a spear spike .

UK. point . point . point ..the compass point that is midway between north and northwest NbW.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations. em.the compass point that is one point west of due north 17.the property possessed by a shape that narrows toward a point (as a wedge or cone) 23. electrical outlet. "in England they call a period a stop" full point.a linear unit (1/6 inch) used in printing 18. approximately 1/72 inch linear measure. linear unit .a V-shaped mark at one end of an arrow pointer. full stop.the dot at the left of a decimal fraction decimal point. pointer . period. "the point of the arrow was due north" head mark . outlet receptacle providing a place in a wiring system where current can be taken to run electrical devices Britain. United Kingdom. "he held me up at the point of a gun" gunpoint gun muzzle. nor'-nor'-west.the gun muzzle's direction.a mark to indicate a direction or relation 21. muzzle .the marks used to clarify meaning by indicating separation of words into sentences and clauses and phrases suspension point . point . point . point . north by west . stop punctuation mark.a distinguishing or individuating percent of the total principal of a loan.the temporary provision of money (usually at interest) 19.K. electric receptacle. punctuation .a characteristic of something that is up for sale that makes it attractive to potential customers 24.a wall socket power point electric outlet.a written or printed symbol (as for punctuation). wall socket.a distinguishing quality selling point . it is paid at the time the loan is made and is independent of the interest on the loan loan . Great Britain. U. point . point . "his answer was just a punctuation mark" arrow.NNW.(usually plural) one of a series of points indicating that something has been omitted or that the sentence is incomplete 20.a notation used by mathematicians 22. "he knows my bad points as well as my good points" characteristic .the property of a shape that tapers to a sharp tip pointedness taper .a punctuation mark (. wall plug. north northwest . percentage point mathematical notation . pica .the open circular discharging end of a gun 25.a linear unit used to measure the size of type. United Kingdom of Great Britain .a unit of measurement of length pica em. point .

direct dock . "the dog pointed the dead duck" finger . "he indicated his opponents" indicate. channelize. or thing.(electronics) a junction where things (as two electrical conductors) touch or are in physical contact.manifest or bring back.steer away from shore. or event to. "Is anyone volunteering to navigate during the trip?". steer. "Take a swipe at one's opponent" point . "He pointed to the empty parking space". show inform . take aim.and Northern Ireland . point . pilot . "He trained his gun on the burglar". `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom 26. "He navigated his way to the altar" stand out . "the dancers toes pointed outward" orient lie .a contact in the distributor. "Don't train your camera on the women". point . "The car pulled over when the ambulance approached at high speed" helm .direct carefully and safely. guide.impart knowledge of some fact. state or (an aircraft) into a crosswind navigate . manoeuvre. either spatially or figuratively. point . signalise. point out.indicate the fingering for the playing of musical scores for keyboard instruments call attention. signalize . "I informed him of his rights" point .direct the course. determine the direction of travelling positionable in a specified manner. "The weather vane points North". weapons. as the rotor turns its projecting arm contacts them and current flows to the spark plugs breaker point. divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland. or vessel and plan. "I showed the customer the glove section". "Who was navigating the ship during the accident?" . take . of helms or rudders conn . of ships starboard . charge aim. "This action reflects his true beliefs" 2. "point a gun". person. "dock the ships" sheer .act as the navigator in a car. manoeuver. head. distributor point tangency. "He charged his weapon at me" level.indicate the presence of (game) by standing and pointing with the muzzle. "She sheered her car around the obstacle" pull over .be at or take the helm of. distributor . plot the path and position of the conveyance. maneuver.indicate a place.turn to the right. "helm the ship" crab .cause to sheer. point .point or cause to go (blows. contact .steer a vehicle to the side of the road.maneuver into a dock. direct. direction. distributer. "Please don't aim at your little brother!". into a position for use.electrical device that distributes voltage to the spark plugs of a gasoline engine in the order of the firing sequence Verb 1.point out carefully and clearly reflect . "they forget to solder the contacts" electrical distributor. oriented.conduct or direct the steering of a ship or plane navigate. point . "The gun points with ease" 4. occupy a certain position 3. or objects such as photographic equipment) towards. direct.a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British located or situated somewhere. plane.

"Command the military forces" 5. "He pointed to the empty parking space".point or cause to go (blows.indicate the presence of (game) by standing and pointing with the muzzle. prefigure. auspicate. "The economic indicators signal that the euro is undervalued" bespeak. range in. foreshadow.sail close to the wind luff navigation. designate. point . "the dog pointed the dead duck" point. point .direct a question at someone aim. point .force a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape park . "point the letter" mark.mark (a psalm text) to indicate the points at which the music changes mark. point . charge . forecast. betoken. tag. "Don't train your camera on the women".attach a tag or label to. aim. presage. omen. "the ship sails on" onto a point or target. especially by automatic navigational aids 12. zero in .maneuver a vehicle into a parking space. "Tell them that you will be late" 6. "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face". point . tag. "he indicated his opponents" . "John is rich". betoken. either spatially or figuratively. indicate. label . piloting . especially on the open sea".have the quality of being. "Park the car in front of the library". bode. foretell . show .designate as if by a mark. or thing.attach a tag or label to. weapons.mark (Hebrew words) with diacritics mark. take aim. point . "He trained his gun on the burglar". positionable in a specified manner. pilotage.mark with diacritics. indicate. (copula. point . "Take a swipe at one's opponent" home on water propelled by wind. channel . "This is not a good answer" 11. prognosticate.let something be known. into a position for use. direction. "The gun points with ease" point. "label these bottles" 10. predict. corner . "This sign marks the border" tell .indicate by signs. used with an adjective or a predicate noun).intend (something) to move towards a certain goal. "Her behavior points to a severe neurosis". "I showed the customer the glove section".be a signal for or a symptom of. "direct your anger towards others. label . label .direct the flow of. "control the budget".canalise. not towards yourself" target.indicate a place. tag. "I love sailing. person. "Please don't aim at your little brother!". "He charged his weapon at me" be . signal augur. "These symptoms indicate a serious illness". take . or objects such as photographic equipment) towards. "channel information towards a broad audience" tree. place address .exercise authoritative control or power over.the guidance of ships or airplanes from place to place sail .attach a tag or label to. command . "label these bottles" 8. train. "criticism directed at her superior". direct. direct. canalize. "label these bottles" 9. "point a gun". "These signs bode bad news" mark . point . "Can you park right here?" control.

10. change shape. sharpen change form. intent. 233. inappropriate. goal. crux. really. very minute At this point. drift. ness (archaic). instant. make (something) come to a point 14.make sharp or acute. peripheral. "The candles are tapered" taper.verb 246. position. not germane. face.8. score. point .Based on WordNet 3. incidental. time. detail. nicety The most interesting point about the village is its religion.noun 235. promontory. phase.4. nub. sharp end. prong the point of a knife 242. spur. moment in time. without connection. motive. feature. locality. bushel. inconsequential.restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken. spot.1. about to. headland. item. utility. meaning.6. topic. mark. mend. gesture towards They asked for directions and I pointed the way. spike. 238. "She repaired her TV set". instance. juncture. inconsequent. reason. bill. core. locale The town square is a popular meeting point for tourists. but that was beside the point. stage. ready to. particular. 251. object. characteristic. foreland a long point of land reaching southwards into the sea 244. 239. purpose.beside the point irrelevant. actually. spot.3. tip. in truth. deform . furbish up. truly.on the point of something on the verge of.3. pointless. taper. "point a chimney" repoint fix. side. design. 243. not pertinent. top. main idea. aim. location. pith You have missed the main point of my argument. gist. 248. train. site. inapplicable. objective. doctor. stage. level. aspect. intention. matter.give a point to. inapposite. condition. respect. in reality. 247. 249. direct He controlled the car until it was pointing forwards again. usefulness What's the point of all these questions? 237. 240. head. not to the point. 241. speck a point of light in an otherwise dark world 245.2. level. end. just about to.1. point of fact in fact. text. tally. quality. end.5. heart. fleck. nib. aim. look.13. immaterial. dot. moment. repair. indicate. question. property.9. import. off the subject. neither here nor there. in actual fact In point of fact. degree. place. period. touch on. pitch. marrow. 236. area. extent It got to the point where he had to the joints of bricks. proposition. all set to He was on the point of speaking when the phone rang. theme. to tell the truth. pinpoint. trait. signal. facet. not to the purpose Brian didn't like it.7. 232. unimportant. extraneous. thrust. point to. subject. as a matter of fact.0.assume a different shape or form acuminate . tine. restore . position. Farlex clipart collection. burden. essence. 250. attribute. nothing to do with it. Diana arrived.point 234. just going to. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. cape. "Repair my shoes please" 231.2. apex. nobody really knows what happened. station. Farlex Inc. circumstance. use. mark Sort the answers out and add up the points. show. peculiarity. point . direct A man pointed a gun at them and pulled the trigger. . on the brink of.

pointed. indicate. touch on. 281. highlight. specify. underscore. to a certain degree The plan worked. specify.point to something 261. accentuate. germane The description he gave was brief and to the point. indicate. approach. attitude. 273. standpoint. mention. gesture towards I pointed at the boy sitting nearest me. belief.Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. pertinent. judgment. indicate. finger (informal. point to.2. mention.Bulgarian / Български 274.Arabic / ‫العربية‬ 272. evidence. view. call attention to Gooch pointed to their bowling as the key to their success. call attention to. somewhat. focus attention on.1. the point relevant. be evidence of.Translations 268. 279. apposite. up to a point. position. material. bring to the fore.252. brief. angle. denote. 275.Select a language: 269. stance. viewpoint. terse. accent. way of thinking.point at or to something or someone indicate.2. single out. in part.Afrikaans / Afrikaans 270.1. 260. identify. slant.Croatian / Hrvatski 280. perspective. opinion. outlook.point something or someone out 257. pithy. frame of reference Try to look at it from my point of view. short. spotlight. orientation. play up. sentiment. bespeak (literary) All the evidence pointed to his guilt. 255. put emphasis on Politicians pointed up the differences between the two countries. 271. apt.Chinese Traditional / 中文繁體 278. identify. to a certain extent. show. 264. stand. chiefly U. fitting.2. way of looking at it His point of view is that money isn't everything. 2002 267.point something up emphasize. related. applicable. 263. draw or call attention to She pointed him out to me as we drove past. 277. draw or call attention to We all too easily point out other people's failings.Czech / Česky 282.Related words fear aichurophobia 266. specify. signal. stress. apropos. 265. turn the spotlight on. underline. reveal. single out. reveal. make clear. 283. viewpoint. 262. 258. feeling. to some extent. appropriate.S. show. partially. 256. draw attention to.1.point of view 254. refer to. suitable. allude to. give prominence to. bring up.Danish / Dansk . 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995. to some degree. foreground. idea. thought. 259. designate.up to a point partly.Chinese Simplified / 中文简体 276.). side. point out. 253. indicate. signify.

Russian / Русский 330.Hungarian / magyar 304.French / Français 294. 317. 313. 289. 331. 299.Indonesian / Indonesia 308. 307.Japanese / 日本語 312. 325.Estonian / eesti keel 288.Finnish / Suomi 292.Serbian / српски .Malay / Bahasa Melayu 320.Latvian / Latviešu 316.Romanian / Română 328. 285.Hebrew / ‫עברית‬ ְִִ 300.Italian / Italiano 310. 311. 291. 321. 295. 315. 319. 293. 297. 323.Portuguese / Português 326.Icelandic / íslenska 306. 309. 327.284. 303.German / Deutsch 296.Greek / Ελληνική 298.Korean / 한국어 314.Polish / Polski 324.Farsi / ‫فارسی‬ 290. 301. 305.Dutch / Nederlands 286.Norwegian / Norsk 322.Hindi / िहन्दी 302. 287. 329.Lithuanian / Lietuvių 318.

Ukrainian / українська 346.4. (in time) → en este or aquel momento when it comes to the point → en el momento de la verdad when it came to the point of paying → cuando llegó la hora de pagar .2. N 354.3.5.. (on compass) → cuarta f. 352. a la hora de . 335. (Geom) (= dot) → punto m. 349.332.Swedish / Svenska 340. 345. (on scale.6) 355. grado m from all points of the compass → desde los cuatro rincones del mundo 357. 347. pencil. lugar m he had reached the point of resigning → había llegado al punto de la dimisión this was the low/high point of his career → este fue el momento más bajo/el momento cumbre de su carrera at all points → por todas partes.Slovenian / slovenski 336.Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt 350. 343. (= place) → punto m. thermometer) → punto m boiling/freezing point → punto de ebullición/congelación the thermometer went up three points → el termómetro subió tres grados the index is down three points → el índice bajó tres enteros the shares went down two points → las acciones bajaron dos enteros 356. 341. coma f two point six (2.1.. ----------------------351..Urdu / ‫اردو‬ 348. 337. [of needle. 339.Slovak / slovenčina 334.Turkish / Türkçe 344.point [pɔɪnt] 353. 333. allí. [of pen] → puntilla f to put a point on a pencil → sacar punta a un lápiz a star with five points → una estrella de cinco puntas at the point of a sword → a punta de espada with a sharp point → puntiagudo not to put too fine a point on it (= frankly) → hablando sin rodeos 358. knife etc] → punta f. (= decimal point) → punto m decimal. en todos los sitios delivered free to all points in Spain → entrega gratuita en cualquier punto de España the train stops at Carlisle and all points south → el tren para en Carlisle y todas las estaciones al sur at this point (in space) → aquí.6) → dos coma seis(2.Thai / ภาษาไทย 342.Spanish / Español 338.A.

argument) → punto m the points to remember are → los puntos a retener son los siguientes . (= detail. (= purpose. ¿a cuento de qué? what's the point of or in trying? → ¿de qué sirve intentar? 362. that's just the point! → ¡eso es!.. there was no point of contact between them → no existía ningún nexo de unión entre ellos to be on or at the point of death → estar a punto de morir point of departure (lit.9.. fig) → llegar al punto sin retorno to be on the point of doing sth → estar a punto de hacer algo abrupt to the point of rudeness → tan brusco que resulta grosero up to a point (= in part) → hasta cierto punto. en cierta medida at the point where the road forks → donde se bifurca el camino 359.. fig) → punto m de partida point of entry (into a country) → punto m de entrada.7... to reach the point of no return (lit. no es eso to get off the point → salirse del tema his remarks were to the point → sus observaciones venían al caso an argument very much to the point → un argumento muy a propósito that is hardly to the point → eso apenas hace al caso to come or get to the point → ir al grano to get back to the point → volver al tema to keep or stick to the point → no salirse del tema to speak to the point (= relevantly) → hablar acertadamente. ¡ahí está! the point of the joke/story → la gracia del chiste/cuento to be beside the point → no venir al caso it is beside the point that → no importa que + subjun do you get the point? → ¿entiendes por dónde voy or lo que quiero decir? to miss the point → no comprender that's not the point → esto no viene al caso. entender el porqué de algo I don't see the point of or in doing that → no veo qué sentido tiene hacer eso what's the point? → ¿para qué?. visit] → finalidad f.8. to carry or gain or win one's point → salirse con la suya . test) → punto m points against → puntos mpl en contra points for → puntos mpl a favor to win on points → ganar por puntos to give sth/sb points out of ten → dar a algo/algn un número de puntos sobre diez to score ten points → marcar diez puntos 360.6.. that's the whole point. use) [of action...pagar . hablar con tino 361. propósito m it gave point to the argument → hizo ver la importancia del argumento there's little point in telling him → no merece la pena or no tiene mucho sentido decírselo there's no point in staying → no tiene sentido quedarse a long story that seemed to have no point at all → una larga historia que no parecía venir al caso en absoluto to see the point of sth → encontrar or ver sentido a algo. (= counting unit) (in Sport. paso m fronterizo from that point on → de allí en adelante . (= most important thing) the point is that → el caso es que .

(Brit) (Elec) (also power point) → toma f de corriente.10. (= matter) → cuestión f point of detail → detalle m point of honour → cuestión f or punto m de honor point of interest → punto m interesante point of law → cuestión f de derecho point of order → cuestión f de procedimiento a point of principle → una cuestión de principios 365. points (Brit) (Rail) → agujas fpl (Aut) → platinos mpl 367.14. el caso es que I think she has a point → creo que tiene un poco de razón you've got or you have a point there! → ¡tienes razón!. promontorio m.16. punto m flaco. (Geog) → punta f. to make a point of doing sth. tomacorriente m (S. ¡es cierto!(LAM) the point at issue → el asunto.13.. cabo m 369. (Typ) (= punctuation mark) → punto m 9 point black (Typ) → negritas fpl del cuerpo 9 370.17. make it a point to do sth → poner empeño en hacer algo on this point → sobre este punto on that point → en cuanto a eso on that point we agree → sobre eso estamos de acuerdo to differ on a point → no estar de acuerdo en un particular to press the point → insistir (that en que) to stretch a point → hacer una excepción I take your point → acepto lo que dices point taken! → ¡de acuerdo! 363.five-point plan → proyecto m de cinco puntos to argue point by point → razonar punto por punto in point of fact → en realidad.12. punto m débil 366. el tema en cuestión to make one's point → convencer you've made your point → nos has convencido he made the following points → dijo lo siguiente to make the point that → hacer ver or comprender que . point of view → punto m de vista from the point of view of → desde el punto de vista de to see or understand sb's point of view → comprender el punto de vista de algn to look at a matter from all points of view → considerar una cuestión bajo todos sus aspectos to come round to sb's point of view → adoptar el criterio de algn 364. CONE) 368.11.15. (Ballet) (usu pl) → punta f to dance on points → bailar sobre las puntas . (= characteristic) → cualidad f what points should I look for? → ¿qué puntos debo buscar? bad points → cualidades fpl malas good points → cualidades fpl buenas he has his points → tiene algunas cualidades buenas tact isn't one of his strong points → la discreción no es uno de sus(puntos)fuertes it was always his strong point → siempre ha sido su punto fuerte weak point → flaco m..

2. [dog] → mostrar la caza. (= show) → señalar to point out sth to sb → señalar algo a algn 384. indicar would you point me in the direction of the town hall? → ¿me quiere decir dónde está el ayuntamiento? we pointed him in the right direction → le indicamos el camino to point the moral that → subrayar la moraleja de que .3. (Constr) [+ wall] → rejuntar 375.3.1.C.D. to point the way (lit. the evidence points to her → las pruebas indican que ella es la culpable everything points to his success → todo anuncia su éxito everything points to the festival being a lively one → el festival se anuncia animado 379. (= indicate.. VT 372. to point to sth (= call attention to) → señalar algo 380. fig) → señalar el camino 374.4. direct) → apuntar (at a) to point a gun at sb → apuntar a algn con un fusil to point one's finger at sth/sb → señalar con el dedo algo/a algn to point one's toes → hacer puntas he pointed the car towards London → puso el coche rumbo a Londres to point the finger at sb → señalar con el dedo a algn 373. parar 381.2.4. show) → señalar.point out VT + ADV 383.1.. (lit) → señalar to point at or towards sth/sb (with finger) → señalar algo/a algn con el dedo the car isn't pointing in the right direction → el coche no va en la dirección correcta it points (to the) north → apunta hacia el norte the hands pointed to midnight → las agujas marcaban las 12 de la noche 378. (fig) (= indicate) → indicar everything points that way → todo parece indicarlo this points to the fact that → esto indica que .. (= explain) → señalar to point out sb's mistakes → señalar los errores de algn to point out that → señalar que to point out to sb the advantages of a car → señalar or hacer notar a algn las ventajas de . ej. (= aim..1.371. [+ Hebrew etc] → puntar 376. VI 377. [+ text] → puntuar.2.B. CPD point duty N (Brit) (Police) → control m de la circulación to be on point duty → dirigir la circulación or el tráfico point of reference N → punto m de referencia point of sale N → punto m de venta points decision N (Boxing) → decisión f a los puntos points failure N (Brit) (Rail) → fallo m en el sistema de agujas points system N (gen) → sistema m de puntos (Aut) sistema de penalización por las infracciones cometidas por un conductor que puede llevar a determinadas sanciones (p. points win N → victoria f a los puntos see also point-of-sale 382. la retirada del permiso de conducir) points victory.

388.3) 399. destacar 386.(in game. 1971.(also decimal point) 2 point 3 (2..Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co.tener coche may I point out that → permítaseme observar que . line) → point m a point on the horizon → un point à l'horizon 396. 400. 1993.3) → 2 virgule 3 (2..the points of the compass → les points mpl cardinaux to come from all points of the compass (= from all over the country) → venir des quatre coins du pays 397.(= tip) → pointe f a pencil with a sharp point → un crayon à la pointe aiguisée 391. He made some interesting points → Il a fait quelque remarques intéressantes. 2005 387.(in time) → moment m at that point → à ce moment-là At that point. Ltd. .[speaker.point up VT + ADV → subrayar. that's a good point! → c'est vrai! to make a point → mettre en avant un argument The research made some valid points → Les recherches ont mis en avant plusieurs arguments pertinents. 385. 1997. → ce que je veux dire c'est que . Brown.(= starting point) → point m de départ the point of departure for sth → le point de départ de qch 395.[traveller] → point m de départ 394.(in space) (= place) → endroit m The train stops at Carlisle and all points south BUT Le train dessert Carlisle et toutes les gares vers le sud. writer] He illustrated his point with an anecdote → Il a illustré son argument par une anecdote...up to a point (= to some extent) → jusqu'à un certain point 398.Collins Spanish Dictionary .point [ˈpɔɪnt] 389. 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. This was a point I put to her in the interview → C'est un point que j'ai soulevé lors de l'interview. we decided to leave → À ce moment-là. We disagree with every point Mr Brown makes → Nous ne sommes d'accord avec aucun des arguments mis en avant par M.n 390. 1996. competition) → point m They scored 5 points → Ils ont marqué cinq points. nous avons décidé de partir. at one point (= on one occasion) → à un moment donné at some point (= sometime) → un jour to be on the point of doing sth → être sur le point de faire qch when it comes to the point (= in fact) → en fait 392. to reach a point (fig) → arriver à un stade Need things ever reach that point? → Faut-il vraiment en arriver à ce stade? 393..(on scale. 2000. 2003.. my point is that . get the point (= understand) → comprendre. 407. 408.(COMPUTING) point your browser at . to point to sth → montrer qch du doigt .Ok..(British) (also power point) → prise f 411. to come to the point → en venir au fait He came straight to the point → Il en est venu directement au fait. saisir Sorry. what's the point? → à quoi bon? What's the point of leaving so early? → À quoi bon partir si tôt? I can't see the point → je ne vois pas l'intérêt 404. I see your point → miss the point (= fail to understand) → ne pas comprendre... 416.. thing] → point m to have points in common → avoir des points communs the most interesting point about it is . but that was beside the point → Ca ne plaisait pas à Brian. you've made your point → D'accord. je ne comprends pas..[person] → montrer du doigt Don't point! → Ne montre pas du doigt! to point at sb/sth → montrer qn/qch du doigt She pointed at Anne → Elle a montré Anne du doigt..[+ have a point [person] (= be right) → avoir raison You've got a point there! → Tu as raison! to prove one's point → prouver qu'on a raison 402. to get to the point → en venir au fait I take your point → je vois ce que vous voulez dire Yes.. je vois ce que vous voulez dire. that's not the point (= irrelevant) → là n'est pas la question 403.that's the whole point! → précisément! 409. en réalité 410. There's no point in waiting → Cela ne sert à rien d'attendre.(= feature) [ point of fact → en fait.(= benefit) there's no point → cela ne sert à rien there's no point in doing . I don't get the point → Désolé. → son aspect le plus intéressant est . mais ça n'avait pas d'importance... j'ai compris.[+ gun] → braquer to point sth at sb [+ finger. window] → jointoyer 414. Brian didn't like it. → rendez vous sur le site . ne pas saisir You've all missed the point entirely → Vous n'avez rien compris..(= show) [+ way] → indiquer to point the way forward → montrer la voie 413.vt make a point of doing sth → ne pas manquer de faire qch 406. bad points [person] → mauvais côtés mpl good points (= virtues) [person] → qualités fpl strong point 405. stick] → pointer qch vers qn to point a gun at sb → braquer un revolver sur qn be beside the point (= irrelevant) → n'avoir rien à voir (= unimportant) → ne pas avoir d'importance The fact that it's expensive is beside the point → Le fait que c'est cher n'a rien à voir. → cela ne sert à rien de faire .

426. [ask] → à brûle-pourpoint 434.. place] → montrer The guide pointed out Notre-Dame to us → Le guide nous a montré point to sth [needle.= dot..adj [refusal] → catégorique 432. St Ex etc → Punkt m. → faire remarquer que .(= point out) → faire remarquer point-and-click [ˌpɔɪntənˈklɪk] adj → pointer-cliquer inv point-blank [ˌpɔɪntˈblæŋk] 431.= sharp end of chin.[refuse] → catégoriquement.[+ object..point 438. She pointed out that he was wrong → Elle a fait remarquer qu'il avait tort. competition.= marker on scale. compass → Punkt m.(= suggest) → indiquer The announcement points to possible redundancies → L'annonce indique la possibilité de suppressions d'emploi. [sign] → indiquer qch to point north → indiquer le nord 419. (on thermometer) → Grad m.npl 421.NOUN 439. wenn einem jemand die Pistole auf die Brust setzt ? fine 440.418.point to 428.[+ fact] → signaler to point out that .adv 433.point out 424. from all points (of the compass) → aus allen (Himmels)richtungen ? up to a point → bis zu einem gewissen Grad or Punkt 441. punctuation mark Typ. to win on points → nach Punkten gewinnen. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 436.(on railway line) → aiguillage m 423.(in engine) → vis platinées 422. I should point out that → Je dois vous faire remarquer que . points decision → Entscheidung f → nach Punkten. (of a star) → Zacke f..Collins English/French Electronic Resource. points system → Punktesystem nt 442. clock hand. things look different at the point of a gun → alles sieht ein bisschen anders aus.vt fus 429. needle → Spitze f. (in Hebrew texts) → Vokalzeichen nt. 430. (nought) point seven (0.7) → null Komma sieben (0. 437. at the point of a gun/sword → mit vorgehaltener Pistole/vorgehaltenem Schwert. Geometry → Punkt m.7) .to point forwards [vehicle] → être tourné(e) vers l'avant points 420. score in test.= unit.vt sep 425.. indicator] → indiquer qch. points for/against → Plus-/Minuspunkte pl. Her questions point to a desire to know the truth → Ses questions montrent qu'elle veut savoir la vérité.. points win → Punktsieg m.[shoot] → à bout portant point-by-point [ˌpɔɪntbaɪˈpɔɪnt] adj → méthodique point duty n (British) to be on point duty [policeman] → régler la circulation 435. (of antler) → (Geweih)ende nt. → (Geweih)spitze f. 427. → Sieg m → nach Punkten.

(in exasperation) → ich habe schon begriffen. was Sie sagen. the chairman gave him just 30 seconds to make his point → der Vorsitzende gab ihm nur 30 Sekunden. time → Punkt m.= place. but the pound has been devalued — that’s the whole point. from my point of view → von meinem Standpunkt aus. um sein Argument zu erläutern. dass …. he makes his points very clearly → er bringt seine Argumente sehr klar vor. at this point (spatially) → an dieser Stelle. the northernmost point of Scotland → der nördlichste Punkt Schottlands. a point by point comparison → ein Vergleich Punkt für Punkt. da ist etwas dran (inf). das schon in Verwöhnung des Kindes umschlug 444. an keiner Stelle des Buches. would you put that point more succinctly? → können Sie das etwas knapper fassen?. fig) → Ausgangspunkt m.= matter. die Sache ist die. → Stelle f. als …. at what point …? → an welcher Stelle …?. you have a point there → darin mögen Sie recht haben. on this point we are agreed → in diesem Punkt stimmen wir überein. can I put that same point another way? → kann ich das noch einmal anders formulieren?. von dem an es kein Zurück gibt. severe to the point of cruelty → streng bis an die Grenze der Grausamkeit. that’s the whole point of doing it this way → gerade darum machen wir das so. zu resignieren. he may have a point. point of view → Standpunkt m. → Gesichtspunkt m. a point of law → eine Rechtsfrage. his remarks are very much to the point → seine . point by point → Punkt für Punkt. aus meiner Perspektive or Sicht. to be at the point of death → am Rande or an der Schwelle des Todes stehen. main issue the point is that … → es ist nämlich so …. your mark is worth more! → aber das Pfund wurde doch abgewertet — genau! deshalb ist die Mark jetzt mehr wert. a point of principle → eine grundsätzliche Frage ? honour. point of departure (lit. (= now) → jetzt. an diesem Punkt. what point are you trying to make? → worauf wollen Sie hinaus?. he had reached the point of resigning → er war nahe daran. a 12-point plan → ein Zwölfpunkteplan m.= crux. he made the point that … → er betonte. you know → da kann er recht haben. my point was … → was ich sagen wollte. question → Punkt m.443. they provoked him to the point where he lost his temper → sie reizten ihn so lange. at no point in the book → nirgends in dem Buch. that’s not the point → darum geht es nicht. the point of the joke/story → die Pointe. to reach the point of no return (fig) → den Punkt erreichen. bis er die Geduld verlor ? point of + NOUN point of entry (over border) → Ort m → der Einreise. etw zu tun. she was indulgent to the point of spoiling the child → sie war nachgiebig in einem Maße. if I may make another point → wenn ich noch auf einen weiteren Punkt aufmerksam machen darf ? to take the/sb’s point I take your point. you’ve made your point! → wissen wir ja schon!. a point of interest → ein interessanter Punkt. do you take my point? → verstehst du mich? ? point of + NOUN a point of detail → eine Einzelfrage. to gain or carry one’s point → sich durchsetzen ? to make a/one’s point → ein/sein Argument nt → anbringen or vorbringen. das hast du ja schon gesagt!. point taken → ich akzeptiere. at no point → nie. war …. the train stops at Slough and all points east → der Zug hält in Slough und allen Orten östlich davon. a useful point → ein nützlicher Hinweis. that’s the whole point → das ist es ja gerade. dass …. order 445. (in time) (= then) → in diesem Augenblick. from that point on they were friends → von da an waren sie Freunde. from the point of view of productivity → von der Produktivität her gesehen ? point of + -ing to be on the point of doing something → im Begriff sein. the point at issue → der strittige Punkt. he was on the point of telling me the story when … → er wollte mir gerade die Geschichte erzählen. weißt du.

