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Radford University’s Student-run Newspaper The Tartan | December 5, 2018




Celebrating 40 Years of Radford

University student-run newspaper


2 | The Tartan Letter


Letter to from the Editor On September 6, 1978 (40 years ago), the Grapurchat became ... The
Tartan. The name was changed in order to align to the university's
new school colors of white, red, and grey from its original purple and

Since then The Tartan has been through its ups and down and has
seen some massive changes whether that be good or bad. With the
introduction of new freshman eager to join a club and seniors on the
verge of graduating but still needing to build a portfolio, The Tartan
has seen a great deal in staff growth and a drive to put out their best
work, and it shows when people do.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens

can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ―
Margaret Mead

With any organization that I am involved in, I will work with anyone who aims high and is willing to try, and that is
all I ask for as a peer. I have had a diverse group of students working with me this semester from a fashion design
major, foreign exchange students, many majors outside of journalism, and anyone who feels that they have The First edition of The
something to say. With so many different people working at The Tartan, it makes it so much more special to share Tartan from September
our thoughts to our readers. 6, 1978.

Though I know I should not be saying this but, SURPRISE, not every newspaper will be tremendous. Making an
impact does not have to always be about some scandal or a recent crime. It could be having a student see
themselves in the newspaper, a faculty member seeing a story of an event from the College of Visual & The First edition of the
Performing Arts that they've helped with, or even brightening your day with a gallery of the dogs at Radford. Grapurchat from January
27, 1921.
The Tartan maybe hitting the sweet 40 years of age but we are not old yet! Here are just some of the new
additions we have added to the organization of late:

Online: Print:
- Event calendar - Improving the overall quilty of the layout
- Tartan Training Center for young journalists - The contents page
- An easier way to apply for a position and submit news/tips - The addition of meme of the week
- Internships - Useful infographics and pictures
- An update on the structure and layout of the website - The weekly weather
- Allowing for more reader interaction - And of course, better journalism
- Creating a center for vital student resources

Along with this celebration, it has also been my first year as Editor-in-Chief, and this organization would not be like
it is today without the support from my fantastic staff and the faculty at Radford. It has honestly been the best
place for learning something new every day and to teach by just doing the work hands-on.

So, as you continue to read this newspaper, please enjoy it as an experience and try to realize that some people
might stay up from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. to make this for you. I hope you enjoy, and forward always!

All my best,
Dylan Lepore
Editor-in-Chief Wednesday, December 5, 2018 | 3

Dylan Lepore
Managing Editor
Ida Domingo
Copy Editor
Shiza Manzoor
News Editor
The Tea Editor
Jennifer Bennett
Sports Editor
Davis Byrd
Page Designer
Sam Aguero UPDATE
The New Students Fall 2018 infographic shows the comparison
Staff Writers: Savannah Roberson, between incoming classes of students at Radford and Roanoke.
Morgan Hutcheson, Nay-Quan Since each location has a diverse population, students who
Bryan, Lucas Carr, Devin Stubbs, and
Dustin Staples (weather) attend there are also unique, from their home states to the
number of credits.
Photography and Advertising:
Photography Manager
Staff Photographers: Shiza Manzoor,
Jordan Bennett, and Suzanne Dorr
The audience was amazed as they gave a lot of applause.
SMADs Manager
Yves White
For a full list go to FORMER 41ST 00 ON THE COVER

The Tartan publishes 1,500 copies PHOTO BY HAILEY SCHERER 
per week and is distributed at more
than 26 locations on the RU campus.
The Tartan is always looking into 08 THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO FINALS 
expanding  their distribution. The
publication is printed at Shenandoah
Publishing House in Winchester, Va.
The Tartan is part of Highlander In the NCAA's first-ever net rankings, Radford Men's basketball
Student Media and is completely team checked in at #22 out of 353 teams in Division 1
basketball. The NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Committee

05 10
student-run. As a newspaper, The has done away with the Rating Percentage Index evaluation
Tartan reserves the right to address, process and has adopted a new tool for the selection ...
explore and delve into issues that
affect the university student body
and the surrounding area. EDITORIAL POLICIES:
Student Media NEW RIVER VALLEY NATION BY “Our Opinion” pieces are written collectively by members of
Advertising The Tartan Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is comprised
Train travel may DEFEATING NO. 17 of the editing staff, the Tea writers, and other Radford
P.O. Box 6895
Radford VA, 24142 experience a revival in the TEXAS University students.
540-831-6051 New River Valley as soon After coming back from a
These undergraduate and graduate students represent
as 2020. The project, dominant 102 – 69 victory multiple class levels and different political, cultural, ethnic,
fittingly dubbed “New over the Glennville State and religious backgrounds. Members may or may not belong
River Valley 2020” is on Pioneers on Nov. 26, the to a variety of student organizations. The Editorial Board is
track, according ... open to all RU students who apply.
Radford Highlanders men’s
basketball team kept ...
Here is your
“We train future #TartanWeather
journalists, editors, Forecast for the
week of Wed.,
radio producers, December
news anchors and 5-December 11,
even entrepreneurs 2018.

