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CNH KEY CLUB | Secretary

Gabrielino High School | Division 10 South | Region 13


Nominee Name: Edward Tran Nominated By: Patricia Foltyn
Key Club: Gabrielino Club #: H92317
District: California-Nevada-Hawaii Division: 10S Region: 13

Complete the Table of Contents by listing the different focus areas in each application item, and by adding
the page number for which the listed sections begin. This should also help you place the items in the correct


Cover Page 1
Nomination Form 2
Section 3 Letter(s) of Recommendation 4
Section 4 Secretary Checklist 8
Section 5 Proof of Attendance 10
Section 6 Club Directory 12
Section 7 Monthly Report Forms 18
Section 8 Minutes 28
Section 9 Communication 39
Section 10 Miscellaneous 45

Why should this Secretary be recognized? Word Limit: 1,000

To Whom. It may concern:

Why should Edward Tran be selected as a Distinguished Secretary?

Distinguished is defined as above and beyond. As President of the San Gabriel Kiwanis Club
and Kiwanis Advisor for the Gabrielino High School Key Club I am a firsthand witness to
Edward's qualifications.

Edward prides himself on getting his MRF'S in early. So far there was one month that this did
not happen. His MRF''s are complete and when they are not he is very acceptable of
corrections. Since Gabrielino is a very large Club he also has the responsibility of making sure
that the service hours are properly documented and that is no small task since the members
are constantly performing service. He is a good listener and communicates well with his
peers, his faculty advisors, and the Kiwanis Club.

Edward overall demonstrates the four qualities of Key Club.

1. Caring. Just looking at Edward you can see that this is a true inner quality. He has a
passion for Key Club that is infectious. Not only does he have the Key Club spirit
but also a true caring nature that is reflective in the way that he communicates the
tasks that he takes on and also completes.
2. Character building. Initially shy and quiet it did not take Edward any time before he
came out of his shell. Not only did he mature into a role model of what a good
secretary should be but also a positive role model of what an ideal Key clubber should
be. The underclassmen look up to him and Edward always sets his own standards high.
He takes the time to explain the tasks to the members and gets everyone to
participate in the work. He often says “Ms.Foltyn how can I help?”
3. Inclusiveness. Edward makes everyone feel important and is open to learning and
teaching new skills He does not put on airs and follows thru with working with the lower
classmen in helping and involving them in the operation of the club. During the service,
projects he demonstrates empathy and a true understanding for the people who he
4. Leadership. Edward places his priorities correctly. Family, School, Key Club. By
adhering to these goals appropriately. Edward demonstrates the ability to balance his
tasks. The Gabrielino Key Club members as well as the Gabrielino Faculty and
administration look upon him as a true leader. He is not the 4.0 Sat 1600 student
lettering in 4 sports. He is Edward an extraordinary talented distinguished secretary
who has helped Key Club at Gabrielino High School excel as one of the leading clubs
on campus.

When one talks of Key Club as a student led leadership organization I think of Edward Tran as
a positive role model not only as a distinguished secretary but also as a super Key Clubber
and wonderful young person. Thank you for reading this.

Patricia Ann Foltyn
Patricia Ann Foltyn
2016-17 San Gabriel Kiwanis Club President,
Gabrielino High School Kiwanis Advisor,
Kiwanis Region Assistant for Kiwanis Division 10S.
Julia Yu | Club President

Samantha Voong | D10S Lieutenant Governor

Mrs. Foltyn | Kiwanis Advisor Mrs. Rivera | Faculty Advisor

Anthony Vuong | Divisional Secretary

CNH Secretary | Letters of Recommendation

Throughout my two years being part of Key Club, Key Club has become a
great outlet for me to meet new people everywhere. As a member and officer of
Key Club, I have met so many people, either it’s from services or from other divisions.
But, three people stood out the most to me: Anthony Vuong, Divisional Secretary;
Samantha Voong, D10S Lieutenant Governor; and Julia Yu, our club’s President.
These people have taught me so much throughout my term and as made a great
impact on me as a secretary. Our Lieutenant Governor, Samantha Voong, has not
only taught me what it takes to be a leader, but she’s always there to answer my
countless questions. Anthony always made sure I was doing my job properly and
was always there to answer my questions. Julia Yu, our club president, always kept
my updated with due dates and upcoming events. She always encouraged me to
take initiative. All in all, I believe these three people know me the best.