I don’t see the point of carrying on/changing our system now → ich sehe keinen Sinn darin. fig) → den Weg weisen. he made a special point of being early → er legte besonderen Wert darauf. the news gave point to his arguments → die Nachrichten verliehen seinen Argumenten Nachdruck or Gewicht. the point of this is … → Sinn und Zweck ist davon …. worum es geht. telescope etc → richten (→ at auf +acc).points PLURAL NOUN 450. what’s the point of trying? → wozu (es) versuchen?. → Sinn m. the points to look for when buying a new car → die Punkte or Dinge. früh da zu sein.Ballet → Spitzen pl. Hebrew → vokalisieren. direct gun. worauf ich hinauswollte ? to come to the point → zur Sache kommen. wie recht wir/sie etc hatten. worum es geht.Aut → Unterbrecherkontakte pl 451. weswegen wir/sie etc das machen. he has his good points → er hat auch gute Seiten or seine guten Seiten.= punctuate text → interpunktieren. they pointed the drunk off in the right direction → sie schickten den Betrunkenen in die richtige Richtung ? finger 455. dass … 456.Rail Brit → Weichen pl 453. do you see the point of what I’m saying? → weißt du. when it comes to the point → wenn es darauf ankommt ? to keep or stick to the point → beim Thema bleiben ? beside the point → unerheblich. he missed the point of what I was saying → er hat nicht begriffen. auf die man beim Kauf eines neuen Wagens achten muss 448.Build wall. he used the decline in the company’s profits to point the moral that … → er nahm das Absinken der Firmengewinne zum Anlass zu betonen. weiterzumachen/unser System jetzt zu ändern.Elec (Brit) → Steckdose f 449. auf den Spitzen tanzen 452.TRANSITIVE VERB 454. I just don’t see the point of it or any point in it → das sehe ich überhaupt nicht ein. he pointed his boat upstream → er drehte sein Boot stromaufwärts. use → Zweck m. he doesn’t understand the point of doing this → er versteht nicht.= aim. brickwork → verfugen.Hunt game → anzeigen . psalm → mit Deklarationszeichen versehen 459. show → zeigen. the case in point → der zur Debatte stehende Punkt ? to make a point of doing sth → Wert darauf legen. life has lost its point → das Leben hat jeden Sinn or all seinen Sinn verloren 447. worauf ich hinauswill? ? to miss the point → nicht verstehen. to dance on points → Spitzentanz m → machen.toes → strecken 457. to point the way (lit. etw zu tun.= mark. I’m afraid that’s beside the point → das ist nicht relevant. that really pointed the moral → das bewies.= purpose. ich sehe überhaupt keinen Sinn darin. we make a point of stressing colloquial usage → wir legen besonderen Nachdruck auf die Umgangssprache 446. das gehört nicht hierher ? a case in point → ein einschlägiger Fall. ausfugen 458. what’s the point? → was solls?.Bemerkungen sind sehr sachbezogen ? to get or see the point → verstehen. irrelevant. there’s no point in staying → es hat keinen Zweck or Sinn zu bleiben. he pointed his stick in the direction of the house → er zeigte or wies mit dem Stock auf das Haus.= characteristic good/bad points → gute/schlechte Seiten pl.

valley) → liegen. vehicle etc → gerichtet sein. the poet doesn’t state. could you point him out to me? → kannst du mir zeigen. (person: = point out) → hinweisen. 2004. be situated: building. I’ll point him out → ich zeige ihn dir.a.with finger etc → zeigen.INTRANSITIVE VERB 461. everything points that way → alles weist in diese Richtung. 471. dass Sie mich darauf aufmerksam gemacht haben 468. events → hinweisen. the problems which you have pointed to in your paper → die Probleme. in which direction is it pointing? → in welche Richtung zeigt es? 464.point [pɔɪnt] 472. he pointed toward(s) the house/back towards the house → er zeigte or deutete zum Haus/zurück zum Haus. (on scale.(= show) → zeigen auf (+acc). punctuation mark) (Geom) → punto. thank you for pointing that out to me → vielen Dank. ? point up vt sep (= emphasize) → unterstreichen.460. (decimal point) → virgola 2 point 6 (2. © William Collins Sons & Co.Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. auf die du in deinem Aufsatz hingewiesen hast or die du in deinem Aufsatz aufgezeigt hast.= be aimed gun. wer er ist?.b. hindeuten (→ to auf +acc). 2007 470. the compass needle points (to the) north → die Kompassnadel zeigt or weist nach Norden 462. 2005. (= face. he said … → die Pistole direkt auf mich gerichtet.1. betonen. the guide pointed out the most interesting paintings → der Führer machte auf die interessantesten Gemälde aufmerksam 467. verdeutlichen 469. to point something out to somebody → jdn auf etw hinweisen. sagte er …. 1999.6) 474. (dot. jdn auf etw aufmerksam machen. all the signs point to economic recovery → alles deutet or weist auf eine Erholung der Wirtschaft hin 463. 1997. deuten (→ at. mit dem Finger (auf Fremde) zu zeigen. (jdn) auf etw (acc) → hinweisen. dass …?. with his gun pointed or pointing right at me.Hunt → (vor)stehen 465. Ltd.= indicate facts. er deutet bestimmte Richtungen an. may I point out that …? → darf ich darauf aufmerksam machen or darauf hinweisen. it’s rude to point (at strangers) → es ist unhöflich. the wheels aren’t pointing in the same direction → die Räder zeigen nicht in dieselbe Richtung. compass) → punto freezing point → punto di congelamento from all points of the compass → da tutte le parti del mondo up to a point (fig) → fino a un certo punto . (= make clear) → veranschaulichen. n 473. to auf +acc).PHRASAL VERBS ? point out vt sep 466.6) → 2 virgola 6 (2.(= mention) to point something out (to somebody) → (jdn) auf etw (acc) → aufmerksam machen. don’t point! → zeig nicht mit dem Finger!. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. he points in certain directions → der Dichter trifft keine Feststellungen. all the signs point to success → alle Zeichen stehen auf Erfolg.

hai ragione! I missed the point of that joke → non ho afferrato quella battuta you've missed the whole point! → non hai capito niente! a point of principle → una questione di principio 479.f. (main idea. (matter) → questione f. (place) → punto the train stops at Carlisle and all points south → il treno ferma a Carlisle e in tutte le stazioni a sud di Carlisle point of contact → punto d'incontro point of departure (also) (fig) → punto di partenza at this point (spatially) → in questo punto (in time) → a questo punto from that point on (in time) → da quel momento in poi (in space) → da quel punto in poi to be on the point of doing sth → essere sul punto di or stare (proprio) per fare qc when it comes to the point → quando si arriva al dunque when it came to the point of leaving → quando giunse il momento di partire abrupt to the point of rudeness → brusco al punto di essere villano 477.g.. sta tutto lì! the point at issue → l'argomento in discussione or questione a 5-point plan → un piano articolato in 5 punti she described the process point by point → descrisse il processo punto per punto in point of fact → a dire il vero to be beside the point → non entrarci to get off the point → divagare to come or get to the point → venire al punto or al dunque to keep or stick to the point → restare in argomento to make a point of doing sth → non mancare di fare qc to make a point → fare un'osservazione to make one's point → dimostrare la propria tesi I take your point → so che hai ragione to win one's point → averla vinta to stretch a point → fare uno strappo (alla regola) or un'eccezione his remarks were to the point → le sue osservazioni erano pertinenti or a proposito you've got a point there! → giusto!. qualità f inv good/bad points → lati positivi/negativi tact isn't one of his strong points → il tatto non è il suo forte what points should I look for? → a cosa devo stare attento? .e... (of needle. argomento. knife) → punta on points (Ballet) → sulle punte at the point of a gun/sword → sotto la minaccia di un fucile/una spada not to put too fine a point on it (fig) → parlando chiaro 476. that's the whole point! → precisamente!.d. joke) → nocciolo there's no point in staying → è inutile or non ha senso restare I don't see or get the point (of joke) → mi sfugge I don't see the point of or in doing that → non vedo il motivo di farlo the point is that . of argument. pencil. (purpose) → scopo. important part.475.c. → il fatto è che.. (characteristic) → caratteristica. motivo. (counting unit) (Sport) (in test) (Stock Exchange) → punto to win on points → vincere ai punti the index is down 3 points → l'indice è sceso di 3 punti 478.

segnare everything points to him being guilty → tutti gli indizi fanno pensare che sia colpevole it points (to the) north (compass needle) → segna or indica il nord this points to the fact that .n point [point] 498. výběžek odde die Landspitze ακρωτήρι. udd. (indicate.a. oddi punta 岬 해안의 돌출 부.b. signpost. θέση punto punkt ‫جا؛ مکان‬ َِ َ َ َ ُْ paikka point ‫ נקודה‬सथल mjesto pont tempat staður punto 地点 지점 punktas punkts. špička konica vrh spets. Punt ‫ نتوء أرضي في البحر‬нос mys.480. vi 488.36).b. komma จุด nokta 點,小圓點,小數點 крапка ‫ نقطہ‬dấu chấm 点,小圆点,小数点 501. czubek ponta vârf остриё hrot.2 a piece of land that projects into the sea etc The ship came round Lizard Point. punt ‫ نقطه‬връх hrot. additare to point one's toes → stendere il piede 485.Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 495. (mention) → far notare 493. наконечник ‫ نوک‬đầu nhọn 尖[端],尖状物 499.a. τελεία punto punkt ‫ مميز؛ نقطه‬piste point ‫ נקודה‬िबनदु točka pont titik punktur ָּ ְ punto 点 소수점(. gun.. → indicare (con il dito). hosepipe) to point sth (at sb/sth) → puntare qc (contro or su qn/qc) she pointed the car at the gap in the traffic → diresse la macchina verso un varco nel traffico to point one's finger at sb → indicare qn con il dito..3. punkt der Punkt σημείο. odde. (aim. 496. a point is another name for a full stop. cabo َْ ُ neem ‫ دماغه‬niemi pointe ‫ צוק‬oštrina pont tanjung nes.4 an exact place or spot When we reached this point of the journey we stopped to rest. five point three six (= 5.3 a small round dot or mark (.i. additare to point at or to or towards sth/sb → indicare qc/qn 489. punktum kropka ponto punct точка bodka pika tačka punkt.b. hand) → indicare. In punctuation. (indicate. punt ‫ نقطه‬точка tečka punktum der َ ُْ Punkt σημείο.point out vt + adv 491. špička spids die Spitze αιχμή. 490. μύτη punta teravik َ ُْ ‫ نوک‬kärki pointe ‫ חוד‬नोक.. punt ‫ نقطه، مكان، منطقه‬точка bod sted. pynt cypel cabo cap мыс mys. vieta ָּ ְ . → questo fa pensare che.h. vt 484. (show) → additare.) a decimal point. mynning ปลาย uç 尖[端],尖狀物 вістря.point 497.j. indicare 492.) taškas punkts perpuluhan. (Aut) points npl → puntine fpl 482. mostrare to point the way (also) (fig) → indicare la strada or la direzione da seguire 486. (ass) gals hujung punt spiss ostrze.c. výbežok rtič vrh udde แหลม burun 岬 мис. ragas zemesrags tanjung kaap nes. csúcs ujung oddur punta 先 뾰족한 끝 ֹ smaigalys smaile. κάβος punta.1 the sharp end of anything the point of a pin. άκρη.point up vt + adv → sottolineare. (Brit) (Rail) points npl → scambio msg 481.. mettere in evidenza 494. стрілка ‫ کنارہ‬mũi đất 岬 500. show) → indicare. (Constr) → riempire gli interstizi di 487. अनी šiljak hegy. tecken.a. (Brit) (Elec) (also power point) → presa (di corrente) 483. direct. 곶 ּ iškyšulys. titik punt tilsvarer desimalkomma.2. at gunpoint (= threatened by a gun). a sword point.

6 a place on a scale especially of temperature the boiling-point of water. esmė lieta.skale) pont titik áttastrik punto 方位 ֵֶ 방위점 rumbas. mirklis saat ogenblik tidspunkt chwila. tikslas jēga. punt. rost цель. lényeg persoalan (aðal)atriði. moment momento moment момент moment trenutek trenutak tidpunkt. That's a good point. yarar 目的(或意義) мета. kryptis debespuse mata kompas streek strek punkt. otázka. test etc He has won by five points to two. َ َِ χαρακτηριστικό cualidad külg ‫ خصيصه‬puoli qualités. rigting ‫إحدى الجهات على البوصله‬ ََ َ ِ деление dílec kompasstreg der Kompaßstrich σημείο σε πυξίδα punto (cardinal) rumb ‫ جهت‬asteikon kohta point ‫ חלק‬िदशािबनदु crta (kompasa. That's the whole point. puan. balas punkts. sted punkt ponto punct место. otázka. punktur punto 得点 점수 taškas. σε αγώνα) punto punkt ‫امتياز‬ َ َ ُْ piste point ‫ נקודה‬अंक poen pont poin stig. kant egenskap. ζήτημα punto.5 an exact moment Her husband walked in at that point. klausimas. tujuan punt poeng. ָּ ְ balle mata punt poeng punkt ponto punct очко bod točka poen poäng คะแนน sayı. věc. derece (溫度計上的)度 поділка шкали ٔ‫ٓالہ‬ ‫ حرارت پيما ميں ايک جگہ‬nhiệt độ (温度计上的)度 504. mērķis. mark punto 点 점 taškas. βαθμός (π. пункт bod točka tačka punkt สถานที่ nokta (空間的)一點或地點 місце. raison ‫ עניין‬svrha értelem. synpunkt. We're wandering away from the point. tuum ‫ نکته؛ موضوع‬näkökohta point. propos ‫ עניין‬वादिवषय poanta kérdés.10 (a) purpose or advantage There's no point (in) asking me – I don't know. huvudsak แต้ม önemli nokta (講話時的)要點、論點 момент. ypatybė raksturīga iezīme sifat punt. poäng. hensikt cel.9 a particular matter for consideration or action The first point we must decide is. grad деление шкалы bod točka tačka punkt สถานะ nokta. jautājums. oldal kualitas eiginleiki. nytta จุดประสงค์ maksat.termometra) pont titik stig. σκοπιμότητα sentido mõte ََ َِ ‫ فايده‬tarkoitus sens. sak kwestia. ُِ ّ َ ْ ِ َ ُْ pointa punkt der Punkt θέμα. where to meet. βαθμός punto punkt ‫ نقطه‬piste point ‫ -נקודת‬अंक stupanj ָּ ְ (barometra. ָָ समय u tom času pillanat saat nákvæmt augnablik momento. atzīme takat punt (koke-/fryse osv. суть bod.destinasi punt punkt. गुण odlika ָּ ְ (jellem)vonás. betekenis ‫ فائده، هدف‬цел smysl formål. польза zmysel smisel svrha mening. питання ‫ بات، امر‬vấn đề (讲话时的)要点、论点 507.7 a division on a compass eg north. punt ‫ نقطه، إصابه‬точка bod point der Punkt πόντος. pointa točka.χ. kierunek ponto punct (cardinal) румб dielec. south-west etc. punt ‫درجه‬ َََ точка bod punkt der Punkt σημείο. istante 時点 순간 momentas moments. sedno sprawy ponto idee (principală) главное. detalj. cuestión asi. derece (比賽得的)分數 очко ‫ کھيل کا نمبر‬điểm thi đấu (比赛得的)分数 506. lietas būtība perkara. défauts ‫ תכונה‬िवशेषता. You've missed the point. bistvo stavka punkt.11 a personal characteristic or quality We all have our good points and our bad ones. laipsnis. game. vec. punktur. hlið qualità 特質 특징 bruožas. side punkt traço calităţi. cél guna tilgangur motivo 意味 의미 ָ ִ prasmė. kärnpunkt. defecte характерная . punt ‫ نقطه، فكره، الشيء المهم‬проблем bod. пункт ‫ مقام‬vị trí xác định (空间的)一点或地点 502. oomblik ‫ لحظه‬точка okamžik ََْ tidspunkt der Punkt στιγμή momento preciso hetk ‫ لحظه‬ajankohta moment précis ‫ שלב‬कण. намір ‫ مقصد، فائدہ‬mục đích 目的(或意义) 508. ögonblick จุดเวลา tam o an (特定)時刻 момент ‫لمحہ‬ thời điểm nhất định (特定)时刻 503. temperatūra iedaļa. kjarni ָ ִ punto 要点 문제점 dalykas. eienskap ‫ صفه، ميزه‬характеристика rys side die Eigenschaft στοιχείο. čiarka (kompasu) stran neba tačka na kopmasu streck ทิศทาง yön 羅盤主方位(羅經點) поділка компаса ‫ قطب نما کے حصے جيسے شمال، جنوب وغيرہ‬điểm trên la bàn 罗盘主方位(罗经点) 505. punt. sens sentido sens. idé der Zweck λόγος.8 a mark in scoring a competition. nolūks faedahnya zin vits.)punkt punkt ponto punct.

цілитися ‫ نشانہ لگانا‬chĩa 把. indicare 指で示す 가리키다 (pa)rodyti. apuntar osutama ‫ نشان دادن‬osoittaa montrer du doigt ‫ -להצביע על‬िकसी ַ ּ ְ ִ की ओर देख कर धयान िदलाना या संकेत करना.2 to call attention to something especially by stretching the index finger in its direction He pointed (his finger) at the door. wys ‫ يوجه‬насочвам ّ َُ namířit rette mod richten σημαδεύω. egenskap คุณลักษณะ taraf. wys ‫ يشير‬посочвам ukázat pege ُ zeigen δείχνω señalar. tajam hujungnya puntig spiss. He pointed to a sign. gepunte ‫ محدد، مسنن، مستدق‬остър َ َ ْ ُ َّ ُ ّ َ ُ špičatý spids Spitz-. []vērst menghalakan richten sikte/rette mot skierować apontar a îndrepta (o armă) spre направлять namieriť nameriti uperiti rikta เล็งไปที่ doğrultmak 把..черта vlastnosť (močna/šibka) točka osobina sida. संकेत करना. इशारा करना.. mik.對準 наводити. céloz mengarahkan miða.χ. spekke fugować preencher frinchas расшивать škárovať. μυτερός puntiagudo terav(a ninaga) ‫ نوک تيز‬terävä pointu ‫מחודד‬ ָּ ְ नुकीला oštar. a punta とがった 끝이 뾰족한 smailas smails.1 a long stick used to indicate places on a large map etc. pahteldama ‫ درز گيری کردن‬täyttää jointoyer ‫ למלא‬सीमेट आिद के जोड भरना izvuči sljubnice (fuge) ֵָ ְ kihézagol (falat) menambal spartla/múra í stuccare しっくいをつめる 틈을 모르타르 로 바르다 užglaistyti skiediniu izšuvot šuves meratakan sst dgn simen voegen fuge.1 to aim in a particular direction He pointed the gun at her.对准 512. spics mancung. sıvamak (泥水匠用水泥)勾抹牆縫 розшивати шви цегляної кладки ‫ ديوار کے شگاف کو بھرنا‬vá.having a sharp end a pointed nose.šiljat hegyes runcing oddmjór aguzzo.3 to fill worn places in (a stone or brick wall etc) with mortar. lấp (泥水匠用水泥)勾抹墙缝 514.adj pointed 515. phẩm chất của con người 特点(长处或短处) 509. pointed shoes. wysstok ‫عصا للتأشير‬ َ показалка ukazovátko pegepind der Zeigestock δείκτης puntero kaardikepp ‫چوب اشاره‬ karttakeppi baguette ‫ מקל‬िनदेशक pokazivač (štap) mutatópálca penunjuk ֵָ bendi-/kennaraprik bacchetta 指示棒 지시봉 rodomoji lazdelė rādāmais kociņš penunjuk aanwijsstok pekestokk wskazówka ponteiro indicator указка ukazovadlo paličica pokazivač pekpinne ไม้ช้ี işaret çubuğu 指示棒,教鞭 указка ‫ لمبا عصا‬que chỉ bản đồ 指 示棒,教鞭 . beina ְַ puntare ~に向ける 겨냥하다 (nu)taikyti.12 an electrical socket in a wall etc into which a plug can be put Is there only one electrical point in this room? prop ‫ نقطة كهرباء‬контакт zásuvka stikkontakt der Kontakt ُ ْ َ َ ُْ μπρίζα toma pistikupesa ‫ پريز‬pistorasia prise électrique ‫ שקע‬utikač fali csatlakozó ָׁ ֶ stopkontak innstunga presa コンセント 접점 kištukinis lizdas kontaktligzda soket stopcontact stikkontakt gniazdko tomada розетка zásuvka vtičnica utičnica vägguttag เต้าเสียบ priz 插座 електрична розетка ‫ اليکٹرکل ساکٹ‬ổ cắm điện 插座 510..v 511.. nurodyti norādīt menunjuk wijzen peke (på) wskazywać apontar a arăta (cu degetul) указывать ukázať kazati s prstom pokazati peka mot (på) ชี้ işaret etmek 指向 показувати пальцем..n pointer 517. (nu)kreipti tēmēt. kvass. με ασβέστη) rejuntar mörtima. özellik 特 點(長處或短處) особливість ‫ ذاتي صفت، خصوصيت‬nét tính cách. вказувати ‫ اشارہ کرنا‬chỉ hướng 指向 513. ostrý koničast špicast spetsig. stop ‫ يمل، يسد‬фугирам َُ َ spárovat fuge verfugen γεμίζω τα κενά (π. skarp szpiczasty pontudo ascuţit острый špicatý. vass แหลมคม sivri 尖的 шпилястий.. στρέφω apuntar sihtima ‫ به طرف کسی گرفتن‬tähdätä braquer (un revolver sur) ‫ לכוון‬इशारा करना uperiti irányít. wyser. spárovať zamazati razpoke malterisati fogstryka เสริม doldurmak. загострений ‫ نوکيل‬thẳng 尖的 516. उंगली उठाना pokazivati (prstom) mutat menunjuk benda á additare.

1 a movable section of rails which allow a train to cross over other lines or pass from one line to another The points had to be changed before the train could continue.adj pointless 521.2 an indicator on a dial The pointer is on/at zero.2 the solid tips in the toes of ballet shoes She can dance on her points. wyser ‫ مؤشر‬стрелка ručička viser der ّ َُ Zeiger δείκτης indicador. aguja osuti ‫ نشانگر‬osoitin aiguille ‫ סמן‬तुला या तराजू का काटा ַַ kazaljka mutató jarum vísir indice. márny nesmiseln besmislen meningslös ไร้จุดหมาย amaçsız. marný formålsløs sinnlos άσκοπος sin sentido.n pl points 525. vain ‫ חסר טעם‬वयथर.betekenisloos ‫ بدون هدف او معنى‬безсмислено marně formålsløst sinnlos άσκοπα َْ ََ inútilmente mõttetult ‫ بطور بيهوده‬tarkoituksettomasti en vain ‫ לשווא‬वयथर मे šiljasto ַָ értelmetlenül. indikation der Fingerzeig νύξη. betekenisloos ‫ل معنى له، بدون هدف، تافه‬ ِ ََ َْ безсмислен bezvýznamný. бесцельно márne nesmiselno besmisleno meningslöst อย่างไร้จุดหมาย amaçsızca 無意義地 безцільно ‫بل مقصد کے‬ một cách vô nghĩa 无意义地 524.) κλειδιά َ ِّ ْ‫م‬ σιδηροδρομικών γραμμών agujas pöörmesuled ‫ سوزن دوراهی‬vaihde aiguillage ‫ פסי-מ ֲבר‬रेल ָ ‫ּ ֵ ַע‬ ַ की पटरी का वह पतला िसरा िजसके िहले से रेलगाडी लाइन बदलती है biti uperen. wenk ‫ تلميح، إشاره‬насока َ َْ pokyn. uten poeng bezsensowny inútil fără rost бессмысленный. a suggestion Give me some pointers on how to do it.adv pointlessly 523. бесцельный bezvýznamný. betikslis bezjēdzīgs sia-sia zinloos meningsløs. 조언 patarimas. िनरथरक bez šiljka. inútil mõttetu ‫ بيهوده‬turha futile. tip. tipp petunjuk ֵָ vísbending suggerimento 助言 충고.518. anlamsız 無 意義的 безцільний ‫ بے معني، بے مقصد‬vô nghĩa 无意义的 522. op die punt om ‫ على حافة، على وشك‬на прага на právě se chystat skulle lige til im Begriff َْ ّ .be on the point of 528.having no meaning or purpose a pointless journey. pens zwrotnica agulhas macaz стрелка výhybky kretnice skretničke šine växel ที่สับรางรถไฟ demiryolu makası (鐵路的)道叉 стрілка ‫پٹري کا متحرک حصہ جہاں‬ ‫ سے ٹرين راستہ بدلتي ہے‬ghi đổi đường ray (铁路的)道叉 526. náznak be about to (do something) I was on the point of going out when the telephone rang. laposan tanpa tujuan í tilgangsleysi inutilmente 無意味に 헛되게 beprasmiškai bezjēdzīgi dgn sia-sia zinloos meningsløst. fingervisning คำาแนะนำา ipucu 暗示 натяк ‫ اشارہ‬lời khuyên 暗示 520. uten mål og mening bezsensownie sem sentido în van бессмысленно. užuomina ieteikums petua aanwijzing pekepinn. toonpunte ‫رؤوس‬ ‫ حذاء رقص الباليه‬палци špičky tåspids die Spitze von Ballettschuhen άκρες των δαχτύλων َ ِ (στο μπαλέτο) punta varvaskinga ots ‫ ايستادن روی شست پاها‬kärjet pointes ‫קצות הבהונות‬ ֹ ֹ ַּ ֹ ְ vršcima prstiju spicc ujung sepatu tá punte 指先 발레신의 앞 끝 puantai puante hujung jari kaki punt van de tenen tåspiss puenty pontas poante пуанты špičky špice vrh prstiju tåspets ปลายรองเท้าบัลเลย์ bale patikleri içindeki sert uçlar (芭蕾舞鞋的)鞋尖 пуанти ‫ جوتے کي سخت نوک‬mũi dày nhảy (芭蕾舞鞋的)鞋尖 527. råd wskaźnik indicação sugestie намёк tip namig nagoveštaj vink.okrenut váltó wesel skiptispor scambio ポイント (철도의) 포인트 ieðmas pārmija hujung landasan wissel sporveksel.tup céltalan tidak bertujuan ַַ ֲַ tilgangslaus inutile 無意味な 무의미한 beprasmiškas. wisselpunt ‫ ِحوال خطوط سكة الحديد‬стрелка výhybky skiftespor die Weichen (pl. υπόδειξη indicación pidepunkt ‫ راهنمايی‬vihje conseil ‫ עצה‬संकेट. gösterge 指針 покажчик ‫ ڈائل کي سوئي‬kim 指针 519. इशारा smjernica tanács.3 a hint. lancetta 指針 바늘 rodyklė rādītājs jarum penunjuk wijzer viser strzałka indicador ac indicator указатель ručička kazalec indikator visare เครื่องชี้ ibre.

