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Root ZX mini is compact, lightweight and designed

to fit the hand. It can be placed on a tray, the patient’s Diagnostic and Imaging Equipment
apron, or any other convenient place.
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Root ZX mini
Design meets precision

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Development and Manufacturing

J. Morita Mfg. Corporation
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JME EN PUB 52674 0414 *3.
Root ZX mini measures root canals Specifications
accurately and precisely
4 6 7 The positions of the flash bar and the 3 – Information display
memory bar can be set as guides for Number of bars left before flash bar is
canal measurement and enlargement. reached (during measurement). Memory
no. for flash bar (without measurement).
5 1 – Flash bar
The reference point for measurement 4 – Liquid crystal display
or enlargement can be set anywhere

57 mm
between 2 and APEX. 5 – Canal length indicator bars

2 – Memory bar 6 – Sound volume (off, low, high)
Color Options
It can be used to mark the beginning of a
White 3 1
sharp curve or some certain distance from 7 – Battery power indicator
Red the apex. It can also be used as a guide Weight: 110g
when the file size is changed for canal
Actual size
enlargement. The memory bar can be set
Blue only by the measurement state.

m m

Compact and lightweight design

Name Root ZX mini
Built on the industry standard Root ZX Accurate measurement
Utilizing the ratio technique, Root ZX mini provides a highly Model RCM-7
technology, Root ZX mini measures in Rating DC 4.5 V
accurate indication of the file’s location. The accuracy of the
both wet or dry canal conditions with measurement is not affected by the presence or absence Power Comsumption 0.2 W
class-leading accuracy. of blood, other discharges, electrolytes, saline, tap water, Size W 60 mm × D 103 mm × H 57 mm
or hydrogen peroxide.

Approx. 0.5–2.0 mm
Weight approx. 110 g

Approx. 0.5 mm
No zero adjustment
It is not necessary to set the device on zero before measur-
ing each individual canal.

Automatic calibration
Automatic calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the
effect of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. inside the
canal, even during the treatment. The meter is activated when When the file tip reaches a The small triangle on the The position of the apex is
the file is inserted into a position near the apex, the right side of the meter represented by the word
Color liquid crystal display root canal. The number of bar color changes to green indicates the point set for “APEX”. The meter bars in Root ZX mini accessories
The color liquid crystal display is easy to read, providing a bars remaining before the to indicate you have reached reference. this area are pink. 1 × probe cord
clear progressive display and high contrast. file reaches the flash bar a critical area. 3 × file holders
is shown in the lower left 5 × contrary electrodes
corner of the display. 1 × canal-length tester
3 × DC 1.5 V AAA size battery
2 3 4