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Republic of the Philippines

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

Department of Education
Division of Maguindanao - I
Semi – Detailed Lesson Plan in English
Grade – 8
Prepared by: Datumanguda, Hairia K.

I – Learning objectives: At the end of the lesson, the grade 8 students will be able to:

a. Classify kinds of sentences according to use or structure.

b. Construct declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentence.
c. Show teamwork and cooperation in participating a group activity.

II – Subject matter:

 Topic: Kinds of sentences according to structure.

 Reference: Better English for Philippine High Schools (third edition) by Josephine
B. Serrano Pg. 30 – 31.
 Materials: cartolina, marker, pictures, tape, construction papers.
 Values: teamwork and cooperation leads to a meaningful learning

III – Learning Procedures:

A. Preliminary activities
 Prayer
 Greetings
 Checking of attendance
 Recapitulation of the topic
B. Motivation
 Minute it to win it!
 The teacher will group the class into four. Each group will be given pieces of meta-
cards that consist of words.
 Each group will arrange the words in order to form a sentence.
 Students will post the cards on the board.
 The first to finish the task will be declared as winner of the game.
Students will come up with the following sentences.
1. Dr. Jose Rizal is our Philippine national hero.
2. What course do you want to take in college?
3. Kindly open the window.
4. Oh no! The house is burning!
C. Presentation of the topic
 Ask the students what they observe on the sentences posted on the board.
 Introduce the topic and state the objectives for the lesson.
D. Discussion
 Discuss the four kinds of sentences according to use or structure.
 Give examples for each kind of sentence.
 Ask the students to give their own examples.
E. Analysis
 Show pictures to the class and ask them to construct a sentence related to the
pictures presented by the teacher. They can choose what type of sentence they want
to give. If it is declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory.

Picture 1. Picture 2. Picture 3.

Picture 4. Picture 5.

F. Generalization
 Ask student to give a short summary of the topic.
 The teacher will supplement.

G. Application
Directions: Classify each of the following sentences and indicate the correct end
punctuation. Write your answer on the blank provided before each number.
________ 1. Where did she get so many flowers
________ 2. Don’t answer the first five questions
________ 3. Come home immediately after school
________ 4. How many houses were burned
________ 5. You must save your money
________ 6. The policeman arrested the criminal
________ 7. Her brother is a clever boy
________ 8. There’s a snake
________ 9. My feet hurt
________ 10. Go to sleep early

IV – Evaluation

Directions: In a one whole sheet of paper, write 5 examples for each kind of sentences. ( 20 pts.)

 Declarative
 Interrogative
 Imperative
 Exclamatory

IV – Assignment

Using the four kinds of sentences, Write a short paragraph about your “pet” underline each kind
of sentence that you use.