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Minor Award Name Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised

Minor Award Code 5N1354
Level 5

Some suggested resources to support delivery:

Theme/Topic Type Relevance Author/Sourc Web Link
Bookkeeping Website Lists all the need to know book-keeping beginner-
Terms terms in a dictionary-style, alphabetical bookkeeping.c terms.html
layout. Useful in preparation for the short om
questions in the computerised exam.
PDF Concise one page glossary of book-keeping Dales
terms Bookkeeping ookkeeping_terms.pdf

History of Website Useful terms of reference sheet provides a AccountsMan.

Bookkeeping one page summary of the History of com book-keeping.html
and the Bookkeeping and the double entry system
Double Entry
Double Entry Website This explains the double entry system and is Leoisaac
Bookkeeping followed by examples of financial Financial
Principle transactions Managment
Bookkeeping Website This outlines the Accounting Cycle and NETMBA

September 2016: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS.
September 2017: Links Revised by FESS
Process steps 1-10 refer to the book-keeping Business
process Knowledge
Manual Website Useful Article provides an overview of AccountMan.c
Bookkeeping manual account procedures as well as om systems.html
providing a bulleted list of its advantages
and disadvantages
Computerised Website One page Article provides a simple and well CleverAccounti
Bookkeeping explained bulleted list of the advantages of ng computerized-accounting/
Advantages Computerised Bookkeeping
Source Website This information sheet provides explanation WizzNotes
Documents of invoices, credit notes, bank records and balance-sheet
petty cash vouchers
What is an Website This information sheet explains the five Leoisaac
Account? categories of account Financial
The Online Video Useful explanation and to the point Matt Fisher
Accounting presentation of the Accounting Equation
Sales Ledger Online Nice easy to follow diagram explaining how WizzNotes
Infographic to post from the daybooks to the Ledger journal

Books of First Online PPT Comprehensive PowerPoint guide to the Joan Martin
Entry, Double bulleted list below and includes class
entry book- questions and activities
• Purpose of accounting records

September 2016: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS.
September 2017: Links Revised by FESS
Ledgers and • Steps in Accounting
Trial Balance • Source documents and day books
• Double-entry bookkeeping and the
trial balance
• Assets, Liabilities, Expenses and
• The function of each day book
• Interpret ledger entries and

Trial Balance Website  Outlines the steps in preparing a

Trial Balance as well as pointing out the
reasons why a Trial Balance may not
Website  Another resource outlining Trial Accounting
Balance under the following headings
 Purpose
 Example
 Limitations
VAT Website  Essential reading – identifies the Citizens
Information ax/duties_and_vat/value_added_tax.html
purpose of VAT and the current rates of
VAT and where they apply

September 2016: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS.
September 2017: Links Revised by FESS

VAT 3 Form PDF Booklet Sample Available to prepare a VAT 3 Form Accounting
in accordance with the requirements of the Technicians ms/Tax_Forms.html
Revenue Commissioners Ireland
How to do Vat Online Essential reading to understand the Think
Returns preparation of the end-of period VAT returns/
return in accordance with the Revenue
Bank Online Essential reading – outlines the purpose of Think
Reconciliation a Bank Reconciliation Statement and reconciliation-statements-are-essential-for-your-
Statement provides a comprehensive guide to business/
preparing a bank reconciliation statement.
Tas Online video Short video presentation showing how to David Hopcrof
Setup a company
Enter a customer
Enter a supplier
PDF Financial [PDF]TAS BOOKS 2 User Manual - JMB
Tas Very Useful TAS Books 2 User Manual. It is Services Unit,
107 pages. Most relevant for this module Dublin
are sections

Getting Started on TB2 7
Changing the Nominal ledger date 9
Backup 18

September 2016: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS.
September 2017: Links Revised by FESS

Restoring a backup file 23

Creating a new Bank Account 35
Enter a lodgment 38
Enter a payment 40
Enter Inter-bank transfer 42
Entering petty cash transactions 50
Reconciling with the bank statement 53
Changing a new nominal ledger code 65
Journal between nominal codes 69
Printing the trial balance 83

Website TeachUComp.I

SAGE 50 This online Sage Training Course has many nc 50-2015-training-tutorial-course
sample free lessons which include:

Setting Customer Defaults

Adding Accounts
Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoicing

September 2016: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS.
September 2017: Links Revised by FESS
Bookkeeping Book This textbook provides instruction on how John Roche Layout of this book can be accessed by downloading this
Manual & ISBN: to record, edit, interpret and analyse website
Computerised 97807171527 financial data using manual and
3rd edition 04 computerised bookkeeping systems. M/059/Bookkeeping_Manual_and_Computerised_3rd_e
Presents three different company accounts d_-_Look_Inside_Sample.pdf
for a total of six monthly periods,
illustrating the basic principles and entries Further information at
of bookkeeping. The same tasks are used in
both the manual and computerised payroll/accounting-bookkeeping-payroll/bookkeeping-
sections, facilitating comparison of results. manual--computerised
Book Dympna Dolan New edition now available to purchase and view sample
Bookkeeping - This textbook is written specifically for the 2016 copy on
Manual and QQI Level 5 Bookkeeping component
Computerised entitled 'Bookkeeping - Manual and
Computerised' (5N1354). It is possible to
download an inspection copy

September 2016: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS.
September 2017: Links Revised by FESS
Useful Organisations:
Name Contact Information
Citizens Information
Think Business
ThinkBusiness is the go-to reference site and provides tools, templates,
guide and checklists in Finance, Marketing, HR and Sales.

Under the Job Seekers Tab, a useful RSS Jobs Feed. Helpful to show
bookkeeping students likely progression to Jobs in this area.
Irish 21st Century Students BlogSpot
Although this blogspot is for the module Computerised and Manual %20Accounting/
Accounting, there is some overlap with the bookkeeping module and
has some useful resources
Sage provides an online forum which requires registration that is free
of charge. Might be useful for posting Tas Books queries as Tas is part
of the Sage family

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