through our ever-

evolving student-
run media outlets.” *This forecast is
always subject to change!!
By Dustin Staples
4 | The Tartan News

The Final Exam Schedule

tudents will have two
hours to complete their
final exams which will
start on the hour according to
the Office of Registrar list below
If students have any conflict
with their exam schedule or
if they happen to have three
or more exams on one day,
students are allowed to seek
the instructor of the course to
arrange a change in your final
exam schedule.
Good luck!!


Former 41st President dies at 94

eorge H.W. Bush, former media to share their condolences his essential authenticity, at St. Martin’s Episcopal
41st president of the and reactions to his passing. disarming wit, and unwavering Church. After, Herbert Bush will Former President George
United States, died on Former President Barack commitment to faith, family, and be buried in a family plot behind H.W. Bush’s service dog
Friday night Nov. 30 at his home Obama said, “America has lost country, President Bush inspired the Bush library complex, lies in front of his casket
in Houston. He was 94. a patriot and humble servant generations of his fellow alongside his wife and former in Houston on Sunday.
His passing was announced in George Herbert Walker Bush. Americans to public service to First Lady and his daughter The 41st president died
by his office, which came less While our hearts are heavy be, in his words, ‘a thousand Robin. Friday at the age of 94.
than eight months after the today, they are also filled with points of light’ illuminating the
passing of his wife of 73 years, gratitude. Our thoughts are with greatness, hope, and opportunity
Barbara Bush, who died due to a the entire Bush family tonight of America to the world.”
chronic obstructive pulmonary – and all who were inspired by President Trump also
disease on April 17. George and Barbara’s example.” designated Dec. 5 as a national
Herbert Bush had Parkinson’s “He never stopped serving,” day of mourning, also in which
disease that resulted in him said former President Bill Bush will be eulogized by his
to be reliant to a wheelchair Clinton. He adds, “I am son, former President George
or motorized scooter in recent profoundly grateful for every W. Bush, along with family and
years. After the passing of his minute I spent with President friends on Wednesday at the
wife, he had been in and out Bush and will always hold our Washington National Cathedral.
of the hospital as his health friendship as one of my life’s His funeral will be held
declined. greatest gifts.”
Reported by The New York Former President Jimmy
Times, Bush spoke his final words Carter said the Republican’s
in a phone call with his son, the administration “was marked
former 43rd President George W. by grace, civility and social
Bush. In their final conversation conscience.” and that Bush
through the speakerphone, his embraced “a uniquely American
son told Bush that he had been volunteer spirit.”
a “ wonderful father” to him and James Baker III, former
his father replied with his final secretary of state and White
words, “I love you, too.” House chief of staff under Bush,
Before this phone said in a statement that Bush
conversation, Herbert Bush lead in “strength, integrity,
was asked if whether or not he compassion and humility” on
wanted to go to the hospital the global stage and in everyday
and his answer was no. Instead, interactions. “His passion was a
Courtesy of Office of George H.W.

he said he was ready to be with deep love of family and country.”

Barbara, and their late daughter The current
Robin, who died of leukemia. president, Donald Trump also
Many former U.S. presidents offered his condolences saying
and colleagues took to social in a statement, “Through Wednesday, December 5, 2018 | 7

