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Radford University’s Student-run Newspaper The Tartan | November 14, 2018 VOLUME CXXXIV NO. 10 ·
Radford University’s Student-run Newspaper
The Tartan | November 14, 2018

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Students Awareness of The Tartan on the Radford Campus T he poll was conducted on
of The
on the
T he poll was conducted on
Nov. 8 with three yearly
Radford Facebook groups
2019, 2021, and 2022.
The poll gained 198 votes which
include five different options: I’m
aware (I go on the website and read
the newspaper), I’m sort of aware (I
only read the newspaper), I’m sort
of aware (I only read the website),
I’m not really aware (I only see
what’s posted on Facebook and
other social media), and not aware
(what the heck is The Tartan).

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 3



Dylan Lepore

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Ida Domingo

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The Tartan publishes 1,500 copies per week and is distributed at more than 26 locations on the RU campus. The Tartan is always looking into expanding their distribution. The publication is printed at Shenandoah Publishing House in Winchester, Va.

The Tartan is part of Highlander Student Media and is completely student-run. As a newspaper, The Tartan reserves the right to address, explore and delve into issues that affect the university student body and the surrounding area.

Student Media Advertising P.O. Box 6895 Radford VA, 24142


Advertising P.O. Box 6895 Radford VA, 24142 540-831-6051 “We train future journalists, editors, radio producers,

“We train future journalists, editors, radio producers, news anchors and even entrepreneurs through our ever- evolving student- run media outlets.”

EDITORIAL POLICIES: “Our Opinion” pieces are written collectively by members of The Tartan Editorial Board.
“Our Opinion” pieces are written collectively by members of
The Tartan Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is comprised
of the editing staff, the Tea writers, and other Radford
University students.
These undergraduate and graduate students represent
multiple class levels and different political, cultural, ethnic,
and religious backgrounds. Members may or may not belong
to a variety of student organizations. The Editorial Board is
open to all RU students who apply.

Here is your

#TartanWeather Forecast for the week of Wed., November 14-November 20,


*This forecast is always subject to change!! By Dustin Staples

Wed., November 14-November 20, 2018. *This forecast is always subject to change!! By Dustin Staples

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Student Volunteers to Make A Change

A mong the many

important services

the purchases of vehicles to describe our history, but these moments have been pivotal points in our strides towards improving patient care. The better our vehicle is, the faster we can respond, and the more equipment we can carry with us to prepare for those “worst case scenario” calls.”

an EMT and

how is this different from a paramedic?




A: “EMTs and paramedics provide two different levels of emergency medical services. EMTs render basic life support with basic lifesaving procedures such as CPR, C-spine stabilization, wound packing, and splinting and drug administration such as naloxone, albuterol, and oxygen.” “Similarly, paramedics focus on airway, breathing, and circulation-based treatments, but they are advanced life support providers that render advanced medical and traumatic care with interventional procedures, techniques and drug administration.”

Q: What type of training do RU-EMS members have?

A: “Our [main] concern as an agency is to develop highly competent providers to offer [the] community the best care possible. RU-EMS providers come from all backgrounds. Some of our members have never been involved with emergency

services, while others are carrying on their family legacy.”

“This being said, all of our members go through the same qualification training in order to meet our high standard of care.”

Q: Do members get paid?

A: “All of Radford University EMS personnel are volunteers with a tremendous amount of education and training obtained on their own time and dollar. We require our members to volunteer a minimum of 100 hours a month, so it is evident that they are truly passionate about helping our community.”








treated by RU-EMS?

A: “All care and equipment rendered by RU EMS personnel on the scene of an emergency is free of charge. Radford University allows an annual budget to maintain the agency.”

Q: How can students join?

A: “Students may join RU-EMS by submitting an application at any point in the year on our RU involved page. RU-EMS administration reviews and responds to applications once per semester. The process consists of submission of an application, an interview, and a federal background check.” “After successfully completing this process, applicants may be accepted as probationary members – this is where they start their extensive training to become a competent medical care provider.”

Q: What has RU-EMS done for the Radford Community that will have a lasting impact on the university?

A: “Impacting the Radford University community is at the forefront of the RU-EMS mission. For the past 30 years we have provided the university

For the past 30 years we have provided the university and surrounding areas with free medical

and surrounding areas with free medical care, taught discount CPR classes, hosted Hands-Only CPR events, provided volunteer experiences for future medical providers, assisted in teaching campus EMT classes, provided standby services for our campus sports teams, and so much more.” “We do all of these activities to better our campus and to make sure our fellow students can learn more about the ever- changing medical world!” RU-EMS is also currently in the application process for the 2019 grant cycle. “Over the summer of 2018, RU-EMS personnel attended a specific mass casualty incident

(MCI) training to better prepare for the instance of an active shooter. RU-EMS has a Mass Casualty Plan, MCI equipment, and MCI training so that our members can be knowledgeable about not only day-to-day medical skills but also the scenarios we

hope will never happen.” “ R U - E M S

Virginia Beach, and we send select members to training events at the National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference.”

