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1) Choose the correct words.

1 Polly listens to / meets music.

2 I watch / chat TV.

3My brother plays / reads books.

4 They play / read computer games.

5 We go to / watch the cinema on Saturdays.

6 My mum plays /hang out in a band.

2) Match the verbs and the words below and put them in the right picture.

hang out play listen to read

music computer games books friends

1 2

3 4

3. Write the verbs which go with the nouns.

1 ________ an instrument 5 _______ in a band

2 ________ online 6 _______ to the cinema

3 ________ swimming 7 _______ books

4 ________ shopping 8 ______ sport

9 _________ TV 10 ______________ with friends

11 ________ to music 12 _______ computer games

4)Complete the text.

Helena is thirteen years old and she lives in London. In the week, she (1) __________ to school
every day, so she doesn’t have a lot of free time. She (2) _________ her homework in the
evenings. But she also uses the computer for fun. She(3) _____________ computer games, (4)
_____________ online to her friends on the internet and looks at her favourite websites. She
also (5) ___________ an instrument, the guitar!At weekends, she’s always very busy. On
Saturdays, she often (5) ________ shopping with her friends. And on Sundays, she (6)
_________ swimming at the pool with her dad. Her favourite thing is music. Helena (7)
______________ the guitar in a band with her friends Maddy, Jake and Sam.. She loves music
and she (8) ________ to it all the time!

5) Choose the correct option.

Hang out/chat read/chat online

watch/read TV with friends
go/play shopping sing/play and sport

go/do swimming

listen to / go music
read / play books
watch / play an go/chat to the
instrument cinema

Play/sing computer games Sing/go in a band