Passenger Rail Coming to the New River Valley

rain travel may experience River Valley and Northern Commission, with a key being For Lawhorn, the work have easy access to the region,
a revival in the New River Virginia. proximity to population, having will be worth it for both the a fact that is sure to make their
Valley as soon as 2020. Several potential sites a good road network around future riders and the region. parents happy.
The project, fittingly dubbed were surveyed for the new the site and sufficient land for With the addition of another With construction starting
“New River Valley 2020” is on station around the region facility network.” travel option, the traffic on on a number of new businesses
track, according to spokesperson before a portion of land near During his presentation the interstate will hopefully be in Christiansburg, the
Ed Lawhorn, who addressed the the Christiansburg Aquatic to the city council, Lawhorn less heavy, and more economic committee hopes that the new
Radford City Council on Sept. center was settled on. The land explained the projects next opportunities will likely come to transportation hub will further
24. in question has already been steps. One of which is a the New River Valley. the growth to all of the New
When finished, the project partially purchased by the town study on any operational and According to the project’s River Valley cities. With the
would allow passengers to board of Christiansburg, with just a maintenance challenges the website,, potential for new jobs, more
a train in Christiansburg, Va and few acres remaining to be closed current rail line might pose. the New River Valley has the students, and more financial
ride it as far as Boston, Ma. on. The other important study to fastest growing population in stability for the region it’s easy
The clear appeal of cheap There were several specific be conducted by the committee the region. This fact, coupled to see why so many community
travel which allows commuters qualities the project was looking will be the ridership study by with the prominent universities members are jumping on board
to avoid the I-81 corridor is one for. Ed Lawhorn said in an Amtrak. in the area means that adding the passenger rail project.
of the main draws of the project. interview with The Tartan, To help fund these studies another means of travel will
With two universities in the “It was done by the and the completion of this draw further attention to the
area, the ridership is projected Metropolitan Planning project the state has given a area. By Bailey Speer
to be stable between the New Organization and the Regional grant of $350,000. More potential students will

MERGER UPDATE The Return of the Radford Highlander Festival

he New Students Fall 2018 infographic shows the comparison he Radford Highlander Festival is scots made up a large portion of the American
between incoming classes of students at Radford and Roanoke. Since coming back home. forces during the Revolutionary War and
each location has a diverse population, students who attend there are For the last several years the account for nearly one-third of all U.S.
also unique, from their home states to the number of credits. festival, a beloved local tradition, has been presidents to date.
held in Radford’s Bisset Park. The festival With such a strong and rich history to
originally moved from the Radford University connect to, The Highlander Festival annually
campus because of ongoing construction draws crowds from all over Virginia to
projects. With the completion of these represent their clans in the heavy-weight
projects drawing to an end the university games and to explore local vendors and food.
President Brian Hemphill and mayor David Live music and an abundance of kilts give the
Horton of the city of Radford made a joint event the authentic Highlander feel.
announcement about the festival’s return to Cosa Brown, a member of the community,
the Radford campus. who has gone to the festival the last three
“The festival is scheduled for Oct. 12, years thoroughly enjoys it, saying, “It is a great
2019, and will feature the famed heavyweight way to connect the students and the town,
games, live entertainment, food, vendors, and and watching people toss those wooden poles
festivities for all ages. The festival is a great is crazy. My family is Scottish, so it is a fun
opportunity for the entire community to come way for me to experience my family history.
together and celebrate the Highlander spirit.” Plus, I got Tartan bandanas for my dogs. I’ll
Since the mid-1990s The Highlander definitely be back.”
Festival has been bringing the community With the countdown timer ticking away on
together to celebrate the regions rich Scotch- the festival webpage it is time for vendors and
Irish heritage. Initially a small event, it has Radford University clubs and organizations
grown dramatically into one of the most to start preparations for next year’s event.
significant tourist events in the season, The Highlander Festival is a unique way for
hosting on average 10,000 visitors. student organizations, local businesses, and
While many enjoy the festival, even community members to all collaborate and
without any ties to Scotch-Irish heritage, it participate.
is a way to connect with family history. The According to the announcement, next
primary settlers of South-West Virginia were year’s festival will be planned by the Radford
the Scotch-Irish (sometimes called Ulster Highlanders Festival Committee made up
Scots) who came over to the colonies mainly of officials from both the city and Radford
due to famine. University.
The impact of the Scotch-Irish people With the move back to the Radford
is visible from the city names (Glasgow and University Campus, next year’s Radford
Edinburgh), the music, and the hearty rather Highlander Festival promises to be an exciting
untamable spirit of the people. The Ulster- and cheerful event to look forward to.
Courtesy of Jefferson College of Health Sciences | Written By Ida Domingo

