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Course Outline and Course Plan

Name of the Dr. Ashik Ahmed

Position Assoc. Professor
Department EEE Programme B.Sc. Engg. (EEE)/HDEE
Course Code EEE 4731 Course Title Power System-III
Academic Year 2018-19 Semester Winter
Contact Hours 3.00 Credit Hours 3.00
1. Power System Analysis 1. Hadi Saadat
Text books and
2. Electrical Power Systems - Authors of 2. Subir Ray
Reference books
(if any)
Concepts , Theory and Practice the books
3. Handouts
Prerequisites EEE 4301 Power System-I (3 - 0) Credit 3.00,
(If any) EEE 4401 Power System-II (3 - 0) Credit 3.00
Lecture  Group discussion Demonstration Problem solving 
Approaches Project Others:
Teaching aids Multi-media  OHP Board and Marker  Others

Course Assessment Method

Attendance Mid Semester Semester
Quiz 15% of Total Marks (Best 3 out of 4)
(10%) (25%) Final (50%)
1st Quiz 2nd Quiz 3rd Quiz 4th Quiz Others
Week/Date Week/Date
Week/Date Week/Date Week/Date Week/Date Assignment Homework
As per As per
Week 4 Week 7 Week 13 Week 16
schedule schedule

EEE 4731 Power System III (3 – 0) Credit 3.00
After completion of this course, the students will attain the following abilities:

1. To understand different types of stability associated with power system and their
2. To represent synchronous machine by the classical 2nd order dynamic model.
3. To develop the complete differential-algebraic model of single machine infinite bus
(SMIB) power system.
Course 4. To distinguish among different types of stability limits and understand their
Objective calculation procedure.
5. To determine the stability of simple two-machine power system.
6. To study equal area criteria of stability and its application.
7. To perform numerical simulation of swing equation for different types of faults and
interpret the results.
8. To comprehend the economic operation of power plants.
9. To design (location and rating) current limiting reactors for power system.
10. To study the causes of over voltages in power system and protection against it.

Tentative weekly plan for course content

Weeks Topics Remarks

Week 1
Stability problem, Classification of stability, Bad effects of instability

Week 2 Rotor dynamics and the swing equation. Power angle equation

Week 3 Power angle relations for general network configuration, Swing

Week 4 Stability limit, steady state stability and transient stability
Power system stability involving two-machine systems CT 1

Week 5 Equal area criterion of stability, Application of equal area criterion

Week 6 Economic operation of power system

Distribution of load between units within a plant.
Week 7 Transmission loss as a function of plant generation
CT 2
Distribution of load between plants
Week 8 Solution of swing equation using step by step method for sustained
fault and fault cleared.
Week 9 & 10 Mid-Semester Examination
Week 11 Location and rating of Current Limiting Reactors.
Week 12 Stability study considering fault cleared by circuit breakers.

Week 13 Factors affecting transient stability, Methods of improving stability CT 3

Week 14 Over voltage in power systems, Lightning surges

Week 15 Switching surges, Surge diverters, Surge protection

Week 16 Problem solution CT 4

Week 17 Review, problem solution and Discussion.

Semester Final Examination

Student’s consulting hour: Upon appointment.

Instructor contact details:

Dr. Ashik Ahmed

Assoc. Professor
EEE Department
Contact No: 9291255, Ext-3313
Room: 213 (Academic Building - I)