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Pipeline Range
The SigmaLine
Pipeline Range

PPG Protective & Sigma Coatings’ products offer outstanding

Marine Coatings solutions to meet the customers’ needs.
Unrivalled performance and protection
The SigmaLine range offers coating solutions
lw  ith proven performance in the most extreme situations
PPG Protective & Marine Coatings (PMC) is a lw  hether pipes are thermally insulated, buried or submerged
l f or maximum internal and external corrosion protection
world leader in protective and marine coatings. l u sed in a wide temperature resistance range
lw  ith ease of application and consistent quality
l including phenolic epoxy coatings that withstand
We create proven products that protect customers’ high temperature applications
assets in some of the world’s most demanding l t hat enhance efficient gas flow

markets including:
Protective Coatings solutions for your
pipeline requirements
• Civil building Pipe Temperature Gas Oil Water
• Infrastructure
• Offshore External < 60°C/140°F SigmaLine 859 SigmaLine 859 SigmaLine 859

• Petrochemical < 60°C/140°F SigmaLine 855 SigmaLine 855 SigmaLine 855

• Power < 60°C/140°F SigmaLine 2000 SigmaLine 2000 -

• Rail < 60°C/140°F SigmaLine 2500 SigmaLine 2500 SigmaLine 2500
• Marine new-build Internal - SigmaLine 403 SigmaLine 445 -
• Marine dry dock
• Marine sea stock - SigmaLine 533 NovaGuard 840* SigmaLine 523

- - - SigmaGuard CSF 575*

Our coatings are unrivalled in performance and - - - SigmaGuard CSF 585*
protection among asset owners, contractors,
* See SigmaGuard tanklining range brochure
fabricators and applicators across the globe,
helping customers meet the challenges they
face today, and tomorrow.
All these pipeline coatings – except the highly specialized
SigmaLine 403 and SigmaLine 445 – are solvent free, reducing
Experience, innovation and integrity – that’s explosion risk, fire hazard and improving working safety.
what makes PMC the ideal coatings partner.
SigmaLine 2500 SigmaLine 2000
Solvent free phenolic epoxy coating for Solvent free phenolic epoxy coating for Solvent free phenolic epoxy has
pipe externals pipe externals proven to perform in those areas
where conventional coatings do not.
As one coat system with proven results in As one coat system, suitable for demanding Even with cathodic protection,
the toughest conditions, SigmaLine 2500 work like bell holing, SigmaLine 2000 is an phenolic epoxy offers temperature
offers high resistance to cathodic protection extremely tough and durable system offering resistance over 100°C/212°F - the
as well as resistance to a wide range of long term external protection of pipelines inlet temperatures of many buried
chemicals and solvents. SigmaLine 2500 is operating at temperatures above 60°C /140°F. exterior or subsea pipelines. Original
designed especially for pipe mill applications SigmaLine 2000 can be applied by standard trials over 3 years show that solvent
where speed of cure is key. The product is single feed airless equipment making it the free phenolic epoxy outperforms
dry to handle in 10 minutes, which equates ideal choice for pipeline rehabilitation. It conventional epoxy, FBE and solvent
to around 20 field joint coating application can even be applied to hot substrates up to free polyurethane, by demonstrating
an hour. SigmaLine 2500 can be applied by 90°C /194°F. The system has been tested and excellent cathodic disbondment
airless spray to rotating pipes at a substrate approved to Saudi Aramco APCS 113 standard. resistance at high temperatures even
temperature over 100°C /212°F while in wet saline conditions. SigmaLine
achieving a dft of 600 µm. The system l Excellent resistance to cathodic 2500 and SigmaLine 2000 are both
has been tested and approved to Saudi protection at elevated temperatures phenolic epoxy coatings.
Aramco APCS 113 standard.
l Glossy and smooth appearance
l Can be applied by heavy duty single
l Fast curing especially when applied
feed airless spray (60:1)
to a preheated substrate
l Excellent adhesion to FBE/steel
l Good resistance to cathodic
protection at elevated temperatures l Good adhesion to PE/PP
l Glossy and smooth appearance
l Excellent adhesion to FBE/steel
l Good adhesion to PE/PP