Photo By Jordan Bennett | Written By Bailey Speer

6 | The Tartan Culture

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

Fall Concert Ending the Semester in Spectacular Fashion

he night of Dec. 1 the introduction of Low Key, the Winter Hymnal” by the acapella made the audience experience To conclude, they prepared
Acabellas performed a Acabellas appearance made group Pentatonix. All of the the sentimental moment. the song of “Silent Night”
lovely winter concert. the audience burst in a big members just suddenly sit The famous song by turning off the lights of
It was held inside the applause. The first song, which down in a line of chairs. They “Hallelujah” was one of the the room and organizing the
Covington Center at 7 p.m. The made people speechless, was combined their body with their riskiest parts as everyone knows members around the audience.
concert was opened by Low Key, called “Starving” performed voices, it was such a spectacular the song’s difficulty, and as it Each of the members carried
Radford University’s all men by Charlotte Bucy and Sarah performance. They were the is said, the audience is the best a little light to present a calm
acapella. The men were funny Ward, who did a great job of shining lights in Covington. Just critic. The group comprised of sensation. Brianna Ashton did a
and surprising the audience with representing the song originally as they finished the song they Raney Swanberg, Julia Lucas, perfect intonation to finish the
one of the songs Brandy (You’re by Hailee Steinfeld. disappeared through the door. Leia Varghese, and Renee concert.
a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass, “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato However, they reappear perfectly found the right pitch The audience was amazed
which was amazingly done by was the next song which made again with a bunch of beautiful which resulted in a big round of as they gave a lot of applause.
Lucas Lambert. the audience speechless. It was flowers to recognize a senior of applause. The members participating in
Later on, they sang “I wish” such an incredible duo who took their group that is graduating The next song proposed a the event really did a great job
by Stevie Wonder. During this the stage with strength and this December. It was such an change with a female version according to all the positive
song, there were two soloists provoked a sense of longing. emotional and special moment of “Imagine” by soloists feedback they received.
and one rap soloist. Their names Morgan Thomas and Brianna because that member will be Rachael Cahoon, Jessy Gahafer,
are Jay Aaron Foster, Robert Ashton sang a good version of leaving the group soon. Some Madison Smith, Maggie Doherty,
Gallant, and Dean Rocco. the song. of them were the founding Katherine McLean and, Nichole By Nera Romero
After this very entertaining The next song was “White members of the group which Wright.
Jordan Bennett | Te Tartan Wednesday, December 5, 2018 | 7



The tea
8 | The Tartan The Tea

Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week

“People usually fail when they are on the
verge of success. So give as much care to
the end as to the beginning.” - Lao-Tzu

The Tartan is looking for dedicat-
ed, fast-learning, and self-suff-
ient student who can set their
own standars or goals for what
they would like to contritbute to

the Tartan.

• Culture Editor
• Assistant Culture Editor

• News Editor
• Assistant News Editor
• Staff Writer
• Staff Photographer

For more information head to
Tyler Hall Room 025
Monday - Friday

10 a.m to 5 p.m.

Need a Correction?

Courtesy of Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

The Tartan is committed to
correcting errors that appear in
the newspaper. Those interested
in contacting the paper for that
purpose can send an e-mail to

T or call the
main number, 540 831-5474, here is dread in the cold to study. I get it, there is little than the good healthy weight of yourself to have some fun. This
to make a correction to any winter air as finals slowly temptation to don twenty a dumbbell in hand. I can sit and constant notion of ‘study study
section. approach us. The final layers and traipse through over- cram at a desk for hours upon study’ or whatever unhealthy
hurdle before we can go home glorified frozen rain but studying hours; if you pull the chair away mantra you assign yourself
Looking for to our families and enjoy the around others can really prevent from me my body would remain for finals week is best avoided
festive period. the study blues. in its L-shape formation. when relaxing with friends.  Fun
Tartan Archives? Here is a quick survival guide There is a variety of study If you find yourself staring may not be able to come in its
for the remaining weeks on spots around Radford’s campus. at the laptop screen with regular form of a full-weekend
Rediscover the history of the Tartan Radford’s campus: While my swipe is strikingly low your mind straying from one extravaganza, but you can tame
through exploring all the way back I will spare the gory details at this point in the semester, irrelevant thought to the next, yourself down to a quiet night
to 1910, when it was initially called of how to study. I expect at the siren call of grounded take yourself out of the finals in with friends or a sensible
the Grapurchat to when it was
this stage of your academic coffee beans always lands me bubble for a simple half an hour amount of hours video gaming
rebranded as the Tartan in 1979.
career you have been lectured in Starbucks. I hasten to add and move, take a break. Exercise together.
Go to and select the more than enough times on that the coffee shop also has allows your brain to have a Enjoying yourself is yet
“More” tab to find those archives. how to highlight notes and an enticing Christmas playlist moment to re-charge while you another stress reliever, one
the importance of pledging playing from morning to crunch, peddle, and dunk away that takes your mind off that
Do old newspapers bore you? allegiance to the study guide. As evening, one that cheers up all the stress. seemingly unattainable A.
well as suffering through the all ill equations you cannot solve. If exercise turns out to be the There we have it, simple yet
Check out our new photo gallery too painfully obvious suggestion However, if you have more only thing you would consider effective ways to beat the study
on Flicker by selecting the “photo” of not studying the night before. self-control than I do, there are to be less desirable than weeks blues. Getting good grades does
tab to wander our photos taken
Studying how to study was plenty more inexpensive places of studying, lend yourself to not mean cutting all ties with
by our exceptionally phenomenal
never my favorite paradox. to open your textbooks. The a moment of stretching. Your joy. Well done for taking some
Finals result in a human- rest of the CHBS building and extended arms have no doubt time out of your hectic study
like hibernation. The nights the library are always reliable become accustomed to their schedule to sit and enjoy this
grow darker and students begin options. zombie-like position on the article. Good luck to all in their
retreating to the comfort of I also have the tendency to keyboard by now. finals and happy holidays!
their cozy homes (well as cozy weigh myself down with the While there is no denying B y M o r g a n H u tc h e s o n
as a student’s homes can get) heavy workload of finals, rather the importance of finals, allow