Q: What does the future of EMS look like?

A: “The future of not only RU-EMS but also EMS all across the nation is actively evolving to better support a changing society and render the most competent medical and rescue care possible. We see ourselves expanding our impact by becoming more involved in our campus and city community. We aspire to build upon these relationships to provide the best patient and people care possible.”

Q: What more would you like for RU students to know?

A: “For the RU student, the understanding that although RU-EMS personnel are students, we are certified and highly trained medical providers that wish to serve our Radford University Campus in the best


e r s o n n e l

way possible.” “We are always looking for ways to become more involved in our community. If you have any interest in joining, taking a CPR class, or learning more about emergency medicine in general, please reach out to us on RU Involved or at our email, radforduniversityems@radford. edu.”
























A s s o c i a t i o n




By Ida domIngo





provided by Radford

University, RU-EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is one with a long history of college students wanting to make a change in their community. The Tartan had a conversation with Troy McAdams, FF/EMT-I (Firefighter Emergency Medical Technician) and Captain of RU-EMS.

(The Tartan) Q: How did you guys get started?

(McAdams) A: “Radford University EMS was founded by nursing students who wanted to do something to help out the campus and surrounding community. These students

answered calls for help on foot by listening to personally acquired scanners and radios. With the help of Radford Community Hospital EMS and the university, Radford University EMS (RU- EMS) was born.” “RU EMS, an accredited and certified EMS agency by the Virginia Office of EMS – an extension of the Virginia Department of Health - was officially founded in 1988. With RU EMS initially responding to calls on foot, Donald Dedmon, himself, decided to help the agency by donating his personal EZ-Go golf cart.” “Ten years later, RU- EMS upgraded to a 1998 Ford Expedition, licensed as an emergency first response vehicle. RU-EMS upgraded again

to their current response vehicle

in 2011 with the purchase of

a Chevy Tahoe, of which was

acquired by the Virginia Office of EMS with an RSAF 80/20 grant.” “It may sound trivial using

Curiosity of RU-EMS Facebook
Curiosity of RU-EMS Facebook

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 5

Midterm 2018 Registration Problems

F rom all accounts, the

midterm elections

exceeded expectations for

with the precise and in their view complex requirements for

voter I.D.

the poll workers and residents

Two of these potential


Radford. The process seemed

voters had been voting for


go smoothly, with short lines

years previously and didn’t

and efficient workers residents seemed both happy and enthusiastic about the process. According to the poll workers, the turn-out at 9:45 that morning was already well beyond previous years morning numbers. The voters ranged from local groups of college students to older residents who have been voting for years. Despite the rain, many voters showed up early and were easily

understand the change. One man who did not want to give his name said, “I’m 98 years old I’ve been voting here for years, and now they say I can’t, some nonsense about a photo on my ID.” The man later returned with his son after visiting the registrar and was able to vote. Another potential voter, Mike Shelton, 23, was turned away when his registered address

able to vote. However, there were

required him to vote in Roanoke.


least three locals who were

When asked about the confusion

interviewed that were unable to vote due to I.D. confusion. These residents expressed frustration

he said, “I voted last time just fine in Roanoke. I thought when I changed my address with the

post office it changed it for my voter registration too. I think maybe they need to be clearer about the rules.” Despite a few cases of confusion, the consensus seemed to be that things were well organized and people were well informed. Voters like Lucille Haggan continued a long streak of successful voting in Radford and were very adamant that the process went well. Haggan, now the age of 92, says she has voted in every election since she was 21- which means her first election was the Truman election of 1948. With nearly 20 presidential elections under her belt, she seems to have the expertise when she says the voting process was easy for Radford area voters.

says the voting process was easy for Radford area voters. B y B ailey S peer

By Bailey Speer

area voters. B y B ailey S peer Bailey Speer | The Tartan News in
Bailey Speer | The Tartan
Bailey Speer | The Tartan