Page 4
To whom it may concern,

When I first met Edward, it was at the May DCM. He was sent up to give a
club update for Gabrielino. My very first impression of him was "Wow." During
the club updates, he really stood out from the rest of the officers because you
can hear the passion and love in his voice of when he spoke about what
Gabrielino has been up to as a club.

Throughout the term Edward has been an outstanding secretary. He tried his
very best to get Early bird submissions for the monthly report form but always
made sure they were accurate and precise as well. Along with the MRF,
Edward helped update more than 400+ members in the MUC, found over 35
service projects for Gabrielino, and spoke on the KAZN AM 1300 about Key
Club and Kiwanis. Not only did he do the behind the scenes work, he also
made sure every member felt included by making sure no member is left
behind, made sure members had a task at an event, and stayed behind until
everyone had a ride home. He would always message me via email or text
whenever he had a question about the MRF or anything pertaining to division
events or club information. He always responded in a timely and promptly
matter. At division and club events, Edward always made sure to participate
as well as sign people in & out and made sure everyone felt include.

Not only is he organized and diligent but he is also spirited and sets a good
example to the members around him. At our Region 13 Picnic, he helped
Gabrielino Key club sell beverages and cheered during the spirit battles. As
he cheered, he also encouraged everyone around him to join in.

Edward is extremely organized, diligent, proactive, and amazing at what he

does for Gabrielino. Gabrielino Key Club Secretary, Edward Tran, should be
recognized as a Distinguished Secretary for his amazing performance as a
Secretary and a leader.

Samantha Voong
Division 10 South
2016-2017 Lieutenant Governor

Page 5
Anthony Vuong
Division 10 South Secretary
11 February 2017

To whom it may concern,

Secretary Edward Tran is a special individual who works diligently, honestly,

and most importantly, with responsibility. One of my most memorable moments of
working with him this term was when he had asked me several questions in the
beginning of my term to not only help him with his MRF, but to drive me to improve
how I organized the Division’s MRF. I learned a lot from him, and was inspired by his
work ethics to work harder as a person. Tran was one of my few secretaries to turn in
all of their MRFs by the early bird deadline. This showed his responsibility as he would
never wait until the last minute to start on his tasks. He had attended every meeting I
organized and also responded to every email I sent out. Most importantly, Tran never
was always enthusiastic whenever he communicated to me about anything,
whether it had been about his tasks or his service in various events. For example, I
remember at a service event he was actively communicating with other volunteers,
and continuing to push them to work harder. At division service events, instead of
hanging out with other division members, he had decided to help his club advertise
to raise money for their proceeds towards PTP. He always has a very memorable
smile on his face at each service event he goes to. At DCM’s when he is going over
his club activity, he explains it with an attitude in which he takes pride in. Everything
that he does seems to be done out of love and passion. It is with his qualities that
makes Key Club a student led organization. He has traits that truly inspire others the
beauty of service and sacrifice to give back to the community. Tran has also a great
sense of maturity when discussing club business with adults and upperclassmen. As
sophomore, he is able to actively communicate with Kiwanians and even various
officers that possess a higher role than him. This shows the boldness of Tran, and how
he chooses to ignore any intimidation. Such work ethics that Tran has demonstrated
surely proves that he does in fact deserve to be recognized this term.

Anthony Vuong

Page 6
Julia Yu
Gabrielino Key Club President
11 February 2017

To whom it may concern,

It is a tremendous honor of mine to recommend Edward Tran for Distinguished Secretary.

