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CONG} TY, CO) BHANDXAVADUNGI474 CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY 47 ANHIHUNGIUAOLDONGHTHONKVADONMO! HERO OF LABOUR IN RENEWAL PERIOD \ SS eee Nac Luge thanh lp nim 1975 trén co Déi thi céng co gidi khu V, i nhiém vu xay dymg cdc c6ng trinh thi Igi phuc vu ndng nghiép, dan sinh kinh té cho céc tinh mién Trung va Tay Neguyén. Ngay tir ngay dau thanh lap véi co sé vat chat nghéo nan, thiét bj lac hau, lye long CBCNV it oi nén don vi gap rit nhiéu kho khiin. Nhung véi mét co ché quan ly phi hgp, oi trong céng tic quan ly chat lugng, manh dan dau tur céng nghé méi, mé rdng sin xi nang déng trong khau tim kiém vige lam, phan phoi thu nhap tuong déi céng bang... vi thé céng ty da khéng ngimg lin manh. Nam 2000 Cong ty da duge Nha nude phong ting danh higu: Anh hing Lao d6ng thai ky doi méi. Hign nay cng ty Li m6t trong nhimg cong ty hang dau trong nude chuyén vé linh vue thi céng cée céng trinh thiy loi thiy dign. Cac ng trinh do céng ty dim nhan thi cdng ludn duge cée co quan ban nganh danh gid cao vé chat hrgng, my thuat va dam bao tign do. Ngoai ra, cdc linh vye san xuat kinh doanh khac nhu: Kinh doanh nha hang khach san (Khéch san 4 sao Hai Au), Du lich lit hanh ndi dia va Quéc té, dio tao nghé, xuat khéu lao d6ng, dai tu xe may thi céng, sin xudt cde sin phim co khi céng trinh, thi nghiém kiém tra do bén co hoe bé tong két cu, khai thé van chuyén vat ligu xay dung... cing g6p phan ding ké vao doanh thu haing nam cia cong ty. Tiép tuc phat huy nhimg thanh qua da dat dugc, véi dinh hudng phat trién ding dan, kién dinh phuong chim “Chae legng va dam bao tién dé la thong higu”, khong ngimg dau tw nhan ue va cng nghé mot céch higu qua, mer rOng Tinh vye sin xuat kinh doanh, quan tam dén tréch nhigm xa hGi... Téi tin ring trong tong lai, cng ty sé tiép tuc ln manh hoa cing V6i sy phat trién chung cia dat nuéc. Chi tich Hoi déng Quan tr] KS. Nguyén Luong Am Cho phép t6i giri Idi cam on chan thanh dén cdc co quan ban nganh tir trung uong dén dia phuong trong thai gian qua da dong vién, gitip d&c6ng ty hoan thanh xuat sic nhiém vu. Xin giti Idi cho hitu nghj dén cac déi tac. Xin cam on toan thé CBCNV céng ty bao nam qua da giit vig tinh thin doan két, ning dong, sng tao khong ngimg né lyre phan dau dé dua cong ty ngay cang phat trién ving man! Chi tich HGi dng Quan trj KS. Nguyén Lirog Am ounded in 1975 on the basis of a ‘Construction Unit of Zone No. 5 with its task to build irrigation works for serving agricultural production and the livelihood of the people in the Central coastal and highlands provinces of Viet Nam. From the beginning of foundation, the Construction Company 47 (called CC47) got many difficulties such as the lack of modern equipments and well-trained cadres & worker, poor material facilities. However, to overcome these difficulties, CC47 has made the strategies of carrying out suitable management mechanism, paying attention on management of work's quality, bravely investing on new equipments, expanding production, taking dynamic in seeking jobs for workers, paying fairly salary... ect. Thanks to these policies, CC47 has continuously developed. In the year of 2000, CC47 has been awarded a title of A Laborheroic Unit in Renovation Period. At present, CC47 has occupied one of the leading position (No.1) among the official construction companies on building hydraulic and hydroelectric works. All works constructed by CC47 have been highly evaluated not only by Vietnamese investors but also by foreign ones for its quality, arts and on ~ time works. In addition, CC47 has being carried other businesses such as: Hotel, restaurant & tourist, Businesses (Seagull Hotel- a four star Hotel in Quy Nhon city), vehicle overhauling, producing mechanical products, testing the mechanical durability of concrete, exploiting & transporting construction materials. These businesses also made a remarkable contribution to the annual revenue of company. Continuously promoting the achievement on business, with right orientation on development strategy and with the motto of action: “Good quality and assurance are Trade Mark”, continuously investing on seeking qualified cadres, workers, CON man Re usienden Ug A The Chairman, of CC47 Nguyen Luong Am (Mr.) expanding scopes of business, being responsible to social community.... I strongly believed that CC47 would have been continuously powerfully developing in the future. Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to all central and local agencies and companies during last time for their encouragement and help to CC47 for successfully completed tasks. I would like to send my warmly greetings and best wishes to all friendly partners! I also highly appreciate the whole CC47 staff for their solidarity, dynamic and creativity to make the company develop strongly day by day. Your sincerely, The Chairman, C47 Nguyen Luong Am (Mr)