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Cape Town – 8/9 April 2019 Johannesburg – 10/11 April 2019

Century City Conference Centre Sandton Convention Center


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09h00 Why all the fuss about passive when it is an Gareth Stobie – Coreshares Plenary debate
active investment decision after all? Sherry Rexroad - BlackRock Chair: JB Beckett
• Is passive really that cheap relative to active
fund managment in SA?
• What are the inherent risks in tracking
• Is bigger better in passive or do smaller
market entrants have a place to compete?

09h20 Are there still great stock investment Jacques Plaut - Allan Gray Plenary panel
opportunities in SA Inc? Shaun le Roux - PSG Chair: Victoria Reuvers
Gavin Wood - Kagiso Morningstar
• What is the outlook for SA equities in a
rising interest rate scenario?
• Are there as many “losing” as there are
“winning” stocks in your portfolio?
• Unpacking performance attribution and
active bets.

10h05 How percipient investors can benefit from a Karl Leinberger - Coronation Plenary presentation
myopic market.

10h35 Equites, bonds and property: Quo vadis? Johny Lambridis - Prudential Plenary panel
• What are these managers thinking about Rob Spanjaard - Rezco Chair: Brandon Zietsman
their asset allocations within these asset. Natasha Narsingh - Sanlam PortfolioMetrix
classes and Reg28 portfolios and why?
• Are single digit returns here to stay?
• Valuations, price and quality of earnings.

11h25 Breakaway 1 Jacques Plaut - Allan Gray Breakaway presentations

Marc Thomas - Bridge
Chris Rule - Coreshares
Jeanette Marais - Momentum
Nick Balkin - Foord

12h00 Lunch break

12h45 Breakaway 2 Pieter Koekemoer and Peter Breakaway presentations

Kempen - Coronation
Kevin Lings and Warren Buhai
Sherry Rexroad - BlackRock
Gavin Wood - Kagiso
Natasha Narsingh - Sanlam

13h30 Breakaway 3 Johny Lambridis and Marc Breakaway presentations

Beckenstrater - Prudential
Greg Hopkins and Dirk Jooste - PSG
Peter Brooke - Old Mutual
Azad Zangana - Schroders
Chris Rule - Coreshares

14h15 Breakaway 4 Philip Saunders - Investec Breakaway presentations

Rob Spanjaard and Simon Sylvester
- Rezco
Murray Anderson and Navin Lala
- Ashburton
Gavin Wood - Kagiso
Murray Winkler and Brian Thomas
- Laurium


Time Subject Speakers Format

14h50 Comfort break

15h15 Value investing in a world of accelerating Steven Romick - FPA/Nedgroup Plenary presentation
• A changing investment environment.     
• The art of finding value in a volatile and ever-
changing investment environment.

15h45 Surviving the short term to thrive in the long Clyde Rossouw - Investec Plenary presentation
• Building investor resilience in a downturn.

16h15 Where in the world are we? Michael Power - Investec

“Power hour”

17h00 Industry networking*

Cape Town - Industry networking and cocktails
Johannesburg* - Artisanal Gin and Wine Festival


Time Subject Speakers Format

09h00 Quantinomics: The science of big data and Javier Rodriguez - Goldman Sachs Plenary presentation
enhanced technology.
• More consistent alpha, less risk and lower fees.

09h30 The tyranny of metrics. Leonard Kruger - Allan Gray Plenary presentation

10h05 The world is a crazy place right now. Marc Beckenstrater - Prudential Plenary panel
• Where are these managers unlocking Gavin Joubert - Coronation Chair: Joanne Baynham
and identifying value across currencies, Philip Saunders - Investec MitonOptimal
geographies and sectors?
• Coverage is a key issue in global investing –
tell us how you screen markets and “kick the
tyres” in conducting company research?
• Do you think macro events are influencing
fund returns more than stock selection? How
do you mitigate this risk?

10h55 Emerging markets vs developed markets. Group 1 Breakaway panel

• After the 2018 sell off in emerging markets, Murray Winkler - Laurium Chair: Kevin Lings
are there growth shoots emerging? If so, Rob Spanjaard – Rezco STANLIB
where do you think these are? Are there any Brian Arcese – Foord
further contagion fears?
• Is emerging market debt and credit looking
like it may have been overdone.
• Trade wars; which emerging markets are likely
to be on the wrong side of Trump?

Utilizing all the tools available to us to build Group 2 Breakaway panel

robust and resilient portfolios. Brendan McCurdy - Goldman Chair: Leigh Kohler
• Stewardship above all else? Sachs Glacier
• Infrastructure as an asset class. Marius Oberholzer - STANLIB
• Artificial intelligence and big data - hype or Grant Watson - Old Mutual
toolbox extension?
• Hedging and getting on “the right side of
the fence”.
• Are absolute return funds making a


Time Subject Speakers Format

11h35 Comfort break

12h00 Breakaway 5 Kevin Lings and Warren Buhai Breakaway presentations

Izak Odendaal - Old Mutual
Azad Zangana - Schroders
Marc Thomas - Bridge
Murray Winkler and Brian Thomas
- Laurium

12h40 Breakaway 6 Steven Romick - Nedgroup Breakaway presentations

Greg Hopkins and Dirk Jooste
Rob Spanjaard and Simon
Sylvester - Rezco
Murray Anderson and Navin Lala
- Ashburton
Jeanette Marais - Momentum

13h20 Mapping the market’s brain. Marc Beckenstrater - Prudential Plenary presentation
• Using machine learning tools to process
the linguistic information contained in the
financial news flow.
• Visualizing the mind of the market. This allows
us to illustrate how periods of pronounced
price volatility affect the qualitative market
beliefs, creating temporary episodes of fear
and uncertainty.

13h50 The US market has rallied to an all-time high, Azad Zangana – Schroders Plenary panel
Brexit and “Euroland” appears that it is in a Edward Blain - Orbis Chair: JB Beckett
mess and Asian stocks are mixed. Sherry Rexroad – BlackRock NewFundOrder
• Is this the right time to be looking at global
balanced funds?
• The role of FANGS in global stock market
performance and the “tech bubble”.
• Valuations in global markets.
• Commodities and oil prices.

14h20 Conference closes and lunch

*Please note: The agenda, speakers and topics are subject to change at the discretion of The Collaborative Exchange.

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