Serving alongside him as president of Gabrielino Key Club this year allowed me the
chance to see the outstanding member that he works to be every day. As our diligent
and detail-oriented secretary, he has done a wonderful job recording minutes for every
monthly meeting and making sure that all of our members receive credit for their hard

Being the secretary of a Key Club, especially one with over 400 members, is no easy task.
But Edward performs his duties with conscientiousness and handles the pressure of
deadlines with stride. He has consistently filled out MRF forms in time for Early Bird
Submission and has completed well over 100 hours of community service; but these are
just two examples (out of many) of his commitment to serving Key Club.

Edward has done countless tasks to ensure our club is working smoothly and our members
are equipped with all the help they need. He has not only updated each member, one
by one, on the
Membership Update Center, but also inspirited them at rallies, training conferences, and
simple get-togethers. Likewise, his enthusiasm for Key Club, is not only clearly visible, but
contagious and much appreciated at every event. You can always trust Edward to
combine service and Key
Club into one hilarious impromptu rap that makes everyone more excited to serve.

It is my firmest belief that an exceptional officer is one that does not simply perform his or
her duties but also goes above them in every sense of the word—be it in organizing club
documents, participating in events, or lending a hand at service projects. It is also my
firmest belief that
Edward is just this: an exceptional officer. At certain times when I am unable to lead an
event, meeting, or service project, Edward is eager and ready to help fill in if needed, or
simply aid one of our Vice Presidents—no request necessary.

All in all, it would be a great mistake to not consider Edward Tran for Distinguished
With his abundant enthusiasm for Key Club, his passion for service, and dedication to
being an officer, Edward has time after time demonstrated what it is like to be a Key
Clubber. For all of these reasons, I recommend Edward for Distinguished Secretary with
great pride and confidence.

Julia Yu

Page 7
CNH Secretary | Secretary Checklist
Key Club has been such an adventure for me, from winning the RTC spirit stick
to attending Fall Rally South. Through this adventure, I had the opportunity to not
only improve my public speaking abilities, but improve my leadership skills. After
entering over 400 members on the Membership Update Center, I’ve learned that
being secretary isn’t an easy job. ” Ever since the beginning of the term, I’ve made
sure that our club is in good standing and everything is turned in on time. From
attending many workshops and trainings, I have learned the importance of not
procrastinating and remaining organize. I’ve always strived for early MRFs, and
made sure to report minutes and hours the day of the event. Everything I have done
since the beginning of the term was devoted to Key Club’s missions and goals.
Throughout this term, I’m proud to say that I’ve successfully fulfilled the requirements
of being a secretary.

Page 8
This checklist must be completed in order for you to be recognized as Appreciation, Outstanding, or Distinguished. You will need at
least two individuals to verify that you have completed the items on the checklist. These individuals must place their initials or
provide you with permission to place their initials in the appropriate column.

Nominee Name: Edward Tran
Key Club: Gabrielino High School Club #: H92317
District: California-Nevada-Hawaii Division: 10s Region: 13

Club Standards
S.V. Membership: Paid club membership dues by December 1
X.R. Service: Provided a minimum of 50 service hours as per Key Club International Constitution & By-Laws
S.V. Club Status: Home Club is in good standing and has paid dues
Work Accomplishments
P.F. Club Directory/Roster: Updated, completed, and distributed the club directory/roster
P.F Club Monthly Reports: Completed a minimum of eight (8) Monthly Report Forms and submitted forms on time by
the 5th of the month to the Key Club Lieutenant Governor, sponsoring Kiwanis Club, and home club
X.R. Records: Recorded and filed minutes of club general meetings
X.R. Records: Recorded and filed minutes of club board meetings
S.V. Election Results: Completed the Annual Club Elections Form and submitted the form to the Key Club Lieutenant
Governor and sponsoring Kiwanis club
P.F. Club Officer Information: Completed the online club information form for club officers, Advisors, and meeting
information, made available on the CNH CyberKey
X.R. Club Meetings: Attended eighty-percent (80%) of all club general meetings
X.R. Board Meetings: Attended eighty-percent (80%) of all club executive board meetings
S.V Division Council Meetings: Attended a minimum of six (6) Division Council Meetings
P.F Kiwanis Meetings: Attended a minimum of one (1) Kiwanis Division Council Meetings or attended a minimum of
three (3) general Kiwanis meetings
S.V. Training Conference: Attended the Officer Training Conference or Region Training Conference
S.V Secretary Workshop: Attended the Secretary Workshop at District Convention, International Convention, Officer
Training Conference, or Region Training Conference