The SigmaLine Range

SigmaLine 859 SigmaLine 855

Solvent free polyurethane tar coating for Solvent free polyurethane coating for Solvent free polyurethane coatings
pipe externals pipe externals have proven to be one of the most
versatile and reliable coating systems
A classic combination of benefits makes Developed for high quality protection, for the exterior protection of
this highly versatile solvent free coating an SigmaLine 855 is used in a wide range of pipelines. Polyurethane systems will
effective and economical choice. As well as applications. SigmaLine 855 is certified endure all mechanical abuse from
excellent corrosion resistance SigmaLine 859 to GBE/CW6 Part 1. With superb corrosion pipe handling, pipe laying and
provides strong resistance to abrasion and resistance, high level of abrasion, water operation. The very nature of these
water, ensuring a long and reliable service. and impact resistance, SigmaLine 855 is liquid applied coatings allow field
Application is by twin feed hot airless spray. a proven performer. Excellent adhesion joint repair with the same original
Due to a fast curing time, the coating is dry ensures reliability. This fast curing coating material, ensuring an overall pipe
to handle in just one hour at 20°C /68°F, is dry to handle in one hour at 20°C /68°F protection with one and the same
leaving a distinct black gloss finish. and reduces repair and maintenance times. material.
SigmaLine 855 is available in blue, grey and
l One coat directly to steel red brown. A large number of pipelines are
operational for extended periods,
l Tested according to DIN 30671 progressing in their planned life
l One coat system directly to steel
l Fast curing, in only 3 minutes when cycle. To avoid corrosion damage and
applied to preheated substrates l Certified by Shell Global Solutions reduce reliance on cathodic protection
according to EN 10290 systems more and more pipelines are
l Good abrasion and impact resistance
l Fast curing, in only 3 minutes when excavated for inspection and repair.
l Glossy and smooth appearance
applied to preheated substrates Two component, liquid applied
l Good abrasion and impact resistance polyurethanes have been identified as
l Glossy and smooth appearance the best combination of a convenient
in-situ repair system while providing
optimal corrosion protection.
SigmaLine 533 SigmaLine 403
Solvent free epoxy flow coating for Epoxy flow coating for internal natural gas Thin film epoxy flow coats are
internal natural gas pipelines pipelines designed to reduce friction in
natural gas transportation pipelines.
The glossy finish of the solvent free A specialist one coat solution that reduces Although not a corrosive medium,
SigmaLine 533 will minimize friction of frictional resistance for purified natural gas the transportation of dry natural gas
transported pressurized natural gas. Due to pipelines. The result, a faster, more efficient pipelines requires a sophisticated
less pressure loss, a faster, more efficient gas flow resulting in cost savings due to less coating to protect the steel interiors.
gas flow will result in significant cost pressure loss. SigmaLine 403 provides a high Epoxy flow coats ensure that no pipe
savings. SigmaLine 533 provides a high level of corrosion protection and meets API roughening occurs from corrosion
level of corrosion protection and meets specification RP 5L2 third edition. after pipe manufacturing, transport and
API specification RP 5L2 fourth edition. SigmaLine 403 has been used in gas pipelines installation procedures. It needs to
SigmaLine 533 is developed with the latest with excellent results after being in service endure prolonged storage conditions,
innovative solvent free epoxy technology. for over 25 years. pipe bending and resist high gas
pressures, mechanical abrasion from
 educes frictional resistance in gas lR
 educes frictional resistance in gas inspection gear and exposure to
pipelines resulting in significant pipelines resulting in significant aggressive chemicals such as alcohols,
cost savings cost savings aromatics and lubricants. Epoxy flow
 esists baking of exterior applied lG
 lossy and smooth appearance, coats from Sigma Coatings comply
FBE epoxy easy to clean also with all technical and application
l One coat system directly to steel l C an be applied by heavy duty requirements from pipe coaters
single feed airless spray (60:1) meeting their high standards on
 lossy and smooth appearance, quality and reliability.
easy to clean at temperatures from 5°C/41°F
and above SigmaLine 403 and SigmaLine 533
 an be applied by heavy duty
single feed airless spray (60:1) lA
 pproved by Shell Global Solutions are epoxy flow coats with proven
at temperatures from 5°C /41°F and AGIP according to EN 10301 track records.
and above lR
 esists baking of exterior applied
FBE epoxy
 lso available as economic and VOC
compliant high solids version