The Benefits of Taking a Wintermester Class

hether it be catching Radford University offers sessions throughout the time crunch to get the credits
up or getting ahead, Wintermester courses which summer. that they want. Some find
a Wintermester class are taken at the end of the There are two semesters that they are struggling with
could be all you need to stay fall semester. The university within the academic year, Fall balancing out their course load,
on track with your graduation also allows students to take and Spring. With that being said,
goals. Maymester courses and three most students find this to be a
>> Winter
Continued on page 9 Wednesday, December 5, 2018 | 9

Say ‘Happy Holiday’s’ Not ‘Merry Christmas’

From Page 8
while others might drop a
class in the semester.
This is where the short-term
semesters come in handy.
“I took a Wintermester
course to help alleviate my

Courtesy of Annie Spratt | Unsplash

workload for later semesters,”
junior Kendall Clark said.
These courses can be taken
at the university or online. 
Although the length of the
course is shorter, it is not any

easier than the classes taken t’s December, the time of the Christmas, very conservative. Tis’ the season to be jolly but Christmas.”
during the main semesters. year when Mariah Carey’s For Festivus, there is a feast it is also the season of tolerance It takes practice sometimes
Professors challenge students “All I Want For Christmas Is and people air out their and acceptance of everyone, no to not say things that are normal
to think in depth about the You” is on constant repeat. grievances that they’ve had matter the background, their to you. Start little by little
material and make sure the Where party goers down with other family members. religion, race or ethnicity. telling everyone and anyone
requirements reflect the fall and eggnog and loudly sing “Jingle Another holiday in December is Spread acceptance for to “Have a Happy Holiday.” It
spring courses. Bells,” December is the month Hogmanay, which is the Scottish those who don’t celebrate this is more politically correct and
“It was difficult to do with of incredible light shows, version of New Year’s Eve, and Christian holiday, acknowledge you’re considerate about the
the time being so short and the Christmas trees, spending time celebrations can last up to Jan. 2. their own right to celebrate other person’s background and
deadlines, but I don’t regret with loved ones, and giving back So, the question is, with 7.53 holiday’s native to their religion culture. Not everyone is the
it since I didn’t have to worry to the community. billion people on this planet of or their culture. Respect other’s same and sometimes you can
about taking any more of my Though Christmas isn’t many different backgrounds, of beliefs and in doing so they intertwine both sayings in case
core classes and I got to focus the only holiday of the month many different religions, do you will respect yours. The one way they do celebrate Christmas and
more on my major classes,” it is treated as such. There are tell a person you greet Merry you could disrespect someone’s if they don’t, they still know you
commented senior Nicole so many more like the Jewish Christmas or Happy Holidays? religion or culture is by telling are considerate of their religion
Milleson. holiday of Hanukkah which I personally love the them Merry Christmas as some or culture.
Radford offers over 50 online started in the evening of Dec. 2, Christmas season; peppermint find it offensive to be told this So, as I say to you from the
courses from almost every there’s Boxing Day, a holiday in flavored foods and beverages, because it is not their holiday of bottom of my heart and with all
program. Two factors come into the United Kingdom which is on gingerbread men, Christmas worship. the love in the world, to everyone
play when determining the cost. Dec. 26, and Kwanzaa which also lights and Christmas music, It took me a while to learn on campus and in the city of
The amount of credits students starts Dec. 26. and spending time with the that not everyone acknowledges Radford, whoever is reading this.
wants to achieve, and if the There is also Festivus people you love. As Americans, this holiday and that being told: Have a Merry Christmas and a
student is in-state or out-of- on Dec. 23; which is a more we’re more inclined to say “Have a Merry Christmas” is Happy Holiday.
state. secular version of Christmas, Merry Christmas, but we should offensive. It also took me a while
Tuition for an in-state with instead of a tree you have be observant of the many to learn to start saying “Happy
student to earn three credits is an aluminum pole. It is a less individuals who don’t celebrate Holidays” instead because I was B y N ay -Q ua n B rya n
roughly $1,500, and the costs for commercialized version of Christmas. so used to saying “Have a Merry
an out-of-state student earning