News in Brief

Thousand Oaks Deadly Massacre California Wildfires Cause 42 Confirm Deaths who was cleared by a
Thousand Oaks Deadly Massacre
California Wildfires Cause 42 Confirm Deaths
who was cleared by a mental-
health specialist this year, had
no motive for the shooting.
Long operating a .45-caliber
Glock handgun with an extended
magazine, approached the
bar and shot a security guard
standing outside and headed in
and shot other employees first.
Terrified patrons scrambled
for cover as bullets flew around,
the people in the bar were as
young as 18.
13 people have died,
including the gunman and 18
injured, some were hurt trying
to escape the bar.
T he California wildfire is
the deadliest and most
destructive in the state’s
history. The Camp Fire and the
Woolsey fire have raised the
death toll to 42 people keeping
more than 8,000 firefighters
working day and night.
The Camp Fire in Paradise,
which started on Thursday,
Nov. 9, is only about 30 percent
contained and has burned
125,000 acres destroying 7,600
structures, most of which were
While within the Woolsey
Fire, which began shortly after
the Camp Fire on Friday, The
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
Department reported two
people have died inside a
stopped vehicle in Malibu and
96,000 acres are charred with 35
percent of it contained west of
Los Angeles and parts of Malibu.
More than 430 structures
destroyed and threaten another
About 4,500 acres and 90
percent of the Ventura County
Hill Fire is contained, while in
San Diego County on Tuesday,
winds were gusting up to 86
Butte County in Northern
California’s “Camp Fire” got its
name from Camp Creek Road,
reported KXTV. Los Angeles and
Ventura counties in Southern
California’s “Woolsey fire” was
named for Woolsey Canyon
Road, reported the Los Angeles
Daily News.
Firefighters are still
searching for more than 200
missing people.
T he Borderline Bar & Grill
By dylan lepore
in California is the site of
the 307th mass shooting
the U.S. in 2018 alone.
A fun event of ‘country
college night and line-dancing’
turned into a night of horror
when the gunman, Ian David
Long, entered the bar and
started shooting around 11:20
p.m. on Nov. 7.
Authorities said the gunman,
Many Thousand Oaks
residents are shocked, according
to Niche, Thousand Oaks is
ranked #3 in the safest cities in
America, however now it is one
of the many places affected by a
mass shooting.
About 30 percent contained
and has
burned 125,000 acres
destroying 7,600 structures,
most of which were homes.
By ida domingo
28-year-old Marine veteran
Courtesy of NASA

S tan Lee, a Marvel of the American comic book industry, dies at 95 due to a

series of recent health problems such as a bout of pneumonia and vision issues. Lee’s daughter, J.C. Lee, told TMZ that her father was rushed

to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

early on the morning of Monday, Nov. 12, and died in the hospital. Fans and friends of Lee shard their thoughts:

“Luke Cage” actor Mike Colter sated, “Some people say

Marvel Legend Stan Lee Dies at 95

comic books are silly. That they just don’t get why people are so into them. Now I’m beginning to think they should be required reading for our children. It may make us more loving and tolerant adults.” Disney chairman and CEO

Bob Iger said, “Stan Lee was as extraordinary as the characters he created. A superhero in his own right to Marvel fans around the world, Stan had the power to inspire, to entertain and to connect. The scale of his

imagination was only exceeded by the size of his heart.” “Hulk” actor Mark Ruffalo said, “Sad, sad day. Rest In Power, Uncle Stan. You have made the world a better place through the power of modern mythology and your love of this messy business of being human ” Filmmaker Kevin Smith stated on Instagram, “Thank you, Stan, for making me not only the boy I was but also the man I am today. You had great

power and you always used it responsibly, fostering billions of dreamers who all know your name — a name written in the stars for all time. You were not just the literary titan of comic books, you were our modern day Mark Twain. I will miss you all my days, my friend and hero. Excelsior forevermore.” Excelsior, Stan Lee. (1922 -


By dylan lepore

Courtesy of Stan Lee’s Instagram
Courtesy of Stan Lee’s Instagram

6 | The Tartan



Arts and Entertainment in Radford

u l t u r e Culture Arts and Entertainment in Radford Five Low Budget Activities
u l t u r e Culture Arts and Entertainment in Radford Five Low Budget Activities