. probeer onthou ‫ يهتم اهتماما خاصا ب‬внимавам да dát si za úkol lægge vægt på Wert legen ّ ِْ َ auf φροντίζω απαραιτήτως proponerse hacer algo (midagi) eriliselt ette võtma ‫مطمئن به‬ ‫ انجام کاری بودن‬huolehtia se faire un devoir de ‫ -להקפיד ל‬महतव देना.-mek/mak üzere olmak 正要.come to the point 530. poanta rátér a tárgyra mencapai inti koma sér að efninu venire al punto/dunque 要点に触れる 핵심을 말하다 prieiti prie reikalo. hogy ..1 (alsoget to the point) to reach the most important consideration in a conversation etc He talked and talked but never came to the point. να γίνει llegar el momento vajaduse korral ‫ وقتی زمان کاری فرا می رسد‬tilanteen tullen quand vient le temps (de) ‫ העיקר‬kada dođe ָ ִַ na a kritikus pillanatban.isticati súlyt helyez vmire hati-hati leggja áherslu á (farsi un dovere di) かなら ず~する (~을) 강조하다 pasistengti īpaši uzsvērt. estar a punto de olema parajasti (tege)mas ‫در‬ ‫ شرف‬olla tekemäisillään jtk être sur le point de ‫( לעמוד לעשות משהו‬कायर आिद) होने के िबंदु पर हो ּ ֶ ַ ֹ ֲַ ֹ ֲַ u času azon van. stare per ~す るところ (~) 하려는 참에 ruoštis (ką daryti) grasīties hampir hendak op het punt staan være på nippet til å mieć właśnie (coś zrobić) estar prestes a a fi pe puctul de a собираться сделать práve sa chystať pravkar nameravati spremati se da vara i begrepp att เกือบจะ (tam) .. svarbiausio dalyko nonākt (runā) pie galvenā sampai ke inti pati ter zake komen komme til poenget dojść do sedna chegar ao principal a trece la subiect дойти до главного dospieť k veci priti do bistva doći do suštine komma till saken ถึงจุดสำาคัญ sadede gelmek (講話時)扣住主題,抓住關鍵 дійти до суті ‫ اصل بات تک پہنچنا‬đi thẳng vào vấn đề (讲话时)扣住主题,抓住关键 531. onthou.make one's point 535.的时候 529.2 (only withitas subject) to arrive at the moment when something must be done He always promises to help. पर बल देना ִ ּ ְ be especially careful to (do something) I'll make a point of asking her today. 強 調 звернути особливу увагу ‫ خاص طور سے کرنا‬xem mình có bổn phận phải làm 特别愿 意(做某事) 534. oortuigend wees ‫ يعبر عن رأيه بصراحه‬изказвам َ َ ِ َّ ُ přesvědčivě vyložit gøre sit synspunkt klart seine Ansichten durchsetzen αποδεικνύω αυτό που θέλω defender un argumento asja selgeks tegema ‫ عقيده خود را ثابت کردن‬tehdä asia . vara noga med ระมัดระวังเป็ นพิเศษ özen göstermek 重視.sein ετοιμάζομαι να.. postarać się fazer questão de a fi atent să считать обязательным для себя dať si za úlohu biti pozoren na biti pažljiv särskilt se till att... but when it comes to the point he's never there. wanneer dit daarop neerkom ‫ تصل نقطة الحسم، يصل إلى لحظة التنفيذ‬ставам dojít k věci komme til stykket ّ ََْ ِ َ ْ َ َ ُْ ِ َ darauf ankommen έρχεται η στιγμή που πρέπει κτ... pastāvēt uz (kaut ko) memastikan zorgen dat gjøre et poeng/nummer ut av specjalnie coś (zrobić).的時候 збиратися ‫ کے قريب ہونا‬sắp sửa 正要. tiba saatnya þegar að því kemur (venire il momento) かんじん な時に 중요할 때 iškyla reikalas sasniegt izšķirošo brīdi terus saja erop aankomen komme til stykket dochodzić do decydującego momentu chegar o momento a veni momentul дойти до дела prísť k veci priti do odločilnega trenutka doći do tačke komma till kritan มาถึงเมื่อเสร็จสิ้น zamanı gelmek (到了)關鍵時刻 доходити до діла ‫وقت ٓانا‬ đến lúc (到了)关键时刻 state one's opinion persuasively. πάνω που κάνω κτ. berniat vera að því kominn að essere sul punto di.. by die punt kom ‫يصل إلى النقطة الرئيسيه‬ ّ ّ َ ّْ ِ َ стигам до въпроса dospět k věci komme til sagen zur Sache kommen έρχομαι στο θέμα ir al grano asjani jõudma ‫ به موضوع اصلی اشاره کردن‬mennä asiaan (en) venir au fait ‫לעניין‬ ָ ִַ जब काम करने या िनणरय करने का समय आता है bit..make a point of 533.

potkrijepiti jól érvel menyatakan pendapat segja sína skoðun (sostenere una tesi) 主張を通す 주장을 관철하다 išdėstyti savo nuomonę izklāstīt savu viedokli mengutarakan pendapat dgn meyakinkan als zijn mening te kennen geven uttale seg overbevisende om. upozorniť opozoriti na kaj istaći peka ut. 7. b.selväksi faire ressortir un argument ‫ להוכיח טענה‬तकर दारा अपने तथय को िसद करना ַַ ְ ִ ֹ ְ argumentirati. pievērst uzmanību menunjukkan aanwijzen. pointere zeigen. nói rõ 指出 538. stretch the foot out. atkreipti dėmesį norādīt. darauf hinweisen δείχνω. धयान िदलाना iznijeti.ustvrditi rámutat vmire. far notare 示す 지적하다 nurodyti. τονίζω señalar tähelepanu juhtima ‫ نشان دادن؛ خاطر نشان کردن‬osoittaa faire remarquer ‫ לציין‬धयान आकिषरत ֵָ ְ करना. its supports snapped. To make a brisk sharp cracking sound: "Logs snapped in the grate" (James Fox). snap·ping. kimutat menunjukkan benda á. si klart fra om wyłożyć swoje argumenty argumentar bem a-şi spune punctul de vedere настаивать на своём мнении presvedčivo vyložiť povedati svoje mnenje ubedljivo izreći svoje mišljenje ความคิดเห็น görüşünü açıklamak 很有說服力 地闡述自己的觀點 наполягати ‫ رائے کا اظہار کرنا، اچھي طرح سے اپني بات رکھنا‬chấp nhận ý kiến của ai 很有说服力地阐述自己的观点 536. snaps v. draga athygli að mostrare. daarop wys ‫ يلفت النتباه، يشير الى، يبين‬посочвам ukázat. 1. 2. sharp. To speak abruptly or sharply: snapped at the child. shaping the toes into a point. jou tone punt ‫يمد‬ ُّ ‫ رأس القدم عند ال ّقص‬повдигам крак po špičkách strække foden die Zehen strecken τεντώνω ْ‫ََ ِ ر‬ τα δάχτυλα των ποδιών hacer punta pöiasirutust tegema ‫ کشيده کردن انگشتان پا‬suoristaa varpaansa faire des pointes ‫ ”לעשות “פוינט‬nategnuti spiccel menjulurkan kaki teygja fram ֹ ֹ ֲַ fótinn/tærnar (stare in punta di piedi) 足を伸ばす 발끝으로 서다 ištiesti pėdas nostiept pēdu/pirkstus menari di atas hujung jari zijn tenen spitsen strekke foten/tærne prostować palce u nóg fazer ponta a sta pe poante тянуть носок po špičkách stegniti prste na nogi ispružiti prste sträcka på vristerna ชี้ปลายเท้าขณะเต้น parmak uçlarında durmak (跳舞 時的)墊腳尖動作 витягувати носок ‫ رقص ميں پاؤں کا پھيلنا‬điều chỉnh ngón chân khi nhảy (跳舞时的)神脚动作 540. 5.point one's toes 539. To break suddenly with a brisk. I pointed out that we needed more money. . framhålla สนใจที่ belirtmek 指 出 указувати ‫ اشارہ کرنا‬chỉ cho.intr. erop wijzen påpeke. 3. peke ut wskazywać. when dancing etc. َّ ُ ُ َِ upozornit indicate or draw attention to He pointed out his house to her. zwracać uwagę chamar atenção para a atrage atenţia (că/asupra) указывать. To give way abruptly under pressure or tension: With so many people crowding onto the platform. uitwys. To move swiftly and smartly: snap to attention. 4. påpeka. cracking sound. To snatch or grasp suddenly and with eagerness: snap at a chance to go to China. often with a clicking sound. especially while under stress: feared that the troops would snap from fatigue.point out 537. See Synonyms at jerk1. To bring the jaws briskly together. bite. To suffer a physical or mental breakdown. snapped. snap (sn p) v.Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. обращать внимание ukázať. επισημαίνω. a.

7. or grasp. b. a. To flash or appear to flash light. To take (a photograph). 2. The act of producing this sound. Informal Briskness. with little or no preparation: a snap decision. Made or done suddenly. Also called hike.8. 8. 6. To photograph: snapped the winner on the podium. 9. 4. 12. elasticity: This waistband has lost its snap. To snatch at with or as if with the teeth. a. 2. 9. easy: a snap assignment. b. adv. To open. The taking of a snapshot. b. Phrasal Verbs: snap back To recover quickly. The sound produced by rapid movement of a finger from the thumb tip to the base of the thumb. Football The passing of a football from the center to a back that initiates each play. The jacket snaps in front. 4. 10. cold weather. With a snap. To pull apart or break with a snapping sound. A brief spell of brisk. snap to To pay attention or begin complying abruptly. b. A sudden breaking. snatch. A snap bean. 5. 3. 6. A thin. a. crisp. close. To close or latch with a snapping sound: snapped the purse shut. The sudden release of something held under pressure or tension. b. 7. 2. catch. To cause to move abruptly and smartly: "His head was snapped back by a sudden scream from the bed" (James Michener). n. Something accomplished without effort. A clasp. 5. 1. a. 11. or energy. See Synonyms at breeze1. or other fastening device that operates with a snapping sound. liveliness. A sudden attempt to bite. To utter abruptly or sharply: The sergeant snapped out a command. 3. 3. 13. a. Capacity to make a snapping sound. A sudden sharp cracking sound or the action producing such a sound. Football To center (a football). bite. or fit together with a click: The lock snapped shut. Informal Simple. adj. To cause to emit a snapping sound: snap a whip. v. usually circular cookie: a ginger snap. snap up . A snapshot. sparkle: eyes that snapped with anger. hike. Fastening with a snap: snap pockets. 1.

a sudden grab or bite 566.snap [snæp] 544. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.11.a. a sudden sharp sound.. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Photography) to take a snapshot of (something) 555.9. or self-pity. or cracking 564. (intr) to give way or collapse suddenly. esp of bursting.] 541. (when intr. snap. to defy 560. close.12.4. esp a packed lunch taken to work 574.11. (Group Games / Card Games) Brit a card game in which the word snap is called when two cards of equal value are turned up on the separate piles dealt by each player . [Probably from Middle English snappe.2.6. 543. popping. the sudden release of something such as elastic thread 567. to speak (words) sharply or abruptly 553.8. or illness 561. (intr) (of eyes) to flash or sparkle 554. to make or cause to make a sudden sharp cracking sound 547. such as depression.snap one's fingers at Informal 558. (Cookery) a thin crisp biscuit ginger snaps 569. often foll by at or up) to seize something suddenly or quickly 551. clasp.3. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Hunting) (intr) Hunting to fire a quick shot without taking deliberate aim 556. esp from depression.7. grief.vb snaps. Updated in 2009.b. often foll by at) to bite at (something) bringing the jaws rapidly together 552. esp of cold weather 573.To acquire quickly: snapped up the tickets. to dismiss with contempt 559. snapping. etc. liveliness. 542. close.3. to break or cause to break suddenly. esp with a sharp sound 546.7. Brit dialect food.The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. with a sudden sharp sound 549. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Photography) Informal See snapshot 570. a quick bite. the act of breaking suddenly or the sound produced by a sudden breakage 563. to move. or cause to move.n 562. Idiom: snap out of it Informal To move quickly back to one's normal condition from an undesirable condition. or fastener that operates with a snapping sound 565. etc.4. (Team Sports / American Football) (tr) American football to put (the ball) into play by sending it back from the line of scrimmage to a teammate 557. (intr.1.10. esp from strain 548.1. probably from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch snappen. Informal vigour. to seize. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.snap out of it Informal to recover quickly.5. a short spell or period. to move or cause to move in a sudden or abrupt way 550. snapped 545. or energy 571. anger.2.9.. (Clothing & Fashion) a catch. All rights reserved. a brisk movement of the thumb against one or more fingers 568. Informal a task or job that is easy or profitable to do 572.

(American football) a catch of a punt on the fly by a defensive player who has signalled that he will not run and so should not be tackled interception .a. snap .the act of securing possession of the rebounding basketball after a missed shot shoestring catch . related to Old Norse snapa to snuffle] 584.a spell of cold weather. "Mays made the catch with his back to the plate". mesh .snappable adj 586.a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition. spell.Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. patch. "he made a grab for the ball before it landed".(baseball) a running catch made near the ground interlock.b.tender green beans without strings that easily snap into sections snap bean green bean . "the infielder's snap and throw was a single motion" grab. "a spell of good weather". "I need to rest for a piece".the act of catching an object with the hands.interj 581. 2000.575. piece .15. 1994. "a patch of bad weather" 3.14. (Team Sports / American Football) American football the start of each play when the centre passes the ball back from the line of scrimmage to a teammate 576. an exclamation used to draw attention to the similarity of two things See also snap up 583. snatch.any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term) brandysnap .the act of putting two things together with no space between them. (modifier) done on the spur of the moment.immature bean pod eaten as a vegetable 4.adv 579. snap . "he was here for a little while". "at his touch the room filled with lights" fair catch . touch .(American football) the act of catching a pass in football.snapless adj 585. 2003 587.a gingersnap flavored with brandy 5. "a cold snap in the middle of May" while.(American football) the act of catching a football by a player on the opposing team reception . (Group Games / Card Games) Cards the word called while playing snap 582. without consideration a snap decision 577.the noise produced by the rapid movement of a finger from the tip to the base of . 1998. (modifier) closed or fastened with a snap 578. ginger snap. meshing.with a snap 580. "an interlocking of arms by the police held the crowd in check" 2.a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger ginger nut.16.the act of interlocking or meshing. snap . "the tight end made a great reception on the 20 yard line" rebound . "Martin's snatch at the bridle failed and the horse raced away".[from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch snappen to seize. snap .ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. catch touching. biscuit . interlocking. snap . gingersnap cookie. cooky.

recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material 10. holdfast. stretchiness. walkover. snap fastener fastening. duck soup.a sudden sharp noise. "marketing this product will be no picnic" child's play.the occurrence of breaking.the physical property of a material that can return to its original shape or position after deformation that does not exceed its elastic limit bounce. snap . "he tried to get unposed shots of his friends" snapshot.the thumb on the same hand. shot photo.the capacity for being stretched toughness. cinch. "they heard indistinct noises of people talking".an informal photograph. "he enjoyed the street noises". snap . bounciness . .sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound). "children can manage snaps better than buttons" press stud.a fastener used on clothing.the quality of a substance that is able to rebound give. exposure. pic. fastens with a snapping sound.sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound). spring . fixing .the elasticity and hardness of a metal object. breeze. stretch . fastener. snap .any undertaking that is easy to do. "my snapshots haven't been developed yet". "he can hear the snap of a twig" cracking. snap . crack noise . "the waistband had lost its snap" elasticity physical property .any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions resilience. "during the firework display that ended the gala the noise reached 98 decibels" 7. "during the firework display that ended the gala the noise reached 98 decibels" 6. undertaking. "the crack of a whip". labor . photograph.restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place 11.any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted. easy task project.a sudden breaking break . snap . piece of cake. "the break in the dam threatened the valley" 8. task. "servants appeared at the snap of his fingers" noise . its ability to absorb considerable energy before cracking elasticity of shear . temper .the elasticity of a body that has been pulled out of shape by a shearing force 9.the tendency of a body to return to its original shape after it has been stretched or compressed. "they heard indistinct noises of people talking". "he heard the cracking of the ice". pushover. picture .the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length stretchability.a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide. resiliency . usually made with a small handheld camera. picnic doddle . "he enjoyed the street noises". snap .

"the quarterback fumbled the snap" centering toss.move so that an opening or passage is obstructed. "He moved his hand slightly to the right" 5.the act of snapping the fingers. "The freshly baked loaf fell apart" 4. move . "The figurine broke". motility. or pull apart. utter . grasp hastily or eagerly. verbalise. shred. rive. "shut the window" 6. pass . divide .separate or cause to separate abruptly.move so as to change position. "he gave his fingers a snap" movement. "movement is a sign of life". teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays Verb 1. flip. "She went `Mmmmm'".tear into shreds 3. snap . "He separated the fighting children". "he clicked on the light". tear. go . perform a nontranslational motion. sharp. "the pass was fumbled" American football. snap .a change of position that does not entail a change of location. "the reflex motion of his eyebrows revealed his surprise".become separated into pieces or fragments. "gastrointestinal motility" 13. rip. "pull the cooked chicken into strips" rip up. fall apart. "This depressed patient does not verbalize" 2. shut . bust disunite.make a certain noise or sound. "his fingers snapped" crack sound. as under tension. "The sales clerk snapped a reply at the angry customer". "He moved his hand slightly to the right" 8.make a sharp sound. snap . "Moses parted the Red Sea" lacerate . snap . verbalize.a game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long.move or strike with a noise.move with a snapping sound. "his arm was snapped forward" click move . "tear the paper" rupture.force. snap . make shut.(sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team.cut or tear irregularly rend. separate. "She talks a lot of nonsense". take.utter in an angry. split up. tear up . pull . American football game ."he prepared for great undertakings" 12.(American football) putting the ball in play by passing it (between the legs) to a in speech. "The curtain ripped from top to bottom".move so as to change position. "The gun went `bang'" 7. "Close the door". "Before I could stop him the dog snatched the ham . break. motion.close with a snapping motion. talk. separate . "The guard snarled at us" snarl mouth.break suddenly and abruptly. "The lock snapped shut" close. "The pipe snapped" crack come apart. "The rope snapped". "an impatient move of his hand".tear or be torn violently. snap . snap . snap . movement of a finger from the tip to the base of the thumb on the same hand. part. "bullets snapped past us" move . snap . or abrupt tone. snap . perform a nontranslational motion.

"What makes her do this way?". but he is really afraid of people" dissolve . perform a nontranslational motion. picture taking . "She dissolved into tears when she heard that she had lost all her savings in the pyramid scheme" die .make a film or photograph of something. 593.lose control emotionally. seize with teeth . "he snapped indignantly" bite.Based on WordNet 3. "When she heard that she had not passed the exam. cut off. "shoot a movie" retake . separate. "I photographed the scene of the accident".make a record of. "The sales clerk quickly seized the money on the counter". put down .1. "I snapped up all the good buys during the garage sale" 9. fracture. "The dog acts ferocious. snap . Farlex clipart collection.take an x-ray of something or somebody. do .lose one's emotional or mental composure. snap . she snapped" lose it. shoot photography.lose control of one's emotions. enter. "Please retake that scene" x-ray .move so as to change position. come apart The brake pedal had just snapped. snap . snap . "Gunny invariably tried to bite her" 13. crackle He snapped the cap on his ballpoint. "He moved his hand slightly to the right" 11. "When her baby died.snap 591. Farlex Inc. . show a certain behavior. split.seize or catch with a swooping motion snaffle. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. snap up. "snap a football" hit . break. 590.bring the jaws together. "She clutched her purse". pop.put in play with a snap. she lost it completely". "Don't behave like a fool". grab . "Birds of prey often seize small mammals" swoop up. snap .0. "snap your fingers" click. take . set down in permanent form film. "She fell apart when her only child died" 12.bone" snatch. "The mother seized her child by the arm".the act of taking and printing photographs record.2.behave in a certain manner.verb 592. grab. or shame. seize . act.get hold of or seize quickly and easily.photograph again. crack. "take a scene". give way. "She snapped a picture of the President" photograph.take hold of.record on photographic film. swoop . prehend. or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws. snatch up clutch. "You should act like an adult". conduct or comport oneself. shoot. "We almost died laughing during the show" fall apart. 589.cause to make a snapping grip. click. break down brought to or as if to the point of death by an intense emotion such as embarrassment. flick move . "I was dying with embarrassment when my little lie was discovered". "hit a ball" 10. go to pieces . "The doctor x-rayed my chest" 588. amusement.cause to move by striking.

Croatian / Hrvatski 621. fly off the handle at (informal). take advantage of. 600. stretch.Dutch / Nederlands 627. lose your temper. snapshot a snap my mother took last year 602. print. nip The poodle yapped and snapped at our legs.noun 599. slide.3. 620. lose it (informal). avail yourself of a queue of people waiting to snap up the bargains 607. period. pop. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995. freak out (informal). pop. photo. 601.Estonian / eesti keel 629. liven up.594. report.4. 626. bite.Farsi / ‫فارسی‬ .5.Bulgarian / Български 615. 595.3. 618. perk up. patch a cold snap in the middle of spring 603.Select a language: 610.Chinese Simplified / 中文简体 617. 628. 596.Czech / Česky 623. a crack and a crash as another tree went down. 624. crack up. seize. cheer up.Arabic / ‫العربية‬ 613. unpremeditated I think this is too important for a snap decision.instant. speak sharply. 630.4.snap something up grab. swoop down on. 614.1. lose your cool. abrupt. quick. whack He shut the book with a snap and stood up. crack. take a photograph of. crack.2. get a grip on yourself Come on. photograph. pull yourself together (informal). immediate. spell. shot. run. interval. photograph. snap out of it! 606. get a photograph of the paparazzi's repeated attempts to snap a royal 598.Chinese Traditional / 中文繁體 619. 622. hurried. 2002 608. retort. clap Every minute or so I could hear a snap. spur-of-the-moment. I didn't mean to snap at you.6. flash. crash. bark.Translations 609.Afrikaans / Afrikaans 611.adjective 604. burst. capture on film. fly off the handle. 597. sudden.Danish / Dansk 625.Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition.snap out of it (Informal) get over it. growl. 605. lash out at. pounce upon. 616. snarl. crack. smack. recover. jump down (someone's) throat (informal) I'm sorry. 612. blow your top He finally snapped when she prevented their children from visiting one weekend. explosion. freak (informal). bite at. picture.

Hebrew / ‫עברית‬ ְִִ 641.Portuguese / Português 667. 650. 666. 656.Latvian / Latviešu 657. 634. 642.Greek / Ελληνική 639.Russian / Русский 671.Japanese / 日本語 653. 672.Finnish / Suomi 633. 654.Norwegian / Norsk 663. 674.Lithuanian / Lietuvių 659.Serbian / српски 673. 678.Malay / Bahasa Melayu 661.Italian / Italiano 651. 632. 658. 646.Hindi / िहन्दी 643.Spanish / Español .Slovenian / slovenski 677.Romanian / Română 669. 640. 638.Icelandic / íslenska 647.Slovak / slovenčina 675.Hungarian / magyar 645.Indonesian / Indonesia 649. 636.Polish / Polski 665. 644.German / Deutsch 637. 652. 668.French / Français 635. 664.Korean / 한국어 655. 662. 670. 660. 648. 676.631.

1. (Phot) → sacar una foto de 707.B.4.Swedish / Svenska 681.2. 684. ----------------------692. it's a snap (US) (= easy) → eso está tirado.4. ruido m seco. energía f put some snap into it! → ¡menearse! 700. (= sound) → golpe m.Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt 691.679.2. (= break) [elastic] → romperse the branch snapped → la rama se partió 709. (= break) → partir.Ukrainian / українська 687.1. ADJ (= sudden) → repentino.D. 686. sin aviso snap decision → decisión f instantánea snap answer → respuesta f sin pensar. respuesta f instantánea snap judgement → juicio m instantáneo 702. 680.snap [snæp] 694. 693. quebrar(ESP LAM) 704. VT 703.1. (= energy) → vigor m. 688.5. (= short period) a cold snap → una ola de frío 698.C.Turkish / Türkçe 685. (= photograph) → foto f to take a snap of sb → sacar una foto de algn these are our holiday snaps → éstas son las fotos de nuestras vacaciones 697. (= click) → chasquear to snap one's fingers → chasquear los dedos to snap one's fingers at sb/sth (fig) → burlarse de algn/algo to snap a box shut → cerrar una caja de golpe to snap sth into place → colocar algo con un golpe seco 705. (= make sound) [whip] → chasquear it snapped shut → se cerró de golpe to snap into place → meterse de golpe . "be quiet!" she snapped → -¡cállate! -espetó ella enojada 706. 690. es muy fácil 701. of whip. 682.2.Urdu / ‫اردو‬ 689.3.A.3.6. of fingers] → chasquido m it shut with a snap → se cerró de golpe. [of sth breaking. N 695. se cerró con un ruido seco 696. (= attempt to bite) the dog made a snap at the biscuit → el perro se lanzó sobre la galleta 699. VI 708.Thai / ภาษาไทย 683.

(= break) → casser d'un coup sec He snapped the pencil → Il a cassé le crayon d'un coup sec. [dog] → intentar morder a algn don't snap at me! → ¡a mí no me hables en ese tono! 711. order etc] → soltar." dit-elle d'un ton brusque.A. 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992.snap out 720.(= say angrily) [person] → dire d'un ton brusque "That's enough!" she snapped → "Ça suffit!. espetar(con brusquedad) 722. [+ bad temper] → quitarse algo de encima snap out of it! [+ gloom etc] → ¡anímate!.(= photograph) → photo f. to snap sth in half → casser qch en deux 734. to snap at sb [person] → regañar a algn.F.A.B.Collins Spanish Dictionary . CPD snap fastener N (US) → cierre m (automático) 715.a cold snap → un refroidissement soudain de la température 731.snap [ˈsnæp] 726. (= move energetically) she snapped into action → echó a trabajar en seguida 712.vt 733. instantané m holiday snaps → photos fpl de vacances 729. VT + ADV → separar. lethargy] → sacudirse algo. 2000. 2005 724. 738. VI + ADV it snapped off → se desprendió. quebrar to snap sb's head off (fig) → regañarle a algn. VT + ADV [+ question.snap back VI + ADV to snap back at sb → contestar or hablar bruscamente a algn 716. VI + ADV to snap out of sth [+ gloom.snap up VT + ADV to snap up a bargain (fig) → agarrar una ganga our stock was snapped up at once → nuestras existencias quedaron agotadas al instante 723. ADV snap! → ¡crac! to go snap → hacer crac 713. [+ self-pity] → dejarse de algo. 1997. 728. 2003.(= sharp sound) → bruit m sec (= sound of something breaking) → craquement m The snap of a twig broke the silence → Le craquement d'une brindille a déchiré le silence.(= photograph) → prendre une photo de 737. EXCL → ¡lo mismo!.vi 739. 1993. 1971. echarle un rapapolvo a algn 718. se partió snap one's fingers → claquer des doigts 735.adj [judgement] → hâtif/ive to make a snap decision → prendre une décision hâtive it was a snap decision (= I decided immediately) → je me suis décidé tout d'un coup a snap election → une élection anticipée 732.E.3. Ltd. [+ bad temper] → ¡alegra esa cara! 721.G. 725. (= me too) → ¡yo también! 714.B.710.(= break) → céder (= break cleanly) → se casser net (= make noise) → se casser avec un bruit sec . snap sth shut → fermer qch d'un coup sec 736.n 727.(= game) sorte de jeu de bataille 730.4.snap off 717.Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co.

jaws. put a bit of snap into it → mach ein bisschen zackig! (inf) 757.(also snap out) to snap an order → bellend etwas befehlen. lining] → amovible (avec boutons-pression) 748.vt sep [+ offer] → sauter sur.snap 751.(Phot) → Schnappschuss m 755. (on handbag.(= fastener) → Druckknopf m 754. snap vote → Blitzabstimmung f 762.adv to go snap (= make sound) → schnapp machen.attr → plötzlich. .adj 761.n 752. to snap something into place → etw einschnappen lassen. entzweibrechen.[dog] → essayer de mordre to snap at sb/sth → essayer de mordre qn/qch 743. (sth breaking) → knacken.(inf. (with fingers) → Schnippen nt. = vigour) → Schwung m.(Phot) → knipsen 770.(Brit: = biscuit) → Plätzchen nt 758.[trap.(= break) → zerbrechen. spontan.snap off 745. to snap one’s fingers at somebody/something (fig) → auf jdn/etw pfeifen (inf) 767. → Schnalzen nt. bag] to snap shut → se refermer brusquement to snap open → s'ouvrir brusquement 744. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 749. bone → brechen 768. she snapped a few words at the children → sie pfiff die Kinder an 769. 740. bracelet) → fermoir m snap-on [ˈsnæpɒn] adj [hood.Collins English/French Electronic Resource.The branch snapped → La branche a cédé. (= break) → (knackend) entzweibrechen 764. I heard something snap → J'ai entendu le bruit sec de quelque chose qui se cassait. to snap a book shut → ein Buch zuklappen.(= sound) → Schnappen nt.interj I bought a green one — snap! (Brit inf) → ich hab mir ein grünes gekauft — ich auch! 765. (of whip) → Knall m 753.[person] (= lose control) → craquer 741.vt sep (= break) → casser 746. (of sth breaking) → Knacken nt.vt 766.(US inf: = easy) → kinderleicht 763.(Cards) → ˜ Schnippschnapp nt 756. (= click) → Klicken nt.cold snap → Kälteeinbruch m 759.(= speak angrily) to snap at sb → parler d'un ton brusque à qn 742.fingers → schnipsen or schnalzen mit. he snapped the lid down → er ließ den Deckel runterklappen. whip → knallen mit. to snap a purse shut → ein Portemonnaie zuschnappen lassen. saisir snap fastener n (US) (on clothes) → bouton-pression m.snap up 747.(US inf: = cinch) it’s a snap → das ist ein Kinderspiel or ein Klacks (inf) 760.

to snap to attention → zackig Haltung annehmen.3.(= speak sharply) → bellen (inf). something snapped (in him) → da hat (bei ihm) etwas ausgehakt (inf) 776. 2007 795. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.snap [snæp] 797.n → Karabinerhaken m 792. einschnappen.n → Schnappschuss m 794.n → Karabinerhaken m 786. adj (sudden. (of whip) → knallen.771. action. n 798. fish etc.(= click) → (zu)schnappen.snap fastener 783.2.n → Druckknopf m 784.c. there’s no need to snap → du brauchst nicht gleich so zu schnauzen! 773. judgement) → immediato/a.snapshot 793.Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991.n → Löwenmaul nt 782. snap to it! → mach ’n bisschen zackig! (inf) 775.snap lock 787. (= crack. of sth breaking.(of dog. to snap shut → zuschnappen.snap: 778. 1999.snap: 790. (decision) → repentino/a 802. (sound. 796.n → Schnappschloss nt 788. (answer. closing) → colpo secco.1. fig) → schnappen (at nach) 774. (of fingers) → schiocco a cold snap (fam) → un'improvvisa ondata di freddo the dog made a snap at the biscuit → il cane ha cercato di afferrare il biscotto with a snap of one's fingers → schioccando le dita 799.b. 1997. my patience finally snapped → dann ist mir aber der Geduldsfaden gerissen 772.snap ring 791. (break) → spezzare di netto .a.a. → schnappen (inf). (fam) (photo) → foto f inv 801. strike) → selvaggio/a. 789. 2005. to snap at somebody → jdn anpfeifen or anschnauzen (inf).snap hook 785.snap decision 779.(inf: = crack up) → durchdrehen (inf). zerbrechen. vt 803.snapdragon 781. (Cards) → rubamazzo 800.n → plötzlicher Entschluss 780. break) → entzweibrechen. 2004. 777.

