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Memorandum of Agreement
Know all men by these presents:

The Parties:

Mrs. Karina Pineda, of legal age, Filipino, married and a

resident of Valladolid, Negros Occidental, hereinafter referred to as


Elmer Montoyo, Conrado Lo III, Helen Jabian, Maritess

Manayon, Hieroteo L. Villarosa, Jecelle Gella, Ramon Tuvida,
Danielo Alegre and Delfin Perez, all of legal age, Filipino and
residents of Bacolod City, hereinafter referred to as the “AGENTS”;

W I T N E S S E T H, That:

The Parties have entered into this agreement on their own free will and agree to the following:

1. PROPERTY SUBJECT MATTER: The SELLER is the legal owner and has all the rights to
sell the property subject matter. The SELLER hereby grants the AGENTS exclusive rights to sell
the Property which is a parcel of rice land situated at Brgy. Palaka, Valladolid, with a total area
of 8.05 hectares involving Lot Nos. 837-C-3 and 837-B, covered by Title No. ____________ and
more particularly described as follows:

“A parcel of land (___________________, being a portion of the

__________________________), situated in the Municipality of Valladolid,
Island of Negros. Bounded on the NW., _________________; on the NE. along
__________________; on the SW., ___________________,
________________________and on the SW., _______________________ xxx
Containing an area of 8.05 hectares, more or”

2. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE AGENTS: The AGENTS have experience in marketing,

advertising, and selling real estate properties and have expressed an interest to provide these
services for the SELLER. In addition to the duties incumbent on the AGENTS under this
Agreement, the AGENTS shall:

a. Obtain all the information necessary for the sale of the Property
b. Market the Property in behalf of the Seller
c. Arrange the purchasers to inspect the property
d. Conduct negotiations and submit all offers in relation to the property to the Seller
e. Assist the Seller in entering into a binding agreement for sale and purchase with the

3. PRICE: The price for this property is _________________ (₱________________);

4. COMMISSION: In the event that the SELLER enters into a binding Contract for Sale with
a PURCHASER, through the AGENTS, then the SELLER is liable to pay the AGENTS a commission
of Three Percent (3%) of the transacted price of the Property (taxes excluded). Commission
shall be divided amongst the above-named AGENTS in equal parts.



of payment of the AGENTS’ commission shall be made in the following manner:


6. REAL PROPERTY TAXES: Any and all unpaid Real Property Taxes up to _____________
shall be paid by the ______________.

7. PAYMENT OF CAPITAL GAINS TAX: The Capital Gains Tax for the Property shall be paid
by the ________________.

8. OTHER TAXES AND EXPENSES. The documentary stamp tax, transfer tax, registration
fees and all other expenses to transfer the title of the property from the OWNER’S name to the
BUYER’S Name shall be the responsibility of the _________________;

9. AMENDMENT and APPLICABILITY. This agreement may be amended with prior consent
between the Parties. This Agreement shall overrule any previous agreement either verbal or
written between the parties prior to entering into this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereby affix their signatures this ________________ in
Bacolod City, Philippines.

For the SELLER:

Mrs. Karina Pineda
ID NO. __________

For the AGENTS:

_______________ ___________________
Elmer Montoyo Conrado Lo III
ID No. ________________ ID No. ________________

_______________ ___________________
Helen Jabian Maritess Manayon
ID No. ________________ ID No. ________________

_______________ ___________________
Hieroteo Villarosa V Jecelle Gella
ID No. ________________ ID No. ________________

_______________ ___________________
Ramon Tuvida Danilo Alegre
ID No. ________________ ID No. ________________

Delfin Perez
ID No. ________________

Signed in the presence of:

_________________________________ _________________________________




BEFORE ME, for and in the City of Bacolod, this _____________________, personally
appeared the above-named parties, showing competent proof of their identity as indicated
above and who are personally known to me to be the same persons who executed this
Agreement and they acknowledged that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed.


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Page No._______;
Book No._______;
Series of 2018.