Five Low Budget Activities to Do This Break

T hanksgiving break is

time for friends and


family to come together

and give thanks for all we have, but most college students think of it as a time to rest. This year, break stretches from Nov. 16 to Nov. 23. This means that most students get an entire week to destress from homework and relax. No e-mails from professors, and no texts from group projects, how nice. Even though sleeping in or curling up with a book by the fireplace sounds like a good idea, there are other ways to unwind that do not involve spending loads of money. One free activity that is fun for the entire family is hiking. Virginia offers tons of hiking grounds that are easily

accessible. Most of the hikes

range in difficulty and distance, so it doesn’t matter if you are athletic or not, you will be able to complete it. Hawksbill Mountain is a popular hike that is located in the Shenandoah National Park. The total distance of this hike is 2.9 miles and is known to be fairly easy. This mountain takes you up 4,049 feet high. Fun fact, it is the highest peak in the park. McAfee Knob is another popular hike that is located in the Roanoke Valley. This hike is the most photographed site along the entire Appalachian Trail and its beautiful hike is 8.8 miles long and 3,197 feet high. It is known to be a tougher hike, but when you reach the top it is

totally worth it. If you aren’t the hiking type, don’t worry, there are plenty of other activities for you to enjoy. Ice skating season is returning. Reston Town Center recently opened back up their ice skating rink. It is located in the middle of a variety of restaurants and shops so it’s a great way to have dinner and enjoy different types of entertainment. For those of you who want to stay indoors, there are several NFL games being played the week of break. On Nov. 18, there’s a total of 11 games being played. They will be shown on ESPN, CBS, Fox, and NBC, Nov. 19, the Chiefs and the Rams are playing at 8:15 p.m. on ESPN, and on Thanksgiving Day there will be a total of three

games; Bears v Lions at 12:30 p.m., followed by the Redskins and Cowboys at 4:30 p.m., and the Falcons v Saints at 8:20 p.m. Get your snacks ready and cheer on your favorite team. Also, almost every community does a 5k run on Thanksgiving morning. Even if you are not the running type, surround yourself with your community and walk the 5k. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors while getting in a great workout before the Thanksgiving feast. If you are 21 or older, check out your local vineyards or breweries. The Winery at Bull Run located in Centreville, Virginia is a popular spot that won’t hurt your pocket. The Veil Brewing Company located in

Richmond, Virginia is another hot spot, It is a lowkey scene filled with different types of local crafts and quality food trucks. Whether you are from a small town or a big city, there are plenty of fun things to do this break. Don’t forget to lend a hand with cooking the Thanksgiving feast, wake up a little earlier to enjoy the Macy’s Day Parade with your family or send a text to your friends and see if they want to grab a bite. No matter what you have planned for this holiday season, remember why we celebrate: To spread thanks.

By Jordan TrenT

Thriller Night: I am TheKing Courtesy of RU Bonnieroo Facebook Riley McCullough | Unsplash
I am
Courtesy of RU Bonnieroo Facebook
Riley McCullough | Unsplash

T he festival was expected


be a great production.

Radford University

offered a great opportunity for enjoying a cold Saturday night on Nov. 10 at the Thriller Night Music and Arts Festival that was held at Preston Hall. The event was to take place from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. yet, the audience was already getting bigger and bigger before the show began. There was music of maracas, drums and several musical instruments that made people dance before the show even started. Two Radford cheerleaders made sure the wait was entertaining to the crowd.

The first performance of

the night kicked off with Low Key, an all-boys Capella group composed of Radford students. They sang a few songs which made everyone fall in love with them; they showed so much energy on stage. I recommend listening to their version of Medley by All time Low; they did a pretty good job. The audience, which we all know to be the best critique, gave them a big applause. Next, there was a musical trio which mixed classical music so perfectly; it was an excellent performance. After this, the Jazz combo culminated the performance with a good

rhythm. At that point, the audience was asking for more. There was even free pizza and other yummy foods to choose from while you were watching the action. Following was a note-worthy group and their support for equality as it was composed by mix genders. They started with the song Stevie Wonder Superstition, which was right on pitch to make people aware of the fantastic performance that was coming. With a fancy version of High By The Beach by Lana Del Rey made everyone still, staring at them, however, the performance of Time Warp was one of the

best which included a dance. It was really funny. More than one person in the audience wanted to stand up and dance! Sweet dreams and Witchy woman were some of their repertories, too. They ended with a cool version of One Day by Matisyahu. After all of this, Michael Jackson reappeared on the stage. Everyone was amazed. It was an outstanding performance. He gave the audience what they desired to hear. The fans in the first row were even standing up to some songs to support the soloist. Anyone who had heard of this musical legend would have

enjoyed this performance. Some international students who came from Spain, France, Scotland and Germany say that it was an unexpected and grateful situation to be there. Everyone was captivated by his moves. With the song, Heal The World the whole audience was in silence, such an emotional song said one student. Right after, Thriller made an appearance, and the people stood up and danced to MJ’s famous song. It was an excellent way to spend a Saturday night here at Radford.

