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Of “29/1 , INDIRA ROAD, DHAKA1215

THIS DEED OF AGREEMENT is made on this the ------------------------------------ of the Christian


"AB ASSOCIATES .", a proprietorship company under Companies Act, having registration no
02070503 it's registered office at 64,Siddeshwary road, P. S.- Ramna, Dist.- Dhaka,
represented by it's proprietor, Sheik Md Anamul Haque hereinafter referred to as the
"Developer" (which expression where the context so admits shall include its successors
in interest and assigns) Developer/First Party.

Md. Ferdous Zaman Khan , Fathers Name: Md Jahiduzzaman Khan , NID19893514374000001
Address :House no ,Road no. is hereinafter called the SECOND PARTY-PURCHASER.
(Hereinafter referred to as the which expression where the context so admits, shall include his/her
heirs, successors, administrators, executors, legal representatives and assigns) Purchaser/Second

A) The First Party is the owner in possession of measuring more or less 2.85 decimal of land
by virtue of Registered Power of Attorney in favour of AB Associates accordingly powering
the Attorney to deal with and to develop the Schedule Property for them on their behalf and
for other purpose including sale, transfer, enter into Agreement(s) etc.

B) The First Party has decided to develop on the land by constructing 10 (Ten) storied
residential building consisting apartments in the schedule "B" in the name of site as AB “Fazila
Feroz Neer” at 29/1, INDIRA ROAD, Dhaka1215. And Developer company has got approval
of plan from Rajuk no Zone-5/25.39.0000. dated 07/01/2018.

B) The First Party (Developer) now intends to sale the apartments along with undivided and
undemarcated share of land to the owner of each apartment as individual Purchaser is Second
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C) The Purchaser has accepted the plan and upon inspection of the documents of title is satisfied
about the title of the land and rights of the landowner to construct the Project by the First Party
(Developer) right to sale the apartment and the respective portion of land to prospective buyer
with due registration and transfer of the same.

D) The Purchaser agrees to purchase the apartment of 8th floor along with undivided and
undemarcated portion of land. Proportionate share out of total land (as per ratio of apartment
area) together with constructed floor Area of approx 1200sft. Enjoyment of the common Road ,
Stair, Lift and Lobby within the plot and the Building


1.That, the First Party-Developer shall sell the “Schedule-C Apartment” along with undivided and
undemarcated share of land at a total consideration of Tk.67,00,000.00 (Taka sixty seven lac) only
and the second Party-Purchaser shall

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purchase the Schedule-‘C’ Apartment along with undivided and undemarcated share of land at a total
consideration of Tk67,00,000.00 (Taka sixty seven lac ) only. That, out of the total consideration
as stated above for the “Schedule-C Apartment” the Second Party- Purchaser already paid a sum of
Tk40,00,000.00/- (taka forty lac ) only as booking money and shall pay the remaining amount as
per installment detailed in “Annexure-A” of this Deed of Agreement.

2. That, the time so fixed for payment of the price of the “Scheduled-C Apartment” along with
undivided & undemarcated land as detailed in “Annexure-A” of this Deed of Agreement shall be the
essence of the contract. Failure of payment of installment if exceed 60 days the First Party shall have
the right to cancel the allotment. In such event, the amount paid by the Purchaser will be refunded
after deduction of Tk. 1,00,000/- (Taka one Lac) only as service charge after selling the Apartment to
a new buyer.
3. That, the price of the “Schedule-C Apartment” shall also include the proportionate cost of staircase,
internal electric wiring, underground water reservoir, overhead water tank, common water supply
line, gas supply pipe line, water lifting pump with Electric Motor, Generator, Electric Sub-station,
Lift, Lift-core according to building plan and specification.

4. The size of the apartment shall be calculated as per the working drawing of the developer, not as per
Rajuk approved plan. As per working drawing of the developer , the schedule apartment size is more
or less 1200sft (including common space ) and both the parties have agreed that the apartment value
have been determined total valueTk 67,00,000.00.
5. That, the First Party-Developer shall always have the right to make minor alterations in the plan of
the Apartment and in the layout plan, if it becomes necessary in the better interest of the Project.