How to Prepare for the Spring Semester

the same amount of credits is
about $2,900.
If you have to take a
difficult course and prefer a

smaller class size and better s the fall semester ends, new clubs, volunteering, or Students should some time the staff, and so much more. This
student to teacher ratio, then a many college students just anything that can be to hang out with friends or will connect a student to their
Wintermester course could be are evaluating everything accomplished within the family. Also, everyone should be school even more. Also, everyone
the path for you.  If you find that they did this semester, the good semester. doing something they enjoy over should learn more about the
you benefit from online classes and the bad. Additionally, reevaluate or break for at least part of it. For programs their university offers
then check if a class you need is A new semester means a even set new long-term goals. example, continuing or starting to help students. For example,
offered during Wintermester. fresh start, and there are many These goals can include things to a hobby is an excellent way to many Radford students don’t
“I liked my Wintermester ways to prepare over winter accomplish for the rest of their detox from a stressful semester. have much information about
class because it was only a break to make the spring time at college, directly after the Writing Center, which can
month long instead of taking semester the best it could be. college, and beyond. Having 4. Maintain a sleep help anyone struggling with a
a whole semester’s worth of Here are a few tips to start the specific goals will help students schedule paper.
classes, and it was online so I semester off right: stay on track, and knowing what At the beginning of break, Lastly, everyone should
could do it from the comfort they need to accomplish for it’s okay to stay up late to talk look into the clubs and other
of my own house,” senior Tyler 1. Start a new planner these goals is also essential. to friends and sleep in because extracurricular activities the
Magee said. Planners are a great way Writing these goals in a there are no classes. Nearing school has to offer and how to
“It helped me get another to stay organized and keep up journal or just on a piece of the end of the break, everyone join them. This can be done
class under my belt and didn’t with every assignment. Without paper can also make the process should practice getting up the through the university website,
take a lot of time out of my them, it’s quite easy to forget even more comfortable. time they will need to when the RUInvolved, or exploring on
week,” he adds. to do an assignment. Making a spring semester begins. different social media platforms,
Radford University offers planner more personalized with 3. Take some time to relax This ensures a fresh mind to which are often used to reach
a variety of ways for students stickers and different colored over break start the semester, instead of a students.
to succeed. If you are falling pens can make the process more Many people make their tired zombie mind. Most students are looking
behind or want to get ahead fun, encouraging anyone to keep breaks not much of a “break” forward to the winter break.
then consider signing up up with it. Planners can also be with all the responsibilities 5. Learn more about the While having fun over the
for a Wintermester course. digital through the use of apps. they have to do. Keeping up university much-needed rest, students
Wintermester begins Dec. 18 and with responsibilities like work At any point of a student’s should keep these tips in mind
ends on Jan. 18.  Take advantage 2. Set new goals or even a Wintermester class college career, even if they’re in order to do their best in the
of that month and accelerate Students could also make is important, but it’s also in their fifth year, no one knows spring semester.
your path to graduation. some goals for the spring important to take time to relax everything about their school.
B y J o r da n T r e n t semester. These goals can be in between fall and spring Visit the university website B y C a i t lyn S t u lt z grades to reach for, joining semester. to learn more about the history,
10 | The Tartan Sports


RU an established, or
fledgling journalist? Or
maybe you just love to
write, and this might be
your first time showcasing
your hidden talent?