By nerea romero

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7

THE TARTAN Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S


M E E T I N G S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 7 THE TARTAN A B O U T U S

8 | The Tartan

The Tea

Quote of the week

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” - Oprah Winfrey

Editorials and Opinions

The tea

enough.” - Oprah Winfrey Editorials and Opinions The tea OPEN POSITIONS The Tartan is looking for



The Tartan is looking for dedicat- ed, fast-learning, and self-suff- ient student who can set their own standars or goals for what they would like to contritbute to the Tartan.

• Culture Editor

• Assistant Culture Editor

• News Editor

• Assistant News Editor

• Staff Writer

• Staff Photographer

Interested? For more information head to Tyler Hall Room 025 Monday - Friday 10 a.m to 5 p.m.

Need a Correction?

The Tartan is committed to correcting errors that appear in the newspaper. Those interested in contacting the paper for that purpose can send an e-mail to or call the main number, 540 831-5474, to make a correction to any section.

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Rediscover the history of the Tartan through exploring all the way back to 1910, when it was initially called the Grapurchat to when it was rebranded as the Tartan in 1979.

Go to and select the “More” tab to find those archives.

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Check out our new photo gallery on Flicker by selecting the “photo” tab to wander our photos taken by our exceptionally phenomenal photographers.

photos taken by our exceptionally phenomenal photographers. Simon Maage & |Unsplash The Irony of
Simon Maage & |Unsplash
Simon Maage & |Unsplash

The Irony of Black Friday

A a study-abroad student,

find that each day here in the United States

brings out another puzzling aspect of American culture. While I warmly embrace the differences in this nation, for better or worse, the irony of Black Friday will forever mystify me. Moreover, I have even come to accept the South’s passion for biscuits and gravy. Even from being across the pond, a significant day in America’s calendar is Thanksgiving. To my understanding, this is a day to rush home to loved ones and visit family and friends that the year has cruelly left little time for. With, of course, the added incentive of mom’s turkey waiting across the state. I also acknowledge that Thanksgiving is not all gravy- trains and rainbows, as I have entered into more than a few discussions regarding the controversy of Thanksgiving and the reasons for its celebration. Despite its’ origins, and I will leave that debate for the dinner table, I believe it’s agreeable to say Thanksgiving is a loving holiday that most look forward to celebrating.



Yet, the next day erupts

in materialistic chaos: Black Friday. Here starts the Christmas shopping season and the helpless submission to those all- too-alluring promotional sales. I pose no opposition to going out early and buying presents for loved ones. I also accept that nobody is immune to a bargain. However, is this day not somewhat ironic? As the clock strikes midnight, stores open their floodgates and watch as manic shoppers spill into their aisles. Merely hours ago, these customers had gathered to recognize all they have in life; now they can be seen battling on retail floors for what wish they had. The idea of Black Friday is incredibly contradictory to that of Thanksgiving. After one too many mouthfuls of turkey, the meat sweats kick in and so does the blissful feeling of contentment as we look around at those we cherish. Where does that contentment go as Friday dawns? Customers go into hyper purchasing, forget family and friends, and have three full shopping carts of inane products, is what we really need

to feel happiness? Do not fall into the pitfalls of over-consumption. I am in no position to say how to celebrate this public holiday. Brits are also susceptible to the Black Friday epidemic. Thanksgiving is a beautiful day in the United States so don’t let Black Friday overshadow it. This is an opportunity to surround ourselves with loved ones and be thankful for all that we have. While it may turn to a drunken feud over Trivial Pursuit or a heated dispute over election results, try to avoid transforming the dinner table into a board meeting for Black Friday strategies. Maybe steer clear of the sales altogether, swap crowded malls for a quiet moment with the grandparents or that last slice of pumpkin pie. Whatever you do this holiday, be sure to spend time with family this season, more so, than spending money. Note: Shopping online on Cyber Monday is just as bad. Do not try and wrangle out of this one.

By Morgan HutcHeson

Merely hours ago, these customers had gathered to recognize all they have in life; now they can be seen battling on retail floors for what wish they had.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 9

