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2226NW 62nd #5 \ ‘Seattle, WA 98107 | December 18, 2001 Tom Lyon Providence Reformed Baptis eats gcerest ais Gr University Place, WA 98466 Dear Eldership at Providence Reformed Baptis ete eo ih re Ch te cet dona of ti ilies coeing seer hath i - As stated at the outset of tis process, this counseling was underta ‘with the following agreed upon purposes in mind: det or 1, Twill enter with Tom into a process of examining his heart before ating = God and. attitudes and behavior patterns present in his life. ca eee 2, Iwill work with Tom to evaluate his qualification for formal leadership in the church as consistent with I Timothy 3 and Titus 3. Tom was counseled as a matter of discipleship. At all times during the counseling sessions, given to the careful consideration ere ‘be factually established based om the aeCNCei was made to return to the details of the circumstances at MVBC for the purpose of further investigation. It is understood that the process of investigation closed with Tom’s and the other partys” agreement to the recommendations made by the council. In this sense I did not counsel in regards to an identified sin issue or patiern arising from the particular circumstances that took place during Tom’s time in ministry at MVBC. ‘communicated, Scripture recognizes fruit as being evidence of that which is in a man’s srstood that I cannot make conclusive statements about the true state of Tom's heart. Those farly and are able to observe him in a variety of settings over time will likely be ‘Tom’s readiness to return to ministry. This is a decision that lies with the ‘that Tom is a part of. It is in this recognition that I make the following ‘of Providence Reformed Baptist Church. setween 11/29/01 and 12/14/01. The following pattern ‘amination, aconsideratin of sora thon i i i ‘homework. The following issues were discuss as: i or, forgiveness, sel-centerednes, qualifications for Ee eee anctioning, beat Hols, and working with chikren, These sss ‘his ministry at Miller Valley ‘variables both in Tom’s present ). Chantry four times b ing: self-assessment and life and in relation to lity to identi resent in. strated the ability to identify sin currently pre behavior as he refleoted on his ministry at Ive _ ‘repentance and obedience. Tom has been able anc Tom bas consistently demon sstrated insight into his own has regularly been one of willing to disouss difficult i fi It issues did Tom or I identify a and to turn to Scripture for truth and guidance in all matters. At no time preset au ratiers. Atno tim: SEES issues fiznctioning as besetting sins or growing si i aN xe = a ne = learned and GaN Ge deal in eons Meese a eliovers, trials, temptations and discipline, ended ti sod Sa are used by God to cause the beliover to mata Skat eee tal an wo aaa if, It is my perception that Tom is no In the course of the counselin; sa tht cn crn hast ign ste fen sea st ate Sealtioos facelieaiay Saget of them, Tom has olealy defined from the Seriptre the eT hE p and a philosophy of ministry. He has also evaluated himself as he curently ae regai 1is own. qualification for eldership. Tom believes that he is currently qualified for ciate and eee that this decision ultimately rests with the leadership in his church. AS s cet in the previous paragraph, it is my perception that “Tom is in no way beholden to any besetting sins at this time. It would also appear that he does meet the qualifications for eldership. Given this statement, Tom has also identified several areas for growth, including, generosity and financial normalization. He is also aware that resentment and unrighteous anger are sins that he must presently guard against. e of the The issue of child discipline has also been addressed with Tom. Because of the nature to this counseling I believe it i: i uae several clear statements about Tors voiced s is ‘will not enter into any type of circumstance iting with a minor without a third party preset has pana child fier than his own a a form of ssping ized by openness, humility, and a desire for truth and. a all issues that I have set forth, Tom, as any YOUN iscipleship of men older and with more. experience than , It is clear that he himself recognizes this as he thas over the past year associate nand remained faithful as a member in your church. ion for these services in interest of serving for leadership in his focal church body servin remunerati qualified f Christ. itis my desit ig to the fullest exten