(Phot) → fotografare. ulomit (se) brække. "be quiet!". to try to grasp with the teeth The dog snapped at his ankles. pękać partir a (se) sparge (cu un zgomot sec) ломать(ся).snap 819.b. napsauttaa (se) fermer d'un coup sec ‫ לסגור בנקישה‬तकडना. byt. 818. ķert ar zobiem menggigit happen glefse. non lasciarsi sfuggire un affare 816.snap out 813. отламывать(ся) zlomiť (sa). krimstelti kampt. brekke przełamywać.b.3 to (cause to) make a sudden sharp noise. škljocnuti utánakap menggigit glefsa (tentare di ֹ ִ ֹ ְָ mordere) かみつく 덥석 물다 grybštelti. knække ِ َْ zerbrechen σπάω απότομα partir katki prõksatama.snap off vt + adv → rompere con un colpo secco to snap sb's head off (fig) → aggredire qn 812.a. кусать chňapnúť hlastniti po zgrabiti nafsa ขบฟั น kapmak 猛咬 клацати ‫ اچانک دانت مارنا‬táp. klõpsuma ‫ صدا كردن‬napsahtaa.c. in moving etc The lid snapped shut. The handle of the cup snapped off. (fingers) → schioccare to snap one's fingers at sb/sth (fig) → infischiarsi di qn/qc to snap a box shut → chiudere una scatola di colpo 805. đớp 猛咬 821. चटकना slomiti. (break. murduma ‫ با صدا شكستن‬napsauttaa poikki. katketa (se) casser net (avec un bruit sec) ‫ להישבר פתאום‬तडकना. elastic) → spezzarsi 809. spezzarsi ぽきんと折 る (막대기 등이) 탁 부러지다 laužti.1. scattare una foto a 807. she snapped → "sta' zitto!". vi 808. (whip) → schioccare it snapped shut → si chiuse di scatto to snap back into place → scattare di nuovo a posto everything snapped into place (fig) → tutto fu chiaro 810. hacer/producir un ruido seco klõpsatama. vt + adv (order) → dare bruscamente 815.2 to break with a sudden sharp noise He snapped the stick in half. hap ‫ يعض‬захапвам chňapat snappe schnappen κάνω να δαγκώσω. sbottò 806.2. lūžti pārlauzt. smella (í sundur) spezzare. vi + adv snap out of it! (fam) → non lasciarti andare! 814. nolauzt mematahkan breken knekke. bryta (gå) av ทำาให้แตก และเกิดเสียงดังแหลม kır(ıl)mak 啪地一聲斷裂 відламатися ‫چٹاخ کی آواز کے ساتھ ٹوٹ‬ ‫ جانا‬bẻ gãy tách 啪地一声断裂 822.4. snappe chapnąć tentar morder a încerca să muşte хватать. odlomiť (sa) zlomiti pući knäcka[]. to snap at sb (dog) → cercare di mordere qn. κάνω «κρακ» chasquear.804. काट लेना ugristi.Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 817. (person) → rivolgersi a qn con tono brusco 811. َُ προσπαθώ να αρπάξω intentar morder napsama ‫ گازگرفتن‬näykkäistä essayer de mordre ‫ לנסות לנשוך‬काटना.d.c.1 (withat) to make a biting movement.snap up vt + adv → afferrare to snap up a bargain (fig) → accaparrarsi un affare. ֹ ּ ֵַ ְְ ִ ּ prelomiti elpattant mematahkan brjóta. कडकना sa škljocajem zatvorit ָ ִ ּ ֹ ִ ִ bekattan(t) berbunyi keras smella sbattere ぱたんと鳴る (뚜껑 등이) 탁 닫히다 .v snap [snӕp] 820. afbreek ‫ يكسر‬счупвам (се) zlomit (se). klap ‫يفرقع‬ ِْ َُ щраквам (се) zaklapnout klikke (zu)schnappen κλείνω απότομα με κρότο.

5 to take a photograph of He snapped the children playing in the garden.1 (the noise of) an act of snapping There was a loud snap as his pencil broke. आशु iznenadan. 부러지는 소리 trakštelėjimas krakšķis. foto ‫إلتقاط صوره‬ َ ِ снимка snímek snapshot.2 a photograph. slå ทำา เสียงดังแหลม birdenbire. knäck. afneem ‫يلتقط‬ ِ ََْ ‫ صورة فوتوغرافيه‬снимам cvaknout (foto) fotografere knipsen παίρνω φωτογραφία sacar ِّ ً una foto pilte klõpsima ‫ عكس انداختن‬napata valokuva prendre (en photo) ‫ לצלם‬फोटो लेना bez ְֵַ pripreme snimiti (fot. foto der Schnappschuß. plīkšķis. hablar con brusquedad nähvama ‫ پرخاش كردن‬tiuskaista dire d'un ton brusque “ ‫ -לנבוח” על‬गुससे मे बोलना oštro izgovarati riječi odamond membentak hreyta út úr sér gridare ַֹ ִ きつく言う 날카롭게 말하다 piktai pasakyti. atšauti atcirst. kraak ،‫قصم‬ ْ َ ‫ كسر‬щракване prasknutí knæk der Knacks ξερός κρότος.spragtelti noplīkšķēt. škljocaj csattanás bunyi keras ָ ְִ smellur colpo. gắt gỏng 怒气冲冲地尖声说 824. pilt ‫ عكس فوري‬valokuva photo (d'amateur) ‫ תצלום בזק‬फोटो snimka ָּ ּ ַ ָ fénykép foto tækifærismynd foto スナップ写真 스냅 사진 nuotrauka momentuzņēmums gambar kiekje fotografi zdjęcie foto fotografie (de amator) любительский снимок snímka posnetek fotografija kort. foto รูปถ่าย şipşak resim 拍片 моментальний знімок ‫ تصوير‬ảnh chụp nhanh 拍片 828.-mek 啪地一聲 брязкати ‫ اچانک تيز آواز نکالنا‬đóng tách 啪地一 声 823.adj 830. брязкання ‫ چٹخنے کی آواز‬sự cắn. glefse warknąć refilar a vorbi tăios рявкать odseknúť zabrusiti odbrusiti fräsa. skree ‫ يخاطب بسرعه وغضب‬тросвам се vyštěknout vrisse hervorstoßen λέω κοφτά. στιγμιότυπο foto instantánea foto..3 a kind of simple card game They were playing snap. forhastet ّ َ َُ ِ schnell αστραπιαίος. απότομα َ ََ َُِْ ِ ُ regañar. dubbel ‫ لعبة من ألعاب الورق‬игра на ََ ٌ َْ ُ карти karetní hra snap das Schnipp-Schnapp παιδικό παιχνίδι τράπουλας juego de naipes (laste) kaardimäng ‫( نوعي بازي‬eräs korttipeli) (sorte de) jeu de bataille ‫ משחק קלפים‬ताश का ְִָ ַ ׂ ִ एक खेल jednostavna kartaška igra snapszli permainan kartu leikur leikinn á spil rubamazzo スナップ 스냅카드놀이 (toks kortų lošimas) kāršu spēle (bērniem) permainan kad snap kortspill rodzaj gry w karty bisca (joc de cărţi) război снап kartová hra lažnivec tač snap การเล่นไพ่แบบง่าย ๆ ชนิ ดหนึ่ ง bastı (oyunu) 一種簡易的紙牌遊 戲 дитяча гра в карти ‫ تاش کا آسان کھيل‬lối chơi bài xnáp 一种简易的纸牌游戏 829. फौरी. knekk. strupi atbildēt membentak snauwen snerre.4 to speak in a sharp especially angry way Mind your own business!' he snapped. щелчок praskot tlesk prasak knäpp.n 826. smekk trzask estalido zgomot sec треск. sự đớp 喀嚓声 827. schiocco ぽきっ 부러짐. das Foto φωτογραφία. repentino kiire. cirtiens bunyi derak krak smell.) lefényképez (vkit) memotret smella af fotografare ぱちりと撮る 스냅 사진을 찍다 nufotografuoti nofotografēt mengambil gambar kieken knipse pstrykać tirar uma foto a fotografia фотографировать cvaknúť (fotografiu) posneti snimiti ta en bild av ถ่ายรูป şipşak resim çekmek 拍照 робити моментальний знімок ‫ تصوير کھينچنا‬chụp nhanh 拍照 825. хлопать zaklapnúť zaloputniti pući smälla. a snapshot He wanted to show us his holiday snaps. hetkeline ‫ ناگهاني‬pikainen subit ‫ ַהיר‬तातकािलक. της στιγμής precipitado. nagao hirtelen cepat fljótfærnislegur ִ‫מ‬ . knurre. smäll เสียงดังแหลม kırılma sesi 喀嚓聲 клацання. made etc quickly a snap decision. skälla พูดด้วยเสียงดังแหลม terslemek 怒氣衝衝地尖聲說 огризатися ‫ غصے ميں بولنا‬nói cáu kỉnh.. vinnig ‫ إرتجالي، متسرع‬бърз náhlý rap.done. κρακ ruido seco klõpsatus ‫صداي‬ َْ ‫ شكستگي‬napsahdus bruit sec ‫ נקישה‬टू टने की आवाज prasak. aizcirsties berbunyi derak (doen) klappen smelle trzaskać estalar a se închide cu un zgomot sec щёлкать.

çabuk 快速的, 乾脆的 живий. ters 急躁的 дратівливий ‫ چڑھا ہوا‬dễ gắt gỏng.3 smart He's certainly a snappy dresser. prompt You'll have to be snappy if you're catching that bus! gou ‫سريع، نشيط‬ َ َ пъргав rychlý hurtig. vel til hafður elegante スマートな 스마트한 puošeiviškas smalks. zarif 時髦的 модний. väledalt. 干脆 839. snabb คล่องแคล่ว hızlı. præcis flott σβέλτος rápido väle ‫ سريع‬ripeä vif ‫ זריז‬जलदी करो poletan.1 irritable. vresig เร่งรีบ huysuz.improvviso とっさの 급히 하는. bitsheid irritabilitet. fiks elegancki elegante şic модный.vinnigheid ‫ أناقه‬бързина nevrlost det. 즉석의 skubus. moment-snimka fénykép foto ָּ ּ ַ ָ skyndi-/tækifærismynd istantanea スナップ写真 스냅사진 nuotrauka momentuzņēmums gambar kiekje fotografi fotka foto fotografie (de amator) . чепурний ‫ تيز‬gọn gàng. stiilsus ‫ به سرعت‬äkeys. 초초한 sudirgęs.. kiekie ‫ لقطة فوتوغرافيه‬моментна снимка momentka ِّ ٌ َ َْ snapshot der Schnappschuß στιγμιότυπο foto instantánea momentvõte ‫عكس فوري‬ valokuva photo (d'amateur) ‫ תצלום בזק‬आशुिचत brza snimka. 仓促的 831. ִָ živahan csipkedni kell magad . geïrriteerd ‫ سريع الغضب وال ّ َيج‬раздразнителен nevrlý irritabel. staigus steidzīgs. väledus. негайний ‫ پھرتيل‬nhanh nhẹn 快速的,干脆的 834. kort for hovedet ّ ‫ته‬ َ َ َ schnippisch ευέξαπτος. fikst bissig γρήγορα. talpraesettség kenecisan hvefsni irritazione. huysuzluk 乾脆 жвавість. tige ‫ زودرنج‬äksy hargneux “‫ ”נובח‬िचडिचडा ֵֹ nervozan harapós kesal úrillur irritabile いらいらした 성급한. ζωηρότητα َ irritabilidad tigedus. snel. aceleyle. modieus ‫ أنيق‬елегантен elegantní smart flott κομψός elegante stiilne ‫ تند و فرز‬tyylikäs pimpant ‫ מתוחכם‬समाटर elegantan. απότομος irritable pire. 倉促的 раптовий. cáu kỉnh 急躁的 833. netjies. резкий nevrlý razdražljiv razdražljiv bitsk. polet ingerültség.netjies ‫ بأناقه‬бързо popudlivě smart. prostorekosť razdraženost razdražljivost kvickhet ความว่องไว çabukluk. stiilselt ‫ بطرز سريع‬äksysti. steigā veikts cepat onverwacht rask. fikst zgryźliwie elegantemente (pe un ton) arţăgos раздражительно popudlivo.n snappiness 838. raskhet zgryźliwość elegância arţag раздражительность nevrlosť. overilt nagły. rapt. ripeästi.adj snappy 832.adv snappily 836. elegantno secara necis hranalega con irritazione. ripeys. kvikk żwawy rápido prompt быстрый rýchly hiter brz kvick.a photograph taken quickly and without a lot of equipment That's a good snapshot of the children playing in the garden. ζωηρά de manera irritable َ tigedalt.. szybki rápido subit скоропалительный náhly nagel ishitren snabb ทำาอย่างรวดเร็ว çabuk.2 quick. eleganza 敏速 민활함 irzlumas īgnums kebengkengan chicheid. cepat snöggur rapido てきばきした 즉석의. acumirklīgs. thanh nhã 时髦的 835. harapósság. aksi aksi 直接了 當地,乾脆地 чепурно ‫ پھرتی سے‬dễ gắt gỏng 直接了当地,干脆地 837. щеголеватый elegantný eleganten elegantan flott. tyylikkyys hargne ‫דיבור חותך‬ ֵ ֹ ּּ ִ तुनक िमजाजी. tyylikkäästi d'un ton hargneux ‫בזריזות‬ ּ ִ तुनकिमजाजी से. шикарність ‫ لپک جھپک‬tính hay gắt gỏng. som er smart die Bissigkeit σβελτάδα. meistarīgs bergaya chic smart. irzlus īgns bengkeng bits irritabel zgryźliwy irritável arţăgos раздражительный. gyvas steidzīgs. моментальний ‫ جلدی ميں کيا گيا‬đột xuất. con eleganza てきぱきと 민활하게 irzliai īgni dengan bengkeng opeens.n snapshot 840. aceleye getirilen 突然的. lynraskt. 재빠른 nesnaudžiantis. शीघता živahnost. inclined to snap He is always rather snappy on a Monday morning. dotjeran ַ ּ ּ ְ elegáns necis fínn. podráždene osorno razdražljivo kvickt อย่างว่องไว çabucak. chic irritabelt. bất thần 突然的. ärtig ดูดี şık. शीघता से naglo. hastverks-. tūlītējs cepat vlug lynrask.

as: a. chộp lấy 赶快 845. paķert. Post (p st). ögonblicksbild การถ่าย ภาพรวดเร็ว şipşak fotoğraf (çekme) 快照 моментальний знімок ‫چھوٹے دستی کيمرے سے‬ ‫ بل اہتمام کھيںجی ہوئی فوری تصوير‬chụp ảnh nhanh 快照 841. 2. розкупити ‫ لپک لينا‬bắt lấy. A long piece of wood or other material set upright into the ground to serve as a marker or support. The bargains were snapped up. ära napsama ‫ قاپ زدن‬kahmia sauter sur ‫לחטוף‬ ֹ ֲַ उतसुकता से गहण करना zgrabiti kap vmin menyambar. Post. A support for a beam in the framework of a building.любительский снимок momentka hiter posnetek snimak kort.) chasquear los dedos sõrmi nipsutama ‫ بشكن زدن‬napsauttaa sormiaan faire claquer ses doigts ‫ ְהקליק אצבעות‬चुटकी बजाना pucketati prstima ujjával pattint ֹ ּ ֶ ִ ַ‫ל‬ ָ menjentikkan jari smella fingrum schioccare le dita 指を鳴らす (손가락으로 딱 소리 내어 누구의) 주의를 끌다 spragtelti pirštais sist knipi petik jari met de vingers knippen knipse med fingrene strzelać palcami estalar os dedos a pocni din degete щёлкать пальцами lusknúť prstami tleskniti s prsti pucnuti prstima knäppa med fingrarna ดีดนิ้ ว parmaklarını şaklatmak 捻手指(通常表示輕蔑或不在乎) ляскати пальцями ‫تال کے ساتھ‬ ‫ چٹکی بجانا‬bật ngón tay tanh tách 打响榧子. gå åt ฉวยมา sarılmak. 1. rozchytať zagrabiti ščepati sno åt sig. . klap ‫ يطقطق أصابعه‬щракам с пръсти lusknout prsty knipse med fingrene mit den َِ ُ ِ َْ ُ Fingern schnalzen χτυπώ το αντίχειρα με το μεσαίο δάχτυλο (π. She wrote Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage (1922) and a popular syndicated newspaper column. Emily Price 1872-1960. Post. opraap ‫( يلتقط، يخطف بسرعه‬раз)грабвам skočit po snuppe an َ ْ ُ ِ ُ ْ َ ِ ََْ sich reißen αρπάζω llevarse haarama. mark the rhythm in music etc. membeli cepat-cepat stökkva á (non lasciarsi sfuggire) 飛びつく 잡아 채다 nučiupti.Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. bli revet vekk capnąć agarrar a pune mâna (pe). American aviator who made the first solo flight around the world (1933). as an informal gesture eg to attract someone's attention. American etiquette authority. pakampt menyambar oppikken sikre seg.snap up 844.χ. 捻拇指(通常表示轻蔑) 843. nutverti saķert. üstüne atlamak 趕快 підхопити. post 1 (p st) grab eagerly I saw this bargain in the shop and snapped it up straight away. A similar vertical support or structure. snappe. American manufacturer of breakfast cereals and the coffee-substitute Postum. Charles William 1854-1914. για να τραβήξω την προσοχή κπ. Wiley 1899-1935. расхватывать skočiť po. a sări asupra cuiva раскупать.snap one's fingers make a sharp noise by moving the thumb quickly across the top joint of the middle finger.

6. present: post bail. 6. 7. [Middle English. 3. post·ing. A place to which someone is assigned for duty. from Old Italian. To announce by or as if by posters: post banns.] post 2 (p st) n. b. 5. A military base. An assigned position or station. post·ing. A terminal of a battery. see st . To denounce publicly: post a man as a thief. near either the basket or the foul line. from Vulgar Latin *postum. score. 7.] post 3 n.b. To assign to a specific position or station: post a sentry at the gate. The starting point at a racetrack. A local organization of military veterans.v. b. from Latin positum.v. from Italian posto. To display (an announcement) in a place of public view. posts 1. sounded in the evening as a signal to retire to quarters. to place. tr. 3. Games To gain (points or a point) in a game or contest. 5. 8. The slender barlike part of a stud earring that passes through the ear and is secured at the back with a small cap or clip. Indo-European roots. An electronic message sent to a newsgroup: ignored several inflammatory posts. To cover (a wall. serving as the focus of the team's offense. To put up signs on (property) warning against trespassing. from Latin postis. for example) with posters. 2. as of a guard or sentry. A trading post. neuter past participle of p nere. 5. post·ed. from Old English. posts 1. 1. 3. see apo. especially an appointed public office. 4. 4. To appoint to a naval or military command. post·ed. Either of two bugle calls in the British Army. 2. a. The grounds and buildings of a military base. To publish (a name) on a list. A position of employment. 1. Computer Science To send (an electronic message) to a newsgroup: posted a response to a question about car engines. (p st) . Basketball A position usually taken by the center. [French poste. Sports A goal post. tr. 3. 2. 4. To put forward. Indo-European roots.

The mail delivered. 2. To inform of the latest news: Keep us posted. To transfer (an item) to a ledger in Indo-European roots. feminine past participle of p nere. 2.a. 2. rapidly. b. a courier. see apo. to place. a length of wood. adv. To send by mail in a system of relays on horseback. With great speed. 3. To mail (a letter or package). To travel with speed or in haste. b. 4. posts Updated in 2009. 2. station. v.] The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language.intr. a. By mail. Chiefly British a. To bob up and down in the saddle in rhythm with a horse's trotting gait. All rights reserved. etc. post·ing. fixed upright in the ground to serve as a support. A post office. the finish of a horse race . To travel in stages or relays. from Latin posita. 2. 1. [French poste. v. 3. 1. 3. either of two upright poles marking the beginning (starting post) and end (winning post) of a racecourse b. Obsolete A rider on such a mail route. post·ed. Archaic One of a series of relay stations along a fixed route. from Vulgar Latin *posta. By post horse. from Old Italian posta. 5. A delivery of mail. furnishing fresh riders and horses for the delivery of mail on horseback. from Old French. etc. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Computer Science To enter (a unit of information) on a record or into a section of storage. relay station for horses. marker. 1. POST abbreviation for (Business / Commerce) point of sales terminal post1 n 1. metal. To make the necessary entries in (a ledger). b. A governmental system for transporting and delivering the mail. point of attachment. a. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Horse Racing) Horse racing a.. 3. b.

Accounting & Finance / Accounting & Book-keeping) (tr) Book-keeping a. appointment. (tr) Chiefly Brit to send by post US and Canadian word mail 2. a position or station to which a person. (Military) Brit either of two military bugle calls (first post and last post) ordering or giving notice of the time to retire for the night 5. (Military) Chiefly Brit to transfer to a different unit or ship on taking up a new appointment.. to announce by means of or as if by means of a poster to post banns 3. [from French poste. (Business / Commerce) See trading post [1] [2] vb 1. to enter (an item) in a ledger b. (Communication Arts / Printing. is assigned for duty 3. mail 2. (Military) a permanent military establishment 4. Lithography & Bookbinding) a size of writing or printing paper. ultimately from Latin pōnere to place] post3 n 1. packages. (tr) to inform of the latest news (esp in the phrase keep someone posted) . Brit another word for pillar box 8. esp 5¼ by 8¼ inches (post octavo) and 8¼ by 10¼ inches (post quarto) by return of post Brit by the next mail in the opposite direction vb 1. (often foll by up) to compile or enter all paper items in (a ledger) 4. Chiefly Brit letters. (Economics. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Furniture) any of the main upright supports of a piece of furniture. 15¼ by 19 inches or 16½ by 21 inches (large post) 10. Chiefly Brit a single collection or delivery of mail 3. Brit short for post office 9. etc. (Communication Arts / Printing. from Italian posto. (Historical Terms) (formerly) any of a series of stations furnishing relays of men and horses to deliver mail over a fixed route 6. (Electronics & Computer Science / Telecommunications) (tr) to make (electronic mail) publicly available 3. (Government. Lithography & Bookbinding) any of various book sizes. (Electronics & Computer Science / Telecommunications) an item of electronic mail made publicly available 5. such as a sentry. that are transported and delivered by the Post Office. such as a four-poster bed vb (tr) 1. to publish (a name) on a list [Old English. (tr) to assign to or station at a particular place or position 2. related to Old High German first ridgepole. job 2. Politics & Diplomacy) Brit an official system of mail delivery 4.3. (sometimes foll by up) to fasten or put up (a notice) in a public place 2. (Historical Terms) a rider who carried mail between such stations 7. Greek pastas colonnade] post2 n 1. a position to which a person is appointed or elected. etc. from Latin postis.

"he's not in my line of business" academicianship . rapidly 2. hasten adv 1. Inc. of paper (a pile of four to eight quires of handmade paper).the office of admiral . military machine. "he put the lamp back in its place" 2.a military post stationed at a distance from the main body of troops armed forces. Examples: post of ore (for smelting at one time). office. 1994. "a soldier manned the entrance post". from pōnere to put. war machine . place. lookout . Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms. letters or mail. place . position. "a sentry station" station bridgehead . spot job. military. billet. post .a station in a remote or sparsely populated location position. armed services.a job in an organization. (Historical Terms) (intr) (formerly) to travel with relays of post horses 7. line of work. business.a defensive post at the end of a bridge nearest to the enemy observation post. outstation . from Latin posita something placed.any facility servicing military forces military quarters . 2000. ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. with speed. collectively.5.a fortified military post where troops are stationed military installation . "there is an officer's club on the post" military post fort.the particular portion of space occupied by something. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group. place] Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. "he occupied a post in the treasury" berth. post . occupation.the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.the position where someone (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to stand. "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker" 3. All rights reserved.the military forces of a nation. (Historical Terms) by means of post horses [via French from Italian poste. Archaic to travel or dispatch with speed. perform a rising trot 6. line . situation.the position of member of an honorary academy accountantship .military installation at which a body of troops is elevated post affording a wide view outpost. 2003 Post a batch or pile. "this military post provides an important source of income for the town nearby". (Individual Sports & Recreations / Horse Training. post . "their military is the largest in the region". Riding & Manège) (intr) (of a rider) to rise from and reseat oneself in a saddle in time with the motions of a trotting horse. quarters for personnel on a military post outpost .the position of accountant admiralty . garrison .

the position of a curate curatorship .the position of apostle apprenticeship .the office and authority of a general governorship .the position of apprentice associateship .the office of an incumbent inspectorship . deanery .the office of cardinal chairmanship .the office and dignity of a bishop cadetship .the office of elder emirate .the position of chieftain clerkship .the position of judge khanate .the office of chancellor chaplaincy.the position of cadet caliphate .the office of a caliph captaincy. generalship .the position of a director of a business concern discipleship . captainship .ambassadorship .the position of controller councillorship.the post of consul controllership . judicature .the position of council member counsellorship.the position of comptroller consulship .the position of attorney bailiffship .the position or office of a dean directorship .the position of counselor curacy . councilorship .the post of lecturer legateship.the office of governor headship .the position of head headship .the position of chaplain chieftaincy.the position of custodian deanship.the position of instructor internship .the office of an emir fatherhood .the position of a medical intern judgeship. counselorship .the position or office of commander comptrollership .the status of a religious leader foremanship . episcopate .the status of a father fatherhood .the position of headmaster or headmistress hot seat . legation .the job of clerk commandership. chieftainship .a difficult position where you are subjected to stress and criticism incumbency . commandery .the office of inspector instructorship .the position of editor eldership .the office of bailiff baronetage .the post of ambassador apostleship .the position of chairman chancellorship .the post of captain cardinalship .the position of a khan lectureship .the position of foreman generalcy.the position of disciple editorship .the state of a baronet bishopry.the position of associate (as in an office or academy) attorneyship .the position of curator custodianship .the post or office of legate . chaplainship .

the position of magistrate managership . Post . telegraph post. newel post .the position of librarian lieutenancy .post connecting the crossbeam to the apex of a triangular truss lamppost . "the ball sailed between the uprights" whipping post . magistrature .legislatorship .a vertical pole or post decorated with streamers that can be held by dancers celebrating May Day newel.vertical tie post in a roof truss rudderpost. "lamps supported on standards provided illumination" stump .either of a pair of strong posts that support a windlass on a ship's deck corner post . "the road was closed to vehicular traffic with bollards" carrick bitt .the office of legislator librarianship .a vertical structural member as a post or stake.a post made of wood upright.a metal post supporting an outdoor lamp (such as a streetlight) maypole . Post .United States aviator who in 1933 made the first solo flight around the world (1899-1935) Wiley Post 6.the post at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs.a strong post (as on a wharf or quay or ship for attaching mooring lines).any vertical post or rod used as a support standard .the status of being a man marshalship .a square post supporting a structural member at the corner of a building gatepost .United States manufacturer of breakfast cereals and Postum (1854-1914) . post . "distance was marked by standards every mile". it supports the handrail queen post .tall pole supporting telephone wires timber . telephone pole .an upright pole or beam (especially one used as a support). Post . rudderstock .the position of a lieutenant upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position.a strong wooden or metal post with a point at one end so it can be driven into the ground stanchion .United States female author who wrote a book and a syndicated newspaper column on etiquette (1872-1960) Emily Post.a fixed post with a ring to which a horse can be hitched to prevent it from straying hop pole .(cricket) any of three upright wooden posts that form the wicket telegraph pole.the position of manager manhood .either of two posts that bound a gate goalpost .a vertical post at the forward edge of a rudder that enables the rudder to pivot stake .one of a pair of posts (usually joined by a crossbar) that are set up as a goal at each end of a playing field hitching post . bollard .post formerly used in public to which offenders are tied to be whipped 5. vertical .a tall pole to support the wires on which the hop plant is trained king post .the post of marshall 4. Emily Price Post 7. "he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them" bitt.

post in a public place 2. Post. delivery . mail communicating. put into a post. make an announcement. or as if with. rural free delivery .a pole or stake set up to mark something (as the start or end of a race track). "email is much faster than snail mail" RFD.mail sent to public figures from their admirers. airmail . "a pair of posts marked the goal". postal service. send. W.a signal that involves visual communication starting post . denote . depute .give an assignment to (a person) to a post.any mail that is physically delivered by the postal service.assign to a post.mail sent by a sender at one time. accumulation. "they could not act without official communication from Moscow" airpost. Charles William Post 8.mail that expresses the writer's dislike or hatred (usually in offensive language) mailing . "is there any post for me?". "affix the seal here" placard . "She denoted her feelings clearly" placard. post .a post marking the starting point of a race (especially a horse race) winning post . "The newspaper posted him in Timbuktu" assign.any particular collection of letters or packages that is delivered. "in England they call mail `the post'" mail service. "he works for the United States mail service". stick on . collection.assign to a station station. the activity of conveying information. delegate. bill .publicize or announce by placards 3. post . "the corner of the lot was indicated by a stake" stake visual signal . post .several things grouped together or considered as a whole fan mail .C. "I'll post the news on the bulletin board" announce.station (troops) in a fort . "the candidate sent out three large mailings" 9. "he hired someone to answer his fan mail" hate mail . a poster. post .publicize with.affix in a public place or for public notice.the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail). post .a system of conveying mail by aircraft snail mail .the post at the end of a racecourse 10. "it came by the first post".station (troops) in a fort or garrison fort .the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office. "the mail handles billions of items every day".make known. "if you hurry you'll catch the post" bringing.the delivery and collection of letters and government delivery of mail in outlying country areas 11. or assign a task to (a person) 4. designate. "post a warning" affix. "his reluctant delivery of bad news" Verb 1. post .the activity of communicating. post . post . "your mail is on the table". place garrison . "she was opening her post" mail aggregation.attach to. assemblage . communication .