This certifies that we, the undersigned, verify the completion of the aforementioned requirements by the
individual named on this application. All appropriate criteria have been identified on this form.

Identified requirements must be met in order to be eligible for this recognition. It is also understood that the decisions of the judges are final and no
changes, alteration or re-judging will take place after the judges and the Member Recognition Chair have certified the results. NOTE: All names,
initials and contact information are ONLY required if used as verification. REMEMBER: There must be at least 2 out of 4 people verifying task
completion. Signatures from the school representative and the Kiwanis club representative may not be by the same person.

*You may only include those who are verifying completion of the checklist items.*


X.R. Faculty Advisor Xenia Rivera (310)985-1333
P.F Kiwanis Advisor Patricia Foltyn (626)278-4422
S.V Key Club Lt. Governor Samantha Voong (626)377-7720
Kiwanis Lt. Governor

Page 9
CNH Secretary | Proof of Attendance
They say “one person can make a difference” and I want to be that person.
Making a difference in the world no matter how insignificant it may seem, makes
my life more enjoyable and more meaningful. It gives me a sense of purpose and
achievement. I enjoy the satisfaction of being useful and seeing others walking
away with a smile on their face because I helped them. To me, it’s not only an
opportunity to give back that appeals to me, but it’s also about doing something
useful and interesting with spare time. Key Club has provide with opportunities to
help people through volunteering. After attending all these events, I have learned
many things and met many people. The following list is a record of the service
projects and activities I have attended during my 2016-2017 term.

Page 10
Nominee Name: Edward Tran
Key Club: Gabrielino Club #: H92317
District: California-Nevada-Hawaii Division: 10S Region: 13

The E-Signer has to be your club President or Faculty/Kiwanis Advisor. Secretaries may not sign off on their own forms.
E-Signature: Julia Yu E-Signer’s E-mail:
E-Signer’s Position: President E-Signer’s Phone Number: (626)274-3267

Level of Activity
Project, Activity, Event Date Service Hours
Club Division District International
1. Teacher Appreciation Week Card Making 4/26 - 4/28 X 2
2. Key Club Banquet Decoration Making 4/26 – 4/27 X 2
3. Walk to Cure Lupus 4/30/16 X 1.75
4. May Division Council Meeting 5/15/16 X 0
5. Key Club Banquet Decorations Making 5/18/16 X 2
6. Key Club Banquet Decorating 5/120/16 X 4
7. Whittier Narrows Beautification 6/11/16 X 4
8. June Division Council Meeting 6/12/16 X 0
9. Region 13 Picnic 6/25/16 X 3
10. Snack & Water Sale 6/25/16 X 0
11. Kid’s Day and 4th of July Festival 7/4/16 X 6.5
12. July DCM & Dog Toy Making Service 7/17/16 X 3.667
13. Officer Training Conference 7/24/16 X 0
14. POPS: Sinatra Project Volume 2 7/30/16 X 7.417
15. Gabrielino Registration 8/5/16 X 8.5
16. Gabrielino Registration 8/9/16 X 7
17. Teacher’s Help: Mrs. Rivera 8/15/16 X 1.75
18. August DCM/Children’s Hospital Card 8/21/16 X 1.917
19. Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF 10/1-10/31 X 0
20. Welch’s Sale 10/3 – 10/7 X 1.5
21. Region Training Conference 10/22/16 X 0
22. McKinley Elementary Fall Festival 10/28/16 X 4.5
23. October Division Council Meeting 10/29/16 X 0
24. Sacred Heart Service Shift #2 11/5/16 X 5
25. Fall Rally South 11/12/16 X 0
26. November Division Council Meeting 11/20/16 X 0
27. Pie Officer Fundraiser 11/20/16 X 0
28. Kiwanis Division Council Meeting 12/8/16 X 0
29. Rose Float Decorating 12/10/16 X 8.333
30. December Division Council Meeting 12/18/16 X 0
31. Rose Float Decorating 12/31/16 X 8.167
32. Home of Angles: Emery Park 01/7/17 X 4.25
33. Home of Angles: Emery Park 01/17/17 X 4.5
34. Pasadena Symphony 01/21/17 X 5.5
35. JMS Tech Support 01/27/17 X 2
36. SG Lunar New Year Festival Shift #1 01/28/17 X 1.5
37. KAZN 1300 AM Radio Interview 12/31/16 X X 0
38. February DCM: Sandwich Making Service 02/19/17 1
Total Service Hours : 101.75

