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High School Edition - March 2010

Tech Classes introduction of Francophone Cul-

ture. It is so well made. My
about their musical preferences. In
other projects, I've found the stu-

Yeild Results
French One students loved it last dents will try to get by with the
semester, and I am planning on least amount of work. With this
showing it again.‖ project, they're wanting to add
You will recall that last October M. Therese Tseng – French NHS more to make the wiki more com-
we offered two technology inte- plete….
gration classes. I am happy to From the Wikis and Blogs class
report that our classes have made a ―I am very excited about using The wiki is a perfect means for
positive difference. Here are some blogging. I did not expect the exploratory learning. The students
testimonials. positive reception from my stu- are basically creating a notebook
dents…First, I set up the assign- together, teaching each other, and
From the SMART Board class: ment which has to do with teach- learning research skills.‖
―I use the SMART Board software ing Formal Commands in Spanish. Chris Matthews – Band AHS
each day with my classes … My The day before I explained and
goal this semester was to pull po- taught the grammatical structure to Here is a final note from a teacher
werpoints, pages of worksheets, the students. Yesterday, I took the who did not take the class, but has
etc. into my lessons per topic to whole class of 31 students to the started using blogs this semester.
help organize them. I have used library where each student had a
the scanner to bring together many computer…I was truly amazed ―In the past my Multi-Media De-
of the materials… My students how the students were all able to sign classes have kept journals in
love the games and activities and write their responses in Spanish Microsoft Word. This semester,
it makes the lessons more excit- for this assignment. There were with some hesitance, I switched to
ing. Once I have the lessons orga- few mistakes and everyone un- having my students keep online
nized, then I can add the bells and derstood how and when to use blogs. To my surprise, this was
whistles that the students like formal commands in Spanish…a easy to set up and convenient to
best‖ concept which normally takes me grade—allowing me to give them
Donna McAvene – Spanish AHS much longer to teach. faster feedback. I anticipate that
the students will respond to this
―Although I do not have access to I can say that my first blogging with improved journal entries.‖
a SMART Board, the lessons that experience was very positive and Barbara Witt – Business, CHS
I created proved quite useful in the students were all very enthu-
class on the LCD monitor, … Stu- siastic about a very dull topic be- Let me add two remarks of my
dents grasped the concept of cause they were able to use tech- own. The first is the observation
switching languages and under- nology.‖ that it would appear the foreign
standing what was required the Christine Darby – Spanish NHS language department constitutes
first time round. It saved me from the vanguard in the integration of
a lot of repetitious explanations. It ―My students are excited that the technology. Perhaps you core
is amazing how visual lessons pages they are creating are show- teachers tend to be somewhat re-
grasp their attention. ing up as links to other students’ luctant out of fear that the inclu-
I also used the technology website pages. In just a matter of a few sion of ―21st century skills‖ will
…. This is an audio/visual days, they went from a blank page take time from the teaching of
SMART Board presentation on the to a cross-referencing document SOLS. From the quotes above,
you can see that, if structured
right, technology engages the stu-
dent and they can learn more in
less time. ―Kidblog's simple, yet powerful
tools allow students to publish
My second remark is actually a posts and participate in discus-
confession-- this article is partially sions within a secure classroom
an elaborate plug Production worker taking a well deserved
break. blogging community. Teachers
for the technolo- maintain complete control over
gy integration Contact me if you would like to student blogs…
courses we are order a pick-up load of fertilizer Provide your students with an au-
offering in April. for your garden. thentic, engaging, and interactive
Registration is at learning experience with Kid-
3:45 Thursday in blog.‖
the AMS library.
The subject, once again, is Video
Creation for the Classroom. Web Picks Two big differences between this
and other blogging sites, is that
this one is so simple to use, and is
Updates created specifically for teachers to
use. The teacher has complete
Underway This one is a site where sticky
control over who may see the
posts, as well as who may post and
In my December newsletter I told notes can be posted. I’ve put a bit comment and whether or not the
you that one of my upcoming more information on a sample comment must be approved before
projects would be to update our page which you can see by click- it goes on line.
Technology Resource Web Pages. ing here.
I’ll never be able to say that I’ve
completed that project—these
pages will always be an ongoing ―Create picture collages in less
endeavor. However, I can say that than a minute with just a few
I’ve added a large number of new ―World’s most versatile flashcards‖ mouse clicks. Photos are automat-
resources to most of the resource What I love about this site is that ically and intelligently placed….
pages (I haven’t gotten quite as far you can type in one set of match- Use photos on your computer or
with the Social Studies as I have ing terms, and they will automati- from the web to make collages.
with the others). If you visit the cally be formatted into ten differ- Make collages in any imaginable
pages you’ll see that I’ve clearly ent review games (oops, I meant shape or form.‖ You can do it on-
labelled the additions which I’ve to say activities.) Check out a line, on Facebook, or download
made this semester. Click here to sample I’ve created or register for the program and do it on your
check it out. your own account by clicking computer.
A Timely Offer Both of the above websites are set
You may not be aware of it, but I
up to be shared through Face-
am the sole proprietor of
book—which we may not be able Click here is another good source
Blodgett’s Biological Products.
to use at school, but, I’ll bet the of professionally produced,
As such, I supple Eastern Shore
majority of your students use at downloadable videos. Searchable
gardeners with top quality, locally
home. by subject.
produced, organic fertilizer.

My stockyard Production line running

full steam.