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Fauquier County School Board

January 22, 2019

Let us be bold.
• FCPS1 had a 12% teacher turnover rate this
Let us be brave. year. The rate was 7% last year.

• The teacher shortage in Virginia has

Let us be together. reached epidemic proportions. In order to
attract and retain quality teachers, FCPS1
must take bold steps
- Brad Henry
Compression: estimated
cost to repair (all scales:
BA, Masters, Masters
plus 15, etc.)
These are = 7-8 million
statistics • VASS report will add
specificity and
we directions
last • ALL employees are
They are • Gov’s budget
not from amendments include a
the VASS 5% requirement for all
SOQ positions (over
study two years: fy19, fy20)
 Compensation
 Incentives
 Policy changes designed to show our appreciation
for staff
Salary and Non-Traditional
Benefits Compensation In order to deal with serious
compression issues, and
We love teacher retention and attraction
our people…so issues generally, alternate
let’s show it! strategies must be
implemented. The Governor’s
proposed amendments to the
State budget have certainly
improved the revenue outlook,
but there are steps that can be
Other taken to make Fauquier County
an even more attractive place to
Benefits work that have little budget