"post a sign". place . "Move those boxes into the corner. cipher. "transmit the news". post . "transfer the data".move from one place to another.ride on horseback 9. Farlex clipart by being carried on horseback equitation.send by rapid transport or special messenger service. are best airmailed" register .set up for use.ride Western style and bob up and down in the saddle in rhythm with a horse's trotting gait horseback riding. "the scouts marked the trail". put down . "send me your latest results". "I'll mail you the paper when it's written" mail. "transfer the data". post . post . riding .mark or expose as infamous.include in a list.make a record of. "She was branded a loose woman" brand call . locate. "The company located some of their agents in Los Angeles" 5. "She expressed the letter to Florida" airmail . "transfer the patient to another hospital" 8.move from one place to another. "ash marked the believers' foreheads" 10. riding . as of records in sports games record. "We put in a new sink" 11. "Am I listed in your register?" 7.cause to be directed or transmitted to another place. "transmit the news".assign a location to. in addition or multiplication. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. post .cause to move or shift into a new position or place. enter. "Express-mail the documents immediately" transfer . Farlex Inc. "I'd like to register this letter" express-mail . "She called her children lazy and ungrateful" Based on WordNet 3.move. send express . install. set up .0.the sport of siting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements ride horseback . post .send by express mail or courier. put in. "I'm moving my money to another bank". post . post . "put down 5 and carry 2" transfer . "stake out the path" stake mark .S. "He called me a bastard".place so as to be noticed. "install the washer and dryer".transfer (entries) from one account book to another carry carry .display. horseback riding. .make or leave a mark on. displace .ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality. set down in permanent form 6. both in a concrete and in an abstract sense. "Letters to Europe from the U.send or transport by airmail.transfer (a number. "The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant" site. please".mark with a stake. "transfer the patient to another hospital" 12. post . or remainder) to the next column or unit's place before or after.enter on a public list list . "post a warning at the dump" put up instal.send by registered mail.

place. keep someone posted notify. palisade. post2 noun 1. make something known. snail mail (informal) You'll receive your book through the post. employment. announce. newel Eight wooden posts were driven into the ground. delivery. base. collection. put on duty After training she was posted to Brixton. upright. station Quick. mail He flipped through the post without opening any of it. affix. picket. establish. locate. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995.post1 noun 1. dispatch. display. advise. billet (informal) Sir Peter has held several senior military posts. position. correspondence. advertise. publicize. stick something up. position. standard. inform. keep someone up to date. position. shaft. assignment. promulgate. berth (informal). verb send (off). stake. beat. mail. situate. publish. back to your posts! verb station. 2. appointment. men. report to. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. keep someone informed. column. apprise. mail. office. rushing to catch the post 2. post3 noun support. transmit. keep someone plugged-in (slang) Keep me posted on your progress. consign I'm posting you a cheque tonight. put. pole. job. proclaim. place. letters. 2002 Translations Select a language: Afrikaans / Afrikaans Arabic / ‫العربية‬ Bulgarian / Български . verb put something up. stock. fill someone in on (informal). pillar. assign. pale. get off. postal service. forward. cards. situation. place. brief. pin something up Officials began posting warning notices.

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(= put up) [+ bill. CPD post hole N → agujero m de poste post2 [pəʊst] A.Thai / ภาษาไทย Turkish / Türkçe Ukrainian / українська Urdu / ‫اردو‬ Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt ----------------------post1 [pəʊst] A. (= inform) to keep sb posted (on or about sth) → tener or mantener a algn al corriente or al tanto or informado(de algo) 5. marking) → estaca f see also bedpost. notice] (also post up) → poner "post no bills" → prohibido fijar carteles 2. score] → registrar. deaf A1 see also doorpost. (Comm) (also post up) [+ transaction] → anotar. loss] → registrar 4. registrar (US) (St Ex) [+ profit. N . (= announce) [+ exam results] → hacer público. N 1. (Internet) → enviar por correo electrónico C. (Sport) the starting/finishing post → el poste de salida/llegada the winning post → la meta to be left at the post → quedar muy en desventaja see also first A see also pip 3 B. (US) (Sport) [+ time. sacar to post sth/sb (as) missing → dar algo/a algn por desaparecido 3. metal] → poste m (also goalpost) → poste m (de la portería). pillar A 2. [of wood. obtener 6. VT 1. (for fencing.

casilla f (postal or de correo(s)) (LAM) Post Office Savings Bank N → Caja f Postal de Ahorros post office worker N → empleado/a m/f de correos post3 [pəʊst] A. (Hist) (= rider) → correo m. (high-ranking) → ocupar un cargo to take up one's post (gen) → ocupar el puesto. N 1. (high-ranking) → entrar en funciones. voy al correo(LAM) the Post Office N → la Dirección General de Correos post office box N → apartado m de correos. (= cost) → gastos mpl de envío post and packing → gastos mpl de envío 6. VT (= send by post) (also post off) → mandar or enviar por correo (Brit) (= put in mailbox) → echar al correo or al buzón this was posted on Monday → esto se echó al correo or al buzón el lunes to post sth to sb → mandar or enviar algo a algn por correo he posted a message to a newsgroup (Internet) → dejó un mensaje en un grupo de discusión C. (= office) → correos m. ocupar el cargo she resigned to take up a post at the university → dimitió porque consiguió un puesto en la universidad .1. recogen el correo a las 8. (= delivery) → primer reparto m. (Brit) (= mail service) → correo m by post or through the post → por correo first-class post → correo m preferente your cheque is in the post → su cheque está en el correo second-class post → correo m normal see also first-class B see also registered B see also return A1 2.30 → la recogida del correo es a las 8. primera entrega f last post (= collection) → última recogida to miss the post → no llegar a tiempo para la recogida del correo it will arrive in the second post → llegue en el segundo reparto 5. (= job) (gen) → puesto m. (= mailbox) → buzón m to drop or put sth in the post → echar algo al correo or al buzón to drop or put sth in the post to sb → enviar or mandar algo a algn 4.30. (high-ranking) → cargo m she's been offered a research post → le han ofrecido un puesto or un trabajo de investigadora to hold a post (gen) → ocupar un puesto. correos m. (= letters) → correo m is there any post for me? → ¿hay correo para mí? 3. (= delivery) → entrega f the post goes at 8. (= coach) → posta f B. CPD post horn N → corneta f del correo post office N → oficina f de correos.30 the post is late → el correo se ha retrasado to catch the post → echar el correo antes de la recogida first post (= collection) → primera recogida f. correo m (LAM) I'm going to the post office → voy a correos. (= collection) → recogida f.

2003. cheque] → avoir été posté(e) The cheque's in the post → Le chèque a été posté. [+ soldier. 1971. 2000. guard. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 . CPD post exchange N (US) (Mil) → economato m militar. (British) (= collection) → levée f (British) (= letters.2. policeman] → poster (British) [+ employee] to post sb overseas → affecter qn à l'étranger to be posted overseas → être affecté(e) à l'étranger to post sb to [+ city. 1993.Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. delivery) → courrier m Is there any post for me? → Est-ce qu'il y a du courrier pour moi? by return of post (British) → par retour du courrier (= job. soldier] → poste m vt (British) (= send by post) → poster I've got some cards to post → J'ai quelques cartes à poster. (Mil) [+ sentry. (Brit) (= send) [+ diplomat. (for gun) → emplazamiento m at one's post → en su puesto border or frontier post → puesto m fronterizo first post → (toque m de) diana f last post → (toque m de) retreta f see also command C see also customs B see also observation B B. (Mil) (= place of duty. [sentry. country] → affecter qn à [+ notice] → afficher to post sth on the Internet → poster qch sur l'Internet post up vt sep [+ notice] → afficher to post a sign up → mettre un écriteau Collins English/French Electronic Resource. sentry. 2005 post [ˈpəʊst] n (British) (= mail service) → poste f by post → par la poste to get sth through the post → recevoir qch par la poste to be in the post [letter. soldier] → destinar to post sb abroad → destinar a algn al extranjero 3. guard] → apostar 2. (US) (Jur) [+ collateral] → pagar to post bail → pagar la fianza C. 1996. 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. situation) → poste m (= pole) → poteau m The ball hit the post → Le ballon a heurté le poteau. Ltd. VT 1. stronghold) → puesto m. cooperativa f militar Collins Spanish Dictionary . 1997.

research → weiterführend. nacheiszeitlich postgrad n adj (Brit inf) = postgraduate postgraduate n jd. auf dem schnellsten Wege post horn n → Posthorn nt post house n (Hist) → Posthalterei f post: postman n (Brit) → Briefträger m. → Postgraduierte(r) mf adj work. post degree → zweiter akademischer Abschluss or Grad. der seine Studien nach dem ersten akademischen Grad weiterführt. gebührenfrei postglacial adj → postglazial. adv → portofrei. studies. post student → Postgraduierte(r) mf posthaste adv → schnellstens. post course → Anschlusskurs m. postgradual. bei dem für einen Brief mit einem Kuss bezahlt wird postmark . (picture) post → Ansichtskarte f post chaise n (Hist) → Postkutsche f postclassical adj → nachklassisch post code n (Brit) → Postleitzahl f post: postdate vt cheque etc → vordatieren (= be later than) → später datieren als (+nom) postdoctoral adj → nach der or im Anschluss an die Promotion postedit vti (Comput etc) text etc → nachbearbeiten post: post-free adj. → Postbote m postman’s knock n postbag n (Brit) → Postsack m postbox n (Brit) → Briefkasten m postcard n → Postkarte f. post diploma/scholarship → Postgraduiertendiplom nt → /-stipendium nt.

to hold or have a post on something → etw hinterher erörtern postnatal adj → nach der Geburt. → Leichenöffnung f (fig) → nachträgliche Erörterung. the letter is posted “Birmingham” → der Brief ist in Birmingham abgestempelt postmaster n (Brit) → Postmeister m postmaster general n pl <postmasters general> → ˜ Postminister(in) m(f) postmeridian adj (form) → nachmittäglich post meridiem adv (form) → nachmittags postmistress n (Brit) → Postmeisterin f postmodern adj → postmodern postmodernism n (= style) → Postmoderne f (= era) → Postmodernismus m postmodernist n → Postmodernist(in) m(f) adj → postmodernistisch postmortem n (also postmortem examination) → Obduktion f. → Autopsie f. post box (abbr PO Box) → Postfach nt. envelope → frankiert. he has £2000 in post savings or in the Post Office Savings Bank (Brit) → er hat £ 2000 auf dem Postsparbuch postoperative adj → postoperativ post-paid adj → portofrei. post worker → Postarbeiter(in) m(f). postpartal. date as post → Datum nt → des Poststempels vt → (ab)stempeln. post walk → Verdauungsspaziergang m . to reply post → mit freigemachter Postkarte/freigemachtem Briefumschlag antworten postpartum adj → post partum. post depression → Postpartum-Depression f post: postposition n (Gram) → Nachstellung f.n → Poststempel m. (= part of speech) → Postposition f postpositive adj (Gram) → nachgestellt postprandial adj (hum) → nach dem Essen. freigemacht adv → portofrei. postnatal (spec) post office n → Postamt nt. the Post Office (= institution) → die Post®.

aufstellen (= send. (= lamp post) → Pfahl m. has the post been? → war die Post® schon da? (Hist) → Post f. heute wird keine Post ausgetragen. guard → postieren. a chain of posts along the border → eine Postenkette entlang der Grenze. sentry. “post no bills” → „Plakate ankleben verboten“. assign) → versetzen. it’s in the post → es ist unterwegs or in der Post. to post a wall with advertisements → eine Wand plakatieren or mit Werbeplakaten bekleben (= announce) concert etc → durch Anschlag bekannt machen. → Posten m. to post a reward → eine Belohnung ausschreiben. a frontier or border post → ein Grenzposten m. (= no letters) → heute ist keine Post (für uns) gekommen. to die at one’s post → im Dienst sterben (Mil: = camp. he was left at the post → sie ließen ihn stehen ? deaf vt (= display: also post up) → anschlagen. a metal post → ein Metallpfosten m. a wooden post → ein Holzpfosten or -pfahl m. post exchange (abbr PX) (US) von der Regierung betriebener Vorzugsladen für Truppenangehörige. to return to the post → zur Garnison zurückkehren. the horses were at the post → die Pferde standen am Start. (= in post office) → etw zur Post® bringen. article etc) → Nachwort road n (Hist) → Poststraße f postscript(um) n (abbr PS) (to letter) → Postskriptum nt. most of the officers live on the post → die meisten Offiziere leben in der Garnison. (= telegraph post) → Mast m. (to book. by post → mit der Post®. starting/winning or finishing post → Start-/Zielpfosten m. to be posted (as) missing → als vermisst gemeldet sein post2 n (Brit: = job) → Stelle f. to travel post → mit der Post(kutsche) reisen . last post → Zapfenstreich m (= trading post) → Handelsniederlassung f vt (= position) → postieren. (Mil) → abkommandieren. auf dem Postweg (form). to hold a post → eine Stelle innehaben (esp Mil: = place of duty) → Posten m. the whole post fell sick → die ganze Garnison wurde krank (Brit Mil: = bugle call) first post → Wecksignal nt. to miss the post (letter) → nicht mehr mit der Post mitkommen. gains. station) → Posten m. (person) → rechtzeitig zur Leerung kommen. doorpost etc) → Pfosten m. to drop something in the post → etw (in den Briefkasten) einwerfen. to leave the post → die Garnison verlassen. he added a postscript (fig: in speech) → er fügte noch eine Bemerkung hinzu post1 n (= pole. to catch the post (letter) → noch mit der Post mitkommen. (fig: to affair) → Nachspiel nt. at one’s post → auf seinem Posten. to be posted to a battalion/an embassy/a ship → zu einem Bataillon/an eine Botschaft/auf ein Schiff versetzt or (Mil) → abkommandiert werden. there is no post today (= no delivery) → heute kommt keine Post. profits → veröffentlichen. (person) → die Leerung verpassen. to look for/take up a post → eine Stelle suchen/antreten. he has been posted away → er ist versetzt or (Mil) → abkommandiert worden post3 n (Brit: = mail) → Post® f.

© William Collins Sons & Co. vt a.või ehasignaal aamu/iltasoitto première/dernière sonnerie de clairon takarodó panggilan sangkakala morgun-/kvöld lúðurkall . Ltd. 1999. (announce) → annunciare to post sb/sth (as) missing (Mil) → dare qn/qc per disperso/a post2 [pəʊst] 1. ‫ نداء الصباح أو المساء‬reveille der Morgenappell. einstecken. (Mil) → posto at one's post → al proprio posto 2. (in letterbox) → einwerfen. (send) → spedire per posta. 2007 post1 [pəʊst] 1. der َ ّ ِ Zapfenstreich εγερτήριο. n (pole) → palo starting/finishing post (for race) → palo di partenza/arrivo to be left at the post → rimanere indietro alla partenza to be pipped at the post → essere battuto/a sul filo del traguardo (fig) → perdere per un pelo 2. (also post up) (notice. n a. (= send by post) → mit der Post® schicken. assign) → inviare (Mil) → assegnare Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 post [pəust] in the army. (inform) to keep sb posted → tenere qn al corrente post3 [pəʊst] 1. all transactions must be posted (up) weekly → alle Geschäftsvorgänge müssen wöchentlich verbucht werden vi (old: = travel by post) → mit der Post(kutsche) reisen Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005.vt (Brit: = put in the post) → aufgeben. sentry) → piazzare b. (Brit) (send. list) → affiggere b. (Comput) → abschicken. 1997. 2005. (job) → posto to take up one's post → assumere la propria carica b. imbucare b. n (Brit) (mail) → posta by post → per posta by return of post → a giro di posta to catch/miss the post → arrivare/non arrivare in tempo per la levata it's in the post → è stato spedito to take sth to the post → andare a spedire qc has the post come yet? → è già arrivata la posta? it went first post this morning → è partito stamattina con la prima posta 2. σιωπητήριο toque de diana/retreta koidu. vt a. vt a. 2004. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. (position. mandare per posta (Brit) (put in mailbox) → impostare. the morning/evening bugle-call. I posted it to you on Monday → ich habe es am Montag an Sie abgeschickt (= inform) to keep somebody posted → jdn auf dem Laufenden halten (= enter in ledger: also post up) → eintragen (→ to in +acc).

bưu kiện 邮政 v to send (a letter etc) by post He posted the parcel yesterday. eerste by die wenpaal ‫ يربح، يفوز‬печеля být první v cíli vinde als erster das Ziel erreichen َ َْ َ τερματίζω πρώτος. op die hoogte hou ‫ يستمر في إعطاء المعلومات‬информирам َْ ِ َْ َ průběžně informovat holde orienteret jemanden auf dem Laufenden halten κρατώ κπ. nugalėti uzvarēt memenangi als eerste de eindstreep halen komme først i mål..(primo/ultimo suono di tromba della ritirata) 就床(予備)らっぱ 기상/취침 나팔 rytinis/vakarinis signalas rīta/vakara junda signaal revelje. tyč drog stub stolpe เสา direk 柱 стовп. spedire per posta 郵送する 우편으로 부치다 (pa)siųsti paštu nosūtīt pa pastu mengeposkan op de post doen sende i posten.poštanski ured posta ָֹ pos póstur posta 郵便 우편 발송 paštas pasts pos post post poczta correio poştă. póstur.. стійка ‫ کھمبا‬cột 柱 be first past the post to win.služba vkit rendszeresen tájékoztat ַ ּ ּ ְ ֵָ ְִ memberi informasi gefa (e-m) reglulegar upplÿsingar um tenere informato. pos ‫ يرسل بالبريد‬изпращам по пощата َ ُِْ poslat poštou poste. खमभा. खूंटा stup oszlop tonggak stólpi. tappenstrek apel (ranny. staur palo 柱 기둥. postiga saatma ‫ با پست فرستادن‬postittaa poster ‫ לשלוח בדואר‬िचपकाना odnijeti na poštu. tenere al corrente 情 報を提供する 정보를 알리다 nuolatos (ką) informuoti pastāvīgi informēt memaklumkan perkembangan op de hoogte houden holde (noen) orientert informować kogoś na bieżąco manter (alguém) informado a ţine la curent держать в курсе priebežne informovať stalno obveščati informisati hålla ngn à jour แจ้งให้ทราบ sürekli olarak haberdar etmek 使(某人)瞭解. wieczorny) toque a suna goarna сигнал на горне ranné / večerné trúbenie budnica/znak za spanje revelj/tapto kalk/yat borusu (軍隊中)早晨起床號和晚上熄燈號 (军队中)早晨起床号和晚 上熄灯号 post1 n post [pəust] a long piece of wood. parcels etc I sent the book by post. pālis. Is there any post for me? pos ‫ بريد‬поща pošta post die Post َ ταχυδρομείο correo post ‫ پست؛ بسته پستی‬posti poste. vinne przebiec linię mety jako pierwszy. paal ‫ عمود‬стълб sloup pæl. usually fixed upright in the ground The notice was nailed to a post. шест stĺp. тримати в курсі ‫ مسلسل اطلع کرنا‬thông báo kịp thời 使(某人)了解. courrier ‫ דואר‬खंभा pošta. metal etc. miets tiang paal stolpe.. sende mit der Post schicken ταχυδρομώ mandar por correo posti panema. a gate-post. poste nadawać .. transporting and delivering) letters. post2 n post [pəust] (the system of collecting. komma först i mål ชนะ kazanmak (賽跑時)首先衝過終點 займати перше місце ‫ جيتنا‬chiến thắng (赛跑时)首先冲过终点 keep (somebody) posted to give regular information to (a person). corespondenţă почта pošta pošta pošta post การไปรษณีย์ posta 郵政 пошта ‫ ڈاک‬thư. the winning-post. målstrek słup poste stâlp столб.poslati poštom ָֹ ּ ַֹ ִ ַ felad (levelet) mengeposkan póstsenda impostare. ּ ַ 말뚝 stulpas stabs. ενήμερο mantener a alguien informado (kedagi) kursis hoidma ‫ در جريان فرار دادن‬pitää jk ajan tasalla tenir au courant ‫ להישאר מעודכן‬ताजी खबरे देते रहना namještenje. Has the post arrived yet?. κερδίζω llegar el primero a la meta võitma ‫ برنده شدن‬ylittää maaliviiva ensimmäisenä être premier au fil d'arrivée ‫ לנצח‬जीतना polazna točka (cilj) győz menang sigra. wygrać atingir primeiro a meta a trece primul linia de sosire выиграть byť prvý v cieli zmagati pobediti vinna. ֵ ְַ vera fyrstur í mark essere primo al traguardo 勝つ 선거에 (어렵게) 이기다 laimėti. -pæl der Pfosten στύλος poste َ post ‫ تير‬pylväs poteau ‫ עמוד‬सतंभ.

porte َ ْ saatekulu ‫ هزينه پست‬postikulut tarif postal ‫ דמי משלוח‬डाक शुलक poštarina postaköltség tarif pos ַֹ ִ ְֵ póstburðargjald tariffa postale. ~pillar box) a box into which letters etc are put to be collected (and sent to their destination). डाक-बाकस poštanski sandučić (utcai)levélgyűjtő szekrény bis surat póstkassi cassetta ָֹ della posta 郵便ポスト 우체통 pašto dėžutė pastkaste peti surat brievenbus postkasse skrzynka pocztowa marco cutie de scrisori почтовый ящик poštová schránka nabiralnik poštansko sanduče brevlåda ต้ไปรษณีย์ posta kutusu 郵政信箱(郵筒) поштова скринька ‫پوسٹ باکس، خط‬ ู ‫ ڈالنے کا صندوق‬thùng thư 邮政信箱(邮筒) n postcard [ˈpəuskaːd] a card on which a message may be sent by post. the system of sending letters etc the postal service. or concerning.pos post{#169} post. posgeld ‫رسوم‬ ُ ‫ الرسال بالبريد‬пощенски разноски poštovné porto das Porto ταχυδρομικά τέλη franqueo. post.เกี่ยวกับที่ทำาการไปรษณีย์ posta ile ilgili 郵政的;郵局的 поштовий ‫ ڈاک‬thuộc bưu điện 邮政的;邮局的 postage stamp a small printed label fixed to a letter.‫ پستی‬posti. pohlednice postkort die Postkarte κάρτα.. posseël ‫طابع‬ َ ‫ بريدي‬пощенска марка poštovní známka frimærke die Briefmarke γραμματόσημο sello postal postmark ‫ تمبر پست‬postimerkki timbre-poste ‫ בול דואר‬डाक िटकट. καρτ ποστάλ postal . ~ˈmailbox. often with a picture on one side (a picture postcard) She sent me a postcard of the Taj Mahal when she was in India. poskaart ‫بطاقه بريديه‬ ِّ َ ِ пощенска картичка dopisnice. which can be exchanged at another post office for the amount of money paid for it.mandar pelo correio a trimite prin poştă отправлять по почте poslať poštou poslati poslati poštom posta ส่งจดหมาย postalamak 郵寄 відсилати поштою ‫ ڈاک سے خط بھيجنا‬gửi bưu điện 邮 寄 n postage [-tidʒ] (the money paid for) the sending of a letter etc by post The postage was $1. posverwant ‫بريدي‬ َ пощенски poštovní post.20..postal ‫ של הדואר‬डाकीय ָֹ ַ ׁ ֶ poštanski postai pos póst. affrancatura 郵便料金 우편 요금 pašto išlaidos pasta izdevumi/tarifs bayaran pos port porto opłata pocztowa porte tarif poştal почтовый сбор poštovné poštnina poštarina porto ค่าส่งของทางไปรษณีย์ posta ücreti 郵資 поштові витрати ‫ ڈاک کا محصول‬bưu phí 邮资 adj postal of. posbus ‫ صندوق بريد‬пощенска кутия poštovní schránka postkasse der َ ُْ Briefkasten ταχυδρομικό κουτί buzón postkast ‫ صندوق پستی‬postilaatikko boîte aux lettres ‫תיבת‬ ָּ ֵ ‫ דואר‬पत पेटी.pocztowy postal poştal почтовый poštový pošten poštanski postal. posorder ‫ حواله بريديه‬пощенска разписка poštovní poukázka ّ َ َّ postanvisning die Postanweisung ταχυδρομική επιταγή giro postal rahakaart ‫حوالۀ پولی‬ postiosoitus mandat-poste ‫ המחאת דואר‬पोसटल आडरर novčana uputnica postautalvány ָֹ ַָ ַ pemberitahuan pos póstávísun vaglia postale 郵便為替 우편환 pašto perlaida pārvedums pa pastu wang pos postwissel postanvisning przekaz pocztowy vale денежный почтовый перевод poštová poukážka poštna nakaznica novčana uputnica postanvisning ธนาณัติ posta havalesi 郵 政匯票(匯款單) грошовий переказ ‫ ڈاک کي ہنڈي‬thư chuyển tiền 邮政汇票(汇款单) n postbox [ˈpəusboks] (alsoˈletterbox. ταχυδρομικός postal posti. parcel etc to show that postage has been paid. डाक-मुदाक poštanska marka ָ ֹ ּּ levélbélyeg perangko frímerki francobollo 郵便切手 우표 pašto ženklas pastmarka setem pos postzegel frimerke znaczek pocztowy selo timbru poştal почтовая марка poštová známka poštna znamka poštanska markica frimärke ดวงตราไปรษณียากร posta pulu 郵票 поштова марка ‫ڈاک‬ ‫ ٹکٹ‬tem thư 邮票 postal order a printed document bought at a post office.Post-.postale 郵便の 우편의 pašto pasta.

तेज hitno. sporenstreks w największym pośpiechu à pressa în mare grabă очень быстро čo najrýchlejšie na vrat na nos brzo i ilfart อย่างรวดเร็วมาก acele. छाप poštanska marka postabélyegző cap pos póststimpill ָֹ ֶֶֹ timbro postale 消印 소인 pašto antspaudas pasta zīmogs cap pos postmerk poststempel stempel pocztowy carimbo ştampilă poştală почтовый штемпель poštová pečiatka žig poštanska oznaka . portofrit portofrei που δεν έχει ταχυδρομικό τέλος porte pagado postimaksust vaba ‫ معاف از هزينه ی پستی‬ilman postikuluja franco ‫ ללא דמי משלוח‬डाक भार मुकत ַֹ ִ ְֵ ְ plaćen poštarinom. pastkarte poskad prentbriefkaart postkort karta pocztowa bilhete postal (carte poştală) ilustrată почтовая открытка pohľadnica razglednica razglednica postkort. showing the date and place of posting. par brīvu percuma portvrij portofri(tt) bez opłaty avença franco. en kısa zamanda 火急地 поспішно. portofritt ที่ไม่ ต้องเสียค่าไปรษณีย์ ücretsiz 免付郵資的 без поштової оплати ‫ بل کسي ڈاک خرچ کے‬miễn phí bưu điện 免付邮资的 adv post(-)ˈhaste very quickly He travelled post(-)haste to London. posstempel ‫ ختم البريد‬печат poštovní razítko َ َْ poststempel der Poststempel ταχυδρομική σφραγίδα matasellos postitempel ‫ مهر پست‬postileima cachet de la poste ‫ חותמת דואר‬मोहर. in franchigia postale 郵便料金前納の 우편 요금 무료의 be pašto mokesčio bez sūtīšanas izdevumiem. and cancelling the postage stamp The postmark read `Beirut'. vykort ไปรษณียบัตร kartpostal 明信片 поштова листівка ‫ پوسٹ کارڈ، پيغام لکھنے کا کارڈ‬bưu thiếp 明信片 n postcode [ˈpəuskoud] (Americanzip code) a set of letters and numbers added to the address on a letter to make delivery easier.franko díjmentes bebas bea án póstburðargjalds franco di posta. poskode ‫ رقم بريدي‬пощенски код směrovací číslo postnummer die Postleitzahl ََ ταχυδρομικός κώδικας código postal postiindeks ‫ کد پستی‬postinumero code postal ‫ מיקוד‬िपन कोड ּ ִ poštanski broj postai irányítószám kode pos póstnúmer codice postale 郵便番号 우편번호 pašto kodas pasta indekss/kods poskod postcode postnummer kod pocztowy código postal cod poştal почтовый индекс smerovacie číslo poštna številka poštanski broj postnummer รหัสไปรษณีย์ posta kodu 郵遞區號 поштовий індекс ‫ترسيل کو ٓاسان بنانے کے ليے خط پر لکھے جانے والے کوڈ نمبرات‬ mã vùng 邮政编码 adj / adv post-ˈfree without charge for sending by post You can send it post-free. листоноша ‫ ڈاکيہ‬người đưa thư 邮递员 n postmark [ˈpəusmaːk] a mark put on a letter at a post office. lielā ātrumā dgn pantas in allerijl i hui og hast. póstur postino 郵便配達人 우편 집배원 laiškininkas pastnieks posmen postbode postbud/-mann doręczyciel carteiro poştaş почтальон poštár poštar poštar brevbärare บุรุษไปรษณีย์ postacı 郵差 поштар. spoedpos ‫ بأقصى سرعه‬много бързо co َُْ ْ nejrychleji i huj og hast schnellstens ολοταχώς a toda prisa. posvry ‫ خالص أجرة البريد‬без َ َْ ِ пощенска такса vyplaceně portofri. con toda urgencia tuhatnelja ‫با شتاب‬ kiireimmiten en toute hâte ‫ במהירות‬शीघ गामी. стрімголов ‫ بہت تيزي سے‬cấp tốc 火急地 n postman [ˈpəusmən] (Americanˈmailman) a person whose job is to (collect and) deliver letters etc Has the postman been this morning yet? posman ‫ ساعي البريد‬пощальон listonoš postbud der/die Briefträger(in) َ ταχυδρόμος cartero kirjakandja ‫ پستچی‬postinjakaja facteur/-trice ‫ דוור‬डािकया poštar postás tukang ַָ pos póstmaður.ekspres(no) lóhalálában cepat í skyndi (in ּ ִ ּ ִ gran fretta) 大急ぎで 빨리 labai greitai steidzīgi.postkaart ‫ کارت پستال‬postikortti carte postale ‫ גלוית דואר‬पोसट काडर poštanska dopisnica (postai) ָ ֹ ָּ ְ levelezőlap kartupos bergambar póstkort cartolina 郵便ハガキ 우편엽서 atvirukas atklātne. scutit de taxe poştale пересылаемый по почте бесплатно zadarmo franko plaćena poštarina portofri.

