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3457% (ls HAND DELIV™ TO KREF January 20,2019 RECEIVED Kentucky Registry of Flection Finance 140 Walnut Strect Frankfort, KY 40601 Dear Registry: ‘This leer isto inform you hat itis my intention to begin raising and/or spending money to run inthe 2019 election, for the office of Kentucky Secretary of Stale. Itis my intent a this time to raise/spend more than $3,000 during the election. Listed below is the information required. Candidate Information: Name: “eather French Henry Mailing Address: 2550Ransdell Avenue Louisville, KY 40204 ‘Telephone Number: 502-381-1883 Alt Telephone No: 502-376-1967 E-mail Address: Date of Bint: December 29, 1974 Party Affiliation: Democratic Party ‘Treasurer Information: ‘Name; ‘Wayne Stratton Address: 64255. 4" St, Suite 300 Louisville, KY 40202 ‘Telephone Number: 502-583-0248 Alt Telephone No: 502-583-0240 E-mail Address: Bank Depository: Name: Chase Bank “Address: 1718 Bardstown Ra. Louisville, KY 40205 Ifyou have any questions, please contact me. Sincerely, te ‘Treasurer ENCH HENRY 2 a