Page 11
Division 10 South

CNH Secretary | Club Directory

Despite the countless hours spent entering all 406 members into the Club
Directory, I believe the Club Directory is one of the most important part of running
a successful club. The Club Directory contains every member’s information from
telephone numbers to email addresses. It not only helps the division and district
view our club status, but it’s a vital part in communicating with our members.
Through the use of the Club Directory, we are able to communicate with
members through email. We also are able to utilize the Club Directory to keep
track of attendance during our General Meetings. By inputting the proper
information onto the Club Directory, our club can use it to the fullest extent, either
it’s reviewing paid members or checking their Membership ID. The Club Directory
has really assisted me and the rest of the board throughout this term.

Page 12
Page 13
Page 14
Page 15
Page 16
Page 17
CNH Secretary | Monthly Report Forms
Some might say that MRFs are a Secretary’s worst nightmare. But, for me,
being able to fill out a MRF and see the club’s progress is simply amazing. Being
able to see how much our club has grown and reflecting on the club
achievements has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment. The MRFs also
help me visualize where we’re lacking so that we can further improve our club. The
previous secretary has told me to make sure that I don’t procrastinate in
completing my MRFs. Ever since then, I have made sure that I submitted my MRFs
to the Divisional Secretary before the Early Bird Submission Deadline. I have always
strive to fill out the MRFs as accurate as possible and turn in the MRFs early. When
questions arises about the MRF, I would always approach the Lieutenant Governor
or Divisional Secretary to ask questions. Overall, I believe the MRFs is an essential
part of running a successful club and analyzing your club’s progress.

Page 18
Monthly Report Form | Month of April

Page 19
Monthly Report Form | Month of April

Page 20
Monthly Report Form | August

Page 21
Monthly Report Form | August

Page 22
Monthly Report Form | August

Page 23
Monthly Report Form | December

Page 24
Monthly Report Form | December

Page 25
Monthly Report Form | January

Page 26
Monthly Report Form | January

Page 27
CNH Secretary | Minutes
Going to Key Club Meetings is practically my life. I can vividly remember
the first Board Meeting I had attended. I wanted to make sure my minutes had
every detail from the meeting so I recorded the whole meeting and went back
to it that night to add things I had missed. However, as the term progressed, I no
longer had to do this. Taking minutes and publishing it to the rest of the board
and advisors has never been easier. Throughout the term, I had taken minutes
everywhere I went, either it’s a workshop or a Kiwanis DCM. In fact, I remember
at one of the Division secretary meeting I was the only one taking minutes of the
meeting. After serving as Secretary, I’m proud to say that taking minutes has
become part of my life.