SigmaLine 523 SigmaLine 445
Epoxies have been used for decades
Solvent free epoxy coating for the internal High build phenolic epoxy in-situ lining
as the most reliable lining for water
lining of pipelines carrying potable water for internal pipeline rehabilitation
tanks and water transportation pipes.
Recent legislation developments have With resistance against bacterial attack, As an in-situ applied coating for internal
identified solvent traces in fresh SigmaLine 523 is approved for potable water pipe rehabilitation, SigmaLine 445 protects
applied coatings to have possible taste by KIWA Holland ref. K12827/01. It is also against severe chemical exposure and in high
or even health influences. It is for this suitable for carrying a wide variety of chemicals. temperature service.
that Sigma Coatings’ products are SigmaLine 523 is fast curing especially when
proactively developed and certified applied to preheated substrates. l E xcellent corrosion resistance
solvent free epoxy coatings for use providing total reliability
in potable water storage and supply l One coat system directly to steel l E xcellent for use in sweet and
systems. Sigma Coatings’ products
l E xcellent corrosion resistance sour crude, brine and processed
follow international standardization
providing total reliability and high petroleum product lines
developments continuously and
potable water quality lR
 esistant to produced water
cooperates with leading certification
institutes to develop state of the art lG
 ood chemical resistance against containing hydrogen sulphide
coating systems compliant with the petroleum products and various l Resistant against bacterial attack
latest legislation. chemicals
l Smooth appearance, easy to clean
l C an be applied to rotating pipes
SigmaGuard CSF 585, SigmaGuard CSF 575
at a dry film thickness (dft) up to
and SigmaLine 523, are solvent free
600 µm
linings for use in potable water supply
systems. lG
 lossy and smooth appearance, Corrosion creates a hazardous situation,
easy to clean which might cause leaks and blow-outs
resulting in environmental pollution.
Replacement of corroded lines involves
enormous costs. The in-situ cleaning
and coating process provides a
differentiating alternative method to
stop the corrosion processes and
chemical attack.
The SigmaLine
SigmaLine 2500
l F ast curing, solvent free phenolic epoxy coating for pipeline externals
operating at temperatures above 60°C /140°F

SigmaLine 2000
l S olvent free phenolic epoxy coating for pipeline external rehabilitation
(bell holing jobs) operating at temperatures above 60°C /140°F

SigmaLine 859
l Fast curing, solvent free polyurethane tar coating for pipeline externals

SigmaLine 855
l F ast curing, solvent free, British Gas CW6 approved, polyurethane coating
for pipeline externals

SigmaLine 533 (Amercoat 133PL)

l S olvent free, API RP5 L2 approved, epoxy flow coating for internal
lining of natural gas pipelines

SigmaLine 403
l S olvent based, API RP5 L2 approved, epoxy flow coating for internal
natural gas pipelines

SigmaLine 523
l S olvent free, KIWA approved, epoxy coating for pipeline internals
carrying potable water

SigmaLine 445
l S olvent based high build phenolic epoxy in-situ coating for internal pipeline
rehabilitation resistant to water, crude oil and petrochemical products

Check with your Sigma Coatings representative for the extensive

SigmaLine pipelining manual

PPG Protective
& Marine Coatings
PPG Protective & Marine Coatings brings unrivalled levels
of innovation, experience and expertise in coatings technology,
supported through our expanding global supply and distributors’
network in over 80 countries.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industry, our customers’

day-to-day challenges and the environmental, health and
safety standards in the marketplace. By working in close
partnership with customers, our technical service
representatives are able to offer an unsurpassed level of
market knowledge. This enables us to respond quickly with
efficient, economic solutions in all environments and

The result – performance-enhancing coating systems that

can be applied more easily, resist the elements more
effectively, and deliver maximum performance with
minimum downtime.

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