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World’s largest RFCC Reactor & Regenerator reach

Dangote Refinery and Petrochemicals Project site

ODC Shipment and handling is one of the major challenges in mega Project execution. The 650
KBPSD Dangote Refinery Project, being executed by EIL on EPCM route, has several ODC
equipment. The vicinity of the Project site to the Atlantic Ocean is a boon for the Project and
challenges associated with ODC logistics have been circumvented to a large extent.

A jetty which has a draft of 8.0 m, suitable for berthing of large Ships and Barges carrying large ODC
consignments, has been constructed by DORC about 10.0 km away from the Refinery to receive mega
ODC consignments for the Dangote Project apart from other bulk materials and fabricated structure

The jetty consisting of a platform of length 160 m, constructed on 278 piles (dia 1000 to 1500 mm)
and an isolated mooring dolphin with 80 T bollard connected to the jetty through a walkway was
made ready for LO-LO operation by September 23, 2018 and for RO-RO operation by December 1,

View of Jetty during construction Present View of Jetty (In operation)

Jetty Schematic
RFCC Reactor and Regenerator, purportedly the world’s largest, have successfully sailed to Lekki
Jetty on December 26, 2018 on the vessel named DONGBANG GIANT 3 HEAVY CARGO
CARRIER (RO-RO) SELF PROPELLED BARGE (14006 Ton Dead weight, 21721 Ton
Displacement, 5.1M draft, 188M long, 38M wide) from South Korea.

The stowage plan had to be detailed to minute level in view of the heavy cargo and the number of
large bore prefabricated refractory lined pipes & ducts which had to be shipped along with the
Reactor and Regenerator. The Reactor has been rolled out of the ship on January 3, 2019 (15:45 Hrs)
using 3 SPMT lines each of 26x2 axle bogies (total 156 axles bogies, each of 20T capacity and
SCHEUERLE make). The Regenerator has been rolled out on January 5, 2019 using 3 SPMT lines
each consisting of 36x2 axle bogies totalling 216 bogies. M/s Mammoet has been engaged for the
shipment of the ODC to the site from jetty and also for erection. A 5000 MT (upgraded PTC 200 DS)
ringer crane is being lined up for the erection of these mammoth equipment. Hardstand construction
using Mammoet’s own patented “ENVIROMAT” technology is adopted and is in progress for placing
the crane.

These equipment have been fabricated by Hyundai Heavy Industries, South-Korea and have been
shipped with complete Refractory lining, the cyclones installed in position along with all the internals.
Besides the Reactor- Regenerator, HHI has also fabricated and supplied the Orifice Chambers and the
associated refractory lined piping.

The dimensions of UOP designed equipment are as under

Equipment Max. Dia. TL-TL Cyclones Shipping Operating Weights

and Tag no. (m) (m) (Nos) weights (MT)
Reactor 15.1 30.7 24 1556 2800 MT
Regenerator 21 44.7 26 3000 5200 MT
Reactor 111-RB-1002 (Being unloaded at Jetty)

Regenerator 111-RB-1001 (on the way to site)

Consignment of Reactor & Regenerator being transported to site

It is noteworthy that the foundation designs of these huge equipment have been carried out in-house.
The reactor regenerator is to be mounted on foundation consisting of 6507 m3 RCC and 4500 MT of
structures. While the foundation concrete works have been accomplished (with record ours of Raft of
3850 Cum and subsequently top slab of 1000 Cum) by October 30, 2018 itself which gives clear front
for erection of the Regenerator, the structural steel works for seating the Reactor are under way and
they are likely to be completed by end February after receipt of balance fabricated structure from
HANGXIAO Steel Structure Co, China.

R&R foundation view when RCC work completed on 30.10.2018

January 14, 2019 -Team EIL-Dangote Refinery & Petrochemical Project, Nigeria