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Time Allowed: 2hrs and 30 min
 Attempt all questions in section A, any five questions from section B
 Extra numbers attempted will not be marked.
 A silent non- programmable calculator may be used.


1. Form a quadratic equation whose roots are (−3, 2)

2. Find the equation of the line passing through the point (2, 4)and perpendicular to the
line y = 3x + 2.
3. Solve the equation;
( − 3) =
4. Express 0.34666…… in the form
5. Factorise x − 4y completely.
P2 +Q2
6. Given that p ^ Q= , find (4 ^ -2) ^ 1
7. Find the value of m and n if;
8m 243
27n 128
8. a) A point P(-4, 8) is mapped on the point1 (-6, 5) under a translation T. find the transaction T.
b) Find the coordinates of Q (3, 2) if it is translated by column vector T.
1 3
9. Find the inverse matrix A
−2 0
10. The following are the marks obtained by 10 students in a mathematics test.

47, 53, 20, 17, 15, 53, 60, 75, 10,53.

a) i) State the modal mark.
ii) Calculate the mean mark obtained by the students.

1 4 −1 3 4 10
11. Given that matrix A = B= and C =
2 5 4 2 6 15
Find the matrix K= 2A+3B-C (06 marks)

b) Solve the following pair of simultaneous equations using matrix method:

2x -3y=10.

12. The table below shows marks obtained by 50 students in a Luganda test in senior one.

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(a) State the modal class

(b) Draw an O give curve and use it to estimate;

(i) Median mark.

(ii) Number of students who obtained marks between 41.5 and 55.5

(c) Calculate the mean mark.

13 Using a pair of compass, ruler and pencil only;

(a) Construct a triangle ABC such that AB= 8cm, BC= 12cm and angle BAC = 1200

(b) Inscribe a circle In the triangle ABC, measure its radius, hence determine the area of the circle.

14.(a)Copy and complete the following table of values for the curve y = x(x + 2) for − 5 ≤ x ≤ 3

(b)Using the values in (a) above, plot the graph of y = x(x + 2) for − 5 ≤ x ≤ 3

(c)Use your graph in (b) above to solve the equation

(i) x + 2x = 0

(ii) x + x − 1 = 0

15. A plane flies from town A on a bearing of 0600 for a distance of 250 km to town B. The plane then alters
its course and flies south wards a distance of 400km to town C. At C, it flies on a bearing of 2500 for a
distance of 325km to town D.

(a) Draw a sketch of the plane's path.

(b) Using a scale of 1 cm: 50km,draw the scale drawing for the plane's path, hence the distance and
bearing of town A from D.

16. (a)Allan, Ben and Chris decided to buy a car for a joint business; Allan paid of the cost; Ben paid
of the cost and Chris paid the rest: If Ben paid shs. 65,000 more than Allan. calculate the cost of the

(b) A square has a side of 20 m. if each side increases by 20%; what IS the percentage Increase in;

(i) Perimeter

(ii)Area of the square

17. a) Given that + = 1 s o l ve f o r x.

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b ) S o l ve t h e s i m u l t a n e o u s e q u a t i o n .
x + 4y = 4


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