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In submarine power system power is transmitted through___cables

a) high voltage direct current
b) low voltage direct current
c)under current
d) under ampere
Ans A
2. For Repetitive Signals and Oscillating Systems
A)Fourier Transform
B)Laplace Tranaform
C) Z-Transform
Ans ??
3. Which transformation is used to change voltage in series into current in
Voltage transformation
Current transfrmtn
Resistance trans.
Ans ??

4. Coherent light wave signals are mixed with _______ waves at receiving end.
continuous signal, discrete signal
Ans ??
5. Current Lead voltage by 90 in
Ans Capacitor
6. Square law of photodetector gives current which is proportional to _______
of combined optical field. Options: square, square root, cube root, cube
Ans ??
7. Which theorem is used to analyze power system fault?
Ans Superposition
8.Low signal attenuation and ________ bandwidth are characteristics of current
optical fiber systems. Options: large, medium, small
Ans ??
9. Electromegnatic wave polarized due to
Ans ??
10.Stepper motor is a which type motor
Ans DC Type
11.Deterministic signal behaves in a _______ way with time. Options: fixed
constant, variable
Ans Fixed
12.Scr get saturated by which connection

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Ans forward biased
13. FET classified on which basis
Ans Gate
14.First multi-chip 16 bit microprocessor was ________. Options: national
semiconductor IMP 16, Fairchild, RCA
Ans National semiconductor IMP 16

15.Which element is used for trip in fault

Ans Relay
16.Capital of Turkey...
Ans Ankara
17.Constant voltage source is
Ans ideal voltage source
18.To obtain maximum power across the load, load resistance should be?
Options: greater than, less than, or equal to cct resistance
Ans Equal
19.First type of logic integrated in the early 1960s? Options: RTL, DTL, TTL
20.War of independence date
Ans 1857
21. If voltage measures between two points is Vab which is reference node
Ans Va
22.Abrupt synonym

Ans Suddden
23.Coherent detection of optical signals is of two types, homodyne
and________. Options: heterodyne etc

Ans ??

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24.Step recovery diode mainly serves the purpose of? Options: Harmonic
generation, rectification of high frequency signals
Ans Harmonic Generation
25. In semiconductors, ratio of conduction current to displacement current is?
Ans ??
26.There are two types of moter induction motor and......
Ans Synchronous
27._________ are electromagnetic carrier waves modulated to transmit the
signal? Options: sound, light, electricity
Ans ??
28. 28. If all conductive objects are bounded to the same earth grounding
system the risk of electric
shock is ....
Ans Minimized
29. There are two types of overload protection, instantaneous overhead current
Ans time over current
30. Passive models include resistance, inductance and ______
Ans Capacitance
31. Pakistan resolution... two nation theory
Ans ??
32. We normally use ______ alternating power for transmission
Ans 3 Phase
33. Output variables are known as

Ans ??
34. For rectification we use
Ans Diode
35. Alama Iqbal.... Muslim, Indian, hindu and muslim both..
Ans ??
36. Caravan:: dessert
Ans Worship: temple

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37. Salutation:: farewell
Ans . Birth: death
38. If power is absorbed by resistance then power dissipation formula is.....
V^2/ R
I^2 R
Ans All
39. Two Coherent modes one homodyne and _____
Ans Heterodyne

40. Potential in Close Loop is

Ans ??
41. Sum of all Potential Differences in Close circuit?
Ans Zero
42. In synchronous generation magnetic field is supplied through?
Ans DC source
43. Negative feedback reduces
Ans reduce distortion
44. Green Function Method is A Useful Technique For Solving
A)Ordinary Differential Equations
B)Partial Differential Equations
C)1st Order ODEs
D)2nd Order ODEs
Ans B
45. Motor Stationary Part is
A) Commutator
B) Stator
C) Rotor
Ans B
46. Fourier series are infinitE series of Elementry Trignometric functions i.e.,
Sine and

D) Tan
Ans Cousine
47. If we have two points “A” and “B” on node and the voltage is

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represented by VAB, the
_____ is taken as reference point:
A.Node A
B.Node B
C.Origin point
D.Both A and B
Ans A
48. Stepper motor is a/an _______ motor which divides full rotation into
large number of steps.
A.Direct current
B.Alternating current
Ans A
49.The TRIAC is a ________ device with control terminal.
D.Two terminal
Ans C
50.If all conductive objects are bonded to the same earth grounding system,
the risk of electric shock
Ans B
51.In open loop control system, input is ______ output.
A.Dependent of
B.Independent of
C.Equal to
D.Exponent of
Ans B
52.A system is _____ if the natural response neither decays nor grows, but
remains constant or
A.Asymptotically stable
B.Marginally stable

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C.Fully stable
D.Absolute stable
Ans B
53.The sum of all potential differences in complete loop through the circuit
should be
A.Equal to zero
B.Equal to individual voltages
C.Equal to individual currents
D.Equal to individual resistances
Ans C
54. Preferring a ______ consists of using ohms law to take an existing
voltage source in series with
a resistance and replace it with a current source in parallel with the same
A.Voltage transformation
B.Current transformation
C.Source transformation
D.Resistance transformation
Ans C
55. Which one of the following is not a basic category of measurement?
Ans B
56.DC generators have _____ on rotating shafts that convert AC into DC.
Ans B
57.There are two types of overload protection instantaneous over current and
A.Variable over current
B.Time over current
C.Constant over current
D.Delay feedback current
Ans B
58.SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) goes into saturation, when gate-
cathode junction is

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A.Forward biased
B.Reverse biased
C.In steady state
Ans A
59.A copper oxide _______ allows current to flow through meter in only one
direction is
Ans C
60.There are _____ types of dependent sources depending on the controlling
variables and output
of the source.
Ans C
61. A _______ can be used to make automated potentiometer in comparison
A.Analog to Digital Converter
B.Digital to analog converter
D.Precision meter
Ans B
62.Natural Uranium contains ________ U-235.
A.Zero %
B.0.1 %
C.0.7 %
D.05 %
Ans C
63.The ______ time signal is described for all values of time.
Ans B
64. _______ is small voltage (less than 10 V) that can be measured between

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two possible constant
A.Dim voltage
B.Tame voltage
C.Stray voltage
D.Ground voltage
Ans C
65.The quantity ‘Rm’ which relates dependent voltage to the controlling
current is
A.Trans conductance
B.Maximum resistance
C.Trans resistance
D.Limiting resistance
Ans C
66.Cease fire
Ans 1949

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