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DAYS OF THE WEEK: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
weekdays, weekends
MONTHS OF THE YEAR: January, February, March, April, May, June, July August,
September, October, November, December
MONEY MATTERS: cash, credit card, cheque, in advance, annual fee, monthly
membership, interest rate, deposit, tuition fees, poverty, bank statement, money
management, current account, student account, withdraw, low-risk investment
SUBJECTS: science, politics, history, economics, biology, architecture, law, geography
STUDYING AT COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY: course outline, group discussion, handouts, written
work, report writing, research, rewrite, proof reading, experiment, experience, review,
revise, reference, textbooks, dictionary, laptop, printer, student support, student advisor,
a term, intensive, modules, topic, assessment, library, education department, computer
centre, classroom, lecture theatre, a lecture, lecturer, tutor, main hall, attendance,
deadline, give a talk, speech, computer laboratory, certificate, diploma, placement test,
overseas students, full-time, facilities, college dining room, specialist knowledge,
international, accommodation, home stay, primary, secondary, intermediate, media
room, resources room, staff room uninterrupted
MARKETING: catalogue, interview, newsletter, supervise, competition, TV programme,
strategies, research method, entertainment industry, leadership, management, testing,
display, products, customer, special offer, collecting data, questionnaire, survey, mass
media, statistics
HEALTH: yoga, keep-fit, salad bar, vegetarian, picnic, outdoor activities, tennis, cycling,
leisure activities, disease, diet, meal, dance studio, squash courts, protein
NATURE: field, footbridge, environment, waterfall, river, mountain, forest, village
In the city: cities, street, lane, city centre, central station, train, car park, mini bus,
department stores, ground floor, hire a car, bridge, restaurant, café, temple, embassy,
road system, hospital, nursery, garden, pollution
WORKPLACE: dentist, engineer, business, office assistant, reception, waiting list,
appointment, staff selection, colleagues, workshop, showroom, information desk,
employer, efficient, employment, unemployed, technical cooperation, team leaders,
stress, attitude, ability, vision, confidence, training
RATING: reasonable, satisfactory, dangerous, safe, strongly recommend, poor quality
TOURING: castles, guided tour, ticket office, souvenirs, trips, guest, reservation, view,
OTHER: prize, weather, temperature, international, passport photo, local newspaper, state,
government, individual, variety, section, expensive, practice, gender, creativity
Single and double consonants
Across, Process, Harass, Disappoint, Recommend, Tomorrow, Professor, Necessary-
Parallel, Apparent, Exaggerate, Occasion, Occur (but Occurred), Commit (but Committed)
Success, Possess, Access, Assess, Address, Accommodation, Embarrass, Millennium
Changes of spelling when words change form
Argue: Argument Success > Succeed; Excess > Exceed; Process > Proceed Occur > Occurred;
Refer > Referred; Begin > Beginning

Silent letters in consonant clusters

[nm] in Environment, Government Excellent, Excited
[nm] in Column, Autumn [dg] in Knowledge, Acknowledge (but just
[sc] in Science, Conscious, Discipline, [g] in Privilege, Oblige)
Fascinate, Ascend, Descend [th] clusters in ordinals: Eighth, Twelfth,
[xc] in Excite, Exceed, Exception, Hundredth

Pairs of frequently confused spellings in

Till ≠ Until (not *untill)
Lose ≠ Loose (one is a verb; the other is
an adjective)
Affect ≠ Effect (one is a common verb;
the other is its noun form)
Forth ≠ Fourth (one means ‘forward’; the
other means ‘number four’)
High but Height (not *hight)
Great but Grateful (not *greatful)
Precede ≠ Proceed (one means ‘go
before’; the other
means ‘go ahead’)
Principle ≠ Principal (one means ‘truth’;
the other means ‘main’)
Site ≠ Sight (one is a place; the other is
something to see, as in sightseeing not
Copywriter ≠ Copyright (one writes
advertising; the other means ‘intellectual