Want to bring your opin-

ions and unique views to
the masses? Love the idea
of reporting on and off
campus news, voicing your
opinion on topics ranging
from movies, laws, and on
the many fun, and some-
time’s unusual, attractions
going on around campus?
Then give Radford Univer-
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
per a shout and email the

Courtesy of RU athletics

Letters to the
Editor Men’s Basketball Shocks the Nation
fter coming back from a trailed the entire first half, they then did what he does best and Highlanders lead to 62 - 58 with
We prefer letters that are fewer dominant 102 – 69 victory never gave up and continued took control. 11 seconds to go in regulation.
than 200 words and take as over the Glennville State fighting back. By halftime, the While Jones began displaying Throughout the game,
their starting point an article Pioneers on Nov. 26, the Radford eager Highlanders made it a his remarkable basketball skills Longhorns struggled severely
or other item appearing in The Highlanders men’s basketball nail-biter as the scoreboard and IQ, he was then able to drive from 3-point range as they shot
Tartan. They may not have team kept the momentum going displayed Radford with 33 points to the basket and score a tough a horrific 5-for-27.
been submitted to, posted as they once again defied the and the Longhorns with 34. bucket while drawing a foul Along with Polite’s 11 points
to or published by any other odds as they defeated the Texas As both teams came into from Texas senior guard Kerwin forward, Mawdo Sallah shot an
media. They must include the Longhorns on the evening of the second half fired up, this Roach ll. impressive 5 for 7 from the field
writer’s full name — for more Nov. 30. game had the fans in attendance Being the Big South freshman recording 10 points as well.
information and to send a Although the Longhorns watching on the edge of their of the year in 2017-18 basketball Junior guard Travis Fields
letter head over to coming into this battle are seats. season, Jones is surely no included an additional 10 points ranked number 17 in the nation’s The Radford Highlanders stranger to big shots. Jones hit which placed three Highlander
top 25 college basketball teams, didn’t take their first lead until a buzzer-beating three as time players in double figures to cap

Meme of the Week

the Radford University men’s the 18:06 mark in the second expired lifted the Highlanders off the well-deserved victory.
basketball team (6-1) are no half. over Liberty last season in the The Highlanders have jumped
strangers to impressive victories The second half didn’t Big South Championship! out to a remarkable start as they
this season! consist of a lead higher than Following the successful now hold victories at Texas and
Notable senior forward Ed six points from either team basket and free throw attempt at Notre Dame this season. Join
Polite Jr. leads the Highlanders and as the hard-fought second from Jones, the Longhorns would the Radford University men’s
to victory against the Longhorns half carried on the Highlanders then gain possession and miss basketball team as they will
totaling 11 points and six began to feel a spark as they a three-point attempt as the look to continue their exciting
rebounds. held on to the Longhorns ever so scoreboard displayed Radford 61 season when they travel to
The Highlanders came into closely. and Texas 58. Harrisonburg Virginia Dec. 4 as
this game doubted by many with This contest encountered six The Highlanders iced the they take on the James Madison
several complications facing ties and 11 total lead changes! cake getting the rebound because Dukes at the JMU Convocation
them to achieve this victory, With 24 seconds left in it caused the Longhorns to foul, Center.
but they would not let that hold regulation, the Highlanders sending Devin Hutchinson to the
them back for one second. trailed the Longhorns 58 – 59. free throw line where he made B y C h a d B ox l e y
Although the Highlanders Sophomore guard Carlik Jones 1 of 2 attempts increasing the