Page 28
Page 29
Page 30
Page 31
Page 32
Page 33
Page 34
Page 35
Page 36
Page 37
Page 38
CNH Secretary | Communication
During my term as secretary, I have learned that communication is a key
component in leading the club. Either it’s through the phone, emails, or even
messenger, it is important to constantly stay updated with your club, board
members, and our advisors. Communication especially played a great role when
it came to planning events outside of school. Through my constant
communication with our Kiwanis Advisor, Mrs. Foltyn, I was able to stay updated
with our sponsored Kiwanis Club and learn about upcoming events. After
attending a communication and public speaking workshop, I have learned the
importance of collaborating and communicating with our board members and
club members. It’s important that we keep a positive environment with one
another and make sure everyone is constantly involved.

Page 39
Communication | Members/Club

Throughout the
term, I have
sent out
emails to
members and
to our club. I
have sent
division and
club events,
and service
Aside from communicating through email, I have utilized social media to communicate
with the whole club, such as Remind 101 and Facebook. Through the use of these
social network platforms, I was able to communicate with the club instantly. Facebook
and remind 101 was a good way to reach out to members who don’t check their emails
often. The following pictures are samples of how I have utilized Remind 101 and
Facebook to communicate with our club and its members.

Page 40
Communication | Officers

As secretary, I have learned how important it is to communicate with the officers. When it came
to sending files and documents to the board, I have utilized email to attach these important
documents to them. I have always made sure that I publish the board meeting minutes to the
officers, so that officers who were not present could review what we talked about.

Aside from emails, I

have utilized Facebook
and Messenger to
keep in constant
communication with
the board. Through
the use of the group
chat feature on
messenger, we were
able to work things
out and talk about
unfinished business. I
was also able to
organize events and
inform the board
about current events.
Through the use of
these application it
made communication
a lot easier.

Page 41
Communication | Advisors

From the
beginning of the
term, I made
sure to introduce
myself and
explain my job to
the division, the
board, and the
Throughout the
term, I also made
sure to provide
updates and the
MRFs to all the
advisors: kiwanis,
region, and
faculty advisor.

Communicating with
our Kiwanis Advisor is a
key component in
keeping the club in
good standing.
Throughout my term, I
served as an outlet for
our Kiwanis Advisor to
communicate with our
club. When our
President was
unreachable, I was
always there to reply
to our Kiwanis
Advisor’s email or
answer her call.

Page 42
Communication | Division

I have to owe my
success as
secretary to D10S
LTG and D10S
Throughout my
journey serving
as secretary, I’ve
kept in contact
with the division
to make sure our
club as doing
everything right.
Question after
question, the
division always
replies to me
with the answers
I’ve been looking

Page 43
Communication | District & International

Key Club International

I’ve not only

with the division
and club, but I also
with Key Club
International. In
the beginning of
the year, I had
problems with
MUC and Key Club
International was
able to assist me
with this process.

Throughout my
term, I made sure
to fulfill my duties
as secretary to the
fullest extent. I
have made sure
that I was doing
everything right so
I asked questions
before taking
action. On the left
is a sample of a
email to the
District Secretary,
Angel Lau. She was
able to answer my
question about
individual hours.

Page 44

CNH Secretary | Miscellaneous

During my term serving as Secretary, I’ve learned so much and met so many
people. Key Club has become a second family to me and I would not want to
trade it for anything. This year has been a memorable year from speaking at my
first DCM to attending Fall Rally South. Its memories like these I’ll always cherish
and treasure for the rest of my life. But, what separates Key Club from other
organizations is that it creates bonds and opportunities that other organizations
don’t have. Without Key Club, I don’t know what I would be doing – simply put it
Key Club is a way of life. In this E-portfolio, it lays a collection of work I have
completed during this term. It includes all my work as a secretary could be simply
summarized in this fil from my achievements to my contributions to the club. With
that, I look forward to another year of being part of Key Club.