My Issues with E-Cigs

A s you walk to class or across campus at Radford, there are a few

things that you’re bound to see. One of these things is someone smoking—whether it’s a cigarette, a Juul, or an e-cig. With this in mind, walking across campus also means walking through a cloud of smoke from one of these devices and having to inhale it in yourself. E-cigs, especially, are becoming more and more common. Many people I know either have one, want one or have smoked one, and it seems to currently be the “cool” thing to do. Recently, I see smokers clustered together on sidewalks or in front of buildings more often. I usually have to go around these groups rather than walking straight through. As someone who has never smoked, walking through one of these clouds, smells bad, makes me cough, and can even make my clothes smell like the smoke. While it is currently allowed on campus, there are several issues with e-cigs that are only

seeming to get worse as time goes on. One of the most significant issues I see with the increasingly widespread use of e-cigs on campus is that while they do not contain tobacco, they still contain nicotine, which makes them addictive. It may seem that the lack of tobacco makes e-cigs a healthy alternative to cigarettes, but they’re not. E-cigs still contain addictive properties that can make them dangerous to use. Another issue with the use of e-cigs is that users often put other substances which are much more harmful and not even allowed on campus in their devices, and the odor isn’t similar to traditional kinds of smoking, so it is often difficult to tell what a person is smoking. The design of e-cigs, while attractive to many users, also means that they are ambiguous enough to smoke various things without anyone else knowing. Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, e-cigs are annoying and unappealing for non-smokers who have to walk through the

“vape clouds” as we are simply trying to get to our destination. It’s also bothersome because It seems that people are getting closer to buildings and they block the middle of walkways while smoking, so walking through campus while breathing fresh air is becoming harder and harder to do. Overall, I think that there are many issues with e-cigs and other devices on campus. If we take a step back and think about it, it almost seems that there are more problems than there are benefits (if there are any benefits at all). I’m not saying e-cigs should be banned, but I think it should at least be an option to be considered. Also, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, and Radford should be a part of that discussion as well.

By Savannah RoBeRSon

Finn Gross Maurer |Unsplash
Finn Gross Maurer |Unsplash


of that discussion as well. B y S avannah R oBeRSon Finn Gross Maurer |Unsplash

10 | The Tartan


10 | The Tartan S p o r t s Sports WRITE FOR US! The Good:
10 | The Tartan S p o r t s Sports WRITE FOR US! The Good:
10 | The Tartan S p o r t s Sports WRITE FOR US! The Good:


WRITE FOR US! The Good: RU an established, or fledgling journalist? Or maybe you just
The Good:
RU an established, or
fledgling journalist? Or
maybe you just love to
write, and this might be
your first time showcasing
your hidden talent?
Highlanders Dominant Carolina State Bulldogs
T he Radford University
Women’s Basketball
team (1-0) officially
Want to bring your opin-
ions and unique views to
the masses? Love the idea
of reporting on and off
campus news, voicing your
opinion on topics ranging
from movies, laws, and on
the many fun, and some-
time’s unusual, attractions
going on around campus?
Then give Radford Univer-
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
per a shout and email the
commenced their 2018-2019
basketball season on Wednesday
evening, Nov. 7 at 7 p.m at the
Donald N. Dedmon center, which
welcomed 733 enthusiastic fans
The six-foot-three-inch
Church Hill, Tennessee local
shot an impressive 8 for 14 from
the field!
Throughout the evening
Flegemacher’s direct gameplay
began to unfold from the emotion
and intensity she displayed and
the Highlanders’ hosted the
South Carolina State Bulldogs
The Highlanders completely
dominated near the basket
throughout the game as they
amassed 32 points in the paint
to cap off the victory!
Savannah Flegemacher
continued to lead the way while
making her dominant playstyle
known from start to finish as
she accounted for an impressive
Standout forward Lydia
Rivers returned to the Dedmon
Center for her third straight
season after appearing in all 33
redshirt junior totaled a
whopping 21 points in her
Highlander debut. Along with
games last season.
Rivers, a main contributor
in the team’s success accounted
her ability to score, she had
for 16 rebounds in addition to
a memorable performance
success include sophomore
Tina Lindenfield executed from
three-point range. Lindenfield
shot 3 for 4 from outside the
3-point line accumulating 9
points. Two of her vital 3-point
shots occurred in the second
quarter that helped spark the
Highlander’s run. Lindenfield’s
distinctive style of play will be a
key feature in the team’s success
this season.
The Highlanders next
contest is scheduled to take
place on Nov. 15th, 2018 inside
the Dedmon Center against East
Tennessee State at 11 a.m. Join
the Radford University Women’s
basketball team as they look to
continue their line of dominant
victories in anticipation of a
memorable season.
Letters to the
near the basket recording
outstanding 21 rebounds.
Flegemacher was simply three
rebounds shy of a school record
We prefer letters that are fewer
than 200 words and take as
their starting point an article
or other item appearing in The
Tartan. They may not have
been submitted to, posted
to or published by any other
media. They must include the
writer’s full name — for more
information and to send a
letter head over to
(24) that was set by Nan Millner
her twelve points and three
blocks. Rivers will cause a great
amount of havoc on the court
this year with her shot blocking.
According to RU athletics, Rivers
was ranked 77 nationally in
basketball skills exhibited as she
achieved her 6 career double-
While the tough first
quarter came to a conclusion,
the Highlanders stood trailing
13 to 9 against the Bulldogs
after opening with a sluggish
start. However, the Highlanders
arrived into the second period
with a fire-stricken and never
slowed down. They would then
jump out to a 29 – 20 halftime
Throughout the third period,
the Highlanders outplayed
the Bulldogs while the lead
continued to flourish. As the
third period concluded the
Highlanders had gained a
comfortable 45 to 31 lead that
the Bulldogs just could not keep
up with.
The Highlanders would
eventually accumulate leads to
as high as 33 before the game
Other vital additions in their
By Chad Boxley
Feb. 17, 1981.
shot blocking. Her remarkable
Tanner and Hicks Combine for 37 En Route to Victory
T he Highlanders hit the
ground running last
Tuesday for the 2018-19
season opener against Davis and
Elkins to tip off the basketball
season. They seamlessly picked
where they left off last
Meme of the Week
season, finishing with a 30 point
The Radford Men’s
basketball team will continue the
tournament on the road as they
travel to South Bend, Indiana to
face the Fighting Irish. They will
then face Duquesne and close
out the tourney against William
and Mary on the Nov. 20.
at the final buzzer.
Senior guard Caleb Tanner
(19 points/ 3 steals) and junior
guard Donald Hicks (18 points/
5 rebounds/ 4 assists) both
knocked down six 3-pointers
back the lead going on a 23-0
run to end out the half.
A crisp lead pass to Ed Polite
Jr. and an assist back to Hicks
was the starting point of the
browbeating lead. Head Coach
Mike Jones instituted the use of
full-court pressure resulting in
lights out defense and incredible
hustle plays by the Highlanders.
Nearing the 15-minute mark
in the first half, a crazy scramble
for the ball ping-ponged the
pumpkin all over the court until
lead the way. Tanner was
catalyst that pushed the
Highlanders out in front with a
10-0 lead, hitting back to back
shots from beyond the arc. He
inevitably hit four of his six
threes in the first ten minutes of
Davis and Elkins made the
Polite Jr. ended
the game with 18
points and tallied
12 rebounds,
marking his 27th
career double-
half interesting, however, as
overcame the deficit going
an 11-4 run halfway through
the first half to even the score
to 23-20. The Highlanders
were not messing around at the
sight of this and swiftly took
Tanner got his hands on the ball,
skipping it over to Freshman
guard Josiah Jeffers for a
transition three. Radford ended
the half with a commanding 51-
29 lead over the Senators.
Some would like to hear that it
was a tale of two halves for Davis
and Elkins but unfortunately for
them, Radford had something
else in mind. They were able to
open up the second half as Hicks
lobbed a pass over the heads of
the Senators to the 6’8 Kansas
State graduate transfer Mawdo
Sallah for a nice lay-in.
Donald Hicks was able to
continue his big night, hitting
back to back shots from deep
to push the lead to 81-50 with a
little under 10 minutes left in the
game. The Highlanders did not
slow up as they were determined
to not let the lead drop under 20
points for the duration of the
second half.
The final score came out to
91-57 as Radford closed the book
on D&E. They knocked down 18
3-pointers and shot 52.5 percent
from the field. This 34-point win
was the largest margin of victory
for the Highlanders since 2014
when they beat Johnson and
Wales 92-54.
Polite Jr. ended the game
with 18 points and tallied 12
rebounds, marking his 27th
career double-double.
The Highlanders played in
the Gotham Classic Tournament
this past Friday, as well, against
UIC. They defeated the Flames
in the first round 88-78. Check
the Radford Athletics web page
for more details.
By luC as Carr

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | 11

And The Bad:

Highlanders Fall in Semifinals

R adford Men’s soccer battled Big South #3 seed, Presbyterian College Blue

Hose, in the Big South semifinal tournament match. The game took place on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. in Radford at Cupp Stadium. The Highlanders were attempting to avenge a 2017 semifinal loss against the Blue Hose but ultimately fell 0-2. Radford (7-9, 5-3 Big South) came onto the field as the team to beat, seeded at #2 in the Big South standings. Presbyterian (8-11, 5-3 Big South) entered the field with a mindset to win. The Highlanders outshot the Blue Hose 15-10, having an advantage of 9-3 of those shots being on goal. The first goal entered the net in the 41st minute of the game. A miscommunication on the defensive side of the Radford field led to a high, bouncing ball being sent into the net by one of

the Highlander’s own defenders. The score was just about tied by freshman forward Amadou Macky Diop, but the Blue Hose goalkeeper managed to get a touch on the shot and send it away from the net. Diop led the team with 7 shots, 4 of them being on goal. The fate of the Highlanders was sealed in the 89th minute of the game, the second goal entered the net and raised the score to 0-2. Though freshman goalkeeper Sam Farrell had few opportunities to save shots on goal, he did manage to end the game with one save under his belt. Keeping up with their physicality in their games, this one was no different. Radford received a total of 9 fouls, whereas Presbyterian doubled that count with 18. The Blue Hose managed to earn 3 yellow cards in a six-minute span.