6. (a) That in case the Second Party-Purchaser would like to use the finishing items (such as, Tiles,
Sanitary and Electrical fitting and fixtures etc.) of higher specification in place of the items as in the
additional cost as would be involved shall be borne by the Second party-Purchaser.

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7. That, the First Party-Developer shall complete the construction work within 2020. The time limit so
fixed shall however be extendable at the option of the Developer, if it becomes absolutely necessary
on account of non-availability of the required building materials, Act of God, Natural Calamity,
Strike, Civil Commotion and for any other reason whatsoever beyond the control of the Developer.

8. That, on completion of the construction of the “Schedule-C Apartment” in all respects according to
the Company’s standard specifications and on making of full payment by the Purchaser as mentioned
in “Annexure-A” of this Deed of Agreement, the Company shall hand over possession of the
constructed Apartment and also execute the Sale Deed to the Purchaser in a suitable time (not more
than 3 months after handover the apartment). But all the expenses in that connection such as cost of
Stamps, Gain Tax, VAT, Registration fees, Transfer fee and other incidental expenses related to
Registration shall be borne by the Second Party-Purchaser and the said amount is not deductible from
the consideration money as in “Annexure-A” of this Deed of Agreement.
9. After complection of the project before handover to purchaser developer (first party) must have
residence permission certificate from Rajuk.
10.After completion and handover the apartment to the purchaser developer will be remain responsible for
one year for all sort of maintenance such lift, generator, substation, equipment, water, gas electrical
line, PDB main line, drain etc.
11. That after one year period purchasers jointly (association) remain responsible to maintain all over items
mention of their owner
12. That, the Purchaser, without the prior written consent of the Developer, shall not sell, transfer,
convey, mortgage charge, encumber deal with or dispose of the Schedule ‘C’ Apartment and the
rights and benefits under this Deed of Agreement till the dues of whatsoever nature owing to the
Developer are fully paid up.
That, the Purchaser shall not use the “Schedule-C Apartment” or any part there of for any purpose
other than residential purpose nor he/she will use the said Apartment in such manner that may cause
nuisance or annoyance to the owners or occupiers of other Apartments of the building or in any
manner which diminishes the value or availability of the common facilities & amenities provided in
the said complex.

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13. That, the Purchaser shall jointly with the other owners or occupiers of the other Apartments in the
building use and enjoy its common Corridors, Lobbies, Stair- case, Lift, Roof-top facilities (provided
by the Developer) entrance and exit of the Building.
14. Developer will clear all rent, Tax, gas bill, water bill, electric bill, Government any other dues and
charges before handing over the apartment to the purchaser.

15. That, so long as the Municipal tax and other taxes and charges are not assessed separately for
“Schedule-C Apartment” the Purchaser shall pay his proportionate share of such taxes and charges
that may be imposed on the building as determined by the common management of the Project.

16. That, notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Deed of Agreement, the Roof- top of the
Building shall be used only for the installation, servicing and maintenance purpose of Water Tank,
Lift Machine Room, Satellite Antenna, sky- light and for maintenance purpose of other nature and the
rest portion may be utilized for Land Scaping walking way recreational facilities with the consent of
the Apartment Owners’ Society/Association and under no circumstances the Purchaser and their
Society/Association shall be entitled to develop/erect/construct any temporary /permanent pacca/
kacha shed/structure on the Roof top of the Building.
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17. That, in case of conflict or contradiction appearing among the contents of the terms of this
Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail.

18. That, for the better management of the AB “ Fazila Feroz neer” project, the Developer shall
arrange formation of a ‘Apartment Owners Association’/Landowner and all the Apartment
Purchasers in the AB “Fazila Feroz neer” of 29/1,Indira Road , Dhaka1215. Project shall have to be
a member of that Association depositing a sum of taka (not yet fixed) to a Common Service Fund for
each share. The Association shall be formed by the Developer/landowner and the Purchasers shall
abide by the rules and regulations of the Association.