What word starts with “e”,
Radford Claims #22 in New NCAA Net Rankings
ends with “e”, and only has n the NCAA’s first-ever net The NCAA Division 1 Men’s selection and seeding of teams strength of schedule.
one letter in it? rankings, Radford Men’s Basketball Committee has done for the 2019 NCAA Tournament. The NCAA Evaluation Tool
basketball team checked away with the Rating Percentage RPI rankings are based on the
Envelope. in at #22 out of 353 teams in Index evaluation process and numerical rankings on a team’s
Division 1 basketball. has adopted a new tool for the wins and losses and their Continued on page 11 Wednesday, December 5, 2018 | 11
From Page 11
(NET), will be the new evaluating teams fairly. are averaging 77.4 points a game the 1990-91 season when they Radford will begin Big
barometer for the committee, Game date and order were while holding opponents to 67.2 started 8-0. They are on a three- South Conference play against
and it will include game just two of the criteria omitted points per game. game winning streak and look Longwood University on Jan. 5 in
results, strength of schedule, from the evaluation process so Over the Thanksgiving to continue the streak as they the New River Valley. They look
game location, scoring margin as to give importance to both break, Radford competed in travel to Harrisonburg to take for two consecutive Big South
(capping at 10 points per game), early and late-season games. the Gotham Classic, hosted on the Dukes of James Madison Championships and to move up
and net offensive and defensive There is also an implementation by the Fighting Irish in South Tuesday, Dec. 4. in the NET rankings and to make
efficiency. of a 10-point cap on the Bend, Indiana. The Highlanders Check the Radford Men’s another NCAA Tournament
The new ranking system winning margin to prevent high went 3-1 in the tournament, Basketball team homepage to Birth by the time March comes
was approved in late July after rankings from encouraging upsetting and Notre Dame 63-60 see the outcomes. around.
months of consultation with unsportsmanlike play in as well as handing losses to UIC They will continue their six- Senior forward Ed Polite
the Division 1 Men’s Basketball accordance to teams running up and William and Mary. game road trip playing Power 5 Jr. (12.0 Points Per Game) and
Committee, the National the score when victory is certain. Their only loss in the teams such as Clemson on Dec. Redshirt Sophomore point guard
Association of Basketball The Highlanders have begun tournament came by way of 15 and Maryland on Dec. 29 to Carlik Jones (16.2 Point Per
Coaches, top basketball the 2018-19 season with a 6-1 Duquesne in a tightly contested close out 2018. The Highlanders Game) plan to keep this train
analytics experts, and Google record beating big-name teams match-up ending with a final will not come back to the rolling as the 2018-19 basketball
Cloud Professional Services. like Notre Dame, William and score of 69-64. Dedmon Center until New Year’s season gets into full swing.
The NET system was created to Mary and most recently 17th The Highlanders are having Day as they go up against the By Lucas Carr
be as accurate as possible while ranked Texas Longhorns. They the best start to a season since Mars Hill Lions.

Volleyball Falls Short to Clemson

adford Volleyball lost in end their season and see them see if the Highlanders can add
four sets against Clemson swept in three straight sets. The even more post-season wins and B y Z ac h a ry P ot t e r
in the sweet 16 of the Highlands refused this and went even an NCAA Tournament bid.
NIVC Tournament. It marked on to score three straight points Courtesy of RU athletics

an end to their impressive year, making the score 25-24.

which included the programs In the next play, the Tigers
first ever post-season win. evened out the score at 25,
The Highlanders performed seeming to never quite go
strongly in the first set, leading away. McKnight and freshman
Clemson 6-5. However, Clemson Kylie Tuxford provided two
would bounce back and gain consecutive kills and Radford
a 10-7 lead. But Clemson held won the set 27-25. Clemson still
firm and won the set as Radford up 2-1 sets.
couldn’t close the gap for the Radford had played well and
rest of the first set. Clemson up strong throughout the match
1-0. and was now one set away from
Radford was able to come out tying the match at two sets
strong again and post a 6-4 lead apiece. However, the fourth set
early in set two. Thanks to some would prove unlike the first
nice kills from Valerie Gonzalez three. Radford still managed to
and Amaya Rousseau, the early start the set out strong, trailing
lead was a good boost in the set. Clemson 6-5.
However, Clemson bounced back Though the Tigers would
again leading the set 9-7. rally from there and push to a
Radford still continued to 7-1 run. The Highlanders ran out
press on in this competitive set of gas from that point and could
and climbed to a 16-14 lead. never recover losing the fourth
Yet again, Clemson scored five- and final set 14-25.
straight points, something the The Tigers held the
Highlanders couldn’t overcome Highlanders to a match-low
for the rest of the set, losing eight kills. While also holding
narrowly 25-22. Clemson up 2-0. the Highlanders to zero hits for
Clemson seemed like it the entire set. Clemson wins the
would walk away with a quick match 3-1 advance to the Elite
win and send Radford packing Eight and knocking Radford out.
home early. Though that was Though the match ended in
not the case. The Tigers jumped a loss, the Highlanders still can
out to an early 15-11 lead, look back on their 2018 season
pushing the Highlanders ever as a success which included
closer to desperation. Thanks to their first ever post-season win
some nice play from Gonzalez, against Appalachian State.
Rosseau, and Mallory McKnight Radford will end their season
earning two kills apiece, Radford with a 22-7 record, while also
charged ahead with a 9-5 run. being 12-4 in the Big South
The match wasn’t over Conference.
just yet and Clemson proved Seniors Gonzalez and
once again they were going to Rosseau will be missed after an
be tough to beat with a score impressive year which showed
of 24-22. Radford was now in in the final game of the year.
desperation mode as one more Though this season may be over,
point scored against them would we will look on to next year and
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