Page 45
Miscellaneous | Awards & Achievements

Early MRFs

May 2016 June 2016 July 2016

August 2016 September 2016 October 2016

During my term, I have always

strived for the Early MRFs. It not
only gave me a sense of
accomplishment, but it also
helped the Divisional Secretary
with the Division MRF. Although
there came challenges where
I didn’t receive the
i appropriate information on
time, I was still able to submit
November 2016 January 2016 the MRFs before the due date.
This is a collection of all the
Early MRFs Awards I have

Page 46
Officer of the
Month (August

On August 21, 2016, I was awarded Officer of the

Month by Division 10 South’s LTG. I named Officer
of the Month for always sending in my MRFs
before early bird submission and constantly
attending division events. It was a great honor to
know that all my hard work was noticed. Featured on Division Newsletter

Page 47
Miscellaneous | Club Contributions
General Meeting Agenda During my term, I also took the responsibility
to help the President create agendas for
our general meeting. We worked
collaboratively on a Google Document
add new information and making sure
everything was correct.

Even as a secretary, I continued to assist

the rest of the board members. For
instance I helped the Vice Presidents find
over thirty five service projects for the club.

Taking Initiative

Throughout my term, I made sure to take initiative.

For instance, I took upon the responsibilities as a I
substitute President at the President’s meeting
before Fall Rally. I also took the initiative and Key Club
posted announcements and updates about
events to members on social media.

Page 48
Miscellaneous | Organization

During my term, Google Drive was the

center of my organizing activities. Every
document, folder, picture, item, etc. are all
in my Google Drive.

As shown to the left there is a place for

everything that goes within Key Club.
Through the use of these folders I am able
to organize my files properly so it could be
easily accessed.

I could access all these files anywhere from

my phone and any other device. Also, with
the sharing feature I am able to share my
minutes and reports with the rest of the
cabinet members and the advisors.

By using Google Drive, It makes it easier to

share the hours to our members instantly.
Google drive submission forms mad it easy to
collect records from events and meetings.
Also it helped keep track of sign up for
service events. This way we have records of
names, phone numbers, emails, shifts could
be easily logged into the computer. This
makes it easier to find the contact
information. Additionally, it helped the
officers analyze our club progress and collect
information from fundraisers.

On top of using Google Drive’s

Folders, I continued to file
important documents and
records the old fashion way. Prior
to entering the hours onto the
Google Spreadsheet, I archive
the sign in sheet in a binder.
Within this binder includes an
chronological list of all the
services’ sign in sheets and
additional records.

Page 49
Miscellaneous | Year in Review
After joining Key Club my freshmen year, I became more passionate
about Key Club and volunteering, Key Club has absolutely changed my life.
Reaching out to people through random acts of kindness has had a positive
effect on me - making me a more determined, caring and ambitious individual
able to face and withstand the rigors and challenges of everyday life.
From attending DCMs and many service projects, I was able to see how
much of an impact high school students can make. As I continue my years
being part of Key Club, I feel more and more motivated every day to help
another person and make a difference in the world. As the Secretary of
Gabrielino Key Club, I’ll do my best to grow the club and create opportunities
for everyone to give back to the community. I want the members of the club
to understand the essence of volunteering and giving back to the community.
There is no doubt that Key Club has been a major milestone of my life. For
sure, Key Club has become one of the most life changing moments in my life.
From helping decorate the Rose Floats to planting trees in the rain, I learned
that not everything you do is because you have to, but because you want to.
Key Club has taught me to get out of my comfort zone by challenging myself
to make a difference. It taught me how to be an effective leader, and why
leadership skills are essential in our daily lives. To me, Key Club isn’t just any
simple volunteer club, but it’s a club that shapes students into great people/
The Key Club motto is “caring – our way of life” and I do care. I care not
only for the community, but I care for Gabrielino Key Club. As I move on into
the end of my term, I want
to make sure that all the
members is left with the
same Key Club passion
that I was able to obtain. I
can’t wait for what’s in
store for the 2017-2018
Serving in Spirit,
Edward Tran,
Gabrielino High School
Key Club Secretary
Division 10 South | Region 13

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