19. The schedule apartment is expected to complete and handover by 2020.If the Developer be failed to
hand over the apartment within that time, a grace period of 03 ( three) months will be considered and
no penalty will be impose upon the developer. Thereafter the purchaser shall be entitailed to get Tk
25000.00 per month as house rent from the developer till hand over the apartment in his favour.

20. That, incase any dispute, disagreement or difference arises between the parties during the progress of
their construction relating to the said Apartment or to any other thing
directly or indirectly under this Agreement, the same shall be settled by the parties themselves and in
default of which, the matter shall be referred to the arbitration of 3 (three) persons to be appointed
with the consent of both the parties and the majority’s decision of such arbitration will be the final
and binding on both the parties.

This Deed of Agreement is made in 2 (Two) sets in original, one for each party.



All the piece and parcel of land measuring more or less 2.85 decimal land at Mouja –Rajabazar , as
per Layout Plan at Plot No. 29/1, Indria road, , Sub-Register Office – Tejgaon, P.S. Tejgaon, District –
Dhaka1215, which is butted and bounded as : on North-plot no 29, South- building & East-plot no 29
and West side Road.
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That the First Party will build or construct a 10(Ten) Storied Residential Building with named AB
“Fazila Feroz Neer” in the “Schedule- A Land” having Approx. 9 (nine) Residential Apartments and
Car Parking Spaces. The purchaser will get out of the “Schedule-A Land” an undivided and
undemarcated area of land against one share (proportionate share out of total land) with constructed
floor Area of approx.1200sft on 8th (eight) Floor of the building. Enjoyment of the common Roads
and other adjuncts such as residential Stair, Lift and Lobby within the plot and the Building.


The Apartment to be constructed on the undivided & undemarcated portion of the said piece and
parcel of the land described in “Schedule-B Property” here to which would be described as:

Apartment No.A-9 measuring approx.1200 sft. of the 8th (eight) floor measuring of the Building .

________________________________ _________________________________
Signature of the First Party /Developer Signature of the Second Party/ Purchaser
AB Associates


1. Name : Mehdi Hassan Babu

Address : House # 43, Road # 07,
Block # G, Banani, Dhaka.

2. Name :
Address :

Value of the apartment No. …. Measuring approx. 1200 sft 8th(eight) floor.
Total lum-sum value Tk. 67,00,000.00
(-) Down payment already paid = Tk 40,00,000.00
Balance = Tk27,00,000.00
Balance amounts of Tk27,00,000/ (twenty seven lac taka) only to be paid as per schedule time.
Rest of amount will be paid by 9 (nine) installments.

The purchaser paid to the developer the some of taka4 0,00,000.00 (forty lac ) only and the
balance amount of taka 27,00,000.00 (taka twenty seven lac ) only shall paid by the purchaser to the
developer in the following manner:

a) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka) only on or before Jan 2019

b) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka) only on or before March 2019
c) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka) only on or before May 2019
d) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka ) only on or before July 2019
e) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka) only on or before sept. 2019
f) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka) only on or before Nov 2019
g) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka) only on or before Feb 2020
h) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka) only on or before May 2020
i) Taka 3,00,000.00 (three lac taka) 0nly on or before July 2020.

Rest of amount will be paid at the time of hand over with all sorts of facilities with that flat.


If the first party-Developer can able to handover the said flat before the above schedule time,
Then the purchaser must have to pay all of his/her outstanding before to take over the Apartment.
All the related expenditures during Registration including VAT, Tax, and additional work bill,
Utility charge to be paid separately before taking over possession of the Apartment and

________________________________ _________________________________
Signature of the First Party /Developer Signature of the Second Party/ Purchaser
AB Associates