görev 職位 посада. posmeester ‫ مدير مكتب البريد‬управител на поща poštmistr postmester َ َ َ ُ der/die Postvorsteher(in) διευθυντής ταχυδρομείου jefe de oficina de correos. nosūtīt ar uzdevumu menugaskan utk bekerja uitzenden. . parcels etc Where is the nearest post office? poskantoor ‫ مكتب البريد‬поща poštovní úřad postkontor die Post ταχυδρομείο oficina de correos َ َ َ postkontor ‫ پستخانه‬posti bureau de poste ‫ סוכנות דואר‬डाक घर poštanski ured. pos ‫ مكان تأدية الواجب، نقطة مراقبه‬пост stanoviště ََ ُ َ ْ ُ ِ َِ َ post der Posten πόστο. a teaching post. pos. इशतहार लगाना dodijeliti službu kinevez ְִָ mengirim. должность zamestnanie. postenis jawatan. позиція ‫ کام کي جگہ‬vị trí đứng gác 岗位 3 a settlement. tjänst หน้าที่ iş. embede der Posten θέση. почтовое отделение poštový úrad pošta pošta postkontor ที่ทำาการไปรษณีย์ postane 郵局 пошта ‫ ڈاک خانہ‬bưu điện 邮局 post3 n post [pəust] 1 a job He has a post in the government. apmetne pusat nederzetting. post utpost.poststämpel ตราประทับบนไปรษณียภัณฑ์ posta damgası 郵戳 поштовий штемпель ‫ڈاک کي مہر‬ dấu bưu điện 邮戳 n postmaster [ˈpəusmaːstə] the manager of a post office. stazione 交易所 주둔지 punktas nometne. pašto skyrius pasts. affecter ‫ להציב‬िचपकाना. posisie ‫ وظيفه ، مهنه‬работа َْ ِ َ َ zaměstnání stilling. pos ،‫مخفر‬ َْ َ ‫ معسكر‬станция stanice -post. overplaatsen stasjonere. kamp 駐地,營區 торгове поселення ‫ٓابادي، خيمہ‬trạm thông thương buôn bán 驻地,营 区 v to send somewhere on duty He was posted abroad. stasjon posterunek posto post пост stanovište. assegnare 配置する 배치되다 (pa)siųsti dirbti norīkot darbā. kerja betrekking jobb. stilling posada lugar funcţie. miesto služba posao befattning. starf posto 職 직. plats. jefa de oficina de correos postkontori ülem ‫ رئيس پستخانه‬postimestari receveur/euse des postes ‫ מנהל סניף דואר‬डाकपाल ָ ֹ ְִ ֵ ְָ upravitelj pošte postamester kepala kantor pos póstmeistari direttore/direttrice di un ufficio postale 郵便局長 우체국장 pašto viršininkas pasta priekšnieks (-ce) Ketua Pos postdirecteur postmester naczelnik poczty chefe dos correios diriginte de poştă начальник почтового отделения poštmajster poštni upravnik upravnik pošte postmästare ผู้อำานวยการของการ ไปรษณีย์ posta müdürü 郵政局長 поштмейстер. přidělit udstationere versetzen διορίζω. bază гарнизон stanica postojanka naselje handelsstation ฐาน konak. 관직 postas. tarnyba amats.vojna postaja állomás pos verslunarstöð á strjálbÿlu ָ ֶ svæði posto. geplaas ‫ يرسل في واجب‬изпращам ِ ُِْ poslat. darbs. leir placówka posto colonie. vị trí 职位 2 a place of duty The soldier remained at his post. menugaskan senda (til starfa) inviare. начальник поштового відділення ‫ڈاک خانہ کا‬ ‫ ناظم‬người quản lý bưu điện 邮政局长 post office an office for receiving and dispatching letters. apostar komandeerima ‫به‬ ‫ ماموريت گسيل داشتن‬komentaa poster. ָׂ ִ darbas. cargo ametikoht ‫شغل‬ toimi poste ‫ משרה‬पद. καθήκον puesto vahipost ‫ جای کار؛ محل قرارگيری‬työpiste poste ‫ עמדה‬पद सथल ָ ֶ služba őrhely pos (varð)staða posto 持ち場 구역 postas postenis pos post (vakt)post. नौकरी namještenje állás pekerjaan staða. post пост. camp etc especially in a distant or unpopulated area a trading-post. τοποθετώ destinar. post. αξίωμα puesto de trabajo. -station die Niederlassung σταθμός puesto (kauplemis)punkt ‫قرارگاه‬ َْ َُ sijoituspaikka comptoir ‫ עמדה‬चौकी garnizom. місце ‫ ملزمت‬chức vụ. pasta ēka pejabat pos postkantoor postkontor/-hus urząd pocztowy estação dos correios oficiu poştal почта. verplaas.glavna pošta posta ָֹ ּ ֹ kantor pos pósthús ufficio postale 郵便局 우체국 paštas. služba mesto položaj post ที่ม่ัน görev yeri 崗位 пост.

ignite. Burning intensity of feeling. To cause to burn. tayin etmek 派遣 призначати на посаду ‫ ڈيوٹي پر بھيجنا‬bố trí. . A rapid. 2. To maintain or fuel a fire in. 7. launch (a missile). struck by rifle fire. especially the exothermic oxidation of a combustible substance. for example). To start (a fuel-burning engine). 3. Games To score (a number) in a game or contest. To add fuel to (something burning). persistent chemical change that releases heat and light and is accompanied by flame. b.utkommandere til tjeneste skierować do pracy. 5. 2. Discharged bullets or other projectiles: subjected enemy positions to heavy mortar fire. a. 1. 5. 7. b. Intense. fire (f r) n. 1. See Synonyms at dismiss. dismiss. The launching of a missile. a trial or torment. c. To propel (a projectile). To detonate (an explosive). b. a. Informal To throw with force and speed. c. To dry by heating. fired. a. kommendera จัดให้ ทำางาน atamak. Luminosity or brilliance. 8. b. See Synonyms at passion. 3. To bake in a kiln: fire pottery. repeated attack or criticism: answered the fire from her political critics. A severe test. b. a. a. 4. a forest fire. make enthusiastic or ardent. To utter or direct with insistence: fired questions at the senator. To arouse the emotions of. To light (something) up as if by fire: The morning sun fired the tops of the trees. 4. fires v. brilliance. Often used with up. To discharge from a position. To discharge (a firearm. Enthusiasm. or similar ballistic body. förlägga. as of a cut and polished gemstone. a numi назначать на должность poslať. fir·ing. rocket. a. hurl: fire a ball at a batter. a. Often used with up: warriors who were fired by patriotism. A fever or bodily inflammation. preložiť namestiti poslati placera. 6. ardor. b. 8. c. b. Liveliness and vivacity of imagination. The discharge of firearms or artillery: heard the fire of cannon. wysłać na placówkę colocar a trimite. a. b. 6. Burning fuel or other material: a cooking fire. đặt 派遣 Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd.

To shoot a weapon: aimed and fired at the target. from Old English f r. Phrasal Verbs: fire away Informal To start to talk or ask questions. one inherited directly from Germanic. Exposed or subjected to enemy attack. ablaze. c. To tend a fire. Used of a neuron. Typically. Exposed or subjected to critical attack or censure: an official who was under fire for mismanagement. The Indo-European form behind *f r is *p r. flame up. 2. the other." English has descendants of both. Informal To project or hurl a missile: The pitcher wound up and fired. on fire 1. a. To become angry or annoyed. whence also the Greek neuter noun . such as water or fire. a. one word in the pair was active.v. To ignite fuel. 4. the other borrowed from Latin. fire off 1. Physiology To generate an electrical impulse. as in an engine. Idioms: between two fires Being attacked from two sources or sides simultaneously.intr. 2. In the case of the pair of words for "fire. To become ignited. b. To detonate an explosive. as grain. To write and send (a letter. 3. start/light/build a fire under Slang To urge or goad to action. Filled with enthusiasm or excitement. 2. 5. 2. To become excited or ardent. animate. from Germanic *f r. Ignited. for example) in haste. In Old English "fire" was f r. 1. 7. To utter or ask rapidly.] fire a·ble adj. under fire 1. b. fir er n. see pa w in Indo-European roots. 6. Our word fire goes back to the neuter member of the pair. and personified. [Middle English fir. Word History: Primitive Indo-European had pairs of words for some very common things. To become yellowed or brown before reaching maturity. impersonal and neuter in grammatical gender.

and personified word for fire. fire [faɪə] n 1. also come from *egnis. and often smoke 2. b. a flash or spark of or as if of fire 7. in a state of ignition b. a. building. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. producing heat. "fire" (deified as Agni. as of imagination. the active. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. flames. 11. artillery. to delay or be delayed no smoke without fire the evidence strongly suggests something has indeed happened on fire a. a burst or rapid volley a fire of questions 9. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. a. The other Indo-European word for fire appears in ignite.. a destructive conflagration. The Russian word for fire. ardour 10. fever and inflammation 13. ignis. All rights reserved. liveliness. to ignite b. from Indo-European *egnis. (Military) to delay firing b. Updated in 2009.p r. (in combination) firewood firelighter 3. a device for heating a room. etc. the state of combustion in which inflammable material burns. a severe trial or torment (esp in the phrase go through fire and water) catch fire to ignite draw someone's fire to attract the criticism or censure of someone hang fire a.. the act of discharging weapons. which is derived from the Latin word for fire. animate. ogon' (stem form ogn-). a burning sensation sometimes produced by drinking strong alcoholic liquor 12. the source of the prefix pyro-. Informal playing or performing at the height of one's abilities (Military) open fire to start firing a gun. thought. intense passion. to arouse or excite set the world or (Brit) the Thames or (Scot) the heather on fire Informal to cause a great sensation (Military) . the god of fire). etc. artillery. ardent or eager c. and the Sanskrit agni-. the shells. play with fire to be involved in something risky set fire to or set on fire a. etc. used esp in a hearth to heat a room b. wood. fired 8. etc. as of a forest. 4. etc. a mass of burning coal. 5. something resembling a fire in light or brilliance a diamond's fire 6. etc. etc.

— pyrogenic. Gunnery. New Age. [Old English fȳr. . etc. (intr) to tend a fire 8. a large-scale fire or conflagration. a hypothetical ingredient thought to be released during combustion. pyrogenous Geology. a cry to warn others of a fire 2. (tr) to provide with fuel oil fires the heating system 7. 1994. fix the glaze. — phlogistic. adj. Ordnance & Artillery) to discharge (a firearm or projectile) or (of a firearm. ignite 6. Leo. (Military / Firearms. etc. phlogiston Obsolete Chemistry. Gunnery. (tr) to heat slowly so as to dry 10.. adj. (Spirituality. (Military) the order to begin firing a gun. Old High German fūir. to glow or cause to glow 12. (Military / Firearms. (tr) Informal to dismiss from employment 4. incendiarism the deliberate destruction of property by fire. 2003 Fire See also heat. insurance. (tr) to subject to heat 9. and Sagittarius Compare earth [10] air [20] water [12] vb 1.) to play well or with enthusiasm sentence substitute 1. (intr) Austral informal (of a sportsman. for revenge. Ordnance & Artillery) to detonate (an explosive charge or device) or (of such a charge or device) to be detonated 3. adj. arson. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Ceramics) (tr) Ceramics to bake in a kiln to harden the clay. etc. related to Old Saxon fiur. (tr) to arouse to strong emotion 11. Old Norse fūrr. empyrosis Obsolete. produced by the action of heat. 1998. (Medicine / Surgery) Vet science another word for cauterize 15. artillery. etc. 2000. smoke arsonist a person who destroys property by fire. etc. as by weapons or by harsh criticism 24. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Agriculture) (intr) (of grain) to become blotchy or yellow before maturity 14. — incendiary.) to be discharged 2. etc. hot solutions.under fire being attacked. 5. (Engineering / Mechanical Engineering) (intr) (of an internal-combustion engine) to ignite 13. Aries. to kindle or be kindled. Astrology & Self-help / Astrology) (modifier) Astrology of or relating to a group of three signs of the zodiac. Greek pur] fireable adj fireless adj firer n Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. n.

pyrolatry the worship of fire. See also barrage fire. To detonate the main explosive charge by means of a firing system. pyrophilia a love of fire.pyrography the process of burning designs on wood or leather with a heated tool. distributed fire. scheduled fire. registration fire. prairie fire . Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. smoulder . 2. natural event. radar fire. 1.a large outdoor fire that is lighted as a signal or in celebration brush fire . adj. call fire. — pyrograph. adj.a very intense and uncontrolled fire forest fire . bonfire . occurrent . preparation fire. direct supporting fire. ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun uncontrolled fire that consumes brush and shrubs and bushes campfire . — ustorious. observed fire. destruction fire. — pyrographic.a smoky fire to drive away insects .an uncontrolled fire in a wooded area grassfire.a fire that is set intentionally in order to slow an approaching forest fire or grassfire by clearing a burned area in its path balefire.a fire that burns with thick smoke but no flame.a small outdoor fire for warmth or cooking (as at a camp) conflagration. "they lost everything in the fire" happening. covering fire. pyromania a persistent compulsion to start fires. harassing fire. pyromancy a form of divination involving fire or flames. grazing fire. pyrophobia an abnormal fear of fire. pyrolator a uncontrolled fire in a grassy area smolder. tephromancy a form of divination involving the examination of the ashes remaining after a sacrifice. tephramancy. The command given to discharge a weapon(s). the act or process of burning or searing. pyrolater. inferno . US Department of Defense 2005. fire . counterfire. supporting fire. Inc. indirect fire. All rights event that happens backfire . counterpreparation fire. ustulation Rare. suppressive fire. neutralization fire. vesuvian an early type of match that was difficult to extinguish. pyrographer. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group.the event of something burning (often destructive). n. direct fire. searching fire. occurrence. ustulate. -Ologies & -Isms. "the smoulder suddenly became a blaze" smudge .

onset. the center of the cone of fire does rise above 1 meter from the ground harassing fire . "the attack began at dawn" antiaircraft fire .fire dispersed so as to engage effectively an area target friendly for which the point of impact (the burst) can be seen by an observer. burst.the simultaneous firing of all the armament on one side of a warship fusillade. "the shelling went on for hours without pausing" broadside .fire from two or more points so that the lines of fire cross destruction fire .fire designed to disturb the rest of enemy troops and to curtail movement and to lower enemy morale indirect fire . "artillery provided covering fire for the withdrawal" concentrated fire.prearranged fire delivered at a predetermined time searching fire .fire approximately parallel to the ground. delivered on a specific target in response to a request from the supported unit covering from two or more weapons directed at a single target or area (as fire by batteries of two or more warships) counterfire .fire that makes it difficult for the enemy to fire on your own individuals or formations. distributed in depth by successive changes in the elevation of the gun supporting fire . cover .gunfire aimed a target that is being tracked by radar registration fire . volley. fire .fire delivered to obtain accurate data for subsequent effective engagement of targets scheduled fire . "hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes".fire that is delivered in order to render the target ineffective or unusable observed fire . onslaught . battery . salvo .fire directed to an area to prevent the enemy from using that area neutralization fire . "our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise" call fire . fratricide . "they laid down a barrage in front of the advancing troops".fire on or about a weapon system to degrade its performance below .the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific that injures or kills an ally hostile fire .firing at enemy aircraft barrage fire.the act of firing weapons or artillery at an delivered on a target that is visible to the person aiming it distributed fire . fire can be adjusted on the basis of the observations preparation fire .fire that injures or kills an enemy grazing fire .fire delivered on a target in preparation for an assault radar fire delivered for the sole purpose of destroying material objects direct fire . massed fire . shelling.intensive prearranged fire delivered when the immanence of enemy attack is discovered crossfire .rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms. "they retreated in the face of withering enemy fire" firing intended to neutralize or destroy enemy weapons counterpreparation fire .fire delivered by supporting units to protect or assist a unit in combat suppressive fire .fire delivered on a target that is not itself used as the point of aim for the weapons interdiction fire . barrage.(military) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons).

visitation. fire . fire . flaming blaze. blast criticism. cannon fire .one of four substances thought in ancient and medieval cosmology to constitute the physical universe. "don't give me any flak" flack.a fireplace in which a relatively small fire is burning. trial . "put the kettle on the fire". "the government has come under attack".excessive fervor to do something or accomplish some end. fervour.feelings of great warmth and intensity. blazing .a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light flare . fire . fire . "The soldiers were popping" .the use of an archaic expression element . "fire a gun". "fire a bullet" discharge pop .fire a shot. "he spoke with great ardor" fervency.disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings. ardour passion. "the hearth was black with the charcoal of many fires" 5. "fire was one of our ancestors' first discoveries" flame. for which the point of impact (the bursts) cannot be observed artillery fire.a fire for cooking delivered by artillery 3. ardor.cause to go off. "his mother-in-law's visits were a great trial for him".an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event. fire . open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built.a strong flame that burns brightly.a substance that can be consumed to produce energy. fire .the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke.start firing a weapon open fire shoot.intense adverse criticism. burning . "they developed alternative fuels for aircraft" 8. fire .fuel that is burning and is used as a means for cooking.the process of initiating combustion or catching fire 4. flak. "he went through fire and damnation" tribulation. "the blaze spread rapidly" combustion. open fireplace . "life is full of tribulations". fire . unfavorable judgment . fervor. fervidness. archaism .a severe trial. "more fuel is needed during the winter months". fire .once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles) archaicism. "the gunman blasted away" 2. "the senator received severe criticism from his opponent" Verb 1.a strong feeling or emotion zeal . "barbecue over an open fire" fuel . "Clinton directed his fire at the Republican Party". "they sat by the fire and talked" cookfire .what is needed to fulfill its mission objectives unobserved fire . "he laid a fire in the hearth and lit it". "a visitation of the plague" 9. "he had an absolute zeal for litigation" 7. passionateness . "the alchemists believed that there were four elements" a weapon with a loud explosive noise. "the fireplace was so large you could walk inside it".a sudden burst of flame ignition . blast .

"The storyteller touched a chord" ask as from a gun. give the sack. response. run off. "people are needed who have experience in cookery". "raise a smile". invite . or emotion. loose off .to cause a sharp emotional pain. "make a mess in one's office". drive out.cook and make edible by putting in a hot oven. terminate retire . criticism. etc. give the axe. "The supermarket had to turn back many disappointed customers" 7. "They hired two new secretaries in the department". "The new boss cleaned out the lazy workers" furlough. "The soldiers let drive their bullets" shoot. "bake the potatoes" 4. "rekindle her love" infatuate . discharge 6. fire . cooking. blast . drive off. "The President's comments drew sharp criticism from the Republicans".make (someone) retire. drive away. elicit. send packing. dispel. "The comedian drew a lot of laughter" rekindle .stop associating with. engage . "Drive away potential burglars".arouse again. and responses).attack with fusillade forth (emotions.make or cause to be or to become. "The company terminated 25% of its workers" give notice. kindle. employ. "Some employees were squeezed out by the recent budget cuts" remove .the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat. lay off . "create a furor" touch a chord. fire . "She was laid off together with hundreds of other workers when the company downsized" squeeze out .dismiss. "drive away bad thoughts". fire .force out. "love has infatuated her" prick . dismiss. "cooking can be a great art". provoke. discharge from an office or position. "They dropped her after she had a child out of wedlock" hire. "How many people has she employed?" 5. drop . can. "The director was pensioned off when he got senile" clean out . dismiss. "evoke sympathy" arouse.elicit out or away by or as if by fire. "The boss fired his secretary today". turn back .engage or hire for work.remove from a position or an office send away.. "this writer strikes a chord with young women". "arouse pity". preparation . "dispel doubts". sack. "The gun fired" go off. raise create. "invite criticism" draw . "the gunman blasted away" fusillade .let go from employment with an attractive pension. "fire pottery" cookery. displace.terminate the employment of. "ask for trouble".fire a shot. "His new car has infatuated him".force out. "he left the preparation of meals to his wife" bake .evoke a reaction. used both with concrete and metaphoric meanings. such as objections.force to go away.go off or discharge. "Surrender fires the cold skepticism" chase away. usually for economic reasons. "rekindle hopes".increase the likelihood of. make . fire . evoke. force out. feelings. send away.bake in a kiln so as to harden.let drive. applause. strike a chord . fire . "The thought of her unhappiness pricked his conscience" . enkindle. "The director was retired after the scandal" pension off . "The soldiers were fired". let fly.arouse unreasoning love or passion in and cause to behave in an irrational way.

overcome. verve. burn down burn. convector She switched on the electric fire. flak.cause to undergo combustion. vigour.stir the feelings. whelm. passion. upset. reproof. enthusiasm. fusillade. flames. excite. pizzazz or pizazz (informal) His punishing schedule seemed to dim his fire at times. élan. blaze. as with emotions or perceptual stimuli interest . lustre. dressing down (informal). eagerness.set a controlled fire to halt an advancing forest to prairie fire cremate . "The car burns only Diesel oil" backfire . rebuke. reprehension He said they should turn their fire on the opposition. cannonade His car was raked with fire from automatic weapons. dash. or peace of. inferno. sniping. "The wildfire scorched the forest and several homes". "Cremate a corpse" torch .undergo combustion. 2. shake . "Oil fires the furnace" fuel furnish. heat. fire . excitement. burn . injure. supply. energy. overcome . "You have ruined my car by pouring sugar in the tank!". vitality. vivacity. wound. "The refugees' fate stirred up compassion around the world". spirit. flak (informal). conflagration. shelling.0. ignite. verb . "They burned the house and his diaries" burn. sparkle. animation.excite the curiosity of. hail.cause to be ashamed spite. damage irreparably. barrage.cause to lose one's composure shame .make angry. light.destroy completely. heater. "The tears ruined her make-up" 9. blame. "The news angered him" discomfit. 3. sideswipe. remonstrance. shooting.provide with fuel. disapproval. heat.arouse or excite feelings and passions. firing. "the invaders scorched the land" ruin. Farlex clipart collection. "We provided the room with an electrical heater" Based on WordNet 3. castigation. 5. virtuosity.destroy by fire. criticism. overpower. life. Farlex Inc. "These stories shook the community". brio. 4. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. dynamism. condemnation. up. "Maple wood burns well" incinerate. salvo. overtake. radiance. destroy .hurt the feelings of.burn maliciously.destroy completely by or as if by fire. render . splendour. stir. fire noun 1. inflame . radiator. as by arson. intensity. scintillation. fervency. engage the interest of 8. untune. offend. reproach. emotions. "the civil war shook the country" excite . hurt . force. disconcert . sweep over. "Wake old feelings of hatred" stimulate. impetuosity. reprimand. zeal. stick (slang).give something useful or necessary to. bruise.arouse or elicit a feeling anger . "burn garbage". discompose. ardour. "She hurt me when she did not include me among her guests". "The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor". fervour. shake up. burning passion. volley. gunfire.reduce to ashes. combust . "This remark really bruised my ego" overwhelm. welly (slang). "The madman torched the barns" scorch . fire . stir up. bombardment. provide. combustion. holocaust A forest fire is sweeping across the country.

4. galvanize. alight. stir up. let off. sack (informal). quicken. give the boot (slang). lay off. give the sack to (informal). impassion They were fired with an enthusiasm for public speaking. show the door. fervent He was on fire. launch. shoot. rouse. 5. turpentine and cotton. chiefly U. & Canad. awaken. 2002 Translations Select a language: Afrikaans / Afrikaans Arabic / ‫العربية‬ Bulgarian / Български . discharge.1. light matches. into the fire" Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. aflame. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995.). inflame. kiss off (slang. detonate. passionate. burning. incite. on fire 6. discharge. set fire to. set aflame. motivate. give someone their cards. 3. eager. give marching orders. explode.S. electrify. torch. make redundant. set alight. (Informal) dismiss. put a match to. set ablaze. discharge. ablaze. with which they fired the houses catch fire ignite. stimulate. enkindle. blazing. detonate. slang). flare up. hurl. stir. eject. give the push. pull the trigger Soldiers fired rubber bullets to disperse crowds. enliven. let loose (informal). loose. give the bullet (Brit. (sometimes with up) inspire. youthfully impatient. flaming. fiery The captain radioed that the ship was on fire. animate. give notice. shoot. inspired. excite. burn The aircraft caught fire soon after take-off. kindle. cashier. shell. set off. burst into flames. in flames. set on fire. arouse. irritate. spur on. give someone his or her P45 (informal) She was sent a letter saying she was fired from her job. 7. inspirit. excited. touch off a huge gun designed to fire nuclear or chemical shells 2. ignite. ardent. Related words like pyromania fear pyrophobia Proverbs "Fight fire with fire" "Fire is a good servant but a bad master" "If you play with fire you get burnt" "Out of the frying pan. get rid of. enthusiastic.

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(= flames) → fuego m much of the town was destroyed by fire → el fuego causó la destrucción de gran parte de la ciudad fire and brimstone → el fuego eterno a fire and brimstone speech → un discurso lleno de referencias apocalípticas to catch fire [curtains. pain) → arder to set fire to sth. (= bonfire) → hoguera f.s. (in grate) → fuego m. car] → empezar a arder the aircraft caught fire soon after take off → poco después de despegar se inició un incendio en el avión fire damaged goods → mercancías fpl dañadas por el fuego to be on fire (lit) → estar ardiendo (fig) (with passion. furniture] → prender fuego. N 1.Thai / ภาษาไทย Turkish / Türkçe Ukrainian / українська Urdu / ‫اردو‬ Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt ----------------------fire [faɪəʳ] A. [engine. [house] → incendiarse. set sth on fire → prender fuego a algo to set o. (= fireplace) → lumbre f. lumbre f to lay or make up a fire → preparar el fuego or la lumbre to light a fire → encender un fuego or una lumbre 3. on fire → prenderse fuego to fight fire with fire → pagar con la misma moneda to play with fire → jugar con fuego to set the world on fire → comerse el mundo to go or come through fire and water (to do sth) → pasar lo indecible(por hacer algo) see also smoke A1 2. chimenea f come and sit by the fire → ven y siéntate a la lumbre or a lado de la chimenea . fogata f to make a fire → hacer una hoguera or una fogata 4.

(= heater) → estufa f electric/gas fire → estufa f eléctrica/de gas 7. la multitud . despedir you're fired! → ¡queda usted despedido! 5. [troops] → responder al fuego enemigo to be/come under fire (lit) → estar/caer bajo fuego enemigo (fig) → ser atacado the President's plan came under fire from the opposition → el plan del presidente fue atacado por la oposición to hang fire banks and building societies were hanging fire on interest rates → los bancos y las sociedades de préstamos hipotecarios dejaron en suspenso los tipos de interés several projects were hanging fire in his absence → varios proyectos quedaron interrumpidos en su ausencia see also line A11 8. building] → incendiar. (accidental) → incendio m 87 people died in the fire → 87 personas murieron en el incendio to be insured against fire → estar asegurado contra incendios bush fire → incendio m de monte forest fire → incendio m forestal 6. (= shoot) [+ gun] → disparar. (= passion) → ardor m to have fire in one's belly → ser muy ardoroso or apasionado B. [+ rocket] → lanzar. lanzar.. (Mil) → fuego m to draw sb's fire → distraer a algn(disparando a algo que no es el objetivo real) to draw fire (fig) → provocar críticas the proposed tax has already drawn fire from the opposition → el impuesto propuesto ya ha provocado las críticas de la oposición to exchange fire (with sb) → tirotearse(con algn) an exchange of fire → un tiroteo to hold (one's) fire (lit) → no disparar (fig) → esperar hold your fire! (when already firing) → ¡alto al fuego! to open fire (on sth/sb) → abrir fuego(sobre algo/algn) to return (sb's) fire → responder a los disparos(de algn). arrow] → disparar.5. [+ missile. (= operate) gas/oil fired central heating → calefacción f central a or de gas/de petróleo 3. the crowd → impulsados por el entusiasmo/por la determinación.. VT 1. prender fuego a 4. she fires others with energy → llena a los demás de energía C. (in kiln) [+ pottery] → cocer 6. VI . [+ shot] → efectuar to fire a gun at sb → disparar contra algn he fired a question at her → le lanzó una pregunta he continued to fire (off) questions at her → continuó acosándola con preguntas to fire a salute → tirar una salva 2. (= stimulate) [+ imagination] → estimular fired with enthusiasm/determination. (= dismiss) → echar(a la calle). (= set fire to) [+ property.