The Highlanders met their physical match on the field. The fouls from this game added on to a total of 216 this season. Starting off with a record of 0-5 this season, Radford Men’s soccer fought hard to bring it up to 7-9 ending record. They finished with a 5-3 record in the Big South conference which gave them the top 2 seed for the seventh straight year in the Big South tournament. The Highlanders fought back from a predominantly losing season to earn wins for the university. In the other Big South semifinal match, Campbell University beat number 1 seed High Point University in double overtime. The two teams battled it on in penalty kicks, Campbell coming out victorious 3-2. The Big South championship game will take place on Sunday, Nov. 11, at 2 p.m. Presbyterian will be hosting Campbell University.

By De vin StuBBS

Courtesy of RU Athletics
Courtesy of RU Athletics

Women’s Soccer Sweeps Big South But Falls to West Virginia 6-0

R adford Women’s Soccer won the Big South regular season and conference

tournament but falls to West Virginia in NCAA Tournament. Women’s Soccer finished an impressive season, though they

lost this past Saturday to No. 8th ranked West Virginia 6-0.


disappointing, but the season is one for the Radford record books. The Highlanders won a record-tying 16 wins. The squad also managed to produce a 13- game winning streak before falling to West Virginia. Another great stat for the team this year was when they ranked fifth nationally in winning percentage. Also, the Highlanders ranked in the top ten in the nation in shots- on-goal and shots-per-game. Overall, Women’s Soccer ranked top 30 in the nation across ten different categories. Many players on the team led the Big South Conference any many different categories. Jasmine Casarez had more shots than anyone else in the whole conference with 105. She averaged over five per- game. Nelia Perez also led the conference averaging .56 assist-per-game. Goalkeeper,




Courtenay Kaplan proved to be one of the Big South’s best goalies. Kaplan led all Goalkeepers in the conference with eight shutouts throughout the season. Not only did players on the team rank on top the Big South, but they also gained some national recognition as well. Casarez has proven she is one of the best attackers in the whole country. Her shots per game (5.53) ranks second nationally. While her seven game-winning goals rank third as well. Casarez wasn’t the only Highlander gaining some national spotlight. Perez’s 10 assist ranks 13th nationally. Showing how much her teamwork paid off for giving her teammate scoring opportunities. Jessica Wollman was deadly accurate in-front of the goal all season. She ranks 16th in shots on goal per game with 2.32. While also ranking 35th nationally in shot accuracy shooting 61.1 percent at the goal. The Highlanders managed to win their sixth Big South Tournament Championship against Gardner Webb. A team who beat Radford earlier in the season. Though win it mattered the most the Highlanders proved

to be the better team winning the game narrowly 1-0. The win didn’t come easy though. Perez scored what looked to be the game-winning goal for Radford. However, just three minutes later Gardner Webb drew a foul to force a penalty kick. But goalie, Kaplan stepped up when it mattered the most and made a crucial save. Thanks to the clutch performances of Perez and Kaplan, the Highlanders were indeed able to complete the season sweep of the Big South Conference by winning both the regular and post-season championships. Even though the season was such a success, the 6-0 loss against West Virginia was the unfortunate send-off to what was an amazing year. Jessica Wollman was just one shot from tying the Radford University record for shots on goal, during the match, before she was robbed by the goalie. The Mountaineers dominated the ball and proved too much for the Highlanders. Even Radford Head Coach Ben Sohrabi had to congratulate West Virginia, after the game, about the impressive performance. Though the season may be

over, it will be one that will last in memory. It was one of Radford’s most successful seasons in years and seniors like Jasmine Casarez and Jessica Wollman will go down as All-Time greats for the Highlanders. This season may be over, but the future still looks bright as we look on towards next year. Except that this time the Highlanders will be the defending Big South Champions.

that this time the Highlanders will be the defending Big South Champions. B y Z achary

By Zachary Pot ter

that this time the Highlanders will be the defending Big South Champions. B y Z achary

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