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1/25/2019 A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Kindergarten I.

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III. Materials
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  big book of the story “Brian Learns His Lesson”
 art materials for small group activities
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IV. Learning Activities

A. Bestsellers
Introductory Activities

 Books • Meeting Time

• Prayer Song
 Audiobooks • Weather Song
• Checking of Attendance
 Magazines •

Review of past lesson

B. Developmental Activities
 Documents

• Storytelling
 Sheet Music
o “Brian Learns His Lesson”
o Teacher will present the story using a bi
o After reading the story, teacher will ask
questions about the story.
o Guiding Questions:
 If you were Brian, would you ea
you like?
 If you have so many food but yo
hungry, what would you do with
 If you eat so much, what happen
stomach? 1/1