2000.Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. fire department (US) N → cuerpo m de bomberos we called the fire brigade → llamamos a los bomberos fire chief N (US) → jefe/a m/f de bomberos fire curtain N → telón m contra incendios fire department N (US) = fire brigade fire dog N → morillo m fire door N → puerta f contra incendios fire drill N → simulacro m de incendio fire engine N → coche m de bomberos fire escape N → escalera f de incendios fire exit N → salida f de incendios fire extinguisher N → extintor m fire hazard N the spilt oil was a fire hazard → el aceite derramado podía haber provocado un incendio fire hydrant N → boca f de incendios fire insurance N → seguro m contra incendios fire irons NPL → utensilios mpl para la chimenea fire practice N = fire drill fire prevention N → prevención f de incendios fire regulations NPL → normas fpl para la prevención de incendios fire retardant N → ignirretardante m fire risk N = fire hazard fire sale N → venta f de liquidación por incendio fire screen N → pantalla f de chimenea fire service N = fire brigade fire station N → estación f or (SP) parque m de bomberos fire tender. fire! → ¡atención."sure. aim. fire truck N (US) → coche m de bomberos fire tower N (US) → torre f de vigilancia contra incendios fire trap N edificio muy peligroso en caso de incendio fire warden N (US) persona encargada de la lucha contra incendios fire away VI + ADV "may I ask you something?" . CPD fire alarm N → alarma f contra or de incendios fire brigade. (Mil) → disparar (at. 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. to be on fire → être en feu . 1997. 1996. 1971. prender(LAM) 3. fire away!" → -¿puedo preguntarle algo? -¡adelante! or (LAM) -¡siga nomás! fire off VT + ADV see fire B1 fire up VT + ADV (fig) → enardecer to be/get fired up about sth → estar enardecido/enardecerse por algo Collins Spanish Dictionary . 1993. (= dismiss) see hire B D. fuego! 2. 2003. 2005 fire [ˈfaɪər] n (gen) → feu m He made a fire to warm himself up → Il a fait du feu pour se réchauffer. apunten. on a contra sobre) riot police fired on the crowd → la policía antidisturbios disparó sobre la multitud ready. (Aut) [engine] → encenderse. Ltd.1.

to fire a gun in the air → tirer en l'air to fire questions at sb → bombarder qn de questions [+ imagination] → enflammer. exciter (= sack) [+ employee] → mettre à la set fire to sth. you're fired! → vous êtes viré! vi → tirer. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 . to fire at sb → tirer sur qn The terrorist fired at the crowd → Le terroriste a tiré sur la foule. electric fire (mainly British) → radiateur m électrique gas fire (mainly British) → radiateur m à gaz vt [+ bullet] → tirer. to set sth on fire → mettre le feu à qch to catch fire (= start burning) → prendre feu to play with fire (= do sth dangerous) → jouer avec le feu to have fire in one's belly → avoir le feu sacré (accidental) → incendie m The house was destroyed by fire → La maison a été détruite par un incendie. renvoyer to be fired from one's job → être renvoyé(e) de son travail He was fired from his job → Il a été renvoyé de son travail. to fire on sb → faire feu sur qn fire alarm n → alarme f d'incendie Collins English/French Electronic Resource. faire feu She fired twice → Elle a tiré deux fois. [+ arrow] → décocher to fire a gun → tirer un coup de feu The gun had not been fired BUT L'arme n'avait pas servi. to fire a gun at sb (= shoot at) → tirer sur qn to fire a pistol at sb → tirer au pistolet sur qn The man fired a pistol at a patrol → L'individu a tiré au pistolet sur une patrouille. insured against fire → assuré(e) contre l'incendie a forest fire → un incendie de forêt to fight a fire [firemen] → combattre un incendie to fight fire with fire (fig) → combattre le feu par le feu (= shooting) → tirs mpl to be under fire [soldiers] → être sous le feu de l'ennemi to come under fire [soldiers] → essuyer le feu to come under fire from sb [soldiers] → essuyer le feu de qn to open fire (= start shooting) → ouvrir le feu to open fire on sb → ouvrir le feu sur qn to hang fire (= delay a decision) → attendre pour se décider to hold fire (= delay shooting) → suspendre le feu (= hold back) → attendre to be in the line of fire (= be a target) → être dans la ligne de tir to return fire (= shoot back) → riposter par le feu to draw fire from sb (= be shot at) → essuyer le feu de qn to draw fire for sth (= be criticized for) → essuyer des critiques pour qch (= heater) → radiateur m Turn the fire on → Allume le radiateur.

to fire questions at somebody → Fragen auf jdn abfeuern (inf: = dismiss) → feuern (inf) vi (= shoot) → feuern. to be in the line of fire (lit. he came under fire from the critics → er wurde von den Kritikern unter Beschuss genommen. fire! → Feuer!. Glasgow has more fires than any other city → in Glasgow brennt es häufiger als in anderen Städten. fig) → in der Schusslinie stehen (= passion) → Feuer nt. to have fire in one’s belly → von leidenschaftlicher Begeisterung erfüllt sein. to go through fire and water (fig) → durchs Feuer gehen ? house (= house fire. to fight fire with fire (fig) → mit den gleichen Waffen kämpfen. to set fire to something. to be caught between two fires (lit. you’re playing with fire (fig) → du spielst mit dem Feuer. rocket → zünden. to fire somebody with enthusiasm → jdn begeistern. fig) → unter Beschuss geraten. there was a fire next door → nebenan hat es gebrannt. to insure oneself against fire → eine Feuerversicherung abschließen (in grate) → (Kamin)feuer nt. schießen (→ at auf +acc). (= electric fire. he spoke with fire → er sprach mit Leidenschaft. when man discovered fire → als der Mensch das Feuer entdeckte. (fig) → jds Kritik auf sich (acc) → ziehen. to fire a salute → Salut schießen. gas fire) → Ofen m. passions → entzünden. entfachen (geh). to be on fire (fig) → brennen (→ with vor +dat) vt (= burn to destroy) → in Brand stecken pottery → brennen furnace → befeuern ? oil-fired. fig) → zwischen zwei Feuer geraten. fire! → Feuer!. abfeuern. (building. they have an open fire → sie haben einen offenen Kamin (Mil) → Feuer nt. fire! → (gebt) Feuer! (engine) → zünden. the house was on fire → das Haus brannte. jdn in Begeisterung versetzen gun. to fire a gun at somebody → auf jdn schießen. abgeben. she fired an elastic (band) at me → sie schoss ein Gummiband auf mich ab. to catch fire → Feuer fangen (also fig). (= apparatus) → Feuermelder m fire appliance n → Feuerwehrfahrzeug nt firearm . feurio (old). enthusiasm → befeuern. arrow → abschießen. (so as to destroy) → etw in Brand stecken. he’ll never set the world or the Thames (Brit) or the heather (Scot) on fire → von ihm sind keine Sensationen zu erwarten. forest etc also) → in Brand geraten. to draw fire from somebody (lit) → von jdm unter Feuer genommen werden. shot → abfeuern. to set something on fire → etw anzünden. gas-fired (fig) imagination → beflügeln. to come under fire ( n → Feuer nt. forest fire etc) → Brand m. the engine is only firing on three cylinders → der Motor läuft nur auf drei Zylindern fire: fire alarm n → Feueralarm m. “keep away from fire” → „von Feuer fernhalten“. to open fire on somebody → das Feuer auf jdn eröffnen.

(= ladder) → Feuerleiter f fire exit n → Notausgang m. (= wall) → Brandmauer f. → Aufwiegler(in) m(f) firebreak n (= strip of land) → Feuerschneise f. (= lightning) → Kugelblitz m (= meteor) → Feuerkugel f (fig inf: = person) → Energiebündel nt (inf) firebomb n → Brandbombe f firebrand n → Feuerbrand m (old) (= mischief-maker) → Unruhestifter(in) m(f). → schlagende Wetter pl fire department n (US) → Feuerwehr f firedog n → Kaminbock m fire door n → Feuertür f fire drill n → Probealarm m. (for firemen) → Feuerwehrübung f fire-eater n → Feuerfresser or -schlucker m fire engine n → Feuerwehrauto nt fire escape n (= staircase) → Feuertreppe f.n → Feuer. → Brandstifter(in) m(f) fire chief n (esp Brit) → Feuerwehrhauptmann m fire clay n → Schamotte f firecracker n → Knallkörper m firedamp n (Min) → Grubengas nt. (= sandbags etc) → (Schutz)wall m (gegen die Ausbreitung eines Feuers) firebrick n → Schamottestein m fire brigade n (Brit) → Feuerwehr f firebug n (inf) → Feuerteufel m (inf).or Schusswaffe f fireball n (of nuclear explosion) → Feuerball m. (= external stairs) → Feuertreppe f fire-extinguisher n → Feuerlöscher m firefight .

these old houses are a fire → bei diesen alten Häusern besteht Brandgefahr fire hose n → Feuerwehrschlauch m firehouse n (US) → Feuerwache f. fire operation → Feuerlöschaktion f firefly n → Leuchtkäfer m fireguard n → (Schutz)gitter nt (vor dem Kamin) fire hazard n to be a fire → feuergefährlich sein. fire marshal n (US) → Feuerwehrhauptmann m fireplace n → Kamin m fireplug n (dated US) → Hydrant m firepower n (of guns. army) → Feuerkraft f fire prevention n → Brandschutz m fireproof adj → feuerfest vt materials → feuerfest machen fire raiser n (esp Brit) → Brandstifter(in) m(f) .n (Mil) → Schusswechsel m firefighter n (= fireman) → Feuerwehrmann m → /-frau f. (= voluntary helper) → freiwilliger Helfer/freiwillige Helferin (bei der Feuerbekämpfung) firefighting adj attr techniques. → Feuerwehrzentrale f fire hydrant n → Hydrant m fire insurance n → Feuer. indem man ihn über die Schulter wirft (Rail) → Heizer m. team → zur Feuerbekämpfung. fire equipment → Feuerlöschgeräte pl. jdn hochheben bzw tragen.or Brandversicherung f fire irons pl → Kaminbesteck nt firelight n → Schein m → des Feuers or der Flammen firelighter n → Feueranzünder m fireman n → Feuerwehrmann m → /-frau f. aircraft. to give somebody a fire’s lift → jdn im Feuerwehrgriff tragen.

fire raising n (esp Brit) → Brandstiftung f fire regulations pl → Brandschutzbestimmungen pl fire retardant adj → feuerhemmend n → Feuerhemmer m fire risk n → Brandrisiko nt fire sale n → Ausverkauf m → von Waren mit Brandschäden fire screen n → Ofenschirm m Fire Service n → Feuerwehr f fireside n to sit by the fire → am Kamin sitzen. 2005. 1997. 2007 fire [ˈfaɪəʳ] 1. 1999. 2004. (house fire) → incendio electric/gas fire → stufa elettrica/a gas forest fire → incendio boschivo . (= display) → Feuerwerk nt. there’s going to be fire at the meeting (fig inf) → bei dem Treffen werden die Funken fliegen Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. Ltd. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. → Feuerwehrzentrale f firestorm n → Feuersturm m firetrap n → Feuerfalle f fire truck n (US) = fire engine firewall n (Comput) → Firewall f (= wall) → Brandmauer f firewarden n → Feuerwache f firewater n (hum inf) → Feuerwasser nt (inf) firewoman n → Feuerwehrfrau f firewood n → Brennholz nt fireworks pl → Feuerwerkskörper pl. n a. © William Collins Sons & Co. fire chair → Lehnsessel m fire station n → Feuerwache f. (gen) → fuoco.

(Mil) → fuoco to open fire (on sb) → aprire il fuoco (contro or su qn) to hold one's fire → cessare il fuoco to be/come under fire (from) → essere/finire sotto il fuoco or il tiro (di) the government has come under fire from the opposition → il governo è finito sotto il tiro dell'opposizione 2. vuur en vlam wees ‫ حماس شديد‬ентусиазъм nadšení glød. brand ไฟ ateş. gashellur ּ ִ ּּ ַ caminetto 暖房器具 난방 기구 reflektorius. πυρκαγιά fuego tuli. yangın 爐火,火災 вогонь. krosnis. vi a. (fam) (dismiss) → licenziare you're fired! → sei licenziato! 3. whether accidentally or not a warm fire in the kitchen. brand ild. aizrautība. bål. in kiln) → cuocere (fig) (imagination) → accendere. bål ogień fogo foc огонь oheň. (rocket) → lanciare to fire a gun at sb → fare fuoco contro qn to fire questions at sb → bombardare qn di domande b. kvēle semangat vuur glød ogień entusiasmo/fogo înflăcărare пыл nadšenie gorečnost . fyr. -varmeovn der Ofen θερμάστρα estufa kütteseade ‫ بخاری‬lämmitin radiateur ‫ תנור חימום‬गोली चलाना grijalica kályha pemanas hitaplötur. brand. infiammare c. ovn. brasa. vuur ‫حراره، نار‬ َ َ огън oheň ild das Feuer φωτιά fuego tuli ‫ آتش‬lämpö feu ‫ אש‬आग vatra. brann. far fuoco (contro) fire away or ahead! (fig) (fam) → spara! b. tulekahju ‫ آتش‬palo feu ‫ ְריפה‬आग vatra. gaisras uguns. kamin piec(yk) fogão radiator плита. požár ild. soba 爐 опалювальний прилад ‫ گرم کرنے کا آلہ‬thiết bị để sưởi ấm 炉 3 the heat and light produced by burning Fire is one of man's greatest benefits. (pottery. полум'я ‫ جلتی ہوئی کوئی چيز‬hoả hoạn. varič peč šporet kamin เครื่องมือที่ทำาให้เกิดความร้อน ocak. židinys elektriskā krāsns pemanas kachel varmeapparat. ákafi entusiasmo 熱情 열정 užsidegimas. ugunskurs. ενθουσιασμός ardor. vuur ‫ نار‬пожар oheň. (Mil) to fire (at) → sparare (a). pasión ind ‫ اشتياق‬palo ardeur ‫ התלהבות‬जोश žar. ildhu َ َ das Feuer έξαψη. vuur. oganj tűz api eldur fuoco ֵ 火 불 ugnis uguns api vuur ild ogień fogo foc огонь oheň ogenj vatra eld ไฟ ateş 火 вогонь ‫جلنے‬ ‫ سے پيدا ہونے والی گرمی اور روشنی‬lửa 火 4 enthusiasm with fire in his heart. vt a. verwarmer ‫ موقد، جهاز تدفئه‬печка َِ َ ِ ِ topení. rafmagnshellur. flammer das Feuer φωτιά. eldsvåda. engine) → accendersi Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 fire n fire [ˈfaiə] 1 anything that is burning. liepsna dedzī set fire to sth or set sth on fire → dar fuoco a qc. (gun. камин pec. požiar ogenj požar eld. (Aut) (subj. Several houses were destroyed in a fire. salute) → sparare. đám cháy 炉火,火灾 2 an apparatus for heating a gas fire. kamna varmeovn. entuzijazam ּ ַָ ִ hév semangat tilfinningahiti. incendiare qc to catch fire → prendere fuoco to be on fire → essere in fiamme insured against fire → assicurato/a contro gli incendi to play with fire (fig) → scherzare col fuoco b. shot. an electric fire. ugunsgrēks api vuur. požar tűz api eldur fuoco 火 화재 ָ ֵ‫ש‬ ׂ ugnis.

uguns ditembak vuur (under) ild ostrzał fogo foc de armă орудийный огонь paľba streljanje pod paljbom eld. skyte wystrzelić disparar a trage производить выстрел vypáliť sprožiti. rozpálit opildne. pişirmek 燒製 обпалювати. skyte strzelać disparar a trage (în) стрелять (в. iejūsmināt mengobarkan doen ontvlammen sette fast i.žar hetta. baka cuocere かまで焼く 불을 붙이다 išdegti apdedzināt (krāsnī. afskiet ‫ يطلق الرصاص‬гърмя spustit affyre. afvuur. puščana) tüzelés ditembaki skothríð fuoco. стрілянина ‫ بندوق کا حملہ‬hoả lực 炮火 v 1 (of china.. v pucati beskjuta... skyde abfeuern πυροβολώ disparar tulistama ّ ُ ِْ ُ ‫ شليک کردن‬laukaista faire feu ‫ לירות‬गोली चलाना pucati elsüt menembakkan skjóta sparare 発砲する ֹ ִ (총을) 쏘다 (iš)šauti iš []šaut menembak afschieten fyre av. tiro 砲火 사격 ugnis. bak . vuur ‫ يطلق الرصاص‬изстрелвам vypálit affyre. ρίχνω ُ ِْ ُ disparar tulistama. sužadinti iekvēlināt. laskma ّ ُ ِْ ُ ‫ تيراندازی کردن‬laukaista tirer ‫ לירות‬गोली चलाना ispaliti (metak) kilő melepaskan skjóta sparare 発射 ֹ ִ する (탄환을) 발사하다 iššauti []šaut melepaskan afschieten løsne skudd. skyte (wy)strzelić z disparar a trage (cu o armă de foc) стрелять vystreliť ustreliti opaliti avlossa ลั่น (ไกปื น) ateşlemek 開槍 стріляти ‫ بندوق سے گولی داغنا‬bắn bằng súng 开枪 4 to send out or discharge (a bullet etc) from a gun etc He fired three bullets at the target. otpustiti elbocsát memecat ֵ ְַ reka licenziare 解雇する 해고하다 išmesti (iš darbo) atlaist no darba memecat ontslaan gi . gebak word ‫ يشوي الفخار‬изпичам vypalovat brænde brennen ψήνω(σε ُّ َْ κλίβανο) cocer põletama ‫ پختن‬polttaa cuire ‫ לשרוף‬भटी मे पकाना peći (glinu) kiéget membakar ֹ ִׂ brenna. izstreliti ispaliti skjuta ยิง ateş etmek 射 出 стріляти bắn 射出 5 (often withatoron) to aim and operate a gun at. harekete geçirmek 激起 надихати ‫ کسی کو جوش دلنا‬khuyến khích ai làm gì 激起 3 to operate (a gun etc) by discharging a bullet etc from it He fired his revolver three times. bắn 向. onder vuur kom ‫ إطلق نار‬под обстрел palba ild. to inspire The story fired his imagination.. na/ op 'n teiken skiet ‫ يطلق‬стрелям по střílet skyde på feuern πυροβολώ. in order to harden and strengthen The ceramic pots must be fired. nadahnuti lelkesít ְִָ mengobarkan vekja. beskydning das Feuer πυρ fuego tuli(stus) ‫ تيراندازی‬tulitus (essuyer le) feu ‫ירי‬ ְִ गोलीबारी paljba. glöd ความกระตือรือร้น tutku. skyde feuern ρίχνω(με όπλο) disparar tulistama.開槍 вистрілити ‫ بندوق سے نشانا لگانا‬nổ súng. şevk 熱情 запал. aanvuur ‫يلهب، يثير‬ ُ ِ ُْ ‫ حماس‬вдъхновявам nadchnout. ceplī) membakar bakken brenne wypalać aquecer/cozer a arde обжигать vypáliť žgati peći bränna เผา เครื่องปั้ นดินเผา fırınlamak. по) strieľať streljati na.开枪 6 to send away someone from his/her job. örva. сушити ‫مٹی کے برتن کو آگ ميں پکانا‬ nung 烧制 2 to make (someone) enthusiastic. fyre. oppildne podniecać despertar a înflăcăra воодушевлять podnietiť podžigati zapaliti elda upp. öppna eld เล็งและใช้ปืนเพื่อเล็ง nişan alıp ateş etmek 向. egga ทำาให้เกิดแรงบันดาลใจ canlandırmak. laskma ‫ تيراندازی کردن‬ampua tirer (sur) ‫ -לירות ב‬गोली चलाना pucati rálő ֹ ִ menembak skjóta á sparare 撃つ 겨누다 šauti šaut. vatra (topovska. beskjutning การโจมตีด้วยปื น ateş (etme) 炮火 стрільба. or kiln. to dismiss He was fired from his last job for being late. She fired at the target. onder skoot. nhiệt tình 热情 5 attack by gunfire The soldiers were under fire. šaudymas apšaude. sætte skub i anfeuern εξάπτω enardecer. skottlossning. pottery etc) to heat in an oven. to shoot at They suddenly fired on us. kynda undir infiammare かきたてる 자극하다 uždegti. atklāt uguni menembak schieten sikte mot. in die pad steek ‫ يطرد‬уволнявам vyhodit fyre feuern απολύω despedir (töölt) lahti ُْ َ laskma ‫ اخراج کردن‬antaa potkut renvoyer ‫ לפטר‬बरखासत करना dati otkaz. натхнення ‫ جوش‬sựu hăng hái. afdank. excitar َ sütitama ‫ برانگيختن‬sytyttää enflammer ‫ להצית‬उतसािहत करना zapaliti.

žabica ִָ petárda petasan kínverji. vuurwapen ‫سلح ناري‬ ِ оръжие střelná zbraň våben die Schußwaffe πυροβόλο όπλο arma de fuego tulirelv ‫ اسلحه‬tuliase arme à feu ‫ נשק קל‬असला vatreno oružje lőfegyver senjata api skotvopn arma da fuoco 銃砲 소형 ַ ֶֶ 화기 šaunamasis ginklas šaujamierocis senjata api vuurwapen skytevåpen broń palna arma de fogo armă de foc огнестрельное оружие strelná zbraň strelno orožje vatreno oružje eldvapen อาวุธปื นขนาดเล็ก ateşli silâh 火器 вогнепальна зброя ‫ کسی قسم کی بندوق‬súng cầm tay các loại 火器 n fire-brigade a company of firemen Call the fire-brigade! brandweer ‫ إطفا ِيه، فرقة إطفاء‬пожарна команда hasiči ْ َ ْ ِ ّ‫ئ‬ brandvæsen die Feuerwehr πυροσβεστική υπηρεσία cuerpo de bomberos tuletõrje(salk) ‫گروه آتش‬ ‫ نشانی‬palokunta (sapeurs-)pompiers ‫ מכבי אש‬दमकल दल vatrogasci tűzoltóság pemadam kebakaran ֵ ְֵַ ּ slökkvilið vigili del fuoco. fyrverkeri petarda fogo de artifício/bomba de carnaval фейерверк petarda petarda petarda smällare ประทัดไฟ patlangaç 鞭炮 ляпавка. brandalarm ‫ جرس إنذار من الحريق‬пожарна аларма požární poplach brandalarm der َ ِ ََ Feueralarm σειρήνα πυρκαγιάς alarma de incendios tulekahjukell ‫ آژير آتش سوزی‬palohälytin avertisseur d'incendie ‫ מערכת אזעקת אש‬फायर अलामर. феєрверк ‫ آتش بازی‬pháo 鞭炮 n fire-engine a vehicle carrying firemen and their equipment. klapper ‫ إصبع ٌفرقعات‬фишек petarda kineser der َ ْ َ ‫َْ م‬ Knallfrosch κροτίδα petardo tulevärgipadrun ‫ ترقه‬sähikäinen pétard ‫ חזיז‬पटाखे praskavica. usually in the form of a metal staircase on the outside of the building Hotels should have fire-escapes. brunabíll autopompa 消防車 소방차 gaisrinė mašina ugunsdzēsēju mašīna kereta bomba brandweerauto brannbil wóz strażacki carro dos bombeiros pompă de incendiu пожарная машина hasičská striekačka gasilsko vozilo vatrogasna kola brandbil รถดับเพลิง itfaiye arabası/aracı 消防車 пожежна машина ‫آگ بجھانے‬ ‫ کے عملے کی خاص گاڑی‬xe cứu hoả 救火车 n fire-escape a means of escape from a building in case of fire. trauksmes signāls alarm kebakaran brandalarm brannalarm. corpo dei pompieri 消防署 소방대 ugniagesių komanda ugunsdzēsēju komanda bomba brandweer brannkorps straż ogniowa corpo de bombeiros (corp de) pompieri пожарная команда hasiči gasilska brigada vatrogasci brandkår บริษทรับดับเพลิง ั itfaiye 消防隊 пожежна команда ‫ آگ بجھانے والوں کی جماعت‬đội cứu hoả 消防队 n fire-cracker a kind of firework which makes a loud noise. आग लगने की सूचना देने वाला यंत alarmni požarni ֵ ַ ָ ַ ֶֶ ֲַ uredaj tűzjelző (készülék) alarm kebakaran brunaboði allarme antincendio 火災報知機 화재 경 보 gaisro signalizacija ugunsgrēka trauksme. púðurkerling petardo 爆竹 불꽃 놀이 petarda petarde bunga api voetzoeker kinaputt. brannmelder automat przeciwpożarowy. avskeda ไล่ออก kovmak 解僱 звільняти ‫ کسی کو کام سے نکالنا‬sa thải 解雇 fire alarm an apparatus (eg a bell) to give warning of a fire Everyone had to leave the building when the fire alarm rang. syrena alarme de incêndio alarmă de incendiu пожарная сигнализация požiarny poplach požarna alarmna naprava protivpožarni alarm brandlarm สัญญาณเตือนไฟไหม้ yangın alârmı 火災報警器 сигнал пожежної тривоги ‫ آگ سے خبردار کرنے والی مشين‬còi báo cháy 火灾报警器 n firearm any type of gun In most countries you need a licence to keep firearms. brandtrap. brandweerwa ‫ سيارة الطفاء‬пожарникарска кола ْ َّ hasičská stříkačka brandbil das Löschfahrzeug πυροσβεστική αντλία (όχημα) camión de bomberos tuletõrjeauto ‫ ماشين آتش نشانی‬paloauto pompe à incendie ‫ כבאית‬दमकल vatrogasna kola ִּּ ַָ tűzoltóautó mobil pemadam kebakaran slökkvibifreið.sparken wyrzucić z posady despedir a concedia увольнять vyhodiť odpustiti otpustiti sparka. noodtrap ‫سلم النجاة من الحريق‬ َ ِ ّ ُّ .

branntrapp wyjście przecipożarowe saída de emergência scară de incendiu пожарная лестница núdzový východ. peis kominek fogão de sala cămin камин krb ognjišče kamin eldstad. kaggel. neizgoriv tűzbiztos. varuväljapääs ‫پلکان‬ ‫ اضطراری‬paloportaat escalier de secours ‫ מדרגות חירום‬आग लगने पर भागने का रासता protupožarne ּ ֵ ֵֹ ַ ljestve vészkijárat tangga darurat brunastigi. arinn camino 暖炉 벽난로 židinys ָ kamīns. brandtrappe die Rettungsleiter έξοδος κινδύνου escalera/salida de incendios tulekahjuredel. neyðarútgangur scala antincendio 非常階段 화재 피난 장치 atsarginis išėjimas. brandbestand ‫ مضاد للحتراق‬пожароустойчив ohnivzdorný brandsikker feuerfest αλεξίπυρος incombustible ِْ ُ tulekindel ‫ نسوز‬tulenkestävä ignifugé/-e ‫ חסין אש‬अिगन िनरोधक vatrostalan. fyrbøter strażak bombeiro a da foc (la) пожарный hasič gasilec vatrogasac brandman นักดับเพลิง itfaiyeci 消防 隊員 пожежник ‫ آگ بجھانے والے عملے کا ايک عضو‬nhân viên cứu hoả 消防队员 n fireplace a space in a room (usually in a wall) with a chimney above. guardafuego kaminavõre ‫ حفاظ جلوی شومينه‬kipinäsuoja pare-étincelles ‫רשת הגנה‬ ַָָ ֶ ֶ ‫ לאח‬आग फैलने से रोकने की बाड protupožarni cuvar védőrostély pagar perapian aringrind. brandvas. şömine 壁爐 камін ‫ آتش دان‬lò sưởi 壁炉 adj fireproof that is made so it cannot catch fire a fireproof suit. ‫ موقد‬камина krb kamin. for a fire a wide stone fireplace. pejs der Kamin τζάκι chimenea kamin ‫ شومينه‬takka ِْ َ foyer ‫ אח‬अंगीठी kamin. vuurvas. nödutgång ทางหนี ไฟ yangın merdiveni 太平梯;安全出口 пожежний вихід ‫ آگ لگنے کی حالت ميں عمارت سے نکلنے کا خاص راستہ‬lối thoát hoả hoạn 太平梯;安 全出口 n fire-extinguisher an apparatus (usually containing chemicals) for putting out fires There must be fire-extinguishers in every room. brandweerman ‫ إطفائي، رجل مطافئ‬пожарникар hasič brandmand der Feuerwehrmann ُ πυροσβέστης bombero tuletõrjuja ‫ مامور آتش نشانی‬palomies pompier ‫ כבאי‬दमकल का सदसय ַַ ּּ vatrogasac tűzoltó pemadam kebakaran slökkviliðsmaður pompiere. nedegošs kalis api . brandblusser ‫ مطْفأة الحريق‬пожарогасител hasicí přístroj ildslukker der َ َ ِ Feuerlöscher πυροσβεστήρας extintor tulekustuti ‫ کپسول آتش نشانی‬sammutin extincteur ‫ מטף‬आग ַַ बुझाने का यंत aparat za gašenje požara poroltó pemadam api slökkvitæki estintore 消火器 소화기 gesintuvas ugunsdzēsības aparāts alat pemadam api brandblusser brannslokkingsapparat gaśnica extintor de incêndio extinctor огнетушитель hasiaci prístroj gasilni aparat aparat za gašenje požara brandsläckare ถังดับไฟ yangın söndürücü 滅火器 вогнегасник ‫ آگ بجھانے کی مشين‬bình chữa cháy 灭火器 n fire-guard a metal framework placed in front of a fireplace for safety. pavards perapian haard grue. ognjište kandalló perapian eldstæði. öppen spis เตาผิง ocak. vigile del fuoco 消防士 소 방수 gaisrininkas ugunsdzēsējs ahli bomba brandweerman brannmann.стълба за избягване от пожар požární/nouzový východ nødudgang. vuurherd. gaisrininkų kopėčios kāpnes ugunsgrēka gadījumam. vuurbestand. požiarne schodište požarni izhod požarni izlaz brandstege. eldhlíf ַָ parafuoco 炉格子 난로망 židinio grotelės kamīna režģis pendinding api haardscherm gnistfanger krata guarda-fogo apărătoare каминная решётка mriežka pred kozubom zaslon pri kaminu rešetka sprakgaller กรอบหน้าเตาไฟ ocak siperi 火爐護欄 камінна решітка ‫آتش دان کے‬ ‫ سامنے حفاظت کے لۓ لگائی جانے والی جالی‬khung chắn lò sưởi 火炉护栏 n fireman a man whose job is to put out accidental fires or those caused deliberately as a criminal act. vuurskerm ‫سياج معدني للوقايه من نار المدفأه‬ َْ ِ ِ َ ِ ِ َ َ решетка пред камина krbová mřížka kamingitter das Kamingitter προστατευτικό κιγκλίδωμα τζακιού alambrera. ֵ ֲִ tűzálló tahan api antincendio 防火[]の 내화성의 nedegamas ugunsdrošs. rezerves izeja tangga kecemasan brandtrap nødutgang. ildsted.

