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Mrs Scott is a wealthy old lady who is very fond of collecting stamps.

Her most valuable stamp

disappeared from the collection. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are questioning the suspects.

Sally Scott (widow): Ben Bold (stamp collector):

"My precious stamp! The copestone "I have been Sally’s friends for ages.
in my collection! I'm devastated! Ben We share a mutual love for stamps. I
was just showing me some stamps and had recently acquired some very old
he always loves looking at mine, so I went to get stamps and wanted to show them to Sally. Then I
my brown album. I had left it on my bedside asked her to let me have a look at her wonderful blue
cabinet, but the album was open and the stamp stamp. She went out to fetch the brown album with
was missing. The bed was made, so Millie must her most precious pieces, then I heard her scream. Of
have been in my bedroom. And there was a fresh course I know where she keeps the album – in the
bottle of sherry on my chest of drawers. This is bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet. My financial
Carl’s daily duty, so he must have been there, situation? Quite satisfactory, thank you."
too. "
Millie Mills Lizzie Little
(chambermaid): (niece):
"I have been working for Mrs "Auntie Sally is fabulous. I love her
Scott for five years. My duties include cleaning house with all its treasures and hiding
her room, making her bed, doing the laundry and places. Aunt Sally’s room is my
ironing. When I made her bed that morning, favourite. She lets me use her desk to
Lizzie was sitting at Mrs Scott’s desk. Maybe she write the weekly letter to my parents. I like writing
was doing her homework. There was no album letters and stories. I loooove reading. Collecting is
anywhere. Yes, I am sure, I would have noticed boring, no matter what you collect. Mabel often plays
and put it back into its place. No, I don’t earn with me. We play tag or hide and seek, this is such
much here, but I like my job." fun. "

Mabel Miller Carl Cooke

(cleaning lady): (butler):
"Mrs Scott is a kind old lady. Well,
"I never go into Mrs Scott’s room. I
she is very fond of sherry, and I
work in the kitchen and the basement. Mrs Scott’s restock her supplies regularly.
rooms are The simple
cleaned present:
by Millie. I don’t earn much, but The
Whenpresent progressive:
I did so yesterday,
my work isn’t hard, and there is something I the bed in her room was already made and a
It is used forlike: I often play with Lizzie. She is a
particularly It letter
is used
wasforlying on the desk. I asked Mabel to
Sometimes I run errands for the family. actions
post it.which
No, I are happening
didn’t at the
need to put time ofonspeaking
a stamp the
- facts and truths orenvelope;
around the present time.
this had already been done. No, I
Yesterday I bought fresh eggs and mailed Lizzie’s
- habitual actions and routines don’t remember an album, sorry. My financial
-letter to her parents. Pretty blue stamp on it."
schedules SIGNAL WORDS
situation? Could be better."
SIGNAL WORDS: at the moment, now, just, right now, look!, listen!, at
always, usually, regularly, every day, normally, present…
often, sometimes, twice a week…
Fill in the gaps with the correct tense of the verbs in brackets. Use the present tense or the
present progressive.
1. Mrs Scott _______________________ (like) sherry very much. She often _______________________ (drink) a
glass or two before she _______________________ (go) to sleep. But now she ____________________________
(not, drink) sherry. She ____________________________ (enjoy) a glass of whisky.

2. Ben Bold ___________________________ (sit) in the parlour. He _________________________ (try) to console

his friend about the loss of the stamp. Normally, Ben ______________________________ (not, talk) much, but at the
moment, he _______________________ (speak) vividly to his old friend.

3. Millie usually _______________________ (clean) Mrs Scott’s room. She ____________________ (make) the bed
and _____________________ (do) the laundry. Right now, she _____________________ (sit) in the kitchen and she
_____________________ (talk) to Watson. She _________________________ (not, like) wasting time.

4. Lizzie ______________________ (love) reading. She often _________________________ (read) books and
___________________ (write) stories or letters. At the moment she is _____________________ (play) in the hall.
with Mabel. Lizzie _______________________ (hide) behind an armchair and Mabel _____________________ (try)
to find her. They both ___________________ (like) games.

5. Carl __________________ (bring) Mrs Scott the Sherry every day. He ____________________ (not mind) the old
lady drinking. Look, he ______________________ (bring) Holmes and Watson some sherry, too.

Of course, Sherlock Holmes knows now who took the stamp. Do you, too?
I think __________________________________ took the stamp because
None of the employees took the stamp. It was neither the butler nor the chambermaid. The clue to the case
is the letter that Lizzie wrote. She had no idea how valuable her aunt’s stamp was, and she needed a stamp
for the letter to her parents. Knowing all the treasures and hiding places in her Auntie’s room, she knew
about the black album. Mabel confirms that the stamp was blue, but she didn’t realize how much that stamp
was worth, so she mailed the letter with the stamp in question.
So Lizzie took the stamp, but rather by accident!