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Menem Ragab +971-52-1504000

Crafting software products for companies that make a dent. using a lean process, and
agile mindset to manage the product development lifecycle.
Work Experience Skills

Dec 2018 -
Technical Operations Manager || eventtus + 15 years Software engineering and Development
Nov. 2017 Obj-C, Swift, JS, Node.js, React.js MongoDb, Firebase,
• Led the ticketing project, and its technical
intergation with DTCM in dubai. + 7 years Product/Project Management
• Investigated and researched new technologies to Scrum, Lean process, Kanban, jira, JQL, Slack, Hotjar,
enhance the exprience of the mobile app, as AR, Smartsheets, App Annie, Google Analytics, Mixpanel,
indoor Mapping APIs, frictionless registrations. Trello, Flurry, Kano Analysis, Business Model Canvas,
• Designed and implemented tools to enhance Mention, MVP experimenting, User Interviews,
workflow of CS, Sales, Marketing, Product. Google data studio, Rapid prototyping.
• Collaborated with Cross-functional teams
(engineering, CS, Design, Product, Marketing, Sales
+ 2 years Design
& Finance) on supporting the whitelabled Apps API Sketch, Invision, Ziplen, Anima timeline, and
integrations and delivery lifecycle. launchpad, Overflow, UX/UI Design, empathy maps,
• Managed day to day business operations in a user stories, DoGo Maps.
startup environment + 2 years Automation
JavaScript, Zapier, IFTTT
Sep. 2017 - Product Development Manager ||
Aug. 2016 GrapesnBerries || Cairo, Egypt
• Led the iOS development, using Agile and Fitness
Kanban methodologies to steer product Crossfit (L1-Certified Trainer), Paleo eating.
• Identified user needs through client interviews, Learning
target user research and define product scope, Raspberry pi, Growth hacking, reasearch and analysis
vision and strategy as client consultancy.
• Created user-centric innovative products/ Education
features that tackle user’s pain point.
• Mentored and led the iOS team on daily basis by
example. B.S.c, Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, PUA 2006 - 2011
Aug. 2016 -
Development Consultant || wifimetropolis
Mar. 2016
Cairo, Egypt Certified Agile Associate
• Strategized release plan for feature rollout with ICAgile May 2010
the CTO.
• Fixed and released a legacy code for a crashed Information
timeline release.
• Consulted on hiring the iOS team. Languages: Fluent in Arabic and English.
Aug. 2016 - CEO, Product Owner || asknative Availability: Immediately.
Dec. 2011 Cairo, Egypt
Visa Status: Resident with work Visa (DMCC).
• Led the full Product roadmap and its execution
end to end. Maritial Status: Married.
• Strategiezed an Agile product development (web,
Birthday: 05/12/1988.
iOS, android), and rollout based on a user centric
agile development. Nationality: Egyptian.
• Led company to delivering a state of the art app
earning global recognition from TNW, product
hunt, Lifehacker, and more.
• Conducted user interviews, market research, and

competitive analysis to identify pain points and Projects
userstories. Over 15 projects delivered for
• Monitored Daily KPIs to make sure we are internal, B2B, and B2C products.
following out north star. from inseption to growth level
• Fostered a learning and experiment first projects (with 60-100K userbase).
enviroment for engineers to grow.

Oct. 2011 - Mobile Software Engineer || Kngine

Mar. 2010 Cairo,Egypt

• Developed the android application, while Agile Project Management

supporting iOS team Experience in creating an Agile
• Worked closely with the CEO and CTO on Development framework to foster
designing UX and R&D for mobile apps. Kngine innovation, using kanban, userstories,
empathy, personas, roadmap
was sold to samsung earlier 2018.
prioritization, and retrospection.