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DTU LEET 2019 Syllabus for Physics:

 Units and measurements, Kinematics,

 Law of Motion,
 Force,
 Work,
 Energy and Power,
 Motion of system of particles,
 Gravitation,
 Properties of bulk matters,
 Thermodynamics,
 Kinetic theory of gases,
 Oscillations and waves,
 Electrostatics,
 Current and Electricity,
 Magnetism,
 Optics,
 Nuclear physics.
DTU LEET 2018 Syllabus for Chemistry:
 Basic concepts of Chemistry,
 Structure of atom,
 Classification of elements,
 Chemical bonding and molecular structure,
 States of matter,
 Chemical thermodynamics,
 Equilibrium,
 Redox reaction,
 Hydrogen,
 Hydrocarbon, solid
 State,
 Solutions,
 Electrochemistry,
 Chemical kinetics,
 Organic compound and structures,
 Polymers.
DTU LEET 2018 Syllabus for Mathematics
 Number theory,
 Sets and functions,
 Basics of algebra,
 Matrices and determinants,
 Coordinate geometry Arithmetic,
 Trigonometry,
 Mathematical Reasoning,
 Statistics and Probability,
 Limits, derivatives, integrals, vectors.
LEET 2019 Syllabus
The syllabus for the various subjects and topics useful in the preparation
of HLEET entrance has been described in depth below for each section of
the entrance test:
A. Mathematics:
1. Arithmetic
2. Geometric
3. Harmonic Progressions
4. Binomial Expansion
5. Matrices
6. Rank of A Matrix
7. Parabola
8. Ellipse and Hyperbola

B. Physics:
1. Motion in one and two dimensions
2. Conservation laws of energy
3. Properties of matter i.e. Elasticity
4. Newton’s laws of motion
5. Work and energy
6. Surface tension
7. Viscosity in fluid motion
8. Waves and Vibration
9. Characteristics of Waves

C. Chemistry:
1. Hard and Soft Water
2. Types of Hardness
3. Disadvantages of Hardness of Water
4. Brief Introduction of The Term Acidity
5. Basicity
6. Ionization
7. Equivalent Weight
8. Ph Value
9. Definition of symbol, formula, volency & chemical equation

D. Communication skill:
1. Words
2. Antonyms and Synonyms
3. Communication Technique
4. Grammatical Ability
5. Preposition Correction
6. Voice Narration
7. Punctuation
8. Tenses

E. General awareness:
1. Elements of Computer Engineering
2. Fundamentals of Computers
3. Computer Organization
4. Operating Systems
5. Programming In C
6. Basic of computer networking

List of Reference/ Study Books for Preparation

Given below is a list of books helpful in the study HLEET:

 LEET Objective Type for Haryana by Vaneet Singh and Gurmeet

 Guide to LEET (Lateral Entry Entrance Test) by G.K Publishers
 Lateral Entry to Engineer Degree (B.E/B.Tech) Exam Guide:
Entrance Guide by Ramesh Publishing House
 LEET: Lateral Entry Entrance Test for Diploma Holders-Second
year/Third semester by G.K Publishers

Instructions for Appearing in the Test

 Candidates are required to report at the allotted center of the test
thirty minutes before the start of the test on the assigned date and
 Fifteen minutes will be given to the candidates for filling up their
details during the test.
 The candidate may seek the invigilator’s help in case of any problem
regarding acquaintance of system allotted to him/her.
 The candidate is prohibited fro carrying any books, papers, log
tables, cellular devices/phones, calculators, digital diaries, pagers
inside the examination hall.
 The candidate must bring two printed copies of the admit card with
photographs attested by gazette officer along with one valid id proof
(with the candidate’s photograph) for verification by the invigilator at
the test center.
 The admit cards of the candidates should be signed by the invigilator
on duty and one of the admit cards must retained by the
candidate. He/She is required to keep the same safely.
 It is mandatory for the all the candidates to bring their admit cards
failing which they will be debarred from taking the entrance test.
Note: If any candidate is found guilty of the breach of rules or using unfair
means, he/she will be punished by the competent authority including
cancellation of his/her candidature.
*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which
will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the
VTUEEE January 28, 2019
MUJEE February 9, 2019
CUEE April 1, 2019
IEMJEE April 1, 2019
AAEEE April 2, 2019

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The Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences - [TITS] BHIWANI, HARYANA

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