난롯가 vieta prie židinio vieta pie kamīna tepi perapian haard ved peisen/kaminen/arnen miejsce przy kominku lareira loc lângă cămin место у камина miesto pri kozube zapeček pokraj kamina plats vid öppen spis. to execute a prisoner He must face the firing-squad. không cháy 防火的 n fireside a place beside a fireplace The old man slept by the fireside. vuurherd ‫ جانب الموقد‬място до камина u krbu ved kaminen. svæði umhverfis arinn focolare 炉辺 노변(爐邊). brandvrij brannsikker. vuurwerkvertoning. ohňostroj. provale ּ ִ ֵּ ִ strasti (bijesa). brandhout ‫حطب‬ ََ дърва за горене palivové dříví brænde das Brennholz καυσόξυλα leña küttepuud ‫ هيزم‬polttopuut bois de chauffage ‫ עצי הסקה‬जलाने की लकडी ogrjevno drvo tűzifa kayu bakar eldiviður legna da ַָָ ֵָ ardere たきぎ 장작 malkos malka kayu api brandhout brensel. (also adjective ) a firework display. brandweerstasie ‫ محطة الطفا ِيه‬пожарна hasičská zbrojnice brandstation die Feuerwehrwache ّ‫ئ‬ ََّ σταθμός πυροσβεστικής parque de bomberos tuletõrjedepoo ‫ ايستگاه آتش نشانی‬paloasema caserne de pompiers ‫ תחנת מכבי אש‬दमकल केनद vatrogasni dom tűzoltóállomás pos pemadam kebakaran ֵ ֵ ַ ְ ֲָ ַ ּ slökkvistöð caserma dei vigili del fuoco 消防署 소방서 gaisrinė ugunsdzēsēju depo balai bomba brandweerkazerne brannstasjon remiza quartel de bombeiros пожарное депо hasičská zbrojnica gasilski dom vatrogasna stanica brandstation สถานี ดับเพลิง itfaiye merkezi 消防站 пожежна частина ‫ آگ بجھانے والے عملے کا دفتر‬trạm cứu hoả 消防站 n firewood wood that is suitable for burning as fuel I went into the garden to cut firewood. If your sister finds out. ildfast ognioodporny ignifug огнеупорный ohňovzdorný ognjevzdržen otporan na vatru brandsäker. læti fuoco d'artificio 花火 불꽃 놀이 fejerverkas uguņošana. verbalni sukob tűzijáték. ved drewno opałowe lenha lemn de foc дрова drevo na kúrenie drva drvo za ogrev ved ฟื น yakacak odun 柴火 дрова ‫جلنے کی‬ ‫ لکڑی‬củi 柴火 n firework a small exploding device giving off a colourful display of lights Rockets are my favourite fireworks. eldfast ไม่ไหม้ไฟ yanmaz 防火的 вогнетривкий ‫غير‬ ‫ محرق‬chịu lửa. fyrværkeri-. ognjišni kandallósarok dekat perapian arinhella. kaggel. woede-uitbarsting ‫ ألعاب ناريه‬фойерверк ِّ raketa. there'll be fireworks (= a display of anger)! vuurwerk. ballade das Feuerwerk πυροτέχνημα fuegos artificiales tulevärk ‫ آتش بازی‬ilotulite feu d'artifice. (also adjective ) a fireside chair. (dusmu) uzliesmojums bunga api vuurwerk fyrverkeri ogień sztuczny fogo de artifício (foc de) artificii фейерверк raketa. bengál fyrværkeri. bengál ognjemet vatromet fyrverkeri ดอกไม้ไฟ havaî fişek 焰火 феєрверк ‫ آتش بازی‬pháo hoa.„botrány” kembang api flugeldasÿning. ved pejsen der Kamin δίπλα ِْ َ ِ στο τζάκι hogar (koht) kamina kõrval ‫ کنار شومينه‬takan vieri au coin du feu. ohňostroj. grabuge ‫ זיקוקי די-נור‬पटाखे vatromet. chauffeuse ‫סביבת האח‬ ָָ ַ ְִ आग के पास ognjište.vuurvast. drama. spiselvrå ที่ตรงข้างเตาไฟ ocak başı 爐邊 місце біля каміна ‫ آتش دان کے سامنے کی جگہ‬chỗ cạnh lò sưởi 炉边 n fire-station the building or buildings where fire-engines and other pieces of equipment used by firemen are kept. vuurpeloton ‫ فرقة العدام‬команда за извършване на екзекуция popravčí četa peloton das َْ ِ Exekutionskommando εκτελεστικό απόσπασμα pelotón de ejecución laskekomando ‫جوخه اعدام‬ teloituskomppania peloton d'exécution ‫ כיתת יורים‬फायिरंग दल odio vojnika odreden za izvršavanje ִֹ ַ ּ ִ strijeljanja ili za ispaljivanje pocasnog plotuna kivégzőosztag regu tembak aftökusveit plotone d'esecuzione 銃殺隊 (총살형 집행의) 총살대 sušaudymo komanda šāvēju komanda (soda izpildīšanai) pasukan penembak vuurpeloton eksekusjonspelotong pluton egzekucyjny pelotão de . pháo hiệu 焰火 n firing-squad a group of soldiers with guns.

opptent. vzplanout antænde Feuer fangen αρπάζω φωτιά incendiarse tuld võtma ‫آتش‬ ‫ گرفتن‬syttyä (s')enflammer ‫ להת ָקח‬आग पकडना zapaliti se meggyullad mulai terbakar fara að loga. sem brennur in fiamme 燃えて 불 이 나서 degantis degt terbakar in brand i brann. antænde in Brand stecken βάζω φωτιά σε prender fuego a (millelegi) tuld otsa panema ‫ آتش زدن‬sytyttää tuleen mettre le feu à ‫ להצית‬आग लगाना zapaliti.fusilamento команда. op ons gevuur ‫ يفتح النار على‬откривам огън َْ َ zahájit palbu åbne ild. begynne å brenne zapalać się arder a se aprinde загораться chytiť vneti se zapaliti se fatta eld ติดไฟง่าย ateş almak. početi ֵּ ָּ ְ ַ pucati tüzet nyit mulai menembak hefja skothríð aprire il fuoco su 火ぶたをきる 공격을 시작 하다 atidengti ugnį atklāt uguni mula menembak het vuur openen åpne ild (mot) otworzyć ogień abrir fogo/disparar a deschide focul (asupra) открыть огонь spustiť paľbu začeti streljati otvoriti paljbu öppna eld เริ่มกระทำาบางอย่าง ateş açmak 開火 відкривати вогонь ‫گولی چلنے کی‬ ‫ شروعات‬nổ súng 开火 play with fire to do something dangerous or risky Putting all your money into that business is playing with fire! met vuur speel ‫ يلعب بالنار، يخاطر‬играя си с огъня hrát si s ohněm lege med ilden mit dem Feuer ِ ُ َ َْ spielen παίζω με τη φωτιά jugar con fuego tulega mängima ‫ کار خطرناک انجام دادن‬leikkiä tulella jouer avec le feu ‫ לשחק באש‬अतयिधक खतरा उठाना igrati se s vatrom. biti u plamenu ég terbakar sem kviknað hefur í. vlamvat. stikke i brann podpalić deitar fogo a a da foc (la) поджигать podpáliť zanetiti požar zapaliti sätta eld på ngt. tutuşmak 開始燃燒 запалюватися ‫ آگ پکڑنا‬bắt lửa 开始燃烧 on fire burning The building is on fire! aan die brand wees ‫ محترق‬горя v plamenech. (i) full fyr w płomieniach a arder în flăcări горящий v plameňoch v plamenih gori brinna. ֵ‫ְִ ל‬ kvikna í prendere fuoco 火がつく 불이 붙다 užsidegti aizdegties terbakar vuur vatten ta fyr. riskirati a tűzzel játszik main ֵּ ֵׂ ְ ְ ַ api leika sér að eldinum giocare con il fuoco 火遊びをする 위험한 짓을 하다 žaisti su ugnimi spēlēties ar uguni berbahaya met vuur spelen leke med ilden igrać z ogniem brincar com o fogo a se juca cu focul играть с огнём hrať sa s ohňom igrati se z ognjem igrati se sa vatrom leka med elden ทำาสิ่งที่เป็ นอันตราย ateşle oynamak 玩火 грати з вогнем ‫ خطرہ مول لينا‬chơi với lửa 玩火 set fire to (something) / set (something) on fire to cause (something) to begin burning usually accidentally or deliberately as a criminal act They set fire to the ambassador's house. begynde at skyde das Feuer eröffnen ανοίγω πυρ abrir fuego tuld avama ‫ شروع به تير اندازی کردن‬avata tuli ouvrir le feu (sur) ‫ פתח באש‬गोलीबारी शुर करना otvoriti vatru. aan die brand slaan ‫يبدأ بالحتراق، يمسك النار‬ ُ ِ َْ ِْ َْ запалвам се chytit. brinner กำาลังลุกไหม้ yanmakta. ِ َْ ُ brænder brennen φλεγόμενος en llamas leekides ‫ در حال آتش سوزی‬olla tulessa en feu/flammes ‫בוער‬ ֵ ֹּ जलना goriti. aan die brand steek ‫يشعل، يضرم‬ ِ ْ َ ِْ َ ‫ النار‬подпалвам podpálit sætte ild til. felgyújt vmit membakar kveikja í dare fuoco a ~に火をつける 불을 지 르다 padegti aizdedzināt membakar in brand steken sette fyr på. ְִָ podmetnuti vatru meg-. hořící i brand. що горить ‫ آگ کی چپيٹ ميں آنا‬bị cháy 着火 open fire to begin shooting at The enemy opened fire (on us). tenne på. sticka ngt i brand ก่อไฟ ateşe vermek 放火燒 підпалювати ‫ کسی چيز ميں آگ لگا دينا‬đốt cháy cái gì 放火烧 under fire . alevler içinde 著火 такий. She has set the house on fire. наряженная для расстрела popravná čata eksekucijski vod streljački odred exekutionspluton กล่มทหารที่มีปืนเพื่อประหารนักโทษ idam mangası 行刑隊 ุ розстрільна команда ‫ سلمی کی بندوقيں چھوڑنے والی ٹکڑی‬đội xử bắn 行刑队 catch fire to begin to burn Dry wood catches fire easily.

Strength or ability to do something. (bli) beskutt pod obstrzałem debaixo de fogo sub foc подвергаться обстрелу pod paľbou pod ognjem pod paljbom under beskjutning กำาลังเป็ นที่วิพากษ์วจารณ์ ateş altnda 遭到砲火射擊 під обстрілом ‫ گوليوں کا سامنا کرنا‬bị bắn ิ vào 遭到炮火射击 2 being criticized or blamed The government is under fire. and might can are known as double modals. Other less common combinations include may can. Used to express a higher degree of deference or politeness than may. from Old English meaht. first and third person sing. i ilden unter Beschuß βαλλόμενος από παντού (duramente) criticado kriitikatules ‫ سخت مورد انتقاد‬olla arvostelun kohteena (vivement) critiqué ‫ להיות מואשם‬आलोचना का ַ ָּ ֹ ִ िशकार होना biti izvrgnut kritikama ili optužbama a kritika pergőtüzében dikritik verða fyrir árásum/gagnrÿni criticato 非難を浴びて 비난을 받고 (nuolat) puolamas vainots. 2. miht.1 being shot at We have been under fire from the enemy all day. Past tense of may Indo-European roots. 1. mihte. or influence held by a person or group. they lessen the . as in We might could park over there. See Regional Note at powerful. ought. 3. pod palbou under ild. see may1. may will. I might go indicates an uncertain mood on the part of the speaker). force. since they express certain "moods" (for example. hardt ute å kjøre w ogniu krytyki criticado/sob pressão criticat (vehement) служить мишенью для нападок pod paľbou kritiky na udaru pod kritikom vara utsatt för kritik. varieties of English.S. Words like might and could are known as modals. 2. See Synonyms at strength. Used to indicate a condition or state contrary to fact: She might help if she knew the truth.] Our Living Language In many Southern U. might 1 (m t) n. The power. komma i skottgluggen กำาลังโดนโจมตี suçlanma 受到批評 бути мішенню для нападів ‫ تنقيد کا سامنا کرنا‬bị chỉ trích gay gắti 受到批评 Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Combinations such as might could. b. Used to indicate a possibility or probability that is weaker than may: We might discover a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. onder skoot ‫ تحت النتقاد‬критикуван v ِ َ ohni kritiky under angreb. kritizēts dikritik onder vuur under ild.] might 2 (m t) aux. might would. past tense of magan. Since double modals typically begin with may or might. might can be paired with other auxiliary verbs such as could. or should: Might I express my opinion? [Middle English.v. 3. Physical strength. Used to express possibility or probability or permission in the past: She told him yesterday he might not go on the trip. i ilden unter Beschuß υπό τα πυρά atacado tule all ‫ زير آتش دشمن‬olla tulituksen kohteena essuyer le feu ‫ תחת אש‬शतु की गािलयो के िनशाने मे podvrgnut ֵ ָָ vatri (oružja) tűz alatt áll ditembaki í miðri skothríð sotto il fuoco 砲火を浴びて 포화를 받고 apšaudomas apšaudīt ditembak onder vuur under ild. from Old English meahte. [Middle English. see magh. and might should. a. onder vuur ‫تحت إطلق النار‬ َ َْ обстрелван ostřelovaný. to be able.

energy. This feature has been noted as far back as the Middle English period. they carry little if any social stigma within the South and are used by speakers of all social classes and educational levels even in formal instances like political addresses. but today's most common forms were not used to any great extent until the mid18th century. power strength .physical strength mightiness." The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language. Updated in 2009.the property of being physically or mentally strong. capacity. prowess. the use of double modals is probably due to the fact that many of the first English speakers in the South were Scotch-Irish. · Although double modals may sound odd outside of the South. whose speech made use of double modals. as in Old Yeller by Fred Gipson: "Jumper's liable to throw a fit with that hide rattling along behind him. Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. ability. 2000. esp of a great or supreme kind 2. to minimize the force of what one is saying. 2003 ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun 1. compare Old High German maht. physical strength (with) might and main See main1 [8] [Old English miht. They are surprisingly rare in dialect fiction but do occasionally occur. for example. 1994. "fatigue sapped his strength" Based on WordNet 3. clout (informal). . might noun power. Dutch macht] Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. making the past tense or subjunctive mood of may1 he might have come last night 2. force. Double modals are used. capability. strength. might . force. sway. Like many features of Southern varieties of English. might1 vb (takes an implied infinitive or an infinitive without to) used as an auxiliary 1. puissance The might of the army could prove a decisive factor. efficacy. or vigour. © 2003-2008 Princeton University. valour. power. potency. Farlex Inc.0. In this sense might looks to the future and functions as a weak form of may See may1 [2] Usage: See at may1 might2 n 1. as when asking someone for a favor or when indicating displeasure. Farlex clipart collection. 1998. vigour. and you might not can hold him by yourself. (often foll by well) expressing theoretical possibility: he might well come. efficiency. Published by Houghton Mifflin of conviction or certainty (much like the word possibly) more than a single modal does. All rights reserved.

manfully.with all your might forcefully. Quotations "Might is right" [Thomas Carlyle] Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. full force. 2002 Translations Select a language: Afrikaans / Afrikaans Arabic / ‫العربية‬ Bulgarian / Български Chinese Simplified / 中文简体 Chinese Traditional / 中文繁體 Croatian / Hrvatski Czech / Česky Danish / Dansk Dutch / Nederlands . as hard as possible. as hard as you can She swung the hammer with all her might. mightily. vigorously. lustily. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995. full blast.

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esforzándose muchísimo .Serbian / српски Slovak / slovenčina Slovenian / slovenski Spanish / Español Swedish / Svenska Thai / ภาษาไทย Turkish / Türkçe Ukrainian / українська Urdu / ‫اردو‬ Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt ----------------------might2 [maɪt] N → poder m. fuerza f with all one's might → con todas sus fuerzas with might and main → a más no poder.

2000. I might have known → das hätte ich mir denken können. he might at least have apologized → er hätte sich wenigstens entschuldigen können. Ltd.) You might as well go → Tu ferais aussi bien d'y aller. You might have been killed! → Tu aurais pu être tué! (in polite requests) Might I make a suggestion? → Pourrais-je faire une suggestion? (in suggestions) You might try the petrol station down the street → Vous pourriez essayer la station service au bout de la rue. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005 might1 pret of may. 1997.. (present possibility) You might be right → Vous avez peut-être raison.. she was thinking of what might have been → sie dachte an das. might as well (= will lose nothing by. with all one’s might → mit aller Kraft.. … I might add → … möchte ich hinzufügen.. I might have guessed (that) .. superior might → Übermacht f. was hätte sein können might2 n → Macht f. 1993. n (= strength) → force f with all one's might → de toutes ses forces Collins English/French Electronic Resource.Collins Spanish Dictionary . He might not be interested in her any more → Il ne s'intéresse peut-être plus à elle. you might try Smith’s → Sie könnten es ja mal bei Smiths versuchen. they look so alike → sie könnten Brüder sein. 1996.. sie sehen sich so ähnlich. how old might he be? → wie alt er wohl ist?.. She might not have understood → Elle n'a peut-être pas compris. 1971. as you might expect → wie zu erwarten war. 2005 might [ˈmaɪt] modal aux vb (future possibility) He might come later → Il va peut-être venir plus tard. Smoking might be banned totally in most buildings → Le tabac pourrait être totalement interdit dans la plupart des bâtiments. (past possibility) It might have been an accident → C'était peut-être un accident. might I smoke? → dürfte ich wohl rauchen?. I might well regret it later → Je pourrais bien le regretter plus tard.. I thought we might go for a drive on Sunday → Je pensais que nous pourrions faire une promenade en voiture dimanche. (= should) I might have kown! → J'aurais dû m'en douter! I might have known (that) . → j'aurais dû me douter que . → j'aurais dû me douter que .Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. → Überlegenheit f.. might is right (Prov) → Macht geht vor Recht (Prov) . 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992. We might go to Spain next year → Nous irons peut-être en Espagne l'an prochain.. 2003. He might not be back until tonight → Il ne rentrera peut-être pas avant ce soir. they might be brothers.

. Ltd.. permettez que.. (lūgumos) vai drīkstu.. mógłbyś również itd. пожалуй.. © William Collins Sons & Co. mógłbyś itd. or a request for permission more polite He might win if he tries hard.. ‫ עשוי. burde mógłbym... burde können θα μπορούσα. 2007 might2 [maɪt] n → forza.... podia a putea cel puţin мог бы mohol by aspoň lahko bi vsaj. eg to make a possibility seem less likely. kan ‫ ربما‬може ли? (по-учтива форма) mohl(a) by(ch) kunne. galëtø varētu boleh zou kunnen kunne. (για να δηλώσει πράξη που έπρεπε να γίνεται) podrías/podría võiks ‫ بايستی اين کار را می کرديد‬voida pouvoir au moins ‫ . 1997..Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. skulle kunna อาจจะ . kan netsowel ‫ أيضا: تستعمل لليحاء أنه ل يوجد سبب لعدم فعل الشيء‬мога (няма причина да не го ّ ْ ِ ََ ِ َ َ ْ َْ ُ ْ направя) moci stejně tak dobře kunne lige så godt ebensogut auch. é preferível (fazer) a putea la fel de bine мог бы и môcť rovnako dobre lahko bi pa.. mogao bih kunde lika gärna ใช้แนะนำา เมื่อไม่มีเหตุผลที่ดีสำาหรับการไม่ทำาอะไร (..-ebilir(di) may 的過去式 міг ‫ جس سے مشروط امکان ظاہر ہو‬quá khứ của may may 的过去式 2 used instead of `may'.....하면 어떨까요 galëtum. skulle kanske กริยาช่วยช่องที่ 2 ของ may . 2004. smjeti mungkin gæti potere ~かも ּ ָ ּׂ ָ しれない …일지도 모른다.. ser ُّ posible que võima ‫ امکان داشتن‬saattaa se pouvoir que ‫ עשוי‬होगा शायद mogao -hatna.? mungkin zou kunnen kunne móc poder a (se) putea să может быть. sal dalk ‫ ربما‬можеше snad.. ha lebih baik gæti rétt eins fare meglio (al condizionale0 ~したほうがよい . mætti potere may の過去形 …했을지도 모른다 galëti varētu mungkin zou kunnen kunne.. 1999.. kunne måske können θα μπορούσα ّ (για ευγενική παράκληση) poder võiks äkki ‫ توانستن‬saattaisi. potere m. ville móc ser capaz de a (se) putea să возможно možno utegniti možda skulle.können θα μπορούσα κάλλιστα podría también võiks vägagi hästi ‫ بايستی‬voida yhtä hyvin faire aussi bien de ‫לפחות היית‬ ָ ֹ ְָ संभवत ऐसा होता također moći legjobb lesz.לפחות היית‬यह जताने के िलए उपयोग िकया जाता ָ ֹ ְָ है िक कोई आदमी वह नही कर रहा है जो उससे अपेिकत है moći segíthetnél.-ması) iyi olmak 應該 цілком можливо (зробити що) ‫ يوں بھی‬có lẽ 应该 might have 1 used to suggest that something would have been possible if something else had been the case You might have caught the bus if you had run.-ebilir(sin) 會 міг би ‫ اظہار شکايت کے لئے اگر کوئی توقع پوری نہيں ہو رہی ہو‬đề nghị ai làm gì 会 might as well used to suggest that there is no good reason for not doing something I might as well do it all at once. можно mohol by moči mogu skulle kanske.하는 편이 낫다 gal geriau tikpat labi varētu lebih baik kunnen kunne like godt mógłbym również. saada se pouvoir que. bisa gæti (áminning eða skipun) potere (al condizionale) ~してくれてもよいのに . ville måske pt. -hetne mungkin ּׂ ָ gæti. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991. ka..-ebilir 可能 міг би ‫ کی جگہ مستعمل‬may sử dụng trong lời đề nghị lịch sự 可能 3 used in suggesting that a person is not doing what he should You might help me clean the car! sal dalk ‫ ربما: تستعمل لليحاء ان الشخص ل يعمل المتوقع منه‬можеше (препоръка) moci aspoň kunne ّ َ َُ َ ْ َ ّْ َ ْ َْ ُ ّ godt.. forze fpl with all one's might → con tutte le proprie forze Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 might [mait] 1 past tense of may I thought I might find you here. možná kunne..... byl(a) ُِْ by(ste) mohl(a) kunne have hätte können θα μπορούσα να είχα podría haber oleks võinud ‫بايستی‬ .. He might come if you offered him a meal. 2005.. עלול‬संभावना कीण करने के िलए पयोग िकया जाता है moći.. Might I speak to you for a few minutes. …해주시지 않겠습니까? galëti iespējams. please? mag. sou dalk kon ‫ كان من الممكن أن‬можех ако. of may:können ίσως (να) poder. mogao bi skulle gott kunna น่ าจะ (belki de) .

. had kunnen jeg (osv.. zināju jau. mais ‫ ..היית‬यह जताने के िलए उपयोग िकया जाता है िक उकत काम संभव था लेिकन इस िदशा मे कुछ नही िकया गया ִָ moguće učiniti elmehettem volna. būtu varējis sepatutnya had kunnen burde/kunne (ha) mogłem przecież..했어 야만 하는데 negi galėjau žinoti.. ef potere (nel periodo ipotetico) ~したかもしれない . etc.. mestinya það hefði verið mögulegt að .. varbūt boleh jadi misschien kunne hende..... . burde have ich... mogao si kunde [] ใช้แนะนำาเมื่อบุคคลนั้นไม่ได้ทำาในสิ่งที่ควรจะ ทำา .‫ اين کار را بکنيد‬olisi voinut il aurait été possible que.. sou ‫ كان بالمكان أن أفعل ذلك ولكني لم أفعل‬можех َْ ّ َْ (съществувала е възможност) bylo by bývalo možné kunne have hätte können θα μπορούσα να είχα podría oleks võinud ‫ بايستی اين کار را انجام می دادی‬olisi voinut il aurait été possible que...... . kanskje.... galėjai. but I decided not to. talvez e posibil могло быть и так snáď áno mogoče možda kan [] ใช้เมื่อ บุคคลไม่ต้องการจะเข้่าร่วมในการทำาอะำไรบางอย่าง (belki de) .-ebilirdi 本應該而沒有 міг би ‫ کوئی سابقہ امکان جو اب نہيں رہا‬nên ra 本应该而没有 4 used when a person does not want to admit to having done something Have you seen this man?' `I might have.. en potere (al condizionale passato ~し てくれてもよかったのに . mogłeś itd. . seharusnya hefði getað/átt að .. en potere (al condizionale passato) ~できたのに (しなかった) 했어야만 하는데 galėjau.... seharusnya had kunnen kunne (ha) mógłbym. hätte wissen können έπρεπε να το καταλάβω debería haber sabido oleks võinud arvata olla arvattavissa j'aurais dû me douter tudhattam volna seharusnya saya tahu ég hefði mátt vita (avrei dovuto aspettarmelo) わかっているべきだったのに . .. varēju gan zināt.. būtu varējis. θα έπρεπε να είχα debería oleks võinud ‫ بايستی اين کار را بکنيد‬olisi voinut aurais dû au moins ‫ .) burde (ha) visst devia saber ar fi trebuit să ştiu Так я и знал! mohol som tušiť lahko bi si bil mislil jag borde ha förstått .. mogao sam skulle. si ‫ ייתכן‬यह बताने के िलए उपयोग िकया जाता है िक ֵָ ִ अगर उकत कायर िकसी दूसरे तरह से िकया जाता तो हो जाता moguće biti elérhetted volna.-ebilirdi 應該 міг би ‫يہ ظاہر کرنے کے لئے کہ کسی نے وہ کام نہيں کيا جس کی اس سے توقع کی جا رہی تھی‬ đáng ra 应该 3 used to show that something was a possible action etc but was in fact not carried out or done I might have gone..-meliydi 本應該知道 本应该知道 . tänkte ใช้แสดงในการที่ บางสิงอาจเป็ นการกระทำาที่เป็ นไปได้แต่จริง ๆ แล้วไม่สามารถทำาให้สมบูีรณ์หรือเสร็จได้ ่ ... tja mogłem. poderia ter a fi putut să мог бы bol by mohol lahko bi bil... bija iespējams semestinya had kunnen kunne (ha) mogłem....-ebildi 也許 міг би ‫جب کوئی‬ ‫ يقين سے کچھ نہيں کہنا چاہے‬có thể 也许 I etc might have known (often used in annoyance) I etc ought to have known.. mogłeś itd. mogao je skulle kanske ใช้แนะนำาเมื่อบางสิ่งอาจเป็ นไปไดุ้้ถ้ามีสิ่งอื่นใดเข้ามาอยู่ในสถานการณ์ . seharusnya bisa hefði getað . mógłbyś itd.. iespējams... até podia ter a fi putut să мог бы bolo by bývalo možné lahko bi bil. ..' dalk ‫ تستعمل للتعبير أن الشخص ل يريد العتراف أنه فعل شيئا ما‬може би (отговарям َْ َ َ ِْ ُ ّْ َ ْ َْ ُ уклончиво) snad ano kunne have hätte sein können ίσως tal vez võib-olla ‫بايستی اين کار را انجام دهيد‬ voi olla c'est possible ‫ ייתכן‬यह उस समय उपयोग िकया जाता है जब कोई यह सवीकार करने के िलए तैयार नही ֵָ ִ होता है िक उसने यह काम िकया है moguće láthattam volna bisa jadi það er hugsanlegt forse ~だった かもしれない galbūt iespējams.했을지도 모든다 būčiau/būtum galėjęs būtu varējis.. mogłeś przecież itd. ka būtu..-ebilirdi 可能會 міг би ‫ يہ ظاہر کرنے کے لئے کہ اگر کوئی اقدام کيا گيا ہوتا تو کاميابی مل سکتی تھی‬lẽ ra 可 能会 2 used to suggest that a person has not done what he should You might have told me! moes ‫كان‬ ‫ بالمكان أن‬можеше (трябвало е) měl(a) jste burde have hätte können θα μπορούσα.. ka. galėjo. thought. ka. . guessed etc that something was or would be the case I might have known you would lose the key! ‫ كان من المحتمل أن‬kdybych byl tušil َ َْ ُ kunne have. bem que podia ter ar fi trebuit să мог бы mal si lahko bi vsaj....היית צריך ל‬यह ִ ָ ָ ִָ जताने के िलए उपयोग िकया जाता है िक कोई आदमी वह नही कर रहा है जो उससे अपेिकत है moguće napraviti elmondhatta(d) volna. .해도 되었는데 galėjai....

väldig. jėga spēks. sterkur forte. kraft potęga força forţă. sila moč moć kraft. varenība kekuasaan macht makt. poder vägevus ‫توانايی‬ َ ُْ ّ ُ voimakkuus puissance ‫ כוח. stiprus spēcīgs. kraftur forza. makt ความแข็งแรง kuvvet. kraftig. silno erőszakosan. hatalmasság kekuatan máttur. enorme vägev ‫ توانا‬mahtava puissant ‫ רב עוצמה‬बलशाली moćan. mag ‫ قوه‬мощ moc. בעוצמה‬बलपुवरक krajnje. kudretle 強有力地 могутньо. síla ُّ magt. sila ָ ֹ ַ ֹּ erő. . potente 強力な 세력이 있는 galingas. kraft ความทรงพลัง kuvvet. עוצמה‬शिकतमता silovitost erősség. putere могущество. förmåga. ָ ֹ ַ ֹּ styrkur potenza 強力 강력함 stiprumas spēks. kudret 強大 могутність ‫ عظمت‬sức mạnh. kraftigt. hatalom keperkasaan máttur. voldsomhet moc poder putere мощность mohutnosť moč moćnost makt. styrke die Macht ισχύς fuerza võimsus ‫ قدرت‬mahti force. styrke. güç 力量 могутність. kraftig potężny poderoso puternic могущественный. cu forţă мощно mocne močno moćno mäktigt. мощный mocný mogočen moćan mäktig. kuvvetli 強大的 могутній ‫ طاقتور‬hùng mạnh 强大的 adv mightily magtig ‫ بقوه‬мощно mocně mægtigt mächtig ισχυρά enormemente võimsalt ‫ با زور‬mahtavasti ّ ُِ puissamment ‫ בכוח. varenība kekuasaan machtigheid stormektighet. afl. міць ‫غير معمولی‬ ‫ قوت‬sức mạnh 力量 adj mighty having great power a mighty nation. silan ָ ֹ ַ hatalmas perkasa voldugur. 실력 galia. väldigt อย่างมาก kuvvetle. stark ทรงพลัง güçlü. nagymértékben dengan ָ ֹ ּ ַ ֹּ ּ ְ ְ kuat kröftuglega potentemente 強力に 강력하게 galingai. stipriai spēcīgi. עוצמה‬बल moć. мощь moc. potenza 力 능력. hevesen. voldsomt. magtig ‫ قوي، ذو قوة عظيمه‬могъщ mocný mægtig mächtig َ َ ٍّ ُ َ ισχυρός poderoso. sự hùng mạnh 强大 Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. potente.might2 n might [mait] power or strength The might of the opposing army was too great for us. varens berkuasa machtig mektig. kraftig potężnie poderosamente cu putere. vareni dengan berkuasa machtig mektig. puissance ‫ כוח. сильно ‫ حد درجے، عظمت سے‬mạnh mẽ 强有力地 n mightiness magtigheid ‫ قوه، قدره‬могъщество mohutnost magt die Macht ισχύς fuerza. veldig.

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