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Name of the student teacher : Aswathy. S.


Name of the school : G.H.S.S .Anchalummoodu Str : 40/49

Name of the subject : Bilogy Date. : 3/01/3019

Name of the Unit : Cell Clusters Time : 40 minutes

In developing factual, conceptual procedural and metacognitive dimensions
of knowledge . Process skills, Interest, Positive attitude and Appreciation about
the significance of Animal tissue s through Lecture- cum- demonstration method,
multimedia approach and evaluated by oral questioning.

New terms. : Epithelial tissue, muscular tissue, connective tissue and
Nervous tissue

Facts. : * A tissue is a collection of similar cells arising from

the same origin, that carry out a specific function.

* Epithelial tissue is found throughout the body

* Muscular tissue consists of cells that can contract and

regain the original state.

* Connective tissue provide support, protection, framework,

stores fat, blood cells and fight infections.

* Nervous tissue composed of neurons, controls and co-

ordinates physiological functions.
Major Concept. : Animal tissue

Minor Concept. : Types of tissues and functions of tissues.


* Remembering the above mentioned new terms, facts and concepts
related to the topic " Animal Tissues"

* Understanding the above mentioned new terms, facts and concepts

related to the topic " Animal Tissues"

* Applying the acquired knowledge

* Analysing the functions of Animal tissues.

* Synthesising the knowledge about the topic.

* Creating diagrammatic sketch of animal tissues.

PRODUCT OF LEARNING : Identify the different Animal tissues

ADDITIONAL KNOWLEDGE : Muscular tissue consists of cell that can

contract and regain oiginal state.

LEARNING AIDS : Chart, ICT , Pictures

PRE - REQUISITES : Aggregation of cells form tissues.

REFERENCE : SCERT Text book of standard VIII Biology

concepts and Application - Christine. A
Class room Interaction Procedure Pupil Response

Teacher checks the previous knowledge of

students to know about their awareness on cells
before entering into the topic.
Basic structural and functional unit of any living
What is a cell ?

What are the different types of cells that you are

Plant cell , Animal cell, and bacteria
familiar with ?
Bacteria is composed of a single cell while animals
Can someone tell the difference between a
are composed of more than one cells.
bacteria cell and animal cell ?
For efficient functioning of human body system.
What is the advantage of having different types of
cells in human body ? Then the cells has to be systematically arranged
inside our body.
But how can such numerous calls perform
effectively if they don't follow a systematic order ?


Today we have a special guest who is eager to

interact with you. Now listen carefully to what the
human body has to tell about the physiological
function or organisation.

If you have any doubts , you can get it cleaned

directly from the human body.

Though we are familiar that our body consists of

different cells and oragans .We doubtful whether
Good morning to you all . You have a very good cells and oragns are the same.
idea about your body, but still seem a bit confused,
isn't it ? Will you please help us in solving the confusion.

One cells assemble together to form tissue and Does every cell combine to form tissues ?
they in turn give rise to the organ system of the
Can you give some examples?
human body that you are familiar with.

To be more specific, I would say that cells of similar

origin and performing a common function combine
together to form a tissue.

Look at the given pictures

From the pictures,

you will get the So you mean to say that our Blood, Nerves and
point. Bones are the tissues that constitute the human

The. What about our muscles and skin.

Don't they belong to this category ?


Well said,they are also our body tissues. No

Now , let me ask a question .

Have you heard of Tendons and Ligaments ?

Ok, Suppose I want to move around in your Bones , muscles

classroom rather than sutting at one place.

Then , Which Tissue will help me in this

function ?

Right !

For movement and locimation both muscles and

bones play an important role.

However it becomes difficult in the absence of the


Therefore our bones are connected to bones as

well as with muscles.

Ligaments connect two bones together while

tendons connect muscles to bones.


Teacher tells the students that it is time to bid

adieu to human body , for he has to go for his
routine exercise to maintain in his body healthy.
Well it was good to interact with you. If at any time
you have a confusion regarding new. Please be at
ease to call
me. I would be
there for Thank you......
your help.
before concluding the lesson, let us revise what we
had learnt today.
Animals is grouped into four basic types : Epithelial
tissue, nervous tissue, muscular tissue and
connective tissue. Epithelial tissue provides
protection, nervous tissues responds to changes in
idea and outside the body, muscular tissues is
involved in movement, while connective tissue
connects different tissues or acts as a support to

1. Define Tissue

2. Name any two connective Tissues

3. Mention the functions of Epithelial Tissue

4. What are the major types of Tissues in anjmals


1. Prepare a biography on different types of